Adam Kokesh Has Been ‘Disappeared’


Adam Kokesh, the Iraq war veteran and host of the Internet radio program “Adam vs. The Man” who became a staunch opponent of the “war on terror” and who planned a peaceful armed march on Washington, D.C., on July 4, was disappeared in broad daylight while speaking at a Smoke Down Prohibition rally in Philadelphia May 18.

Kokesh’s kidnapping came at the hands of Philadelphia police and other LEOs (legally entitled to oppress) who dragged him off the stage just after he began to speak. A video of the incident shows Kokesh being dragged away without resisting. Arresting “authorities” initially claimed Kokesh was to be charged with resisting arrest. But it seems they realized it’s hard to resist arrest when your arrest is illegal, so they apparently changed the charges to “forcibly assaulted, resisted, opposed, impeded and interfered with officers and employees of the United States,” according to these documents. If that’s the case, then apparently standing with your hands up while an inept LEO tries to wrestle you to the ground is now “assault” in the eyes of a government that deems you a terrorist and then targets you for special “scrutiny” if you exercise your 1st Amendment guaranteed right of freedom of speech, claim to be a Tea Partier, hoard food and water, and/or support small government.

At a preliminary hearing on May 20, Kokesh and Smoke Down Prohibition rally organizer N.A. Poe, who was arrested along with Kokesh, were denied bail. I’m certain the irony that the seat of liberty — Philadelphia — is the site of the arrest of two people speaking at a legal rally in an area designated for free speech is lost on the LEOs who conducted and sanctioned the kidnapping.

But the kidnappings didn’t stop there. Members of The Panic Hour, a comedy and activism troupe based in Philadelphia that produces street videos and an online talk show hosted by Poe, attended the hearing. Afterward, they were followed to the City Hall rail station in Center City Philadelphia by LEOs. While waiting on the train, Panic Hour member Kyle Prouty was approached by Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority LEO Nicole Lawson, who illegally searched and then kidnapped Prouty. Video of Prouty’s arrest can be viewed here (warning, adult language).

The increasingly Federalized police forces across America are becoming bolder than even the Stazi, which at least used subterfuge, darkness and shadows more than overt force in the daylight.

Personal Liberty

Bob Livingston

founder of Personal Liberty Digest™, is an ultra-conservative American author and editor of The Bob Livingston Letter™, in circulation since 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • independent thinker

    Yes children let’s all go through life goose stepping in perfect unison as we march into oblivion all the while singing the praises of while never being critical of dear leader.

    • Frank Kahn

      Sometimes it comes down to suffering the humiliation until you can get an attorney to fix it. Suing them does no good. I was arrested and placed in Jail for 30 days for taking the 5th during an interrogation by a detective. Attempting to explain that I had the right to refuse to answer did nothing to sway the officer who arrested me. I was placed in jail until I could take a polygraph to prove I was innocent. And it was stated that my release was dependent on my taking and passing the lie detector test. NOPE, IT COULD NEVER HAPPEN IN AMERICA!!!! MAYBE IF I START SUPPORTING THE IMPOSTOR IN THE WHITE HOUSE IT WONT HAPPEN AGAIN.

      • steve Manista

        Hell you are lucky you passed the polygraph test considering that they are very ineffective at what they are advertised to do (detect lies). All they are are glorified stress detectors and statistically are wrong more than 50% of the time.

        • vladilyich

          Plus, a lie detector is not admissible in any court I am aware of.

      • Kevin

        I’m 51 and it’s been happening where I come from for as long as I can remember.

      • Rocco

        Yes, the police were so wonderful and would never think of violating your civil rights…and then bam–Obama came into office and they were turned into evil Obama following zombies. Grow a brain please. You too thinker, and I use the term loosely.

        • Ringgo1

          Aye, troll. Get a life.

      • garygerke

        Frank, you caved in as most American lemmings do, if what your saying is true. You have a right to a phone call, an attorney would have had you out of there in a matter hours!

