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Activists Express Concern About New Governor’s Stance On Gun Control

November 13, 2009 by  

Activists express concern about new governor's stance on gun control Bob McDonnell won the gubernatorial race in Virginia on Nov. 3, raising concerns among some state residents about the future of its gun laws.

One organization— called Virginians for Public Safety (VPS), which promotes ways to reduce crime and gang violence and says it aims to "keep guns away from criminals, domestic abusers and children"—has criticized McDonnell’s support for unregulated firearm sales at state gun shows, as expressed during his electoral campaign.

Citing the governor-elect’s stated belief that appropriate lessons have been learned from the Virginia Tech shooting, VPS has pointed out that state legislators have taken no action to address the so-called "gun show loophole." It allows individuals who are not licensed firearms dealers to sell guns at gun shows without conducting background checks or maintaining records of sale.

According to VPS, the Virginia Tech Review Panel, which was set up to provide an independent review of the shooting, recommended that the General Assembly pass a law requiring background checks on private sales of firearms at gun shows, but this has not happened.

"McDonnell has also chosen to ignore the voices of those who were directly affected by [that] tragedy," the organization has stated.

Following the shooting, Governor Tim Kaine signed an executive order, which became codified in legislation, to require Virginia’s courts to forward Orders of Involuntary Commitment to the State Police so they can make them available to licensed firearm dealers for background checks.

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  • Francis W. Porretto

    If McDonnell is as smart as he appears to be, he won’t even acknowledge VPS’s existence. If he’s a typical political panderer, he’ll inquire into the size of its membership, and if it’s above some personal threshold, he’ll attempt to conciliate them. If he’s a McCain-style Republican desperate for adulation from his enemies, he’ll reverse his stand in the hopes of a few positive column-inches from a few editors of regional dailies.

    Anyone want to bet?

    • DaveH

      Unfortunately Francis, McCain is my state senator. It is time for the voters to retire that weak Republican.

      • Frank Davis

        DaveH, Those of us who live in the rest of the US wish you would retire this RINO.

        • DaveH

          Me too.

        • CindyL

          I pray that you are successful in that effort. Can name about 75 others who also need to go.

  • DaveH

    Another radical judicial appointment by the great conciliator.

  • DDS — NRA Life Member

    The “Gun Show Loophole” is a myth. One of a long list created to confuse the media and the voting public, like “all plastic hijacker special handguns”, “cop killer bullets”, “saturday night specials”, and of course, my personal favorite “semi-automatic, military-styled assault weapons”.

    The fact is: Laws that cover firearms sales are the same inside a gunshow as they are outside. FFL holders are required to run background checks on retail buyers while ordinary citizens are not.

    As Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan said: “Sir, you are entitled to your own opinion. You are not entitled to your own facts!”

    • Jana


      I like what noynihan said. Too many people try to make up their own facts.
      I liked it so well, I repreated it.

      As Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan said: “Sir, you are entitled to your own opinion. You are not entitled to your own facts!”

  • CaptTurbo

    I’m just glad to see Viirginia waking up and electing some better people. Now the rest of the states need to follow their example and vote the bums out, replacing them with real Americans.

  • Gary

    The fact is is that it is legal under federal firearms laws and under most state laws for private citizens to sell their firearms to another person. What really makes the liberals froth and foam at the mouth is when one private citizen sells a firearm to another citizen and doesn’t go through a dealer the gun suddenly becomes untraceable, no yellow sheet no trace back, and thus this gun is no longer registered. Even though the liberals won’t admit it gun registration is necessary for confiscation to work, the gun grabbers can’t get them if they don’t know who has what and where.

  • Jack

    Bob McDonnell has my full support. These communists must be stopped and these attempts on our rights are not worth a response. Enough is enough.

    The constitution is clear. The right of the people to keep and bear arms will not be infringed. The 2nd amendment was wisely put right after the first to protect not only your right to free speach, but to protect your right to life, liberty, and the pursute of happiness, the right to be free of tyranny, the right to your personal property not being stolen or taxed from you. Remember the boston harbor? Gun control laws are being used to take your ability to protect yourself from you and the law abiding general public.

    Criminals (and government) will always have guns(or ill gotten power) and other means in which to inflict their will on the public. “(righteous laws cannot govern evil men) “armed citizens are feared by it’s government”. …and those that would otherwise bring harm and calamity to your home. …how about criminal control? …think it’ll catch on?
    Kudos Bob!

    • c lee

      If more americans would live by the following statment and stand their ground on this issue we would all benefit. ( They will pry my guns from my cold dead hands) Every time I hear people worring about a new politician being voted in and I wonder why because the constitution never changes and as long as we stand strong it never will.

