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Agenda 21 And Executive Orders

August 29, 2012 by  

As of July 26, President Barack Obama has issued 133 executive orders. The definition of the executive order (EO) is: “noun. (often initial capital letters) an order having the force of law issued by the President of the U.S. to the army, navy, or other part of the executive branch of the government.” Some of the 133 EOs relate to, or aim at, the implementation of Agenda 21.

Per Wikipedia: “Agenda 21 is a non-binding, voluntarily implemented action plan of the United Nations with regards to sustainable development. It is a product of the UN Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 1992. It is an action agenda for the UN, other multilateral organizations, and individual governments around the world that can be executed at local, national, and global levels. The ‘21’ in Agenda 21 refers to the 21st century. It has been affirmed and modified at subsequent UN conferences.”

President George H.W. Bush signed the agreement in 1992; the total number of signers was 178. In 1995, Presi­dent Bill Clinton signed Executive Order 12858 to create the President’s Council on Sustainable Develop­ment in order to harmonize U.S. environmental policy with U.N. directives as outlined in Agenda 21.

According to its authors, the objective of sustainable development is to integrate economic, social and environmental policies in order to achieve reduced consumption, social equity and the preservation and restoration of biodiversity. Sustainability advocates insist that every societal decision be based on environmental impact, focusing on three components: global land use, global education, and global population control and reduction. Social equity (social justice) is described as the right and opportunity of all people “to benefit equally from the resources afforded us by society and the environment.”

The objectives are lofty. At the first reading, the titles of the different chapters and subsections are appealing. But there is a Constitutional problem. According to eco-logic, “Agenda 21 has never been debated or adopted by the Congress of the United States. Nevertheless, it is being vigorously implemented by the administrative agencies of the federal government, and by other nations around the world. More than 150 nations, including the United States of America, are participants in the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD). America’s participation is not the result of an international treaty, ratified by Congress. America’s participation is the result of George Bush [41] signing Agenda 21 at the 1992 United Nations Conference on Environment and Development in Rio [de Janeiro].”  

JR Nyquist quotes Wikipedia as stating: “Within the executive branch of the U.S. government, President H.W. Bush, President Clinton, and President Obama have all signed executive orders that broadly support the tenets of Agenda 21 but do not make reference to Agenda 21 by name.”

Some of the objectives of the Agenda 21 are against American traditions and even laws. Redistribution of wealth, if it is forced from above, violates the principle of protection of private property. Another tenet is the need to substantially reduce the world population; one overzealous estimate mentions by 85 percent. Those two requirements aim at “enhancing” the sustainability and equitable sharing the global wealth among all nations.

The obvious questions are:

  • Who will decide what is an equitable share for a resident in the United States versus one in Bangladesh or Sweden?
  • Who is going to decide how many people each country must abort or exterminate to reach their allotment of the world population quota?
  • How will progress toward these goals be assured?

The experiences of my childhood and youth spent in Nazi and Communist dictatorships have taught me that Agenda 21 is not achievable, short of a harsh dictatorship. For example, even repeating the Holocaust by killing another 6 million people would reduce the present global population by less than 0.1 percent. Redistribution of wealth is equal to make all equally poor.

The paths leading to Agenda 21 are the economy, the environment and education. The pursuit of each has produced some recent detrimental results, like turning down the Keystone pipeline project, refusing to implement the economic recommendations of the bipartisan “supercommittee” and the continuous dumbing down of the educational requirements.

The objectives of Agenda 21 appear to first promote local (national) dictatorships, culminating in a global dictatorship.

In human history many rulers have tried the latter, from the Chinese emperors and the pharaohs to the various 20th century dictators. Not one was able to establish a lasting legacy. Agenda 21, just like the Com­munist nirvana, is totally incompatible with human nature.

–Tom Pattantyus

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  • cawmun cents

    “What part of FROWARD,dont you understand?”

    • gunsrule,commiesdrool

      The part that froward is NOT a word

      • Multiple Arms

        Yes it is:

        fro·ward   /ˈfroʊwərd, ˈfroʊərd/ Show Spelled[froh-werd, froh-erd] Show IPA
        willfully contrary; not easily managed: to be worried about one’s froward, intractable child.

  • gary

    As ignorant as this Agenda 21 is the sorry bastards will still try and make it happen. Think not? They already are trying to push this agenda and if BO has his way he will push hard as his ego decides his actions.

