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Airport Body Scanners Too Revealing

May 18, 2009 by  

Airport Body Scanners Too Revealing

Is the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) looking for hidden weapons or making pornographic movies? After looking at images from the naked body scanners being deployed in U.S. airports nationwide later this summer the answer is not so clear.

What is clear is that these scanners reveal far more than hidden weapons. They reveal every curve, nook and cranny in the human body and throw that image up on a computer screen for a TSA agent to view.

Called millimeter wave scans, the devices are set to replace the traditional metal detectors that passengers must go through to get from the ticketing to the boarding area of the airport.

The technology was first implemented a couple of years ago as a trial in the airport in Phoenix, Ariz. Similar machines were later put into operation in New York and Los Angeles.

When the TSA first began pushing the new technology it did so saying it would be used on a voluntary basis by those who didn’t want to have a more invasive physical pat down during a secondary screening.

In other words, those suspicious-looking white-haired grandmothers who didn’t want a TSA agent touching and feeling them all over would step into the machine so a TSA agent could instead ogle their image.

But now it’s not just the white-haired ladies, it’s everyone—children, teenagers, 20-somethings, middle agers and old-timers—going through the image scanners. There remains an option for those too squeamish to have their image made. You can step off to the side and a TSA agent can pat you down.

TSA says that the scanners will blur faces so no one will know whose body is being revealed. And TSA assures you the image is deleted the instant the passenger is cleared through the checkpoint. It also says only male TSA agents will view the males and only female agents will view the females.

Well that’s encouraging. We know there’s never been a man or woman who got their jollies from looking at naked members of his own sex.

Besides, the idea that the TSA is going to go to the trouble of separating the males and females into special lines once the checkpoints get backed up during peak travel times is unbelievable. And, in a news report demonstrating the working technology at an airport there was but one computer terminal in the room and the female agent was viewing a male scan. Later in the report a male agent was viewing a female image.

While news articles about the technology showed mixed reactions to the scanners by passengers, the very idea that one would have to submit to a virtual strip search just to travel on an airline should throw up all kinds of red flags. Big brother government already has too much data on your finances, medical records and shopping habits. This will give them a digital photo to go with it.

Thankfully the American Civil Liberties Union is considering filing a lawsuit against the TSA. Hopefully they’ll follow through.

If not, expect to have to reveal your naked body at every public venue in the near future because, coming soon to a subway station, stadium, concert hall and shopping mall near you, enhanced body scanners for the viewing pleasure of government agents.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Florida Girl

    What’s that sound you hear? It’s the death knell for the U.S. airline industry. One can only hope that airline passengers wake up to this before it is fully implemented!

    • Matt

      If the ACLU follows through, it will only be to protect the muslims going through the line. Grandma will not be protected, she is, after all, a right-wing extemeist! Anyone with a judeo-christian background is suspect. What’s next? If the TSA agents see something “suspicious” then will there be a strips earch? Body cavity exam? Perhaps the government should hire aliens from outer space to do the body exams! ;-) Of course, the personality of some of the TSA agents makes them appear to be from outer space.

      • Rich

        Having been a former TSA employee, I wrestled constantly with the balance between keeping people secure and protecting our privacy and rights. It’s not an easy answer, and one I took so seriously, I could no longer continue doing the job. Having said that, I will say in response to the callous remark made by Matt about TSA agents, that it is a thankless job. Yes, I was at times embarrassed by how some of my fellow employees would treat the public; but I was every bit (if not more so) embarrassed and appalled at how the public often treated us.

        • Bobbi

          Well said! And I will ad that the ones who complain the loudest about this “Invasion of privacy” are probably the first to wear a bikini on the beach.

        • Carol Dines

          I was a federal employee with the Veterans Administration and worked in a hospital.

          While Vets and their families would sometimes complain about their care the employees can complain equealy about how abused they are both verbaly and sometimes physicaly by the vet patients and family. Its an ongoing social problem in America, how we treat each other which does not necessarily have anything to do with race or the sex of the individual. A plain lack of civility!

        • John

          Whether you choose to wear a bikini on the beach is irrelevant. Its your CHOICE.

          Grandma getting her naked body gawked at by security, against her will, is a different matter.

          How about your son or daughter, getting looked at by the child molester who just happened to take a job in airport security? He thinks he sees something suspicious, now its time for a full on body cavity search….real nice…All in the name of safety. Junior’s bedtime dreams will never be the same again…

          I think there has to be decent limits. This has just gone too far. The potential for abuse is limitless.

      • nancy

        I have dealt with the TSA agents. They are power hungry jerks who smurk when they mess up some ones trip plans because they “can so what they want” as one told me.

      • joe

        Matts at least half right. I don’t know scrap about the attitudes of TSA agents. Personally, I don’t think I care if they did the scan on me. I’m getting to old to care, LOL

        But, Matt is right about one thing. If the ACLU (Isn’t that the American Communist Lawyers Union?) does file a suit, it will be to protect our enemies, not us.


      • Buckroo

        Gotta love ya Mat.

      • Dave

        Anything the ACLU is against is probably good for our country. Their objective is to destroy our way of life.

        • John

          Dave that is a purely reactive reply.
          It shows no thought process.

          Much like you find in religions when it comes to politics.

    • Alex Eden

      You wish!

      Most people never express their disagreement with the government policies, and especially now, when many are plain scared. How many times did an average Joe Doe (Mary Doe) contacted his/her congressman or senator?

      For while the government will try to keep it quite, and when it does become common public knowledge, it will be too late because the news networks will present it as a “normal”, accepted by the majority reality of life. And the majority will tag alone with the communist news network (cnn) or fox or whatever news outlet you like.

      Sure, fox will be leading the movement for tougher control over the use of such image scanners, and for that reason everyone will be saying that fox is truly “conservative” news network…

      So, airlines will do well, or at least as usual.

      What is especially sickening is that new security measures such as this one is a completely logical result of efforts by so-called conservatives and neo-cons. In exchange for temporary safety from “terror” threats many neo-cons agreed to sacrifice freedom. As predicted, the usual result of such compromise is the loss of both safety and freedom.

      • John

        Is not the purpose of government to PROTECT the people… If you think it is too far, then maybe we should open up our boarders, become like Mexico and let crime dominate…

        • Alex Eden

          GENERAL SAFETY is one of the proclaimed public goods. However, only the protection from the external enemies is the constitutional prerogative of the federal government. In other words, the purpose of the federal government is to provide general protection of American people from external enemies. Legally of keeping standing armies is also very disputable.

          Local governments (not the airlines and not fed. agents) have the constitutional responsibility for maintaining OVERALL safety and control over insider threats.

          Our government, neither federal nor local, has any obligation to protect you specifically or any other particular individual… Well, exceptions are well known: Pelosi, Biden, Obama, and the rest of them.

          There was a famous case in 1970s when in DC a couple of female students rented a townhome. Two minority rapists broke into their home. One of the females managed to get to the roof of the building unnoticed. While she was on the roof, she called police, gave them address, and stayed on the phone until saw them arriving. When she saw that a police cruiser arrived, she waited a few minutes and got back into the townhome. Police was not there… She and her roommates were being raped for another 2 days. Coincidentally, they were law students. They sued the DC PD, and the city, and the case ended up in the Supreme Court which ruled in favor of the city and decided that no government agency or agent or peace officer or anyone else acting upon government has any obligation to provide any specific or general safety or protection to any particular individual…

          So, yes, the purpose of governments is to provide public goods.

          No, body scanning is not a way to provide safety and security. It’s a way to get more control over your life.

          Remember Ramos and Campean? Does their story tell you anything? The government is not a single person or even a group – up until now influential groups of people in the federal government strongly discouraged enforcement of border security and drug enforcement. Ramos and Campean were penalized to ensure unimpeded flow of drugs and slaves.

      • Bobbi

        John and Alex you are both missing the point. Freedom is only preserved if we are willing to sacrifice SOME of our personal freedoms for the good of the whole. It is unfortunate that our selfishness has led to a lack of respect we once had in the world. We have capitulated our morals and integrity for personal comfort; something of which our founding fathers were NOT guilty.
        Alex, the girls were continually raped because authorities are too often not permitted to intervene because of the privacy laws and the ACLU (American Criminal Liberties Union). If not for the stupid laws currently in place, Romos and Compean would never have been arrested; much less incarcerated. They were sincerely protecting our country and should not just have been released but pardoned. They committed no crime.

