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A Viable Alternative?

May 4, 2012 by  

A Viable Alternative?
Is Gary Johnson a viable alternative for both Republicans and Democrats alike?

As the United States readies itself for a Presidential election this fall between big government, corporately funded, statist Democrat Barack Obama and big government, corporately funded, statist Republican Mitt Romney, people on both sides of the political spectrum are left feeling less than pleased with their choices.

What if there were another candidate with more executive experience than Obama and Romney combined who was highly regarded in his last position as a Governor?

There is.

On Saturday, the Libertarian Party is expected to nominate former two-term New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson as its choice for President of the United States. His likely running mate will be Jim Gray, a former California Superior Court judge, Federal prosecutor and Navy JAG officer known for his opposition to the War on Drugs.

While it may seem like a waste of time to even mention in passing the Libertarian Party as it relates to the general election, 2012 may be a year for the party to shine. If you remove social issue dogma from the political conversation, Johnson may well represent the best choice for disillusioned voters on both the left and the right.

As Governor of New Mexico, Johnson was known for his commonsense business approach to governing. He eliminated New Mexico’s budget deficit, cut the rate of growth in State government in half and privatized half of the State prisons. And while many conservatives view some of Johnson’s ideas with disdain, consider the alternative: As Governor of Massachusetts, Romney grew government and created the first draft of what would later become Obamacare.

Consider the issues. Johnson offers voters the choice to remain neutral on social issues while tackling the economic problems and assaults on liberty that are on the minds of Democrats and Republicans alike.


  • Obama: Fourth-straight year of trillion-dollar deficits is projected. Raises debt limit to avoid default. Calls for tackling the debt with a mix of spending cuts and revenue increases. Central to Obama’s plan is to let George W. Bush-era tax cuts expire for couples making more than $250,000.
  • Romney: Defended 2008 bailout of financial institutions as a necessary step to avoid the system’s collapse, opposed the auto bailout. Would cap Federal spending at 20 percent of gross domestic product by end of first term, down from 23.5 percent now, with largely unspecified spending cuts. Favors Constitutional balanced budget amendment.
  • Johnson:  Wants to reduce Federal involvement in the economy. Reject auto and banking bailouts, State bailouts, corporate welfare, cap-and-trade, card check and the mountain of regulation that protects special interests rather than benefiting consumers or the economy. Reduce or eliminate Federal involvement in education; let States expand successful reforms such as vouchers and charter schools. Stop stimulus spending and cut military spending.


  • Obama: Proposed the Buffett Rule, asking millionaires and billionaires to do their fair share. The President has asked Congress to take action to reform our tax code and close tax loopholes for millionaires and billionaires, as well as hedge fund managers, private jet owners and oil companies. End Bush tax cuts.
  • Romney: Has proposed eliminating all taxes on capital gains, dividends and interest. He has also signed the cut, cap and balance pledge.
  • Johnson: Abolish the Internal Revenue Service. Enact the Fair Tax to tax expenditures, rather than income, with a “prebate” to make spending on basic necessities tax-free.


  • Obama: Has done little to address entitlement reform. Accused of “kicking the can down the road.”
  • Romney: Believes “current seniors” and those near retirement should not have their benefits reduced. He would like to return Medicaid to the States, and the Medicare plan he unveiled this spring was similar to the Ryan plan, including a voucher-like system.
  • Johnson: Block-grant Medicare and Medicaid funds to the States, find efficiencies and provide better service at lower cost. Repeal President Obama’s healthcare plan, as well as the Medicare prescription drug benefit. Fix Social Security by changing the escalator from being based on wage growth to inflation.

National Security:

  • Obama: Increased U.S. troop presence in Afghanistan then began drawing down the force with a plan to have all out by the end of 2014, though now he says it’ll be closer to 2024. Approved U.S. air power in NATO-led campaign that helped Libyan opposition topple government. Opposes near-term military strike on Iran but holds that option open if it proves the only way to stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons. Signed the National Defense Authorization Act, which allows the indefinite detention of American citizens.
  • Romney: Would increase strength of armed forces, adding almost $100 billion to the Pentagon budget in 2016. Has spoken in favor of covert action by the U.S. and regional allies in Syria but “the right course is not military” intervention by the U.S. Criticizes Obama’s approach on Iran as too conciliatory. Supports NDAA.
  • Johnson: U.S. forces should leave Afghanistan’s challenges to the Afghan people. Re-evaluate U.S. military bases throughout the world. Make better use of military alliances to allow greater sharing of the human and financial burdens at less cost of protecting national interests. Individuals incarcerated unjustly by the U.S. should have the ability to seek compensation through the courts. Individuals detained by the U.S., whether at Guantanamo Bay or elsewhere, must be given due process via the courts or military tribunals and must not be held indefinitely without regard to those fundamental processes. Maintaining a strong national defense is the most basic of the Federal government’s responsibilities, so the U.S. should maintain a military presence in the Mideast, continue drone attacks in Pakistan and even consider military intervention for humanitarian reasons.

Sources: Gary Johnson website, Obama-Biden website, Romney websiteThe Associated Press, The New York Times.

On social issues, the rhetoric coming from Obama and Romney is common Democrat/Republican squabbling. Though Romney, considered infamously moderate, could simply be “Etch A Sketching” conservatives by saying he is opposed to things like abortion, which he previously supported. On issues of giving up liberty for security, all of the evidence shows that Obama and Romney feel the same way about increasing Bush-era government surveillance and intrusions into Americans’ lives.

Johnson would be considered a social liberal by many conservatives. He wants the government to wash its hands of dealing with issues like gay marriage and abortion to focus on economic issues. Johnson is also promising to make marijuana legalization a “front burner” issue in 2012. He rejects the idea that government can be minimalized in a fiscal sense but remain heavy-handed on social regulation.

Political consultant Roger Stone opined recently in the Huffington Post that if Johnson is able to get on the stage for a national debate with Romney and Obama, voters would support his ideas overwhelmingly. He writes:

Many of my Republican friends have incorrectly chided me claiming that support for Johnson will merely reelect Barack Obama by siphoning votes from eventual Republican nominee Mitt Romney. This is wrong. Romney will lose a two-person race to Obama. Johnson, a more-than-credible candidate with a distinguished record of cutting spending and taxes and fostering a job boom during his eight years as governor, will ultimately pull votes from both Republican and Democratic nominees.

The American people have never been offered a candidate who is a fiscal conservative and social liberal. If you voted for the Republican because you favored spending and tax cuts you also had to swallow a ban on abortion and opposition to gay marriage. If you voted for the Democrat because you were pro-choice, you also had to support fiscal policies that would bankrupt us.

Maybe Johnson is the compromise American voters need for 2012. Judging by his proposals, a Johnson Administration would definitely not be more of the same.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • dan

    gee…another viable canidate…you mean like RON PAUL ? Honestly ,if you are so blind as to not see him and realize that he begat the tea-party before it was co-opted by the
    goofy-old-party and has campaigned on the very planks you propose then you’re probably voting for the Great Deceiver again anyway. Why would you reinvent the wheel ?

    • James Andrews

      Ron Paul rocks! Probably one of the few politicians in Washington that I can actually trust and have
      faith in!

      • Cheryl Peet

        I agree that Obama must go. It scares me that Ron is not getting the support he really needs. I am tired of the same old same old and am sure we will get just that with Romney. He is after all just an Obama lite.I have never gotten involved with politics before but this one is to important not to. I want Ron Paul to win with all of my heart but I also do not Obama to get in again. I have been posting for Ron Paul for some time now but it’s time I need to see he really has a chance. I hate the situation we are now in. How can we have a better idea of what to do before election time?

      • JON

        Ron Paul Rocks AND Rolls!

      • Alan

        It’s truly displeasing to see that even Bob Livingston and/or group of writers are even dropping Ron Paul out of this presidential race as Sally Rolley did here in the article. Along with the rest of the media in this country by not putting Ron Paul’s name in this group of candidates. This is not right y’all. What happened to fair and balanced news reporters? I guess all the reporters in this country have no guts or backbone and only worry about their jobs too.

      • Alan

        Sorry to the reporter! I wrote Sally instead of Sam Rolley. Truly sorry!!!


      Absolutely agreed and note the Media blackout of Ron Paul’s events, which are the largest this country is seeing for any candidate. The fact that Big Media does NOT want Ron Paul should be a HUGE clue that We The People DO want Ron Paul.

      • restorefreedom

        Ron Paul’s message never changes but it will it would destroy the established the establishment that wants to destroy our country for their own personal and corporate greed. Ron Paul should be praised and elected president.

