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American Terrorism

April 25, 2012 by  

American Terrorism
American-trained terrorists are carrying out terror attacks in Iran, killing Iranians and destroying Iranian oil pipelines.

While pontificating ad nauseam about the need to make the world safe from radical Islam, President George W. Bush’s regime was training Islamist terrorists. The training went on from 2005 until 2007, while America was supposedly knee-deep in the so-called “War on Terror.”

Writing for The New Yorker, journalist Seymour M. Hersh says a group of Iranians associated with Mujahedeen-e-Khalq, or MEK, were being trained in terror operations by the U.S. Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) at the Department of Energy’s Nevada National Security Site. MEK, a Marxist-Islamist group listed by the U.S. State Department as a terror organization, is linked to the assassination of six Americans in the 1970s. It also participated in the revolution that led to the overthrow of the American puppet Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, the Shah of Iran, in 1979 (who was placed in power by the CIA).

So what are these American-trained MEK terrorists up to now? They are carrying out terror attacks in Iran, killing Iranians and destroying Iranian oil pipelines. Five Iranian nuclear scientists have been assassinated since 2007.

MEK denies its involvement, but last month NBC News quoted two senior Barack Obama Administration officials as confirming the assassinations were carried out by MEK with assistance from Mossad, the Israeli secret service organization. MEK, with United States and Mossad assistance, has also disrupted Iranian oil pipelines, Hersh reported.

“The M.E.K. was a total joke,” a senior Pentagon consultant told Hersh, “and now it’s a real network inside Iran. How did the M.E.K. get so much more efficient?” he asked rhetorically. “Part of it is the training in Nevada. Part of it is logistical support in Kurdistan, and part of it is inside Iran. M.E.K. now has a capacity for efficient operations that it never had before.”

How long before this comes back to bite us? Remember that Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaida terror network were created and trained by the CIA.

The so-called war on terror is not what it seems. America and America-based non-governmental organizations (NGOs) are arming and providing assistance to terrorists in Iran. America, NATO and NGOs are doing the same with al-Qaida terrorists in Syria. And they armed and provided air cover to al-Qaida terrorists in Libya.

Why shouldn’t the U.S. State Department place the United States on its list of state sponsors of terror alongside Cuba, Iran, Syria and North Korea?

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Sirian

    Oh what’s there to worry with, it’s now official per the State Department – the war on terror is over. Didn’t you get the memo?

    • Vicki

      The war on terror is only winnable by the populace choosing to not be afraid.

      Tell your representatives that you agree that the war on terror is over because you already chose to not be afraid

      Then we can go about dismantling the TSA, DHS, and a host of other totalitarian agencies created in haste after the attacks on the twin towers.

      • Sirian

        I agree Vicki, get rid of the TSA, DHS and plenty more. But do you honestly think the power hungry nerds in Washington would dare let go of their new puppy? Nope, don’t think so. . . :(

    • s c

      Who will investigate the State Department? Who will investigate Obummer? This krap amounts to creating enemies so another agency can be justified. Obummer gets no free pass on this issue or anything else. The MIC mentality marches onward, and Obummer might as well admit being a part of it.

      • sesame

        Bush started this so why investigate only Obama! And do you think that Romney will change this activity? Get real.

      • vicki

        sesame says:
        Bush started this so why investigate only Obama! And do you think that Romney will change this activity?
        Cause, unlike liberals, we noticed that there was a change in the presidency in 2009.

        As to Romney, my name for him is Miniobama

      • http://naver samurai

        It seems that Sesame has forgotten the the people supported Bush on this war and he always had the approval of the Senate and Congress before sending troops anywhere, did Obama bin Laden? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Warrior

    I’ve often wondered how harry reid would perform as “dean” of his own school.

  • Neil

    “NBC News quoted two senior Barack Obama Administration officials as confirming the assassinations were carried out by MEK”

    You believe NBC?

