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Administration, Democrats back Pelosi as torture fallout continues

May 19, 2009 by  

Administration, Democrats back Pelosi as torture fallout continuesAs the row over the extent of the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s knowledge of the use of waterboarding by the Bush administration continues unabated, congressional Democrats and President Obama have stepped in to say they "stand behind her."

Some have called the ongoing controversy a distraction from the work of pushing through healthcare and energy reforms, and stressed the issue has not registered as important with constituents across the country.

Others have tried to redirect the issue back to the question of who authorized the use of the so-called enhanced interrogation techniques.

"I think a lot of people have lost focus on [those] who put those torture policies in place in the first place," said Representative Baron Hill, an Indiana Democrat, quoted by

"Nancy didn’t do anything wrong, in terms of the legalities, that I’m aware of. I don’t know what she was told. I’m not here to cast judgment on her at all," he added.

Last week Pelosi suggested the CIA misled her during a 2002 briefing by allegedly saying waterboarding had been deemed legal but it was not being used.

The agency’s bosses vigorously denied any attempts to mislead lawmakers, and Republicans have called for Pelosi to come forward with evidence that she was misled by the intelligence community, according to Bloomberg.

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  • KC

    The FACT remains that Pelosi still lied, has been lying ansd will continue to ly to the people of the United States. It makes me wonder what she was doing over in Demascus Syria when she was elected Speaker. Was she giving up…who knows but alot of us are keeping our eyes not only on Obama but her and Ried also.

    • Bob

      They all need to be replaced, as they continue to waste our money on whatever they want; while they lie to us and demand pay raises for themselves, and to scoop up any other perk that they can exploit. I guess that makes us the stupid ones, for letting them get away with in, and not voting the lot of them out of office ASAP.

      • Paul

        This reply goes for all who commented. Bob is correct. There’s not a politician in Washington who doesn’t make his/her living and stay in office by lying and doing whatever is necessary to support their self-serving interests. The new President is the prime example. Whatever it takes will be said or done. As for Pelosi, she’s a politician. Politicians lie. What more needs to be said?

      • Bigvinu

        I just have one thing to say on the matter.

        Congressional Democrats made the biggest mistake ever by selecting Nancy Pelosi of California over Harold Ford Jr. of Tennessee as their leader back in 2002.

        I believe Harold Ford Jr. would have led the Democrats to a “middle of the road” position and would have put an effective check on Obama left positions were he to have become Speaker.

    • B J Vanderlip

      In my opinion Pelosi Lied and continues to lie,also Oabma lies. My advice is to WATCH what Obama does ,not what he says. . We should impeach Pelosi.

    • lorraine

      Keeping an “eye on”? What does that mean? Is Starkist that powerful? Is Northern California so awestruck by her that she is forever elected? Her power structure seems invincible. She seems to run the USA like a dictator. What is with this trio? Obama (our Muslim president), Pelosi, and Reid? Who died and left them boss of the United States?
      They and their heavy duty media machinery, Elite financial backers seem to have a fail safe plan the take down, subdue and control every breathing American and the unborn American,and totally control every facet of this land and economy. What are we, the lowly cowardly masses going to do about it? If we are counting on our vote, then we need to keep ACORN out of the voting booths. We need to stop the proliferation of the Czars. The present Senators and Congressmen who are in power will just become Czars and rule us that way instead. We need to get them away from controlling our military so that they do not have our own Military turn on us. But of course they could ship in military from other countries such as Mexico (already here, about 2 million Federales are in the US protecting their drug trade and routes to Canada); not to mention soldiers from Arab countries that could be air lifted to the US once the Immigration laws are changed and our borders totally demolished. Who will be the immigrants that do not have to be scrutinized by the government and have more civil liberties that America Citizens? Yeah, get the picture.

      WE are already invaded by our own government plot to have full reign and control of this country. They needed help from outside countries. They are here armed but not in uniform so we do not recognize what is actually happening. Of course this happen. This country is too rich in National Resources for it not to happen. The Elite and our Elite countrymen have more in common than you think. They need space and opportunity for more wealth.

      We’re sitting on it and we do not mean anything to our Senators and Congressmen, the President, or the Judicial system. Just as the poor of Mexico are a nuisance to the Elite of Mexico, so are the middle class to the Elite of the US.

