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According To Their Campaigns, It’s Obama Vs. Romney

August 10, 2011 by  

According To Their Campaigns, It’s Obama Vs. Romney

The Ames, Iowa, straw poll will take place this Saturday, but at least two campaigns seem wholly unconcerned with the results of the poll, or even the upcoming Republican primaries themselves. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney’s campaign has aimed its attacks solely on President Barack Obama since its inception, and that strategy seems to have paid off, in a way: Obama’s campaign is now focused on attacking Romney, although Romney has not received the GOP nod.

“Barack Obama’s aides and advisers are preparing to center the president’s reelection campaign on a ferocious personal assault on Mitt Romney’s character and business background, a strategy grounded in the early stage expectation that the former Massachusetts governor is the likely GOP nominee,” POLITICO reported.

This new strategy will reportedly focus on Romney’s past as a businessman, one who put profits ahead of job creation. Another angle the Obama camp will explore is Romney’s “weirdness factor.”

“There’s a weirdness factor with Romney and it remains to be seen how he wears with the public,” a senior Obama adviser told the news site, “noting that the contrasts they’d drive between the president and the former Massachusetts governor would be ‘based on character to a great extent.’”

For its part, Romney’s campaign continues to take full advantage of every perceived weakness in the Obama Administration, the latest of which is the recent downgrade of America’s sovereign credit rating by Standard & Poor’s (S&P).

In a blog post on his campaign’s website, Romney is quoted as saying: “When I was governor, S&P awarded Massachusetts with a credit rating upgrade for our sound fiscal management and the underlying strength of our economy. This didn’t happen by accident. The president’s failure to put the nation’s fiscal and economic house in order has caused a massive loss of confidence that resulted in an embarrassing downgrade. In the Carter era, it was called ‘malaise.’ Under President Obama, it’s called meltdown.”

What both campaigns seem to ignore is the fact that Romney’s lead over the other GOP candidates has been shrinking in recent weeks. According to a recent national telephone survey by Rasmussen Reports, 22 percent of likely Republican primary voters supported Romney, followed closely by the thus-far undeclared Texas Governor, Rick Perry, at 18 percent. Representative Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), who was a close third at 16 percent, is the favorite to win the Ames straw poll this weekend.

At least for the moment though, it seems the Obama Campaign will focus on Romney.

An unnamed Democratic strategist aligned with the White House told POLITICO, “Unless things change and Obama can run on accomplishments, he will have to kill Romney.”

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  • Willy

    No way Romney is going to get it.
    He’s out.

    • lkar

      Watch this carefully! This is the Democrats and MSM trying to dictate the Republican nomination. They will poll numbers that show Romney ahead of BHO and the good little R’s will vote for Romney in the primaries.
      What they don’t tell you is the genius in this strategy is what the hell do you think Romney will campaign on against Obama? RmoneyCare, don’t think so. Spending cuts, don’t think so. Cap and Trade, don’t think so. The only real item that Romney could effective attack is foriegn policy and he does not have a very good resume in this area either. And be real, the campaigns have to be about attacking BHO’s policies and inept leadership. The Republican candidate has to have the balls to stand up and rebuke any race baiting, and rebuke with no hold s barred. The electorate is divided because most don’t even know who the VP is!

      • Stickwoman Red

        You are exactly right! They are manipulating the process and it’s up to us to pick the correct candidate and it is not Romney! While he looks presidential, has plenty of cash and resources, he is not the best representative of Tea Partisans, conservatives both fiscal and social, Libertarians or any other Americans who want the USA to be like it was during Reagan’s reign! McCain is a RINO as is Romney and look what happened that go ’round? We NEED a true Conservative who believes 100% in the Constitution and it is not Romney!!!

        • Bob from SoCal

          I will NOT vote for Romney. The more desperate the MSM becomes, the more transparent they become.

          • Jana

            I am not for Romney either. But, there is something that I heard yesterday that Obama has to KILL Romney, so he is looking for anything to use against them.
            I remember last year the Democrats and the liberals got all bent out of shape over Sarah Palin saying something about something was in her cross hairs.
            Sure seems like a double standard AGAIN since the libs can say kill him and not one of them objected to the ‘hate’ speech.