    • Phyllis Zeh

      In an ideal world, Ron Paul would be on the ticket and a viable candidate because America loves him and what he stands for. Thank God for a wonderful man like Ron who gets the word out there that the establishment is what it is. So many citizens are unaware of the MSM ploy and the corruption in D.C. The fact is, though, that the establishment maintains tight control on all aspects of elections, albeit with fraud, corruption and thuggery. We have to admit (sadly) that it’s not likely Ron will be on the ticket, but will have some ability to influence at the Convention. So maybe we have to be grateful for (1) having the message out there, an awakening to many citizens, and (2) a viable candidate on the Libertarian Party. WE HAVE TO START SOMEWHERE!

      Gary is not a johnny-come-lately. Some time ago (perhaps 2 years) I read about him and thought “how refreshing.” I expect he’ll get lots of coverage because he’s not a “third wheel” on the Republican establishment ticket …. he’s the star on the Libertarian Party.

  • http://liberty Tony

    To All here:
    This Gary Johnson sounds like a reasonable, rational, and sound man. However, he doesn’t stand a chance. Thanks plus TGIF!!

    • Tazio2013

      100% Agreement; trust that you’ll appreciate the following:

      “If I Wanted America To Be A Dictatorship”

      5 Minute Video

      Micro Documentary by Libertarian Film Maker and Activist Fabian4Liberty.

    • hambone

      His chances would be like Paul’s, because the left and the media don’t like people that make sense and want to get America back on it’s feet.

      • Phyllis Zeh

        Actually, Libertarians appeal across the board….liberal, independent and conservative. No one will like all his plans, but everyone would like some. Could be a surpriser and reduce the anger and hatred consuming America today due to obamas class warfare.

        • lindarm

          libertarians may appeal accross the board, but they do not win

      • moonbeam

        lindarm, this is most likely because the vote of We The People means diddly squat in the great “scheme” of things. But, it is what it is until We the People put our collective feet down and put a stop to all the nonsense once and for all. The Constitution gives us the right and the power to take care of business.

      • Big Woody

        Pay attention to the Tea Party and even OWS. Both are very large and are fed up with the business as usual crowd in DC. It would not take a lot for a libertarian with carisma to overnight become the leader of either or both movements. Say Trump’s money and moxie, Gingrich’s smooth logic and Ron Paul’s steadfast consistancy. The blogs overwhelminly support all three when they are in the spotlight. If a democrat like Richarson would step forward and challenge Obama and the DNC, We just might have a good 3rd party with a chance to sway the middle in this nation.

      • Vigilant

        Libertarians must be under some delusion that the “takers” in our society will somehow gravitate to either Paul or Johnson. Both threaten Draconian measures to reduce entitlements. And you think class/race warfare will diminish as a result of that? Think again.

        Johnson has wisely sidestepped the Iran nuclear issue by not mentioning it on his website, but puts marijuana legalization on the “front burner.” I’d say his priorities are in need of adjustment.

        A hands off position on abortion and gay marriage may attract some, but you’re going to discover that the fundamentalist Christians will have a say in that, big time.

  • nancy james

    He must secretly work for the far-left and democrats–otherwise, why would he intentionally sell out America to obama for another four years!!!!!!!!!

    • Phyllis Zeh

      We’ll never accomplish change if we keep doing what we’ve been doing. You know “keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll keep getting what you’ve been getting.” We all have to make an intelligent calculated decision on election day. To hear of the discontentment with Romney AND OBAMA, this may be just the right time to stop voting for the lesser of two evils and vote our conscience.

      • moonbeam

        Amen to that, Phyllis. I refuse to hold my nose any longer while voting. What would really be great if people would just break it on down and do their own research on candidates records instead of getting every tidbit from the media and listening to the rot that flows from their pie holes.

        I don’t like Mitt and I don’t like Barry. So somebody else needs to step up to the plate (No, not Christie because he doesn’t know the diff between a democracy and a republic. He calls us a democracy when we are indeed a republic). I get nauseous to the point of vomiting when looking at our current choices.

      • Tanya

        Another amen, Phyllis. My husband and I decided to no longer vote for the lesser of two evils in the last election, although we were accused of helping to elect Obama because we voted Constitution Party. If we vote for what we know to be evil, we deserve what we get.

      • Victoria

        I agree 100% it time that we the people stop voteing what the media says and vote our conscience. Insane Obama needs to go and Mitt Romney are two peas in the pie. If this is all we have to vote for what is the point in voteing? I will vote the alternitive.

      • Vigilant

        “You know “keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll keep getting what you’ve been getting.”

        Precisely. Keep splitting the vote like Ross Perot and you will indeed get Obama again.

  • BigBadJohn

    “Romney: Would increase strength of armed forces, adding almost $100 billion to the Pentagon budget in 2016.”

    My God man! Obama has increased military spending by 25% over Bush. The military budget is currently 850 billion – HALF of the total deficit. The ONLY candidate that makes any sense at all is RON PAUL!!!!

    • Burt Banford

      Are you smoking dope. I remember when that old loony first ran Only 1 term 2 at max. Finds a bill that has to pass then loads it with pork (where do you think his money came from?) then he votes against it, when it passes he screams I voted against it!! Makes you wonder abount his racist news letter that he never read, Yea right. Ret. Army special Forces Airborne Msg.

      • lindarm

        A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Obama. God forbid.

  • hambone

    He has a lot of the same ideas as Ron Paul, which is much better then the other two, who are a like in many ways. To have Ron Paul or someone similar to him in the white house, would give the country a boost in the right direction.

  • Chester

    Another screw the elderly old man who already has enough money stashed back he will never draw any of his social security. Oh, and he will never need any government insurance because the insurance industry, out of the goodness of its heart, will reduce rates so the people will actually be able to afford decent coverage on what those block grants will give them. About the only place I can see where he would help the elderly would be by placing that escalator on inflation rather than wages, as wages have gone nowhere for quite a while, but inflation in actual expenses to most has gone through the roof.

  • http://Bud12 Ed

    A third party candidate would only take votes from Romney and guarantee Obozo another dreadful term.

    • Brad

      I agree Ed. We have to get Obozo out and then we can retaliate and look at what to do at the polls the next election. If you leave Odrama in there, there will never be another election without a civil war here in the homeland.

      • A Little Bit of Reality

        And you actually think your alternative will hold his breath and NOT make things worse within the next four years? How naive can a fool get.. Two years from now we’ll be screaming to get rid of the Mitten because it’ll be ‘reaming of the middle class’ as usual.. THEN the jokers in charge will nominate more clowns to further confuse your “Anybody but Romney” chants and someone will say (AGAIN!) “Don’t matter who we get so long as Romney is out.. We can worry about getting better NEXT election” and the wheels continue to go ’round ‘n ’round..

      • Stacy

        You need to add a little bit of “Impeach Obama before the election” in order to straighten things out. He certainly has broken enough laws. I suspect the present Attorney General may be protecting this man. Do a search “CIA, Columbia University, Obama trial”!

  • John

    The point having been made . . between Obama and/or Romney the voters are being hoodwinked. We the people did not make this limited choice. Political insiders did. Gary Johnson or anyone that advocates his stance would be most welcome, especially after the mess that our government elites have created.

  • Larry Osgood

    If the Media wasn’t so corrupt , this guy would know about Ron Paul already.

  • Tanya

    Lol, I’m starting to think conservatives are being pretty dishonest. They’re saying “Anyone but Obama”, but what they really mean is,”Anyone but Ron Paul”.

    • Brad

      Tanya speak for yourself without only thinking of yourself. I like Ron Paul just fine but he has not got a chance in Hell being elected. Conservatives what the Kenyan gone at any cost, then we can talk about Ron Paul next time or possibly Rand Paul has a better chance becuase Ron is getting pretty old miss.

      • Average Joe

        If you like Ron Paul…vote for Ron Paul…stop rolling over and playing the “Party” game…the Party has lost it’s way. Stand up for something you believe in and don’t let anyone convince you that your candidate (whoever it is) can’t win. Nobody can win…unless we vote for them…period. Stand on your morals and values…and let the Party worry about itself…they want to keep the status quo….don’t let them…vote your conscience…Stand up for America..Vote Ron Paul.

        I’m voting for Ron Paul 2012…and I approved this message.

    • Tanya

      I’m not thinking only of myself. I have seven children. I’m sorry if I offended you with my comment, I was merely seeing some humor in this article. I don’t place much stock in this election and I didn’t in the last one because I see so much compromise going on. It won’t matter which party wins, we will continue down the same road. I’m tired of being told that if I refuse to vote for any old alternative that’s thrown at me that it’s the same thing as voting for Obama. I don’t have any faith in the establishment, and I’m doing what’s within my power to educate the next generation to see it for what it is.

      • Ted Crawford

        If we screw this election up, Tanya, the next generation will have no need to know. They will have no say in matters, all decisions will be made at a much higher level!

