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Abortion Survivor Attacks Obama

August 31, 2012 by  

Abortion Survivor Attacks Obama
In 2001, Barack Obama questioned whether a “pre-viable fetus” is a person.

Pro-life advocates The Susan B. Anthony List are ready to begin a TV ad campaign that criticizes President Barack Obama’s stance on abortion. The first ad features Melissa Ohden, a woman who was born alive despite an attempt to abort her.

“Many children, more than you might think, actually survive failed abortions and are born alive. I know because I’m one of them,” says Ohden in the ad.

“When he was in the Illinois state Senate, Barack Obama voted to deny basic constitutional protections for babies born alive from an abortion — not once, but four times. Is this the kind of leadership that will move us forward, that will discard the weakest among us?” she asks.

As a Senator, Obama spoke against the Born Alive Infants Protection Act. Obama thought it would be OK to let infants die if they survived an abortion. Read more of the details here, here, here and here.

In 2001, Obama said:

Whenever we define a pre-viable fetus as a person that is protected by the Equal Protection Clause or other elements of the Constitution, what we’re really saying is, in fact, that they are persons that are entitled to the kinds of protections that would be provided to a — a child, a 9-month-old — child that was delivered to term.

That determination then, essentially, if it was accepted by a court, would forbid abortions to take place. I mean, it – it would essentially bar abortions, because the Equal Protection Clause does not allow somebody to kill a child, and if this is a child, then this would be an anti-abortion statute. For that purpose, I think it would probably be found unconstitutional.


Bryan Nash

Staff writer Bryan Nash has devoted much of his life to searching for the truth behind the lies that the masses never question. He is currently pursuing a Master's of Divinity and is the author of The Messiah's Misfits, Things Unseen and The Backpack Guide to Surviving the University. He has also been a regular contributor to the magazine Biblical Insights.

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    • Warrior

      Possibly there could be an exemption made for say, potential offspring of progressives? Hmmm, they seem to be the ones that love to push that envelope. You decide.

      • old hillbilly

        good idea, but… As said elsewhere, why doesn’t someone with the creative skills to accurately symbolize and show the a pile of dead bodies & relative pile of their bones to present an accurate picture of US abortion since Rowe v Wade. Then create piles depicting the works of Mao, Pol Pot, & Hitler for comparison & ranking. Might even consider world-wide abortion numbers for the fun of it. The dems are probably not #1 yet, but they’re going full thunder for it!

        If black children are favorite targets, why in God’s name would any black person vote for BO & his progressives??? One might conclude that the elitist commies have been culling the herd, beginning with those independent and moral enough to believe in God. Who knows what lies in the minds of those sick enough to kill a defenseless innocent child!

    • Robert Smith

      Why is a right winger allowed to shoot an intruder in their house, but a woman can’t evict someone invading her very own body?


      • Anastasia Beaverhouser

        TAHT IS ONE OF THE DUMBEST COMMENTS EVER!!!! the intruder is INTRUDING to cause harm….the BABY is innocent. GOOD GOSH..your mom did a POOR job raising you!

      • Anastasia Beaverhouser

        I’m still just in awe of your absurdness….you have either been brain washed or lobotimized.

      • Robert Smith

        “intruder is INTRUDING to cause harm”

        Really? If someone came to your house and had a pass from the government that said you MUST give them food, shelter, and all that is needed for that person I’ll bet you would want them out no matter what your government said.

        Oh, and they are only “innocent” because in your religion some guy named Jesus got crossed up with the government and did away with “sin” for them. Other mythologies are different.

        BTW, “sin” is a relative term. What I worry about is the Constitution and what laws are based on that, not someone’s religion.


      • Wendy

        You are actually going to compare an innocent infant who had NO choice to be there with a fowl, despicable, and immoral criminal. Wow.

      • Michele

        Because one makes the choice to break into the house, and the other is there in almost all cases because two people decided to be irresponsible, and in the process made a baby. The baby didn’t have a choice, and after giving birth to three babies, they in no way invaded MY body. I DO hope you have no children, and no intention to have any because your thought process about pregnancy is way off…and my educated guess is that your thought process on raising the little invaders would make you a bad parent.

      • Alex Frazier

        The baby didn’t invade her body. She opened the door and let it in.

      • Jonathan

        I guess that you should be glad that your mother didn’t think the same way as you.

      • diamond1957

        Robert Smith, you are the perfect reason to allow abortions, Your Godless, heartless, brainless, thoughtless, and pretty much a lifeless pile of dung.

      • jt

        “Why is a right winger allowed to shoot an intruder in their house, but a woman can’t evict someone invading her very own body?”

        Two things:

        The second Amendment and “castle doctrine” type laws do NOT only apply to so-called “right wingers”. They apply equally to POTENTIAL VICTIMS, regardless of political bent. And in the case of abortion, you have the roles reversed. The infant is the potential victim, not the “invader”.

        I can’t help but notice that you seem to apply the status of “person” to an unborn child (which is of course, the correct view). Most anti-life types argue that an unborn infant is NOT a person at all. YOU, on the other hand, seem to fully accept that he or she IS a person, but that another person (namely the MOTHER) has the right to impose the death penalty on said person, in the complete absence of any crime, unless of course being an “inconvenience” has become a crime.


        Should I then be allowed to impose the death penalty on someone simply because they subject me to some sort of inconvenience? How about the incompetent cashier who can’t count change? How about the politicians who claim my hard-earned income and redistribute it to their voting base so they can continue to make liberal babies on my dime? Would you still support the “right to choose” then?

        Like suicide, abortion is a permanent solution to a temporary situation. Still, suicide is illegal, particularly the “assisted” variety.

      • rendarsmith

        No one ever accused Robert Smith of being smart….

      • Hmmmmm

        Uh, duh, her body has ALREADY been intruded on by the PERPETRATOR of the conception! more than likely, willingly. Babies are final results of “love” making. Where’s the “love” during an abortion?

      • http://personalliberty cmanap40

        Well now Robert Smith, which is it? Is the baby an invader of a woman’s body or is the baby a part of the woman’s body? You seem to forget Robert Smith that the big argument for killers of babies in the womb is that the baby is a part of a woman’s body and as such, she has a right to do with that baby or part of her body that she wishes as determined by the STUPID SUPREME COURT IN ROE v WADE using the Fourth Amendment as the misguided reasoning for upholding the slaughter of babies by their own MOTHERS BECAUSE THEY COULDN’T CONTROL THEMSELVES AND REALLY NEEDED THAT SEX and HAVE THAT MAIL PENIS INVADE THEM. THE DIFFERENCE IS THAT THE SEX ACT LASTS FOR A SHORT TIME AND IS PLEASURABLE BUT HAVING THE BABY LASTS A LIFETIME AND CAUSES WORK AND DISCOMFORT. So, why kill a human being completely innocent who did not participate the invading just on the false premise that the baby is a part of a woman’s body except you said Robert Smith that the baby is an invader. At the same time you compare the baby to someone breaking into your house to rob or/and kill you. If a baby came walking into your house or breaking into your house you would shoot that baby, right. The full grown man breaking into your house then is as big a threat as a baby in the womb to your way of thinking, if you you can call that thinking.

