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America Is Done

August 30, 2012 by  

America Is Done
Texas delegates cheer during the nomination process at the 2012 Republican National Convention.

A historical moment is upon us.

As the Republican National Convention trudges on in Tampa, Fla., many Americans are unwittingly witnessing what the death of government by the people looks like. News reports of contention among two factions of the party — the old guard, follow-the-leader types and the raucous, new-to-politics Ron Paul types — from the Republican Presidential primary season notwithstanding, the inevitable took place on Tuesday as the Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan GOP was validated.

Watching the C-SPAN live footage of the delegates taking to their microphones State by State to cheerfully assign their delegates to the Romney/Ryan ticket was painful. It was painful not because I believe there is any doubt that Romney amassed the largest number of delegates, but because it was the most sincere representation of what has become the American electoral system that I have witnessed throughout this entire campaign season.

We are Republicans; we are one.

Republicans, at the behest of their corporate-crony leadership, have adorned themselves with a veneer of self-reliance and objectivist philosophy that is proudly touted as the collective party ideal (sound mutually exclusive at all?). But the facade is a self-desecrating one, made up of mere talking points that serve only to occupy useful idiots. Real ideas, real suggestions and real optimism about a renaissance in the way American government works are not welcome from the Republican useful idiots. The function of the masses on the convention floor is to march, lockstep, to their own demise.

That is why they have been told to be excited about a new “conservative” leader who just happened to have been the inspiration for Obamacare.

That is why the Vice Presidential candidate licked the shoes of the same corporate masters as liberals and neocons when he voted for auto industry bailouts and damning inflationary spending.

That is why they are to be excited about a Presidential candidate with many of the same financial friends as the current Usurper in Chief.

That is why, despite Romney’s past Constitutional missteps, they are to believe his Administration would have a restorative effect on American freedom and liberty.

And for those who repudiate any of the things the party wants them to believe: They are shills, part of an evil liberal conspiracy to re-elect President Barack Obama. 2+2=5. If you don’t like it, you are against us, this collective, this Republican Party; and we don’t want you here.

The message was made astoundingly clear by the treatment of Paul and his delegates. The candidate was reportedly offered a speech, but only if Romney’s people approved the message and were given an endorsement. Paul turned down the opportunity. Fighting illegal rule changes proved futile, as months of fighting was undone in seconds with a close voice vote, the result of which determined by John Boehner. That’s fair, right?

Media are calling Paul’s revolution over. Many of Paul’s people are looking to Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, and a handful of them are likely hanging their heads and giving up. The Republican Party is chastising them for not supporting Romney. “A third party vote, a Paul write-in, is a vote for Obama.”

But perhaps a more poignant criticism should be foisted on those who believe Romney will save the Nation, or even help it: A vote for Romney is a vote for ignorance; it is a vote against liberty. A vote for Romney is bowing to a political machine that values your opinion as much as it values America’s founding principles. A vote for Romney is to spit on the graves of men who bravely died in the name of freedom. A vote for Romney is a vote for Obama, they are one in the same: representatives of the Grim Reaper sent to do in our Constitutional republic once and for all.

It may be too late to save the Nation, but isn’t it worth a try?

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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    Gary Johnson CAN NOT WIN!




    • Newell Ward

      Christopher Allen Horton, you are an idiot!

      • Robert Smith

        From the article: “Fighting illegal rule changes proved futile, as months of fighting was undone in seconds with a close voice vote, the result of which determined by John Boehner. That’s fair, right?”

        Do you mean legal changes brought about by states like medical pot? Oops the Feds trump that one from the right.

        Changes like assisted suicide in Oregon, voted on? Oops, again the right wing feds wanted to crush that one.

        It doesn’t matter what folks decide for themselves, the right is going to crush it. (Unless it’s something like what they want.)


      • momo

        Robert Smith says: Do you mean legal changes brought about by states like medical pot? Oops the Feds trump that one from the right.

        Obama has cracked down on medical pot much more than Bush ever did.

      • Randy131

        The real problem here is that the Ron Paul supporters would not abide by the rules and vote for the candidate that won their state’s primary. So to stop this cheating on the rules, more harsher and unfair rules were implemented, and those who didn’t want to abide by the original rules are now subject to rules that can dismiss them, and eject them from the convention, if they fail to vote for the winner of their state’s primary on the very first ballot only, to which after that if nobody won the total needed to win the nomination, they were then free to vote for whomever they wish. Ron Paul supporters attempt to give their man delegate support he didn’t earn from the people that voted in their state, and now to stop this from happening, more stringent rules have been voted for and put in place to stop this, for which as the Ron Paul supporters were trying to cheat the system, so these new rules give the party’s authorities the same method and power to cheat the system. This is what happens when someone illegally tries to game the system, and now we all pay the price by these new rules that can be gamed even more, with a worse outcome. You get what you deserve, if they had abided by the rules in the first place, no change would have been made.

      • Mikey

        Randy131, what the hell did you just say? That was possibly the most confusing explanation I’ve ever read. Any delegates Ron Paul got were legally acquired.

      • Sol of Texas

        Randy131 –

        Prior to this convention, the state parties were the deciders of who the delegates would be and how they would be apportioned between candidates.

        The RNC has seized the right to appoint delegates even against a state conventions wishes.

        That is what makes talk of individual liberty and states rights so hypocritical at this convention.

        It bodes poorly for the shape of things to come.

      • Average Joe

        Robert Smith and Randy131

        I see we have Mr. and Miss- Direction here again.

        Some of those illegal rule changes are as follows:

        Please take time to remove heads from posterior before you suffocate….ignorance must be bliss..
        Best Wishes on a full recovery,

      • John

        Regarding what Randy 131 said— I went to the MASS delegate selecting caucus and it is true. The delegates are bound to vote for the winner of the state’s popular vote on the first ballot. Not voting for the legally elected candidate is also breaking the rules, I am sorry to say. MA tried to deal with it by not letting them go to begin with, a bigger crime.

      • Average Joe

        While it is nice that you have an opinion, I noticed that you failed to provide and verifiable proof to back up that opinion.
        I hate to burst your bubble, but I feel that honesty is always the best policy. So, in rebuttal to your comment, I present my evidence to the contray, since no delegates are bound under RNC Rule 38:

        Best wishes,

    • John Haynes


    • Ken


      • Terry Edgar
      • Rhonda Reichel

        Gordon Gecko has nothing on Mitt Romney

        Small wonder the RNC was panicking to hurry and nominate him….with this kind of dirt how can he ever win a general election?

        Rolling Stone Magazine just uncovered a huge turd in Romney’s Bain success fantasy punch bowl…..Bain was actually bailed out with FDIC for $10,000,000….so much for successful businessman fantasy

        Here’s an excerpt but read more….no wonder the elite bankers want this sleaze elected.
        What’s more, the bonus loophole gave Romney a perverse form of leverage: If the banks and the FDIC didn’t give in to his demands and forgive much of Bain’s debts, Romney would raid the firm’s coffers, pushing it into the very bankruptcy that the loan agreement had been intended to avert. The losers in this game would not only be Bain’s creditors – including the federal government – but the firm’s nearly 1,000 employees worldwide.

        Read more:

      • eddie47d

        Rhonda: Few notice or respond this time of day so kindly repost in a.m.. Not that it would make much difference since the Romney diehards will just call it false.

    • http:/ striker101

      So expediency trumps principle, while taking your RINO Party to extinction. It is exactly that which will turn the tide to Libertarian Gary Johnson. When you leave, take your race card with you

    • George Moberly

      You sir are a jackass

    • Stuart Shepherd

      Christopher Horton- I’m actually starting to understand you and respect your viewpoint (which is a little scary because when I first started reading your posts I thought you were a complete racist- I still wonder, since the use of the word “negroes” is still “over the top” but at least you’re coupling it with “caucasians”). The problem is the “caucasian” groups with SPECIAL RIGHTS engendered by the Kenyan and his party- caucasian womens’ hard-fought right to kill their unborn children, special “non-discrimination” work-place rights and affirmative action, and now lesbian marriage and adoption. There is no “reasoning” with these women- they are too privileged, arrogant, and evil.

      • Jimmy the Greek

        Negro is not a bad word here in Houston Texas on Lockwood about one block off I-10 there is a sign put up by the city of Houston that reads ” Historic Negro Cemetery ” Lockwood runs right down the middle of the cemetery , It is right in the middle of a black neighborhood , If the word was offencive i think it would have been taken down by the city’s lesbian mayor.

      • carrobin

        Well, I’m one of those caucasian women who wants the government to give me a choice about my own body and my own financial status, and my boss is a caucasian woman married to another caucasian woman (I guess some think we should go back to “Biblical marriage,” like when the Old Testament–and the Mormons–allowed a man to have as many wives as he could handle). As far as I can tell, non-caucasian women are given the same rights by the government that I have. I’m not happy with everything Obama has done (or not done), but he’s still the guy who gets my vote, not those religious fanatics who have their own version of Sharia law.

      • Chester

        Stuart, are you trying to talk about someone OTHER than yourself? If so, please find something besides arrogant and selfcentered to use, as all that language does is describe the speaker, at least in this case. I suppose YOU are willing to carry a child you did NOT wish to conceive, but were denied birth control of all types, then told it was YOUR fault you got pregnant, so now just be a good little girl, shut your mouth, and have that baby. That is exactly what you are telling these women, then you wonder WHY they get so upset with you and your kind.

      • Deerinwater

        “Christopher Horton- I’m actually starting to understand you and respect your viewpoint (which is a little scary because when I first started reading your posts I thought you were a complete racist- I still wonder, ”

        So you got the part where Horton thinks Osoma Bin Laden was a nice guy just “misunderstood” ???

        I don’t know what Horton is doing, he could be a housewife in Bangladesh or a one legged snake charmer in Calcutta for all I know.


        “Stuart Shepherd,”


        “Mr. Shepherd,” ONE OR TWO THING[S] IS [ARE] TRUE:

        I). Caucasian conservatives have liberal siblings – both of whom were raised by the same parents; or, Caucasian conservatives have liberal cousins – both of whom descended from the same grandparents. AND/OR,
        II). Caucasian conservatives go to the same church as Caucasian liberals.


        • Deerinwater


          Is that what you call it? “candidly”

          I would say, the Anglo’s race displays communication skills that are superseded by none on a Global level and have been for centuries.

          And I believe most of today’s people of the world roots came be traced back to north Africa.

          But regardless of where Obama roots may or may not not be found, he is the President of the United States today and has served us well.

          If you don’t agree, no matter your reason(s), feel free to elect a new President. That is what this is all about.

          It’s not complicated.

          A few news cycled back, there was a republican Sheriff that wanted to raise county taxes ,blaming Obama for the need of this tax increase. It seems the good Sheriff was taking his civil duties to new level as he “feared” rioting and civil disobedience of unprecedented scale “IF” Obama was reelected.

          This “conservative sheriff wished for more money and more spending and higher local taxes predicated on “FEAR”. or greed, however you wish to view it.

          As so it goes for the last 3 1/2 years, people opposing the current PRESIDENT attempting to defer the responsibility of their own thoughts, own acting, their own decision and lay them at the door step of another person.

          It’s a Conservative thAng. While I would suggest to you , the current GOP is far too Conservative with their Conservatism and should shouldering the bulk of the blame of this Nation current economic woos.

          The notion that any nation can fight two protracted High Tech wars for 12 years on the opposite side of the globe without funding them and cut it Citizens taxes at the same time and there not be major economic problems ahead is not being very realistic about money matters.

          If that is a Conservatives idea of being conservative, count me out. I can’t offer support to that kind of thinking.





    • Larry Lewis

      CHRISTOPHER ALLEN HORTON – You are a hate filled racist piece of garbage. You are the dark shame of the human race. although you have the right to express your opinion based on the first amendment of this great country, I too have that right. I wish to express my right to say that I am ashamed of you and what you represent. I have fought for this country since 1983 and am proud to say that my people are not just white, Latino, Black, Asian, or any race. My people are all of this. My people are Americans.
      You and people like you should find a place where you can live and be who you are… but…. I doubt there is a place for you. At least not since 1933 in Germany…. Perhaps you and you merry band of skinheads can build a time machine out of a 1969 Orange Dodge Charger… You can power the reactor with Hamm’s Beer and go visit your daddy….

      • Jimmy the Greek

        I call shotgun in the orange charger for the ride back to the good old days !


        “Larry Lewis,” THANK YOU, SIR. I STAND BY MY VALUES.


      I don’t know if anybody noticed, including Clay Akin, but the two African Americans that spoke at the Republican convention, are natives of that alleged bastion of racism: Birmingham, AL.

      • Mikey

        Shhhhh! Don’t tell the leftist media, it will fold their race card.

    • david

      Hang it up Horton. You can’t deal with the reality your president is a failure. .

    • david

      Horton…………….go away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Gary

      Christopher Allen Horton: Caucasians have ransacked and plundered this world since the inception. You have no entity to blame but self for the condition that the world is in. Ignorant GW’s have attempted to make the world march in lockstep to the idiocy of pure capitalism only to find that you can’t control the world with paper or politics. And you can’t fight wars on all world fronts to get all of the second and third world countries to toe your line. If I’m not mistaken, European Caucasians are the MINORITY in the world. But you seek MAJORITY rule through strong arm tactics. Too bad the ^%&* doesn’t work anymore. This is now a global game on a global stage. And there are players who now have the upper hand on you GW’s. China owns as much of our country as we do. And to think that you have disenfranchised the people you brought here to build the nation. You idiots demonstrate almost all of the characteristics of the entity in the BOOK that has made this planet and this life a living HELL. Go figure. But in places of worship you portray the MASTER as a pale-faced, blued person. Not how He is described in the BOOK. So you lnly have yourselves to thank for the position that (unfortunately) we all find ourselves in. Thanks alot…

    • TerriG

      WIth your calling our US born President a lenyan, it is no surprise that you don’t understand. By doing that, you ig no re all valid, and documented, proof that our President was norn in Hawaii in favor of internet ru,ors and gossip made by people who do not know what they are talking about.

      • JoshB

        Terri-check your facts, several independent groups have found his birth certificate a FRAUD. The coding on it wasn’t use till years later. You would think the preseident would at least have a good fraud made

      • SJJolly

        Josh B: Give BH Obama a break! He was what, 3-4 years old, when he directed the falsification of his birth certificate, so that he could run for POTUS 40-odd years latter? Oh, pardon, “far-leftists” directed the falsification.

    • Rhonda Reichel

      Johnson could win handily if people would stop putting their PARTY before their COUNTRY

      • gettinready

        Stop the madness! if you vote for the libertarian party at least you are voting for small government, personal freedom and free market principles. I am NOT wasting my vote on another polititian!! I’m not putting the future of this country in polititian’s hands again. If we all did this things will actually change for the better …

    • Rhonda Reichel

      oath keepers just released proof it was a rigged vote on the new rules

      Video shot by Duane Taylor At Large Delegate from Oregon

      As shown in the video, the results of the votes on the credentials, rules, and nomination of candidates are all determined in advance, and displayed on the teleprompter for the Chair of the convention to read from. Let me make this simple for you: every word, every sentence, and the results of every vote are predetermined, and are displayed on the screen for the chair to be read. “The ayes have it” is displayed on the screen before the voting is even finished, and before the Chair could make any kind of independent evaluation of the voice vote. The screen says it before he speaks. The Chair, John Boehner, is just a perfectly coiffed bobble-head. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!

      For those of you who still will not see, I have this to say:

      Are you a slave, or are you an American? Rebellion and defiance runs through the veins of every American. Submission and fear run through the veins of a slave. Choose wisely.

