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Alaska Republicans Look To Follow In Wisconsin’s Footsteps

March 24, 2011 by  

Alaska Republicans look to follow in Wisconsin's footstepsLawmakers in Alaska have proposed a bill that resembles the Wisconsin legislation that restricts collective bargaining rights of State employees.

According to CNN, State Representative Carl Gatto (R-Palmer) recently introduced the proposal, which would strip many public workers of their rights to collectively bargain for hours, benefits and working conditions. However, State employees could still bargain for wages under the new proposal.

Gatto has stated that the objective of the bill is to reduce State costs. Although Republicans have a majority in the House of Representatives, the bill's future looks dim in the evenly-divided Senate.

Meanwhile, Wisconsin's law that strips State workers of their collective bargaining rights appears destined for the State Supreme Court. On March 18, Dane County Circuit Judge Maryann Sumi issued a temporary restraining order blocking officials from publishing the law until she can rule on the merits of its approval, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The county's district attorney claimed that the Legislature violated the State's open meeting laws by failing to provide adequate public notice before voting on the measure.

On March 22, Wisconsin Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen asked the State appeals court to lift Sumi's hold on the law, arguing that it was an overreach against another branch of government.

"In the interests of the administration of justice, it is necessary — nay, it is imperative — that this court step forward and undo this inappropriate action," Van Hollen's request states, quoted by the media outlet. 

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  • s c

    Good! States need to put public sector unions on notice that employees NEVER dictate terms to an employer. Employees do NOT “dream up” or change contractual obligations when it’s convenient. Employees who dare to abandon their jobs (“teachers,” in particular) deserve nothing less than the unemployment line. Bolshevik ‘educators’ who aren’t in a classroom are scum who belong behind bars.
    A functional work ethic is an asset. An entitlement mentality is far worse than a liability. It’s proof that we have people in our midst who think paranoia is a job-enhancing skill. Outsource the SOBs.

    • pennsyltuckian

      That should be all unions. Every state needs a right to work law and no employee should be forced to join a union to keep his job. When the mob did it it was called extortion and they were arrested. Same should be true for unions. Only difference between the Mafia and the unions is demorat backing.

      • Eddie47d

        The only difference between conservatives and unions is that conservatives want slave wages and unions want a fair wage. I’ll take unions for a better America.

        • wandamurline

          And you can have America if you want union control. The retiring CEO of the National Education Association stated that the teachers’ unions were NOT in the unions to give our kids an education…their main objective was to get the money and more power. When the unions decide they want to run the country, we are going to have a lot of trouble with that. Every state needs a right to work state…unions making people belong to a union for a job is unconstitutional….there is nothing in the constitution that gives them that right and these states who were stupid enough to allow the public employees to form a union is illegal also…the tax payers are the employers and they should have been the ones to vote and decide on whether or not the public employees should have a union…not the bureaucrats in their state.

          • s c

            Wandamurline, you rate a gold star for your comment. The NEA is a worthless group that has no reason to exist. I’m amazed that anyone in the NEA would ADMIT that it has NO use for educating kids, but that’s EXACTLY what happened.
            The only problem with that is the FACT that even though those words were spoken by an NEA official, the braindead robots who support the NEA (and public sector unions, etc.) will DENY it and pretend it never happened.
            Unions are all about POWER (and all the money they can STEAL). When they talk about ‘rights,’ they mean the “right” to destroy whatever they touch. They’re good at it, but they deserve nothing but scorn and the full force of common sense and the laws of the land to get rid of them.

        • lkar

          Did you read the article? Can you read? The union still has collective bargaining rights for wages! So your witless drool about conservatives wanting slave wages is retarded.

          • Fl Scott

            Ikar, you obviously still fall for the lies of that unions work for the workers. Unions only work for the unions executives, just like the government only works for politicians. This is the truth that no one can spin. I only hope more people start waking up and start seeing what is really happening to OUR country.

        • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

          (offensive comment removed)

          • Eddie47d

            My posterior is still sore from your action last night, Mr freak show!

    • DavidL

      “Where free unions and collective bargaining is forbidden, freedom is lost.”

