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Alabama Town May Set The Standard For Municipal Pension Funds

December 27, 2010 by  

Alabama Town May Set The Standard For Municipal Pension FundsA small, dying Alabama town may set the standard for municipalities across the country that are dealing with budget shortfalls that have put a great strain on their pension funds.

Prichard is located in south Alabama on the outskirts of Mobile. It was warned years ago that if it didn’t change the way it was handling its finances, its pension fund would run out of money by 2009. It did. That’s when Prichard did something that pension experts say they have never seen before: It stopped sending monthly pension checks to its 150 retired workers, breaking a state law, according to a report in The New York Times.

As could be expected, this has put retirees in a financial jam and caught the attention of struggling cities like Philadelphia and in states like Illinois, where pension funds are under great strain, the news source said.

“Prichard is the future,” said Michael Aguirre, the former San Diego city attorney, who has called for San Diego to declare bankruptcy and restructure its own outsized pension obligations. “We’re all on the same conveyor belt. Prichard is just a little further down the road,” he told The Times.

The resulting legal case could determine the fate of the pensions of thousands of municipal and state workers across the country.

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  • old white guy

    it will not matter how many judges say they have to pay. when there is no money there will be no payments. this will apply to every pension plan in america. a decision by scotus will not change the fact that there is no money.

    • Vern Cliffe

      There is a simple answer. Cities and future retirees may have to bite the bullet over time, but new rules need to be made immediately.
      ALL FEDERAL/STATE employees, current and new hirees, should be placed on the same type of retirement policy as the Social Security system.
      Example: Social Security does not, and will not, provide a living retirement for workers not covered under expensive federal/state and public utility systems resulting in(smart)workers purchacing stocks/bonds/uncome funds/property etc., during their working years to supliment their S.S. after retireing.
      Federal/state and other 80 to 100 percent retirement plans should take the same approach.
      The revised system should also take into account that employees can accoumilate vacation/personal days off which adds hundreds of dollars to their already generous pension systems. NO accumulating vacation/days off, employees should be REQUIRED to take the time allotted in order to stay alert and efficient at their job.
      Pensions should also not be based on 100% of a persons’s salary, but in the range of 75% which will convince working individuals to consider investing their money towards retirement, like the worker retiring on S.S. This method would gradually encourage employees to take an interest in their retirement, return retirement systems to a logical basis and re-build the economy from coast to coast.

      • charleydan

        You make one bad assumption. That the Social Security is viable. The whole problem is Americans have been living on credit. Credit of the Federal Reserve printing money. That is how we got such a huge world reserve currency and why our manufacturing jobs went overseas. Imports baby, Imports. Foreign countries needed greenbacks to buy oil as the Middle East countries only agreed to using greenbacks for purchase. So they needed to export to America to buy oil. They now reject the green back for purchase of oil.

        For being able to flip-flop houses every few years, buy new cars, and frivolous toys easily we were creating inflation bubble. That created a bubble. It is ready to burst now and every American will now pay when that reserve currency comes home to America as the world is rejecting it.

        Americans have to realize the life style we lived was not because of how great a Nation we are. But rather how great our credit was. Our forefathers spoke of this extensively in not allowing foreigners to hold our bank currency. Thereby, allowing them to rob our money via with inflation and deflation. Till one understands that. History will repeat itself.

  • Iconoclast

    Looks like the Chickens have come home to roost in Prichard, Alabama. Soon coming to a city near you.

  • Larry

    So how does anyone expect more money to be generated when our jobs have gone overseas and the only law abiding citizens of the world are losing everything

    • Don R.

      Why would anyone waste money creating a business here in the United States when it will become unionized and run by unionized employees who are too ignorant to start a company of their own?
      We are seeing the results of unionization. I most certainly would not start a company here in the United States and use American union employees who are so ignorant they would run it into the ground like General Motors (now named Government Motors)
      I do not even buy “union” goods because union employees do such a pitiful job.

      • eddie47d

        So you are assuming that all municipal pension funds are union.Non union companies are dropping pension funds like hot cakes, right along with health benefits. Why start a business anywhere for you can’t trust those businesses to keep there promises to their employees whether union or non-union.

        • jim

          How about ALL of the THOUSANDS of businesses that ole barry the Socialist an his MORON lib dem cronies have and are putting out of business with their CONFISCATORY TAXES and STUPID PC CRAP REGULATIONS!!?? Those pensions are and will continue to Vanish. Wonder how many of the people who are not getting checks anymore put ole barry the IDIOT in office!!?? Talk about just desserts!! DUH!!

          • DEBRA ANDERSON


          • Bob Wire

            Very sad, and with the greatest of respect, how different is this compared to hostile take-overs, leveraged buy-out’s and sell off of the 80′s under the beloved Ronnie Rayguns? From what point of view might this be seen as “worse”?

            Working stiffs with 15, 20 years in service were put out on the street with nothing, no warning, no kiss goodbye.

            How different is this “Paint by the numbers Nightmare”?

            Who’s doorstep shall we lay it?

          • http://LivingstonLibertyA;ert john cadwallader

            It is a disease as well as a battle cry for 2012: BURY BARRY !!

          • eddie47d

            John; “Barry” didn’t start or encourage the pension slide. That goes back a few years.

        • thinking

          eddie47d you have such great ideas. We should be thankful for you and Obama. The middle class taxpayer has nothing to worry about. There is a backup plan for them also. They can get free medical care, three meals a day, roof over their head, exercise and not have to do any work. It has one small drawback, you have limited movement but many live their now and many are coming daily. so it must be a nice place to retire. At one time they were bad places but now you can collect social security, tax refunds and even sue people at will and the taxpayer pays for it all! You know the place as jails but I refer to them as democrates answer to not having a retirment plan, retirement home for nonunion employees.

      • http://kosinet jerry

        many union people are not ignorant, but they are too lazy to think for themselves, or find a way to generate income.

