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Alabama Re-Thinking Immigration Law

December 12, 2011 by  

Alabama Re-Thinking Immigration Law

Backlash from Alabama’s business community has lawmakers in the State re-considering its tough immigration reform law.

The legislation suffered major blows after two foreign employees for Alabama’s prized Honda and Mercedes plants were given trouble during traffic stops.

A German manager with Mercedes-Benz was arrested under the law for not having a driver’s license with him while driving a rental car last month. Early this month, a Honda employee was ticketed at a routine roadblock set up by police even though he had a valid Japanese passport and an international driver’s license.

Mercedes kicked off Alabama’s multibillion dollar automobile industry with its decision to build its first U.S. assembly plant about 40 miles west of Birmingham in 1993. Honda has been building cars and minivans for 10 years in the State.

The recent incidents have the foreign companies wondering if Alabama is anti-foreign investment, a claim that Alabama Governor Robert Bentley flatly denies, according to The Associated Press.

“We are not anti-foreign companies. We are very pro-foreign companies,” he said.

Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange, who has defended the law against the Justice Department, has now recommended repealing sections that make it a crime for an illegal immigrant to fail to carry registration documents and that require public schools to collect information on the immigration status of students.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Stan Smith

    NO! Don’t Rethink the Law! Here is a quote from this part of the story- {A German manager with Mercedes-Benz was arrested under the law for not having a driver’s license with him while driving a rental car last month.} The Police did have a legit reason to arrest him, He did not have a driver License with him, That would be a big NO NO in many states, even a US citizen would be arrested, Even most Teenagers drives without a license, Think of American did the same thing if he did that in Germany I’m sure their traffic & Immigration law might be little more harsh than US Laws! Another Quote of story- {Early this month, a Honda employee was ticketed at a routine roadblock set up by police even though he had a valid Japanese passport and an international driver’s license.} The Japanese person Did have Valid ID’s The story did not say why he is ticketed It could be not wearing seat belt? or some other minor violations! If any violations are found Police do have a legit reason to ticket him, The Japanese driver should know His Country have More tougher Immigration Laws than US. That’s why States are doing something about it and get tough like other countries when they enforce their Immigration Laws & Local Laws! So Alabama Keep your laws in the books, Keep the Illegals out. force the Feds to deport them and make sure people who are here Legally obey & Respect our Immigration Laws and Local Laws, Just Like Americans Have to do the same thing when they visit other foreign countries. If business don’t like it too F -en bad no more cheap labor for you, since you want to hire Illegals over Americans & Legals You need to be fined more heavily and Taxed even more when you caught 2nd time,. Even when you move overseas then you need to be taxed a lot more greater rate because you cant hire Illegals! Reward US business That stays in US that hires Americans & Legals That produce jobs in US. For Businesses That moved overseas and wants Cheap Labor and other greed You need to be Taxed at a greater rate since you can afford it, you saved money on cheap labor and costs! Reduce our Corporate tax rate for US businesses that stays and produce goods in US so we can compete and keep our factory’s in the US so our people The Americans can have jobs! We don’t need Over Regulations and under regulations, Over Regulations will force US businesses move overseas, Under Regulations Will cause Too many Loop holes and corruptions.

    • Ellen

      It’s ridiculous that the media is making a huge issue of this. Clearly, this is not profiling – which was everyone’s big complaint when Alabama passed this law. A German looks like an American. If these were 2 stories about Hispanics pulled over, even if they were valid traffic stops, it would ‘prove’ their theory. Instead, this is just 2 people who got tickets. People like them probably got tickets in other states too, but no one is making an issue of it because it’s legitimate. Alabama needs to keep their law and other states need to pass similar laws, as our federal government has no way to enforce their immigration laws. Illegals are found by state police officers, so states should have authority to remove them from their states. They do that by arresting them and contacting ICE to remove them. How exactly does the federal government think they will find illegals otherwise? This is why we have so many illegals in our country now. It had been a growing problem for decades and now has hit the boiling point because the federal government didn’t set up a process to fix it; they simply claimed authority for fixing it.

