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A Wise And Frugal Government

October 14, 2010 by  

As September ended Congress scurried out of town hoping they had time to convince enough voters to support them during the mid-term election Nov. 2. In doing so they left the specter of the largest tax hike in history hitting a fragile U.S. economy on Jan. 1, 2011.

Unable to agree on which Americans should receive how much, the Democrat majority punted, leaving President Barack Obama to defend his notion of redistributing the wealth of those he considers rich — that is anyone making $250,000 or more a year.

In addition to taxing the “rich,” Obama wants to practice a little social engineering. He’s advocating tax incentives for businesses that hire and inserting other benefits and penalties for certain behaviors, rather than trusting businesses to act in their own best interests and hire when it’s economically feasible.

But the Founders believed government should get out of the way of business. During his first inaugural address in 1801, Thomas Jefferson said, "[A] wise and frugal government…shall restrain men from injuring one another, shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government."

Will we ever again see a wise and frugal government?

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • slickporsche

    We will never again see the kind of government and America Jefferson was speaking of. I believe it is too late, and we have let our defunct government destroy us from within. We have in our midst a group of people so power hungry they make Hitler pale in comparison. They tax the hell out of us so they can do their dirty work where ever, and when ever. Now we are so rapidly facing communism and the threat of Islam it is like a gigantic Tsunami about to overwhelm us all. I do think if there were enough true patriots, we might stand a chance at turning this around. Where are all you true patriots that know what needs to be done???? Hiding under the kitchen table,in the closet,and in the attic I suspect. Why is it that you will defend gun rights so fervently, but never will you pick one up to defend your republic. Well your republic is nearly gone, and it is hemorrhaging our rights and freedoms like a fresh stuck hog. Good luck and have fun with communism.Coming to a neighbor hood near you real soon.

    • skippy

      Well said slick. We CAN beat this thing, I have a lot of faith in the real people in this country. That was made pretty evident on 8/28 of this year. God bless us all, and let freedom ring on November 2, 2010.

    • momo

      Slick, I’m with you. It’s time to lock and load. As Emiliano Zapata said: ” It’s better to die on your feet than live on your knees.”

    • BrotherPatriot

      I think that was the most “spot on” comment that I have ever read from you, Slick.

      Exactly…the pressure is building and it’s plain to see what is coming down the pipeline at us all. America indeed does face many enemies but the 2 most prevalent…the 2 that must be recognised, understood and measures taken against are…

      1) One world government thinkers. NWO/Illuminati(deep level Mason)/UN/CFR/TC/Bilderbergs/Rothchild/Rockerfeller/Bush…style organizations.

      2) Islamic Movement.

      Both must be stopped and in my opinion…a little common sense applied would do wonders for America. Here’s some common sense ideas from yours truely…

      a) Bring God back into our lives.

      b) Pull in our troops. Bring them home. It is obvious that America is in the greatest crisis of her existance. We are corrupted from within and they are usuing our troops (our children) to enforce their Agenda. Until we know we have a Constitutional government standing in for the voice of Americans…we need to police ourselves before we try to help police the world.

      c) Recoginise officially, the 2 enemies that I have stated above after we begin getting the non-Masonic Constitutional Representatives back into office.

      d) Subpeona/Investigate/Disclose the massive fraud that has been taking place to America since the 3rd Central Bank (Federal Reserve) was reinstated. Reveal to the American people the Agenda and who has been the key players & why they have done the things they have done down through history. (The Rothschilds/(deep level)Masons/Banking cartel). This will explain a great deal as to why the world is the way it is right now.

      e) In order to do the above suggestion…this would mean that the media/Hollywood/news papers would have to be liberated and freed from the control that is currently in league/bed with the criminals that are running our government. I’m not sure if this means that we have to abolish the Washington Post/New York Times, etc…or just replace the owners with Constitutional representatives who will report the NEWS and not the Koolaid that is being dispensed by the criminals in our government or perhaps just recognise by the People a new independant media outlet that reveals the truth. Perhaps this would be WND or American Free (<— I like them & the fact that Jim Tucker is on the payroll is a true credit).

      f) There is…much more that I would say as the problems are numerous and intertwined. I'm just a man. I'm a natural born citizen and I care for my wonderful country. Heed my advice or not…but I believe there is common sense stated above.

      God Bless

      P.S. I'm sorry for having to speak such about the Masons. There are many good, God loving people involved in that organization however, it's their deeper level leaders that are misleading them. My research leads me to believe that they were usurped by the Illuminati a long time ago. The good ones are like the sugar coating of a MM that's interior has long since gone rotten.

      • s c

        BrotherPatriot, there are major problems with removing the influence of lodge boys. Without going into minute details, that group has had no small part in rendering major faiths apostate in America.
        You will find church leaders who are seen as upstanding community pillars, yet they have abandoned their faith, chasing titles and privilege while ignoring the corrupting influence of relying on works as a false substitute for God’s grace. Good luck, but please realize that some things mortals can change. Most of what is needed will be done by God.

