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Acid Reflux May Be Treated With Natural Products

November 23, 2009 by  

Acid reflux may be treated with natural products Heartburn, which affects as many as 60 million Americans each month, can be so intense that some have mistaken it for a heart attack. However, there are natural ways to reduce acid reflux that can also help you avoid potentially harmful side effects of prescription medications., a medical information website, says commonly consumed foods can trigger heartburn, and they include chocolate, orange juice, coffee, tomato-based sauces, wine and greasy foods. Therefore, cutting back on these items, as well as reducing portion sizes, can go a long way towards eliminating the painful condition.

Eating slowly and chewing thoroughly can help too, the source adds. Moreover, sufferers should eat at least two or three hours before lying down to give the stomach time to digest and empty some of the acids that can cause pain.

Among other natural approaches that have been recommended by heath practitioners are probiotics and acupuncture, while a recent study has found that beet root extract may be helpful for relieving symptoms the condition.

Alternative medicine expert and author Kevin Trudeau told that eating raw, organic foods and adding living enzymes to the diet can eliminate heartburn. He further recommends drinking a tablespoon of raw apple cider vinegar before eating.

Given that stress has been linked to digestive problems, eliminating it through exercise and yoga can bring additional benefits.

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  • Lynda

    I have found fresh ginger tea after a meal to be very helpful. You grate the ginger into a cup and pour boiling water over it, leave for 5 minutes and sip slowly. If you need sweetner add a spoonful of honey

    • Fed Up Gal in NM


      Thank you, for the information about drinker ginger tea. I just bought some fresh ginger to try. I was going to grate it into green tea, but your way sounds like I might like the taste better (not really a super fan of green tea…LoL).

      I got myself off of regular and diet sodas over the past 2-3 years; had to do this in stages so as not to revert back to my old habits. Now I’m down to water, ice tea, and an occasional non-caffienated soda…. and recently found I love the tase of ginger ale, especially the healthier versions found in health food stores (and some regular stores..but not too many). Not really sure the ginger in the ginger ale soda adds a healthy benefit, but it’s got to be better than the junk in all the regular and diet sodas. One added benefit to no longer drinking “diet” sodas is….practically no more migraine headaches….makes it so worth it! I may have actually lost 5 or 6 pounds too…ha ha ha…who woulda thought??? LoL.

      Fed Up Gal

      • libertytrain

        Fed Up Gal – just a little comment about diet sodas giving you migraines – I know you said you gave them up – however, one thing not too many people realize is that diet soda has an expiration date – unlike the regular stuff – and when it expires those chemicals can really make you ill – I can’t tolerate the stuff with or without bad expiration dates. Just throwing in my two cents -

        • Fed Up Gal in NM


          Thanks for the info regarding expiration dates on diet sodas. Geez, I never even considered that. All I know is it made a huge difference in the frequency and severity of migraines I get now compared to when I was drinking diet sodas like they were water. I think they are one of the worst junk drinks on the market. Even little kids are drinking diet sodas now.

          And… update on the Apple Cider Vinegar for my reflux; I had another full date with no reflux symptoms…so I’m very please with this. I think I failed to mention…and not sure if it really matters, but I bought the Organic Raw ACV (Braggs, I think)…so far, it seems to work very well….fingers still crossed though.

          Hope you have a very nice (and safe) Thanksgiving holiday/weekend. Take care Liberty.

          Fed Up Gal

          • Fed Up Gal in NM


            Ooooops…..that was a typo…I meant to say…another full day….instead of “another full date”….ha ha ha…LoL.

            Fed Up Gal

  • Fed Up Gal in NM

    Thanks Marlys,

    Currently, I take the ACV when I wake and start moving around, then again before bedtime; so for now it hasn’t been a problem (yet) for me going to a restuarant.

    My desire is to find something that will prevent the discomfort from occuring to begin with, and at least for now the ACV seems to be doing the trick. I will however keep your information handy and consider purchasing some of the papaya enzymes to have on hand…just in case…lol. I wonder if taking them before a meal…might help prevent the discomfort? Just a thought.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Fed Up Gal

  • James Archer

    Thanks for the Article on Acid Reflux Relief, it has come at good time, what with the Thanksgiving,Christmass Holidays now upon us and “ALL THAT FOOD” Thanks again.