      • Dick Gazinia

        Some unions suck but some have been a God-send and have saved workers from cruel exploitation. You have a short memory of the coal industry, textile industry, and even the film industry. Unions are like people; some are corrupt and disgusting, and some promise fair work by competent, well trained employees, for fair pair. It is sad that you lump all unions together.

        • LT

          The difference is private industry unionization vs public service unions. The former may have a legitimate purpose, the latter are a conflict of interest. Public employees need to either negotiate with the the public or de-certify the union. Politicians can not be allowed to negotiate on our behalf or you end up with what we are witnessing now.

        • marvin

          Dick Gazinia

          how meny textile factory are left how bout the steel mills

          • marvin

            one more point who get in to see obama, who got reid re elected what abour card check can you say unions

        • MashedTaters

          I do remember these industries and their legions of workers. They have disappeared in my rather short lifetime.

      • Carroll Benoit

        2% of American Upper Echlon legal, stole 2 tillion of 401K-
        Regan made it Legal 1984, then got the Big Tax break so you pick
        on A worker that has A promise to A retirement Plan.

        P.S.go pick your Nose so you can have a clean

  • Davy

    Realty becomes sensitive when the rest become victims. So,it is best to be honest about the situation rather than pretending that nothing is wrong. Change is not static. The empire & its people need to either prepare to die along with it ,or start taking over the country and its resources by booting out the idiotic liberals and thowing out the “appeasing political correctness”. Or be prepared to join the failing socialist economies of a declining Europe. The options are there : it worked over two hundred years when language ,culture ,borders were fights considered the most honorable -and worth dying for . That is gone when liberals allow their loving illegals to raise their country flags and opely defy the laws of the country. The smell of a decaying empire is around the corner.

    • Don R.

      It will require another armed revolution and the “French” punishment applied to the Marxist politicians who are currently running this country into the ground.
      Stealing from those who work and giving to those who do not work, destroys every country where it has been done. Just a matter of time.

      Better arm yourselves and get ready to defend everything you hold dear.

      • Wanda Murline

        I already have…since my husband is a veteran of two wars and my dad is a veteran of WWII, we will fight to the end to defend this country for my two grandkids. I feel as if I am the last stand between freedom and socialism and I ain’t going down easy. Holder and Obama should have impeachment charges against them and then treason as they have failed to protect America from the invasion from Mexico which the constitution requires of them. But, the final straw for the camel’s back was when they took Mexico’s side and sued their own state, Arizona.

        • LT

          How far are Concord & Lexington?

        • marvin

          Wanda Murline
          don,t forget nepolitano dhls and morton of immigration

  • wayne

    OWG, you are kidding, right?

    I’ll tell you exactly what a judge will decide. He will say that the city must assess or fee the taxpayers of that city WHATEVER fee or tax needed to fund those pensions.

    Why do I believe this?

    I live in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin.

    Over a decade ago, after being sued by Chicago and other cities south of Milwaukee because of an antique and faulty sewage system design that mixes rainwater and sewage, we were ordered to provide changes that were supposed to stop the dumping of raw sewage into Lake Michigan whenever it rains (this didn’t happen as the design they chose was one designed to fail to keep the contractor in business fixing it until the end of time).

    Because of the first decision, each homeowner in the county in an average home (value around $160,000) has to pay about $1000 per year JUST FOR THE FIRST FIX plus we pay about $60 – 100 monthly for water and sewer services.

    God only knows what the second fix will cost.

    The main problem was instead of separating the rainwater and sewage systems (IN THE CITY OF MILWAUKEE – almost all of the suburbs have already done this), they built an enormous tunnel tank under the city as a holding bin to allow the treatment plants time to process the overflow.

    The tank is too small by a factor of about 3 (certain folks have a very bad understanding of the term “100-year storm” – this does not mean 3 times per year or more). Parts of downtown Milwaukee foundations are becoming seriously strained as the ground around the tunnel is now unstable, too.

    It is MOSTLY Milwaukee’s problem, but, given that Milwaukee is mostly minority population and the suburbs are mostly white – guess who is accused of racism if they refuse to pick up most of the tab to fix Milwaukee?

    • eddie47d

      You said the sewer holding system was 3 times smaller than it should have been. Then you complain that it cost too much and your assessment went up. Well,It would be costing you alot more if they had built a larger system so in life you get what you pay for.At least in that situation. Now with that pension plan,it was paid into and they are getting nothing out of it.Those folks in Alabama are getting double shafted for now there will be an increase in welfare,food stamps and maybe unemployment. If workers aren’t getting their retirement that could mean they will have to go back to work. That means they might have to take away a job from someone else. Now there is a real domino theory!

      • Wanda Murline

        The same is fixing to happen to social security. The continue to call it an entitlement, but in reality it was a retirement account that the government has stolen from the people since Prs. Johnson in the 60′s and they owe social security about 1.5 trillion dollars that they have given us IOU’s for. Aint’ that a kick?

    • den

      I agree with you. Look what you get when you look forward.

      If they tax to fund pensions it will become like Flint MI. Then the pensions can be paid by empty abandoned buildings. Let the city councils be warned. Minneapolis just saw a 50% increase. In Lakeville the budget passed unchanged but soon the people will scream bloody murder.

      Next year Minneapolis would need to be 350% to cover the billion dollar plan from the Feds to resettle Somali Muslims here. Did you know the city got $100,000 a pop to take each of these? We now have bed bugs, HIV, Islam, attacks on citizens, cab drivers under Sharia, women at risk, and a raft of diseases plus the increased police required for the new gangs they make for us. Be fair. They will never assimilate. They form their own off limits to you community ghettos. There are 60,000 here already. How many are on welfare with ever increasing family sizes? Then another increase must follow to cover the people who left. Tough to manage with only unemployment checks coming in? Thank God the law students are suing the city Pro Bono. This needs to be stopped!

      Tell me again to fund pension by cutting my expenses to the bone when I don’t get one. Be a cold day in hell before I will.