        You would then allow this house invader, this full grown man or men to come into your house and kill you so that you can make the ridiculous statement that the baby in the womb is an invader of the woman’s body not a part of the woman’s body for if the baby is a part of the woman’s body how could that baby be an invader?

        The facts are that you, Robert Smith are full of crap and a baby killer by promoting abortion. The baby is a separate being from the mother. The baby is its own person and the baby’s body is the baby’s body, not the mother’s body. The existence of the placenta and the umbilical cord are proof of that just like a rocket on the launch pad the umbilical cord feeding the rocket electrical energy to the rocket’s system until the rocket is ready to go off on its own or like when a baby can sustain itself and is ready to be launched. Would you call the earth a part of the rocket?

        You must do some rethinking of the obvious truths of existence of life and the meaning of what a being is in relation as to what it is a part of in regards to all of being and the existence of being.

      • Elton Robb

        You’re right. Your mother should have killed you in her womb.

      • Carla Moore

        I can understand why you’re a democrat. You’re ignorant, and believe all that they tell you. You’d better believe I’d shoot someone breaking into my house. Wouldn’t you, if your family was at risk? I’m not pro abortion, but it’s the law. However, I do think that limits should be set as to how far into the pregnancy it should be allowed. If the baby is so far along that it could survive outside the womb, that is definitely too late for an abortion. Obama supports abortion up until the ninth month. What a monster. And he’s our president. God save his soul.

      • Enufalready

        Mr. Smith – You invaded your own mother’s body! How could you? To your own mother! Have you no shame? What an unspeakable act! Do the right thing. Atone for your sin. Kill yourself.

      • General ” Bull” Shipper

        Did you eat a big bowl of stupid just before you made this comment? How a person with brain one could make such a statement is beyond me. Oh i know you were just kidding, no, you were not. wow

      • theresa

        I have an idea…let the babies live and kill the mothers after the babies’ births. Death is death, right? I’ll adopt some innocent babies and love and raise them to be responsible citizens who take responsibility for their actions, just as I have my own children. In a way, killing the mothers and fathers who want to abort will be like cutting the head of a monster. I think most kind and responsible (conservatives) people would be glad to take your babies that you don’t want just to get rid of this kind of thinking. What?!…too graphic?….Too harsh?….Too unthinkable?….Really? You think this is worse than murdering an innocent baby? I don’t. I think it’s a solution. I have no problem with the death of horrible people. It is the death of defenseless babies that I feel is deplorable.


        “Robert Smith,”



      • http://yahoo marc lizotte

        Maybe she should think of securing her uterus before sex so that she need not have to harm an INNOCENT HUMAN BEING in the making FOOL!

      • Stuart Shepherd

        Robert Smith- you are so completely ignorant morally and ethically I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near you and hope I’m not. How is the baby an “intruder” if she invited him in (which I’m pretty sure she did except in the case of forcible rape)!!!! She has no responsibility for not killing her own child that she was co-responsible for creating? Abortion is not just “wrong”- it’s plain EVIL in the worst possible way. Even the Jews genocided in the Holocaust were not as innocent and defenseless as these babies. It is absolutely disgusting that a once great and good nation would allow pre-infanticide- the country with the rights to “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.” I truly believe that abortion is WHY God has allowed us to almost completely destroy ourselves economically and socially.

        Have you ever seen an abortion?! I have, when I was a medical student at Stanford and mistakenly went into the “wrong” OR when doing a OB/GYN rotation. I literally got sick to my stomach and thought I would vomit when I realized that I wasn’t watching a baby being born under the sheet spread over the “mother”‘s open legs but could hear the sucking gurgling sound of the vacuum syringe and could see the chopped up bits of the baby traveling through the vacuum tubing to the “waste disposal” container on the wall- to be later literally dumped into the trash!!!! The baby had been cut up through D and C and the use of a whirling blade!!!!!!!! The Nazis were nowhere NEAR as gruesome as this. Abortion is the evil of all evils, without exception, and we viciously fight for the “right” to perform it. Our country is WAY, WAY, WAY beyond hope as a place of decency, goodness, and fairness and will never be again. We have lost our “innocence.” Any nation that could sanction that, even for a minute, has completely and irretrievably lost it’s moral compass!!!!

        How’s that for a definitive answer to your foolishness and cynicism?!!

      • http://n/a AmFer

        You, actually invited them in when you spread your legs or, in your case, entered the source. Are you that dense!!!

      • Barb

        First off it isn’t the baby’s choice to be concieved! In “most” cases the mother is a willing particpant in the conception of the child. So the baby IS NOT an invader. Some people make poor choices, the innocent child wasn’t given a say. An invader is like the millions who come here illegally and yes, we have to fed them, house them, educated them and in many cases pay for their college. Yet I don’t have a right to say send them home, but I do have to pay for the murder of uncountable innocent lives! Something is wrong with this!!!

      • Informed in Las Vegas

        an intruder is there to steal or kill you or both, don’t you think it’s a little different then killing an innocent child. It the women would keep their legs crossed we wouldn’t have this problem. They will burn in hell for their 15 minutes of pleasure.

      • dcjdavis

        Unbelievable….Just completely unbelievable. You must be an alien from some cold distant planet.

      • http://N/A Eric The Red

        ROBERT…were you BORN this offensive and ignorant or is it the result of years of effort? To suggest that a baby has ‘invaded’ a mother’s body and thus should be thrust out…is INSANE! Is it aTICK? A tapeworm?

        I WILL deliberately insult your intelligence by pretending that you actually BELIEVE that EFFED UP TRIPE you put on display for all to see! You must be the same Robert who spews all over the TH site as well.

      • Jerry Cayce

        Because she spread her legs,willingly,she allowed penetration,willingly,she more than likely invited the penetration of said man,willingly. One does not willingly invite a thief,robber,murderer,or gang banger into ones’ house,willingly,now does one?

      • Vigilant

        Smith says, “Oh, and they are only “innocent” because in your religion some guy named Jesus got crossed up with the government and did away with “sin” for them. Other mythologies are different.”

