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Adam Kokesh Has Been ‘Disappeared’

May 24, 2013 by  

Adam Kokesh Has Been ‘Disappeared’
Adam Kokesh was dragged off the stage at the Smoke Down Prohibition rally in Philadelphia May 18.

Adam Kokesh, the Iraq war veteran and host of the Internet radio program “Adam vs. The Man” who became a staunch opponent of the “war on terror” and who planned a peaceful armed march on Washington, D.C., on July 4, was disappeared in broad daylight while speaking at a Smoke Down Prohibition rally in Philadelphia May 18.

Kokesh’s kidnapping came at the hands of Philadelphia police and other LEOs (legally entitled to oppress) who dragged him off the stage just after he began to speak. A video of the incident shows Kokesh being dragged away without resisting. Arresting “authorities” initially claimed Kokesh was to be charged with resisting arrest. But it seems they realized it’s hard to resist arrest when your arrest is illegal, so they apparently changed the charges to “forcibly assaulted, resisted, opposed, impeded and interfered with officers and employees of the United States,” according to these documents. If that’s the case, then apparently standing with your hands up while an inept LEO tries to wrestle you to the ground is now “assault” in the eyes of a government that deems you a terrorist and then targets you for special “scrutiny” if you exercise your 1st Amendment guaranteed right of freedom of speech, claim to be a Tea Partier, hoard food and water, and/or support small government.

At a preliminary hearing on May 20, Kokesh and Smoke Down Prohibition rally organizer N.A. Poe, who was arrested along with Kokesh, were denied bail. I’m certain the irony that the seat of liberty — Philadelphia — is the site of the arrest of two people speaking at a legal rally in an area designated for free speech is lost on the LEOs who conducted and sanctioned the kidnapping.

But the kidnappings didn’t stop there. Members of The Panic Hour, a comedy and activism troupe based in Philadelphia that produces street videos and an online talk show hosted by Poe, attended the hearing. Afterward, they were followed to the City Hall rail station in Center City Philadelphia by LEOs. While waiting on the train, Panic Hour member Kyle Prouty was approached by Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority LEO Nicole Lawson, who illegally searched and then kidnapped Prouty. Video of Prouty’s arrest can be viewed here (warning, adult language).

The increasingly Federalized police forces across America are becoming bolder than even the Stazi, which at least used subterfuge, darkness and shadows more than overt force in the daylight.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Ranae Quick

    Impeach Obama now!!!!!!!

    • Ron r

      Yeah shame on Obama for planting door on a dope head!!!

      • Tommy cunningham

        Want a law that Obama broke, well u when he provided air strikes and weapons to the rebels without Congressional approval he broke the law as the Constitution is the supreme law of the land! I could go on but really don’t feel like it, just a answer to a question. The excuse “war powers resolution” doesn’t work either as congress can’t change or Amend the Constituion, on the states can by amending it where 3/4 of the states must ratify it….article 5. Of course ObMa isn’t the only president to circumvent the Constitution, many have… Including Bush with the patriot act, congress has broke the law also, just two weeks ago the senate passed a bill pertaining to revenue and sent it to the House in direct violation of Art. 1 section 7…..just saying

    • Maria

      Your right. He is a criminal and needs to be in jail. He kills children every day with his fancy drones and has done as much as he could to destroy what was left of our country. Adam needs to be released and then put Obama in that federal prison. What comes around goes around

      • Ron r

        Yeah, so what law has Obama violated ???? Name just one and be specific . No if someone would just jail him. Give me a crime , Bush killed American soldiers on an unjust war. Where was your outrage then?????

      • Ron r

        No you are wrong and he has in fact violated no law. And if bush violated a law why is he not in jail . The truth is you have no proof of a violation other than some jail house lawyer theory based on a reich wing view of the constitution. So what else is new? Dud Lincoln really shoot Booth, and was the civil war a sham ??? One thing Obama has done for sure is create numerous amature constitutional scholars.

  • Ranae Quick


  • Kent Lay

    Why isn’t this covered and repeatedly discussed to put presssure on the communist police. When might these folks be released?
    Uninformed, indoctrinated, abusive, undisciplined punks are taking over the country and it needs to be exposed and dealt with!

    • Ron r

      Most likely it’s not covered because it did not happen that way. I remind you of the shotgun Italian terrorist!!!

      • flashy

        What is interesting is he was arraigned, and denied release. No atty? Since he went before a judge, he was offered appointed counsel or any counsel he had.

        No way would some bond not be set if this guy wanted bond set. The whole tale is starting to smell like an overhyped exaggeration

  • http://Yahoo LB Duncan


  • randy s

    People are getting exactly what they voted for oppression!!!Thank god for the collage students and aliens who put Obama in office.Think I’ll cling to my Bible and guns!!!

  • jd

    Its the 60′s all over again.I guess history DOES repeat itself.