  • Lisa

    What are we doing? We all know that Pelosi is a big LIAR and should be thrown out as speaker. It scares me to think that she is third in line to the Presidency. We also know that if this had been the Republican Party lying like this, it would have been in the left wing media non-stop. Wake up America! Obama has got to go! Look at the damage that is heading our way and we are not even one year into his term. I do not want a health care system where the government is saying whether or not I am worthy enough for treatment. My brother and his family live in the UK and have to put up with the lousy treatment. You could die waiting for a surgery. I can’t believe those of you who think you are getting something for free, nothing is free. Are you willing to pay with your life or the life of a loved one in a system run by the government? Just look at the VA hospitals; unbelievable! We better pray that that this administration is dismanteled before we are all paying for generations to come.

    • Terry

      I’m in total agreement!!!

    • Bigvinu

      Congressional Democrats should throw Pelosi out. There are several more competent Dems to take over the speaker position:

      -Chet Edwards (D-TX)
      -Gerry Connolly (D-VA)

  • Michael Willey

    Under Speaker Pelosi’s watch the House and Congress have become a surreptitious entity. America’s version of the Russian Politburo. She has effectively halted the open discussion forum so previously inherent to the legislative process by denying any opposition to voice their opinions. “Fast Tracking” has been successfully used as a ploy to deny any and all opposition and time for the electorate to be informed of all of the items secretly attached to legislation whose titles give no hint as to the treachery that lies hidden within. Transparency and a new era of ethics have become weasel words for deception and lies, smoke and mirrors. Credibility does not exist except as an expediency to charge her opposition with. This is a treacherous politician in the mold of her father, Big, Tommy D’Alesandro, a former mayor of Baltimore, MD. One of the fifty most corrupt mayors in American history. America deserves better.The democratic Congress has become a virtual rubber stamp for the whims of Pelosi, Reid, and the president. Most voting for legislation without even knowing what is in it. How disrespectful to the citizens that elected them to represent their desires for America. The fortunes of major political contributors are running our country with their puppets in Washington, DC. May God bless the United States of America.

    • Lisa

      How TRUE!!!! It is a sad state of affairs. Can Americans really be this stupid? I would hope not. Until the regime is taken out of power, we are doomed. All American’s need to unite and take this man out of office before it is too late!

    • Lindola Thomson

      I thought I was the only one that saw the fast traking as a way to push stuff the otherwise would be dumped by any half intelligent American. In my family I’m the only one that feels this way. This p and I use lower case by choice, president, never had the stuff that makes a President….he chooses lawbreakers as partners.He lies to us…..lies??? It seems to run rapid in the Democratic party. Isn’t it more like Cover Your A**?? Their so busy making up as they go along covering their a**,s seems to be the entertainment for those of us who see it alone. You’ve written eloquently what they are and words that I have thought but not spoken. If their making this many mistakes in the open what in the world are they doing behind closed door??? I hate to ask but maybe knowing the truth would be far scarier than speculation..If we expect truth in the next four years then we have to realize those are our expectations not there’s……..yes, God Bless Us, but also God Help US!!

    • Rick

      God save America! Repent.

  • Mike D.

    Her father is the only reason she is where she is today. I see NO credibility other wise.

  • http://? N Jablonski

    Once a liar always a liar What else do you want us to say?.I know you want the truth,and this is the truth,only you dont want the truth, because then you will have to erase it away.Every thing we know to be right is wrong these days. It is all turned around and it is going to turn around on you and then what will you do.?

  • http://? N Jablonski

    Well I did give my opinion but I guess I was to truthful cause it dissappeared. Ha Ha!Par for the coarse of OBama.

  • Kelly

    The CIA would never lie

    • John

      That’s what I’ve been saying for the past 30+ yrs. Except for the
      dozens of times that they’ve been caught lying, they would never lie.

  • Dickie

    They, talk about morals & integriety,But,pelosi & the dems would not stop until they have destoryed someones life to get to the bottom of the lie she has told the world, And if it is not a lie, Then why have”nt they said the names of the liaers, & bring them in court, This is not just about peolsi being a liaer, Everybody in the world knows that execpt the puppets in caliaf. This is a matter of the security of America, If someone in the CIA is lieing to congress, If so then the dems don”t care what happens to us, Just their own greed, Even a dem in the public should raise hell, to get to the truth,Or are they that arrogant,That they don”t even care about their lives or their childrens lives, that is really sad.

  • http://none zita williams

    If we as Americans do not start to pay attention to what is going on today there will be a very rude awakening tomorrow. At the rate we are going we will soon be a nation of the poor and the only ones that will have anything will be the politicians. All the bills in the house now will destroy all that we have worked for all of our lives. We do not need healthcare, leave the terrorists where they are and this fantasy of global warming and cap and trate is just another way to make money and taxes for the greedy. Check the science it is not true. We also need to get to the truth about our lying speaker of the house. This whole Obama rule is so insane if I didn’t know it was true I would think it was a nightmare.

