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Afghan Lawmakers Demand That Civilian Shooting Suspect Be Tried In Country

March 16, 2012 by  

Afghan Lawmakers Demand That Civilian Shooting Suspect Be Tried In Country

Afghan lawmakers expressed anger Thursday over the move by the U.S. to fly an American soldier accused of killing 16 civilians out of the country to nearby Kuwait, noting that Kabul should not sign a strategic partnership agreement with Washington unless the alleged perpetrator faces justice in Afghanistan, The Associated Press reported.

According to the news outlet, negotiations over the agreement, which would govern the presence of the U.S. military in Afghanistan after most combat troops withdraw by the end of 2014, were tense, even prior to the shootings.

The U.S. military said that the soldier’s transfer out of the country did not preclude the possibility of trying the case in Afghanistan, but this did not appease many Afghan leaders.

“It was the demand of the families of the martyrs of this incident, the people of Kandahar and the people of Afghanistan to try him publicly in Afghanistan,” Mohammad Naeem Lalai Hamidzai, a Kandahar lawmaker who is part of a parliamentary commission investigating the shootings, said in a statement.

CNN reported that Afghans took to the streets of one city Thursday to demand the prosecution of the U.S. soldier in the country, and one lawmaker accused the Americans of showing “a fake video…to convince the Afghan people that it was the act of only one soldier.”

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  • thatsthejoke

    Sure, let’s leave a soldier that we trained to kill and sent to kill in the foreign country we are occupying. I’m positive the natives will have a more keen sight of justice in this case. After all, justice is merely a crude concept derived from retributive acts. We only make the primitive more complicated by adding on such things as law. It’s only fair that we allow this sovereign nation to exercise its sovereignty in the most basic form.

    • Proud to be a Believer

      Wanted everyone on this page to see this. Our grandson spent a years tour in Afganistan and is being deployed there again in August only this time Obama has taken away their combat pay. He says that as far as this incident happening is almost rare that there is something else astray as you cannot get off the base alone. You have to go in groups of at least 8, if you go by car you have to have at least 4 in the car, preferably 6 or you are not left off the base period paragraph. Makes you wonder doesn’t it!

      • Michael

        “…groups of 8….”, what an inviting target that will be. As a former combat soldier, I see several things not right with what occured with this soldier – probably should not have been cleared to return to combat, based on what little info I have about his previous injuries and more importantly, the junior (platoon sergeant and platoon leader) should have been informed about his possible instability and kept closer overwatch on him. I do not excuse his behavior, but certainly see a ton of mitigating circumstances.

      • Earl

        This is a quote from Henry Kissinger, former secretary of state and NS adviser, among other posts held.

        “Soldiers are dumb, stupid animals to be used for foreign policy”. I am NOT kidding!

        Shows where his and other high-up sentiments in our military industrial complex lie!

      • Dorothy

        My son is over there right this very minute, and he says anyone can walk off the base at anytime..alone! Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

  • Karolyn

    Well, looks like they won’t get their wish. I just heard he’s being shipped to Ft. Leavenworth. The man should never have been sent back to Afghanistan in the first place. The VA needs to get its act together and stop sending mentally unbalanced soldiers back. It also looks like they need some new psychiatrists and/or guidelines to determine the suitability of soldiers for duty (or for real life for that matter). There is so much domestic and other violence. including suicide, going on perpetrated by soldiers returning home after several tours. Why can’t the VA get the message?

    • Libertytrain

      The volunteer Army and other forces, Navy, Marines, Air Force, etc., have been at war for 10 years. They are undergoing multiple situations that really haven’t existed prior – I don’t think there is an understanding of what they are experiencing.

      • Robert Smith

        Posted: “They are undergoing multiple situations that really haven’t existed prior – I don’t think there is an understanding of what they are experiencing.”

        In most past wars the usual pattern was march to a place, hang out & prepare, and then have a battle. One could go weeks or months between combat.

        The trend began in the Civil War, continued in the trenches, and now it has built in such a way that our guys are directly in harms way pretty much 100% of the time. If they aren’t on patrol they still get missiles shot at them.

        The pressure day to day is huge. Almost all of our guys are on the front lines with the war being catered by civilians. The laundry is done for them, etc. Used to be that an army supported itself.

        Toss in an antagonistic civilian population and shucks, it’s a wonder anyone makes it home without some mental impact.


      • Libertytrain

        rob this is probably one of the few subjects we will agree on. My girl has deployed at least 3 times – and it is disconcerting. Her husband as well.

    • DavidL

      I hear you, karolyn, but even with all the precautions we can think of in place, people can just snap. I saw this first hand when I was fighting in Vietnam. My guess is that he will be tried here and, if found competent to stand trial, be convicted and probably executed. It would not surprise too many people, I think, if it is determined that he is mentally ill.

      Keep up your goods posts. I read this site mostly to hear your views, and some others, who so obviously can separate themselves from their partisanship long enough to attempt to be fair and objective.

      • Mi

        If found guilty and executed, I can only hope the Ft Hood massacre major gets comparable treatment. As an FYI, the US military has not executed any convicted soldiers/sailors/marines since 1961.

      • vieteravet

        It was said that this soldier may have had a brain injury. I hope so, I don’t want to see him spend his life in jail for killing pond scum!

    • Wyatt

      Because the VA is filled with Dr’s who are from some middle or far east country , either completing a requirement of a residency of some sort or because they can’t get hired anywhere else . I don’t go to the VA for exactly that reason , these guys have absolutely no comprehension of what the combat soldier faces or goes through out there . And it is only going to get worse now that our fearless leader (from behind by the way) is cutting military spending . One would think that the best care would be offered to the defenders of our country .

      Now I certainly didn’t serve for over three decades because I expected VA care . But it should be an option for me . As it is , I would rather endure the ailment than go there .

      • Robert Smith

        Posted: “One would think that the best care would be offered to the defenders of our country . ”

        I’ve never understood why vets have a “special” medical system for they physical ailments. Why not just give them a card that they can walk into ANY medical facility and get whatever treatment they need within the rules of whatever the VA determins?

        As far as mental goes we really do need specialists who really understand. Folks sitting in a chair and checking off boxes as someone tries to get understanding and a cure just doesn’t cut it.

        We, as a society, DO need to recognize that some folks are just so broken that they aren’t safe around others. We clearly need a due process to make sure the public isn’t exposed to them.


    • Vigilant

      Karolyn says, “Well, looks like they won’t get their wish.”

      Desires and wishes have nothing to do with it. The legal document called the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) with Afghanistan covers this specific incident.

      “The Government of Afghanistan has…explicitly authorized the U.S. government to exercise criminal jurisdiction over U.S. personnel. Thus, under the existing SOFA, the United States would have jurisdiction over the prosecution of the servicemember who allegedly attacked the Afghan civilians.”

      That SOFA’s been in force since 2003, something Personal Liberty News Desk failed to write about.

  • Alex

    This is what happens when you take impressionable, gullible, and, very often, just plain stupid young people and remove whatever traces of humanity are in their heads and fill them with hatred and the virus of patriotism.

    This jarhead is a terrorist who committed a horrific act of terrorism in Afghanistan and should be turned over to the Afghan authorities—such as they are. Barring that, this cowardly baby-killer should be handed to the World Court and be prosecuted as a terrorist.

    We have shown ourselves, over and over, to be incapable of prosectuting our own war criminals and should therefore cede this responsibility to more civilized peoples.

    Any parent who was unwilling to at least try and talk their naive offspring out of joining our baby-killing, schoolgirl-raping, civilian-targeting mercenary military has failed as a parent.

    • phil

      what happened there is a terrible tragedy, but your views on your own countries military is pathetic… you, more chances than not, are to much of a p—- to have served…. i am a vet of our great nation as my brother, my father and now serving son….you seem to forget who gave you the right to run your mouth like you do……..