      • Elevenarrows

        I agree with you, Tanya. I have volunteered for Dr. Paul’s last two campaigns. What I have observed is that most Republicans are sheep. They gobble up whatever the MSM feeds them. They slurp down all the nonsense they hear around the water coolers at work. At the end of the day, when they walk into that voting booth, the same people who would never darken the door of a Vegas casino, play the odds. They usually vote for whoever the media and the guy on the street have told them can win. Lest any Republicans resent this analysis, let me quickly add that my observation of most Democrats is that they are out to force everyone to accept aberrant behavior as the norm and to glean as many “freebies” as they can get.

        I figured out fairly early on in my adult life that neither of the two main political parties cared about the Constitution or the oath they took to protect it. They are all about power and the re-distribution of wealth. Republicans try to pretty it up a bit with “conservative” values, but in the end, if they truly had conservative values, much would be different in this nation.

        We only have a two party system because the vast majority of sheep cannot think outside the box in which they’ve been placed. I survey and research all the candidates regardless of party affiliation. I prayerfully consider who will best defend the Constitution…not the watered down version the SCOTUS and POTUS would have us embrace, but the original Constitution as defined by the writings of the founding fathers. So far this time around, Dr. Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate that meets my criteria.

        Where are the patriotic men of old to lead the charge? Stand up and do something right this election cycle. If you follow the crowd, you are no different than the immature high school jock-wannabe that blindly follows the “cool” kids only to discover they weren’t really so cool in the end.

      • MAP

        Great post, Elevenarrows!

      • Tanya

        TedCrawford, can you explain what will change in the system and how it will be better for our children if we elect Mitt Romney as our president?

        Elevenarrows, I appreciated your post too.

      • Average Joe

        Well stated.
        Bravo Sir!!

      • AZ-Ike

        You are right, Tanya,

        It is not the voters who refuse to vote for either the Democratic or Republican ‘Evil,’ who are at fault for the continuing destruction of our country, it is the party elites who offer no legitimate alternatives for restoring our liberty who are at fault.

        Whether Americans have reached a point where a 3rd Party or write-in candidate has a chance is unknown. And, even if so, the party election apparatus is rigged to prevent the win.

        The bigger problem is ridding ourselves of the incumbent Congressional Representatives and Senators who refuse to represent us according to the Constitutional Rule of Law. No matter who becomes our next President, if Congress will not cooperate in restoring the Constitution, exceptional America has lost.

    • WillytheGeek

      NO Guts, NO Glory, Quit griping and vote for Paul, If you don’t stand for something, you will fall during all the guessing what will happen. If everybody feels that Paul is right, DO IT, vote for him. Quit guessing what will happen. I’m voting for Paul, Win, Lose or Draw. The word NIKE means to overcome. JUST DO IT! And get over it.

    • whick12

      Fight for RON PAUL . We MUST hijack the republican caucus,or the WHOLE WORLD is doomed now, rather than later. But I really expect the entire North American continent to be uninhabitable by reactor number 4, in Japan.


      Agree, exactly what I been saying in my posts in this forum. Ron Paul is not getting the support of the mainstream Republicans because they speak with fork toungue, ie they dont really want to get away from Deficit spending…its just that they want to spend taxes nd deficits and printed money in a different direction while telling their potential voters the opposite of their promises. Its one big attempted con job and most voters can see it, so i’m betting OBAMA will win again. Why change ?

      I keep stating it…if you want to remove Obama THIS TIME OR NEXT , you must nominate DR RON PAUL.

    • Doug Forde

      Mitt Romney is NWO, just like Obama. Electing him would just shift some of the influence from George Soros to the Rothschilds and Rockefellers. Obama would probably lose a lot of votes if his opposition made a big deal of his apparently fraudulent elegibility to be president. This would give a non-NWO candidate like Ron Paul or Gary Johnson a better chance.

    • wahoo

      its “anyone butt obama”…my bumper sticker…

    • OLD MAN

      If Ron Paul really had a sure chance of beating Obama I would be all for him. But statistics are showing that is most likely not the case. For that reason we “Conservatives” must support the candidate most likely to unseat Obama. Any other avenue is a sure win for Obama. Do you really want 4 more years of him?

    • timothy

      i like Ron Paul,i think he is the only america first man for president!

    • Fred

      That is not what i hear,feel,think or believe. I am a conserative independent trying to stay objective. That takes time and energy,believe nothing on the TV or print you need to verify anything that matters.

    • Carl Mangus

      You are totally out of your mind. We don’t Obama even if there is no one else.

    • Fred Howard

      Tanya – Of course you are right. Ron Paul has been “Black Balled” from the start including 2008. He is clearly the best qualified and most Conservative of the two remaining contestants. Yes, either would be better than Obama but I would rather see Ron Paul nominated. Big question, can he beat Obama? He can with the right strategy & organization. Anyone who beats Obama must garner the vote of those who have been bought by the Left i.e. the poor, uneducated, new legal, homeless, jobless, Gov. employees, etc. or forced by the unions, the “Occupy” crowd so to speak. There is a way if anyone is interested.

    • Robert Willis

      I do not know what polls you’ll are watching but, Ron Paul does not have a snowballs chance in hell of being POTUS! When it was said..”ANYONE BUT OBAMA” it was ment for Ron Paul as well! Ron Pauls forgien policy scares the hell out of me and anyone with common sense! I am former military and still in contact with a lot of active duty people still to this day, none of them want Paul as POTUS either! Romeny is not much better than Obama but, he is some so what dod you do?

    • lindarm

      Tanya, I happen to like Ron Paul;but I’m a realist as well. I do not believe he can be elected. So in order to protect us from another Obama; I think we have to be realistic for whom we vote.

    • Ken

      I agree Tanya
      I’m a Paul supporter.
      I’ll vote for who we get in the end but want Paul and have worked hard for him.
      The Republican party is in bed with the Global Government guys so they are sold out and won’t support Paul no matter what. They would rather see him go away then have to vote for him if he becomes the candidate in the fall election.
      Paul is in my mind our last hope. If we lose him in this election then pray Jesus returns soon.

    • Buck

      You are right , they all fear RON PAUL , They own Obamass AND Romney , so they aren’t concerned who wins that battle , but the outsider , RON PAUL scares the hades out of them .


      MY FELLOW AMERICANS: It is quite obvious that ANYONE WHO WILL SUPPORT and DEFEND the CONSTITUTION is and will be rejected for the position of President,. “YOU ALL NEED” to read the first section of the DECLARATION of INDEPENDENCE, Our forefathers made it very clear what needs to be done to take back OUR COUNTRY from tyrants, and traitors. WAKE UP AMERICA YOUR RIGHTS and FREEDOMS DEPEND ON IT !!!!!!!! A MARINE AN A PATRIOT,THAT IS A TRUE SON OF LIBERTY..

      • LeeS

        Richard, I agree with you 100%. It says in the Declaration of Independence that if the government becomes a tyrant it is not only our right but our obligation to change the government. If things keep going like they are, it may be getting closer to that day that we need to change the government.

        • Fred Howard

          Lee – I think the time has come, now that it’s been proven we have a Fraudulent President not eligible to be in office, to declare Martial Law, physically remove Obama and his cabinet and other appointments he’s made and let the Military run the country until fair elections have run their course this year. Include voter and vote verification, controlled union interference, terrorism alert, known activist retention, and coordinated law enforcement at local, county, State and National levels. It’s that or we loose our Constitutional Republic.

    • Tanya

      OLD MAN, Robert Willis, and lindarm, I am still waiting for someone to explain to in what ways, specifically, you expect Mitt Romney to put the country on a different course than Obama. What is there to gain? I personally feel that voting for Romney vs. Obama is the equivalent of voting for the deck chair arrangement on the Titanic, or maybe voting for which vehicle you prefer to ride off of a cliff. If you have facts to convince me that Romney will do something to benefit this country–I’m listening.

      For those of you who believe we have to vote for Romney this time around to get rid of Obama, and hope for better choices in the next election, how do you believe that’s going to be accomplished? If conservatives support Romney, won’t that just serve to convince the establishment that they can count on your vote no matter who they offer you? How bad would a Republican candidate have to be for you to refuse to vote for them?

      Also, for those who have criticized Ron Paul’s foreign policy, can you explain how Romney’s foreign policy will be a benefit to the country?

    • http://Google Gary Gerke

      YES! Anyone but Obama!!!!
      This President has accomplished none of his hope and change, this man is a lier, cheat and political IL. thug. This president is a Communist, pro Muslim, anti American constitutional criminal that wants the American people to fail in their attempt to rectify the atrocities that Bush and Obama have subjected America to.

      Ron Paul is not electable, however, his ideals make the most sense and would once again put America back on it’s path of greatness!

    • http://livingston david

      no tanya not dishonest just not willing to slide off in to the abis of unfettered loonicey.

    • Lawrence

      The true powers that be will never allow Ron Paul to become president.

    • Vonnise

      I will gladly march to the polls in Nov. and vote for anyone on the ticket that is not not not obama. If Ron Paul is the Republican choice, he will get my vote.

    • kegler299

      If only he would put forth a good policy on international relations. The sound bites and remarks during debates show him as an isolationist. We can not produce many of the items we need for defense as an isolated country. That is suicide!

