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Americans Fear Online Privacy Violations More Than Job Losses, Survey Says

February 18, 2011 by  

Americans fear online privacy violations more than job losses, survey saysA new survey has revealed that more Americans are concerned about a breach of online privacy than issues regarding the economy.

The research, which was conducted by Opera Software, found that 25 percent of respondents said that they worry about privacy violations on the Internet. By comparison, approximately 23 percent of Americans said that they are concerned about declaring bankruptcy and 22 percent reported that they are afraid of losing their jobs.

When asked who they thought would violate their privacy online, about 35 percent of respondents said they are wary of the government's spying capabilities. Although nearly 80 percent of Americans reported that they have installed anti-virus solutions onto their computers in an effort to protect their privacy, only 61 percent said they use safe passwords.

"It is insightful to speak to people about what worries them online. There are important lessons for all of us about expectations people have for their web experience, and what we can do to improve their feelings of safety and security," said Christen Krogh, the chief development officer for Opera Software.

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill recently introduced legislation that aims to protect the privacy of Internet users. According to the Los Angeles Times, Representative Jackie Speier (D-Calif.) put forth two bill proposals on Feb. 11 — Do Not Track Me Online Act and Financial Information Privacy Act. If these drafts are approved, online advertisers would be prohibited from tracking users' online behavior and online companies would not be allowed to share private financial information without the consumers' approval. 

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  • s c

    It may be too late to have any privacy. I fail to see how Uncle Scam can care about privacy when the old fart is America’s worst offender. The treasonous, anything-for-money, useful idiot has been mining personal info for many years.
    Networking is a polite way to describe what Uncle Scammy does. Folks in Las Vegas will tell you it’s just a matter of time until Uncle Scam uses his vast resources to control us. Lord Acton’s maxim is inescapable. Uncle Scam needs to have his dumb ass kicked, and many of our “leaders” need to be outsourced to foreign prisons where they can live up to their full potential.

  • daniel

    When we connect to the Internet, we are subject to multiple online privacy challenges.
    I think part of the problem with the online privacy issue is that many of personal security violations cannot be detected or identified easily by average Internet users.
    Internet service providers and hosting companies are taking steps to protect themselves against legal challenges from recording industry and at the same time compromising interests of internet users. Yes, we need good government policies and laws to protect our rights and privacy on line.
    In the mean time, installing anti-virus solutions onto computers in an effort to protect privacy and using safe passwords are not enough. Internet user needs to hide the IP address of his/her computers. There are different sites and tools for this. I am using site for the last year. It helps me to protect my privacy online.

    • traderphil

      THAT IS the problem, TOO MUCH GOVT!!! Period! You folks in the USA have LESS rights than Russians do!!! You are very near to being a police state!! Your “GOVT” couldn’t even run Mustang Ranch without failing, to put it in context, and an idiot could run a prostitution/booze business!!! The LATE , once great USA!! How very sad to see!!!

      • Lastmanstanding

        Phil. Don’t count US(A) out yet. It is the weakest of us that are rebelling. The other 50% of us are far stronger…we will remain calm, unified and peaceful. It will then be a bad deal for everyone.

  • Teresa

    Get ready…for when the market crashes or Obama is ready big brother has finished his testing. Now you know the reason for the meetings w/the CEO’s…awake yet?

  • TIME

    Look people, can I make this more simple for you, what Teresa posted is only one very small tip of this ice burg, most of what is so deep underwater and that you don’t know about or in many case just can’t grasp.

    Be all that as it may, the system is now well in place and was started long ago during the Clinton era and very early on too.
    All Radio and Telie stations have a KILL SWITCH already in place.
    Look up FCC rules, don’t just take my word for it DO YOU’RE OWN “DUE Diligence.”

    What Barry is working on now with the FCC is to be able to not only BLOCK content from you, but to shut down any one who dares speak out about the WRONGS of not just BARRY but any Political or UNION group.

    As well to be able to CHARGE YOU with a crime where you can be taken away and tossed in Prison or a Camp and no one will be able to do anything about it.

    Please wake up and do your own “”Due Diligence.”” Unless you’re as dum as abox of rocks you will come to the same conclusions I just posted above. Its whats called LOGIC.

    Oh and as there is no way in hell that anyone is going to start a Business with the ratio of odds stacked firmly against them to FAIL as in a 99% Ration of failing.
    Due mostly to GOVERNMENT intrusion let alone the crazy rules and laws just to get started.

    As well lets be real people, if you have say $2 Million dollars to start a buisness, would you take a risk of loosing it all with the Government we have, the UNIONS that bleed you dry like Vampires?
    The lacking mental abilitys of the work force.

    That is when You can take that same $2 Million move to South America and live like a KING & QUEENS for many lifetimes.

    Thats why there are NO JOBS, thats why there will not be any new JOBS.
    If you have any gray matter you can grasp that the Government can’t create jobs no matter what Barry said.
    No Tax base No JOBS for the FEDS, by the way UNIONS would dry up too.