        • Alex

          Privacy has absolutely NO effect on police response if they received a 911 call from a residence…. Under our current laws peace officers have every right to enter a residence because placing a 911 call gives them probable cause.

          I don’t know where in the US you live, but in DC police often choose not enter a residence or even respond to 911 call if it originated from a criminally-infested area – they choose to do nothing out of fear for their lives, not because of privacy concerns. That’s nonsense!

          Imagine you took a wrong exit off i-495 beltway and ended up in a South-East or North-East hood around midnight (traveling, out of gas, for example). And you are being atacked, and calling 911. They won’t come!

        • Valverde

          The best response would have been: call the police and wait for them to arrive, then go down into my home with my Beretta drawn, look around the corner and see the jerk raping my friend, dispatch him with two well placed shots, high-chest, center, turn get the other one before he can get out the door. Call 911 again for my friend. Put said Beretta away (don’t want the EMS to think I am going to shoot them. Problem solved. Police show up about then to see why the EMS guys are there and think they are there to care for the two dead guys on the floor.

        • Mike1968

          The “good of the whole” theory as a rationale for willingly giving up any freedom guaranteed by the Constitution is the socialist crapola rubbish spread by idiots like oBUMa, the Charlatan-In-Chief.

          Freedom is not preserved by giving it up!

          Freedom is preserved in the same fashion as it has always been – at the great personal sacrifice of those brave enough to risk their liberty and/or their lives, and those who often made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of freedom.

          Freedom is not cheaply bought by obliging the self-serving will of the collectivists who believe anything of value can be achieved if only people will give up their individualism and toe the mark for the “good of all”.

          You are indeed naive, foolish and unenlightened if you believe otherwise.

      • Carolyn

        Conservatives would never support these body scanners. Have they now put perverts in charge at TSA? Everybody might as well run around naked with this so called concept.
        Govt is pushing to see how far it can go before the public rebels. The idea of going along to get along is stripping all of every sense of decency.
        Has anyone noticed that Govt isn’t dooing what they were elected to do? They seem hell bent on micro managing every facet of our lives. Actually the Reps could all go home as there is no ovewrsight and they all let Obama act as a dictator so we could take the rest off the parasitic payroll.
        News Flash–Capitalism and the Free Enterprise are being purposely destroyed so we can be merged into the One World Govt. We be3come the serfs of the land what the wealthy elitest rul. But don’t fret– we will all have equal–equally nothing.
        People voted for Obama thinking they were going to get a free lunch- letting someone else pay for it. These are the ones who are too lazy to work but want what you have. Democrats always talk in reverse ( with the Media putting a spin on all of it to make it sound like it’s a good deal) but all will see that the ideology of a planned Utopia will reveal the truth- a man made Hell on Earth.
        Wake up . Ignoring reality won’t change it!!!! When businesses are finally taxed out of extistance and there are no jobs to be had, all will be on Govt assistance. What Govt finances, it controls. Are you ready to dance to their tune? Actually you won’t have a choice. Do or die- some choice.

      • Carol

        Alex, you’ve got your conservatives and liberals mixed up!

        • Alex

          Yes, indeed!

          Is it only me?

          Is Steele conservative or liberal?




          Ron Paul? (a trojan horse in the conservative movement?….)

          Our reality is stranger than fiction…

      • ronnie david


        • Alex

          Yes, I indirectly referred to this quotation.

        • Dorothy

          To ronnie david -
          Great quote from a great thinker. Unfortunately democrats were all
          born without a think-process in their heads!

        • Liz Wahl Andre

          Great quote. The founding fathers of old warned us about loss of liberty, the tyranny of banks and the centralization of power. It was like they were seeing through a crystal ball and prophesied accurately where we are as a nation today. As for as these “body scanners” go, I read that they are not safe. Is the public “exposing” itself to more than an invasion of modesty and privacy? Don’t the images of naked people running before the Nazi’s in the concentration camps to deem who is fit for work come to anybody’s mind? I refuse to step through a body scanner.

      • skeeter

        UHHH the republicans aren’t leading anymore,the Dimmies are, you can’t blame Bush for this he’s in Texas not saying a word…But Obama’s teleprompter is on TV daily thats why I don’t watch TV anymore..the man makes me sick being a yoyo…..

      • kat

        All letters i’ve sent to the congress and senate , were a joke ! They wrote me back with several letters over the years . One even said ; I do not share your thoughts or concerns on this matter . So that pretty much sums it up . They don’t care what the American people want .

    • Dan Enright

      West Palm Beach Int’l with start using this system in Sept09′ It is “Total Recall” happening in real life

    • Tom Younce

      I don’t care WHO is offended by this. If it keeps the American Public safe from another 9-11, then do it. If the ACLU is so dead set against this, then they and their MUSLIM compatriots, can all walk, drive, or, take a train.

      Let us not forget. There is no provision in the bill of rights that guarantee’s you the absolute right to fly. It, is a privelage. Cut and dried. Oh and SCREW THE MUSLIMS and all of their profiling claims.

      Let’s clear the air right now.

      9-11 was committed by MUSLIM freaks. Period. All terrorist attacks on American’s for the most part, are committed by MUSLIM freaks. SCREW THEM .
      You see, it was Muslims, not Catholics, Protestants, Irish, Polish, Russians, Chinese, Japanese, American, or hindu’s.

      NOOOOO It was MUSLIM’S. We are nooooootttttttt profiling you. It is STATISTICAL fact that you people blow yourselves and inocent people up.

      I make no apologies for speaking the GOD’S gospel truth.

      Bring on the scanners and kick the MUSLIMS off of the planes.

      • Badger

        Hey Tom, 9-11 was AN INSIDE JOB! All the TSA in the world isn’t going to stop more controlled demolitions and huge insurance policies with a terrorism clause!
        It’s not about the Muslims, it’s about corporations, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Federal Reserve Bank taking over our government and disposing of our Constitution!
        Obama is the new NWO puppet just as the Bush’s and Clintons were before the African national.

        • Chris Williams

          While I am certainly not a conspiracy theroist, I would have to say that all the factual information I was (and you can too) able to get concerning the shuffling of security 2 weeks before the WTC attacks, the enormous number of stock puts on the airlines, and the huge insurance policy on the twin towers that included “acts of terrorism” shortly before 9-11 certainly provides enough intriguing information to make you wonder.

      • Alex

        If the ACLU is so dead set against
        this, then they and their MUSLIM
        compatriots, can all walk, drive, or,
        take a train.

        Let us not forget. There is no
        provision in the bill of rights that
        guarantee’s you the absolute right to
        fly. It, is a privelage.

        Following your logic, or lack thereof, it sounds like “walking, driving, or taking a train” are also “privelage”s. How is it different from flying? Remember Spain – strategically placed explosive device detonated in the center of a city may have just as profound effect as blowing up a plane.

        I make no apologies for speaking the
        GOD’S gospel truth.

        The only problem with your speaking “the GOD’S gospel truth” is that it does not work against the real enemies of America. It actually helps to establish a system of total control which will deprive you and your kids of the Bible and gospel. They won’t have to deprive your grandchildren of the Bible – your grandchildren will reject it themselves thanks to public schooling.

        Look at what happened in Soviet Union or any other socialist country, including our “allies” in Europe. I talked to a Norwegian guy recently, and he said people are very afraid even to mention G-d or Jesus in public.

      • Patsy Cochran

        I beg your pardon, but Timothy McVeigh was American born and raised as was Bill Ayers and others. 9-11 was a terrorist attack from an extremist Muslim group and I am not even sure how they got through the metal detectors in the airport. Even though I believe in individual rights and do not want my rights violated, however, I don’t want to be blown up either.

        I do think that we are in more danger with these scanners than without because of the health risks. This is definitely an invasion of privacy and the reason for using them is bogus. It has even been proven that these scanners would not have discovered the underwear bomber. These scanners are something that should scare the heck out of all of us. Our children are not even safe from having to go through the scanners.

