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Americans Are Disappointed In Congress, But Poll Predicts A Close November Race

July 14, 2010 by  

Americans Are Disappointed In Congress, But Poll Predicts A Close November RaceAlthough Democrats and Republicans are usually split on many political issues, a new study has found a surprising unity of opinion about the performance of the current Congress. Moreover, the results are not flattering to lawmakers.

The Harris Poll, conducted in the second half of June by Harris Interactive, found that a whopping 86 percent of voters give Congress a negative rating on the job it is doing.

Although the results vary slightly between Republicans and Democrats, solid majorities of both party’s supporters are disappointed with lawmakers’ performance—97 percent and 75 percent, respectively.

Meanwhile, among those who identify themselves as Independents, 90 percent are unhappy with Congress.

In other findings, the pollsters say Tea Party support is holding steady, with 37 percent of support and 31 percent of opposition among the general population.

Still, the survey’s predictions for the mid-term elections in November suggest a close race, as nearly 34 percent of voters plan to cast their ballot for the Democratic candidate, while 30 percent would support his or her Republican opponent.ADNFCR-1961-ID-19885969-ADNFCR

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  • s c

    I fail to see how or why anyone would describe their sentiments about Congress as merely disappointing. How can there be anyone left who’s sober, sane or reasonably responsible and have any use for Congress?
    If a computer could pick names at random and make 90% of our degenerates in Congress disappear tomorrow, I don’t see how we could be any worse off by not having them around. We got where we are by millions of Americans having NO standards for the generations of retards we’ve sent to Washington.
    Forget term limits that will never materialize. Forget ‘live and let live.’ Forget ‘maybe next time they’ll see the light.’
    Give the bastards and bastardettes reasons NOT to get involved in politics. NO career politician who’s ever lived in America deserves to be pampered or enjoy a royal lifestyle at OUR expense.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      This shows what I was saying on the other thread about the Black Panthers. We are going to need the undecided and the independents and we can’t afford to drive them away by appearing to be what the libbies say the conservative movement is. I hope you can see what I’m saying.

      • JeffH

        Joe H. an sc, now the NAACP is going after the Tea Party movement…the lies just keep on coming!

  • jomama

    I say – let them all keep hanging themselves (congress) – when the dust settles EVERYONE will NOT be voting for the Democraps.

    You’ll see…………………..

    • Craig

      But how much of our country will be left before people brush off that dust? The scum liberals keep chipping away at our country and the freedoms and liberty we enjoy. Undoing what they have done is going to be next to impossible. Can you hear the cries from people when they try to repeal Oidiots mandated health insurance. The libs will scream we are trying to take away their health care. It’s not the REAL America anymore.

      • Richard Pawley

        At least one Think Tank in Russia believes that the United States will break up into several countries after the dollar is destroyed and the Greater Depression which I wrote about in a 25 page chapter in my autobiography four years ago, becomes full blown with a destroyed economy. I hope they are wrong. As for the screaming socialists, well we saw what they did in Greece, and may do here one day. That’s why the US Army is training solders to quell the future riots. In the meantime when people realize how much more in taxes they are going to have to pay to keep Pelosi and Reed’s health care bill, so I think there is hope. Pelosi-Reed (it rhymes with loco-weed) have worked long and hard and at age 70 need to be retired. They deserve a good long rest and the voters in November can see that they get it. After all they have a fat retirement at taxpayers expense for the rest of their life. It will be worth it to be rid of them. Have you heard how Al Franken appears to have won his deciding senate seat via 170 felons in jail who voted for him – his vote was the 60th, the deciding vote for the health care bill that Obama has just assigned a socialist professor to run for him. He’a already said that rationing is a given. To bad we can’t find someone to run a health care plan for the people. Remember, it’s NOVEMBER OR NEVER.

  • jomama

    Unless there is more intimidation at the polls this next time. Or the election is fixed because the Democraps were BOUGHT – again.

  • Robin, Arcadia, IN

    I believe that the Republicans or Independents will take more offices in November than the Dems. Getting some of those out that have out stayed their welcome will be sweet relief for America.

  • Joe W.

    The last time I checked “Way to go, Congress” and “Good job Mr. President” were not the general messages conveyed by the Tea Party. So what’s up with this Harrison poll that finds 37% supporting Congress and 31% against it? Harrison must have polled more of the “Patriotic” rather than the “Un-Patriotic” Tea Partiers. (Words of House Sneaker, Nancy Pelosi)

  • Bud Wood

    Voting the “party line” is the unthinking cause of the decay of the USA government.

  • Earl, QUEENS, NY

    A close race?? I thought people were finally waking up to what is happening in the District of Corruption??!! Of course, it’s a pity that there are some RINOs and GOP wimps who’ve contributed to our woes. But the Democraps are probably 90-95% to blame. This year, as well as in 2012 and beyond, we really need to defeat as many Democraps as possible. If we don’t, then that’s the end of America as we’ve known it!!

