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Americans Split On Media’s Rights Following WikiLeaks Scandal

January 6, 2011 by  

Americans split on media's rights following WikiLeaks scandalIn the wake of the WikiLeaks scandal, Americans are divided about the extent of protection granted by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

In a new BBC World News America/Harris Poll, approximately 69 percent of those surveyed said that publishing classified documents can pose a security threat to the U.S., and therefore should be illegal. However, about 48 percent said that the First Amendment "gives organizations and individuals the right to post any information given to them."

Nearly 40 percent of Americans agreed that WikiLeaks serves an important role by helping provide transparency in the Federal government, whereas 47 percent disagreed with that claim. About 39 percent of respondents said that investigative journalism should be regulated by the government, compared to 43 percent who said there shouldn't be any regulation.

While Americans were split on their interpretation of the First Amendment, and how it applies to the media, a 62 percent majority agreed that the government should "keep some secrets for national security, international diplomacy and other reasons." Only 13 percent said that the government should keep no secrets.

The U.S. government is still considering whether to prosecute WikiLeaks and its founder, Julian Assange. In response, the Committee to Protect Journalists has sent a letter to President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder, suggesting that any legal action against Assange would violate the First Amendment's protections of free speech and the press. 

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  • Eddie

    It is time for someone to stand up to all the lefties and all of the people that has a problem with what is political correct. And the those that do not like what this country was founded upon the Christian foundation. They can go live some where else!
    We need someone to stand up like Australia Prime Minster and say what the have done. It is time we take back our roots and quit being weak kneed about it.
    We need to put In God We Trust and Him alone, not Ala or anyone else.

    • bob wire

      agree, but not sure what “lefties” has to do with anything?

      exposing realities and truth should be common to all?

      • http://?? Joe H.

        bob wire,
        did you put that ribbon on your flag pole?? I did send your post on to All on my list!

        • bob wire

          you betcha Joe, the next day. ~

          I too, was once a young soldier thousands of miles from home and remember thinking, if they can just get me to Oakland, California, I can crawl home to Texas.

          I will sport a yellow ribbon until all our soldiers are home.

    • EddieW

      Simply another attack against our Freedoms…yes…lets cripple the First through 4th Amenndments, take away freedom of speech, and then we have no freedoms!!! This is what they are really after, and are attacking our freedoms every single day!! TRUTH is more important, than to let government cripple it by removing any amendment!!!
      Did you see Obaba’s Super Boobo?
      Russia Jeers: Obama Signed Away Missile Defenses
      Russia’s legislature says the New START nuclear arms treaty ratified last month by the U.S. Senate restricts the U.S. from building and operating missile defenses against nuclear attacks. President Obama says the opposite: that the treaty “places no limitations on the development or deployment of our missile defense programs.”

      Konstantin Kosachev, who was apparently sneering that U.S. negotiators had been tricked. Kosachev claimed, “our American colleagues do not recognize the legal force of the treaty’s preamble. The preamble sets a link between strategic offensive arms and defensive arms.” it gives no license for future defensive systems.

      Russian officials have been saying all along that the agreement restricts U.S. efforts toward building missile defenses.

      Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at the time said, “linkage to missile defense is clearly spelled out in the accord and is legallybinding.”

      (Haha they probably didn’t bother to read it!!!)

    • ken halverson

      Eddie it is very difficult to take anyone’s opinion seriously when they cant even spell. not to mention difficult to understand.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        gee ken, cud yu tech me ta spull lak yu? Yu mus neva mak a mistake lak tha rust ev us! Wow!

    • Erik

      Your so-called “Christian foundation” was responsible for the deaths of millions of Europeans over a 1,500 year period.
      The Founding Fathers were, for the most part, Deists, NOT Christians.
      The God they referred to was NOT the bible god of Abraham. Do a little research. You might want to start with Thomas Paine and “The Age of Reason”. Franklin, Adams, and even Abe Lincoln rejected the dark fairy tales of Christianity. The Founding Fathers rejected the evil, psychopathic god described in the bible.
      Your Christian websites will, of course, deny this. Christians have built an empire on lies, which has been very profitable.

