Americans Not Excited With Capitalism, The American Dream


A growing number of Americans are losing faith in the United States’ capitalist economic system, according to the results of a recent survey from the Public Religion Research Institute.

“The idea that America is an opportunity society is a longstanding bedrock belief,” said Robert P. Jones, CEO of Public Religion Research Institute. “But striking numbers of Americans, especially younger Americans, have become pessimistic about their prospects for economic mobility and doubt that hard work leads to success.”

According to the survey of religious Americans, the top four economic issues on Americans’ minds are the lack of jobs (26 percent), the budget deficit (17 percent), the rising cost of healthcare (18 percent) and the increasing gap between the rich and poor (15 percent).

About one in 10 said that the failure of the Nation’s Social Security system or the rising costs of education are the country’s most important economic problems.

The poll also indicates that Americans are pessimistic about upward economic mobility in America. Forty-seven percent of respondents said that they believed their generation is doing worse financially than their parents had, 16 percent reported being financially similar to their parents and 36 percent reported being better off. More than half (54 percent) of respondents said that the cards are stacked against ordinary Americans, and that hard work and determination are no guarantee of success.

The only generation in which a majority believe they are better off than their parents’ generation is the silent generation (ages 66-88), according to the survey. Baby boomers (ages 49-67) said they were better off than their parents 40 percent of the time. And younger Americans in generation X (ages 34-48) and millennials (ages 18-33) said they are worse off than their parents’ generation 51 and 58 percent of the time, respectively.

While two-thirds of respondents said that the Federal government is broken and likely to blame for many of the Nation’s economic problems, 63 percent believe that government could still legislate away the growing gap between the rich and the poor in the United States.

Similarly, 62 percent of people polled said it is the responsibility of government to take care of people who cannot take care of themselves; and 56 percent believe the government should guarantee health insurance for all citizens, even if it would require tax increases.

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Sam Rolley

Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After covering community news and politics, Rolley took a position at Personal Liberty Media Group where could better hone his focus on his true passions: national politics and liberty issues. In his daily columns and reports, Rolley works to help readers understand which lies are perpetuated by the mainstream media and to stay on top of issues ignored by more conventional media outlets.

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  • Henry

    Capitalism without respect for the law of God is just as bad as any other system.

  • Gymguy

    America was doomed when more than half the people paid no taxes and realized that they could vote themselves a paycheck. Cashing out of the US. All of my investments are now going to countries with low public debt to GDP ratios (all are highly Capitalistic by the way). May have to expatriate before the riots start when American government defaults.

  • Stephine

    That last paragraph expresses fundamentally what is wrong with this country.
    Almost 2/3 of the people feel the government should take care of those who can not and that is where the system falls down. The money for this to happen needs to come from someplace. If more than 50% of the populace is getting help from the government the other 50% are footing the bill. Now those 50% say WTF am I supporting these others, why don’t I do the same, and the spiral starts down the ever increasing slope until eventually the whole damn system fails. We are very very close to the point of falling over the edge to unstoppable failure and the idiots in the government apparently can’t see it, living in their little glass bubble in Wash DC. That is until the whole system crumbles to dust.

    • garygerke

      Your right!

      All of the people that believe the government is responsible for taking care of them are Socialists and do not know it!!!!!!!!!!!

    • stopspending4

      I believe the problem is not the belief, or action, of taking care of those that can not take care of themselves. The problem lies in the gov taking care of those that choose not to take care of themselves. There is a big difference. The economy can not improve, significantly, without more people taking care of themselves – working – and less people expecting the gov – working people who pay taxes – taking care of them.

    • me

      What you just said is what we have now. Its called Obamanomics.

  • Average_Joe56

    6 Questions, 4 Libertarians, 1 Truth

  • Alex

    Once more, the truest statement ever uttered about Capitalism is this:
    “There’s a sucker born every minute…”

    Name ONE place where Capitalism has EVER worked….you cannot.

    • me

      It worked until recently till politics and big money screwed it up. Free trade didn’t help. How can capitalism work if all the manufacturing base goes to other countries.

      • Chester

        Problem is, that process IS the way capitalism works. You take decent product and look for the cheapest suppliers for all the parts, then outsource final assembly so all you have to do is market it, or supply the money for someone to market it in your name. Usually, the cheapest parts will come from one country, the cheapest assembly will be in another country, while the marketing will take place here, even if even that comes from a different country. We do produce some things here, but most of what we are left to buy come from nearly anyplace other than America. Whose fault is that? Try big money, who can search the world to save a few cents on a ten dollar item. and the politicians who push for even more freedom for big business to outsource its work. Sounds an awful lot like Mr. Reagan and his trickledown economics.

