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America Owns The Internet

March 9, 2012 by  

America Owns The Internet

The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) died in Congress, but the Administration of President Barack Obama is showing it doesn’t need the legitimacy of law in its effort to take over the world. Now, through the Department of Homeland Security and Department of Justice, any Internet domain is subject to seizure at any time.

Case in point: The Canadian-owned online sports gaming site was registered with the Vancouver-based DomainClip. It has no ties to the United States. Yet, Maryland State prosecutors were able to obtain a warrant ordering Verisign, the company that ultimately manages all the dot-com, dot-net and dot-org domain names in the world, to redirect the website to a warning page advising that it had been seized by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

The U.S. government has a history of going after online gaming operations, whether they are located within the United States or offshore. But stepping into another country’s jurisdiction steps it up a notch.

Online gambling has nothing to do with Homeland Security. There are two reasons the Administration is doing this: Control of Internet content and money. Piracy is just the cover story the Administration uses.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • s c

    How many of you aren’t yet convinced that this administration looks at the use and abuse of power like a game of chess? When rules are invented and re-invented and laws are broken on a whim, why should we have any faith in Washington?
    How is it that our “leaders” fear us?
    People, it’s not that we’ve done anything to Washington. It is, however, what Washington has done to America and what is being planned to do to America.
    If I was drunk enough, I might find a reason to believe in Peter Pan or Mary Poppins. I might even have a use for Santa. But, when it comes to Washington and this administration, I refuse to believe in them or let them make excuses or give them more time to mend their ways.
    What people DO tells you who and what they ARE. Why is irrelevant. And three years is more than enough proof to me that this regime hates the American people and freedom. Whatever chance this herd had to change its ways is long gone. People, this is America’s null and void administration.

    • Erik Osbun

      Right on, and note that so far 21 violations of law by the Obama administration have been documented. I would say that the crux of the problem is that law enforcers CANNOT BE law breakers. We have no choice but to work hard to remove the Obama administration.

      • Will

        If they really cared about saving lives, Then why are they all for abortion?, we need to band together We need a leader, we outnumber them 50%, we need to bunch together, there is power in numbers. And we should all 3 million conservatives be backing the sheriff of Arizona, they wouldnt threaten him with 3million of us workhorses standind all around him, COME ON PEOPLE SPREAD THE WORD, get off your butts, lets do this, we can beat this. Please help! spread this like wildfire , we nead a leader and the sheriff is the man. Pennsylvania is now involved, we need to stir up 9 kinds of hell. Sheriff Joe cant be bought , they are laughing at him man, lets start a peaceful group with devastating numbers, there are so many of us man, we have to unite,

        • Troublemaker

          The reality is that the right needs to get off their duff and in the streets – as the left loves to do – and show a sign of force. I have suggested that all conservative organizations and outlets make a concerted effort to put into action a “Freedom From Tyranny Day” where American working citizens take a day off from work – say one state at a time – to let this new Hitler and his communist minions that if they continue down this road of tyranny that there will be repercussions other than at the ballot box that has been corrupted by them. “Are you ready to tangle?”

      • Will

        Sheriff joe will give in if he does not have support, you know he feels devastated and angry now, Its time to move, we can do this. we can have the majority. Im going to try to contact him. I need support, and im no leader, but he is.

      • Vic Bailey

        Hitler is on the move AGAIN this time he resides in the White House and he is using UNCONSTITUTIONAL laws to work his SOCIALIST and COMMUNIST AGENDA REGIME to take over as a Dictator.
        We should be ashamed that we haven’t IMPEACHED this WORTHLESS Son Of A Whore for other crimes against our fellow man, just like killing an American citizes, WHO’S NEXT? This BASTARD needs to be in Leavenworth, Kansas making little rocks out of big rocks! HIS WHOLE REGIME needs to go with him, Like Pelosi, Reid, Graham, Clinton, and ALL the Socialist and Communist that are in our government, no quistions ask!!!!
        Semper Fi.

        • Troublemaker

          Hey Vic, here’s to you! – we are on the same page, now if only we could get many more millions to see as we do and defeat the new Hitler. Make no mistake about it. Ages 43 and 48, one of them dying , I might give the reprobate the benefit of the doubt; but two, essetially young men dying of natural causes, I ain’t buying it. This evil entity will stop at nothing to hold on to the power that he has aquired. Are you ready to rumble?

    • Troublemaker

      This is off the subject, somewhat but it is related to your wisdom about this Muslim-Marxist Just more evidence of the “culture of death” that is the covert intention of this Muslim-Marxist and his communist minions ( abortion – government paid for, no less, soon to be implemented euthanasia – if the “death-care” unconstutional bill is allowed to proceed and let’s not forget the promotion of homosexuality to – get this – cut down on global warning! Yes, this current regime is doing the bidding of the NWO to depopulate the planet in order for these elitists to maintain their luxurious lifestyles that they abhor anyone living but themselves. Billionaires are their next sacred cow to slay. Even though they fuel the economy, they must be made the scapegoat in order to carry out their totalitarian plan of the destruction of capitalism; but it is OK for these commisars to live like billionaires at our expense – such blatant hypocrisy. These small demagogues are nothing more than parasites living off the wealth of the people they despise; and the sad part is that they are getting away with it because of a citizenry of dumb-downed, misinformed, uninformed, apathetic, drugged up – legal and illegal – recreational seeking morons that are misled by our “state-run” media that are nothing more than propagandists for the Muslim-Marxist and his communist minions. How is it that this “state-run” media gets away from reporting the complete taking over of a section of a city in France by the Muslims to have prayers held right in the streets, thereby not allowing the people that live there to either enter or exit

      • Cheryl

        Very well said! What do we do about it, besides vote?

        • Troublemaker

          I dare say that voting has become nonconsequential. One of our Muslim-Marxist’s mentors had said – to paraphrase: the power is with those who count the votes, not those that vote. There is proof that Ohio and Pennsyslvania commited voter fraud by stuffing the ballot boxes with fraudulent ballots; so, I do not see the Muslim-Marxist being dethroned – I’ll let all of you figure the alternative!

      • katrael59ganaiden

        Troublemaker, I’ll bet I know what the alternative is? Doing what’s right even when it’s scary or you’re afraid. If that’s what you’re getting at I agree.
        This issue isn’t about the government taking control of the internet; it’s about the government taking control of everything.
        It’s come down to you either accept the edicts of the elite and behave accordingly or you do what is right. If you happen to figure out what the “right” thing to do is and you decide to do it then you have to be willing to suffer the consequences. A few examples: Don’t get your kids vaccinated if you know it’s bad for them, speak out against our elected tyrants and their abuse of power, refuse to allow a search of your premises without a warrant (I wish I had been able to do that), don’t sign up for Obama Care if passed and probably people who are smarter than I can think up a lot of areas where it’s appropriate to resist our tyrants but we have to be aware that there will be consequences for doing the right thing.

