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A Third Party Vote Is A Vote For America

October 25, 2012 by  

A Third Party Vote Is A Vote For America

On Monday, Americans watched a supposedly liberal candidate for President and a supposedly conservative candidate for President agree on the importance of massive military spending.

Those who voted for Barack Obama in 2008 with the hopes of less American meddling in the Mideast heard him talking about why he has used drone attacks galore in the region, even killing an American citizen in the role of judge, jury and executioner. They heard why we must remain in the Mideast and why America must shun cuts to military spending.

Mitt Romney agreed with Obama on his points and upped the ante, suggesting that not only should cuts be shunned but also that military spending increases should be championed. And conservative voters watched yet another Romney forward-march toward centrist candidate, effectively Etch A Sketch-ing much of the “true conservative” Republican persona that many voters on the right so badly wanted to battle Obama in the coming election.

Oh yeah, and they talked about Israel. And Israel. And Israel. And Israel. It became apparent that the third and final Presidential “foreign policy” debate focused largely on domestic policy. When the candidates did focus on the intended topic, the differences in position were non-apparent.

So the choice — the “direction for America’s future” choice — is clear, and the next four years are going to be a continuation of the past 12: a back-and-forth over taxes at home that never reaches a clear and concrete conclusion to the benefit of anyone; a continued assault on Constitutional civil liberties; a continued boon to the American and International banking cartels; and, without a doubt, a continued effort to line the pockets of America’s ever-expanding military industrial complex, which will take the lives of more American volunteers abroad and continue to double down its domestic expansion.

Often, it seems that these political writings are constantly dismal in tone. But there is no other option, for the readers will continue to lie to themselves until they are no longer allowed a political opinion. But, for all of those who continue to lambaste anyone who suggests that neither Obama nor Romney is the man for the job, here are some points with which you may agree at least slightly.

  • America is financially doomed due to a little more than half a century of government ineptitude.
  • The only way to reverse the coming economic calamity is to implement drastic change and completely alter the way citizens of the Nation view their place in the world and their responsibility at home.
  • This was not a Nation built on the idea that a ruling class has the authority to manipulate a peasant class.
  • The government no longer works for you.
  • Debt cannot be lessened by increasing spending, whether it is on corporate welfare, domestic entitlements or the military.
  • A government with the ability to print money ad infinitum has no reason to tax its citizens’ income.
  • The National Defense Authorization Act, domestic surveillance dragnets set up to catch anyone critical of government, parliamentary police forces and threats to free speech, personal property and the right to personal defense must all be eliminated.

Neither Obama nor Romney agrees with any of these things. They both incorrectly believe that governments can effectively create jobs. They both believe that safety always trumps liberty. They believe in and belong to the ruling class and are surrounded by members of the military-industrial and banking cartels that flourish only when Average Joe flounders. They both believe that increasing government spending in one way or another will help to reduce the government’s debt.

So, say again that a vote for anyone but Romney is a vote for Obama; it doesn’t matter because a vote for Romney is a vote for Obama. A vote for either man is a vote for moving again further from the principles upon which this Nation was founded.

A third party vote may indeed be a fool’s errand, because a vast majority of the population of this Nation is informed only by corporate-controlled (and, thereby, government-controlled) mainstream media that have gone to great lengths to black out any message but that of the two (one) party status quo.

On Tuesday, another debate was broadcast. It wasn’t carried by FOX, MSNBC, CNN or any other major television news networks. It was, however, shown on Russian semi-state-run network RT, as well as C-Span and a handful of online news channels.

The event, sponsored by the Free and Equal Elections Foundation, included the Justice Party’s Rocky Anderson, the Constitution Party’s Virgil Goode and the Green Party’s Jill Stein (none of whom you’ve probably heard of) along with Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson. The debate was refreshing; and, while the candidates agreed on many of the issues of the zeitgeist, they certainly offered a clear collective rebuttal to the ideas of Romney and Obama.

Because most readers probably don’t know much of anything about the aforementioned third party candidates, this column will not pick apart the debate but will rather challenge readers to wake up from the Romney/Obama coma and watch the event below. There are no funny moments or personal attacks, but it looks a lot like what one may expect the Nation’s Founders had hoped for modern political discourse.

*The debate begins at 1:02:55.*


Johnson took the night. Though the Libertarian is on the ballots in 48 States, enough to secure an Electoral College victory, it is evident that he won’t win in the Presidential election. America is too lazy to digest anything but FOX/MSNBC mind mush and demand a clear alternative to Thing 1 or Thing 2.

Sam Rolley

Staff writer Sam Rolley began a career in journalism working for a small town newspaper while seeking a B.A. in English. After learning about many of the biases present in most modern newsrooms, Rolley became determined to find a position in journalism that would allow him to combat the unsavory image that the news industry has gained. He is dedicated to seeking the truth and exposing the lies disseminated by the mainstream media at the behest of their corporate masters, special interest groups and information gatekeepers.

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  • Joe H

    I still say that goofball romney is the only one that has a chance in hell of beating Obambam and if Obambam gets in for another term, we are all in a world of hurt. He might just break it so bad it cant be fixed!

    • Vicki

      The one good thing about Obama is that he had no patience and drove too fast, thus waking up a bunch of people who had been lulled to sleep. If Romney wins we could very easily see them fall asleep again and then what will stop the progressives from finishing their 100 year plan?

      • Patriot II

        Vickil; I can see you point, so you want to re elect Obama?

      • sailor

        You called those dumb ass liberals “progressive?” oh please….spare me the [expletive deleted]

      • vicki

        Patriot II says:
        “Vickil; I can see you point, so you want to re elect Obama?”

        No. I will vote principle. Which means I will not be voting for obama nor Obama with an R. Since I live in California my vote will not have any effect anyway :(.

      • Motov

        So we choose between Obozo and Obozo-lite?
        No thanks,… Rather see Johnson get in. Voting in Obozo-lite(Romney) will be a return to the Shrub years, which will perpetuate another democrat down the road.
        TIME to break this stupid cycle by going with another real choice,… Johnson!!
        Insanity is when you do the same thing over and over again expecting different results.
        And you call us third partiers “Idiots”?? You nominated the most Liberal “RINO” And expect the Ron Paul supporters to blindly follow? Sorry we are way too attached to a document called the Constitution,..Maybe you should read it

      • Joann Flanagan

        Nothing like starting a religious persecution to “wake people up”.
        Let’s hope it wakes up some advocates of the Ist amendment!
        Joann Flanagan

    • al k

      Obama is doing exactly what he was appointed to do, we don’t elect these Illuminati bloodline presidents, they are appointed, all the campaigning is a pawn to make us think we elected him, how come all presidents are from one of the 13 family blood lines of the Illuminati? we need to get rid of all incumbent politicians to start with then eliminate all Illuminati bloodlines from our government.

      • http://yahoo fred frye

        Yep, with all the voter fraud,the fact that the vote will be counted by a company in Spain, the “election” is just staged,like they did in USSR for many years..Obomney attended the Bilderberg meeting this year,and was probably made the appointee then,as did the current imposter.

    • Kansas Bright

      The ONLY reason Romney, who like Obama *became the presidential candidate due to election fraud – showing how corrupt both are and that they are ‘owned’ – is because of people like you who think the only way to vote is either democratic party or republican party as you have been taught. Yes, taught.

      It is always easier to ‘drive’ cattle in the direction you want them to go when you narrow the avenues through where they can travel. Basically it is MUCH easier to CONTROL two parties, put your people into them, then it is to control multiple parties.

      You, and those voting like you, are the problem. Watch the third party candidates and pick one who stand meets most what you want in a president. Don’t vote mainstream – both of those candidates were ‘chosen” and NOT by God.

      *The 2008 Democratic Nominating Committee (DNC) document did not include language stating that Obama was qualified to be a candidate. The 2008 Republican Nominating Committee (RNC) document did, as is normal. This shows that the DNC knew that Obama was not qualified, or why change the form?

    • Kansas Bright

      I will never vote for Romney. I will never vote for Obama. they were PUT INTO place through election fraud.

      Why are all of you not screaming for prosecutions for the election fraud that has been, and still is being committed now in 2012?

      DEMAND low tech voting – that IS up to each state, not the federal government. Read your state constitution so that you know your state rights. We have NO accountability for the machine votes, nor do we have accountability for the count of OUR votes done in a foreign nation.

      And the UN group. Leave OUR country. We have a legitimate government and are NOT under your rule even though this current jerkbite “gave” the UN authority over the USA. “Gave” the UN authority over the US Military (along with Panetta and Gen Dempsey) which NO ONE serving within the three branches of OUR legitimate government has that power. But it does qualify as TREASON. Those three need to be arrested and held for prosecution.

    • bud

      A vote for the libertarian candidate is a vote for Obozo and takes a win away from the conservative Romney

      • Dusty

        It is hard to believe that, in this day and time, anybody is STILL stupid enough to vote for a 3rd party candidate in a closely-contested election. All you’re assuring yourself is a loss either way but for sure, the loss one way will be worse than the other. If you haven’t learned in the last 4 years that we cannot, under ANY circumstances, afford another 4 years of the lyin’ thing, then you’re simply dumber than dirt. If you have any belief that anybody will actually care about your protest vote other than to loathe you for putting blackbarry back in office, then you just reaffirmed what I just wrote. As I told a friend of mine who stupidly continues to vote for ~Lash~ Larue in every election, “Thanks for giving us obama”. He also helped to give us the billy ‘n hilly show. He still hasn’t learned.

        To you 3rd party voters in both the last election & this one, “thanks for giving us the muslim dictator & destroying what was left of our country”. As bad as romneyama is, he’s better than 0′bramna.

      • kimbercarrier

        Romney, Conservative oh please. You people will buy anything. Romney or Obama will just give us more of what we’ve had already. All those that think a Romney win will change the course of this country are delusional. At best he will just buy us a little more time to get ready for the coming economic collapse.

    • Benjamin Fox

      A third party vote is a vote for obozo, has happened in the past and idiots are still doing what hasn’t worked in the past, I guess some don’t learn from the past?

    • Jan Adele


  • Harold Olsen

    The supposed conservative, Mitt Romney is no more of a conservative than Obama. Romney pretends to be a conservative, as McCain did 4 years ago, in order to get elected and hope that conservatives will by his load of crap. A few months ago, even Obama claimed to be a conservative. I doubt that any intelligent person believed it. I hate Obama and would never vote fore him. Romney is little more than an Obama clone. I’ve been hoping he’d give me a reason to vote fore him. He had until I received my ballot in the mail, which I got yesterday, to give me a reason to vote for him. He didn’t.

    • Patriot II

      HAROLD, So in other words you would perfer that Obama be re elected?

    • sailor

      Why don’t you take a waltz to memory lane and observe the acts of hitler…Omagot is doing exactly the same thing..imagine that…from a moron who would not have a second of life under the rule of hitler just because he is Africano

    • Joann Flanagan

      Just ask yourself:Am I for religious persecution or against it?
      Then vote for Obama is you’re for religious persecution since he is conspiring to start one
      under the aegus of the the Department Of Health And Human Services by means of the HHS Mandate which plots to force clergy to subsidise abortion,perversian and mutilation with church funds.
      On the other hand if you oppose religious persecution vote for Romney since he opposes Obamacare.
      Just ask yourself;How much respect does someone who dispises the Ist Amendment have for the Thirteenth Amendment?
      Joann Flanagan

      • Dusty

        barry soetoero isn’t in favor of religious persecution. After all, obamascare doesn’t apply to muzzies. They get a free pass as it doesn’t apply to them. He’s only against religious persecution of the Jewish-derived faiths; Judaism, Catholicism, Christianity, Mormonism, etc. So that isn’t “religious persecution” in his mind. It is simply koran-demanded “dhimmitude” of lesser faiths than his. See? (sarcasm/off)

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Even a clone will not turn out completely identical to its original. No one but no one can replicate the same conditions that created the original. So Romney is not a version of O.
      Romney may even surprise all of us by how he turns out as President.

      Know for a fact that this country worked itself into a two party system. Why do you think we have this constant deception of Democrats and Leftists pretending to be Republicans? When they can’t get their ideology passed one way they pretend to be something else? The populace is always left to live the consequences of this power struggle.

      I will be sarcastic for the moment.
      We have been corralled very effectually so there are two scenarios left to us, to go into the barn pens like good little sheep and be in the safety of the pen or we can bolt and take our chances that we can survive the predators.
      Neither one is a pleasant anticipation. I console myself by reading Daniel and reminding myself that at times God permits the basest of men( lowlifes) to rule over us.

    • Joann Flanagan

      Are you for religious persecution or are you against it?
      Vote ofr Obama if you’re for religious persecution since he wants to start one.
      Vote for Romney if you’re against religious persecution since he doesn’t want to start on.
      Joann Flanagan

  • Doug Rodrigues

    Get rid of Marxist Obama first, then get Big Establishment Romney under control.

    • http://yahoo. hangman

      It is so sad that mental midgets see Romneys success not as something to admire, but to be jealous off. Iff the man was succesfull , being honest, good for him. Only those who scratch their heads and their butt at the same time, and complain that the man is rich, and that that is wrong, are suffering fron some form of mental illness. Obomit is not poor, either, and has made his money dishonestly. Why not attack him instead?

      • Mike

        Mental midgets? Seems you are a few bricks short yourself. You think everyone else is wrong but you? You sound like a liberal. I have no problem with your vote. Just keep in mind the impact it may have if Barry gets re-elected. There will probably not be a USA for you to cast your vote for the next time. Romney is not ideal, but I am 100% sure you do not know squat about him or what he will do. You just spew your own RP koolaid talking points.
        If as some people think, others will fall back asleep and not keep pushing out the socialists who have taken over if Romney wins. It is up to YOU to keep all of us focused on restoring the Constitution. I hope we still have a country where we can do that

      • Dusty

        Hangman, those among us who are capable of thinking beyond the memes aren’t “jealous” of romneyama. We’re contemptuous of him. He’s far to the left of JFK and JFK was hardly a conservative. He’s even said he’d keep some of obamascare, blackbarry & the demoncrap’s pet project. He’s on record of being anti-2nd amendment, pro-abortion and pro-homo marriage prior to the run for president, when he started mouthing conservative values in conflict with his long-standing record.

        Do yourself a favor. Go online and find a site called “The Political Compass” Take their little quiz. You’re going to be surprised where you come out. I’m smack dab in the center and slightly above the line. In the left-biased nation in which we now live, I’m considered a “hard-core conservative”. It isn’t that I am a “hard-core conservative”. It is just that the slow, steady erosion of our nation’s principles by the left has moved the putative “center” so far to the left that “left” is sold to us a “center”, the commie/loony left as “moderate” and the actual centrists are decried as “nazis” (which was actually a political system of the left; the “national SOCIALIST” party). BRRAAACKK is the US version of “idi amin”, a dictator of mixed political persuasions, none of which are good for the people here.

  • Fedup

    Sam, shut the hell up until after we beat Obama.

    • Gregg

      Perfect! I couldn’t have said it better myself!