  • Harold Olsen

    This doesn’t surprise me. I was talking to a guy not long ago who was arrested for assaulting an officer by spitting on him. Only he didn’t spit. The cop stopped him for a questionable traffic violation and while he and the cop were talking, he sneezed and some of the spray apparently got on the cop. So the cop decided he had been spat upon and hauled him out of the car and placed him under arrest for assaulting a police office. He released after the cops and his attorney reviewed the video of the cops dash camera and it clearly showed the guy sneezing and him trying to cover his face as he did so. Of course, nothing happened to the cop. They decided the cop in the right because he “feared for his life.”

    • TexasOlTimer

      This is the time that we all have to be schooled on our rights and how to contact a friendly lawyer.

      It’s getting tough out there, folks! It ain’t our America any more and we gotta take it back!

      Now you can be stopped for what a cop perceives you are thinking! Shades of 1984!

      My son was in a strange town up north (I know.. but it happens) and got stopped by a local (apparently KGB taught) young cop. Why? ‘Cause the cop said he had ‘thought’ about not stopping at the red light. At that point my son demanded that the supervisor be brought out. Resulted in the supervisor being told by the cop that my son was speeding, ran the red light and refused to show ID.

      Dash cam showed no speeding, no running a red light and my son freely showed his ID to the supervisor. When told by my son that he had been stopped for a ‘thought’ crime, the supervisor (fortunately of an older generation when common sense was a bit more common and laws a bit more respected) sent my son on his way and had a talk with the cop (hopefully fired him but that’s doubtful).

  • Sarah Conner

    There is conflicting commentaries on Mr.Kokesh as to if he is a plant for the left or a credit to the right…still don’t know all the facts here and my curiousity has peaked…am very aware of the tyranny that has grabbed our country by the throat and tried to destroy our freedoms…want to find out all I can…

    • Vigilant

      The answer may lie in the fact that Libertarians harbor views that may be considered a mixture of left and right philosophies.

      They would not be classified as traditional “law and order” conservatives because they advocate the legalization of drugs, for example. On the other hand, they offer the closest approximation of any philosophy with regards to restoring the Constitution. That would make them either true Conservatives or true liberals in the classic sense (not what is termed “liberal” today).

      • Bob666

        Yo Vigilant,

        We (libertarians) also tend to get unfairly pigeon-holed
        with one side or the other based on the perception of one comment or belief.
        Most of us tend to be fiscally conservative and social moderates with a yearning for smaller government. It sucks to get attacked by the right and the left as the middle of the road views are never uniform with either side.

        • Karolyn

          Very astute comment Bob. My posts are so often dismissed here as being leftists or liberal, when I fact I am more of a libertarian than anything. They don’t even have to read my post. All they have to do is see my name, and I am immediately attacked without any thought given to what I’ve actually written.

          • Bob666

            Yo Karolyn,
            I get what you are saying. They love that lil down arrow as well. See Karolyn or Bob, hit down arrow, and don’t even make an effort to review what they have written
            even if it was an indirect message from God or the channeling from Ronald Regan and they would not care.

            I don’t go to the left wing sites as they are way too far off of the cliff for my taste. But I have noticed the few times that I have been to one or two of them,
            there was far less hostility towards one another.

            But on PLD, You can treat people with complete and utter disdain while calling them every name in the book as well as a liar, but mention Jesus in the process and all is acceptable.

            Speaking of open hostility, did Putin recall Swinestein back to Moscow???? It really has been more pleasant without her.

          • Karolyn

            Wow! You’re right! THAT’s why it’s been so quiet. I even forgot her name.

          • Bob666

            Well Karolyn,
            Was it Alondra? I just refered to her as some pork product as she was sub-human. But, she did have a crush on you!

        • SpiritSplice

          If you support government of any kind, you are NOT a libertarian, you are a statist. Libertarianism, being founded on the non aggression principle, is incompatible with the notion of government. REAL Libertarians are anarchists, the rest are being dishonest.

          • Bob666

            Well OK, and you?

      • Ted Crawford

        I’ve come to view the Libertarians, those that I’m aware of, as far right extremists that don’t hesitate to use Alinsky tactics to promote their ideology! Extremism, from which ever end of the spectrum, is counterproductive!
        Anarchy is not a ‘better’ form of governance than is Socialism. It is simply a different form. No more or less acceptable or sustainable than Socialism!
        I view this petulant idealism as a secondary cause for Obama’s re-election. Apathy, IMO, was the primary cause!
        I actually prefered the policies of the Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson, to those of Romney !