    • Jim

      with image recognition software and other detectors they could very well make this happen even without a person watching everyone. Thus protecting privacy. Only those allerted with a possible detection would then be further searched by a person.

  • Travler

    This ought to be the last straw for the airline Industry. I’ve already driven once to avoid the new scanners.

    • Sarah

      Same here. We have three kids, now. The last time we traveled by plane, we had two, and getting through the checkpoint was enough of a hassle already. For some reason, my husband always gets set aside for a more thorough scan (a white male with buzz haircut must be a red flag with these people). We’re planning a trip and are expecting to drive instead. Reading about this only serves to confirm us in this decision.
      I don’t envy those agents their jobs, but they shouldn’t be surprised by people’s negative reactions to these scanners. For crying out loud, is nothing private anymore? I realize some people choose to bare it all (or more than they ought to), but to actually force such an invasion on someone is going too far. I guess, for those of us who object to this, driving is the way to go (or, possibly, the train, when it isn’t too expensive).

      • Michael

        I agree I have never been in a plane and with this type of stuff that is just wrong me and my family will never fly . I do not want anyone looking at me with a scanner that shows every thing that is just sick . why dont they make a scanner that works like an
        xray like in Total Recall you go through and only show the things that do not belong .
        and not show any body parts now that would be exceptible not this thing they have now seems that they did not put much thought in to the desine of it .

  • Kath

    Have you ever actually seen one of these images? They are hardly a photograph. While I’m not fond of the increased scrutiny, I do know what the images show – contours yes, photo-quality images no. The ACLU doesn’t like them because they will reveal concealed drugs too. We shouldn’t be so quick to jump to conclusions without all the facts, and some serious thought.

    • Bobbi

      On target Kath. You are making sense.

    • Alex

      If these images show contours only, then they are hardly usable at all…

      We are talking about people with little more than 6 months of total post high school education operating these devices. How intelligent and trained you need to be to recognize an unauthorized object attached to a chubby person? If you were operating this machine, would you recognize silicone breasts? Would you ask everyone with silicone breasts to remove them?

      What is a person has plenty of body fat – will it be shown as fat or ignored by the scanner? In either case, it’s a perfect way to conceal and carry through whatever you need to….

      • Kath

        It’s not that difficult to distinguish different types of objects. Have you ever actually seen one of these scans? I have.

        • SaferFlying

          Absolutely right Kath!
          I read that the x-ray operator is in a totally isolated room and never even sees the actual passenger in the booth. officers are continually being trained on object recongnition and I’m quite confident that they can distinguish the difference between body fat and implants of any kind. BTW Alex, unless you have wires connected to yours, I’m sure you won’t have to worry about remove it.

  • Larry

    Whats the big deal. I think we all know we come in two models-Male / Female. We all know at an early age the physical difference between the two. Its not like we haven’t seen it before in all shapes and sizes. The people behind in line aren’t going to let anyone spend too much time checking out an x-ray image. Move on……Next.

  • John

    Sounds a bit like the Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movie “Total Recall”

    Maybe this would be better suited for a Prison, or a Jail… I am still trying to decide if it is too far or not…. heck I let a doctor look at my bod, but I have to remove my clothes, If they decide to put a big screen projection TV and display it to the line behind me that would be too far…

    On the one hand I say yes it is too far, I really do not want anyone looking at my body through my clothes… On the other hand you could take the same technology and combine it with a character recognition or object recognition software that is available to identify potential weapons without anyone actually looking at the pictures, it could all be done electronically and without actual human viewing unless there is something suspect…

    On the other hand I do not want to be on a plane that is hijacked… You could technically argue that metal detectors are an invasion of privacy too…


    • Alex Eden

      John, could you please elaborate you could argue metal detectors are an invasion of privacy too?

      I’m not saying they are not. Just want to hear you perspective.

    • Jim

      Do you all realy believe privacy exists ,,theres no such thing as privacy. its just there fear of some one pokeing a hole in there little nieave protection bubble protecting there fragile self worth and fear of the big bad world out there. sorry about the spelling.

      • Alex

        Yes, privacy still exists!

        There are many types of privacy, and its overall amount is shrinking, unfortunately.

        We are one of very few countries in the world, for example, that allows almost completely unrestricted private use of encryption.

        Even most of our European “allies” do not allow their citizens to use it.

        In America, a person that is willing to make an effort, can maintain a very high degree of privacy. Most of us do not need the need in a very high degree of privacy. Like posting these messages, for example. All of us could use measures to fairly effectively obfuscate origination of these messages, but most of us, I guess, do not need to.

  • Robin from Indiana

    I think I would need to know just how much of the image shows ‘nakedness’… If it is a grainy outline, who cares. Will it show concealed weapons? Replaced knees and hips? Drugs? I am not sure on this one what my opinion is yet. I haven’t been on a plane in years, however I used to love to fly. I think safety and national security are important, but I also think that if this actually becomes a reality that no one can claim religious convictions for not being scanned. If one has to do it, everyone has to do it!

  • Billy

    Controlled immigration could iliminate a lot of this BS.
    Gov’t wants control in the wrong places.

    • Alex

      You are absolutely right!

    • Cathy

      I agree with Billy. If we hadn’t been so willing to let so many questionable immigrants in, we would have less of these security problems.

      I recently flew through Phoenix and Salt Lake City, but it was in SLC that the scanner was being tested. If I hadn’t have been warned by my friend beforehand, I wouldn’t have known what was going on. I saw people in the see-through circular room, like a cylinder, standing there with arms raised. I asked if I could NOT go through, and they let me go through the metal detector. The girl behind me didn’t ask and went through the scanner. She felt it a very negative experience and told me that I’d made the right choice. I mean, everyone there can watch you being scanned- it looked very demeaning. At least they could curtain it off so you have privacy.

      Besides the privacy question, there is the issue of how is this machine reading through our clothes? Is there a health issue? Where do we get to find out so we can protect ourselves? The last thing we need is more radiation, though I don’t know how the metal detector works either.

      • Cara

        That is my concern here too. What are the health ramifications of using these scanners on the public? I do not want my body damaged and these people making these scanners are immune from lawsuits much like the vaccine makers (and I heard that swine flu vaccine madate is on its way! so get ready for another violation to your rights). This is all really going way too far!

      • Bobbi

        Cathy, you bring up some good points but as far as the privacy issue goes, it a no-brainer. Faces are not revealed and the scan is grainy from what I understand. SOME personal comforts have to be sacrificed for the good of the whole. Is it fail-proof; no, but it’s one tool for detering some subversives and drug users. Many of the people who will cry the loudest would be the first to wear a bikini.

  • Alan

    This is rediculus. Just another way for big brother to tighten his grip on the american people. It’s not about being seen naked by a complete stranger, the point is why should you have to. You are getting on an airplane, not being convicted of a felony.
    When is enough enough?? When do the people get to say no. After all, this is the land of the free. and last time i checked, the government is suppost to work for the people. Not control the people.

    • CAROL

      Hey, this is for your safety!! If you don’t like it, don’t fly! It appears that you cannot think outside a ‘box’. For people like you, I wish we could put you on a plane where no one has gone through any kind of security (fly at your own risk!)

      • Donna

        They want you to think it’s for your safety. Just like all the other infringements they put on the people. It is the greatest excuse to take away your freedoms. Without this, you are in danger. Be real!!! Our government want to know when you pick your nose or scratch your ass. Be careful, there’s a camera waiting for you.

      • Support the Constitution

        Gladly participate in that program. I would chose to carry my own protection and handle my own security rather than rely on government to do it for me.