    • omanuel

      Professor Curry has successfully communicated two unpleasant realities to the public for their consideration and eventually painful acceptance:

      1. The totally unpredictable source of energy that made our elements and gave birth to the Solar System five billion years (5 Gyr) ago [1] is also the source of energy that sustains our lives and exerts dominant control over Earth’s constantly changing climate.

      2. Reluctance to accept reality #1 when first revealed in the“nuclear fires” that consumed Hiroshima on 6 Aug 1945 and Nagasaki on 9 Aug 1945 convinced world leaders to form the United Nations on 24 Oct 1945 and work together to build a one-world government that George Orwell correctly described in the futuristic novel written in 1948 that he entitled, “1984″

      Two years before Climategate emails and documents exposed reality #2 in 2009, Czech President Vaclav Klaus warned us in 2007 this one-world government had engulfed the entire planet [2].

      [1] “Neutron repulsion,” The Apeiron Journal 19, 123-150 (2012)

      [2] Vaclav Klaus, Blue Planet in Green Shackles (Competitive Enterprise Institute, 2007,100 pp.)

      Oliver K. Manuel
      Former NASA Principal
      Investigator for Apollo

  • Thomas Cordell

    I attended a “seminar” about implementing agenda 21 sustainability last year. One speaker specifically said this is not about agenda 21, but everything talked about was how government would and should control to save the planet. I don’t recall anyone specifically stating the reducing the population was also intended. But they definitely intended to reduce the impact of people on the planet.

  • guy

    guess this ecplains some of the actions ive been reading about latley
    bo’s admistration officals have bee takeing part in with the un.
    sounds to mee like . an agenda the american people dont know about and would not
    like. . guess its past time for transpairaicey in goverment. and holding our elected offcals acountaible.

  • http://yahoo! gym dandy

    Well, this definitely explains why they pushed so hard for Obamacare and it’s death panels. Also explains why Obama does not have any plans to fix Medicare and SS. Wonder what age they plan to start the exterminations? This could also explain why we now have drones flying over the U.S. What a God awful world we are living in.

  • Meteorlady

    To even think that my country has lost is sovereignty to a bunch of global bankers and elitist makes me sick to my stomach.

  • Wayne Spalding

    The people making the rules for everyone else will NOT be following the same rules. The 1-5% will still maintain their multiple homes with all the opulence they enjoy now or even more. They will still have private planes, well by their frame of mind, no one else will need to fly except them so I guess all aircraft will be private. Same for boats, yachts and ships. Since 1 of the 1-5% consumes as much resources as 10-15 individuals that make up the rest of us, I suggest when the culling begins we start with the 1-5% Just that small culling will most likely safe the planet and the species.

  • feelnyankee

    Things people really need to start thinking about or actually doing…stock up on food, water, silver, bullets and learn how to make beer or wine. The silver, bullets and alcohol will be of great value for trade. This whole Agenda 21, New World Order and Georgia Guidestones is some scary stuff! I can’t believe this has been going on since 1992 and how little info on this has come out to the public.

  • KG

    It’s the Illuminati, no it’s the Masons, oops, it’s the Communists – wait, no it’s the Gays – uh, no it’s the Unions – umm…. well, who is it???

    “I have seen the enemy, and he is us.” – Pogo

  • Ed

    The next 6 months are going to be very interesting.I believe all this hipe about December 21, 2012 has more to do with a target date than it has to do with the end of the world. I also believe that b.H.o. is the last president these United States will see…he has already been appointed guy’s. The really good news is that he and people like him shall answer to God Almighty for their thiefts. When the Global Elite are finished with B.H.O. he too will be discarded…then he and our current decision makers can declair…”What have we done” ?

  • TooTallOne

    There is a book out that explains all of this!But you must read closely.and cross check all the referances.Then you will understand that this has all been predicted for a long time. The book is Revelation in the Bible.Once your eyes are open you will never be the same!May God Bless you,and America.