        • Vigilant

          Ted, you and I have a lot in common, in addition to being Deists.

          The next step after anarchy is inevitably statism, as history is a guide. I’ve often thought that left/right is inadequate to describe the range of political affinities.

          If you take the traditional “line” and form it into a circle, you’ll have the “moderate” governments at the top. The leftist ideologies of progressivism and socialism reside on the left side of the circle until they “progress” to their final goal, statism, at the bottom.

          From the top of the circle and down the right side you will find modern day conservatism (or classical liberalism). followed by libertarianism until they progress to the final extremity of anarchy at the bottom.

          Anarchy and statism are positioned right next to each other, and it takes no stretch of the imagination to perceive their relationship to each other.

          Our Constitutional Republic is at the top, combining the best of individual sovereignty and rule of law. The Founders were veritable geniuses.

          Extremists on the right wish to maximize individual sovereignty at the expense of social order, while the statists would place the government supreme and the rights of the individual in the trash can.

          • Ted Crawford

            That’s as succinct an analysis of the Political spectrum as I’ve seen in a while. I believe you are correct.
            Given the abundance of political history throughout the recorded period of Humankind, and the 200+ years of our own history, where we can easily make direct comparrisons of then, 18th century, and now, it boggles the mind that these extremists fail to see the error of their respective ideologies!

          • SpiritSplice

            Anarchy and statism are at *opposite* ends of the spectrum.

            So sick of people perpetuating the lie that the Constitution or a republic protects individuals. The US Constitution authorizes robbery, theft of land, suppression of abolishing the government and all sorts of tyranny. If individual sovereignty were upheld there wouldn’t be any taxation. The founders were hypocrites and traitors to liberty. The Constitution was written *specifically* to give the government MORE power.

          • Vigilant

            Thank you for tipping your hand. Otherwise, I would have continued this discussion under the impression that I was dealing with a rational person.

            With your views, you don’t need to be talking to me, you need to talk with a mental health professional.

            I don’t engage wackos in convsersation. Consider this discourse terminated. Seek help.

          • SpiritSplice

            You think slavery and robbery are rational acts? You don’t own other people. If you think you do, then YOU are the one who needs help.

        • retardedlibtard

          Libertarians are not Anarchists. That’s the sort of crap that leftist wackos spew to try to manipulate the dumbs. At base, Libertarians are simply guided by truth, logic, and individuality. I know many Libertarians. I know zero Anarchists.

          • SpiritSplice

            You just proved otherwise. Libertarianism is founded on the non aggresion principle, which means no government since all governments use violence against their citizens. To call yourself a libertarian who isn’t an anarchist is like calling yourself a male without an X Chromosome. No such thing can exist. You are a conservative masquerading as a libertarian.

            Logic says that you can’t follow non aggression and have a government.

          • Maynard Runkle

            Anyone who thinks humans will not descend into total savagery without governments and laws is quite delusional. They probably also believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. Yes, governments are diverted from their Constitutional obligations at times. That means reform is needed, NOT Anarchy or Libertarianism.

          • SpiritSplice

            Governments are the worst form of savagery that humans engage in. Governments have murdered hundreds of millions in the last century alone. Nothing is anywhere near as dangerous.

            Reforming government is like reforming a gravity not to pull. Violence is what government IS, always and forever. It can’t be reformed or limited or any other nonsensical utopian silliness you desire to have faith in.

            The Constitution is tyranny, right from day one, as intended to be.

            Santa Claus and the tooth fairy are sitting right next to the idea of limited government. There is no such thing as a limit monopoly on force.

        • SpiritSplice

          Anarchy is not a form of governance at all. It is the OPPOSITE of governance. Anarchy mean *no rulers*.

          You don’t seem to understand any of the terms you are using.

  • glen thompson

    This story is so incomplete. While missing so many facts it is impossible to understand. I wish it were not. It sounds very interesting and worth investigating.

