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Alzheimer’s Disease—The Curse of Modern Medicine

October 19, 2009 by  

Alzheimer’s Disease—The Curse of Modern Medicine

Alzheimer’s disease is the curse of modern medicine.

In general, Alzheimer’s is beta-amyloid accumulations in the brain tissue. Amyloid is a microscopic protein fragment of a larger protein called amyloid precursor, or protein normally found throughout the body. In Alzheimer’s disease, this protein is processed improperly, creating a substance called beta-amyloid, which is toxic to brain cells. In a healthy brain, no problem—but in Alzheimer’s disease these beta-amyloid protein fragments accumulate to form insoluble plaques.

The mechanical breakdown of cognitive function is caused by malfunction of acetylcholine, the brain’s messenger molecule.

Acetylcholine is simply a brain neurotransmitter that is responsible for numerous functions including cognition and memory. An imbalance in acetylcholine affects negatively the nerve impulse that is transmitted between nerve cells.

Trouble is, the medical people don’t have a clue as far as therapy.

We place our confidence in natural nutrition that feeds and keeps the blood thin as we age, supplements such as ginkgo biloba, garlic, niacin, EDTA and nattokinase. An extra word about ginkgo biloba; this well-known and widely used herb is not only an excellent blood thinner, it is an anti-inflammatory because of its excellent circulation capacity. These are age-old blood thinners and nutrients. They are known quantities—just like the Biblical teaching that life is in the blood. "For the life of the flesh is in the blood…the life of all flesh is in the blood." Lev. 17 11:14. Life does not begin until blood becomes present in the embryo.

A product called phosphatidylserine (PS for short) can help reverse the effects of Alzheimer’s, as reported by James F. Balch, M.D., in his newsletter, Prescription for Healthy Living.

He writes that, "As long as you have plenty of PS in your bloodstream, your body automatically builds thousands of vibrant, healthy new brain cells at any age. In fact, PS is already reversing Alzheimer’s symptoms—not just in a few individual cases, but in scores of scientific studies by major institutions involving tens-of-thousands of patients."

PS can be ordered from a company that sells nutritional supplements, such as Health Resources (

Dr. Johanna Budwig—the late German pharmacologist, chemist and physicist—discovered that the blood of a seriously ill cancer patient is deficient in certain substances and nutrients. It is lack of these nutrients that allows cancer cells to grow wild and out of control. The magic formula given in her classic book, Fats and Oils, is linseed (flax) oil mixed in a base of low-fat cottage cheese (sulphur-based proteins).

Since the brain is high fat we need balanced fat as in Dr. Budwig’s balanced fat of flax oil and low-fat cottage cheese.

Disturbance in fat metabolism (good fats) is the basis of all disease. This directly applies to heart disease and its attendant symptom of shortness of breath, according to Dr. Budwig. It is a documented fact that many people (especially heart patients) suffer from an oxygen shortage simply because they are deficient in oxygen-active lipids. Remember also that as outlined previously here, here, and here, a body slightly alkalized has much stronger oxygen carrying potential.

Bio-oxidation (oxygen sufficiency) of the cell is seriously inhibited in a malignant tumor. As bio-oxidation decreases, fermentation metabolism of the cancerous cell increases. Dr. Budwig wrote that virgin linseed oil (flax—cold-processed, unrefined, and additive-free) actually stimulates the bio-oxidation of cells and tissues and normalizes the important oxygenation processes throughout the organism. This would include the brain.

So we need the essential proteins (essential fatty acids) and the essential amino acids (proteins) which are present in low-fat cottage cheese.

Why the combination of both essential fatty acids and essential amino acids? The answer is that lipids (good fats) are only water-soluble and free-flowing when bound to protein, thus forming an electric counter pole to their protein carriers. This vitally important type of fat contains accumulated energy in its electron clouds.

The balancing of essential fats and proteins is essential to brain health as well as the entire body. For more information, read Dr. Budwig’s classic Fats and Oils.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • james baird

    My wife and I pretty much ate and did the same things for over 50 years. She has AD and I do not. Diet???????


    I’m very curious , why do women have A.D. at a much greater rate than men,at least that has been my experience. I am an herbalist from both sides of my family,my grandmother lived to be 96 on my mother’s cherokee side.and my father lived to age 98 and never saw a doctor till six weeks before he died with kidney failure,and that was by choice,he had a dialysis machine in his home,but refused to use it. yes he was “HARD HEADED” He did everything “HIS WAY” all his life,but that’s another story. I’m 73 and if I had known I was going to live this long I would have taken beter care of myself.

