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Adams vs. Obama

January 26, 2012 by  

It’s doubtful President Barack Obama has read much written by the Founding Fathers. If he did, he’s forgotten it, because his idea of government is a far cry from what the Founders envisioned.

Obama is the ultimate crony capitalist. He uses government to reward his friends and campaign contributors. According to his State of the Union speech Tuesday night, he hopes to continue that trend. He said: “It’s time to end the taxpayer giveaways to an industry that’s rarely been more profitable, and double down on a clean energy industry that’s never been more promising.”

While I agree with ending taxpayer giveaways to the oil industry, to which Obama was referring, those industries he calls promising seem to most people to be failures: Solyndra, Beacon Power and SpecraWatt. Columnist Michelle Malkin exposes it here.

In Thoughts on Government, John Adams explains the purpose of government:

Government is instituted for the common good; for the protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness of the people; and not for profit, honor, or private interest of any one man, family, or class of men; therefore, the people alone have an incontestable, unalienable, and indefeasible right to institute government; and to reform, alter, or totally change the same, when their protection, safety, prosperity, and happiness require it.

Crony capitalism is just one aspect of government that must be changed if we are to have any hope of getting our economic house in order.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • northbrook

    Obama decries the subsidies to the oil industry but turns around and tries to give 100′s of millions to his cronies that have contributed to his gaining the presidency. I only wish he would be honest as he promised when he ran for office instead what he has given the country is one of the most corrupt administrations in the country’s history. He is destroying the country and causing it to decline.

    • Angel

      He actually doing what he said on a few subjects, he wanted to raise the cost of fuel and ga. To force clean energy… it was and is one of his goals an he got it… obama care was one too he got it to… although I ask the question who did it help I have yet to find the answers besides special interest groups. No the poor they have public aid, not the middle clas they have jobs, and not therich cuz they have private doc… so who did it help?

      • ChristyK

        illegal aliens and those wanting free abortions

    • http://Livingston Ken


  • pmiller

    Why has he corrupt adminstration because he is Black the country was destroy and had already decline before he took over. You’ll need to stop ponting your finger at my President. It was a mess when he got their and God knows it is alot better now .

    • Vigilant

      …and thus, people, we see the result of public so-called “education.” pmiller’s inability to put two words together without making a mistake, and a muddled thought process to boot, are eloquent testimony to the type of person who voted and will vote again for Obama.

      • LowlyWise

        While pmiller’s abuse of the English language may be deplorable, it is at least transparent and upfront. whereas Vigilant’s logic is at worst snide and at best simply wrong. To conclude that Obama supporters are all inept writers and badly educated because their skills seem lacking, is a deliberate lie. Fie!

        • Vigilant

          Lowlywise, wise you are not, and lowly you are.

          pmiller’s drivel is indeed transparent, insofar as he/she plays the race card gratuitously and without provocation, a hallmark of the left. As for upfront, the lie that the country is better off now than it was 3 years ago is, in your words, “simply wrong.”

          Snide? You bet I am. I have no patience with those who would better spend their time getting educated than to attempt to insert themselves into an intelligent conversation with fatuous remarks. Put THAT in your self-esteem pipe and smoke it, Low and Unwise.

          And a pox on your house too.

    • john

      You only voted for him because he is black, this man is the WORST president in the history of this country. I bet you couldnt tell me anything about his past, because for some reason all his records are sealed and all we have to go on are his socialist anti capitalist policies. He is an embarassment to the office and cant give a speach without a telprompter. If he ever speaks freely he is a bumbling idiot who expouses what he truly believes, and that is anti GOD,GUNS,and FREEDOM

      • Bud in GA.

        To vote for Obama simply because he is black, negro, colored or what ever you want to call it is the ultimate form of raceism in this country.

    • hitthedeck

      There seems to be an epidemic that only affects a portion of the black race. Racism was just about gone until Obama was voted in by mostly the white race that did not have a racist thought in mine when they approved of the Man Obama without even noting his color. So the first thing he speaks of in his acceptance speech is racism. He has become the carrier on a new disease with the political correct name of Rasaphobia and has did nothing to call for those of his own race to stop using racism as an excuse to anyone that has a different opinion or a legitimate charge against a person of color. It has become more evident that white people are being targeted as being racist by blacks that are racist against whites. They are suffering with the symptoms of rasaphobia and they may be cured after the November election if Obama is defeated. I hope they can be cured from a hateful disease.

    • Patrick Ferguson Sr.

      President Obama Is one half white and one half black. Quit playing the race card. Its really being over used. We have many integrated families today than ever before. My nephew has a half white/half black son, adopted. His wife had this child out of wedlock. My Nephew and the rest of the family love this child more than you can imagine. He is not the only one in the family that fell in love with a person of another race. Korean, Japanese,Black.

