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Alaska Refuses Federal Aid To Implement Obamacare

February 22, 2011 by  

Alaska Refuses Federal Aid To Implement ObamacareAlaska Governor Sean Parnell has said that his State will not pursue Federal grants related to the healthcare law because of a recent ruling in Florida that deemed the mandate unConstitutional.

Parnell, a Republican, announced on Feb. 17 that he does not want to "proceed down an unlawful course" to implement Obamacare, referring to the Jan. 31 ruling by United States District Judge Roger Vinson in Florida. Alaska was one of the 26 States that backed the lawsuit, which challenged the healthcare law's Constitutionality.

According to Reuters, the United States Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) awarded grants to 48 States and the District of Columbia to help them set up medical insurance exchanges. Although Parnell said that Alaska will not apply for grants, he reported that the State is "reviewing the potential for developing a health insurance exchange without Federal dollars."

Obamacare, which was signed by the President last year, will require most Americans to purchase health insurance or face monetary fines. Since gaining majority rule in the House of Representatives, GOP lawmakers have made efforts to repeal the controversial legislation.

On Feb. 17, the DHHS filed a motion asking Vinson to clarify his decision, which invalidated the entire law because "Congress exceeded the bounds of its authority in passing the act with the individual mandate," according to the South Florida Business Journal. The government claimed that the "sweeping nature of the declaratory judgment" may cause interpretation problems as States are implementing the law. 

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  • s c

    Once in a while, we get a breath of fresh air. Aside from the FACT that most Americans don’t want Obummer healthcare crapola, some judges can render a decision without being in bed with Uncle Scam and some states have shown that they know the difference between human waste and shinola.
    Way to go, Alaska! Tell Uncle Scam what he can do with his healthcare scam, and spell it out so even the retards in Washington understand what you mean. Tell Uncle Scam to shove his ‘dollars’ (it’s NOT his money). Show the rest of the country that healthcare can be done right and that Uncle Scam’s presence is not wanted or needed.

    • RonaldL

      In a frantic effort to move ObamaCare through the Senate last December, the following provision was added to the bill: Nebraska was given a $100 million exemption to cover the costs of the bill’s dramatic expansion of Medicaid. I read a lot about state taxes going to the fed and then pumped backed for Medicaid payments being used as a threat.
      The Obama administration has already put big new burdens on industry and insurers in its national health-care overhaul. States are experience a rapidly increasing burden of Medicaid costs as a result of higher utilization and eligibility expansions.
      The federal government should be told either to refund to the states their citizens’ Medicaid tax dollars when they pull out of the program or to drop the new mandates to expand Medicaid coverage as the price the states must pay to escape ObamaCare-created duties.

      • Peter Myers

        The Medicaid program, with its soaring price tag and dubious level of care for recipients, is in serious need of reform, not expansion. Increasing enrollment in this program by a third will taxes and place pressure on other areas of spending, increase government dependence and crowd out of private insurance, and worsen state budget problems.
        The problem with Medicaid is that it doesn’t even pay your doctor enough to cover the cost of your visit. For a doctor to stay afloat he has to make a salary for himself, his staff, provide the physical setting (rent, utilities etc.) and pay malpractice insurance and all the other details of keeping an office up and running. Doctors see Medicaid at a loss.
        ”Medicaid currently covers 53 million people at an overall cost of $373.9 billion (states are responsible for about half). But starting in 2014, ObamaCare rules will add about 20 million more, according to Richard Foster, the program’s chief actuary.”

        • Alice

          Our government is trying to ram a system down our throat that has never worked in history. Isn’t one of the definitions of insanity to continue doing the same thing and expect different results? (Like I said, it is my opinion that they KNOW exactly what they are doing and it has nothing to do with better health care.)
          Yes, we are better off being ignorant and basing medical decisions on…. what?

          Obamacare is already proving it is going to fail. By President Obama’s own admission, it will not achieve universal coverage. It will not provide affordable coverage because the healthcare insurance industry is already raising the price on private insurance and the fees it charges the government to administer service for Medicare and Medicaid.

          Patients should make healthcare and medical care decisions for themselves.

          Patients must play an active role in the management of their health and disease.

          I believe the bureaucratic single party payer system will not Repair the Healthcare System.

          • JC

            Turning Doctors into bureaucrats sure as hell won’t work for anybody.

