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Al Gore sued by over 30,000 Scientists for fraud John Coleman

March 11, 2009 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Odanneyboy

    It is about time some of us went after this fraud. We The People are arising to the fight. This propaganda propelled by Al Gore and the rest of the UN cronies.

  • s c mailen, jr.

    You got it, Odanneyboy. Who else but someone like Al “I earned that Nobel Prize” Gore would try to leverage the idea of a voodoo consensus to make people think the sky is falling? Does Gore know what consensus means? [hint: it doesn't mean FACT]. Consensus is an opinion that masquerades as a fact until its put under a microscope.
    When people like Gore stop making easy money from delusional global warming theories is the day I’ll have a reason to think our moronic politicians give a damn about us. Until then, Gore needs to be outsourced or marginalized. Fair is fair, and it’s his turn for a healthy dose of old-fashioned comeuppance. Enjoy, Big Al. You earned it.

  • Wendy Soto

    I agree with the scientists, Al Gore does not know what he is talking about. It all boils down to money… how much they can make out of a scam, and this is a scam. Bravo to the scientists, about time some one took action.

  • Carolyn

    Global Warming has been a scare tactic so people will accept their ideas basically that will bring survival to a screeching halt and at an enormorus cost.
    It another excuse to tax all and everything, cut back on what manufacturing we may have left, control the food supply and the land. This is part of the UN’S doings for world govt control. When you control food, people , finances and land- it’s all downhill then and a fight to survive.

    • kat

      Amen to that , i fight now to survive in a small town with no work . I dont know how much longer til i’m on the street . It is not easy when you are 54 ! Jobless makes it worse .

      • Michael Williams

        Hang in there, Kat! I’m more than empathetic to your plight. I’m 52, live in a small town and unemployed. I literally have a stack over 10″ tall of cover letters, applications and resumes I’ve sent to no avail. I’m going to say a prayer for you.

  • Carolyn

    I did and you erased it.

  • Jodie

    Glad to see that not all us americans are gullible idiots. And you’re right, it’s all about money and power. If I can restrict a thing, then I can control a thing. CO2 is what plants breathe; I guess big al needs to go back to school. Oh, who am I kidding, he knows full well that the “global warming” scare is a farce; they’re not complete idiots. However, they seem to find a lot of young sculls full of mush to swallow their bull. Come on folks, don’t let your kids be consumed by this kind of trash.

    • Lindy

      Jodie… plants breathe CO2 so Al Gore must be wrong? That’s cute and very simple logic… are you six years old? Yes, plants breathe CO2… but when you clear cut forests, build houses and roads with sub-prime loans, you reach a point where you create more CO2 than all the plants can breathe. Polar ice caps and glaciers all over the world are melting and the El Nino effect is warming the Pacific Ocean again. It’s not Global Warming… it’s climate change and it’s happening. Maybe you’re just scared that you’ll be horribly inconvenienced, or maybe you’re too lazy or selfish to make some lifestyle changes… but it takes a very special kind of simple-mindedness to deny it. And Jodie… like I tell my six year-old… ignoring it (or denying it) won’t make it go away.

      • Steve

        Lindy, Just because you believe something is true, or false, doesn’t make it so. There are such things as facts and we must all endeavor to understand what is true. Please don’t belittle people who have a different point of view.

      • Kerry


        C’mon dude, WAKE UP!!!!!! We’re creating more CO2 than the trees and plants can consume?? Hilarious, for sure!!!

        Before the states were states and WAY before there were fire fighting capabilities anywhere, when lightning struck in Kalifornia (the K is for another opinion/writing), Oregon, Washington or any other state, especially Kansas, Iowa, Oklahoma, etc., there were fires. Or should I say FIRES!!!! BIG DAMN FIRES!!!! Fires that would consume half of the state before NATURE put it out. Talk about creating CO2!!! And guess what? What with all those MONSTER fires, there seems to have been a miracle!! Yes, the miracle that the world didn’t end, that life didn’t stop, that the sun didn’t scorch and burn the entire surface of the earth. Amazing huh?

        And you want to tell us since we started planting trees, before the laws instituted that any logging industry MUST replant TREE FOR TREE and that all of our fire fighting plans that PUT OUT MAJOR FIRES that we create too much CO2???

        Look, before one writes something, there is a REAL NEED that that person actually KNOWS what they are talking about, rather than simply regurgitating something from some far flung LIBERAL that goes out and hugs their favorite tree each day, OK????????????