      • JerryWheelerWroteThis..

        troublemaker contends that a portion of Americans are: “a citizenry of dumb-downed, misinformed, uninformed, apathetic, drugged up – legal and illegal – recreational seeking morons that are misled by our “state-run” media that are nothing more than propagandists for the Muslim-Marxist and his communist minions”.. While at the same time NOT telling anyone where he’s getting the information that everyone but he is totally stupid if they dare vote for Obama.. Where do you get off telling others their ignorant, drug induced commies hell bent on destroying this Nation? Did Limbaugh convince you? Did any of the lying Pubs who claims they’ll bring gas prices down to $2.50 gallon if only you would elect them? Obviously if that’s true then the entire political structure is doing nothing but using the big oil curtail who’s using the political machine for future ‘favors’ so regulate high gas prices in order to use fuel as a bargaining chip. Where are you getting the information that ALL Obamites are surly criminals in their own right and don’t deserve to be called true Americans? Can you not even contemplate that in 2008 they wanted a change in ‘g’ment that this man promised to do then as other presidential promises, never fulfilled and in HINDSIGHT they realized their mistake but not before pioused idiots (many wsho did vote for Obama but now wouldn’t admit it, instead they go about with a hate that NO AMERICAN SHOULD ACCUSE THEIR FELLOW CITIZEN OF!! Half of America seems to be the hate mongers that they accuse others of (exactly what we shouldn’t be).. The REAL voting doesn’t start until November.. Quit accusing others of being, ” dumb-downed, misinformed, uninformed, apathetic, drugged up recreational seeking morons” simply because they MIGHT re-elect Obama.. In reality we’re all morons because NO ONE IS LISTENING TO RON PAUL!!! The Only candidate who can challenge AND WIN the presidential office.. If you think big money is going to elect your bud, think again.. If you give Dems a choice between competitors that will do nothing but escalate the war effort while cutting programs that HELPS the aged and poor (and just allow them to.. fade away) IF you totally ignore your ONLY chance of having a true Pub white house (Ron Paul) by nitpicking on his policies by listening to Limbaugh instead of the reality behind the platform then you will get Obama then in retaliation your red neck bumpkins will get up in arms, martial law will be enacted and the Nation as you know it now will no longer exist.. Don’t let the media (any media) or the Limpbaughs of this Country convince you that big b’ness financiers belong in the white house.. We’re ALL being fooled and we’ll never realize it until hindsight rears it’s ugly ass THEN (like with Obama) it will be too late…

      • Will

        If they really cared about saving lives, Then why are they all for abortion?, we need to band together We need a leader, we outnumber them 50%, we need to bunch together, there is power in numbers. And we should all 3 million conservatives be backing the sheriff of Arizona, they wouldnt threaten him with 3million of us workhorses standind all around him, COME ON PEOPLE SPREAD THE WORD, get off your butts, lets do this, we can beat this. Please help! spread this like wildfire , we nead a leader and the sheriff is the man. Pennsylvania is now involved, we need to stir up 9 kinds of hell.

    • simian pete


      You are very good at rhetoric. I’m wondering if you ever have seen the movie “The Postman” with Kevin Costner.

      In your opinion their will probably be a “Batlle of Washington” where the militia will get rid of the Federal Government ?

      When do you think the militias will attack ? After Obama is re-elected by the Republicans ?

      I don’t have much courage, I’ll probably just watch whats going on in my own survival shelter …

  • Vicki

    The OP writes

    Verisign, the company that ultimately manages all the dot-com, dot-net and dot-org domain names in the world.

    Their ultimate management is only a courtesy. Canada and the rest of the world can set up their own root servers and ignore verisign. Such would appear to be chaos but in one of the few places where the customer can still rule, the group who provides the service that the customer wants will be the group that gets the customer.

    The system really needs just one set of root servers to keep the average person from having to deal with the complexities of DNService. But if the root servers integrity is compromised, as in the case of Verisign, they could be completely bypassed. Once bypassed people would not likely go back to them.

    For instance, Knowing that Verisign is compromised, and knowing that Canada has set up root servers that are not, I could switch my network to use the Canada servers. I would not bother to switch back. My using Canadian servers causes no chaos cause only my network has switched. No one else would be affected at all or even notice.

    This works for the world but not for China and the US and other nations that cut off internet traffic since the US could cut off my access to Canada and thus the Canada servers.

    • quiet_forest

      Vicki, I think that this sort of response is exactly what the Obama regime hopes to provoke. In order to control any population, you must control three factors; purchasing power, movement, both internally and across sovereign borders, and access to information and education. The first two can and are being done quite successfully through currency manipulation. The Internet, however, has stripped governments of almost all control over the third factor (it has also made the taxation of some goods and services problematic). So, the problem/crisis/solution model is being applied once again. The Internet in its current form is the problem. The solution is to shatter it. How can that be done? Create incidents that will anger and panic the international community into demanding the very changes that will allow control and censorship.

      By creating multiple nation based DNS systems, or a single international body overseeing one DNS system, a situation is created where governments once again have a means of controlling the flow of information into and out of their sovereign territories. Governments can simply block access to specific root servers, and/or pass and enforce legal requirements forcing businesses and individuals to use root servers within their country of origin. By shattering the Internet into many little ‘nets, they regain the ability to lie to us, and censor those who would tell the truth.

      • katrael59ganaiden

        quiet_forest, I just got a bit if “internet education” from your and Vicki’s comments. You’re right about the control of the monetary system and you’re right about the educational systems. Our public schools are nothing more that brain muddying schools where kids learn to be “good neighbors” and “good citizens”. Nothing wrong with either one of those things…that is unless being such requires following the programs that allow us to infringe on the rights and freedoms of others for the sake of “national security”. Just how fragile is the internet?

      • katrael59ganaiden

        I also assume that every time we post a reply that could be construed to be treasonous that we may come under the scrutiny of the powers that need to know. I know that I’ve been on at least one list in my life and I was able to confirm that my name was on that list at the local police department, and that was when I was sixteen. They were happy to show me. The means to keep an eye on us has gotten even easier with time (forty four years since then).

      • vicki

        quiet_forest writes

        By creating multiple nation based DNS systems, or a single international body overseeing one DNS system, a situation is created where governments once again have a means of controlling the flow of information into and out of their sovereign territories. Governments can simply block access to specific root servers, and/or pass and enforce legal requirements forcing businesses and individuals to use root servers within their country of origin. By shattering the Internet into many little ‘nets, they regain the ability to lie to us, and censor those who would tell the truth.

        Governments ALREADY have control of the flow of information into and out of their sovereign territories. Having root servers in different countries does not change this.
        My point is that the world does NOT have to depend on USA root servers. In fact YOU could go buy an island and declare yourself to be sovereign and run your own root servers. Then anyone who wants to can access your root servers. You can laugh at the US government telling you to switch to an fbi takenover page.

        Yes individual governments could stop their citizens from accessing your root servers directly but they would have to block all access beyond their borders to keep their people from reaching your root servers thru proxy servers scattered all about. Ask Chinese dissodents about that.

        BTW the internet is ALREADY many little nets so they gain/loose nothing they do not already possess.

