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Alaska Senate Race Goes In Front Of A Judge

December 10, 2010 by  

Alaska Senate race goes in front of a judgeThe battle between Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) and Tea Party candidate Joe Miller has entered the courtroom.

More than a month after votes were cast in the Alaska Senate race, no winner has officially been declared. Murkowski, the incumbent who ran as a write-in candidate, claimed victory on Nov. 17 after it was revealed by the Division of Elections that she led Miller by more than 10,000 votes.

However, CNN reports that a Federal court is not allowing the votes to be certified until a state court decides on Miller's legal challenge. His lawyers claim that ballots that have Murkowski's name misspelled should be thrown out because evaluating a "voter's intent" is against state law.

Miller, the Republican who defeated Murkowski in the GOP primary in August, is also hoping for a hand recount of all ballots. Randy DeSoto, Miller's campaign spokesman, told the news provider that this case could eventually land in front of the United States Supreme Court if state courts do not side with Miller.

Kevin Sweeney, Murkowski's campaign manager, told the news source that her camp is confident that the judge will rule that counting misspelled ballots is lawful.

According to The Washington Post, Miller has reported raising more than $241,000 since the midterm elections. It is not specified how much of that money will be used to cover his campaign's legal fees.

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  • TIME

    Saddly she will come out on top, why?

    Can you say the Court System is totaly BENT.

    • Claire

      Whatever the party, the person receiving the most votes should win. If there is hanky-panky going on, then yes, it should be challenged. Looks like there will be a lot of court cases coming up. Name spelled incorrectly? Geez, with my last name and the way it is misspelled–maybe I should take this issue to court.

      • http://yahoo richard

        if you were on the ballot as a write-in and they mis-spelled your name then you could

        • Claire

          If I were on the ballot and had 10,000 more votes than my opponent I would think I had won, wouldn’t you?

          • EddieW

            Not necessarily!! when it mis as corrupt as Mur whatever is, it’s very shaky business…Kerry actually won the Presidential election and knew it, yet bush had the political pull to cheat the election!! Look at the ungodly corrupt evil Reid in Nevada… He would have won if everyone in the state had voted against him…Remember Mayor Daly of Chicago…same thing there!!! So rigged it was not possible to vote him out!!

          • Claire

            EddieW–My comment was simply about having that many votes ahead of my opponent-I would think I did win. However, your comments are true concerning elections. Since I live in Illinois I am well aware of the Daley machine. Rahm is having problems with his “residence” issue. There are a number of candidates seeking the office of Mayor in Chicago. The next few months will prove interesting. All I can say is that I am glad I don’t have to vote for any of them.

          • Vigilant

            Eddie W,

            Sorry, the Bush-Kerry election wasn’t even close. I don’t know where you get your figures, but the official count gave Bush the victory by slightly over 3 million votes and 35 electoral votes.

          • Vigilant

            Citing Daley’s Chicago meddling does your argument no good. Kerry took all 21 electoral votes of Illinois.

          • Vigilant


            Your argument is valid. 10,000 votes is no small margin, and even though I would have preferred Miller, he doesn’t have a chance with the flimsy argument he’s posing. Common sense seems to have no room in politics (or the court room for that matter).

          • Claire

            Vigilant: Thank you for your post. I have read a few articles about Miller, and some of it is rather furtive. However, I do not care for Murkowski either. Another election where I am glad I did not have to vote.
            On a much much smaller scale, I remember a few years back, I ran for an office (dog club) and I had 37 more votes than my opponent who happened to be a very wealthy lady–a doctor’s wife. My gosh, you would have thought it was for the presidency of the United States. The lady freaked out, and demanded a re-count or another vote to be taken. I sat there totally surprised at her outburst. She was mad. Anyway the votes were re-counted and the tally ended up the same. She left the meeting. She did not attend another meeting for 3 months. Then she came back and acted like nothing ever happened and I did the same. Now, three years later, she still does not speak to me unless she has to. The irony of it all, she thought she had it in “the bag.” And I didn’t think I had a chance of a snowball in hades running against her. One never knows what can or will happen, but with politics sometimes we all know who is going to win well before the final vote is counted.