        No, Smith, you’re a moron, so obssessive about Christianity that you attempt to frame all arguments against the backdrop of your hatred for it. You have done it again and again.

        Innocence is a universally recognized concept that can stand on its own without your patently false attempt to tie it to Christianity alone. “Murder” is also a universally accepted term.

        It’s not common sense at issue here, it’s common decency, of which your sentiments are completely devoid. If I had the power, I’d sentence you to a month of being forced to watch partial birth abortions. If you came away from that with the same sentiments, then you would be worthy of commitment to an institution for sociopaths. You would have relinquished any right to mingle with decent society.

        Then Smith says, “BTW, “sin” is a relative term. What I worry about is the Constitution and what laws are based on that, not someone’s religion.”

        Smith doesn’t have the slightest clue as to the Constitution’s origins. The Natural Law precepts of rights to life, liberty and property are also standalone endowments irrespective of your particular religious beliefs. Not only is the Constitution emasculated in the absence of this fundament, any “laws” promulgated in the absence of these rights are null and void.

      • Robert Smith

        From jt: “YOU, on the other hand, seem to fully accept that he or she IS a person,”

        Sometimes I do exactly that to show just how absurd the right wing screeching is.

        For example, the right does NOT want to give food, medical care, shelter, or anything else to those who haven’t “earned” it. Yet what’s inside a woman hasn’t “earned” anything. Yet you insist that SHE must provide all that it needs.

        Sheesh, your “arguments” just aren’t consistant.

        After it’s born are you going to make sure it gets health care? Oops th answer to that is NO. Food? Nope. Shelter? No to that one too.

        So, aren’t the born worth taking care of too?


      • meadowlands

        Is that what YOU were-an invasion in your mother’s body?

      • old hillbilly

        A truly great subject – based on the endless comments by people with a brain and conscience replying to the blatant satanic being of the democrat party… many defending life & liberty vs. one vile idiot… says BO & & the progressives are truly going to move on, the cliff, & out with a big foot up their rear end!

        Conception is the work of God, not mother or father; and no one owns another human whatsoever in a free society. It’s extremely easy to avoid conception – no cost if you don’t plant the sperm, offer the egg, and nurture it, & endless ways to prevent the egg and sperm to ever meet and be fertilized.

        There are the dumb, and the damned dumb.. Robert, BO, Jo-jo, nanny & the rest are off the chart. Wallow with slime and you become slime. Discriminate between right and wrong and learn what freedom is!

      • Bob

        Robert Smith, Did your mother have any children that lived?

      • michael

        For you to make such stupid and immoral comments like that, you should never have deserved to be born. Maybe you should have taken one of theyre places as your punishment you ignorant punk.

    • Charles Victorian

      Don’t blame Obama, blame the one who tried to abort you.

      • the big easy

        @-charles—————-COMRADE—————Is you crazy ? ? ? ? Don’t blame obummmer,don’t blame obummmer,who is it that is sitting in the white house (until Nov.6,2012) that IS giving our TAX DOLLARS to the pukes over at planned parent-hoods ? ? ? ? —————–What a puke———————

      • diamond1957

        Obama and others like him are enablers, they sought to be leaders and have mislead, they are as guilty as the sin itself.

  • Fedup

    Anyone with any self-respect should be ashamed to be associated with the demoncrat party.

    • Robert Smith

      Same for the Republican part, the party of control of individuals.


      • Abby

        What kool ai have you been drinking. This administration is all about control. Wake up and live free.

      • cawmun cents

        So the Smith…
        Are you one of those wh thins that affordable healthcare is a
        And if you are then you are okay with the fact that now….you can be taxed for your rights?
        What kind of control is that?
        Why Smith….it is the kind of control we left those European countries to come here for.
        Who makes taxable a “right”?
        The Democrats…..who you seem to fervently support.
        You are either too stupid to know what is happening right in front of your eyes,or you are in cahoots with the folks who clearly think its okay to do these things.
        Which is it Smith?

      • the big easy

        @-r s ——————COMRADE————–Is you crazy ? ? ? ? ? ?With this administration giving ALL our TAX PAYER MONEY to the pukes that can work,but prefer to SPONGE off the TAX PAYERS ,which DOOMS the SPONGES to be SLAVES to the gobermint for their everything,food,housing,transportation,healthcare,clothing,cell-phones,schooling,big screen t.v.’s,etc.,etc.,ALL the while,SOMEONE ELSE is PAYING for those things.——–Sounds to me ,that you are one of those SPONGES.———————–No self respect,dignity,integrity.——————-WHOS YOUR DADDY ? ? ? The gubermint ! ! ! ————-What a puke—————————

      • http://n/a AmFer

        well, now you’ve verified it – you are dense!

      • Renée

        Robert Smith, I know how hard it is for some people to see the truth for what it is but with rights come with responsibilty. One of those is making choices that don’t do harm to others. If your life is in danger, that’s one thing but to harm an innocent baby, that goes against all human rights. That baby, regardless of how it is conceived is a human being with rights. I know you don’t believe in God and that’s a shame but you were given that right to be born, why shouldn’t all babies have that right. There are thousands of childless couples out there that would love to adopt that child and have to go out of the country to even find babies to adopt because all the people here in the u.s. are cruel and inhumane and kill them. It is a horrible, violent and painful operation for those poor babies especially the late term abortions. Try and find a video to watch so you can see what in fact happens to those babies. If you do, I hope that you will change your stance on this terrible occurance that is running rampant in our country. Regardless if Obama agrees with it or not, I hope you will change your mind. One thing people who vote for Obama forget, what EVER he stands for, when you place that vote for him, you stand for it too, no matter how vile or corrupt it is. If he stands for it, so do you! I hope and pray for your soul Robert. With the choice of not believing in God, you have made the choice, all on your own to live your eternity in hell and I don’t know about anyone else, I don’t want that to be my eternal home. Think about your choices, for every action there is a reaction. Are your actions the right ones? Are they leading to something positive or negative. They ALL affect others in some small or large way. Choose wisely Robert life is shorter than you think.

      • Smilee

        cawmun cents says:
        August 31, 2012 at 8:48 am

        So the Smith…
        Are you one of those wh thins that affordable healthcare is a
        “right”? And if you are then you are okay with the fact that now….you can be taxed for your rights?