        • Jimmy the Greek

          And that is the reason we well end up rounding up the capitalist and communist and sending them away .

      • Jimmy the Greek

        It works out real good for the 1% at the top calling the shots !

    • Nadzieja Batki

      America, Israel.

      • Alex

        Like I said, you cannot name ONE place where Capitalism has EVER worked.

        • Nadzieja Batki

          I gave you two, but you want that there be no countries so you have something to grouse about.

        • Jim S

          The problem is not capitalism. We do not have capitalism or a free market because government has gotten so involved in the market. That is the problem. Government tries to legislate the market, which kills it. Things would be a lot better if we could get government out of the market and have the quit choosing winners and losers.

    • Steve E

      The underground Capitalist system works fine because there is no government interference

  • Alex

    They call it the American Dream because to see it one must sleeepwalk….

    What it is is the American Scheme…..and its days are numbered.

    Thank God!

    • me

      The American dream was to grow up, find a job, become financially secure, buy a home, work your whole life and then retire financially secure till you die. Is it that way nowadays? All we have is Owebunholes promise is lotsa change for the worst with absolutly no hope. We might as well tell the American dream to RIP.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Why, Marxist? You ideological buddies want to steal what someone else created so it can be redistributed?

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Why, Marxist? You ideological buddies want to steal what someone else created so it can be redistributed?

  • me

    I honestly believe it started with Lyndon Johnson and slowly evolved into what we have today. People were gung ho with kennedy. The american dream was a big thing with kennedy. Johnson was one of the elitists. Nothing has gotten any better over the years. seems hopelessness is the cause of most of it.

    • dan

      ah ,the first great American Coup-detat….
      and the Great Society

    • Nadzieja Batki

      You have your own particular peculiar dream of YOUR own, so why have you not gone for it? If someone else makes up the format of the dreams for you, you will be sorely disappointed because they can never become yours. You are wasting time envying and coveting what someone else has, work for your own.

      • Bill

        Nad, you have a lot of sense, but I think you read peoples comments wrong

        • Nadzieja Batki

          How did I read the comment of “me” wrong when he mentioned LBJ, Kennedy? When did these two’s dreams become America’s dreams when these two politicos did everything to become Socialist paradise?

    • Bill

      You are right, Me
      Most republicans nowadays are more liberal than John Kennedy.
      He new how to promote business so you could have money to pay for social programs.
      The old democrats and republicans were totally different from the elitist fascists that run the country today

  • dan

    you can’t compete when they keep stacking the deck, changing the rules
    AND taking half your winnings.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Who is the THEY you are talking about, who you consider the villains?

      • Jim S

        The government.

      • Jimmy the Greek

        The zionest bankers that’s who ! And the crazy christons that kiss there buts !

    • Bill

      You are talking about the government, right. So, what you are saying, if I am to clarify, is that the govt is regulating to heavily and taxing too much so our private sector cannot compete.
      That is the main reason that the solar cell industry has ben killed in the US and just about every solar cell we buy is made in China
      It is also the main reason we outsource to other countries. So if we want jobs to not go overseas and stay home, we need promote our business. Just like China and Russia do

      • Michael Shreve

        NO, we MUST turn them loose to COMPETE on merit.

    • hungry4food

      The Globalist Population Control Technocratic society that advises the Worlds Governments are calling for ZERO Growth economics to oppress world Societies population Growth to save the Earth from Over Population , this is why we see a Delusion in the Idea of Unlimited Reach for the ski Prosperity !!!!

      I say Isolate the USA from World markets because we have an
      abundance of Resources and food and water for our size of Population , its when
      we try and continue with the Supplying to the rest of the world that our
      abundance evaporates and this is causing us cost of living inflation thats
      Unsustainable !!!!!

      The technocrats that advise the Governments are advocating
      Global One World economics that include the policy of ZERO Growth and that
      comes with Timelines on population growth by squeezing the Life expectancy down
      with oppressive access to quality of life giving resources . This is the same
      old game plan to control population thats been employed over and over
      throughout history of human conflict and strife . This time its a Lie because
      the Developed nations are sustainable growth in their Societies rate of
      Fertility with a Higher quality of life access to resource abundance !!!!

      With all the technocratic academia advising for Population
      Control worldwide for the past 50 years and that focus growing now to ZERO
      Growth economic fundamentals this kind of OOPs moments will probably increase .

      Here is a sample of the Philosophy of ZERO Growth , it has
      the potential to create Policy that opens the doors to Idealists within the Big
      Government Tent to cause massive human harm all in the name of Environmentalism

      See when we are made to see each other as a Threat to each
      other Division becomes the force of Change . This is the face of Environmentalism

  • Duane A. Fisher

    Go to facebook and see my postings as they refuse to show them here, because the truth hurts.