        As smart as obama and his handlers might be they are not smart enough to be trying to get us to fracture the internet into many little nets cause that is what it already is.

        What they want is to control the flow of information and that requires central control. The very nature of the net is distributed control and the way that DNS can work is just another example of what frustrates government (all of them).

        Oh and DNS is not the only way to resolve the address of an information source.

  • Dwight Mann

    Time to edit and cancel this administration, and its communist agenda. No Global game for me, unless we, the USA run it. . . We already police it. Get rid of the Dictator, and all of his minions, ASAP!

    • http://brighthouse jimmy glad


      • Sirian

        Gee Whiz jimmy, if Al Gore had not invented the internet we wouldn’t be having problems like this now would we? Just saying. . .

      • andrew1554

        jimmy thank you for again illustrating what a bunch of ignorant morons Obama voters are.

      • Mary

        Jimmy the sad truth is that we cann’t get rid of any of both parties bastards. We are going to continue getting Sc…ed from them.No matter who’s the president. I’m 99.9 % sure that Obama will have four more years to finish us. I don’t subestimate the stupidity and ignorance of the people. That’s the main reason of our pathetic situation as a country.

      • DaveH
      • restorefreedom

        It’s not just the republicans it’s all of them can’t you see that???!!!!

      • Michael H.

        Jimmy old boy, homeland may have been initiated by the repubs, but the olbunghole administration has taken its atrocities to new heights of hypocrisy. i, like a number of people I know no longer pay any attention to any of the lies and blatant misdirection coming from Washington. Stocking up on ammo. and waiting for the day it’s needed.

      • Jay

        When will people realize that the R&D labels are used only for the purpose to mislead. Both parties are loyal, and obey the foreign cartels, and consider the welfare of US citizens, NEVER! Although the political party labels are nothing more than a smoke-screen, a contrivance, this is not to say that there does not exist, among the electorate, heart-felt, liberal or conservative convictions, as DaveH pointed out, the polls clearly confirm! But for the electorate to presume that the aforementioned convictions are to be found, much less coddled, in the current administration or anywhere in our political system, is fool hardy at best, and the foolish hope that somehow we can stimulate our political criminals to attain higher moral grounds, unrealistic. They will not! Not because they are incapable, but because they love corruption. They are in essence, power and money-hungry addicts! The reality is, we dealing with a bunch of in-bred, addicts!

      • vicki

        DaveH says:

        Not according to this poll, Mary:

        That has to be scaring the (insert favorite explicative here) out of both parties. Here is Ron Paul, ignored or demonized by MSM and most/all of the 2 party system and yet he garners poll numbers HIGHER than the presumptive savior of the party and most popular president (Really. Just ask him) in memory (really short memory :) )

      • Joe H

        Gee, jimmy, Don’t you mean get rid of the DEMS like your name sake Jimmy Dimora in cuyahoga county Ohio that was just found guilty of 36 of 37 charges against him???? Charges such as RICCO, Mail fraud, bribery, and extortion!!! Such good people, those DEMS!!!

      • John Woodbury

        God Jimmy, you need to learn to cut and paste better or better yet try remedial English. Gosh the DNC is scraping the bottom of the barrel for it trolls.

    • katrael59ganaiden

      What’s scary about jimmy is that he’s not even smart enough to use the spell checker or to build a real coherent sentence. Let’s see at least two words in a short sentence spelled wrong and then what does “WHAT NEAT WHY TO RANSFER MONEy, A%%hole” really mean? I guess he’s saying something about transferring money and then he’s saying someone’s and “A%%hole”. Got that last part ok. This guy and others like him have the power to vote. That’s really scary.

  • Brad


    • Brad

      Jimmy, if they internet is your enemy maybe you should get off the internet. By all means start with this site NOW!!

  • peter

    Too little too late. Obama is here to stay. He, together with Wall Street will determine the future of the USA. Get used to it! Warning – disobedience from the plebs will not be tolerated and will be met with the full force of the military. Slavery is here to stay, so enjoy or do whatever you think you need to do to escape the onslaught ahead and best of luck in your efforts to survive the tyranny which awaits. Be very wary of he who has allowed the sensation of unlimited power to consume his very soul and even more so he that has discovered himself to actually be God, utterly convinced, totally invincible, seriously irrational but absolutely in control of everything, answerable to no one and the ultimate judge of all inhabitants of the planet.

    • katrael59ganaiden

      peter, you summed up the situation pretty well. The question: how do you get out of the way? It used to be that we could move to places that were sparsely populated and out of sight by those tyrants. That’s why people moved into the Appalachian mountains and west but where do we go now? It looks like that no matter where you go tyranny follows; probably for the reason you pointed out: they’re drunk on power.

  • sean murrey ILLInio

    Communist agenda.

  • Daveh

    The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is a cabinet department of the United States federal government, created in response to the September 11 attacks, and with the primary responsibilities of protecting the United States of America and U.S. Territories (including Protectorates)[vague] from and responding to terrorist attacks, man-made accidents, and natural disasters.

    • DaveH

      Please further qualify you userID, Davelowercaseh, so the users won’t be confused. I have been using this ID for two years now and have carefully established a record of reason, consistency, and honesty, and I don’t want you confusing the readers.
      I suspect that you are doing this on purpose, due to the fact that most people wouldn’t lowercase their last initial, and it would be difficult for you to have missed that I comment several times each day.

      • Dennis48e

        Quite possibly eddie, flashy, or dennisio using an alternate id.

      • Jay

        Fat chance, DaveH. Anyone who’s been here long enough would know that the above post, and the liberal drivel, contained therein, would not have been from you, even if the half-wit, poster above were to upper-case the h!

    • Michael

      Might look good on paper but it is just another wasteful government bureau.
      Ron Paul said it best to my liking.
      Less government bureaucracy, less government intrusion into privacy, less restriction of rights.

      Can’t believe he is a plant by the CIA to make us think he is a good guy, looking at his voting record he is a straight shooter, consistent all the way.

      For a long time I was leaning toward the Constitution party but Ron Paul would make a good conservative and he has a better chance of being elected then the little known Constitution Party. I’m still voting them for all other offices they manage to get listed with. That’s the only way I know of to get rid of career, corrupt officials. It’s illegal to shoot the traitors and I would hate myself if I had to spend one minute behind bars for a piece of betrayal scum.

      • DaveH

        The problem is, Michael, that the Constitution Party really isn’t a Constitution Party.
        They have a heavy bent toward religion, which is fine if kept voluntary but I question if they can keep it that way with their apparent fervor.
        They are heavily against Illegal Drugs, so don’t expect them to be getting us out of the Second Prohibition Era.
        They are against Gambling and Pornography, so we could expect a continuation of victimless crime laws under them.
        From their platform — “We oppose the abuse of the H-1B and L-1 visa provisions of the immigration act which are displacing American workers with foreign”.
        So we could expect more legislation and more rhetoric from them blaming the illegal and legal immigrants for our problems. The immigrants aren’t the cause of our problems, Big Government is. And making it bigger isn’t going to solve our problems.
        It looks to me that they accept the “General Welfare Clause” as a legitimate Power of Government. It isn’t.
        I really can’t see much difference between what they profess and what the Republican Party professed (and didn’t abide by). I really can’t see that they understand the intent of the Constitution.
        For those who would like to judge themselves:

    • Joe H

      And they will deprive you of any constitutional right they need to to do so!!!