      Ronald Reagan
      September 1, 1980

      • s c

        When it comes to politics, nothing happens by accident – FDR. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If it’s broke, fix it – anonymous.
        Government is essentially the negation of liberty – Ludwig von Mises. Don’t get into pissing contests with skunks (yours truly).
        Back in ’80, Reagan probably had no idea how much worse union matters would get. He would have NO use for public sector unions or union thug bosses who belong behind bars.
        If he lived long enough to see what career politicians would do to the economy (plus a prez who combines the worst ‘isms’ to destroy America from within), he’d probably find a very polite way to tell America’s talking head media whores and useful idiot theoreticians to “shove it.”
        Your quote is out of context, and you should know better. If you don’t know that, your re-education has just begun, chum.

      • lkar

        Reagan was alos the same president that fired ATC.

  • sean murrey

    states must put unions on notice that they are going to bite the bullet like the rest of us.

    • Steve

      Union thugs have ruined many an industry in America….been to Detroit lately?

    • ValDM

      What I’m mystified about is the last 4 paragraphs in this article. There’s an order to restrain the implementation of WI’s law that was just voted on??????? Because there wasn’t enough public notification???? If there was someone in the state that didn’t hear about this, I would be astounded…….The whole COUNTRY knew about this!!!!!

  • Howard Roark

    I am a Federal Govt. worker. (one of the rewards promised to me for serving twenty five years in the navy) I am also a realist. It may suprise you but I am in full support of reigning in the public unions. I have been seeing this coming for a long time now. Several months ago I went to our union leaders and suggested that we should not take any more pay increases and we should also voluntairly take a pay cut. the response I got made me think that I was the anti christ. they said “what kind of union man are you.” to which I replied I am a union man that would rather lose some now than all of it later when every thing collapses under its own weight.

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Howard… I applaud your efforts. If only there were more like you! I agree with this article and with you. There is a time coming when it will all be a moot point. Then what? Unions have to go. Detroit is a good example. See where the unions took this once very thriving city.

      • Eddie47d

        Robin; You left out the bad planning which comes from Management and the high salaries and unwarranted bonuses that management receives. I see you are still playing favoritism with the facts.

        • Robin from Arcadia, IN

          Sure Eddie…. They didn’t help matters, but the unions need to go. I was forced and I do mean forced to join a union once. I worked part time and if I wanted a job at all, I had to let them take out union dues. How fair is that? If you don’t want to join you shouldn’t have to!

        • Mick

          Eddie47d says:
          March 24, 2011 at 8:59 am
          Robin; You left out the bad planning which comes from Management and the high salaries and unwarranted bonuses that management receives. I see you are still playing favoritism with the facts.
          Eddie …And you seem to forget that the management of Government workers consist of the tax payers, I personally don’t see a dime……..Can you say fleece………

          • http://MSN CHARLEY60

            mike you don’t get a dime?? Then you dump your own garbage, patch the potholes on your street, deliver your own mail, home school your kids, clean the snow off your street, act as judge and clerk in your court system, respond to crimes, put out the towns fires, are a emt.,clean all the goverment building ect. ect. ect.????? You go on about overpay then tell us what, per hour, each of the above should earn?

        • Jana

          One thing at a time. We know what those in management are doing, and we will have to put a stop to that too, as that is similar to the law makers raising their own salaries.

          Right now we are focusing on unions. We are having a hard enough time trying to convince people like you that its necessary to stop these unions from running over the taxpayers.

          After reading your posts, when they start going after the management, you will probably switch to their side on that too.

          • Mick

            Jana says:
            March 24, 2011 at 10:33 am
            One thing at a time. We know what those in management are doing, and we will have to put a stop to that too, as that is similar to the law makers raising their own salaries.

            Right now we are focusing on unions. We are having a hard enough time trying to convince people like you that its necessary to stop these unions from running over the taxpayers.

            After reading your posts, when they start going after the management, you will probably switch to their side on that too.
            Very good point Jana..
            We have so many things to rectify after the mess our Government has created over the past few decades that we have to tackle the most dangerous issues to our country first and Unions certainly qualify……….