        • Nora

          Medicaid is a form of government handouts there again! People who have not paid into the system tap into the medicaid fund which means that still the working people are paying the price. I think Medicaid is used for all those illegal immigrants and slackers! The rest of us have insurance or the social security Medicare plan. I have traveled in foreign countries and observed — no handouts; however, there is medical service for all but the “for all” means the non-residents without insurance and people who have no funds and no insurance may have to wait for days or die first. The bottom line is the United States used to be a rich country and the greed of the people would not allow them to share their riches! Now the middle class is being wiped out because the greedy politicians and business people are too greedy and not one shred of compassionf or the unfortunate. Unfortunate also means those not intelligent enough to figure out a way to make a decent living or that education is critical!

          • herman richardson

            Kinda bad this government is turning every one on each other. I personally know folks on Medicaid that ARE NOT SLACKERS OR USERS,you should be ashamed of yourself for lumping everyone in that class, looks like you are doing just what the idiots want you to do. Hopefully you will never need help, no I hope you need help someday, remember you called all SLACKERS AND USERS,

          • http://naver samurai

            Sorry Herman, but I think the slackers and users she is talking about are the ones that are unemployed and don’t make the effort to find work. 하나님 하고 나라를 위해서! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • herman richardson

          I have a friend in Colorado, she is on medicaid due to liver problems, there is not a doctor that will see her, they do not take medicaid?? Go Figure, this Obama care is just a trick to find the older, or very ill folks, and do away with them, I think this government is more evil than Hitler, they have not shown their hand yet, I am not getting on the train nor am I allowing these quacks to attack my family, stand up for what this country meant before the last few administrations lined their pockets and screwed us like tied goats.

    • Al Sieber

      Arizona is headed the same way.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        That is about 90% good sense. At least 10% is the fact that Nobumma pissed them off when he sued them!!! I hope it costs him big time!!!

  • lillianquon

    So as I say, I wake up every morning, thankful that I have exceptional health insurance coverage I found through wise health insurance for my family because it gives me peace of mind knowing that my family can count on me to deliver their health care needs.

  • TIME

    945 business’s to include “ALL UNIONS,” are now exempt from this marvel of a law. Please do keep in mind thats in less than 12 months. And there are over 800 more awaiting approval to be EXEMPT, oddly all will be granted such status.

    So that would cover all major business’s that are left in the United States.
    Now lets talk about what is it some of you alledged quasi Liberals like to say all the time, Oh yea “Crony Capitialist.”
    Would that not alos cover all you’re beloved UNIONS?
    You know the ones that fought so hard to make this law come about to impinge all non UNION people.

    So whats that say about this Marvel of a bill / law?

    If you really need to think about it or debate this then you’re not really very smart now are you.
    I think the proper term for anyone who supported this law is an IDIOT.

  • WayneT

    I say, do away with this idiotic health care bill passed by Nobama and his Zombies without any imput from the other side of the isle. Then hopefully both parties can sit down and intelligently figure out a way to provide health care to those who really need it, and hopefully lower the cost of health care. Fire Nobama and his Zombie Democrats in 2012.

    • Nora

      Right on!!! It’s two years past time to IMPEACH the dumb __ that has zilch leadership qualities, a disgrace to this country and what boggles my mind is that as a former government employee no way I could have got my job without my birth certificate — and to think a person like him thinks he does not have to prove he is a citizen. If he is a natural born citizen he still is disloyal to the United States (proven by his own actions wherein he apologizes to other countries about the US and then has only praise for the Islamic religions and we all know Michelle is a racist and hates white people and is not a patriot)! Those people should never have made it to Washington and they’ve disgraced out country and continue their journey to see the demise of the US! They want a black Africa over here I guess — what else can you think and for the country to become an Islamic Nation! Funny I remember over 50 years ago the concern the government had for the spread of Islam throughout the world == just look where we’ve come in this timeframe — Obama the muslim in disguise for a President!!!

      • herman richardson

        I have been telling you how to get him impeached-remember Clinton

      • victor

        Nora – your knuckles are dragging again

  • 45caliber

    There are two big reasons that health care costs so much.

    1st: There are too many court suits filed against doctors and hospitals simply to get millions of dollars. Texas passed a law some years ago that limited the money somone could get to actual costs plus no more than $100,000. I think half the lawyers in the state moved to California.

    2nd: The insurance companies and hospitals require a lot of stuff (thanks to federal government requirements) that isn’t needed or used by the patients.

    For instance, the feds require all insurance companies have sex-change operations in their policies. I pay extra costs because someone else wants to change sexes. If he wants to do that, let him pay the cost himself. Further, I recently went to the emergency room due to a minor problem – but the hospital did about $2000 worth of extra tests as required by the feds to insure I couldn’t sue them.