  • Abby

    At this time, voting for a third party will ensure an Obama win. We cannot endure another term with the current incumbent. And it has nothing to do with racism (the Democratic card). In the past 4 years, America has been torn apart, races have been pit one against the other, hard working individuals have been stripped of their earnings, too many individuals have been placed under the government controls through handouts, false entitlements (not including true entitlements such as military pay, retirement for government workers, social security, etc.).
    Methods need to be found to ease unemployment through less red tape and regulations, and created jobs should not be at the expense of the people (ie, more government jobs, takeover of automobile industries (yes, we — you and I — are paying for this), green energy.
    Yes we must strive for better control of our enviornment but done prudently, not as it is being done now.
    After this election, maybe there should be a third party — onefor and by the people — instead of the two party system. BUT, not at this time or rest assured a thrid party vote today will ensure retention of the current administration and President. We cannot be lulled into complete complacency at this point.

    • sailor

      If I am a man in business and need a CEO and an Economist to guide my path to progress and employ a lot of Americans to help our Nation grow. Who do you think it has the skills and qualification to hold those two positions?

      Lawyers? oh please; congress is jam packed with these assholes who can’t even balance their own check books but are great at printing new laws that are never enforced by the Judicial system.

    • http://Facebook Rosemary Roy

      Well Done with intelligence Abby. I’m 77and no longer understand the people in this country. Maybe because I grew up in that era that loved their country deeply and new what our flag stood for. A time when we pledged allegiance to our flag and said the lords prayer at the beginning of every day in school.

  • richard

    A third Party vote in this election is a wasted vote.Im skeptical of both candidates,but Bama has a Presidential record worth NOT voting for..

  • Gregg

    I agree. However, in this election, a vote for a third party candidate is 2 votes for Obama! One away from the GOP and another for the liberal. DON’T DO IT! There will be future elections when we are not in such peril to start in the right direction.

  • Raymond

    A choice between the lesser of two evils? I don’t agree. Is government the problem? Of course it is, regardless of which major party is in control. Going back to an America I once knew will be nearly impossible and will take decades of consistent effort to recapture the classrooms and fundamentally change America’s education system to educate new generations of what Constitutional government of, by and for the people was supposed to mean.

  • James P

    Are you nuts? A third party vote for Ross Perot, was the reason Bill Clinton became president. A third party vote will assure another 4 destructive years of Obama. He already has unfettered advantage to return to office. While Romney was not my favorite for the Republicans, he is by far a better choice than any of the others. I am tired of being accused of being a racist because I object to Obama’s socialistic policies. I will object to socialistic policies of anyone in the White House. I am often asked about Romney being a Mormon. (Look what we have now! is he a Christian or Moslem? I say the latter.) I am not voting for a pastor. I have one. I am voting for a business man who has the knowhow to turn our nation around economically.

  • Matt N

    The problem with all 3rd party candidates is the lack of faith in their ability to win an election. The solution is simple but, as in most things simple, hard: a ground-up approach is the only way to build a viable 3rd party. Local politics first, then State and lastly National elections. Ross Perot taught conservatives to not waste their vote, Ralph Nader did the same in Florida in 2000 for liberals.

    I would love to see a third party in the US. However, the likelihood of building one in today’s MSM environment is poor. Even with the internet and other avenues to reach potential voters, the need to overcome the “common sense” of a vote being wasted on a 3rd party is very high.

    • http://PersonalLibertyDigest John Stohr

      I voted for Ross Perot, wanting to show my objection to both Clinton and Bush. Perot received about 18 % of the vote but was a throw-away vote from me. Perot was a businessman who pushed to BALANCE THE BUDGET. Clinton and Bush both laughed and said it could’t be done. Clinton won the election but pushed by bi-partisons, the budget was balanced–in spite of Clinton. From our experience of the last four years, we know Obama must GO! We need every vote for Romney to get Obama out of the WH. It’s like taking baby steps but we have to do it. Right now, don’t throw your vote away for a 3rd party. We need to get Obama out of the White House!!!

      • kkflash

        I vbted for Perot and I voted for Ron Paul when he was a Libertarian, and look what that got us. Let’s dump Obama first, then worry about building a vialble 3rd party for 2016.

  • Corkey

    The gist of the article is that Romney is the same as Obama. The author is correct. Stop trying to convince yourself that “this time it will be different” because it won’t.

    • Dale left coast

      The author is not correct . . . he is another libertarian loon . . . anyone who thinks Romney will follow in the footsteps of the marxist/socialist in the WH today is smokin something illegal . . .

      • Barry Hackney

        Apparently, you have missed something. As long as grass roots Americans keep voting for Reflubs because they are the lesser of 2 evils, the globalist elite of the party will keep handing us big government candidates like the Bush syndicate, McNasty, and Romney. They take us for granted just as the Dems take the black vote for granted, but deliver nothing but more abuse. A candidate must EARN my vote. If you have to tell me how rancid the opponent is in order to convince me to vote for your candidate, I will not be convinced. Any actual differences between O & Romney are matters of style, not substance. Both are the enemies of freedom and Constitutional government, and they represent America’s problems-not solutions. I voted for independents 3x instead of voting for the Bush scum, and have never had a moment of regret!

        • Motov

          Sounds like you got your stuff together,… I’m with you, voting for the two big parties and expecting improvement, like smaller government that respects the constitution is something that will never happen. If anyone wants real change you must think outside the box and try something else, a third party!!!

      • Mike

        I also voted for Ross Perot. However, there was not enough people to act and take over the R party. That is what we must do now. Not split the vote. Kick them out from the inside. A vote for a 3rd party is like stomping your feet and saying you paid for a ticket to the other side of the river and will not give up your seat on the boat. Even though the ship is sinking. If you cannot see the benefit, I feel sorry for you. Vote for whoever you want but understand the ramifications.

    • http://Facebook Rosemary Roy

      Well Corky, I know what OBUMA has done to my country the past four year. Personally, I don’t think the greatest genius in world could straighten out the mess Obuma has put us in. He has borrowed more money than all our presidents put together. We can only pay back the interest on it. What a legacy for our young people to try and straighten out. I can’t even imagine what that fool could do in 4 more years. He’s already handed the keys to China. So I’ll take my chances and see what someone else can do. It can’t be any worse than what OBUMA has done.

    • Dusty

      Yes, the author is correct on the “they’re both liberals” point. But a vote for a 3rd party won’t change either candidate. For sure though, if conservatives vote for a 3rd party candidate we’re absolutely assured another 4 years of blackbarry’s Caligula-like behaviors; well if this country survives another 4 years. His advice to vote 3rd party is about as good an idea as would be opening the sea cocks on the Titanic to let out the water coming in through the gash. It’d just assure that we go down that much faster.

      • Smoovious Laxness

        If we don’t vote 3rd party, we’re assured of the continuation of all of the unconstitutional policies, that actually matter.

        I can’t believe how so many people are fighting for evil… We’ve gone insane…

        – Smoov

      • awkingsley

        Where does anyone get the idea that Romney will be less dictatorial than Obama? Have you forgotten what happened at the RNC so quickly? Romney is one of the most inflexible people we could elect. If Romney wins this election, it will be another 16 years or more before we are likely to get a Conservative president. Both Romney and Obama report to the same New World Order Globalist handlers. Trying to pretend otherwise doesn’t bring truth to our dreams. If Romney doesn’t win this election, then we are likely to be able to elect a Conservative to preside over what is left of our country in 2016. However, Romney, the admitted Globalist, will not create a country this has any fewer problems than Obama has given. They both serve the same masters and have the same agenda. It is time for realistic appraisals, not worn out dreams that never manifest anything but more abuse and pain.

  • Gregg

    I wish everyone would follow the conservative movement of Jim DeMint. He is doing it right! Demint is supporting the REAL conservative candidates in every state in order to get control of congress. Support DeMint’s movement and we can get on track again.

  • Patriot II

    If all of you are NOT absolutley sure Romney lies like Obama does, you shoud cast your vote for Romney. If you ARE absolutley sure he lies like Obama, you should cast your vote for Romney as well. Under NO Circumstances is Voting for Obama acceptable.
    Unless you ar are ignorant. There are only two types of people who vote for Obama, The first are people like him who want to see the success of a One Word Governemnt by Destroying the USA, or …………………….People who are Ignorant to that Fact.

    • http://Yahoo Merriel

      I totally disagree with this writer. I believe that NO VOTE or a vote for a third party, is a vote for 4 more years of our Loser-in-Chief. Vote Romney/Ryan 2012

      • bachelorwithsense

        Merriel: You obviously did NOT understand what Patriot II said. Reworded he said VOTE for Romney as a Vote for Obama is proof that you are ignorant! I agree with what Patriot II stated. LOL. Voting for Obama is IGNORANT. Voting for a third Party Candidate is also IGNORANT because it takes away a Vote for Romney AND serves NO Purpose! This article writer forgets that ONE of the MAIN purposes of the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT is to PROVIDE an Army and Navy!! There is NOTHING in the Constitution that authorizes taking MONEY from MY POCKET to Give to OTHER PEOPLE regardless of how destitute they are!! A STRONG America is a WELL ARMED America. Decreasing our Military makes a WEAKER America!! AMERICA has only TWICE (Pearl Harbor AND the World Trade Centers) been Attacked and those attackers learned WHY they should NOT attack America, BECAUSE we are Strong. (The Japanese lost AND Osama Bin Ladin is DEAD).

      • Patriot II

        Merriel; Read it again

    • chamuiel

      A one word Government? How is that possible?

      • Patriot II

        Chamuiel; lol! thanks for the Spell check, but actually for me a “One Word” Government
        is True….that one Word is: “God”

    • Ed Mack

      A lot of you folks are right. I’m not sure of Rommney BUT we are sure of Obama and we know that we can’t endure another 4 years of him. He has divided this country well beyond it’s limit. If you vote for a third party you’re voting for Obama again. Never in my 64 years of voting have I seen a more arrogant, liar, with as much disdain for our country as Obama. I understood what kind of a man he was when his wife said in all her life she had never been proud of this country until now(Obamas’ nomination night). What kind of a man would marry a woman with this attitude. They act like King and Queen rather than the President and First Lady. I think we found out that thy’re not as good as most of the rest of us of ANY color and he is only half black who has no respect for his mother but only when he tells of his upbringing because she happens to be white. Go ahead tell me who is racist. He just has NO idea of economics. We have had NO budget the last 4 years although it is the law to have one by when, May 1st. He couldn’t make one that EVEN his own party would pass- 0 to 97 as I recall one he tried. His foreign policies have been sooo bad as he proved in this last debacle which only enhanced his lieing to larger heights. NO, he is NOT one I would vote for.

    • http://Facebook Rosemary Roy

      You are so right. I’m 77, and have known since I was in my 40′s that their were people who wanted world government. There was a discussion on tv about it. It was said—the only country who wouldn’t go along with it would be the USA. It was said this country would have to be brought down to other countries before it could happen. OBUMA has started that ball rolling with the 6 trillion debt we can only pay the interest on. If he’s voted in again he will secure his dream of a socialistic country. I feel so sad for the younger generation who will never know how great it was, growing up in the 40′s—50′s–and early 60′s. To see our flag, which represented my great country, come down the street in a parade or see it flying in a stadium would give one pride just seeing it wave.

  • Neal Browne

    The nation was founded on ideals. Now it’s run by pragmatism. Yes, I wish there were viable alternatives to the two main guys who could truly win, but in a real world, it is unfortunately about practical compromise. We will get one of the two so-sos. It won’t be anywhere near perfect, but I predict one will be slightly less destructive than the other. Yes, the idea of third party candidates is decidedly refreshing and a great part of America, but in the end, it will either be Romney or Obama. When the dust settles, moving a couple of inches is light years from ideal, but measurably better than not at all.

  • Flops

    The Jews own most of the mainstream media and they own Capitol Hill. So do not expect anyone critical of the outlaw state of Israel to be televised in any debate.

    • http://Yahoo Merriel

      That is the perfect name for you!! You are a racist!! The Bible says,” I will bless them that bless thee: and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.’ Genesis 12:3 (KJV)

      • Barry Hackney

        Flops merely stated a well known fact. You should not quote the Bible if you are so ignorant of it that you would attempt to equate the Christ-hating Ashkenazim of so-called “Israel” with Abraham. A vote for Obamney is a vote for war-mongering, freedom-crushing Zio-bankers and their stooges in the CFR.

    • chamuiel

      Flops, would you say the same thing about the Muslims?

      • Joann Flanagan

        Do you beleive in the Ist Amendmendment or in the HHS madate?
        Are you for or against religious Freedom?
        Vote ofr Obama and her grey emminence Katheleen Sebellius if you surrport their religious persecution.
        Vote for Romney if you oppose their religious persecution.
        Joann Flanagan

  • Brenda Wilson

    While the lofty idealism of voting for a third party candidate might satisfy your conscience, the sad fact is, a vote for a third party translates into a vote for continuing the current Administration. That, I cannot do, even though the current voting situation isn’t necessarily what I would have favored.

  • Roger Drews

    A third party voye is just another vote for more debt, more taxes, more job losses and is simply suicide. Vote FOR Romney, at least the Supreme Court needs 2 more dconservatives, not communists. Only morons support third party suicide.

  • Barb Patton

    We have just heard the tip of the iceberg with regard to foreign policy. The destruction of our relations with the rest of the world, thanks to the ayatollah barack hussein (I wish I could use my middle name)(muslim) obama has been so effective that it cannot be rectified in the next 20 years. Obama has sucked people in with his forked tongue and most especially the uneducated, food stamp lower class people… he has got them in his pocket. In 4 years these people have discovered that it is comfortable to be permanently on the government tit and the ayatollah barack wants to keep them there.

  • http://liberty Tony

    To Everyone:
    This is an excellent article. I did follow its’ advice and voted early in my state for Gary Johnson. Sure, this man won’t win but it’s a message along with step in the right direction. BTW, Obama has already won, we all have to accept it. If you look at internal polls it shows that. Thanks.
    P.S. To Flops, get a life will ya!?!

    • http://personalliberty Barbara

      This is nothing more than assisting Obama win the election. A third party at this stage of the game is a idiotic move. You are thinking only of yourself. If you truly care about the country to would choose a time to rebel when it’s not at the expense of allows this lying, manipulative, deceptive, phony become the president again to completely destroy our country. Then, not only can you forget about a third party forget about democracy. We will surely be living under a dictator.

      • http://liberty Tony

        To Barbara,Chamiuel,and Dave:
        You say that “i’m only tinking of myself plus way to go, i showed them”. Well, In some ways, i did “show” them. That’s it’s time to vote for the best candidate/party and not go along with the main line. Next, its’ true as it says in the Bible, people need to think of others and their neighbors. Yet, there’s a time to think of others and there’s a time to think for/about yourself with interests. Thus, that’s what i did. Next, let me ask you people something. What’s the difference between Obama and Romneystein,HONESTLY!?! Did you’ll think Romneystein will be better!?! (LOL)!!! That man will get our nation into W.W.III and have our econ. become a corporate monopolistic state that will ruin our environment. Anyway, as stated in my first post, the election is already set. The Incumbent will be re-elected by, i believe, comfortable margin. Later on!!

      • http://liberty Tony

        Correction: Thinking, not tinking. Thanks!!

    • chamuiel

      Sure it is a message Tony. A message that you support losers. Obama has already written you off. You almost made the grade as one of his useful idiots.

    • http://Yahoo Dave

      Way too go Tony, I guess you showed them. Like Obama really cares that you voted for a third party. Wait a moment, I bet he is elated at your reasoning, giving a vote for a third party is a vote for him. I just hope you remember your (I’ll show you vote) in four years because people like you will be responsible for the condition of this great country, What is left of it with Obama running it. I don’t disagree with any of you in policy but to vote for a person that’s not going to win just to make a point is unconscionable. Do you really want four more years of Obama? If those of you thinking of voteing for a third party candidate please think of the consequences of your vote, four more years of Obama! Really?