    • DavidO

      I don’t believe very much of anything the lame stream media puts out as “news”, particularly when it’s coming out of this administration, and only 0.50% from the last one. The DHS warns that a large portion of the U.S. population have the potential to become “domestic terrorist” including me and most of the people I associate and work with. The dumbest thing is that they were warning US (LEOs)!

      • Jay

        DavidO says: The dumbest thing is that they were warning US (LEOs)!

        Interesting contradiction, don’t you think? Good catch!

    • Delroy Brown

      Generally , yes as reliable source for news, over bany outlet owned by multinational Ruper murdoch.

  • Debbie

    Why isn’t anyone doing anything about this? The CIA killed President Kennedy also.

    • Delroy Brown

      Because we cant.Wanna be hero, Who you gonna fight your neighbors and minorities. That will solve all the problem. Kill each others off.

  • Gea

    School of America had been training foreign terrorists for many years at the expense of American taxpayers, just as the war against Soviets in Afghanistan in 1980ies was financed by American taxpayers and thus helped craete Taliban and Bin Ladin. How about all the money that is still going to Pakistan, with its medieval evil sharia and beheading of Daniel Pearl and hosting Osama bin Ladin? How about giving $1.5 BILLIONS to Egypt that is now ruled by Muslim Brotherhood, which is hell-bent on destroying Western civilization as Islam itself is.

    We have a President who behaves more like a Caliph-in-Chief than a Commander-in-Chef, because of his childhood indoctrination with the supremacist ideology of Islam , very similar to Nazi supremacist ideology. Islam MUST REFORM and not being catered to and white washed with the help of an American President. We should stop being suicidal and finance our demise!

    • sesame

      There will be no change when Romney is elected! Remember he proposes to expand the military.

    • Delroy Brown

      It always come back to the preaching of hatred against Obama. When will you pea brain start to educate yourself and stop being a tool. You do not edify those around you with your, crap, contributes nothing of worth to humanity. You just take and in return give us hatred and spread dissent. let your life count for something. Leave a positive mark, be a credit to society. Don’t be another Adolph Hitler.

      • http://naver samurai

        Obama bin Laden is trying very hard to be another Hitler, but we patriiots won’t let him. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • ENZO

    Where the HELL were the GOP when the BUSH Adm.went to war in IRAQ. CHENEY for oil. The NEO-CONSERV. for the domino theory for so-called democracy in the Middle East. Where was the Isreali intelligence on whether there were weapons in IRAQ. THEY KNOW WHERE ALL THE WEAPONS ARE IN THE MIDDLE EAST.

    • http://naver samurai

      Baaaaa! Baaaaa! Baaaaa! Baaaaa! Baaaaa! Baaaaa! Baaaaa! Baaaaa! Baaaaa! Baaaaa! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • whatdoyouknowa

    The problems we’re having with Iran are the result of bad decision made by our Peanut Brain President “Jimmy Carter”. He was naive on all fronts (e.g., economy, foreign affairs, etc.).
    Since Iran wants a Nuclear weapon so badly, it’s our duty to help them, by dropping one on them.

    Peace, Out.

  • Dens

    Terrorism, in the eyes of our present regime, can mean those who oppose their leftist government’s policies and edicts. Leon Panetta, former CIA head and present Secretary of Defense, has stated he owes his allegiance to the United Nations and not our Congress.

    He just announced a “new” spy agency called the Defense Clandestine Service which, he says, will be separate from the CIA and will be used for “national” intelligence gathering and desseminating information on “global issues”.

    Sounds like the United Nations is going to get it’s own spy agency at our expense. It will make it a lot easier for American Nationalism to be disposed of and as usual, we the citizens will have our taxes used by our own government to help cut our own throats.

    Where will it all end?