      • CJ

        The media no longer reports on anything that isn’t “sensational.” What happened in Alabama is exactly what happens any time someone increases enforcement of rules. Any parent knows the rebellion from their kids when they finally put their foot down. Law breakers will complain until they realize Alabama is serious about enforcing their laws.

        • JUKEBOX

          I don’t ever see any of our local or state media at the WalMart in Oxford, AL covering the hordes of Hispanics on a Friday or Saturday night, with each group trailing five “ANCHOR” babies under six years of age, and not over one in the group speaking “ENGLISH”. There are times that I feel like I am in Juarez, instead of Calhoun County.

      • mark

        “A German looks like an American?” What exactly does an American look like? African Americans have lived in our society in many cases hundreds of years before Americans, who trace their roots back to Europe, ever arrived on our shores. Similarly many Hispanic-Americans who live in Texas today can trace their heritage back a couple of centuries before the 1836 “independence” and U.S. colonization of Texas. Chinese-Americans built the bulk of the Western sections of the Transcontinental Railway in the 1860s. And finally of course, Amerindians lived here thousands of years before Europeans and their ancestors invaded North America, killed, and drove them westward, and robbed their land at gunpoint. T.V.’s Archie Bunker used to use the expression “a real American” when referring to himself. To him and apparently to you, Ellen, this disqualified all African, Hispanic and Asian-Americans. The great thing about our country is its diversity. We are one of the few places on earth where on cannot say with certainty: “Oh, he or she looks like a citizen of this country.” Because Americans, “real Americans” come from all races, nationalities, and creeds. That is what makes us different, you can never tell simply by physical traits who is an American. To further complicate this, all the citizens of Mexico, Canada, Central America, South America, and the Caribbean also view themselves as Americans. They have lived for centuries in the Americas. Many of them resent the U.S. monopoly of this term and would prefer that we call ourselves “United Statesians,” which really makes more sense.

        • always right

          Blah blah blah blah! BlahblaBLAHblahblaH!

          • eddie47d

            Stop mocking yourself always right,err..wrong!

          • http://naver samurai

            Care to take some of your own advise, ed-duh? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • http://naver samurai

          Sorry dude, but the Europeans were here before the Africans first arrived. Look at your history and get educated. Don’t repeal the law, enforce it. Tell the bleeding hearts to get a life. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • mark

            Most African Americans’ ancestors came here during the era of slavery 1607-1807 (that last year was when the U.S. Constitution forbade U.S. participation in the African Slave trade). The majority of Euro-Americans who live in the United States today – not all but the majority – had their relatives arrive on these shores during the great era of European immigration to the United States from 1870s through the early 1920s. I have read my history.

          • http://naver samurai

            Sorry Mark, but what I was saying was that the Europeans were here before the Africans, due to the fact the Europeans were the ones that started the slave trade. First the Spaniards and Portugese, then came the others, eventually the Americans till 1807. The British quit in 1830, but Spain and Portugal never stopped. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • Joe H.

        Here lies the problem in a nutshell. The BUISINESSES are coplaining. I don’t see anything where We The PEOPLE are complaining. The businesses are the ones that are illegally hiring the illegals!! They are the reason they are coming here, that and welfare! Seal the border, heavily fine every employer that hires them and DEPORT all you catch, and the problem will take care of itself as in the illegals will self-deport! While doing this, start a guest worker program for the farms, nurseries, and fruit growers and make them leave at seasons end!! Problem solved!!!

        • APN

          I’ll buy that for a dollar!

    • jimmy the greek

      Well Said !

    • ernest

      we agree whith you STAN SMITH but also stop all the so-called free-trade junk.