        Article I, Section 8 reads ‘the Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes …. To pay the Debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare of the United States” Note it does not place greater importance on common defense over general welfare, they are equal powers and who can say defense is small government today , it is huge. This is what the majority of the SC cited in Roberts majority opinion which gave the green light to Obamacare saying Congress does have the power to give you this right and the right to tax you to do it. You see the Constitution defines what Congress can and cannot do and if it gives Congress the power it then overrides states rights as written in the tenth amendment which give states rights if not given to the Congress. The constitution never defined what size government should be it leaves that power to congress within the limits imposed on it but size is not included in that and now that it has been determined that Obamacare is within the power of Congress to do how can anyone now still say the Constitution limits the size of government as this is big. Conservative often say this is not true but it is.

  • W. Zachary

    The cat is already out of the bag. The onus of having a child out of wedlock has been removed and abortions among many is just another means of birth control. If it becomes illegal again, a net must be put in place to catch and care for these infants. Birth control pills aren’t enough…contraceptive implants also need to be made available to those who cannot afford them. Telling teenagers to abstain when hormones are most active is just absurd. There should be safety nets in place to care for unwanted babies…orphanages, swift but thoroughly checked adoptions. Last but not least, kids need education on the preciousness of life and what they can do if they suddenly find themselves in a career threatening pregnancy. Think it through. Bring the Pledge of Allegiance back into the classroom along with school prayer and minor corporal punishment.

    • Robert Smith

      Schools are paid for by the government. The governmen shall NOT sponsor a state religion, thus preying in schools of any sort is out.

      But hey… If a kid wants to think an prey directly to his god in such a way nobody around him can hear he is welcome to get whatever answers from his god that his god is willing to give before a pop quiz. Studying is better, but whtever floats your boat.


      • nativetexan

        Robert lunatic smith, it is a shame that your mother didn’t abort you. After reading these posts, she would probably ask for a do-over. By the way, do us all a favor and tell your spouse (if there is someone that dumb) to keep her legs crossed. We don’t need any more of your kind polluting our space.

      • Abby

        Hey Bob,
        That theory has gone out the window as our POTUSA has been pushing praying for the Muslims, putting them in official government offices, etc. How is that keeping religion and government separate.?
        Besides the intention of our forefathers was to keep government out of religion, not the other way. WOW, the misinterpretations run amok.

      • Alex Frazier

        Robert …

        1) I pay for the school, not the government. I pay for my local schools through direct taxation that is itemized to show just how much of my property tax goes to the school. I also pay income tax, capital gains tax, surtaxes, gas tax, and a number of other taxes that fund the Federal government, so the funding provided to the schools federally is paid for by me as well.

        2) A child in school can pray to themselves or out loud. It’s not Congress’ place to enforce or prohibit religion. What the Constitution actually says is that Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. So they have no authority to support or oppose religion in any capacity.

      • Rebecca

        “Schools are paid for by the government”

        Really? I just paid $435.00 to get my child registered as a senior at a public school. That came out of MY paycheck. In addition to the taxes I pay. Doesn’t sound too much like the government is paying for my daughter’s education.

        And Robert…as far as your knowledge of abortion goes….you need to do some research and become more educated on the subject before you continue to compare thugs who break and enter to an innocent baby. While you are at it, why don’t you get some psycho-therapy. If I had to guess, I would say that you were an unwanted child by the way you are so dogmatic about this subject.

      • the big easy

        @-r s——————-COMRADE————-Is you crazy———The gubermint IS the PEOPLE.If you were to read the CONSTITUTION,you would see that is says that the state ( a.k.a. the gubermint ) can NOT institute any one religion, WE are FREE to PRAY as WE see fit.So as for PRAYING , it DOES NOT go against the CONSTITUTION.———What a puke————–So to you PRAYER should NOT be allowed ! ! !———— What a puke————If by some weird chance you STUMBLED over the CONSTITUTION,you might see that GOD is very VISIBLE thru-out the document.Just take a look at the MONEY of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICAN,it says ‘ IN GOD WE TRUST ‘,get it.We have the FREEDOMS and the LIBERTIES,because of GOD.Why is IT that ALL those other countries,that are COMMUNISTIC ,have NO FREEDOMS OR LIBERTIES ? ? ? ? ?————-What a puke——————You sould move to one of those countries that think like you do,cuba,russia,iran,egypt,pockystan,all the other stans,china,korea,etc.,etc..—–If you don’t have the BUS fare,I will start up a KICK THE COMMIE OUT fund for your fare.And be sure to GIVE UP your AMERICAN CITIZENSHIP ( if you really are an AMERICAN CITIZEN ) as you leave this THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD ,and don’t let the BORDER hit you on the ass on the way OUT.—————What a puke——————-

      • Dave J

        Hey “the big easy”,
        I’d be glad to contribute to that SEND ROBERT SMITH TO IRAN FUND. Just make sure it’s a one-way ticket with no possibility of returning!
        And I wonder which path Mama Obama would have chosen if she was given the choice of having the “non-person” vacuum sucked from her womb because it became an inconvenient bother.

      • toni cory

        Learn how to spell. I PRAY for you so that you do not PREY on innocent people’

      • Smilee

        Abby says:
        August 31, 2012 at 8:06 am

        The government on government property allows this but the religious group must do it separate from others and cannot require anyone to participate. Many schools allow christian groups to meet and pray on government property as long as they are separate and participation is not required of anyone. There are christian groups whom meet at the flag pole in front of many schools for prayer each morning or in rooms after school. This is done as long as all religions have the same right but not all will do it.

      • Jay

        Schools are NOT paid for by government. Schools are payed for by TAX-PAYERS!!!

        Government pays for NOTHING, dumb dumb…

      • TML

        Robert says, “Schools are paid for by the government. The governmen shall NOT sponsor a state religion, thus preying in schools of any sort is out.”

        While I believe schools are paid for by tax payers; allowing prayer in school should in no way be considered as sponsoring a religion. The constitution states the government can not prohibit the free exercise of a religion, thus praying in school is a constitutionally protected natural right.

      • Robert Smith

        “thus praying in school is a constitutionally protected natural right.”

        So, it’s OK for a muslum tp pray in school?

        Or is it just the christians who can prey on others?


      • TML

        “So, it’s OK for a muslum tp pray in school?”


      • TML

        “Or is it just the christians who can prey on others?”

        I fail to see how personal prayer is considered preying in others. I will say, however, that I think it would be unethical for a teacher to lead a class in prayer outside of a sporting event. (Prayer before a game, for example, is not necessarily done ‘in school’)

      • meadowlands

        Obviously you didn’t spend much time in school. Your spelling is atrocious

    • Average Joe

      Once again, Robert Smith stumps for… stupity…who woulda thunk.
      BTW folk RS a simply a Troll..stop feeding him by responding.
      Ignore, Ignore, Ignore!!!!!!!