    • realsustainability

      Well, Christopher Allen Horton, THIS caucasian does NOT want to give that Kenyan another second to ruin this country. Nor does he want to give the reins of power to a silver spooned elitist like Mitt. These two are feathers off of the same bird. I won’t vote for either.Too bad Ron Paul got railroaded.The author od ths column is right. “Ameriva is Done…”

  • Doc Sarvis

    I didn’t see last nights events but I saw the early speeches from Tuesday night and was astonished how little mention there was of Mitt Romney, even by Santorum. It was as if they could hardly bring themselves to acknowledge Romney as the head of the Republican ticket.
    This is the product we will see more and more of since the conservative Supreme Court ruled in favor of big money – that’s BIG money, in the Citizens United case. Big money has always been a part of elections but when corporations are equated to individual people the money floodgates are opened and it is the corporate interests that determine who leads our government and those leaders are beholden to the corporations. Without the conservative’s ruling on Citizen’s United the playing field is MUCH more level.

    • Vigilant

      “Without the conservative’s ruling on Citizen’s United the playing field is MUCH more level.”

      Oh, such a hue and cry over Citizen’s United! Methinks you doth protest too much, Sarvis, and for good reason. Your black-is-white, up-is-down propaganda fails miserably when exposed to the harsh light of reality.

      Eddie and you always studiously ignore my oft-posted link to Now why is that?

      Quite simply, because it belies your contentions BIG TIME. The heavy hitters, when it comes to political campaign donations, have always been the labor and teacher’s unions, and the number one donor has been ActBlue, the mega bundler that calls itself “the online clearinghouse for Democratic action.”

      And quite contrary to your misrepresentation of the truth, it was the SCOTUS’ ruling on Citizen’s United that finally leveled the playing field.

      Joe Goebbels from the grave says, “nice try, Sarvis, but no cigar.”

      • Doc Sarvis

        The first presidential election that the Citizen’s United case affects is the election of 2012. Your link to historical data sheds NO light on its affect on this election and all subsequent elections (until it is overturned). Romney’s top four organization’s all top President Obama’s single highest contributor. Level? NOT! Here is the link for th information:
        You should respect the source since you used the same site.

      • Robert Smith

        Vigelant says: “The heavy hitters, when it comes to political campaign donations, have always been the labor and teacher’s unions, ”

        They aren’t bought and paid for by the Chinese government like corporations are.

        Why are you advocating selling out America? Isn’t that treason?


      • eddie47d

        How thoughtful of you to menton my name Vigilant. I seldom ignore anybody here so don’t feel left out if I missed a couple of your comments. Unions can come together collectively and bring issues to the table and Corporations can come together and bring their issues to the table (Such as ALEC). I don’t like the Supreme Court giving Corporations special privileges which it did do. I want all Corporate donors to be listed so we know what they are up to and the same for Unions. Individual donors up to a certain amount should not be “exposed”.Large donors who heavily enfluence elections have a higher obligation in what and why they donate. A Corporation or even an individual who lets say give $30 million like Adelson or Soros needs accountability. What will they gain from such large sums of money. Citizens United gave them too much power over the majority and whittled down our enfluence thus our vote.

      • Vigilant

        Simple Sarvis says, “The first presidential election that the Citizen’s United case affects is the election of 2012.”

        Yes, indeed! And as a result, I would like nothing better than to see the “heavy hitters” numbers equalize to a more equitable distribution of political support.

        “Your link to historical data sheds NO light on its affect [sic] on this election and all subsequent elections (until it is overturned).”

        True. We’ll have to wait and see if Republicans are given a more fair shake in the process. Let us return to this question after the election, shall we?

        “Romney’s top four organization’s all top President Obama’s single highest contributor. Level? NOT!”

        Ah, the socialist perspective. And what is “level?” Should all campaign coffers be emptied and “redistributed?” Perhaps we should make sure that the Communist Party gets an equal share? What a maroon!

      • Vigilant

        Red Robbie comments, Vigelant [sic] says: “The heavy hitters, when it comes to political campaign donations, have always been the labor and teacher’s unions, ”

        “They aren’t bought and paid for by the Chinese government like corporations are.”

        No, they’re bought and paid for by the US government and state governments, a much more dangerous situation.

        Moreover, put some detailed facts to your stereotypical claim that the Chinese government affects US politics though corporations. If you can’t, then your argument is nonsense.

        “Why are you advocating selling out America? Isn’t that treason?”

        Obama and Co. are in the process of selling out America as we speak. That is indeed, in my mind, treason.

      • Jack


        You are comparing spending over 23 plus years by select groups that totally ignores what
        has happened since Citizens United.

        In 2010 the Chamber of Commerce spent more in one year than Act Blue spent in 23. The
        Kock brothers have stated they are going to spend up to $400 million this year to elect
        Republicans. Groups such as Rove’s are saying that they are going to spent up to a billion
        dollars this year to elect Romney. Almost all of the money those groups have or will get
        come from 26 billionaires.

        Wake up to what is happening. This country is being bought by a handful of extremely rich
        people. They are not putting all this money up for nothing. They are doing it to get people
        elected who will do their bidding and enact laws that will only benefit themselves.

        Almost every penny of this money is beeing spent to elect Republicans which should tell you that you should be concerned about what those Republicans will do to you and this
        Country if they are elected.

      • JeffH


      • JeffH

        Vig, Hear hear. They all cry like a baby when the shoes on the other foot…imagine that?

        Barack Obama (D)
        Top Contributors
        This table lists the top donors to this candidate in the 2008 election cycle. The organizations themselves did not donate , rather the money came from the organizations’ PACs, their individual members or employees or owners, and those individuals’ immediate families. Organization totals include subsidiaries and affiliates.

        University of California $1,648,685
        Goldman Sachs $1,013,091
        Harvard University $878,164
        Microsoft Corp $852,167
        Google Inc $814,540
        JPMorgan Chase & Co $808,799
        Citigroup Inc $736,771
        Time Warner $624,618
        Sidley Austin LLP $600,298
        Stanford University $595,716
        National Amusements Inc $563,798
        WilmerHale LLP $550,668
        Columbia University $547,852
        Skadden, Arps et al $543,539
        UBS AG $532,674
        IBM Corp $532,372
        General Electric $529,855
        US Government $513,308
        Morgan Stanley $512,232
        Latham & Watkins $503,295

      • JeffH

        …more bundler info for the cry babies…

        Barack Obama (D)
        Bundlers – 2008
        Bundlers are people with friends in high places who, after bumping against personal contribution limits, turn to those friends, associates, and, well, anyone who’s willing to give, and deliver the checks to the candidate in one big “bundle.”

        558 elites had gathered at least $76,250,000 for Obama 2008

        Top Industries of Obama Bundlers

        Sector Min. – Raised – # of Bundlers
        Lawyers/Law Firms $21,700,000 157
        Securities & Investment $13,100,000 84
        TV/Movies/Music $4,600,000 31
        Business Services $4,100,000 29
        Real Estate $3,500,000 30

    • Robert Smith

      Doc says: “Big money has always been a part of elections but when corporations are equated to individual people the money floodgates are opened and it is the corporate interests that determine who leads our government and those leaders are beholden to the corporations. Without the conservative’s ruling on Citizen’s United the playing field is MUCH more level.”

      If I were a nation like China I wouldn’t build arms. I’d buy American corporations and pick the leaders. Simple, no bloodshed, and those from the right wing in America will actually be a 5th column helping.

      How unAmerican to allow corporations to buy elections. Why not let the PEOPLE vote on that one? But oops, the extreme right LOVES it when they can legislate from the bench.


      • JUKEBOX

        Do you not realize that the Chinese and Japanese have been buying American companies and corporate farms for several years?

      • Chester

        JUkeBox, might want to check a little closer on that, especially on the Japanese. Seems they had quit buying some time back, when THEIR banks got caught in a bind. Will agree China may be buying some, but why buy when you can get them to buy solely from you, and you don’t have the expense of running the operation?

      • realsustainability

        Robert, Robert, Robert, the extreme right likes it when government is not in our faces on a daily basis, has shrunk to a manageable size, follows the Constitution, does not tax us to death and lets every vote count as one.i consider myself a conservative and dispise big corporations, big unions or big anything disproportionately influencing elections. This country is of the PEOPLE, by the PEOPLE and for the PEOPLE. Not of Big Moiney, for Big Money and by Big Money.

    • Janet Lewis

      Most people believe the 1st Amendment guarantees our freedoms of speech, press and assembly. But that is not the case. The 1st Amendment only denies Congress the authority to write laws that would abridge those rights. It is the State Constitutions that guarantee our rights. That is why the State Representatives to the Constitutional Convention demanded the inclusion of a 1st Amendment.

      There have been many false claims about the Citizens United v FEC decision.

      Freedom of speech and freedom of the press are supposed to be the inalienable rights of natural persons, “we the people”!

      Every article that I have read on this topic discusses free speech and avoids any discussion of free press!

      Exercising free press rights has always involved the cost of paper, ink and distribution.

      In the 184 year period prior to Watergate and the creation of the Federal Election Commission, ”we the people” had the freedom to raise and spend money to exercise our press rights, that only State approved newspaper and broadcast corporations enjoy today.


      The Citizens United v FEC decision was not the first Supreme Court decision that recognized corporations have speech and press rights as legal persons.

      The Federal Election Commission did not exist until 1975. But campaign finance reforms following Watergate included a press exemption:

      2 USC 431 (9) (B) (i) exempts newspaper, broadcast and magazine corporations from the definition of contribution and expenditure. The Buckley v. Valeo decision, which upheld these reforms, effectively redefined free press as the right of media corporations!


      Now, when a newspaper corporation expressly advocates the election or defeat of a candidate for public office or describes a candidate in a favorable or unfavorable news story, it is not considered a contribution or expenditure.

      Giant newspaper corporations are allowed to raise and spend an unlimited amount of stockholder money influencing the political process in the U.S. because their political communications are said to have no value.

      But if a group of Citizens pool and spend money to advocate the election or defeat of the same candidate using the exact same words that a newspaper uses, their communication is either a contribution or expenditure. And, under the Buckley v. Valeo decision, that could create the appearance of corruption and justifies regulations that restrict ordinary citizen’s freedom to pool money to pay the cost of paper, ink and distribution of political advocacy!

      Since Watergate regulations based on the definitions of expenditure and contribution have restricted the speech and press rights of every U.S. Citizen political party and organization.

      Campaign finance reforms have given Media Corporation’s speech and press rights superior to “we the people”! But corporations cannot interview candidates, write editorial endorsements or speak their political opinions on radio or television. Their employees do that. Campaign finance laws have given editors, talking heads and reporters speech and press rights superior to every other citizen.

      Even foreign owned newspapers and cable networks are exempt from U.S. election laws!

      I do not believe congress intended to give foreign citizens and foreign corporations more freedom to influence our elections than their constituents and the Democrat or Republican parties.


      My solution:

      Amend the language used in 2 USC 431 (9) (B) (i) with the definitions included below!

      The term expenditure does not include any news story, commentary, or editorial distributed by any candidate, political party, citizen or citizens group, corporation, broadcasting station, newspaper, magazine, or other periodical publication.

      The term contribution does not include any news story, commentary, or editorial distributed by any candidate, political party, citizen or citizens group or corporation, broadcasting station, newspaper, magazine, or other periodical publication.

      Press means any Citizen or group of Citizens of the United States that engages in any form of public communication.

      Media means any Citizen or group of Citizens of the United States that engages in any form of public communication.

      Newspaper means any form of printed material that includes any advertisement or other information for the purpose of public distribution, including information printed on paper, billboards, signs, fliers, web pages, and other electronic print material.

      Instructions for the federal and supreme court :

      Newspaper and broadcast businesses operating in the United States are free to fund the cost of their political communication from pools of stockholders money that is not regulated by federal campaign finance laws. The purpose of this legislation is to clarify that the speech and press rights of the flesh and blood Citizens of the United States are no less than the speech and press rights of legal persons taking the form of newspaper and broadcast businesses operating in the United States.

      Corporations are just another way for people to assemble to demand a redress of grievances from government. The 1st Amendment does not limit how people assemble!

      Lovell v. City of Griffin SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES 303 U.S. 444 Argued February 4, 1938 Decided March 28, 1938

      The liberty of the press is not confined to newspapers and periodicals. It necessarily embraces pamphlets and leaflets. These indeed have been historic weapons in the defense of liberty, as the pamphlets of Thomas Paine and others in our own history abundantly attest. The press in its historic connotation comprehends every sort of publication which affords a vehicle of information and opinion. What we have had recent occasion to say with respect to the vital importance of protecting this essential liberty from every sort of infringement need not be repeated. Near v. Minnesota, supra; Grosjean v. American Press Co., supra; De Jonge v. Oregon, supra.[note 2]

      Whatever differences may exist about interpretations of the First Amendment, there is practically universal agreement that a major purpose of that Amendment was to protect the free discussion of governmental affairs. This of course includes discussions of candidates, structures and forms of government, the manner in which government is operated or should be operated, and all such [384 U.S. 214, 219] matters relating to political processes. The Constitution specifically selected the press, which includes not only newspapers, books, and magazines, but also humble leaflets and circulars, see Lovell v. Griffin, 303 U.S. 444 , to play an important role in the discussion of public affairs.


      UNITED STATES v. ASSOCIATED PRESS et al. Nos. 57, 58 and 59. Argued Dec. 5, 6, 1944. Decided June 18, 1945

      It would be strange indeed however if the grave concern for freedom of the press which prompted adoption of the First Amendment should be read as a command that the government was without power to protect that freedom. That Amendment rests on the assumption that the widest possible dissemination of information from diverse and antagonistic sources is essential to the welfare of the public, that a free press is a condition of a free society. Surely a command that the government itself shall not impede the free flow of ideas does not afford non-governmental combinations a refuge if they impose restraints upon that constitutionally guaranteed freedom. Freedom to publish means freedom for all and not for some. Freedom to publish is guaranteed by the Constitution, but freedom to combine to keep others from publishing is not. Freedom of the press from governmental interference under the First Amendment does not sanction repression of that freedom by private interests.

      • Paul B.

        Great explanation. thanks Janet. I never lloked at it that way. Citizen’ United actually protects us from the press and their bias towards ANY administration’s advancement.

        As today, with the major media outlets spewing pro-Obama coverage, it is up to us, and our corporate groups to counter that. As such, protects us from the dangers of a State-run media.

        In that light, I can better understand it’s importance to our freedoms to disseminate valuable in formation that would have no chance of being heard without the available funding through “groups” with sufficient capital to deliver those messages.

      • Mikey

        Thanks Janet! This explains a lot, I have a better understanding of the political slant contained in the press.

      • realsustainability

        Well, Janet! I truely enjoyed your tretise but at the end of the day what do we have? A very liberal media (newspapers, radio, TV, magazines, etc., spewing liberal bias. I think if Thomas Payne were alive today, doing exactly the same things he did in the early 1770′s, he would be arrested and jailed. The Dept. of Homeland Security and Frau Nepolitano would lead the charge. Our system is collapsing on itself and we’re talking about ammending this & passing or repealing that. In my opinion a larger jolt is necessary because our leaders are to out of touch and there are just too many opf them. Why “trade one tyrant 3000 miles away for 3000 tyrants 1 mile away?’ We’ve done exactly that and now it needs to be undone, somehow.

    • Ron

      I can see who you are!!

    • momo

      News flash Doc, BIG MONEY has been ruling this country since Hamilton picked up the revolutionary war debt from the states!

      • Doc Sarvis

        Not news to me. If you had read my post you would have seen that I acknowledged that fact. What is different is that the unlimited and undisclosed corporate money influence has begun.