  • John

    On Nov.2 2010 its time to fire Congress and the Senate,and start all over!!

  • 45caliber

    Congress has been in the low teens or below for years. It is time to replace them. And I am getting hopeful that this November we will see the largest change in membership in Congress in the history of the US.

    I certainly hope so.

  • Matt Newell

    Everyone says we should get rid of Congress and the Senate. I wish it were that easy. Remember Congress is elected by the people. but the people have been gerrymandered so each member of Congress is almost assured on being reelected. In that case we will probably be lucky to get the seats up for grabs and one or two more.

    The Senate is worse. It used to be elected by the state legislatures, but was changed to popular elections by the 17th amendment (which should be repealed ASAP). There we have only a third of that body up for reelection every two years. That means it will take six years to remove everyone in that body. The problem is that time will dull people’s memories about their Senator, one third of that body will be able to lie, cheat, and steal for the next four years and the other third can do that for the next two years. People do not follow what the Senate does or does not do, so they have a much better chance of being reelected than the Congress.

  • http://aol Dennis

    The representatives in Congress and members of the Senate have been serving as lackies for many years. Instead of serving their constituents, they chose to serve their parties and their own desires. The hollowed halls wich they occupy and have so disgraced should be greeting the public with the red lights of a house of pleasure. These men of corruption and guilt should be brought to justice. A thorough investigation of all of these men should be made and those found guilty of crimes against the citizens of this great Nation should loose all privileges, benefits, and rights. They should be made to pay back their ill gotten gains and sent to their just reward, prison!

  • Da Norseman

    While I was never polled by the above, I still firmly predict that many of the lawmakers will be out of a job that failed to listen to their constituents, which includes the far left Dems and the RINO Republicans. While it’s still less than four months away before America goes to the polls, things can change overnight. Still, the bums need to be thrown out of office that are exceeding authority and ignoring immigration laws.

    Unfortunately, Nancy Pelousy will still be reelected because of the overwhelming support within her own district, but the good news is that she may have to step down as House Speaker. Dingy Harry Reid, who has milked Nevadans of their hard-earned savings and is known for his tax-and-spend policies, is facing an uphill battle with Republican Sharron Angle, and it may continue to get worse for him as he continues with his smear campaign tactics where he even has the audacity to attack her religious beliefs among others that has hit a new all time low. The winner – Sharron Angle.

    Another key seat would be that currently occupied by the embattled Barbara “Please Call Me Senator” Boxer who will have a fierce challenge with her Republican opponent, Carly Fiorina. Ms. Bouncer has done absolutely nothing during her three terms as senator and it would be costly for California voters to reelect her to a fourth term. Fortunately, Fiorina is gaining support while Bouncer continues to slide downward as the polls now indicate the two virtually neck and neck. If the trend continues, the winner – Carly Fiorino.

    The recent deaths of two Democrat senators, Ted Kennedy and Robert Byrd, where Republican Scott Brown who had beaten the odds against his Democrat opponent Martha Coakley who,earlier, was considered a shoe-in to occupy the seat held by Kennedy. Coakley supported a mandated healthcare system as well as amnesty for all illegal immigrants that caused her downfall. West Virginia is too early too tell for the seat once occupied by Byrd.

    The outcome may be such that neither party may hold a vast majority of the 112th Congress, but the current administration will lose many key allies this November.



  • BrotherPatriot

    In 4 months…alot can happen. Like waking up to the truth of how this world ended up like it has…and who has been in charge all along guiding it towards their one world order.

    What I have learned in 3 months…is staggering.

    2 Key words for your search engine…Parliament & Bilderberg.

    A nice place to start your personal research as to what’s goin on.

    • hpinnc

      BrotherPatriot I will certainly check out these two sites.Another good source I would like to add if I could is GLENN BECK @ 5PM on FOX NEWS.He has a lot of interesting facts on his show that will show you where Obama & ALL his “PROGRESSIVES” are trying to take us as fast as they can.I urge everyone to check him out,make up your own minds as to where we are headed as a nation.

  • Anthony

    Here’s some food for thought – and take this with a measure of ….

    According to George P Fletcher, a Columiba University Law Professor – we are under the boot of a LIBERAL re-writing of the Constitution via “constitutional law” (yes, they are two separate philosphies).

    [America has been re-invented" thanks to judicial activism] – the basis for the behavior you see in our Politicians, people. Remember, no one’s really gonna go out and pull such nonsense if they know the LAW would hang them in short order.

    Judicial Activism relegated as a “higher law”.