        THAT is why I say, “WAKE UP!!!!!!”

  • Jackie

    People of this country need to wake up. We must tell these idiots in DC that we are not going to sit back and allow them to steal our money based on such a blatant fraud as global warming!!! Google Professor Bob Carter and watch him present the evidence. Professor Carter is a geophysicist at James Cook University in Australia. He is one of hundreds of scientists who are not involved in government, industry, or lobby groups, and who effectively refute the theory that human emission of CO2 is causing global climate change. He says of Al Gore, “Gore’s circumstantial arguments are so weak that they are pathetic. It is simply incredible that they, and his film, are commanding public attention. The man is an embarrassment to U.S. science and its many fine practitioners, a lot of whom know that his propaganda crusade is mostly based on junk science.”

    At the Commons Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development, Carlton University paleoclimatologist Professor Tim Patterson stated: “..when CO2 levels were over ten times higher than they are now, about 450,000 million years ago, the planet was in the depths of the absolute coldest period in the last half billion years….”

    Call, write and email your representatives and demand they vote no on Cap & Trade or be held responsible if they are in favor of bill that propagates one huge scam!!!

    • Carolyn

      Haven’t you noticed, no matter how many letters you send to your so called Representatives, they will send you a form letter pertaining to absolutely nothing that you wrote about. Actually they are trying to pass legislation so we can no longer complain.
      We are no longer a govt of the people, that’s why we are in the mess we are in. We’ve slept at the switch too long; the CONST. supports removing them when they go contrary to our Laws but we never do. Now with everything being federalized- how will we ever remove them?
      And to add to the misery, we now have Judicial Activism where they make decisions on how they feel and thinking the Const. is a revolving document.
      We have full blown nuts at the helm.
      Hold fast to the Faith of our Fathers and Pray! God sets up Govts and He also brings them down. Considering how Americans have mocked God, we have reason to be concerned about His dealing with us.
      Read 2nd Chronicles 7:14 and know the answer. America needs to repent and ask forgiveness and not just lip service. God knows our hearts.
      Personally I think we are seeing the stage being set for the world dictator known as anti-christ. With enough people praying and turning back to our Creator, he could extend our time as a free nation. I think we are going to see much more suffering before mankind falls on his knees and cries out to God.

      • Jackie


        I understand God is the ultimate authority, however, the powers that be want you to feel the way you do. Many people in the media have said they have never seen anything like the recent tea parties, it gives them hope. The politicians want you to believe that you are alone. You are not!!! Yes I have noticed how politicians send you a form newsletter when you write. But not all of them are that way. Rep. Allan Boyd wrote me a letter addressing the second amendment to the Constitution stating he is a gun owner and will fight any legislation that tries to infringe on an individuals right to bear arms when I emailed him with concerns about the issue.

        I also understand about the anti-christ and the one world government, but we don’t have to sit back and let these people get away with it. You need to stay involved in supporting movements that will force those in DC to listen or vote them out. We also need to humble ourselves and pray. God said if we did so He would listen.

        I was particularly upset with our politicians one day. I turned on TV and Huckabee was on. He was talking about all the insanity in our political system. He kept repeating one phrase every few minutes that gives me a lot of comfort when I get stressed over our country’s path. It was Good Friday and he kept saying, “but don’t worry Sunday is Coming”. Jesus conquered death. With him all things are possible.

        Let’s partner together to pray for the healing of our country!!!

        • Lindy

          Yeah… what would Jesus do? God is just a Santa Claus for adults with the minds of children.

      • http://AlGorebeingsued Annie

        He should be sued for spreading propaganda and that is what all politicians do. They think we are idiots, well to a degree we are. We voted for them. He got the Nobel Peace prize for lying. Yes, climate changes and for a very good reason.

        Yes, our “reps” send us form letters because they don’t know how to respond. I remember writing to Bill Clinton years back, when he was in office, and the reply was strictly out of left field. He must have had his staff respond to it proving that they don’t even know what is going on. He probably never even read it, like those who condemn the Az. illegal law. Get real.

        All I can say is, people put on your thinking caps and learn to differentiate truth from fiction. Let’s do thinking for ourselves and maybe teach these “professionals” their job. Book wise but not world wise.

  • Bernie Bosma

    A workmate, an AGW adherer, acknowledged that less than 4% of atmospheric co2 is the result of human activity. Yet he believed that somehow this component was not sequestered or used by the planet’s ecosystem. As if the oceans analyse and reject it. My conclusion, situation near-hopeless. Our only hope is continued cooling before the scam drops us back into the stone age.