  • s c

    Sam, I get the impression that something is missing from this article. If Alabama knows what works, then they can surely find ways to solve what seems like something that shouldn’t exist. The hurt feelings of two people shouldn’t be allowed to cripple businesses that have a great impact on Alabama’s economy.
    At the same time, Alabam can’t let itself be regulated to death by a government addicted to power and always on the prowl for more. Kindly do not forget that government doesn’t create jobs, and states can’t afford to see factories and jobs get sent overseas to please a government that uses Nazi, pc methods like a universal, Big Brother religion.


      If you are employed as a jailer in Etowah County, AL, you are required to go to classes to learn Spanish. Now you tell me what’s wrong with that scenario.

  • David in MA

    I hope they take a real close and long look.
    Foriegn companies are “assigning” their people to their American branches and by doing so are sending people into the country as “resident citizens” who have the same rights as Americans…….this is important to look into as it is a great way to infilter terrorists.
    Now, if these people were in violation of a law~~~~BOOK ‘EM DANNO!

  • Chuck

    Now if I was in a foreign country and was stopped for the same reason their press would N O T be trying to tell everyone about P O O R me, it wouldn’t even make the paper, this is more of a kabookie dance to advance government agenda. They really do not want the states to anything that interferes with new voters for themselves

    • Monte

      Bingo, Chuck. You hit it on the head.


      This is “DIVERSITY RUN AMUCK”!

      • steve

        right….let’s not hurt their feelings….no let’s be sensitive to their feelings…they are special…I guess now every time someone gets a ticket or goes to jail for driving without a license…as long as he or she is a foreigner we have to say how unfair our laws are and then apologize and change them…of course if there citizens then hey no big deal it’s the law….

        • APN

          Well said and pretty much sums up this flipped upside down progressively PC world we live in.

    • Joe H.

      While I agree with what you say about it not being in the paper in some foreign countries, The freedom of the press is vital to the well being of ANY nation and its people!!!

      • Bob M

        Freedom of an unbiased press

    • Joe H.

      I have driven to Canada many times in the past as late as last year and saw nothing to even indicate an anal search!!! I saw them check a semi and he was sent on shortly after we were as we saw him a little farther down the road!!

  • Petter

    Are we all equal? Most of yhe changes has occured to place pressure to Mexican inmigrants but is now affecting the corporations that bring jobs to US.

    What happens when we as tourist in europe rent a vehicle and use our US drivers licensed.? Should we get arrested for not having their required documents?

    Please explain!!!

    Alabama has already the reputation. H

    • Le Beauf

      It depends where you are. In the United Kingdom, you do not have to carry any identification of any description. If you are driving a car, you do not need to have your licence with you, or any insurance documentation, or the annual Certificate of Roadworthiness required for all vehicles over two years old, but if stopped, you must produce same within 7 days at any Police Station. It makes sense therefore to carry those documents even though it is not a legal requirement to do so.

      In France, you are required to have with you an Identity card, or in the case of foreigners, a passport. You must have your driver’s licence, the vehicle registration document, and your insurance certificate, plus the vehicle, if registered in France must display official stickers showing that the insurance and the certificate of roadworthiness are valid.

      What happens in other countries I’m not sure, but your rental company should be able to advise you.

      • Joe H.

        Le Beauf,
        I find that hard to believe about the UK. My wife travels there several times a year, on business and she carries her passport and ID with her at all times. I mean, what if it was a saboteur, and he was stopped with no ID? He could do his handiwork and be out of the country in seven days or a lot less. I just can’t take that as fact.

    • fedup

      You can’t get a car if you don’t have the required paperwork as it is. Your drivers license overseas means nothing, you drive in your passport and visa. Throughout Europe and the Middle East, even Australia, these are what help them identify you. If you do not have them, be ready to be handled in a not so gentle way. Especially in the middle east. That’s the problem with people over here, they don’t understand how easy the government has made it to be an illegal in the states. I’m sorry, but profiling is not only used in most countries, but has been proven to be the most effective form of catching terrorists and illegals. Time to get yer head out of the sand America, your government is screwing you. Wakey,wakey!