  • al

    The problem is that some people really believe that the UN, or anyother World group, has in any way the ability to coerce or force people to act in a directed manner.
    All people are, by their nature, inherently free and self sustaining. This is why all dictatorships fail. People do not desire to be controlled and therefore, they cannot be controlled by force of any kind for long time spans.
    The reason the U.S. became the most powerful Nation on the earth is because our founding fathers understood the nature of man and made our nation to be very light on the backs of the citizen. Of course this type of government allows all people to compete in the marketplace of ideas and products. Which in the long term means that the top of the heap keeps changing over time. Families who are rich produce children who are entitled who in turn produce children, in most cases , who are lagards and the wealth of the Grandparent falls away to another hard driving individual.
    In America, by natural selection, we rotated and mixed the pile of wealth up till 1900 when the super wealthy created a system whereby they could hold their position by manipulation of the money supply and taxing the individual to pay all of the expenses.of the system by coersion fo taxation. They called these two interconnected Acts the Federal Reserve Act and the Individual Income Tax Act and this is where the downfalll of the nation started…
    These were the Progressive days of Teddy Roosevelt, Woodrow Wilson and Nelson Aldrich.. We are now harvesting the crops that were planted in those days…. They are no so filling and are a little bitter.

    • TooTallOne

      I belive you are mistaken about your statement on dictatorships not lasting sir.I am thinking of the Mayan,Aztec,Inca Indian,and chinese and others that lastted a good long while.They were able to subjugate millions to their will,without the technology we have today.In the comming storm,everything but your thoughts will be known aboutyou and yours.Think about it .presently ,working on world wide facial recognition,manufacturers incert RFD tech to see where and to whom their products are going.The loss of our basic rights of freedom through legislature like the Patriot Act.(whom almost no one has read through) where you can be held without charge almost indefinately for almost anything.New tech that will be able to tell what you watch on TV.the possibility of internet controls and so much more.Perhaps now is the time when these eletists try us ,and see what were made of?

    • AZ-Ike

      And they continued with FDR, Lyndon Johnson, Jimmy Carter and Barack Obama. But you also can’t forget the GOP Presidents who either helped them along or at least did nothing to stop them.

  • swampfox

    HEY U.N,I’m giving you the finger!,
    signed a American.

  • AZ-Ike

    New! From Hillsdale College – Beginning September 4, 2012

    Constitution 201:
    The Progressive Rejection of the Founding and the Rise of Bureaucratic Despotism

    You may register for the course here:

    Important: Even if you did not have time to finish Hillsdale’s first course, you can still sign up for Constitution 201.

    Constitution 201 is available free of charge to all who wish to sign up, although there is a suggested donation of $50 to help cover the expense of making this course available to all Americans.
    Hillsdale is one of the few liberal arts private colleges that accepts NO government funding of any source in order to avoid any government control of what and how Hillsdale teaches its student.

  • omanuel

    Thanks for the message. Agenda 21 will destry our constitution.

    The corruption of government science – that finally surfaced in Nov 2009 as indisputable evidence of fraudulent global temperature data – has been traced back to the destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki on 6 Aug 1945 and 9 Aug 1945 and the decision by frightened world leaders to:

    1. Promote misinformation on energy stored in cores of heavy atoms and stars

    2. Establish the United Nations on 24 Oct 1945 in order to:
    _ a.) Reduce nationalism/racism
    _ b.) Avoid nuclear annihilation
    _ c.) End national boundaries
    _ d.) Promote world peace &
    _ e.) One-world government

    “Neutron repulsion,” The Apeiron Journal 19, 123-150 (2012)


  • jruss45

    Depopulation has been an active part of Agenda 21 from its beginning twenty years ago. Depopulation includes wars. But it also includes the poisoning of U.S. citizens. The lessor poison is fluorine added to our water. Another poison is genetically modified foods that have been engineered to produce the Bt-toxin and to grow without metal nutrients. Without metal nutrients we are open to all sorts of disease. Without chrome, insulin does not work. [insulin resistance aka type 2 diabetes] Without cobalt we cannot make vitamin B12 that is needed for cell division. The Bt-toxin causes holes in the stomach and bowels. A new organism has been found in genetically modified foods that causes sterility. Some vaccines cause more sickness then they prevent. One company was actually caught selling a vaccine that actually sterilized over 3 million young ladies. [but that vaccine was actually used overseas.] Everything Obama has done, everything Obama is doing is in complete compliance with United Nations Agenda 21. I know Ron Paul is against Agenda 21. The question is what Mitt Romney’s stand on Agenda 21 is? If he is fully for our Constitution, then he has to be against Agency 21.