  • BigBadJohn

    Folks try to remember——–

    All of these powers that Obama has were given to George Bush by the republicans!

    Obama inherited them, do you think he would voluntarily give up powers expanded by Bush? This is another issue I was ranting about 10 years ago as Bush grabbed power – HIS PREDECESSOR WOULD INHERIT THE SAME POWERS. Now that he has, everyone thinks it is the end of the world – why were you not screaming about this 10 years ago?

    • restorefreedom

      Neither party has our best interests in mind. They are the ruling class and we are headed towards slavery. Sad

    • scott

      Spoken like a true liberal…Its Bush’s fault. Get real. Bush did not elect to keep the Patriot act in force Obama did. bush set it up with the intent do discontinue it if and when hte wars were over or he would have made it law for ever with no renewal signing needed. Bush did not sign the NDAA Obama did. Obama has put us more in debt in three years than the total of the last three Presidents. bUSH DID NOT HIDE HIS TRUE IDENTY but Obama has. Bush did not make deals with Israel to disregard their safety until after the election but Obama has and even offered a bribe…Bunker Buster Bombs…Bush nor Clinton or any other President bowed to Muslim Leaders but Obama has and does every time he greets one(THIS IS BECAUSE HE IS A MUSLIM). Obama is trying to shut down hte internet to keep people from communicating so freely. He does not like people having so much knowledge and freedom at the stroke of a keyboard. There are words for how a person spends money like there is no tomorrow but I will not use them here. NoBama 2012. A vote for this man is a vote to destroy this country.

      • katrael59ganaiden

        Well said scott. I have a question though: how many laws or programs such as the patriot act and homeland security ever get repealed? It’s almost like these things are living entities and all they do is get bigger and hungrier with each passing day and I can’t help but believe that the elected criminals know that. I didn’t like the patriot act when it got enacted. I like it even less now. These things have made Obama’s job much easier than if he had to get these things started himself and he’s using those things as launching platforms for his OWN(NWO) agenda. BBJ is a blowhard liberal but he was probably right about Bush.

      • BigBadJohn

        “Blow hard liberal” – because I point of the facts, we know where you stood in 2003.

      • Jay

        Here’s something to consider, scott.

        The most notorious post-9/11 legislation is the PATRIOT act. Some researchers suspect that at least some of this massive document was written prior to 9/11, seeing as it was amazingly presented by Bush only 11 days after 9/11. Guess who the chief architect of the PATRIOT act was? Viet Dinh, a law professor at the Jesuit Georgetown University.

      • Thinking About

        Scott you are not right on Bush hiding his records. When he was governor his miliary records suddenly was not available anymore. We are still at war so another Bush policy still going on. I remember some saying these rules being placed would be used by Dems when they would be in power but the repubs did not care. They continued with their agenda. Obama may have bowed to the Saudi but Bush kissed them and walked hand in hand with them. Bush family was quiet involved with the bin Laden family and when domestic flights as halted Bush arranged for the bin Laden family to exit USA. Check on the history of Salem bin Laden, one of Osama bin Laden’s half brothers.

    • metroman

      So we have a constitutional scholar who took the oath to protect the Constitution goes about sacking IT because the republcrates pasted unconstitutional laws under the Clinton, Bushee’s and Obama administration. Don’t you get it, they are all NWO guys! If there was a Republican president in office now he would not get away with what is taking place. Why can Obama? Didn’t you hear Panetta yesterday, it’s the UN and NATO that we (USA) get the legal authority to go to war. Wake up and smell the coffee.

      • BigBadJohn

        Agree we do not need either a republican or democrat president- we need someone who believes in the constitution.
        Both parties have been stripping our freedoms. As far as who is worse, Bush for grabbing additional presidential power or Obama for not rescinding it when that is basically what he campaigned on. Two sides of the same coin.


      • Joe H

        I did that Tuesday!!! Ohio!!

      • DaveH
    • Vicki

      BigBadJohn says:

      All of these powers that Obama has were given to George Bush by the republicans!

      Obama inherited them, do you think he would voluntarily give up powers expanded by Bush?

      Why yes we do. He promised. (Snicker)

      This is another issue I was ranting about 10 years ago as Bush grabbed power – HIS PREDECESSOR WOULD INHERIT THE SAME POWERS. Now that he has, everyone thinks it is the end of the world – why were you not screaming about this 10 years ago?

      I think you might have meant successor since Clinton showed no tendency to use the patriot act in his little wars to keep us distracted from his (blow) jobs.

      As to your question about our screaming about this 10 years ago, WE were. Where were you?

      • http://windstream Joe

        Where were you 10 years ago Vicki? Were you old enough to remember how when president Bush enacted Homeland security and the Patriot act the outcry’s were heard all over this country . What is now AT&T and was at that time Bell network was bombarded with people posting hatred that their rights were somehow being violated.Every newspaper and all television and radio stations called for the president to be brought to justice because he was doing this or that to the American people.
        O b a ma has taken the Homeland Security to a new level. One that secures his agenda and that employe’s his worker bees. He has expanded upon the Patriot act. He has also lied about his promises to the American people when he said that “his administration would be open and transparent.” This administration is more corrupt by the day. When President Bush enacted Homeland Security and the Patriot act it was to protect this country and it’s citizens. This person who is called president now is abusing his power.
        Even the paper in Russia ” Pravda” wants to know “why?” Why are American’s allowing this person and his cronies to visibly break laws and corrupt every aspect of freedom in America? Why has there been no impeachment for this so called president and the crook in the Justice Department Holder?
        Now, try to explain this post away when it disappears by saying it is due to a new program. I dare you to actually publish it to the web!

      • Vicki

        Joe writes

        O b a ma has taken the Homeland Security to a new level.

        This is exactly what we screamed at our republican representatives about when the Bush Administration was doing it’s hatchet job on the Constitution.

        It is exactly why we (including you I did notice) are so upset with NDAA 2012. As I pointed out to any liberal willing to listen (you can guess how many that was :) ), just because Obama promised to NOT use that power, what was going to stop some future “evil” republican president from making them just ‘disappear”.

        I remember quoting Ben Franklin’s famous quote a lot.

        • katrael59ganaiden

          I promised myself I wouldn’t get involved in these discussions but, I can’t help it. VIcki, liberals can’t help it, they can’t hear. They can only think the way they do because they have some need to keep things going the way they are. Conservatives aren’t much different in that they can’t hear what the liberals are saying because the know that the liberals are full of st. And they really are. Both sides are convinced they are right and only one side is. The side that says we’ll all end up as slaves if this madness isn’t stopped is the right side and even the liberals know they’ll end up as slaves but they feel like their “Security” is worth it. I know you don’t need me to Root you on but, Keep up the good work.