        • SSG Prasuhn

          HERE! HERE!! I ‘ditto’ that comment wholeheartedly. It would be much safer and less costly to just do away with TSA and let those of us ‘authorized’ to carry concealed weapons to board the plane(s) with ‘our’ weapons. All that would be needed would be to ‘show’ documentation ‘proving’ that we’re ‘authorized’ to carry to the ticket agent, they in turn would mark the consist showing who all ‘is’ armed and any terrorists or other such ‘ID 10 Ts’ would ‘fly at their own risk’. Guaranteed if ‘they’ knew that most all passengers were ‘armed’ — and their being the ‘minority’ — I don’t believe there would be any more plane hijackings. Should ‘they’ try someting, it would be something like the bar scene in ‘Code of Silence’ (a Chuck Norris movie) where the two ‘idiots’ tried to hold up the bar which just ‘happened’ to be a ‘hang out’ for a bunch of cops. It’s rather hilarious when you think about it. Kind of like a ‘comedy of errors’ sort of thing.
          Then too, like you — and a whole lot of other people — I’d feel ‘much’ safer being able to ‘defend myself’ rather than rely on some ‘goof-ball’ TSA agent, whose only ‘sole’ purpose in life (to many of them, anyway) is to ‘harrass’ the ‘paying public’ while trying to ‘make their flights’.
          ‘Nuff Said’,

      • Alan

        I would love to be in that line. now don’t get me wrong, safty is important, but this seems to be a little over the top don’t you think? It seems to me that they have you on board with this lets be scared of the world tactic, and the government is the only one that can save you. But all that means is the media is doing their job and have you tricked into thinking that we are a weak nation with scared weak little people. So you go get your body scanned for some TSA agent, and I will fly with the (support the constitution) guy. and everyone will get to their destination safely.

      • SSG Prasuhn

        It doesn’t matter if your plane is hijacked or not — even after everyone has been scanned. Planes have been known to ‘go down’ due to mechanical reasons, pilot error, even being shot down (as was the case over Lockerbee, England years ago). TSA has yet to save anyone! Dont’ think they ever will. Even though they get ‘hassled’ while doing their jobs, they could be a little more professional across the board than what I’ve seen of their job performance. Many look like they were just hired out of the gutter (a typical security problem in many cities — especially the big cities like LA, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, etc.)
        The only safe plane is the one on the ground and in the hangar.
        Were those of us ‘authorized’ and ‘qualified’ to carry a concealed weapon allowed to do so on a plane, I guarantee you there would be NO hijackings because the hijacker(s) would have no idea who, or how many on board are ‘armed’ that could (and would) take them out before they got any control of the plane to start with. No THAT (to me) would be a SAFE PLANE to be on!!! — For the record, I’m retired US Army and have had ‘anti-terrorism’ training — better than what TSA receives.
        ‘Nuff Said’,

    • Mike1968

      Alan, you are exactly right – when is enough, enough?

      I know when enough is enough for me – it will happen sometime before September ’09 when these invasive scanners go into use at Palm Beach International Airport. I will have taken my last flight from that airport before then and will not submit to such indignity just to be able to fly. If they are instituted elsewhere I will forego flying and will find other means of travel.

      It might be useful to consider this in the broad context – the technology is closing us in, day-by-day, into the box of government control – airport scanning, cameras everywhere, tracking on the toll-roads/turnpikes, RFID chips, government e-mail scanners searching e-mails for keywords, remote radar-camera units, red-light running photographic traffic ticket generators, credit card usage tracking, on-line medical records available for government revue, social security numbers, FEIN numbers and probably numerous others I haven’t thought of or don’t know exist.

      Your privacy is eroded tremendously everyday and like good little sheeple many go along with it with their naive rationale that giving up freedoms is for the good of all. Welcome to the gateway to tyranny – have fun in your ignorance!

      • Florida Girl

        It looks as if I’ll be hanging up my wings as well in 9/09. Flying has no appeal to me anymore. It has become a truly demeaning excercise. With all the security and safety issues, delays, cancelled flights, lost baggage, poor treatment and what not I’d just assume drive. Privacy issues and quality of the images issues aside (no attacks, I agree these are extremely important), it just seems like such an incredibly short sighted decision on the part of Homeland Security. The airlines are in dire straights as it is and this will be an ad hoc blow that will bring the airlines to their knees potentially putting hundreds of thousands more out of work. That coupled with the inevitable rise in gas prices as hyperinflation takes affect (due to the increase in money supply)–well that will be all she wrote. To me the economic ramifications seem enormous!

  • Independent Thinker

    I don’t think it’s necessary. This technology has never been used in Israel, and with all the issues over there, airline security isn’t one of them. I read they are planning to install these things in Europe, and Germany seems to be the only reasonable country so far that is against it and says they “will not go along with this mischief.” One by one, our personal liberties are being abolished. The role of this government is to provide security for the nation, but it should never be at the expense of the individual. I agree this should be at a last resort, when all other possibilities have been exhausted. This seems to be the quickest and possibly cheapest route.

  • Son Of Sam

    Instead of punishing ALL of us for the crimes of a tiny insane minority, perhaps we should just have the guts to finally put all captured terrorists on trial, and upon being convicted, EXECUTE THEM. It worked with Timothy McVeigh, it worked with the Nazis, and it will work again if we ever have the courage to demand that our so-called “leaders” start actually protecting us instead of apologizing for us to the rest of the world.

    Stand strong until freedom dawns
    Son Of Sam

  • Magnon

    One more step toward big brother’s march toward communism. It would be different if it had a real purpose, but this is just one more act in the government’s dog-and-pony show under the guise of “security.” Believe me, if there is anyone out there that wants to hijack a domestic airliner this “security check” nonsense will NOT stop them. There are too many “back-door” ways of them getting on a plane since TSA and all the other alphabet-soup agencies don’t police construction gates, vendor entances, etc. with any consistency. All this “security” inside the terminals is merely to help Grandma to have a warm and fuzzy feeling about her safety. It’s all B.S. by an out-of-control new bureaucratic monster that is being paid for by the taxpayers, so why not spend another several million dollars on fancy “image” machines? After all the TSA agents need some entertainment to help them through their extremely boring days on the job.

  • Nate

    I was sexually assaulted by a TSA employee 2 years ago-in full view of the other passengers, and it was blown off and covered up. Thankless job for perverts is what TSA is…

  • Pat

    I personally think this is going too far. The only people I get “naked” for is my husband and my doctor. I do not feel comfortable with some strange man or woman viewing the very detailed images this “xray” shows. You can see a persons genitalia in these things!

    I, for one will stop all my airline travel if these become a no option at my travel cities.

    Guess the oil companies will get even more rich from me!

  • Tritonal

    What is lovable about this whole “thank you mr. muslim” crap we have had to deal with since 2001 is that NOW you can take a flight to Atlanta, at least coming from overseas, where you passed through security getting onboard the flight, then reclaim your bags here in ATL, then go BACK through security before departing the damn airport! What? Do they think little green men in the baggage holds of commercial aircraft are spinning together all sorts of contraband and EED’s and “boom” boxes and, ohmygawd!, boxes of matches!!! It’s stupid…the border/back door to this dying Federal Republic is wide-ass open, and some “gubbermint” agency scrutinizes your baggage so you can LEAVE the airport by ground transportation. Duh Factor pegged on the meter.

    • SSG Prasuhn

      Ain’t that the truth!!! — ‘pegging out on the ‘Duh-Factor Meter’…
      That seems to be the ‘status quo’ for anything the governmnet (city, county, state or federal) does these days. What a bunch of morons!!! But then we’re (most of us anyway) are the ‘bigger’ morons for voting ‘them’ into office. Now, THAT should really blow the top off the ‘Duh-Factor Meter’. Right?


    If the means to travel by air become any worse for the public and the TSA will not use common sense to properly enforce the law, then the already insulted travelers will become more aggravated harder to deal with, the airlines will bear the brunt because of the governments lack of sense and reasonable search methods.

    The stories abound in number of the abuse, insult, overbearing manner and when combined with damn near undressing in order to pass thru a gate to board and aircraft, then suffer the uncomfortable treatment inflight or perhaps be confined to the aircraft and sit on the tarmac for several hours, I do believe there is reason for the TSA and the airlines to revise their thinking and start putting the cash paying client first.

  • Ron

    I think that many of you are missing the point, while others are right on. It’s not a matter of whether or not the scanners show a great deal of detail or not, it is the principle and the direction that our government is taking us. There must be a balance between justification and personal liberties. We all want to feel safe while we are in public places, but there are ways of doing this without the goverment agencies tightening the noose around the necks of innocent people. Do you want the U.S. to end up like Malasia where you can’t even use the bathroom without the government monitoring you? If you do then sit back and let it happen. If you don’t then you had better stand up and be heard on this issue. Enough is enough.