    • Amy

      Ron Paul is the only candidate who will abide by the Constitution, and restore America’s greatness by keeping its independency which our founding fathers shed their their blood and lives for.

      • 2WarAbnVet

        That one critical element of the Constitution that Paul eschews is the government’s responsibility for national defense. He would decimate the military, and make America one of the weakest nations on earth. He would allow our enemies free rein to run roughshod about the world. While Obama seeks to destroy our children’s future through active measures Paul would accomplish the same outcome through inaction.

    • LARRY


  • Scott in SC

    If Ron Paul doesn’t get on a ticket, I will be voting for Gary Johnson.

    • Ted Crawford

      Thereby proving Roger Stone incorrect!

  • Steve

    What’s wrong with RON PAUL??? He’s the most viable candidate there is. Don’t tell me Bob Livingston and Personal Liberty is afraid of him too?

    • Ted Crawford

      You must be new to this site Steve!! This entire website has been for many months little more than an extention of the Ron Paul campaign. Bob is himself an outspoken supporter of Dr. Paul, if there is a staffwriter here who isn’t an avid supporter, I’m unaware of them!

      • Alan

        Then Sam Rolley should have included Ron Paul in this report. Yes I know this group supports Ron Paul as I do, but Ron Paul shouldn’t have been left out of this report or in any other discusion of presidential candiates by all media. That’s all that’s being said here.

    • Ladyhawke

      Hey Steve,
      Mr. Livingston and his Personal Liberty Digest, have supported Dr. Paul from day one. You obviously have not been around very long and did not bother to do your research.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Steve,

      You must be new here. I’ll give you a couple of links to follow and then let you answer the question yourself.

      Best wishes,

  • Terry

    How about a Ron Paul/Gary johnson ticket for eight years followed by a GaryJohnson/Ron Paul ticket for another eight??

    • Ladyhawke

      That would be unconstitutional as a person who has already served two terms as president, cannot serve as vice president or an a position where they are in line to become president again.

      • dufas magnet

        He was referring to Rand Paul as V.P. on the second eight years.. Read between the lines!!

    • Average Joe

      Actually over that last year, Ron Paul has stated publiclyat least 3 times when asked about his choice of VP candidates<"I really haven't given it much thought, but I sure do like Judge Andrew Napolitano".
      So, in regards to your proposition, how about Ron Paul/ Andrew Napolitano for 8 yers followed by Andrew Napoloitano/Rand Paul for 8 years…followed by Rand Paul and whoever he chooses as a running mate for anther 8 years….That would give us 24 years to clean up the messes made by their predecessors.
      Just a thought ;)

      • Phyllis Zeh

        That would be so unbelievably spectacular…..

      • timothy

        sounds very good!

    • amagi

      Bet you meant…followed by Gary Johnson/RAND Paul ? I’d love that !

  • Ted Crawford

    Gary Johnson had his opportunity on the National stage. The electorates answer was thank you for your offer but not at this time.
    Gary Johnson is one, of a very few, Libertarian I could support! His stance on Foreign Affairs and National Defense is founded more along the lines of a commonsense philosophy than the Anarchist ideaology of most Libertarians. Another plus for him is his terms as Governor. The wisdom of having someone with real executive experience, as the leader of the Executive Branch, is made clear by the bumbling of the current Administration!
    If it is as innocent as simple bumbling and not an overall designed agenda!

  • Steve E

    In an ideal world, Ron Paul would be President and Gary Johnson would be Vice President. A guy can dream, can’t he?

    • Alan

      I don’t, what the mind can conceive it can achieve.

  • Phyllis Zeh

    I too love Ron Paul. However, he’s competing as part of the dreaded “establishment” and has spread his very important message but cannot gain a discernible foothold because of the system’s many frauds. The establishment wouldn’t allow him to be elected, no matter what. They have the power to “fix it.” Gary Johnson has one big advantage. He’s not fighting for the Republican position. As a Libertarian, the arrogant and frightened establishment will ignore him just as they have Ron Paul.

    WE NEED TO COME TOGETHER AND MAKE IT KNOWN that we will vote our conscience in November, not for the lesser of two evils or against Obama. WHEN MILLIONS OF US make that known, voters all across America will feel comfortable voting Libertarian without fear that it will re-elect a Socialist or an establishment politician.


    • lindarm

      Phyllis, here’s hoping that your is conscience in tact and can feel ashamed and sorry once you have been part of the reason Obama gets re-elected

      • dufas magnet

        You people keep bumbling back to that statement.. What are you trying to create? Say it enough times and people will believe it? Well I don’t! In my books a small win is just as good as a landslide.. There are Obamites who will not vote for their man this time, there are Pubites who will not vote for Mittens.. There are independents who despise them both and there are other middle of the roaders who are just itching to cling to an honest politician.. If we put our vote to GOOD use then I can practically guarantee we can out vote the welfare and illegal population combined which will negate those votes then those left will either vote for Romney or the challenger.. If everybody votes their heart (or gut) then Romney won’t have a chance.. Are YOU voting for Romney? Take those votes away from BOTH of those losers or expect more turmoil in the next four years. Am I dreaming? Voters in my grandpa’s day thought the fools who voted for Harry T. were dreamers too and look what that got them. All we need to do is dream, then VOTE OUR DREAM! Don’t think loss even before we get to the polls..

    • Average Joe

      Phyllis Zeh ,
      May I sugest that since the establishment is shunning Run Paul…that he is in fact not “competing as part of the dreaded “establishment” and that your vote would be better served by coming to the aid of your country by voting for DR. Paul, thereby strengthening our numbers at the pols come Nov? Remember, if our numbers are large enough at the polls…they can’t ignore us any longer.
      Thnx, AJ
      I’m voting for Ron Paul 2012 ….and I approved this message.

  • GregS

    I don’t care what Sam Rolley, The New York Times, or the Huffington Post have to say about Gary Johnson. He’s nothing but a spoiler, no matter how you look at it. In fact, I contend that he will draw far more votes away from Romney than he will from Obama.

    It’s well known that one of the goals of the Obama campaign is to divide and conquer. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the Obama campaign has operatives out there, actively supporting Gary Johnson.

    If by some remote chance Ron Paul should get the Republican nomination, I would gladly vote for him. Otherwise, I’ll be voting for Romney.

    This election year, 2012, will probably be one of the most important elections in the history of this country. We cannot afford to have Obama as president for another four years. He will ruin the Country. If ObamaCare is not completely struck down by the Supreme Court, it will become a PERMANENT entitlement, if Obama gets re-elected, because in 2014, it will become fully effective. At that point, like any other entitlement, it will be impossible to reverse. It will ruin our healthcare system, and it will bankrupt the country, with the thousands of pages of mandates that will come out of it, enacted by UNELECTED bureaurocrats in the HHS.

    Whether you like it or not, this election will be between ONLY the Democrats and the Republicans. That’s reality. Please, people, wake up and smell the coffee! This will be a VERY close election. ALL, who oppose Obama, must unite around ONE REPUBLICAN candidate to oppose him. Any other opposing candidate will be a spoiler and will allow Obama to win.

    Hey! Hey! Ho! Ho! ObamaCare has got to go! Defeat the Dems to make it so!

    • MAP

      Regretfully, I agree with you Greg. We MUST get Obama out to show our disgust and contempt. But then we are stuck with Romney. How do we resolve that? This is the recurring problem. Alas, our two party system is a sham.

      • Average Joe

        By casting your vote for Ron Paul…instead of Romney. If 40%-60% of us voted for Ron Paul…even the electoral college could’t ignore us. Safety in Numbers!

        I’m voting for Ron Paul 2012…and I approved this message.

  • Elevenarrows

    Interesting that you don’t want to support Ron Paul because he is competing as “part of the dreaded establishment”, Phyllis. Dr. Paul was a Libertarian, but determined that the American sheeple could not see past the two party system to judge a man merely on his voting record, platform and values consistently lived out before the public for decades. So, he decided he had no choice but to cater to the ignorance of the masses (my words not his). I’m confused as to why you would throw him aside for a johnny-come-lately that hasn’t walked through the fire voters like you have put Dr. Paul through. ….Just an observation.

    • Scott in SC

      Gary Johnson was the first person to announce his candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination; a month ahead of Ron Paul. He withdrew his nomination in December and has since sought the libertarian nomination.
      If Mitt Romney is the best the GOP can do then they don’t deserve my vote and won’t get it.
      I’ll be voting for Mr. Johnson

    • eddie47d

      Johnson may be a good candidate but I don’t agree with him or any state turning prisons over to private corporations. The state still has to pay Prison Corporation of America tax dollars to operate those prisons. The private prisons are in the business of keeping people locked up to make money so they actively fight for longer sentences even for drug convictions. That in the long run will cost us more not less. We need to find better ways to warehouse fewer felons not more.

