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Acid Buildup in The Tissue Equals Early Aging, Cancer and Death

July 8, 2009 by  

Acid Buildup in The Tissue Equals Early Aging, Cancer and Death

When our alkaline reserve is depleted, death follows.

I’ve stated that vitamin D3 is essential to absorb calcium from the stomach into the blood; otherwise calcium passes through the body via the intestines. The 1 percent blood calcium is all that stands between the body and pathogenic disease. Acid waste accumulates in the body tissue, and death is the progressive saturation of acid waste in the tissue and the cells.

Even though we may have adequate blood calcium, our tissue calcium can still be low and in deficit. Fatty acid or vitamin F is required to move blood calcium into the tissue cells.

When tissue cell calcium is low, the void is filled with acid. Viruses, fungus and bacteria can only survive in an acid environment. Acid buildup in the tissue is toxic waste that creates more toxic waste. It compounds toxic waste. This is exactly what is happening to millions of Americans, but it is a slow process and does not appear as arthritis for many years.

Vaginal infections including Herpes Simplex II, as well as kidney and urinary tract infections thrive in a body saturated and debilitated with acidity. Candida Albicans is also the result of too much acid in the cell fluids. It has been proven many times that as acidity is reversed to alkalinity, candida goes away.

The presence of blood and tissue calcium balance means an absence of acidity and disease. Sickness and disease love acid. Acidity is fertilizer to cell mutation and malignancy.

Body acidity interferes with normal cell death or apoptosis. This is the basis of normal cells mutating into malignancy. Therefore, health requires that our critical one percent reserves in the blood and tissue calcium remain in balance.

At all times the healthy body requires an excess of alkaline reserves to support the body skeleton, and equally to keep the critical 1 percent alkaline balance in the blood and the cell tissue. This is the absolute best guarantee against disease. Our glands and organs function properly in exact proportion to the balance of alkaline and acid balance.

The heart, for example, is one of the most alkaline-dependent organs in the body. Correct heartbeat is altered by acid wastes. These acid wastes rob the blood of proper oxygenation and degeneration of the heart follows.

Heart patients certainly need to know that alkalinity means more oxygen. Heart pain or angina is a major symptom of oxygen starvation. Take a few alkaline drops in each glass of water you drink.

The whole body needs to be slightly alkaline. We all know that our bony frame needs calcium. But our focus here is on the little one percent critically needed as ionizable calcium in the blood and the tissue.

It is the blood calcium (alkalinity) that is responsible for the alternate contraction and relaxation of the heart muscle.

Ionized (diffusable) calcium stops the growth of bacteria. Remember that ionized calcium in the blood and the cell tissue cannot exist without vitamin D3 (cholocalciferal).

Acidity causes fatigue, shortness of breath, prevents apoptosis or normal cell death, causing malignancy and ultimately death.

Foods and drink that prevent acidosis and are alkaline forming:

1) Drink six to eight 8-ounce glasses of water daily. Be sure to add one-fourth teaspoon sea salt in every other glass (not if you are salt sensitive or have very high blood pressure.) Also be sure to alkalize your water or drink with six to eight alkaline drops in each glass. You can get the drops from a company that sells nutritional supplements.

2) Most vegetables and most fruits (citrus) are alkaline-forming foods.

3) Deep breathing helps get rid of extra acid.

4) Alkaline forming minerals are sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium.

5) Potatoes are alkaline forming with the skin on. Add pears, cucumber, watermelon, eggplant, coffee (yes, coffee), onions, tea, pickles, string beans, human milk, raw cow’s milk, asparagus is par excellent, shiitake mushroom, spinach, bananas, chestnuts, carrots, strawberries, radish, cabbage, squash, sweet potatoes, turnips and turnip greens, apples, egg white, cayenne pepper and garlic.

A word about asparagus:  Even canned, it drops only to a 6.0 pH. It is a very powerful acid reducer and known therapy for cancer. Its high ammonia content literally plummets one into alkalinity in a very short period of time. In the past, asparagus has been considered acid forming because it so quickly detoxifies the person, leaving acid residues in urine specimens immediately after ingestion. But this residue becomes an alkaline ash exactly as does grapefruit.

Food enzymes so vital to digestion and assimilation are found only in fresh and raw foods.

All chlorophyll products build the blood and powerfully alkalize the body system. The only difference between chlorophyll and human blood is that the center of the chlorophyll molecule is magnesium and human blood is iron. Different types of chlorophyll available are fresh water algae, seaweed, spirulina, wheat grass, barley grass and alfalfa.