  • makaainana

    Personally I think we should throw out all of these scanners.

    What we need are a series of tests:

    Carry on bags dumped on a table and inspected.
    Person goes thru a metal detector
    Person next gets hooked up to a lie detector
    Person then gets interviewed by an expert
    If any results are questionable you have to do the series over again
    If there still is a question you go in a room and get two slams against a wall.
    If there still is a question you get one waterboarding
    If there still is a question they call the President and he declares you an enemy combatant and you are flown to Gitmo.
    After about 5 years of “non-torture physical beatings, abuse and waterboarding” you get to go in front of a kangaroo court called a military commission.
    If you are found innocent they release you, but to leave of course you have to start at step one above at the Gitmo airport.

    • Alex

      I can’t even figure out if you are serious or is that your unique way of being sarcastic…

    • SSG Prasuhn

      For some reason, I think ‘these tests’ would be much EASIER to pass (through) than the TSA ‘strip’ line. Don’t think it would be long before someone came out with a book about ‘how to PASS these tests’ called “PASSING THROUGH TSA FOR DUMMIES”.

  • Art Hotchkiss

    Regarding Rich’s comments (the former TSA employee). There are just certain jobs a person with integrity might not want to do. I do not have any problem treating certain people with disdain and contempt who repeatedly try to take my freedom.

  • RonTruth

    Speaking of government direction, I can say with sincerity that this loss of constitutional rights and protections began a long time ago. On Jan. 17, 1961, an aging, twice-elected President, Dwight Eisenhower left future generations a strong warning. First, he said that “government-funded research had replaced at-home discovery of things that didn’t yet exist. He said that such government-funded research was no longer dependent on actual need. It, instead, became the beginning of telling the Government what society needed, and could even create the very scenarios under which such items created by scientific research would be used.

    That is, the government had so enriched the scientific research community so that the research community could tell the Government what you and I need, and, if necessary even lie about why it was needed. Manufacturers and research organizations made $Billions from it. That is where these new detailed, full-body scanners came from.

    Question: Where did this “need” come from? Was it not the attacks of September 11, 2001? When the Bush administration knew, from the “August 6, 2001 Principals Daily Briefing and Memo” was known to that administration before the attacks occurred, and the president went to Crawford, Texas for the whole month while the nation was under FBI warnings of terrorist attacks, and did nothing for 20 minutes in a classroom, listening to kids read about a pet goat, what was really going on?

    Oil corporations, at sometimes more than $5.00 per gallon at the gas pump, made $hundreds of billions in profits, while trying to rip off Iraq’s oil reserves while US soldiers killed and were killed in Iraq, doing it for them. Eisenhower also said in that same speech, that the combination of an immense military establishment and a large armaments industry, with it’s power over Congress through private donations, “could change the very structure of our society. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our LIBERTIES nor DEMOCRATIC PROCESSES.”

    I hope the American Civil Liberties Union does do a lawsuit to stop the scanning.
    Eisenhower was right. Our liberties and freedoms are at stake.

  • http://? Howard

    All screenings at the check-in line will make sure people are not carrying but gives a false security. Only if all checked baggage is checked will total security will be achieved and currently all baggage is not checked.

    • Alex

      Total Security – wow!

  • Jackie

    Lets do that, lets think outside the box!!! I was wondering has any one thought of what they will do next if one of these bad guys gets through one of these wonderfullly designed scanners. First our shoes then what next????? Things are moving really really fast…. Peace talks!! Wars!!! Rumors of wars!!! Maybe it’s time to just Hope & Pray God has mercy on us all & will take the least destructive path to our beggining.

    • SSG Prasuhn

      Thinking ‘outside the box’ IS the problem. Those doing so are losing their marbles and whith their being ‘outside the box’, the marbles roll away. Now, if they were still thinking ‘inside the box’, when they tend to lose their marbles, they’d be able to retreive them faster because the marbles would still be ‘inside’ the box and not ‘lost forever’.
      ‘Nuff Said’,

  • LOL

    I read all of the opinions to this point. The chicken $h#ts of this country are letting the government dictate every aspect of our lives. If 911 was a muslim extremist job they must be laughing themselves to death watching americans give up their freedoms one after another. Maybe we can kill them this way. Were doing just what they wanted…GOOD JOB!

    No thanks, I’ll keep my freedom and take my chances.

  • RL

    If you think that slavery was abolished in 1863 then you are nieve. All Americans are slaves to the handfull of elite people in this country who profit from war and taking away your money at gunpoint.

  • Rolomo

    strong textAlot of you [people ?] need to get a life. Look at the guy that got on an airplane that had his shoes altered and was going blowup the plane, maybe it was one that you could have been on, he got away with it because he only got patted down. If he was body scanned, his shoes would have been inspected also. SOOO, I am all for the scan and I don’t care who does it as long as it protects me and your sorry A–!!!!

    Bob M.


    Having been in the medical profession this scanner sounds like some type of fluroscopy or motion xray. This means one is being subject to some type of radiation.
    Are we to be given informed consent? It would be required in the doctors office.They will tell you it is minimal, but minimal for whom. I would like to know more about the technology used. Who approved it? Who tested it? Can it be harmful? Are there adverse effects to frequent flyers? Do we only have the manufacturers word that it is safe? The product sounds like it is almost a medical device or could be used as one. Is one actually being forced to have what could be determined to be a medical procedure outside of the airport to get on an airplane? These are questions that should be asked. However, if the people dont like it, they may refuse to go through. If
    enough people did this the resulting chaos and disruption caused could make the TSA and Homeland security rethink its position. It is the peoples country isnt it?
    HA! HA! The people of this country have for the most part no backbone and like sheep they will be blindly led. We can see how the TAX REVOLT/TEA PARTIES worked in getting the congress to be fiscally prudent.

  • Ben (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

    To all who will heed the following:
    Government Actions always have
    intended consequences.
    Beware of a Government bearing GIFTS.
    and just for a little humor, but reality, Somalia has Nasty Pirates, we have Legislators!

    • SSG Prasuhn

      The only difference between the Somalian Pirates and our ‘Legislature’ is that our ‘pirates’ are ‘landlubbers’.

      Ditto on the ‘beware of a government bearing gifts’!! At least the Indians we purchased Manhattan Island from got some ‘quality’ beads! All we’re getting from our government today is ‘paste’ — and poor quality at that!!

      I’m not Indian, but I hate what the government did to them over the years since this country was discovered by the ‘white man’. Now, that most all of the tribes are ‘pretty much’ gone (not as populous as they once were) the government has had to find someone else to ‘pick’ on and ‘put on a reservation’ somewhere (time and place to be determined at this point), but that new ‘tribe’ they’re looking at is ‘The American People’ (those born and raised in this country, or who have a ‘valid’ green card and/or naturalization papers).

      Tis time for another…
      Revolution (1776 fashion)
      War Between The States (Civil War) (1861-1865 style)
      Wounded Knee (In this version, the Indians WIN!!)
      Little Big Horn (‘Custer’ fashion, only with ‘The Government’ being Custer this time around).
      But to get back on track (the TSA thingy…) Don’t fly! If no one flys, they’ll be forced to take these contraptions elswhere or lose them to rust and dust. Then too, if no one flew, there’d be no TSA — or airlines for that matter.

      • Ben (WIA) Wild Indian in Action

        KUDOS to your Passion and Patriotism SSG PARSHUN, I’m right along side with you.
        Americans need to read “Many Promises Made Many Promises Broken” to learn about Gov’t. practices, and to add to this, the only promise they kept was to take away our lands, liberties and freedoms and they took them. Now we live with CFR 25 and the Bureau of Indian Affairs.
        As for the promise of Homeland Security ( TSA ) and “NWO” cult, the “common good” believers and such nontruths. Consider this, as for Liberties, Freedoms and the U.S. Constitution the only promise this Government will keep is to take them from you, and they will ! Everyday it’s becoming more apparent to me.
        Regarding Politicians, in a time of universal DECEIT, telling the truth is a revolutionary ACT. Check out the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi. Americans have to remember that it doesn’t matter which side is in Power because Government is ever the ENEMY OF LIBERTY AND FREEDOMS.

