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Advertisement For Burger King Chicken Wraps Is Deemed Offensive

April 9, 2012 by  

Advertisement For Burger King Chicken Wraps Is Deemed Offensive
Burger King pulled an ad featuring Mary J. Blige off the air after complaints arose that the ad was offensive.

Burger King has pulled one of its commercials off the air after some complained it was offensive to the black community.

Hip-hop icon Mary J. Blige was chosen to advertise chicken wraps, and this caused an online stir. Some found the ad stereotypical and said it was offensive to cast a black woman in a role advertising a fried chicken product.

A website aimed at black women,, published a statement: “Having a black woman sing about chicken was no mistake. They’re trying to reach the ‘urban’ (aka black) demographic and they used you. Because God knows black folk won’t buy anything unless there’s a song, and preferably a dance, attached to it.”

Blige did not find the idea offensive. She accepted $2 million for the cameo.

Burger King claims the ad was pulled due to licensing issues.

David Beckham, Salma Hayek and Jay Leno are also scheduled to be featured in ads for new Burger King products.

Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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  • s c

    Well, call me a fresh biscuit right after you slap some Grade AAA butter on my rump. Oooweeee! Talk about thin-skinned stupidity from people who ought to know better.
    What the ____ is with some people? Do they get paid to dream up ‘new ways’ for others to be “racist” or somehow be offensive? For those who don’t have a clue as to what’s going on, this is raw, stinking pc on drugs.
    Why don’t Uncle Scam suck-ups come up with a way to tax ALL fast food businesses in advance with a universal tax for thinking about offending someone (somewhere on earth). Stupid, stupid, stupid!

    • ChuckL

      SC, Have yo ot yet determined the new meaning of the word “racist”?
      It means that as a liberal leftist, I have no valid argument against your comment, so I’ll resort to name calling.

      • ChuckL

        spelling correction;

        My old fingers sometimes hit the keys to softly.

        This post is supposed to start, “Have you not yet…”

    • Ellen

      The funniest part of this whole mess is that Burger King’s new CEO is black. He has added menu items that copy McDonalds, saying research said that these new items are wanted by their customers. His commercial with Mary J. was definitely to attract black customers. McDonalds started gearing their commercials toward blacks years ago, yet no one complained then. Burger King is trying to get their share of the black market. Perhhaps the writer who complained didn’t know the new CEO is black and that his intentions are to gain customers, not insult them.

      • Angel

        Business is so bad at BK that they even run out of chicken, when they open in the morning. They only have one person to take orders and one to prepare them. Try their lousy service at the Apopka store.

      • Sandra

        Just makes me wonder why no one complained about the ad for Popeye chicken.

  • Sirian

    Oh s c,
    For Gods sake don’t bring up a “universal tax”. They’d truly love to push a VAT tax through and if that’s not universal, what is? They’ve already had it proposed but fortunately if was shot down before it even got out of the starting blocks. But ya know, they could sneak it in on the backside of another bill as a superfluously remote amendment which no one would notice until it’s to late. That seems to be a fairly common tactic does it not? No, what’s wrong with me even thinking of something like that? They never do things like that now do they?. . . :)

    • wandamurline

      It didn’t pass because after the 2010 elections, the Demorats no longer had the supermajority in the House….they no longer had a majority…now, we need controll of the Senate where we can get a budget passed, stop the spending, cut the regulations and repeal Obamacare.

      • ChuckL

        Let’s try to get an amendment that prohibits multiple subjects in any bill, and requires penitentiary time for any congressman who promotes a false title for a bill.

        We can start with Harry Reid.