          • GQ

            If there is hanky-panky going on… NO!!!!

          • Aix Sponsa

            What about those jurisdictions that actually MISprinted a candidates name on the actual ballots? Did those people really not win?

      • john

        Doesn’t it make you wonder how she could lose so bad in the primary,which would say the people don’t want her.So she runs as a write in and the people love her.Maybe people don’t want rep or dem so,they will vote for the new party,the write in party.Sure looks and smells fishy to me.

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    I would like to see Miller win because she is nothing but a RINO, but her name is well known in Alaska, which is probably why she has won in the past. Sadly many of the American public do not keep track of voting records, and most just vote with their party they have attached themselves to, or with the name they have heard most often.

    • Bus

      If Miller beat her in the primaries then she was elected by democrats in the final election…that should tell us something about her politics.

      • barbm

        you took the words right out of my mouth. how can you beat somebody in the primary then have that person win in the general unless democrats are casting their ballot for the wolf in sheep’s clothing?

      • J.M.R.

        the cow has voted twice in the last 3 weeks with libs so that should tell people she a lying lib.

      • Nancy

        Nancy says:
        December 31, 2010 at 9:16 am
        I think there is some thing fishy here. She lost big time in the primary but won with the write in. Some thing does not smell right.

    • J.M.R.


    • ARTHUR

      in view of the name mispelled? how many people especially dignitaries can write their own name and identify it universally. do you suppose this judge has to look a second time in a mirror to know who it is? someone always seems to be a bad loser and wind up throwin rocks at the other side. sometimes a knockout punch settles the decision. Politics was once defined as the science of good government. did someone rewrite the definition?

  • newspooner

    People should be more concerned about illegal exclusion of candidates from the Ballots more than they are about the exact spelling of a name during a write-in. Massachusetts has had far more egregious cases where the Establishment politicians illegally kept the names of legally qualified candidates off the Ballot so that the voters didn’t even have a choice. And Massachusetts recounts overwhelmingly favor the Establishment candidates, beyond statistical likelihood. The right to be on the Ballot is even more important than the right to vote.

  • Ben England

    This is typical of RHINOS and Dems, cheat, lie do whatever it takes to get in office. We should give all these asses a free cruise on a naval target barge.

  • http://? lavarre

    Murkowski is a rino for sure Republican? positively not! anything we detest is hypocrisy! and washington is full of it so let’s get rid of it in Alaska.L D

  • eddie47d

    Is there proof of cheating? I rather like seeing the Tea Party squirm because if Murkowski is still ahead then it is nothing but sour grapes. A little defeat can toughen the soul and make you stronger for the next battle. I’m sure Joe Miller is a fine fellow but he should accept defeat and move on at this late date. Try again another day.

    • http://yahoo richard

      why? the rino didnt!!!!!

      • Nancy

        well said!!

    • Anita M

      It is not a sure thing that Murkowski won. If you have a rule of law and rules for voting, then you should not be allowed to change them mid-election. Otherwise, what is the point of having rules? If the law states that a name is supposed to spelled correctly, then that is the law and it should be followed, not allow intent. That’s like trying to read someone’s mind, doesn’t work.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Miller won the primary… Odd that she would win the election.

      • babybikerbabe

        No it’s not – in a primary only people of that party can vote. So Miller won when only registered Republicans had a say. The actual election includes ALL registered voters of any party. I can see Democrats specifically voting AGAINST a Tea Party candidate.

        • Nancy

          I never thought about it th at way. You are correct and the dumbocrats wanted her in because they could control her. She lets them control her.

    • Bob

      As a real American Miller can not just walk away and let a dishonest candidate steal an election and rob the Alaskan people of having the candidate they voted for. It would be a failure on his part and ours to let Murk win in this lying attempt to steal an election she has obviously, otherwise, lost.
      If losing candidates can will elections by stuffing ballot boxes with votes, all written by the same person, and claiming that they represent actual voters then we have lost the American dream indeed. Bob

      • Harold

        I agree with Bob

      • eddie47d

        Are you saying Republicans stuff ballot boxes? I thought that insult is only reserved for that “other” Party.