    • Chris

      You got it jruss……….”that’s” how they’re killing us! Not to mention the “legal” drugs so many are dying from. The worst is the water and GMO foods.

      • Dick

        Don’t blame the government for GMO foods. That’s just business, and nothing to do with the govt.. Blame the food corporations, especially Monsanto.

      • maddie

        For Dick. In order for the GMO foods to hit the supermarket shelves, they must be approved by the USDA and FDA and whatever alphabet soup agency you want to name. So the government does have a say in approving these for human and animal consumption. And the former head of Monsanto is in charge.

  • s c

    What matters is the FACT that the current prez wants to rule by FIAT. Whenever he can do it, he bypasses Kongress and the Supreme Court – AND the Amerikan people. He has a bad case of Nero worship. He thinks he’s a Caesar. In effect, he is a 21st century tyrant.
    In his ‘mind,’ HE comes first. Anything that happens to make Amerika better or safer is an utter FLUKE.
    He belongs in Shekawger or some other city of social rejects. Anybody who HATES freedom is an extreme liability, and must be looked at in the same way that you’d view Stalin or Mao. HOW can Amerika have so many brain-addled twits who refuse to understand?

    • Dave

      First learn to spell, and I do agree with you he is and has become power mad and will drag this nation into oblivion, but what is worse he is and will push our great nation and great people in to a civil war and when that happens the threat from out side our boarders will attack.

    • deansall


    • Ron Travis

      very good question but what do you expect when there are so many unbelievers of our god and father

    • Gary J. Mallast

      Agenda 21 is even worse than your summary. I appreciate you trying to be fair.

      At any rate, someone ought to remind Barack Obama what happened to England’s Charles I when he tried to rule without Parliament–for Obama’s sake.

    • Victor Gary

      “Thy Kingdom come”, said Jesus. God’s government is the answer to all of man’s problems and will soon take control of ALL THE EARTH according to Daniel 2:44: “In the days of these kings (our time) shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed; and the kingdom ……shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever.”

    • http://Goiogle Kathy

      Amen to that. Gid myst intervene here. Watch for major election corruption.

    • Johnsey

      Right on point!!! Jesus is not only left out of the public square in America, he is hardly visible from the pulpits of many churches in America. Wake up Christians. America is your country…Take it back!!!!

    • gUIDO kNAPP

      Why doesn’t the Media ask Obama what ,when , where he lived all his life ? Ask him to let US know what he did all his life , his friend , his background etc…. I know my life and what I did , where I spent my youth, who paid for my education , where I trveD and everIthing else , WHY DOES HE TRY TO HIDE ALL THIS FROM ALL OF US ???? BUT i DON’T HAVE ANYTHING TO HIDE !!! He could start very simply by saying : I was born in …..and in just a few pages , explain to all his biography ! WHAT IS HE TRYING TO HIDE !!!!

      • sesame

        He wrote two books ab out his life. Read them!

    • jerry dearing

      sublimital brain washing through tv

    • http://PersonalLibertyAlerts Nancy S.

      our goverenment was set up to be for and run by God fearing people to remain free. We have long ago changed from a God fearing people, and rage and averice rein. This won’t work in any government.We are no longer a people under devine providence.

    • Bruce Sutton

      Since the end of WW!! the progressives have been filling the universities with ultra liberal professors to indoctrinate their students in the liberal mindset. Many of those brainwashed people became the K thru 12 teachers that simply spread the liberal disease to the young. Remember “We are your future!” Touted in thousands of tv spots in the 80s and 90s by the kids. That future, with gays, sexual promiscuity, dumbed down education, lack of civic pride, and lack of common sense has permeated all aspects of life. Perhaps a revolution is coming. I read the feds recently ordered something like 470 million rounds of ammo. Not sure on that number.

    • jay bearu

      Why aren’t the republicans asking president obama what his administration is planning concerning votes on agenda 21?

    • Thomas C. Hearn

      That hits it on the nails head exactly!

    • Bob

      Hi All,i really feel that poor obama is misunderstood,i think he should be given time,i think about 35 years in LOUISIANA STATE PRISON,would be about right.

      • merry

        35 years is not nearly long enough but he should have to WORK during the time he serves…………We don’t have enough rocks in La. for him to bust so put him to work digging taters.

