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Americans, Lawmakers Consider Immigration Reform Options

April 2, 2013 by  

Americans, Lawmakers Consider Immigration Reform Options

One explanation of the legislative failure of most immigration reform efforts and the trepid nature with which many politicians wade into the debate could be that, when presented with the multifaceted consequences that arise from one immigration plan or another, the American public as a whole is a bit fickle on the issue.

According to a recent Reason-Rupe poll, 79 percent of Americans support the implementation of a national government-funded eVerify system to ensure that employers hire workers eligible to work in the United States. But when told of the idea of small businesses having to foot the bill — paying about $150 per employee — for part of the e-Verify program, 58 percent opposed the measure.

From Reason:

Among the 8 in 10 Americans who initially supported eVerify, half changed their minds upon learning that eVerify could cost employers $150 per person. These Americans tend to be more Republican, older, church-going protestants, and more likely to support the tea party movement.

The issue provides a catch-22 situation for conservatives in particular. Often, the same people who staunchly oppose more regulatory burden on small-business and big-government spending are also the biggest critics of lax immigration policy.

The poll was conducted as a bipartisan group of lawmakers put the finishing touches on a comprehensive immigration reform bill that is expected to make its way through the Senate over the course of the next month.

According to FOX News, that bill, still in its infancy, will include measures that would:

  • Bring tens of thousands of low-skilled workers into the country as part of a guest worker system.
  • Create a pathway to citizenship for 11 million illegal immigrants. There would be a 10-year wait for a green card, and a total 13-year wait to apply for citizenship.
  • Strengthen border security.
  •  Require employers to use eVerify to check immigration status of workers.
  • Overhaul the legal immigration system to provide more visas for high-skilled workers.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Hedgehog

    Perhaps you should consider Emigration reform options? Let Americans who want to leave the US go with your blessing and without monetary penalty. Forced Expatriation of “progressive Liberals”, if you can find a country daft enough to take them! Not serious suggestions, just a hint that you should realize you are in a box and try to think not emote your way out. Remember, I’m a Canadian and I’m OK. I’m also brushing up on my Spanish! Vaya con dios amigos.

  • don m

    All of this, and everyone is deafeningly silent on the cost to citizens ande our country!

    12 million jobs (US avg. $43.5K = LOST $522 billion!
    12 million citizens from welfare & unemployment @ $20K = $240 billion
    12 million illegals who are on all types of welfare @ $20K = $240 billion
    $1++ trillion is a minimum cost of illegal aliens! The unknown total is unthinkable!

    We have millions of skilled and professional citizens unemployed & underemployed. We don’t need aliens to fill jobs in a period of extreme recession! Hitler, too, tried to create a “master race” & he killed millions in the process.

    Energy is a monopolist price scourge on citizens that limits supply to gouge prices. The 12 million illegals and untold millions of “legals” are demand factors that add to the scourge. We’re close to $17 trillion in debt, SSI is bankrupt and upside down by over a hundred trillion if one considers actuarial worker funding that is many times higher than “benefits paid”. Our “thieves in charge” funnel $420 billion US wealth per year into monopolist enemy hands (crude oil imports) because they too are the enemy within.

    We’re in a paralysis & bankruptcy mode because our leaders are hell bend on destroying this country on the demonic belief that “they’ll” be the masters in control of everything and all beings! IT’S SICK!

    Look the numbers up – run your own costs – We can’t sustain this looting! Light up your legislators – make sure they’re either fired up or FIRED out!

  • tncdel

    Anyone with an IQ above that of a turnip should be able to realize that amnesty would only serve to attract millions more job-stealing illegals here.

    The ONLY way to stop the illegal alien invasion: MAKE THINGS AS TOUGH AS POSSIBLE on the illegals, so they will self-deport back to Mexico, etc. at their own expense because they get to hate it here so much. We certainly can’t afford to deport over 20 million illegals. Plus most would only come right back if we tried.

  • ibcamn

    Fix or build the dam border fence first then worry about the immagration law!!’s simple math and it’s a solution!but the progressive liberals don’t want that,it’s just to easy a fix!!
    Is obama so into schultz giving him lap dances that he can’t see this??!do it right and you wont have to do it again!!
    Think of all the jobs that would create!.oh wait,obama doesn’t want that!(pipeline)what about the saftey of the American people?.oh wait,he doesn’t want that!what about the ilegal aliens breaking the law and commiting crimes against people?.oh wait,he doesn’t care about that either!what about border agents actualy being on the border and not harrasing the American people traveling inside the US?.oh wait,he doesn’t care about that either!what about the grounds keepers(some are illegals) at the golf courses with no green cards and working in DC as lawn maintinence people illegally at all the palaces and condos,ICE could just sweep them up??.AAHHHH WAIT,obama cares about that,it would cut into his golf games with the stars,he can’t have that!lets just give them groundskeepers greencards so they can keep his fairways beautiful!!

    That’s obama…lets all be PC and SHEEPLE,and let me play golf,waste your money and ruin America!wake up people!open your eyes,he’s not a king,but he thinks he is!!

    :go to “Obama”see for yourself what he does to people who speak out about him!

