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America Goes South

June 25, 2013 by  

America Goes South

By the time you read this, our redoubtable defenders of freedom in the U.S. Senate will have voted on whether to turn the illegal immigration spigot from “steady stream” to “build an ark.” Though my deadline arrived before the vote on the nearly 1200-page behemoth of bureaucracy, I doubt I’m treading on thin ice by guessing the Senate voted “si.”

Of course in doing so, the vaunted 100 is essentially telling those of us who’ve been paying them those fabulous six-figure salaries: “Vaya con Dios.” Putting aside the ludicrous attempts by amnesty fans to smear amnesty opponents as racist and the rather obvious desire of the Democrats to fill the voter rolls with 30 million or so of the best ballots Obamaphones can buy, take a moment to consider the total impact of granting unearned citizenship to millions of illegal aliens.

In the sort of coincidence that would make a bad sitcom writer sweaty, our new neighbors will be swarming out from under the refrigerator of illegal alien status at nearly the same moment the abominable Obamacare begins dismantling our healthcare system from the inside out. With Obamacare — about which virtually every statement President Barack Obama and his accomplices made was an outright lie — already thinning the ranks of physicians and jacking up premiums nationwide, the influx of newly legal consumers by the burro-load will kick the legs out of an already wobbly operating table. More people + fewer providers = a personal injury lawyer’s fantasyland. And as pretty much everyone with a soul knows, a personal injury lawyer’s fantasyland is a nightmare for the rest of us.

One of the talking points the Democrats and their weak-kneed Republican enablers have deployed in a an effort to distract from the ill-conceived idea of granting amnesty to illegal aliens entails demanding a renewal of investment in a supposedly crumbling national infrastructure. I’m certainly a fan of bridges not crumbling while I’m driving across them, but I hardly see how adding every Tomas, Diego and Hernando in the Western Hemisphere to the traffic load on the 405 will help.

One would presume that the newest members of the potential workforce might want food, clothing and shelter. Either they’ll get it by pursuing jobs that don’t involve trimming the hedges at Stephen Spielberg’s Malibu estate, or they’ll follow their fellow low-information Democratic voters onto the welfare rolls. As a result, either competition for jobs will progress from the usual permanent recession Obama has imposed on the Nation, or the average taxpayer will be forced to carry an even heavier burden of layabouts and loafers. On top of that, the appetite of a government expanded to meet the requirements of a 10 percent jump in the legal population will grow exponentially larger, demanding an ever-expanding portion of the legitimate workforce’s paycheck.

Beyond taking a wrecking ball to America’s healthcare, infrastructure and economy, the flood of illegal aliens will exact a massive toll across the board. Imagine millions upon millions more schoolchildren, teenage drivers, customers at the grocery store and senior citizens vying for the early-bird special at the Kountry Kookin’ Kitchen buffet.

One way or another, by granting illegal aliens and illegal aliens-to-be a free pass to the front of the line, our Senators guarantee we all end up begging for scraps from the government that chained us up in the first place.

On the plus side, there’s likely to be real estate going cheap in Mexico.

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • IsThisAmerica

    Yeah millions of uninsured drivers. The burden will be on the American Citizens for everything including teaching them english which they don’t want to learn. They expect us to speak spanish. I know for fact about this as my local pharmacy puts out ads over the intercom in spanish. So do some of the stores here. I get gobs of spanish written ads from stores in my mail. They go around putting flyers on cars written in spanish. I keep asking myself when I transported to Mexico. Enough already! Learn english if your going to stay here. Next thing I know I’ll be getting emails for things in spanish, boy I hope not. I’m fed up with it. The thing about it is we can’t go to Mexico and demand what they demand from us here. We can’t own property there. Why should we just hand everything to them on a silver platter? Well we’ve just about handed the south west to them. Mexico Norte! Obama is just gonna give them whatever they want because he feels so sorry for them because you know according to him we are why Mexico has so many problems. Yeah go figure. Both hard head senators from Arizona are gung ho on the amnesty bill but that’s not what they preached to get elected. Hope for a recall on them. I’m first in line to sign. Wish we could recall Obama or get him impeached. Canada isn’t invading us. Maybe because they are civilized and live with laws like us.