    • OregonBuzz

      “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.” ― Alexis de Tocqueville

    • SGT YORK

      Give en Hell SC right on Bust there A$$

    • LyndaLouise

      I think the Supreme Court and their Citizens United decision is has ended the americans people’s choice.

    • Ollie

      What you need to remember is that at least in the case of Stalin our leadership be it Obama or Romney in 2013 will be taking their marching orders from the same hidden management.

    • David Cook

      I couldn’t have said it better myself,

    • Stuart Shepherd

      You’re right! (except he’s a narcissistic racial/racist Nero!)

    • mollymolly

      the media consisting of one writer for each story and they have the gall to judge and say the RC didnt get it done. well, I say it did. It did it for me and I am a voter and I count as much as any negative writer. Instead of nitpicking(probably democrat) if not they should tell how good it did the audience. How faith and hope was abounding and what a good feeling it was to shed the obama worry cause we had somebody that could beat him. somebody who unified, , instead of instilling hate and dissension. somebody who would protect our government instead of being ruler, congress and the senate all in one, somebody who would and could get us our of this mess. God Bless America. we can all use some positive.

    • ONTIME

      In a country who believes in freedom of speech you can express your views, these nutz that think there is a utopia just made for them cannot realize free speech is also free thought and ideas vary. Obviously the fail to realize, many fist fights will ensue on the way to a so-called utopia and there are idiots who seem to get a foot hold to spin their scam. The way it is now we have allowed a card carrying communist to inhabit the Oval Office without credentials, we are paying the price and maintaining this Republic is not a easy task, the fight for keeping the Republic alive is now on, your representation is in great peril and without it you are nothing but a pawn and a tool for state use…..Think long and hard about how and who you vote for, remember your country’s history and it will pay you back in (ahem) spades…..

      I PLAN ON VOTING FOR THE AMERICAN….Real credentials, integrity and ethic.

    • Ronald Penland

      Take your propaganda somewhere else. The danger to this country is that under Repubs it will become a dictatorshio of by and for the rich!

      • http://facebook volksnut

        So the natural course of action is to create something that is a part of neither party – right? Its really pretty much the same crap regardless of which party is in power thats what you have to look at – whats beyond the 2 parties that benefits regardless of whose in power? We need something at the helm thats independant of that control if its at all possible anymore..Take a look at the political scene and decide where that opportunity comes from -

    • pubs ‘r boneheads

      Oh, we understand alright.. Either a despot or a corporate tyrant intent on bankrupting this country for the sake of the wealthy elite.. What’s not to understand? At least the despot acknowledges the middle class and poor are actually human beings instead of lackey serfs to serve only the elite.

    • Nancy Fisher

      Everyone especially Democrats should read Michael Savages’ book Trickle Down Tyranny it will wakw them up

    • http://facebook volksnut

      What i fail to understand is why no-ones looked into the real similarities between obama and Hitler – They both have/had done whatever they could at any cost to cover up their lineage-They both considered themselves above all the laws of their respective nations and act as though they are the embodiment of their countries laws – passing whatever decrees suit their end-They both suffer/ed from meglomania.Both have said thru their respective ” aid ” programs to have turned their countries economies around – Ours at present is not as dire as Germany’s was after WW 1 into the 20′s-30′s but if the present administration manages to weasel its way into another term? we have’nt seen anything yet-I would’nt ever go so far as to imply obama is the anti-semite that Hitler was but ask the Israeli’s if they feel they’re more isolated – out on a limb – as a result of this administrations policies or just as secure.When a Catholic Priest is denied the right of an invocation at the DNC and 20k Muslims are allowed a prayer meeting instead? Where do you think the ” prez;s ” interests lye?

    • http://pgcomputerservices Pat Green

      Pres. Obamba is the best president since Clinton who put the country in the black where bush put it back in the red and almost caused second depression by giving the rich billionaires tax break. They should pay their fair share since nothing trickles down but out to other countries. they want pure capitalism which would be worst than nazism and communism combined. they don;t want social security, medicare because they don’t care about people or workers just themselves and anyone who supports this can’t be trusted. vote for obamba, a human being. pat green

      • JustAmused

        WOW! Are you EVER LOST! STOP watching CBS,ABC,MSLSD!!!!!
        Stop listening to the morons on TV! The crap they taught you in school is JUST THAT!
        ALL the “people” that we elect are there for one reason, THEMSELVES!!!
        Everyone in public office DOESNOT have your interests in mind!