      Best Wishes,

      • Robert Smith

        Thanks for the mention, AJ.

        BTW, could you really leave me and my family alone? You know, don’t prey on the at school, don’t mess with them when they go to the doctor, don’t send the to jail if they have some pot…


  • Beata

    “CAREER THREATENING” pregnance. Now there’s a new idiocy. Why is it that this “CAREER MINDED” idiot got pregnant in the first place. Because, they were stupid enough to have unprotected sex, OR they were too high on something to protect themselves. I’m getting sick and tired of hearing the stupid “hormone” thing. Believe me, women of my generation, and boys of my generation (over 60) had the same hormones that they have now. We just learned how to control our “ME” and “I”, because it was the right thing to do. I, and many of my girlfriends were virgins (is that a dirty word, now?) when we got married. I this generation so selfish, so STUPID, that they don’t know how to control themselves. Well, YES. You’re not allowed to tell a child or teenarger that what they are doing is wrong. “IF IT FEELS GOOD DO IT”. Well, thank God my grandchildren go to a school where they are still taught moral values, instead of “IF IT FEELS GOOD DO IT”.

  • Jerry

    Robert, I can only hope and pray that people with your intellect are not registered to vote!

  • June Estep

    When a California Senator said she was walking the Danube on 9-11, and the empty shoes of haulacaust victims lined the river.(trying to excuse herself being out of the country on our dime) ……well, if we criss crossed the USA with the empty booties of abortion victims, I wonder how many miles it would travel. I think we should. It would sure be a boon for bootie manufacturers. I could crochet a dozen for the project. I would like to see the impact of this illustrated.
    Isnt it interesting that the number of illegal immigrants are said to number about the same amount as the abortion victims…can we start calling the murdered babies, victims..?…. it makes you think the govmt. recognized the need to add back in those tax payers. and, they engineer our society by choosing the racial content of immigration, calling those of us who favor legal immigration as racists. Interesting that muslims are infiltrating our southern hemisphere and even the catholic church with this new fangled social justice message of the hybrid muslim/christian new world order faith, Rev. Wright style. Notice how many leaders of the black community with “Rev.” in front of their names favor abortion? huh? oh, social justice thru social engineering. Remember the black community is not in favor of abortion, while a large percentage of the abortions are committed there. How heartwrenching that the new black slave masters encourage blacks to separate from their own values. That is another subject but really horrific that this genocide is occuring.
    To use the abortion tool as a social engineering tool……should we do commercials with abortion scalpals? and make that point?
    I think commercials of women who look back with regret would be effective.
    also, this is so gross, how about a ultra sound video of an abortion. can we watch the little face as it is “painlessly” murdered ? not sure how to get this video since the scalpel holders would not be pleased….but, it would work.
    also, if a film were made to follow the money…..those little trash can kids are hauled away for big, big bucks. they go in our lipsticks, and creams and medicines. follow the money with a film. we can stop those corporations you know. Years ago, my husband was given urakarnaze for blood clots, later finding out he was at risk for aids. the fetus’ they used to make this $50 dollar an hour medicine (he had like 50 hours of it)…. were not aids- tested, and mostly made from low rent district prostitutes….it was yanked from the market,.. no doubt to be aids- tested and relabeled under another name. We were freaked out and never would have agreed to that. Shooting dead babies in your bloodstream is a horrific sad thought.
    How many pretty lip glosses are made with those sweet little bodies? and, what horrific medical experiments are taking place? any of them kept alive on purpose to further experiment with? forgotten little life forms? not a wierd question. I am not the wierd one. We let progressives define our vocabulary.
    This is BIG, BIG business and dont think it is only liberals that are profiting. I think we should go after it.

  • redneck

    Robert smith needs to self abort!!!! what a worthless peice of crap!!! the featus is there because the woman decided to have unprotected sex. She had a choice and she made it. now she decides it wasnt a good choice.. Robert.. your mom should abort you now!!! what a piece of [expletive deleted] you are!!!! I hate people who murder, and Robert supports Murder. Robert I want to invite you to be an intruder in my house.. God has a special place for people like you. People who disobey thou shalt not kill commandment!!

    To acutally call a featus an intruder, and call for its execution. that is sub human. The featus is there because the woman made a choice. she had un-protected sex.. Play with matches and burn your house down.. have un protected sex and get pregnant. The choice was made.

    • Robert Smith

      Hey redneck: “the featus is there because the woman decided to have unprotected sex.”

      Don’t tell Mary and Joe that!


      • old hillbilly

        Good analogy – Mary & Joseph didn’t abort divine interception, & put their lives at risk to protect the fetus and baby!

        Maybe you & the fluker woman could get together, twist a tail, build a big bon fire, hold hands, jump in, & poof it all goes up in smoke… proving there is no God, pot is good, & BO will clean up the mess with a rug and prayer to his moon god!

  • TheTruthHurts

    Disgusting pigs

    People are irrational & ignorant

    • Thomas the Doubter

      Yes they are! And the guy making the video is the worst kind of irrational and ignorance.

      If abortion is so bad , why don’t you teach your children to behave? Because then you might have to behave yourself!

      You might have to stop making wars that kill innocent by-standers, you might have to change the meaning of successful to not include the brand of shoes you
      wear. You might actually have to accept what a bunch of greedy self indulgent superstitious war mongers the Western world has become.

      Irrational goes hand in hand with superstitious and those are the entire focus of every and all religion.That’s all religion is, making life miserable for others because you have questions you can’t answer.

      What’s way the hell worse than abortion, are adult fruitcakes thinking that they are speaking to somebody upstairs, and that whatever little voice in their head
      is telling them, must be the right answers. The other really frightening concept is how irrational it is that what one person or a group of like minded nut-jobs, thinks is right, somehow translates into the belief they should be granted the power to enforce it upon everyone else.
      I got news for you, your might, doesn’t not make you right. And just because you join a group of like minded fruitcakes still doesn’t make you right.

      On a similar issue, if there is, a little voice inside speaking to you, i would seriously consider seeking professional help.

      First rule of social order is mind your own beeswax! Followed closely, quit pretending the bee’s wax over there, is yours!

      ps. every sperm is not sacred, and every ovum isn’t special. But if you believe every fetus is (even the ones with chromosomal damage),
      you better move intelligently towards creating a world that NATURALLY respects that,because i can assure you, that joining a political group, or a religious order are
      the very things that got us where we find ourselves today, so start thinking of better ideas, cause these same old, same olds, aren’t working!

      • TruthBTold

        Jesus died for your sins, you are in my prayers. I hope you wake up before you die, otherwise you will spend eternity in Hell.