  • Vigilant

    I’m afraid Mr. Rolley, in his bitter “Boehner” moment of weeping and gnashing of teeth, should step back and look at the big picture.

    Admittedly, the cavalier treatment of Ron Paul supporters at the RNC was out of line, and it may result in a painful object lesson for the GOP that so often appeared in the Greek plays of antiquity: that hubris inevitably results in tragedy. In what promises to be a close election, the GOP may have cause to regret that they froze out a contingent of voters that could well have made a difference in results.

    However, Mr. Rolley should understand that the impetus of the movement, not the man, is the important thing. No single president, without the support of the Congress, can do much of anything Constitutionally beyond retreating to veto mode.

    The key is in two things: augmenting the numbers in Congress with like-minded Representatives and Senators, and spreading the word about Constitutionalist and Libertarian principles at local levels.

    The return to the Constitution, the ONLY thing that can save this nation, cannot happen overnight, perhaps not even for decades. But the proactive political efforts at every level of local government from dog catcher to governor can yield results in the long run.

    Only two words of advice: Patience and persistence.

    Don’t let the movement die. It’s our last and only chance.

    • Norman F.

      Where have you been, Vigilant? How could you have missed the fact that Obama has been ruling by Executive Orders and Decisions for two years while the Republican House has been locked out by the Democrat Senate? Thirty three bills from the House are still in the in-box of the Senate; three annual budgets from the Republican House have been tabled by the Democrat Senate. Don’t you see that what you fear from a Republican Congress and President is already in effect from a Democrat President and Senate?

      The refusal by the Ron Paul supporters to acknowledge the truth bothers me. The primaries were held; each candidate had an opportunity to display his or her program; the winner is acknowledged by all the losers but one; Ron Paul got all his electors their chance to vote at the convention.

      I have said, before, that my candidate lost out to Mitt Romney in the primaries. But I am not willing to have my disappointment be a part of getting Obama elected for four more years. If Ron Paul had won the nomination I would support him, just as I am supporting Romney. I sincerely hope that Paul will, at some point, instruct his supporters that removing Obama from the White House is more important than continuing a Primary battle that is over. Go see “2016, Obama’s America”. .

      • Cameron

        Amen, Brother! I would heap rather see the village drunk elected to the Presidency than see obama get another 4 yrs to destroy America. My preferred nominee also lost out in the primaries, but that’s past, & we’re here & now. Vote for Romney, for the future of America, because a vote for obama is a vote to destroy America.

      • Vigilant

        “Where have you been, Vigilant? How could you have missed the fact that Obama has been ruling by Executive Orders and Decisions for two years while the Republican House has been locked out by the Democrat Senate.”

        Norman F., I’m afraid you missed my point. Please re-read my posting.

        I’ve missed nothing that you speak of, and I certainly don’t advocate the unconstitutional actions of Obama. The thrust of my comments was that placing hopes in just one man to sweepingly change America is futile and suicidal. It’s the movement that counts, not the personality.

    • boyscout

      Wherever and whenever resistance confronts persistence, persistence always prevails.

    • TML

      I agree, great post. That’s my thoughts exactly when I read the media saying the revolution was over. I’d say it’s just the beginning.

      It’s never been about one man (at least not for most of us, I think). Ron Paul has been around a long time saying the same things, but the movement is relatively new. He’s just the one that has best represented the people.

      Along with Gary Johnson running Libertarian, I still would like to see Ron Paul run as an independent, if nothing else; just to continue steering the debates in general election to the real issues of the country… rather than the mere mud-slinging contest we could expect from Obama and his mirror image.

      The movement will definitely continue.

  • http://aol emily cinicola

    i am voting for Romney. Its pretty Obvious we had all better vote for this change in washington. Regardless of what party you belong too……we citizens need to stand together and do something for ourselves, not for the party.

    • Deerinwater


      • Paul B.

        No Deer… it’s called being a realist and NOT allowing my EMOTIONS to rule when reason is called for. Emotion is what got us in this mess in the first place, getting Obama elected was a purely emotional response from the citizen’s. If I had a REAL choice, maybe I would look at this situation differently, but the greater good, is for the removal of this imposter occupying our house, the WH.

        This article is mostly based on a emotional response, born from a lack of adequate knowledge of reality. Sam is pouting over the apparent disrespect of Paul, and also of the Tea Party which Sam fails to mention, for their representation was excluded just the same. But Tea Party members understand the call to a great cause and are willling to put emotion aside and vote for the only man who can end this nightmare of almost 4 years.

        It is the cause that must untie us all, putting petty differences and hurt feelings aside. Yes I think what the Rep guard did was despicable, but that can be changed in the future. 4 more years of Obama may make that whole subject mute, and that is the greater evil that we must unite to eliminate.

        And yes, it is very important for us to focus just a s heavily on the Senate and Congress for it will be those people who shape the direction and the boundaries for Romney’s policy decisions.

        • Deerinwater

          “No Deer… it’s called being a realist and NOT allowing my EMOTIONS to rule when reason is called for”

          That is what you are saying, but that is not what you are doing Sir. I maintain the belief, that your thought process is all about “winning now”, seizing the moment while losing day. Your vote is wasted when your voice is not heard.

          The one thing that you hold that the RNC wants and you are giving it away claiming that you are being a realist and rational. It would appears that your vote is being extorted why you refuse to do what needs to be done and say what needs to be said and stand up and be counted, yet you would demand this of your elected officials.

          Maybe a little leadership by example is in order?

      • Paul B.

        Deer… there is a time for discussion and a time for action. Yes we all act according to what is in our best interest, at any given time. That action can be the result of an emotional response or a reasoned response. When you allow the emotion to create a response you believe to be the best for you at any given time, and fail to use reason to understand the bigger picture and what is better in an overall perspective, then you fail to make the best choice for yourself, despite what you believed to be best at the time.

        Think about reactions that occur under duress, under chemical influence. Have you ever in your youth, or anytime really, been intoxicated, not even drunk, and made choices that, well, didn’t turn out as anticipated. What seemed like a good decision at the time, wasn’t in the end.

        That is the same with making an emotional response in a situation that requires a broader more reasoned viewpoint.

        Am I happy with where we are now, with Romney, instead of MY preferred choice. Not exactly. Am I going use my vote for a write-in candidate, because that is how I really feel, that has NO chance of winning and allow the potential for an even worse result…. Hmmmm, that would be foolish.

        Will I fight for what I believe in when the opportunity presents itself, absolutely. There is a time and place for discussion, and a time for action. Failing to act reasonably might end up eliminating the future opportunity to discuss or even act to effect the changes that was our original goal.

        Don’t be foolish and allow emotion to dictate action when reason is the more appropriate action at this time.

      • Average Joe

        Paul B.
        You write much, but say very little.
        When two candidates have the same policies and goals, there is no “choice”. Do we want clone #1 or do we want clone #2…those are the choices plain and simple. To believe otherwise is pure folly. You claim to be using reasoning, while you are actually saying that we must “go along to get along”…your reasoning is flawed and logic eludes you.

        You write:
        “Yes we all act according to what is in our best interest, at any given time.”

        While this may be true, sometimes in order to to look out for ones best interests, one must look at the bigger picture of how to accomplish that feat.
        In order to save one’s self…one may want to save the nation…first and foremost.
        In order to save one’s self in the long term…one must stop looking at the short term solutions.
        If one wishes to save one’s Ideals…one cannot compromise those ideals…we call that “flip-flopping” and means that one truly does not have any real ideals to speak of. You seem to fit this mold of having “no ideals” or principles.
        You don’t actually support Clone #1…but you must get rid of Clone #2 at any cost…that is flawed reasoning…A clone is still a clone. Failure to recognize that simple fact leaves you bereft of any logic or reasoning.
        Voting for one’s principles and convictions is never a wasted vote, however casting aside those princples and convictions and voting against one’s self… is a wasted vote..because one has voted for something that they truly do not believe in. Please refrain from speaking of reason until you actually understand the concept of reason. Clearly, you do not understand the concept at this time.

        You write:
        “It is the cause that must untie us all, putting petty differences and hurt feelings aside. Yes I think what the Rep guard did was despicable, but that can be changed in the future.”

        If the cause is Liberty, then voting for a candiate that doesn’t espouse Liberty, seems to defeat that purpose, don’t you think? Why then, would you wish to work against us, rather than to unite with us in that common goal?
        By your own admission, you say that what was done, “was dispicable” yet you are going to set aside your “pretended values” and give them a free pass… and by doing so ,you tell them that there are no consequences for those actions. If we fail to chastize now, the next time they expound upon thier action by giving us even more egregious “rules”. In order to change bad behavior, there must be consequences for that bad behavior and reward for good behavior. You train people in the same manner as an animal…rewards/consequences.
        Once again, your rasoning is flawed

        It’s time to put on your “Big Boy” pants and join the adults in the room. Stop repeating the “go along to get along” message, those of us that actully do understand logic and reasoning aren’t going to buy it. It is simply a truckload of fertilizer.

        The Republican Party has committed political suicide…plain and simple. You cannot kick your constituants in the teeth and than tell them to “get over it”…It isn’t going to happen…now that, sir…is logic and reasoning.

        Best Wishes,

    • Eugene Sevene

      You are truly a patriot. All I hear is party party party. What happened to America America America. The only ones that should be concerned with party are the politicians.The American people should only concern themselves with what is good for this country, and right now, this year we need to clean house and send Washington a message, to do the job they were sent to do or get fired. I am quite sure that anyone that has had a job for any length of time understands what is like to get fired. It is time to fire all politicians that have held office for more than one term for noncompliance,failing to act in the American peoples best interest. They were not sent there to further their own interests and be politically correct. I know I’m asking an awful lot from party diehards but I hope that just this once you will put country second, GOD first

  • 1776

    Countdown to collapse via the puppets of the Globalist Elite.

  • Dwight Mann

    The R3EVOLution is not over yet, in fact, it is just starting.
    As a Ron Paul supporter, I am dismayed at the corrupt political tactics that have been used in this campaign and will never support a GOP candidate again. I will be a Libertarian, and I am still not sure of how my vote will go this November.
    I used to say anybody but Øbama, but it seems that Mutt is the other side of a corrupt coin.
    I may vote GOP one more time, but never again. . .
    The GOP is dead in my eyes. . .

    • Kevin

      Well Dwight I can’t say that myself since I’m from KY. and have Rand to vote for. But I will be re-registering as a Libertarian after Nov. and hope Rand can make it past the primary.
      He’s not his father, but most definately his father’s son!

    • wandamurline

      Rand Paul delivered a knock out speach last night, and then today, we still have the Ron Paul die hards that are willing to send our country off the economic cliff because Paul did not get the votes to be the presidential candidate. If you guys hand this election to Obama, you can bet that Libertarians will be the most unliked party of all times….another Ross Perow moment. Wake up and do for the country instead of being selfish and doing something because you are not happy with the results….let’s play the cards we were dealt.

      • Average Joe


        You write:
        “we still have the Ron Paul die hards that are willing to send our country off the economic cliff because Paul did not get the votes to be the presidential candidate.”

        It isn’t about Ron Paul not getting enough votes to be nominated, it is about not playing fairly and honestly. I
        t is about changing the “rules” in order to stifle dissent.
        It is about lying, cheating and stealing delegates in order to cast the “establishment” candidate as the winner…in a rigged game.
        It is about telling your advassary that if you follow the rules and actually get close enough to cast doubt on the “establishment” choice…we will change the rules to prevent you from competing.
        By doing these things, the Republican Party has shown that they are no better than thier opponent.
        If you must lie, cheat and steal in order to win…can you honestly claim that you won?
        To simply roll over and accept this behavior is completely unacceptable to many of us.
        What kind of message do we send to our chldren when we accept this behavior? That the end justifies the means? That lying, cheating and theft are OK and acceptable moral values?

        The Republican Party has slapped us in the face and told us that our values, our concerns and our opinions are niether wanted nor welcome within thier party…it is either thier way…or no way at all.
        If my concerns are not welcome…why on earth would I continue my support for them? That would be totally against my convictions and I have withdrawn my support …because I am only wanted and needed for my vote…and I refuse to give it to them…period. It is my vote…they dissenfranchized me…not the other way around. They made thier choice to do so and I have made my choice to punish them for thier bad behavior.

        As for the “economic cliff”, we are headed there regardless of who we vote for…that is the nature of Fiat currency and reckless spending….and Romney will stay the course…count on it. To believe otherwise is pure folly.

        I will be casting my vote for Libertarian/ Independent candidates and the GOP can be relegated to a footnote in history books…and that was thier choice. They’ve made thier beds, now they must lie in it.

        Best Wishes,

        • Jack

          Average Joe is right that the Republican Party has become the party of liars, cheats and

          They constantly lie to make you believe things that are not true. They try to supress people
          from being able to vote because tyhey fear they will vote against them. Look at aall the laws that Republicancontrolled states have past since 2010 to stop what they called was rampant voter fraud. A recent nation wide study found onloy 10, thats just 10, cases of in
          person voter fraud in the entire United States since 2000. In Penn. the state in the litigation over their new voter id law thar might prevent over 750,000 people from being able to vote
          admitted in court that the State has no proof of the existaance of ANY IN PERSON VOTING FRAUD IN THE PAST OR THAT THERE WAS ANY REAL THREAT OF IT IN THE FUTURE.



          i watched Paul Ryan’s speech last nigh and it was filled with one lie sfter another. The GM plant in his home town closed down in December 2008 before Obama became President.
          Ryan voted against the Debt Commission’s propossal and the Commission made no proposal – its two Chairmen did make one. Ryan proposed taking 716 billion dollars out of Medicare to be used to give more tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires while Obama
          saved Medicare the 716 billion dollars by mainly reducing the amounts being paid to hospitals (which the hospitals supported) and private insurance companies for Advantage Plans. He says they are going to strenghten Medicare butwith their plan it will be in the red by 2016 and their voucher plan will end it.

          Ryan voted for everything that drove up the debt when Bush was President without a peep
          in opposition. Once a Democrat became President then he suddenly became this “fiscal conservative” you all adore. If Romney wins, do you think he or Ryan will give a damn about the debt or the deficit. If you do then you haven’t watched Republicans for the past 30 years. Remember Reagan took the national debt from under a trilllion dollars to over 3.

          If you are concerned about jobs then you will love more of the free trade that ships the good paying jobs overseas because that is what the Repubicans, including Romney and Ryan support.

          In case you think I am a Democrat – I have been a registered Republicansince 1968. I am just disgusted by the lies, trickery and deciet.

          If you ca’n’t win an election by telling people honestly what you are going to do then you on’t deserve to win – Democrat or Republican.

      • Average Joe


    • Michael Joe Thannisch

      I am not a Ron Paul supporter, but I too am ashamed at the way he and his followers have been treated.

      • eddie47d

        Ralph Nader “ruined it” for a couple of Democrats too but the party moved on. Nader brought several important issues to the forefront and the traditional Democrats didn’t like it. Now the Republicans are trying to mock Paul and ignoring his important issues. Good ideas go to the wayside and then we all wonder why things never change but get worse. The two major parties have fewer and fewer principles but ignore those who do.

      • deerinwater

        Good for you Micheal, we need to hear that. Ron Paul stumped a solid campaign and never once caved or compromised his believes , his message, pandered or told a single untruth.

        The worse thing you can find wrong or fault Ron Paul for is “omission of facts” that fail to support his beliefs which I prefer to believe as “acceptable practice” for any statesman.

        The Capital Hill bunch and special interest don’t want a Ron Paul kicking in their sand castle and they are powerful enough to bury good political commentary in the “Obits” and “Comic” section.