    If they actually want to lower health costs, they need to eliminate the federal requirements for insurances and limit the money people can receive by suing. (And if the lawyers starve – too bad.)

    • Warrior

      I heard the number during a C-span hearing last week of $180bil/yr spent on DEFENSIVE Medicine. NO WAY, everyone said malpractice costs are less than 1%. Hmmm, which is it?

      • Nora

        You are correct. Let me assure you those love firms love those malpractice cases! The income is mindboggling. I assure you they don’t operate efficiently when processing cases, waste copying money, use what is termed “paralegals” as cash cows when in fact they are no more than clerks with a title but the lawfirms charge from $60 to upwards of $165 I believe it is per hour … for work any general clerk woudl be able to do…. what I’m saying is that the lawyers all waste time, effort and resources on those knowing they’ll get either huge settlements or unheard of awards from the judges!!! Wonder how much payola the winning sides pay to those judges to rule in their favor!!! Try and document the corruption would be close to but not impossible. The law schools brain wash those students in law school into thinking they are above the law themselves and find one that would testify against the other is almost a never never… they are in bed together from graduation to the end of life!!!!!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      If the injured person can prove that the Dr. is guilty of gross neglegence and the injured person can’t work again, then he/she should have the right to recover at least the average wages he/she would have made in the time left to retirement. A man making 100,000 a year should never be able to sue for 10,000,000! The Dr. should lose his licence as well, IN ALL STATES!!!

    • Nora

      You stated the case so aptly! Without “tort reform” the healthcare crisis can never be solved! Yes, lawyers love to have lawsuits that is how they make their money! Do you think their cronies in Washington (most are lawyers by profession) that is the President, Representatives and Congressmen! Maybe the citizens should think about the fact we need to get lawyers out of Washington, D.C. and let’s run this country based on intelligent thinking and common sense! I prefer to have experienced and proven successful businessmen run this country!! Yes, we must have “tort reform” and also put the prescription drugs on the shelves just like in Mexico and other countries of the world, don’t allow those drug companies to rob the people! The drug costs should be nominal after research and development costs are recouped and that never happens. Also, people have to be RESPONSIBLE FOR THEMSELVES if one wants to take medicine and kill himself then don’t file a lawsuit against the doctor or drug company! Insurance companies need to be put totally out of business and prices need to be in line with operating with cash. Those insurance companies make their trillions on putting fear in people so they think they have to have insurance! We also don’t need high school drops outs and the uneducated and even educated non-doctors telling the doctors what treatment and medications can be paid for or given to the docotrs. This country is just totally down the tube Ii think.

  • Angry -American

    Everywhere you go the Medicaid Fraud is occurring, and the system has been viewed as an excuse to give healthcare to illegal aliens. American citizens can get affordable insurance through the state. They have fraud in the prison system, welfare recipients at times have 7,000.00 in their accounts. they go to the casino’s ,they allow mothers to have illegitimate children, one after another, not married, but still bearring children , uncle sam has paid the bills . and they spend money on the residents that have settled here without proper visa’s to go to college learn Our National Language, they still refuse to learn , and they go year after year not KNOWING and not wanting to speak English.Our Tax dollars, I see this first hand. Their ought to be a cap of how long it takes to learn English, cause they are on Welfare the Feds are paying out the nose for this . They have special grants to not Enhance American Citizens , but to Enhance the lives of Illegal aliens. how can you say they are doing the right thing by going to school to earn their citizenship, they failed, whammy, gotta go back, our poor I understand they need the training. Their families have propbably lived here and paid their taxes and to have the State or the Federal offer them some help for awhile,thats what the System was for The Priviled that Came with Being An American Citizen. Not a Resdident who The Federal Gov Expects they magically will start beig Honest, and that this miniscule Fine they will charge for their years of lying about everything, but the Federal didnt stop there! They handed out Risky loans to people you cant put a social security card too! They can find me anywhere I move, I’m an American with a Number. Stop The abuse all around. Hire a WatchDog committee that can clean up this damned mess the Federal goverment has made for itself, No BailOut.No Bailout!

    • 45caliber

      I agree. And when the fraud is pointed out it seems as if the officals in charge simply shrug and say somethng like, “But everyone does it. Why should we spend the time trying to stop it?”

      I would like to see welfare mothers paid $10 a month (half the cost of a dose of cocaine) to NOT have kids. Instead of getting more money each time they have another kid, they lose this. I suspect you’d see a lot less births.