      • Dan az

        A new anti-Mitt Romney website launched last week, with a massive open letter, dozens of signatures, and a slew of charges against the presumed front-runner for the Republican nomination in 2012.

        The letter attacks Romney’s conservative record as a businessman, fiscal issues, gay marriage, abortion, and a host of other issues.

        “It is my site and I did write the letter,” Steve Baldwin, former California legislator and current President of Baldwin Research and Consulting, told The Daily Caller.

        Baldwin said he’s been collecting “files” on Mitt Romney for about a decade, dating back to his days in the California legislature. It was around that time, Baldwin said, that lawmakers began introducing gay-rights bills in the legislature. What tipped Baldwin off, he said, was the fact that gay-rights activists from Massachusetts were going to California to testify.

        When Romney ran for president in 2008, Baldwin said he “knew he wasn’t a conservative,” and accused the candidate of “flip-flopping since his alleged conversion” to social conservatism.

        • independent thinker

          Oops, never mind.

        • GrayEagle

          People always hear or read what the enemy wants you to hear and gets puppets to respond in kind. Go ahead and run Romney down if it pleases you but most of you really have no real idea of who he is and why he would make the best president to put us back on the right path and if Mischell were to be Vice President, the team would make you all real belivers in Democracy for us all. I have more faith then most of you it seems and that is a shame.

          • Dan az

            They are both one and the same.Bought and paid for buy the NWO gang sorry!

        • http://naver sook young

          Isn’t he losing to Michelle Bachman in the latest polls? Thank you.

          Sook Young
          Wife of the Samurai
          하나님과 국가 대 한!

          • bob wire

            depends on who you ask Sooky.

            certain polls that favor the far right maybe. She is doing well and will win “something” if nothing but respect from the “good ole boys” This little firecracker is not done and it ain’t over until it’s over.

          • Dan az

            bachman is for the unpatriotic act and in my mind says that this is a person that is either bought and paid for or is just not smart enough to understand the constitution!

      • Judy

        Finally, someone who sees that! Ikar, thank you! I am so tired of having a liberal candidate shoved in my face. The RINOs are terrified that the conservative voters are going to take back the Republican party. Even when Fox contributers talk about the candidates, they often act as if Michele Bachman doesn’t exist in spite of how well she has done. They are trying to control the outcome. I just hope that all these people who are touting Rick Perry, actually check into him & listen to him. In one interview alone, I caught him in 2 blatant lies, not mistakes lies. He won’t be much of an improvement over Bachman. She is the one we need.

        • USAF VET

          How can you say that Fox ignores Michell Bachmann when I see her on there all the time, two or three times a week sometimes. The only way you could miss her is to just pick and choose when you watch. I’m always checking on Fox at different time of the day and night. I would love to see her and Sarah Palin taking over the White House in January of 2013. Now that would be a day to celebrate.

          • bob wire

            MSN covers her every evening as well. No shrinking violet to a scrap it’d by foolish not to if you want to sell soap.

          • http://sandstone gail

            What in the hell are you smoking

          • tangshui

            hi there, am also usaf vet 1965-1971. that would be stunning to have two women, bachman as president and palin as vp. unless jeff bush run, bachman can be his vp. i don’t think voters would want two women on both position. no more romney and mcCain. these two guys are the establishment. we need new and aggressive blood turn this mess around. no one has the ball to resolve BNO by impeach this unknown freak. just pray for America come back to God and He will heal this great country. bob

        • Greatscott

          Michele Bachman is just as bay as Mittens. She voted to raise the debt ceiling after pretending to be a Tea Party candidate. What a joke. Bachman, Romney, Perry, Pawlenty all RINO’s. Ron Paul is the only sane, responsible candidate who has repeatedly voted against every deficit budget and a return to sound economic policy’s and most of the posters on this board call him a nut.