        • Vigilant

          No eddie, in 95% of the cases its the Dems.

    • barbm

      even Murkowski made an issue of how important it was for those writing her in to spell her name correctly. how can she stress the importance before the election then try to bypass that law after?

  • J. Patrick Wills

    Ben England speaks for me!

  • J.M.R.

    i find it real strange the cow lost the primary but wins the election

    • Paul

      I agree. Makes me wonder who twisted union or whatever arms to push out the vote for her. I am sure she is not so “wildly” popular that people would write her name in unless something under the table were being processed. Here in NY millions were funneled to Schumer and Gildebrant for their reelection and the Republicans again were overwhelmed.

    • http://MozzelaFirefox Jo

      It’s called stuffing the ballot box.

    • http://GOGGLE vaksal

      WHY should anyone be surprized,about murkowski winning,it happens all the time,look at harry reid he won in nevada when the election poll in nevada showed 14% of the nevada voters liked him,its so nice to know that the real crooks running the bogus voting system can do such an effective job at election fraud,when they can overthrow the voting polls in nevada,who can we trust? the answer is only an outhouse,for we can always leave it where it belongs,smell the stink,your votes are worthless on these two scumbags.

  • FREE

    mer cow ski, is that close enough for her to get one more?
    how many of those write in votes came out of a box in some trunk of a car?
    oh, and RINO RINO RINO!

  • http://GOGGLE vaksal

    to bad the harvard boy that ran on the tea party ticket feels the her name has to be prefectly spelled,something in the law called (intent),looks like miller is just another self serving harvard spoiled child that thinks the world spins around what ever he wants,and the hell what the voter wants,he is no tea party man,just another wolf in sheeps colthing,and to think,i once touted how honest of a canidate he was,just shows how little we know about snakes all of them even lisa murcowski.

    • RoBoTech

      Whee did you see that Miller was a Harvard Grad?
      well, it was bogus. Miller is NOT a Harvard grad. Not even close.
      It was Yale.

      • Anita M

        What’s the dif? They are both radical progressive left universities.

        • Bob

          To Anita M.
          Yeah, they are both American Universities and thus are corrupted by the Progressives (read Socialists and Communists) but Miller is also a West Point Graduate. West Point is the exact antithesis of Yale and Harvard and the students all are vetted for freedom from dishonesty and anti-American activities. It’s as hard for a lying Murk type to get into West Point as it would be for a real Patriot to be valedictorian of his class at Harvard.
          If we don’;t support true Americans when given the chance there will be no hope for us indeed. Bob

      • http://GOGGLE vaksal

        ITS,TRUE,i stand corrected.very sorry.

    • Bob

      Alaska has a law requiring that the candidates name be spelled correctly. If it’s the law it must be followed. If Murk can only win by cheating then she really isn’t a viable candidate.
      If she hadn’t cheated she wouldn’t have had a chance since she was stomped in the primary by Miller.
      I know some grew up with Murk and think that if she’s from their home town she must be all right. A lot of us, however, want a candidate who vote for conservative principles (she votes with the Socialists) and is honest (she has shown herself to be willing to cheat to win). Bob

  • Bob

    Many of the ballots from rural areas of Alaska were voted for Murk with the same identical handwriting. She knew she couldn’t win the election since she lost the primary so badly. Cheating was her only recourse. After all, she just wanted to ‘serve’. She’s a crook, liar and a cheat! Of course she should be allowed to ‘win’. She wants it so badly. Too bad a real American, war hero and totally honest man, Joe Miller, has to go thru this after winning the election.
    Alaska deserves better. Throw Murk into jail where those who tamper with elections belong! Bob


    to bad she is a sore loser. she lost the election and instead of conceding gracefully she stomped her feet and ran anyway as a write in.

    • eddie47d

      Some would say she is the come back kid. I’m sure some of you enjoy a good fight.

      • Nancy

        I am not sure you believe what you type. I think you like to cause a stir. You do it well.