  • michael r.

    Maybe we need an a few ounces of security like we’ve been having, but I’m afraid the tsa has turned into a cult w/ too much security w/ liquids that are not all that dangerous, you know, paranoia, not fair at that.

  • geoff

    there has been digital bottoms and tops for male and females programmed into the machine.
    No One is actually naked.

    this security is very advanced and even a very small item will stand out.

    it’s unfortunate that these are in place.
    if human beings actually respected themselves and the persons around them this world would be a very different place

  • Maryann Short

    I am 80 and have had quite a few experiences with the screeners. They hire people of certain mentality and sometimes do not make right decisions some
    are elated with their power which they never had in their lives. If you do not want
    to be “touched” on your breasts never wear and underwire bra. I finally figured
    that out. We all know that little old ladies breasts hang to your knees and we
    must throw them into an undwire bra. The first time I didn’t wear one all of the
    screeners took a double take because their screen passed me. But they found other ways to pester me. What I can’t figure out is we know all zippers on the
    mens pants are not plastic. Why aren’t the mens penis’s gropped. I say it is
    down right prejudice against little old ladies. Ba hum bug to the Illuminati.


  • Andrea Forsythe

    Regarding the new airport body scanners: THUMBS DOWN!!!

  • Nancy

    I read several of the comments and am surprised what people are writing. I am an American female and what ever it takes to make my flight safe I am for it. Screening is a must as a lot of other products are smuggled in and out of America. However I do not approve of the Government total control.

    • SSG Prasuhn

      If you’ll do ‘whatever it takes to make your flight safe’, then you’ll approve of total government control. There’s no two-ways about it!

      These screening devices are ‘looking’ for (not drugs, not your boobs or ones penis) WEAPONS — knives, box cutters, guns (the new plastic-type) and other items that could be used as a weapon that don’t ‘normally’ show up when going through the metal detectors.

      A lot of these items (save for guns and knives) are ‘harmless’ for the most part, but are still not allowed on a plane. Why? Because Americans are PARANOID CRY BABIES. Not enough of them (us) have served in the military (the ‘hippies’ of the 60s — my era sorry to say) who have passed their ‘passive’ ways onto their children who are (just) now passing ‘that’ belief on to their kids. By ‘sparing the rod and spoiling the child’ we have allowed our country to become SOFT and vulnerable. Had we ‘stayed’ with ‘Corporal’ and ‘Capital’ Punishment, we wouldn’t be in this fix were we have to succumb to all the BS (and I don’t mean Bachelor of Science) the TSA tends to ‘force’ us to go through.
      Granted (as some have said) we ‘do not’ have a ‘right’ to fly, ride the bus or even the train. However, we DO have the ‘right to travel ‘freely’ from place to place and to NOT be molested in our travels. The problem is, the ONLY one who can guarantee that for you is YOU. And the best way to ‘guarantee’ that YOU have that capability is for YOU to be armed for YOUR (own) protection. Otherwise, you’re ‘fair game’ for whomever. Is that what you want?
      ‘Nuff Said’,

  • Jim

    Are you kidding me? this will stop the unemployment crisis in the whole country. there will bo so many applying for this job it will not be funny. As many rights we are giving to Gays and Lesbians, the lines for a job will be unreal. Woman sees woman, wowwww they will like to work there. Man sees man the same thing. I did not know we had so many gays and lesbians in this country until they wanted to start marrying each other. So don’t worry, there should be a plenty of employeesssssss.
    Then on the other hand, why don’t we all just go buck naked until we get on the airplane and then we will not have to go through any of this stuff? So, How about that?

    • Don

      I tried this. It didn’t matter, the TSA jackbooted thugs were still rude and over bearing. Besides it’s not about safety. It’s about training. Train the citizens to obey, no matter what the requested behavior may be. Especially give up your rights…God bless America and the believers.

  • Topmack

    I know how to fix the TSA, however it will require firing almost all of the present TSA agents (you know the same useless ones that were there prior to 911), and replacing them with a much more professional force. This new unit will not be the same loud mouth, unprofessional, and un-ethical group that are at the airports today. After this change, at least 90% of the problems will go away.

    • Don

      We could only hope. Great solution anyway. Where do I vote on this??

      • Topmack

        I have had this plan ever since the 911 attack, but like so many plans, unless it is put in the correct hands AND there is some sort of public tracking, ‘my plan’ becomes ‘someone else’s plan’.
        I believe we should always be vigilant, no matter what the price.
        Thank you for your comments.

  • Don

    Why are the airlines suffering big losses???? Mmmm could be the TSA and their “policies”. I won’t fly or give the TSA another opportunity to treat me like a criminal. I’m not a criminal, I’m a citizen. The TSA policies/regulations are, only an invasion of privacy and, training citizens to cow down to Governmental Authoritarians. The SS jack booted thug “enforcement” crew is only a step away from grabbing control of YOU, next. God bless America. Pray in school everyday. Read your Bible in school, at work, any where you well please. You have a responsibility to maintain your freedoms. Even when the Politico correction crew disagrees. Say the Pledge of Allegiance in public, too. Don’t let “them” shut you down.

    • FarRightWinger

      ye-ye-ye,. what the WAFFEN-SS had to do with any jackbooted thugs? The Waffen-SS actually guarded churches in germany from jewish terrorists to firebomb those who posted teh Swastika flag after Hitler’s victory by the people’s will in 1930.
      YOU NEED a real history reading, but don’t get it from your local tv.

  • charles

    Clearly this is a bunch of junk. When will the american public say enough is enough.

    • SSG Prasuhn

      Quick answer…The American ‘sheeple’ with begin to say, ‘Enough is enough!’ when the ‘right’ GOAT comes along to lead the way. Just like sheep, ‘sheeple’ NEED a ‘goat’ to lead the way. If you’ve ever seen this in ‘practice’ you’ll know (and agree) with this.
      For those with NO clue….A goat used to be (and still is) used to ‘lead sheep to slaughter’. Oh! Wait!!! Isn’t that what Obama and his ‘ilk’ are doing now?!? I mean, all those (idiot / sheeple) liberals and the media (liberal radio, newspapers, magazines, tabloids, etc.) seem to ‘believe’ that ‘he’ (NO ‘capital’ H here. ONLY GOD (NOT Obama) deserves that ‘honor’!) is ‘the one’ (again, NO capital ‘T’ or ‘O’ for the same reason).
      He’s nothing more than a ‘silver-tongued’ shyster lawyer from ‘gangsterland’ (Chicago) trying to ‘take over’ the country (America) similar to the way Hitler took over Germany in the 1930′s. NOT GOOD!!!
      ‘Nuff Said’,

  • Don

    Besides, the terrorist have finished with the aircraft scenarios. And if perchance they do use aircraft to make trouble, they won’t try to go through the scanner anyway. The next opportunity for their activities will be totally unexpected, giving the enforcement crew another time to over react and rub out more of your rights. God bless us all and America.

  • FarRightWinger

    It was told that the USA will became the most sophisticated police state on earth after the fall of the SovietGulagUnio.
    It is also true that NWO planners have 800 (!) death-camps nation-wide in the case of an national emergency. The BLUE list and the RED list consists names of conservative, right-wing, anti-homo, anti-abortion, anti-immigrant and anti-NWO people in the US.
    If yous ee the movie: RUNNING MAn with Schwarzenegger, then this “TSA-porn” is well-designed years and years ago.
    Still, there are brainwashed idiots who call this system “Nazis-implemented” invasion of freedoms.
    Let em tell you, the Nazis never wanted to go this far. Hitler’s Germany had more freedoms (unguaranteed in any Constitution), than the USA has today. It’s sad yes, but don’t blame it on anyone except the WHITE EUROPEANS, whose forefathers founded this country and now their grand-garndchildren let it choke into its ruins…

    Communism, the bloodiest communist dictatorship is on the way for America. WAKE UP!

    • Alex

      Do you, by any chance, remember what year nazi Germany confiscated firearms?