    • Dan Burke

      Easy to talk of defending and standing for our liberties. Unfortunately, when the rubber hits the road, we have a hard time making the sacrifices.

      Social security. We know it is broke. Some of us realize it was/is a ponzi scheme. However, we have two problems.
      1. We are unwilling to part with the money we invested.
      2. Those who will suffer are our friends and family, sometimes even ourselves.

      [There is an alternative to #2 but we are so caught up in #1 that we perceive #1 should provide for #2....]

      Medicare. Medicaid. Same story as social security.

      FDA. DOA. EPA. The list goes on. Can you really put these people on unemployment? Can you really give up your “consumer protections” and “environmental watchdogs?” The arguments for these government entities is long and varied. Just recently there was the salmonella scare with eggs, so are you ready to cut back/abolish the DOA and FDA?

      As much as I believe these cuts should be made, I don’t think we can actually do it. I firmly believe that the ends do NOT justify the means. If we sacrifice liberty to force these cuts, then we are left without the most important thing of all, our freedom.

      Even if we succeed in making the cuts, I am afraid that Americans will panic and reinstate them instead of making the personal changes necessary to provide for our elderly, sick, afflicted and the environment outside of government control.

      Sadly, while I will stand for my freedoms, the only winner in the end I see is those who want take our freedoms from us. As a people, we are trapped by ourselves. If I look to history, I see no escape for America, for no other nation that has even come close to our freedoms has ever escaped collapse and maintained their freedoms. I see only one option if I want hope, I must put my faith in a higher power, in my case Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. That is the only true hope I see.

  • Rory Calhoun

    Slick…I think you hit the nail on the head. I am going to hold onto my Guns and if we spill a little blood in the process…So be it…I think a good healthly up rising is what we need. If you think like the demom-rats think..we will just keep that rotten apple in the barrel until all the apples become rotten and it time for the whole barrel to be emptied out and start over. I think Skippy is right…there are still a lot of good people in the good ole USA..but it going to take a lot more to get them up in arms. This may be the 21st century but we could still have a another Civil WAR within our own borders.I pray not but if it comes to it …I will be ready.

    God be with US all.

  • The Shrimper

    Well said, folks……..
    I “hope” (sorry, hate to even use the word anymore..) that the last 20 months of over-the-top, in-your-face, leftist displays of naked anti-American, anti-free market extremism by these arrogant, narcissistic bastards in Washington have been such as to awaken even the normally passive, less-than-engaged in the electorate.
    Now, if we can just get the Stupid Party to purge itself of the RINO virus, we might just stop this runaway train to socialism/marxism. BE angry, be aggressive…. get in their FACE, when you hear the lies and propaganda…..Vote like this is the last chance… sadly, I think it really may be.

  • Mike Austin,TX

    How is it the leaders of this Country 235yrs ago seem to be so much wisers than the clowns today? It is not just Thomas Jefferson, it is all of them. Maybe a true struggle and loss of liberty gives a better perspective.

  • Rory Calhoun

    They were just as smart or in most cases smarter…they just didn’t have the technology we have today…but I if they did, we would be better for it now. I think sometimes we need to go back to the basic way of living…I don’t mean the stone age or anything but just have sense of worth…that’s what a lot of people do not have today…too much welfare and handouts from mine and your pockets.

  • John McClain

    We have chosen to live under leaders, while the founders chose to be leaders. Thomas Jefferson did not expect most of his fellow citizens to follow his lead, but to follow their own lead, and go their own way, that is his message. Our founders did not ever expect us to elect “leaders”, but representatives who would serve us as we demand and tell. If we wish to the the Sovereign Citizens we inherited the right to be, we must lead ourselves, and we must Control our Government by making our will known, ensuring what we demand does not counter the demands of others, thereby negating our own desires, and this can only be done by making our demand one of being left alone, to follow our own conscience and understanding, as that is the only demand we can all have, each and every Sovereign American Citizen, which does not abrogate anyone else’s demand. Nothing more will work, nor will anything less be sufficient. We may rule ourselves, if we choose, or if we fail to choose, we shall be ruled by those who are decisive. Those are the only real choices in this real world. Self-rule, or acceptance of the rule of Aristocracy, those who are of the ruling class, and will accept the charge of ruling over others, eagerly. Do your own math, consider this as long as you must, but fail to choose is to make a choice, not to decide is to decide.
    The default position of man has always been to be a subject, and for self-appointed rulers to raise themselves above their subjects. We are short of time, and such people are long on precedent, and are ready to move this moment.
    We will all make the choice, and if too many chose to be ruled, some of us will take up arms in our quest to remain the rulers of our own lives, because those accustomed to rule, will take the choice of a few, and relegate the rest of us to it, if we do not actively defend our choice, either by sheer overwhelming numbers, or by our own Declaration of Independence, and our own accepting of the challenge of war, which will be thrust upon us if we demand our sovereignty, after some have relinquished theirs deliberately. History has proved this out throughout all time.
    John McClain
    GySgt, USMC, ret.
    Vanceboro, NC

    • BrotherPatriot

      So…very well said.