  • Carl-Cathy Wisnesky

    Ahhh, 100 years of effort by progressives since President Woodrow Wilson started the effort has just about completed it goal of turning our Constitutional Republic form of government into a Socialist (with a bit of Communism) form of government. When a majority of voters believe that their government should “take care of” all of their needs, the American Dream is dead & gone. Wilson may have started it, but Bush 43 & finally Obama have completed the “fundamental transformation of America.” A few more years & the USA will be just another country like Greece, Portugal, Spain, UK, France, etc. instead of the shining beacon of hope & accomplishment it once was.

    As has been stated many times, “The problem withSocialism is that sooner or later it runs out of other peoples’ money.” When the minority working class realizes that it is not worth the effort to work hard, strive for success, & save for the future (their own & their children) then they will stop trying and our country will be fully engulfed in mediocrity. Some may say we are there already. We think we are almost there. By 2016 we should be fully there or maybe it would take just one more term of a Progressive Liberal to complete the task (Hillary or Joe B). Congratulations Progressives. 100 years of effort has finally allowed you to realize your dream.

  • Jimmy the Greek

    Capitalism and Comunism are two sides of the same coin ! What is needed is a strong nationalism were we look out for what is best for Amreica and its working class , Not the big multy national Corp’s

    • Ibn Insha

      You are wrong. Study the two systems and you will be enlightened. You are one of those who believe that Capitalism failed. No, Capitalism did not fail. It never existed. Not in America or anywhere in the world.

    • hungry4food

      Jimmy the Greek , the problem we face is that we have outsourced all our parts manufacturing capability , all our Tool and Die ability to foreign suppliers and now these SOBs are calling for an End to the Dollar as Trade Currency , we are now SERFS and this will be used against us before we have a chance to retool !!!!

      The FED Policy of Buying Obamas Debt is evidence that the Foreign Bond Buyers are Gone from the US treasuries market and they are slowing down production of durable goods as China has signaled last week with the crackdown on their Financial sector . This will shrink production and supply and cause the USA and EU massive Inflation on the smaller supply coming out of ASIA where the Majority is produced .

      This will Intensify what is already FED Policy of Printing and buying GOV bonds to Cover debt and cover banking costs of Operation that they are short from NOT lending and creating market activity . The Collapse of the US Dollar is eminent !!!!!

      Heres some Info that shows why self reliance is the only hope for
      sustainable supply when the money Changers Fail as History shows they do and leave people with nothing to survive with !!!!!

      Go to frame 4:20 and Listen forward to Ron Insana’s
      Admission that the Equity markets are strong because of the FED Policy and this
      will continue for as Long as It takes … Incredible prospect that says there
      is No Reason for Real Supply Side growth just print that extra cash and inject
      it into the markets and Like magic we have GROWTH , is this real ???

      This is a great read by Bill Fleckenstein
      regarding the Ron Insana claim that Fed Policy is Great for the markets

      Bunk from central

      History teaches us that the Federal Reserve
      has been the root cause of our biggest, most harrowing financial problems–bunk-from-central-bankers

  • Torch of Liberty

    Paul Harvey said it best in a broadcast entitled: “If I were the devil”. But it is more that what he says. America is now a nation in decline because it has succumbed to the greatest fraud that ever existed, liberalism, progressivism, socialism, what ever name you want it is STATISM!


    it’s all going according the Obama plan to destroy America and turn it into a shatty third world country!socialism,or a secular society.thats what he wants!
    wait n see,he and his henchmen are chipping away at us and people seem to be believing it!too bad,they will end up in camps,as part of his plan!!
    Obama is a fraud,and everyone that has tried to expose it,has been shot down(silenced)by this administration and the media!!the truth will come out,we can not stop,wake up America,we are being attack from within!why you think he wants our guns and control of the media(internet included)and is printing false money??!!it will all fall and he will step in as some sort of savior(evil).wake up,open your eyes and see it!!!

  • Junkki

    Sometimes I think it is about time to exit the United States. Just like my forefathers did when they came here. Find another country that would benefit from our citizens talents and business savvy to grow and prosper and create a lifestyle we have come to enjoy. Let those who chose this President live here in misery. So sad, but true.

  • Michael Shreve

    Neither is the U.S. government, which uses regulation, financial shenanigans and now Obamacare to DESTROY the free market as well as PROPAGANDA to BLAME capitalism for the results.

  • Ibn Insha

    I did not know we had Capitalistic economic system.

    As a matter of fact we never had a Capitalistic economic system and would never have one. Our economic activity is controlled by government’s regulations such as taxation, monetary policy and labor laws, to name a few.