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Afghan Troop Surge A Deadly Failure

September 28, 2012 by  

Afghan Troop Surge A Deadly Failure
A Marine patrols in Afghanistan.

It’s no secret that the United States has failed miserably in its efforts to enact positive change in the Mideast, specifically in Afghanistan; but a new military report details just how terribly flawed policies in the region have been.

Last week, the Afghanistan troop surge ordered by the Administration of Barack Obama came to an end, and the new report acquired by Wired’s “Danger Room” blog shows that the country is in worse shape than it was before the surge began.

The stated purpose of the surge was to stop the Taliban from gaining power and influence in the region, but the number of insurgent attacks has been higher every month in 2012 than in 2009 when the country was in so much turmoil that the President thought the surge necessary.

According to Wired, there were about 2,000 insurgent attacks in Afghanistan in July 2009. More than 3,000 insurgent attacks were recorded in July of this year. Furthermore, 475 attacks from homemade bombs were recorded in July 2009 compared to 625 in July 2012.

About 1,000 U.S. soldiers have been killed in action in Afghanistan since the President announced the troop surge.

With the surge coming to an end, the future of the U.S. in Afghanistan looks to be uncertain but the likelihood of the Nation ever becoming disengaged in the Mideast country is nil. This is due in part to the fact that the U.S. plan to cede control of Afghan security to U.S.-trained Afghan forces is proving a damning one, as the trainees continue to attack American soldiers.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Douglas C. Smyth

    We should leave Afghanistan to the Afghans, and if the Taliban offers training camps to al Qaeda again, we should wait until they’re established and then bomb them with drones.

    Really, given the success of the drone war in eviscerating Qaeda leadership in Pakistan, there’s no reason to stay in Afghanistan: we can more effectively stop al Qaeda from an aircraft carrier.

    We have no interest in the country that wouldn’t be better served by getting out of it.

    • Realist

      Someone sure likes the opiate industry well enough to heavily protect it.

      • momo

        Follow the money.

    • MNIce

      One thing we (Americans!) discovered while hunting for bin Laden (during the Bush years) is that the mountains of Afghanistan are loaded with copper, zinc, gold and silver. The Chinese mining enterprises have been itching to get their drills going there ever since. It would not surprise me in the least to discover they have been offering bounties on American soldiers specifically to get us out of there.

  • roger gunderson

    We should have never been there or in Iraq.

    • GiveMeLiberty

      Good point and I agree for the most part. I do believe after the first 9/11, the BAD GUYS who had ‘safe harbor’ in Afghanistan deserved days and days, actually make that weeks and weeks, of constant bombardment and sniping! That would have sent a signal and taught a lesson at the same time. Unfortnately, we feel obligated to nation-building and apparently learned NOTHING, frigging NOTHING from our Vietnam vacation in the 60′s!

      • Michael

        Worse yet, we learned nothing from the Soviet “adventure” there. The US does not do lessons learned, we are more into scab picking……



    • eddie47d

      Proper answer Roger,thanks. The war in Afghanistan is a guerrilla war and may never be won. The Taliban whether we like it or not are part of the citizenry and there has been little luck in changing their minds. They look at themselves as nationalist patriots fighting to evict the foreign invaders and their god is with them. No amount of carpet bombing or nuking would change how they feel for those doing the bombing would still be the infidels. They will hide in the mountains and continue to inflict damage to us Americans or the Karzai government. Karzai’s trail of corruption and having a weak government does not help matters and the Taliban know this. Surprisingly we were quite successful the first year of operations and with small teams of fighters. Then we became too big for our britches when the killing of civilians escalated. That gave the Taliban a new cause and new supporters. Our original mission was to oust al Qaeda and that was accomplished. We also saved the Northern Alliance but then things stagnated and little has changed in 10 years. How many Americans even remember the Northern Alliance?

      • SJJolly

        It is a warrior culture in Afghanistan. One has to suspect that both sides highly respected the Special Forces conducting cavalry charges in support of the Northern Alliance. Lots more respect that they have for drone attacks, or for US troops kicking in doors in the middle of the night in search of insurgents.