          When will you people wake the hell up and figure out your choir boy’s on Fox News, Limbaugh etc are lying their rear ends off to sell you the next phony Conservative.

          • bob wire

            good for you ! you got it! why it so hard for others?

    • GrayEagle

      Mitt Romney is a 100 times better then people are willing to see and is the ideal presidential candidate for President. Those that doubt it are not paying attention to real facts.

    • GrayEagle

      No way he is out. He is by far better than anyone else running.

      • USAF VET

        Anyone who believes in open borders, global warming, and Obamacare is OUT, and that is Romney. He’s the same as all those other RINO’s, a Liberal in disguise.

        • USAF VET

          Ron Paul is another one we don’t really need. He’s not a Republican although he runs on the ticket. He’s a Libertarian, and they are so spread out you can’t really trust them. Sure there are thigs like audit the Fed and some of those things but over all Ron Paul is not right for this country as President.

          • Matt

            Can’t trust a Libertarian Like Ron Paul??? So who can we trust then? Democrats like Obama? Republicans like Romney? Maybe you haven’t been watching but it’s those two parties that have gotten us in this mess, yes, what a nightmare it would be to have one of those awful Libertarians who don’t believe in the nanny state or policing the world.

    • http://sandstone gail

      I personally hope Rick Perry gets in. If he does he will be our first gay president.

  • Rosco1776

    Romney the RINO, no thanks!! There’s only one choice, the one who warned us of the consequences of a huge federal government, the fed, the nanny state and the empire building.

    Ron Paul 2012!!

    • Mathgeek

      Rosco, you seem to be suggesting that Americans are supposed to take pride in providing for themselves and their families, and improving their position in life through hard work and strength of spirit, rather than a handout from an inept and corrupted government system. What a novel concept – I couldn’t agree with you more!

  • skippy

    Obama run on ‘on accomplishments’…ARE YOU KIDDIN’ ME???!!! And talk about a ‘weirdness factor’…oh, man that is so lame. Please dear God, send us a REAL AMERICAN President!!!

    • peter

      Amen to that! Is there such a person in America? What we need now is a person of great courage and determination – no more bulldust! Just do the job instedd of talking about it and blaming everyone else for being ineffective. Obama makes a huge thing of “inheriting all the problems”. The fellow knew that when he accepted the job and if he were in the private sector he would have been given three months to turn around the “problems” or take a hike. Take a hike he should – he is just an incompetent cry baby with no guts at all. Do not ever believe anything he says to you, you will be sorely disappointed again and if anyone is stupid enough to vote for him again then they best seek some help from a head shrink.

      • skippy

        Thanks Peter! Well, another thing OB got was AAA RATING AND,,,umm what 5.3% UNEMPLOYMENT??!! (or less??!) Well, I see how well he has done with THOSE. Geezzeee…I get so sick of this crap. I heard last night on news chatter about taxing 401 deductions; insurance paid by employers; AND taking away the deduction for interest on a home loan. Why work if that happens??…really, why??!!

      • lkar

        In fairness to Obama, it probably took him 3 months to figure out he couldn’t pawn the paintings in the White House. So cut him a little slack.

        • Bob from SoCal

          To late Clinton already did that.

    • Ellen

      People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. The Obama camp has the nerve to say Romney has a weirdness factor? There’s a huge difference between being quirky and having Obama’s issues.

      • s c

        Ellen, I find it refreshing and wonderfully significant that the things the Obama crowd claims about Romney are IDENTICAL to what makes Obama so defective, so corrupt, so immoral and SO disgusting (look in a mirror, you Obama geniuses!).
        Romney won’t make it of course, but Obama’s warped HYPOCRISY factor is growing, and it will be interesting to see just how psychotic and mentally-devolved his pushers can get. It’s akin to watching Gore unravel. Yee HAW!

        • Jeep

          sc, didn’t you read that part in obamacare? It is now illegal to have a mirror in any campaign office. It is extremely bad for one’s ego to take a real hard look at one’s self. In fact, it may cause dizziness, temporary blindness, nausea, cramps and bloating. This is followed by self-reflection, an opening of the eyes and a sudden onset of honesty and integrity.