      All that will be left living here will be Somalis in huge apt blocks who live on welfare. (What a community that will be with the govt doing all their expenses!) Can you say Jihad Central? Think how angry they will be if you cut off their cash for life program?

  • R. W. MOORE

    Years ago, when we did not have social security, having large families was the social security for the parents, and other member of families. If this had been done in today’s would not matter in Prichard, Alabama.

    Today, families are put in homes to die, some people call them Nursing homes!!

    R. W. Moore

  • rosina

    You are right Davy.
    never did I expect this to happen in the USA to which I came as a young, naive girl.
    It is so upsetting as I am from the UK which is already in the same boat with the tyrannical EUSSR.
    Where to go now?
    Who or what will save us?

    • Frank

      I hear ya Rosina but that attitude is part of the problem. “Who will save us.” We each have a personal responsibility to save ourselves.

    • Wanda Murline

      There is no one to save us…we have to step up to the plate, take out this tyranical government, dissolve the unions so factories will return to America for jobs…in other words, we are going to have to save ourselves just like our forefathers did when we declared war on England…we are going to have to declare this government as unconstitutional and take America back…if the government is not going to listen, then we have to turn up the volume by whatever means is necessary.

      • Christin

        Wanda, Frank, Rosina,

        Jesus SAVES! He is the only One… And He will save us from this huge mess of epic proportions with His second coming. Yes, we should have had taken personal responsibility and many of us have, but too many have not(entitlement crowd & new 99ers+). The marxist (Godless) rulers have made bricks out of God’s people… all the same shape, size and color (political correctness). But we were made in the image of God…like rocks… unique with different shapes, sizes and colors. God helped the people who were enslaved under King Nimrod, hunter of man, who had the enslaved people build the tower of Babel where he shot an arrow up into the sky (the heavens) where God our Father is. God shook the ground and gave the people different languages and they went off in different directions with those that spoke their new language. King Nimrod lost his enslaved people and the people were given their freedom and were given their uniqueness back to be rocks again as God has made us.

        I think evil has flourished and penetrated every aspect of our lives here and across the globe while we were working hard, raising our families, and yes, while we were enjoying our prosperity and duped to keep up with the Joneses and buy, buy, buy. We lost sight of our humble beginnings… the founding of our Christian nation and our spirituality worshipping God. Corruption is everywhere and (I just watched the Jesse Ventura Great Lakes Conspiracy) and we can not change much without a complete take over of our country from the treasonous who are many. But those dark Elite Rulers in power, either as puppets or as shadow rulers, have the power and greed and the fix is in for them as they have changed the American System piece by piece to stand in their favor. God’s people can not live once again like bricks enslaved by those Godless Rulers. I believe as the Bible says that Jesus will come back in the clouds and take from this Earth His own.

        • Erik

          Sweetie, give the christian propoganda a rest. Save it for sunday school. The Founding Fathers were NOT christian. Most of them, in fact, were Deists. Do your homework. Thomas Paine, for instance…..

          • Christin

            Wrong, Erik sweetie… shuting up Christians and Patriotic Americans is what got us in this mess with our Christian nation… all the non-believers pushing us farther and farther away from Freedon and Liberty and Rights granted by God and toward this unconstitutional tyranny and NWO… looks like you need to do some homework.

      • den

        Can you see the Saudi influence picking our presidential candidates for us?

        • Christin

          I think that influence already happened in 2008… via the undisclosed internet donations to BO, don’t you?

          • MashedTaters

            Yes, so easy to split large donations into many small ones by ficticous internet donors. I mentioned this to people in the republican party with little enthusiastic response in 2008.

  • TIME

    How many times will a door hit one it the ass before one gets the point that the root of the problem is the door was open to long in a strong wind.

    People we as a country have depleted our moral fiber to its core by way of many vise’s the main problem is as simple as “utter ignorance to daily matters that effect your life in the whole.”
    Let alone acts of “Aggressive stupidity” after being kept ignorant for decades by the media’s lacking telling the truth with out their spin.

    “Ignorance has done more damage than any drug or war ever.”

    Why? If you are clueless you will follow like a blind sheep and if you have mass media that spins news to gain ratings or hold time slots as being the best for companys to advertize.
    The stories become more far fetched to engage the simple minded with all they crave. Thus the media has made you “STUPID.”

    Example, Billy Bob sells his horse to Bubba for $10.00, Its just to simple of a story with few details and has a happy ending no one wants to hear that, so it has to be spun to make a “Victim and a Bad guy.”
    So the quick spin is; “Billy Bob’s – Killed by rivial,” News at 6!!!!
    Rain expected, many will die~!!!! News at 6!!!!!
    2 die today by tragic method, News at 6!!!!!!!!!!
    Details on mass killings at 6!!!!!!!!!
    Man found not home, perhaps dead, details at 6!!!!!!!!!!
    Could you be next to die, Details at 6!!!!!!!!!
    Flu killing many, details at 6!!!!!!!!!
    Dog bite leaves man blind ` details at 6!!!!!!!!!!
    Recall on cat chow, tune in at 6!!!!!!
    Dead man leaves clues, Follow the breaking news at 6!!!!!!!!!!
    Man found after being dead for years, Tune in at 6!!!!!!!!!!!

    Now one of these mindless bites will get you, how do I know that easy turn on your Telie and listen, they may not be these titles but they have the same impact on your I – D, that in turn compells you to need to know whats going on and to tune in as YOU may be next!!!!!!!!!
    Only to find that all the stories have nothing to do with the sub titles……..
    Yet daily people fall for the same set ups, after years of this they become numb aka “STUPID” thus when real news hits they don’t respond, why?
    “Ignorance is bliss,” as well afterall it has no effect on them.

    Thus I tell you that what happened with Katrinia, is 100% due to the MEDIA, the media is %100 Responsible for all the deaths and all the aftermath.
    So rather than let on that they may be the ROOT of the problem, they blame others {anyone} other than themselfs.

    So, can anyone fathom that this little town is broke?