      • Vicki

        katrael59ganaiden says:

        Conservatives aren’t much different in that they can’t hear what the liberals are saying because the know that the liberals are full of st.

        I can’t speak to other sites but the conservatives here are MUCH more likely to listen to what liberals are saying. We don’t have to spend much time analyzing what they say cause they most often start out with ad hominem attacks. That cuts way down on the propaganda we have to read thru.

        The few cases they don’t are always “proof by bald assertion” with no cites and even when asked for cites to back up their statements we get either silence or ad hominem attacks.

        We listen. We hear. We know the liberal way.

        • katrael59ganaiden

          You are right of course as I see that many liberals on this site only make ad hominem attacks as you say. I believe that a real intelligent person will listen to all sides before making a final judgement. Many people on this site seem to be just that: intelligent. Still, there are those on both sides that hold a line simply because they don’t want anything to challenge their little world.
          As for me, I see the issues facing this country to be just this: That in order to have a safe and decent country to live in it must be ruled by using a stable body of law. Our founding fathers tried their best to give us that stable law but, they also knew that human nature would make it difficult to keep. I’m not a prophet and can’t tell exactly where things are headed here but it doesn’t look good in the short run.
          Thank you for your insights.

          • Troublemaker

            I hate to burst your bubble but the liberals don’t care what you have to say. There are a bunch of hard core communists in power and they are going to ram it down your throats – like they have been – trying to be nice to a liberal is like trying to pet a rattle snake. They only respect force, which they use rather well. You need to expose them for what they are instead of trying to get inside their heads – there’s nothing their but false thinking. The truth does not mean anything to them as they have no moral compass other than there own!

          • katrael59ganaiden

            Troublemaker, You didn’t burst my bubble because I agree with you and all of what you say is true. I don’t care if they care what I think and I’m not shy to tell them that the direction they want to lead us in is 100% the wrong direction and on rare occasions when what they have to say makes sense it still won’t change the fact that they are headed in the wrong direction. What I care about is along the lines of knowing your enemy. I agree with you about their ramming something down our throats as I’ve already been a victim to this tactic. It’s a tough lesson to learn. I’ll be prepared the next time but, hopefully there won’t be another time.
            Also, I don’t feel that people are intelligent who are as self deluded as they are. Intelligent people can see where this liberal progressiveness is harmful to the country. and intelligent people are more concerned about others than they are about gratifying themselves.

          • Chester

            Well, Troublemaker, if that is your opinion of liberals, I hope to God in his heaven above you never in this life meet a person you would consider a true conservative. I already know that you count yourself as the first and only of that breed, just from the comment you threw up there about liberals, none of whom you personally admit to knowing. If you don’t know someone, you can fear or hate them with ease, so you are better off in your own mind not knowing any “liberals”. The problem is, I know people who would class you as one, and toss you under the same bus as they would Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton.

      • DaveH

        The Bell System (American Bell Telephone Company) was broken up in 1984, Joe. A bit before the Patriot Act.

      • vicki

        katrael59ganaiden says:

        Still, there are those on both sides that hold a line simply because they don’t want anything to challenge their little world.

        They are easy to spot. 1 or more ad hominem attacks, usually in the first sentence. Always try for proof by bald assertion and never provide evidence of their “facts”.

        Not surprising really. Much like Obama’s LFBC you can’t provide what does not exist.

        • katrael59ganaiden

          Yes, I see what you’re saying. These people make deadly politicians because they know how to say things without really saying anything, they only know one tactic: Attack. Most people don’t really hear content they only hear the repetition and it’s that repetition that get’s their attention and vote. I guess that you can say that if something’s said often enough and with enough passion that many people will buy into the argument.
          So we hear, “America is under attack and we must protect ourselves at all costs.” Too many people buy into that and support the erosion of our freedoms, after all it’s for our own good. Will we have to say goodbye to the internet as we know it? But, really this isn’t just about the internet is it?

  • castaway

    You have seen nothing yet, whatever is planned for this country is now going to move rapidly. In the next few months, you will see things that are totally unbelievable for the U.S.. The IRS has already been sic’d on the T-party, Intimidating the heck out of them, and Hillary already signed the UN small arms treaty, and god only know what else is going on behind our backs.

    We will never be able to elect a republican president, as the forces that be, have made sure of it, and have all their ducks in a row. In the next two years, You will be able to watch as the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA bleed to death. Without a very well organized gorilla war (revolution), we are finished as a nation.

    The greatest group of people that ever lived, is nearly all gone, and the country they fought so hard for, died for, and worked to build, is nearly dead too. What a shame and a waste. It difficult to understand why the beast is feeding and eating your arm, why you do not scream, wiggle, or even try to fight it off. You all just sit there, let the beast feed , and act like you have been drugged, and feel nothing.

    • former walmart person

      Well go cry us a @#%#%@ river. do me a favor and stay down and shut up and cower out of my way while I continue to fight tyranny.

    • BigBadJohn

      False according to Snopes:

      AND THIS:
      Needless to say, the UN does not want to confiscate Americans’ firearms. What many member states do want to do, however, is make it more difficult for guerrilla movements, insurgents and irresponsible governments from easily obtaining small arms. Nine years ago, member states proposed setting in motion a treaty process that would do just that. The Bush administration, though, opposed the treaty process. This was problematic for the cause, as it were, because the United States is among the world’s largest exporter of small arms. Any treaty without the United States on board would not be very effective.

      The Obama administration does not share the previous administration’s view of the utility of a small arms trade treaty. This fall, Secretary Clinton made clear that the United States would support the arms trade treaty process. However, understanding that any treaty requires senate passage, the United States set one big condition on the treaty negotiation process: that it proceed by consensus. This means that unanimity is required for all votes, which, in turn, gives the United States an effective veto over the entire process. This has not seem to quell the conspiracy spinners, who apparently remain convinced that the UN is plotting to take Americans’ guns away. But the fact of the matter is, this treaty process is all about restricting the international transfer of small arms to irresponsible end users, like terrorist groups, militias that use child soldiers, or governments that use the weapons to commit terrible human rights abuses.

      • andrew1554

        Given Obama’s previous actions I wouldn’t trust him to do the right thing by the constitution EVER.

      • jejonas

        So you still believe everything that Snopes tells you to be the gospel truth?

        Snopes has become so left-wing oriented it isn’t even funny anymore. And if you place any credence in what they tell you, well then – SHAME ON YOU!

      • Jay

        So you still believe everything that Snopes tells you to be the gospel truth?

        No jejones, BBJ believes everything uttered from the lips of his Emperor, and his administration!

      • s c

        Whew, bj! I was beginning to think we wouldn’t have any cheerleader utopians show up and ramble and rant for us mere mortals. I feel better now, knowing that you’re still gulping that vintage, unfiltered septic tank nectar that keeps your head in the clouds (and at least one foot in your mouth). Would you like a straw?

      • restorefreedom

        So what about agenda 21 is that totally cool also?