    • Vigilant

      You are correct. No where in the article does it explain what the original arrest charge was. And the claim that “it seems they realized it’s hard to resist arrest when your arrest is illegal” is bogus. Had to go to Huff Post to get “the rest of the story:”

      “According to court documents, Kokesh was charged Monday with assaulting and impeding National Park Service Rangers. The documents note that Kokesh “had locked arms with a person who had a marijuana cigarette. As the Ranger approached the person with the cigarette, Kokesh physically blocked and obstructed the Ranger.”

      It was neither an illegal arrest nor was it a kidnapping. Kokesh broke the law.

      Strange that was not included in the PLD article, isn’t it?

      • CJ

        And you choose one of the least credible sources of information to support your conclusion? What’s ‘strange’ is your judgement’s supporting argument.

        • Vigilant

          OK. fool, if that’s a problem, check out Alex Jones’ Infowars copy of the US District Court filing at

          There are MANY references to the incident. Is Alex Jones good enough for you?

          BTW, there is NO visual evidence in the video to support a claim that “an inept LEO trie[d] to wrestle [him] to the ground.” Facts are stubborn things, my friend.

          “What’s ‘strange’ is your judgement’s [sic] supporting argument.”

          No. what’s strange is the misrepresentation of the truth, i.e., ” But it seems they realized it’s hard to resist arrest when your arrest is illegal, so they apparently changed the charges to “forcibly assaulted, resisted, opposed, impeded and interfered with .”

          He was being arrested for obstructing a park ranger BEFORE any other charges were laid on. That is by no means an illegal arrest.

          • Jim Aroyo

            Vigilant, Alex Jones is a nutcase.

          • Vigilant

            A court filing is a court filing, whether posted by Huff or Jones. CJ doesn’t understand this.

      • SpiritSplice

        Broke the law… those slaves that ran away. Badges don’t give you extra rights.

        • Vigilant

          Being on the other side of the law confers no special rights either, such as violating a law or statute. The “Badges,” whether you agree with them or not, were enforcing existing law.

          • SpiritSplice

            Yes, they were acting as mercenaries for the state, no different than mafia enforcers. Cops are Nazis. You seem to think the law is legitimate. It isn’t.

          • Vigilant

            Laws against interfering with or assaulting a National Parks officer are not legitimate? Seek psychological help.

          • SpiritSplice

            Badges don’t grant extra rights.

          • Vigilant

            No one said they did, idiot.

          • SpiritSplice

            Most people think so and say so constantly. We hear about how officers lives are more important than the people they murder, how they lie for each other, how they are not held accountable for their misconducts. Peruse Cop Block sometime.

            Since you are dumb, I will spell it out for you.

            Do YOU have the right to pull someone over and demand that they give you money for exceeding a certain driving speed?

            Do YOU have the right to lock someone in your basement because they ingest a plant you dislike?

            Do YOU have the right to kick in someone’s door in the middle of the night and shoot the family dog because you are looking for business transactions you don’t approve of?

            No, you don’t; and neither do they.

            Badges don’t grant extra rights.

          • momo

            The gestapo also enforced “existing law” when roudning up the Jews.

          • Vigilant

            Like SpiritSplice, you compare a statute that makes it a crime to interfere with a National Parks officer with something so horrible that it’s pure apples and oranges.

            The officer swears an oath to uphold the law, i.e., laws that are enacted by popularly elected legislatures and congresses. If you have a problem with the law, you work to get it changed, nonviolently. If you intend to commit civil disobedience, that’s fine too, but you go into it KNOWING your act will get you arrested.

            It’s got nothing to do with drug laws. It’s got everything to do with Kokesh purposely fomenting an action that he INTENDED to get arrested for. He did not violate drug laws, he violated laws that demand respect for the discharge of the duties of a federal officer.

          • SpiritSplice

            “If you have a problem with the law, you work to get it changed, nonviolently.”

            Like How Washington and Jefferson founded America by appealing to King George to “please please please let us have our independence”? Working within a system intended to lead to a policestate has led us….guess where? Maybe for your next trick, you can ask the mafia to start being nice people.

            And Yes, the cops swear to uphold the law, not right and wrong, they turn in their conscience, just like the Nazis, the Russians under Stalin, the Chinese under Mao, the agree to be become robots. This is why they are the enemy and should never be trusted.