      • SJJolly

        Ron Paul and the anti-Repubican Convention protestors both got stiffled. Allowed to speak, but no-where many people will hear them. The cause of “freedom and opportunity” is more important than allowing dissidents to actually practice them?

    • realsustainability

      Dwight, you have made a great point.. I’m not going to vote GOP even this time. Probably Libertarian for the most part & proud to do it!

  • Tim K

    the article, although well written and filled with language meant to impress, is off-base for a number of reasons.

    First, the Ron Paul supporters; really?! how many 18-26 year olds would support him were it not for his stand on the war on drugs and our role in foreign adventures with our military? Dr. Paul is a great American, but his discussions belong in angry salons, not in the day to day business of the RNC. Third party candidate? Write-ins? what are those other than a vote for the incumbent?

    Corporate sponsors and shoe licking? That is American politics. The AFL-CIO and NEA are all corporate sponsors, as is Move-on. Obama raised hundreds of millions from Wall Street during the ’08 cycle. There will be nearly $2bn raised and spent on both parties.

    However distorted and message-bungled; this party is really intent on smaller government and liberty.

    Just keep in mind, all speakers are not spokespeople; right Mr. Vice President?

    • sj

      There there Tim, have some more kool-aid and go back to sleep .

  • BJ

    Straight out of Lennen’s book—you j….!

    • momo

      It’s spelled Lenin.

  • Kathy

    Could Romney be worse than Obama? We assume Romney to be the lesser of two evil. Examine assumptions.

    • Ken

      Dear Kathy;

      Romney will continue to follow the same policies as Obama – and Amerika will continue it’s descent. If you’d like some clarity on this man all you need do is watch him on youtube and listen intently…..he’s all double-talk. Would you want a friend like this?! I SHOULD CERTAINLY HOPE NOT.

      • boyscout

        Ken, I believe that you are confirming Kathy’s very own suggestion.

    • Ken

      I hope your right…..IF that’s the BEST we can do.

  • Richard J. Herr

    What a crock! Your assessment is what is wrong in politics today! Nothing but lies! Does that give you satisfaction?

  • Fedup

    One thing for sure – Romney is less grim than the P.O.S. we have now; and he’s the only vote we can cast to stop that monster!

  • http://PersonalLibertyAlerts Blitzen

    I agree with Vigilant completely. Put another way, the entire political spectrum needs to be recentered so that Libertarians no longer occupy a space that appears far-right, but is the norm instead. The requires the undoing of the wrongmindedness which is now so obviously entrenched in the minds of Americans. Stopping the momentum of wrong, taking steps back to right, re-educating, etc., all takes time. One election (mayoral, congressional, state officials) at a time, persistence, patience, focus will get us there. Taking your ball and going home to pout because you don’t win everything all at once accomplishes nothing for a movement back to what America wa salways intended to be.

    • Paul B.

      You are right. We have grown to be a country of NOW… everything is NOW, NOW, NOW. It’s like a country suffering from ADD. We have lost the art of patience and with that continued attitude, we will lose a whole lot more. Anything worth having is worth working for, and that takes time and effort… quitting is not an option or the path for ultimate success.

      • Chester

        I will agree we have a country of NOW!, but would you rather live in a country of THEN! ? What I have seen and heard of the Libertarian movement, they would rather have us living like we did in the thirties or earlier, with the SAME type of medical and health care as then. Are you ready to spend months on end in an unconditioned hospital bed while your broken hip heals, or doesn’t? Do you have enough cash on hand to pay a judgement against you because your bull jumped the fence and somebody hit him and killed him while destroying their car and putting them in the hospital for a month? That is the kind of life described by most libertarians, although they try to show the brighter side, fewer accidents, less debt, cleaner air, only in the country. You alone are responsible for anything done by you, or anything you own, unless, of course, you are a corporation, in which case the corporation may be responsible, but YOU aren’t.

  • http://omniv8 pete0097

    There are big differences between Romneycare and Obamacare. Romney care doesn’t have all the little taxes, the cut off of care, the exemptions for union members, congress, ACORN, tax on the sale of your house, etc. These things were thought up by obama and his comrades. This is something that Romney needs to bring up when obama points out that Romneycare was is starting point.

    • Ken

      Your so called “differences” are non-existent….one was created in the State of Massachussetts, the other in the Federal branch of the goverment…..the “differences” your pointing out are minuscule other than their cost.

      Little by little these changes are being instituted – like leprosy….and we are allowing it to happen.

  • Ken


    • Robert Smith

      Awwww, what about that there christian flock that follows such a brutal god on the right wing?


      • Ken

        Don’t worry Wobby, your on the short-list for a trip to Hell….you’re just too damned stupid to know it.

        I was an atheist for a long time just like you! I finally got it…..and it has a lot more to do

        with politics and law than just simple religon…..uh course, you haven’t figgured it out yet


        The nimrods of the world ( OOOhhh yeah, I’m talkin’ bout you!) are going to have a rude

        awakening coming. Just keep going on taking it in the out-hole, promoting fascism and

        sucking on the teat of the whore….I have not pity for scum like you – nor do Samurai,

        Jay, Kate8 or any of the other TRUE American’s here!

        It has been said “The greatest trick that Satan ever played on the human race was getting

        THEM to believe he doesn’t exist”…..

        You are one of the chumps in the game….I’ll pray for your children.


        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Ken,

          I’m not sure your approach is helpful… or Christ-like.

          Colossians 4:5 Walk in wisdom toward outsiders, making the best use of the time. 6 Let your speech always be gracious, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how you ought to answer each person. (ESV)

          Best wishes,

      • Ken


        This is my last attempt to reach you Robert….

        How to Brainwash a Nation

        We Are Nothing But Cattle To Them

      • Paul B.

        Bob… your condemnation of christians shows your ignorance. I am an atheist but understand that it isn’t the belief in a GOD that is the problem. When you examine the concept of faith, belief in a God, etc, you are dealing with semantics.

        what we believe is what forms our realities. Although I don’t believe in a GOD that guides us, I do believe in determinism, a belief that were are products of evolutionary forces of genetics and environment, that guides our decision processes. What is the real difference? Since we all lack free will, as defined as the origination of thought or action without cause, what is the primary “cause” of everything. Nature, physics, other laws, who cares.

        What matters is not the path we take, but the results, and although the church has always had its issues, the message is what is important, not the cause, not the GOD who told us, nor is it heaven or hell. It is what we believe to be the way we act, socially. It’s the respect for others, the compassion we feel, the way we live, and the morals that guide us.

        Does it really matter if that came from religion, or some other humanist understanding, all of which are born from our survivalist genetic code. So what if there is no God as many believe, for what is God, but an understanding of the same force that guides us all.

        If you want to condemn, then you should focus more on the sources of the negatives that infect the world. Organized religion has had it’s problems, and still does for some. We should deal with those leaders who prostitute religion for evil purposes, not simply those who believe in God. It isn’t GOD that is the problem, it is humans who, for whatever reason have failed to grasp the concept of society, and the freedoms and rights we all should have simply for being human.

        We have no control over what happens, it is how we deal with the events in our lives that matters most. It shouldn’t matter how you get to the point of being a good citizen, a good person, only that you do. those who don’t, need to be educated, controlled or eliminated. As a society, we make rules and we have enforcement, that is Nature, that is survival, that is life. God is NOT the problem… it is people like you who fail to understand that, and for selfish reasons, act out emotionally, failing to see the forest for the trees, creating more problems that you could ever solve with that attitude.

        It is the atheist who fails to understand that uses his created beliefs in the same manner as those with religious beliefs, making you guilty of the same tactics you rail against in them. That is not true atheism, that is just another religion being used to manipulate, the religion of atheism is no different than any other.

      • deerinwater

        Ken say; ” like leprosy” , “sucking whores tits” ~

        What do you know about such things? Really ? Why not stick with what you know or had experience with personally?

        Tits are not a requirement to act or be a whore. There are man whores about and they sell a range of products. They pander and purger themselves, bear false witness, and preform a variety of personal services.

        Ken, I personally don’t approve of your open insult directed to half the world population with such a sweeping generalized outlandish statement inspired by biblical verse like your reform has turned you into some-kind of John the Baptist. ( who by the way allowed his sharp tongue to cost him his head)

        Show so respect for women and civility that people can admire if you expect readership to your ideas.

      • Average Joe

        Ken ,
        Thank you the links and for your attempts to educate the sheeple.

        May God have mercy on us all.

        Best Wishes,

      • eddie47d

        Those folks that Ken mentioned may not want to be used in the same breath as his. Sometimes there is the Bitter Truth but Ken is just plain bitter. Nice reply Deerinwater.

      • Ken


        Thank you for your coaching – I do appreciate it and I get it. All the same, Robert is a disillusioned young man and a product of an educational system that has produced many, many like him. Their thought is complete antithesis to what it was to be an American.

        These people are for bigger government, more social service, more regulation, etc, etc. Yes, my level of tolerance for them is not very high and yes I realize compassion is what is needed in this case as they really don’t know what it is they are doing inside of their own ignorance…

        My upset at seeing my fellow countrymen in this state of mind ( I believe ) is understandable – I’m not sure how to institute my compassion at this point.

        As Yuri said in “How to Brainwash a Nation” – “They will not be able to see the truth even if you show it to them, they will not believe it until the heel of the boot comes crashing down on their head”.

        Forgive me for not being “Christ-like” at this time….

      • Ken

        @ Deer and eddie;

        I used the word “teat”, not tit…..and the “Whore” in reference could also be called “Big Brother” or “the Government”. My apologies for not clarifying.

        As Bob pointed out so clearly, I really may not be making any difference with these comments – in fact, I may be causing more upset as far as you both are concerned….still, it’s plain that your so stuck on the word “teat” that you can’t get the value out of my message, hence my previous point has been proven.

        Please take the time to review those video’s I posted and as you watch them, please try to open your mind to what is happening here….for your sake and your families.

        • Deerinwater

          Well Sir, The language that we elect to use to frame the debate is important. It opens and closes minds while context play a huge part.

          I appreciated your backing up and explaining your intentions.

          That the bible and early tribal records was written with a sexiest male slant is demeaning of women. This is something that women have had to rise above in their own way and it been a long hard trip.

          That Muslim women have not faired as well as her sisters is no accident as Muslim men seemed determined to keep her in her place while their society suffer greatly for it.

          Stone age language is best left in the stone age.

      • Ken

        Dear Paul;

        Thank you for your post Paul – atheism is something I ardently followed for many years. It

        wasn’t until I began looking at the law and what Albert Adask had to say regarding the

        Constitution of our Republic that I began to “get it”…..beside the fact that the Rothchilds

        are committed luciferians……yes, admittedly in their own words AND they seem

        very proud of this fact.

        Do your research – please listen to Mr. Adask and find the connections to this puzzle….the

        pieces will all come together if you look at the bigger picture. You are obviously very

        pensive. If you have an interest in law, pick up a copy of the King James version of the

        Bible (all u.s. law is based upon) and a copy of “Loring, A Trustee’s Handbook” – this

        will give you a clear learning on the highest law, “Trust Law”.

        If in the end we find out that there is no “God” and we just die and that’s all, what will be

        harm in believing?

        Thank you again.


      • Ken


        If you’d like to discover the root of your precious education and who created your idea’s for you, view this video….or not.

        You are a disillusioned young man and your belief that you chose these idea’s for yourself is totally off.

        This video is not about you being wrong and me being right – it’s simply about what has happened and what we were taught to believe and why.

        Charlotte Iserbyt was the head of the Department of Education under Ronald Reagan….

        I promise, you will learn something profound here.

        Charlotte Iserbyt: The Miseducation of America Part 1-Full


    • Ken

      @ Paul;

      I just wanted to add Paul, I get what your saying about taking a stand either inside or outside of religon – it’s either for the benefit of mankind or it isn’t……

      This is and interesting video on this very topic relating to this philosophical issue…


      Thank you again for your stand for me and for us all.


  • Warrior

    This election is not going to my “alamo”. Usurper has to go! Progressives marxist are way too painful to watch on a daily basis. I’ll take the countries chances on R/R gladly over this travesty of a corrupt crook county regime.

    • John Douglas

      Exactly so!!

      Getting involved in all the little weevils takes our eye off of what is of primary importance: The absolute necessity of removing Big Weevil Obama.

      If and when that happens we at least have a better chance of slowing down our slide into socialism.

      I’m not real optimistic that we can halt it, let alone reverse it.

      • Deerinwater

        Yea, we know! You plan to burn down the barn to get rid of these pesky rats!

        Lite her up big’un ! who needs a barn anyway?

  • Raymond

    This article seems only to suggest that electing Romney/Ryan is no better than Obama.Biden. I strongly disagree. Q: Where is the realistic alternative? A: There is none in this election cycle.

    • John Douglas

      I agree, and not only here but other so called ‘conservative’ commentators as well.

      At this juncture, what are our options??? – rhetorical question as there are none.

      So just what is the agenda of those ‘conservatives’ who throw stones at the only option available to us?

      To convince us to throw in the towel and vote for Obama because the conservative choice is not conservative enough, or to remove all hope so we stay home and watch Obama win the election.

      Kind of makes me wonder about their loyalties.

  • Aster George

    Your assessment is most likely correct, but, what can be done? I believe most voters outside of the democrats are determined to defeat OBAMA. I think had Clinton been elected we would not hear and see such bickering and infighting. I know that opponents of OBAMA have done everything in their power to make him look bad, but he made it easy to do. I wanted so much to see a liberterian elected president because I (like you) don’t believe much of a change will be made with a republican president. The big difference is we will have someone that believes in America and I don’t think BO does..

    • http://yahoo Larry

      you certainly got that right, Obama cares nothing for this country and is all about bringing it down

  • skippy

    Has anyone heard about the NBP protest being planned for today?? I just heard about from an email! Did not hear a word about it on the news. Also, apparently the DHS is on high alert for today……….
    Just asking…thanks.

    • Paul B.

      I have heard that many of the planned protests have been disrupted and are struggling to accomplish what they had planned. Yes, DHS must be doing a good job keeping a lid on any of the violent activists. Good to see it works as planned occasionally.

  • http://mozilla robert e. lee

    so what this spigot is dripping ; is that America is done no matter which party is in charge;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;I think we will be ready to take a chance on that one;; we the people already know obama is a communist;; maybe Mitt is a capitalist pig who only cares about the rich ;;but you know what , I can not remember the last time a homeless person or a welfare recipient gave me a work assignment? Crony is a dangerous word for a liberal to use considering the documented examples of obama crony capitalism [green energy failed handouts] comes to mind.

  • b.j. Benbow

    I believe the Republican Party is dead. They are a whitened sepulchre full of dead bones.
    I will vote for them because they know the problem and they know what should be done;
    but I have NO confidence they will do it. They are controlled by the same money masters that control Obama. So long as we have surrendered our sovereignty to become simply a “member nation state” of the United Nations, we will be controlled by the International Maritime Law of the Sea, not the Common Law given by God and deeded to us by the Declaration and the Bill of Rights. There are brilliant and Liberty Loving young people who will one day convince the brain washed Government Indoctrinated generations that there is a better way than dependence on government largess, there are unalienable rights given by God that were are birthright and have been stolen, by the Democrats, Woodrow Wilson who sold us to the bankers of the Federal Reserve and F.D.R. who established the New World Order in 1942 for the purpose of taking away our sovereign status and giving it to the new State created by the New World Order.

    • http://mozilla robert e. lee

      George Soros?????????not. capitalism is the basis for America’s strength, unless you have walked in a venture capitalists shoes, or an investment bankers loafers witnessing the gut wrenching anguish of possible failure, how can YOU make any intelligent evaluation of the class envy you so badly want to smear on all others who are not wealthy??? if you want to be rich get up off your dead a66 and get busy;; you can still do that in America;; until obama gets enough power to TELL YOU HOW MUCH YOU ARE WORTH. probably not mush from what I see.