    “Truth and Justice must prevail over legal formalities”, ….like the Constitution. And, those who fight in the name of a -higher law- are ALLOWED to sidestep the rules in the name of htis higer law… which is nothing more than a re-usage of Hamilton’s “common good” excuse tactics back during the early years of this Great Country.

    {Excerpts and thoughts are those of Thomas J DiLorenzo in his book: Hamilton’s Curse.}

    If you haven’t figured out the rest – it does depend on who gets to define this “higher law” … like Kagan is trying to avoid admittance to, right now.

    From my perspective – if the Court System is not on the side of the Politicians, then these gutless bastards wouldn’t be attempting this nonsense as a whole group. You would only be seeing certain splinter elements involved in this Governmental Mafia type hoodwinking.

    What’s the other reason, we’re forced to endure such crap?
    Special Interest Lobbying Groups – working for THE FED and in turn, the European Banking Cabal led by the Rothschild Family – who are Trillionaires – and probably the only family on the Planet who is.

    Again – with Congress controlling the currency of this Country – we would not have quite a bit of this nonsense. We would still have to be vigilant as DiLorenzo has pointed out with Lincoln. And, it’s the vigilance part that everyone seems to have a great deal of trouble with. We know it when we see it – the corruption, that is. Yet, how many will call more than one Law Enforcement Agency, so everyone’s involved in stopping what we’ve seen?

    The Banking Cartel will use every trick in the book, to assure they win out. And, the Leader never seems to step out in front. THE FED has who on its Board? The CFR has who on its Board? What about the Trilateral? These are the people puppeteering our Representatives. To tell ya the truth, I’m surprised Ron Paul hasn’t had an accident of some kind by now. He’s been a thorn in their side for several years now. And, if you’re a Democrat who actually does love their Country, then you must be really ashamed of your allegiance right now with 120 of your Party reversing their support to AUDIT THE FED that Ron Paul was pushing thru Congress. Oh wait, Libs don’t feel such things…

    Anyways… We would be having an Audit had the DEMS kept their word – which they practically never do unless it’s mean-spirited attacks against Republicans and others who won’t kneel. And, yes, quite a few Republicans are of the same breed. John Warner, Olympia Snow, etc… From this armchair, it sure seems like the Dem supporters prefer this world of GREED which they can never really share in.

    Oh, and yea, I get it that Mitch McConnell isn’t on TV screaming at the top of his lungs about. I see exactly why it’s important to never forget the Left/Right Paradigm is one BIG LIE. I just wish more here on these Articles would wake up to the fact, as well… instead of carrying water for people who could care less that you’re even alive.

    I would ask Bob Livingston and his Staff, to go about helping us SEE what the questions were, on this Harris Poll. We always hear abou tthe friggin Poll, but no one “offers copies of the questions for review”.

    POLLS should never be used used, let alone cited by others, unless they’re ready to make sure the Conversation leads with life’s values and extrapolates how a Poll relates to said “values”.

    What about it, Staff? You got that list of Questions they were asking?? Let us make up our own minds as to what OUR answers might be.

  • hpinnc

    I have read some very good comments here & agree with them.I just have a few I would like to make.I am a “tea-partier”, I have yet to see any hint of racism at the gatherings I have attended.It is all about people who love this USA,our way of life,our culture & are seeing it evaporate right before our eyes into a socialist run take-over.The destruction of our economy,the unprecedented deficits,the death of capitalism that has made this country into a great country with lots of good jobs for all who want to apply themselves & prepare for them.Minorities cry & whine about how they have been passed over & not been able to take advantage of these opportunities.I will be the first to admit there have been mistakes made,but we are still a young nation trying to correct our course & get it right.I would say to them to take courage from the progress that has been made & let’s fight to keep what we have & not replace it with a system that has been tried & failed.Socialism = trickle-up poverty.I was surprised to see 37% of tea-party supports current congress.I find that hard to grasp.That tells me that we must work harder to EDUCATE people to this “change you can believe in” is a bunch of crap.I DO NOT intend to vote for any “Progressives” [socialist liberals] be they democrat or RINO.I intend to get most incumbents OUT,unless they support my conservative views on most bills that come up.I hope everyone else does the same.Remember this admin. is going to try to get amnesty [13 to 20 mil.voters] most minorities & young college kids who do not understand what is going on in DC.

  • Rose

    You must be very delusional. With the Whitehouse already expecting to lose in Novemember how would you even dream they have a hope in hell of winning many seats in either the house or the senate.

  • WarriorH

    In case many haven’t noticed, all these great bills have affirmative action provisions inserted into each one. Even the latest testament to stupidty, the financial reform legislation establishes 30 new departments establishing minority standards into every aspect of banking, real estate, et, al. My question is, what in the world does this have to do with the financial meltdown? Not a damn thing! These people have to go.


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