    Can any of you fathom that Calie is now at $60 Billion in the red?
    Whats that mean to YOU? It means that in 2011 they will have problems that will spill over to your pockets, due to poor planing, poor managment, and poor media.

    You will all be asked to help pay for them to get out of the mess the local, state governments in Calie have created with the – method of just keeping the band wagon rolling.

    News at 6 anyone?

    “The mind is like a parachute, it has to be OPEN to WORK.”

    • Don R.

      The mess California is in is not due to “poor planning.” It is due to a Marxist mind set that is ignorant and defective. Those with such defective minds will have to have their right to vote and make decisions for others removed. There is just no place for such “control freak” people.

      • Frank

        Don, how is employing a Marxist mindset not a perfect example of poor planning? But I agree with you, CA has been run by Marxists for the past 50-60 years.

        • Wanda Murline

          And you can throw in about 1 million illegal Mexicans into the pot and give them freebies and you, the tax payer, has to pay for it. All of this poor economy has been planned for decades by the corrupt politicians and banking industry…they are manipulating the economy. We need to take down the Federal reserve and chop it up into pieces like the government did to Maw Bell Telephone in the 70′s as the Federal Reserve is a monopoly and monopolies are not legal in America…ask Microsoft if this is not true. Poor management, poor planning, overexpectant unions, illegal aliens sucking us dry, overly paid government employees, and too much government benefits….put it all together and it spells BANKRUPTCY.

      • bear

        How many times must we say,”you can not take from those who are willing to work and give to those who are not willing to work and expect the economy to stay healthy.” Also, you can not take from the many who are conforming to a nations standard and give benefits and the wealth from those conforming to those who have not and expect the economy to stay healthy. The votes of the politicians are not more important than the comfort of the citizens. A Republic form of government allows everyone to achieve the standard of living they wish to have. ONLY a Republic form of government allows this to happen. The term “Republic” has nothing to do with the political name Republican as it once did as this party, like the Democratic party is now tarnished by the infiltration of individuals who are really Marxist and Communists. These politicians who bid for our vote are not Republicans nor are thy Democrats. GET THAT STRAIGHT RIGHT NOW! Carl Marx stated in his manifesto that his plan could take over the United States without firing a single shot. THIS IS WHAT’S HAPPENING and it is happening with the assistance of a very wealthy man who still embraces the philosophies of Adolph Hitler. His name is George Soros and he is the most evil man on this planet. Google his name and read about what he has done and is still doing to destroy our standard of living during his miserable lifetime.

        • Wanda Murline

          What amazes me is that someone has not taken out Soros and Ayers as yet. These two traitors continue to infiltrate the government and throw their money around to manipulate the masses and no one has assignated them as yet. With all the hurt, anger and a lot of people who are a little short on brain cells out there, it amazes me that these two people are still breathing. Oh well, one can only hope for the future with no Soros and Ayers in it. I know I look forward to that day. Okay, some are going to report me for saying this, but I don’t think I would shed a tear if they no longer existed…how about you?

          • bear

            I feel exactly as you do, and yes, Ayers is yet another problem. When Carl Marx made his statement about taking over Amrica without firing a shot, many people said, “no way, not us, we’re too big and besides, we’re the strongest country in the world and we have God on our side. BUT, the instruments of Marx, individuals with Marxist, Socialist and Communist ties began entering our country and soon were teaching in our Ivy League colleges like Harvard, Yale and many others all over the country. Soon, normal everyday people who held political offices were replaced with lawyers who were brainwashed and believed those Marxist philosophies. Now our kids were being indoctrinated and today, they are everywhere and they actually believe that a Socialist, Marxist or Communist form of government can actually prosper. THEY NEVER HAVE AND THE PEOPLE LIVING UNDER THEM ARE FOREVER OPPRESSED AND ARE SLAVES TO THEIR LORDS. Our coutry is the last bastion of hope for this entire planet. What needs to happen is we take our country back and then we arm the rest of the world, give them a copy of our Bill of Rights and a copy of our Constitution and then help them get rid of their corrupt politicians. Also, we need to deal with a specific religous sect that believes that all people of religons other than their own need to be killed. I think you know which religion I am referring to.

        • Christin

          Agreed bear.

          We googled “g soros” yesterday to see if he was involved with the lost of our clean water in our lakes around America… free water to all… resources given to us by God, but bottled and resold to us and yes, China, by the shipful. The computer has everything listed on soros and his evil accomplishements, but still he lives in America (and we lwt him) and he manipulates every aspect of our country… TREASONOUS TRAITOR.

          • Howard

            He and all of his co conspirators hould be put in prison for their subversive activities and I hope the day will come soon.

        • Christin

          Agreed bear.

          We googled “g soros” yesterday to see if he was involved with the lost of our clean water in our lakes around America… free water to all Americans… resources given to us by God, but bottled and resold to us and yes, China, by the boat load. The computer has everything listed on soros and his evil accomplishements, but still he lives in America (and we let him) and he manipulates every aspect of our country (as he has done to others)… TREASONOUS TRAITOR.

  • DaveY

    The Constitution gives the PEOPLE the power. When that power is usurped by corrupt, greedy and brain-dead politicians there are only two options. I pray the violent overthrow of the “government” doesn’t happen but it could if things get bad enough. No money or money that is worthless on world markets will be bad enough. The second option is cutting funding from ALL levels of governments. Bare services paid for. NOTHING ELSE. NOTHING. Governments exist because we keep paying more and more to let them grow and become ever more inefficient and corrupt. If “We the People” decide otherwise their life blood – OUR money – is withdrawn from the equation. Governments have already crossed into the realm of TREASON when it comes to promoting the systemic outsourcing of jobs and the insourcing of all manner of illegal aliens as semi-citizens with “rights” to our resources. Absolute insanity but again PAID FOR by vote hungry Pols who don’t give a damn about the Constitution just about staying in power to use our money to buy more votes. If enough people STOP PAYING for services and whole levels of government which are never and have never been needed or are outright infringements of the peoples laws then they have no choice but to listen to the People again. Perhaps too late already but worth a shot. Better than burning Washington – again.