      • Thomas the Doubter

        i think physics has answered that one pretty well. Eternity means not just forever but beyond that. So how do you maintain a thermal reaction to burn something eternally….

        THE POWER OF GOD …. ok but if god is all loving why create a hell that burns eternally, why not do away with the really nasty ones, and the ones with bad teeth….i recall

        something about gnashing of teeth…for eternity, do they get full dental, or just miraculously grow back only to be gnashed again down to the root.
        So your god creates an eternal hell fire with miraculous growing teeth that keep coming out only to be ground down again and again. Are you pulling my leg?
        I don’t think the concept has been fully developed. Its a tad juvenile at this point, needs some “grown up” ideas.
        Rather than burning in hell for eternity, why not make the players watch REALITY TV RERUNS . that would be way more torturous, or if they really like that sort of stuff, make them watch CSPAN or if he really really wants to torture them CPAC.

      • Jay

        TtD says: i think physics has answered that one pretty well. Eternity means not just forever but beyond that. So how do you maintain a thermal reaction to burn something eternally….

        Perhaps you should ask the One who created, “Thermal Reaction”. Or was the you, who created thermal reaction?

      • TheTruthHurts

        I think you’re mistaken, badly. Mans, not Gods, hubris has been (is) their downfall. Science answers how, religion answers why, no? They complement each other, they are not at odds. Man manipulates people through religion & their ignorance. Stick to the word of God, not the word of man.

  • Linnee

    Oh yes, Robert. You are obviously an Atheist, and I’ve learned over the years that Atheists are followers of a greater power then themselves, too. He is referred to as Satan. Of course, you wouldn’t acknowledge that, since you neither pray to him, nor even acknowledge his existance. But that’s of little consequence. He still guides your direction and thoughts. But since he doesn’t exist, in your mind, you think that all your bent thinking is your own. Someday, Robert, you will receive a rude awakening. It may not even be in this life, but you WILL learn the truth. Hopefully, it will be on this life, so you can have time to repent here. How do I dare say these things to you? Simple; I was 40 before I had experienced a PROFOUND event in my life that cleared the dark, twisted cobwebs from my mind. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes a tragic or earthshaking event to do that to a person.

    • Thomas the Doubter

      The “devil and satan” are the domain and figment of the religious and the zealot. An atheist can no more accept “the evil ones” existence, as they can the “good one”
      You see that’s just my point about the religious fruit cake, its not just good enough to have their own fantasy world, they must compel the entire other world population
      into their madness. Your “profound” doesn’t create a reality for anyone but you!

      • Stuart Shepherd

        Oh, is that right, Thomas? You would never feel guilty if you lied, cheated, stole, or murdered? Not in the least? Would you feel it was “wrong” if someone lied to YOU, cheated YOU, stole from YOU, or murdered YOU? Why would that be “wrong”? Where do we get this sense of right and wrong? It’s not “logical”? It’s “logical” to take something if you want it or need it and feel like you can accomplish that. There are no atheists in a war bunker with the grenades flying! Can you honestly say that there is no such thing as “evil.” The Apostle Paul said that the nature of things (reality) is so obvious to every single man that they are without excuse (come the day Christ returns, the dead rise from the graves to be judged, and the world and the universe are consumed in an everlasting fire while the believers go on to an everlasting life as Sons of God in a new reality of God’s choosing). At least 500 people saw Christ after He had risen from the dead, doubter. Get a grip on “reality.”

      • Thomas the Doubter

        your contention that you can only get a moral compass by believing in a fear inducing god is illogical. So what you’re saying is people are only good because they fear god’s
        wrath, not because they believe in themselves. Doesn’t that make all who believe in god pretty hypocritical? I don’t lie or cheat because i have seen what the results of those
        two paths are. i was taught respect by my parents, for others first and myself last.
        If i was murdered, i wouldn’t feel anything. Evil is an invention mankind.
        Man is the only animal that’s afraid of the dark, and afraid of the stories that others make-up because they are also afraid of the dark.
        And i can assure you that what is obvious today ,will be replaced by the unravelling of a mystery tomorrow, but if the religious nuts get there way, we will all be thrown back into the dark ages, and or, may even be wiped off the face of this planet.

      • Jay

        TtD says: your contention that you can only get a moral compass by believing in a fear inducing god is illogical.

        A fear-inducing-God? Where did that from? A God who would incarnate himself and die for the sin of humanity can hardly be called a fear-inducing-God. I think you have Him confused with fear-inducing-man.

  • Wumingren

    I always ask abortion defenders if they understand this part of the Declaration of Independence: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

    Most get nervous, suspecting that there is something they don’t understand, something for which they may be unable to present a valid counter argument. They usually grump dismissively and stomp away, because, here before them is just another one of those wackos that believes in the Founding Documents.

    Some stick around to show me how smart they are. They think we’re going to argue about God, religion, the sanctity of life, but I simply point out that the term selected by the authors was “created” — not “born” — “created.” They get a blank look on their faces, as their brains process the information. This is when I say, “The creation of a human being occurs when the male’s sperm cell unites with the female’s ovum. Being born is not being created; it is merely a part of the maturation process.”

    If the liberal hasn’t stomped off in a huff by this point, I further explain, “The “creation” — the embryo — has the unalienable right to life, as is clearly expressed in the Declaration of Independence.”

    I don’t know if I’ve ever effected lasting cognitive changes in these people, but a few have said, “I never thought of it that way.” I suppose that after they return to a more familiar and friendly environment, surrounding themselves with liberal buddies, they dismiss what I told them as just so much more that’s wrong with the Founding Documents.

    • Thomas the Doubter

      my creator was my mother in the single who bore me ( not a miraculous birth so therefore unless its a test tube baby, i and everyone else have two creators my mother and my father). Therefore by your reading of the declaration, it is my parents to whom i owe allegiance, it is they that grant me my rights, and it is only to them that i should have to answer to. It therefore extends if i commit a crime it is they that should punish. And if you want to get real, if you believe that the creator has the power to kill or end life, then it is indeed the mother and or father’s every right to terminate… hell somewhere in that other book held so dear, it even suggests they don’t just have the right to terminate before birth
      but any time right up till the are ready to pop their clogs.

      • TruthBTold

        You still don’t get it, and if you continue to close your mind to the existence of God, you are doomed. So, tell me, who creates a rose? Who created the planets and galaxies?

      • Jay

        I think birth, every birth, is a miraculous event.

  • Elton Robb

    Every Abortion is an offering to the god Molech. When you have your baby aborted, you are offering your child to the same god that our Politicians go to worship in Bohemian Grove every July.