      • Jim Harrison

        The transformation of our republic into an empire has not come from biblical Christianity, but from the mixing of “enlightenment” philosophy, which became the precursor to social Darwinism. This has brought us to the sad condition of our nation today. Much of the thinking of early America (the 1600s) was hijacked by some of the thinking of the 1700s. But even then, there was enough Christian influence to keep our culture from lapsing into the atrocities of the French Revolution. The framers of the Constitution included some biblical principles in that document: limited civil government, multilevel government, three branches of government, recognition of the Sabbath.

        The immune system of the French, however, was wiped out by the Roman Catholic Church 200 years before the Revolution. They murdered and scattered the Protestant Huguenots. Some of these biblical Christians settled in America.

        Many people confuse the principles of the French Revolution and the so-called “American Revolution.” In America, it was a War for Independence. However, a revolution was underway in America. In France, it was a sudden conflagration, but in America, it was a slow burn, hindered by biblical Christianity. The social Darwinism that gradually followed is the result of rejection of biblical Christianity. Nevertheless, a resurgence is on the way. May God speed its progress, much to the consternation of the so-called “progressives,” not merely to restore our republic but to advance God’s kingdom until “the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea” (Habakkuk 2:14).

  • Philip C.

    Why does it seem to be okay when the New York Times, Washington Post, Los Angeles Times or any other major publication leaks information, but now, it’s “off with his head” for Assange and WikiLeaks?

    I think what WikiLeaks and any other site like theirs is doing is great. It lets the puppets know how the puppeteers play. As if they didn’t already know. But, you get my drift.

    • Rob Alexander

      Assange/Wikileaks did NOT leak information, he published information leaked by somebody else.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        I lives are lost as a direct result of what he posts, he is just as guilty as the person that leaked it! How would you feel if you were a 16 year old and your parent committed suicide from something he leaked? Or if you are a pro-US operative in a foreign country and you get killed because of info he published? If it is leaking and publishing proof of crimes as in watergate, then that’s what is needed. If it exposes operatives or endangers the lives of our troops, then somebody should give him a fair trial then hang him!!

  • Thomas

    Sounds to me that half of America is simply “wrong”. No transparency = tyranny, in my book. The 1st Amendment means what it says, and it’s high time the “news” media rediscovered it. The flap over Wikileaks is happening only because the US government (and all its camp followers) had been de-legitimized in the eyes of the world, and the Powers That Be (TM) are embarrassed and pissed off. Too damn bad.

    • ken halverson

      Thomas you are correct suppression of information by the government is tyranny. If the government is involved in activity it has to keep secret it should probably not be involved in that activity. See Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense”

  • Munday/TX

    If there is no freedom of thought, if there is no freedom movement, if there is no freedom of information, there is tyranny. No body likes being found out when they are planning something that is not right. If you are up right in your works, if you have nothing to hide, whats the big deal. Apparently the American that released the information thought there was something wrong going on.
    The Bible says everything that is done in secret will be revealed, so whether it is WikiLeaks, rickitivitavi, or that bad ham sandwich you had last night-its coming out!!!! Lets just hope that those who believe this quit ending up in a land fill.

  • http://None Bob Nichols

    The Committee to Protect Journalists are in error. Free speech of the press, and any citizen, is protected by the Constitutional UNLESS it is against a law of the land. Wikileaks is involved in a crime against the United States by passing along classified material knowing that it was against the law to do so. Such unlawful actions are not protected by the guaranteed ‘free speech’ when done by the press or any citizen.
    The problem with the press, and most leftists,is that they want to read into the Consititution what they want it to say and do not let it say what is says and apply with commonsense instead of personal preferrence. Even the Supreme Court members are guilty of this.

    THE GREATEST PROBLEM IS THAT THE PRESIDENT, AND ALL THE REST OF THE EXECUTIVE BRANCH, DO NOT BELIEVE THE CONSTITUTION IS APPLICABLE TO THEM AND THAT THEY CAN DO ANYTHING. Witness the presidents actions of bypassing the Legislative Branch with his executive directives to the FDA, bailouts of banks and auto companies. All of which were unconstitutional as is the Healthcare act.
    Nowhere in the Constitution is the Federal Government given any authority in Health, Education, Welfare, Agriculture, Housing and Urban development. HHS, Edu, HUD, Agr. and several other Executive Departments are Unconstitutional and should be defunded by the House.