    • Sheepdog

      I call the Republicans the Dead Elephant Party.

      Here in TN we have Blackburn, Alexander, and Corker. All party hacks that have sold us out.

      There is only one party in DC: the Party of the Incumbents. It will do anything to protect itself, destroy anything that threatens it.

      Me? I am a Jeffersonian Libertarian, and strict Constitutionalist. How’s that for being in a minority? Time to water the tree of Liberty. Where is our modern day Thomas?

      • Paul B.

        I live in TN as well, with Blackburn as my rep. I have always thought her to be a good rep. She understands and has fought against much of the corruption in DC. Yes she is a party member and is limited on what she can effectuate, what she can do as a single member of 435, but I have respected her judgment and votes. Corker is okay, but Alexander is beginning to worry me. He has voted on some pro-government controls that has me believing it is time for a change.

      • Kathy

        I am in TN too. Paul, look at Corker’s voting record. He is not okay.

        Marsha also voted to raise the debt ceiling and extend the patriot act.

    • sledgehamner

      You’re not making sense BJ. If the party is dead, and will not do what they should, even if they know what’s required (which they don’t as illustrated in their debates vs Dr Paul), why still vote for them? THAT is the wasted vote: the one cast for good rhetoric but opposite action.

    • http://yahoo Larry

      wow, I wish many more people understood that. no one knows history anymore!

  • Kathy

    If M wins, watch him. All your Republicans in congress will vote with “their president.”

    • http://mozilla robert e. lee

      you mean like all the dems do for obaba???????

      • Kathy

        So we only have two choices: dems or repubs. The repubs will save us?

        Wishful thinking is one stage of the grief process.

      • deerinwater

        Who is Joe Lieberman?

        Democrat statesman are notorious for crossing party lines. So that old dog won’t hunt.

  • Johnny Hiott

    I have no idea of what the ramifications of boener, the romney machine and the other republican rinos will eventually be. I hope that the actions of obama, the actions of the
    republicans during obama’s reign and the convention will mean the death of both parties as they are equally corrupt. If ever there was a time for the rise of a Constitution party it is decidly now. By my estimation there is little hope of America’s survival as we have known it. Partly because of so called presidents that haven’t enough sense to lead a cat out of an ice house with a warm bowl of milk but mostly because of corrupt members of congress who are gutless wonders that continually allow presidents to violate every law on the books. America’s government makes Al Capone look like a kid stealing others ice cream money. It has taken the elite rich almost exactly 100 years to destroy this nation. woodrow wilson began in ernest the decent into a socialist state with the creation of the illegal federal reserve and income tax. With the creation of the seventeenth amendment they insured an open door to lobbyest giving the mega rich the voice of the people. The federal government has since that time stolen not only the wealth of the people but their freedoms too. America has the most corrupt government that money can buy anywhere in the entire world. May God bless America by giving the American people the wisdom and knowledge and courage to remove the satin serving reprobates that are our federal government.

    • Joy Thompson

      I agree that we should be praying fervently for God to bless America. It’s our only hope. He was speaking of Israel when he said this…but, I think we can apply it to our plight at this day and time: “…if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” II Chronicles 7:14, (part). We must pray for God’s wisdom in all of this.

  • Sirian

    BTW, did anyone else see the “Code Pink” idiot last night? HA, she got hustled out of the convention with her pinky sheety protest sign real fast. Just asking. . .

    • Robert Smith

      Why are they so bad? They got their start trying to keep America out of Iraq. I’d say that was a worthy goal, looking at how things turned out.

      We really don’t need more war from the extreme right.


      • momo

        The resolution to invade Iraq was passed in the senate with the following DEMOCRATS voting for it: Clinton,Biden, Reid, Schumer, Bayh, Dodd,Feinstein, Rockefeller, Kerry, Hollings, Lieberman, and Edwards.

        War comes from the left also.

      • eddie47d

        A few of those Democrats who voted for the war did it on their own but most accepted the Bush lies as the truth and swallowed the false flags presented them.

      • boyscout

        Right – Left, Left – Right ? There are so many hands stuck in the M/I money jar that they will have to break it to get to the last coin. The greed and cronyism goes much deeper that political labels would suggest.

      • Doc Sarvis

        momo, I didn’t see Obama’s name on the list. Looks like he was one of the very few that had it right, how interesting.

  • wsk

    A vote for Gary Johnson is like two votes for Obama. Stop with the “I’m taking my toy and going home” childish mentality or we will be stuck with four more years of the man-child messiah. The country will not survive it.

    • http://yahoo Larry

      so right, get over it people, Mitt Romney is the candidate to go up against Obama, and thats that. voting third party is voting for Obama and America can’t take another 4 years of this illegitamate president!

      • Freedom from gov’t

        I am guessing that, since there is one thing that we all agree, ‘BIG’ money has indeed taken over, all we have left, is to see how far. Maybe state and local elections can provide US with some comfort. Perhaps we all need to take up iniatives in our own state and do what we can to get any other candidate, besides these two grossly corrupted parties, elected.

        You all know where I stand, if the barn must go to get rid of the rats, so be it. I don’t like that idea as much as some may think. Unfortunately the only way for most to see the depths of this sewage is to put it to a state and local level. If we don’t find haven there,,, grab your hammers and meet me out back. We got a lot of barns to build.

  • deerinwater

    I didn’t watch it play out, ~ heard Gov. Christie bombed while Mitt wife knocked it out of the park.

    There is a fever going around and people are not thinking clearly.

    Today’s GOP does not reflect the best interest of most of American voters. It’s became the GOP and the RNC’s job to make that fact “Not Matter”.

    You can go along with that notion if you wish and vote their candidate or send a the GOP a clear message and write in your vote.

    IT’s your country, it’s your choice .

    If the GOP and RNC will not listen to you at the ballot box, when will they ever listen to you?

  • Deborah

    If you people believe that 100 years of Progressivism in both parties is going to be eliminated in 3 yrs of rallies and emails and work, then you are idiots. Yes, we have these internal battles, but what is the prize we need to be focused on?? Are you forgetting it is the WH and the Senate? This fight is going to go on for the rest of our lives. Stop being selfish and an egoist and support this guy. We have only started chipping away at the tip of the iceberg. If you are taking your blankie and going home already, then we will never survive. Suck it up!

    • Sirian

      Very good point – agreed. As you said. . . “If you believe that 100 years of Progressivism in both parties is going to be eliminated in 3 yrs. . . you are idiots.” I hold a very strong Libertarian/Constitutionalist conviction but I also realize that what has been slowly crept into our social/ideological/political systems over the past century it essentially can not be changed or removed via one election. The mindset across the nation is changing, much more so than before, but still, it will not be fully accomplished overnight. All that is needed is focus and an unswerving conviction to stay the course.

    • http://yahoo Larry

      Amen Deborah, Amen!

    • Paul B.


    • realsustainability

      Deborah how can one “suck it up” when one does not beleive the man’s message? Government is bloated with silver spooned elites, spending is out of control, our priorities are mostly wrong and those in leadership have no clue what it’s like to live from hand to mouth in the slowly but increasingly rapidly disppearing “middle class”.We are degeneration into a cast system with 90% of the wealth concentrated in the upper 1-2% of the population. Read, “The 5000 Year Leap” by W. Cleon Skousen & rediscover what a miracle the United States really is, or was. We are on a course to descend back into the feudal European system except the power brokers are the statists in stead of the Church leaders.The Creator is our provider and our shield, not the Federal Government. Too many have forgotten that.

  • http://personalliberty Blondee

    I am a conservative and have been since Mr. Peanut taught me a lesson on who to never vote for (I was just shy of voting age in ’76), and I’m not at all happy with the GOP of late. Not in ’08 nor in ’12. It does appear to be all about big money these days, although there were several candidates who were by all appearances qualified, yet discredited because the decision seemed to have already been made. I’ll still vote for Robamney just to get the current Liar in Thief out, but I sure as he// don’t feel very good about it. To my dismay, the GOP has fallen into the same corrupt abyss as the dems, and I feel as though I’m simply being played as a pawn in the game. Nevertheless, I refuse to give up. Ever!

    • Carl Manning

      Someday, when all of the lies are uncovered, I, honest-to-God, deep down in my soul, believe it will be revealed that the GOP has been infiltrated not only by globalists, obviously and unquestionably, but also by Communists. Why would the Communists foolishly decide to infiltrate only ONE political party??? The GOP is clearly a CIA-CONTROLLED opposition that is virtually no opposition whatsoever. How else can you explain why they ran from the Birther issue in the face of overwhelming proof???

  • Joy Thompson

    Deja vu, all over again. It reminds me of when the Republicans nominated McCain…the middle-of-the-road, likable, “can’t we just all get-along”, guy. And where did that get us? The lesser of two evils…Obamanation. I believe there are still enough grown-ups left in the U.S. who can understand and accept the hard truths about the dire-state of our country. We cannot continue with the blatant disregard for our constitution and the fiscal irresponsibility much longer. Leaders…Tell us the truth…What are your convictions? Have the courage of your convictions! God has blessed our country…but He has His limits. “I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot. I wish you were either one or the other! So, because you are lukewqrm-neither hot nor cold-I am about to spit you out of my mouth.” Revelation 3:16. That’s a pretty scary thought when we know that God renders perfect justice.

    • http://yahoo Larry

      nice quote, but God was speaking to the church, not the government

      • Joy Thompson

        Correct. That’s why I mentioned Israel. However, there are lots of things God said in the Bible that were directed to the church of that time that can, in context, be positive guidelines for our present situations. The 10 Commandments, The Sermon on the Mount, The Beatitudes, etc., come to mind.

    • Rayma

      You are right! & I believe God is ready to start HIS recovery….I hope everyone has his passport ready! Romans 10:9&10 because we are at a standstill that only Jesus can clean up! With Ron Paul as president there may have been a reprieve,but now with the sameold tricksters in controll we need JESUS!

  • sesame

    Perhaps I missed it, but the author, after complaining about both Obama and Romney and indicating that a vote for Gary Johnson would not be productive, fails to provide a recommendation as to what a voter should do on election day. Are we all just to throw up our hands or crawl back under the covers and let the rest of the world go by?

  • widerstances

    The ascension of Willard begins tonight. The false conservative and great whitest hope will say anything to placate the willfully ignorant sheeple. This man designed Obamacare. How will he hold up in a debate when that elephant in the room is shot? This election will be the cleansing that we need to restore a true conservative who will live and let live to lead our country. It won’t be Willard.

    • http://yahoo Larry

      simple, his plan was for a state run plan and not a federal government take over, which by the way is not constitutional, despite John Roberts rewriting the law to make it so, which is also unconstitutional.

  • Terry Edgar
    • widerstances

      unfortunately this “Jumah as an Obama coming out party” is more conservative hysteria with no foundation in facts. It contributes to our downfall because people don’t take us seriously. This is not part of the convention. It is a group of Muslims exercising their constitutional right to freedom of religion, to assembly and to free speech.

      “The Charlotte in 2012 Convention host committee does not endorse any events on the events page that are not denoted with a Charlotte in 2012 or Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC) logo. This event, like many others on the page, was user generated. This events page is intended to give local residents and convention-goers a comprehensive look at convention week activities and should not be considered an endorsement of any particular event or group by the Charlotte in 2012 Convention Host Committee or the DNCC,” DNC Host Committee spokeswoman Suzi Emmerling said. “

  • Terry Edgar
    • widerstances

      they aren’t opening a bag of flaming shiite at the actual convention. They’re cleaning up dog shiite in a public park somewhere in Charlotte. This is Charlotte 2012′s what’s happening page. User generated. All flaming shiite.

  • David George DeLancey

    Search: David George DeLancey for President. That’s all Thank You. 10:08 A.M. E.S.T. 8/30/2012

    • Vigilant

      Good God! The site to which your sreen name links is the most disjointed, egotistical site I’ve ever seen. A jumble of tortured family history, dictionary definitions, reductionist history and irrelevant references.

      If and when self-serving mental masturbation becomes a primary criterion upon which to base presidential qualifications, be assured I will vote for you.

      • davidgeorgedelancey

        When you drop something how long does it take for you to pick it up…?

  • Chester Schaufel-American

    Pull your head out of your butt and see the America we have become. You are trying to be part of the problem, not the solution. The only thing worse then Obama in power is to have idiots like you have the ability to vote and reproduce.

  • Ted Crawford

    A PLETHORA of these kinds of Defeatist Articles, a constant stream of America Bashing, a gergantuan proportion of delusional ” If it’s not done, exactly our way, it must fail” statements, and the Libertarians cannot understand why their Party remains out of the Mainstream of American Politics!
    Here is a clue MOST AMERICANS believe that we can and will overcome. We don’t believe that just because YOU say so our Military are little more than Murdering Thugs!
    Man just a little dose of REALITY would serve this Paulist Cult well!

  • Liberterian

    Rolley is absolutely correct we need to gather as a people and stop the onslaught of these two corrupt party organizations we now have. We need to join and create the third party instead of voting for the same old politicians, backed and funded by the same old corporations and powerfull groups and people. They are all after the same old thing. The old crapper of a vote for him is a vote for the other guy when both the candidates are the same old shills.

  • lasaroflores

    I keep reading that if we all do not vote for Romney, then we’ll be handing the Presidency once more to Obama because Ron Paul didn’t get the nomination. Well, that’s not true because the Republicans that wanted Romney are to blame. Why didn’t they vote for Ron Paul? He would have been a better president than Romney. Romney is the other side of the coin as a Republican. Republicans had the great opportunity to bring back America to its Constitutional roots; but no, they rejected that in order to have what Obama has done, but as Republicans. Why didn’t the Republicans that are already in office do anything to stop Obama? Because they are in the same boat as the Democrats. Yes, the Republican Party as a whole are to blame that Obama will be reelected. Blame yourselves, so don’t blame me because I don’t vote for Romney.

    • Freedom from gov’t

      Why are we given terrible choices for candidates? It’s seems obvious to me that because niether party really wants to associate with the economical collapse of the world. But at the same time they don’t want to lose their stronghold for further gutting of the USA.

      Politics has become a blame game. Everyone wans to blame Obama for launching US into catastrorpic debt but nobody wants to blame Bush for creating that crash. Or whatever way you see it, It doesn’t matter. It’s not gonna be rectified anytime soon. What really matters is that people start seeing that all of these things are done on purpose.

      “Follow the money” I have heard some say. So who’s agenda is it? I’ve gone to links that some have provided that tell you pretty much directly what is going on in and above our gov’t but even the ones posting them don’t want to entertain the thought and succumb to the realization that such treachery is indeed the truth.

      I guess keep believing the lies and forcing those bad thoughts out of your head. How could this be true? NO way? I refuse to believe that. These kind of thoughts and statements I have had myself. But I’ll tell ya what the more you look at it and compared it to all the crazy, illogical happenings in our gov’t, in our police enforcement, in our world.

      It tends to make more sense than lets say, what I can of why Ron Paul didn’t get the nomination. I know it’s a nightmare but you have seen it done deliberately right in front of your faces. How he was shoved to the back, How his supporters were treated and how he and his wife were treated. There is an agenda people. there has to be. because alot of this just makes no sense to me at all.

  • Singer

    What is scarier than another four years of Obama? Four years of Romney will send the church back into their sleep. Eight years of Romney will put a nail in their coffin. Four years of Obama woke the church up. Four more years may bring the next Great Awakening and the only Answer for America….Jesus! Too many Christians are afraid of Obama and are making decisions based on fear. They will get their leader in Romney and go back too sleep, not at all concerned about what God wants. They should stop calling themselves Christians and call themselves what they really are……cowards!

