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Administration announces anti-drugs strategy

June 9, 2009 by  

Administration announces anti-drugs strategy The White House has unveiled the National Southwest Border Counternarcotics Strategy which aims to combat the rising drugs trafficking and violence along America’s border with Mexico.

Government officials say the strategy relies on tougher inspections, more enforcement personnel and close coordination with Mexican authorities at the federal, state and local levels.

Weapons and currency smuggling will also be targets of coordinated action by both governments.

The implementation of the policy will be overseen by Gil Kerlikowske, Obama’s director of national drug control policy.

"This new plan …creates a unique opportunity to make real headway on the drug threat," Kerlikowske said, quoted by CNN.

"At the same time, we are renewing our commitment to reduce the demand for drugs in the U.S., which will support this effort," he added.

According to NPR, drug violence killed more than 6,000 people south of the border last year. Meanwhile, a total of 1,000 people died in just the first two months of 2009.

And CNN, quoting Mexican authorities, has reported more than 40 people, including two police officers, have been killed in shootings in the border city of Ciudad Juarez since the beginning of June.

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  • boworl

    I guess the only way to stop the drugs is to require every American citizen to be screened for drugs. Then make the drugs found in the body more illegal than the drugs in possession and jail everybody that tests positive for the rest of the drug war. Is it no illegal to declare war on the people of the United States by the government? Everybody in jail for drugs is a prisoner of the drug war, and there is no end in sight. If we did not learn any lessons from the prohibition of alcohol, and do not see the similarities in our society today, then what does domestic tranquility mean? The amount of money spent on fighting this so called war is enough to end the monetary problems of the world, if it was not used to fight a war on the citizens of the world. People want to have choices on how they change the way they feel. Alcohol is not a safe method nor is drugs, but alcohol is by far the worst choice of them all. Why are we being dictated what we can use to change the way we feel? I think it is because there are many private interests that pay lots of money to politicians to keep the status quo, and the people in the dark about the dangers of substances to the human body and mind.

    So we will keep building prisons to hold (not house) so called criminals of the drug war. Keep adding judges and courts so that there will be no more people left outside of prison to do drugs. Maybe then we can stop mankind from wanting to change the way they feel.


      Ditto, Ditto, Ditto. You are very astute.

    • Darrell Cone

      They listen but do not hear.

  • Myke

    I agree. There are too many private interests that want to keep drugs illegal. Their only excuse for not legalizing is it will make it easier for children to get drugs. They are getting them now. If I wanted to buy drugs I would go to a high school. If they aren’t selling them they can tell you who is. We did not turn into a land of drunks when they made booze legal. The ones who would buy drugs are the ones who are already buying them. It would stop so much crime, not only between drug cartels killing each other and innocents but there would be less people holding up convinence stores to feed their drug habit. There would be less robberies and home invasions. And less people in prison. It only makes sense to legalize it but some powerful people are keeping that from happening.

    • JerryGman

      Your wrong Myke. I’m old enough to remimber the accodents on our highways caused by the drunks driving. The families torn appart by drunk dads or kids at a party. The violence in the drunks home, ie.. the wife or spouce beatings, the child molesting.
      Why did MADD (Mothers aginest Drunk Driving) start. Why did the states pass drunk driving laws. To stop the drunks from drink and driving and killing the inosten people on the roads.
      I got high whin I was younger. I here the stuff today makes what I was used to like taking a soada and an asperin. I’m glad I got smarter and realised life is good whin your priorites are in order and your heads not up your a”””.
      Making the drugs legal is not the answer. Eduicating our young both at home and at school about the bad effects of drugs is the answer.
      Are you old enough to remimber that commericel of the egg frying in a pan? You know ” this is your brain (the egg), and this is your brain on drugs” (the egg frying in the frying pan). That connerical was very effective. How maney commerical do you see about the bad drugs do today?
      No, legalising drugs is not the answer, unless you like familes being distroyed, young kids commiting suaside by the thousands, car wrecks with cars full of dead young people bleeding all over the roads.

      No thanks I’ll pass on that.

      And trying to tie this problem to a speciel interest group is only a conspericy thery and is not going to stop problem. Unless you are willing to call the drug cartells a speciel interest group. Changing there names will dilout the truth. And lesson the bad thay do.
      No, you young need to know that drugs are not an excape, no just the opasite. Just look at Linsy Lohan, Brittny Spears, Johnny Cash, Elves, and hundreds of lifes ruaned by drugs and alkahaul.

      No thanks, I’ll get my buzz from the love of my family.

      O’ ya, I know my spelling is very poor.

