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All Huffy, Joe Biden Stands By Rape Reference to GOP

October 21, 2011 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • JimH

    Rape, murder and burglery are UP under the Obama administration. Nice of Joe to be honest enough to point that out.
    If the Rep House would just give Obama $400 bil. more to squander, rape will go down? Just how does that work Joe? If the rape, murders and burglery’s were going up before the Rep’s took over the House and before this NEW jobs bill was proposed how can anyone even infer what he is accusing them of.
    Just how is that hope and change thing going for you.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Actually violent crime is down for the fourth srtaight year as reported by the FBI even when you consider there are a RECORD number of gun owners. Perhaps therein lies the reason?!?!?!?

  • Docmo

    WOW, and after nearly 40 years in law enforcement, I considered myself not much of a success? Compared to him, heck, I am in line for the Presidency.
    Thank you Mr. V P for showing the world how little you and yours have done to prevent the rise of rape, murcer and all crime. WOW.

    • contraMan

      Yeah buddy.
      I’ll keep my money FREEDOM and guns,
      you keep the change. :-)

  • Barbara Welch

    Did the VP become elected to be a buffer to “O”? When is the VP going to publish his statistics? Talk is cheap. Put your money where your mouth is, Mr Biden.

  • AJ

    Biden is a [offensive word removed]. He talks big and then runs and has his staffers shield for him.
    He’s also a putz.

  • s c

    AJ, Biden is a putz and so much more to so many people. Basically, he’s OK – as long as he never opens his semi-retarded mouth. He’s a yutz, he’s a schmuck, he’s a geek, he’s a career useful idiot and the fact that he’s lasted this long in politics is a testament to complete government corruption and the incredibly LOW standards that utopians have when it comes to electing SCUM.
    You’d think Biden’s handlers would put a zipper on his mouth. So much for handlers, eh?

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Joey Biden would NEVER allow his handlers to put a zipper on his mouth! He enjoys the flavor of shoe leather too much!!!!

  • jopa

    I just saw Joe Biden give a more than fair amount of time to the interviewer.It is true that all the bills that were blocked by the republicans, and caused the lay-offs of police produced an increase in crime.Thank you Joe for telling it like it is.How you folks can find a different interpretation of this is beyond me.

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Gee jopa, I don’t know!! Maybe it has something to do with last month’s FBI report!!! Violent crime?? DOWN!!! Get the picture???

    • DaveH

      Violent crime has been declining since 1993.
      Interestingly enough, right to carry laws have been increasing since about that same time:

    • s c

      j, your comments (especially on this one) are straight out of the Soviet Union’s useful idiot tech manual. Old Joe has been a useful idiot for years. How you can be so easily duped says much about brainwashing techniques and the seemingly endless lines of home-grown, quasiAmerican stupidity. Utterly amazing.

  • Doc Sarvis

    Good for the V.P.!
    The initial audio clip was cut off so that Vice President Biden’s setting the questioner straight was accurate and, according to police interviews I’ve seen correct.

    • DaveH

      As usual, Doc, you’re wrong. See links I posted above.

  • Clint

    Wow, do some people not understand the concept of threats and intimidation? The current administration is blatantly criminal and somehow, people can still find a reason to justify their actions. This is not a left/right issue, since both parties are manipulated by the shadow government. The only thing these sociopaths are good for is creating dissent from within and animosity abroad!
    Personally, I am ashamed of our corrupt governments actions and astonished by the apathy displayed by my fellow citizens. The social engineering done by the powers that be have worked so well, that even when they try to provoke hostilities many Americans are oblivious to the injustices that are occuring.
    This job bill is another snow job just like the patriot act was and is. They use deceptive language and fear mongering tactics to screw over the populace repeatedly. The New Deal that so many people praise and falsely give credit to for lifting Americans from the Great Depression only forced more socialist measures and limited individual freedoms. Their goals are within reach and if enough zombies keep supporting the globalist agenda soon America will lose all its sovereignty.