    • Delroy Brown

      Stop being so ignorant and blinded by ideology. You need to educate your self about why things are the way they are. You cannot do this being singularly focused on hating Obama and looking to blame him for everything in the world. The US foreign policy has not changed over the years , no matter who is in power , it has been a continuum. All we’ve had are different stewardship. Everything the government does we are told is in the interest of national security.Translated it could mean, it is in the interest of a powerful few at whose pleasure all presidents serve. Those who toe the line get to serve two terms and those who don’t are swiftly shown the door with the aid of the ignorant masses who votes on what they are programmed to believe, not on what they see or ought to know are true. Elections are financed by the few powerful special interests facilitated by the third branch of government, the supreme court. The ignorant uneducated mass are the pawns who are programmed and divided into loyal camps, taught to hate each others and fight over crumbs, they vote against their own interest. Always too blind or too caught up in their own ideology or altered world of reality, they never figured out the game of what is real from what is illusion. As long as they are distracted by manufactured and side issues they can always be counted on to ensure the status quo , therefore no matter who is in the white house the cycle of events tend to repeat them self. As long as politicians can count die hard to support them they will never reform or attempt to fulfill promises, since there is a lock on the vote without accountability. Remember a new fool or a new patriot is born every day. As long as we keep them uneducated and uninformed politicians are safe to continue business as usual.Politicians will continue to lie, the special interest will continue to thrive by bidding against each other in the presidential sweep stakes to determine whose interest will be represented this time around. Th middle class will continue to disappear and the masses will go on fighting and hating each other as they wrestle for the crumbs at the masters table.

      • ET53

        You get it so right!

  • TML

    “Why shouldn’t the U.S. State Department place the United States on its list of state sponsors of terror alongside Cuba, Iran, Syria and North Korea?”

    From what I understand, the United States was convicted, by the world court, of state sponsored international terrorism over the Iran/Contra scandal…

    Seems a bit strange to expect the United States very own State Department to admit to this though.

  • Steve E

    Just because the war on terror is over, it doesn’t mean that we will be holding hands and taking showers together in the wee hours of the morning.

    • Bob

      Steve…Just because the war on terror is over, it doesn’t mean that we will be holding hands and taking showers together in the wee hours of the morning.
      Yep, The war on terror is over…And I had some DOG for breakfast this morning with obombusa…Well Absolutely!

      • Steve E

        If Obama keeps the economy going the way it is, we may all have to eat dog meat to stay alive.

    • Delroy Brown

      The war on terror is greatly exaggerated but it is never over as long as there are Islamic extremist and we cannot tell the Muslim from the bad just like we cannot tell the good christian from the bad. We do not know who is who and they could be still among us.

      • whatdoyouknowa

        To start of,
        In an Islamic state, you as a woman (Shariya), can not and will not speak out as you do now.
        You revert back to the 8th century, 2nd class person…..
        Cover yourself and shhhhhhhhhhh not a word.


  • jopa

    The question was asked when will these Bush trained terrorists actions start to affect us.Well if they are in Iran destroying Iranian pipelines that would in turn reduce the amount of oil on the world market bringing up the price of gas and diesel.I would have to conclude that we are already being affected and Bush can bring out his Mission Accomplished banner once again.