      • FarRightWinger

        ‘Regarding your question: SORRY, BUT I CANT REMEMBER. Simply, bc there was NO weapon confiscation law at all in Nazi Germany.
        I suggest for those who are living in this leftist jewsmedia lies to study the REICHSGESETZBLATT March 18. 1938 (National Socialist Weapons Law), occupied 12 pages, the official law register in Germany.
        The truth of the matter is that the 1938 German law specifically provided for the ownership and carrying of firearms, including handguns by law-abiding German citizens and the law specifically barred jews from having any role in the MANUFACTURE OF FIREARMS or AMMUNITION, or from being firearms dealers, BUT NOT FROM purchasing or owning firearms. (A Polish jew from our neighborhood clearly stated in 1997, that during the “Hitler-era”, he was a truck-driver for the Nazis in Poland and he was allowed to own a Mauser rifle while he was employed by those “bad and bloodthirsty Nazis”. In my recent neighborhood (in the USA too), a man was accused by (but NOT EVEN PROVEN TO BE GUILTY) with “domestic violence”, this feminist crap and he was forced to sell or give up all his firearms by the court of law to the local police-station… He is totally defenseless, awating a trial which will be his dismissal. Is this gun-confiscation by making anyone a felon, without proven guilty??? This did NOT happen in Nazi Germany! A criminal was a criminal. Period.
        Regarding the “gun-confiscation” lies in Nazi Germany, actually the 1938 WAFFEN-GESETZ was LESS restrictive than most state and local laws in the USA – especially in the half-communist state of California – were before the current campaign to nullify the 2nd Amendment shifted into high gear in 1993, under the Klintong Dictatorship.
        More significantly , it ameliorated a law which had been enacted 10 yrs earlier by a leftist government hostile to the National Socialists (the socialist government headed by Wilhelm Marx). The 1938 law – of course – irritated the jews by pointedly excluding them from firearms manufacturing busienss, but it clearly was not a law aimed at preventing the ownership or use, possess firearms, including handguns, small guns. And remember: world-jewry has declared world-wide boycott – therefore a war – on Hitler’s Germany, so as jews were without homeland, the jews themselves became the ‘enemy state’ within the state.
        * The NS government of Germany did NOT fear its citizens. Adolf Hitler was the most popular and respected leader Germany HAS EVER had. The notion of banning firearms ownership was alien to National Socialism, unlike the judeo-communist systems, which banned guns of any kind and the possession of ammunition of any kind and the lawbreakers faced executions upon discovery any firearm, and/or ammunition (in teh SovietGulagUnion millions were thrown into communist gulags and executed after 1917, violating the firearm confiscation laws).
        Gun-registering and licencing were legislated by the former anti-NS, liberal government of Germany, just 5 yrs before the Nazis gained power.
        In Hitler’s Germany the legal age for gun-ownership was lowered from 20 to 18 yrs of age.
        However, there were prohibitons as well. The prohibitions of spotlight-equipped rifles and hollow-point .22 cal ammunition were based on considerations that the former were unsporting when used for hunting and it was inhumane.

        IT WAS NOT UNTIL 1945, when the communist and so-called “democratic victors” of the WW2 had installed occupation (puppet) governments to rule over the conquered formerly free Germans and other European nations. German citizens were denied by the occupying US forces to own firearms. GUN CONTROL WAS INTRODUCED BY AMERICAN TROOPS OVER EUROEPAN COUNTRIES and their little brother Soviet comrades. They nullified NS Germany’s 1938 WAFFEN-GESETZ LAWS and even 7′ longer knives were NOT allowed in private hands.

        From: NATIONAL VANGUARD, March-April 1994 issue: “Is Gun Control Nazi Scheme?”

        • Sam

          You’re a troubled person aren’t you? Stop your hate speech! Honestly, most people who think like you are just brain washed conspiritorialist – Yes! I’m Jewish and take great offense by your rudeness and callousness.

          Jews are not the problem – white suppremisist nazi’s – they are the problem!

          Nasty people are such jerks!

        • FarRightWinger

          Wow, anytime when the TRUTH is exposed it is a “hate-speech”. There’s NO “hate-speech” or “hate-crime” and therefore un-Constitutional ‘hate-crime-laws’ in America. Better yet: shouldn’t be. Maybe the Palestinians could tell more about existing hate and hate-crimes from their everyday experiences, don’t they?
          And by the way, in USA who are the biggest gun-grabbers? Wo are those want our guns taken away and then lenin and stalin dreams can come true? Schumer, Boxer, Feinstein, Hillary just a few non-goyim mentioned.
          Yes, I am offended by your hypocricy too!

 – tels the story who are the real hate-mongers!

  • FarRightWinger

    Oh yes, and don’t blame it on technology neitehr! Blame it on purely and 100% the ENGINEERS who develoepd this system which sells out our privacy, freedoms and future. They do it for money. Money is their only goal and “god”.
    In USA they educate 40.000 lawyers a year while they educte only 23.000 engineers in universities… Imagine what would be with our freedoms if the numbers opposite…

    • Don

      A correct assessment on the lawyer and engineer ratio. Way too many lawyers. Should have stated stereotypical SS Jackbooted thugs. Result will be the same. No freedom for us…

    • Fr. Jim


      Hitler’s Germany exterminated close to 20,000,000 people. Most were
      simply rounded up because they belonged to groups the Third Reich
      didn’t like: Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals–and too-vocal Christians. Those
      who objected to these policies were arrested and “tried.”

      I think you are a very young man who is seeking a sense of identity.and wish
      to identify with those who “talk strong.” Like many young people today, you
      probably have a lot of unfocused anger. Maybe you were cheated out of having
      a father. Maybe your school was just an assembly-line that took no interest in
      teaching you things. Maybe you were an “outsider,” and suffered what outsider
      kids suffer, which is intense. I remember.

      I don’t know. I’m just guessing. But, Heaven knows, young people today have
      legitimate reasons to be furious at the way society has robbed them of their
      youth, corrupted their innocence and removed from them the protections all
      civilized comunities have afforded their children throughout history.

      You have a right to be angry. But, my friend, Hitler isn’t the answer. Hating people
      isn’t the answer, because all it does is flood your stomach with acid, ruin your
      mood and make you miserable.

      Christ is the answer.

      Our country is in the condition it’s in for one reason: we have fired God. The
      more secular we get, the worse things get. All the social theorizing in the
      world will not replace what we have lost by removing ourselves from under the
      spiritual protection of God.

      We want to indulge ourselves, and the Bible tells us not to. So, we throw our
      Bibles out. Soon, the things the Bible said would happen to us, happen.
      And we blame God, and try to shut Him out of our national life.

      It’s like reading the owner’s manual to a car, but pouring water into the gas
      tank anyway because “It’s my car and I have a right to do it and it feels good,”
      and then agitating for a boycott of the manufacturer because the car won’t run.

      Our country is messed up because we have become tolerant of evil and
      contemptuous of God and of Godly morality.

      If, one at a time, individual by individual, we can turn that around (beginning with
      us, personally, and not waiting for the next guy to do it first), the problems we are
      complaining about will stop.

      This was still an outspokenly Christian nation when the “better times” to which
      we look back, existed. There was a consisent morality and a consistent concern
      for others, and a strong nation, because we were a Godly people and didn’t
      have to take hours deciding what was “right” and what was “wrong” every time
      we came to a decision-point.

      What we want is Christianity back. But we can’t have it without Christ, and we
      cannot have it on our own terms, dictating to God what we will and will not
      accept of it.

      If we continue to drift away from God, Who is the Good, evil will fill the vacuum.
      That’s what’s happening, and the only way to change it is to turn back to–not
      “my,” not “a possible,” not “everyobody’s,” — but to The Good.


      Fr. Jim <><

  • Daniel

    Modesty aside, what happens when terrorists learn how to implant explosives and
    non-metallic detonators inside human bodies for use as suicide bombers? A trace image with basic detail is a small price to pay when balanced against a plane that
    is carrying even a few passengers to the new multitude seated jumbo jets. Does the
    right of personal modesty supercede the right of safe travel? Food for thought.

  • Daniel

    P.S.: Remember, We also have domestic terrorists aka Timothy McVeigh/Nichols,
    White supremicists, radical ethnic groups, and just plain wackos. It’s more than
    foreigners that we must protect against. D.B Cooper was a nice guy, the next might
    not be.