      • Joe H

        don’t forget that Odumberer has used executive order seven time or more already. would it be suprising to you if he used it to ban certain guns??? f not, then you are asleep at the wheel! ” if congress will not act, then I will” Obama just this past year!!!

      • vicki

        BigBadJohn writes:

        militias that use child soldiers,

        Since you failed to identify the age range of child shall we give a guess? How about this young man

        They used him at age 15-16.

        Or should we use the definition of child used by anti gun groups when they decide to justify their statistics by using the age 0-24. That would make liberals happy cause the US would be in trouble with the UN. Bummer.

        Note that both the above examples are from the USA. One at it’s inception and one current.

        A quick check of the youngest soldier of the revolutionary war gets us 7-10 years old.
        A quick check of the youngest soldier of the civil war gets us 12 years old.

        So did you want to clarify?

      • vicki

        BigBadJohn writes (about the UN Small arms treaty)

        ….or governments that use the weapons to commit terrible human rights abuses.

        So governments that don’t use weapons to commit terrible human rights abuses are ok? Nice people, these UN thugs.

    • Vicki

      BigBadJohn says:

      False according to Snopes:

      let us get a second opinion.

      • Vicki

        Talking about the Small Arms Treaty (similar to text link above but is an interview

        includes ref to what other countries are told are in the treaty.

      • http://windstream Joe

        Sorry when I posted that to you as if I was angry at you I failed to see that you were responding to this Big bad john person. You were right in what you were saying to big bad. My post is to him as well as all those like him/her who are such blind idiots for this administration and are too color blinded to know truth. Keep telling them Vickie. ( I will promise to read each post more closely . Need new glasses!

      • vicki

        @Joe. No worries. I actually thought you were responding to BBJ. Never even noticed.

    • Dan Barlow

      There is a new petition on the Whitehouse web site to impeach Mr Obama and his entire administration. I signed it. I want my country back!

  • former walmart person

    I blame the police and military for our ills. As evil as banksters and politicians are, these people look so weak and pathetic, you could blow on them and they would fall over. Hitler never pulled a lever to a gas chamber. Instead it was some buck private. It is because of police and military that we have evil and death and oppression. Thanks a bunch you effing pigs.

    We have unions for every stupid possible reason except unions against tyranny. Why don’t police gather toghether in “anti-tyranny” unions? You give us tyrannical orders to follow, we hold the city council hostage and all walk out. Sure, you can rehire brain dead in the long term, but what would you do in the short term?

    Contrary to popular belief, red neck is a very heoric and honorable term. The first red necks tried to set up unions in the 1920s to fight mining company oppression. the mining companies even tried to use machine guns and bombs to get the serfs back to the mines. They figured out though, that they could choose between dying in the mines or dying by machine gun fire. One method of death gives you a chance at freedom at least. The people supporting union establishment wore red cloths around their necks, hence “red neck”. I am convinced the elite sought to demonize the term red necks, by mutating it to mean a below average intelligence southern US resident.

    Long live the RED NECKS. FOLKS, we don’t stand up to tyranny, we are all dead anyway. We can die in the mines or die for freedom so to speak.

    • GRusling

      Have you never heard of “OATHKEEPERS”? Look it up when you get the time…

    • Mary

      Thanks for the information. You’re right. Sadly a lot of people are cowards. Tthey don’t even want to talk about the corruption of the government over the phone. I have lost some friends in the last two years even my husband is telling me to stay away from sites as this and others that talk about the tyrants in the government. People are afraid. My new friends will be Red necks.

      • scott

        Mary there are many that are not afraid but silently waiting. Why do you suppose FEMA has ordered 420 million MRE’S, you know the meals the military eat in the field? Why do you suppose the Govt put the clause the civilian clause in the NDAA bill? stick to your beliefs.

      • irishbulldog

        I will be your friend. They can be me at the top of their list. I don’t care. I am grateful to our founding father’s for signing their names on the Declaration, signing their own death warrants, and I would proudly put mine on there too.

    • restorefreedom

      Agreed there heritage is strong!

  • GRusling

    The Internet is nothing more than our telephone network trunk-lines, while the World Wide Web is the billions of content providers connected. Unless the U.S. chooses to cut off TELEPHONE access to Canada, it cannot cut off computer access. What it CAN do is stop access through common URLs, by eliminating translation services for those addresses, but anyone who knows the actual IP Address could still access that content.

    There are ways to beat the government at this game, if enough people really want to do it…

  • castaway

    I even wonder if we will be able to keep the internet up as the election nears. It would not surprise me, if it were stricktly limited in its use, and closely monitored. They will close down anything that stands in their way of success in completing their goal.

    • DG

      The net will go down and certain polls will be closed due to claimed so-called-terrorist activities. Or they will mention sun flairs. Big ones are due. That makes for a great excuse because they can control the media and convience the people…Oh well it can’t be avoided.

      There will be wide spread abuse of those going to elections. The local left will be allowed to demonstrate (harass) those that want to vote in a heavy R district. Police will be stationed at certain polls to intimidate the voter. Health problems will beset those running for office that do not bow to those in power. It happens around the globe. Why do you think all the new terms for terrorist has been minted and illegal laws put on the books well in advance. The fact that DHS has taken down a site is only a test. There will be no media on the issue. In fact the Media owes and bows to the administration because they can pull the license of that station for un-american activities. Since martial -law can be invoked there will be no end to the chaos created by those in power. You see with created chaos you then can control the created fears of those under your power by force.

      Around my town signs went up a few years back that said,’Get Ready’ supposedly for any natural disaster. It is more sinister than that. It is code for the left to be ready to pounce. GW 1984 Ministry of Truth, double speak.

  • FreedomFighter

    There are two reasons the Administration is doing this: Control of Internet content and money.

    Power and money, yup thats what criminals want, and we have a ciminal government.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • katrael59ganaiden

      Yeah, and their ultimate game is to get to where they won’t even need money because who needs it when you’ve got all of the power. They can’t have all of the power though…that is unless we give it to them.

  • http://personallibertydigest gottaplenty

    It will be interesting to see, if we are around.

  • Ted Whalen

    You will find after the election,that obama bought and paid for the persidency,with our money.The elctorials have been paid off.Thats my opinion,I can stillo have one until Obama becomes dictator..

  • David Rice

    We need a Law that takes a Judges biased opinions away and out of the Law. Judges are to omnipotent with their own prejudices when they pass their Judgements onto the People of the United States of America. They very often have pressures from other Judges and Lawmakers or Politicians especially the President of the United States of America who bring their presence’s to bear upon American Judges who don’t form an opinion for the People of The United States of America. They need to be remanded and put in their place just like anyone else who have too much power in Government. We desperately need a Judicial Oversight Committee who can commit to the progression and equality in the Legal Profession.

    • katrael59ganaiden

      David Rice, what you propose sounds good but won’t work. I’ll bet that you can even find enough laws that are already on the books (some three million laws nationwide) that already are aimed in that direction and they can’t work. Who even says a judge even has to follow a law? Their supposed to and often they do but too often they don’t. A corrupt judge won’t do what’s right if he isn’t afraid of the people. Judges buy people by doing little favors for them and some people buy judges. I’ve seen it.