  • http://BobLivingstonAlternativeMedicine Michelle

    Hi Bob, I love you website and all your articles. You are atrue American.
    I have a question for you:
    Do you think that flaxseed oil and regular cottage chese would be OK?
    I don’t know anyone else that could answer that.
    And what if someone is allergic to cassein?
    The third question is: I switched to Krill oil instead of flaxseed because I heard flaxseed is pretty unstable. Is krill oil just as good as flaxseed? A lot of alternative doctors believe fish oil is superior to flaxseed.
    What is your take on that?
    Michelle from Queens

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Michelle,
      I am a big believer in krill oil. Fish oil and krill oil are much better options for essential fatty acids than flaxseed oil.
      Best wishes,

      • Richard Pawley

        Dear Michelle,
        I have read that flaxseed oil will begin going rancid 15 minutes after exposure to fresh air and I have never used it. However. I use flax meal which I keep in the fridge (Bob’s Red Mill Whole Ground). I add a heaping teaspoon to spaghetti sauce, soup, and cereal. There is no difference between golden and brown except in price. Of course the best would be to grind your own as you use it each day. That being said I take a Neptune Antarctic Krill Oil capsule each day for the past year or two (and in the winter a daily spoonful of Carlson’s lemon flavored Cod Fish Oil) Krill is the most abundant life form on earth, a virtual inexhaustible supply (whales eat two tons a day) and the antarctic krill seems to be the best of this incredibly healthy food. Make sure you use a good brand because everybody and his brother are getting into the act of selling Krill. It has no Vitamin D in and that is why I take a teaspoon of the rather good tasting lemon flavored Cod Fish Oil. Krill by the way is far superior to fish oil if you can afford it. However, everything I take (all natural vitamin mineral supplement, extra D-3, Muscadine grape seed, extra magnesium, Glucosamine and two tiny green Yaeyama Chlorella per day, is far less than health insurance (my 91 year old mom tells my 96 year old dad that if they don’t bury you for love, they will for the smell). I did get a vaccine of some sort in 1970 but I have forgotten for what. Another thing that is good if you are trying to avoid Alzheimer’s is half a cup of blueberries a day, the only food proven to build neurons in the brain. So potent is it that scientists are trying to find something in blueberries that they could patent as a drug as an Alzheimer’s preventative. Although neither of my books are about nutrition I write about it in both of them. God bless you.

    • online

      i like )))

  • Happy

    Thanks so much for another GREAT article Mr. Bob. Livingston. I am glad that I have subsribed to your letters.

    I notice that more people in western countries have more problem with DEMENTIA then in the Asian countries (where I was from).
    Such as Alzheimer’s, I believe the diets and the stress of life do bring a much higher rate

  • Merl Elton

    Alzheimers disease is genetic. It seems that women get it more often because Alz is an autoimmune, inflammatory type disease; and women get autoimmune diseases like arthritis in significantly greater numbers than men. Why women are more vulnerable to these ravages probably has something to due with hormones; as most of women’s health problems seem to hit after menopause. This being true; it would seem that doing everything right and living as healthy as possible may have a limited effect; and only forstall the inevitable. However, I am willing to make the healthy lifestyle permanent believing that it is better to err on the safer side.

  • Keith H

    This article has good information in it,but there are also other brain nutrients that enhances cognition and brain function, like Alpha lipoic acid,Acetyl l Carnitine,Q10,Taurine and a few others.Thats why foods that allows more ooxygen in the blood and brain,like wheatgrass, I think are also good for brain function along with omega3 oils.

  • Peter Hof

    I agree that people should take vitamin D3. I take Cataplex D dron Standard Process, but the amount of vitamin D3 is not stated on the label. Is Cataplex D a good way to get our daily D3? If so, how many should be taken per day?

  • RayD

    I have read the piece Re: Dr. Ludwigs cancer treatment with flaxseed oil and lowfat cottage cheese. Has anyone out there ever heard of this working on curing cancer. My wife was diagnosed with lung cancer stage 3 almost two and half years ago and it is now at stage 4. Any info on this or any other treatment that someone has knowledge that some kind of treatment actually worked please respond.
    Thank you so much.

    • Judy Evaul

      you might want to check out this site. He was diagnosed with prostate cancer with mestastisis (sp?) to the pelvic bone. He used an intensive therapy for 10 days, and the cat scan at the end of the 10 days showed no evidence of disease.

      The first person that I heard of regarding this treatment was one of 4-5 sisters who all got breast cancer except her. She routinely sipped syrup with baking soda.

      He doesn’t have anything to sell, which is refreshing.

      I get very angry because I lost my mother and both my grandmothers to cancer, and the establishment makes it very hard for people in need of a cure to find one. This protocol he uses would cost you maybe $5 total. Most people that I have talked to reject it because it seems too simple.