      • Vigilant

        Eddie, the Northern Alliance is a combination of different ethnic warlord groups under a single banner only for the purpose of defeating the Taliban. They are similar to the Greek city states that always warred amongst each other until a threat imposed itself from outside the country, requiring their alliance.

        Even a resounding defeat of the Taliban would not cure Afghanistan’s problems, and could in fact make the country even more unstable. Karzai controls a 50 mile radius outside of Kabul. The rest of the country is a no man’s land and likely to remain so.

        We have no business in that country, and now over 2,000 troops have been killed there. It is indeed a quagmire a la Vietnam.

        P.S. the only good thing the Taliban did was to prevent farmers from planting and harvesting their opium crops.

  • mark

    This is a natural winning issue for Romney – to criticize President Obama’s continuing war in Afghanistan, including the surge. But he doesn’t dare say a word against it as war-machine advocates and military interventionist totally dominate the Republican Party – or the War Party as some call it. Leading Republicans fiercely opposed Obama’s 2012 troop withdrawal from Iraq and they vehemantly oppose his planned 2014 withdrawal from Afghanistan. They also support a new war on behalf of Israel against Iran. The party of war cannot birng themselves to criticize the failed U.S. policy in Afghanistan. It goes against the very genetic make-up of the Republican Party which has an absolute fever for bloated Pentagon budgets and endless wars around the world. As noted above, the Democrats are not a helluva lot better. They call for withdrawals – but implemented a surge in Afhanistan first – that has clearly failed to achieve any of its objectives.

    • Warrior

      “Eugenics” takes on all different forms. If you can’t get em in the womb, maybe we can getcha later in life. “Death Panels” anyone?

      During the “Vietnam” experiment, if a young lad committed a crime, he was given the choice of jail OR enlisting. I wonder, does our “justice system” still provide options?

      • SJJolly

        “Jail or military enlistment” didn’t work out well. Most of the criminal types given the choice continued to be outlaws in the service, and deserted or were courts martialed out. The French Foreign Legion has the reputation of being able to use outlaws — it gives them the choice: Obey or die.

      • MNIce

        SJJolly is absolutely right. Since Ronald Reagan instituted the all-volunteer military, the services have absolutely refused to take convicts. They had too much trouble dealing with outlaw misfits in the 1960s and 1970s – read the memoirs of Tommy Franks and some of the other officers who began their careers in the Vietnam era. The days of pot smoke in the barracks and chasing rabbits with APVs are over.

    • Realist

      AIPAC rubs the bible in the Republican’s face daily and says” remember we are G_d’s chosen people and you are obliged to keep prophecy alive. Keep us alive by dying for us! Send your children in the name of Jesse and he will bless you. You can’t leave the middle east until all the juws from the corners of the earth have migrated to the holy land. You are merely a gentile but you will be saved if you restore the holy land.” BTW we don’t need your help but we know you love us….says so right here in the!

  • One Hole Bull

    Pull out the troops, push the button, problem solved.

    • SJJolly

      No, problem solved when the other side, and those who suspect that they are going to the “other side” sooner or later, retaliate in kind, the human race kills itself off, and God repopulates the Earth with a more sane species.

  • boyscout

    It is hard to believe that anyone really ever expected success in Afghanistan (other than profits for the M/I complex and drug traffickers.) We all saw that it bring down the Russians and every other previous historical attempt. And we should all know that Pakistan is the real perp of our and the Russian failures. And yes, the Golden Triangle opiate concern remains open and presumably highly profitable as evidenced by the rate of addictions throughout Europe (east and west), China, and the U.S.

    We will leave. We will deal with the untaxed debt. And, I highly doubt that we will burn any poppy fields in our retreat – after all why should we cut the funding source of our enemies who just might supply more potential wars/profits for the M/I ? – and we now have a seriously large portion of our population made much more malleable by their addiction.

    Any chess player (or any strategist for that matter) could surmise that Iran is not pursuing nuke WMD, with or without the convoluted media messages. This is bad news for the M/I who believe that escalation can go on indefinitely. Perhaps they believe that with a proper regime change we could arm them, make it so, and get this whole Armageddon thing rolling. Neither Dems nor Reps will stand up to them, hell – they are with them in a revolving door crony system.