    • James

      Bob, I agree except for the ‘welfare’ inclusion. Article I, Section 8, Clause 1 reads: The Congress shall have Power to lay and collect Taxes, Cuties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defense and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throught the United States;”
      For the first 147 years of the national government’s existence, it had always been assumed that this clause was simply a lead-in statement for the specifically listed powers that followed. However, after that the ‘welfare’ and ‘regulate commerce’ clauses were used almost exclusively, then finally, no constitutional power, on proposed bills, was mentioned at all. Speaker of the House John Boehner said, just yesterday, that from now on constitutional authority must be listed on every bill presented, or it will not be considered at all. We’ll see how that works.

    • Les

      Bob, laws that contradict the Constitution (like the Patriot Act) are not Lawful. If the government can pass a law that supersedes our rights as delineated in the Declaration and Constitution then those documents are no longer in force. Over 90% of the material in WikiLeaks was already available on the internet. The government was offered the opportunity to redact anything that would endanger lives and refused. Freedom may be risky business, but the options are not acceptable. The Truth will make you FREE.

    • Pat R

      The government is a CORPORATION. They work for IMF. They do what they darn well please. They are not required to answer to WE THE PEOPLE!

    • ken halverson

      Bob you are Wrong period. Once again see Thomas Paines “Common Sense” The integrity of the press is paramount in a free republic in order to keep a nation free they must be unfettered by laws and tyrannical objections from the government.

  • James

    I would simply point out that the First Amendment doesn’t ‘give’ us any rights. Rights are unalienable, they are not dependent on any document for their existence. What has been forgotten (overlooked?) are its first five words: “Congress shall make no law” with respect to the five rights mentioned therein. That’s what it says and that’s what it means. The Bill of Rights is restrictions the people placed upon their just-previously formed national government.
    Our rights existed before that.

    • ken halverson

      James well said. We were given no rights by the government they were endowed to us by our creator and as such are human rights. Our government was created by us and we were created by God. We limited governments power to limit our power that is what the “bill of rights” is.

      • James

        Ken h. Amen! There aren’t too many of us believers left.

  • bear

    “Keep some secrets for national security, international diplomacy and other reasons.” Does that sound like a sound suggestion? Secrets are the foundation of deception. Would you want that kind of arrangement in your personal relationships such as your marriage? I think not. This event with Julian Assange will only serve to make the politicians and diplomats add an additional cloak to their alrady fiendish agendas. Count on it! I’ll go back to Bill Clinton once again. When it was exposed that he shared vital information about missile delivery systems for nuclear devices with the Chinese, he should have been throttled. When it was discovered that Mohammed Atta, a know terrorist who flew one of our airplanes filled with innocent passengers into tower one of the World Trade Center, had been released from prison due to Bill Clinton’s insistance in a prisoner release agreement, Bill Clinton should have been throttled. Why is it we allow the real criminals to go free and go after the ones who give us the transparency that this deceiptful government promised us in the first place? Assange is not the problem here. Our government would like us to think that he is and that is why they are portraying him as a traitor when, in fact, he is quite the opposit. This man has stuck his neck way out across the chopping block to let the world know what all of these governments are really doing. WAKE UP, FOR CHRIST SAKE! This man has done what you and I don’t have the raw guts to do and he knew he was putting his life on the line when he did it. He didn’t do this to enhance his future prospects of a peaceful life, he did it because he knew that it needed to be done. The free people of the world need to know that these governments are conspiring to take away individual freedoms with their One World Govrnment Agenda and you best believe that this IS the truth. ONLY WHEN WE ARE ARMED WITH THE TRUTH CAN WE MOVE FORWARD WITH CONVICTION TO DEFEAT TYRANNY.

  • bob wire

    I like the notion of a clearing house for whistle blowers myself.

    I’m not sure what camp that places me, and to heck if I care.

    I understand there to be a new improved version in the making and forth coming soon.

    Went you play with “fire” somebody’s going to get burnt! The new and improve version is attempting to be more “user friendly” as I understand it.

    As some point there will be serious attempts to shut this down or at least minimize the damage.

    The truth of the matter is, ~ we are in an “Information Age” and what you or I don’t know is someone bread and butter.