    • http://2009PersoalLibertyDigest Guin Chapman

      I agree with you, If they manage to get our guns only criminals will have guns


    Not exactly a balanced article – where’s the comment from NRA, GOA, or VCDL.

    It looks like the anti-freedom mob has decided to focus on Virginia and use more of their own ‘facts’ and un-named authors to interpet people and events.

  • JeffH

    Go Bob McDonell, Wish you were governor of my state, California.

  • Jana

    Gun control is equivelent to political correctness. Both are aimed at controlling the decent people of this country. One is to control their minds by trying to make them conform to what the powers that be think and say, and making it unlawful for the citizens to have their own thoughts and freedoms of speech.
    The second is controlling the ability of the citizens to be able to protect themselves, making them more dependant on the governement. Then the government gets more and more powerful and the people become enslaved to the government.
    This is what they hope happens, but there are too many of us who know what our freedom is and means, and we will not let that happen.

    • Joe

      I agree our government is getting out of hand when it comes to how we should look at things and how we say them, I for one am getting very tried of people not standing up to these people in DC and letting them know that they work for us and not the other way around. It is our country the peoples not the governments and I pray every day that the people of this country will wake up and put these DC hacks in they place.

  • Geronimo Washington State

    As I tell my liberal friends, I carry all the political correctness I need in a shoulder holster.

  • Bruce Jackson

    I am very concerned about the Governor elect’s stand on gun control. I am afraid he will not try and stamp it out of existance….

    • JeffH

      What praytell would scare you about that? Guns don’t kill, people kill people! The good guys having guns ain’t the problem, it’s the bad guys.

      • Lindy

        Jeff… “Guns don’t kill, people kill people” is the kind of empty logic that that turns people into Gun Control fans. Guns are tools that were invented so men could kill things. Don’t be coy about it… it’s a fact. Whether it was to put food on the table or the allow people to kill other people, that’s what guns do. I don’t know how bad your aim is, but if I aim my gun at something and squeeze the trigger… it’s dead. BUT I totally agree with you last sentence… “The good guys having guns isn’t the problem, it’s the bad guys.” THAT IS THE PROBLEM. Change the law! If you use a gun to commit a crime add five, ten, fifteen years to whatever else the coward is sentenced to. Guns are a tool and in the hands of law-abiding citizens, (citizens who properly store and handle and respect guns) shouldn’t be considered a problem.

        • JeffH

          Lindy, I totally disagree with your “empty logic” statement. Those types of statements don’t move someone to support gun control. It is the fearmongering anti’s and and MSM that villify the gun and those that enoy the company of guns. The fact is that ignorance, not stupidity, is the guns biggest enemy. I’ve been safely shooting for over 46 years, educated a few people about the positive aspect of guns ,ie hunting, collecting , heritage and the target sport as well as protection. Several are now regular hunters and target sport shooters, and a couple still have no use for guns but now understand them better. The empty logic is those that don’t believe you or I have a right to own a gun, for whatever reason, and force thier will upon our freedom and the inherant “to keep and bear arms”.

        • JeffH

          …I will add that I do agree otherwise but do believe in enforcing the laws we have now. Drugs and illegal aliens represent the biggest gun crime group in America and until this country enforces the laws against entering this country illegaly that would have a significant impact on gun crime and crime in general.

        • DaveH

          Do you really think adding years to a potential sentence is going to deter a person willing to rob or kill people? Dream on.
          I can see it now. ‘Hmm, I want to kill that person, but damn, wait a minute, I will get extra time if I do it with a gun (if I get caught)’.

          • LocalYokel

            Right on Dave
            He won’t have any trouble making up his mind when he’s looking at the muzzle of his intended victim’s 45 or 12 gauge.
            What we have to worry about next is the profiling issue that will be raised by the bleeding hearts when ADHD ritalin addicts and all the other depression based doctor verafied prescription users are included in any attempted amendment to a back ground check clause. Can you imagine the media conundrum that it could ignite? Exclusions could easilly be hiden in the unread massive health care legislation already.

        • coal miner


          I agree with you.You are a very logical person.Jeff,read Lindy’s statement carefully.

          • JeffH

            I have read it several times and understand it, I don’t agree at all with his assesment of my statement. He is wrong, plain and simple.

        • Joe H.

          Here in Ohio we have a law that makes it mandatory to add seven years to any crime committed with a gun. Guess how often it gets used? Almost never!!! See, those kind of laws do nothing as the judge lets criminals bargain out of it or he won’t invoke it even though supposedly its mandatory!!

      • DAnn

        You are right. I read on the net that in 1997 Britain passed a law to ban guns. The next seven yrs, CRIME INCREASED 340%.
        Hope McDonnell or his people see this.