      • Average Joe

        Once again eddie, we can agree. Thank you

    • Phyllis Zeh

      Dr. Paul is my first choice. I expect however that the extent of his involvement is spreading the message, now and at the convention. If on the ballot, he’ll get my vote. If not, I expect Gary Johnson will be the Libertarian nomination and I can vote for him as an alternative and not have to “hold my nose.” Voting my conscience is what it’s all about.

      • lindarm

        Well be prepared to hold your nose and use a gas mask too. You operate on that premise, and you’ll get Obama as you will deserve

  • steve in AZ

    Oh,man. He’s unelectable. Just wanted to say that before anyone else did. lol

  • steve in AZ

    I mean – I like him alot, but his foreign policy of isolationism scares me. hehe

  • Average Joe

    I am sorry Mr. Rolley, but my vote is still going to Ron Paul and not to Gary Johnson. While I am sure that Mr. Johnson is a fine man…he is not Ron Paul.

    I am voting for Ron Paul / Andrew Napolitano 2012….. and I approved this message.

    • lindarm

      Joe Dont’ waste your vote. It will only get Obama elected again.

      • Average Joe

        Don’t waste your breath…my vote is never wasted if I vote my conscience. Unlike you, I will not sell out my values or morals for the lesser of two evils. The party has lost it’s way….I won’t be attending. You are free to have your opinion…that and $5 will get you a cup of coffee in some places…..but not here…..

        I’m stil voting for Ron Paul 2012….and I approved this message

  • 2WarAbnVet

    Just what we need to assure final destruction of our republic – a third party to hand the election to Obama.

    • http://liberty Tony

      To 2WarAbnVet:
      Even without a third party alternative, the incumbent will still win big. That’s because of his competition or more like, lack of. Sorry for the defeatist attitude but true. TGIF!!

      • steve in AZ

        Sorry. Just not true. Ron Paul rockin’!!

      • lindarm

        Tony, well if the population is stupid enough to elect Obama again; then we are sunk.

  • Renee

    Unbelievable. If a third party candidate goes on this ballot we will be stuck with Obama for another four years. Why can’t you understand that simple reality? Or, maybe that is your point! We must elect Romney. He has the skills to turn this country around. A third party will be an end to this country as we know it.

    • GregS

      Well said, Renee!

    • Scott in SC

      Why is everyone so sure a third party candidate will take away votes from Romney but not Obama? It seems to be an admission of just how weak a candidate Mitt Romney is..

      • GregS

        No, Scott. It’s because many of us are acutely aware of how close this election will be. We see the issue as being the defeat of Obama, because of how destructive he will be to this country, if he gets re-elected. Every vote will count.

    • Average Joe

      Since electing Romney would be essentially the same as re-electing Obama, I fail to see your reasoning. Electing another business as usual candidate make no sense to me. Voting for Romney because the media tells us he is the forgone conclusion for Republicans…and that in order to save the “Party”, we must vote for him …is LUDICROUS.
      As far as I am concerned, the Party” has lost their way and I don’t wish to attend ( the Party is over). Instead, I will vote my conscience and offer my vote to Ron Paul.
      Now, the GOP has a choice to make:
      Ron Paul supporters are not going to “roll over” for the Party….So, the GOP can either get on board with us…or they can lose the election and the Party…..because Mutt…er Mitt can’t win without us…and we aren’t budging from our support of Dr. Paul. The ball is firmly in the GOP’s court now….let’s see what they do with it.

      I’m voting for Ron Paul / Andrew Napolitano 2012….and I approved this message.

      • lindarm

        Joe, that’s a pabnts load and you know it.l

      • Average Joe

        That’s your tale…I’m sitting on mine…..

        • lindarm

          Sitting on your tail? So that’s what’s the problem is

        • Phyllis Zeh

          Gary Johnson is not yet the nominee. Mitt Romney is not yet the nominee. Ron Paul is continuing to reach more and more people and more votes every day that passes.

          We all need to cool down a little and save some energy to assess the situation as we get closer to election day. Maybe the choice will be more obvious then as we get a feel for what the country is thinking. If Ron Paul is not on the ballot, we will need to decide….go for Gary Johnson, who is very capable, experienced and thinks like Ron, or do we need to vote against Obama by voting for Romney. Certainly, Romney will be far better than obama, even if he is not our ideal. Another four years of Obama…I hate to think what that would mean for America.

          It is painful, going through this campaign process. There are so many lies and tales spun. And the one true and faithful to America is locked out of the process by MSM and establishment thugs.

      • Average Joe

        Please explain to us why we need to vote for Mutt…er…Mitt? What are his redeeming qualities (Ican’t seem to find any)…..Please, enlighten us….inquiring minds want to know…..

      • TML

        Average Joe says, “Ron Paul supporters are not going to “roll over” for the Party….So, the GOP can either get on board with us…or they can lose the election and the Party…..because Mutt…er Mitt can’t win without us…and we aren’t budging from our support of Dr. Paul. The ball is firmly in the GOP’s court now….let’s see what they do with it.”

        This is good reasoning in response to the typical cum hoc ego propter hoc and ad nauseam fallacies given by those such as lindarm. I’ve almost grown tired of correcting their errors in reasoning on these kinds of issues when they say a vote for, ‘anyone else’ but Romney is a vote for Obama.

      • Average Joe

        Something that I’ve noticed lately. The media keeps telling us how Mitt is the frontrunner, heck he even won here in Florida according to the media…but, I have yet to see a single Romney 2012 bumpersticker..yard signs etc…anywhere in my area….but there are Ron Paul 2012 stickers, yard signs etc…everywhere. I’m not sure if the media is trying to convince us…or themselves. Look around the areas where you live and let me know if this is what you see in your areas….I really am curious about this oddity.
        Thnx, AJ

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      WAKE UP! bush, clinton, bush, obummer, all the same thing! Why do you think nothing changes or gets better? They are ALL following the same agenda. It’s just been speeded up a bit. They ALL called for a new world order. They have ALL signed treaties, passed laws and executive orders to remove our rights! Say NO to all of them! Do you want your freedom back? Say NO!

      • Average Joe

        If you want your Freedom and Liberties back, the the choice should be obvious…Ron Paul.
        Cast your Vote for America, Vote Ron Paul 2012!

        I’m voting for Ron Paul 2012….and I approved this message.

      • Tanya

        Nancy, my thoughts exactly.

  • steve in AZ
    • r.p.

      You do know steve, that this song was a poem written during/for the r3volutionary war of 1776. Yes, the times they are a changing…………………………….

  • lindarm

    Talk about ridiculous. Do NOT buy into this premise. It has been tried time and time again, with disastrous results. Remember Perot? This is the kind of thinking that WILL get Obama elected again.

    • Brad

      Well I have to say Lindarm if parot had won we would not be in this mess.

      • 2WarAbnVet

        The key point that was being made is Perot didn’t win, but by running he facilitated Clinton’s victory. The nation could survive eight years of Slick Willy, it will not survive eight years of Marxist Owebama.

      • linda

        Brad , I agree , we wouldn’t.

    • r.p.

      Golly Gee lindarm, it seems you are buying into a premise. And 2WarAbnVet, Perot did not “facilitate” Willie. He brought out the issues then dropped out of the race. Stating something to the order of a couple contenders had command of the issues and may be a good choice if they keep their promises. If you watched those debates you would have seen Slick Willie take command of all other contenders to the point that they were nodding their heads in agreement with him as he spoke. Willie won on his own merits. The left/right (GOP/DEM) paradigm would like you to believe otherwise in the hopes of keeping the sheeple in line to do their bidding/voting. I hear everybody crying for a person with integrity, someone who cares about the people and the country. Someone who is honest and truthful, humble, a servant of God and of the people. And before they can even catch their breath they fawn over the next corporate flavor of the month, turning their back on the ONLY ONE who fits that mold.(Why? Because the media told you he’s unelectable!) Drooling and getting their panties in a bunch for the likes of Sarah, Michelle, Rick and Rick, Herman, Newt, and now Mitt. They were all losers as is Mittens. (Do you see a pattern here?) You all keep backing the losers just because the (corporate media) MSM tells you to. For no other reason. You don’t even bother to properly check their records or their constant lying, or their bad moral character. Then you have the audacity to tell other people who are tired of the same ole s#!t and will vote only for liberty, freedom, and the constitution that they are throwing their vote away!!! R.R., G.H.W.B, W.J.C,. G.W.B., and B.H.O, were all “Media Darlings” and look where it got us. If you vote for principle, honour, integrity, morals and the constitution, then there is only ONE choice. If you vote for the person the MSM tells you to vote for, then we will get what we deserve as there will be no difference. By the way, Rubio, and West both voted for the P.A., NDAA, R-1867, and PIPA. And now everyone is drooling over them. Why? Because the MSM told you to.

  • Mike

    We could always WRITE IN Ron Paul. Couldn’t we? Shouldn’t we?