    Good luck at the polls.

  • Ed

    If you believe Bush had ANYTHING to do with our current worldwide financial crisis, you owe it to yourself to go to and download “Siren’s Song – America’s Betrayal”. Spread the truth. Pass this site along to your friends.

    • boyscout

      Sorry Ed but I didn’t have time to get past being told what an idiot I am for my climate change belief. As I am no expert myself I tend to concur with the 97% of climatologists who hold that it is in effect and humans do play a part:
      I really don’t expect to influence anyone here who truly believes that this is all a conspiracy, but then I tend to distrust sources that blatantly deny what appears to be scientific fact. I will get back to your reference and skip past this issue as soon as possible. In the meantime I await the many scoffing rebuttals that are sure to follow,

      • Vigilant

        Boyscout says, “I really don’t expect to influence anyone here who truly believes that this is all a conspiracy, but then I tend to distrust sources that blatantly deny what appears to be scientific fact.”

        The tenor of that statement indicates that you have made up your mind as well. That would seem to put you in the “true believer” category. Saying that you “didn’t have time to get past being told what an idiot I am for my climate change belief” is clear evidence that you sought no further enlightenment on the subject.

        When it comes to global climate change, there is little to substantiate that it is “scientific fact” ONE WAY OR THE OTHER.

        “Scientists” who become zealous supporters of any political agenda cease being scientists the moment they do so. There is little real “fact” in established scientific positions. There are theories that are modified/updated over time, and that’s the best you can say about it. IT has always been so, and it always will be.

        There is much we don’t know about global climate, so much that no one can make definitive statements ONE WAY OR THE OTHER. People like you jump on the bandwagon because the theories back up your innate bias, and you WANT it to be so. People jump on the anti-global warming bandwagon because the theories back up their innate bias and they WANT it to be so.

        Politicizing science does no one any good. The best anyone can say is that BOTH sides of the question have been hijacked to achieve certain political goals. The truth is somewhere in between.

      • Vigilant

        BTW, Ed, that Siren’s Song is an incredibly revealing document.

        I have read it part way through. The author is clear, concise and has common sense. Thanks for the link.

    • Warrior

      Ed, it is ashame that so many americans just do not understand how “progessives” just f-up everyones lives.

      • SJJolly

        Is said, Democrats f-up things for the fun (or idiocy) of it, Republicans do it for profit.

  • jopa

    After all the years Afghanistan was bombed, in the end we will probably spend trillions filling in the bomb craters and patching up their mud huts.We should just get out and forget about it.Just thinking of that Embassy in Iraq Bush built costing billions with the tennis courts and Olympic sized pools makes my blood boil.The Afghans claim they don’t need us and we don’t need them and even the Al Qaeda doesn’t need Afghanistan.Their training camps are nothing more than a couple of monkey bars and rocks to climb.They can do that anywhere and don’t need a whole stone age era country to do it in.The only reason they had success on 911 was with the money of Usama Bin Laden and our current President has fulfilled his promise and eliminated that part of the equation.He should have hung out a Mission Accomplished banner.However that is how our current President is, he always downplays his major achievements and never really gets all the credit where credit is due.Then he goes and gives all the credit to Seal Team Six and he was the one that made the major strategic decision that was hailed by all the military brass as pure genius. I know a lot of this will hurt the feelings of some of you and you may come back with slanderous, mean and unpatriotic remarks, and that is what President Obama said he stands for.Your right to do so.This is truly one great country.Just sayin.

    • GiveMeLiberty

      jopa, your killing me dude…’he gives all the credit to Seal Team Six” really? Your actually correct, he did give credit but guess what? His narassistic ball spiking and calling out the exact team that did the raid is against ALL operational protocol…and his puppy, Joe the Bulldog couldn’t keep his mouth shut either. No slanderous names here jopa but you need to stop drinking so koolaid. Neither ever serving in the military, I’m not surprised they’re not familiar with the old adage, ‘loose lips sink ships’.

      • boyscout

        It appears to me that this situation is merely politics as usual and not dirty politics. Dirty politics would be outing a CIA operative mid-career or something along those lines. Corruption is system wide and no stranger to “either” side.