          Sorry, but we just canNOT have that in a politician!

        • lkar

          The “weirdness” factor is code for Romney is a mormon. BHO will have no problem attacking Romney’s (or Bachmann’s) religion. But don’t mention Jeremiah Wright!

  • Carol

    Barry Soetoro (Obama) is a very stupid man and shows his true colors everday and the joke of the matter is this idiot is running our country right into the ground and it isn’t funny not one little bit.

  • Capitalist at Birth

    I voted for Romney in the Missouri Primary in 2008, only because he was the lesser of two evils. He is less a progressive than John McCain who I voted for in November of 2008, because he was the lesser of two evils. I certainly hope that Republicans will finally wake up and nominate a true free market fiscal conservative candidate this time. It has been too long in coming.

    • Katinalabama

      You got it capitalist. I’m tired of voting for the lesser of two evils. That is sooo unnecessary. I want change I can believe in!

    • True Spirit!

      Why does the media and everyone else keep ignoring Ron Paul? Here is a man with courage, conviction, honesty, integrity and determination to work through the issues and once again make this a great country, but people seem to have their heads so far up their arses, that they ignore all of his great attributes.

      People are so impressed with empty, false and flashy rhetoric, that they fail to look at the inherent character of the individual. While it is true Ron Paul is not the most charismatic, eloquent and flashy speaker, he most definitely has the knowledge, heart and soul to work for our country’s best interest.

      People only vote for candidates who tell them what they want to hear, and sadly no one investigates or researches the individuals, but solely rely on misinformation or folktales being exhibited throughout.

      May this country be Blessed once again to do the right thing for everyone’s sake. May we stop this divided talk and focus on the real issues; May we strive to become a better society through the intent and actions that protect everyone’s freedoms, provided they do not infringe on others’ rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; May we flourish and excel through hard work, determination, courage and complete cooperation, as we can only uplift ourselves when we uplift others; May we be more compassionate of others’ plights and provide a hand up, not a hand out, as that is the true spirit of a collective pioneer mentality that is set on creating a just, thriving, successful and free society, where everyone is held accountable to higher standards, ethics and level of integrity.

      Forget about placing blame, pointing fingers, and delivering hateful speech, as that does not do one bit of good, and that is why we are in this situation now. Let’s pull together and do the right thing to make our home a better place. Perhaps look into Thomas Jefferson’s visions in detail and try to assimilate the principles he discussed, as well as his famous quotes, as they are right on!!! BLESSINGS TO EVERYONE!

      • Judy

        True Spirit, he doesn’t get ignored as much as Bachman. I like Ron Paul very much but the reason I don’t support him is his tunnel vision & his theory & just do away with everything, (most federal laws, pull out military, etc.) attitude. That is not an option. It’s not that I don’t agree with a good portion of it but you can’t just walk in the door & shut down everything & pull our military out with the snap of your finger. It’s temping but that would throw this country into a bigger spin than it is now.

        • Matt

          Really Judy, and why exactly can’t we do those things? This is not an insult, I’m just curious to here why you feel this way. As Ron Paul said “Just come home, we just marched in, we can just march out.” Nothing has been nor ever will be gained by these wars, they have cost us so much, I would end them immediately.

        • GrayEagle

          I fully agree with Judy. Ron Paul is a good man but not the strong leader that we need right now.

  • peter

    My previous reply to Skippy: sorry! instead please not instedd. I get mad when I do that – sorry,my sincere apologies.

  • http://Personalliberty Tony

    To Everyone:
    If Romney gets the nomination, then simply hand the keys to the White house to Obama for a second term. As mentioned before, Romney’s
    the Repub. version of Mondale. Only candidates that stand a chance are
    Ron Paul, Jon Huntsman, or J.C. Watts if he enters. If not it’s
    going to be a long year for the GOP in 2012. Thanks!!

    • GrayEagle

      Another Puppet let by the media hype.

  • Jason

    Meet your two puppets the media has chosen for you. Be ready for more of the same.