    I plan to.

    If for no other reason than to protest the establishment offered puppets.

  • Mike

    So now we have as parties to split the conservative vote;
    The (not so) Grand Old Party.
    The Libertarian party.
    The Constitution Party.
    And our beloved Ron Paul.

    I guess Odrama is a shoe in.

    These four groups of followers better put their heads together and focus on ONE viable candidate or Barrack Hussein (yo mama) Obama is going to have four more years to wreak havoc on the American constitution.





    • Average Joe

      My signs are out,bumper stickers applied and voice being heard….I rekkon I’m OK

      I’m voting for Ron Paul / Andrew Napolitano 2012 ….and I approved this message.

      • lindarm

        There’s only ONE alternative candidate who could win, were he to run …………….and that man is ALLEN WEST! Someday I hope he does run.

      • Average Joe

        Wow…yer great with one liners…got anything real to add to the conversation? I thought not…..

  • Sandra Powell

    I have read all the comments posted in the last week and can only say that I can relate and much of the time agree with many of them.
    I don’t find any of the men or women that have attempted to become the Republican candidate for president the answer to America’s issues.
    The way I see it is that any of them will say what I want to hear and definitely speak/play to their so called “base”.
    This time I am using my eyes to observe them—how they interact with their family members especially their wives on the television and at political rallies and what I can determine about their character. WIll he or she keep her word?
    “Talk is cheap” and the Good Lord knows that the American people have heard enough rhetoric to last many lifetimes.
    Most of all, I am talking to everyone I meet about being sure to vote and not to let all the media influence them with their polls, so called experts, and slanted reporting.
    When it comes down to it, most Americans have some core and common beliefs. Sometimes they just have to be gently reminded of what those beliefs are.
    God bless America.
    An American Patriot

  • Chisna

    This viable alternative wants to slash Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.
    Sorry Gary, I didn’t pay into those programs for 40 years just so you could gut them.

  • TML

    “The American people have never been offered a candidate who is a fiscal conservative and social liberal.” – Roger Stone

    Hello? Uh… R-o-n P-a-u-l … !

    Could you be anymore ignorant, Roger?

    Need to do more research on the Johnson, but for now, it looks good. Still, my vote might only go to him IF Ron Paul doesn’t get the nomination or run as a third (fourth?) party. That would actually sound great! Johnson (L) and Paul (I) both in the general election against Obama (D) and Romney (R)? Oh yeah… I’d like that very much!

  • chuckb

    a lot of you people advocating ron paul or gary johnson are barking at the moon, there stance on drugs is drawing a lot of you.and it’s not going to happen. they will do nothing more than help barry get back in office. i believe the republicans want him back for another four years or they would have put up a better candidate.

    • TML

      chuckb says, “a lot of you people advocating ron paul or gary johnson are barking at the moon, there stance on drugs is drawing a lot of you.and it’s not going to happen.”

      Their stance on drugs is not what draws most people to support Ron Paul, nor Johnson I’m sure. I quite sure you know that.

      chuckb says, “they will do nothing more than help barry get back in office. i believe the republicans want him back for another four years or they would have put up a better candidate.”

      Cum hoc ego propter hoc, ad nauseam.

      Interesting you admit, by your comments, that Romney is not a sufficient candidate (even though you state it as if he has already won the nomination against the only remaining Republican candidate), yet say that if we don’t vote for him, and instead vote for ‘the better candidate(s) (Ron Paul or Johnson) that we are helping Obama get back in office.

      Please learn how to think.

      • chuckb

        you might try explaining yourself better, you say:

        “Interesting you admit, by your comments, that Romney is not a sufficient candidate (even though you state it as if he has already won the nomination against the only remaining Republican candidate), yet say that if we don’t vote for him, and instead vote for ‘the better candidate(s) (Ron Paul or Johnson) that we are helping Obama get back in office.”
        where did i say vote for the better candidate”paul or johnson” hmmmm?

      • Average Joe

        Reading comprehension problems? Go back and read that post again…and again if you need to…. until you actually understand what was actually said……
        You state that Romney is less than steller as a candidate…but that we should forgo our morals and values ….and vote for him anyway…..even though we have have a candidate that we think is a better alternative to…Mutt…Mitt. Product of public indoctrination center(AKA, public school system) ? Or just blindly doing as the “party” tells you to do?

      • TML

        “where did i say vote for the better candidate”paul or johnson” hmmmm?”

        True… that does show my bias, and i will even allow you apology for my ad hominem; “learn ho the think”… so; allow me to rephrase….

        ““Interesting you admit, by your comments, that Romney is not a sufficient candidate (even though you state it as if he has already won the nomination against the only remaining Republican candidate), yet say that if we don’t vote for him, and instead vote for the OTHER candidate(s) (Ron Paul or Johnson) that we are helping Obama get back in office.”

        Now, please respond in kind and explain to me, without rhetoric, how a ote for Paul or Johnson “will do nothing more than help barry get back in office”.

  • HKaufman

    Once again Writers you FLUNK…. A This viable solution does not and I REPEAT does not have a pristine Closet.. DO YOUR HOME WORK before you CHIME IN with VIABLE SOLUTIONS.. This ARTICLE should be renamed to “A VILE ALTERNATIVE” I did the home work and found YOUR VIABLE ALTERNATIVE vetoed every single bill that would have brought revenue into his STATE, and he ranks 5 in the nations WORSE GOVERNOR.

    • TML

      Citation or link, please

      • Average Joe

        High hopes? I hope you’re not holding your breath…. ;)

  • DavidL

    I want the old and respected Republican Party back, not the current crop of extreme right wing deluded nuts who are transforming Mitt Romney, a liberal, into a “severe conservative.” It isn’t going to work.

    • Wildey

      Washington, Jefferson, Adams, they never were affiliated with a political party. Today? We must bend over and be branded to participate in politics. Which worked best, their way or our way?

  • mn1013

    It’s interesting — everyone (myself included) has always said (and thought) that a third party is a vote thrown away. I have thought about it and have come to the conclusion that if ENOUGH people throw their vote away (by voting for the third party) than that party can WIN. All they need is to hit the hot button that the rest of the people have and they can win (especially since both major parties have pathetic people being placed as candidates). Unfortunately, I feel Obama will be elected even if a majority of the people vote for someone else (the fraud factor is way to high to allow a true election to take place).

    • Average Joe

      Kind of like the myth that Ron Paul can’t win. The same principle applies
      Nobody can win…unless we vote for them…pretty simple logic.

      The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie, deliberate, contrived and dishonest, but the myth, persistent, persuasive and unrealistic.
      John F. Kennedy

      • Average Joe

        As for the “fraud factor”, we need to demand good old fashion paper ballots, kept in public view at all times and publicly counted as well….nothing else will fix the fraud factor. Voter ID is a must!!!

  • Wildey

    What is your problem with Ron Paul? He spent the last 35 years trying to squash the government and knows more about it than all the others combined. The Libertarians go over the line with their position on abortion and prostitution. Having been one once I learned they are amoral: Function outside of God’s rules of action and interaction. Do we still have “In God we trust” on our coin?

  • Average Joe
  • Buck

    Johnson is undoubtedly a better choice than Obamass and Barack Romney , but if anyone is really concerned about fixing whats broken , the federal government , only RON PAUL will suffice .

  • s c

    On the brighter and more realistic side, what a great time this is for ‘Democrats’ and other, assorted utopians to come up with their own ‘viable alternative.’ Now that it’s finally getting around that hardcore utopians regret having helped put Obummer in the W H, THIS is the time to change gears, give Amerika their own brand of HOPE AND CHANGE and put Obummer where he belongs – on a jet to SHECAWGER.
    Talk about an idea WHOSE TIME HAS COME!

    • Average Joe

      My best friend, who happens to be a very liberal Democrat has flatly stated that he regrets his choice of Onomore…and is solidly behind Ron Paul at this point.
      He says the same thing that I say…the party has lost it’s way ….even the Dems are waking up to the realization that it is a one party system….with Letters attached to their names (as if that means something)…and not a two party system.

    • Average Joe

      “THIS is the time to change gears, give Amerika their own brand of HOPE AND CHANGE and put Obummer where he belongs – on a jet to SHECAWGER”

      I was thinking Kansas….Leavenworth ( nice area). ;)

  • 2WarAbnVet

    There are many honorable people of good conscience posting here who, unfortunately, don’t seem to be in touch with reality. A vote for a third party candidate – ANY third party candidate – no matter how attractive is a vote for Obama. I don’t personally trust Romney as I believe him to be a weak-sister Establishment RINO, but I’ll hold my nose and vote for him, as the alternative will be complete destruction of our Republic. Unless you want to consign future generations to the eternal misery of a “Marxist Utopia”, you’d better suck it up and give consideration to a practical solution.