    How could I make a comfortable living as a plumber if everyone knows what I know? I couldn’t. Or you can believe what most choose to believe, ~ There is only 4 things to know to be a plumber. Payday is Friday, $hit don’t run uphill, all that glitters is not gold and don’t bite your nails.

    In any case, information is empowering.

    But be mindful, anything is subject to corruption and misinformation.

    Just because you read it or heard it somewhere from a “Official Source” don’t make it so.

    A perfect example of this would be the “Blue Book” project. ~ Hells bells! I’m left to think a weather balloon can look like anything, travel at speeds of Mach 24, stop on a dime and give back 9 cents change.

    I’ve always wanted such a nifty balloon.

  • J__44

    Bear, Very well stated. I could only add the release of the Puerto Rican FALN terrorists by Clinton and Holder.

    Without the truth, we cannot maintain our freedom.

    Assange will probably end up in a dumpster or die of radiation poisioning before long.

    • bear

      I certainly hope that doesn’t happen to him, but with the type of gangsters we have in our political arena, it could. How many people who were supposedly friends and associates of Bill Clinton mysteriously met their demise? Why is it that Obama wants to run his 2012 campaign from Chicago? Is any of this getting through? My father once stated that he felt the unions were getting too strong and that one day, they would lead our country into corruption and financial strife that my young mind could not imagine. That was back in 1954. Today, I believe my father was a prophet.

    • ken halverson

      J that may be the very reason he turned himself in keep it in the public view and he would be safer than if they hunted him down and captured him, which is what they wanted to do!

  • Les

    Lets remember that the government isn’t some nebulous being. It is made up of lazy shiftless people that aren’t held accountable for anything. I have worked in and around the federal government for 40+ years and I know one thing, these individuals will do anything to protect their future, not yours. Not one federal employee was held accountable for 9/11. If you pay attention, you will notice that the information leaked appears to be very selective. Just enough leaked for them to do a “call to arms”. The supposed patriots out there all want someone’s head on a plate and are calling for assassinations, military tribunals, etc. Wake up, you are being played like a violin. This is all following a plan to continuously remove more and more of your rights. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are gone. Land of the free – You are now free to do what ever the Federal employees tell you to do. Don’t ever forget they are the ones in control and you are the sheep that need to be fleeced. Socialism works great until you run out of everyone else’s money. The dictatorship is the next step. It can be the federal government, it doesn’t have to be one person.

    • James

      Les, Well said. The preamble to the U.S. constitution reads, in part: “We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare…” Note that it says ‘promote’ the general welfare, not provide it.

  • JMS

    Have no problem with folks right to publish what they want overall .. but I believe if you are in reciept of stolen goods (which information/data surely is these days) and then use it to promote self or make money you are by definition a ‘fence’ and subject to criminal prosecution. Did this happen, hmm who is getting an advance now to write a book. Treason .. nah, he isn’t an American citizen to start with so why does this apply to him. Spying .. nah, not representing a, well you gett he drift.

  • lizanne

    I remember at first I was very mad that Julian Assange was leaking information that would compromise the US’ security. But as I started reading more about what he was actually doing, I was like “Thank God!” I don’t know Julian’s motives for doing what he’s done (since I do not know him personally), but we really need someone to expose the corruption. The people deserve & need to know what’s really going on so we can do something about these things before it’s too late. America is headed down a dark path right now. I don’t know about you, but I would like to see that turned around.

  • Rob Alexander

    I get really sick of hearing liberals and neocons screaming “prosecute Wikileaks for leaking classified information”… Wikileaks DID NOT “leak information”, it published information leaked by someone else. There is a COLOSSAL difference in these concepts.

    While the military guy who actually leaked the info can and probably will be prosecuted, the right of the press (and please, for the love of all that is American, don’t play statist word games with what constitutes “the press”) to publish what they obtain by any means is absolute per the First Amendment, and this was established for the single specific purpose of allowing them free reign to report on the GOVERNMENT. People calling for Assange’s head really, IMHO, need to get out of America and go live in a socialist/communist country.

    • James

      Rob A., the First Amendment didn’t grant the freedom of the press right. It says: “Congress shall make no law…abridging the freedom…of the press.” In the Assange case, no federal law was involved, it was rather ‘files’ of the Executive Branch.

  • Annavent

    Possession of stolen items or documents is still a crime, as well as, leaking sensitive documents that could injure national security. Likewise, an individual’s personal and private identifying information has no right to be made public unless that right has been forfeited through fraud or criminal activity.