  • Buffy Wells

    Gore left office with 2 million dollars. He NOW has 100 million!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
    ALL of this money came from his SCAM about global warning!!! He’s a FRAUD and a fake and should be FORCED TO GIVE BACK THAT MONEY!!! HE IS EVIL!!! EVIL!!!!

    People are SOOOOO stupid!!!!!!!

  • Sandra TX

    Yes, as many state, the secular progressives (fascists, socialists, communists – whatever label you want to put on them) have engineered this downward slide into
    total government control. They hated losing control during the last 8 years and have
    created plans that are intertwined into all aspects of our public life so as to gain and
    KEEP CONTROL from now on. ACORN is woven of 270 different organizations
    that are overcoming our Constitutional Republic so that we will never again be able
    to have an honest vote with their fraudulent manipulations backed by liberal activist
    judges (ie Norm Coleman vs Al Franken) as well as the importation of illegal aliens
    with all the promised benefits from the American taxpayers and the Czars that answer
    to no one but BHO !! There is your anti-christ. A deceiving, slithering, scumbag who
    can turn a phrase so that the people hear “the desires of their hearts” in his words
    and then when he has you in his grasp, crushing you with not the slightest compassion. Our God will have to save us because it is too late for any mortal to overcome that minion of Satan. People are paralized just as someone in the gaze
    of a Cobra about to strike.

  • Susan

    This is crazy. Just because you have a Ph D doesn’t mean you know the world isn’t going to end. Can’t you see it? Can’t you see all the changes occuring around us or is the bubble your living in not transparent?
    You only are scared of what Al Gore is trying to get across because the truth will stop all these huge money making companies from getting richer.
    All of you are greedy selfish people. Your children and their children will suffer from this and all you can think about is money money money.
    Well one day this world is going to wake up and a lot of people are going to be hurt and then we will see who has a big mouth, a Ph D and apparently can predict the future. Then we will see.
    And if this wasn’t such a huge issue and you aren’t worried about the world coming to an end and global warming effecting the population then why are going out of your way to punish someone who has their own opinion. Isn’t there freedom of speech?
    O right, only for certain people, people that are greedy and money hungry. Right.
    Well do what you gotta do but remember, your children will suffer, and so will the rest of world and you probably won’t live to see it, but you will have to live with it for now.
    Have fun trying to convince the world it’s going to be ok because even the average person without a Ph D can figure out it’s not like it used to be and it’s only getting worse.

    • s c

      Put it to the test. Give gore 90% of your total wealth (stocks, bonds, bank accounts, cash, etc). Let America know how fast you’re ‘saved’ by gore from anything – let alone global warming/climate change. You’re dealing with a politician. He isn’t a scientist. He never had any gravitas. He can’t buy an ounce of consensus. What’s the point in elevating a mortal to god-like status?
      Washington is full of false gods, and they are destroying America.

  • Mike in NJ

    Amazing. If you’re right, and it’s a hoax, well, saving money and keeping that money away from our enemies in the Middle East is the benefit. If you’re wrong, we also get to avoid a global catastrophe. Great logic there.

    What is destroying America is head-in-the-sand ignorance of decades of scientific study. I don’t believe for one second that that number of climate scientists (assistants and interns without degrees, as well as mechanical/other engineers are NOT climate scientists, by the way) actually signed those ‘petitions’.

    I wager that most of these posters have never seen the movie in question. I have, and although I admit Mr. Gore takes a few liberties with the conclusions here and there, the vast majority of the information presented makes the problem worth looking nto, rather than dismissing out of hand, as is the “consensus” here.

    It is unfortunate that people ignore science for dogma. It is unfortunate that people forget that it takes decades of work to determine the scientific validity of a hypothesis, and that dismissing such a conclusion out of hand is an insult to the intelligence and free will that God granted all of us. Remember that old saw, “… you were drowning, and I sent you a fishing boat, a cruise ship, a military cruiser, the Coast Guard, and a helicopter, and you STILL didn’t accept the help, because you kept saying, ‘God will provide??!?’ Why do you think I gave you A Choice?!?”

    We’re getting a message here, people. We’re destroying the earth that God gave us. Making it filthy, killing its inhabitants, killing each other, taking its boons like oil and water for granted, and making a complete mess of it all, because we are LAZY and GREEDY.

    Let’s all wake up, take stewardship of our home, respect one another, and stop destroying our children’s inheritance.