    • Jeep

      Jason, you are so spot on. I’m still trying to figure out how McCain became the Rep nominee. There is something fundamentally wrong out there, and it stinks to high heaven. I mean Romney? Really? There cannot be that many people already on board for that clown. But, I agree, I think he has been “chosen” for a while.

  • Raggs

    Who is backing rommney?… There has to be an extreme left fringe that is putting on a show for him…. The media is jerking our chain…

    • Jeep

      Right on Raggs! It’s strange how Romney keeps popping up…

    • GrayEagle

      The Media jerks everys chain. The right wingers are afraid to ahve Romney as president and is doing a good job of making him look bad and look at how many follow the Media’s lead.

    • eddie47d

      Raggs and Jeep ;Blaming the left for Romney’s’ continual rise or presence. See how far off of the deep end the Right has gotten with a goofy assumption like that.Going to have to send you two back to the drawing board.

  • Charley41

    But watch out for Rick Perry. Could he be a One world Gov. man?
    We need to be very careful with our replacement of the mess in DC.

  • Qweenmum

    Who’s backing Romney? I am. And his poll numbers are ‘up there’ ahead of all others. Romney simply put, has ‘the right stuff’.

    • Dan az

      That tells me that you voted for obumer!The right stuff?Wow!

    • ValDM

      Romney is merely the equal & opposite number on the chess board of American politics. Other than skin color, they might as well be clones of each other.

      • GrayEagle

        What a bunch of BULL

    • GrayEagle

      Fianlly someone who is not totally mislet by all the Media hype.

  • dan

    Muslim-Marxist vs Mormon RINO….let me think. I’d vote for Hillary first,at least her Idols are Money and Power….maybe Mc’can’t will
    run again,lol’s.Why not just nominate the head of the CIA and get this train-wreck out of the way.We’ve become delusional …. left/right,
    give me a break.

    • http://sandstone gail

      You have your ladies mixed up. She’s the money and Power. What is really funny she’s been cashing in at her little get togathers. The Pubs have made her rich and she’s laughing all the way to the bank.
      As for Hillary, she has always had money

  • 2WarAbnVet

    Someone commented – quite astutely – several weeks ago that Romney was more akin to Obama’s running mate than his adversary. Lord help our nation if we depend on this weak sister to recover from the destruction this “Chicago Thug” administration has perpetrated.

  • Larry Pierson

    I’m glad Obama is razor focused on Romney. That means if another candidate wins the Republican Primary, Obama will have to redirect his efforts, after wasting so much energy!

  • Stephan F.

    “I’m still trying to figure out how McCain became the Republican nominee.”

    Jeep, it was all very simple — John Insane McCain won the New York state primary, which is a winner take all state (i believe it’s still the only one that is–correct me if I’m wrong). This enabled him to simply leap-frog over the pack. And unless they have changed the rules, you can expect the exact same thing to happen again — and that is, liberal New York voters will once again determine who the Republican nominee will be.

    Doesn’t that just warm the cockles of your heart?

    “The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter – Author unknown

    • Jeep

      “Cockles be warmed!” There is definately a grain of truth in what you say. That’s why it is referred to as a “landslide”. It starts slow and builds momentum as a crushing weight is added until it is unstoppable. Republican neo-cons will never get “it”. I believe the majority of Conservatives are too close to the center, and the Republican party is the same. Voting for the lesser of two evils is not a winning strategy. And, until the Republican party ejects the “old guard” we will continue this political cycle of bleeding slow under the Republican party, and opening up a main valve under dem control.

    • Judy

      This primary is anything but democratic. It should be set up just like other elections. Right now, as you said, N.Y. basically picks our candidate. That is WRONG. Our state won’t even hold one because it’s decided before it gets here.

      • bob wire

        I always understood it to be simply Mc Cain’s turn and he was ready or at least he thought that he was. Evidently the rank and file did as well.

  • http://rommney noBoma2012

    Ron Paul is the only one that has americans best intrests. Rick Perry is a lier and a fraud and he sais god talks to him, so lets put a nut case that talks to god as our leader,this guy has been prepering to run since 2006 after the Bildaberg group gave him the go ahead, do the resrch no joke Rick Perry is a dam FRAUD.