    • carrottop

      “Sure, this man won’t win but it’s a message along with step in the right direction. BTW, Obama has already won”

      So, Tony…….exactly what was the message you sent by casting your vote for Gary Johnston and how is this a step in the right direction? It sounds to me like your “fatalist” attitude convinced you to throw away your vote by voting for a sure bet looser. Do you think that action is going to make your voice be heard as anything but stupid? Your action has only served to prove to the Liberals that there are conservatives willing to help them continue their agenda. You definitely did not think this one through.

      • Average Joe

        I believe that you are a few nutrients short of a healthy grow…..lay off the party Kool-aide.

    • Dale left coast

      As you walk off the Fiscal Cliff . . . maybe Gary will walk with you . . .
      Voting for someone that has ZERO CHANCE of winning is Gross Stooooopidity . . . . but you are not alone . . . almost half the population is in your corner in stooooopid-town USA 1 ! !

      • ericthered69

        Dale, you are kind of a douchebag.

    • Benjamin Fox

      So Tony you wasted your vote and assured obozo a win and that is smart? I’m glad I’m not that smart, will vote for Romney/Ryan and against satans son, obozo-clown-in-cheif and a hater of the Real God of Creation.

  • Kim

    Wrong… a third party vote the way this system is set up…is a wasted vote.
    If you can’t pick between these two totally different choices as candidates by now….
    Then there is a problem and it’s yours to own.
    There were clear choices the last time….but folks voted on emotions and not information.

    Your article is the same. It insights the “same”…. as the so called lame, blind and selfish inclined press are doing to play politics with the peoples mind, heart and vote.
    To make these two different individuals look as if their same person… as Ronald Reagen would quietly say..”Well”…. sorry their records show a great differences in choice, divides, policies and integrity.

    There only person I trust in… and what we need to put back in or to stand up for is God.
    In God…I only trust all …

    Not being a fool

  • Motov

    You Republicrats just don’t get it,… Voting Democrat or Republican has produced this current mess. WE need new leadership, in the form of a 3rd party!!

    • bachelorwithsense

      SORRY, but You are the One who does NOT get it! In the CURRENT SYSTEM a Vote for a third Party is a WASTED VOTE!!

      • sailor

        Now that is another BINGO!!!!

      • Average Joe

        “In the CURRENT SYSTEM a Vote for a third Party is a WASTED VOTE!!”

        Actually, a vote for something other than your own ideals and convictions is a wasted vote.
        Voting against yourself and your own principles….is clearly…. stupid…taken to a whole new level.
        Voting for your own principles ( and those candidates that hold them)… regardless of what others may think, is a vote cast properly.

        “To thine own self be true” William Shakespeare

        Best Wishes,

      • Patriot1776

        The key in the statement here is “in the current system”. This is the system that is in place now. Yes, there are better candidates available. But the truth in this moment is that we only have two to choose from, one American, one anti-American. The fix for this is to change the current system so that we can have a choice of good candidates with true morals and Constitutionally based philosophies. The time to change the system is after obama is removed from office. You may make yourself feel good, convincing yourself that you have taken the higher moral ground and stood for your beliefs. The truth is that in the current system, you have voted for obama if you do not vote for Romney.

        If you want to fix this country, let’s get obama out of office, then work to rebuild a system where we can get good candidates in office, not just settle for either voting our conscience regardles of the result, or voting for the lesser of two evils.

      • Average Joe


        You seem to have issues in the field of reasoning…it elludes you.
        You say:
        “Yes, there are better candidates available. But the truth in this moment is that we only have two to choose from, one American, one anti-American. ”

        Which is it?
        If i fact, there are better candidates….why don’t we have the choice to vote for them? Why aren’t you voting…for them? Hmmm? Therein lies the rub…you are telling us that there ARE better candidates, but that you choose not to vote for them, but rather for…..someone else that is LESSER. You seem to have conflicted reasoning skills.

        You say:
        “The fix for this is to change the current system so that we can have a choice of good candidates with true morals and Constitutionally based philosophies. ”

        The way to change the system….is to change the way we vote…d’oh…no rocket science required here.
        The only question is,When should we change the system? Should we wait until 2016…maybe another 20-40 years?
        I believe the answer to that question is also quite simple….the sooner , the better…AKA…NOW!

        You say:
        “You may make yourself feel good, convincing yourself that you have taken the higher moral ground and stood for your beliefs. ”

        I do. I respect myself enough not to disregard my beliefs, morals and principles, to vote for anyone or anything that is in conflict with those values.

        Unlike you, I do not need to lie to myself to justify my actions. I can look myself in the eye and say, I voted FOR my candidte of choice because I believed in him. You on the other hand are simply voting against..”the othe guy”. You don’t actually stand behind Romney or his views….you simply don’t want Obama to be re-elected ( as you’ve made obvious in your posts). You are either lying to yourself…or you truly have no principles and just “go with the flow”.

        The reason that 3rd party candidates can’t win?….because foolish people like you keep repeating the same old mantra year after year, while refusing to take a stand in your own best interest and vote for anyone other than the main two parties…
        It is never ,”let’s fix it now”…’s always, “Just vote for the lesser evil… this time and we’ll get organized for next time around”. There may not be a next time…or does that possibilty elude you as well?
        Folks like you aren’t part of the problem…… ARE the problem.

        Please don’t try to convince me with more flawed reasoning….. I ain’t buying it.

        Best Wishes,

  • Cribster

    We can only fix this from the ground up, not by trying to get a third party elected to president.

    With the MSM in the tank for liberals it would be next to impossible to get a true conservative into high office. We need to gradually take over the Republican party with Tea Party people and Libertarians like Rand Paul just as the Democratic party has been taken over by blacks, gays, Hispanics, code pink looney’s, etc.

    We don’t need a third party, we need to reclaim and strengthen the Republican party and make them true representatives of the people.

    • Tigerous

      Yup. Well said.

      • Stephan F.


        You’re right on target. And to paraphrase Peter Schiff: “Libertarians don’t understand that the average voter will not pull the lever for the guy on the ballot with the ‘L’ letter. The only chance at winning and therefore the only logical alternative is to run as a Republican.”

        I agree completely. The Republican Party MUST BE CO-OPTED as this is the obvious place where the power resides. It will give us access to system, and will empower & enable us to change the system.

        What’s so difficult for Libertarians to figure out here? We need to coalesce around a candidate like Ron Paul or Johnson within the Republican party. Got it?

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Stephan F., in case you hadn’t noticed the republican party has ALREADY been co-opted!!! Adding your support only multiplies the problem!!!

      • Stephan F.

        Oh, I see. So because the Republican party (supposedly) has already been co-opted, that means it’s impossible to be co-opted by Constitutionalists — who haven’t even tried yet due to lack of organization and to those like you who choose to go off on a 3rd party tangent thinking they can make a difference. Let me help you save about 30 years of wasting your time & efforts: 3rd party & write-in candidates don’t work. Trust me (but what the heck do I know).

    • Eric Jones (@EricJonesson19)

      Exept that no ONE party represents ALL the people

  • margaret johnson

    I am a US citizen having emigrated from another country. Americans do not realize how lucky they are and take everything for granted. Obama is an absolute NO NO. Take the blinkers off your eyes, if you haven’t already. He is NOT what he claims to be and if you cannot see through him you are just STUPID. He is against everything we in the US enjoy right now and is going to bring this great nation down. I am lucky, I have a country to go back to DO YOU? VOTE FOR ROMNEY, you may not be convinced but this is the right way to go.

    • sailor

      Yes indeed Margaret….I have Bonaire to go to as I always go to dive and enjoy the wonderful life in the Caribbean…but this poor excuse of a man must go. It is interesting as I was reading the newspaper in London where I read a comic piece where they were saying we were dead in the head for having voted for this idiot…and I did not vote for this moron….

  • pete0097

    In 2008, I voted for the libertarian candidate as I lived in Maryland and knew that obama would prevail there in a substantial way due to the state demographics. I wanted to send a message to the RNC that they needed a candidate with some business experience as I did not feel that McCain had that experience. I now live in SC and will vote for Romney as he has a better chance of winning here. If obama wins, we are doomed. My wife even wants to move to Brazil if he does. If Romney wins, we have a chance. He appears to be a reasonable man that looks at consequences further down the line than the next quarter, as opposed to most bean counters.

    • don

      pete what you say don’t compute. your right none of them will talk about what must be done. an its really falls on US that they can’t. america has fallen to a point where no one wants to give up anything that just might cost them a freebe.a welfare state we have become an we love it so don’t you dare even talk about cutting anything thats we don’t have to work for. heaven forbid.

  • respectlife

    Anyone who votes 3rd party candidate this year may as well stay at home. You are giving away your vote to Obama. Wake up folks! Your nation is under siege and you need to vote smart and not with your head in the sand.. Period!!

    • sailor

      That is a BINGO!!!

    • allan cantlon

      I agree with you completely, this article seems to be an attempt to split the vote to get people whom would vote for Rommney to waste their vote on a third party, notice he doesn”t even name anyone, that way people are free to waste their vote on many different possibilities therefore insuring there is nothing gained from these votes!

      • Ted Crawford

        If one were to allow themselves to be seduced by this article, it could cause them to begin to, perhaps, begin to think other ridiculous thoughts! For example: It seems that it is clearly an attempt to lure voters away from either of the popular Candidates. However as you mentioned no other option was recommended, and certainly Romney would be the bigger loser, by a wide margin. Are we intended to vote for Gary Johnson, or Roseanne Barr, or Jimmy McMillan, or Ron Paul or, could it be that this is really, simply a backdoor attempt to get Obama re-elected?
        I mean if we are to become ridiculous, why stop at only one option!

    • Frank Kahn

      Actually, if you consider the people who vote third party instead of Republican as voters against Obama, then what you say is invalid. If they stay home then they are doing the same thing as if they vote third party. If voting third party gives the election to Obama, then not voting gives it to him also. Also, all third party voters would not necessarily be from the Romney side of the isle.

      The point of voting to make a statement about not wanting the same old rhetoric is a good one if it will help persuade others to look at other possibilities.

      I keep hearing people say that putting a constitutional president in office is a good thing, but now is not the time. WELL IF NOW IS NOT THE TIME, WHEN IS? If you always say this is wrong and it needs changed, then do nothing to change it, you are not doing anything good. You will never change anything by saying “lets wait till the time is better”.

      If you are a hunter that relies solely on hunting to provide food for your family, and you have only one bullet left for your gun what do you do? Your family is starving, you have a chance to kill a small deer, do you insist on waiting for a better target? Do you wait, hoping a big elk will come around, so you can have more meat? Remember, your family is starving, how long can you wait for a better time before it is too late? Be smart, dont let your family starve to death, kill the deer.

      That analogy is very close to what we are discussing here. If you wait for a better time to do something, it might be too late to fix the problem by the time you decide to act.

  • Neal

    As per some of the comments, I agree we NEED totally new leadership, but as a practical matter, again, think practical outcome, voting third party might make you FEEL wonderful, but won’t make it actually happen. As a former reporter who’s covered two national campaigns, including one third party campaign, reality is different than ideals. Let’s all agree, the two major party candidates are simply not the very best America can produce. Agreed. I don’t recommend compromising your ideals, but sadly our country doesn’t run that way. LIke it or not, the machine is too entrenched. Maybe someday it will be different. Not today. Not this election. Think of the practicality as if in a third world country: You can feel pure by “sending a message,” but guess what? The day after, only one of two dictators will garner a majority of votes and run the country. Pick the one of the two who will likely cause the fewest deaths. And as a matter of practicality, make sure the other one doesn’t get in. It’s simply reality versus a warm and fuzzy feeling.

    • bachelorwithsense


  • Ted Crawford

    To imply that Obama is Romney and that Romney is Obama is absolutely mind numbing!
    This assertion can only be made by someone who is completely ignorant , we all know that Mr. Rolley is very far from that category, or a raging Partisan!
    Appearently, for Mr. Rolley to recognize a difference in ideaologies it must be as stark a difference as Mother Teresa, compared to Adolph Hitler!

  • chamuiel

    A third party vote is a wasted vote, and a vote for obama. Let’s be honest here.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Apparently you wouldn’t know “honest” if it hit you in the face! The ONLY “honest” thing to do is to vote for the person that you think is best suited for the job!!!

  • http://Firefox Simon Shute

    At the risk of sounding judgmental, I have to say that you really have to be pretty blind or deceived to think that there is no real differences between Obama and Romney. One thing is clear. Obama, his administration and his czars must go. A no-vote or a vote for a third party candidate is a vote for Obama and four more years on the steep slope that leads to an eventual plunge into chaos – morally and economically. Romney will put the brakes on and has the goal of reversing the trends that Obama did not initiate, but has caused to accelerate. And don’t ever under-estimate the importance of supporting Israel and not working to divide their land. If you are a Jew or a Christian and know your Bible, you will know what serious jeopardy this is putting our country in. Obama has made his disdain for Israel rather clear over these past four years. Romney supports our only true ally in the Middle East. Given the current circumstances, we need to get Romney into the White House.

  • Michael S.

    I despise Obama but I agree with the author. I’ve always intended to cast my vote for Gary Johnson. In fact, my entire family is voting for Johnson. Those idiots who say these are wasted votes are as clueless as the f’tard who we call President. In truth, voters have been playing the two party game forever and you can see how well it’s working. I refuse to be part of the problem ever again. Whatever the odds, I’m voting for somebody who has real solutions for our problems. The solutions are truly free markets, personal freedom to do what I want as long as it’s not hurting anyone, smaller government that stays out of our business and abides by our Constitution.

    Those of you who think Romney is the answer are delusional. I truly hope Romney wins for two reasons. First, to remove that arrogant, lying, ass from the White House, and second, to prove to all of you brain surgeons that he won’t do the things necessary to stop the deterioration of the country.

    • Netterella

      You’re contradicting yourself here, Michael. You say you hope Romney wins for two reasons, yet you’re hoping he won’t win by voting for Johnson. If you truly want Obama out of the WH, you have to vote for Romney. I’m sure Gary Johnson would be a good candidate in most ways, but you KNOW he cannot, and will not, win. But you’re not willing to do what it takes to get Obama out. You believe in a standard for freedom and liberty, yet you’re willing to throw that all away…because if Obama gets reelected, you can be sure that everything this country stands for will be gone and you’ll never even have the freedom and liberty to vote for the things we want back. Think long and hard on this one, my friend. There’s more at stake than you even realize!

      • Shorty

        One of the biggest things at stake, that people seem to be forgetting, is the appointment of any future Supreme Court Justices. Do you want another activist liberal judge on the bench? Third party candidates might be more qualified that what we have, but be realistic, Romney is the only choice in this election to attempt to save our Nation. Let the 3rd parties work there way into the system slowly, from the local elections up, and become relevant over time.

      • Eugene Sevene-THE PATRIOT

        Netterella: I am quite sure that most of these people have not done their research and don’t have a clue what you are talking about so I will give them a place to start. For all the uninformed, and those that think they are informed, research the 900 + executive orders signed by Obama in the last 3 years and understand what they mean to this country and our freedom.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Shorty, when you refer to “activist liberal judges” are you talking about the “so called conservative” John Roberts? In case you’ve forgotten already, he cast the deciding vote on obumasscare! Now explain to me again why it matters WHO we elect, when they all DO the same things!!!