    Roe vs. Wade should be overturned.

    • Thomas the Doubter

      if every abortion is an “offering to a god” then does it follow that every soldier that dies in battle is an offering to another god. the right god? But then if this side is offering to the right god, the other side must be offering to the wrong god. So this is a war amongst the gods? Why the hell are we doing battle? Let the gods fight their own war…

      ps if your government is making offerings to MOLECH isn’t there something wrong with
      that? i don’t think MOLECH is mentioned in the Declaration.

      • TruthBTold

        Molech is a false god to whom ancient people offered up innocent babies. The one true God does not ask for innocent lives to be taken by humans. He asks us to be kind to each other, and treat others the way we want to be treated. He asks us to love Him as our Father, and to acknowledge that His only Son, Jesus, died for our sins so we can be with Him for all eternity. I pray you accept this fact BEFORE you die, because after you die, it is too late. Just Google people who have seen Hell and get back to me if you dare.

      • Thomas the Doubter

        its people like you that scare me the most. With the influx of the muslim religion onto continental USA i see a religious war of biblical proportion looming in the midst.
        I see the neo christians siding with the new world order of “one great religion” but not before the hold outs the old world ultra orthodox hard line christians get their backs up against the wall and decide that armageddon should really be fought in the new world,
        because it will usher in a “1000 years of peace and tranquility.”

        The topic was abortion, the contest is presidential, the economy is in the dumpster,
        best time in the world to pick a fight about religion.

      • Jay

        I think the religion you most need to fear, Thomas, is Luciferianism. It is the official religion of the State.

    • Jay

      Roe vs Wade serve Molech. It is Molech who needs to be overturned!

  • http://Livingstonletter Patti

    DNC, has become the “Party of Scum”………….very sad!!

  • bj

    I don’t understand… if a woman delivers a baby and puts it in the trash to die, she is charged. but if a doctor is part of that procedure, and he puts it in the trash, not only is he not charged, but obama endorses putting that baby in the trash to die? I can’t even imagine how a pro-choice person can agree with that….


      “bj,” GREAT COMMENTS.

  • http://none Carter

    Excellent answers on here.As to free Givt. schools,a lie.I have no kids in school,yet property taxes on my (so far) private property go to pay for others kids schooling.If they are teaching abortion(which the NEA,supports) I would like my taxes to go to vouchers or support home schoolers.

    • JimH

      Hi Carter, We don’t have children either. I just paid the 2nd installment of our real estate tax this morning, so the comments made today are up front and personal.
      I used to console myself with the portion that goes to schools I have no children in by saying,”Someone else paid for my education”. I think that’s been paid back by now.
      I also despise real estate taxes because in my life I can safely say I,ve sent more than a hundred thousand dollars to the county, but if I miss one payment they believe they are entittled to take my house. Gotta pay to live in “The Land or the Free”.

      • old hillbilly

        Getting warm – next play… dump your school board, by running for office, and putting the abortionists in the intellectual fire they create. If you live in Sodom or Gomorrah, move to a smaller county where morals mean something. The fires of hell burn where morality rules, light it & let the heathens feel the heat. They will scatter!!!

  • Kimm Sloan

    God says that he breathed life into Adam’s nostrils AND THEN HE BECAME A LIVING SOUL. He wasn’t breathing before he got the breath, when do you get the breath? WHEN YOU ARE BORN. So no abortion is not murder, not according to God anyway and I think I will listen to him before I will anyone else. So therefore Robert Smith I am on your side about this, and I believe in God, his son Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and the KJV Bible. I am not religious I just am a believer and follower of God. Anyway, ppl are talking about living in the land of the free, then why aren’t women allowed to make choices for their own lives and the government staying out of it? Because that’s what’s wrong with America today they can’t just mind their own business and try to work together and fix things. And if Mitt Romney becomes president this year, it’s only going to get worse for women, poor and elderly….

    • JimH

      Hi Kimm, Adam wasn’t “living” until God breathed life into him and he became a living soul. That means he had a soul the moment his “life” began.
      The “life” of a baby starts at conception so like Adam, when “life” begins, it is a “living” soul.
      Your analogy is flawed.
      You may want to reflect more on your view.

    • Jay

      Kimm Sloan says: God says that he breathed life into Adam’s nostrils AND THEN HE BECAME A LIVING SOUL. He wasn’t breathing before he got the breath, when do you get the breath?

      Also, prior to God breathing life into Adam, Adams’ heart wasn’t beating, Kimm. However, the baby’s heart starts beating long before its birth. Hmm, you seem to have painted yourself into a corner; Christian? If you say so…

    • TJ

      @ Kimm
      Please explain how do you take a living ovum and a living sperm and make a dead baby? Granted sometimes things go wrong in utero, but other than that the sperm and egg meet. The cells divide (dead cells don’t divide) and make a baby. Think about that. To simplify: How do two living things make a dead thing? Or How can two human reproductive cells make a NONHUMAN entity?

    • Dave J

      Kimm, Isn’ t SELECTIVE belief in God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit a wonderful thing? Belief in God as our Creator, Jesus Christ as our Savior, and the Holy Spirit who bestows divine blessings upon us LIVING human beings is a wonderful and fulfilling virtue. Since God created life, created us, and we create life through him, how convenient it is for SOME OF US to know exactly when life begins!
      TML says KILL an unborn child until the eyes develop. You say KILL an unborn child until it breathes. I guess you both would KILL a blinded fetus as it’s being delivered.
      I’m so glad we believe in a FORGIVING God!

  • toni cory

    Robert Smith,
    Please learn how to spell. You will never be believable unless you learn to spell. I will PRAY for you because you need it. I hope you will not PREY on other innocent people.

  • Jimmy the Greek

    If it is legal to kill the kid before it is born , Then it should be legal for the parents to kill the kid at any time of its life . Like lets say if you don’t like who they are dating or the kiddy turns out to be gay , or god forbid a Liberal . I just put this out here to get you folks thinking .

    • Dave J

      JtG, The taking of an unborn life, aka KILLING A CHILD, is a right of the government and King Obama knows we need even more government intruding on our lives. Please see “2016:Obama’s America.” It is very revealing and horrifying!

  • Mytuppence

    Robert Smith and Thomas the Doubter, you two have the honour of winning the most prestigious award available on this site: the POW award. Prick of the Week. Congrats. Now go and have your lobotomies completed. There are abnormal brains needed for dissection at the local training hospital.