    • Average Joe

      So, what you are saying is that you will vote for more of the same…by voting for MItt? I fail to see your reasoning…since there isn’t any difference between the two….think not?

      Enjoy your awakening:

      I won’t be holding my nose or swallowing a bitter pill…I will be casting my vote for Ron Paul…a man of integrity and moral conviction.

      • 2WarAbnVet

        In other words – you’ll vote for Obama.

        • lyn

          I think you sent your message to me in error? I didn’t say anything about who I would vote for I just posted a link in regards to– Foreign company buys election results reporting firm.’…Surely you don’t have a problem with that?

      • Average Joe

        2WarAbnVet ,

        If your reply was to me, apparently you have a reading disorder…..please re-read my post…..RON PAUL is who I’ll be voting for. I believe it was you who said you vote for Miitens….and neither of us are voting for Obama……. So, you might wanna stow away the silliness.
        before you tell me that a vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Obama…you may want to consider that it may be you that is voting for Obama…by voting for Mittens ( he can’t win…period…too much baggage)..
        Also rememder…it ain’t over until the fat lady sings……

        • 2WarAbnVet

          Sorry Average, but Ron Paul is not electable. Too many people are aware that he is nuttier than a pecan grove at harvest time. The only thing more frightening is his cult-like following.

          • lindarm

            2War , you are right, but some people just like to cut off their own noses to spite their faces in the name of their consciences or principals, even though it will cause them great grief in the end.

      • lindarm

        Joe, thank you. I have tried and tried to convince people of what you have just said. Some are very stubborn. My own crazy brother is a good case in point. He’s a genius, but when it comes to pragmatic, common sense concepts; he’s as crazy as the rest.

      • Average Joe

        2WarAbnVet ,lindarm,
        I think the two of you are in for a rude awakening in Tampa. As I’ve stated…you can sell out your morals for the party….and if your candidate wins…so be it…but, you’ll get 4 more years of business as usual….if our nation lasts that long ( I figure the dollar wil go poof before then). Either way, I am voting my conscience and will be voting for Ron Paul….and Mitt will still be an “also ran”….a repeat performance of Lame McCain…lol
        See you at the voting booth…I’ll also be at the convention…heh

        • lindarm

          Voting for thrid party candidates never accomplishes anything. It only enables the idiot already in the White house. Think about that! He’s stealing our freedom and our money.

      • Average Joe

        Please show me where I said I would be voting for a third party, I can’t seem to find it in my posts. The Last time I checked, Ron Paul was still a “Republican” candidate for president.Come Tampa…he may still be or he may not be…I’ll wait to see. But regardles of Tampa…I cannot in good conscience vote for Mitt….he was a loser 4 years ago..and he is still a loser now…AKA McCain 2. If Ron Paul doesn’t get the nomination…I’ll wait to see if he runs third party….if so, he gets my vote…if not…nobody gets it…not Romney, not Obama, but will instead “write in” Ron Paul…..Sorry, I won’t be rolling over for the party…period.

        Please cover yourself…your ignorance is still showing…..ewww…That’s nasty…….

        • LeeS

          Maybe Romney is not the greatest candidate for President, but given the choice between him and Communist Obama, I would rather have Romney. Even a dumb monkey from the jungles of Kenya would be a better candidate than Obama (Oh, thats right, Obama is a dumb monkey from Kenya). If Obama is reelected, you would see this country go socialist or communist within a year or so. Then we would have to exercise our rights and obligations under the Declaration of Independence to initiate a revolution to through that SOB out.

      • Alan

        Your right Lee S. How can Obama be president of this country in the first place. He was not born on Unitied States soil. Obama’s attorney asked the judge to throw-out Obama’s fake birth certificate as evidence a few weeks ago because it was fake. Even worst, the judge agreed. How can this be that our judicial system doesn’t up hold the law and be just as corrupt as our governing bodies? Obama should be in jail and all Obama’s Excecutive Orders should be null & voided. Also how can Obama even having a chance to run as president of this country for this fact alone for another term. This sham has me so dicussed & upset.

      • Brad

        AJ are you saying the Moochelle is a singer now?

      • Brad

        Can you even write in a vote any longer??? I don’t think that is an option here in Texas.

    • Tanya

      Could you convince me that you are in touch with reality by explaining how voting for Mitt Romney will save future generations from a “Marxist Utopia”? I just don’t see it.

      • 2WarAbnVet

        It’s quite simple. Romney, as sorry as he may be, has provided no indication that he wants to destroy our nation or our Constitution – Obama has clearly done so. If, in a snit or a sense of outrage, you vote for a third party candidate, you actually give Obama a vote to conplete his mission.

      • Tanya

        You still haven’t explained how Romney would do things differently than Obama. And accusing me of voting in a snit or sense of outrage is really pretty rude. I haven’t accused anyone of anything, I merely asked you to explain yourself. If I refuse to vote for someone I completely disagree with, or even choose not to vote at all, that has nothing to do with whether I support Obama. I don’t. If you feel it is your duty to support the establishment candidate, I may not like it, but it is your choice and I won’t call you names.

        • 2WarAbnVet

          Here’s a slogan for you: “Paul 2012 – Vote Paul, re-elect Obama”.
          If you carry out this plan, you needn’t worry about 2016; we will either have civil war, a totalitarian/socialist government or both. At any rate, it will be the end of that noble experiment called the United States.

      • Average Joe

        Please overlook 2WarAbnVet , I believe he has bangged his head against one too many hard objects…and may be suffering from brain damage…or terminal stupidity…take your pick. I went so far as to give him a video that points out how Obama and mittens think exactly the same (see above)….and it went right over his head. As Ron White says…”You can’t fix stupid”. and considering 2WarAbnVet’s usual comments…Ron is correct….Just sayin’

  • lyn

    While many are discussing who to vote for, may I suggest you read this article :

    from Investment Watch Blog…here is the link to the article— what’s your take on it?

  • chuckb

    average joe,

    ” you say: Reading comprehension problems? Go back and read that post again…and again if you need to…. until you actually understand what was actually said

    apparently you don’t understand what i said. i didn’t say anything derogatory against ron paul, however, down deep inside you know he doesn’t stand a chance of getting the nomination, he could take 3-4% away from the republican candidate by the libertarian vote. and that means 3-4% more for barry.…

    if you listened to gary johnson speak when the nominating process first started, then you can understand why he fell out quickly. some people are voting for ron paul and johnson simply because of their stand on drugs.…

    i do not like romney and regret that the republican party has become so liberal, however, between romney or barry it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out, so i will hold my nose and vote for romney and hope for a third party to spring up and produce a more viable candidate in the future.

    • Average Joe

      chuckb ,

      It has become obvious that you about as sharp as a bowling ball….
      I read your post right …the first time…and made no mistakes in my reply…..Do you still have a reading disorder?…Sorry, I can’t help you with that…maybe a remedial reading course would help……

      You say:
      “if you listened to gary johnson speak when the nominating process first started, then you can understand why he fell out quickly. some people are voting for ron paul and johnson simply because of their stand on drugs.…”

      I did…I am voting for Ron Paul…because he is a man of principle, morals and integrity, who actually undersands and upholds the Constitution….you’ve mentioned your drug argument…and quite frankly…the argument is asinine…Just because you aren’t bright enough to see the writing on the wall (which apparently you aren”t)…doesn’t mean everyone else isn’t able to see it. You keep telling yourself That Ron Paul will only garner 3-4% of the vote…and maybe someday you’ll believe your own drivel…the rest of us ain’t buying the sack of fertilizer you’ve brought with you today…take it on home.

      You say:
      “i do not like romney and regret that the republican party has become so liberal”

      But, you’ll vote for him anyway…LMAO
      In other have no values or convictions…because if you did…you wouldn’t sell out for any reason….which pretty much makes you …just another useless eater….AKA…LOSER…If you’re not part of the solution…then you are part of the problem.
      You are free to vote for anyone you choose….But many of us aren’t worried about the “party”…we are worried about our nation and whether it is Obama or Romney…the policies will remain the same….how’s that been working out so far?
      ….IN the meantime,vote however you choose and I’ll do the same and I’ll see you at the polls in Nov….have a nice day.
      A vote for anyone other that Ron Paul… a vote for more of the same.

      • LeeS

        Average Joe. the problem with Ron Paul is he is too old. He is 76. And he is partially senile. He made statements during the debates that were absolutely not true like when said when he was in the Air Force he was stationed in Afghanistan. I am also 76 and was in Vietnam as was he. Only he was a 1st Lt. The Vietnam war was over in 1972 for the U.S. And this was only one of several errors (lies) he said up on the stage. I say give Romney a chance. We might all be surprised. If Comrade Obama is reelected, we know what he is up to. Bye Bye America.