  • Lloyd Fisher

    Out of all the posts/comments/diatribes I have read in WAY too many sites I have not seen any that seem to be from our black brothers/sisters. Where is the black outrage over this immigration nonsense? A double-digit unemployment rate is most certainly NOT going to improve with an influx of several million more competitors for whatever jobs are out there. Que pasa?

  • village idiot

    I seriously doubt that voters actually realize the situation that they place themselves in when they place their thumbprint ( some do sign ) on a ballot paper. For those who voted for this empty suit- Go right ahead and vote your very existence into oblivion, whatever makes you happy! or maybe you can start to think? Your choice, your freedom, your life! Oh sorry, I forgot, people who get freebies all the time are devoid of thought, at least of any sensible thought.

  • hungry4food

    Obama will give them Cars and Phones and money for their vote next
    year to Take back the House and finalize the fundamental Transformation
    of the U.S.A. !!!!!!

    They have been Planning for this time for a
    Very Long Time . See the way the Web Of Political power has been woven
    into the fabric of society to create the culture to get out the vote and finance that operation .
    In the next 2 links it lays out the connections of the organizations that are driving the Progressive Agenda for Fundamentally Transforming the U.S.A. !!!

    • wandamurline

      The Republic given us by our forefathers called the United States of America died on January 8, 2008 when the communist/socialist/muslim/ineligible took his oath of office that he never intended to uphold. He is the puppet for people like Soros who will become even richer when the dollar collaspes. This last amnesty will finish off what they started…it will overload our economy. Bernake cannot continue to print money to hold up the dollar or continue to manipulate the gold and silver market…he knows it is unsustainable, as is the welfare state for the imbeciles who vote and know nothing about which they are casting the vote except that they get a phone…and they get a phone that has about 1200 minutes, texting and the internet. I don’t even have the internet, it is too expensive…and all of this for emergencies? So they can call 911? Bull. Right now, we have become Austria in 1929….they too voted for Hitler (Obama) to run their country, and within three years, they had their guns confiscated, their freedoms trashed, and in the end many ended up in concentration camps. The only thing we still have is our guns and we must fight to keep them, because if we lose the ability to defend ourselves from a tyrannical government (NSA, IRS, DHS, CIA, DOJ, EPA, TSA, FBI) we will become servants of the establishment. Useful idiots have enabled this administration….hope that they like the outcome when their freebies dry up.

      • mark

        At least get your basic historical dates and facts right. The Nazis took over Austria in 1938 not 1929. It already had strict gun laws and very low gun ownership rates long before the Nazis took it over in an armed invasion linked to a fraudulent, rigged plebiscite in which a ridiculously 99.7% “voted” for annexation to Germany.

        • wandamurline

          You are correct on the date…sorry, I hit the wrong button, but a survivor of Austria made the statements and I believe that she knows more about what happened than the tainted history books we now have. She and her family lost everything and she lost her parents to the Nazi regime….look around, America is in trouble and people need to wake up before it is too late.

      • me

        Hopefully it won’t come down to guns. The elgible voters who don’t care enough to get off their buts and vote could make the difference. Owebunhole wants the House of Representitives back in Democtatic hands so he can get back to the ruination of this country with no opposition. He had a democratic majority when he pushed thru Owebunhole care. If the uncaring start caring about their future they’ll keep the house republican and take away the democraic Senate majority. thats what makes checks and balances in government.

      • hungry4food

        They sooo been planning this for soooo long , check this out it adds to the whole way they started and are still being allowed to corrupt the system , WHY is the Question Why is this happening ????? Where is the JUSTICE ????