      • John Lilleburns ghost

        SAMURAI are you japanese? Why do you want to name your self after the people who bombed pearl harbor? Are you ashamed to be americam? Or is it that you are a yellow loser with bad teeth. I assume that is the latter. You should move to Japan ASAP you nip loving culture thieving anti- american. Whio is your God who is your country?

        • Joe H.

          you are mistaken. The Samurai were a group that valued Honor and integrety above all. The japs, as you call them, that you are thinking of were Kamekazi!! The modern group that have no honor and are thieves, drug runners, and pimps, are the Yakuzza!!

        • http://naver samurai

          My ountry is the U.S. and my God is the Lord our God. What a stupid and bigotted post. Samurai is the name I got while serving for 20 years, but it seems you don’t know anything about serving. Back to the subject. Let the law stand and tell he business owners to grow up and get a life. Like Joe H said, We The People aren’t complaining. Isn’t that what is important here? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!


      I have gone into Canada several times, and you are subjected to an anal exam before you are allowed in, and if you don’t tell the whole truth, you could be sitting in a Canadian jail.

      • mark

        I have been to Canada numerous times and just gone right through a very polite and reasonable customs and immmigration process. I just flew there last month. No one subjected me to a body cavity search. But in either case all this is is anectodatal evidence. Anyone can have a bad experience if they are suspected of transporting drugs for instance or don’t have their proper documents.

        • JUKEBOX

          I had reference to a border crossing in a commercial vehicle, where you can be delayed several hours for a minor detail not being in order. There are other times when you fly through with no problems.

          • eddie47d

            Anal checks at Canadian border? Never had that problem, you must have had your depends on backwards.

          • http://naver samurai

            What was that comment ed-duh? I can’t hear you, due to your voice being too muffled in my underwear. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • Joe H.

            Perhaps taking an eddie would help!!!

    • http://naver samurai

      If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen. The Mexican immigrants can just go back home, if they are illegal. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Harvey

    First time I have agreed with the al of the comments! Way to go American citizens
    Do not be stupid. Leave the law alone.

  • cawmun cents

    The entire premise of this article smells like bovine scatology to me.

    Who are the members of the associated press trying to convince?
    Who are the members of the associated press associated with?
    Are they associated with the prevailing leftist media?
    If so,then why would anyone read their propagandist scat?
    Big gubment is hard at work trying to convince us that it is wrong to want individual rights and freedoms.
    Better to be part of some group mentality,they would tell me,like the CPUSA members are.I am not averse to being seen as a sheep,if I am being led by a proper shepherd.But there remains only one of those in existence.Barry Soetoro,AKA BHO,is not that one.
    But I will not be corraled like a lemming and forced off a cliff,which seems to be what the associated press would have me do.
    Honor has left the ranks of journalism,in an effort to set an example of Maoist idealism,whichs stinks to low hell by the way.
    So why are we left with only the left to get our information from?
    Because we listen to their message,seeing that it is the only one to hear.
    What if we stop hearing their drivel?
    Does a tree falling in the forrest make a noise if nobody is around to hear it?We are being force fed leftist propaganda,and I for one choose not to hear anything but blah,blah,blah.
    If they said something intelligible then I would be glad to listen,but I aint holdin’my breath.

    • mark

      This article was written by Sam Rolley, a regular conservative/libertarian contributor to this site. He is NOT a leftist or member of the CPUSA in fact the complete opposite ideologically. But libertarians are suspicious of all government restraint on individual freedom whether against U.S. citizens, foreign tourists and investors, or even in many cases, illegal immigrants. This is certainly consistent with their philosophy: “gov’t get off our backs with all your rules, laws, and regulations! ” You cannot fault them for being consistent.