  • eddie47d

    In the past we were constantly abuse by telemarketers who would call at all hours.I always wondered where they got our number but at least that has stopped. I have only been abused once on the Internet I ordered a “free sample” and forgot to read the fine print. That cost me $350.00. The company sent me 3 different products under separate company names and billed me for all three. They also sent my name to another outfit. Well I spent 3 months tracking all those companies down and proved that the 3 were the same company. Wrote to the Attorney Generals of California and Florida and to the 4 companies. 6 months later I had all my money back. So a little buyer beware, for who knows where your name will end up.

  • bob wire

    Sound to me they must have talked to people living in houses that have computers. Did they ask anyone living in a cardboard box under a bridge?

    I would think not, ~ who want’s to hear from such a person?

    • Jean

      I live in a cardboard box under a bridge – per say. I do not have a cell phone – I do not have a personal computer – I do not have cable. I like my privacy – so you will not find me on facebook telling every crackhead how what when & where of my comings and goings. As for the zoom in from space – all my windows have shades. Other than that – living under a rock with a 45 is starting to sound GOOD.

  • Teresa

    President Obama’s unconstitutional czar-fest may come to a screeching halt now that the U.S. House has voted to block funding for the officials—many of them radical leftists—he assigned to run government without congressional approval.

    In all, the president has appointed 41 czars who have enormous power to regulate and control the American economy and government without any sort of oversight. The czars answer only to the president even though they manage crucial areas of national policy and that violates the constitutional system of checks and balances and its separation of powers, according to the longest serving U.S. Senator in history (Democrat Robert Byrd).

    Before passing away last summer Byrd, a nine-term senator who twice chaired the powerful Appropriations Committee, blasted the president’s czar appointments as unconstitutional and a clear attempt to evade congressional oversight. He referred to Obama’s “czar strategy” as an unprecedented power grab centralizing authority in the White House.

    Obama has appointed czars to oversee everything from healthcare to energy, science, terrorism, education, diversity, AIDS, Medicare, technology and cyberspace, among others. The president even assigned the family’s personal cook from Chicago (Sam Kass) to be Health Foods Czar. The Windy City gourmet chef’s official title is actually “Senior Policy Adviser for Healthy Food Initiatives.”

    Judicial Watch has been a frontrunner in probing Obama’s czars and has requested public records on all of them in an effort to reveal their actual mission and how much taxpayer money and government personnel they have at their disposal. As part of the ongoing investigation, last fall Judicial Watch uncovered U.S. Treasury Department documents that revealed “Pay Czar” Kenneth Feinberg got a six-figure salary to establish executive compensation at bailed out companies even though the administration said Feinberg was performing his duties for free.

    Czar compensation is a big issue because the House amendment (Sunset All Czars Act) that passed Thursday night defunds their offices and, as we all know, none of them are working pro bono. The measure passed 249-179 with the support of 13 Democrats. The Louisiana Republican who introduced it says its time to end Obama’s practice of creating a “shadow government” run by officials with cabinet-level powers who circumvent the accountability and scrutiny that comes with Senate confirmation required by the Constitution.

    • Vigilant


      I doubt the thing will pass into law for two reasons: the Senate doesn’t have the majority needed to pass, and Obama would veto it anyway. It’s a damn shame.

      Several presidents have appointed czars, but none have done it in such numbers or with such intent. Byrd, for all his failings, was correct in challenging the constitutionality of the practice.

      I would truly like to see some liberal comments here on how they could possibly justify the circumvention of constitutional process in such a way. The libs, for all the lip service they give to our system, have done everything in their power to bypass, circumvent, ignore or just plain directly violate constitutional law to achieve their ends.

      Libs will NEVER understand that the question is not a matter of “fairness” or “social justice,” it’s a matter of abiding by the law of the land, and if a majority of Americans decide the law needs to be changed, they do it through the legal process of amendment.

    • s c

      Teresa, while Byrd had some mind-boggling flaws, at least he did the right thing when he said Obama’s drug-like lusting after czars was completely UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Don’t hold your breath waiting for a moonbat, jock strap Obama supporter to explain or defend Obama and his laws-be-damned, Nazi-like craving for complete power.
      People who are willing paranoids see no reason to explain what they do. Their followers are just as bad.

  • Teresa

    Here ya go….The Obama administration is not concerned about child protection or they would shut down planned parenthood years ago, or at least had them investigated. If you DO NOT WAKE UP PEOPLE and see this man for his true colors then God help you!

  • Teresa

    Still not awake????? I will do better than that…here is some info. that will tell you all about OUR GOVERNMENT!


    • Lastmanstanding

      Teresa is absolutely correct. It is Good vs. Evil. Freedom vs. Slavery. You all have a choice…What will it be???

    • TIME


      Super post all of them! Have a great weekend.

  • Fly By Night

    It’s high time for Obama and his wife to take ANOTHER vacation!!!

  • http://com i41

    The marxist muslim moron and his hoe need to go on down to Kenya for some family gathering time and then on over to N. Korea. All the grass is chewed off to ground height, by starving people and it is hand cleaned. Kim who Flung Dung and Osama Mohameed bin Lugga Bogga aka Onumnutts can share notes of who to run a dictator country. Maybe the Sec of State can make like a cougar on his Kim Ding a Ling 11, for a little peice and understanding.


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