        And New Party….Obama ran in 1996 on dual party
        Democrat/New Party in 1996. (New Party evolved to Working Families Party, which
        began the Occupy movement.) The running on dual party lines was found
        unconstitutional when that was challenged. But, Elizabeth Colbert Busch’s name
        was listed not only on the Dem ticket, but also the Working Families Party
        Ticket! Colbert-Busch is the sister of Stephen Colbert, of Conservative Bashing

        New Party Ticket 1996

        Elizabeth Colbert Busch to appear on South Carolina ballot twice

        If the Houses passes this Bill it will destroy
        any hopes to restore a balance in Constitutional order and create a Beggar
        Society of SURFS that the Government will not be able to SERVE in any policy
        structure that sustains the Sovereignty of the U.S.A !!!

  • Native Blood

    The proponents of NAFTA has planned this breach of sovereignty for well over a decade and (according to them) we are well behind schedule. This is going to happen swiftly and many changes are about to befall us like a ton of bricks. The Charade going on in the senate is part of the transition to making the southern border disappear and unifying the entire northern and southern continents as one entity with one central bank and government. No voting will change this, it is an agreement and contract made by our owners and your hell is about to begin. Viva La Cu ca Rachas. Vaya con Diablos!!

  • rbrooks

    thanks go to reagan for showing the way. we have to thank the gop and all of their supporters for helping to eliminate unions and labor laws.a big thanks to little bush for allowing immigrants to receive food stamps.
    without your support for low wage policy’s this could have never been accomplished.
    and now, time to blame the other guys. lol.

    • speedle

      What?? Maybe you should be “thanking” your “unions” for getting Obama and his gangsters elected because that insured this amnesty mess would come to this.

      Besides, I’m not sure which is the most damaging to the American economy, hordes of illegals, or unions and their self serving political power. We’ll call it a draw in honor of your asinine post.

      • rbrooks

        keep blaming others for what you have done.

        hordes of cheap labor immigrants is a specialty of the gop.

        what is really amusing is how many of you are ignorant of which party favors it and why.

        • Frank Kahn

          Please, do enlighten us.

          WHO WANTS IT?

          I remember a certain president calling for immediate immigration reform, that has a path to citizenship, for those millions of ILLEGAL ALIENS. I also recall hearing Mr. VP saying that we should give amnesty because it was the Christian thing to do. The leader of DHS says the border is secured so give them all amnesty. I am looking for a record of which democrat is really against this amnesty bill. So, I find it difficult to accept your assertion that this is a GOP thing, looks like the DNC is pushing it really hard.

          WHY IS IT WANTED?
          Here we have a perception problem, conservatives see the trends of the Mexican voters, and liberals see a warm cuddly anti-racism goal.

          You, however, see the GOP stand against unions as proof that they want low income immigrants. Being anti-union is not the same as pro-illegal-alien-immigrants.

          Conservatives see what is bad for the nation in this, liberals see what is good for the Mexicans and their party.

          Conservatives want to stop the insane influx of low-information, low-experienced, non-working welfare citizens. Liberals, who believe in government hand outs, want to welcome this type of immigrant because they always vote for the liberals.

          At this point, it does not matter who started it, it needs

          to stop. This new round of amnesty is very bad for our nations economy. We don’t have jobs for the legal citizens, adding 30 million new workers is just insane.

          • annette

            You are so right Frank.

          • rbrooks

            conservatives love their corporate hand outs. those corporations love those low wage employees.

            the perception problem is you believing liberals & democrats are the problem. seems to be a common problem with the majority of posters on this site.

            the democrats could have never accomplished this by them selves.

            it does matter who is responsible. until you folks figure that out, you will keep voting the same old crooks into office.

          • Frank Kahn

            You have a serious problem with reality don’t you. I have always said that the problem is with both sides of the right vs left, liberal vs conservative divide. It is you that insists on making it an all or nothing accusation.

            “conservatives love their corporate hand outs. those corporations love those low wage employees. ”

            And liberals love their welfare handouts, so what is your point? Naturally, a business looks for ways to reduce the cost of production, that is natural and good for the economy. If true market forces were allowed to set the wages, this would also be a natural balance and good for the economy. However, unions force major increases in compensation, far above what the market will produce, this causes inflation which is bad for the economy. Liberals pushing of unions has created the need for corporations to look for lower wage workers, so who is the cause of this problem?