        • s c

          DAnn, anti-gun kooks rarely use logic. With them, it’s emotions that count. Those kooks who can read and understand English know what happened in the UK and Australia. They think America should give it a try because it hasn’t ‘gone wrong here’ – yet. It’s the same principle with their approach to socialism and communism (give it a try. you might like it).
          You could call it self-absolution via quasi-good intentions. If they live long enough, they might understand the difference between theory and fact. However, since I don’t have any plans for living to be 500, I’ll put my faith in the Second Amendment, and I’ll continue to see anti-gun kooks for what they are – anti-American, freedom-hating, unworthy, utopian l o s e r s.

      • DaveH

        This is a very thoughtful article on the results of the Australian Gun Laws:

  • http://n/a Eugene O’Neill

    Two sides of the coin: Only free men and women keep and bear arms. Only slaves keep and bear saddles on their backs. The eternal rim that joins each side tells us that, unlike technologies, human nature never, ever really changes. Since the time of the ancients, “War” in all its manifestations, “is the father of all things,” and “peace is but a parenthesis.” Therefore, remember the immortal words of Vegetius, “Qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum” — If you wish to enjoy peace, prepare for war. The latter takes commitment, knowledge, training, courage and “seasoned substance of the soul,” i.e., Character . . . virtues, parasites on the Left don’t have. What they have plenty of is arrogance; and, as you know, arrogance is what a liberal possesses, on the surface, to defend the fact that he hasn’t got what he pretends to have. The liberal doesn’t want you to know that he or she is a thief and a liar.

    • JeffH

      Very well said Eugene.

  • Rod

    Eugene O’Neill, That is why Obama struts around. He has no idea what
    to do about the troops in Afgan. He is the most incompetant dude ever
    to come near the White House in HISTORY! Palosi is right behind him,
    breaking her nose everytime Obama turns left or right!

    • JeffH

      When Obama wipes his backside, he wipes Pelosi’s and a lot of other noses in this country.

      • libertytrain

        JeffH – elegantly said – you’re good.

        • Joe H.

          How are things with your kids? Hope all is well and they are safe. I have other friends that have kids over there and I pray nightly for them. God Bless!!

          • libertytrain

            JoeH – thanks for asking – at the moment – all is ok – and am hoping it stays that way – Thanks so much for your kind concern.

  • Lauri Sliney

    You’re right that gun control is mostly about voter control. People who don’t have guns have a harder time protecting themselves. Inventive people without guns do come up with the means, however. Are they going to outlaw knives? How about rocks? There was that guy a few years ago who used his SUV to mow down a crowd. Are they planning to outlaw cars because they have the potential to be used as weapons? How about my brother,who holds a blackbelt in karate. Should we outlaw him next? Or maybe they would just like to outlaw taking self-defense classes.

    It is necessary for a republic’s citizens to be armed WITHOUT the government’s control or knowledge, because it was the understanding of our Founders that governments always eventually become abusive and tyrannical and the citizens will need their guns to bring their leaders back to heel. Of course, considering who lives in Virginia, I’m not surprised they want to outlaw guns. Government and government drones always want to secure the means of control for themselves.

  • Bill

    I hope I never have to use my gun to defend myself or my family. However, if it ever happens, I am armed, trained and prepared. That is my right under the Constitution.

  • Bernie

    Just for fun, try this test out. They use a 4 dimensional scale, not just “left” or “right.” This means they use one scale, left to right, to gauge whether you’re in fiscally conservative or favor “economic equality.” The up/down is how socially liberal or conservative you are. for example, if you’re fiscally conservative yet socially liberal, then you’re a libertarian. If you’re socially conservative and fiscally liberal, you fall into the “authoritarian-right” category. Some politicians are in places you wouldn’t expect them to be, such as Sarah Palin, who is considered to be fiscally liberal, not because she loves welfare, but because she supports monstrous corporate subsidies and tax breaks. It really is an interesting test, I ended up somewhere I didn’t think I’d be.

    • DaveH

      One point I would like to mention about Libertarian philosophy. I believe firmly that it would lead to a more peaceful society.
      There are always going to be people who like to live on the wild side but don’t expect other people to pay for their mistakes. They would do fine in a Libertarian society. And then there are those who don’t live a wild life but want to keep the fruits of their labor. They would do fine in a Libertarian society. Really the only ones who wouldn’t be happy would be those who didn’t want to make any effort, yet expected other people to pay for their mistakes. I think they would be vastly outnumbered.
      Imagine the peace that would be brought by taking the Government out of education. The religious people could choose schools that allowed prayer. The gays could choose schools that condoned gays. Parents could choose to send their kids to schools that concentrated their studies on productive education. Our kids wouldn’t be propagandized unless we wanted them to be. ETC.
      Big Government is the problem, not the solution.

      • Bernie

        I agree with a solid chunk of that. Well stated, Sir.

    • CindyL

      Totally unexpected. Thanks for link.