  • gemmom

    I don’t understand how anyone can be saying that Romney will permit a continuation of this to take place in our country. You people do not know him, nor do you understand his mentality or what amount of concern he has for our country and its citizens. The very best people in this country who happen to be the most honest men in this country are backing him right now, and I can guarantee that he will not be like Obama or Clinton, or Ted Kennedy, or Nancy Pelosi, or Harry Reid. I guarantee that he will undo the damage that has been done by these criminals who want a socialist empire. Mitt believes in free enterprize and a healthy economy, unlike the Democrat monsters who back the Cloward and Piven Strategy, and who want a Socialist-Communist dictatorship to reign. If you idiots don’t elect Democrats out of office, you will destroy the American people literally. And if this president gets in one more term, he will not only ensure that America becomes ruled by a Stalinist Superior, he will also ensure a Muslim takeover-genocide of all Christian, White, and freedom-loving people. And don’t kid yourselves, they will kill Blacks and Muslims too, regardless of color or religion. Of course our government has been playing a double role, making itself appear to protect us while at the same time decieves us by forming a military that will not hesitate to come against us if we don’t conform to its evil design. You will loose your freedom people by voting for any Democrat at this time, there is no question about it. Socialism is not working in Great Britain and Canada, nor is it working in any country. Canadians are blaming the U.S. for some of its problems, but the truth is, they have been doing the same thing the U.S. has done to its people. This is their perfect setup for a one world order – a Muslim one world order! The U.S. has become the laughing stock of the entire world right now. I cannot understand why women would vote for a Muslilm president when women are murdered in Muslim countries daily and are treated unfairly. I can’t understand why Blacks would vote for a Muslim when Muslims are the ones who have had Black slaves all along, especially Black slaves in Africa and other Muslim countries. Do not call me a racist, because I am definitely not a racist, however, I am against evil and evil designs to hurt innocent people. HItler genocided Jews because Muslims hated Jews, and HItler was best friends with Muslims. Now there is a group of people who want to take over America, who are from the same source. Many good souls in our country are recieving warning dreams and visions, showing them a military force coming to kill Americans. The soldiers are being shown as being those who hate Americans, Christians, and White people. What does that tell you? You guys had better get your stuff together and quit messing around with wayward ideas that lead you off the beaten path to staying alive. I believe this upcoming election will determine whether you will be free or not and whether you will live or die. We are even seeing Federal Police on our roads now who are stoppiong farmers who are hauling fertilizer and suppies to grow their crops. Everything is going to be controlled and enforced regarding our every day living. There won’t be an economy for you to worry over if you and your families are starved out or are dead and gone. Our choices have been transfered from worrying about debt cielings and the economy to the more urgent matter of life or death. It’s our own politicians we have sent to Washington who is doing this to us – those who support the actions of Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Clinton, Obama, and many others who feel having money and power is more important than keeping our country free from suppression and cruel laws forced on its people. Do you want to turn out to be another communist country where people have no rights? I know I don’t want it. I liked the freedom we were enjoying thankyou.

    • vicki

      One word. Romneycare.

    • ET53

      So much to reply to and so little time. First off your statement about Obama being a Muslim is patently false and puts all your other reasoning under suspicion. There has been a crack down on our freedoms in this country which was initiated in 2001 with the Patriot Act which deleted many of our Constitutional protections. This was voted on unanimously by all republicans. The republican controlled house has voted for all the other freedom stealing acts as well such as the NDAA and others. To put all the blame on the Democratic party is ignoring facts and indicates ideological blinders.
      Romney has no foreign policy experience and what he has said is just dangerous. Romney has also taken both sides of any idea or argument put to him. He has no moral compass to guide his decision making just 17 members of his staff who were the architects of failure under Bush II.
      We do NOT need or want to go back to the failed economic policies of Bush II or the country really will be in trouble.
      We absolutely need to spend money on infrastructure projects like our crumbling bridges and dams. There is no reason to put American lives in danger because of penny pinching. This will also put Americans back to work. There is no reason we should be spending millions “nation building” around the world while ignoring our own nation’s like needs.
      BTW, it was Hitler who went to the middle east to promote the hatred of the Jews for his own purpose to capture the territory from the British. According to some sources, Hitler was sure there was oil in the region that would fuel his new army but, he was definitely aiming for worldwide support of his extermination plans for the Jews.
      Socialism as you call it , actually IS working in all the countries you mention as their healthcare costs are half of what they are here in the US. They pay a smaller percentage of taxes relative to benefits than do the middle class and poor in this country such as healthcare and education.
      Austerity measures are shortsighted. We should be planning for the long term. That takes investment in our infrastructure and education. This is what our parents and grandparent knew and planned for and yet we think we know so much better than them.
      They worked together as a country regardless of party. Now, we have only an ideological contest to see who “wins” or “loses” FOR THE PARTY, not the American people.
      The TEA party has a major role in this impasse as they seem to have an inordinate amount of influence relative to their actual numbers.
      Romney has run his campaign so far to the right that many reasonable people will not vote for him. The “anybody but Obama” mindset is what has blinded most of the active electorate from discussing the real issues of our economy which is the desire to look 6 months ahead when the plans need to be for 6 years or 60.
      Each “side” will HAVE TO cooperate and compromise on raising revenue and cutting waste fraud and abuse. We have to rethink our corporate welfare system. It MUST be scrutinized and many cuts made. For instance, the price of oil will only go up as long as speculators are allowed unfettered operation and the oil companies continue to promote the idea that record profits means they can charge even more.
      This is getting to be a long reply so I will end it here.