          • Eddie47d

            Mick; Unions hardly rate a blip on the radar screen with all the problems we have. You all use the same line; attack the little guy and everyone else will fall in line. Sorry to tell you but it works the other way. Those who own,possess, or control those businesses or even the government should set the example. Straighten out their ship and the people will follow. Neither our government or our Corporates are setting that good example. I just believe that Corporates have exploited their companies and make much more than any decent human deserves. When the average worker sees their obscene wages they demand more from these wealthy companies. Our wage system is not benefiting anyone anymore and it’s rotten from the top down. You start at the top where the rot is the greatest.

          • Jana

            You are right, maybe we ought to outlaw unions all together and save all that money that goes to pay the union bosses and management all of their humongous salaries. They also have enough money left over to make huge donations to the Democratic party.

          • Jana

            Also, look at all the money the workers would save by not having to pay those dues.

        • Eddie47d

          Robin; If it’s a closed shop then it is very fair that all pay equally. That’s the way it was voted in and majority rules. I do agree that if a union fights for a benefit in an open shop then the non-union members should not receive that benefit.

    • Mick


      You ought to be commended for your stand, if more union members felt the way you do America would be in good shape,,, You have a conscience which is lacking on the part of most union members..Bravo,,,,,,,,,

    • mark

      Being promised a federal job because you spent 25 years in the Navy! Isn’t that affirmative action?

  • Doc Sarvis

    This is all about corporate interests running our government and shoving it to the middle and lower classes/workers.

    • Ted Crawford

      Do you ever have anything besides your Alinsky rants to offer Doc?

      • Doc Sarvis

        I don’t know anything about Alinsky. I am just using common sense.

        • Mick

          Doc Sarvis says:
          March 24, 2011 at 9:18 am
          I don’t know anything about Alinsky. I am just using common sense.
          Doc,,,,,,Is it what you call common sense ???/
          Looks more like Union greed without regards for tax payers…….

        • Dale on the left coast

          Common Sense would dictate that we don’t let PS Unions negotiate with Politicians they have bought with Campaign Donations. The only one not at the table is the Tax Payer . . . who is in a lose, lose situation. All PS unions should be treated just like the Federal PS Unions.

        • (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

          (offensive comment removed)

          • Doc Sarvis

            Sounds like YOU are not getting enough.

          • Eddie47d

            Doc; Sounds like he’s not getting enough…mental help!

    • lkar

      I had a good friend explain the current situation as one of two positions.

      1) Business is running government. They accomplish this by lobbying for laws that improve their profit margins. This seems to be the favored tilt of the moderate Republicans.

      2) Government running business. They accomplish this by implementing more regulations and fines. This seems to be the favored tilt of the progressive Democrats.

      Both require big government and huge buearacies. This leads to an explosion of public employees and “essential” services. However, I find that true liberty is found in smaller government with well defined roles (AKA Constitution).

  • Howard

    Please stop referring to collective bargaining “rights”. There is no right to collective bargaining except in the minds of the union bosses and the media. Collective bargaining is a business transaction.

    • Jovianus

      Try again Howard. I’d say your first item to do is look up past SCOTUS opinions where they did, in fact, refer to collective bargaining as a Right. Long established precedent by the courts have settled this issue.

      • Ted Crawford

        Well Jovianus, appearently you and SCOTUS failed to make that Precedent clear to Jimmy Carter!

      • lkar

        Like SCOTUS ruled pro-abortion is a right to murder innocent babies! Since they ruled, it must be correct!

    • Robin from Arcadia, IN

      Howard… I agree. Collective bargaining should be illegal and certainly not a ‘right’.

  • Raggs

    Good for Alaska and good for America!

    I hear alot about the union thugs preparing to over-throw the government and economic system this summer.

    • Mick

      Raggs says:
      March 24, 2011 at 9:13 am
      Good for Alaska and good for America!

      I hear alot about the union thugs preparing to over-throw the government and economic system this summer.