      • medcannabis1

        remember “breaking the law” good people of Germany protested the incarceration of the Jews and political opponents of the government of the moment….

        • Jeff

          LOL! yes because sending Jews to the gas chambers is comparable to being able to smoke dope. You people are frighteningly stupid.

          • Vigilant

            For the first time, we are in agreement.

          • Maynard Runkle

            It is frighteningly stupid that you find it frighteningly stupid that people can be drug off and falsely charged for defending ANY Constitutional Freedom. Marijuana was grown at Mt. Vernon. Records show the female plants were separated from the males. This could only be for their extra potency which could only be termed medicinal. It was perfectly legal till the J. Edgar Hoover era where the FBI grew exponentially in its powers to criminalize.

      • fedUp

        It was illegal because the government has no right to tell anyone what they can do to their body and put in it. All drug laws are unconstitutional. Cannabis has been used for thousands of years with no government interference till the last century. This country was founded on acts of civil disobedience and has constantly been change by them and now is a time for the largest uprising of disobedience to restore our rights under the constitution like the founding fathers intended.


        • Vigilant

          You didn’t fare well on your reading comprehension tests in school, did you?

          I made no judgments on the fairness/unfairness of the drug laws. He was not arrested for possession or use of marijuana, as far as I can see. That makes your argument irrelevant.

          He was arrested for interfering with a National Parks officer. Now tell me what part of that last sentence do you have trouble comprehending?

          • chuck146

            You went to Huff Post for your imfo?

          • Vigilant

            I went to a number of sources. left and right, based on Google results.

      • Scott Leger

        it wasn’t included ,because it is[expletive deleted]

      • Michael Shreve

        It WOULD appear the Kokesh WAS indeed in VIOLATION of the law at the time of his arrest.

        • SpiritSplice

          So were runaway slaves.

          • Vigilant

            Let’s see…comparing a statute that makes it a crime to interfere with a National Parks officer and the Fugitive Slave Law.

            Google “photos of apples and oranges” so you can tell the difference in the future.

            As Bugs would say, “what a maroon!”

          • SpiritSplice

            Either the law is supreme or right and wrong is. Which is it sparky?

  • Kevin

    Where’s the video they talked about???

    • oldguy

      The link worked for me as well as a couple of others that showed them trying to plant something in his back pockets. Nasty stuff

      • Flashy

        Ummm…in case you never knew this, but back pockets are searched for weapons and/or contraband. Jeesh…


    Comrade obama’s personal army. In a speech, Comrade warned us he was setting into motion this new army! We just didn’t listen. During the Boston man hunt we caught small glimpses of these new goon squads! If we the people don’t do something soon about this socialist administration, it will be too late!

    • Rocco

      I have an idea, in 3 years, vote for someone else, oh wait, he can’t run again for president. Problem solved.
      And on the other hand, I know a lot of cops, and not one is an Obama follower.

      • Protonius

        To “Rocco” —

        As per the current provisions of the Constitution, O cannot serve a 3rd term in the Pr%sidency. However:

        (a) if NY Representative Serrano’s proposed Constitutional amendment — to do away with that 2-term limitation — gets voted & signed into law, O can run for, and be elected to, a 3rd (and a 4th, etcetera) term.

        (b) Same issue that worried many Americans in regard to the Pr&sidency of George W. Bush: Might a situation — such as “civil unrest” or “terrorist attack” or “natural disaster” and the like — arise (or be said to arise), via which O could both declare and ENACT “a state of national emergency” and thusly suspend the Congress and force a “postponement” of Federal elections? (Note: As I recall, Bush, as Pr&sident, also put through an EO that gave him, as Pr&sident, the power to take such an action).

        (c) O has already officially declared, in at least one (and perhaps more) of his EO’s, “a state of national emergency” — for example, see EO 13159 — and in several EO’s has also arrogated unto himself — presumably to be activated in “times of need” — essentially full personal control & ownership over every source of food, water, means of production, communication, transportation, labor, in the U.S. — so what’s to stop him if, at some point, he chooses to exercise those self-assumed capabilities to essentially instantly place the nation under full personal and/or military rule and, as part of that action, suspend the Congress and “postpone” Federal elections and remain in power “until things get back to normal”?

