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Acai Berry: Weight-Loss Miracle or Hoax?

January 4, 2011 by  

Acai Berry: Weight-Loss Miracle or Hoax?

Weight loss supplementation is a billion dollar industry. Every supplement known to man has come and gone, from laxatives to metabolic boosters to fat trappers. Some work and others only drain the wallet. The new kid on the block is acai berry, and Oprah and Rachael Ray are its biggest fans.

The acai “berry” is actually a fruit. But its shape, size and color remind people of grapes. Unlike grapes, however, it doesn’t contain very much pulp. Also, the acai contains a single large seed, like the pit of a plum. The fruit grows on trees, with approximately 800 fruits per panicle (which is something like a branch). Acai are harvested and are a staple food in under-developed regions of the world. In fact, in a 1999 study of three ethnic groups in the Brazilian Amazon, acai palm was found to be such a major part of their diet that more than 40 percent of their meals contained this fruit.

Acai juice, extract and pulp are consumed today in various blended drinks, smoothies, ice creams, liqueurs and even in sodas. In the south of Brazil, it is consumed in a bowl mixed with granola. In addition to the above-named popular talk show hosts, respected physicians such as Dr. Nicholas Perricone have publicly called it one of Earth’s super foods.

It’s true that acai is nutritionally dense, but does taking acai supplements or enhanced juice beverages actually lead to weight loss? To be honest, the claim doesn’t seem to be true. As of today, there have been no controlled studies carried out to support its weight-loss miracle claim.

In fact, according to, "Companies used the fact that Oprah and Mehmet Oz talked about the acai berries on their shows to create the impression that Oprah and Oz were selling these products—and endorsing them," said David Schardt, from the Center for Science and Public Interest. The Center for Science and the Public Interest says there is no evidence acai actually helps you lose weight.

However, research has found (to varying degrees) that acai does contain high levels of antioxidants. It is touted and marketed in the United States as being able to simultaneously decrease appetite, increase energy, remove excess waste from the body, cure constipation, decrease bloating and water retention, relieve muscle cramps, aches and pain, lower cholesterol, reverse diabetes and improve heart and digestive health while cleansing the system. Wow!

So if acai can’t shed those pounds like the natural miracle berry it’s been hailed to be, at least consuming it can help you remain healthy and strong by virtue of its antioxidant power!

–Dr. Mark Wiley

Dr. Mark Wiley

is an internationally renowned mind-body health practitioner, author, motivational speaker and teacher. He holds doctorates in both Oriental and alternative medicine, has done research in eight countries and has developed a model of health and wellness grounded in a self-directed, self-cure approach. The Wiley Method provides a revolutionary way of providing recovery and prevention of chronic pain, illness and disease. Grab your FREE COPY of Dr. Mark Wiley's "The 3 Secrets to Optimal Health" HERE.

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  • David Wilde

    Before the economy crashed I was able to afford Mona Vie (over $100 per month for one person). It wasn’t just the Acai but 19 different fruits combined. I couldn’t tell you whether or not it was the the Acai or not but, I lost many pounds and inches around my waist, and I slept better. Felt like a million, had all the energy I needed and my joints didn’t ache like they used to!! As soon as I can afford it again, I am back on it, hopefully for life. I for one am a believer.

  • Bob Wire

    Hmm? interesting testimony and common it seems.

    Sounds too good to be true, I’ve been amused by the many stories over the past year.

    Well? Oprha is still quite large today, making me wonder just how “large” can the girl can get?

    A hundred a month is kinda “pricey” but good health is priceless.

  • Hannibal

    Well Mr. Wiley, we’re all different with different bodies as you know too well.. As a 55 y.o. man, I can soberly attest to the acai doing for me most of what was listed.. I am especially pleased with my continued weight loss..

    • Dr. Mark Wiley

      Dear Hannibal,
      I am pleased to hear you experienced weight loss, as this was your hope. Often it is not the actual ‘product’ that is causing the loss, but by taking the product the person actually makes a shift in how they live overall. As a result, weight is lost by virtue of an overall change (less food, healthier options, more exercise) brought on by the decision to be healthy while taking the product.