    • http://personalliberty Bill

      fantastic posting, Dave. You are spot on!

  • Don R.

    Just ignore the black robed bench degenerate’s order. He cannot enforce his order and there are not sufficient police officers to enforce it for him.
    If 1,000 or your citizens lined up with their deer rifles whenever any “enforcer” showed up, they would turn tail and run.

    Who is afraid of “racisim?” Being called a “bigot” or “racist” is a badge of honor when earned in the fight to save America!

    The true racists are the evolutionary challenged ones from Africa and the Mexicans. They openly name their groups “negro (NAACP)” or “la raza (the race).” Consequently, those of white European descent should not be afraid of being called racists or bigots.

    If all else fails, pick up and leave like the bright ones from California are doing as we speak!

    • Howard

      This isn’t about white black or mexican, it’s about an elitist ruling class working to subvert and subdue the country class. They have been taught to believe that they are the chosen ones the intellegint class sent here to save us from ourselves. Allways watch the other hand they use anger to divide and conquer it’s a tactic that has been used over and over let’s not let it happen again.

  • TIMedWork

    A few months ago, I received a letter from the Social Security Administration informing me of a variety of timeline options for my retirement plans. However, whichever plan I chose had the same warning attached: after a few years of reimbursement of the tens of thousands that I’ve plced in their trust, the SSA would only pay me 75% of my due as the fund, by that time, would be insolvent.
    The Prichard Plan uses the same legal premise as does the Federal Plan. The only difference is the percentage of reduction. The Federal Plan reduces the payout by 25% while the Prichard Plan reduces it by 100%. However distasteful, that should be pretty easy to understand.

    • eddie47d

      Social Security is solvent until 2037 yet it has been abused by the same government as a cash cow for other needs.This article didn’t say whether that Prichard Pension Fund was also raided for other needs thus leaving it to failure.

      • ValDM

        If you believe SS is solvent until 2037, you haven’t been paying attention. What planet do you hail from, stranger? There have been innumerable articles in the last 6 months to support my argument. Look ‘em up.

  • DaveY

    There will come a time and soon when the law enforcement agencies will have to decide whether to back the People or the corrupt officials. Those who choose to back the Constitution like THE OATH TAKERS will simply refuse to enforce illegal laws and orders. Officers who do not and feel the orders from corrupt politicians will face the fact that the forced socialization of America is being done while most of rural America happens to be armed to the teeth and well aware of the levels of corruption their elected officials have gutted America to.
    When courts order governments to PAY the pensions no matter what and the officials start hiking tax hikes by 30%, 60% and more (already happening) on an already $$ stressed tax-payer base then you’re going to see thing come down to the wire. I just pray the enforcement agencies SEE which side they should support before they do the usual mindless violence. We do not want to see Army officers and Police Chiefs in the courts later making the excuse “I was only following orders.” We didn’t accept that crap from our enemies. We should never accept it from our neighbors!!

  • Norm

    The government reneging on its obligations is a bad thing.
    Granted these ridiculous deals should never have been made, but the government, local and national, needs to pay it’s bills and honor it’s contracts just like you and I do.

    • Frank

      Most of these supposed contracts were coerced by the unions. I know, our elected officials should have grown a pair. But a bad contract doesn’t have to be honored. Let them renegotiate it along the lines of what the private sector get and no more.

      • Norm

        If we could walk away from the “bad” deals we make the world would be in a state of total chaos.
        Without honor and trust we are baboons.

        • Hi Desert Ed

          Norm, You are a TROLL.

  • Jukebox

    This is something that might be coming soon to the US Government pension plans. I wonder how many people realize that members of Congress can retire after only six years of service with almost their full salary. Also, over half of these people are millionaires. Their pensions need to be based on their incomes with the wealthiest having to draw the same as the lowest level of Social Security beneficiaries. It is ludicrous that these criticizers of the wealthy have the most lucrative pension plan in the world.

    • Norm

      If your name is John McCain you’ve been on the government payroll from your birth in a military hospital, through your education at the Navel Academy, through your pay as a Congressman and Senator.
      The taxpayers paid for 4 aircraft that he lost and all the benies that he has.
      And the bastard has the b*lls to collect Social Security!

      • Art


        You forgot about the time McCain spent in the Hanoi Hilton.

        Also, he had absolutely no choice as to who his mother and father would be.

        You seem to be over simplistic in you analysis.

        I expect the government to do what it says it will do. For instance, I went in the Marine Corps in 1957, They said I would have health care for the rest of my life. They did not ask me how much money I made when I went in the Marine Corps, But when I applied for my Veteran’s benefits, they sure as hell did.

        John McCain earned every damned penny he has received. If the people of Arizona had not wanted him to represent them in the Senate, all they had to do was vote for someone else. That did not happen.

      • Jukebox

        You forgot about Al Gore. Except for the couple of years he worked for the Nashville Banner/Tennesean, his entire life has been supported by government money from the day he was born.

  • RiverRat2U

    Gosh gang you don’t want the over paid retiree to miss a meal. Just TAX the home owner to the point they will not have money for food.
    It appears the plush retirement plans of paying people a retirement plus medical care at or exceeding their working wages is a little much even for Politicians and government employees. Look no further than the Post Office. Their retirement plan is killing the the Postal Services ditto for the Counties,State and Federal Agencies. The politicians took care of themselves and the employees with plush retirement plans that were un-realistic. The results will be more taxes so suck it up and give Big Bubba the key to your bank account!

    • eddie47d

      You are mostly right yet the pension plan in the Post Office is not what is bring it down. It’s the massive departure of mail volume=much less revenue to cover the bills.Their earlier debt came from rising gas prices so if those prices go up to $4.00 then that could kill the Post Office. Now that could put their pension fund on the chopping block to stay in business like other companies.