    • julian

      they are taking our freedom away. this man wants to control our way of life. he wants us to be like europe. a socialist nation. he wants to control our religion in this country. if he is elected again we might as well kiss coal mining good bye for ever.

    • snoops57

      Here’s part of the problem most ordinary everyday people have been brain washed by the mainstream media with all the lies and propaganda. Then you have those liberals who hate God and Country. Then you have I want a free ride and hand-out clowns that are two stiniking lazy to go out and work for an honest days wage. Here’s the killer you have a bunch of gutless, career, greedy politicians in Washington (and most state governments to boot). This so called President should of been impeach like yesteryear but our dully elected elves in Congress wont stand up and say no more. Not to mention the Judcial system that has gone awry with it liberal rulings undermining voters wishes, constitutional limits but caving into special interest groups and their deep pockets (such creeps as the ACLU, NAACP) that have wittled the very moral fabric of this nation with their discrimination rants pointed at Christians. Oh let’s not forget about the IRS, Federal Reseve and the UN of course I could go on but I won’t. We the people do have a choice to change direction but only if we pull our heads out of the sand sorta speak and vote. If we don’t wake up or just refuse (which is more likely) then we have no one to blame but ouselves when we end up on the heep pile.

    • Rick

      People need to wake up and not think this could ever happen. Google Agenda 21. Then look at EO 13575 and the Nat’l Defense Authorization Act. Then rethink your opinion.



    • nnicko

      I’m not sure if you are An American citizen or you learned to spell from a different book. Maybe you are applying for citizenship which is fine. To further add to your question of “brain-addled” (not sure what this means), since obummer opened up the borders and giving amnesty to illegals, you haven’t seen anything yet!!

    • harvey

      i LIKE YOUR STYLE true conservitive nov 6 Obamas death

  • KG

    I personally welcome our new overlords. Maby we can actualy get something done for once. Hey, when Mussolini ruled Italy, at least the trains ran on time!

    • LyndaLouise

      And when Hitler ruled people died. Voter ID is just the beginning. Only God knows what other freedoms they are planning to control.

      • nnicko

        What’s wrong with voter I.D. ? If I have to show proof of birth and all kinds of scrutney for a passport after having served in the military, paid taxes for thousands of years (feels Like), why shouldn’t I demand people have ID’s to vote for a country’s existence in a democratic way. If that’s the case, let’s send out absentee ballots to all foreign countries and maybe make the US Post Office get their bottom line out of the RED !!

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  • Victor Gary

    GOD’S KINGDOM IS THE RIGHTFUL GOVERNMENT FOR THIS EARTH and will replace all other governments in the near future according to Bible prophecy. The only question is: WHAT GOVERNMENT DO WE PERSONALLY SUPPORT? Our future life depends on active support of God’s Kingdom as Jesus said: (Matthew 24:14) “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.” WHERE DO YOU STAND?

    • sesame

      Why are you in a hurry for the end to come?

    • LyndaLouise

      In the meantime the oil companies will be ruling our country, they only care about their personal riches. We are in serious trouble.

  • omanuel

    Since the United Nations was established in 24 Oct 1945, world leaders have been working to unite nations into a tyrannical one-world government,

    Except for a three-year reprieve from Nov 1960 when John F. Kennedy was elected President until he was assassinated in Nov 1963.

    George Orwell warned us in 1948 a tyrannical government was coming in 1984:

    Ninteen Eighty-Four, “1984″ (Secker and Warburg, London, 1949).

    Czech President Dr. Vaclav Klaus told us a tyrannical one-world government had completely engulfed the planet in 2007, two years before this was confirmed by Climategate in 2009:

    Blue Planet in Green Shackles (Competitive Enterprise Institute, 2007, 100 pp)

    We will restore constitutional limits on government. or we will be controlled as robots in a tyrannical one-world government.

    - Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

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  • s c

    So how many centuries would a utopian have to live to understand the difference between FREEDOM and SLAVERY? Executive orders tend to be an easy way to bypass Congress, the American people and the Constitution. If I ever needed an example of what an utter failure is, I need look no further than the current, temporary denizen of the White House.
    Et tu, utopians. What makes you retards think that an Amerikan Politburo will do what the Soviet Politburo could never do?

  • Ed.


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