      In any event, whatever way we can reach our desired health levels I am pleased. And for sure acai is healthy and full of nutrients and anti-oxidants!

  • jeanelane

    Sometimes weight loss is caused by actually getting proper nutrition. So if this Mona Vie or whatever you are ingesting adds to the vitamins and such, it is a plus. Also, if you eat these berries, there is less room for junk. I wonder if apples, oranges, and other fruits and vegetable would do as much. Especially if it was touted by the popular media folks. Power of suggestion is very strong. If it works and isn’t harmful, go for it.

    • DaveH

      I agree, Jeane. I had a persistent jaw infection which caused me great pain and being out of work I decided to try a nutrition approach. I ate no processed foods, only those which came direct from nature (grains, nuts, vegetables, fruits, etc.). In a month I had gone from 205 to 175 pounds. Note that I wasn’t trying to lose weight. It happened so fast that for a while I thought maybe that I had cancer.

    • John Smith

      Totally agree about Nutrition!

      My question is when is the media going to really talk about nutrition? Nutrition is the health of our nation and all anyone cares about is profits.

      When is Personal Libarty Digest going to post a mainstream article about nutrition? Like how proper nutrition prevents CANCER!

      “Live free in an unfree world?” Here’s your chance.

      Let “The Beautiful Truth” be known!

  • Maranatha! Mark

    Hannibal, could the weight loss be attributed to something else, like a change in your overall diet, more exercise or something of that nature. Can you honestly say, the only change in your life that you are doing is taking the acai berry product (juice or tablets or fruit itself)? Are you still eating the same amount at meal time, and the same number of meals and snacks? Often, seemingly minor changes in our habits/diets trigger temporary weight loss.

    I truly hope it has helped you loose weight, Hannibal, as I know how difficult loosing weight is, especially as we grow older. But before you sing the praises of Acai berry products (weight loss properties), I would do a careful and honest review of my habits and diet, to make sure of what I am sharing with folks. As I am sure we don’t want to mislead folks.

  • Bitter Libertarian

    Slightly off topic but…
    I stopped using flouride toothpaste and have lost 5 pounds in 2 months. May not seem like much but in the Winter & holiday I normally put a few pounds on.
    Maybe its because I am getting a lil older (44) but my clarity & energy are pleasently consistant now. No more sleepy time after lunch.
    I just use a flouride free paste, no extra costs.

    • Grama M

      Both my Grandmother and Great-grandmother, mother and daughter, used plain old baking soda for brushing their teeth. I took up the family tradition. When first learning of the issue with the flouride that had been added to toothpaste years ago, I gave up the sugary flouride contaminated product for baking soda. Leaves your mouth and breath fresh, cuts down the acid in the mouth and is oh so much healthier. I am 72 years old and have been doing this for 50 years or more.

      • pro4art

        Baking soda for tooth paste for many years. Dental tech and Dentist always complimented me on very healthy gums, like a very young person, and I passed that stage 45 years ago.

        BTW, stop using refined sugar. Use a sustitute. I lost 10 pounds in 2 months, and 5 years later, the weight is still off.

  • David Lee

    I agree wih David Wilde. I too was able to afford Monavie before the economy tanked and got great results but can no longer afford it. Too bad because it was the best tasting juice I have ever had! I’ve tried the Acai berry capsules from various manufacturers though, and unfortuntely have not obtained the results that I experienced with the Monavie product.

  • David

    It’s a simple formula: calories in versus calories out. If you eat better and exercise you will sleep better ergo feel better and lose weight to boot. Now pay me a billion dollars.

    • William

      It’s not that simple. If you don’t get all the nutrients that you body
      needs, you will have fill hunger and eat more than needed. Will power usually can’t keep you from doing this. So when you eat right staff (I mean no processed food and a lot fruits and veggies FRESH!) your body working more correctly and you eat less. And your will be thinner and healthier.