Chlorophyll is the essence of the life-supporting nutritional pattern of our planet. Of course cooking green foods destroys most of the chlorophyll content. Almost all (99.9 percent) of the chlorophyll supplements sold are water soluble, and thus void of any nutrition. Fat-soluble chlorophyll contains vitamins A, E, F and K and purifies the blood.

Now to vital information relating to pH or acid/alkaline balance. This information can easily be the difference between life and longevity with quality and/or drug dependent acid saturation and early death with cancer.

The essence of this subject is hydrochloric acid (HCl), or stomach acid. This is the only acid the body makes. All other acids in the body are toxic acids of fermentation caused from acidity.

HCl is absolutely essential for life. Without it the body cannot make the proper chemical conversions to alkalinity.

The life-giving and life-sustaining function of HCL is to break down food as it arrives in the stomach. If hydrochloric acid is insufficient, food becomes a mass of poorly digested acid waste residues called organic acids of fermentation.

As most of you readers know, the pharmaceutical answer to this is antacids which compound the problem making low and insufficient stomach acid even lower. Temporary relief hides this fraudulent commerce. All the antacids do is to temporarily quiet the waste acids of fermentation caused by low stomach acid in the first place. The only therapy for low stomach acid or HCL is more hydrochloric acid, not less.

Over time, educed HCL foretells and guarantees illness—and finally death—with stomach cancer.

Hydrochloric acid begins a disturbing decline around age 40, though today it shows up at all ages because of our refined carbohydrate diets.

The modern American diet of refined foods is highly acidic. This creates a volume of waste acids which is symptomatic of acid indigestion or "heartburn." This is discomfort from fermenting waste acids, not from too much good HCL stomach acid. Instead, it is a symptom of not enough hydrochloric stomach acid. Adequate HCL would prevent organic acids (waste acids) in the first place, and negative symptoms would never appear.

Therefore, the true therapy for so-called "heartburn and acid indigestion" is more hydrochloric acid. Everyone should take it before every meal for many health reasons.

Adequate HCL is our first line of defense against the various destructive microbes that enter the body by way of food. HCL actually kills and digests pathogens. It also cleans up detrimental waste acid byproducts. Therefore, it is critical that all readers understand that adequate HCL levels greatly reduce tissue acid waste buildup.

HCL keeps us alive by maintaining proper alkaline/acid balance and then becomes alkaline after its vital job in the digestive process is done. Eight essential amino acids, two vitamins and 15 minerals are dependent on proper HCL for absorption. Vitamin B12 and folic acid simply will not be absorbed from food sources without adequate HCL in the stomach.

Therefore HCL is our first line of defense because its end result is that it becomes alkaline after doing all of its stomach functions as an acid.

What we have here is a solution to fundamental health that is simple, yet empowers the individual to protect their basic health in spite of the trillion-dollar profiteers who perpetuate their empires on false symptomatic relief.

This writing is based on the books Acid and Alkaline by Herman Aihara, Alkalize or Die by Dr. Theodore A. Baroody and Three Years of HCL Therapy.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • s c

    There’s lots of good info in this article. As Comrade Obama and his no-talent flunkies find ways to further destroy health care while proclaiming to ‘save’ it, it will be extremely important to eat quality foods. People can re-educate themselves in a few months, and actually compensate for being fed years of bogus non-$cience and disinformation.
    A strong immune system equals good health. Put your faith and trust in fresh air,
    good food and common sense. Seek out a nutritionist who has years of proven experience. Try growing your own food. It’s all about living well and keeping false $cience at a distance. You owe it to yourselves and your families to be healthy. Be well. You deserve it.

    • Brian Rawls

      Well you are correct. It is to your advantage to be healthy. It might not be economicaly viable to treat your illness depending on what you have or come down with under this socialized health care.

    • James

      Comrade Obama?? Who are you, Adolf SC? You give healh a bad name.