  • RichE

    I don’t think they get it Bob. Oh well.

  • Gang Buster 2012

    RON PAUL 2012 Enough SAID.

    • whatdoyouknowa

      Agree: Ron Paul = Jimmy Carter = bigger problems

      • vicki

        Ron Paul is to Jimmy Carter as Day is to Night.

  • http://explorer Roger Bryant

    Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev. Soviet Premier of USSof R once said that America would purchase the rope that would hang us, and they would sell it to us.
    Looks like he was a gifted prophet.

  • ranger hall

    I understand that its againest Fed law to train outside people inside the usa for operations againest other countries or their leaders.
    BOB: You quoted that the CIA created and trained Osama bin laden and his Al-Qaida terror network. Sure would like for you to SHOW me some proof on this.
    My thoughts on this subject IS that the CIA is or never had the abilities to set up a group as Al-Qaida. But most people still do not know why they were started.

    • RichE

      rent Charlie Wilson’s War

    • mike

      These are CIA covert action personnel. For the most part they come from various branches of special forces within the U.S. military. In fact the green berets were founded on this principle of training south Vietnamese forces to go ‘guerilla’ against the north.

    • Freedom?

      Hillary Clinton Admits the U.S. Government Created al-Qaeda

      The Mujahideen were the “database” of Al-Qaeda assets. Al-Qaeda are a controlled opposition force of the Central Intelligence Agency to promote their middle …

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear ranger hall,

      You write: “You quoted that the CIA created and trained Osama bin laden and his Al-Qaida terror network. Sure would like for you to SHOW me some proof on this.” If you really wanted the truth, you could find it yourself. However, I provide you with the following so you can begin your journey.

      Best wishes,

      • RichE

        Nice Bob, but I think you’ll need stick of dynamite to move someone that uninformed.

  • Third_stone

    One might wonder who would vote for the right wing knowing this sort of thing. This is not a surprise. It has been public knowledge for years. Men who perpetrate this call themselves conservative. How can they win an election? We are offered Romney, the candidate from money, whose experience is in leveraged buy out. He will be right back in there, bombing everybody. We are bankrupting our country making war on everyone and every thing. Cut taxes and make more war, a formula for bankruptcy.

  • Buck

    I would expect this from the now GODLESS united states air force , for whom my own brother gave his life .

  • Buck

    My mistake in my last comment , I meant to type united states armed forces .

  • jemave

    The war on terror will be over when the Terrorist in DC have been eliminated or neutralized. The amazing thing is that they know and have been furiously preparing for it including doing military exercises on American soil with Foreign troops (Russian, may be Chinese) as well as arming themselves.
    Unless, the selection of the governing representatives (Congress, President, Justices) is changed very soon, there will be some drastic reaction from the people.

  • wnettles

    As long as the “powers that be” can create some boogy-man to scare the bluehairs into signing away all of their freedoms in order to garner a perceived “security” from a perceived “enemy”, then, the military / defense consortium will continue to fund the buyout of Washington, DC, ad nauseum.



  • whatdoyouknowa

    Yuo guys here in the West, (Bob) have too much time & freedom to over analyze, theorize, hypothesize, etc.
    Reality becomes fantasy and vise versa.

    Under Islamic form of government, things will be simplified for you:
    No thinking, no speaking against government, no theorizing, hypothesizing, analyzing, no music, no nothing.
    Oh, almost forgot, if you think of becoming a Shiite, a Suni will eventually kill you.
    And vise versa.
    Happy Lovely

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