  • Tim Singleton

    No fruit juice is better than its fruit. Concentrating all that fruit sugar in a juice will pack on the pounds in a hurry, whatever the ant-oxidant load may be.

    Eat the fruit, drink plain water. Juicing and throwing all the fiber and unknowns out with the pulp, then gulping the sugar water that is left over is just a bad plan.

  • Jelo

    Acai, The only place you can get the full benefits of Acai is in MonaVie. They have the patent on the drying process. It is scientifically documented and I can get the patent numbers for you to verify what I am saying if you want. You could just eat the fruit. But ever wonder why Acai is not in the stores? It has to be processed and dried withing 48 hours or it rots. Monavie uses the whole fruit, 19 fruits. pulp and all. it cost about $0.35 a serving of MonaVie compared to over $0.55 of buying fruit at the store. Watch Foodmatters on you tube and you will find out buying fruits and veggies at the store are not healthy for you as you are lead to beleive. As for weight loss… Eat better, Exercise, drink fluids.
    You can also get MonaVie for free but it takes a little effort.
    By blending the fruits it actually becomes better for you than if you just eat the fruit itself. (Dr. Schauss see him on YouTube as well)

  • Ann

    I have been drinking Monavie for about 2 years. I lost 5 lbs in the first 2 months but no more. It’s not a weight loss product but more for nutrition and antioxidants. I will be a drinker for life.

  • Anne

    I signed on to sell Monavie after a friend’s mother gave me the info and gave me some to try. After two days of drinking it, I broke out in a rash all over my body. Naturally I stopped drinking it and it took weeks to get rid of the rash. My friend’s husband had the same reaction and could not drink it.

  • Polski

    Remember, every one of us is unique body wise, body chemistry wise, so what works for some people won’t work for other people. Remember, the media are CROOKS!! Their favorite statement is “IT HAS NOT BEEN PROVEN THAT THIS WORKS”. What they don’t say is that it’s equally true that “IT HAS NOT BEEN PROVEN THAT THIS DOES NOT WORK”. The media gets lots of money from all the other corporation CROOKS (all corporation CEOs and executives are CROOKS) and says whatever the other CROOKS tell them to say.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest Ted

    With much interest I read todays article and comments because today I received a shipment of Acai Fat Burn and a bottle of Acai Super Cleanse.
    My wife talked me into going on this “diet” with her.
    I’m a 55 y/old male, 6’1″, 252 pounds.
    As I could stand to lose a few (or more) I’ve agreed to do this with her.
    Cheer for me and in a couple of weeks I’ll let everyone know how its going.

    • Dr. Mark Wiley

      Ted, I wish you luck on your cleanse. These are easier with a partner to do them with, so you have strength and support in the home! Keep us posted.

  • sam

    tried monvie for 2 months. still have 4 more bottles. i’ll drink em all. buy some more later.

  • wisdom

    So I can feel confident in the group saying this stuff doesn’t help people lose weight, where does The Center for Science and Public Interest stand on the benefits of marijuana?

  • stella H

    I have been on Acri Berry for sometime. Lost about ten pounds I go a month or so and then stop and later go back to it. I am back on it again, on one day off one day and it is working. Also I do not get as hungry

  • William Floyd Quimby

    Want a friend …send them a case of Monvie!

  • Sonjadesign

    I think that natural Acai weight loss pills is one of those products that you either love it or you dont. I think some people expect too much. I chose the Dr. Max Powers Burn (which contains ALOT of Acai) because it helps curve my cravings. I was getting to be a crazy snacker.

    At first, I didnt really notice too much difference but over time, I found that I was having less cravings. this saved me money and helped stop my trend of gaining weight. I am now on my 4th bottle of the Dr. Max Powers Burn and I guess I have now become a loyal customer. I am starting to fit into clothes I didnt fit into for quite some time. YEAY! I never throw anything out.

  • Synsepalum

    I really appreciate this post. If only more dietitians knew of the benefits that Miracle Fruit offers. Anyway, I just wanted to say great info!


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