      Best wishes in your quest,
      Judy Evaul

    • Kim

      Dr. Johanna Bugwig -Dr. Lorraine Day both have cured cancer with slightly different methods.

      I met a man that stressed that he cured himself of cancer using Dr. Budwig’s method. He also stressed to use a small electric grinder to grind his flaxseed fresh moments before daily use. He refrigerated his flaxseed.

      Dr. Day cured herself of Breast cancer.

      Hoxie Clinic has a reputation for curing others of cancer from WAY BACK -even to the present.

  • LisC has lots of good info on healthy diet related to fighting cancer (hallelujah acres website). I think Dr. Livingstone had recommended a book. Try googling alternative cancer treatments. hope this is helpful.

  • Sharon Harbin

    Thank You

    I appreciate your website very much.


  • RayD

    Thanks much LisC


  • s c

    Controlling your ph level can’t hurt. Learning how to eat right can’t hurt (nutritionists know. MDs don’t). Staying away from sweets and stress can’t hurt. Staying away from prescription drugs can’t hurt. Rejecting the food pyramid can’t hurt.
    Creating good habits when you’re young can’t hurt. Moderation in things that tend to be bad can’t hurt (tobacco, alcohol, lack of sleep, eating as though every meal is your last).
    It would be nice if MDs would use realistic standards, instead of chasing money. It would be great if the AMA/FDA bunch relied on real science. It would be fantastic if Congress gave a damn – occasionally.
    Rely on that which gets results. Poor results infers incompetence (especially if it’s expensive and demands to be seen as ‘scientific’).
    Stick to quality food (preferably raw). Learn the difference between bs and common sense, and put no mortal on a pedestal.

  • Charles Parker


    Do you recommed a product called ‘PROCERA AVH’ By Brain Research
    Labs, LLS.

    Thank you,
    Charles Parker

  • SusieQ

    Yes, Dr. Lorraine Day has a video out (years ago) about beating breast cancer via alternative methods (much to the chagrin of her colleagues); I believe it is called “I’m not afraid of cancer anymore”.

    Also, check out Dr. Susan Lark’s work – she has written several of her newsletters about the acid/alkaline balance and how to prevent disease by properly maintaining that balance. Several of her newsletters have been about cancer cures – YES, CURES – and how the medical establishment has suppressed them because the inventors would not sell them, but rather, they wanted everyone to have the cures. By the way, they are still available. Also Helga ? has written “The Cure for All Cancers” and it is widely available in stores such as Whole Foods.

    Also, everyone, FYI, my little brother’s nurse friend has worked for over 25 years in a hospital and said she has never seen this one cancer test fail – although the insurance companies won’t pay for it because it costs too much – The test involves an injection of a sugar substance into the patient’s blood stream. The substance is tracked via some sort of CAT scan type device. Cancer LOVES sugar and apparently consumes it at least 5 times faster that regular non-cancerous cells. Our nurse friend says it lights up cancer like a light bulb – that is why the maple syrup / baking soda thing apparently works – the cancer cells suck up the maple syrup like crazy and then the baking soda “freaks” them out !!!

    Good luck and God Bless.


  • Yoka

    I was born and raised in the Netherlands we had very cold winters when I was young and my mother always made us take a Tbsp of cod liver oil every day during the winter. We hated it.
    My mother had dementia for a long time and when she fell she died soon after that. She was 95 years old and my Dad made it till 97 years. They ate very healthy everything fresh . I am worried that I will get Alzheimer since my mother had it.
    Can you tell me is there something else beside cottage cheese?
    We never had that in Europe and I hate cottage cheese but all cheeses i like.
    I never heard of krill oil before and will try to find it thanks for the tip.
    So if I understand it correctly the Flax seed oil pills I take every day is not good enough?

    Have a blessed day.

  • marie rund

    is alzheimers inherited??? my father had it,several of his family members had it,and my brother had it(he passed away) i get really scared when i can’t remember things i was told yesterday or a few days ago, or can’t find things i just put away ,etc.

    • libertytrain

      Marie Rund – I looked it up – I was curious – and you should just do some Internet searching -
      “Is Alzheimer’s disease inherited?

      “Early-onset Alzheimer’s disease (AD), which usually afflicts people in their 30′s, 40′s and 50′s, can be inherited. Three different genes appear to be involved. However, this rare form of Alzheimer’s disease has only been found in about 200 families worldwide.