    • Alan

      I agree 100% with KC, Bob, Paul, Lisa, Dickie, Michael, Lindola, and Zita! These seem like true Americans that are tired of getting ripped off by our government! Pelosi is a liar and now the democrats are trying to cover it up and shut her up! Obama is naive, in-experienced and so stuck on him self its unbelieveable! His only experience[?] is the short time he was in the senate and he found a law that removed all others from the ballot [i read this] His working for and with the corrupt Acorn that is being investigated by the FBI in 14 states. We the people should vote on raises to government, not the people in office for them selves! Not only is it common sense, but should be a law ALL papers for new laws should be read and discussed BEFORE voting. People do not want “cap and trade” taxes, social medicine, amnesty for illegal criminals, government owned or run busnisess, bail outs without voters o.k. [it IS our money!] bigger government or new, higher taxes. We do not want terrorist murderers on our soil in our prisons. Why does obama think he can ignore our wants and wishes and do what he wants? Why is obama spending more of our money toward other countrys, especially countrys that hate us instead of spending that same money on helping our economy? Why is Congress and the Senate letting one person bank rupt this country and lead us toward socialism and totally ignore our Constitution that has kept this the best country in the world, but they are not raising any questions? We all need to call, e-mail, write, every official in our state and Congress/Senate telling them what we want and do not want! My biggest question is Congress should make sure every canidate is legally able to run for these very important offices but why is it obama has 3 law FIRMS hiding and blocking ALL his medical,education, pass port and birth records so it could be proven that he is NOT eligible to be president and in fact could also be an illegal alien??? Part of an e-mail from Mel Martinez [R] Senate from Florida on this question has”Constitutional requirement for presidency can be by passed” my response to that was WHAT? Now this is BS! Martinez after first term is leavng office so will be new senate voted in, in 2010. Good ridance, he was worthless and never should have been there in the first place! We need more new, GOOD, HONEST, true Americans in office and get rid of the greedy, corrupt, only out for them selve, old blood. God SAVE America

  • Chris

    Time for Pelosi to put up or shut up.

    If she is going to accuse the CIA of lying to her, then she needs to provide the evidence to support it.

    After all, burden of proof is on the accuser.

  • K Flackey

    In this crazy world, let us not forget what our forefathers wanted. It was liberty, life, and the pursuit of happiness. One by one, the administration is yanking these away. And they are NOT doing it under the guise of anything. When Texas succedes (sp?) from the union, that’s where I am heading. We are going to elect Sheriff Joe as head of Homeland Security. Sarah Pain will be in charge of the budget (and the TRA-Texas Rifle Association), Michelle Bachmann will be President and EVERYONE will be responsible for their own monies, jobs, health care, children, etc. Just as this country was meant to be and is at it’s best. This time we will get it right and the constitution will be so clear that it cannot be changed or argued.

    • SSG Prasuhn

      I like that idea — ‘The Constitution‘ NOT being ‘changed or argued’. If I’m not mistaken, I believe that was the ‘intent’ of our Forefathers when they penned the ‘original’ document. But then along came the ACLU, atheists, ‘yellow journalism’ and other ‘disruptors’ and screwed everything up.

      Now, they’re trying to get everything to to in the fashion of California (they’re ‘ideals’ on what’s ‘ideal’ — a.k.a., ‘Plastic & Fantastic’) is now ‘Californicating’ the rest of the country. Soooo Saaaaddddd!!!

      ‘Nuff Said’,
      P.S. Don’t get me wrong, not all Californians ‘fit’ that analogy. They’re just ‘stuck’ where they live. It’s not the ‘country’ (CA area) that’s bad, it’s their ‘ideals’ — too far to the left for comfort.

  • Rick Shea

    Nancy Pelosi is not only a liar, but she is as incompetent as Obama, Reid, Geithner, and all of the myrmidons of the left. The “NEWS CONFERENCE” yesterday was another one of their sham shows with Stenky Hoyer and the others present to keep her from having another Biden moment. These people are “MASTERS OF THE ART OF DUPLICITY” and have the dumb masses hyptonized into following them to the brink of disaster.