      • Nathan B

        I have the utmost respect for our armed forces. But phil, YOU nor ANYONE in the armed forces GAVE me or anyone else the right of free speech. You valiantly upheld the GOD-GIVEN RIGHT as protected in the Constitution and Declaration, but you did NOT give it to me! That would indicate that the military is in control of the country or has a say in our rights, and I’m pretty damn sure the Constitution you swore an oath to uphold draws a demarcation line preventing that.

        Now on to the matter at hand. The soldier should not have been in Afghanistan. He suffered a traumatic head/brain injury in Iraq, but was ‘deemed fit to fight’ and shipped back over. Seems to me the decision makers there were asking for trouble.

        Now understand that I’m not for him being tried over there. I think he should be tried according to whatever the rules of war(since he was engaged in the war on terror) and he should be prosecuted for war crimes. I don’t know those specifics, so I won’t elaborate. But let me put this out there for everyone to chew on. What this soldier did was, to the people of Afghanistan, an act of terrorism, just like any Taliban/Al Qaeda/whoever attack in our country or others. So what if this soldier is sent to Leavenworth, and Afghanistan decided to send in a group of their special forces soldiers to take him out? Maybe they would send an unmanned drone and launch a missile at him instead. If the MP’s guarding him were killed in the process, well, the Afghani’s will just rack that up to justifiable collateral damage in their own war on terror. Because that’s how it works when you’re fighting terrorists, right?. How do you think we would respond as a nation to that? Yeah, I’m pretty sure we’d be laying down some heavy ordinance over there, for having the audacity to send their soldiers onto our sovereign soil! This is not a rant against the armed forces per se, this is aimed more at those sitting behind desks making decisions they have no right to make and ordering our troops into places they have no business being to do things they have no business doing. Why is it that we seem to think that our justifications, logic, and reasoning are better than anyone else’s? Why is it that we seem to think that we can do as we please to whomever we please, but if anyone were to even attempt to do the same to us we would be all about leveling their country? Cognitive dissonance: do as I say, don’t do as I do. And yes, I support Ron Paul proudly because under his watch something like this would NEVER have happened. Because we wouldn’t have been over there in a lingering, endless war. That man would’ve likely been at his home in a base on US soil on that particular night.

        I will say this much. At least they were/are willing to give him a trial. They are willing to give a foreign occupier due process(I won’t say fair, but due). We don’t even have the decency to give OUR OWN CITIZENS due process before we have them assassinated. We just let our President have the power to create a hit list based on those he feels are the biggest threat to the Federal government(they say to the country, but to DC, they ARE the country). And now we have allowed our elected officials to enact a law in which we are no longer able to assemble and raise our voices to air grievances for redress to our politicians. If we do, the Secret Service can now arrest us and it’s an automatic felony(gee imagine that, no voting rights and no longer able to own firearms, how convenient).

        So in the end, both phil and alex are both right and wrong. What he did is horrendous, vile, and horrific. He should NOT have been there in first place. But I think this should be tried as a war crime or under military jurisdiction, not in a public court in a foreign country. That is the way those that commit terrorist acts towards us should be tried, so we should in turn be equitable and try those that commit terrorist acts towards others, even if they are our men and women.

        If you don’t agree, I understand. I expect differing views, and for at least some to not agree with me. It is their GOD-given right to do so and to speak their mind to me about it.

        Again thank you phil(and everyone else here that has served) for the service of you and your family. I do truly appreciate it and all that you have done for us in protecting our rights, liberties, and freedoms.

    • Firefight

      Shut up!

      • em vanners

        up yours ,,, unwarrented murder is unwarrented murder and should be treated as such without exception … where do we get the right to invade and occupy a country and randomly on a whim slaughter innocent civilians ,,, let it happen to you and see your outrage …

      • Alex Frazier


        lmao! You tell him!

      • vieteravet

        I’m with you, they’re not worth a bullet, NUKE the SOBs out of existence!

    • Dave Lowe

      You are a dispicable ignorant libtard at best and a outright fifth column anti-Anerican at worst. It’s obvious you voted for that idiot in the White House and that you are a taker not a maker. You people are filth.

      Grow up spaz-brain, there is nothing wrong with patriotism for your country. Blind patriotism maybe, but not the healthy inspiration that America is exceptional as a nation and a people.

      This young man was no terrorist he was in fact decorated for valor in action and had recently endured a severe head injury. By the way whistle brain, he served for four deployments and undoutedly has seen more violence perpetrated on US soldiers by the Afghan Taliban while trying to help those backward sons and daughters of Lucifer have a better nation.

      That he has committed this admittedly horrible act is not in doubt but if we execute him then every psychiatrist, every commanding officer and every non-commissioned officer over him should also face the firing squad. Hey if it bothers you and the libtard media and liberal elite so much, then do the right thing and offer yourselves up as sacrifice for the percieved evil deeds of America. I am sure you and Alex Baldwin and Babs Streisand wouldn’t mind being beheaded and dismemberer like our troops have faced for 10 years.

      Afghanistan Nation ? Afgahanistan….no way just a bunch of mountain ranges with valleys filled with hate and violence prone morons from the “always peaceful” religion of Islam.

      Tell you what meathead. after 911 when we discovered Osama Bin Laden had planned the attack from those Afghan caves, we should have just dropped about six nukes on the whole damned place making it un-inhabitable for about 250,000 years. And you are worried about 16 men women and children?

      Hey moron libtard what about the 3,100+ who died on 911. Their were 41 children killed that day and countless women and old men and innocent civilian young men. You are a real disgusting individual and I hope someday your brain if you have one catches up with your written idiocy.

      • Flashy


        Without the rancor.

        A foreign country (say…a Middle East country) has a soldier here…say guard duty at an embassy. He goes amok and kills 16 people..women and children for the most part.

        Where should he stand trial? Here…or back in his own country?

      • http://comcast the fisherman

        You sound like the idiots running for office. Two wongs do not make a right. Your Mama did not tell you that.

      • Alex Frazier

        Justice is never about using a wrong to make a right. It’s about punishing someone who committed a wrong. And whether it is “Time Out” or grounding, taking away the car or turning off your kid’s cellphone, we teach our children from the time they are toddlers that doing wrong results in unpleasant consequences. If they can’t learn that lesson in time to avoid murdering someone and getting put to death for the crime, then I guess the world is better off without them, since they obviously cannot be taught even the basic lesson of right and wrong, or crime and punishment. I suppose they just put their hand on the big hot burner in the sky.

      • Vigilant

        Flashy, please go to

        “The rules concerning diplomatic immunity are set forth in the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, which has been agreed upon by 187 countries…The treaty states clearly that diplomatic agents including “the members of the diplomatic staff, and of the administrative and technical staff and of the service staff of the mission” enjoy “immunity from the criminal jurisdiction of the receiving State.”

    • Troy

      I haven’t been over in the Sand Pit for several years, we have been there, the Russians have been there and nothing has changed. Even Alexander the Great was there and couldn’t even change the problem. But, look at our fearless leader who is a Moslem now we can’t even do our duty. We do not have the worlds respect any longer, we couldn’t lead our way out of a wet paperbag. You are using the ‘Jar Head’ title as a slur, these folk have led us into battle, protected at great risk – so let it go. This Marine did his job that no one else has been able to do, sick or not it is was a necessitiy to combat so you all can have your freedoms. You haven’t been there, you wouldn’t been talking this way if you had any idea what they do to our people; dead or alive. We have people missing that you do not even know about. Talk to someone about the human butcher shops that have been found and never published – you only hear and see what they want you to see. It should have been a used car lot by now, but the government leaders keep tieing our militarys hand. I am a proud American and Texan. This individual that should be given all the medicial help he needs and given a medal of honor for doing his job. My wife and I are True Americans if the government didn’t think we were too old for the military we would be there kicking butt and takin’ numbers.