      • lbw6303

        How about we “privatize” the USPS. I’ll bet Fedex or UPS could make a healthy business out of it. Same goes for AMTRAK. If it can’t make it w/o subsidy, shut it down.

  • mjm2208

    Look up the CAFR for any state, county, city, or school district. They are very revealing. Don’t know what a CAFR is: Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. They show the books are balanced every year, but the balance is not carried over to the next year. Where does that money go?
    For more info, go to these sites: ;
    Do your homework, get educated!

    • Wanda Murline

      When Clinton spouts off that he had all this money left and the budget was balanced, I get a really good laugh. I’ve been around 63 years and have seen a lot of presidents. You have to understand the term “cooking the books”. It would seem that a lot of things were left off the Clinton books…like liabilities (you know the bills you have to pay out every month or year). Hell, most everyone in the US could have a surplus of money if you didn’t take into account the bills you are required to pay. The government has been lying to the people for decades and are still doing so. We must make these people accountable…RECALL is a good means to do that. A lot of states have the right to recall a senator or representative after one year of service if that person is not doing his job. It requires a petition and a certain number of signatures by the people…but that person CAN be removed and replaced by someone the Governor appoints…then a new election within the next year held and you elect someone else. The State do trump the Feds in every category except trade and infrastructure…the government has been overstepping it’s Constitutional authority for far toooo long. It is time for restructure of the government as they are the enemy.

      • Bob Wire

        Well, cooked books or not, it seems everyone is still using these figures today.

        And can you tell me of anyone that wants to project the “least flattering” picture of themselves and their achievements as possible.

        Do you know anyone that fit such a description?

        I surly don’t.

  • mjm2208

    You might also want to view “The Corporation Nation” video which is available on YouTube.

  • http://PersonalLiberty Sad Citizen

    The moral fiber of this country has been destroyed. It should not be difficult to understand that spending more than is being created is eventually a disaster. That is being done seemingly everywhere. Politicians promising immediate satisfaction on the backs of future generations. They have promised retirement in a luxurous life style that can not be provided even by future generations. Auto unions asked the auto manufacturers for the future of their companies and GM and Chrysler gave it to them. Why is this a surprise?

  • J. Hyatt

    Enough of the damn unions. I worked for a union, and all it did was take my money, kept the dirtbag employees locked in place, and drove the company straight into the ground. That’s why we can’t build a decent car in this country, that’s why we have ONE Comm. aircraft manufacturer, and everything else is made abroad. Who stages all of the protests in this country? Who can shut down the transportation system, or city services, of even governments with snap of the finger?, all while paying they’re people $25.00 a day strike pay as they are forced to go on strike? It’s not union people for the most part, it just the damn union. How much proof does anybody need?

  • KDanagger

    The US is following the storyline of Ayn Rands “Atlas Shrugged” more and more closely everyday. The looters and moochers are sucking the lifeblood out of our once great country. These parasites need to be deprived of victims. Somebody please point me towards Galt’s Gulch.

  • Donald

    We live in the land of Unintended Consequenes. No one looks further down the road than two years to see what the consequences of their current actions will be. Back in the ’30s there was a Congressmn named Rich from Pennsylvania. He used to keep saying when Social Secury was being passed; “Where you gonna get the money?”

  • Donald

    Governments lie. They promise the impossiblel and then they can’t deliver. That’s why Social Security moneyh was never set aside in a lock box. The money could have been invested, but never was. The same is likeloy true of this town in Alabama. What did they do with the tax dollars they collected over the years? Apparently, the did not fund their pension liabilities. Governments lie to taxpayers and government workers (also taxpayers) alike.

    Pay attention to what candidates promise and find out how they intend to carry out their promises before you vote them in. Once in, they are hard to get out.

  • Bob Wire

    Well Ahem? So what are we looking for? “Fairness”? ~ some sense of fairness?

    It’s not against the law to owe people money. Like a man once said, ” I’d rather to just owe you then try to cheat you out of it”

    Pyramid schemes come in many forms and are offered to us with many label’s and fine packaging.

    You can buy a car with see though windows and rotating tires with guarantees they won’t rust, bust or collect dust for 90 days.

    The “Boomers” have lived a good life and many have enjoyed the American Dream. It’s very hard to accept that it’s all but over, even for me born in 48.

    I’ve watch my Grandparents draw SS, it wasn’t much but with them moving off the farm and went to working in the city late in life, their SS contributions were small, Paw Paw might have made .75 per hr. working in the factory in 52″

    They retired in 58″ and still I remembered them picking up pecans on the “Halfs” to pay their school taxes. It was their children that dreamed the great American Dream. “My Parents” ~ and the “Rail Road” I was raised in ear distance of the “shop whistle” and the thunderous slamming of switch engines building trains, all day, all night. It became music to me and still todate, I find shop noise soothing to the soul.

    I hate to tell you folks, but this Pie in the Sky dream has just about ran it’s course, when we bury this generation, it’s over.

    For whatever reason, it’s over.

    You can sit here and blame anything you want to and maybe be half correct but the Fox has had access to the Hen house for years. The Rail Road has done better then most keeping the Fox out.

    Wealth Transfer has never been a new concept. HELLO IN THERE!

    • John

      Bob W,

      I agree with you on this one. I am a “Boomer” and have lived a good life. I was brought up in a nice middle-class neighborhood in So Cal. My father was a WWII vet and so were many of our neighbors.
      I actually worked in 3 careers. Rather than blame anyone when things got rough I went back to school and learned something different. From a diesel mechanic (journeyman at 23)14 yrs, certified paralegal and self-employed, 9yrs, Bachelor’s in Information Systems, Sales 10 yrs. Currently I’m still in sales; I’ve earned over six figures for 7 years, except for the last 3yrs. Now I’m barely making it. I do have a nice 401K and sometimes wonder if I should take it now before there’s nothing left. I’m 57 yrs. old and don’t have the energy to go back to school.
      Anyway, things are not looking to good for all of us. When I see unemployment where it is, and this crazy state that I live in being run by a bunch of idiots and our Country’s debt.
      I must say that this pie in the sky appears to be just that.
      I will never give up nonetheless, its not in my DNA!
      And I have gotten closer to our Church, it really helps.