  • Gordon

    So Nancy turns out to have something in common with the Bush administration, who lied repeatedly with fatal consequences, and may very well have lied to Pelosi. I find her a bit right wing for a democrat, and would not be sorry to see her gone. Now that we are rid of the worst, most dangerous cabal ever to rule my country, now that we are getting to repairing the damage they did us, now that we are working on restoring constitutional law to America, nuts and extremists want to obscure the real issues by pointing at Nancy Pelosi. Let us get back to the real issues in our nation. Get to the truth of the torture issue, get to the truth of the looting of America over the past eight years. Bush knew what happened, and I say it was an heroic act that he did not pardon Cheney. Now we are ready to try the man who ordered torture.

    • lorraine

      There is very little difference between Nancy, democrat and George, Republican. Take a Poli Sci class, and start reading reliable accounts of what is going on. It really started with President Clinton when he hired Achtenberg to be assistant secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development. She was the first to use ACORN tactics to get the banks to give bad loans/mortgages to people who could not afford the loans. Next Citicorp merged with Teravelers and became the largest financial conglomerate in the world, CITIGROUP. THIS ACT WAS ILLEGAL. WE HAD A LAW IN PLACE THAT PREVENTED THIS TYPE OF MERGER, THE GLASS-STEAGALL ACT.Next the repeal of the Glass-Steagall that kept Commercial and Investment banking separate and unable to become all powerful which was signed by President Clinton. Clinton sold high tech to China.
      The building blocks that Americans had in place were tumbled by the Clinton Administration. President Bush who is and whose family is part of the International Elite….oil, ores, banking,TV-media even druglords,elite, members of governments of other countries. Sophisticated drug lords also know to buy banks, corporations etc to hide the fact that their big money is really the drug trade. They all know each other by their money and power.Janet Reno ferreted a few of them and George Bush quashed her efforts to stop their infiltration into our economy (money laundrying). Pres. Bush also knew of banks about to fall and the fall of Lehman Brothers and could have stopped it. He did not. Thus the crash of 2008, the loss of jobs in 2009, and Americans wanting change. We were literally sold change by ACORN and the Media (owned by Elite). It is not our faults. WE the American People, the middle class, poor class, and even relatively well off upper class had no idea. We were clueless. We have had 3 evil and vicious Administrations, both Democrat and Republican. We must not remain clueless.

      The new laws that are written against us to weaken us and take over must be resisted. They are evil laws that WE THE PEOPLE did not agree to and our representatives that are supposed to vote per the majority are ignoring us because they feel they can get away with it… They do not believe that we can take our government back. They see us as powerless to save what we have now and for the future. If they pass a law (a few government representatives voting against our wills) to own our food supply and our guns, we will lose it ALL. Wait until the bank holidays come into effect and we cannot pay our bills, cannot access our money while the Federals are accessing our money for their purposes. IT HAPPENED IN NAZI GERMANY. BANK HOLIDAYS. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MUSLIN PRESIDENT OBAMA AND GERMANY’S HITLER EXCEPT THAT HITLER WENT AFTER THE JEWS, THE OLD,THE MENTALLY AND PHYSICALLY FRAGILE. HITLER WAS NOT ABORTING BABIES. OBAMA IS GOING AFTER EVERYONE IN THE US EXCEPT ILLEGALS AND THE ELITE.



  • Fritz

    Pelosi is a joke, but most don’t get it and Reid is under her umbrella.

    To Bob: Let’s hope they’ll be replaced.

    • Gordon

      Hello, TORTURE! Does nobody get it? Americans tortured people, while pretending to be christians. Pelosi become the issue of the day?
      Is nobody interested in who perpetrated TORTURE in your name?
      Is Pelosi Rush’s talking point of the day? Is that how this happens?
      It is regrettable that Pelosi let this go on and said nothing, but the core issue is Americans TORTURED people, brutally and illegally. There were many in congress who knew and said nothing, but we need to be interested in who did it. The trials will bring out who knew and said nothing. When we tried Japanese for waterboarding and hung the men who ordered it, we were focused on the criminals. Were we a morally stronger nation then?