  • Cameron

    I realized several election cycles ago that both Party conventions are a sad joke played on the American voters. I believe the “winner” of the general election is pre-ordained long before the primaries even start. The people in power stay in power by pulling our puppet strings & making us believe that we are real boys & not a toy.
    The ONLY way to clean up this mess we call politics will be by doing away w/conventions & having ALL candidates run on the SAME ticket, from the primaries through the general election. That way the PEOPLE will elect the President. Divide the country up into 4 sections, NE, SE, NW, & SW, or E, ME, MW, & W, & have just 4 primaries. Weed out the ones who do not have a large support of the people, & let the rest duke it out based on ideas.
    ALL campaign contributions would go into a pot from which ALL candidates would get an equal share, doled out as necessary to keep advertising going. This way big contributors can’t sway the vote w/large cash contributions to one candidate. It “levels the playing field”.
    Think any of this will ever happen? Don’t hold your breath. It would mean that certain powerful people would be stripped of their power, & nobody willingly gives up power. GOD BLESS AMERICA AGAIN, & save us from ourselves & all the idiots who have posted on this site using emotion instead of reason.

    • Jimmy the Greek

      Not bad however when the country is divided it should be into three new countries . We don’t need to be a super power or the police of the world .

  • Jimmy the Greek

    Opinions are like but holes every one has one ! That said here is mine , the first order of business is to get rid of obongo ! On Jan 1, 2013 a new party needs to be started so that in four years we can take back the country .

  • Dave

    First order of business is to get rid of Obama and Biden, those that want to write in someone or just stay home on election day, DO NOT have the best interest of America in their hearts. Don’t get all butt hurt because Paul/fill in the blank didn’t get the nod, vote to get rid of Obama and then work on it.

    • davidgeorgedelancey

      It’s one thing for a Presidential candidate to assume the position, but it is most definitely another to acknowledge it. What do the people need in course of what do they want is the question. The answer may be found by reviewing My Five Issue Plan. If your not interested than please do not continue and search my name in full. This way you will only get two findings at least on yahoo. People are arrogant sometimes. Have a great day.

  • Jim Andrews

    Jim A. says:
    What a shocking lack of realistic comprehension of that which is actually at stake in our nation seems so dramtically evident in the “America Is Done” opinion! It clearly reveals an embarrassingly limited centralized focus upon a singular view of what indidual elements of difference between the available electoral choices are so vitally critical as to iliminate completely any consideration of another candidate’s valitity! Is a pimple on an otherwise attractive complexion a reason to choose the ugly portrait over the very attractive one?

    • Jimmy the Greek

      Say that in blue collar English Jim looking up them there high falutin words takes to much time .

  • Mountain Saint

    With either candidate the nation is doomed….. Both men are cultists and globalists (God will not bless us). Both men are not natural-born citizens and thus not qualified to be the president (They are tearing up our Constitution)…. The only difference between the candidates is that Obama is a Communist (tyranny) and Romney a Socialist (a slower death)…Eventually, our economy will completely collapse and we will become a small part of the one-world government (Revelation 13)….And, because of our acceptance of homosexuality and other abomination, God is going to allow our cities to be wiped out with fire and brimstone (Luke 17:28-29)….It was a nice run but we knew that eventually our wickedness would overcome us and the United States would be no more (no mention in end time scriptures)

    • Carl Manning

      Actually, America is mentioned in end-time Scripture quite amply. America is the “daughter of Babylon” that will be destroyed. The Lord has revealed this to Christian prophets and watchmen. When she is destroyed, the NWO government of the Beast takes the stage with the Anti-Christ. Obama will make a secret un-Constitutional deal with the Anti-Christ to make the destroyed America a vassal State of the NWO. Many Christian prophets have seen the destruction ofthis nation with fire as you mention. NYC will be utterly consumed with fire and then overcome by a massive tsunami higher than the Empire State Building. All of Florida, half of Georgia all the way to Atlanta, half of Alabama all the way to Montgomery and half of South Carolina will go completely underwater. The East Coast and nuch of the Gulf Coast all the way to Texas will be underwater up to 150 miles inland in some places. The Mississippi River will become a 50-mile wide Mississippi Sea and the Great Lakes will be emptied with a massive earthquake creating a giant Sea in the middle of the country. California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington State along with half of Arizona will all go completely underwater. In fact, Phoenix, Arizona, will become beachfront property. These are the revelations of Jesus Christ to his appointed Christian prophets and watchmen over this land. This land will be invaded by Russian and Chinese forces. His hand of protection has left America.

      • Carl Manning

        God’s Judgment on America will start in the Eastern part of the country and spread gradually to the Western part. There will be three meteors that hit in the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. One will hit the Gulf of Mexico off Florida’s western coast. Another will hit in the Atlantic off Florida’s eastern coast causing Florida to go underwater. Florida will be sacked heavily by this meteor activity. Another meteor will hit off of North Carolina’s coast. All of these meteors will cause tsunamic activity and flooding along the Gulf and the eastern coast of America. The federal government via CNN will announce the incoming meteors at around 6:00 pm. They will hit around 10:00 pm that night four hours later. The people on the coasts will have 4 hours to get to safety. Prophets have seen that the water in Georgia from these tsunamis gets all the way to Gwinnett County a suburb of Atlanta just north of Atlanta (elevation approximately 1080′ above sea level). Safety will likely only come from the mountainous regions. Do not put your faith in these ridiculous politicians and their endless sugar-coated fairytale lies. Put your faith in the Lord. Only He can save you from what is about to come upon this land that has shed the innocent blood of 53,000,000 unborn and many innocent Arabs and innocent American troops over nothing more than the hideously evil LIE of 911. Christ will reveal ALL TRUTH despite all the attempts of this evil government to cover them up.

      • Deborah

        CM, boy, great way to end an evening. I have been aware of these prophecies for the past 4 years and have struggled to accept them, no Hope for the US? Many people, with good and honest hearts are trying to change our course. Is there no mercy for America?

        I find it interesting that no one has addressed these doomsday posts specifically.

        Hear Hear

        • Deerinwater

          “I find it interesting that no one has addressed these doomsday posts specifically. Hear Hear”

          For good reason, other than doom and gloom, they are not very specific, leaving far to much to the imagination.

          Like the US is the “new Babylon” , Babylon was a city, perhaps a central cultural district but none the less no a nation.

          These paint by number prophecies, could apply to almost any situation to any area of the world.

          Just because an odd stranger strolls into town and everyone cow quits giving milk and their chickens quit laying does not mean that the stranger did it.

  • chuckb

    it’s amazing, ever since barry was elected the libers have done nothing but bad mouth him, calling for his removal, not accepting him as a bonafide american. there man loses in the primaries, now they don’t care, leave barry in irregardless of what he has done to the country, romney is even worse, they can’t put their finger on anything accept media hype, but he’s worse. he’s a self made rich man and that gives doubt to his honesty.
    their man didn’t make it so the hell with the country, from what i have read, paul was by passed at the convention for one reason, his stand on israel, they didn’t want to irritate the israeli’s and the jews in this country. the jewish lobby in the democratic party would immediately jump an use pauls speech as a propaganda turn jews away from the republican platform.
    rand paul didn’t seem to be that concerned about his father not speaking and made a terrific speech last night.
    i would vote for mickey mouse in order to remove that jack ass barry soetoro. “the vacation kid? while he and moochella are living the life of fantasy, vacations galore and wearing out the greens at the golf course, the country is looking at complete destruction, and we are just starting to see the results of his malfeasance. are you enjoying the price of gasoline? the food prices? unemployment? destruction of our medical system so we can live like the european socialist. send him back to hawaii or indonesia.

  • Steven Hardway

    I solved the whole problem by leaving the USA 8 years ago. I have never looked back and feel sorry for those of you still there. The world is a big place, vote with your feet while you still can!

    • Joy Thompson

      I can’t imagine anywhere on earth where it would be better to live than the United States of America…even with all it’s flaws.

  • Sherry Redd

    Romney is better than the Obama! If we leave Oh Bummer in than we won’t have a United State of America it will be Muslim state of Obama.

  • libertarian58

    The Hegelian Dialectic is in full force as the two “sides” of divide and conquer play out. The statists on the “left” and the statists on the “right” have successfully eliminated all the opposition (all those that defend true liberty) and given us a choice between tweedle-dum and tweedle-dee. And the lemmings follow along to their unwitting demise. . .


    I don’t know how the rest of the reader will vote, but intend to vote for Romney. Better to speed toward the cliff off fiscal doom at 90 mph with Romney at the wheel than Obama at 120 mph. Obama and Romney may be very much alike in some of their actions (not word) as actions are important, words and promises don’t count.

    i urge you to look at the trend of each person’s actions. On one hand is Mr obama, getting more reckless and arrogant with each Executive order, soon the constitution will not matter; soon the will be no civil rights or liberties, as he believes government gives those to chosen people

    On the other hand Mr. Romney has acted in a way the swings more conservative in his actions; from Romneycare to Bain, to seeking counsel from Isreal and religious leaders.

    Neither is ideal, but one is better. At least Romney has demonstrated knowing the difference between federal and state’s powers (think Romneycare vs Obamacare).

    It is also important to remember that the president does not run the country. Congress does . Don’t be blinded by the presidential race. Get out and vote in CONSEVATIVE candidates, of ANY party; they can then form blocks to move constitutional/conservative legislation and check the president (whoever he is) to stay within proper bounds and guide the country into the direction the people want, not the president. After all the president only executes Congress’s legislation, if he gets it wrong take away the money.

    I appreciate Mr. Pauls followers frustration as should all good citizens but to faciliatate another 4 years for government policies and ignoring congress, I stand corrected holding congress and the people in contempt is not a proper path. Allowing this to occur is a self destructive action, a more meaningful action would be to vote against fundamental change and progressive candidates and get others to vote the same way.

  • Bird

    Time to respond! Leave Ron Paul alone! He is too old and too late! However, give him the greatest credit for his wisdom that could be infused in turning our government around.

  • r.p.

    Sorry Sam: Your article today is spot on. But unfortunately your readers do not rate it as such. It seems that they don’t want to be told the truth but would rather have you contunue to support the collective swill that is coming out of the collective corporate crony republican party. It is my understanding that Dr. Paul is already on the ballot in all 50, so we don’t really have to write him in. When you go to the polls, just mark the box next to his name. It’s been done before.

  • Howard C.

    The lesser of two EVILS is still EVIL!!! Mitt Romney has lied to our faces and flip-flopped continuously yet you “Republicans” think he will some how stop if elected?? WAKE UP!! Here are your choices: A$$hole (A) or A$$hole (B)… So take your pick. We have all been cheated out of our wealth, health, and freedom by these corrupt scumbags that are supposed to be looking out for our best interests. The only thing standing between us and the One World Government is us. We bicker over petty differences while THEY accumulate more power and they pacify us by telling us that we have a voice by “voting”. The only thing that will save this country for our children is a Second Revolution. Only 20% of the male population was actively involved in the First Revolution and they Won!! If 20% of todays population joined together… that would make a pretty big army. I FOR ONE WILL NOT BE MADE A SLAVE!!! I WILL FIGHT TO THE DEATH!!! Food, Water, Guns, and Ammo what I’m investing in. GOD SAVE THIS COUNTRY IF YOU SEE FIT LORD, IN THE NAME OF YOUR SON JESUS CHRIST. AMEN.

  • Average Joe

    I do not believe that the GOP ever had any intention of winning this election. They have disenfranchized too many of thier supporters from the beginning of the process last year, from RP supporters, Bachman supporters,Gingrich supporters,Cain supporters and so on. They have made consessions to re-elect Obama in order to insure thier place in the food chain of the NWO. The Puppet masters have won, America has lost.This has been by design.
    Game, set, match.

    I will be casting my vote for Gary Johnson and I hope that he gets Ron Paul on board as his VP choice. That combo may actually be enough to pull in all of the disenfranchized voters ( Republicans, Democrats and Independents) and pull off a major upset and quite possibly a win. Since none of the GOP candidates cried fowl with the rule changes, I will vote a straight Libertarian/Independent ticket this time around.

    Please do not waste your time telling me that I am wasting my vote. I am voting my conscience and therefore my vote is never wasted. I am not telling you who to vote for, please don’t tell me who I need to vote for. Grow up…deal with it!

    Best Wishes,
    Good Luck,
    May God have mercy on us all

  • http://Zur Evelyn

    America is Done???
    At a time when we need Unity to Defeat this Corrupt Administration, all we get out of you is SOUR GRAPES. I BEG YOUR PARDON!! I AM NOT A “USEFUL REPUBLICAN IDIOT” I resent the tone, the smarmy self righteous “purity” of this article…giving the “Purity at all cost” Lunk Heads fodder for retreating into their thumb sucking role…If I can’t get my way, then I’ll pick up my marbles and go home. This is the 2nd stone throwing article I have responded (Is Mitt Fit?)to and I’m waiting to hear something better from this publication….after all we have so many areas of common ground….build on that. You think Rand Paul is a betrayer, but I think he lives in the real world. He can’t effect meaningful change from the position that you are taking. Who the hell wants to work with a group that continues to spit in your face. Get over it!

    Stop being so childish, it is unbecoming!!!.. all you are doing is .helping our mutual enemy gain ground they do not deserve to gain. THIS IN NOT THE TIME TO THROW STONES!!! THIS IS THE TIME TO SWALLOW YOUR EGO/PRIDE AND HELP THE REST OF US SAVE THIS COUNTRY…..AMERICA IS “NOT” GONE. KNOW WHO YOUR ENEMY IS! Ron Paul supporters are not the only people invested in restoring honor, integrity and the Constitution to this county….come on board…we all need to pull on the same rope.

    You go to war with the army you have…not the army you’d like to have.

    Angry at your divisiveness!
    Evelyn Zur
    Parker, Colorado

    • Howard C.

      This article is not about “Sour Grapes” it is about the organization and the man you plan on voting for being just as corrupt as his adversary.

  • Mike

    I am as conservative as it gets and a registered Independent. Are you folks at Personal Liberty kidding? As an engineer, I know all about principled positions and unwillingness to compromise. However, the time to fight in this election cycle is now past and we must wait and be able to fight another day. By attacking Romney/Ryan you could be setting the stage for the re-election of Comrade Obama and perhaps a Democratic House and Senate on his coat-tails.

    Have you forgotten how radical Marxists Comrades like Obama (Lenin, Stalin, Castro, etc.) deal with the opposition once they consolidate power? If so, read up on your history. What do you think will happen if Comrade Obama and his allies are able to consolidate their power and place the Supreme Court (and many other courts) firmly in liberal hands? I think that being labeled a “hater” or “hate organization” if you favor marriage between a man and a woman will be very mild.

    I don’t think that the time has come to abandon GOP candidates just because Ron Paul (who I favor) didn’t win and may be being treated roughly by the GOP mainstream. I think it is time to organize and educate in the relatively safe environment of a Romney/Ryan administration, where we would retain enough freedom to fight another day and have the opportunity to elect an administration and congress who more closely follows our Constitution. If Comrade Obama is re-elected only God knows what will happen to our country, our communities, our families, and ourselves! I think that it’s time for thought and deliberate action, not emotional knee-jerk reactions.

    As for a third party, ask Teddy Roosevelt, Ralph Nader, and Poss Perot how that worked for them. (Nader helped elect a Republican at the opposite end of his beliefs and Perot helped elect a Democrat (Bill Clinton) who was at the opposite end of his beliefs.

