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In the years since President Barack Obama initially rode his message of “hope” and “change” into the Oval Office, the American public has had the opportunity to see what the President’s idealistic vision of American liberalism looks like in practice. Many of the President’s most ardent initial supporters see simply years of continuing war in the Middle East, an unprecedented lack of transparency from the White House and revelations that Obama’s love of social welfare is trumped only by his disdain for citizen privacy.

That could be why the Nation is experiencing a shift in public opinion toward conservatism in all 50 U.S. States.

Cornell political scientist Peter Enns recently took a look at the political policy moods of Americans in each State from the 1950s to 2010 and concluded that a  “statistically significant” shift to conservative ideas has occurred in each.

In The Washington Post, Enns explained his conclusion:

Surprised by this uniform shift across states, we examined two questions about government that the American National Election Study asked in the early 1960s and 2000s. Because we were dealing with much smaller sample sizes, we analyzed regions instead of states. Again, the data suggest that all regions of the country have shifted in a conservative direction.

The first question, reported in the left panel of the figure below, asked whether the government in Washington should see to it that every person has a job and a good standard of living or whether the government should let each person get ahead on their own. … Interestingly, in 1964, the South appears to have been the most supportive of the liberal response (the government should ensure a job and a good standard of living). The second question, reported in the right panel, asked whether or not the government in Washington was getting too powerful. Across all regions, we again see opinion has shifted to the right.

While the researcher notes a trend toward conservatism on fiscal issues, the trend did not hold when applied to matters of social policy such as gay marriage. Enns also notes that even as conservatism is gaining steam today, it could simply be an example of public opinion moving in the opposite direction of government policy. In the 1980s, for instance, the opposite trend was realized as government rolled out many conservative policy directives.

“The public’s policy preferences typically move in the opposite direction of public policy (especially for policies related to government spending),” Enns concludes. “Thus, if a Republican is elected president in 2016 and policy shifts in a conservative direction, we should expect a liberal turn in public opinion.”

Enns’ research is backed by the “policy mood” index researcher James Stimson developed more than 20 years ago to gauge public policy preference. The latest update of Stimson’s policy mood index illustrates that the American public in 2012 was more conservative than at any point since 1952.

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Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After covering community news and politics, Rolley took a position at Personal Liberty Media Group where could better hone his focus on his true passions: national politics and liberty issues. In his daily columns and reports, Rolley works to help readers understand which lies are perpetuated by the mainstream media and to stay on top of issues ignored by more conventional media outlets.

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  • Warrior

    Now the question becomes, how do you pry the voting machines out of the hands of the Big City “Progressives”?

    • squeeze127

      Passing voter ID laws would quell most voter misdeeds, not all but most.

      • robertsgunshop

        Yep, and the prog’s are fighting it tooth and nail.

      • Jana

        Texas passed voter ID laws and the first thing Obama did was sue Texas. He has done this with several states that passed this type of law.
        We won however as you do have to show some form of ID now to vote. Hooray.
        I was at the voting booth when 12 illegals came in and tried to vote in the last presidential election. The staff was on alert that they were probably coming as these same men had hit 2 other places and weren’t allowed to vote there either.

    • BigIron

      The voting machines are in the hands of the “minions” of the PTB/NWO and that group also included both progressives and conservatives.
      There is only one major political party composed of two sub-parties which are controlled at the top by “minions” of the PTB/NWO. NO candidate will ever be fielded by either of the sup-parties that hasn’t been fully vetted (already bought) by the PTB/NWO.
      During the 2012 election the Republican party by a decision from the “top” changed the rules at the last-minute to allow local party affiliates to begin campaigning for Romney BEFORE the Republican candidate had been decided by the National Convention. My guess is that the
      PTB/NWO feared that Ron Paul might well get the nomination and that if he did he would, because of his popularity with conservative Democrats, he would become President. The PTB/NWO preferred Obama but Romney would have been acceptable but not Ron Paul. Obama and Romney were already their “minions” but not so Ron Paul; he would not have been under their control.

      • Shirley Brooke

        Do you mean Ron Paul or Rand Paul? Ron is the father, Rand the next president of the United States so stop trying to make us give up our fight to take back America.

  • Stuart Shepherd

    Too little, too late. WAY too little, WAY too late!!!

    • BigIron

      They are trying to take away the “soap-box”.
      The “ballot-box” is broken.
      We’re fast running out of “boxes”!

    • Shirley Brooke

      We can still take our country back if there are not too many people like you who are giving up.


    The reason the “some studies” show America moving toward conservationism is because they’re asking the wrong question. Ask questions that test to see if people are moving AWAY from liberalism and you will get consistent positive results. What’s happening is that Americans are moving toward libertarianism. In some cases they are actually changing their nominal alignment, but in many other cases they are simply realizing that liberalism is not the same as libertarianism.

  • Tami Stanley Perkins

    We take the computers out of voting, we do it the old way, by paper and have a system in check to count the ballots. You have an equal number of individual counting the results, the same number of democrats as Republicans and some independent citizens. All counting must be done where every American can see what it is going on. Televise it, if they know they are under scrutiny from every person in the United States, then I can guarantee you that the voter fraud will quickly diminish. It is too easy to fix a computer, just as we found out in 2012, when the machines were defaulting to Obama even after a voter voted for Romney. And nothing was done about this, we knew who would win, and it wasn’t by votes, that is for darn sure. He stole that election!!!! Yet nothing is being done about it

  • Jana

    We have too many people out there that have no idea of even who the Vice President is let alone of what the real policies Obama stands for. We have such a lack of communication between parent and child anymore that children no longer know or care what their parents think.
    WE NEED MORE COMMUNICATION BETWEEN PARENTS AND THEIR CHILDREN! Parents need to pass on their knowledge and experience to their children. Otherwise our children will accept Socialism and Communism without blinking an eye. They will think this is a good idea, when it is NOT!

    If there is a problem where do the teens run to? Answer: to other teens. Talk about the blind no nothing leading another blind no nothing confused child.

    Watching the segments of ask the man on the street questions, one question was, Would you prefer Obamacare over the Affordable Healthcare Act? Most people said they didn’t want anything to do with Obamacare but they preferred the ACA. WHAT??? DUH!!!! – – – Need I say more? Low information voters, and yes, these people actually go to the booth and vote. Wow. This is why we are in trouble in this country.

    People only assimilate one fourth of what they hear, one fifth of the time.

  • rocka692

    we have many generation today which has been brain washed on how bad America is and how bad America treated the Slaves. Much of this Brain Washing was done to establish generations who were dependent on the Government from the Womb to the Tome. I am not in favor of blaming parents because I was a parent who had a communication problem with two of my children. What I found out later in life, I was a big part of the problem by not having my children in a private school! It was my fault by not walking into the schools unannounced and sit in on classes. You want believe what the children are taught about their parents. Remember AL Gore speaking to the children!