  • s c

    Why waste time and money by turning to someone who was trained to believe that only prescription drugs can help a problem? Not only is this a LIE, it is anti-common sense.
    I am not about to say there are no problems that require the help of an MD. However, as long as MDs demand that we see them as medical gods WITHOUT having to PROVE that they have a DOCUMENTED TRACK RECORD (and their patients get BETTER), then they can take a hike.
    Current acid reflux treatment is bogus. It is a waste of money, and it gives big pharma money by the ton.
    And, if you take those damned drugs long enough, you’ll wind up with something worse than mere acid reflux – and that’s only if they DIAGNOSED it right the first time (don’t hold your breath on that one, folks).
    See a typical MD as a wannabe politician who will do anything for easy money and control over your life. Puts it in an entirely different light, doesn’t it?

  • Arthur Welser

    I found that eating an apple, occassionally 2, fights, after years of anti-acids and pills, acid reflux. I find I have to eat an apple or another fresh fruit(grapes or pears, not as effective) probably 75-85 % of the time after every meal (equal to if not less then the anti-acids I was taking.

  • http://none philip biggins

    The solutions to most problems are so simple that we tend to overlook them. Acid reflux is directly proportionate to the acid levels of that person’s stomach. Most N.American diets are acidic. NEUTRALIZE the acidity and voila!!!!! heartburn gone! How can there be acid reflux in a non acidic environment? Our bodies should be optimally about 6.3 on the PH scale. Yes, we have acid in our stomachs but most of us are out of balance as far as stomach bacteria is concerned. Possible causes of in-balance? Have you ever heard a doctor prescribe antibiotics (which kill ALL bacteria both good and bad in our stomach) and then also tell you that your health can be challenged If you don’t get the proper balance of good bacteria, after you finish the prescription, let alone prescribing good bacteria for their patients. Another one is women’s bladder infections! So simple to remedy yet millions of wonem suffer to date. BORIC ACID IN A GEL CAP ,INSERT AND YEAST is GONE!!!!! Costs a few pennies so pharma co’s don’t want you to know about it!!!! Do your own homework and find out . I challenge you!

  • s c

    James, do yourself a favor, and start taking quality enzymes. Get your family and friends started on quality enzymes. Then you can stand back and smile as the distance between you and your MD increases on a monthly basis – and your health improves.
    And, at the same time, old man time (the aging process) has to keep his distance as well).
    By the way, your MD most likely will NEVER mention taking any enzymes, let alone quality ones. I wonder why . . .

  • Fed Up Gal in NM

    Philip Biggins,

    Your comments are quite interesting. Personally, I think this site is a good resource for info….but realistically, we need to make sure we’re checking several reputable resources. Where are you suggesting our homework lead us to do our research? Thank you.

    Fed Up Gal

  • D Reed

    I have tried about everything, alone and all at once – probiotics, enzymes, Slippery Elm, orange peel, apples, apple pectin, glutamine, swedish bitters, going off grains and sugar, avoiding tomatoes, parasite flush, liver flush, taurine, cysteine, licorice, deglycorrhized licorice, magnesium, vitamin b12, grapeseed extract (in case it is H Pylori), goldenseal (“), grapefruit seed extract (“), high dose vitamin C, and some more things I can’t remember right now. I developed an ulcer a year ago aggravated by short term Advil use,(of course I won’t use Advil or Tylenol anymore, I control pain with vitamin C) and since then I have had increased gastric pain , and in a few months had a 9 day bout with vomiting and nausea. I could only drink water and eat about 240 ml of yogurt daily. I took a Pepcid and it resolved temporarily. Now, I continue to use most of the above techniques, but have to have 1-2 pepcid daily. I am very frustrated with this. I really think I can heal this. I know all a doc will do is give me Pepcid or some other acid control, and I really think this goes deeper than that.