        • James

          The John Roberts that ruled zerocare to be a TAX. A TAX that can be overturned IF Americans get off their rears and work for it. A TAX that States can choose to opt out of. Don’t like having zerocare, move to a different State that ignores it. The great thing is that Roberts got all the liberal judges to go along with it. They can’t go back and say ‘now wait a minute’, they’re committed on the books for it.

          Roberts just might have managed to halt the giant zero government’s design by bringing back States’ rights in a BIG way, but only if we’re willing to work for it.

          But with all the folks who are too lazy to try and save the Country and choose instead to be a child who destroys their toys while they’re throwing temper-tantrums by voting for third parties who have NO chance or winning instead of working to make the best of what we have, that might be a very faint hope.

    • James

      It’s always amusing to read that someone wants to elect a person who understands the markets, but won’t vote for the guy who MADE hundreds of millions of dollars off the markets.

      How can folks say or think that Romney isn’t free-market?

      He’s rich, get over it. At least he EARNED his money.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        THAT depends on how you define “earned”!!! Do some research!!!

  • Grant Dunaway

    I stand with you on principle, however I remember Ross Perot. A vote for a third party candidate will help reelect obama. Untill a third party candidate can compete in the preliminaries I will take my chances with RomneyRyan!

  • Frank Glimp

    It is important that you acquire SELF-KNOWLEDGE before you write anything else! Let me help you: you are essentially a quasi-educated hick and doubtless some uber-christian. A third part vote is a vote for Obama, fool. Israel, no matter what you think of Jews or their little country, is the reason we are under attack from Islamists. If we had not armed and financed them for decades to the extent that we did, and had we at least set some limits on their ruthless imperialist/apartheid expansion, 9/11 would not have occured. As for the American people “waking up”—that’s impossible. It’s all about IQ, purposefully-poor education and a few other problems, primarily moronic, myopic religion and almost-universal dependence on government hand-outs. Just as chronic alcoholics must, we have to implode first, then sort out the mess.

    • rb

      Thank you Frank for aptly proving your point about the IQ thing and self education. Your rants are a perfect example of one who throws around dergitory names and spews information with no facts or, indeed, intelligent expression. Good job!

      • Steve E

        You say “no facts”. Well the facts are self evident to anyone with common sense. Frank probably should have substituted the word “IQ” with “common sense”. Since diabolical people who promote Communism or Socialism sometime have a high IQ . They are lacking in common sense.

      • Eugene Sevene-THE PATRIOT

        rb my thoughts exactly. There seem to be a lot of educated idiots on here. Not that they are stupid,some are very well educated,how ever they have absolutely no common sense at all. thanks

  • Caveman101

    Advocating a vote for a third party on a conservative website is advocacy for an Obama presidency. Clinton did not win a majority of the popular vote, Perot and his well meaning supporters elected him.

    • Linda

      That is absolutely true. Every vote counts and we absolutely must get Obama out. The only way we have a possibility of doing that is by voting for Romney. We can not continue four more years of Obama. Our objective is not to make way for the Independent party in sometime in the future. Now is the time and Now is the hour. What is important is America right now. The aspirations of the Libertarian party are secondary to our country. Four more years of Obama will take us to a place where we may never be able to get back to even the fundamentals basic of our country. These fundamentals are supposed to be an important part of the Libertarian core beliefs. If you abandon that, you might as well toss the party into the landfill for all the good it will be.

  • kkflash

    Think about this. Romney, if elected, will be as interested in a second term as Obama is now, so he’ll be more respondent to the will of the people. Obama, on the other hand, if re-elected, will have no such concerns. If you thought his policies were socialist in his first term, you haven’t seen anything yet. While I fervently supported Ron Paul until he exited the race, and I like Gary Johnson’s pragmatic conservatism, my first priority is stopping the runaway train of Obama socialism from sending us into economic oblivion. This election is really not about electing Mitt Romney, as much as it is about NOT re-electing Barack Obama. So, sadly I will cast my vote for Mitt Romney instead of following my true beliefs. After the election, we must turn our attention not to changing Romney’s new middle ground stance, but to changing the constituency’s leftist stance. We really have to convince people of the evils of too much government before those evils destroy us.

    • Mary

      Thanks, kkflash, I have struggled with this endlessly and, because I sense your sincerity, your comment has caused me to decide. Sadly, I will cast my vote for Romney.

      • Charles A

        I will add BO’s own promise to the Russians: “I will have more flexibility after the election.” He clearly believes that he will have no restrictions; he will do whatever he wants, with no concern for the rest of us who live in this country. He has spent a lifetime hating this country, and he intends to destroy it. That’s why everything he has tried to do while in the White House follows the blueprint laid out by Cloward and Piven. Overload the system with people who are dependent on the government. Bury the government under crushing debt. Destroy free enterprise. Create class warfare. Make everyone hate everyone else.

  • Stephan F.

    Sam: I’m sorry to say, but you sound like a “Johnnie come lately” Libertarian purist or newbie Ron Paul supporter (you know who they are – those neo-cons who supported Dole, Bush & McCain), preaching about disciplined ideological voting. Why do I say that? Because we no longer have the luxury of casting a willy-nilly 3rd party or independent candidate vote.

    I’m sorry to inform you, but we have a BIG problem here. Things are getting very serious and if we don’t change the occupant of the White House, and, I might add, all those hard-core liberal scumbags in Congress, we may just be casting our last chance to vote in a free election. If Barry wins reelection I believe we pass the point of no return and will forever reside within the black hole of perpetual statism, with freedom & liberty never again seeing the light of day.

    I’d rather have a shot at the possibility of a Libertarian society in 10 to 20 years by voting for a republican today, than risking the high probability of a zero chance of ever having a libertarian society by voting Libertarian and allowing the progressives to keep & build their power.

    Your vote for Gary Johnson or Ron Paul will accomplish absolutely NOTHING! (talk about a meaningless/wasted vote). Not voting for Romney is the height of vanity. Face it; the only thing this will accomplish is to assuage your inner guilt of past voting sins.

    • Tom

      Stephan yu are correct. Voting for a third party is a vote for Obama. This is liberty vs tyranny. plain and simple. It isnt republican (moderate, RHINO, or whatever) vs democrat. It is ideology. We beat BO, we have four years to elect someone else if we choose too. We lose to BO, i dont believe there will be another [meaningful] election. The left is getting closer and closer to a 51% voting majority. They can then just pretend to have elections (like other dicrators do). We need to beat the socialist at all costs or we are lost as a free country.

  • Netterella

    Have we EVER had a perfect president? I think we need to look closely at the 2 choices and see who will help to build our country up and who will totally destroy it. And then realize that, indeed, a vote for anyone besides Romney IS a vote for Obama. Like was said earlier, we have to build from the bottom up and if we EVER want to get closer to the things this country was built and founded on, we have to make sure we get Obama out of there. If Obama is voted back in, you can be assured that you will never have the chance to vote for anyone again.

    I know you’ve heard it before, but you need to watch “2016: Obama’s America”. The things in that documentary are the truth. I am also reading “The Amateur: Barack Obama in the White House” and would recommend that read to everyone. If you think things in our country are bad now, just elect Obama and we’ll see what bad really is. Things have not even begun. His goal during his first term was to get this country right where it’s at, and as soon as he gets elected the next time around, all hell will break lose. He wants a country that is totally dependent on government. He wants us to become a socialist nation – a third world country with him at the reigns. That scares me to death and believe me…I, for one, am not willing to go down without a fight!

    And this is where the fight begins. Vote for Romney. He may not be perfect, but He loves this country. He is a very smart and very successful man and he knows what it takes to get us moving back in the right direction. A vote for Romney is NOT a vote for Obama!

  • Ms Patriot USA

    To all you 3rd partyites;

    I am unsubscribing from this subversive website, America is in a downward spiral and you want to spew this crap. Obama is a Muslim sympathizer and has Muslim advisors, if given a second term he’ll be empowered to bring in sharia law and you women will be in burka’s and you men will be missing your right hand because you swiped a loaf of bread to feed your family or any wrong doing will be met with physical punishment i.e. flogging , etc, and they’ll do the same to your children. Come on! why cut off your own nose to spite your face….. we’re trying to save THE AMERICA we patriots all love — not elect a saint….Romney at least is someone we the people can reason with…. did you not see the passing of Obamacare. Did you not here the lies Obama spewed over the death of OUR Ambassador in Libya, and BLAMED AND AMERICAN CITIZEN could have been you…this is just 2 examples of Obama’s disdain for us and this country. Why do you third partyites want to punish this whole country because your party didn’t get the republican nomination.?? if Obama wins pat yourselves on the back and kiss freedom of speech and America Goodbye!!!!……………….more but no time, the Debt, EPA etc..

    • Shorty

      You don’t need to unsubscribe due to one shortsighted idiot’s personal opinion. Although, Personal Liberty Digest, you should have a disclaimer on articles such as this that the opinion of the writer is not necessarily the opinion of the journal publishing it.

    • Patriot II

      Ms Patriot;


    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Is it subversive to want “personal liberty”??? Do you have the moral integrity to stand up for what you believe in??? If your answer to the first question is yes and your answer to the second question is no, you SHOULD unsubscribe!!! Most of us are here because we WANT personal liberty!!! Why are you here???

  • dg

    While I concur with your view that we need a viable third party and, in fact, might suggest that we need a multi-party system, I disagree that a vote for Johnson would be meaningful. Pragmatically, that leads to the re-election of Obama. The way to build a viable third party is from the bottom up by electing representatives at the state and federal level building a broader, more robust grass roots following. I for my part have already voted. I voted for Romney/Ryan at the top of the ballot and for every Libertarian candidate down ballot. I suspect that those down ballot votes are throw aways but am willing to accept that as long as Obama is defeated…. The Libertarian party should court the Tea Party wing of the Republican party. Libertarians and Tea Partiers are more compatible than the TP’s are with the Republican establishment.

  • willie

    You must be joking with that title. Our country is in the toilet if Obama wins two weeks from now. There is no option but to vote for Romney if you want to keep the country going. Voting third party IS A VOTE FOR OBAMA. WHAT AN IDIOT.

    • Simian Menace

      If either party had any intention of “Fixing” the problems with America… you think they would debate how to fix these problems:

      The Economy
      The Fed
      The Housing Market
      Gas Prices

      Neither party will do anything…and Voting for the lesser of 2 evils IS STILL VOTING FOR EVIL. After what the GOP did to highjack the convention I will NEVER vote for the GOP again… EVER. I refuse to vote for the Socialist… er… I mean Democrats… so I voted for Gary Johnson or I would have just stayed home.

      When we vote for (gag…) for the 2 parties we are complicit in the corruption and crimes that our government does. Murder US Citizen, Destroying the Constitution, GITMO… all of it. A government does not act WITHOUT the “approval” of the governed, either through acceptance or apathy.

      Stop voting for them and make the point that we are sick of them dishonoring and screwing us. I REFUSE TO ACCEPT THE ACTIONS OF MY GOVERNMENT ANY LONGER AND WILL NOT PLAY THEIR GAMES. I WILL VOTE AGAINST THEM!!

      Just an FYI… I voted for Gary Johnson and in fact I voted for 3rd party candidates for EVERYTHING last night. There was 4 officials that did not have a 3rd party candidate… So I voted “None of these Candidates”, we can still do that in Nevada. :-)


  • kategray

    The only path we can follow is the one where a business man can do what needs to be done. Someone suggested that if you want a third party start at the local or state level. That would be more prudent at this point and time.

  • TPM

    Are you kidding with this premise?
    A vote for anyone other than Romney is a vote for Obama.
    I identify more with Libertarians. But, they are not (yet) a viable party.
    If a Libertarian were president, today. He’d be powerless. He’d have no support from Congress or Senate. He’d be a lame duck. In 2012, it’s a 2 man choice. Romney or Obama.

    If you’re tired of Obama, VOTE SMART … vote Romney

    • http://Livingstonletter Patti

      TPM……..I agree, It would be insanity to think voting for Romney is like voting for Obama! Capitalism or communism……hmmm, tough choice! Shish!

  • James

    I am SO sick of people saying Romney is the same as zero, that they have the same agenda or the same goals.

    With Romney, his State had some of the best schools in the Nation.

    Under Romney he turned the Olympics around, from MASSIVE debt to actually being one of the only PROFITABLE series of games ever ran.

    Under Romney Bain gave us THOUSANDS of jobs at companies they saved.

    Romney took no pay for being Governor. One dollar a year didn’t break their budgets, unlike zero’s multi-million dollar vacations we had the privilege of paying for.

    Romney took a State billions of dollars in the hole and actually gave it a real, non-clinton, surplus.

    Romney is not anti-energy. He is not anti-business. He is not anti-American!

    If people think they’re alike they need to re-examine their grasp on reality. Romney actually PROVED he will do things he says he will.

    Grow up, paul lost. Don’t destroy America in your temper-tantrum.

    • Steve E

      Romney would not allow people to die needlessly in Libya. And if he did, he would not lie extensively to cover it up like Obama is doing now. Of course, Obama lovers would rather not talk about this subject.

      • http://liberty Tony

        To Steve E: No, they would die needlessly in Iran with Syria. What Romneystein wants to do is invade Iran with confiscating their mineral resources. That,at best, constitutes theft to at worst plunder. Have a good day!!

        • James

          And you know that since Romney told you that himself last night??

      • Steve E

        At least Romney would not try to lie and cover it up if he did. But, remember what I previously stated; “Of course, Obama lovers would rather not talk about this subject.”

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      James, you have “fallen” for the propaganda!

  • Barry Hackney

    Nobody wants to re-elect Obama, but we are tired of being kicked around by the corrupt 2-party system which is actually only one party. Judge Napolitano explained it better than I ever could and was fired from Fox for his trouble.
    When the Skull & Bonesman and CFR member GW Bush was nominated, I tried to warn all of the silly conservatives & Christians that he is not what he wants us to think he is. After his election, he stated that “the Constitution is nothing but a GD piece of paper”, his people planned, engineered, committed, and covered up the 9-11 incident; and began a long & costly war against the Muslims abroad & Constitutional liberties at home.
    It is time for stupid Americans to pull their collective heads out of the sand & wrap their minds around the FACT that the GOP establishment are among the worst terrorists and enemies of freedom & peace in the world. They initiate wars, they execute false-flag terrorist events, they reap trillions in profits at taxpayer expense, they corrupt our republic with Patriot Acts & NDAA, they flood the country with a never-ending invasion of aliens, they put Israeli interests ahead of America’s, they borrow & spend as bad as the Dems to bankrupt the nation & kill the dollar.
    Romney has surrounded himself with the worst enemies of freedom and peace, and he does not deserve my vote!

    • slapjack

      Barry, take a good look at the stupidity you just wrote. Your a couple bricks short of a half load. Keep drinking the Kool-aid dude and it will eat up your last two brain cells. This will make you a full blown Libtard without a country to bicth about. Semper Fi till I Die !!!!

      • sailor

        Brain? what brain? is more like a Sphincter-al connection

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Barry, you speak the truth that others don’t want to hear. The only exception I find is that it is BOTH parties which do the things you speak of! There is NO difference except in the “words” that they speak!!!

  • Hans Weidig Jr.

    Sorry, job one is to get rid of Obama. Job two is take over the senate. Then we can talk about third parties and what Libertarians can do or not do for the country!

    • Gordon

      Does perot ring a bell ?