    • Larry

      Grow up and get a life Alex! And while you’re doing that, can you turn off that blinding glare from the yellow street running up your back! It’s vets like me, both past and present, volunteer and drafted that allow you to have the freedoms you do in this country. If you don’t like that and can’t stand up for this country and our soldiers, get you sniveling yellow bellied ass over there and you live there. We don’t need gutless children like you condeming our troops and what they are going through. And I did say CHILD! You couldn’t make it in boot camp and you certainly don’t measure up to a MAN! What happened was tragic for both the soldier and the Afghans. And when there is a full iinvestigation done, some one will be held accountable. That soldier should not have been sent back over after a head wound. But I’ll be damed if I’ll let any other foreign nation prosecute our soldiers for any criminal acts. And in particular an islamic country with their primitive backward ways. What our soldier did was wrong. But the lives lost are a drop in the bucket compared to all the women, children and men those bastards murder willfully under their so called QUEERAN! They have no moral concious about murdering, raping and selling off their women in order to restore their so called male honor. But that is where you Alex belong. Over there! As for your children and grandson, someday they will learn the real truth and see what a gutless coward you really are with no honor! I am proud of my service and my family has fought in every war from the Revoulution to Desert Storm. And they would do it again for our Nation.

      • bernie

        I agree Larry

      • Joe Z

        You are exactly what is wrong with this country. Nobody forced you to be a soldier, you did it on your own will, and no you did not give me my freedom that comes from my creator.

        • Traveler

          10 to 1 odds you are one of those protesters that stand in front of the soldier’s funerals and chant, “go to hell” arent’ you?

          • Larry

            You seem to have forgotten the history of the US! It was patriots and soldiers that kicked King George out of our country and earned us the freedoms that you now have. It was the drafted and enlisted soldiers, sailors and airmen that defended your freedoms in world wars. Freedom was never free! It was earned for you and everyone else by the sacrifice of veterans like myself over the last 200+ years! And it is us that will continue to stand and die defending our country. God gave you life. But that was all he gave you.
            This country gives you the freedoms of religion, speech, and liberty that many in this world don’t have! And if you don’t believe that, we will be more than happy to air drop you into any of those countries and see how long you survive! Your freedoms were bought and paid for in blood and sacrifice by others. Of course, since you apparently have no sense of honor, duty and sacrifie to this country and never served, you wouldn’t know a dam thing about that because you never did a dam thing to earn them!

      • Alex Frazier

        Joe, Larry said that it is the soldiers that allow you to have your freedom, not the soldiers that gave them to you. Mankind in general moves towards the goal of enslavement. Even our own government is trying to take away your freedom.

        Whether or not your freedom is granted to you by God, it is the force of arms that secures it, viz. the Declaration of Independence. “It is to secure these rights that governments are instituted among men.”

    • Old Gringo

      Alex he wasn’t a “jarhead” as you so putatively characterized him. He was a soldier. Not that it makes a difference in the horrific act committed.

    • texastwin827

      Alex, our military men write a blank check to their government good in a amount up to their life…..what have YOU done for your country? As for you reference to our military as “baby-killing, schoolgirl-raping, civilian-targeting mercenary military”, give me a break!

      Over the 10 yr period that we’ve been at war in both Middle East countries, very few incidences of what you describe, have occurred….actually there have been more incidences of what you describe, occur right here in the good old USA from NON military people!

      Thank a soldier that you still have the right to spew insane garbage…Many died to protect your right to do so!

    • Nadzieja Batki

      What a blooming idiot you are.

    • Traveler

      For people such as Alex and other wildly liberal responders here and in the open forum called liberal media – i have lived through deployments in both Iraq and Afghanistan. Iraq will mend itself over time, people truly care there, Afghanistan is a cesspool of humanity. They are 400 years behind the rest of civilization and breed hate into the genes of their children. Both countries are 95-98% Muslim. Islam has been radicalized by living in the now – they forbid thinking of the future, worrying, planning for success, or even any type of insurance. .It is evident that people like Alex are new generation Americans and have a strong link to liberal thought – these are the most dangerous people in our country. It is also evident that he is close to the immigrant mentality of people coming to America and sucking from the teets of its welfare and benefit roles without truly understanding the democratic principles of what this great country stands for. I offer you, Alex, and your family, to go live in Afghanistan or Iraq or Libya or Tunisia or Egypt or Japan or any European Union nation or Syria, even Thailand or Viet Nam or any other “great and wonderful nation” you think America has trod on – see for yourself what you will be missing Go…run fast….live there, embrace a typical life there, then choose.. See for yourself the constrictions of liberty. Judging this soldier from the outside without walking in his shoes is just plain stupid and teaching your children that this country is evil is dangerous. Alex, perhaps, you need to re-evaluate why you live here, why you practice Christianity in the first place – which I doubt highly that you do, by the way…for Christianity does not promote your un-Christlike attitude. This young man does not need the snide remarks or judgment of a nation upon his countenance, he needs help! He is someone’s son…………just as all of us are someone’s child. He is an American citizen, he is a soldier, he witnessed his battle buddy get his leg blown off the day before…. a battle buddy who walked, talked, shared quarters, ate meals, wrote letters home, experienced the same hardships of fuil armor in 110 degree heat or pouring rain in knee deep mud – a young man who may or may not survive the loss of his limb, someone this soldier cared for. It does not justify what occurred, but it makes you realize that all things are not black and white. I fear people like you the most……….Alex…………I fear the perversion of goodness and mercy and a keen understanding of reality, that mentality is breeding more hatred than anything known to man thus far.Why don’t you enlighten us on your ethnic background, the history of your family, your religious experiences, the trauma you have suffered at the hands of our government and the partner you chose in life……….that in and of itself will reveal the WHY of the opinion you have voiced.

      • Joe Z

        What about the family’s of the humans that were killed? They do not count? Only us, Americans and American family’s count? And who are we to judge what is wrong with that and another country? Why don’t you enlighten us with your background, why did you really decide to “keep us safe” did you ran out if options? Or you are just a real patriot looking out for american excellence? Shoving down democracy down every defenseless human throat? Or dropping the bombs of love in the middle east? Are we any safe now because you have served?

        • Traveler

          Again, let me stress this…………….you are liberal and part of the Obama liberal package that courts the media, which is unethical and even more liberal…………….get a freaking life! If you don’t like democracy, get out of America!!!

    • Wyatt

      This “Jarhead” is some kid who is serving his country and protecting your behind ! He didn’t have to be there , he volunteered to do it . And if he indeed did make an error in judgement and action it is because the powers that be cut military spending and shipped an kid who has seen to much to soon . Not every bodies psyche can handle that . And in many case’s you react on reflex , you see a gun in the hands of a local you automatically react ” Bad Guy “! Its a law of shoot first ask questions after as your life and that of your fellow soldiers depend on it .

    • MC

      Alex, who appointed you judge and jury?? And virus of patriotism?? Your mouth is
      terrorism. Get a life!

    • Robert Smith

      From Alwx: “Any parent who was unwilling to at least try and talk their naive offspring out of joining our baby-killing, schoolgirl-raping, civilian-targeting mercenary military has failed as a parent.”

      How dare you insult the huge majority of folks in our military with your gross generalization.

      Yes, there are loonies, but they occur in all walks of life. To deny any youth the possibility of a satisfying career and the opportunity to serve our great country is something I consider treason.


      • Libertytrain

        Rob once AGAIN WE AGREE. alex has proven his ignorance on many occasions, this was just one of them.

      • Vigilant

        Good words, Rob.