        NOTE: Possibly O wants to do none of this, and has been only following “accepted guidelines and precedents” in generating those particular EO’s. But is that the case — and even if it is the case, how does that practice stack up when weighed on the scales of need, legitimacy, Constitutionality, and the requirements of a free and open society?

        Whatever the case, perhaps the very fact that O has nonetheless signed onto a range of specific EO’s that would give him, on his demand, such vast dictatorial powers, ought to give us some pause:

        For example, why, actually, is he issuing such vastly power-arrogating EO’s? On what bases are these particular EO’s justified? And how has he been using these EO’s in actual practice, or how does he possibly intend — whether eagerly or reluctantly — to use them?.

        Some interesting resources that I’ve found, that go into this issue in a far more detailed way than I’ve done here, might be worth a read — such as the item titled “While You were Sleeping: Obama just RE-Declared Martial Law, AGAIN, on May 7, 2013”, at this URL:

        Also see the item titled “Another Obama executive order declares state of emergency”, at this URL:

        And the article titled “Obama Executive Order would Nationalize Internet”, at this URL:

        Interesting stuff.

        • Scott Leger

          all presidents have that power,

    • Maynard Runkle

      Obama is a puppet and the true powers have a way of turning all Presidents into puppets or dust.

  • Oliver_K_Manuel

    Unfortunately, we are now living in a time and place where we don’t know if Adam Kokesh’s disappearance is:

    a.) A self-serving publicity stunt,
    b.) A criminal act by those who disagree with him, or
    c.) An “official” act against a terrorist suspect.

    What a sad, sad, state of affairs for citizens of the once great United States of America !

    With deep regrets,
    Oliver K. Manuel
    Former NASA Principal
    Investigator for Apollo

    • Oliver K. Manuel

      See updated information posted on:

      The best available data and observations on atomic masses and the Solar System from the Nuclear Age and Space Age substantiate warnings left behind from the 1945-46 era by

      1. Kazuo Kuroda of The Imperial University of Tokyo,
      2. Professor Fred Hoyle of Cambridge University,
      3. David Snell, reporter for The Atlanta Constitution,
      4. George Orwell, author of Nineteen-Eighty-Four (“1984″), and
      5. Robert Jungk, author of Brighter than a Thousand Suns: A Personal History of the Atomic Scientists.

      Links to their books and reports are available here:

      With deep regrets,
      Oliver K. Manuel
      Former NASA Principal
      Investigator for Apollo

      • Wayne

        Who cares about your credentials. This was about forces treating Constutional loving Americans as terrorists.

        • Maynard Runkle


      • Maynard Runkle

        Do you think he had himself carted away? I believe we ought to assume that what appeared to happen, did happen, and take measures to rectify any possible wrong doing. Our other choice, sit on our behinds and wait until they come to haul us away.

  • RevNowWhileWeCan

    I like Kokesh but I’m not quite sold on him yet. Something doesn’t seem right.

    • marylou

      Kokesh : The jury of public opinion is still out whether he is a Patriot or a Plant…….

      In other words…I’d want to know a whole lot more about this man, an Iraq war veteran, who ‘appeared’ out of the blue and wanted to bring loaded guns into DC., promotes pot etc etc etc

      Conservatives and patriots have to be very careful who they align with…he needs to be carefully vetted..

      That’s how we got Obama…he too appeared out of the blue with great talking points!

      Verify, verify, verify…before you go out on a limb while your enemy holds the saw!

      • Maynard Runkle

        Rights are rights for EVERYONE whether you like the people’s opinions or not.

  • Sarah417

    Yes it is a very sad state of affairs. We know we can’t trust our government. That’s a fact, but now we don’t know if we can trust those that we thought we could trust. An example is Jeff Flake. He became beltwaydized right away. You can’t tell me Rubio is not a RINO. I even have my doubts about Rand Paul. Now Kokesh maybe he is an Obama plant. What is happening to us? Something better happen soon and i don’t mean a civil war.

    • Brad in TX

      they want to push us to Civil War, then they can call martial law and shut us up with their big guns. That is the plan, take away the civilian arms and then get rid of us

      • securityman

        brad, they don’t want to get rid of you. if they did that they would have serfs to do their bidding.