      Voting idealism is wonderful. Maybe you idealists will stand before your God with a clean conscience, having left the communist third-world USA behind.

      • Ken Bristow

        Thank you Gordon. You are right o course. Job one is to get rid of this monstrocity that took over our White House 4 years ago. Voting “Third Party: is honorable but too much of a luxury at this time. By all means do so if you want to see Obummer for another four years and the destruction of a great society,

      • sailor

        when this magot took office I said to myself, The Trojan Horse has entered my domain!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Gordon, I will stand before my GOD and he will know that I refused to succumb to evil despite the pressure put on me by others!!! He will know that I was not influenced by evil and that the majority of the ignorant could not sway me!!! He will know that I’ve done my best to do the right thing, despite the threats and accusations!!! What are YOU going to say to GOD??? And what will HE say to you???

  • Curt Siters

    Sam is correct, but this needs to be done strategically. For most of my adult life (30+ years) I have voted 3rd party because I have not been pleased with R or D for that long. I voted Nader in 08 and Perot in 92 just to give some examples.

    To get a viable 3rd party is vitally important. Even Lawrence ODonnell (msnbc) voiced this last night. However, he actually formulated a plan that makes sense… if you are in a bell weather state for either candidate – say Texas OR California and are the opposition for one of the candidates, you can make a real big impact. To make this displeasure even more apparent, yes, work to get 3rd party candidates elected at the local level and work up as well. Do this even in the off year elections.

    So, if in Texas, for example Obama isn’t even close to winning, if your are Democrat, vote 3rd party if you are dissatisfied. This does 2 things – voices your displeasure AND it will start giving more weight to the third parties helping to break the 2 party system.
    Just so you know, I am a centrist, some may call it moderate and have been following PL for about a year now. I don’t agree with 80% of what is said here, but I follow to learn.

    This IS my first post here, so I don’t have a record for you to look back at and you will have to take my word for it.

  • Jeffrey Monheit

    I’m going to write-in for Ron Paul for President and Andrew Napolitano for Vice President when I vote. Their ideas are closest to mine. The state chairs of the GOP (who are status-quo supporters) and vote tally corporations rigged the 2012 Republican Presidential primary/caucus. Everyone who carefully studied the chain of events as they were reported by eyewitnesses knows that Ron Paul was purposely cheated out of the nomination.

    When those we trust to count our votes are dishonest, what is the point of going to vote? It defeats the purpose of voting, wastes people’s time and leaves the public unable to have the right to control government and their destiny through self determination. Take a look at the 2012 Democratic National Convention when asked those in attendance to vote on the platform for G-d and The Zionist State. The majority voted one way and the party organizers didn’t care. Why have a primary, caucus, election or convention if the results are already fixed? I wish the people behind the curtain had enough balls to tell us that we decide nothing with regards to our meaningful elections. I’m tired of this show they put on for us! Even our judges and courts are bought off as they deny the Committeeman their rightful authority over political parties when we went to take back this power in New York State. The judges don’t interpret the law correctly, they just serve to protect the power of those already in power (banking interests, corporations).

    It’s time to punish the GOP for their election fraud and vote the candidate of our conscience. I will be changing my party registration to “Blank” as it seems no party anymore coincides with my views totally, the Constitution Party and Libertarian Party need to put up better candidates. America needs a political party that shares Ron Paul ideology and platform perfectly because this is what most of the American people believe in today.

    • Thor

      JM, Sam, a third-party accomplishes nothing but creating a coalition of swing voters who vote with liberals when they agree with them and conservatives when they agree with them. I still see no evidence that this is a better system than the two party system, with conservatives taking back the Republican Party. The very reason the Republican Party has lost its voice and therefore its political influence is the fact that it has compromised its core values by moving centrist rather than remaining true to genuine conservative values. I fail to see how an organized rabble of swing voters in a third party is a viable solution—although I am willing to listen to your more detailed analysis, provided it contains more evidence than ‘Romney is no different from Obama.’ While I agree with this, it is not the point. The point is that conservatives need to regain power and influence; and splitting the vote in a Presidential election is just as bad a strategy as 119 years of conservative compromise. Only uncompromising conservative, Judeo-Christian values will bring back the balance.

    • Katy

      A. 3rd party vote is a vote for Obama. Think man, we need to get Obama out of office.

      • sailor


      • Nancy in Nebraska

        THINK, Katy!!! What difference will it make?!?

        • James

          So if life is not worth living, why fight for it??

          Romney is a good, decent man. Doesn’t drink, doesn’t cheat on his wife, stays with his wife through all the problems she has had in her life.

          Once again, he’s rich – GET OVER IT!!

          Or deal with the country being destroyed by zero’s new world order. I won’t be protecting folks with that one when it goes down though.

  • Viet Nam Vet 67-68

    I wanted Ron Paul even though he was an Idiot on Islam he is a Constitutional and Bill of Rights Supporter and Abomination is a Marxist Muslim and Romney is ???? What a choice Abomination whom I hate with every fiber of my body and Romney who stiffled freedom of speech to the Tea Party and Ron Paul Supporters, but Romney is my choice as much as I dislike Him. Abomination has destroyed this Country and you can see the worthless people supporting him all wanting a free ride on the backs of someone else, not caring that this Pile of Crap has brought Facism, Socialized Medicine with the Death Care Panel, and Marxism which he has followed by by passing Congress and destroying the Middle Class Americans something his REAL FATHER FRANK MARSHALL DAVIS, who tried to destroy the Middle Class in this Country for 45 years, a REGISTERED COMMUNIST. Viet Nam Vet 67-68

  • Viet Nam Vet 67-68


  • cerebus23

    The one single thing our government is supposed is to maintain a military. One of the few powers given it to do under the constitution.

    So yes i do not want us to gut the military, i want us to gut everything else that is not enumerated under the constitution specifically.

    That said we need a audit of each and every department of each and every government and the military to cut the [comment has been edited] wasteful spending.

    To eliminate the whole idea of you have to spend all your budget or you get less/none the following year……i mean who thought this up? why was his considered a brilliant idea of budget planning?

    Gee so your department has to use all its budget, so it is ok if every contractor that works for you goes over budget you have to spend that budget anyway and if not on that than i am sure we can find some 50,000 hammers to buy, or maybe some company parties with hookers and booze tons of booze and steak.

    How about if a department does not spend their entire budget we reward them for that allow them to keep a percentage for their budgets, a rainy day fund, and the rest goes back to the taxpayers in paying for other programs or paying off the debt etc. Seems way way more sensible and efficient,

    heck maybe add pay bonuses to depts that manage to run under having your agencies work to try and get things cheaper is a good thing right?

    We have to change the entire makeup of the government, the complete mindset and that is like pulling teeth.

    But until we get our government to think about OUR money, OUR country, OUR children, and not THEIR money, and thats pretty much all they think about, money and power. We will have a goverment misspend, waste with wild abandon as long as they consider it theirs and not ours.

  • C robi

    Third party get out of this race! You are killing america. Start at your state level the way america was designed. It is better to roll back government a little then move it forward towards socialism a giant leap. Think!

    • Steve E

      Elect conservative and libertarian state and local representatives that will fight back against the Federal Government, and nullify all of it’s unconstitutional laws. Then after they have served at the state level, elect them as representatives in Washington. It will take a while, but so do many battles.

  • Tammy

    Thank you for sharing. It was interesting to hear these alternative candidates’ views and opinions. While I personally agreed more with one of these (Virgil Goode) above the others, and had not known much of his platform previously, I thought they all had well-thought out points of view and articulated those clearly. That being said, I voted for Ross Perot in 1992 and it did not help matters. Obama being re-elected is a real threat to the US and to any hope of having a chance of changing the direction of the US in the future. I do not believe that this is the year to vote for one of these alternate candidates.There are too many of them to have a chance of making a good run for the Presidency versus Obama. I wish the GOP had not deliberately hamstrung Ron Paul. He would have made an excellent contender to Obama, but the GOP knew that and knew that he would not buckle to their will to subvert the American people. With that being said, I find little hope or solace in Romney or Obama. My one strand of hope for Romney is that the descent may be slowed enough to give us a chance to get a truly grass-roots candidate or candidates for 2014 and 2016 that can make a difference and help wake up America. May God help us all.

    • hangman

      I fail to see where Obama and Romney are alike. Romney is a Christian, a straight person, Intelligent, pro America, bussiness wise, and Patriotic,and has a good record. Obama is a lowly Muslim, a gay, a pervert,(same sex marriages) a traitor to America, (not to forget, “if things go bad, I will stand with my brothers, ) a spender of our money, (here you go, union bosses, vote for me, and sistah, heah your Obama phone, paid for by working Americans.). And you compare them? That is like comparing Hillary to Mother Theresa.

      • Mike

        Romney is a Mormon. That’s quite different from the Biblical definition of “Christian.

      • Steve E

        Mike, the actual name of the Mormon Church is “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints”. The words “Jesus Christ” in the Churches name is definitely proof that Mormons are not Christians. I hope everyone understands that.

        • ericthered69

          Steve E: You really are dumber than dirt. The fundamental principles of the Mormon religion are the testimony of the Apostles and Prophets, concerning Jesus Christ, that He died, was buried, and rose again the third day, and ascended into heaven… That is the VERY definition of CHRISTIAN!!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        hangman, to answer your question, watch this video. It’s very short and informative!

      • Steve E

        ericthered69, you are right about Jesus. I was being a little sarcastic in my first statement to try to make a point.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Steve E, the Mormons do not believe in the trinity, the Father, Son and Holy Ghost. They believe in the Adam/God concept. They believe that when “man” dies, he becomes god. Their wives, children etc… will be in “their” heaven, which is why they do geneology, to find people who were not married to elders of the church. They then perform “spiritual marriages” so that these (dead)people will be in “their” heaven. They believe that JESUS and satan are brothers, and that both are equal in the eyes of GOD. The National Association of Christian Churches has NEVER (until a week or so ago), considered them a Christian church. Do some research. It’s very eye opening.

        • ericthered69

          Nancy in Nebraska… you are so wrong it is amusing. I love it when people who do not no anything about a subject try and lecture on that subject.

      • Steve E

        ericthered69, you are right on. Nancy needs to do a lot of research. I find her amusing too. Jesus loved his brother Satan so much that he put his spirits in the bodies of swine and then ran them off the cliff. So much for brotherly love.

      • daniel

        Nancy you are correct about the Mormon teachings. It was Brigham Young who brought up the Adam God doctrine which is noted and preserved inthe Salt Lake City newspaper as well as church documents. People can check this out pretty fast by looking up books by Dr. Walter Martin and Josh McDowell. They provide all sorts of references and even photostats.
        By the way, Isn’t bringing up Romney’s Mormon faith the same as bringing up JFK’s Catholicism? If people are going to vote according to religion we are in definite trpouble and the left wins. It is just another way to split the vote.

        • ericthered69

          Those guys know nothing about Mormonism… the have an agenda and are wrong on many points. You want to know about Mormons… ask a Mormon or even an Ex-Mormon. I could write a pretty interesting book on all I “Know” about Catholicism… and most of it would be wrong, but it would be a pretty good read.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Daniel, I KNOW that I am correct!!! Over thirty years ago I did a VAST amount of studying on mormonism. A friend of mine was thinking of converting. Once I even let the mormon missionary’s into my home and asked THEM about these things. They acknowledged every one! Those of you who THINK I am wrong, YOU need to do some research!!!

      • ericthered69

        Having grown up Mormon I can tell you without a doubt they do believe in the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, they just don’t call it “The Holy Trinity” they call it “The Godhead” same 3 members just a different name.

        Also, the Adam–God doctrine was espoused by Brigham Young and was widely rejected by main-stream Mormonism and now is only followed by the polygamists in southern Utah that have been excommunicated.

        Man does not become God, there is only one God. They believe that God has a plan for His children to return to live with Him and become “joint-heirs with Christ”. Mormons believe they are cleansed from sin through Christ’s grace and can return to live with their families forever in the presence of God.

        Baptisms for the Dead are for those who have passed on without the ordinance of baptism, a “Proxy Baptism” for the deceased so that if they are stuck in limbo and cannot move on they can accept the work of God (In ANY Religion) and move on to Heaven.

        And Jesus and Satan in the sense that God created both Satan and Jesus, and are therefore Brothers, but in that respect, every person who ever lived is a brother or sister to every other person, because we are all children of God. If we are all God’s children, then we are siblings to every child of God. It no more demeans Jesus to be Satan’s spirit brother than it does for any of us to be related to evil people who have lived on the earth.

        Like I said, you want to know Mormons… ask a Mormon, or at least an Ex-Mormon. So many thing you guys said are partially correct, but very much wrong. Now you know so please stop spreading half truths and mis-information.

        Want to know more:

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Mormons do NOT believe in the Holy Trinity as Christians do! Christians believe that GOD the Father, GOD the Son and GOD the Holy Ghost are ONE! Mormons believe that they are THREE SEPARATE entities!

        • ericthered69

          That website is wrong, I am sorry to tell you if you want correct info go to the source.

      • Nancy in Nebraska
      • Nancy in Nebraska

        I was speaking of marriage of the dead, you were speaking of baptism of he dead. Makes no difference! The Mormons have NO right to be marrying OR baptizing DEAD people!!!,_including_thomas_jefferson_and_sally_hemmings_/

        • ericthered69

          Mormons have never and will never marry dead people.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Mormons have NO right to “baptize” people who did not CHOOSE to be baptized!!!

        • ericthered69

          It is no worse than Catholics keeping dead people in cases and made into relics… come on all religions do things that other religions do not like. Get over it.

        • Frank Kahn

          Actually there is precedence for after death baptism in cases where a person repents his sins and accepts Jesus as savior but died before they could be baptized. You are correct in that it is inappropriate if the deceased did not deserve baptism before death.

      • Bungal

        I see you mention the gay thing. We all note that the Liberals want to tell us we have to accept a lifestyle or we are prejudice? I did not know that the most knowledgeable counselors were prejudice? See how the Liberals are using what is going on to corrupt the election?

        Did you hear about the man that went to Greece and told them the problem and next was Italy? How we raise our children determines their directions. Some rebel and if that direction was wrong, good! The mature teens have a right and even small children can be more in tune to what the problems are if parents do not misdirect them. We call it Liberalism and it is against all our real choices as those who listen to this man about financial problems are finding out.

        • Motov

          If you are spouting about freedom then talk about restrictions based on your religeous beliefs, I want no part of that,… Freedom also means accepting those with a different lifestyles (as long as it does not interfere or infringe other’s freedoms). You must accept others with different viewpoints, even if you don’t share and disagree their viewpoints. Otherwise you will be just as bad as a liberal.
          All you can do is walk your talk, and hope they see the advantages of your lifestyle to change, but if you attempt to cram a bible down my throat I’ll puke it right back into your face. I’ll believe in God right where HE has me, and not where YOU think HE has me.
          After all GOD is the JUDGE, I live by HIS standards HE has set before me,…. and not YOURS. Thank you very much,.

          • Charles A

            Motov exhibits a twisted perception. He claims to live by God’s standards, yet he insists on accepting homosexuality, which is rejected by God.

          • Motov

            And you lead a sin-free life?

          • ericthered69

            You don’t have to “Accept” it but you don’t have to outlaw it and openly hinder those who chose that lifestyle either. Live and let live and stop trying to judge through Amendments and Legislation. If God really “hates” homosexuals… then let Him judge them in the end.