  • eddie47d

    Last week there was an article about why so many Americans were moving overseas. Today we have another article about foreigners working in America. Maybe some foreign countries treat all with dignity and welcome the bigger labor pool. We seem to dispise anyone who doesn’t fit in with our own perceptions.I think it’s time for Honda to move to a more favorable state or leave the country and take those jobs with them.( an International drivers license generally allows you to drive in any country) Mercedes should do the same. We all know this is about Mexican Americans and it didn’t even have to come up in the article. The Alabama Governor didn’t think ahead to his decision and has shot himself in the foot. Now this on top of the angry farmers who can’t find laborers to work the fields. Maybe Alabama isn’t so business friendly after all. If you can’t treat your state workers right and appreciate their hard labors then you deserve what you get. Go ahead and piss a few more companies/business owners off and you can retain your past image as a Southern hate state.So this issue goes much deeper than a minor traffic stop.


      Eddie, most of the illegals that are in central Alabama no longer want to work doing farm labor, but prefer to do higher paying construction and trade jobs, so don’t try to lay this off on Dr. Bentley, or the members of our legislature. If you don’t live in this debacle every day like I do, then quit your bogus assumptions.

      • eddie47d

        Finding field workers is a huge problem in Alabama so jump in you car and get out there and start picking.

        • http://naver samurai

          I know people here in Indiana that would jump at the chance to earn some pay. Besides, I thought you might like Americans doing that job, ed-duh. They have a union, don’t they? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • APN


        That is correct. I witnessed a HIGH END golf course being built from scratch by MEXICANS, I mean nothing but Mexicans. None of which spoke ANY English whatsoever. All the supervisors, heavy equipment operators, construction workers,carpenters, electricians, plumbers, clean up crews, etc etc etc MEXICANS….Period! I watched this go on for MONTHS and MONTHS.

        In contrast, I have several friends who are in the earth moving/grading and construction business and ALL are on the brink of bankruptcy. They just cannot compete with the cheap Mexican labor.

        So Eddiedum, we live in the real world and see it everyday and illegals are no longer interested in JUST our “Farm” jobs.

    • Alan

      @eddie – this is ridiculous drivel from a globalist. I lived in Europe when they were allowing anybody and everybody in. Now look at Europe’s problems! I bet the Europeans wish they hadn’t been so hasty with their decisions of the ’80s. Yes, I would be one of a few remaining Nationalists that believe each Country should compete and learn on their own accords as opposed to allowing everyone to freely live anywhere and change whatever THEY want to!

    • Jack

      Why should we support illegals with law , medical and other care when they don’t pay taxes themselves???

    • Stan Smith

      As usual a Libtard always making excuses for them, in his tiny little mind it’s okay for foreigners Illegal and Legal to break our Laws. while it’s not okay for Americans to break their laws in their soil! A Libtard dribble quote- {.I think it’s time for Honda to move to a more favorable state or leave the country and take those jobs with them.( an International drivers license generally allows you to drive in any country) Mercedes should do the same.} So you think it’s okay for the german higher up at Mercedes to break our laws driving without a drivers license??? Why don’t you travel to some foreign country and try to break their local laws! Hey Japan Immigration Laws is far more tougher than US Laws, Honda Corp. should have advise their exec about our Immigration laws just as US companies should advise American worker about on foreign country where the worker will be residing about their laws the do’s and don’ts! So What about the farmers in Alabama is pissed about losing Illegal workers, Alabama did offered Prison labors, The piss ant farmers should stop complaining and use prison workers! I’m sure they rather be outdoors picking crops than being cooped up in a tiny cell!

      • JUKEBOX

        I’m sure that Eddie would be vehemently opposed to Alabama Prison System trying to recover any of that $200 per day that it costs us to sequester these prisoners. On the other hand, it’s probably fine with him for the Chinese or Russians to have forced labor camps. How duplicitous!

        • eddie47d

          Arizona and Alabama are well noted for their “labor camps” so you ave more in common with those Russians or Chinese. You all love cheap labor.

          • Raggs

            Ed… And I suppose that you have proof of that?

            As a matter of fact… This whole thing of the supreme court getting involved IS due to the “global” community complaint against Arizona and Alabama… Meaning this… Our government has sold out the solvency of the US to the international community… If you would do a little research once in a while you would also find that this is also happening with the “The earth is melting” group of Al gore followers…. This is all about a single world government a New world order elite club… So get off of your ass and look it up!