      • tony

        In case you guys hadn’t noticed, I think sc was being sarcastic…

  • cawmun cents

    The opportunity to be silly is frightening in todays advertisements.
    The ads seem to continually insult my intelligence on a regular basis,and they are worried about offending someone through racial bias?
    Whats next?
    I suppose there will be a need to remove oriental people fron laundry detergent ads,right?
    Somebody might be offended.
    My chosen ones are the ones that make fun of caucasian men,over forty,and portray them as both weak and stupid.But those ads will never be taken off television because I am offended.
    Because I(nor the rest of male caucasians over forty)am not a special interest group.
    I carry absolutely not one shred of clout.
    But I like it that way.Its novel for me to have others cosider me weak and stupid.
    Kinda makes my day in many ways.Folks are downright surprised when they find out that I am not really as weak and stupid as I am portrayed by the media/academia.
    When they find out that I am both polite and relatively stress free,it is refreshing to many of them.When I say something that makes them smile,or brightens up their day for a moment,its melts away the mental mind games inherent in todays society,and makes them feel comfortable.
    Their assumption that I am like the foolish folk in the advertisements,is washed away.
    I often go to places that many would consider dangerous for a white male to go just to spread good cheer amongst the people there.
    But then again I care little what other people think in the grand scheme.
    Perceptions are often flawed.That is why ads are so insulting to me,because I see them for what they are immediately.
    Well crafted lies.
    To make something appear like it has more potential to speak to someones vanity or supress intelligent response is the way to make good folks perceive the bad in others.
    It makes it funny when you insult their intelligence.The tendency for me to walk away from these ads is offset by the volumne at which they are presented so that I can hear them no matter how far into my house I try to go to escape them.
    I am continually bombarded eveywhere I choose to go.
    Billboards on the highway.
    Sign waving folks on the streetcorners.
    Is there no escape from this continual assault on my senses?
    Is my instinct to fight or flee my true feeling?
    Who can tell,but then again you see corporate folks being politically correct and that is okay,as long as it is in the right or left direction,correct?
    As long as they dont offend a special interest group,they can put me down all they want to.
    I can handle it.
    I would pay good money to see an advertiser advertise these days.
    But that is not in their best interest.
    Neither am I,so I just wont buy their product.
    Thats how I advertise my personal preference.
    I just hit em’ where it hurts the most.
    The pocketbook.

    • Cliffystones

      “I often go to places that many would consider dangerous for a white male to go just to spread good cheer amongst the people there.”

      You reminded me of a spoof of the old Chuck Conners show “Thrillseekers”. It was titled “Dangerseekers” and was in either “The Kentucky Fried Movie” or “The Groove Tube” A white nerdy guy puts on a helmet and padding, walks into a group of young black men, and screams ‘The N Word”. Boy do I miss the politically incorrect seventies!

      • wandamurline

        Yes, they were great. The whites had Archie Bunker, the biggest r a c i s ts ever, and the b l a c k s had Mr. Jefferson…an equal to Archie Bunker. What happened to our society? We used to be able to laugh at each other, make a little fun of each other without causing someone to retaliate . I guess we lived in a better time. Now, the r a c i s m is worse than it was during the Civil Rights movement. That’s what politically correct bull will do for you.

      • cawmun cents

        My personal favorite was Nat E. Dread,the jamaican cook on Fridays.
        Anyone that can make a pb and j sandwich into a spliff,is my hero!Ooooh dats goood mon!(as he fires up the sandwich on national television,and smokes it.)
        Now we spice it… we use oregano?
        Do we use paprika?
        Gimmme Ganja!
        Yesssss,mon…eets goood!

      • cawmun cents

        Remember when Fred G.Sanford told aunt Ester to go dunk her face in dough,so he could make gorilla cookies?!!
        Never laughed so hard at the television in my life!
        I miss Red Foxx!
        God bless him.

    • dl miller

      tWhite men are targets because they are superior humans and will always be targeted by the lesser ones….after all what hunter brags about bagging a doe or a 2 pound bass….get the biggest strongest smartest….white men are the game and the hint is on ed by the media and Hollywood…without white men we would still be jumping around in trees as many folk still do unfortunately for us all…the best and brightest rule but only by force otherwise they are game for the lesser….look at history not class envy but IQ envy…PS am grandmother so you can’t call me down for this wisdom ladies..

      • Carol J

        And then there are the advertisements that offend all women. I’m talking about Miller ads with Dennis Miller, and now the new Dr. Pepper ads that say it’s for men only. I don’t drink alcoholic beverages anyway, and I will never drink Dr. Pepper again, which I used to like.
        Can’t wait to see what replies I get this time.

    • no one

      Dude, thank you for the great laugh….. so need it after reading the bully article.

  • Karolyn

    Another sign of people taking themselves too seriously. Now if it was a commercial for watermelon, that might be a different story.

    • Cliffystones

      Maybe Blige can be the spokesperson for “Real California Watermelon” :)
      It’s so ridiculous I couldn’t resist!