      • Alan

        Gordon, you think water boarding is torture? Would you rather terrorist saw your head off on video while you were still alive? I THANK Bush/Cheney for doing any means necessary for any more attacks after 9/11 saving ths country and MORE INNOCENT Americans! They found out about plots to do same thing on west coast and blowing up major bridge on east coast! With the Japenese, that was war time, this is TERRORIST! Big difference! Maybe you should watch tapes of Twin Towers again or better yet, talk to familys of the inncent victims murdered by these scum of the earth! They already talked about one meeting Bush/CIA had where all there signed off and PELOSI was FIRST to sign! She knows what she did, it was o.k. back than, but now she is covering it up and lying about it! What did Bush rip this country off on, that you mentioned? Obama has done NOTHING for this country yet but put us deeper in debt! People are STILL losing there jobs and homes, but instead of helping here, obama goes to muslim countrys and doubles/triples the money we give them! Than he goes to South/Central Americas and does the same thing there! How does that help the U.S. and her citizens? We foot the bill? We are paying BILLIONS AND BILLIONS of dollars each year to ILLEGALS living here! How does that help the economy, the tax payers or the people losing their jobs and homes??? Obama hires a complete idiot in Janet Napolitano, who not only does NOT do her job, she opens our borders more and stops ICE from doing their job! Obama hires Tim Geithner, who not only can not pay his own taxes but was on bottom floor planning of AIG rip offs as the head of Treasury! Wasn t Atterney General Horner investigted by Congress for some dirty deeds he did that right now skips my mind? Rahm Emanuel is pretty questionable on several things to. Than we can get into the scandals of Pelosi. Reid, Dodd and some others that should ALL be voted out of office! Obama is doing his best to bank-rupt this country as fast as he can to turn us into a socialist country, including getting rid of jobs and putting some of hese jobs overseas. You want torture? Let that happen, ALL busnises will be government owned anf YOU will have a cap on just how much you can make. Taxes will be higher than you can imagine. NO health care to speak of, government run. Own your own business? Thats capitalism! In your dreams! I thank Bush/Cheney for protecting this country those 7 1/2 years on their watch after 9/11. Obama has not only given info to our enemies, opened up our borders more so they can easily enter the U.S., but also let them know we will not do a damn thing to them! Obama is a muslim working from within and protecting his muslim brothers. We need to start taking back America while there is still one left to salvage.

        • Gordon

          Waterboarding is not torture? The right wing radio not “Mancow” was saying that until he did it, planning to laugh it off. Now he says publicly that it is torture.
          A choice between torture and terror? I think you offer a false choice.
          Sell out my country and give up my liberty for a false perception of security? Patrick Henry warned us against that. Do you believe in the fairy tale about Iraq being behind 9/11? To fight terrorists, you need to figure out where it is coming from and who benefits from it.
          Rahm Emanuel? To me he appears too cozy with Isreal. Supporting Isreali colonization is a major contributing factor in terrorism, and Bush supported them no matter what they did, even using white phosphorous artillery shells against civilians.
          There is a greater issue out there somewhere causing people to feel a need to die for their cause. Terrorism is a symptom.
          The choice to torture or not to is a matter of the ethics of the people involved. Ethical people do not torture. Christian people do not torture.
          Happily the people have taken America back while there is still something to salvage, although Bush’s crew have left us broke and under attack from all over the world.
          His kind used illegal aliens to keep your wages down for many years. Today they are migrating back and unions will be on the rise, so you will make a decent wage and can keep your house.
          Illegal aliens cost you nothing, and the government makes a profit on them. They pay witholding taxes like all wage earners, but are afraid to file for the refund. Most of them are single men here to find something to send home to their families. They use very little other than the road which your socialist state provides for your use.
          I suggest that your attack is a bit short on facts. Maybe you would like to have some links where you can read news?

        • lorraine

          We must stop thinking Democrat vs Republican. Instead each week go to the website that records how each gov. official votes. Watch their voting record. That tells you all you need to know. Support those who are still American. Do not vote for those who are promoting a new world order which will make the USA a Banana Republic. We will be left very poor if we do not judge each person independently.




      • SSG Prasuhn

        What ‘we’ did to the ‘terrorist’ captives hardly qualifies as torture when compared to what ‘they’ve done’ to captured American troops (and others).

        By ‘your’ definition then, ‘BEHEADING’ isn’t torture, but a little water up the nose (waterboarding) is???

        What a Wous!(sp?) Get a LIFE!!!

        ‘Nuff Said’,

        • Gordon

          Water boarding is defined in law as torture.
          Want to tell us what “they” did to american troops? I suspect you are short of facts in the matter, but they are responsible for what they do, and may be caught and prosecuted. We are responsible for what we do, and Americans do not stoop so low as to torture. We are a nation of laws, and live by them. As a christian I find the idea that my country would engage in torture to be repulsive.
          What is your “beheading” about? Have you been beheaded? Somebody you know?