  • Norm

    I don’t think the government has much to gain by checking passangers for weapons and explosives.
    The passengers have a lot to gain – like their lives. It’s unfortunate to have to resort to such unpleasant means, but I’d rather show my butt than have it blown off of me.

  • SSG Prasuhn

    TSA — ‘They See All’.

    Did I just now come up with that or is that what ‘they’ really do? HMMMM!!!

    Question is do they really ‘need’ to?? Answer: NO!!

    People (or should I refere to the majority of you as ‘Sheeple’?), you DO NOT have to give up ANY of your rights guaranteed under The Constitution and The Bill of Rights. At least, not unless you willingly wish to do so for ‘your’ safety. BULL!!! Get at live…Better yet, GET A PAIR!! and BACK UP (and I don’t mean on a floppy disk) YOUR RIGHTS. Tell the government that you won’t take it any more and that you’re FED UP with all the BS they’ve been feeding you all these years.

    Until you do (ALL OF US), that’s exactly what’s going to happen…they’ll feed us more and more and MORE BS until we burst. Then it will be TOO LATE!!

    As all protestors claim, ‘The time to act is NOW!’ NOT tomorrow or the next day, but NOW — better yet, YESTERDAY!!!

    Write, call, e-mail or fax your Congressman/woman or State Representative and give them a piece of your mind and don’t take NO for an answer. HOUND THEM until they ‘do it your way’. It’s time we get back to the ‘basics’ of OUR COUNTRY and LIVE and ‘rule’ (and I use that term loosely) under and according to The Constitution of The United States of America and the adjoining Bill of Rights — and NOT give up anything more and work to TAKE BACK what’s already been taken away from us.

    Lately, the ‘government’ (lead by the ‘all-seeing’ one, NOT!) have done nothing but ‘IGNORE’ us and (almost) openly laugh at us for being so gullible as to elect them in the first place. ‘They’ said ‘they’ will lower taxes if elected. Okay, now that ‘they’ are in office, what have ‘they’ done? ‘They’ have RAISED taxes, spent MORE money than we have (or can afford) to bail out companies that are very well capable of getting back on their feet on their own (if they’d choose to) and these same companies that ‘they’ bailed out are SUPPORTING our current government (the old ‘I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine’ thingy). It THIS the kind of government you ‘really’ want? One that tells you when to go to bed, what drugs hou MUST take, when to get up, what to eat, what to drink (and it won’t be what you want either). Is that what you want?? If you want someone to ‘run’ your life, move back in with your mom and dad and become a kid again; because if that’s what you want, you’re WORTHLESS as an adult and deserve to LOSE all your RIGHTS.
    ‘Nuff Said’,

  • Pam

    So I suppose the staples used to clamp my arteries in a hysterectomy are going to show in the scan. So will I then be kicked out for a pat down?

    • SSG Prasuhn

      Most prbablly!

      They already ‘pull people aside’ for such ‘searches’ who have steel plates in their hips or metal pins in their arms or legs (from when their limbs were broken at some point in time).

      ANY metal (or ‘suspicious’) material in or on your person will subject you to a ‘one-on-one’ search (be it with the hand scanner or (at worse) a ‘strip search’).

  • Kathy

    To Alex Eden: In your story about the DC rapists in the 1970s, you state that the one woman reached the roof of her building where she called police. What on earth did she call FROM? There were no cell phones in the ’70s.

    • SSG Prasuhn

      Sorry, my dear; but…Yes there were cell phones back in the ‘late’ 1970′s. They were the BIG BRICK style phones and some were even ‘boxed’ in a briefcase for you to ‘tote’ around. Watch some of the ‘old’ movies from this timeframe and you’ll see what I mean. Then too, only the ‘rich’ (and not so famous) were able to afford them since they (cell phones) were pretty much a new (and ‘experimental’) item — much like the iPod and iPhone were a few years ago — ‘new and (somewhat) experimental.

      Go here — []["History and Introduction to Cell Phones"] — for a ‘pretty’ complete history on the cell phone. I think you’ll be ‘amazed’ when you see ‘exactly’ when the ‘First’ cell phone was developed. (You may have to ‘cut-and-paste’ the above link without the brackets ‘[ ]‘ to get to that web page.)

    • Alex Eden


      I retold the story as I remember it. The main details are accurate in my version of this story.

      Please see Warren v. District of Columbia, 444 A.2d 1 (D.C. App.181) for more details.

      the following is taken from – this source is not verified (I googled and found it just now), but seems to discuss this issue in greater detail.

      The three women sued the District of
      Columbia for failing to protect them,
      but D.C.’s highest court exonerated
      the District and its police, saying
      that it is a “fundamental principle of
      American law that a government and its
      agents are under no general duty to
      provide public services, such as
      police protection, to any individual

  • Terrie McCormack

    I just won't get on any planes. They have gone too far this time. Most airline service sucks anyway. Last time I got on a plane, it took double time because of the late planes and layovers. I don't care if I ever get on one again.

  • Scott Johnston

    Grainy?! What doctored pic did you see?
    The picture THEY see shows every hair and fold of your skin on your body!
    Look at the photos before you post anything.
    If you believe they won’t save and will blur the image; I got some swampland to sell ya.
    Exactly how do you prove they will follow protocol? Yep- you can’t.
    I bet you money some celebs pic will be sold or leaked and show up on the internet
    and the whole picture stored somewhere.
    Any for the total money spent, it’s very inefficient.

  • Nina

    Oh I am sure they will have child molesters applying for this job! That is the sort of job they look for. And if they rape a child over it the liberal judge will blame it on the scanner. What’s next? 666?

  • Honey

    I’m a transvestite and I travel en-femme. Which line do I get in?


    O ne
    B ig
    A ss
    M istake
    A merica Not change we can believe in, but to change WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN!

    Its all Anti-Christian indoctrination
    If the Mexicans and Muslims don’t like it ,go home and rebuild your own country into a nice place to live. No one hates you, they just hate you all trying to remake America into Amerika. Sharia law sux and I’ll never ever submit to anyone but Christ Jesus. And if water-boarding is torture, then what d you call the stress involved before a beheading? Remember David Pearlman? But of course that was not torture. Yea, right

  • CBPercy

    What about the health risks of full-body scanners???

  • Mark

    these scanners are too far. ok Im all for safety, but people having to show their naked bodies to get on a plane?

    i mean yes they have this code of conduct but you can not be one hundred percent sure it will be completely followed by everyone, also the male and female thing doesnt really seem to be happening, and I for one would not at all be happy with some guy over a counter looking at a naked picture of my girlfriend, no matter how low quality it is, thats just perverted and a serious breach of privacy.

    I really hope this whole thing gets stopped because it has been said by a few that they arent even 100 percent sure that this will even pick up on hidden devices or weapons, thus making the whole thing just almost pointless and yet still people will have to show their naked bodies to strangers.

    sometimes I just get so angry at this world and the ridiculous things that happen, this is one of those times, this is crazy.

  • Keitha Shastri

    Please, are you able to PM me and notify me couple of a lot more thinks about this, I’m genuinely fan of your weblog…receives solved correctly asap.

  • Mike

    Let’s also keep in mind that convicted felons are NOT subjected to RANDOM strip frisks. So privacy and health issues aside, why should the general public be subjected to this level of security screening when a convicted child molester is not???

    I suggest contacting the airlines or your particular airline and letting them know you object to being strip searched and that your decision to fly will be affected. Nothing speaks louder than the bottom line, and the industry can bring political pressure to block this Big Brother technology.

    Furthermore, if the TSA goes ahead with naked body scanning then stop flying, and let the loss of revenues bring it to a halt.

  • Liz

    Although these scanners will help keep us safe from another terrist attack, I don’t want naked pictures beng taken of me, nor do I want radiation poisoning.
    I think there’s another solution, we just need to find it. These body scanners are not the best idea.

  • Deandre Flavin

    It抯 onerous to seek out educated folks on this subject, but you sound like you understand what you抮e talking about! Thanks

  • emily

    i dont like this

  • john

    i hateee lifee!!

  • mike

    [offensive post removed]


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