      I heard the same thing, it goes to show how much unions really care about our country.
      Willing to go as far as destroying our economic system hurting every citizen just to prove a point, How crazy it that ???
      What will they do with their point when we’re all broke ? EAT IT….

      • Raggs

        Mick.. I can’t be sure what their goaL is other than to destroy this country from the inside out and then re-build it to their likeness.
        I figure too that some states are seeing the writing on the wall and that is why they are trying to strip the unions power… After all collective bargaining is NOT a right…

        • Mick

          Raggs says:
          March 24, 2011 at 10:05 am
          Mick.. I can’t be sure what their goaL is other than to destroy this country from the inside out and then re-build it to their likeness.
          I figure too that some states are seeing the writing on the wall and that is why they are trying to strip the unions power… After all collective bargaining is NOT a right
          Raggs ….Who the hell knows what their goals are exactly. The union mind is driven by greed not intelligence,pretty much lkie the ( Que sera-sera ) attidute , What ever will be will be, never mind common sense……….

  • sirian

    I’ll stand by Howard’s decision. Oh yes, I’m retired Navy too and across the board for retired enlisted military, twenty years service, only receive 50% of their base pay, which is taxable, at whatever rank they may happen to be at at that time. Also, if you can’t advance in rank at that time in particular then you can no longer remain in. In simple terms, “Sorry Joe you gotta go”. I’m not exactly sure if unions run on the same basic set of rules since I’ve avoided union shops all together but from the way things are presented it does not appear as such. If I remember correctly certain retired public workers in California receive 90% plus “cadillac” medical benefits. If that were the case in the military (the VA is most certainly not cadillac) I can assure you there would be absolutely no problem in retaining as many as we ever need in any branch of our military. BTW, how many union members honestly know how much their top union leaders are being paid along with the perks they receive? I seriously doubt if no more than perhaps .05% at most. The same applies to the actual contributions to political campaigns. If only they would do a bit of research it might, just might have a tendency to get them to thinking a bit more clearly.

  • patrick

    Ask yourselves, why do new automobiles cost so much? Because the unions forced the auto mfgr’s to keep raising prices to pay for all the high hourly salaries and benefits for union workers. It really is that simple. If the companies didn’t leave the USA, today a small family sedan would cost you around about $40,000.00. How about the old light bulb that you could buy for .65? Now it would cost you about $3.00. The answer: cheap and reasonable labor costs = China, Mexico, Hong Kong, Viet Nam, Tiawan, etc.etc. Just think if all those greedy companies came back to the USA, dropped the unions and dropped their prices, we could, once again, have things “Made in USA” being made right here in America being made by Americans and they would all being getting paid overtime as all the factories would be running at capacity. Yes lets get America and Americans back to work… Obammy boy! Yes it’s that simple dummy.

    • lkar

      Though I agree with your sentiment, do not convolute the facts of automobile pricing and union costs. Yes, there is a differential, but material costs are still a major driving force in the cost of manufactured goods. Cost of labor impacts profitability (price mark-ups). Companies seek cheap labor markets to improve profitability. Other more responsible companies increase productivity to increase profitability. It is the strict labor agreements collectively bargained that forces companies to move manufacturing. If this bargaining was restricted to wages, responsible businesses would keep more manufacturing in the USA.

  • TIME

    UNIONS = MAFIA, Now is that clear enough to grasp what a UNION is?
    If not then perhaps these few tid bit’s will aid anyone who can’t grasp it.

    Mafia, you pay them for protection from them, Unions, the same gig.

    Mafia, you do as your told or you could get thunped on the head, Unions, the same gig.

    Mafia, You have to be a member that pays your higher ups to live a lush life style, Unions, the same GIG.

    Mafia, If someone fails to do what they are told you go missing, Unions, the Same GIG.

    Mafia, wants power and control & MONEY, Unions, The SAME GIG.

    Mafia, You never cross the family, UNIONS THE SAME GIG!

    Mafia, buys politicians, UNIONS the SAME GIG.

    WOW, now can I make it more simple for the shallow minded.

    • Doc Sarvis

      Wow, by your definitions corporations are the same as unions are the same as the mafia.