      “Late-onset Alzheimer’s disease, the most common form, usually begins after age 65. The risk of this late-onset Alzheimer’s disease increases with increasing age. One allele or variant of the apolipoprotein E gene (APOE), epsilon 4 (ε4), is associated with increased risk of late-onset Alzheimer’s disease. Each of us inherits one APOE gene from each parent. There are several APOE alleles or gene variations that can be inherited. In addition to ε4, there are ε2 and ε3 alleles. The possible inherited pairings (one gene from each parent) are ε2/ε2, ε2/ε3, ε2/ε4, ε3/ε3, ε3/ε4 and ε4/ε4. The presence of at least one APOE ε4 gene increases risk from approximately 9% to approximately 29%. People with two ε4 alleles are at even greater risk of developing AD, perhaps with an earlier age of onset. There are considerable racial and ethnic differences in distribution of these pairs with 2 to 3% of the population inheriting the ε4/ε4 pairing. Importantly, some people with two ε4 alleles never get the disease and others who do develop AD do not have any ε4 alleles. Only about one-half of AD patients have one or more APOE ε4 allele genes. Detection of these genes is currently not helpful in identifying those who will and those who will not develop AD. If one has a mother, father, brother or sister with Alzheimer’s disease, there is an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease, regardless of whether or not the affected person had an APOE ε4 gene. How much of an increased risk cannot be accurately predicted.”

  • marie rund

    thank you

  • Evelyn Luis

    I have recently read (Sept. 2009) that eating 7 teaspoons of virgin coconut oil three times daily will bring about a slowdown of the brain wasting of Alzheimers. I started my husband on this coconut oil mixed with MCT oil and it seemed to be a godsend as I was about to start him on the Galantamine that was prescribed by the doctor. I did not start him on this and instead started using the virgin coconut oil mix with MCT. It worked very well but I am still very scared that he will get worst if I do not give him the prescription medication. He has a lot of memory problems and seems to want to sleep all the time although it could be from boredom or because of hearing problems. Any advice you can send my way will be greatly appreciated. He is also taking Cognitex and PS but it is getting quite expensive. Thank You.

  • Elaine

    Evelyn I heard that niacin is good to cure
    Azheimers please check it out, because I don’t know what the dosage needs to be.

    • Joyce

      A safe and effective niacin dosage seems to be 300 mgm. every 3 hours while awake. You can probably pull this up on line by typing “niacin
      therapy” in a search window. One warning though is to stay away from the time release niacin, as I found on line that liver damage can occur when you use time release niacin, but doesn’t with the regular niacin.

      I would also suggest that in starting the niacin you start with 50 mgm. and give the body time to adjust to this before increasing it.
      You should also be aware that the hot, flushing is a normal reaction to taking niacin, not an allergic reaction.

  • Joyce Duke

    Probably the two most important things here is to learn all the names they hide monosodium glutamate and aspartame (NutraSweet/Equal)under
    & try to eliminate these two neurotoxins (also known as excitotoxins because they excite the neurons of the brain and central nervous system to death) from all your foods. MSG (monosodium has many different names) and I have found canned vegetables (Glory Brand) that
    listed monosodium glutamate, hydrolyzed plant protein, and natural flavors, all of which are names MSG is hidden under in the ingredients list. Neurosurgeon Russell L Blaylock says to beware of the most deadly form of MSG [any hydrolyzed plant {corn,soy,pea,etc}] because it contains both MSG and aspartame, and kills off 2 different types of neurons.

    You should also be aware they are now spraying fruits and vegetables in the fields with monosodium glutamate.

    Even more mystifying is the fact that MSG is now added to the vaccines
    as preservative and those vaccines still have their initial preservative (thimerosal) which is a mercury derivative and mercury is
    another neurotoxin and also destroys our kidneys. Looks like they just can’t kill us off fast enough, doesn’t it?

    You will probably not be successful in eliminating all MSG/aspartame from your diet. I find ingredients of raw Tyson chicken listed as chicken and may contain up to l5% chicken broth. It doesn’t mention
    MSG but that chicken broth in that raw chicken is loaded with it.
    On Purdue (may be Pardue) raw chicken and beef you will find it list
    either the chicken or beef and both also list natural flavors or natural flavoring, so along with your raw chicken or beef, you are getting a good dose of MSG.

    Type in “names monosodium glutamate hidden under” and search. When you print them out take them to your kitchen. Read ingredients on everything in there that goes in your mouth to eat, chew or drink. This will give you a good idea of how much of these neurotoxins that Blaylock says destroys our brains you are really getting. It isn’t easy to find a condiment, salad dressing, carbonated beverage, or any processed food that isn’t loaded with one or both. The one I miss the
    most are those boullion cubes. I haven’t found one yet that isn’t loaded with them. All those frozen microwave foods made with a sauce or gravy is going to be loaded with them. Ditto for all those pizzas.

    One other source of toxins it is hard to avoid is the sodium fluoridie
    in many public water supplies.


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