        • BIGAL569

          Guys and gals, you can’t argue with “feel-good” liberals like Gordan who drank the kool-aid. They won’t put themselves is the situation where they, their family member or loved one’s life is in the hand of a terrorist. They refuse to look at it that way because to them everything is someone else’s responsiblity. Who would you want covering your back when you’re life is in danger? Someone who can’t inflict some discomfort on your sworn enemy, or someone who can do what it takes to protect you, your family, and your loved ones? Gordan, you don’t get it, you will never get it, and you should feel lucky this Memorial Day holiday that there ARE men and women willing to put their lives on the line for you, because you live in America. And thank goodness you are in the minority when you think that getting a head full of water, which the servicemen and women covering you’re liberal butt have taken in training themselves, is unethically torture. Gordan, I would take waterboarding myself if it would convert all of you pro-terrorist rights people to pro-American rights people. You never know if or when you’re going to come face-to-face with a terrorist.

      • Robin from Indiana

        Bush is no longer in office. I didn’t agree 100% with everything he did while in office, but I can say so far that Obama has been in office I disagree 100% with what he is doing! The confused Mrs. Pelosi should get into Hollywood. She is a better actor than politician. Other countries do much worse to those who break their laws. I am a Christian, but according to our new leader, our country is no longer a Christian country. Those who support Obama must be in agreement with this, so I guess waterboarding isn’t really that big of a deal, since we are no longer a Christian nation anyway! As far as I know, those who were waterboarded are still alive. That can’t be said for all the precious babies that have been aborted, which I find so much more repulsive than extracting information from terrorists!

      • SSG Prasuhn

        Gordon — You asked, “What is your “beheading” about? Have you been beheaded? Somebody you know?”

        My Answer: Same as your ‘water boarding’ thing. You didn’t catch any of the news in the ‘early days’ of the Iran/Iraq/Afghanistan thing, where some of OUR troops who were unfortunate to be captured by the Arabs (Al Qaeda / Taliban) were beheaded? To my knowledge NO ONE has died from a little ‘water boarding’, but I have yet to see where any one has survived a beheading!. Hell, our troops even succumbed to and were subjected to being beheaded when we were in Somalia some years back (remember the movie ‘Blackhawk Down’?? — THAT was based on our ‘trek’ in Somalia).

        Me thinks you need to pay more attention to what’s REALLY happening out there and NOT just what Pelosi and her ilk are spouting. Remember….Lies beget lies. And before long, one lie leads to another that leads to another and by the time it comes to an end, you forget what the TRUTH really is.

        The only truth worth believing in is that which ‘Sergeant Schultz’ (of ‘Hogan’s Heroes’ fame) made claim to….”I know NOTHING!” You’re better off NOT knowing anything about anything that to believe in a lie about anything and everything, no matter who told it to you to begin with.

        DON’T tell me what to believe! Just GIVE me the FACTS (both sides being equal) and I’LL make MY OWN decision on the matter. I play the question as would Solomon (of biblical days). As in his ‘determining’ the truth as to ‘whom’ a certain baby belonged to, he stated that the child should be cut in half and half of the child to be given to each woman claiming the child to be theirs. The REAL mother ‘gave up’ her claim to the child so that it would live. Solomon then made his decision that ‘she’ was indeed the ‘real’ mother of the child. So, in giving me the FACTS and allowing ME to make MY OWN decision, I believe I can determine what the truth is (EXACTLY)!!

        No, I don’t know anyone who’s been beheaded (although I’ve run across many who seem to have been by their (lack of) thought and actions. — Ever seen a chicken with it’s head cut off running around stumbling over everything in its path?) and NO! I’ve not been beheaded either. (DUMB question on YOUR part!!) In that same light….Have you been ‘water boarded’ or know anyone who has?’ — DUH!!! What a ‘BONEHEAD’!!!!

        When a country is trying to ‘gather’ information about an ‘enemy’ factor and what ‘their’ plans are, you attempt to gather that information by any means available and in the quickest time possible to prevent further or extensive loss of life. What ever works (best) is what’s used to get that information. Sitting around a table sipping wine, smoking cigars, pipes or cigarettes (or a ‘joint’ — as those of that ‘belief’ may think will work….NOT!!!) isn’t going to get the ‘answers’ needed to prevent further loss of life or destruction of property.

        The ‘idea’ of turning the other cheek is only going to get you a ‘slap’ on ‘that’ cheek as well. Then you have two sore cheeks instead of one. What does ‘that’ solve?? The idea is to NOT get ‘slapped’ on the (first) cheek to begin with! But, when you do get ‘slapped’ you do what you HAVE to do to keep from getting ‘slapped’ on the other cheek. So, if ‘water boarding’ works, US IT!! If electrical charges to the testicles works….USE IT!! Whatever it takes to save lives and prevent further ‘terroristic’ activities — with the ‘intent’ of stopping short of killing the one being interrogated, because once the ‘source’ is ‘gone’ there’s no more information to be had. Kind of like ‘selling the golden goose’. Once that’s done….no more golden eggs!!