    • Rick

      Alex goto Prague and F**k the World Court it is useless, meaningless, and without any authority.You post about it all the time. Why? it does not have any authority or power. And it they turn this soldier over to the Afgans then we need to turn Obummer over to them because he is much less of a patriotic american than this man who risked his life for this country unlike that D**klees wonder in the white house.We as a country own him better than that. If the Afgans do ont like it then we shouold take our people, our equipment a, and our money and let them figure it out on their own. If their rulers kill a few million of them so be it. The intire afgan population is not worth 1 american life.

      • vieteravet

        Rodger that! 10-4

  • Robert

    If this soldier is given to the people of Afghanistan, he will not only be tried for shooting civilians but suffer the rath over the Quran burning as well. Even though I agree what the man did was very wrong, I question would the Afghan authorities dish out the same justice to the Taliban if caught shooting some of their civilians, or would they meerly vanish with the mist? We’ve over stayed our welcome (if indeed there ever was one ). We should have learned from Russia when they occupied Afghanistan. It turned into their version of our Vietnam war. Let’s get the heck out of Dodge, bring our troops home. And leave the message to the Afghans. ” Don’t make us come back, next time it won’t be troops we send. It will be fire from the heavens in the form of a nuclear tipped missle that will burn your country to a cinder “.

    • anastasia Beaverhouser

      I agree with you Robert

      • Keith Clark

        I totally agree with you. After 10 years it’s no wonder that people are starting to flip out. Bring them home and just leave the fleet of missile ships off of the coast. Hit us, we hit back and turn your Country into the glass parking lot that we should have done the day after 9/11.

    • Flashy

      We are bringing them home. Bush II invaded, and went for regime change. Which never was to goal. The goal, getting bin laden, was abandoned and Afghanistan left to boil over. Obama went for the goal…getting bin Laden. bin laden is now filed and receipted and feeding the fish. The troops are being withdrawn. And the end result will be what it should have been back in ’01. bin Laden dead, and Afghanistan left to figure out its own problems.

      • Realist

        Why do you that that was? Who was the regime change for anyway? Was it for our benefit? We were already buying their oil at a much cheaper rate than now. So who really stands to benefit from regime change? Who has it been for, the last decades, that our country gets in to fights with nations that never threaten national defense? Don’t go trying to get political now, democrats are known for having engaged in thermonuclear war, the only party involved with nuclear war! So, who are we really working for, genius? Who invented the atom bomb? Who are the real banksters? Who claims they really own and run the USA? Who is the ACLU? Do some research, find out what makes Americans hate one another and take sides with political parties that are serving the same insider.

      • Flashy


        I’m not even talking about Iraq and the lies y’all swallowed even as they reached heights of absurdity. I’m speaking of Afghanistan. The country harboring the man Bush II was warned about being the most danger to the US (and did nothing). the country which we had cut off all aid to and then, in the summer of ’01…his first year in office…a bare four months in…Bush II RESUMED aid to. When we went in September (mind…a scant three months after resuming aid) because they refused to hand over bin Laden..and which goal at the time, we were going in to get bin Laden then getting out.

        All of a sudden, it was “regime change” and we were fighting the Taliban and bin Laden was not a worry. We set bin Laden aside during the next seven years until Pres. Obama came to office and set getting bin Laden as the #1 goal. And he got him. Snuffed the SOB.

        And now we’re getting out. Mission accomplished. Of course, the GOP will spin it as we are leaving in failure…failure of the Bush/Cheney imperialistic policy of regime change.

        Afghanistan has no oil BTW.

      • Robert Smith

        Realist asks: “Who is the ACLU? ”
        “January 12, 2004

        PALM BEACH, FL – In a motion filed today, the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida said state law enforcement officers violated Rush Limbaugh’s privacy rights by seizing the conservative radio talk show host’s medical records as part of a criminal investigation involving alleged “doctor-shopping.”

        They recently released a statement supporting Rush’s right to be an idiot.


      • vieteravet

        Obama’s a douch bag!

    • Nadzieja Batki

      The soldier can not be left at the hands of the human predators that is Afghanistan

      • Flashy

        Nad..I’ll ask you the same as i asked above.

        A foreign country (say…a Middle East country) has a soldier here…say guard duty at an embassy. He goes amok and kills 16 people..women and children for the most part.

        Where should he stand trial? Here…or back in his own country?

      • Vigilant

        Flashy, I’ll answer your question for the second time: the law says he’ll be tried in his home country, period.

        Got any more questions?

    • Teresa M.

      I agree.

  • anastasia Beaverhouser

    you have no clue what you are talking about–you take what you hear from the news and that is it. you better be on your knees thanking GOD that there are men willing to do this…or you would not have the freedom to spew the idiocy that you type. I hope you have NO children..they will be very WARPED.

    • Alex

      I have two wonderful children, and now a grandson as well!

      Both my son and daughter wanted to enlist once they reached the legal age to sell one’s soul and and become a hired killer, but, thank God, I helped talk them out of it!! They were upset, like all of us, after the Bush/Cheney Regime ignored intelligence and thus allowed the events of 911 to unfold as they did.

      Unfortunately, my children were in a “Christian” high school that taught that Jesus wanted us to drop bombs on little Iraqi babies, babies who had, and whose families had, NO connection at all to 911. Yep—my children attended for a time a wacko Reich Wing high school.

      Anyway, like I say, I was able to talk some sense to my children, to show them how this country, OUR country, was really the world’s evil empire. I taught them about My Lai and Grenada and Hiroshima, about how the whole flippin’ country was built on theft, genocide, and slave labor, things that were glossed over or even applauded by their “teachers”. I showed them that we have no real heroes in our mercenary military any longer, how our troops are killing other people’s children, not for our own security, but for Capitalism. I taught them that the most important decision a person can make is to bring life into the world or to take life out, and that this is something they must weigh for themselves. To kill someone because someone ELSE says to do it is wrong—that is what the Crips and the Bloods and the Mafia does and that is what our troops are: just hitmen, paid to kill because someone else tells them to so. Weak!

      If you have children or grandchildren you love you should show them this–if they have not yet been brainwashed they will understand and will thank you.

      • Jim

        If all this is going on as you say in this country, then why would you even be staying another second here? I would think you would be on the first plane, bus, ship or train out of here. Sure we have made our mistakes over the years and continue to do so. When you send people to war things happen. They always have, they always will until Jesus is sitting on the throne in Jerusalem. I spent 20 years in the Navy and traveled over half the earth and have yet to see somewhere that I would want to live other than here. My Son is in the military and he is no mercenary like you claim. 99% of the military are solid citizens, but just like society in general, you always have a few who are out there and have beeen all their lives. Send them somewhere and things like this will happen. Tragic, but to lump all the military with a few is criminal on your part.

      • Firefight

        It is the most decayed state of mind that believes nothing is worth fighting for that creates the kind of man that merely exists and thus must be kept by those who are far greater than he could ever be and so he must cower behind those who pay the price of his freedoms.

        Patriots have always paid for those like you and we always will. So we have come to accept your name calling and pitiful judgments and live with the knowledge that whatever we do, as unbearable to our own Christian beliefs as it might be, in the end make it a better world for all of us.

        What is a soldier? This is a person who has written a blank check up to and including their own life so that you can remain free.

      • Ted Crawford

        You speak of hate filled people while your own posts are reeking of your own hatred, for your own Country, and by extention, clearly your own self! You attempt to cover it with, belligerent bursts of false ego, but it is none the less readily apparent! One can only pity you.
        I’ll follow Thomas Jeffersons advice, ” It is as useless to argue with those who have renounced the use and authority of reason, as to administer medicine to the dead”, and leave you, hoping you can overcome you malidy.