  • Vigilant

    It should be clarified that when John Adams said “Government is instituted for the…prosperity, and happiness of the people,” it was to do so by maximizing individual liberties, NOT by guaranteeing outcomes through socialistic programs and robbing from the taxpayer.

    • Mark Are

      What really gets me pissed is that they have the audacity to steal our labor via taxes and the can print all the funny money they want in the first place. So what do they need the taxes for? Except to exercise force on us for no good reason!

  • Lekvar

    Well written pmiller. Makes me proud to know that a gifted wordsmith such as yourself has a vote. That black thing really dove your point home. See you in the FEMA camps my brother.

    • Lekvar

      I see you cannot spell yourself Lekvar “dove” just got in from a big bird hunt I guess.

      • strubabe

        dove is the past tense of DIVE as in “He dove right in there.”

  • s c

    Adams was a true patriot who CARED about America. Obummer is a poser who cares only about his ‘career.’ Adams was intelligent. Obummer was groomed for his temporary role. Adams made America better. Obummer belongs in any other country that will take him.
    Adams’ worst day made America better and safer. Obummer is a disgrace to every American, and his true worth to America is there for all to see.
    For the first time in America’s history, we have someone who combines the “talents” of Hitler, Stalin and Mao and many other proven LOSERS and has crammed those ‘skills’ into the same, hateful, America-destroying package.

  • Juanita Rogers

    There are none so blind as those who WILL NOT see. The only hope I see is for christians to look at 2nd Chron. 7:14 and then to DO as God said for Him “to heal our land”!
    Not everyone who calls himself “christian” is indeed a christian, and we are unable to tell by looking. (See Matt.7:21-23) God knows the truth, we are to search for truth, and then share that truth with others. I want to encourage all christians to pray for our country, our leaders, other christians, and to be active in the freedoms God has allowed us to have here. We are beimg attacked and are in a spiritual war. Don’t give up! Jesus may be coming soon. Be Ready.

    • home boy

      sooner than you think. watch for the destruction of all religion by the world governments. rev 18 . the fall of babaylon the great(false religion).

  • Angel

    He fails to see the point that goverment is not design to create jobs, nor was it designed to make gamble invest on the part of the ppl. This is obviously an onsluaght of personal interest we are seeing takin place that does not concern the ppl but rather their money. I do not think obama is dumb, I feel this is purely intentional and only reflects his own interest. Much like the former mayor dailey from I’ll, special deals for favos down theline. I hope the next president does a full investigation concerning his origin of birth, although he was due in the supreme court this past Tuesday I read in an article. To se if he actually quailfied to be on the georga ballot period. So if itt is found he was not a “natural citizen” he can be held on treason and fruad. Then stripped of every thing he has gain during his fruad. Did He show in court this past Tuesday with all court order documents concerning the issue who know issue faded since…

    • Proud to be a Believer

      Absolutely not. He is above the law remember. I sure hope Georgia won’t allow him to be on the ballot and many more states will follow suit. Then the Dems will have to scurry to find another. Probably won’t happen until Obama does his acceptance speech in August or if I were planning, that is what I would do but maybe that would extend the election day.

  • Precious

    Well, I have to agree with Northbrook. I have to admit, even I voted for the man because of the promises he made for change. I don’t know what’s wrong with pmiller or where that person got their information from, but he/she is totally wrong. The world is not a better place. Personally, I think it’s worse. Obama talks a good game and is a very well spoken person and sounds like an intelligent man, but you have to really listen to what he’s saying and read between the lines. I myself would not like the Government to be in all my business and tell me how to live and what to think. He has the nerve to compare himself to Lincoln but is no where resembling anything about Lincoln except for the quote that was quoted. Lincoln believed in freedom and Liberty and he also believe in GOD which this country was founded. I can’t believe he said that. If you don’t have have eyes to see and ears to hear, I don’t know what this world is coming to. Not everyone has that gift to see where we’re all headed. Some people are made blind and can’t see what’s is actually happening to America. It’s just sad. It’s not just about having a black man as President or because he’s handsome. Come on people, it’s more than that. It’s almost like people are hypnotised by this man. He may not be the anti-christ but he’s opening up doors for this person to step in and then it will be too late. I’m Just Saying………

    • Angel

      It has nothing to do with color, I kills me when ppl bring that up. But I digress, I agree ppl can’t seem to see the country flushing down the tubes. It could be the flouride in the water or the gmo food, or the por education the push in poor and middle income areas. I feel its the on going class warfair and division tatics the president and themain stream media are using. To fool the ppl they are victums of the man… yeah corp america is to blame for our tax and gov spending, corp america to blame forgo over spendong and regulation. Corp. America is to blame for all american issue cuase they make laws ad policies they don’t have to follow.. oh o wait that the gov…. ooops….