        ‘Nuff Said’,

  • Valverde

    Queen Pelosi is so full of herself that she thinks she can do no wrong, and Nobama is so full of himself that he thinks he can do no wrong, so it is understandable that he would back the b*. Here we have two of the most arrogant people to inhabit the planet and most people (I do not mean the ones on this website) either don’t care or think it is okay that she lies. It is interesting to read what Newt Gingrich says about her: that she should resign for the good of the country. Not that he expects her to do that, he is a politician, too and aware of the nonsense that goes on in Washington PC, but, she nor her bud Nobama care about the USA . They really want the US to go under in order that all the things that we now hold dear will be out the window and they can create a *New and Improved** World Order that answers only to those anointed, such as the MESS-iah and his cronies. Can you imagine what that would be like? I can, so I think I’ll go into the bathroom and throw up.

    • SSG Prasuhn

      You do that. And I’ll go to the bathroom and take a ‘healthy’ Pelosi, Reid and Obama in the next stall. I just hope I have some Preparation-X for when I’m done because I know I’m going to NEED it!!

      ‘Nuff Said’,

  • Dan

    With the way she’s been acting behind her may be the safest place to be!

    • Gordon

      Way she has been acting? Because she says the CIA did not tell her about waterboarding and worse that they were doing? Remember this was the Bush administration, where liberties were taken with the truth every day. Another congressman also testified that he did not receive the briefing they said he did. Maybe you have evidence that has not been made public? Can you remember Bush telling you that wiretapping required a warrant, when in fact he knew it had been going on without any warrant?

      • Dan

        Even Obama’s head of the CIA says she’s wrong. He said she was completely briefed and has the documents to prove it.

        As for the rest, actually, I was in the news business for about 12 years and there is quite a bit of info that doesn’t get released. I spent my 8th grade year in asia. My dad filled in at a college in the southern Philippines. We could see Basilan where Al Qaida has a cell. Back when we were there it was two factions fighting each other. One was funded by Iran the other by Iraq. Iraq has been funding terrorism for over 40 YEARS!!! Do you hear that on the news?

        My son is in the Army. Did you catch the news report that they found components of WMDs buried in the sand out in the middle of nowhere in Iraq? It wasn’t on the mainstream media but Fox did report it.

        Wire tapping? Some of it does require a warrant. He was correct. Some of it does not require a warrant. He was still correct.

        Having lived within eyeshot of those nut jobs I can tell you what those terrorists want. They want you dead. They want me dead. In fact, if you are not an extreme Muslim they want you dead. That is ALL they want. These are the people we are fighting.

        I do recall Obama saying they aren’t terrorists. Perhaps he needs better intel….

      • Mike D.

        Only the persons who have something to hide fear that . Wiretapping is only done when there is reason for suspicion. Even the Gov. doesn’t have the time or resources to ease drop on just anyone.And if it keeps us safe so be it.

        • ATC333

          Obviously, you did not hear or read about the abuses of wiretaps, Troops in Iraq talking to their wives, The wiretappers got a charge out of those particular conversations. The abuses were extreme, with no court order, no basis for doing it, other than they could. We are supposed to be a country of laws, not personalities. Unfortunately, laws were broken repeatedly by Bush and crew.

      • Robin from Indiana

        Gordon… I will not try to change your mind, because it would be the same thing if you tried to change my mind about things. I see Obama and the rest of them (Pelsoi, Reid, etc.) as a threat to the United States. I see our rights in jeopardy and I am shocked that so many people such as yourself do not see this more clearly. I was watching a Stalin documentary and all the while it was on, it was like watching what is happening in our own country today. So many of Stalin’s followers had no idea that he was behind all the killings and the evil that went on. Some can see and others can’t. I said in an earlier post that I didn’t agree with everything President Bush did, and I don’t. But for the most part, I think he will go down in history as one of our better presidents. I worry not for myself, but for my children and my granddaughter. As a Christian, I know that when I die I am going to live eternally with Jesus. I also know that my eyes are open to the destruction from within that is happening in our country. Too many are not, and from your posts, I would have to say you are one that is unable to see.

        • Mike D.

          ATC333, If what you say is true, and I am not saying that it was” ok ” or condoning it, but the GI’s had to know everything going in and out of iraq was being examined. I my self have to much respect for our armed forces to consider doing such a thing. But plenty of other people don’t. Abuse was and is rampant in both administrations as anyone can clearly see! What CHANGE do you see? I will guarantee that THIS admin. is wiretapping anyone and everyone who questions any of their ideas!