  • Miss Debbie

    Have you ever heard Tumeric???? You can get it in capsule form from health food stores…tumeric is from the ginger root family…the thai and chinese use it as a acid reducer….it was brought to my attention by a firend who went to see a THai Monk for his severe stomach/side pains he had been experience…Now, he has ALWAYS been lactose in tolerant and has stayed away from dairy…but he felt like he had been eating dairy…also, he described it as an appendicits but he had his appendix out at ther age of 11…so, he was afraid it was cancer…He went to this monk after his doctors wanted to put him on medicines….THe monk did a ‘exam’ of his stomach…informed him it was not cancer and it was due to his diet but it could be remedied by taking tumeric…((either naturally by the root itself, but it is very bitter, or by the capsules)) He had been taking 2 in the morning and 1 in the evening and has been pain free for over 6 yrs now…he can even eat dairy again!!!!! SO, becuase of my acid reflux nad gastro problems with spices and such I tried this as well…I have been problem free for over 3 yrs now!!!! If you have a Vitamin World in your area they carry the tumeric capsules for very fair price…

  • Marc de Piolenc

    My sister researched reflux remedies and told me to take a tablespoonful of…apple cider vinegar! I thought that this was the most ridiculous suggestion I had ever heard, but the more I learned about the mainstream medications I was taking the less I liked them so I tried it. Wow. For about ten seconds I thought my oesophagus was going to explode. And then the reflux was gone. Later, I reduced the dose to a teaspoonful, and that still worked, but with less of an explosive initial effect.
    No, I can’t offer a convincing explanation of how consuming an acid substance can cure acid reflux, but I have my own repeated experience to verify that it does. My best guess – as an engineer, not a biologist or MD – is that this has something to do with the body’s feedback loops (blast of acidity triggers acidity-reducing response in the body) or that the slug of acidity stimulates the sphincter between the oesophagus and the stomach to close. (It’s slack in that sphincter, after all, that causes the problem, not acidity per se – the stomach can’t work without acid.)

  • Fed Up Gal in NM


    Thanks for your comments. Yes, I agree. The ACV seems to be doing the trick for my reflux as well.

    Fed Up Gal

  • http://na chuck

    Yes vinegar works fairly well for a lot of things. But big.pharma
    outfits want to make $$$$$.Read todays article on the newest recomendation by AstrZ for treating those who do not have risk,but
    we have statins they should use. Scams most of them.I rarely use even
    an asperin,I eat what I please,drink coffee,stay active,have been
    in hospital, for appnd at 8yrs,at 15 hit by car,and worked and
    lived for 50 yrs with a deterating disc,and still am ticking.

  • Marlys

    I think I may have an answer for you!

    I have tried a ton of things for GERD for the past ten years, like D. Reed. Most helped a little, but many were a pain to use — like grinding raw ginger and making tea. Many more were inconvenient, especially when out and about — like taking vinegar before a restaurant meal. I do use good probiotics — without much GERD effect, though I still use them for overall health.

    THEN, I discovered a very cheap, very effective, HEALTHY alternative to TUMS, Rolaids, and other “antacids,” which pleased me because I know the reflux is due to too little acid, rather than too much. These go with me in my purse and a pocket of about everything I wear — healthy little oval tablets of chewable papaya enzymes, as tasty as after dinner mints and very effective at stopping the burn! Since food MUST be digested in the stomach with enzymes before the HCL can finish the job and send the digest food onward, I provide it with these right after I eat, or certainly at the first sign of “burn.” They are made by American Health and are available at for the ridiculous price of $9.88 for 600 tablets! That lasts me a couple of months! Sometimes one is enough, sometimes as many as half a dozen.

    Oddly, visits to my amazing new chiropractor for another problem has also lessened my GERD problems recently, too. But until he fixes the reflux problem completely (I hope!) American Health papaya enzymes will go with me wherever I go!

    Hope some of you may find this helpful!

  • Tom Pounds

    Hi Phil,
    I read your comment re. reflux and agree. I did want to help with one slight error on acidity. You stated normal body pH was 6.3; my understanding is that we want to strive for a pH of about 7.3 as measured in our intercellar fluids which are mirrored by checking saliva pH. I’m a reflux sufferer and have found a direct link to acicidity and reflux. I control mine by drinking Kangen water (Ionized) with pH of 9.5 and diet. The water does the trick and has other health benefits via a strong anti-oxidant ORP and smaller molecular structuring for better assimilation. The great part about the pH at 7.3 is that you ward off most other disease problems as well. proper pH balance is essential to good health….thanks and best regards

  • http://na chuck

    What makes Mr. Trudeau such an expert? Or is it just another
    questionable venture?


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