      • GiveMeLiberty

        boyscout, I agree, it is both sides! How we correct that is up to us!

      • MNIce

        Everyone give a tip of the hat to jopa, a Master of Sarcasm.

    • Vigilant

      “However that is how our current President is, he always downplays his major achievements and never really gets all the credit where credit is due.”

      Jopa, we were on the same track until you started politicizing the issue. Both presidents are responsible.

      Then, the egregiously false statement I quoted above really puts you out in left field. The only achievements this president downplays are his utterly incorrect ones in accelerating a bad economy into a situation from which we will find it impossible to recover.

      I’d say surreptitious leaking of sensitive military information merely to make himself look good politically is not only a narcissistic disregard for the people he puts at risk, it is traitorous.

  • uvuvuv

    if you read the dorothy sayers book far pavilions you will see afghan violence depicted succinctly, and this went back to the 1800s. the british were playing this great game of territorial acquisition and control against the czarist russians, and this venture took place in northern india (which then included pakistan) and afghanistan. neither of the powers could handle the afghans then, and russia found this out again in 1979. now it’s out turn to catch on to the viscittudes of this quagmire, but luckily we have the lessons of history, so that we’re of course not repeating any mistakes.

  • jopa

    Give Me Liberty: Your killing me dude with your lack of knowledge when it comes to Seal Team Six.The Obama administration did not rat out Seal Team Six as a specific unit because it doesn’t exist.The “term”” Seal Team Six was made up to confuse the Soviets as to how many seal teams were in existence after there creation during the Iranian hostage debacle.When speaking of Seal Team Six you are talking about all the elite Navy Seals.The only ones that ratted anybody out were your friends at Fox news that actually gave out a members name.The author of the book on the Usama Bin laden raid.

    • GiveMeLiberty

      jopa, semantics, come on! Who cares how and why the SEALS were created. They exist (Thank God) and did the dirty work for OUR nation, regardless of what your friends on BSNBC say! That said, the correct response would have been a very GENERIC reference, as in “units from Special Ops carried out the raid”! Instead, SEALS are called out specifically and then get targeted specifically 12 weeks later in a helicopter hit. I’m not inferring that was a consipracy, although it does raise an eyebrow, but if SEALS weren’t mentioned by name, then maybe they wouldn’t have gotten called out by the bad guys on that helicopter!

      I spent 25 years in the uniformed service of our nation and that’s exactly why you keep your mouth SHUT! Details like that should be kept close and hopefully from ever getting in the wrong hands!

      Oh yea…BTW, I don’t subscribe or listen to Fox news. Although they’re not as corrupt as the liberal lamestream media, they are obviously selective and do suppress TRUE conservative voices! Specifically, patriots like Dr. Ron Paul and I didn’t spend 25 years of my life defending the freedom of speech, only to be served establishment talking points!

      Have a good day my friend and please stay home on November 06th!

      • jopa

        Give Me Lib.You seem to know a lot about Fox news and the rest of the media and not even watch hem.That is quite a trick.Thank you for your twenty five years of being in the postal service and getting those letters through especially in nasty weather.Your service is truly appreciated.The helicopter that was hit twelve weeks later was just a matter of grim circumstance, however f you would like to make some sort of conspiracy about it, have at it.I will be staying home November 6th in that America is my home and I will be exercising my right to vote.I would hope that you also get out and vote as an American s it is everyone’s duty even if some lobbyist comes along and wipes the slate clean we can say ,well we tried.

      • GiveMeLiberty

        Postal Service…yeah now’s that comical. If by postal service you mean the postal service that gets called in to work at O dark thirty in response to some third crap dictator rattling his saber; if you mean the postal service that deploys you 10K miles away from HOME, with about 24 hour notice and then flys you on a combat bomber aircraft for 22 hours straight to get the combat zone; if you mean the postal service that decides to leave you inside said combat zone for 9 months, sleeping on a cot in 100+ degrees; if you mean the postal service that sends you to five different continents and prefaces each visit with a threat briefing; if you mean the postal service that asks you to sleep and live away from your family for seven days straight, right next to a nuclear loaded bomber ready to pounce on the Soviets in a moments notice, then YES jopa, you would be correct, I served our nation in the Postal Service!