    • Mona

      Thank you, Mike in NJ

  • Mike in NJ

    To respond to the video:
    1) it says “Wants to sue, not “Has sued.” Why does the headline say otherwise? Why do you insist on LYING here??
    2) When you breathe out, only a small part of what you breathe out is carbon dioxide. It is NOT like water vapor.
    3) Assuming for a moment that what he said in there is true, and that humans have increased global temperatures by 1/10th of a degree… do you have ANY IDEA how much energy that is? 1/10th of one degree around the world??

    Check this recent study:


  • David

    So Mike, how’s your membership at the sierra club working for you? Do you understand what cap & trade means to this country? Especially when the biggest polluters (if you want to call CO2, methane, etc a pollutant) such as China, India and Brazil are just hoping we implement this double tax on our industry. EVERYTHING will cost more, including food, utilities, stuff! That is a tax on everyone.

    Even the average “Joe the Plumber” is taking notice. Why? Because concerned people like most of us here are talking to others a lot! I have been to DC twice to speak with my representatives in the house and senate. The republicans completely understand. We are preying that the blue ticks pull through in the senate and we think they will. The G8 is a total waste well except for his peep show….nice butt little girl.

    There will be nothing left of the high paying white and blue collar worker jobs. Our country can’t survive with just bankers and lawyers and oh yea the tree hugger groups.

    It’s people like you and Mona that are clueless. Our earth goes through cycles and we happen to live in the most stable point in its existance. So man New York will be under water one day….big deal. Most of us will adapt to the change.

    • Phil

      David, I’m guessing that you have one of those high paying jobs and no kids, and that life here in the US has been good to you and it’s your god-given right to maintain the status quo.
      Yes, I’m a scientist. No, not a climatologist. And while the data isn’t 100% conclusive one way or the other (it never is – we still don’t know how gravity works and yet it does everytime), there do seem to be enough climate correlations to warrant some serious thought on possible outcomes and risk analysis.

      If you had kids, as I do, you might consider that their lives will be affected by your decisions.

      As I see it these are the really simple facts (assuming the IPCC isn’t actually run by Goldman Sachs, and I’m not convinced either way on that either) :
      1) CO2 traps atmospheric heat,
      2) Oceans absorb atmospheric heat (…perhaps that’s where the missing hotspot went?).
      3) There’s an awful lot of new melting going on at the ice caps, including under the ice sheets.

      Now, lets tie these sociological snippets in as well:
      4) Cheap oil production appears to have peaked for good (no, not the expensive tar/coal/gas-to-liquids, just the cheap stuff) so energy will become more expensive and less available to Average Joe.
      5) Exponential global population is eating cheap food grown with cheap oil (hey, did you hear about that new badass wheat rust?…)
      6) Altered (by whatever force) atmospherics can ruin crops on a continental scale.
      7) Have you ever seen a predator/prey population graph just after the prey (food) numbers start declining?

      So, I’m a little concerned about what the world is going to look like 20 years from now when we’ll presumably be coming out of the current cooling cycle and quite possibly ramping up into some really serious warming fueled by even higher CO2 levels. The 400,000 year chart shows that we’re now already in a rather hot spell compared to the average temp. Why risk pushing it higher? It’s the stakes, not the certainty.
      My kids will be asking me what hand I had in the situation. “Hey, dad, did you ever have a chance to fix it or slow any of this mess down, or did you just bury your head in one side of the discussion’s sand pit and drop-kick us into this used-up world of starving parched billions?”

      Personally, I agree with you: I don’t think the cap-n-tax program is going to do much more than line some pockets, empty a lot of others, and Chindia will just burn whatever they can get their hands on while they can get it. But this way perhaps some renewable energy will get installed, although there’s almost no way it’ll be enough to satiate the US, let alone the world.

      Meanwhile, I’m going to exit the fated burbs, buy a small farm near a river, in a (currently) mild climate, at least 2 meters above the high tide mark, build an energy efficient house, install some wind and solar power, grow some food, get to know my neighbors, and turn my back on the greed and short-sightedness of the “grow the economy at all costs forever” mindset.

      Like you say, adapt. I figure we’re all going to have to, regardless of which camp we sit in. Good luck, y’all.

      • Ed

        Right on.