  • USA4ever

    These people make me sick to my stomach – If you don’t like the ad don’t watch. If you have nothing else to do to try to tie the Mary chick with fried chicken to black people maybe we should take away your welfare and food stamps so you can go get a job.
    Finally if it offends you so bad DON’T buy the damned chicken simple as that

    • USA4ever

      PS Also Hip Hop Mary found 2 million reasons why the ad was not offensive

    • joyjody


      • http://aol Lois Hunter

        joyjody You have said it all, ” Americans Black and White,she is so correct, while we are still fighting crazy racial issues our freedom is being taken away from us, we have to stick together, look around you and pay attention to what is happening, we cannot get any help from our government in this hard time, but people from other countries can get anything, but we are still fighting this stupid race war!!!!!

    • MRMO57

      I guess every one for got the old Shake & Bake ad. with the southern mother and daughter, “IT’S SHAKE & BAKE AND I HELPED” .The blacks were always upset of whites pushing things down ther throughts. They wanted blacks in the ad’s., now they get upset they are being stereo typed. Get a life !!!

      • notso_old_vet

        I do not know how wide spread the complaint was but you can bet that if Burger King was NOT using a black spokesperson that there would be complaints demanding that they do so. PC will get you either way.

      • no one

        Oh do I remember those…..LOLOLOLOL

  • dan

    Let me see if I get this right….she’s offending the black community and Obomba
    and Moochella aren’t ?????

  • Rocky Night

    Why are most black people so prejudiced?

  • http://acer Bill Clemensacer

    Mabt we should go back one hundred years in our policy on blacks and Fried chicken I bet they [negros] would like it much better

    • eddie47d

      These comments only prove that some of you are as silly as some of those black folks. I do like JON’s comment though. I personally don’t like Mary J Blige because of her mocking of the Catholic Church 2 months ago and think she got paid way too much and is over rated.

  • JON

    Black people like chicken. White people like chicken. Asian people like chicken. Indian people like chicken. Get over it. It’s chicken.

    • larry

      John I agree. As a white man i prefer chicken over fish, beef, pork, or any other kind of meat. I think black and white folks offensive about this add are too damn sensative.

  • macawma

    This is actually too ridiculous to comment on…

    • cynicac

      I don’t know. Paying a black chick (is chick offensive?) $2,000,000 to offend a handfull of people is pertty covert raciam.

  • Jim

    I have been living in China for wel over a year and I see commercials on TV, the internet and on billboards for KFC and every ad shows Chinese people eating different KFC dishes so where is that offensive. If they sold dog meat, the Chinee would still not think it was racist it is what the consumer likes to eat from all races and ethnic groups. Olive Garden always shows Italian/Americans eating in their restaurants and I wouldn’t eat at an Olive Garden on a dare. I eat real Italian food because I grew up on it but I don’t find it offensive for Olive Garden’s comercials offensive because they show Italian families with the matriarch of the family showing that he loves their food, when most Italian/American families wouldn’t go to Olive Garden it they were starving to death.
    This BS with everything being politically incorrect is what is causing our country to divide over race and ethnic differences. If We The People don’t realize what the government is doing to cause strife between the races, we are destined to never get together as American’s and that will surely fall into the liberals long term agenda, since it is not the conservatives that want to divide and conquer it is the liberals that are the culprets. We are not a bunch of idiots to believe what they are attempting to do, we just have to wake up and realize who is really the enemy of us Americans.

  • TML


  • Rick in MN USAF(ret)