        At least the Postal Service I worked at delivered our packages without union support, anywhere in the world and I can promise you, rain or shine!

      • SJJolly

        “”units from Special Ops carried out the raid”!”? Sure that’s still not too specific? Maybe better, “Some guys and / or girls, from someone’s military and / or intelligence service and / or private army, carried out the raid.”? (Never too paranoid, no?) :-?

  • chuckb

    givemeliberty, jopa most likely has voted early and will get in a couple more before that’s why these liberal states have opened early voting and stopped voter id.

    • GiveMeLiberty

      Early and often…if it wasn’t so true, it would be funny!

    • SJJolly

      If you live in a conservative, voter ID required, state, better make sure your driver’s license hasn’t expired as of Election Day. Otherwise, you might be some kind of illegal immigrant trying to vote illegally!

  • BimBam

    This is what happens when you don’t defeat the enemy decisively, like in Germany, Japan and when Reagan bombed Libya and scared the hell out of Khaddaffy.

    Instead we be nice to them, offer them guns which they promptly turn and use on us, our confused generals turn to porn and start raping their own soldiers, many of them come back home and commit suicide not knowing who should of won.

    Ultimately we the people must blame for letting liberals decide what we are to eat, wear and who we are to marry. Sounds a lot like the Taliban huh?

    • eddie47d

      Come on Bim Bam was there a Liberal in in the dressing room at Walmart when you went shopping? Was there a Liberal taking that Whopper out of your mouth at Burger King? Was they a Liberal in your honeymoon bed or did you get to pick your own wife? We do know that Conservatives all over the world and including the USA have arranged marriages and tell woman who they have to marry. So what are you blubbering about??

      • BimBam

        Oh no you are wrong here. Liberals want you to eat GMO food (are against labeling), force vaccines on your children (one governer wanted Gardisil by law), don’t want you convenienced with plastic bags (banned them), are going to schools to tell your children it’s ok to be homosexuals (since 1974), and being heterosexual is weird, encouraging Islam here so your wife and daughter can wear a black burqa head to toe in the hot sun (making laws and public claims not to criticize).

        No, you are very wrong here. In all the above instance can now be verified by just getting off the welfare couch of yours and just spend as little as an hour somewhere public and see for yourself. Keep your eyes open and your mouth shut and just observe.

      • eddie47d

        Bim Bam STOP lying. Go to Liberal sites and see what they say about GMO’s. Go to Liberal petition sites and see how many ANTI- GMOs petitions there are. I know for I have signed over 80 of them in the last year and a half! They are very much for labeling! You are a dangerous troll and a very poor liar! That was a Conservative Governor who wanted Gardasil by law so you screwed up again you dunce! Plastic bags are a trash nuisance and dangerous to animals so open your closed mind! Liberals have never said that” heterosexuals are weird”. Another one of your proven lies! Liberals only want equal rights for homosexuals nothing more so give it a rest you big jerk (and liar). They have NEVER said anything about American woman wearing burkas or even encouraged Islam here. You are one sick person Bim Bam!. Now keep your eyes open and your head down in shame you ignorant douche!!

      • BimBam

        Oh no, you are very wrong here:

        That is not liberal sites that want GMO labeled those are conservatives sites. Liberals want GMO as it fits their modus operandi of control and the love of hyprocrisy.

        I judge political affiliation not by name but by action. Rick Perry is therefore a RINO. No true-blooded conservative would FARCE gardisil on children. NONE! NADA!

        I have never known plastic bags to kill any animal. The people trashing this country with plastic bags are liberals. No conservative would do that as proof of the Tea party rallies where no trash is left behind. Compared to when liberals hold rallies all trash is left behind. They just TRASH a place! Go look at the pictures.

        Liberals encourage Islam, which then FARCE burkhas on women. They know this. Farce Islam, farce burkhas, see?

        Liberals want equal rights for homosexuals, oh really? I mean as long as we are talking about sickness, then how come they don’t tell them it is an unhealthy lifestyle resulting in depression, mental health problems, early death, AIDS, HIV virus, reproductive failure, diapers by the time your 40? I mean cigarrettes were found unhealthy and liberals banned them, why not do the same for hohosexual??? I mean all things being equal, especially with cigarettes! I know humans don’t count to you.