    By the same token, our government must respect the right to free speech. The press also must have the right to free speech, which does not include slander, reporting false stories, maliciously or intentionally causing harm to an individual.

    We seem to know no boundaries of privacy and free speech anymore.

    • Rob Alexander

      Actually the Supreme Court has already ruled that the press has the right to publish leaked information, regardless of the “stolen” label.

      • James

        Rob, would you please cite the case you referred to?

    • bob wire

      well stated, ~ and then there is a matter of dancing with the person that brought you.

      These are matters of conflict of interest ~ and exposure!

      I see it as a good thing, to come forward and be discussed in some meaningful way.

      I never did buy the “aluminum tubes” story ! It was weak at best!

      But somebody did! Why couldn’t such truths come out earlier. The , “who, what, when where and why”?

  • Stan Smith

    True it’s good to air out the dirty laundry of DC and other sensitive data on war on terror should be trashed that be giving the muzzie terrorist our play book making them stay one step ahead of us. any REAL true journalist would throw that information out knowing it will cause harm to our troops and snitchers, Julian Assange is not acting like a true journalist unless you can prove he did throw away certain data on war on terror so the enemy won’t get our play books. Even the no news media is helping the enemy babbling what the US will strike next. even the enemy watches the news to get info to stay one step ahead.

    • Rob Alexander

      How much of what was leaked is relevant to current military activity?

      Really, someone NEEDED to expose the complete and utter corruption of our foreign policy and our federal government in general. Things are bad enough in DC that compromising our military offensives is a minor side effect.

      Putting our troops at potentially immediate risk is not something to be taken lightly at all, but the reality is government corruption is why they’re over there in the first place… given that the best outcome for the troops is not to be standing around in Iraq or Afghanistan waiting to get shot at, and instead being at home ready to repel invasions of the US, exposing the corrupt reasoning that’s putting them overseas and at risk in the first place is really in the long term best interest of the troops.

    • 45caliber

      He did publish the number, size, and location of all nukes we have in Europe. That puts our defenses at risk and risks the lives of many local people who might be caught in a crossfire should some terrorists decide to try to capture them.

      • 45caliber

        This was printed in an ENGLISH newspaper – not here. They weren’t too happy with it because it put them at risk too.

  • 45caliber

    I have no problem with someone leaking something to the press that simply embarresses some politician. I have a lot of problem with leaking info that puts people into danger and limits our defences – which was also done. The US media only emphasises the embarressment part of the leaks.

    • bear

      That kind of stuff gets me pissed off too, like when the media leaked it to the world that our forces in Viet Nam were demoralized and deminished in their will to continue. We were at the point that the Communists were whipped and were, in fact, ready to throw in the towel. But, when they got that news from OUR news media, it gave them a second wind and they came after us with a vengeance. Is that the kind of traitorous stuff you mean? I have no love lost for our news media and they have never been held responsible for their interference and the damage THEY have caused our American warriors.

      • 45caliber

        Exactly. Just before Desert Storm broke, I was listening to the radio news. Some reporter in Saudi came up to list the exact location of a battlion, it’s number of people, where they were from, and exactly what weapons they had – including the fact that they didn’t have any ammo. I called my Congressman and suggested he listen to the report since the radio stations record the reports for several days. That sort of thing is spying for the enemy!!

        • bob wire

          so true,! ~ it could also be used for disinformation purposes.

  • RivahMitch

    IMHO, while, as a veteran, I find Assange detestable and would have no problems with his remains being found (or not) in a dumpster or elsewhere, his right to publish information is clearly protected against action by the USG. Whether he has or has not violated the laws of any other countries involved, I simply don’t know.

    However, as to the little punk who stole and deliberately disseminated classified information in violation of his oath of office, however, he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the UCMJ and, if guilty of providing aid and comfort to our enemies, executed. (This should be the case even if the little darling was unhappy over his military service and DADT.)

  • coal miner


    Another scandal is in the making, vaccine-autistic fraud.

    • coal miner


      The Doctor’s name is Andrew Wakefield.