          • Eric Jones (@EricJonesson19)

            I agree on all points but one. sexuallity is not a choice it is as much a natural part of you as the color of your skin.

          • Motov

            The whole point I was making was we all have the Liberty to pursue happiness, and if you wish to pursue other men,… go for it. It isn’t my place to judge you. With so many flavors of Christian faith these days, I decided a long time ago, My walk with God is my business and no one else’s, and your walk with your faith ain’t my business as well.

          • Eric Jones (@EricJonesson19)

            It,s great you think that but i,d be carefull who you said that to because as one so-called ” newswoman ” said ” you CAN,T be a lieral and a crishten”

          • Motov

            Yes, I am aware of that, If we were all perfect we would still be in the garden of eden now would we? Why is one “sin” any better or worse than another? For centuries priests have dictated what the “Scriptures” meant etc, often times they abused the scriptures for selfish gains,. More recent examples are Jim & Tammy Faye Bakker. So who am I to dictate my morals to others? I should do it only through my walk and never my talk.
            Like we heard it said actions speak louder than words, lately we been getting too many words.

          • Eric Jones (@EricJonesson19)

            Hey i,m on your side. that woman was a TWIT

          • Motov

            I just had to add some more comment for the other readers,…lol

          • Eric Jones (@EricJonesson19)

            Oh alright

          • Joann Flanagan

            Obama doesn’t consider anybodys’ walk with God is their own business.
            That is why he and her grey emminence Katheleen Sebelious are launching a religious persecution to force Americans,clergy included, to violate their consciences under the HHS mandate .
            Joann Flanagan

          • Motov

            Correct me if I am wrong, God loves sinners but hates the sin?
            Who are we to reject people because of their choices? God allows people to make bad decisions in order to teach them.
            Like it or not, some people need to go through the “School of Hard Knocks” But we stilll have to accept them

          • Eric Jones (@EricJonesson19)

            How do you know god hates homosexuality? because a PERSON wrote it down and CLAIMED god told him so. think about it charles

  • “Homer”

    After this debate seen here, I’d say Gov Johnson has a vote that i’ll cast! He seems the most viable, and the most real…

    • Bungal

      You want to state a point by a vote while your freedoms are being hashed to death by Obama? If one is an American they want to save their rights and Obama hates our Constitution in favor of UN control as does Hillary. Bill Clinton did the same signing NAFTA.

      • Motov

        I will not play the vote of the lessor of 2 evils game, We blew our chance by nominating Romney instead of Ron Paul, Ron Paul had the only solution for our Government.
        And that was to shrink it, slash bureaucratic jobs, Get rid of the waste, in the short term unemployment would go up but the private sector will grow and with less government expense, we would have a better chance of surviving,..Now I fear our dollar will crumble to pieces, and be totally worthless, And the morons who engineered this will have won!
        And YOU are the people who stood on the sidelines, voted for it, because went for the bait, instead of the real deal.
        Romney has no plan to cut spending, when our dollar crashes,…no one will help us pick up the pieces,.. in short IT DOESN’T MATTER which goon wins,.. WE WILL ALL LOSE!

  • Gatlin

    Anyone that thinks they are saving America by voting for a third party candidate is a FOOL! We are dealing with people that have had a steady course of moderate change since 1900 – and some on the Republics side actually think we can turn this situation around in one voting cycle . . . if you want change you make change over a course in time not tomorrow. If you think that you’re making a difference with going 3rd party be prepared to answer the questions of your grandchildren when they ask where the American Republic went and why did you let it happen.

    • john


      • ericthered69

        The sad fact is Romney is not our savior. He will do nothing but more of the same. He might slow the demise of our once great nation… but if you watched the debates you should know that Romney and Obama are a different side of the same coin… very little difference, same result.

    • Steve E

      Gary Johnson would make a good President and he would follow the Constitution. However, on election night, the only race you will see is Romney vs Obama. And the race will be close enough that people watching will be nervous on both sides. Since I definitely do not want Obama for four more years. I will be rooting for Romney to win. Even though I have issues (same as you) with Romney. I will be rooting for him on election night. Perhaps I should vote for Romney also, just in case. The race in so close, my one vote may make the difference.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Gatlin says: “if you want change you make change over a course in time”.

      That’s exactly what they’ve done! They’ve infiltrated BOTH parties and changed things “over a course in time”. We didn’t even notice it happening. What is going on now, has been going on for many years and voting for a democrat or a republican will only assure us of more of the same. If we want true change, then WE must change what we are doing! I’m not endorsing Gary Johnson or any of the other “third party” candidates BUT if we continue to vote as we have been, we WILL get MORE OF THE SAME!!! We MUST open our eyes to the FACT that whether we vote for a democrat OR a republican, NOTHING will change!!! They are following the SAME AGENDA!!! I don’t know about you, but I want real change, not fake change!!!

      • libertybound

        So what are you saying your not voting? The only way to have change is find someone who believes in the constitution and that was Ron Paul, but oh noooooo thats to difficult, I’d rather get someone who can win yeah lady and your right back where you started from.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        If all you care about is voting for “someone who can win”, then you are no different than a child! Voting is an “adult” responsibility! It’s why they don’t allow children to vote. The intended and responsible thing is to vote for the person that you think is best suited for the job! It’s NOT supposed to be a popularity contest!

        • TexasJake

          Nancy, you are missing the point. This election day we will decide whether we keep Obama for four more painfully excrutiating years. How much better would we feel if we voted for someone that could not defeat him? Liberals everywhere must be enjoying this exchange. Divide and conquer.

    • Breeze

      Gatlin, do your homework. Teddy Roosevelt was President under the “Bull Moose” party. A third party, and was a pretty good President.

      • momo

        Wrong, Roosevelt was President under the Republican banner from 1901 to 1908. When he broke with broke ranks with William Howard Taft in 1910, he started the Bull Moose Party. Roosevelt ran for president in 1912, losing to Woodrow Wilson.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        Teddy Roosevelt went where the wind blew. Reread the history of that time period. The Socialists or or whatever they called themselves then thrived like weeds.

    • Bungal

      Hi Gatlin.. You could be a friend I knew years ago and played baseball with in Flushing. We had good times if it is. There are 3 things Romney can do for us. First is restore relations with our friends in the middle east including Israel. Next, stop the anti-American energy policies that Obama has supported for China and not for us. Third, stop the attack on our rights under our Constitution by Obama. It seems that every time the ACLU has a big and challenging case they meet with Obama against our freedom of religion as they are a Communist founded organization by the founder.

      Our people perish for lack of knowledge and this is what is happening.

  • Mark Glasgow

    While considering myself an advocate of the Austrian School of Economics and libertarian political and social theory, I believe articles like this do little to shift the intellectual compass. In fact, such articles often do more harm than good by muddling the issues. No doubt, we each have a responsibility to fight society’s march toward destruction, however, short of taking arms in open revolution, victory will best be had by the strength of our ideas.

    Human choice is at the core of truly liberal values and rather than denigrating anyone’s right to choose, we need to help others understand why classical liberalism, libertarian political theory, and the Austrian School of Economics offer a better hope for the future. More will be gained in a civil dialogue advocating our view than desperate attempts at painting Obama and Romney as if they were one in the same. Such attempts only serve to insult their supporters, many of whom care as much for America as we do. Insulting the majority of our fellow Americans is no way to advance our cause. .

    • Bungal

      I heard the word, Liberal? The question would be what does this mean. It seems in our world society of our day, ignore being responsible and have honor in ones own life. We should admit that means anyone in any position. I am not a liberal but support some things that support a Democracy if it does not destroy the Republic that maintains the freedoms of us all.

  • http://speedle speedle

    What’s that I hear out in the distant woods a howling? Why it’s Sam Rolley barking out Third Party spiel again. Thank goodness few are listening seeing as how the future of the country is on the line. We don’t have time for side show carnival barkers. Thanks anyway Sam.

  • ericthered69

    If either party had any intention of “Fixing” the problems with America… you think they would debate how to fix these problems:

    The Economy
    The Fed
    The Housing Market
    Gas Prices

    Neither party will do anything…and Voting for the lesser of 2 evils IS STILL VOTING FOR EVIL. After what the GOP did to highjack the convention I will NEVER vote for the GOP again… EVER. I refuse to vote for the Socialist… er… I mean Democrats… so I voted for Gary Johnson or I would have just stayed home.

    When we vote for (gag…) for the 2 parties we are complicit in the corruption and crimes that our government does. Murder US Citizen, Destroying the Constitution, GITMO… all of it. A government does not act WITHOUT the “approval” of the governed, either through acceptance or apathy.

    Stop voting for them and make the point that we are sick of them dishonoring and screwing us. I REFUSE TO ACCEPT THE ACTIONS OF MY GOVERNMENT ANY LONGER AND WILL NOT PLAY THEIR GAMES. I WILL VOTE AGAINST THEM!!

    Just an FYI… I voted for Gary Johnson and in fact I voted for 3rd party candidates for EVERYTHING last night. There was 4 officials that did not have a 3rd party candidate… So I voted “None of these Candidates”, we can still do that in Nevada. :-)


    • Ed

      And I take it that you believe destroying your country is somehow HONORABLE?

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        To CONTINUE on the road we’re on is to destroy this country!!!

      • ericthered69

        Romney will destroy it a surely as Obama will. Obama just has a 4 year head start. Again…THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO!!!!

    • http://liberty Tony

      To Eric: Right on man!! I wish other people had this logic!!

    • Bungal

      Ed told you the facts in a very short sentence!

      What has Obama done in the last almost 4 years? He has given China rights to drill by not objecting in our gulf, and then refusing any of us to drill! The Canada pipeline negotiated by Bush, he refused. Our prices for gas could drop to less than 2.85 a gallon are the estimates. It was also jobs to make the pipeline. Obama is anti-American and anti=freedom for her citizens and his record shows this absolute.

      We are now told that the reason Obama gave weapons support to the Muslim Brotherhood is because he is a member. It does not matter because he had weapons and money give to support them. They are a known Muslim terrorist group! He refused to talk to our friends in the region that have supported us for so many years.

      What would Romney do? Support America! He would remove barriers that Obama put in place for us, yet not for Communist Governments in our energy policy. He would implement changes in our energy policy that would be scientifically correct and not corrupt by a, “want to control the world, UN!” If the UN does not like our policies, they can confront the facts, which also come against their Al Gore Noble prize!

      The next is simple. We need to keep our rights with our Constitution and our Amendments. If women want to vote Obama, let them and we can take away the 14th if that is what they want as that is what they vote for.

      • Motov

        What part of the republicas also shred the bill of rights you fail to understand?
        Patriot act signed by Bush,…TSA was signed into existence by Bush. Romney is a liberal Republican. He flip-flops on issues. So you really do not know where he stands.

    • Motov

      If you target just the Feds, inflation, the housing bubble, and gas prices could be under control We need to end the Fed. To control spending? How about make every congress member pay out of their pockets for every dollar over the budget? I wonder how fast we will see a balanced budget,… And make them use the same Social Security system We are forced to use, I bet they would seriously “fix it” and It would not be broken.
      I also think Presidential election cycles are far too long, Shorten up the campaigns to say 6 months tops.
      The press should be doing their jobs, such as telling the American People where these candidates come from, What are their agenda’s,.. Are they “bought off” by those u;tra-super rich bastards? Are they legal, natural-born citizens? And maybe change their name to “The National Babbler”,…or The DC Circus reports……lol

  • “Homer”

    LOOK: In the matter of getting Obama OUT…that is paramont, but, I am also aware that IF I vote for a man who I do NOT Identify w/or agree with, then voting for this man is a LIE on my part and i will NOT do that! I listened to the 3rd party debates and the best one, w/the most knowledge and the most experience and best plan of attack to get this country back on track is: Gov Gary Johnson! Obama is a foreigner and a Muslim, and Romney is a Morman and i can’t vote for either…I stand for my convictions and will vote for Gov. Johnson!! Let God put who he desires to be in office for what he wants to do w/this nation who has turned it’s back upon HIM!!

    • Lois Nadeau

      Homer, I do not disagree with your basic premise, but the reality is that if you vote for the third party, it IS a vote for the current occupant of the White House. Please, please, PLEASE, let’s get him out of there! We will not have a recognizable America, if he gets another four years.

      There is much work to be done, but a third party can become a force in this country. It will not, however, happen this year. A vote for anyone other than Romney, out of altruism, advances Barack Obama’s agenda for another four years.

      • Smoovious Laxness

        The reality is, is that a vote for any candidate that isn’t Obama, is not a vote for Obama…

        If you guys would have stuck by your own rules, and had a candidate worth voting for, he’d have earned our votes.

        You guys didn’t, and someone else has earned them.

        Voting against someone instead of for someone, is a fool’s vote.

        – Smoov

    • Bungal

      It seems like we had one of greatest Presidents and religion was brought up. We know the Catholics treat Salvation as a part of the church and not an experience with Christ. But JFK was one of the best as President, except for accusations of his women chasing.

      I believe Romney’s affiliation will not interfere with being a good President. I am a born again Christian and have heard Romney and what he supports. We may also note that the Liberal media will be after him at every corner!

      Here is what we will get with Romney: First, the reestablishment of relations with our friends such as Israel: Second, a removal of barriers that Obama did not support with China but just with us: third, but not last, remove the anti-American freedoms Obama has in place and stop those he has planned in the future. I have heard the debates and have seen the results of the last near 4 years. We must remember, Obama is not black as he has a white Mother, so we see another lie from the Liberals. If we vote other than Obama it is race? No, it is to keep my freedoms as an American and a veteran whose Dad also gave his life in WWII. We have a cause… support a return that God wants.

      One lady here gave and address for a black Bishop video. His name is E.W. Jackson. You should listen to that. It is totally true. This Bishop truthful and a man of honor.

  • Nancy in Nebraska

    A third party candidate will never be ALLOWED. They will only allow people of the “royal bloodline” to be president. They are ALL corrupt! They are ALL evil!!! Nothing will change as they all follow the same agenda!!! As bizarre as it sounds, they are ALL related!!!

    • Mikey

      Nancy, I disagree. I believe that if we, at the grass-roots level, continue to spread the message, eventually a third party candidate will stand a chance. Look how far Ron Paul got this year. He woke a lot of people up to the truth. It’s up to us to continue to spread the word. You are correct about the corruption and evil, though!

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Mikey, it is our ONLY hope; to spread the word!!!

    • Bungal

      A third party candidate could be the ruler of the world as predicted. Why? It would be very unusual that the media would give him extreme backing. It would be unusual that he would have the financial resources to win. Vicki, do not waste your vote. This is what the first year under Romney would do.

      First, invite and establish relations back with Israel and our former friends who have always honored us. Second: Stop the Obama anti-American energy policy that the UN has lied about; third: stop the anti-Constitution and anti-Amendment policies of Obama which are destroying our rights as citizens and implement a policy that goes by science and not by world domination as does Obama’s agreement with the UN. We keep our right to bear arms is another ,if one is not a felon. We need this President removed now.

      • Motov

        The republicans are anti constitutional,…. remember the patriot act? the TSA all passed by the shrub,.. only Ron Paul was talking about reducing the Federal Government the rest were talking about increasing it. A vote for Romney is a vote for Obama-lite.
        Remember “Romney-care”? in Mass? that is not too far off Obozo-care.
        Romney flip-flops,… how can you believe anything he says?