            “the perception problem is you believing liberals & democrats are the problem. seems to be a common problem with the majority of posters on this site.”

            If you are addressing me, then I say that liberals (democrats) are A PROBLEM not THE PROBLEM. Any agenda, that they push, that is bad for our citizens or the economy is a problem.

            “the democrats could have never accomplished this by them selves. ”

            Again, if you are addressing me, I never said they did.

            “it does matter who is responsible. until you folks figure that out, you will keep voting the same old crooks into office.”

            Two wrong ideas here.

            NO, “it does not matter who started it” was what I said. That is not even close to “who is responsible”. The democrats started the KKK, so they were RESPONSIBLE for its creation, that does not make them PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE for what it does now.

            I agree with you on the second half, but you won’t like my reasoning. Bad policies, which may have been started by conservatives, are currently being supported by members of the GOP, while the liberals are continuing and expanding them. Since some members of the GOP are assisting the liberals, it is partly their responsibility. However, since the liberals are now in charge, and continuing these policies, they are also responsible. So, as long as the democrats keep voting in the same old crooks, for the GOP to support, we will keep having the same problems. So, you see, your liberal crooks are no better than the so-called conservative crooks. Both are bad, and need to be removed from office.

          • rbrooks

            i see very few who even realise that we have corporate welfare.

            one of the interesting aspects of the neo socialist policy. low wage employees are not customers. low wage part time employees are not customers.

            business’ forgot about the customer base when they decided to embrace low wages to increase their profits.

            govt forgot about the lower taxes that would be collected from low wage employees.

            history shows that business’ will not, as a rule, pay a fair or decent wage, provide a safe work place or benefits. which is how labor laws and unions came into existence to begin with.

            eliminating unions has always been easy. simply use labor laws. increase the minimum wage. bring back over time. etc.

            liberals are not in charge. we have a lame duck congress.

            So, you see, your liberal crooks are no better than the so-called conservative crooks.<<

            so-called? well, some would argue so-called liberals. does it really matter.

            most of those posting on this site, see the democrats as the only problem. the authors have the same problem.

          • Frank Kahn

            Sometimes my replies get lengthy, because it is impossible to give sufficient facts to support a claim.

            “i see very few who even realise that we have corporate welfare. ”

            And I see very few liberals who see we have public sector jobs welfare. Just because we don’t discuss it doesn’t mean that we are not aware of it. There is major, what you call corporate welfare, in the farm subsidies. I don’t usually talk about it, but I have been aware of it for several decades. This type of subsidy not only gives extra money to large farm / agribusiness, it also hurts the economy by causing food price inflation.

            “one of the interesting aspects of the neo socialist policy. low wage employees are not customers. low wage part time employees are not
            customers. ”

            Not quite true, they are customers, just not as prolific in their purchasing power.

            “business’ forgot about the customer base when they decided to embrace low wages to increase their profits.”

            And, union workers forgot their non-union neighbors ability to purchase when they forced the price of products up by demanding outrageous pay and benefit packages.

            “govt forgot about the lower taxes that would be collected from low wage employees. ”

            Increasing the labor pool, without increasing the jobs available, will decrease the wages of workers too. So, bringing a new 30 million immigrant work force here is bad for tax revenue also.

            “history shows that business’ will not, as a rule, pay a fair or decent wage, provide a safe work place or benefits. which is how labor laws and unions came into existence to begin with.”

            History shows that unions don’t give a hoot about fair and decent wages, it is about getting as much as you can. It also shows that they are willing to do anything, up to and including physical violence and killing to get what they want. History shows that unions have a negative effect on the economy by causing inflation. Work place safety is now a matter of law, so unions are not responsible for or needed for that aspect.

            “eliminating unions has always been easy. simply use labor laws. increase the minimum wage. bring back over time. etc.”