    • http://Personalliberty Tony

      To noBoma2012:
      Tell it like it is.Thanks!!

    • http://sandstone gail

      Perry reminds me of Jim Jones. His Jesus crap will only take him so far.

  • Dan az

    I have nightmares about billary at the last moment running.It still can happen because she didn’t get the chair at the feds table.Know that’s scary!

  • Capt Gene

    Don’t ya’ love this “new civility” on the part of the demoKrats and glorious leader? Wow! Sort of gives me a “warm fuzzy feeling”. Oh, wait. That’s breakfast coming back up.

    • bob wire

      new civility? where?

  • http://moniquer7 Merlin

    A campaign based on character? But President Obama dosen’t have any character. Though at least it will distract his Obamaites from the real republican candidate.

    • bob wire

      hmm? I know few people with no charter, they usually dead.

      Perhaps you fail to simply appreciate their character as “O” has enough character to be president of the most powerful nation this world has ever know.

      • Jana

        No, Obama only had enough character to get elected.He has been play acting at being President now and his acting is terrible.

        • bob wire

          well, if you wish to discard his education, his family raising,his family values, his tenure as senator and being the first president to refused to accept pact money and find him void of character that’s up to you Jana.

          But what might that say about you and I? I could not achieve such things without a leg up, much like 43 enjoyed.

  • TIME

    *****NEWS FLASH,****** BREAKING NEWS ********* NEWS FLASH********

    Today people woke up to find that a silver dollar is the same silver dollar even if the Head side is showing, or the Tial side.
    Oddly its the same silver dollar!!!!!!!!!!

    Who would have known.

  • AJ

    Meet your two hand puppets the Global elite has chosen for you. One or the other, the Global agenda will be played out! Be ready for more of the same BS.

  • chuckb

    we are looking at the operation of the gop hierarchy. this is nothing but manipulation of the voting mind. not one person i have talked to is voting for romney, the media is giving him an assist, they know he’s the weakest candidate out there.
    look at the candidate they still hate the most, palin, that’s the one they fear.
    if the economy doesn’t turn around by this time next year, you can bet on one thing the bolsheviks will dump barry, hillary will be in, they don’t really care how many blacks they will lose, those they lose were probably first time voters and they will retain the majority who as good little bolsherviks. will vote for the wife of the first black president.

  • AUMom

    I read Ron Paul’s most recent book, Liberty Defined. Not one of the other republican candidates has the same message that Dr. Paul proclaims in this book. He is the first presidential candidate whose message I believe in strongly enough to have made campaign contributions. If you are unfamiliar with Dr. Paul, do your research; but don’t listen to everything the MSM ways about him.

  • paintbrushbright

    Are the GOP candidates right for America?
    A leader does not plead for votes as Michelle Bachman does constantly. A leader will admit his past mistakes and Romney will not admit that his Medicare look alike of Obamacare was a mistake. Ron Paul would have to be a dictator to make his policy’s work. It’s easier to sell good pizza to Americans for Herman Cain than to sell them on running the country. Pawlenty has the natural appearance of weakness of character rather than policy. Newt Gingrich let his ego make him look like a looser whose own staff would not follow his lead. Jon Huntsman will not be trusted because his past association and praise of President Obama. We have Government Rick Perry of Texas that has the best leadership qualities which is evident by the public. When a man is drafted by the people to run for president it tells you that he is a strong natural leader as a person plus a winning record on his personal résumé. Out of all the GOP candidates he would in my opinion be the best to lead. I will put my money on him unless a dark horse long shot is demanded by the American people and decides to run.
    My pick for a revival team for America:
    Rick Perry————————-President
    Mark Ribio————————Vice President
    John Bolton———————–Sec. of State
    Col. Allen West———- ——–Sec. of Defense
    Paul Ryan————————–Sec. of Treasury
    Judge Andrew P. Napolitano—-Attorney General
    Donald Trump———————Sec. of Commerce
    Mitt Romney———————-Sec of Interior
    ?————————————-Sec of Agriculture
    Chris Christy———————-Sec of Labor
    Rand Paul—————————Sec of health & human resources
    ?————————————Housing and urban development
    ?————————————Sec of Transportation
    ?————————————Sec of Energy
    Condoleezza Rice—————Sec of Education
    Lt. Col. Oliver North———–Veterans Affairs