  • Tammy

    I have an idea, share the YouTube video of a debate with people you know are liberals. Perhaps they would prefer one of the alternate choices and vote for one of them above Obama and take votes away from Obama in that vein. If they are not in favor of Romney, but have issues with Obama, that may give them a choice that would take away Obama’s needed votes.

    • Bungal

      First, Tammy, love your name. The problem with voting for a third party is they have no real media clout. It ends up giving the vote to the one in office. Do we really want another 4 years of this anti-American and anti-freedom as President? It is not a hard choice because ask yourself this. What is the largest vote every obtained by a 3rd party candidate? They do not have the financial resources or the media backing, period!

      Romney will do 3 things for sure and America must have these. He will reestablish friendship with Israel; he will implement policies that will lower gas prices and increase our productivity; he will stop the attack on our freedoms granted by our Constitution and stop those Obama has in place to damage us later.

      We know Obama’s Mother was not black so it is not a race thing, anyway. It is an America first thing and our rights thing. I just got a newsletter from my UAW. I like that so I can see who NOT to vote for! I want all of our Amendments for freedom intact and I assume you also. I will keep my guns as I am an honorable American and veteran.

      You want to know what Liberals really are? I was even accused of child molestation online for loving our children throughout the world in a game of billiards. i reported it but I am told others have reported this person and nothing done. He should be removed because children play pool too. He curses and threatens and all the garbage that comes with being a Liberal. “I know where you live!” He wants to intimidate and I fear no person.

      Anyway, vote for a 3rd party and you lost your voting rights as they cannot win.

    • John Woodbury

      Great idea Tammy, but Gov. Romney stands on principle. He refused to hear the person who said he had proof the BHO under the name of Barry sold Coke in college, not just used it. Obama, true to his charter told Ann Rayn to go right ahead and unseal the divorce testimony to see if there was anything the DNC could use.

  • Nancy in Nebraska

    For those of you who think there is ANY difference between romney and obumass, watch this video! Their words and plans are almost identical!! If you watched the last debate, you already KNOW this! So, if you want MORE OF THE SAME, vote for romney OR obumass!!! It makes NO difference!!!

    • Average Joe

      As usual Nancy,
      Thanks for all you do!
      It is a shame that reason and common sense seem to elude so many people in the country. Unfortunately, most people take the stance…”I don’t believe it, prove it to me…and I still won’t believe it”, mentality and the message falls on deaf ears…..They don’t get it and they don’t want to get it.

      Best Wishes,

      • Donna Nuunya

        Joe…are you psychic or just a judgemental fool? How do you KNOW “they” don’t get it or “they” don’t WANT to get it??? Many of us DO get it, but we also KNOW to vote for a third party this time would be disastrous. Romney may be the lesser of two evils, however Obama’s agenda if far worse and that sir, is in fact OBVIOUS. The race is too close to waste a vote. We have to remove Obama from office

      • TIME

        My Dear Donna,

        The JIG is up, ~ its been over for years, for one to vote for a 3rd party is not crazy,nor is it a wast of a Vote, its a Vote for TRUTH as its the last stand for anyone who will follow the LIGHT of TRUTH, ~ got your bus ticket yet?. If not ~ the good news is there’s still TIME.

        To buy into the mindless sheep like behavior thats been drilled into your heads by way of
        (( Tela, ~ Vision,~ Programing )) Note ~ Tell you, You SEE IT, and your being Programed at the same TIME, ~ by Mass Media droids who are selling you nothing more nor less than hell on a stick.

        So please do yourself a big favor and open your Soul, ~ its all over but for the Trail of Tears now,
        You will be in the same mass grave along with the rest of the American people who have served their masters needs.

        As I have noted many times in the past ~ we all became ~A ~ “Disposable Society” Now its TIME for even YOU to be Disposed with by voting either R or D you will seal your fate.

        I know its a hard think to handle, but perhaps if you ask, Yahshua The Christ to be forgiven you can still make the bus.

        Peace and Love be with you. Let the Light of the Christ shine in your SOUL.

      • Average Joe

        Donna Nuunya,

        Once again, I call them like I see them.
        No, I am not psychic, nor am I foolish. You prove my point quite effectively tho, thanks. The evidence is in front of you (the link posted by Nancy), yet you would rather ignore the evidence and speculate about my personal life. You don’t get it…nor do you wish to get it….
        If you are afraid of getting your feelings hurt, then you’ve come to the wrong place…..find a liberal site website to hang out on….they won’t offend your sensibilties…I, on the other hand…. will. Whining is for thin-skinned, liberals and progressives (and it isn’t pretty). Grow a thicker skin. I remain, Unapologetically Opinionated…..keep the PC crap to yourself.
        Romney may be the lesser of two evils…he may be the same evil…or he could be a worse evil…..but one thing that is certain….Evil is still….. Evil.

        Best Wishes,

    • Ed

      While there is an element of truth in what you say, your attitude is precisely what will destroy this country beyond recognition. You sound a bit like the fanatic who kills his lover saying “if I can’t have her, no one will”. A third party vote is a vote for ending the greatest nation ever to have existed on planet Earth – in other words, suicide. Right now, we have an enemy in the white house, placed there by design, but publically by mistake. We need to get rid of him, and the DNC and then get about cleaning up the Republicam Party and the rest of the country. Take a look at to see how we got where we are.

      • Average Joe

        “While there is an element of truth in what you say,”

        An element? LMAO…the two are identical twins….the only difference is…tan-lines…got it?

        “Right now, we have an enemy in the white house, placed there by design, but publically by mistake.”

        And your solution is to replace one enemy …with another enemy? Smooth move! Are you in government by any chance?

        Best Wishes,

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Ed, do you want to continue down this road we’re on or do you want to get OFF this damn road?!? If we continue to do the same things, we will continue to get the same results!!! If WE want change, WE must change!!! We will be doomed if we continue to be blinded to the truth! My attitude won’t destroy this country! Yours will!!!

        • James

          Whenever I need to remember why I ran very, VERY far away from Omaha…

          You cannot just ‘get off the road’ when you don’t like where it is going. A lot of the times that road is on a bridge.

          Feel free to try driving off bridges and see how well it works out.

      • Linda Short

        A third party vote will benefit Obama and our country cannot survive four more years of his destructive administration. I believe he is Anti-American and has an agenda to destroy our great country which brave men have defended and died for. A true patriot will cast his vote in the most beneficial way to get Obama out of OUR White House

      • TIME

        My Dear Linda,

        The nation you called The United States is over and has been over since 1878 really since 1840, but lets not get to detailed, all one need do is open their eyes.

        You nor any American can or will be able to fix the problem.

        As I noted its over, so if one wants to vote for a 3rd party who’s an Honest person with a SOUL, then they will be on the right BUS ~ Not the one going to Hell.

        Your call, Open your mind and Soul or not. afterall this is all little more than a bad C grade movie, the old D v R. mindless rhetoric.

        Peace and Love be with you

      • PL

        Ed, Linda, well said. Others, cast your vote on third party, then what? 12 days from election with 51 to 49 polls, where would your votes fit in, how far could you move the dial? If Obama gets reelected, our country will drift from freedom and liberty; big government will get bigger, we will still be in debt, class warfare will prevail. Here is a sore point, if no military as you would like, al Qaeda will find their way to come ashore, again.
        Please look at the picture with clear eyes. DeMar has a good article stating his case.

      • Motov

        What part of there is no difference between the 2 parties don’t you get?
        If you want to save this natio a third party vote is your ONLY option!
        Both parties are destroying our constitution,…/ why can’t you understand that?

        • Charles A

          Motov, third party votes are almost exclusively taken from Republican candidates. That guarantees a democrat win. BO has clearly tried to destroy the country, and if given four more years will succeed in doing so. Why can’t you understand that? No-one is saying that Romney is perfect, but at least he understands what drives this nation. If we are going to save the country, we will need to still have a country after the next four years. BO intends to end this nation.

    • Bungal

      Romney will: Implement good energy policies that Obama refused to do; he will reestablish friendship with Israel; He will undue the attack on our civil liberties that Obama implemented and stop those Obama has planned against us. Romney is not a member of the Brotherhood as is Obama. We will keep our Constitution with her rights. We also note that if Romney messes up and we know it is true, the Liberal media will want to impeach him for sure. What Obama has done in his over 3 years was all against America and our rights and was purposely done.

  • Average Joe

    I see the Romneybots are out in droves today….half-wits, dim-wits and nit-wits………the lot.
    I guess they are blinded by the tan lines….after four years of darkness.
    (no, I don’t support either of the two). 3rd Party all the way!

    Which will comment first? Half-wit? Dim-wit? Nit-wit?…or…… all of the above?

    • Donna Nuunya

      Average Joe sounds like you are a well versed person with great values….I mean, after all, calling others names is in fact something to be so proud of.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        I believe we have had enough language censors on this site crying to “mommy, someone called me a name”. Reading some of these posts it does not appear that we are any longer in kindergarten.
        If the name you are called does not belong to you, the simple rule of thumb is that you don’t respond to it.

    • daniel

      Enjoy yourself Joe. I lean libertarian as it is but guess what? Just like most people you have it wrong. You are looking for leaders. You fail to realize that you are the leader. Yes, that is right it is up to you to change whether it is this country or the direction it is going. You are the one that shows them where to go. You know as well as I that if nobody follows then there is no leader. So I suggest you set yourself up to be an example of leadership and not the left wing name calling bull. That is so passe.
      You can change things starting locally and spread out from there. It has been quite effective in the past and will continue to be so. If you want top down change it will never happen and never has.
      If Romney were to win then the real work would just be starting. I believe that his election would just give us a breather at best. If Obama gets re-elected then may God help us all. I don’t know about you but I pray for this nation everyday multiple times. I pray for His mercy and foregiveness.

    • Bungal

      How many islands should Obama give away in a second term and how many projects that will help our economy will he decline to implement? Romney would do 3 things. He will bring back our friendship with Israel; he will implement energy policy based on facts and not UN lies; he will revoke the attack on our civil liberties Obama put in place and will stop those Obama has planned for the future. Only a fool would vote third party because that means a vote for Obama. This has been that way since America was founded. I want to save America from Obama and Hillary and the lying Harry Reid.

      I do wonder about this article as we all know a third party vote gives the vote to Obama. I wonder, is this person working for Obama? Sure seems like it.

      • Motov

        Who passed the “UN”patriot act? Who started the TSA? Both civil liberty destroying acts were signed by The Republican Shrub, Let me remind you Romney is a liberal republican, just like the shrub is,… We need a real return of the constitution and not lip service that flip floppin’ Mitt is giving you.

    • Average Joe

      Donna Nuunya ,

      I call them like I see them.
      If folks are buying into the, “Romney is different” BS…then they are simply delusional… at best. If folks are just voting the Party line or voting “against” Obama, then they are voting for the wrong reasons and for the wrong person as well…period! Regardless of the outcome…we will get 4 more years of the same…… To believe otherwise, is pure folly.

      It appears that the Nits have it…as with any “bot”…plenty of wits…no wisdom.

      Best Wishes,

    • libertybound

      I really like your style, and you are so right on its either 3rd party all the way you are like one reader said that you were a well versed man, and she is right you do it with like talking softly and carrying a big stick or you can catch a fly with honey rather than vinegar you can get more peopel to your way of thinking by that kind of style, and you are right too boot, I hope more people listen to what you have to say because of your style. A vote for Mitt Romneyt is like hiring Obama all over again.

  • Okie

    I am basically Libertarian. I am going to vote for Romney. I am registered Republican. Why? Because the only way the aims of Libertarians will get their ideas and values implemented is to change the Republican party from within. This has already begun to a considerable extent thanks to the Tea Party. It doesn’t matter to me the name of the organization that can put us back on the road to constitutional government. If I thought the democrats could be changed more easily, I’d be a democrat. A Libertarian voice in the Republican party (Ron Paul) is much louder than in the Libertarian party itself. Wayne Allyn Root could see that and is now officilly a Republican. He knows this election is too important to waste a vote to make a statement. I may not like it, but the only chance we have to put our county back on the path of freedom and prosperity is to do our work through the Republican party. Trying to accomplish it with a third party may feel good but it won’t change the bottom line. At this point the most important goal is to remove Obama.

    • hangman

      Before 2008 I considere myself a democrat, but when obama came along, I could not turn my back on my country, and I voted for Mccain. Detesting what muslims stand for, I became a republican. As I see our country going downhill, and we are targeted by the radicals Ilamists, i have to wonder. Why? The reason is quite simple, they see us as weak, not because America is weak, we happen to have a weak and traitotous president. I could never trust the democrats again. Fast and furious show how low the Obama administration, and Hillary, have stooped.

    • Smoovious Laxness

      OMFG… you guys drive me crazy…

      If every one of you people who keep saying that you are Libertarian or Conservative, and that you’d prefer Johnson, but are voting for Romney instead because you are buying the propoganda and don’t want to waste your vote… would grow a spine instead and vote for the guy you actually want instead of ‘holding your nose’ to vote against Obama… Johnson would ACTUALLY WIN!!!

      Pure insanity…

      – Smoov

      • Donna Nuunya

        No he wouldn’t. The race is far too close and we could never get EVERY Republican or Conservative to vote for Johnson.

      • George

        I’m with you Smoovious… The voters are still slaves to those who tell them how to vote and can’t bring themselves to actually make a choice for fear of not winning. The only way to change things is to change how we vote and most voters do not want to change their position simply because they fell compelled to follow the crowd. We are doomed to be controlled by the Democrats and Republicans simply because Americans don’t have the guts to step out of line.

      • midamerica

        a vote for johnson is a vote for bho

        • Smoovious Laxness

          A vote for Romney or Obama is a vote for the status-quo, and Progressivism…

      • g

        spoken like a true Obama fan. It will not be until there is a revolution for a third party to get control. The sheeple are to brain washed now to see there really is only one party with two hosts.

      • D Bugmac

        I wish all you folks would remember when a third party candidate ruined an election – Remember Ross Perot when Clinton was running? Clinton barely won because of the votes that Ross Perot drew away from conservative voters. The same thing will happen this time with Obama if you don’t vote for Romney. Forget the third party candidate this time around, there is far too much at stake if Obummer wins again.

      • Motov

        The worst part of it is this has gone on since 1913 the year two of the worst pieces of legislation was passed that created the current mess we are in today. The Federal income tax,…and federal reserve, Every election cycle we get 2 evils to choose from.
        Only way to stop it is to stop voting the evils, it is that simple!! But you clowns won’t realize that. You are so wound up in your hate for Obozo, and lack for really bold decision making to settle for “Obozo-lite”. You deserve the return of the Shrub years.

        • Charles A

          Motov, your constant references to “Obozo-lite” and “Shrub” indicate that you are stuck in a one-track rut and that your intelligence is extremely limited. No-one is being won over by your insults.

    • Patriotman

      I commend you for being a realistic libertarian, understanding that the only way to change the system is from within. I hope and pray that many independents and libertarians who are about to help Obama get re-elected by throwing away their votes on principle will hear this message from you and vote for Romney. I think many non-involved citizens in the past are beginning to understand the real dangers facing our cuuntry from within, and are beginning to pay attention. If is realistic statements like yours that will help us take back our country, eventually. God Bless You. In closing, I think the most important thing all of us can do is to pray to God for forgiveness (for running from him since the ’60′s, as is evidenced by the decline in morals, education and religious values of our younger generations.) for our country every day, and to ask His help in returning us to the country and values which honored Him from the beginning and allowed us to become the greatest nation in the history of the world – through His will.