          • eddie47d

            The Chinese and Russians do have labor camps. Prison labor camps in Alabama ..still have them and the same with Louisiana at Angola State Pen. Jukebox needs to be the one who bones up and stop bringing up anal checks at the Canadian border. I think he has been sniffing a few.

          • Joe H.

            Yeah, we can’t have just ANYBODY doing that! That’s eddies job!!!

    • Joe H.

      Apples and oranges again!!!! those ones going to foreign countries you speak of are doing so LEGALLY!!! The ones causing the problems here are the ILLEGAL ones!!! Try to go to Germany by sneaking in!! Bet you won’t like the outcome!! Try France, Italy, Spain, Or Turkey!!! Well, in your case, Turkey would probably welcome YOU as you ARE one!!!

      • http://naver samurai

        Ha, ha, ha, ha! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Raggs

    I smell a rat….

    I figure that this in so much like ALL democratic strategies is a set up…. The “Ole” divide and conquer routine…. If you get my drift?

  • Bob Womack

    No, the law doesn’t need to be changed or repealed. The US government simply needs to secure the borders. Alabama law enforcement did what any other law enforcement agency would do in the case of the German executive. He did not have a valid driver’s license in his possession. If he had been from South Carolina, Georgia, California, he would have been arrested.

    As for the Japanese executive, not much law enforcement is trained in the recognition of an international driver’s license. It was a mistake, but not an unforgiveable one.

    Frankly, the threat is from south of our border. It is porous and opens us up to crime and potential terrorism.

    • Jack


    • http://naver samurai

      True that! True that! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Blue Jeans

    I’m from Florida but because of the economy I now have a job in Costa Rica. I must have my drivers licence and passport with me when ever I get pulled over by the police. I’s no big deal if you are legal… and it’s common sense when you are in a foreign country… wait a minute isn’t it common sense anywhere?

  • James

    We don’t need foreign car factories here. Allowing foreigners to sell their wares here is not trade. Foreigners go home!

    • Beatrice

      Certainly, we will do that. After ALL Americans leave our countries.

      • Joe H.

        And just where are YOU from???

      • James

        Beatrice, If you are referring to our military occupation of the Middle East, and elsewhere, I agree. None of those nations were any threat to the United States, and constitutionally there is no authority for our presidents to continue this warmongering.

    • http://naver samurai

      What about the many Americans that have jobs with those factories. Hyundai has hundreds of Americans working there, so if they go where will these people work? Neeeeed to think before sending everyone back to their home country. Especially the legal ones. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • DavidL

    Prejudice is bad for business? Wow, who knew?


      If you don’t think prejudice is everywhere, just try to say something negative to an Afro-American that is causing some kind of problem in a checkout line or elsewhere in a store, and see the response you get. Stupid is Stupid, regardless of race or color!

      • Joe H.

        Had that happen to me. I was standing in line at a checkout and a Lady stepped in fron of me and said “lookie, lookie who I’M stepping in front of!” Well, just as she got it out of her mouth, the next register opened up and I said” NOPE!” and stepped into it. the look on her face could have cut me like a knife!!! She was madder than hell!!! I don’t let it bother me and that seems to bother them more than if I raised a big stink!!

  • Raggs

    IF ( big if ) we had a decent so-called president ( again with the big if ) He would NOT need to be re-elected by illegal immigrants, so as it stands now well you get the picture… No half brained American will vote for oblama and he knows it….

    • Joe H.

      You got that RIGHT, Raggs!!!!

  • DavidWallace

    “Alabama Attorney General Luther Strange, who has defended the law against the Justice Department, has now recommended repealing sections that make it a crime for an illegal immigrant to fail to carry registration documents and that require public schools to collect information on the immigration status of students.”

    Why can’t illegal immigrants be prosecuted under the same law that makes it a crime if any of us fail to carry DMV documents?

    Also, what has any of the aformentioned have to do with public schools collecting student immigration info?