  • David in Ma.

    Blame the politicians, most retirement funds are NOT FUNDED, the money is spent elsewhere and if you pay attention at city/town/council meetings you will see an article on the warrant to approperate or tax or generate funds by some means to fund the next years retirement budget…’s the same with/as MediCare, Social Security, and probably a dozen other accounts.

    The only solution to this and many other problems is for public employees AND THIS INCLUDES ELECTED AND APPOINTED EMPLOYEES, namely the politicians who are entrusted with the job of ensureing the public good, etc. to be under the same retirement/social security/health & salary, etc. as the rest of America…..NO MORE PRIVLIDGED CLASS!

    I would have liked to been able to vote on my pay, health coverage and retirement—— but I couldn’t, I was not prividgeled!

    • Bob Wire

      “Blame the politicians, most retirement funds are NOT FUNDED,”

      help me out here, Now, if I contribute to a retirement fund X dollars what are my motives, is there some promise made to me?

      Is such an investment calculated and offering “gains” with “risk”? or is it to been seen as guaranteed X gains like a T bill or bonds.

      Can there be fixed funding with uncertain gains?

      and if there is “risk” who is to absorb these risks?

      Have I worded these questions in a way that some clear answer can or might be offered?

      Are we not engaging in somekind of “shell game” of sorts with pension funds?

      And who is to hold our faith and trust in the integrity of the game we engage?

      • Howard

        The problem is the promises where unrealistic allways have been. Bottom line you were lide to.


    Many taik of taking “our” country back, few are getting in line…….

  • chuckb

    blame the politicians in wash.d.c. they are the ones who have over the years built themselves a fiefdom at the expense of the taxpayer. they have lured the people into their grasp with the promise of something for nothing. the people dangling in their web keep voting them back into office hoping for the promised bread crumbs. the democratic party and the unions are responsible for the majority of this problem. you note how these politicians will lie, cheat or commit murder to retain their power, once they get a taste of the good life you have to resort to everything short of murder to remove them.
    the solution is really easy. turn the government back to the state, remove all government employees except those pertaining to the defense of the country. revamp all pensions to the social security level, dismantle the irs and place a flat tax instead. we don’t need to write new immigration laws, we need to obey the laws on the books.
    start a deportation program and remove those who are here illegally.
    this has to be done starting now not years down the road. turn the education authority back to the states and remove the unions from the classroom. unless we remove the unions the schools will continue to fail. california is a prime example of what government and state employment can do to create failure. the state is a major employer along with the federal governemnt, you mix that with the welfare recipients, illegal aliens, large minority population and then you have the recipe for disaster. they vote in the crooks that will. promise them something for nothing.
    disband the country club in washington and make the senators and congress people stay in their home states, convening in washington d.c. once a year to vote on new laws and expenditures in a thirty day period. they don’t have to be in wash. to vote on bills. check out the size of staff some of these congress and senators have.
    we could bring our troops home from europe, the middle east and let those people maintain their own protection, we don’t need to rule the world or police these countries.
    we could save our country very easily by making these adjustments.

  • Mick

    This Country was designed to have people take care of themselves, not have the govt, or a company, take care of your most important decisions. I won’t bank on a pension fund that could just as easily disappear. I will build my own pension, or savings. I have a long way to go, but you just cannot bank on anyone but yourself! So BANK ON YOURSELVES! Put a life insurance policy on your Parents! NO TAXES come out! Any interest you earn in a life policy…. you pay NO TAXES on! DO IT! NOW!!! Use the policy(s) as a bank. It pays pretty good, safe, interest too. No… I am not a life insurance salesperson LOL!

  • Howard

    The way I see it ever since JFK allowed public employees to unionize tax payers have been getting screwed. The problem is (and untill we all get representation like Chris Christe) will be that our elected officials will never fight for the tax payer position. When you think about it why would they beat there head against the perverbial wall of collective bargaining for not even so much as a thanks from the tax paying public? why!. So here we are facing the reality of our local and state governments demanding more taxes from an ever shrinking private sector and in the process killing even more economy, or educating the public sector unions that they have been lied to for far to long in believing that any of promises that have been made were ever achievable long term. I also think that the unions need to take off there blinders and see all of the people like myself who are being asked to foot the bill for these unfulfillable promises. There are no easy answers but it’s not more taxation.


    You are just observing what activist laws can do when reality is circumvented by fools and thieves and soon it will be coming to a town near you or quite likely to your town. The idea of a bankrupt nation is a bit preposterous but it’s real and when the government that you now have rewrites all the laws and never tells you what is in them then the laws of reality become the chaos that you are seeing.

    Americans are going to have to show some spine, they too are going to have to move fast to put a stop to all this intrusion, corruption and remove the unconstitutional powers assumed by this government to be able to restore Constitutional law and make morality a main part of American legislation to restore integrity and belief in law. When we as Americans lose the ability to control this government we have essentially lost the right to freedom….I do believe we are in a rapid downward slide as I speak.

  • Julian Newton

    The reason companies do not give up on America is that they know we are the biggest consumers. Wether we buy it to use or buy it to give to another country we still buy it. What happens if tariffs come back, those businesses that have moved out no longer have a market. The one business that should move out of the U.S., is the UN along with all the PC stuff it brought and fostered. I was taught charity begins at home, they teach charity begins where thsy say.

    • John

      Don’t forget the ACLU.

      They should be called the AACLU.
      Anti American Civil Liberties Union

  • barbm

    we seniors need to go back to work to pay into our own social security. i’m looking for a part-time job. 1st, i want to get out of debt, then i’ll save some cash (maybe buy gold), then i can retire again. my working will also help extend benefits. we MUST bring our jobs home, put all the welfare mothers to work, and rid our country of the parasitic illegal aliens.