      • Precious

        Angel, I know that. It wasn’t meant like you think. I’m a black person myself. I’m talking about my own people thinking because of his color and how handsome he is, they think that’s a big thing instead of thinking of what he can do, what he has done etc. I’m around people who says “Oh, he’s so handsome”, “Oh, he can dance”, Oh, he can sing”. Gee wiz, I wish they would stop it. What about the affairs of this country and our Freedom. Real important issues. That’s what I’m talking about. Sorry you took it the wrong way.

    • Mark Are

      Obama…HANDSOME? He looks like a twink.

  • strubabe

    Obama is a actor. He has his lines written for him and he says them perfectly. He should get an oscar for his performances. I don’t rule out the chance of that happening he did get a peace prize as he sends drones out to kill at his will.

  • DG1enigma

    The Founding Fathers had a dream of creating one of the most grand experiments ever, ‘Freedom from Overlords’. Our sovereign citizenship was lost during the Civil War. Property rights and freedom out with the bath water so to speak. However, we still became the most productive and profitable nation of somewhat free individuals on this planet….ever! We went on to pull Europe out of two World Wars but were pulled down by insiders from then on.

    The best way to defeat a nation and bring about the end of private industry and change to a government/socialist form is to provide for the insiders, over tax the common man, restrict individual initiative,(fact:The US gov gave it’s self 11 patents on top of a private citizens cancer treatment patents and kept him in court for 20 years to prevent his cure from being used), obscure real health natural care with drugs, jail those that attempt to enjoy the same privilege as those in control(insider trading)(lawful but not legal), produce a special class of citizen (bureaucrats and lobbyists) and many more non-violent methods of overcoming the Constitution.

    It appears the Corporation (federal system) has successfully hidden for years a methodology of the above until the internet and distribution of information has afforded us an opportunity to look behind the curtain of the Wizard of Oz.

    Just ask yourself,”Why would any organization spend one billion dollars to secure a single job that makes some 200k a year?” To steal a trillion dollars, of course, and send it to your friends.

    Remember: “Most of the Founding Fathers went broke supporting the fight to be free of Overlord shackles”. Occupy Wall Street is sadly a great idea mired in bad press and an unfocused leadership.

    Please do not think this is intended to change the minds of those so entrenched in ideology as to be blinded by the truth…carry on the good work Mr. Bob Livingston. There are millions of us that would like government off our backs and out of our wallets.

    As I have said before; two billion a year could be saved by just bringing home the military, close all embassy locations (that can be done on the web). Stop funding stupid science will save another 2 billion. Solar- good, bankrupt company- bad(Only one example -Obama gave 500 million to a solar company that went into receivership days later.)

    The answers are simple…it’s that the political arena is full of actors not doers of good!

  • Dave

    I voted for Obama last time. Not Again!!!!! I will vote for an American this time!!!!!

  • Lekvar

    Who did

  • Jay Williams

    You have to remember that obummer was not born in United States he was born in a Kenya south Africa regardless of what he said.
    He was sent to a Muslim school when he was a child in Thailand for several years. His father was a communist so obummer was also
    a communist.So now you can see why are country is going communist socialism.You will see this happening this election obummer is going
    to put marshal law in effect before this election so he will be automatic to be another dictator like his friend down in Venezuela Hugo Chávez.

    • Palin16

      in Indonesia, not Thailand.

  • Lekvar

    The tree of liberty needs water

  • Noink

    We have a natural, God-given right to our lives, our liberties, and fruits of our labor. Protecting those rights is the only role that government ought to have in a free society. – Representative Ron Paul, END THE FED, Page 210

  • cawmun cents

    The man(Obama)likely does believe that which the author of the article states.But he filters it through his emotional content.
    This sets a dangerous precidence.
    Liberalism has its main weakness in wearing its heart on its sleeve,making it easy to stab at while it is not tucked deftly in the ribcage protected by the body.Emotions run rampant and decisions are made through the all too fallible heartstrings.
    Conservatives are seen as tin men wanting to find some heart.
    Liberals are seen as scarecrows trying to find a brain.
    Using one instead of the other in decisions made with logical intent of purpose,shapes ones values.
    The absolute shape of the nation depends on how much of what part you put into the equation.When one part overpowers another,disaster is afoot.Clearly now you have two parts heart,one part brain in the system right now,causing our attitudes to overwhelm our billfolds.
    We need a constant.
    But there is no backing such in mind.
    Therefore we watch,and wait for a clear balance which cannot be attained under the current circumstances.
    So we suffer the cosequences of our imbalance.
    God is watching,and we arent showing Him the respect He wishes us to have for Him.So the balance is taken away,not by the Creator,but by our own wills.
    That which we desire cannot be achieved by the method currently being used,so we try to compensate by using a different method,which in turn will not work because the balance is gone.
    Restore faith in God,restore the balance to our living.
    Then we can all come together on a solution to our conditions.


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