      • Jana

        Well Doc,
        That happens to be the perception of them out here in the real world.

    • Macawma

      I love you TIME…you hit it on the nail again!

  • J.M.R.

    good for alaska, unions are just a group of thugs nowadays they don’t care about their people just how much trouble they can cause and the money they screw the people and the employers out of,and they don’t have the right to tell a company how to run their business.

  • Dean

    Good workers don’t need a union! Employers know the value of a good worker. A good worker can quit and move right in with a competitor, no problem! Unions are for less than good workers, no one else needs them.

    • Mick

      Dean says:
      March 24, 2011 at 10:12 am
      Good workers don’t need a union! Employers know the value of a good worker. A good worker can quit and move right in with a competitor, no problem! Unions are for less than good workers, no one else needs them.
      Dean,,,,,,,Merit raises were for good workers, hard working, on time, not afraid to do extra etc,,,etc…
      unions are against merit raises, they teach and reward the bad over the good and That my friend is REALLY UGLY……..

      • Dean

        That’s right Mick, being counter productive, is the Socialist way!

        • Mick

          Dean says:
          March 24, 2011 at 10:45 am
          That’s right Mick, being counter productive, is the Socialist way!

          Dean ;;Unfortunately, I am not sure if we can reverse the situation after the brainwashing our population has been subjected to by our educational system, the Unions and the lying politicians that plagued this country for so many decades……..

  • patrick

    Also, I wish more good Americans would write, call, and email politicans in Minnesota and demand that they change the way that the Liberal Democrats control everything along with Unions extorting citizens to buy into their scams. Just the other day, headline, front page in the newspaper, was an article stating Minnesota has the highest population of Somali’s in the country. Yes folks, Minnesota’s Liberal Democrats have spent billions of tax dollars importing immigrants from every other State and country, yet our roads and bridges are collapsing, ie: 35W bridge over the Mississippi river collapsed, killing 13 people and injuring dozens of others. They spend over $5 million dollars for a bus stop in the middle of 35W leading to downtown Minneapolis. Everytime I drive by it I have never seen one person using it? Taxpayers subsidize the Light Rail system that was built for the immigrants so they can ride from the ghettos to the Mall of America and commit crimes on some good citizens that have rode on the rail. My wife and her girlfriend were victims of an assult where Somali’s tried to rob them. Anothe Somalian,the cab driver, was setting up the crime while he was driving the 2 women to their drop off site. Stop wasting our tax dollars!!!

  • http://? jacob

    We had in Miami, Florida a mayor who two years ago or about,
    campaigned for being given by us voters, authonomy from the
    hurdles by the Council. His campaign motto was ALCALDE FUERTE”

    Aware of what’s normally cooking at this Concil level, we gave
    him our vote..
    Well, we just jumped off the frying pan and into the fire, as
    what he did was to slap us with an $185M increase which helped
    him featherbed his croonies and shamesslesly jack up their

    A concerned citizen raised hell, it caught like fire in a dry
    pasture and we got rid of this “gentlemen” by 80% of the vote.

    Lets hope everywhere in these USA people follow this example,
    which should be followed by Wisconsians about the fleeing
    DEMOCRAP state senators and all this who owe their seats to
    having sold us out to the rotten unions…

    After all, what is Wisconsin Governor asking for ?

    Stop from being the unions FORCED dues collector ??

    Why, because specially in these times, their rank and file
    will prefer to use these monies for their own needs ??

    As in Polish, TOUGSHITSKI gentlemen…!!!!!

  • Jim Gregus

    I just want to know if the demarcates from Alaska are going to run to Illinois like the ones from Wisconsin. Just like a bunch of chickens flying the coup.

  • Montie Arizona

    Typical liberal response to loosing. Lie scream throw a fit claim rasism. When all else fails have the unions force their agenda and have it backed up by the liberal courts. Hopefully REAL Americans are waking up and will start forcing our out of control government back under the constitutional constraints that made this country so strong.