    • Antonio

      Because its not really about the law anymore. Its all about the establishment of the north american union.

      • Raggs

        Your close but, the truth is is that this is not only a “north american” prospect it is a GLOBAL issue.
        As I was explaining to Ed… get out of your box.
        As soon as you all understand that this is a global enslavement of the populace then prehaps you may get it.
        AS I have been saying for months all of this “financial” crisis has only one purpose.

        oblama as we know is currently playing golf and blaming the GOP for his “failure to lead”.. but his failure to lead is exactly what they want.

        Some people here are smart but 90% do not measure up…
        When that you can find a way to wrap your head around this in the understanding that it is all a plan than prehaps I will give you credit.
        I have stated MANY times that I believe that congress and the head bitch in the white house have been playing the market… So guess what kids… I WAS CORRECT.

        Do you really think that what you see today is a mistake?

        Give me a break people…

        • Antonio

          You don’t need to preach to me about global crap. I know all about the global world order, in fact I make videos about it. Believe me there is much more than you know about. If you watch my videos you might learn some more too…
 that is my youtube channel.
          Once you are there click “upload” and look for the videos titled “the 2012 nwo agenda” there are 16 parts so watch them in order and you will learn about the true satanical world government. I have put much research and effort into my videos so i hope that you understand them as well as learn more.

    • eddie47d

      The schools should be in the business of teaching not playing border police.Most undocumented immigrants hitch rides to their employment and don’t always need a license like everyone else who does drive. I believe Washington State does offer special DMV licences to illegals who work there.

      • Raggs

        OH.. thats it Ed give everyone a “FREE” ride…
        SO then what will ED do when the task masters have left the sheep?
        Who will feed you that slop your eating?

        What do you want to happen ED?… More government control over the very few jobs that are left?

        • Joe H.

          A BETTER question, what will eddie do when the PTB spend all the money and eddies union pension goes bankrupt??? He’ll have to start charging his daughter to babysit!!!

      • http://naver samurai

        OK ed-duh, then what will you do if the police pull you over and ask for everyone’s ID? If they are illegal, you’ll be busted too. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • APN

    This constitutional issue is about as simple as it gets. Given that, how does our constitution address the issue of illegal immigration?

    Article 4 Section 4

    [...] and [The United States] shall protect each of them [the States] against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence. ”

    I see no mention of “armed” or “passive” invasion. The constitution clearly and SIMPLY states INVASION. Our founders were intelligent people who CLEARLY understood the TROJAN HORSE factor. i.e.; Mexico’s passive invasion of our Sovereign LANDS

    Since this is such a SIMPLE and CLEARLY stated article, then it would appear to me that the President and CONGRESS are in contempt of their sworn duty to UPHOLD the constitution, therefore, all who took that sworn duty that continue to ignore this article, should be IMPEACHED.

    I am not a Ron Paul supporter, however, I admire his loyalty to holding true to OUR constitution. Notice I did not say the UN’s constitution or Mexico’s constitution. Given that, just how does Ron Paul interpret this VERY SIMPLE article and I would VERY MUCH like to see this article as a centerpiece of the next GOP debate. Let’s see how the GOP field interprets this very SIMPLE article.

    In closing, given the total failure of our Federal government to uphold this article, then those of us with an ounce of common sense can clearly understand why the STATES are taking on this issue at the state level. It’s called SURVIVAL!

  • http://PublicLibertyDigest RoughandReady

    It seems that people from “other” countries now want to be except from the very laws that every American must obey because they are not citizens … duh! There have been thousands of cases of Americans being detained in foreign countries for NO reason and “trumped up” charges much less actual laws. The final paragraph of that article made no sense to me at all … “… it a crime for an illegal immigrant to fail to carry registration documents.” All this time I thought that an “illegal immigrant” was a person from a foreign country who was in the United States illegally. You mean to say that an “illegal immigrant” has documents? It must have been a lawyer that wrote that last paragrah … oh my … I had to read it 3 times and got someone else to read it to make sure it said what I thought it said.


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