    • Thomas the Doubter

      how christian of you, how religious and GOD fearing, how sad, how human, how evil
      how low life how vile, how ….that’s all you could add to the conversation, maybe you
      should have your lobotomy reversed.

      • Jay

        Have you read your, hate-filled posts, TtD?

      • Dave J

        From the Lobotomy Chamber to the voting booth and reaching for the Obama lever!

    • Dave J

      I believe both Robert Smith and Thomas the Doubter also qualify for the equally-prestigious HUA award. That’s the one that recognizes how far up a certain body cavity the cranial extremity can be inserted.

  • rawise

    With overpopulation being at the heart of every problem on the planet, the value of a “germ” should not be placed above an already existing person who also has a [more-advanced] beating heart & feelings.

  • Nan

    Abortion is MURDER and I do not want MY TAX DOLLARS to pay for it in any capacity. Too often it is used as a method of contraception. The partial birth abortion president is amoral and I pray that this country votes him out of office. Romney may not be perfect, but he is WAY above this pathetic excuse.

  • Tim

    It seems that G-D was into politics long before us all. In the New International Version of the bible, G-D said in Ecclesiastes 10: 2 and 3, ” The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left. Even as he walks along the road,the fool lacks sense and shows everyone how stupid he is “. How True it is!!!

    • Dave J

      Well said! I couldn’t agree with you more!

  • Tim

    The baby is supplied oxygen by way of the blood circulating from the mother to the baby. Yes it is breathing, but not the way we breath.

  • TML

    The woman’s story is incredible. A child who was aborted shouldn’t be so old that it could survive. My completely subjective judgment of abortion is; it must be before it develops eyes, [typically by the end of the first month - 4 to 6 weeks]. once it has eyes it should have all the natural rights of a human being.

    • Dave J

      Why wait for eyes to develop? Isn’t cell division an indication of life? Don’t kill the eyes but kill a beating heart. Where’s the logic in that?

      • TML

        “Don’t kill the eyes but kill a beating heart. Where’s the logic in that?”

        From my understanding, a heart beat can first be detected at about the same time a fetus begins to develop eyes. It’s biological definition as ‘fetus’ is typically determined by these characteristics, which until recent advances in home pregnancy detection, coincided with the minimum time in which a mother can know for sure if she is pregnant. If there’s any logic in my assessment, it would be there.

        As I mentioned, it was a completely subjective judgment, not necessarily a logical one, and may be connected with the immediacy of action by the mother, relative to her knowledge of pregnancy, and not so much an attempt to pinpoint where ‘life’ begins. Objectively, life begins even prior to cellular division [single cell organisms], so it is purely subjective as to when a life form should be considered as having all the natural rights of a human being.

        Anyway… I would agree, before a heart beat, and/or before it has eyes. Otherwise, your personal right is defected by the natural right of the fetus.

  • deepizzaguy

    Thank you Melissa for standing up and telling the truth of surviving an abortion.

  • Rick

    You didn’t make that baby! Government did!

  • david

    Melissa shouldn’t blame Obama; she should blame her momma.

    • Dave J

      And who should we blame for you?

    • JimH

      david, I guess niether one had Melissa’s best intrests in mind. I would modify your statement to say,”Blame the Momma AND Obama.”


      “david,” GREAT COMMENT.

      • Peter Nyikos

        What’s great about it? Her mother was guilty of just one attempt, and maybe she wasn’t even thinking in terms of killing her. Obama would have kept lots of attempts to kill abortion survivors like her legal in Illinois.


        “Peter Nyikos,”



        • Renée

          Christopher, the only problem with your comment is that their mothers were never taught to do what was right and their mother”s mothers weren’t taught to do what was right and all of them are doing exactly what their mothers did and that was have sex with every male they ever dated and have children with them. They end up with no less than 20 partners in their life time and a different father for each child. Men are NOT exempt from this and are JUST as guilty, IF NOT MORE SO because they go from woman to woman and don’t use protection spreading their seed AND their diseases!!! So far in the comments I’ve noticed that women are alone with all the blame but it takes TWO to create a baby and it takes TWO for ALL the responsibilties and the end results. If that man AND that woman were married, or in a commited relationship, most likely that baby would not have been aborted. I believe in abstinence outside of marriage no matter how archaic that might sound.
          You see, this is what taking God out of the equation does to humanity. If you live like you love the Lord you will do what He says you should do, when you eliminate God, than people do what ever the heck they want and this is why our world is in such chaos right now. Such a simple solution, serve God, live right, serve yourself and get what we have now!

  • Peter Nyikos

    I hope someone coaches Romney and Ryan so that they will be up to date on this issue when the Presidential and Vice Presidential debates roll around. McCain hadn’t done his homework on the issue and repeated an older account of Obama’s infanticide record in the 2008 debates. Obama countered with disinformation that McCain could have refuted had he known how National Right to Life had refuted it a month earlier. Even FactCheck had refuted some of it.

  • Peter Nyikos

    To all readers and commenters to this article: if you haven’t seen the film “October Baby” yet, look for it in DVD form if you can’t find it in a theater near you. The second half is one of the most powerful and heartwarming stories I have ever watched: an abortion survivor like Melissa is successful in both finding and forgiving her birth mother for having aborted her. After the credits at the end, there is an epilogue in which the woman who played the birth mother tells her own personal abortion story and the powerful effect playing that role had on her.

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  • mrrzk

    FYI-The difference between an abortion and partial birth abortion.

    ABORTION–It used to be a woman could get an abortion during the first
    3 months, known as FIRST TRIMESTER.

    TERM. The procedure is as follows. The baby is pulled to the cervix
    and a ROD IS INSERTED AT THE BASE OF THE BRAIN. Many times the baby
    dies and many times it is “botched” and the baby doesnt die. In this
    case the baby is placed on a table without water, without touch and
    without any type of treatment. Sometimes the baby will live up to 36
    It gets better, Obama passed a law EASE OF CONSCIOUS, THIS way u dont
    have to feel bad about it. Even crimminals get a more humane death.



  • Chris

    Teach children about pregnancy……….of course. But when they become teenagers, they are going to do what they want anyway, as is evident in our society. I know a couple who have 3 children who were always being educated about pregnancy by their parents…..what happened? All 3 popped babies……….the 2 with the most babies were never married and a burden to their parents……….AND the taxpayers………so you can teach all you want…….they don’t listen. As a taxpayer, I do not like having to support teenage pregnancies, but it is not right to abort an innocent baby……..but if I had a choice, I’d defintely support the “innocent” over the scum in prisons……..too bad my taxdollars are used to support scum in prison when “I” am a law-abiding citizen, and I have a REAL BAD taste in my mouth about THAT!

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