      • Todd

        Alex.. you need to leave this country that you hate so much. I wish you lived near me, i would bash your face in you anti American hater. No one here believes your lies about your children being taught at a christian school that Jesus says to drop bombs on babies. So go move to the middle east where you belong and raise your little Anti-American children elsewhere. I also love how you state we are killing people for Capitalism? You are right.. we have made trillions of dollars over in the middle east…. oh… hold on.. that doesnt make sense.. we have SPENT trillions of dollars to protect the world against terrorists that grow up hating America and wish to kill all of us like you and your hateful little children. Do yourself a favor and go jump off a cliff.. better yet, tell me where you live so i can throw you off it myself!

      • texastwin827

        Ted, your reading comprehension is apparently pretty warped. Firefight’s comments may suggest hatred..but it is directed at the politicians who are literally selling out our country or trying to convert it to a socialistic country.

        AT NO TIME has Firefight ever said anything that would suggest he hates his country!

      • Realist

        You stopped short of saying who the real villains are. Why?

      • Nadzieja Batki

        So you taught them the psuedo intellectual version of the history of wars. If you play nice with people they will be nice to you. Your ideas have been tried and have caused even more bloodshed cleaning up the messes the Leftists make. History calls you a knave and a Liar.

      • Don DeHoff

        Alex, you need help as you have lost your focus as to what our Constitutional, Republic and freedom loving country is all about. Yes, the soldier was very wrong in what he did, but anyone with an ounce of logic and reason can see he (also?) has serious medical, mental and emotional problems, probably brought on by his combat brain injury, family problems and the fact he was on his 4th combat tour. Your other comments are even further out of line. Yes, we dropped two atomic bombs on Japan, with a massive loss of life. However, if we had not used those bombs, and instead invaded their homeland, the death toll would have been in the millions, perhaps on both sides. . And I will say, sir, your :”educating” your family in the manner you have discribed was far from being precise–ignorance breeds ignorance. That is about as “nice” as I can say it.

      • Doug

        Alex you are nothing but F_ _ _ _ _ _ _ coward, you will get what you deserve and hopefully your family will not have to pay the price for your stupity!

      • Karolyn

        My good friend’s son has been turned into an ill-mannered bloodthirsty man having been in Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan over the past 16 years while being stationed in Germany. He hates “ragheads” and talks about killing like it is sport. He was a good kid when he joined, but the Army has ruined him, and I’m surprised his beautiful German wife is still with him, she wants to go back to Germany because she and their child get better care there as German citizens. She recently told me the Army is cutting back on services. I say stop the military actions and use the savings to increase services to soldiers and their families.

      • http://none Claire

        I do not approve of war. The U.S. should get out of these chaotic countries and come home. These countries have fought amongst themselves since the beginning of time. They will never stop . It is like beating a dead horse. It goes on and on. However, if the U.S. goes to war with any country, I will support our soldiers. I will never ever condemn our soldiers for job they were sent to do. I have never been in the military, but I can honestly say that I can understand why some of these acts are committed. Enough is enough. Put yourself in the soldier’s place. Serving a tour of duty over and over again. The stress would be enough to make anyone snap. To me, it would be almost like being in hell. Never knowing when you would be shot, maimed, seeing your buddies blown to bits, and maybe coming home if you were lucky. A lot of soldiers come home without an arm or a leg, or both. Not to mention PTSD. I cannot have sympathy for the “enemy.” I am hardnose when it comes to down to “them or us.” I keep thinking of all the women, children and men that have bombs strapped to their bodies intent on killing U.S. soldiers. It is sad that this U.S. soldier did what he did but this is war. War plays havoc on a person’s mind sometimes. I am glad the soldier is back in the U.S. If the government sends him back to Afghanistan I will be furious.
        Bring ALL of our soldiers home. We cannot continue to be the world’s peacekeeper when we have horrific acts of killings here in the U.S.

      • http://none Claire

        Alex–apparently you have taught or are trying to teach your children to believe that America is the enemy, the culprit. Be careful with this stuff you are “teaching” your kids— This is a fine line to walk. One of your kids just may decide to go on a rampage.

      • Libertytrain

        Claire – good post

      • Vigilant

        There are intelligent people on both sides of the issues, people who see things as other than black and white, and who are open to changing their minds when given indisputable facts and figures. These are also people who experience life itself and, as a result, often change their minds about an issue as they get older.

        On the other hand are the Alexes, jopas, dennisos and Eric Bischoffs of this world, who are blind to any facts that counter their programmed small minds. These are the people stuck in some static state of immaturity, and apparently have issues with any point of view that doesn’t happen to coincide with their own. They have never been educated, but they’ve been programmed par excellence.

        They live in a black vacuum of hatred and a world filled with contradictions. Only a “true believer” will state either that everything about the USA is good, or everything is bad.

        Look into any one of these hater’s lives and I’ll guarantee you’ll find some mental problems evidenced by an inability to categorize and sort information, to tell truth from fiction, and an abject lack of powers of logic. Arguing with them is useless.

      • vieteravet

        You anti-war cowards want to make me puke. Thank God we still have some folks who’ll fight for their country. Went to a going away party for one of my former students-she enlisted in the Army!

  • anastasia Beaverhouser

    that was to be directed to alex—-

  • sean murrey ILLInio

    Screw those people.

  • Jonathan

    It has come to light, through comments made by the accused’s attorney, that this was his fourth War on Terror deployment (three in Iraq and the first in Afghanistan). His brigade had been told they would not be going to Afghanistan, then surprise. seperated from his family AGAIN! He has been wounded twice in seperate deployments, including a head wound. The day before the mass shooting, the accused watched as his best friend’s leg was blown off. And keep in mind that the Afghanis were killing our soldiers for weeks before this over the Koran burning incident. How much can one man take? I guess we found out in this case.

    • Libertytrain

      How terribly sad.

  • John Beach

    We should take such protestations with a literal grain of salt! The total lack of any valuing of human life and any logical sense of discrimination with regard to targets by Muslim suicide bombers who apparently represent the Muslim mindset, makes any protest ring very hollow. We need to recognize the fundamental differences, whether cultural or religious, which form the basis for the incompatibility of Islam with other religions. Our mistake was in not recognizing the incomprehensible nature of the tenets of their religion and simply leave them alone. We have a right to defend ourselves, but defense does not include attempting to change them. The perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks, Al Quaida, should have been annihilated long ago, but no attempt should have been made to bring Muslim countries out of the dark ages or change their governmental systems. We have the necessary weaponry to defend ourselves adequately. We should have learned by now that we are not going to change them. Trust is an impossibility.

  • http://earthlink Jim Irvine

    People differ in their Cracking point.

    Throwing this guy to Afghanistan would be worse than throwing him to the wolves.

    Deliver him up and watch enlistments fall to the point we will not have a first class Army any more.

  • Norman F,

    Hey, Alex would you also want the Afghan soldiers who shot six (that we know of) of our officers in the head tried in the US? Or would you want them given a reward? You are free to exhibit your stupidity on these pages because the sons of your neighbors gave up their lives to protect that right.

    When I occasionally respond in this site I am reluctant to speak harshly about other writers, but you go too far. I hope that you don’t have any children because they would live in a world created by your crazed mind, and their future is bleak. You prove the adage that haters lose their perspective and are unable to see reality when it confronts them. Go to bed and stay there.

    • eddie47d

      If the killers of those six soldiers (Afghans) are caught I’m sure the justice would be swift under Afghan law Norman F. Saying they would be given an reward wasn’t rational either. Soldiers on both sides of any war do horrible things that aren’t apart of their creed and they let revenge take over. Will American recruitment fall because of this incident? I think not at this time since other American soldiers have been interviewed and said what he did was wrong and an embarrassment. Most troops know that deliberately killing civilians is horribly wrong and shouldn’t be tolerated and those who do should be punished. In this case it was totally unacceptable behavior.