  • Scott Huizenga

    My fellow Americans, in my first post here, I want it to be crystal clear to all Americans about the truth of our 1) government (public employees and public unions) and 2) unions (private employees and private unions).

    They are thieves, I repeat thieves, mobster thieves and whore thieves. By force and theft they take/tax from the all (American people) and give/pay to the few (themselves) AND with NO, and I repeat NO real and true representation for the all of the American people, but only to themselves. Real accountability is long gone and trillion dollar deficits, insolvency and excessive pay/benefits has been and still is the modus operandi.

    I would argue that America is right now more Socialist/Communist than it is Capitalist. Our Federal, State and Locally controlled government is a Soviet style bureaucracy and thoroughly corrupt from the top-down. Such a system is clearly self-evident whether you talk about Executive laws and power, Legislative laws and power or Judicial laws and power, or any number of failing institutions or topics such as government, politics, laws, PC, religion, sex, schools, police, firefighters, economics or business, to name a few, and all of the ramifications to our American society and country.

    Graduate economics teaches that all Capitalist societies gravite to Socialism/Communism over time, and that Socialist/Communist societies gravitate to Capitalism over time, and that societies generally do not reverse direction until some breaking point occurs. Wake-up and open your eyes to recent and current times in the world. We are there, at the breaking point, the proverbial cliff. I do not yet know if we are going to be pushed over the cliff or actually jump off the cliff by ourselves, but abrupt change is coming. Life, money and society must and will be changing, likely sooner than later.

    I hope our so-called leaders, past and present, will be rounded-up and held accountable; they are criminal, corrupt, treasonous and dangerous, to say the least, and they are an embarrassing abomination to America and all that America has and should stand for.

  • Bryan

    The criminals running our government are destroying our currency and when the dollar is no longer king our economy goes off the cliff. It is all part of the NWO plan, my friends. We voted for these idiots and we get what we deserve. These elitist scum running everything are a symptom of a society adrift. We will suffer the same fate as Greece, and very soon from the looks of things. The only difference between us and them is we still have a few people with a strong work ethic and a belief in the founding principles of the Constitution with its framework of limited government. How do we turn this giant seething pus sore of a country back around? That is the question. It may take the “blood of patriots” as Jefferson predicted, or perhaps enough Americans will educate themselves as to where we went wrong and bring about the political change necessary. Either way, we are in for years of pain from all the obscene government over reach and spending. We are bankrupt, financially and morally. God Bless the USA. BTW, I was raised and atheist, and I fully support my Christian Brethren. We will need a revival of moral spine to weather this storm.

  • marvin

    i will make one point we sent some new rep to congress and the news is saying they had better be careful about new immigration laws or they will lose the hispanic vote hell 95% vote dembocrat anyway so who give a rats ass if you are here illegally leave or we will deport you we can not and will not feed people that are to damm stuped to stay in their own coutry and fight for it we do not need free loaders that by it self would free up jobs and aid for american citizens

  • Bob C.

    When police and firefighter union contracts require cities to contribute upwards of 36% of a policeman’s and -woman’s and firefighter’s annual salary into a pension fund plus retiree healthcare benefits, it should come as no surprise that more cities will be going belly up. It is only a matter of time depending on the average age of the workforce and the numbers retiring especially with declining property valuations. In some cases, retirees are eligible for medical benefits at 55 and the city’s taxpayers have to pick up the tab for health benefits as well. It is unheard of in the private sector for employers to fund/contribute that much for retirement plan benefits of rank and file workers.

  • Da Coo

    Don R. comments are really ignorant, the last time I checked the management is responsible for running the company. They vote on union contracts and other phases of the operations. They control the quality, prices etc. The management determines the products. They also determine if crap products are going to be built and where they will be built. That’s what they get the big bucks for. Naturally the unions are going to try to get the best deal for their members that’s what we call capitalism. Are you against capitalism and free enterprise? Maybe you should move to another country.

  • MashedTaters

    Prichard is just a little piece of New Orleans in Alabama. New Orleans is a little bit of Hattie in the US. Hattie is a slice of Hell on Earth.

    Prichard’s police force was parked because too many of the cars were up on blocks 20 years ago.

    Trying not to be my racist self to satisfy ole Bob’s rules, I will state that the citizens of Prichard if you can call them citizens are still hunting for the one cracked out … who did not vote for Obama so they can bust a cap in his a…

  • frances campbell

    it had to come. the end of the line for all of the unionworkers who struck and demanded more wages than the other woking stiffs. they were aided and abetted by jfk and gov moonbeam who began the first public workers unions. he is back in office again.. i guess the voters of california get the kind of govt they deserve. they chose pig swill over lobster and caviar when they did not elect whitman and fiorina to run the state. they instead sucked up to boxer–call me senator and gov moonbeam. the populace of california is doomed.

  • Scruffy

    I think people should consider where this is leading. There will be many cities, towns and even states that find themselves bankrupt. The left will make the case that civil bankruptcy is a social sin and can not be allowed. (Need to keep all those union votes.)

    So there will be a cry from the left to have the federal govt “bail them out”. This will create a situation where the regime in Washington has another tool to chip away at the constitution. After all, how can a state declare sovereignty under the 10th amendment if in fact the state is indebted to the politburo.

    Centralized bailouts will lead to more centralized power. They will just create the money out of thin air and charge it to future generations of indentured servants we used to call citizens.

  • Darryl Newkirk

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  • Henry Massingale

    I remember seeing a Fox News report of a small town in Alabama that where City Official filed Bankruptcy in order to not pay the Pension Fund to City and County Employees. And at the same time put out $90,000 dollars to up keep make over of that Town.
    Now as for you all bloging here, my views are mine but I wish to welcome you to Operation Clean Swipe,a byMassingale F.A.S.C Concepts, in order to vote out all the members in office, and to bring in new people with fresh honest Ideas, people with no connection to the Members of office.
    Henry Massingale
    A F.A.S.C Concept, by Henry Massingale in and for Pay It Forward at Toptentogo.


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