    Should we live in a lawless society? Apparently smoking marijuana in Philadelphia Pennsylvania is still illegal. What do you expect the police to do when someone breaks the law right in front of them. Most police do not want to deal with people smoking marijuana, but rather go after hard criminals, you are wasting their time and yours. Civil disobedience in this day and age is foolish. The only people who can handle civil disobedience is police officers. Why aren’t these people(protesters) working, doing real jobs? Are they too busy smoking pot? We all have the right to peacefully assemble, as our Constitution states. We do not have the right to gather and commit a crime no matter how minute or how great the crime is. It is your elected officials that make the laws, if you want to change the laws, elect people who want what you want.
    This country needs police officers, but we don’t need to be wasting our time with people who are full of sour grapes, or whiners looking to change laws by civil disobedience. The current administration will probably be remembered as the worst in history for real patriots, and best for the Marxist movement. There are real bad cops, and the other 95% are good ones. All because a man fought in Iraq or Afghanistan does not make him above the law. Move to Colorado if you want to be a pot smoking loser.
    I will stick to the Bill of Rights and pursue liberty, don’t ever try to take away my faith, my Christian Bible, or my right to bear arms. Freedom is awesome but not when it is used to indulge in sinful nature, and then cry foul.

    • Maria

      I don’t think you know anything about this kidnapping. Please look up what happened before typing such ignorance unless you support this tyrant gov.

      • Taylor

        Thank you

    • spiritsplice

      So essentially your argument is that the law trumps what is right and just. Sounds like you would have opposed run away slaves since that was “illegal”.

      2nd, 95% of cops are not “good”. Cops are mercenaries for the state. There are NO good cops.

      3rd, don’t you dare talk about liberty after suggesting that laws making *a plant* illegal are acceptable. Property right is the most fundamental right there is and includes what you put in your body.

      4th you have some nerve pretending to support freedom while also pretending to be a follower of a fascist god. Freedom is precisely about being able other do not approve of. Utilizing a plant that your “god” presumably created for man (remember that dominion thing in that bible you rarely read?) can hardly be considered sinful.

      Your comments show that your true god is the state.

      • Arlo Guthrie

        Sound like a typical pot smoker

    • EIT

      So I guess that when blacks were protesting against racist laws, they were just silly. You have no idea what you are talking about. Do you drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes? You sinful person. Don’t care that your tax dollars are being used to kill? You sinful person. Clutch at your bible tightly, and let others dictate to you what is morality. Beware the deceptions of men over the course of two millennia. Truth is stranger than fiction, and the crimes of upheld men are hell to behold.

      • Ron r

        So what’s your point??????

    • Arlo Guthrie


    • jethrodent

      literally laughed out loud, if you call this “freedom” you have a poor understanding of the concept. i coulda swore a famous politician ran on the platform of “change” i wonder how that worked out for the people, considering the majority rules and the majority are brainwashed mentally retarded folk gee change should be here any minute! or we will have to wait to elect a proper official?! lolll… seriously wake up electing officals to change the status qou is outlandish

  • Maria

    I think we all need to read the writing on the wall. We are all in big trouble. How many of us are going to get kidnapped before it stops. This has happened in history so many times already. Adam and his friends have been fighting for our freedoms and we need to support them and thank them. If you are scared then you should deal with that and realize that there is a big black boot that wants to stomp on the face of humanity and we can’t sit back and let it happen. We need to do more now otherwise you can kiss your future goodbye.

    • Ron r

      You guys seem to know an alful lot about black boots and things like that on the reich/right. Did you vote or do you just plan to overthrow the government when you don’t feel a connection to the president? What you advocate is treason.

      • voorheesmark953

        Obama is a Communist communism is nothing more then mass murder posing as government 170 Milluon slaughtered witnesses in Russia and China alone in less then a century and over 56 Million slaughtered infants in under 40 years since Roe v Wade MLK was a card carrying communist financed by the KGB who was heavily involved with NAMBLA and the gay and lesbian alliance he himself was bisexual and heavily involved in group sex and was a pwdophile the Rockefellers , Rothscheilds and the Warburgs financed the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917 The Federal Reserve is Communist banking cartel with world wide control Stalins fathet was a Rothschield Corporate America is Communist you fool the entire Democratic Party is wholly communist The Communist Party totally controls all the Airline Unions just ask any mechanic who works for them , the Republican party is being Communized from the inside out They have a concentration camp system in this country already … For decades !! at least 46 camps all documented Jesus is goung to destroy the One World Government it is in every prophecy of the Bible The Angels that destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah are already on this earth and in this nation Obama is a full throttle homosexual he is CIA so is his wife also Atlanta is the capital of the Black Soviet State in the South and” it is going to fall just like Jericho”

  • flashy

    He wasn’t “disappeared”. He was arraigned before a judge and has access to legal counsel.

    The Philly cops may have wrongfully arrested him, that will flush itself out. But he wasn’t “disappeared”.

    The extremists are stretching trying to find a martyr.


    Regardless who’s right or wrong. The guy is a disgrace to the uniform and a total DUCHEBAG!

  • Andrew

    He was released on reduced charges, all felonies dropped, citations given, end of story, check your facts you are making everyone who doubts authority look like idiots by grasping for every straw you can find


      He is still a disgrace and a duchebag

  • jp

    Im appalled although not suprised. The giverment is no longer for the people but for theirselves . The good news is there are more people paying attention talkung about an getting fed up with them and I just dint nelieve they can shut us all up or take us all down if we stand up against rhere beauricratic BS.. God Bless Americans ..

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