  • Patrick McDonald

    strong textthere must be a reef of gold and a giant angel standing next to it because Obama kept going to Europe while he was running for President. Now i believe in some kind of premier medical system like The U.S. Navy has to offer. On other terms; if you are going to have some sort of nationalized health care progression; you need integrity and accountability when billing and treating patients. We will need forensic accountants with teeth to put off the criminals who will abuse the medical care system. Just because someone has political connections; they should not be exempt get a free pass have immunity to rape the government, corporations and the people. The old story crowd pleaser used to be the drum beat of ( SOAK THE RICH). The rich can get away; its the poor slobs who will have to pay. that’s the middle classes again. the penalties seem to be fixed against the middle classes as the pundits support their unaccountable unexplained health care systems. always; and you know this is true because it probably has happened to you and your associates because we all have a broad range of social circles…..always; it is the middle classes who will be penalized. the poor will get a free pass but if they try to hike up to the middle classes stage or tier; they find they are penalized for going there…so they ; the poor will stay within the sheltered golden arms of the government socialization…maybe; absolute socialization. the middle classes are crushed… and the wealthy; well they are different from many because they are smart enough to stay out of the net of abused government and devilish mischief makers and robbers. usually the cream will rise to the top. totalitarian government will dictate to the citizen what they will be permitted to do and if they will be permitted to surpass being middle class…. i think and believe being in a free country rich skilled wise lucky and educated is where its at. that’s the place to be. it is a whole beautiful world to be wealthy. you don’t stay around to be penalized for trying to make it big in life. you keep abused government out of controlling your personal financial life and social life. it is wrong to condition people to be failing to be able to be eligible for benefits. when Les Miserables and the middle classes raise their head up to higher aspirations; they have their hands rapped for rising to be in more command of their choice. Even the high power rich elite leftist will vote for someone who will keep them safe. Will the elitist factions pay for the health care system? Why should the elitists pay for someone else s health care; if they will be broke down and reset to the common denominator status quo of ( we are all poor middle class….don’t try to succeed any higher because if you stay where you are at….the greater common good will be sustained. its terrific to help out but not to be stripped of your wealth or discouraged to bump up to the next tier because you took more risk and daring foresight to be the little ant who stored for the winter while th grasshopper played around all summer. it is fun to be poor but i don’t want to stay there. i have ambition. Government should not be abused to discourage ambition. We sing and want to fly. America is the place for dreams and innovations.

  • kay

    All of this glorious knowledge has helped me and many of my friends. WHat mystifies me is the lack of attention on school lunches. It is so ironic that students learn the right way to eat and then are served crap. If a student has free lunch program there are no other choices.

    In addition, students are allowed – I am guessing a little- five to six sips of water a day. Yes, I am a teacher who is held accountalbe for student learning. When I check the lunch menu and discover spaghetti, rolls, corn and blue jello is the daily fare, I feel disgusted on how far away our nation is from practicing what we preach..

    • cj

      and the diet affects the learning abilities. I’m a teacher and see a definite difference in the kids depending on what they eat. If they’ve eaten protein, veggies and possibly fruit for lunch they pay attention and behave much better than if they’ve eaten a starchy, sugary, full of dyes and preservatives lunch, i.e. spaghetti, rolls, corn and blue jello, and God forbid they serve the red jello, as that gives them an extra zing in their misbehavior and inattention.

  • http://google Cathy

    I haven’t heard this exact version of cellular death before, would have to do further investigation to make a decision of the validity of this article. I do know a diet with fruits, veggies & protien that is prepared in a manner that avoids peeling away the fiber, over cooking out the nutrients or frying everything is the a good way to stay healthy.

  • Ralph E Creed Sr

    I seem to have strings or plastic strings running through my body. My family think I’m crazy for the weird sinsations in my body like something moving. I have this slimy like supstance coming from the roof of my mouth. If I let it gather it will go to the upper and lower jaw bones and set up just like calcium or hard bone. Listerine will dissapate it and some will coffee. Please help or advise what to do or should I just to phyc. for treatment. Iknow this is real when I can feel this buildup. My daughter-in-law to out a mental hygen warrent for me and it was dismissed. Help, dear God, please help. Ralph or

  • Nick

    its time for the rich to be taxed they dont need 3 homes 3 sports cars etc etc……….in italy the rich are taxed and they dont mind college is free health care is free the whole country is happy good food good weather . its the republicians they are the phony mouth to benifit the rich………… in this country its greed greed greed………

  • Robena Kemerer

    You’ve got excellent stuff there, Kudos, I find this is quite interesting. I’ve genuinely enjoyed looking through your writing. Just brilliant what you have here.

  • Avril Barby

    Great info once again. Thanks a lot=)

  • Lean Muscle Formula

    I read this post fully regarding the difference of most recent and
    earlier technologies, it’s awesome article.


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