      • Average Joe

        Please supply any substantiated evidence that Ron Paul is , as you say,”he is partially senile”. You’ve made serious acusation against Dr. Paul and yet you fail to offer any proof of those accusations. Why is that?
        Next, you say that Dr. Paul is too old. On what basis do you make that assumption? I am guessing that you are comparing his life to your own…since you immediately go into your story about you being 76 and you were in Nam (yadaa, yada, yada)…which has no bearing on the issue of his age. BTW, we did not leave Viet Nam by 72,,we officially left in 1975..I should know I was in at the time. Ron Paul was actually not in Nam…his time spent in the military (as a flight surgeon…not as a grunt) was during the Cuban Missle Crisis. At any rate, Ron Paul rides a bike 20 miles at a time… 3 times a week and happens to be in excellent shape…and has challeanged all of the other candidates (during the debates) to go riding with him….,and keep up with him…so far…no takers. Don’t compare your life or your health to his….your lives are entirely different.

        In the future, you would be much better served if you tell us why you think that your candidate is so much better than all of the others…rather than tearing down the other candidates using uniformed rhetoic with no basis or relativity to the election of the POTUS.
        The only thing that should matter…is character. What virtues does YOUR candidate have…tell us why he or she is so vital to fixing our nation. Stand on your morals…tell us what you stand for.Seems to me that folks like YOU ,2WarAbnVet , lindarm and chuckb only tell us…. what you are against….rather than what you are for…are you truly FOR anything at all?
        Leave the rhetoric at home…if you can’t have an intelligent converstion….please refrain from conversing

      • Tanya

        Great comments, Joe. I’m just afraid you’re probably beating your head against a wall trying to convince some people that holding your nose and voting for Romney isn’t the salvation of us all. I fear for our future more because of that mind set than anything Obama can do to us.

      • LeeS

        Let me put it to you this way Average Joe. If you had listened to the debates and had actually been in the service, you would have caught the inconsistencies in Ron Pauls commentary. He was the one that said he was in Vietnam as well as Afghanistan. Also, we left vietnam in 1972. The war was not over until 1975 but there were no American forces there at that time. If you were there, you must have gotten a serious bump on the head. And remember a vote for Ron Paul is a vote for Obama.

  • chuckb

    joe, i guess being about as sharp as a bowling ball is like you being as square as one.

    go back and check the voting records, the libertarian party never draws much more than 4% if that. you think it will be any different than that now keep dreaming. you refer to my drug argument as asinine, pal, it’s not my drug argument and i could care less. most people won’t vote for johnson or paul because of the drug stance, that’s a given.
    as far as losers go, lets see who loses come november, you and your candidate will be the loser, just like you are right now.

    so don’t have a nice day.

    • wendell

      CB, their are maybe 40-50 of the same people on this site that consistanly swear and affirm over and over again that they will only vote for Ron Paul. They think that will transform into 40-50 million at election time and put Paul in as president. Thats how out of these people really are.

    • Average Joe


      What on earth are you talking about? Does your brain know what your fingers are typing?
      Obviously not…..
      Apparently my barb about being “sharp as a bowling ball”..went whoosh! as it passed your head at a deafening speed.Dude..I was insulting your intelligence…And you prove my point by coming back with : “I know you are, but what am I?”…LMAO
      Then you go on to rant something about the Libertarian party…which has no bearing whatsoever…on anything that I have posted anywhere on this site…Are you completely daft?
      The last time I checked..Ron Paul is still a Republican candidate for POTUS…maybe you missed the memo? Since the only person that I am voting for is Ron Paul….your Libertarian rant , once again (thrown out as if fact w/o anything to back up your claims) has no beaaring on any of my posts.

      Once again you bring up Ron Paul’s drug policies, while claiming it doesn’t matter to you…but in reality, it must really matter a lot to you…you keep talking about it. Please enlighten us on what Ron Paul’s drug policies are….enquiring minds want to know.
      I have $10 that says you have no clue what his policies actually are….the ball is in your court now…bubba. Tell what those policies are….

      A man with no intelligence…calling someone else…anyone else…a loser?…Now that’s rich…dam* near priceless…..

      In spite of your lack of civility, Have a wonderful life

      • chuckb

        joe, first off, my lack of civility? are you smok’n some of that dummy dust, you better go back and read some of the gibberish you wrote. i think you are into yourself so much, you have no idea what you are saying.
        evidently the drug thing hit home with you and i have an idea that is on your agenda. i said before paul hasn’t a chance of getting the nomination and if he runs on a third party ticket, he won’t draw much more than 4% of the vote if that. and most of that vote will be by the younger pot smoking crowd.and that will only increase barrys chance of winning another four years.
        you know fully well what pauls drug policy is and that in itself kills any chance of getting nominated.
        johnson is even a bigger booster for changing the drug laws, however, after listening to him in his speeches i don’t think he could get elected as a dog catcher in a national election.
        sorry about the drug laws, maybe someday we can do away with all laws and just have a drugged out free for all nation.

  • chuckb

    it’s almost like they have a death wish. it’s their right to vote any way they wish, but, the libertarian party year after year seem to stay stagnated, i wonder why? ron paul is a good american, however, i do think he is kind of wacky at times, gets off the track and the libertarian platform is the same old bill of goods most people don’t want.
    their policy on drugs is a big issue with people and it alienates most voters, take that out of the equation and they would probably draw more people..
    i like what livingston writes and would think his ideology is above the party line..

  • s

    Come Here you little piece of excriment from beneathe my two decade old, fight for everyone’s right boot,you ,…Damn! my ancient prussian relatives!,..Thank the holy trio for your survival!,..I would elaberate,but,ah (offensive word removed)!nobody!remembers those who feed “it”well!.HA!.That”s why we were the best that ever lived!. “:Junior”, ALL but a couple are gone. keep our stories to ourselves,…JesusMaryandJoseph,..You Fight for the right to live!,..To just,to just survive?,..Are you freaking kidding me?,..Where in the (offensive word removed) have you been,for,decades?!,..LOOK around you,er,Open up your ears and mind,..Ronnie James Dio,most of Black Sabbath,Sammy Hagar,Lemme,Michael(of scorpions,UFO,and MSG)are “christians) IN any form!.AS for our brother JR.,May the waves bring forth great tidings no matter what the closed minded think.

  • LeeS

    His one problem is he is a libertarian! Most of the libertarians are wackos who are against any kind of laws or regulations.

    • Average Joe

      Once again…you accuse…evidence? (your ignoraance is showing)

  • Big Woody

    You have not paid attention to the libertarians. They are against the type of laws and regulations the Dems and Repubs have been shoving down our throats for the last 100 years. OVER regulation is the problem.

  • Silas Longshot

    Sounds like you’re describing a clone of Ron Paul. Hmm.
    Bring him to the brokered convention and let the people put him in Romney’s place. Romney will be McCain 2.0 as I pick up the same ‘vibes’ off him as the repeat of the worst possible choice against 0bama. Already the democrat party attack machine is deconstructing the flip flop king with his own words and actions of his past. Everything Romney is ‘for’ now he was AGAINST, sometimes in the same week, it seems.
    If you’re looking for a ‘libertarian’ to put in there, go with R P

    • nursetrixie

      I agree with everything you are saying and wish to add that when and I do mean WHEN Dr. Paul wins the nomination, it will be a spit in the face to the mainstream media and the powers which control them and the entire world! It seems to me those who have discovered the inner workings of those who control us all would realize this!!!! Many have realized this and many more will soon…lets hope it will not be too late! Ron Paul 2012


    The best way to put DR RON PAUL on the world stage to spread his message and increase his chances of winning tenfold is to NOMINATE HIM FOR PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE OF REPUBLICANS.

  • Jonathon Galt

    “The Constitution follows the flag.” – Democrat Party slogan 1900

  • whulse

    If he runs, and if he is good, or even great, he will still ensure an Obama win. He might have a slim chance if he would run as a Democrat, but none as a Republican or a Libertarian, or any third party. In our corrupt two party system God could not get elected, but he would likely take some of the vote from the republican side and cause them to lose. I am an independent conservative, with a Libertarian streak, and I have wasted my vote before on a third party candidate that I really liked. We need to revise the system of voting, away from the Chicago machine tactics, or the Dims will again stack the deck, as usual, because they are the party of freebees and we have a lot of leaches in the system sucking the government teat. The Repubs are heavily infiltrated with RINOs. The Dims couldn’t win a fair election. I would love to be able to vote FOR someone rather than the lesser of two evils, but I can’t. That’s just facts of life in the USA today. The Dims have the power of mind over matter, they don’t have much of a mind, and to them it doesn’t seem to matter!

  • Fred Howard

    Show me a “Valid” Birth Certificate and SSC Card for each candidate for President so I know who is eligible to be on the ballot. Once we have a level playing field for a fair race, then we can have, well … a “Fair Race”. If that does not happen, burn the Constitution because it will no longer be relavent.

    • Kimberly Reed

      What you really mean to say is….anybody but a FREEMASON!!

      • Fred Howard

        Kimberly – Please explain about your comment, “anybody but a Freemason!”.


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