  • Jeff in Ohio

    Why do they keep insisting she’s a republican when the rep. was Joe Miller? She’s an independent!!!!! or a nut job

  • Alaskasense

    Lisa lost the primary mostly because a very large percentage of her supporters assumed she would win and didn’t bother to vote, and partially because we have a closed primary in which only those registered as Republicans or Independents can vote the Republican ballot. However, losing the Republican primary only means she, or anyone, can’t run as the candidate sponsored by that party in the general election. Chosing to run as a write-in candidate is normally laughed at as impossible–the fact that she has over 10,000 more votes than MIller has now made this a target for slings and arrows by a whole lot of people who know absolutely nothing about Alaska. More important, regardless of party, integrity is a critical element of any person running for office. I realize that will create scornful responses, as there are certainly many in politics who violate that principle. However, we can only compare those running against one another. In this case, Miller showed a history of consistently violating basic integrity in favor of benefit to himself and then lying about it until it is shown to be incontrovertible, and then he tries to laugh about it and pass it off as irrelevant. Lisa had one incident that anyone could find, and believe me lots of people were searching, and she owned up and made it right immediately.
    Miller’s stated positions resonated well in some areas, and certainly in my mind. But with a well-documented history of failed integrity, how can we or anyone trust that he will change his stripes and become an upstanding representative of the people of Alaska? Not going to happen, folks, never does. Joe Miller is far from a totally honest man–in fact, we have letters signed by him admitting to lying over and over. Check Lisa’s voting record–and I mean, check with the Congressional record, not some blog. She voted with the Republicans the vast majority of the time.
    If we want real conservatives with integrity in our political leadership, we conservatives should be the first to challenge the fakes, the first to drop support of those who have failed the test, not provide unquestioning support like the voters of Harlem for Congressman Rangel. Look at the facts!

    • Harold

      Wrong she is a Rino Liberal. Check it for real and stop making things up

      • eddie47d

        Liberals don’t like Murkowski so don’t be putting her name in with ours. She is a Republican whether you like it or not.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        you just have to know if ed duuuhhhh Says it it must be true!!! NOT!!!!


    Keep your fingers crossed for Joe Miller, this is nothing more than vote manipulation out in the open. These basterds, steal our votes, screw us in courts and laugh about when they get paid by our tax money. I don’t know about you but I want a bit of retribution for all this crooked hijacking we suffer.

    “You who vote mean nothing, it is he who counts the votes that makes the decisions”…Joe Stalin

  • gracentruth

    The Alaska supreme court ruled prior to the election that all write in candidates names be written down so that voters could see how to spell all the names. A first in the state. So, no excuses -
    The Alaska state constitution is clear – name spelling, oval filled in, name in the proper apace – and the words mandatory and no exceptions. The lieutenant governor, who is in charge of the election, was appointed by Murk’s father, Frank. There are so many other “discrepancies” that you should check Miller’s website ( to follow the action.
    Joe Miller was and is the only Republican in the senate race.

    Murk said that Alaskan voters don’t care about the issues and her whole campaign was a personal attack on Miller.

    Miller wins if his campaign gets enough funding to continue the court battle. If you believe in justice and truth, help by contributing what you can, support Miller in the media and online.
    Victory for Miller, Alaskans, and all Americans.

  • Alaskasense

    Not true, gracentruth. The Lt Gov was appointed by Sean Parnell after Sarah Palin resigned and her Lt Gov, Parnell, stepped up to be governor. The Alaska constitution does not have the word “spelling” in it all, nor does it say a thing about the words being mandatory. It does say the name must be written is as it appears in the candidate filing and the oval filled in. It does not say that it has to be last name first nor first name last. It does not say it has to be spelled correctly. Look up the word “appears” in the dictionary–it is defined as “seems to be”, in the most relevant definition. Furthermore, in Alaska case law has further defined the rule to allow for reasonable determination of the intent of the voter. The so-called discrepancies listed by Miller have been debunked, as he has been unable to produce proof. Some of the challenges his observers made were justified, without a doubt, but the vast majority–nearly 80%–were easily observed to be spelled correctly, but with minor handwriting issues or personal choices such as a cursive first letter and printed letters for the rest of the name. Miller was the only Republican listed on the ballot, but anyone can join the party, and of the 160 people listed as write-in candidates, a substantial number were also listed as Republicans along with LIsa. According to you, contributors can “buy” the election for Miller by contributing–if that’s your definition of victory for the all of us, we in Alaska don’t want it.