      • Myke

        Dont’ worry about your spelling. Doesn’t bother me. I know that alcohol causes a lot of deaths and destruction. But it isn’t banned. And when it was banned we had a lot of bootleggers and mobs shooting people and forcing people to buy from only them. Which is what we have now. Even in American streets, they kill over who gets to sell the drugs from which corner or neighborhood. And the drug cartels in Mexico are like an army. They have machine guns and helicopters and they are killing policemen every day.
        The people who do drugs already know the danger. Who doesn’t know the danger? And these people are getting the drugs anyway even tho they are illegal. Kids are getting them. If a kid or anyone else wants to buy drugs they can find them. So why not make them legal. The drug wars would stop. Right now if a kid wants to get drunk, they can find people who will sell to them. Same with drugs. Making them legal is not going to make people who don’t want to do drugs, decide to buy them. I read a book by an ex DEA guy. He said he quit because it was a joke. Nothing is going to stop the sale of drugs. So make them legal and stop all the violence that goes with them. I don’t think more people are going to turn to drugs just because they are legal. I agree that you should try to teach your children not to do drugs. And a lot of people have done that and it didn’t work. It would be safer for the children because they wouldn’t have pushers stopping them on the way home from school trying to get them to buy drugs.

      • http://facebook,twitter, bryan brady

        You way offbase jerry, giving more power to the government to control every aspect of our lives is not the answer. The MADD population is just another example of letting our country be run by a bunch of sissy women. Maybe you should have been paying attention in school when they were teaching english and spelling instead of getting high. I think that the drug problem is a result of education, I WOULD NEVER HAVE EVEN KNOWN ABOUT DRUGS IF THE POLICE DIDN’T COME TO OUR CLASSES AND INTRODUCE US TO IT.

        • Kent

          Right on Bryan! In stats recently published more kids in the ‘Just say no’ program were doing drugs that those not involved ! If MADD wants to make a difference, TALK TO THE KIDS ! Clearly communication is the key to nearly every problem. If parents, cops, and authorities only talk when they are telling us what they expect us to do, we are facing oppression and that my friends only generates ONE product: Rebellion. Hello 2nd American Revolution !

      • Patricia Henson

        JerryGman Reply, Thank God you have won your battle with alcohol. I am very proud of people like you who haven’t let the drug or alcohol win. I have a son who is battling it now. I remember growing up with alcoholic parents and the yelling and beatings that took place. It’s an awful way for a small child to grow up. I’m happy that you won’t be contributing to another generation of children growing up that way. You have alot to be proud of yourself for. God bless you and your family.

    • Kent

      The war on drugs is a joke and prison in America is BIG business. There is no such thing as ‘rehab’ in prisons because no one running them gives a damn. They could easily make our prisons vocational education centers and require inmates to have certification in ‘Social Responsibility’ but it is not going to happen until the implementation of the idea will be a feather in someone’s hat. It is the ‘NIH’ complex on steroids (Not Invented Here). Especially in the federal BOP, the most important thing to an employee is nailing down your territory. It is dynasty first. Screw rehab and the prisoners that must keep coming back to guarantee those low lifes have a job.

  • s c

    First, close the borders. Second, close the borders. Third, CLOSE THE BORDERS.
    As long as our governmet is run by people who don’t give a damn about solving problems, we will ALWAYS have the problem.
    Congress and the White House tend to be safe houses for fantasy-lovers who have no plans to solve ANY problems. When problems are solved, politicians are forced
    to find other ‘issues’ to get re-elected. It is our POLITICIANS who make the drug
    problem impossible to solve because they do NOT want to address the issue – let alone solve it (no more easy votes). That’s the way it is. Get rid of the two-legged scum, and you have a chance to solve the problem. Keep them around, and the problem remains. The issue is simple, and so is the ‘cure.’

    • 13th Gen. American

      Dear s c, I have found that I agree with you on most things. Not all. On this I think you stated incorrectly.It should be… CLOSE THE BORDERS!!!!!!!!CLOSE THE BORDERS!!!!!!!!CLOSE THE BORDERS!!!!!!!!!!!CLOSE THE FRIGGEN BORDERS NOW!!!HURRYHURRYHURRY!!!!!NOWNOWNOW!!!!!please.
      People have been saying it nicely and I dont believe they speak english. so just incase. ELCLOSO EL BORDERO POR FA VOR!!!!!!

    • Patricia Henson

      s c Reply.I agree, close the damned borders! Unfortunately though with NAFTA (North American Free Trade Association) and programs like it, it will never happen. NAFTA allows Mexican truck drivers to run from their borders thru Canada and back unmolested. You know that they carry drugs, human cargo, and illegal weapons in them as well but our government seems hell-bent to destroy this country. During Obamas visit to Mexico recently he made Mexican President Calderon all kinds of promises including Amnesty for all of the illegal aliens living in this country.Drugs and alcohol destroy alot of people and it’s just another tool the government uses.