  • mrbobl7388

    Damned near every terrorist so far has been muslim. We are fighting them. A military man gets fed up with their killing our troops. So he decides to kill some who are shooting at him and others. Hell, he made ACE 3 times + on one flight! He should be given a medal. It’s either kill them in their homeland or when they invade America. They have been trying to rule the world for a few hundred years now and so far have always been turned back. Now they are all around us. They have infiltrated our country. Some are helping them. What does that Arabic writing on a shriners red fez say anyway?

    • eddie47d

      mrbobl7388 Muslims get fed up with the US killing them also which creates Muslim terrorists. All sides have been blinded by your kind of talk and can’t see right from wrong. We did the invading with preemptive wars and they struck back on 9/11. Two wrongs don’t make a right and the casualty count is only increasing. We could go on and on in who is the blame and yes the Afghan War should have ended within the first year. Routing al Qaeda was the mission and Bin Laden was driven out. That should have been the end of story instead of nation building. Now we have a different situation were innocent lives are being lost out of frustration. That is the issue at hand.

    • Firefight

      Perhaps Alex has already forgotten about the over 2,000 innocent lives that were lost when the Twin Towers came down at the hands of Muslim extremists. In the words of one Muslim Afghani, – “The only way we will ever have a better life as you Americans tell us, is if you kill everyone over the age of three. Our ways are so ingrained into us that we will never change.” These words were spoken to one of our own NCO’s in Afghanistan by a Afghanistan military officer. We are fighting a war to overcome a culture that has not been any different for thousands of years. You must be there and see how these people live and understand how they think. If you think wiping your behind with your bare left hand after taking a dump is the worst, you know nothing. Breaking bread with them is part of their culture and to refuse is the ultimate insult. As an officer or a NCO, you are expected to do this in the efforts to show them a more hospitable side of our culture in the effort to get to know them and let them get to know us. Now, you get to watch how they prepare the meal and see what it is. There are times when our troops can envision themselves contracting and dying from some unknown disease or parasite after one of these meals. You won’t learn about such things by watching the evening news. You have to have been there.

    • Karolyn

      He slaughtered women and children in their sleep!

      • Libertytrain

        At least feel sadness for his family. 4 deployments, their husband, son, father, lost part of his foot during a deployment – imagine how they felt when he was wounded; when he was in an accident on a deployment, imagine how they feel after this man gave so much of himself to the US and imagine how they feel after he snapped and appears to have caused such havoc as a result. My heart breaks for all of them. Many lives have been shattered – as well as his fellow soldiers who will now face even more wrath from very little men – with no courage – like alex and his horrific post about soldiers.

  • james hornspackle

    Let them be mad. If it wasnt for the U.S. military they would still be subject to the taliban!! Of course that wouldnt be so bad afterall. Once we leave and the taliban walks back in to power all who were friendly with us will be beheaded. now thats punishment!

  • http://personallibertydigest gottaplenty

    Alex…. What a sanctimonious boob. Lets get some one to hold your hand. Have you any memory of any American prisoner being released by those mop heads . They wont even send thier corps home…..

  • http://Liberty Tony

    To Everyone:
    This loose canon should be tried in the country of his crime. What this
    misguided individual did was horrible and can’t be tolerated. He makes tthe U.S. military along with overall nation look bad. Another thing, why are we wasting our time in this god forsaken country. We need to
    end the policy of interference and expanding the empire. Our nation can’t afford it anymore. Thanks!!

    • texastwin827

      Tony, if Afghan people attack & kill our soldiers, guess who tries them? It sure isn’t the USA. Sorry, but I disagree with you.

      For decades, the military has been responsible for trying and punishing it’s own, even here, in the US so why should be give a foreign country more consideration than we give, in the US? The islamic psyc doctor, who killed soldiers at Ft Hood, is being tried by the Army, when in fact, we here in TX would love to try him in a TX criminal court but are prevented from doing so because he and the victims were military and on a military base.

    • Don DeHoff

      Tony, you are very ignorant of the issues at hand. There is far far more to this than just the killing of the people. You are following the Muslim conceipt of individuals , being judge, jury and executioner. There are obvious medical, mental and emotional, problems involved. See my other comment for addtional details.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      You are a typical useful idiot of Soros’s open society.

      • http://Liberty Tony

        To Nadzieja Batki:
        If i’m a “useful idiot”, then ma’am, you’re a gullible fool. Sorry for the insult but if you support the nonsense of our nation being involved in Afghanistan, then you been completely brain washed and bamboozled. Have a good weekend.
        P.S. Again, we need to pull out of other people’s affairs or more of these disasters will take place. Farewell!!

  • Corsica

    Afghan lawmakers? That’s a joke, right? Maybe these fkg “lawmakers” should investigate the theft and current thieving of billions of dollars by Karzai and Co. that’s supposed to be going to build that turd-hole of a country, unless of course they’re also stuffing their pockets with cash.

  • JDH

    As part of any withdrawl from Afganistan, I would encourage the totaleradication of thei Opium Poppy fields to the extent that nothing would grow there. Leave them with nothing to export except their hate and bigotry. In other words, leave them with nothing to do but ferment and starve. All we have done in our entire tie there has been to replace one set of mysogyonistic tyrants with another. Seems like it is time to say good bye and good riddance.

  • Donald York

    With Obamas track record, he will send this mentally unstable soldier to Afghanistan for trial by sharia law. Though it is terrible what he did to those civilians, it’s clear to me that he is suffering from the torments of that war(PTSD). After all, an Afghan soldier just put bullets in the backs of the heads of two U.S. military officers. Not much of an outcry from ObamaI might add. The hand picked Panetta is an awful defense secretary. I, and a lot of americans are waiting on justice to be served on the terrorist Major Nidal Hassan for killing those soldiers at Fort Hood. Is Obama going to call what happened in Afghanistan “workplace violence? What a disgusting so called leader we have.. Remember in November!

    • Don DeHoff

      Sir, very well said!

  • Don DeHoff

    We, under no circumstances, should allow this soldier to be tried in “their” country, under Muslim laws and judges. The would be no way he could get a fair trial as they operate under a 7th Century, very barbaric code of justice, that leaves little allowance for medical, mental or emotional considerations. Note, ” they” stone a women to death for “being raped”, and automatically assume the women was a fault, even thougth a “gang” may have been involved. Their logic and law is analogous to a person being robbed at gunpoint and then being denied food and care, because the robbery was “his fault”. It does appear however, that our military might be a fault, at least to some degree, for sending a soldier with a brain injury and emotional and family problems back into combat. Let us demand, that this soldier be returned to the U.S. and given a fair trial. Failure to do so could result in his head being cut off which would seriously affect the “volunteer” status of our miiitary. This is no time to be policitally correct!

    • Vigilant

      Don , you said you served in the Air Force. If you were ever stationed overseas, you’d know that the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) is the legal document that covers this situation.

      “In the case of Afghanistan, the SOFA, in force since 2003, provides that U.S. Department of Defense military and civilian personnel are to be accorded status equivalent to that of U.S. Embassy administrative and technical staff under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961. Accordingly, U.S. personnel are immune from criminal prosecution by Afghan authorities and are immune from civil and administrative jurisdiction except with respect to acts performed outside the course of their duties. The Government of Afghanistan has further explicitly authorized the U.S. government to exercise criminal jurisdiction over U.S. personnel. Thus, under the existing SOFA, the United States would have jurisdiction over the prosecution of the servicemember who allegedly attacked the Afghan civilians.”

  • Dens

    Are any of the Afghans going to be tried for killing several of our troops for burning their books? I have not heard a peep out of Karzai on that possibility. Some here are expressing their usual leftist hatred for our Military and calling for the death of the accused American soldier suspect without knowing if he did anything. How do we know it was not Taliban dressed as American soldiers?

    How do we know the poor Afghans and their families who were killed were not political enemies of Karzai? I would not trust that man any further than I could throw him. If our government decides to hang this American in order to “be fair”, will they kill him before or after they execute Major Hasan who killed and wounded so many un-armed people at Ft Hood?