  • Alan

    We all know that Nancy Pelosi is a liar! I e-mailed her at telling her she should step down in disgrace to her seat, the American people and the oath she took of office. We need to send the message we are tired of government ripping off the American people [tax payers]. Harry Reid and Chris Dodd seem to be having a tough time right now in getting re-elected. Lets hope so! Right now, the government is trying to sneak past the “cap and trade” which is just a hidden tax that will b passed on to us mainly by higher energy bills. We need to keep notifying government NOW that we do NOT want another tax. Next will be immigration reform. We are paying MULTI BILLONS [in California alone] right now for welfare programs for ILLEGALS who should not be here. They chose to come over illeglly instead of the legal way, so this voids any legal chance and NO AMNESTY! I contacted government and California that to save tax payers at least maybe 1/2 TRILLION dollars a YEAR, STOP all welfare programs, if they can not prove they are legal now, mug shot, finger print, deport! All the money saved could go toward paying off our deficit with no new taxes! We would have less crime, less drugs, less gangs, less over crowded schools, hospitals, jails. More jobs for Americans, with more safety in our communitys. Machines at border crossings would check finger prints and all past illegals will not be permitted to come back to the U.S. New law would be children born here to illegals [even if just one is illegal, illegal is a crime] do not automatically become U.S. citizens but citizens from where their illegal parent[s] are from. We have thousands of immigrants coming into th U.S. legally every year so we do NOT need illegals here. It is past time we Americans stand up and take our country back. Get rid of the greedy corrupt politicians that are ripping this country off and return to our Constitutional roots! Remind Washington THEY work for US!

  • Dale

    Of course they’re protecting / supporting their dear
    Nancy. Democrats have set the bar so low for any
    kind of ethics among their own, that they’ve discovered
    it’s a lot easier just to slither UNDER the bar like a
    slug or a snake. Heaven forbid they set the bar higher
    and try to jump OVER it. When you do things in the dark
    long enough, you get used to NOT SEEING what
    damage you’re doing. But like any cancer, it will either
    be discovered eventually and cut out, or it will kill the
    body that it’s infecting. Since the demagogocrats aren’t
    removing Nancy, Harry, Barney, Chris Dudd, Joe B., etc.,
    then with any luck ( or stupid arrogance on their part )
    they will be the slow death of their party and power.

  • George Curry

    Al lof you folks are exactly right.

    Pelosi and obama—destroy from within!!

  • George Curry

    You folks are exactl;y right, Pelosi and Obama will destroy us from within

  • George Curry

    With Pelosi and Obama apparently our future is in dire straits.

  • ATC333

    Since one of the CIA’s tools in trade is deception, lying, and misrepresentation, and as they could not even keep track of how many meetings they had with Senator Graham, (4 claimed by CIA, yet only 1 actual meeting,) I am somewhat skeptical of any claims of the CIA when it comes to what they told Pelosi. How easy is it to “create” contemporaneous notes of a meeting that occurred years ago on a topic that was dear to the heart of the administration in power, of an agency which was duty bound to support that administration, and whose tools in trade are lies and misrepresentation. Talk about lies, what about Bush/Cheney lies to get us in this 3 trillion dollar war of theirs? No WMDs, just a feverish desire to go to war by Bush. And now we will pay, and pay, and pay.

    And no, I am not a fan of Pelosi, or Dodd, or many others. Someone, please come up with a transcript of that meeting — Not a chance!

  • lorraine




  • T Musgrove

    Maybe they want to keep their enemies close to them.
    This way the ghost of the people can haunt them during their prayers of destruction of the American people.
    Your right thought, I believe that the people that died would turn over in their graves if this happens for real and the relatives of them should as every American should put up such a cry of ignorance and NO Tollerance for it. To the muslim, it would be a site for honor. BUT, Not in America can we allow this! Ever!
    Like another country stated. Come to our country and live with us is fine. Try to change the way we do things, Leave! We are Americans, Land of the Free. Free to worship God, not god of choice.
    If you wish to honor the God of our founders, fine. If not, go back home. We should thrown madam ohaira out on her ear. We need to put prayer back into our schools and bring the Bible back into class.
    Bring our Pledge of Allegiance back into our start of the day.
    The liberals and others that took all of this out has seen the results and now we much turn back around and help our kid’s grow up better than the ones before them did. If God is with us, we do not need to be afraid. If God is not with us, be very afraid! He is the holder of the Universe in his hand. Why believe in someone that can only kill the physical body? When you can lose your soul and your destination for all eternity.


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