      At one time it was suggested in AR to offer $5 to not have a child. Some prominent attorney insisted that it would commit genocide on the black race if it was allowed.

    • Nora

      Agreed! If you haven’t been to San Antonio, Texas just go there and take a look at the non-working, mothers with at least 5 children — non married — start getting pregnant at 14 and 15 … the government paying for the illegitimates, their housing, their food and that’s with tax dollars extrapolated from the working class people’s wages in the name of taxes. I agree with everything you said, the gov’t is very aware of the abuses and fraud and yet does nothing about. The big news about the AG Holder’s bust on medicare fraud was truly insignificant but the timing for the news was nothing more than a political ploy!!!!

  • Robin from Arcadia, IN

    Nobody even knows how this plan works. I have insurance through my employer, but it went up so much this year that it is making my budget scream. Will I be able to get insurance elsewhere, or will I have to keep what my employer offers? Obamacare is so complicated that even Washington can’t figure it out, so how is the average person supposed to fend?

    • Nora

      Guess what — I’m certain those greedy sob’s in Washington that put together the Obamacare have never read the entire bill and really have no understanding of the full impact themselves. All we have in Washington are idiots many of which are too old to be there and serving and should be forced to retire or are simply entrenched politicians with greed on their mind — they have so much flow of income and so much corruption going on they won’t ever worry about a dime! Looking that plastic faced old b___ Pelosi that Obama just sat back and let run the show — she has her own jet!!! tell me that old b__ should not be sent on her way — forced to retire. She’s too old and it is evident her mental capacity has slipped!

      • WayneT

        Good way to describe this old gal, Nora. To think she got nearly 80% of the vote over her opponent scares the heck out of me. She has a bunch of idiots in her district. I would never go near her district.

  • Rick

    What was it called before most of our jobs went overseas ????

    wake up its only going worst

    • WayneT

      Rick, I blame Congress, and the greed of Unions for this problem. I hope I am not stumping on anyone’s feet here. I tell it the way I see it. The high corporate taxes in this country, the strict EPA rules imposed on the business is also taking it’s toll and driving business out of the country. This has been going on for a long time. I think it started happening since the 70′s, or 80′s. I am surprised that the public had not realized it before most of the business had let. We need to scrutinize our Congress our Congress Members and get rid of those who are responsible. Most politicians talk out of both side of their mouth so you have to be a good listener, and listen to their double talk. If you watch your representative closely it will not take you long to figure them out. Who do you think got us in this huge debt were in now? Congress are the only one that can authorize spending the Feds money.

  • Carlucci

    I’ve been looking into some alternatives and think I may have found something. It is not insurance, but it is a Christian health care ministry that helps people with their major medical bills. They have a team that steps in to negotiate the best price for surgeries, tests, etc., and then the members are contacted to donate to that particular member. A friend of mine who is a pastor told me about it. The best part is that it is exempt from Obamacare because it is a private organization with members. In other words, a member would not be penalized by the IRS if they aren’t buying medical insurance. It might not be for someone who visits their doctor all the time, but it sounds like it may be a fit for me, as I am only looking for something if a catastrophic event happened.

    • Nora

      I too have heard of this Christian Ministry healthcare project but don’t have any evidence of how successful it has been but the concept sounds great.

  • Stuart Ashley

    Hi All;
    I have experience in Alaska since 1969, but currently live in the State of WA. What I think you are seeing here are the first cracks in the cement that holds the Union together. The states are finally beginning to see the advantages of going it on their own. Just as in the case of the Soviet Union, the United States might break up into smaller parts. And the reasons would be exactly the same: economic inefficiency of a large empire in it’s last ditch efforts to retain power. If this happens, we are in for 10 to 20 years of disruption. I am not looking foreward to this.
    Cheers! Stu.

    • WayneT

      Stuart, I can’t blame the states when the Federal Government tries to force everything down their throat. The Federal Government has brought all this on themselves. According to what I understand the states are supposed to be sovereign, and has the power to legislate themselve without intervention from the Feds. States were given their power under the Constitution, and the Feds were given their. The Feds are trying to usurp the states rights. I place the blame on what is going on now directly on the shoulders of the current administation. He is acting more like a dictator than a president. I thinlk this president knows exactly what he is doing. I feel he is weakening this country financially, and dividing the states to further weaken the US. I do not have anything substantial to back this claim up, but my own common sense, and watching and listening to what the president has been doing to this country. I have an intuition about this president, and it isn’t a good intuition either.


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