  • AlGoreCarbonWhore

    Al Gore is a pathological liar and sociopath, so of course he does not want to debate the science behind “Global Warming”, “Climate Change”, or whatever they are calling it this week. Truth is he stands to make hundreds of millions through trades through his carbon credit bank, so why would he want to let the facts get in the way of a really big lie? I mean after all, leave the “Father of the Internet” alone. I think it is more accurately “Father of Lies”. Recall how he and his friends in the Clinton Administration lost the hard disk behind the copying machine to accidently give the Communist Chinese government American nuclear bomb secrets? Yeah, he is a traitor, liar and Gaia worshipper. But climate expert? Nah!

    • s c

      Gore is so typical of the ultralib, emotions=intelligence mindset. Just think of something, and demand that people see your ideas as heaven-sent (oops, they don’t have ay use for God). They see their ideas as chiseled-in-granite, and must not be criticized by mere mortals.
      They tend to be afraid of facts, as facts get in the way of their fantasies. When you can ignore facts, you don’t need a conscience (a good way to describe a career politician).
      It will be interesting to see how many lawyers gore gets to defend his ‘wisdom.’ With a little luck, it will put a most interesting dent in those hundreds of millions he plans to make from his global warming scam. He’d be a better man if he’d find some gravitas, stop his many carbon-spewing international trips and try to act as though his education wasn’t a complete waste of time and money.
      My state has produced some losers, but thank God, we can’t claim gore as one of them.

  • Aaron Dunn

    All the CO2 released by burning fossel fuels was at one time in the atmosphere until it was locked into plant matter by photosynthesis.

    Burning coal, oil, natural gas, and etc. only returns to the air the CO2 that those evil plants used up.

    By the way, 90% of the photosynthesis takes place in the oceans NOT the “rain forests.” Sorry to burst your bubble.

  • http://none JJ

    This is to Linda:
    Climate change has been occurring for millions of years. A tax of up to 2% of GDP will not stop it. (They’d also like to tax the sun, but..) The fact right now is for the last 20 years the earth has actually cooled by one degree, that is why the UN, G20, and Al Gore have changed the name from “Global Warming” to “climate change.”

  • http://yahoo ralph mcclellan

    will some explane to me who was burning all the fosil fule during the ice age. those cave men and women must of styed verry warm. if al had said the world was square allot people would beleve him. money talks

  • Diana Szambecki

    Taking black and white positions on this issue like many others is divisive and blocks learning. It is not Ok to assume everyone concerned with global warming and the future is a zealot just as it is wrong to assume fact based thought can be changed by hiding the data i.e. recent scientific emails. Truth should trump agenda movies.

    Al Gore is a zealot and it is based on his financial gain. Like other celebreties his walk doesn’t match his talk. Good for legitimate scientists who can’t swallow more emotion based government action.

  • David VanNorman

    I would like to give Mr Gore some of the Global warming we have here in Pennsylvania. over 3 feet of snow in just February.

  • Allen Fowler

    It’s time that we take a look at the real facts. There is clear evidence that great ice sheets covered much of northern North America and Siberia. The glacial striations are there in the rocks and there are terminal moraines. These ice sheets have been retreating for centuries—long before there was any industrialization. What caused the ice sheets to retreat? The natural ebb and flow of climatic variation through the years. To have melted these great ice sheets there had to have been far greater climate variations in pre-history than we are seeing now and those variations had nothing to do with human acrivity because there was little if any in these areas at the time. Has anyone calculated how much Al Gore has accumulated over this farce at $250,000 per appearance. This whole climate change farce has been fueled by scare mongers like Al Gore feeding on the hysteria they are creating. Global warming is happening but man made co2 has little if anything to do with it and you can shut down all the industrial plants in the world and you will not be able to stop it! Get used to it.

  • Carol

    Well, I have been told that Gore flunked 2 or 3 different college courses. ’nuff said for that’. In grammar school we learned that the earth has an elliptical course around the sun. That means at the furthest point we have an ice age. At the closest point we heat up. So, there’s not much we can do about global warming is there.