  • hundabuxt

    Murkowski bought the election largely with the strength of contributions provided by weathy 8a native corporations in fear of losing their free money and by striking fear into the native voters who came out strong to see that the stitus quo federal money spigot was maintained.

  • balliet

    Several states are considering a law to prevent primary losers for being able to run as independents or as write-in candidates. That is a reasonable solution for future elections throughout the nation–so we need to support laws like that in all 50 states.
    Lisa the RINO was just a sore loser who said she would side with the Republicans, so she got support from the non-Conservative Alaskans.
    Until people really get to understand what conservatism is and stop fearing it, as as many do, we conservatives will only be a powerful force in the states where “Love of America” is alive and well.

  • Wesley E. Smith

    Sounds like the 10,000 votes many of which were misspelled were either cast by dumb democrats or dead people (another favorite tactic of the dems.)

  • william mcfadden


    As I RECALL,THE Alaska state law requires that a write-in name shall be spelled corectley. since we are a nation of laws and not men,that should end any question about it.

  • James

    Although I am a Republican, it sounds like a case of “poor Looser.” We have another Florida hand count.

  • James

    Wheather they were “dumb” or not, they have a right to vote. Some spell their name with”X.”

  • James

    Well, if only 2000 votes had the name spelled correctly, she still won. I don’t think every vote was misspelled. Let’s get on with thinking about running this country.

  • Nancy

    I think there is some thing fishy here. She lost big time in the primary but won with the write in. Some thing does not smell right.

    • john

      NANCY,it is very sad,but I think you and I are the only ones awake on this.This is exactly why the country is in the shape it’s in.

  • packeryman

    The people have spoke in Alaska. Miller has shown his true colors with his non-class act handling of his loss. This was a win-win for the people of Alaska. Now in January the election is over and hopefully Miller is history forever along with his kind who lost in Colorado, Nevada, Delaware, Connecticut, West Virginia etc.

    • john

      you and on time really could use some help.there is a mental disconnect somewhere


    In the memory of B-1 Bob….who fell to having the ballot box stuffed by illegals and was not loked after by his fellow republicans.

    Miller will have two of the three strikes needed to put him out at home plate already against him, he has already lost two challenges in the state of Alaska in trying to get a fair vote count against Morecowskee(sp) but because the RINO’s have decided that this unfit horses butt is more like them, he will not get their support to continue in a legal battle.

    Hence the Tea Party shout “No More Spending, No More RINO’s” is one that should increase in volume and the party should gain more support and maybe Morecowskee will become Meercowskee and disappear.

  • barry

    Ol’ B-1 Bob, the right wing Israel-firster from S. CA, voted for the Simpson Mazzoli amnesty bill and when his district was subsequently overrun with illegals, Loretta Sanchez took his seat. He failed to regain it 2 years later. He deserved what he got.
    “Power lies not with those who cast the votes, but with those who count the votes” J. Stalin

  • Aix Sponsa

    WOW What about those jurisdictions that actually MISprinted a candidates name on the actual ballots? Did those people really not win?

  • http://com i41

    Just more of the good ole boys club. Go Tea Party members, keep cleaning house bewcause the soros socialists union porkers will keep putting in the marxist/communist pukes . The isn’t any conservative dems just rinos who are are bed buddies of the dems.

  • http://none Henry Stumpf

    Before this fraud runs again anywhere, he must prove he is eligible to ALL AMERICANS !! Not just Arizonans!!!!!

    • john

      there sure is some ignorant statements made here,but your’s tops them.why should he have to prove anything to arizona? he’s in ALASKA.

    • john



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