  • Connie Duran

    Unions have long gone past their usefulness to society!! I encountered a time when the union I was in, decided that I shouldn’t shop at Wal Mart, and I told them, when they start paying ALL of my bills and support me, then they can tell me where to shop!! NO debate about it. I continued to shop where I wanted. All unions did for me was that it cost me a monthly payment to have my job!! Nice, huh? I agree with any and all forced unions being forced on the people. Actually, I think it has come to the fact that company’s need unions to protect them. Nuff said!!!

  • Connie Duran

    Correction—– I do not agree with forced unions!!!!

    • Eddie47d

      One of my best friend’s(Leroy) wife is Connie Duran. There is no way she would say that.

      • libertytrain

        Eddie47d – it is possible there are several people with that name in this country. I know of at least 20 when I Google my name and they aren’t all me.

  • swampfox

    i am a journeyman carpenter and have worked non union just about all of my 30 yrs in trade,
    the times i did work through the union hall i worked rings around them because i’m used to having to make a showing to keep my job,
    the union guys would ride the clock and do shit work,i was several times told off the side to slow down as they had a quota for the day and i was rocking the boat by doing more than that amount,
    yeah,they want their stinking union dues on time,but they can have you sit at home without work,while they collect your dwindling $$$ cause you have no work,
    and if you do get a non-union job they get bitchy and will blackball you.
    all they do at a union meeting is spout union propoganda and tell you the speil about how good the union is and yata yata,blah blah….

    i’ve made actually more $$$ working non-union than i have union jobs,
    and non-union companies have more work cause they can afford to get the jobs and keep the money they make which keeps their employees working.
    i’ve been in construction industry for 30 yrs now and have seen and experiuanced the difference.
    unions are useless!

    just to tell about something that really got me pissed the carpenter union did,check this out….

    i used to get their magazine in the mail,i’d leaf through it,(bathroom reading while taking a #2,
    well,i get one onetime that has a page in english and a identical page in spanish!!!!WTF?????
    i saw that and was peeved to say the least!!!
    here we have all these friggen illegals taking our jobs and stabbing the AMERICAN workers in the back and on and on(i could go on beleive me!),
    in their very own magazine they have spanish!!!what the hell is that shit!
    i sent the damn mag back to their main office in nevada i think it was and told em what i thought about that and you know what…
    they did’nt even have the courtesy to get back with me,even after i e-mailed them and complained at the hall.
    the office pogues at the hall could’nt give a damn and i did’nt get not one single job through them after that,no surprise there!

    i’ve seen them picket jobs i was on carrying their trashy signs and gripe and whine they have no work,
    my advice was why don’t you go into the g.c’s office and get a friggen job,they are hiring….
    OH NO,they would rather collect unemployment and annoy working men who like to work for a living and actually work to earn what they get rather than be a leech on some companies ass…

    unions…..worthless!!!!been there,experianced it and ditched them.

    i could go on with some other stuff i experianced,but you get my drift.

    • swampfox

      while on this subject,i was going to quit,but feel the need to get a little more off my chest just to let those who have never worked through a union hall before,
      union companies are concerned about one thing,MAKING more money for THEMSELVES!
      and just about every unionized worker(brainwashed individuals who have been suckered into their hype) will stabb you in the back to keep their jobs,by reporting any and every supposed violation they see or hear,to earn goody backstab points they chuck you under the bus,i never had to worry about that crap on a regular job.

      i have seen them hire illegals under the table,don’t tell me it don’t happen i’ve seen it on more than one occasion.

      i had a union orginizer one time ask me to get hired by a certain individual and get a copy of the check so they could screw him,what they did’nt know was that i had worked for the very same individual in the past and he was a decent guy who took care of his men,i told the union guy to go and find some other stool pidgeon.
      i was blackballed after that.

      hah,union halls……worthless entities.

      and one more thing,
      all the union hall office folks drive brand new cars and nice trucks and sit in their air conditioned offices while those poor schucks working in the field can barley get by on what they are getting and having the dues TAKEN from their checks,where the hell does all that $$$ go??????


      • swampfox

        as earl pitts would say………….
        WAKE UP AMERICA!!!!!!


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