      Eloquent, even…

      Good morning, everyone…& God Bless.

  • Steve Dolyniuk

    Thanks to our wonderful traitors in congress,& the idiot professors in our colleges, the more education one has, the less common sense they have.Mabey someone can explain to me, why someone who had an eighth grade education held down a job, that now requires a college degree. The idiots in congress (most of them lawyers) have ruined this country, & most of them have college degrees. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against colleges or bettering ones education,however some of these college professors,are anti-american, lazy asses who tell the students,they are smarter, therefor they are entitled to more & don’t have to work for it,because we owe it to them. This also applies to our Unions. Our entire system needs overhauling. Politicians, judges, teachers,professors, the welfare system,the works. Until enough people get mad & won’t take it any more,all of this will continue. Will enough people “get it” or is this once great country down the tubes???

  • Rory Calhoun

    Well said Sir…well said indeed.

    Stand up for what you believe in and be accountable for something in your life…as my dear departed Mother use to say.
    Sir are right …Our founders did not ever expect us to elect “leaders”, but representatives….but with all of the ones on captiol hill are self appointed leaders…and do not represent a true picture of the American people…for the most part the American people are generous and considerate… to a fault sometimes. These folks in Washington are the most corrupt bunch of clowns we have ever had.
    A heard of cattle will follow a lead bull anywhere he goes..He doesn’t always know where he is going…they don’t care what rock he steps on or what blade of grass he crushes…even thru a barbed wire fence they will follow him.

    We are not cattle and are not so easy made to follow…for we have had a taste of freedom and once tasted it can not be forgotten so quickly. So take heed you so called leader…just remember the bull can always be roped and tied by a good ole Cowboy.

    Rory Calhoun
    U.S. Army
    Fort Gordon , Ga

  • Nancy Kosling

    Our current representatives in Congress and the Oval office are and will continue to use class warfare to divide Americans. Many of the Have-nots will incourage them on.

    Some day (I’m over 65) I’d like to grow up and be rich. I like rich people and look for their knowledge on how to repeat how they do it and keep it. When our representatives zero in on anyone that earns $250,000 a year or more it affects the working poor too (not the hand-out poor, but the working poor).

    Should I be so fortunate to amass a million bucks at my death, the Feds are not in my will and do not deserve 55% of my estate.. my kids deserve my hard work and labors…

    The Feds have and will continue to print feit money 24/7 and giving it all to who they favor at the moment leaving the press. This will hyperinflate the money supply.. decreasing its value for you and me.

    We retirees are screwed (set pensions without COLA)but even you working stiffs will get the fallout too… Your employer will start paying you with inflated dollars to keep you doing what you do… Soon your $25,000 a year income is increased to $250,000 to keep up with inflation… Now you working stiffs are in the same pickle as the so-called rich worker… Don’t forget your taxes will jump to 35-45-50% for those inflated dollars. Your purchasing power will be shit, but it will sure look good on your 1040 income tax form.

  • spike

    Well said, all of you. But would someone PLEASE ANSWER THE QUESTION?:
    What happens when we vote the scumbags out, and the purple lipped one vetoes everything?

    • Average Joe Patriot

      It won’t matter, Spike, any more than does the color of lips through which self-serving lies issue.

      Over time, many “scumbags” have been voted out, and in fairly short order many more lying $#it#e@ds replace them.

      The last serious contender for the job of CIC never had a real chance (but did do a great job of waking a few more true Americans up). That would be Ron Paul.

      The last actual CIC we had (that is–whatever your take on his politics–one who actually attempted to act as more than a mere toady for international bankers and corporate interests) was shot dead in the street.

      I don’t believe Jefferson or any of the rest of our founders intended for us to be a nation of self-styled squabbling political experts, endlessly infusing a hopelessly corrupt two-party system with our energy and resources to the detriment of healthy human productivity (“…their own pursuits of industry and improvement,” in Jefferson’s words). Clearly they intended to forge a system in which artisans and craftsmen, architects and farmers, poets and pragmatists, the whole of a free society could build a strong nation of independent doers and thinkers whose very freedom would be of such inherent and obvious worth that they would never relinquish it.

      I, for one, am sick of the many causes begging the last of my nest egg to fend off Big Government’s all-fronts invasion into my inalienable rights. I will no longer campaign nor vote for these bloodsucking scoundrels. I will not be harassed into believing less of myself for not playing their game. Our voice HAS been heard, good people, and it has been studiously, even superciliously ignored.