    • contraMan

      Well said Clint.
      That is the game plan “Bottom up, top down.” They’re counting on the stupidity of the masses.
      Unemployment high = no income for more people. What does one do when there’s no choice but to steal?
      Who’s policies is it that creates this atmosphere?
      Who is the liar?

    • DaveH

      You’re not cynical enough, Clint, lol. Read this to become more so:

  • JimH

    jopa& Doc, City police are paid for by local taxes. County, local taxes. State police, state taxes. Not federal.
    Police for the most part solve who did the crime, not prevent it.
    How does Obama squandering $400 billion PREVENT rape?
    Joe is a moron, say’s alot about those who agree with him.
    Not hindering the 2nd ammendment would do more to prevent rape than Dems extorting more money to give to public sector unions to get back in campaign contributions.

    • http://?? Joe H.


    • s c

      JimH, there are two people who are protecting Biden from becoming a part of the Fast and Furious investigation. One is the other so-and-so in the W H. The other one is a guy who thinks he’s god’s gift to law enforcement – Holder.
      What are the odds that we’ll ever have a complete investigation and all guilty parties found and arrested? Corruption, incompetence and utterly criminality are what make this administration so very ‘special,’ JimH.

      • JimH

        sc, Being someone who lives 40 miles west of Chicago, the coruption and incompetence are no big suprise.
        At the federal level we have Holder.( good name, he will put a hold on anything he doesn’t want to look into)
        At the state level the most powerful leader in the state congress is Mike Madigan. Our Attorney General is Lisa Madigan. Daddy is safe. Her head can turn away with the best of them.
        Obama started in the Illinios state senate. In Crook County you don’t go any where unless you are part of the machine. He started out there, so for him incompetence, coruption and cronyism are just how it is done. Bribes? Just another day.

  • Herbert

    Hay Biden is stragely Wong .I Live In Burton the one that Bordors Flint on the sorth East side ware is he comeing from?

  • Graystroke

    Biden is the equivalent of the ghetto crackhead wearing their drawers half-down their own crack…..the public’s tolerance of disgust continues to nose dive faster then the truth meter of the anointed One’s speeches…just absolutely classless….yet the conservative leadership GOP, Tea Party whatever…refuse to call him out and expose them or excoriate them for the lies and demagoguery that they continue to spew…

  • Graystroke

    Peaking of lies try this on for size oh and the free subscription has some really nice vid that you will not get anywhere else….

  • jopa

    Jim H; The last stimulus package sent billions of dollars to each state and that is one of the reasons we didn’t have an even bigger lay-off of police and firefighters.States were supposed to use the money for shovel ready jobs but most kept up their police and firefighters and some even balanced their budgets.So I guess we would have to say you are the moron in this discussion.

    • JimH

      jopa,Police forces were in place before O & Joe took over. The stimulus is supposed to be a one time deal. Police need to be payed next year too. Local police forces should not be dependent on federal funding.
      How come acording to Joe crime is up higher then before the stimulus, if the stimulus is what is supposed to save us?
      I’m just supposed to take your word that MOST communities used the money for police instead of shovel ready jobs. What is your source of information?
      Now all of a sudden communities that had police and fire departments for over a century all on thier own, now need O & Joe to ride to the rescue?
      $400 bil. goes to public sector union jobs. The workers pay dues. The dues come back to O& Joe as campaign contribuions. It’s really not about fighting rape.
      Joes just upset that alot of us caught on to his lie. He thought we would all just swallow the lie whole just like you did.
      I’m really not the moron in this discussion.

  • FreedomFighter

    Coming soon…

    The mechanics for “Martial law in America” is setup and can be initiated at anytime. A blanket grid is in place, not one square inch of America cannot be monitored, assets are in place to close roads, camps are in place, buses are ready, any resistance will be met with armed overwhelming deadly force.

    Obama is now ready to take complete control of America, suspend elections and become the dictator.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi


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