    This Political Correctness crap has reached epic ludricous heights in recent years. At first (10 or 15 years ago) I could somewhat see it but it has turned out to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. We have become a society that thrives on controversy and ready to sue for the slightest offense and this administration in the White House has done more to re-stoke the flames of racism and prejudice than any group or anybody in the history of the U.S. Do these ads have an effect on my purchases? Yes. If it is obvious they are pushing some political agenda I stay away from them. A recent case in point is a commercial in recent months by Vonage that shows a father holding a child and the mother saying they need to get rid of their bundle or package. They may be talking about a phone bundle but the inference to abortion is obvious. Up until that ad aired I would have been tempted to go with Vonage but after it came out there is no way they would get any of my money. As a consumer I, and everybody else, has that option. The only way we can get back to a sense of sanity in this mad mad mad world is to start hurting these companies and businesses where they feel the pain the most…in their pocket books. That’s just one of the great things about a “Free Market” system. I’m surprised nobody has jumped all over Popeye’s Chicken for using a black woman in their commercials. That will likely be next. God forbid some farmers or agricultural group takes to the airwaves to promote the sales of watermelons. Like I said, the PC crap has gotten way out of hand. It’s gotten to the point that our children aren’t learning the full context and impacts of events in world history because the PC police won’t allow much of the language used at the time to be heard. Does anyone remember the controversy over Mark Twain’s “the Adventures of Huck Finn” and how that classic novel has practically disappeared from our schools and libraries. I remember reading it back in the 60′s for school and remember thinking how ignorant folks were in the days of Huck Finn because of how they were portrayed in the book and the language used. Enough is enough.

    • Patrice Lavin-Walker

      Huh? that was way too long when then topic was my gorgeous Mary J. and fried chicken…….mmmmmhhhhhh fried chicken, greens, and mac ‘n cheese…every Friday @ the Broad Street Market….yummmmmmyyyyy! What’s the 411?

  • Pat

    Chick wraps offends you, don’t eat them,shut up and stay home!


    I wonder if Liberal Black people realize white people eat chicken also. I sometimes wonder what in the He!! some black folks are thinking. By the way we eat watermelon, Greens, Okra etc. also. Whats the matter with you?

    • jimmy the greek

      Speak for your self this here peckerwood may eat grits, chicken , and the watermelon , and ox tales , but not that other crap .

      • Cliffystones

        I draw the line at chitlins!

  • General ” Bull” Shipper

    What do the chickens think about all of this?? They probably wish it was a pork or beef sandwich.

  • Combat seabee

    So if you are black you can’t like chicken because it’s a racial slight? Hey, it’s damn hot outside tyronne, but you damn sho better not be eatin no watamellon!!! What a crock of sh.t this P.C.,B.S. has turned into!!!

  • Raggs

    Who is the retard that got their panties in a wad over this commercial?
    Is there going to be a lawsuit now?
    This is SOOOOO stupid it’s almost funny.

  • Pete0097

    I am offended by the Viking warriors in the Capital 1 ads. My Norwegian heritage makes me want to chop their ads up into little pieces and burn them. That is why I think that all Scandanavians should bopycott Capital 1.

    • jimmy the greek

      No No they are cool they look and act like some of the people i ride with !

  • http://yahoo mytwocentswrth

    So, what are the blacks going to do, quit buying fried chicken? Yeah, and quit breathing too. Fried chicken is a staple for both blacks and whites. No business is going to suffer because a handful of hypocritical blacks is complaining while sending out for KFC when they have their organizational meetings. Those calling for boycotts rarely join in the boycotts. Run the ad, Burger King. You can’t do any worse than that pervert King you’ve been featuring in your ads.

  • Mari

    This is the perversity of tolerance. When my thoughts, feelings, and beliefs were being assaulted, I was told to show tolerance towards others. But now that their feelings are hurt, I am told to stop doing anything that might offend them.This is what happened when we went from equality training to equity training. Equality means that everyone has the same starting line as everyone else. Equity means that some people need an advantage (think, “share the wealth”) to make things equal. So for equity’s sake, I lose my voice, freedom, cash, and pride. My voice becomes “same speak”. My freedom is replaced with “some animals are more equal than others” (reverse equity). My money goes to “reparations”. And all that I once was proud of is besmirched and “trodden under foot”.

    TOLERANCE IS A ONE WAY STREET!!! It is the wide path that leads to destruction.
    What happened to, “I may not believe in what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it”? It wasn’t tolerated. Tolerance is the oppisit of freedom. It is the death of freedom.

  • ranger hall

    Just some more Black Groups getting on the band wagon, Also i think to many of our Corps are are spending to much money on advertizing, None of these people are worth that kind of investors Money.
    Wonder what would happen if the white folks just quit going to Burger King for a Month…???

  • Larry

    ironic how black outrage is closing the door on blacks being chosen for future product endorsements.