  • Lawrence

    I am a retired military man and have put my life in jeopardy twice in viet nam’s fake war where 58000 of our men nd millions of vietnamees were slaughtered in vain. So I still love my country and pray for it and it’s leaders every day. That said, I fear that God has turned us over for destruction because we constantly blaspheme him and take his name in vain and are killing millions of babies for our damnable convenience
    Even so come quickly LORD JESUS.

  • FedUp!

    Christopher, got a problem with whites? Geees you sure are racist! So who are we supposed to vote for? Ron Paul? Obama is out of the question!

    • Howard C.

      No vote for the wolf in sheep’s clothing and his plastic smile calling himself a “conservative”.

    • Average Joe

      FedUp! ,

      Christopher is an Atheist, Homosexual, Negro and part time Bigot, who is unapologetic concerning his views and has stated so on many occasions….but at least he is honest with those views.
      I hope that answers your question.

      Best Wishes,


        “Average Joe,” SIR, THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT.

  • Maria

    Gov Jan Brewer made a “freudian” slip when she gave endorsement to Obama. I think this is the agenda…my turn, your turn, meaning the dems and repubs are one and the same on agenda and policies they just use elections to make the people think they are voting for the person they want…and the power take turns on president and who is in charge…it is an illusion unless the people get mad and change this while we can… also they all talk of the presidency in ” terms ” of 8 years in office, just listen to both parties and the news media. so much for the constitution my friends, congress and the media and the people behind the scenes know they can do what they want because the people of this country are not paying attention.

    • deerinwater

      Jan Brewer seems to display the early signs of Alzheimer’s disease shifting in and out of reality with delusional notions about who she is and the role of government it’s self. . The Gov. could be responsible for saying and doing just about anything with little assistance from anyone.

      Jan Brewer is not the political power in the state of Arizona , she is the “face” of the power in Arizona where the largest state employer is “Government” itself. The actual power don’t want you or I to know who they are as they run a privately owned Federal”lock -up” and milk off Federal money by the number of ears they can house.

      Crime pays! for the State of Arizona. Rounding up a few hundred Mexicans to fill a few bunks and being see a “Tough of Crime” is politically correct and pays well in a state where the second largest employer is Wal-Mart.

      It kinda makes you want to race to get there, ~~ hmm?

  • Russ

    Article is right on the mark.

  • nw

    The media would have you to believe that a write-in, third party vote is a vote for the incumbent, but the way I see it, voting for R/R is not going to change the course of this government. Both parties are against capitalism and working towards socialism/fascism. I’m voicing my disgust with both parties and will vote Libertarian, Independent, or write in PERIOD

  • Centurion

    Sent to Bob Livingston today in reply to the Romney fundraising emails that I have been sent by PLD:

    I have gotten this from every conservative group to which I subscribe.


    Stop with the smarmy Romney emails. He’s a RINO and I would not vote for him or Ryan if the only other candidates on the ballot were Stalin and Hitler. The RNC and Romney have flagrantly broken rules and laws to steal the nomination and disenfranchise the people. They have proven through their words and deeds that they are corrupt and only marginally different than the current fraud in the White House. Sending me literature and emails daily only serves to further disappoint and anger me.

    Count me among the former Republicans that are looking for a new party now.

    If they are paying you to advertise for them, step up as a patriot and return the money to these neocon big government frauds.

    I don’t want to unsubscribe from all of your messages, but the Romney crap has got to stop.

    • Average Joe

      Centurion ,
      With all due respect, advertizing dollars are what help to keep PLD and many other Libertarian/ Conservative sites open, so that you and I can continue to have our voice and give our dissent.
      Asking Mr. Livingston to return those advertizing dollars is like asking him to shut down the site…thereby ending our voice. Is this what you truly want?
      I recieve these same adverts as well…. and while deleting them may be an inconvience, it certainly beats the alternative. Just because we recieve them, doesn’t mean that we must agree with them or contribute to them…just an observation.

      Best Wishes,

      • Centurion

        AJ: I get your point and appreciate it. However, I think that there should be some limits. If the KKK wanted to advertise here, should Bob accept their funds and spread their message? How about an abortion clinic? The US Communist Party? Maybe a pedophile looking for dates? I think that a group of lying, cheating people plotting the end of our nation are roughly equal in stature to these examples. Its just a little harder to see their motivation.

      • Average Joe

        Centurion ,
        Obviously that would be entirely up to Mr. Livingston. However Considering what I know of Mr. Livinston, I think he would not only have limits as to whom he would accept advertizing funds from, but also enough common sense to make the proper decision. Have you recently gotten any advertizing from the KKK (linked from this site) or seen them advertize here. Common sense is a wonderful thing to have.
        I rest my case

        Best wishes,

      • Centurion

        While I have not received any advertising from the KKK, I am disappointed to have received advertising from a cabal of corrupt criminals that are in my estimation equally as repulsive. And, that was my entire point. Common sense is indeed a wonderful thing to have. Unfortunately, it just isn’t that common!

      • Ken


        Thanks for your support and reply in my post above….I’m not linked to comments so I won’t receive any replies that are made to my comments however I’d like to say thank you for your stand. I’m not often very patient with the likes of those who post against me so in this respect I have failings but as you mentioned, I do care about others otherwise why would I say anything?

        Thank you also for all your posts and comments – I know you love our country and the people in it and feel the same sorrow that I do for all that is happening and the seeming lack of awareness in the majority.

        Your friendship is valued….thank you again.


    • Average Joe

      Centurion ,

      Considering where this conversation has and is going, I must ask….Are you simply looking for something to complain about? It certainly appears that way to me. You have a choice…delete the emails or don’t, it is that simple. To do otherwise shows your lack of commone sense…something that I pointed out above.
      At this point, you are simply Trolling…because you have nothing better to do. Just imagine how many of the “unwanted” emails that you could have deleted while sitting here writing about such an inconsequential matter….delete or don’t delete…but please…. troll elsewhere, Whining isn’t pretty…stop whining.

      Have a nice day,

  • nw

    I second that motion!!!

    • deerinwater

      Me too! but Centurion , my guess is, Bob Livingston is ill over it as he make his way to the bank. But there is and always has been a serious down-side to Capitalism.

      There is a conflict associated with all “ideology” that each of us as we pick and choose what to open or close our eyes too.

      Few of us are fooled, ~Romney is not the answer, not now, not later.

      Bob Livingston has shown us that he has some capacity for tolerance , while he might well not approve of every load his train is asked to carry. None the less, the train most still leave the station with a paying load.

  • Freedom from gov’t

    If you really want to send a message to the gov’t this would be a great way and time to do so.
    1ST find your local/state militia sign up
    2ND Buy some guns and start practicing
    3RD Join a gym
    4TH start storing food and water
    5TH start a garden as big as you can
    6TH buy some books on surviving(including chem warfare)

    You see all these and everything else we do is monitored. They know how many pairs of shoes we buy, how much rice. Get the point. If you really want to let them know that you are fed up show it in great numbers this way. They’ll draw their own conclusions and just maybe change their direction without things having to actually go to war.
    Reports showing high number increases to the list above will get them thinking and get your message across alot faster than anything else.

  • chuckb

    if gary johnson and ron paul changed their stance on drugs, the so called libertarians would lose over sixty percent of their support. the dissidents or should i say progressives would be back in the shadow of the democratic party.

    • Average Joe

      Please stop with your fein of ignorance. I have refuted you silly rhetoric on several occasions and yet…here are are again, spouting the same ignorant trash talk. Which part of : The federal government does not have the authority concerning drugs under Constitutional Authority and that the States do have that authority to govern on such matters as they see fit? other words…STOP BEING A TROLL.

      Wake up, smell the flowers and kindly…STFU….TROLL

      • Centurion

        On this you and I completely agree!

  • Jeff richards

    At this point, this election goes beyond the Republican Party or the Democrats. We are at the precipice…Either we unite now or face another 4 more years of Obama and possibly the end of America and our freedoms forever. This means, no more economy, no libertarian party, no Republican party..No liberty, and China and Russia having their will in the world because we won’t be there. What this means is the death of our country and the loss of any freedom and hope in the world. RP Supporters stand on your principles now, in this election, and lose everything.. No, voting for Romney is not the same thing.. I don’t like Romney either, but at least there is still some hope and time of getting things right. If not, our time will have run out. By allowing Obama to win, you will have voted for death.

    • Average Joe

      Jeff richards,
      I contend that you are…wrong. My opinions can be read above, I suggest you read them and visit the links posted. In the mean time, I’ll vote my conscience and you vote yours.

      Best Wishes,

      • Centurion

        This Titanic ship of state has already hit the iceberg. Water is pouring in on all decks. There may be some slight hope of saving it or the passengers and crew, but alas, neither Captain Hope and Change nor Captain Flip Flop- Etch a Sketch is up to the task.

        Captain Hope and Change’s idea is to open the bar for free drinks in the hope that everyone will like him and forget about their impending doom. Captain Flip Flop thinks that if everyone gets on one side of the ship, it will level out and miraculously stop sinking, making it unnecessary to fix the holes below the waterline to stop the flooding.

        At this point it is pointless to worry about which incompetent boob will be at the helm when the ship goes under. First Mate Biden is busy trying to tell everyone that someone threw the iceberg in front of the unsinkable ship and its therefore not their navigational error that destroyed the ship.

        Potential First Mate Ryan has a “real plan,” that is described by both sides as “radical,” to rearrange the deck chairs so that the passengers can enjoy the air on deck for 20 more minutes before they all drown.

        Only one candidate actually delivered a plan to do enough damage control to maybe save the ship and Captain Flip Flop and his gang threw that guy overboard!

        Meanwhile, the ship’s band (the lamestream media) continues to entertain us with rousing marches and silly songs so we won’t notice how cold the water around our ankles is. They say we aren’t really sinking…we….we…we are just washing the decks! Yeah, that’s the ticket! Everything will be better shortly. This was all planned to make our trip more exciting and enjoyable.

        Most of the lifeboats have departed with the Federal Reserve and other First Class owners of the ship. They left right after they figured out how to pump more water into the ship at a faster rate.

        I hope that you can swim, its a long way to shore!

      • Average Joe

        Well said, you “get it”.
        While the band plays on, I am attempting to get folks to get in the lifeboats. I am voting for Gary Johnson ( I am a Ron Paul fan and have been for many years) and hope that Mr. Johnson has the common sense to ask Ron Paul to be his running mate ( and that Ron Paul accepts). I believe that combination would be a powerful combo that will bring all of the disenfranchized voters from all persuassions into the lifeboats and save both the nation and themselves.

        Best Wishes,

        • Deborah

          Are you kidding me? Don’t you know your history? The time for a third party is NOT this election! You are a fool if you think a vot for Johnson is going to save this nation! The race is neck and neck. YOU are guaranteeing an Obama win. Its selfish morons like you who deserve everything we get if Mitt loses and Obama gets a second term.

          Did you ever hear of the greater good??? Jerk

      • Average Joe

        While I respect your right to have an opinion, that opinion is not held by many others and is after all…only “your” opinion and nothing more. In the future if you wish to make friends and win others over to your views, you may wish to reassess how you talk to them, calling names and being disrepectful will do niether for you. It only serves to show your lack of tolerance and lack of communcation skills…which also shows a lack of intelligence.

        Best Wishes,

  • Carol

    I don’t believe you fkg lefties really payed attention to what Rand Paul was talking about. But if you folks listened and payed attention to anything you would not be voting for the Communist Pig! Liberals are MORONS!

  • bill-of-rights-forever

    Perhaps if you would follow the yellow brick road you could get out of OZ and back to Kansas and the real world. All you have to do is follow the trail. Other world leaders even refer to him as a Kenyan. You know, the ones that are happy he is President, but choose to give credit to the country that he was born in. Even Kenya had it in their official legislative meeting minutes right after the election. Pull the PDF and get a trial version of Illustrator and see the layers for yourself. It’s no fluke on Youtube…you can do it yourself. People who would defend his BC to their death are the very ones that won’t even bother to look for themselves extensively. But, alas, it doesn’t matter. This is all a ruse anyway. Just another way to divide and conquer by the powers that be. Whoever ends up “Prez” in November will be the one that shows they will obediently follow the orders of those appointed over them. And the people will watch the globalist media with their fingers and toes crossed, hanging on every word, every state…for what? Nothing Changes. There are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

  • bill-of-rights-forever

    @centurion – LOVE IT!

    • SJJolly

      Centuriion: Great turn-of-phrases! All too true!

  • chuckb

    average joe, Screw you Too! there’s probably a long line waiting to do so.. “you refuted what i said”, big deal who the hell cares what you or any other progressive refutes, paul and johnson are refuted by the public and will be this election. i do agree on one thing, there isn’t any difference between barry and either paul or johnson, so you have that right. so if you get near the river, drop in.

    • Average Joe

      chuckb ,, that was an intelligent comeback….. Who are you, Pee Wee Herman? ” I know you are, but what am i?”
      Sir, I believe that your brain on a razor blade…would look like a BB rolling down an eight lane highway. Please tell me that you haven’t been breeding…if so, I pity your offspring…they are doomed.

      I guess we won’t have to worry about Artificial Intelligence taking over the world any time soon…you are living proof that Natural Stupidty will win out every time….

      Best Wishes on a full recovery….

  • Average Joe

    Paul Harvey 1965
    Please listen to this….how prophetic was this commentary?

    Yes, we are doomed

    Best wishes,

    • Deerinwater

      “Paul Harvey 1965 Please listen to this….how prophetic was this commentary? ”

      Well Average Joe, ~ yea ! but that is the very nature and at the core of the Christian Doctrine and belief. Doom is eminent and prepare yourselves! For those that do, their reward will-be found in heaven. for those that don’t, something less appealing and less comfortable.

      This has been played out for centuries and perhaps even before John the Baptist time. Repent of your evilness or perish. The carrot or the stick and every generation has heard it, time and time again.

      It’s odd how that mankind seems to hold on to notions of eternal, that it might be his if only! American is only 230 some odd years old

      Today, rather then attempt to appeal to each individual, we seemed to be attempting to apply it to a nation of people. It’s not only the individual that is doomed, but the whole nation ! We will not survive unless this or unless that. That it’s governments job to promote Godliness if the government has to kill half of it citizens to do it under some pretense of National Security.

      Under the concept of national sovereignty, the nation is superior to the individuals of which it is composed. National sovereignty can be contrasted, on the one hand, to absolutism and to other doctrines that see sovereignty as residing solely in a monarch, aristocracy, theocracy or other small elite, and on the other hand to popular sovereignty, which has more egalitarian implications.

      The relationship between the concepts of national sovereignty and citizenship is mutual. Citizens—who are not necessarily the entire populace of a territory—possess rights and have a relationship of equality to one another under the law.

      When I want to hear about God and study scripture , I do it among like minds, this is a freedom that we enjoy. We build and create students of the “Word” so they might be wise and fruitful in their lives and aid others on their path to final rewards.

      But this attempt to go wholesale with God and apply it to a nation of people quit frankly will not work very well, unless killing for God is something you are willing to carry out.

      And if you are, ~ holding public office is the very last place such a person needs to be.

      People that think along such lines , needs to clear this low bar ~ and vote their convictions of who they want for their president instead of who their party has chosen for them before they attempt to apply their understand if God Matters on the rest of the nation AND MAKING SUCH DEMANDS, when they themselves don’t possess the balls to cast a ballot of conviction.

      • Average Joe

        Deerinwater ,

        You do realize that in 1965 many of the things Mr. Harvey spoke about didn’t exist at that time…but that all have come to fruitation since…right?

        I belive that Douglas Adams had folks like you in mind when he said….