  • Mountain Saint

    There is only one last opportunity to end this creeping Communist tyranny and that is to vote out Obama and his Chicago thugs. Unfortunately, the Republicans are so incompetent and trapped in their Big Government Progressive ideology that they won’t be to save the nation. There will be no United States in a few short years (no mention in End Time eschatology).

  • Chester

    David, once you set up a committee to oversee and approve or disapprove of what every judge does, who is going to approve or disapprove of what that committee does? With your attitude toward judges, for sure it won’t be long before one of your beloved committees does something you don’t like, so you will have to set up a committee to look over everything that first committee does, then, eventually you will have to have another committee to oversee that one. Who watches the watchers?

    • katrael59ganaiden

      Chester, I think that you’re right and what you’re describing reminds me of a dog chasing it’s tail. I don’t think that corrupt judges could sit for long at the bench unless the people allow it. So what does that say about the “people”? I see a country full of sick people being the real cause of the problem. I think the average person has gotten numb to the concept of corrupt officials to where they accept the idea that some corruption is acceptable. They seem to understand the concept of “you have to get what you can while the getting is good” so who could blame the judges and elected criminals for doing that.

  • DaveH

    The one thing that stands between Dictatorship and Freedom is good communications between the citizens. The Government Gang knows that, and they will do everything they can to silence that communication.

    • Vicki

      Which is why they hate and fear the internet. There was a time when freedom of the press was for those who owned the presses. Now we ALL can own a press and print pamphlets by the millions in seconds. This is the power our forefathers sought to protect with the first amendment.

      Wikileaks and Climategate are 2 examples of pamphlets that never would have gotten into the MSM but are household words thanks to the internet.

      Ron Pauls success with the entire MSM and many internet sites dedicated against him show the wisdom of the founders in letting all ideas loose upon the nation. Even controversial ones.

  • D Y Kno

    So, are you saying that we all march on Washington DC, ropes in hand, and hang all those who willfully do harm to Americans?

    • Jeff Barker

      That’s why we have the 2nd amendment.

    • Michael

      That might be slightly illegal. Although it has entered my mind.

      A milder action would be tar and feathers.

      there is a process to remove those who violate their oath to defend the constitution and by now I am certain at least 80% of them qualify.

  • David Platter

    I would hope the law suits will be filled to stop this intrusion by the Obama regime. Actions like this further cause the distrust of government and clearly points out the law of unintended consequences. People need to defend all rights, even the ones they don’t care about or we will loose everything to government.

    • DaveH

      That’s a key point, David. So many people ignore Freedom loss if it doesn’t directly affect them, and especially when they agree with a particular Freedom-taking. We all need to quit that and stand together to protect each other from the over-reach of Big Government, or eventually we will ALL lose.

  • don

    obunhole is flexing his dictittoral powers over the people again. he is leading us to the end. i hope to hell people are not listening to him telling them what they wanna hear in the next election. as he asked about bush in his campaign i’m asking everyone, do we need 4 more years of o bunhole.

  • don

    while this is going on obunhole holder and hillary with bill need to be sent to mexico to be tried for the murders of mexican citizens by theguns that were smuggled during fast and furious. all obunhole knows is taking away citizens rights. ouur founders made it so government were the representitives of the people. now they are called leaders. you dumasses should answer to us.

  • CBathome

    If you truely want to know what’s been going on in the US since 9/11 then read the book titled “The Harbinger” by Jonathan Cahn. It’s about the Ancient mystery that holds the Secret of America’s Future. Then tell everyone you know to read the book too. It’s not too late for America.

  • Karolyn

    Speaking of the internet, here’s a great site I just found – Millions Against Monsanto

  • Brian Gunderson

    doesnt surprise me . our theives in washington dc have been stealing from us the people for a hundred years .ever since woodrow wilson signed the federal reserve act in 1913 . the bureaucrats just get a little bolder each year . i suspect this may well be our final free election and kind of think it has been rigged for a few years now . the ivy league bureaucrats want total dominion over the common people so they will have slaves for all their due bidding . that is another reason they are pushing so hard for population control as well . with the masses totally brainwashed and controlled world wide they can have their utopia their fathers fathers etc. have dreamed of for eons . they are all conspirators or relatives to them throughout the times from the beginnings after the GREAT FLOOD and Noah . there is nothing new under the sun that has not been done before as King Solomon wrote thousands of years ago . just read some history if that has not been rewritten too . goto GODS WORD and get all the history and the wisdom there will open your eyes to the truth and you will be set free because of the WORD . the reason all these devils have failed up untill now is because GOD held them in check until HIS TIME was right , the HOUR is close , look up and watch .

  • Wyatt

    Can you say dictator ? That seems to be his ultimate goal . The liberal left seems to have stepped up their level of outlandishness in governing . No one says boo when this gangster now in the White House pisses all over our Constitution and publicly denounces it calling it obsolete and outdated . This is the document he took an oath to uphold and defend . If he can control the internet , he can control the spread of the truth as people will fear to talk and exchange views on line . He and his cronies can then tell us what ever they want via main stream media . All this to make it easier to destroy America and instill Communism , his true love

    • Troublemaker

      All I can say to that is Amen and “Spirit of1776″

  • Smithkowitz

    What is the truth and how do you Really know when you are being told it? Unless you are there to witness an event, anything you are told might be distorted or biased in one way or another. With regard to people being informed and willing to defend our Freedom. Sadly I see too many in the USA (and world with the spread of modern technology) that are more concerned about frivolous BS, than that which directly effects our lives. I am referring to sports, gambling, shopping, sex, and addictions of one form or another just name a few. There are too many who Do Not want to see reality for what it is; they are scared and only want to escape to their Shangri-La / Utopia. Some will talk about issues, but will not take any initiative to write their representatives, newspapers or get involved with a group that works to secure the very Freedoms they cherish. We need to wake up the masses before it’s too late.

    • katrael59ganaiden

      Smithkowitz. Good point, a sick people equals a sick country. There are more people out there who are more concerned about those things you mentioned. Many of them will turn when the st hits the fn, There are a lot of good people who want good things for this country and they speak up here.

  • ChuckL

    Has anyone ever noticed that the Obama Administration has blatantly ignored the “Bill of Rights”, the Creator granted rights that all of us have simply because we were born, in its quest to obtain total control of everything. It has tried to revise religious doctrine by regulation. It has continued to try to eliminate private ownership of firearms despite the statement by Geo. Washington that, “A free people must be an armed people.” In the Federalist papers the security of the nation was guaranteed because the people would always be better armed than the government could possibly be. (We now know that this is not fact, but that does not change the 2nd amendment which grants to us the right of personal ownership of even an F-22 or a B-2 or a B-52.)

    This dictatorial Obama administration must be removed. It is illegal and like all criminals it ignores all laws that it finds inconvenient. It has no qualms though about using them against us, the law abiding citizens and legal residents.