  • Bill

    Why, why do all media types spend 90% of the time concentrating on a segment that comprises less than 13% on the Nation’s population? Especially when the current Muslim-commie person sitting in the White House is there illegally (proof in hand)? I enjoy reading different reports but now I’m beginning to eliminate such that over concentrate on any particular segment of the population. Sincerely. Bill

    • Patrice Lavin-Walker

      Apparently Barry told Ophra that he remembered being born in Hawaii….that’s why I said, yeah I remember the day I was born too and I remember where…what a douche bag he is.

  • Art

    Blacks are offended about everything except when they pick up their welfare check that most whites pay for.

  • jopa

    After reading most of these comments now I know why the chicken crossed the road.

    • JimH

      Jopa, To show the posum it can be done.

  • JimH

    For 2mil. I’ll advertise meatloaf on white bread sandwiches. Think the klan would get mad at me?

  • http://.janefonder Airborne

    For that price I’ll do the chicken thing!!!!!!!

  • Ginny Lee Moss

    I LOVE fried chicken! Always have. I’m not a preacher, and I’ve been white all my life!

  • JimH

    If I paid someone 2 million dollars to be in my add, I wouldn’t have pulled it so quickly.
    Mc Donalds probably hire some people to start the whole complaint thing. It worked.

  • Patrice Lavin-Walker

    I am a white Irish, Catholic, German, Jew….and I love Mary J…and I love fried chicken!!!….yummmmmmeeeeeee! You go Mary J. you are loved!!!! what this is all about is craziness…you all should put your Mary J. cd in and slobber over some fried chicken…don’t forget the hot sauce!!!!!

  • Patrice Lavin-Walker

    How is it that my last comment didn’t get posted? What’s the 411?


    If they didn’t use Blacks in advertisements then they would be complaining because no blacks are being selected for ads.

    When it comes to the Black community, either way, they will find reason to complain in an attempt to find free money through frivolous law suits.

    “Your Company doesn’t hire any blacks?” – Discriminate = lawsuit
    “Your Company doesn’t have any black people in the Advertisements?” – Discriminate = lawsuit
    “Your Company used blacks in the advertisements?” – Racial stereotyping / profiling = lawsuit

    If there is a way to conjure up some sort of an excuse to claim discrimination – steroetyping – or profiling – You can bet there will be some sort of a lawsuit to follow up on for someone to get a piece of the pie. “Obama’s SHARE THE WEALTH POLICY”!

    These people need to be careful what they wish for, because it could backfire in their face. Quit using blacks in Advertisements such as anything dealing with fried Chicken, watermelon, anything to do with a basketball might be racial stereotyping. Including ads dealing with cleaning devices and cleaning agents, laundry detergents or food because this might be stereotypicial of a black person cooking and cleaning suggesting “slavery”.

    What if they used a black woman instead of a white woman that cleans Charlies home in 2 and 1/2 men, black version would resemble “Aunt jamima” or Mrs. Butterworth, All heck would break loose.

    What if they didn’t cast any blacks in “King of Queens”, you can bet there would be complaints. What if the “Prince of Bel Air” cast was white with a black butler? Guarantee they would complain of stereotyping and suggestions to slavery, but since it is a black family with a black butler it is acceptable and not discriminate or stereotyping.

    I have tons of videos ranging from Black Reverends, Black Mayors, Black Governors, Black movie stars, Black Rap singers constantly and repeatedly using the word “N!gg3r”

    Isn’t it ironic how the “N” word is such a bad word, a racist word, if used by Whites, Jewish, Hispanic, Asian or any other with the exception of Blacks, they are exempt from using a racial slur of any kind, and is completely acceptable.

    People other than blacks walking on egg shells to be careful not to accidentally slip and say the “N” word and if they do, They are repremanded and lose their job, then a black man comes along and addressing another black person as “N!gg3r with no recourse or comfrontation.


    Things like this opens the door for agencies and organizations to eliminate the black race from their Ads with no recourse. When the blacks complain of discrimination, These agencies, organizations can respond by saying “We didn’t want to risk stereotyping or racial profiling as BK was accused of doing by using a black person to promote their business or product”. “What comes around , goes around.” Isn”t it amazing how black people complain that the white people try to repress the black people, then when black people are given equal oppertunities, They find ways to repress themselve.

    Now Companies and especially BK can eliminate blacks from their Ads by saying they are not discriminating, they are avoiding stereotyping.


    Someone needs to teach these people the meaning of the phrase – “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you!”

  • FEDUP!






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