    • AZMOM

      Rick Perry attended the Bilderberg meeting time before last. Are you crazy? He is Hillary,he is Obama, he is everything we shouldstand against. So many people still don’t get it. Listen to what they say. The candidates who say what you want to hear and point fingers, are the ones to run from. Those (the only one Ron Paul) who speaks of the Fed, monetary policy, liberty, peace and no more wars…are the ones telling you the truth. BY THEIR DEEDS YOU SHALL KNOW THEM. Ron Paul returns over $100,000 of his congressional budget to the taxpayers each year. Ron Paul OPTS OUT of the very lucritive pension plan…(no Constitutional authority, denying himself enormous amount os money) He never voted for a bill that wasn’t constitutional Do some homework…Read some books. Visit the MISES.ORG for learning about sound money.

  • http://rommney noBoma2012

    Rick Perry is a f#$kn lier,to paintbrushbright god told him to run i hope he wins just so you rick perry lovers will see that he is nothing but a tool for the new world order ready to spread tyereny to the western world and beond,you will see what a puppet he is (i really dont hope he wins) but i cant believe the dumb sheeple that like the lieing dog sh*t on my shoe Rick Perry. and that list of liers what a dumb sheep! you little lamb.Ron Paul and Rand Paul are yhe ones we the people need.and if not them then nobody (ANARCHY)long live the USA

  • Dan az

    Former Clinton adviser and TV pundit James Carville predicts that 2012 may see a strong three-way race for president – and one of the most “tumultuous” elections in US history.

    For sheer unpredictability, the 2012 campaign may top them all, says James Carville.

    “This is going to be the most tumultuous thing you can imagine,’’ Carville said in an interview Tuesday with the Los Angeles Times. “I wouldn’t be surprised if anything happens.’’

    The presidential race is ripe for a third-party entrant, Carville said. “Damn right.’’ And he is anticipating major turnover in Congress.

    “Look at the volatility out there!’’

    Carville didn’t offer a guess as to the identity of a third-party presidential candidate. And reelecting Obama won’t be easy, given the poor economy, Carville said.

    “It’s tough,’’ he said. But Democrats have one advantage. They’re squaring off against a Republican “brand’’ that has taken a “megahit,’’ he said.

    © Newsmax. All rights reserved.

    Read more on Carville Predicts Third Party Candidate in 2012

  • Bob

    Where is the coverage of Ron Paul who, with the help of the Constitution and understanding the will of our Founding Father’s has the best message of any potential candidate as Ron Paul understands the ailment’s this country is up against.
    Grant you, There would have to be people backing him that want this Nation to “NOT” fail as like me, many have families to be concerned about this nation having a future, as I have.
    The people who wish to save this nation, I believe, know that many will feel a pinch because this because the Federal Reserve along with the big bank’s and wall street have stolen money’s from even my great-grandson! There should be some going to prison over what has taken place.
    Just remember to study what Ron Paul has been telling us that the main stream media’s have tried to block out!!!
    May Gog Bless this Nation of Ours!

  • chuckb

    dan az, carville is a would be dick morris. typical democrat, try to over talk your opponent. carville is hillary and bills hit man and i believe will try to propel hillary into the nomination next year. they smell blood. this new republican congress has damaged the republican party, barry did them in, he coerced boehner. it would be interesting to see what boehner got for selling us down the river, he not only hurt the party he hurt the country.
    maybe if ever we need a third party it is now, a party free and clear of the washington elite.
    for some reason the repubs can’t govern the senate or the house, we know the bolsheviks can’t, so possibly the tea party can tear itself away from the repubs. the only thing that worries me is some of the tea party members went right along with the repub guard and signed off on the tragic budget bill.
    it’s time for the revolution, it’s time for the right change and it’s time now, hopefully the tea party will get it’s act together and we can vote out all the incumbents on both sides of the aisle including some of the newly elected tea party members.