    Like Hitler and Mussolini did they only go after one group at a time. This has been demonstrated to keep the proletariat from organizing for their own defense. It helps to get them at war with each other.

    Is no one else able to see that this is exactly what the Indonesia educated Muslim terrorist from Kenya is doing? He must be impeached, Tried for treason, and for impersonation of a high government official.

    • Troublemaker

      It’s obvious that a ground swell of clear thinking American patriots can see the totalitarian nature of this Godless regime of communists led by the Muslim-Marxist and his “state-run” media. It is also obvious that the (opposition party?) of “Re-PUNK-licans” are either: 1) bought off, 2) intimidated by them, 3) or worse conspiring with them. So that leaves it up to the citizenry to correct the tyranny that is being imposed upon them, daily. History has revealed what has happened to the citizenry of Godless governments – and it isn’t very pleasant; thet become peasants – the ones that aren’t killed! Sometimes the only option to confronting evil is to take it head on!

      • katrael59ganaiden

        Lets hope that most of the military will join that ground swell when things start to heat up.



  • Jay

    posted at 1:30 pm on February 3, 2009 by Ed Morrissey

    The Times of India claimed that Barack Obama had appointed seventeen lobbyists to high government positions in the first 14 days of his administration. Politico provided a list of twelve of these last week, a handy reference with which we can start building our lists of “exceptions” to the Obama Administration Ethics Policy:

    Here are former lobbyists Obama has tapped for top jobs:

    Eric Holder, attorney general nominee, was registered to lobby until 2004 on behalf of clients including Global Crossing, a bankrupt telecommunications firm [now confirmed].

    Tom Vilsack, secretary of agriculture nominee, was registered to lobby as recently as last year on behalf of the National Education Association.

    William Lynn, deputy defense secretary nominee, was registered to lobby as recently as last year for defense contractor Raytheon, where he was a top executive.

    William Corr, deputy health and human services secretary nominee, was registered to lobby until last year for the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, a non-profit that pushes to limit tobacco use.

    David Hayes, deputy interior secretary nominee, was registered to lobby until 2006 for clients, including the regional utility San Diego Gas & Electric.

    Mark Patterson, chief of staff to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, was registered to lobby as recently as last year for financial giant Goldman Sachs.

    Ron Klain, chief of staff to Vice President Joe Biden, was registered to lobby until 2005 for clients, including the Coalition for Asbestos Resolution, U.S. Airways, Airborne Express and drug-maker ImClone.

    Mona Sutphen, deputy White House chief of staff, was registered to lobby for clients, including Angliss International in 2003.

    Melody Barnes, domestic policy council director, lobbied in 2003 and 2004 for liberal advocacy groups, including the American Civil Liberties Union, the Leadership

    Conference on Civil Rights, the American Constitution Society and the Center for Reproductive Rights.

    Cecilia Munoz, White House director of intergovernmental affairs, was a lobbyist as recently as last year for the National Council of La Raza, a Hispanic advocacy group.

    Patrick Gaspard, White House political affairs director, was a lobbyist for the Service Employees International Union.

    Michael Strautmanis, chief of staff to the president’s assistant for intergovernmental relations, lobbied for the American Association of Justice from 2001 until 2005.

    This doesn’t count Tom Daschle, who never registered as a lobbyist but got paid millions for his political connections in pursuit of preferential treatment for his clients in the health-care industry. The AP notes this in today’s look at the Lobbyist Administration:

    Sloan and others said embarrassments over Daschle, one of several top Obama appointees with a history of influencing government for clients, should not detract from the president’s first-day vow to sharply limit the role of lobbyists in his administration.

    Daschle, a former senator tapped to head Health and Human Services, is not technically a lobbyist. But he was paid more than $5.2 million over the past two years as he advised health insurers and hospitals and worked in other industries such as energy and telecommunications.

    Fred Wertheimer of Democracy21 is one of Washington’s best-known advocates of more open and honest government. He called Obama’s executive order “unprecedented and almost revolutionary in nature” and “a direct attack on the culture of Washington and the way business is done here.”

    “A few waivers will not undermine it,” he said, provided they are justified and limited.

    Limited? It’s been less than two weeks since Obama took office, and he’s appointed a lobbyist a day to a government position. What kind of governing philosophy is that, if not a big “For Sale” sign on the White House, at least according to Obama’s own anti-lobbyist rhetoric on the campaign trail? A lobbyist a day helps keeps accountability away.

  • Jay
  • Yeah right, that could never happen here.

    Haven’t read all the comments, apologies if I repeat anything.

    Enemy Exapriation Act
    HR 347

    And now, Sec. of Defense Leon Panetta tells the Senate at a hearing that he doesn’t need Congressional permission to act, militarily. That the ultimate permission for that comes from the U.N. and NATO. That they may let Congress know what their decision is. He made this statement yesterday, March 8, 2012.

    Guys, this is what they call a coup d’etat. it’s for real, and not a joke. Don’t know where you all get your news, but shut off that dead television. Get on the internet, and look these things up. Alex Jones, Breitbart, and talk radio are all over this latest.

  • william l collins

    If Obama is voted back in office or Romney,Santorum or Newit are voted in any of these four will continueing of take our rights and freedoms away So thats why I’ll only vote for RON PAUL and try my beast to vote out anybody thats dose not uphold the consitition of the united states of amarecia

  • Donald Raymond Baker

    If any one would bother to look, I believe they would find what EXECUTIVE ORDERS are
    supposed to be used for, the operation of the Government. Obama is not the only ABUSER of their use. You all might consider the power of these EXECUTIVE ORDERS and how they become LAW without Congress Voting on the LAWS being made. Go ahead and look into what EXECUTIVE ORDERS are and how their power goes on even after the President that issued them is no longer in Office. The President’s entire purpose, under the Constitution, is to manage the Government. Not to make Law, that is Congress.
    What Congress needs to do, as soon as possible, is limit the Power of Executive Orders to
    strictly the Operation of the Government. The next action they should take is remove the Department of Homeland Security from the Executive Branch and put it under the Justice Department. Better yet, Abolish it. I am going to use my full name here and not a Screen name. For the time I spent in ‘Nam, I have been labeled a TERRORIST by the present Administration so, I have nothing to lose my speaking my mind and letting letting any interested, in that Administration know who said it.
    Donald Raymond Baker

    • Troublemaker

      Hey DRB, your on it! we are living under the new Hitler. They have overstepped their grab for power and “jackbooted” all over the US constitution and as far as I am concerned, they need to be put in place – soon! Freedom doesn’t come free and AMERIKA will have to make a hard decision as to how much more of this TYRANNY they are going to put up with before they take it in their own hands to do what will be required to suppress this new Hitler and his communist sychophants and their “state-run” media. The time has arrived where it will be neccessary to “PUT UP OR SHUT UP!

    • DaveH

      Once you realize that Big Government isn’t there for the people, rather they are there for themselves and just use the people’s fears to grow their power, then the rest becomes understandable. That in a nutshell explains why succeeding Presidents don’t nullify past Executive Orders — They like that added Power.

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