      I’m far from well off, but I have shelter, water, food, good neighbors, and the means to defend all the above to the best of my ability. I have, as well, the means to defend the means to defend them. We’ve all known people who “…simply will not allow a gun in [their] house!” (In my opinion this is simply another good reason for concealed carry.)

      I have a similar rule regarding guns and domiciles: I will not have an unloaded weapon in my house. Unless, of course, I’m cleaning it, during which process I will have immediately to hand another, loaded weapon.

      I figure that, if we should treat all guns as though they were loaded (we certainly should), they may as well be loaded. Similarly we should treat all citizens as though they were armed, and all domiciles as though they were protected from within by force of arms. Now, how powerful could any government presume itself to be, against a nation of like-minded individuals.

      I often wonder what would happen if rather than yelling “Throw the bums out!” and “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!” we were simply to ignore them. Overnight, if we all simply began, in orderly fashion, going about our daily business (our “own pursuits of industry and improvement”) as we saw fit, and simply ignored them.

      “Prez Says…!” shouts the headlines. “FDA Declares…!” blares the TV. “IRS Announces…” intones the radio. “[Fill in blank] Orders [fill in blank]!” screams the entire MSM. They can say whatever they like, it’s a free country. But if we all just loaded up and when needed bunkered-in, like fanged tortoises, and just STOPPED listening?

      At least until They STARTED listening?

      You won’t see it on the news but, actually, far too many of us have already done that for them to begin to deal with. Sure, they can attack Waco and Ruby Ridge, shut down entire communities of all sorts, one by one, even make “examples” of a few individuals. But if EVERYONE, individually, adopted this attitude, and began living it?

      Sure would be fun to see.

  • Nancy Kosling

    Thanks spike. Casting out traitors from public office only creates a void. Nature does not like a void and will be filled quickly by the-good-the-bad-and-the-ugly. There are some of each in Republicans-Democrats-Independants-Liberals-Greenies. We need to elect our representatives on their commitment to the Constitution and hold their feet to the fire if they act in a counter manner. We can’t elect somebody and then go back to bed.

    I have fears much worse than greedy-power-hungry elected officials. There are 150 years of compounded presidential orders on the books at the Federal Register that can change our Republic via Marshall Law to a dictatorship by the current president or any future presidents and there isn’t any sunshine laws in place to make them expire. There is no law on the books in Congress or recorded in the Federal Register to restore our Constitution should that happen. There ‘is’ current presidential treaties on the books to allow the UN and UN troups to take over our country if Marshall Law is declaired. Very bad for all Americans.

  • bbstacker

    Molon Labe

  • Nancy Kosling

    bbstacker, thanks for teaching me Greek today. Molon Labe… English translation: come and take it, or over my dead body… cool.

  • s c

    The wisdom and talents of the Founders was so deep and broad that there is no easy way to compare our 18th century leaders with the mental midgets and sociopaths who are temporarily ‘in charge.’ For many years, wisdom has been defined in America as something that we can’t afford, and frugality means stealing from one social engineering project to bolster another.
    I hope that America is not cursed, but more and more it does seem to fit. It was predictable that our leadership gene pool would be contaminated over many generations, but the idea that America could be ruled by all manner of perverts, criminals and traitors convinces me that America’s leadership gene pool is sterile. Logic begs the question of neutering the ‘body,’ if only to break up the mind-boggling, daily monotony.

  • James Hay

    I Believed That The Government That Was Established By Our Founding Fathers Has Long Faded Into The Realm Of Nonexistence And Has Evolved Into An Ireversable Corrupt And Tyrannical Beast That Consistently Pillages And Plunder The Masses To Benefit The Few.An Heartless And Gluttoneous Beast That Is Self-Seving With No Regards To The Pricipals That Were Created To Benefit All.As I See The Citizens Are Largely At The Mercy Of This Beast And It’s Every Whim And Are Not Truly Free.

    • James Hay

      America The Farse Of Freedom

  • http://74337 Lyle

    Many Problems ,Mostley Our own fault . Fedural Judges appointed by
    some liberal that will be paid off no doubt, by some foreign country.
    EPA another major problem. Destoying ever thing it can for the good of
    another country . I am sure EPA receives a lot of money from our friends over sea’s . The price of our OIL is pre-set by them. We have to have buy from the ones that want to destroy us , WHY ? We will never know just how much China made off of our white House occupant.
    a few years back . We also have his ugh wife Who is supposed to be our Ambassador calling uopon the (UN)to destroy our second AMMENDENT.
    AND OUR PRESENT WHITE House OCCUPANT trying to destroy our Faith in God . It can only be corrected by you and I and the States that we
    live in . Let our voices and action be seen and heard.


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