    • Maynard Runkle

      Are you suggesting only certain people should have rights? (No “Obama plants” need apply?)

  • Guest

    twenty years ago I said the half the country would be in jail and the other half would be there guards I was off by a little but not much hang on for a very bad ride.

  • David169

    Unfortunately this and the other twenty articles I have read today concerning tyranny are becoming commonplace. The people of this country know the Federal Government is out of control and no elected representative save Rand Paul seems to be doing anything to stop this abuse of power.
    I hope we do not get to the point where a single incident becomes the straw that broke the camel’s back and we descend into civil war. The last civil war is still not over in many peoples minds. Hate takes a long time dying.
    Every law enforcement officer and every soldier should be aware what constitutes an unlawful order and they need to be prepared to disobey all unlawful orders or face the consequences when the smoke clears.

    • Karolyn

      This article is not about the Federal gov. It is about LOCAL law enforcement. Look at what the Boston cops did after the bombings. Each person has a responsibility to take their local gov. to task. That is something we CAN do instead of sitting back and bitching about it. If I lived in Philly, you can bet I would be bombarding city gov. with emails and phone calls!

  • Karolyn

    So what is anybody doing about this? Incidents like this are posted on FB daily along with cases of cops illegally shooting peoples’ pets. Are there any organizers out there? My organizing days are over, but I sign petitions and voice my opinion to my legislators all the time. If I lived in the city or had the money to travel there, I would march in protests. Recently, the NAACP has been picketing in Raleigh, NC every Monday, and they keep getting arrested. Why? I wish I was younger and more active; but I do try to do SOMETHING other than complain about how awful this crap is.

    Tomorrow is the worldwide Millions Against Monsanto demonstration day. Unfortunately, I cannot attend; however, I am spreading the word on Monsanto and signing petitions. Here is a 50 minute trailer for a documentary I got on FB about a Canadian farmer and his nemesis, Monsanto. It is truly disgusting and scary!

  • Karolyn

    So what is anybody doing about this? Incidents like this are posted on FB daily along with cases of cops illegally shooting peoples’ pets. Are there any organizers out there? My organizing days are over, but I sign petitions and voice my opinion to my legislators all the time. If I lived in the city or had the money to travel there, I would march in protests. Recently, the NAACP has been picketing in Raleigh, NC every Monday, and they keep getting arrested. Why? I wish I was younger and more active; but I do try to do SOMETHING other than complain about how awful this crap is.

    Tomorrow is the worldwide Millions Against Monsanto demonstration day. Unfortunately, I cannot attend; however, I am spreading the word on Monsanto and signing petitions. Here is a 50 minute trailer for a documentary I got on FB about a Canadian farmer and his nemesis, Monsanto. It is truly disgusting and scary!

    • Karolyn
      • LisaT

        While all of the rest of the world destroys Monsanto Frankencorn and wheat, BO and our Govt just pased a bill saying that states can’t even have the GOM food labeled as GMO. How insane is that? If you don’t think BO & Minions don’t have a nefarious plan for the US you are mistaken. How much more of the obvious are people going to take before they say enough? Vote them all out in 2014 and make BO the lame duck so he can’t keep hurting us. Do it “for the children”.

  • Walt

    Bob Livingston,
    What do you make of this interview of of Kokesh, where he openly admits his “business” relationship with the Russian government. In his own words, he admits that he is working as an agent for the Russians. He sounds very un-American to me. This is not the type of guy any American should follow to Washingon D.C. I think only a “useful idiot” would join this subversive guy.
    His efforts to organize an armed march on Washington is highly suspect, since the results of such a march by these type of individual is very likely to provoke a strong backlash by law enforcement, which is perhaps exactly what he and his Russian “business” supporters would like.

    I welcome your review of the video and your comments.

    • Maynard Runkle

      It is the 21st Century. It is no longer illegal to have business relations with anyone except oil rich countries like Iran and Venezuela where we are trying to drum up a feeble excuse or lie to start a war for their oil.
      Yes, Russia has lots of oil but they are too well defended to consider trying to steal it.

      • LisaT

        We have lots of our own oil.