    So many questions need answered before any of our troops working in a combat zone should be tried and killed for anything. Under no circumstances should this soldier be tried in Afghanistan. That would be like tossing a cat into a dog pound.

    Oh….one more question….why are any American soldiers there at all?

    • Traveler

      Amen to you on those comments!

  • Dennis

    It’s the psychatric drugs they are giving these kids. Just look at the black box warnings on them. The drugs have been connected to all the school shoots we have seen over the years here and now you give these same drugs to the military personnel and expect different results. How dumb can people be.

  • T

    I don’t know why we are even commenting on this. Have we seen pictures or proof of the alledged atrosities? Do we know the name of the alledged offender or have we seen a picture of the alledged offender? Just like the Emperors new clothes, there is much ado about what? Something that we have been told happened. Chaous again.

    • Karolyn

      His name and picture were just on TV.

  • ranger hall

    EDDIE 47, I agree
    KAROLYN, Drs can only do so much, It comes down to the Ind, Man or Women.
    LARRY,TODD, ROBERT, and others. People like you are are the Problem, Seems like you have the same problem the Sgt. Had. Killing innocent people and a Nuke freaks.
    WHEN was the last time an American Military Fought for your Freedom and the Protection of this Country.
    Will it be a fair Trial in this Country, I am Betting NO, Will Justice be served NO.
    Does anyone remember the Killing of Civilians in Vietnam, Lt. and his Men Killed over 200 Old Men,Women and Kids, DID he Pay for this mass Murder, NO, Justice was Not served, all we have to do is Blame it on PTSD or what ever.
    This Man and others Like Him have given our Military the SHAME we all face. and they Must Pay for the Crimes. ITS CALLED WAR CRIMES, remember this.
    I sometimes get so Mad when People want to Protect these Murderers, seen to much of it in Vietnam. AND MOST WENT UNPUNISHED.
    Most of you People Dont even know what its like to Kill or be Killed.
    INSANE: hell i think we are ALL insane, But most of us control it, for it keeps us from going crazy.
    Well If he went to court in Afganistan, or Faced A war time trial, Justice would be swift, In the US Hell who knows, YEARS Etc. Our Reputation around the World is going to be on Trial, Lets hope that we can live up to the Task.
    OH and for you People that do not understand, ITS THE American People that keep us FREE.Not the Military.
    And to all you People thet have lost Loved Ones in these wars or what ever they are called, IS your outlook the same Now as it was then.
    AN ANYONE THAT CALLS ME UNAMERICAN, I WOULD BE HAPPY TO GIVE YOU MY ADDRESS.Last time i sent my address to a LT, ex congressman, Well he never showed up.

    • Michael

      That is so much b.s.! Lt Calley served 15 years at Leavenworth and while he did not get executed, his unit had been ambushed from “peaceful” villages pretty routinely for almost a month before that atrocity. No excuse, but certainly extenuating circumstances.

      • eddie47d

        Lt Calley only served 3 1/2 years of House Arrest and was pardoned by Nixon for killing 542 old men women and children. That was also a deliberate action and he could have avoided the whole massacre. His actions were hardly anything to gloat about or endorse for any reason. Yes thousands of children died in WWII bombing runs but they were not deliberate killings. Most pilots had little control over errant bombs like Calley had over his despicable decision. There was no danger to Lt Calley or his men before or during the killing.

      • Alex

        Michael—where in the heck do you get your bonehead information? Fifteen years in Leavenworth—-are you out of your mind?

        • Michael

          Probably at a better source than you do. I understand you and eddie were on site when Calley and his men were out there, so of course, you know exactly what occurred. I suspect not.

    • Larry

      What bonehead! From the founding of this country and to today, it has always been the American patriots, militias, army, navy, marines and air force that have given us our freedoms and protected them. If they hadn’t, you would have still had a king of England or been speaking german, japanese or living under communism. Guess you forgot who went to war after 9/11! It sure wasn’t you! The average American citizen does not give you or protect your freedoms in this country. It is done by the military and those that serve their country in our nation’s uniforms. So unless you are too old and decrepid to be of much use, walk a mile in our shoes and make the sacrifies we have for this country before you spout off any other nonsense. And by the way, my number did come up for the draft in 72 and I served my country in the Navy from Nam to Desert Storm as a draftee and volunteer. And I would go again if I was physically able to serve again. I am a disabled veteran and even now if my country called, I would answer that call.

  • chuckb

    ranger hall, my contention is, it is people like you that cause the problem. you are the one’s that demand the military fight under strict rules of engagement, this places our men under pressure and in unnecessary danger. this sargent in this matter probably reached his breaking point having served several tours in combat. the same goes for the my lai incident in vietnam, lt calley had been shot at by too many women and children and he also reached that point.
    i don’t have any idea who you are, but, by the sounds of your comment, your type of thinking has resulted in these tragedies, the liberal concept.
    if we continue in fighting these police action type wars we will continue to see such unfortunate killings.
    if we go to war it should be for a good reason and with intentions of destroying the country we fight. we didn’t make those rules when we fought germany and they were a christian nation, not muslim. we killed women and children by the hundreds of thousands
    and i didn’t hear any cries from you liberals.
    the muslims have every intention of embracing the whole world into their religion or off with your head. when they get ready to chop off yours, ask them about any rules of engagement.

  • TML

    I agree with the people of Afghanistan… let them have him.

    • Michael

      I can see by your comment that you have never served. Therefore, your opinion means nothing to me.

  • Michael

    Who do those savages think they are? Do they really think that we will just give them one of our own? If you haven’t been deployed and had friends of yours killed by foaming at the mouth religious extremists, like I have, you don’t even deserve to have an opinion on this matter. What he did was wrong but, if you don’t look into the past events that brought him to the breaking point, you can never realistically hope to ensure that it doesn’t happen again. You cannot change what he did but you can take actions to prevent something like this from happening again. He was on his fourth combat tour. Do you have any idea what kind of stress this puts on your family? He had been wounded twice before. If you have never been wounded in combat, you cannot even imagine what psychological damage is caused by it. How many of your friends have been killed or maimed? He and his family were told that, due to his previous wounds, he would not deploy again. Yet, he did. I’m quite sure that most of you cannot even imagine the emotional stress he was going through. Did you ever think that his wife may have told him that she had had enough of the year long deployments and wouldn’t be there waiting for him when he came home this time? Most of you have absolutely no idea.

    • Libertytrain

      I agree, most people don’t have any idea whatsoever what our soldiers and their families have endured these last 10 plus years.

      • http://none Claire

        libertytran–I agree with your comments.

    • TML

      Micheal says, “Who do those savages think they are? Do they really think that we will just give them one of our own? If you haven’t been deployed and had friends of yours killed by foaming at the mouth religious extremists, like I have, you don’t even deserve to have an opinion on this matter.”

      One of our own? Excuse me, but he is nothing more than a murderer when he crossed the line to massacre those innocent people, so don’t give me your pathetic sob story trying to defend this foaming at the mouth monster with your gross sympathy for ‘how he got screwed up in the head’. Your service buys you no free lunch to commit war crimes, nor gives your bias opinion any weight on the matter. The sick bastard needs to stand trial, and be punished like any other criminal upon conviction.

  • Jan

    I have just one question for Alex who seems so ready to use terms like baby killers, rapists etc. Tell me Sir, are you pro life or pro choice?? If your answer is pro choice that I would suggest that you have no problem with baby killing. And lest any of you want to start hollering about womens rights, there are times when the termination of a pregnancy is truly necessary, but not certainly for individual convenience to take care of an “opps”. And don’t bother replying to this aspect of my post, I will not dignify your response with an answer.