        A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof is to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools.
        Douglas Adams


        I don’t believe it. Prove it to me and I still won’t believe it.
        Douglas Adams

        Best Wishes,

        • Deerinwater

          “You do realize that in 1965 many of the things Mr. Harvey spoke about didn’t exist at that time”

          Please identify these “things” Average Joe and make some effort to support your statement. As for the rest of your condescending platitudes and inference I will forgive you and stay on topic.

          Please spell these things out that did not exist as Paul Harvey grazed into the future.

          I’m a big “prophet” fan and over the years studies many for pleasure , amusement and enlightenment so I am not attacking the vision but the effort to install someone ideas about God into the Federal government ~ any way that they can! Under any pretext.

          That “one” would come, fly under a Christian banner and claim to be a righteous has also been foretold. Has it not?

          That I question and ask for details on matter of such importance does not warrant personal attack for my great concerns.

  • Tov Rose

    I think that what the author is seeing and commenting on is simply a symptom of a larger problem that is leading this nation to the Fall of the American Babylon.You can get the book here:

  • Emmy

    WOW you are unbelieveable! You are so far out there you won’t be heard! You are not an American you are a traitor to our Country! It’s people like you that are “useful idiots” to the wrong ideals that many of our soldiers have died to protect (our freedom).

    Wake up! America is in big trouble, due to the man in the White House. As a matter of fact it is people like you who failed to Vet Him, and if you did find unfavorable reports, you helped hide them from Americans! Shame On You!

    Romney is a good man, who loves America! He is a Businessman (Obama has never held a job in his life), Romney is a Patriot! (Obama has done a lot of damage to America in four years). We can’t afford another 4 years of Obama.!
    Romney is a better choice by far. Obama didn’t work out! It’s Over! He brought terrible Change to America. I could go on and on, but I think you get the message.

    • Carl Manning

      Romney is a criminal like most of our Presidents. He is part of the Bush Sr Mafia. Obama and Clinton are also in this mafia along with Biden, Bernanke, Greenspan, Paulson, Geithner, and many Congressmen and Senators. The Vatican bank accounts and the Cayman Island accounts were just the tip of the iceberg on all of this unreported crime involving big names in our government. The evidence is overwhelming, but you’ll never find it reported in the MSM or even on most of the internet. This crime is trans-Atlantic and worldwide. Why on Earth did Michelle Obama go to Spain??? She was laundering her money further into another bank account, which all of them are doing. You will find the truth here although it may take you a while as there are 47 reports by the White Hats detectives who are tracking this illicit money and international crime…

    • Carl Manning

      GOP & MSM CIA-sanctioned Kool-Aid: “Our soldiers died to protect our freedom.”

      THE TRUTH: Our soldiers died to protect the government’s (CIA’s)official lie and false-flag of 911.

      I do not say this lightly. I am an ex-military man myself. I say iot because I am concerned for my brothers-in-Arms dying for no more than a viciously evil LIE. Please educate yourself and spread the word if you truly love this country.

      • Average Joe

        Carl Manning ,
        Once again sir, Thank you!

        Best Wishes,

      • Freedom from gov’t

        I feel the same way Carl. For some reason the people here who obviously pay attention to what is going on yet some how don’t see the picture for what it really is. Blinders? Denial? Sleepy? I’m not sure. What is it going to take.. Your children, grand children, or great grand children being beaten and violated while they make you watch. Surrounded by guns each one waiting to take their shot. Come on people, it’s over. Has been for at least twenty years. When the gov’t sold out our jobs and allowed companies to go overseas is when they knew it was only a matter of time. They seen it as unsustainable then. Thats why they did it and alot of other f’d up crap since then. The rest of this ride just gets worse. We now belong to the UN and whatever they decide to do with us. Our gov’t is done! Completely sold out! If you wait for the day they come knocking on your day it’s gonna be too late!!!

  • 4204life

    Democratic/Republican parties are subservient to the ZIONIST. The people who support them unwittingly could be best descibed as SADIST. The (S)ychophantic (A)rrested (D)evelopment (I)gnorant (S)tormtroopers of (D)eath!

  • chuckb

    some of these paul and johnson supporters are nothing but shills for barry, they profess a libertarian point of view, denigrate romney saying there’s no difference between him and barry. so you might as well not vote for romney. these people are progressives, they use name calling as part of their attempt to shut up any opposition. don’t be mislead.

    • Average Joe

      chuckb ,
      Once again chuckles, your powers of deduction and reason astound me…..not!

      In the future, you may wish to use that thing on your shoulders…as something other than a Hat rack….

      Have a wonderful day sir…contemplating your navel…….


      • chuckb

        joey, your wasting your time watching those whacko video’s, and these people that support your mindset are like lemmings, you and the conspiracy crowd can cry in november. pauls not going to upset anyone, johnson couldn’t impress anyone except people like you. thank god there is not many.
        after reading what some of these paul supporters are saying, maybe your right, barry might as well stay in the white house, we couldn’t be any more worse off.

      • Average Joe


        As usual. you show your ignorance. It is obvious that you didn’t watch the video at all. For if you had, you would know that the views expressed,,,were from the mouths of Obama and Romney themselves…. Nothing expressed or implied from anyone else. Face it, you are simply a troll looking for an argument . …either that or a complete idiot…I am guessing a bit of both. I wouldn’t want you to learn anything that goes against your beliefs, because that would probably give you a deeper brain freeze than you already have. So, in parting, I will allow you to continue on with your mindless bantor …impressing nobody but yourself.

        Go back to contemplating your belly button…since anything else would scare you way too much…have a wonderful life in your parents basement. If ignorance is bliss, you have got to be the happiest person on the planet.
        Good day to you O’ foolish one.


    • Deerinwater

      Chuck, what would you call people that fail to be loyal to their convictions at the moment that it counted the most?

      I would call them weak in their convictions. I’d call them selling out on the cheap. I would call them people of “convince” , void mud , mortar and brick.

  • Carl Manning

    Excellent article – unbridled TRUTH is never popular with idiots like the Neocon nutjobs still drunk on the GOP Kool-Aid and the MSM Imperial Police State Propaganda based on the lie of 911 and many other lies. So many useful idiots still voting for the GOP wouldn’t know the Constitution if it hit them right between the eyes. They’d just assume it’s another piece of toilet tissue like the crap and crap sandwiches they continue to put in office. Four years from now, America will be an unrecognizeable economic 3rd World wasteland with a bankrupt government, a severely devalued currency, epidemic unemployment, empty barren malls, starvation, unprecedented crime, and still these same useful idiots voting for the GOP to send more and more of their jobs overseas to please their Wall Street masters until the market falls flat on its face; the Wall Street fatcats take their fortunes overseas; and leave these same useful idiots to spend the rest of their days wondering how they could have been so damn stupid for so damn long.

  • Carl Manning

    America truly is DONE. Ron Paul was God’s last offering of sanity to an insane electorate that cares no more for its Constitution or for fiscal sanity, a Sheeple comfortable in their own ignorance, comfortable in emotional thought, incapable of rational thought, and eternally suffering from chronic amnesia. The American People suffer from Battered Wife Syndrome when it comes to the GOP. Having Presidential elections every 4 years gives these useful idiots time to conveniently forget the litany of abuses against our civil rights and fiscal security. Combatting evil governments requires due diligence. The American People have proven that they deserve the chains they have grown comfortable with by complacence in voting for ther lesser of two evils time and time again, conceding their freedoms away to the evil powers that be who are stealing them blind and creating a police state with every un-Constitutional means they can think of based on the tremendously evil lie of 911 perpetrated by none other than the government itself.

    • Average Joe

      Carl Manning ,
      Both of your above posts are well stated and to the point. Glad to see another person here actually gets it.
      Thank you so much!

      Best Wishes,

  • Avery McClellan

    Sam Rolley-are you kidding me? None of us are jacked up about Romney. No one has deceived themselves to think he will “restore liberty”. But let us be realistic… this point NOTHING…and I mean NOTHING could be worse than what we have. Romney maybe as bad…but there is no way in hell he could be worse. AND …and…there is a real shot he could be a little better. It is the lesser of two evils as it has been for at least 50 years. Get over it Sam. I don’t like it….you don’t like it…but that’s the way it is. So either vote for Romney or waste your vote being “principled” and write in some loser that can NOT….I re-iterate CAN NOT WIN… or STAY HOME. I really don’t give a [expletive deleted]. BUT PLEASE GOD!…PLEEEEEEASE don’t tell me you are going to vote for Obama.

  • Carl Manning

    Like all drunken sailor spending sprees, the partying is fun if not even exhilarating, but eventually the money runs out and the hangover sets in. If there is no daddy or mommy’s money to get you over the hump, you wind up on the street. When the government’s out of money, many will be literally ON THE STREET STARVING. All of these GOP idiots are cheering on Paul Ryan, the idiot the MSM and TALK RADIO has convinced you is a “BUDGET HAWK” (Man, was that a whopper!)whose budget would finally be balanced in 28 years, which for you idiots means NEVER in political reality as opposed to the political fairytale you’re living in!!! If Romney wins, he might go all the way to 2020. WILL YOU THEN FINALLY SEE 20/20 in 2020 after your nation is utterly destroyed HOW YOU HAVE DESTROYED YOUR COUNTRY by giving credence to the evil of their endless lies, Constitutional TREASON, and financial treason and insanity???

    • Deerinwater

      I like ! ~ “!!! If Romney wins, he might go all the way to 2020. WILL YOU THEN FINALLY SEE 20/20 in 2020 after your nation is utterly destroyed HOW YOU HAVE DESTROYED YOUR COUNTRY by giving credence to the evil of their endless lies, Constitutional TREASON, and financial treason and insanity???”

      Powerful summary! Excellent delivery.

  • Carl Manning

    Let’s get this straight: In 2008, the RINO GOP Establishment, true to form, ran a moderate Neocon nutjob, John McShamnesty, who predictably lost. What did the GOP Establishment conclude from this??? WELL, MAYBE WE SHOULD HAVE PICKED MITT INSTEAD BECAUSE HE’S MORE MODERATE!!!
    The GOP ESTABLISHMENT, as Rush Bimbo even finally admitted on air yesterday, DESPISES the TEA Parties and despises Conservatives and Constitutionalists. The GOP deplores fiscal sanity and the grassroots. They demonstrated this emphatically with their own RNC Convention this go-round and throughout the primaries and caucuses with tyrannical shenanigans a la the DNC Convention of 2008, which blocked California’s votes for Hillary from the floor, giving Obama illicitly the Democratic party’s nomination. The GOP has embraced tyranny with all of the legislation they have passed greenlighting the destruction of the Bill of Rights. They have done absolutely NOTHING to earn our vote. Continuing to vote for these criminals only convinces them that you want more of the same endless insanity. Hell, even not voting for them, as with McShamnesty’s loss, still convinces them to embrace further insanity. I’m already wondering just what kind of Liberal Socialist candidate will the GOP put up next go-round if we don’t already have martial law and a dictatorship??? What will they conclude if Romney loses??? They will, of course, blame it on Ron Paul and seek to once again eliminate abortion from their platform and embrace gay marriage. The GOP has proven ever since Reagan that they will NEVER allow any GENUINE Conservatives whatsoever anywhere near the ticket. The GOP has proven like the Whigs that they have outlived their usefulness to the American People. Even Sarah Palin recently pointed this out to some degree, actually mentioning the possible necessity of a third party if the GOP refuses to honor the planks in its platform, which I might add it routinely refuses to honor ALL THE TIME. Conservatives and Constitutionalists are tired of living in the slave quarters of the RNC plantation. We must have an Emancipation Proclamation of sorts in a Third Party that will scare the living daylights out of the Republican and Democratic Party Mafia Establishment. Only a Third Party can bring the TRUTH to light in the District of Criminals, but it must be accompanied by a TRULY Conservative media to get out the message.

  • chuckb

    average joe, i do enjoy agitating people like you, however, if you have noticed i mostly refrain from calling people names or even ridiculing, i do my best to hold back, some time i do slip when the conversation gets out of hand. only a coward hurls insults when they know there’s no danger of retaliation. if we were face to face i have a feeling there would be less of that. i really have no animosity towards ron paul, he’s an old man like me and he should retire, johnson is a poor example of a politician and i believe his following consists mainly of the drug crowd and conspiratist, i agree with some of what both say, yet they are not going anywhere and to think otherwise is foolish.
    i do not live in my parents basement, it would be nice to be able to do that once more, i am a veteran of ww2 ang have lived a long life, i’ve seen politicians come and go and once courted the birch society, they also believed in a lot of the conspiracy theories, maybe there’s something to it, yet, i can’t bring myself around to thinking all these polkiticians do is meet with the bilderbergers and plot to overthrow the united states. i do believe barry would like to be king, i think his mentality conjures these thoughts. so in the future if you hve something to say to me please do so, but, keep your insults to yourself.
    p.s. you are right on one thing, my english does need a little polish.

    • Deerinwater

      I think most of us has room for improvement Chuck, Hey, this is not our second or third job, we are not getting paid and make no claims of being literary professionals.

      It’s 6:59am and it;’s boots and saddles around here, ~ time to head em up and move em out.

      Have a great day, ~~

  • http://libertyAlerts mark

    Christopher Allen Horton, you’re right on the money with the analysis



  • Mountain Saint

    If this nation doesn’t return to God soon, it is finished as a nation. …I don’t see any spiritual revival in the churches (Revelation 3:14-19). We have already lost two generations (X and Y) and today less than one-half of one percent of our young people have a biblical worldview (2 Timothy 3:1-5, 13). ..And, to top it all, both presidential candidates are cultists (serving strange gods) and Marxists (Obama a Communist and Romney a Socialist), Neither man has the solutions to our problems…..I have looked in back of the book (Bible) and saw that the United States will not be a super power, let alone a nation, in the End Time. America will have been nuked out of existence by the Russians in a few years (Ezekiel 39:6, Jeremiah 25:32-33 and Revelation 6:4,8).

  • ROGER, Irish-Canadian LIBERTARIAN

    My American friends PLEASE REMEMBER when you vote you are CONSENTING to BE GOVERNED. A vote for the “Lesser Evil” is a VOTE FOR EVIL. If you are Libertarian it is better NOT to vote if you cannot vote for a Libertarian. By NOT VOTING you are telling the Governmen eelctedt you DO NOT CONSENT to be Governed. I do not vote in Canada because I refuse to CONSENT to Criminals governing me.

  • Pingback: Mario Piperni: The Republican Convention – Lies, Deception and Clint Eastwood « The Fifth Column

  • Robert Rashbrooke

    Sam’s penultimate paragraph summed it up succinctly! One has to wonder at the mentality of the thousands there clapping and hoo-haa’ing as if they were at a pop concert. presumably oblivious as to Mitt’s and Paul’s duplicity. There is NO hope there.

    I would also like to reply to Jeff Richards – do you really think that the 5% of the world’s population called Americans are the only upright, honest, caring, educated, knowing and percipitous people around and that they have some inherent right to dictate to the other 95% of the people, something you will not allow them to do to you.

    Do not the Chinese and the Indian and Brazilian et al, people have any right to be of equal importance to Americans in the grand scheme of things, or do you want to go back to Cold War days and be the world’s dictator. It was THAT attitude that caused so many of the world’s population to dislike you, not individually but as a collective governed nation, and ultimately brought about the demise of your “leading nation” reputation.

  • epiminondas

    Let’s be realistic about who owns this nation. It isn’t you or I. And why should any of us be afraid of the Democrat party when the great-grandson of John D. Rockefeller is today a senator from W. Virginia? (He is chairman of the senate commerce committee.) If wealthy liberals aren’t afraid of Obama, then neither am I. And if we Americans go over the falls, we’ll take the rich with us. And that means wealthy, liberal Republicans along with the other lemmings. And besides, I’m getting to old to care any more.


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