            Eliminating unions is neither simple or easy. It almost always involves government intervention. You basically need to have a right to work law passed to eliminate the stranglehold of unions on business. And, raising the minimum wage is similar to union wage demands, it does not help the worker or the economy.

            “liberals are not in charge. we have a lame duck congress.”

            Actually they are not lame duck yet, but even if that was true, they have been that way for almost 6 years.

            “So, you see, your liberal crooks are no better than the so-called conservative crooks.<<
            so-called? well, some would argue so-called liberals. does it really matter. "

            It does matter, since most of the GOP members that support the democrats are not really conservatives.

            "most of those posting on this site, see the democrats as the only problem. the authors have the same problem."

            Many things they are pushing right now are big problems, so it is easy to view them as the main concern at this time.

          • rbrooks

            i agree with much of what you posted.

            i would disagree with the view that liberals are unaware of public jobs welfare. or the implication that conservatives are aware of that.

            we have been manipulating the labor pool since reagans wonderful amnesty and his increase in lottery numbers. every administration since has followed that plan. it has been detrimental since the very first.

            many of the things that this administration is pushing is nothing more than an escalation of previous policy.

            it is a bit late to whine about this particular administrations handling of past accepted, and even supported, policy’s.

            we have a gop held house and a democrat held senate. and it has been that way for 6 years.

            i would say we do not have any conservatives or liberals in congress.

            what we really have are children in congress who do not believe that have the be accountable to the public.

            in my opinion, the last decent president was ike. who was a ‘compassionate conservative’. he couldn’t even get on the ticket today.

          • rbrooks

            you need to read a bit more about the over all history of unions. they
            did play a positive role at one time. they no longer serve that role. the only reason they still exist is the lack of better labor laws.

            raising the minimum wage would drive the economy.

            a better solution would be to stop the work visas programs. rescind current work visas’. require citizenship to hold employment.

            i would also impose tariffs and import fees to off set the foreign govt. subsidization of those goods that have created an unfair pricing that american company’s try to compete against.

            if low wages were really the answer, then all involved would demand lower wages. not just for others, but for themselves as well.

            all we have at this point, is a small group who demands that everyone else accept less, so they can have more. their supporters dwindle as more of the supporters are being included in the low wages.

            even old rush limbaugh stated that minimum wage should be 50k a year in order to keep up with the cost of living and provide a decent standard of living.

            we have tried the part time minimal wage policy for about 30 years. how is that working. if you support that, then you must support increasing the potential number of low wage employees.

            if not, then we will have to eliminate that policy.

        • Don 2

          rbrooks, you should be thrilled. Amnesty for an estimated 46 million illegal aliens and their extended families, thanks to a bill from Ted Kennedy, will mean the end of the Republican party.

        • annette

          That’s what your ovomit does…..blames everyone else for the f—– up mess he has made.

    • Don 2

      Unions are killing themselves. We saw your union thugs at work in Wisconsin. Your own members are deserting the ship because they don’t want their dues going to elect Democrats, and paying huge salaries for your thug leaders. Good workers want to keep their money in their own pocket, and don’t need your unions, like the slugs and slackers do, to keep them in their jobs because they are poor performers. Stock owners who invested their money in corporations like G.M., don’t need a Chicago thug giving them 10 cents on the dollar for their stock, and then giving the company to the union.

  • Farleyagain

    If they were doing their very best to destroy this country from its foundations, what would they do differently?

    • Don 2

      That’s the Obama game plan, otherwise known as Political Jihad.

  • Farleyagain

    This article is so well written, he could have tweeted pretty much any sentence and started a long conversation.

  • gelliott

    I can’t understand why we would ever give US citizenship to anyone who has come here illegally. We should deport these people, but if we cannot find the courage to do that, the most we ought to give them is a visa to stay here so long as they abide by our laws. They should not get free healthcare or free anything else from the state for that matter. Isn’t it enough that we let them stay and work here and give automatic citizenship to each and every child they have on our soil? In my opinion, this is far more generous than we should be to them.


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