    The young man in question should NEVER have been returned to the war zone. How they allowed that to happen is gross negligence. And from the view point of a Viet Namese friend who has since passed away, he told me that the US had NO IDEA what they were getting into and yes, many youngsters, women and old men were quite capable of either giving away the presence of the Americans, leading them into traps or killing them themselves. Not all Viet Namese were like that, but certainly some were, and a good many were Viet Cong who were capable of great cruelty.

    If you have never been to the battle field, I suggest you take the wisest road which is to remain SILENT until you have been there yourself.

    Widowed wife of an Air Force pilot, remarried to a Navy Vet and proud mother of a daughter who was an Army Sgt in the medical field.
    Jan F.

    • Vigilant

      Excellent comments, Jan.

      The same question about pro-life or pro-murder crossed my mind when I read Alex’ inane posting. I’m glad you asked it. Do you think Alex has the guts to answer?

      And if he does, “three guesss and the first two don’t count” what his answer will be.

  • Jimmy

    Tell Karzai to go raise some chickens and
    eat some eggs.

  • Gram

    I don’t think this soldier should be punished for killing those 16 people in Afghanistan. In my son’s unit, last July they had 3 KIAd, which they never had before in their previous deployments. This soldier had every right to justify for the killing of his family (military members) over in that country to bring them Freedom. We should just bring everyone of our military home, let the country fend for themselves. They love killing each other in their country. They don’t want Freedom. That is just the way it is when you have Islam as their main religion.

  • Rick

    Did any of our Representitives demand the ones that shot our unarmed soldiers in the Quran burining crap be turned over to us or that they be punished? HELL no the sniveled and appologized. That just make them think that they can throw little temper tantrums everytime some they don’t like happens. they need to be put in their place. I for one am sick of hearing about them and their cult religon. Guess what we are at war. and people die in war. These cowards don’t even have the honor to comeout and fight they wave at our troops then turn around and kill them. Makes it hard when they don’t know who they are fighting and too many people are trying to kill them.

  • gnafu

    Get Bent, Afghanistan! There’s been enough blood shed over Afghanistan. How many years have U.S. Militay been involved with trying to help Afghans learn to be civilized? Many troops have pulled four and five tours in that god forsaken dump and where is Afghanistan today? It’s a wonder all troops haven’t gone berzerk. Nope, this is one U.S. military boy you don’t get.

  • Jimbo

    Let’s see… The Afghans knowingly sheltered the Al Queda training camps that planned the 9/11 attacks that killed over 3000 Americans. We demanded that they turn those criminals over to us, and they thumbed their noses at us. And now they DEMAND of us, that we turn over one of our soldiers?

    These are the same “allies” who have murdered 7 or more Americans who had nothing at all to do with the burning of Korans. Wonderful sense of justice!

  • jerry

    I guess we could ask God about all the children in Noah’s day or about punishing the children for four or five generations for one mans sin.

    • Vigilant

      Either I’m dense, or I detect an anti-Christian screed here. What’s your point, pinhead?

  • Ron

    American soldiers now fighting in the mideast are not fighting for American freedom. If they want to fight for our ( American ) freedom they should march on Washington DC where the real terrorist are.

  • Debra

    The afghans have already given their form of retribution. They killed one of our innocent solders. If we have someone in our system that should be put to death, we give them a quick merciful death. I would not want one of our own to be given over to them to suffer what they think is fair. The torture they would give him would make me angry.

    We just need to get out of that country and quit giving them money. If the taliban or whoever should attack us here again then we can just bomb the place and let them rebuild.

  • Smljones

    The soldier is an American citizen and should be tried by a military court in the U.S. I am Curious to see how he will be treated compared to the Fort Hood shooter who killed military personnel on the base. As far as I know he has never been brought to trial and there is no doubt about his guilt. It would be a crime to throw this soldier at the mercy of the Afghans where there truly is no mercy. If that happens we won’t have a military. Who in their right mind would want to serve for a country that does not have their back!

  • Jan

    In response to Jerry, I might mention that it took Noah lots of years to build that ark. During that time, I have no doubt that the people were warned more than once that they needed to change their ways. Since their answer was undoubtedly no, God provided for those who did follow Him and the others faced the results of their choices. So, now, whose fault is it that they were in trouble???

    As for the sins of the father coming down to the children, I think one has to go read what some of those sins were. And then look today to see if certain things that parents do actually do come down for a number of generations.

    We have a book of instructions to follow, and as with any set of instructions, some of us read the directions one way and some another. Some of us will accept corrections and directions, and others of us figure we can do it our way. When that is the case, we can hardly blame the writer of the directions if we screw up. Of course we have to be mature enough to accept the blame for our mess ups and that includes repercussions,or consequences of such actions.

    And please folks, those of you who say they are Christians, I humbly ask that you consider how you respond to some of these posts. Yes, some of them are enough to make smoke come out of your ears, but even so, remember who you say you represent and let your responses reflect that. The English language is full of terrific words that can convey a world of meaning without resorting to 4 letter words that negate our intelligence or our faith and surely must insult the Lord.


  • Gail

    Isn’t this young soldier protected by the USA. I realize he is accused of an horrific crime. But, we all know that these people, who come froma specific tribe, are a law unto themselves and will go after the relatives here in America and/or any other country, whether or not he is tried, and found guilty in their country. I don’t think he should be left to this kind of persecution. I also don’t think, IF he IS guilty, that he should go unpunished. But let that punishment be in and from his own country.

  • http://none Doug East

    I submit that Obama should be demanding that Karsai turn over to the US for trial the Afgan soldier that we armed and trained who shot his American soldier teacher in the *back* of the head at close range. Its a shame that we have a pres that just sits on his hand while others put Americans down.

  • Capitalist at Birth

    I think the invasion was a waste of time and resources, not to mentions the American lives that were wasted. We should have bombed this country back to the stone age, and left it to rot. If they continued to allow terrorists safe harbor in their country. Bomb them until they are all gone. I think it would be substantially less expensive than the vain attempt at nation building with brainwashed idiots that all Muslims are.

    • http://Henry Henry

      We toast to your comments. We should serve them Napalm cocktails everry day. They
      do not deserve the help from the West. Let them rot in their own juice. Muslims do not deserve to live on our soil here in the West

  • Pete0097

    If a member of the Afghan Army had done the same thing in Washington DC, we would all be screaming for a trial here, but what the military would have done is ship him back to Afghanistan for trial there. It has happened that way before. That is what they do. By the way, the victims in this case are not marytrs. This is an insult to real martyrs.

  • GramSam

    Like he would get a fair trial. This man’s charges should be no stiffer than the Ft Hood shooter. They finally determined his was work place stress or some other absurd charge.
    We can not let the government make a scape goat out of this man for their failed policies.
    How do you fight a war when there are rules of engagement!!! This is insane, Bring all our troops home, you can not educate people that do not want to change.

    • Jan

      Part of the problem is that we didn’t EDUCATE them when we had a chance to. Instead of building schools we drew back and Bin Laden went in with big bucks and built schools or rather madrassas that only educated the boys and only in the way he wanted them taught. The girls were once again overlooked. Had our Gov. listened to Sen. Charly Wilson when he asked for money for schools the situation might be very different today than it is.

      Maybe education isn’t important enough for some folks, but it sure is one heck of a lot better than getting into a war that we have a snowballs chance in hell of winning. And we just keep sacrificing our young people, both men and women, to the detriment of them and us.

      Many are not fans of Ron Paul but on this one issue he makes a world of good sense to me. Stay out of other countries business until and if they threaten us, decide the danger level, go to the people for their input, get CONGRESS to make a declaration of war if that is called for, then go in to WIN, get the job done and come home!!!!!! I could go for that in a big way. We haven’t fought a war to truly win since WW ll, and if we aren’t going to go to win, we have no business going at all.

  • Eric Jones

    I hope they hang,em high in the middle of Kabul.


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