  • Michael Shreve

    The NEWEST felony, pissing off the government.

  • oregontrackers

    everyone, I want you to pay close attention to what Carl Miller is
    saying 19 minutes in, in his video, you can now pay your court
    judgements in coffee beans, at thank you honorable justice James P.
    Sheehee Michigan monkeywards vs Eugene Glazier docket # 82-002087 52nd
    3rd court

  • Karolyn

    See Wayne Allyn Root on The Daily Show being interviewed about profiling. Prepare to laugh!
    I just had to post this!

    • Bob666


      That was funny and all this time I thought that Ben was the King of blank stares and dumb looks, WAR took the Dumb A$$ prize!

      Now Ben might actually look like he has a measurable IQ.

  • Patriot66

    Nazi Germany was just another long line of experiments. The powers that have somehow maintained power all these years are almost in total control of the US. Their techniques and implementations are fine tuned to enslaving all man kind. Hunker down patriots, it’s gonna get ugly. I just hope this generation is smart enough to realize it early enough, and in a large enough percentage to snuff it out before it is too late. If not already so…

  • Maynard Runkle

    So many of you love to label and then argue about labels. I believe the resources of the world should be used to conserve its ecosystems, as much as possible, and also to limit growth in the human population. We should also use our intelligence and knowledge to help assure that humans in growing up, can meet their physical, mental, political and spiritual needs in a path of non-violence, I call myself a liberal. I believe government has a strong role to play in protecting the rights of everyone and preserving the most wonderful creation we will ever know for decades and probably millenia – our beautiful Earth. Unfortunately, governments’ power has too often been expropriated by self-centered, avaricious groups like our military industrial complex and gangster banksters. These groups just love it when we divide each other by insignificant differences in how we view each other. This furthers their goal to divide and conquer.

    The fact that some of you think it is fine for some people’s Constitutional rights to be abrogated, as in Adam’s case, because you disagree with them on issues like the War on Drugs, or the slaughter of Muslims, is WRONG. Non-violent dissent MUST BE HONORED!

  • Kinetic!

    “Adam Kokesh Has Been ‘Disappeared’”
    1. To pass out of sight; vanish.
    2. To cease to exist. To cause (someone) to disappear, especially by kidnapping or murder.

    Now. I’m not questioning the possability that the government may have overstepped their bounds in detaining this man, but how can you offer up a headline claiming that he was “disappeared”? We know where he is. It’s not a mystery. No one is looking for him, afraid he will show up in a river. Show just a little integrity and skip the FOX like sensationalizing.

  • Kinetic!

    Better still, you neglected to mention that Kokesh was released 3 days ago! Boy, our “LEOs” really need to learn more about how this “disappearing” thing works.

  • csaaphill

    Yes keep your guns read last night several people are trying to recall several of the Senators, or congressmen who voted for that states Gun Ctrl. One comment was see you don’t need guns lol yea you do this here just shows you exactly that you do!!!.
    heard he was finaly released though? which is good.
    I’d do this if I had the money and knew others were going to DC or state capitols I would.

  • csaaphill

    Actually not all Conservatives are against Marijuana legalization. They know that the drug war has put a kibosh on liberty, so ya not all of us are against legalizing things to gain or regain our liberty.
    True though you regain the Constituiotn the way it is supposed to have been most laws would go including drug laws and all gun laws for sure.
    Liberty means we put up with some of the inconveniounces that brings inorder to keep liberty.

  • Deus

    I wanted to let you know about a new petition I created on We the People,
    a new feature on, and ask for your support. Will you add
    your name to mine? If this petition gets 100,000 signatures by July
    01, 2013, the White House will review it and respond!

    We the People allows anyone to create and sign petitions asking the Obama
    Administration to take action on a range of issues. If a petition gets
    enough support, the Obama Administration will issue an official response.

    You can view and sign the petition here:

    Here’s some more information about this petition:

    Implement impeachment proceedings against anyone known to have
    Violated their Oath to Defend the Constitution of the U.S

    Representatives of the American People in the Government from Power
    whom have violated their Oath to defend The Constitution by voting for
    any legislation that infringes on the rights of the People or
    undermines the
    sovereignty of The United States.