  • chocopot

    The immigration problem affects all Americans today and will have serious effects on the future of this nation. The so-called “reforms” that the clowns in DC have suggested all spell long-term (and some even short-term) disaster for this nation.
    Let us start with the simple fact that, for many years, those on the Left have been trying to blur and even eliminate the distinction between legal and illegal immigrants. That in and of itself is a problem that needs to be addressed. There are few people in this nation who oppose legal immigration. After all, as everyone must recognize, this is a nation of immigrants. But until recent years, the vast majority of those immigrants followed the legal process for coming here. That includes a health check and proof that the immigrant will not become a burden on the taxpayers. Unfortunately, the same is not true for the illegals. First of all, with no health check, it is a fact, which the mainstream media (controlled by the Left) do their best to ignore, that illegals are introducing diseases into this country which have never before been seen in this country, and so to which no Americans have any immunity. For example, there are various tropical diseases showing up in emergency rooms which have never been seen before. The worst, however, is a more recent one, which is multiple drug-resistant tuberculosis. People are dying from it, and there is little that can be done. That is an issue which should not be ignored – but it is. It is one of those PC things which no one wants to discuss. This is wrong, wrong, wrong.
    Another issue to be mentioned is that, even though federal law (and I believe most, if not all states) prohibit it, literally millions of illegals collect all sorts of taxpayer-paid benefits, plus there are millions of illegal children attending our public schools, courtesy of the taxpayers. This is wrong, wrong, wrong.
    Let me make it clear that no amount of whitewashing of the issue will change the plain and simple fact that every illegal immigrant on U.S. soil is a criminal. If you do not like that terminology, well, too bad. The truth is the truth – they are criminals if they did not follow our immigration procedures. Personally, and a great many (likely the majority) of Americans agree with me on this, I do not believe it is right, fair, or in the best interest of this nation to reward these criminals for their unacceptable behavior. With that said, I understand that illegals who have worked hard, paid their taxes, and not broken any other laws should be treated humanely. But just rewarding them outright by telling them that they can stay and become citizens is not advisable, since that will accomplish only what past amnesties of that sort have accomplished: a new and even bigger flood of illegals who will expect, quite logically, that someday they, too, will be granted amnesty. This is wrong, wrong, wrong.
    Another matter which needs to be discussed is the sheer volume/number of illegals in this country and who will be covered by whatever new law is approved. When the mainstream media admit to a number on an issue like this, you can bet your last nickel that number is an outright lie. Everyone, including our politicians, keep telling us there are 11-12 million illegals in the country. If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell you. I have read various estimates, calculated based upon a large number of factors, all of them verifiable, that there are at least 30 million illegals in the country, and perhaps considerably more than that. You can believe that or not, but the reality is that the 11-12 million number is a joke. In any case, we simply cannot afford as a society, either financially or socially, to simply give a blanket amnesty to all those people. On top of that, as I have already pointed out, it is wrong to reward criminal behavior.
    Finally, while I know this nation as a society must change as its population make-up changes, and while some change is not necessarily bad, large changes or changes which occur too fast are not generally positive or good. When the immigration laws were changed in the 1960’s, when the Left was able to convince Congress to push through the changes in the laws, I cannot help but feel they knew the results would be bad for this country – in fact, I believe that was their goal. What occurred was that this nation was flooded with poor, uneducated, often unassimilable and sometimes hostile, Third World residents, many of whose goal it was/is not to become Americans and contribute to this country, but to use it for whatever they could get out of it, and never even consider becoming Americans. We now have many millions like that, and in fact, many belong to organizations like La Raza, which is so racist it makes the KKK look like summer camp kids. But of course the mainstream media are never going to tell you about that; it is a joke that the media refer to La Raza as a civil rights organization when it is nothing of the sort.
    This nation, due to immigration over the last 50 years, is changing dramatically, and I do not believe for the better. In far too many ways, we are becoming very much like a Third World country as we are flooded with people who, quite frankly, should never have been allowed to enter. This nation was founded on certain principles, principles which need to be protected and defended if we are to remain the exceptional nation we have been for more than 200 years. Unfortunately, the enemy within is determined to destroy what we are, and they are succeeding, in large part due to immigration of people who, quite frankly, hate this country and all for which it stands. It is all very sad…

  • Paul Daniggelis

    Why are we considering making illegals – legal? Do they deserve a pathway to citizenship? What do they fear most? Deportation? Aren’t they already rewarded simply by being in the US? Why reward them further? Those seeking “legal” entry into the US are at a disadvantage compared to illegals.
    I say do nothing at all. If you encounter an illegal who is guilty of a crime, deport them. But I wouldn’t go to any great expense seeking them out. And I certainly wouldn’t go to the great expense of legalizing them.

  • Dad

    Avoid hiring them altogether… legal will be in name only anyway…
    Taxpayers are already paying for their illegitimate kids… education, medical, food stamps…

  • UWorlds1

    What I want to know is…what does low-wage jobs mean? There are millions of Americans out of work…why do we need to bring in more? And from what I have been reading they are talking about bringing in 200,000 a year and THEY will be able to change jobs AND have a path to citizenship. This is just crazy!! The American people have no say about this?


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