  • B Bryson

    Great discussion here, I feel that many are missing the point unless I missed it. This was not “leaked” by accident. The “system” is set up with too many eyes on it. Nearly 1 million Govt’, military and non-military personnel had access to the “leaked” documents. It seams obvious to me that the state dept purposely set it up be leaked so that the other branches of our “leadership” can then scream foul and set up a bunch of laws and rules that protect thier secrets in even deeper trenches all the while chipping away at the God givvin rioghts that we are all born with. Not just those of us that are lucky enough to be born here in the USA but all people worldwide that are born period. All people are born free with the right to prosper and pursue happiness, most do not stay that way for long due to some man implied law or Tyranny, that’s right I said it…Tyranny. We are seeing it here too like never before. Keep watching people, keep watching.

    • 45caliber

      Nice theory but I think you missed it. A million military people weren’t able to access this data. It was mostly from embassies and reports on military things sent through embassies for safety. I’m certain that the various groups will be considering their data safety but I’m certian it wasn’t released for that purpose. Too many politicians had it all hanging out and they don’t like to be embarressed. In fact, they consider that a worse crime than releasing military secrets – which they also did.

  • Jim W.

    I have a news flash for the author of this article, not only should publishing classified material be illegal, it is illegal as is unauthorized possession of classified material. The person who provided the classified material and the one who publishes the classified material can and should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

    • 45caliber

      I agree.

      • bob wire

        but what if the classification is bogus? Who’s to say and who’s to know?

  • Guido

    I didn’t think that much about Wikileaks until I saw how over the top the Empire’s reaction was. As has been mentioned most of this material is well known internationally particularly by those targeted by U.S. policy makers. However, the American people are not to know what their Government does in their name. The American people are confused by the term National Security as if it has something to do with their welfare. Since National Security is used most often to prevent America from knowing what its Government policies are; I see Nation Security as a threat to the welfare of the American people. Did you know that CNN has an international channel that has a very different content from its domestic one. It is as if the American people have to be protected from the reality of international events. When I was much younger I remember feeling sorry for people in the Soviet Union because their government and media lied to them. The thing is the people of the U.S.S.R. knew they were being lied to; while it is not necessarily the case that Americans know this even now. As for polling I remember seeing a poll in the Eighties that asked Americans what they thought of the Declaration of Independence and two-thirds thought it was subversive. Leaking can have another agenda as was the case with the Pentagon Papers. According to L. Fletcher Prouty(who was the Donald Sutherland character in Oliver Stone’s JFK)and who was a Air Force laison officer supplying military equipment to the CIA the Pentagon Papers was itself a disinformation leak tranferring responsiblility from the CIA to the military and political establishment. Many people think the media should be a watchdog for the American people like in the days of Watergate. However, in actually, the corporate media see themselves as players who are supported by other corporations and as such their role is to maintain the public faith in the basic institutions of the society–that is corporate America. Thus, they are more likely to coverup government and corporate corruption and criminal activity than to publicize it. The fact that we now live with a government that targets whistleblowers instead of protecting them is a sure sign of how far we have strayed from our founding principles.

  • Donald

    Why all this Todo? There was nothing very important in the Wikileaks. Just juvenile level gossip.

  • Jack

    the government is operating in propaganda mode and I for one am tired of the crap our government is telling us. we the people are the constitution and should hear the truth. our corrupt officials fill us with enough lies and distortions,I want to know the truth good and bad. let the truth and freedom ring and dont prosecute the people that cause the truth to be unveiled!!!!

  • Lawrence Edward Calcutt

    Re : In the wake of the WikiLeaks scandal, Americans are divided about the extent of protection granted by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution.

    Question :

    Why is telling the truth about “Anything” now considered a Scandalious thing or and act of Terrorism?.?????

    Just asking.

    Larry from Toronto

  • DafusJay

    Mr.Assange I was just wondering, does Wikileaks have anything of interest about the actual Birth Place and Citizenship of Mr.Obama.
    So as to right a wrong or make corrections to restore a sense of respect FOR the OFFICE, for all of us US Citizens and those in High Places of our Government who are for what ever reason, afraid to speak out.
    You would surely do justice for all,to release anything you might have to stop all of this Secrecy, Bulling and what appears to be outright DECEPTION and to help restore sanity to the masses here in the USA who feel something has gone very, very wrong in our Government.
    You are our HOPE.We appreciate your courage and transparency.


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