    • LocalYokel

      You left out the big one Bernie. If you have trouble making a choice it’s better that you make it before you’re forced into making one. The big question that all liberals avoid is “Are you willing to die for what you try to sluff off on others as realistic philosophy?”

  • Ray

    “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the securityof a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” This one sentence is the whole of the second amendment to the Constitution of these United States. It garauntees, not gives, as that which is givin can be taken away by the giver, my GOD given right to bear Arms. No where in that sentence does it say anything about me having to buy permission from anyone to bear that arm. As to gun control, if one can hit a six inch bullseye at one hundred yards five of six attempts, that is “gun controll.”

    • Joe H.

      What kind of a weapon are you talking about? At 100 yards, if I couldn’t hit a six inch bull six out of six, with any kind of a rifle I’d give up. Pistol? huhuh! Most of the farthest targets on a military range are about 300 yrds with an m14 and I shot expert with 4 misses out of 60 shots. One of the misses had a hole in it but if it doesn’t drop, it isn’t hit!!!

  • DAnn

    You guys should sign up for emails fromn (World Net They keep me up to date on everything Congress and Obama are trying to sneak by us. One of the emails has a petition from Dr. Paul Broun, Congressman from GA in conjunction with National Association for Gun Rights. Also see the new one from the NRA re supporting second amendment rights in the states. (self-explanatory)

  • demonslayer

    “gun control is hitting what you shoot at…” what part of,” the rite to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed…” do you people not understand?

  • Claire

    The current gun control laws should be left alone and just simply enforced. Is is that complicated for them to be enforced? If they can’t enforce them, then why have them at all? Why do we, as responsible gun owners have to continue to bear the burden for the criminals? This is all garbage. The criminals have and always will get guns no matter what. I cannot believe the government does not realize this factor. As for me, I have my little handgun, and my husband will continue to have his guns—this is our right. Geez, ammo sure has become expensive, but I guess this is to be expected.

    • DaveH

      The government knows that gun control doesn’t work. They are just taking baby steps (whatever we let them get away with) towards their real goal of gun confiscation. They know that they can never really get complete control of our lives without disarming us.
      There are two reasons ammo is so expensive: people are stocking up in response to all that is going on, and the value of the dollar is declining.

  • coal miner

    Gun control,

    Gun control isn’t the anwser, enforcing the existing laws we now have.You can have all the strict gun laws,it will not solve the problems.Criminals will always have guns and weapons.

    • JeffH

      coal miner, that is 100% correct. The true definition of Gun control is hitting what you aim at.

  • http://personallibertydigest Gunny

    Standard long range target in the MARINES is 600 yards and with an M-14, it’s pretty easy to make Expert.

    I agree with most all of you, as a retired MARINE and history teacher I see how things have gone down hill. When we lose our weapons ( never call a rifle a ‘gun’) we will lose our freedom
    God Bless the USA, God bless the Marine Corps

  • Eliyahu

    If a person decides to murder another person with a gun- whatever, that person will even use a knife, club-baseball bat, sticks or stones! Will they ban those too? As some have already commented, the ‘ objects ‘ don’t kill, it is the people behind them that kill.

    The Government officials want to take away the people’s ‘ rights ‘ according to the U.S. Constitution, and they have been slowly doing exactly that for years now. The twin towers, and building number 7 which nothing hit the number 7 building-CIA building, it came down in a controled demolition 7-11 hours after the twin towers were hit. Nothing has never been said about what brought down the number 7 building.

    All this was a planned setup to pass legislation- the patriot act- to take away some more ‘people’s rights ‘. You will find out- that government will want to have total and complete power over its citizens in the future, government officials will want to achieve super huge-government control, and they have been gaining progress.

    People must stand up, and keep aware, and mark those government officials, who want to chop away the original U.S. constitution, and expose them, and vote them out of office, or, better yet, don’t let them get into office. Learn everything about a canidate, and even their background, and even then take caution.

    Take note, Obama came in ‘ out of the blue ‘so to speak, he promised and promised, but he too is a puppet on a string, and people wanted change from George Bush 2,and people fell for him, hook, line, and sinker; but these same people have been let down by Obama, the same way G.B. let down on his promises. Both Rep. and Dem. parties are controled by ONE organization, go find out that organizations name- you may be in shock.

    Both Reagan( visit to the Vatican) and Clinton( St. Louis MO 97) acknowledged and said to the Pope ” Whatever you exhort us to do, we will listen.” This is not ‘ separation of church and state ‘ as the U.S. Constitution declares in government, it is a violation of our Constitutional rights from both major Presidential parties in U.S. Government.

    The U.S will become a ‘ totalatrian government ‘ and is even now leaning toward ‘ fascism ‘, unless the people in this country stand up and defend our Constitution and it Citizens rights.



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