    • bob wire

      I’d like to see that happen chuck.

  • bob wire

    Well Dick (the brown nose) Perry is Jesus’ing up and about to enter the ring, maybe you’ll like him better.

  • chuckb

    bobw, as it stands now the republicans are a bunch of wimpy do gooders.
    i couldn’t vote for anyone of them. ron paul doesn’t stand a chance.
    just the thought of romney as president makes me ill. i don’t know that much about perry. the only saviour for me is if palin decides to run and i think she will announce just that around the first of september or if trump runs i’ll vote for him, even though i don’t know much about his politics, i like the way he speaks out on the issues. as a life long republican and rebel up to 2007, i am thoroughly disgusted with the republican party and more so with the bolsheviks.

  • BAP362

    Oh Dear God! Our Father In Heaven. In Jesus name please don’t let Mitt Romney become the Republican nominee for President of the United States Of America. Please have the Republicans pick a much better choice than Mitt Romney. In Jesus name we pray. Amen !

  • Dan az

    Bob Livingston
    I think it maybe time for that list you promised us!PLEASE! :)
    this is getting out of hand!

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Dan az,

      I plan to analyze the GOP field in my column on Sept. 12.

      Best wishes,

      • Dan az

        Thanks Bob for the heads up!


    Everyone is missing the bigger issue. IT IS RON PAUL THEY DON’T WANT IN OFFICE, AND THEY WANT TO KEEP THE PEOPLE DIVIDED. We stand NO chance of living in an free and independent society if we are divided. All media, radio, and yes, even this print media do everything in their power to create conflict between we the people. But most important is the bigger issue, the Federal Reserve. And NO ONE BUT Ron Paul talks of it. Listen carefully, no one talks of it, but RP will always stick to issues. No name calling, no pointing fingers unless it is pointed at the FED and the evil it creates.

    Watch: How did this man know all this would happen when he stated it? He knew it because he understands money and the FED. Until the American sheeple turn off their TVs, pick up a book called “the creature from jekyll island” by g. edward griffin, they will NEVER understand REAL money, free market economics, the FEDeral Reserve, and the demise of the U.S. dollar. This is the heart of the debate. You won’t hear the debate in main stream media,radio, video, live or print because they are owned completely by the powers of the FED. It goes back before 1913. It is why the American revolution occurred. It is about MONEY and POWER. RON PAUL WANTS THE PEOPLE TO HAVE SOUND MONEY, AND POWER TO THE INDIVIDUAL, not the govt. king, dictator or anyone else.Your rights come from God protected by the Constitution. Ron Paul wants that for ALL of you, Repubs, Dems, Independ, Libertarian, and everyone. Now can you see why the socialistic owned media, yes all of it, do everything in their power to keep you from knowing anything about Ron Paul. Go to go to Start learning the truth that you will never see or hear in American media. What would you rather be a part of a $million dollars donated by 1 corporation or $millions of dollars donated by millions of people? I choose the latter. That is the power behind Ron Paul. Millions of people standing for their liberty and sound money from the fruits of their labor and living in a peaceful, free and independent society. That is the message of Ron Paul. God Bless Ron Paul.


    Gov. Gary Johnson deserves your attention as well. He has accomplished,during his two terms in his state, what most Libertarians would have to agree are CHANGES in the right direction. I think the ideal ticket would have Ron Paul as President, with Gov. Johnson as his VP. If you are for individual liberty and limited government and don’t support Rep. Ron Paul, it’s because your either are insincere in your goals, or you haven’t done your homework. Ron Paul expresses his creed very well in the several books he’s written. Also, Judge Napolitano is a must read as well, to understand how greatly big government has usurped our liberty, slowly, inexorably. Read all of them. If you do, you have no option except to support RON PAUL.



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