  • http://facebook,twitter, bryan brady

    Why do we allow the government to have so much power over the typical aspects of daily life. If we want to go deeper into the genocide by the government to eradicate and kill it’s population as a means for population control, let’s target the FDA to start. Look at the drug caffiene and then mix it with high fructose corn syrup that is prevalent in all of our “soft drinks” the caffiene is a catalyst for the syrup of death. why does the FDA even approve soft drinks. The Government has cause more death with their stance on an herb that is a healing herb, namely cannabis sativa. In Genesis 1:29 we have specific instruction from God on herbs that bear seed. Yet the Government kills and incarcerates anyone who chooses to follow God’s law. I thought that we founded this country to get away from the Government and let people follow the dictates of their own consciences. We have allowed the US Government to control too much and now we have a delimma. How can we get out of it? Prayer is helping to cope with the problem but it is not solving the problem. We must do more, we must call on the military to overthrow our own government.

  • Larry Ross

    Making Booze Legal has killed at least 17,000 innocent Men Women and Children for the each ot the last two years. I don’t know what the stastics are for illegal drugs. Is this the direction we want our country to go? Alcohol cost billions of dollars in lost job productivity every year. Much otherwise unnecessary Hospitalization from Auto wrecks, spousal abuse, Child abuse, and Alcohol related diseases.
    Some of you think we need to add “Drug Abuse” to the fray as well? When I was only 20 years old, an innocent Victim of a Drunk Driving Husband died in my arms with Blood gushing from her Ears. Maybe if some of you had a similar experience, you would not think Alcohol or Drugs is a good idea either. Also, I saw a baby in a Car seat thrown to it’s death when ejected in a Crash caused by a Drunk driver. I have been there and seen it with my own eyes. How about if this happened to you “Bryan Brady”? “Madd are a bunch of sissys”?
    Bottom line is, if you need Booze or Drugs to have a good time, you have a serious personality deficiencey. Something is missing in your life.

  • Margaret Bruce

    So are you suggesting we go back to prohibition because of drunk drivers? I don’t quite understand. I know there are many horrible accidents cause by drunk drivers.
    There are also people killed because of people high on drugs. There are also people killed because a driver was texting or talking on a cell phone. Should we abolish cell phones.
    Do you think people don’t talk to their kids about how bad drugs are? Some kids don’t listen. If that commercial about the egg frying in the pan did so much good then why do we still have this drug problem? And it isn’t just kids who are doing them, your list of names of people doing drugs prove that. And seeing these people have done nothing to stop kids and adults from doing drugs.
    The war on drugs is a farce. They aren’t going to stop drugs. They are coming into our country daily. And just about anyone who wants them knows where to get them. If they were legal people wouldn’t be robbing people and holding up liquor stores trying to get money to buy drugs. Our prisons wouldn’t be full of drug dealers. There are prisoners who are running drug rings on the outside. On the streets. I also think if they were legal the kids wouldn’t have the lure of feeling they were getting away with something. That they were doing something dangerous.
    Whether legal or not anyone who wants to do drugs can get them.

    • Patricia Henson

      Margaret Bruce Reply, I used to think alot like you to the point that I thought if I let my 16 yr old son drink at home he wouldn’t sneak around and do behind my back. I also thought if I took the taboo away that it wouldn’t be so alluring to him. My great plan backfired though and now he’s fighting the battle of his life. He went on to become a raging alcoholic and drug addict. Thank God after 15 yrs.he has come to his senses and is currently in rehab. The point is though that I screwed up and more important I screwed up his life with my progressive thinking. I don’t know what the right answer is in battling drugs but I know that to give your permission to have free access to them is the wrong choice. Your childs life might depend on the choice you make.

  • Rebekah

    Their so-called war on drugs is the biggest joke. They are up there snorting lines of coke, building more prisons for people they supply drugs for to fund ‘black ops’ want to destroy a nations’ people keep electing the kind of Ivy League creeps you have been for the last 100 yrs. More to this picture than most people are willing to concieve. The drug problem did not start with a few drug pushers on remote corners they were poured out on this nation by spritual wickedness in high places. Now I have a question for you Bob. How is it you say your book is free?

  • lock and load


  • Homer

    Our country is being enslaved by the Drug Cartels, who are building their Armys. They are the domestic terrorists. They are buying our politicians, who are advocating the legalization of drugs. I believe in freedom, freedom from drugs. The only solution is to close the border, and enforce the death penalty as they do in Indonesia, and Singapore. If you declare War, you need to win. Anyone who is transporting, manufacturing, and selling drugs, need to be executed within one week after being found guilty, in a court of law. This will clear out the prisons, reducing prison over crowding. Drugs are being used to finance the War of Terror, and to disable/pacify/and destroy the American Dream. Drugs/Alcohol is the poison that is destroying the fabric of America, our families. Execute the drug dealers.Drugs/ Alcohol, kills the essence of the spirit and soul, of each individual enslaved by addiction.

  • Richard

    It is time to END THE DRUG WAR.These failed polices only fuel the problem.END PROHIBITION STOPtheDRUGWAR.ORG


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