  • jopa

    Bim BIm; What did that accomplish, Reagan bombing an empty tent.When Obama is sitting in the WH Khaddaffy relly got the message and now he is just a faint memory.Along with Usama Bin Laden, twenty six of his top generals, and the Somali pirates to name some of the bad acts that are history.What the hell kind of a soldier would be raped by a geneal without the bastard being fragged.If the general is still breathng there is a dereliction of duty on the soldiers part.

    • BimBam

      Oh no you are very wrong here.

      Khadaffy never gave any trouble after that, and even cooperated with the West.

      Because we have a mole a president who is sacrificing eye for eye, please note that for every Muslim killed we have an American sacrifice.

      When Osama was killed, 26 seals mysteriously die in a helicopter crash right after.

      When Khadaffy was killed in a humiliating manner, our Libyan ambassodor dies in the same humiliating manner by being raped.

      2000 to 3000 of our soldiers have been killed. Using the top 26 Osama generals as you say that’s a ratio of about 100 soldiers for every Osama general killed.

      I say we have a Musilm mole sitting at the VERY TOP of the command chain here in America, who has appointed other moles like communist Pannetta in the chain.

      We are getting screwed front and back as the female soldiers were by their own general in Afghanistan. But who do you complain to when your own commanding officer is the one doing it???

      • jopa

        Bim Bam;You seem to forget that Gaddafi had American blood on his hands and we were not just trying to scare him.Do you recall the Lockerbie bombing that had Americans on board.It took O bama to serve up a little justice once more.Nobody mysteriously died in a helicopter crash, they were shot down and listed as casualties of war.What are you trying to say all the Americans that died over there is a big mystery now? chuckb: Our troops are in Afghanistan because of the dumb ass predecessor of our current President.Where do you come up with this if Reagan was president, how about if Lincoln was president.Getting kind of lame.

      • BimBam

        To have a large amount of SEALS in a slow moving easy-target helicopter in enemey territory was highly unusual according to one pundit. I agree.

        He and we want to know who ordered so much SEALS, in a easy target over enemy infested territory???

        THE MOLE, that’s who!

  • chuckb

    jopa, if reagan was the president today libya would not be controlled by the muslim brotherhood and i believe our ambassador in benghazi would be alive and well today. he would not have to lie about why the embassy was destroyed by terrorist, you know the
    one barry claimed was destroyed because of some video (lie and coverup of the century)

    as far as your assertion about the somali pirates, it took barry over eighteen hours on the rug to decide whether the navy should execute the pirates., big decision to execute some of his brothers.(he was forced to make that decision)

    barry had little if nothing to do in the killing of bin laden, he would not have had the info to find him if we had not used the method of interogation (waterboarding) used under bush and again it took painstaking hours on the rug to make the decision to execute. barry would not have allowed it.and again it took him hours on the rug to allow the raid.

    our troops in afghanistan are in peril because of barrys rules of engagement forced on the military.and have needlessly lost more personnel because of this failure. barry has lost iraq to the iranians due to his rush to remove our troops, so we have lost all those lives for nothing.

    barry doesn’t have a clue on foreign policy except kiss some muslim kings ass, he has allowed the muslim brotherhood to engulf the middle east and is in the process of infiltrating this government with islamic ideology by placing these scumbags in his administration,
    so be sure and vote often, this guy is a real winner and as long as the promise of freebies holds out he’s got the vote.(free fon’s and bama money) he certainly isn’t what i would consider an american patriot..

  • Deerinwater

    A known “DEBACLE” from the offset. ~ Pentagon said NO! I said NO! and a few others, including 44, said NO! ~ such a waste and I hate to say that after so many have gave so much. While I feel great sorrow and pain ~ it’s nothing compared others have felt.

  • FreedomFighter

    With the surge coming to an end, the future of the U.S. in Afghanistan looks to be uncertain but the likelihood of the Nation ever becoming disengaged in the Mideast country is nil.

    Little message for the Afganastan and most of the middle east, your future:

    Guns in the sky

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

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