    • http://Yahoo Dennis Phillips

      Thank you Carol. Elliptcal is a word that has excaped the few brain cells I still have working, LOL. But I knew I studied the same thing in school. Just been a few years, (something closer to half a century) and I couldn’t put my finger on it.
      Don’t they think they are rapeing us bad enough already with taxes or what?
      I have made up my mine, we are going to have 5 red Necks on city councel in Danville, Va., next election.
      They just elected 4 to the 9 person councel so in two years they have 5 seats open and guess what. The nine people even elects the mayor from the nine on councel.
      I am already raising chickens and rabbits and will shortly have goats for dairy products, including ice cream, and pigs for pig pickens.
      And I figure a buck or two a head will pay for a good sized bunch to go to the coast fishing for a couple of fish fries.
      I can rent a river bottom that is really just a large creek that kids and adults together love to get in during the hot months.
      Nothing brings out Red Necks better that good free cook outs, and it doen’t matter what kind of meat it is, and a clean place to drink your beer and pick the gituar, banjo, and fiddle.
      If I can’t get more than 4,000 people to vote for 5 red necks next time I’ll kiss your butts.
      Ya’ll think about this seriously. I don’t care if I run or not. Actually I’d rather just get a movement that will get 5 real men on the councel instead of the money grabbers tha’s there now.
      they have already went up to 7.5 % tax on any thing you purchase so they can what?? Plant trees so Danville is the prettiest city in the USA.
      The heck with that.
      Get off my back because I have a 78 Ford Pinto in the back yard. I mow the grass around it and I have a 221 ford V-8 I want to rebuild and put in it.
      I have to pay $45 a year just to keep what I already bought.
      Are you crazy?
      It hasn’t run for six years and they want $45 so I can keep it here.
      Are they nuts or what.
      I was in the 82nd Airborne, and completed Rangers training.
      The idiots want a war with me.
      Are they crazy???
      I’ll have a rabbit roast one week, BBQ’ed chicken the next, a pig picken the next, and a fish fry and start all over again all next summer and it will start early to wake them all back up in 2012.
      Dang them sucker.
      Tell me I can’t have chickens or rabbits when I live on 60+ acres.
      Watch me.
      Now look. I am lucky here because of all the land but I am sure there are many of you that can do this too.
      Just the rabbits by themselves can earn you overe 100k a year for a 40 hour work week. They sell for between a buck and a buck 45 a lb and they need to be 4 to 5 lbs when you sell them, and that’s when you wean them. 8 weeks old.
      That will pay for everything to take your town back from the rich people.
      Watch Danville, Va. the next two years. I am pi$$ed. It isn’t smart to do that to some people.
      Like they say. If you can’t beat them, join them, and then kick them out.

  • RKCannon

    An important missing fact is that CO2, no matter the source, has very little greenhouse effect. In fact the main greenhouse effect comes from water vapor and high clouds. The effect of CO2 is not settled and it appears that it does not enhance the effect of clouds, and more likely that clouds reduce the effect of CO2. And there are major problems with climate models, and their inability to model air circulation among other things. Please see Dr Richard Lindzen’s (MIT) summary link below for a sane discussion of this issue.

  • Ed

    Something is causing big glaciers to collapse. This melting is happening much faster than predicted a few years back. This melting will cause oceans to rise and inundate coastal regions – some small island-based countries will disappear completely. This prediction has led some countries, like the Netherlands to start building sea walls in hopes of saving half of their lands.

    Apparently scientists are convinced this phenomenon has to do with ‘global warming’ which for some unknown reason happens now and then but is not directly related to carbon emissions. That scientific knowledge will certainly reassure rich people living on Long Island when their multimillion dollar properties become submerged.

    Is it possible that all the other factors well understood by scientists are raising the temperature of the arctic glaciers to 31.5 degrees fahrenheit but that little 4% of man-made CO2 only raises it one degree more? Is it possible that man-made CO2 is accelerating the warming process and that if it were reduced to say 2% the swallowing up of our coastal cities might be delayed, say 50 years? What would that be worth to your grandchildren?

    Al Gore has won prizes and awards from the British government and some very sophisticated panels because he has focussed attention of the world’s politicians on a real threat, regardless of it’s proximate cause. and he has gotten rich by writing books, not by scaring people.

    Remember A.J. Rowling wrote “Harry Potter and got billions from it and nobody insults her by calling her a “liberal” and other nasty names.

  • dnld

    I agree with the school of thought that global warming is a natural occurrence. How much CO2, sulfur and God knows what else is shot into the air daily by numerous volcanos? Some have been spewing for decades. There are undersea volcanos too! Human’s puny addition to Mother Nature’s already noxious emissions is not relevant. Anyone who says it is, is full of it.

  • Josh

    What the HAY! It’s all going be over come Dec.21, 2012
    Hopi and Mayan End Times Prophecy 12-21-2012,
    Magnetic polar shifts causing massive global superstorms
    I can’t stand it! I give UP!

    goodbye cruel world


  • led lights for cars

    At least Al Gore is correct concerning global warming, right? Or is he wrong? He says it was man-made, not just the planet’s standard cycle over 1000′s of years. Ya think?


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