    • Bungal

      Good for you Okie. It was not just Christ that said people perish for lack of knowledge, but many others. It is so sad that many, not wanting Obama, will vote him in by voting third party. It has been this way since America first came into existence and that is the way things are. A vote for a third party means a vote for the one in office.

      It does make one wonder if those preaching to vote third party are not working for Obama, himself? Sure works that way.

    • steve


      Right on bro! Probally too much common sense for some here.

  • carrottop

    In the Town Hall style debate, a lady asked specifically about what was going to be done about these “AK-47 Assault guns.” Obama stated that he saw no reason for citizens to own military style guns and that he felt a reintroduction of the Assault Weapons Ban should be looked at.

    This statement from Obama should tell us everything we need to know about him. First of all, he doesn’t understand the purpose of the second amendment and if he does, he is scared of it and what it represents to the freedom of true Patriots. The right of the people to keep and bear arms is not about duck hunting. It is about the people being ABLE to defend themselves from a tyrannical government such as the one we now have. The Assault Weapons Ban that was passed during the Clinton administration and left to die on the table during the Bush administration was examined extensively and the determination based upon law enforcement and FBI sttistics was that Clinton’s Assault Weapons Ban accomplished absolutely nothing in reducing crime in America. That is why Bush allowed it to go away. Now, Obama wants to reintroduce a peice of legislation that did NOTHING to reduce crime or make Americans safer. All that Ban did was further infringe on our second amendment rights and Obama wants to bring it back proving conclusively he is anti-gun and wants to impose more controls and restrictions on Americans.

    Now, Ronmey’s response to the lady brought up Operation Fast and Furious and pointed out how Obama’s Justice Department conducted an illegal, botched attempt to discredit lawful gun dealers by selling guns to the very drug cartels that are invading our borders daily. The main guns that were sold during that botched operation were AK-47′s and AR-15′s and were sold at the direction of the BATF which is headed up by Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder. At this point, Obama and Holder are both a part of a huge cover up on that botched opration and noObama and Hillary are involved in yet another cover up over the Benghazi terrorist attack. During the 2008 campaign, Obama told conservatives that he had no intention of doing anything to infringe second amendment rights and now he talks about bring back this useless Weapons Ban. This man can NOT be trusted. I have never seen any one person in Government consort to such blatant, extensive lie telling and deceipt.

  • George

    Since LBJ was in office, I have been voting for ‘the lesser of the two evils” or “voting against someone” as everyone now suggests. All those elections and all those votes have only continued to keep in place a government that is just like the last one. It does not work, we will continue down the same path, that’s exactly WHY the two parties will not allow any opposing candidates. The two parties literally have a monopoly on politics, which allows the “government to control who is in government”. Well, it’s time for people to actually vote for the candidate of their choice, until they do, nothing changes. To me, the only wasted vote is a vote for someone who was not actually your first choice. I have the right to vote and I will not waste it by voting for anyone other than whom I prefer to be in office. That, my friends is the only way to make changes. Practically all major changes in our government were instigated by “radicals” who had the guts to buck the trend. I will vote for Gary Johnson for many reasons, the first being I believe he will be the only candidate who will actually listen to the people and do what;s best for us as a nation. If Obama is re-elected, it will be because of those of you who “voted against someone’” instead of voting “for” someone.

    • Bungal

      I will vote out the one in office to save America and I absolutely know that a third party vote is a vote for an America no more! It will give Obama the vote indirectly and that has been since America began. No if’s, and, or buts. It always have and any other conclusion is simply uniformed. We know an uninformed voter is the one who gives us those we know should of never been elected in the first place.

  • Stephan F.

    Ok Sam, for you & all those disciplined one-track-minded Johnson supporters out there, here are a few “facts” about your guy that clearly shows he is no Ron Paul:

    Gary Johnson supports the Fair Tax & consumption taxes!
    Gary Johnson does not want to abolish the Federal Reserve!
    Gary Johnson does not favor the abolition of Medicare & Medicaid. He simply wants the states to manage them better!
    Gary Johnson does not want to abolish Social Security. He wants to raise the retirement age and use “means-testing”!
    Gary Johnson would not unilaterally close all needless & wasteful military bases in Japan, Germany, & South Korea!
    Gary Johnson believes we should continue foreign aid to Israel as it stands now!

    This guy is no Libertarian. He is a phony. Don’t even talk to me about voting for a guy like Romney.

    Oh BTW, dont believe me (what do I know), check it out yourself:

    • Matthew Tomarchio

      Thanks Stephan. Well said.

    • TML

      Stephan F. says “here are a few “facts” about your guy that clearly shows he is no Ron Paul”

      Well, he’s no Ron Paul, of course, but I’d take more care in where you get your “facts” from. Most of it is completely wrong, misinterpreted, or outright lied about.

      Stephan F. says “Gary Johnson supports the Fair Tax & consumption taxes!”

      As opposed to the wealth redistribution system, the IRS and federal income tax.

      Stephan F. says “ Gary Johnson does not want to abolish the Federal Reserve!”

      Gary Johnson wants to conduct an audit to provide true transparency of the Federal Reserve’s lending practices. Establish clear Congressional oversight and get the Federal Reserve out of the business of creating money, quantitative easing and other efforts to override the free market

      Stephan F. says “ Gary Johnson does not favor the abolition of Medicare & Medicaid. He simply wants the states to manage them better!”

      He acknowledges that Medicare & Medicaid cannot be sustained and calls for reform.

      Stephan F. says “Gary Johnson does not want to abolish Social Security. He wants to raise the retirement age and use “means-testing”!”

      Oh the horror!

      Stephan F. says “ Gary Johnson would not unilaterally close all needless & wasteful military bases in Japan, Germany, & South Korea!”

      Gary Johnson advocates non-intervention and ending the wars immediately and bringing our troops home. He also says it is time to reevaluate the deployments of troops scattered abroad.

      Stephan F. says “Gary Johnson believes we should continue foreign aid to Israel as it stands now!”

      He opposes financial aid to Israel, as he does to all countries and has said he would not follow Israel or any other ally into a war that it had initiated. Even in your link, Gary Johnson clearly says, “I’m opposed to foreign aid.”

      With such a poor display of understanding, and what seems to be an outright lie, I’d say your post is intentional misinformation.

      Here… try this one.

      • Stephan F.

        Your arguments are so utterly flawed, I can’t & won’t respond.

        Good Day

      • TML

        I merely clarified, corrected’ and debunked your arguments. What you mean is you can’t and won’t defend.

        Good day to you too

      • John Woodbury

        Let us see TML until a few weeks ago you were in the tank with flushy and peeinthewater and of course Komrade K. Now you have seen the light and want everyone to vote for anyone but R/R, hmm do I smell a DNC rat?

      • TML

        John Woodbury

        It’s probably difficult for you to understand, but I’m not bound to the smoke and mirrors of the left/right paradigm. I’ve been a supporter of Ron Paul long before I came to this site, because his views most closely coincide with my own. Since he isn’t running as an independent, I support the next closest candidate.

        Not sure what you mean by being ‘in the tank’ – I argue with anyone with opposing beliefs on given issues, regardless what label they give themselves. I also play devils advocate at times.

        Not sure what you mean by ‘seeing the light’ – I saw the light many years ago, friend, and invite you to cite anywhere in which I have not been consistent in my views and arguments.

        ‘Anyone’ but R/R? No, that would include Obama, to whom I am equally opposed. I don’t subscribe to such ignorance of “anyone but ”.

        You want to talk about rats, let’s talk about all those people here who regurgitate the post hoc circular logic fallacy – “a vote for third party is a vote for Obama” (especially those who call themselves Libertarian while attempting to rationalize such fallacious logic). They repeat it ad nausea, not only asking us to vote for someone with little differences in the opposition, but supports perpetuation of the duopoly establishment.

        A vote for Johnson is a vote for Johnson
        A vote for Stein is a vote for Stein
        A vote for Romney is a vote for Romney
        A vote for Obama is a vote for Obama

        A vote for who you truly believe is the best candidate, that represents the will of the people, and steadfast in the principles of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence – that is a vote for America.

      • John Woodbury

        Poor TML, what do liberals do when confronted with the truth? Why attack the the messenger. I will still have a job after Nov. 6th, will you?

  • Gary strobridge

    Sorry, but a vote for anyone besides Mitt Romney Is a vote for Barack Obama…..

    • skippy

      I AGREE GARY!!

      • Linda Short

        I double agree!

    • r.p.

      There you go folks!!!! You heard it here from the “Three Stooges”. The names have been changed to protect the in…..oculated.

  • erich

    Wishful thinking. If enough people wake up and vote for me, I could be president. My chances are just as great as any of those third party candidates, no matter the validity of their position. That is the reality. Time to get your head outof the clouds! A vote for any third party at this election is a sure vote for Obama. Romney may not be much better but better nevertheless, or you might say, less evil.

    • Bungal

      It is very strange that when I talk with 3rd party voters they just do not get it! It is always a vote for the one in office and always has been. I do know that the bad that we saw Obama institute will be addressed by Romney and this is what I want. Remove the Feds claw on our freedoms using the excuse of healthcare and, since we cannot get our islands back that Obama gave to those he actually supports, the Russian Government, some things cannot be reversed. We paid for those islands when we bought Alaska and Obama lets them have them. Officially it is said that Obama is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. We see he supported them in the middle east. They are against our friends in the area, so that means so is Obama.

      • erinsgram

        Forgive me for being so skeptical but I see the liberals hand in this late date push for a Third Party Candidate.

        • Joann Flanagan

          Can’t decide between Obama and Romney?
          Simply ask yourself:Am I for religious persecution or against it?
          Then vote for Obama because he is starting one under the grey emminence of the HHS Mandate if you’re for religious persecution;or vote for Romney,who opposes the conspiracy to force clergy to subsidise sexual perversian,sterilisation ,abortions and other abominations they themselves preach against with church funds, if you’re against religious persecution.
          While you’re at it consider:How much respect is someone who dispises the I Amendment likely to have for the Thirteenth Amendment?
          Joann Flanagan

  • Kyle

    In 1984, the first time I was legally allowed to vote in a Presidential election, I cast my ballot for the incumbent – Ronald Reagan. In early 1988 as I began to research the people coming out to request my vote in both major political parties, I saw that … well … they all stunk! Bush was not even at 60% in agreement with my core values and principles politically. Then I heard from one of my upper-level Poli-Sci professors that there were candidates running in 1988 who were called “3rd party candidates.” So I looked into them and discovered that a man named Ron Paul was actually about 70% in line with my beliefs. So … he got my vote! And since then each year, especially Presidential elections, I’ve done my homework on each candidate – or they have not gotten my vote. And in every Presidential election since 1988, I’ve voted for an Independent or a Libertarian, including in 2008 when I voted for a black candidate who scored 94% in line with my beliefs – Alan Keyes.

    This year I am in such a quandary. Obama rates absolutely ZERO with my beliefs, having gotten a whopping 3% last time in 2008 – the LOWEST any candidate has ever gotten with me! Romney is rating around 65% with me … still too low for me to genuinely pull the lever for based on politics (75% or higher is my new cut-off after 3 men in 2008 scored over 90% with me — Keyes, Tancredo and Hunter). Trouble is … Obama is pure evil. As a Constitutional Libertarian I am so absolutely against this abomination we are forced to call Commander-in-Chief.

    Problem is this time around, I have a tough time with Gary Johnson as well. Sure he scores a high 74% with me – close enough he would probably be my candidate. But with such pure and blatant evil in Obama in the White House … can I truly stand on values and principles and vote FOR someone instead of voting AGAINST someone so heinous and wicked? For 3 months I battled with this. Then I stumbled on an article on The Blaze about Mitt Romney and the character of the man no one ever hears about – the man who went out of his way to find an employees daughter, who as a candidate remembered a VA hospital’s needs two years later and made sure they were covered WITH HIS OWN PERSONAL and ANONYMOUS DONATIONS until he could use the governmental powers granted him by the people of Massachusetts to help.

    Romney’s CHARACTER is what is getting my vote! His heart and soul are decent, even if his ideology is flawed. Those things can be worked on … the others can not except through an act of God.

    Sorry Mr. Johnson … this election my vote goes to Romney based on his moral character over your political stands on issue near and dear to me. As much as I can’t stand the GOP – I am not voting for the party … I am voting truly for the character of a man – a candidate.

    • Benjamin Fox

      Wise statement, a vote for a third party is a vote for obozo, it’s happened before, so if need be hold your nose and get rid of the islamist-in-chief.

      • ericthered69

        OK… did you guys watch the same debates I did? They both stand for the same things… There was very little difference and they avoided the important issues. Thing 1 and Thing 2 are not going to save us!!

    • Joann Flanagan

      Can’t beside between Obama and Romney?
      Simply ask yourself:Am I for religious persecution or against it?
      Then vote for Obama if you’re for it since he starting one under the grey emminence of the Department of Health and Human Services or vote for Romney since he is against religious persecution.
      Presumably the less respect someone has for the Ist Amendment the less respect he or she has for the 13th Amendment.
      Joann Flanagan

    • Motov

      I simply do not see much difference between Ramney and Obozo, Ramney flip flops, Obozo just lies, I’m told I waste my vote by voting Libertarian? You people are stuck on two evils, only way to break that cycle is to stop thinking between the 2 parties that have sold out to the UBER Rich. They are just an illusion of doing what they promise.
      Both will destroy what is left of the constitution, Break the elephant/donkey habit,vote for something better.

    • TML

      Kyle says, “can I truly stand on values and principles and vote FOR someone instead of voting AGAINST someone so heinous and wicked?… …I am voting truly for the character of a man – a candidate.”

      That’s a real nice rationalization of falling for the “a vote for 3rd Party if a vote for Obama” fallacy.

      Romney a man of character? You must be joking. If you really wanted to vote for a man with character you wouldn’t rationalize away the truth.

      I sure would like to hear what you think Obama has done which is so evil and heinously wicked, that Romney would not also do. Would that be signing the NDAA? One signed it, the other said he would have. Foreign policy and causing the deaths of thousands of innocent people? Both support drone strikes, and Romney will even step it up. Tell me exactly what is so heinous and wicked about Obama that isn’t just like Romney would do.

  • Matthew Tomarchio

    For those of you that vote third party or the lesser of two evils, you are damn stupid and selfish. You will put Obama back in office for four more years of hell, unemployement and soaring interest rates. Use your head and vote for what is best for the country and the economy. Romney/Ryan. We need a business man in office this election. The same way we needed a business man in office when Ross Perot was running.

    • SamFox

      Matthew T, I take it you just don’t get it: “So, say again that a vote for anyone but Romney is a vote for Obama; it doesn’t matter because a vote for Romney is a vote for Obama. A vote for either man is a vote for moving again further from the principles upon which this Nation was founded.”

      Why should I vote for 0bama in a different suit? 0 is nothing more than GWB in a different suit. You fail to notice that 0 is continuing what GW was doing? The ONLY diff is that GW was slower. We don’t know if Mitt will slow down what 0 is up to, the collapse of the US monetary system, as described by progressives Cloward & Pivon in a book they wrote.

      The Collapse The System agenda didn’t start with 0 & is not limited to our $$ system. In addition, 0 is dong a bang up job of expanding the NWO’s quiet, unreported domestic terror attack on the USA via the TSA, ignoring the Constitution, NDAA & ‘Patriot’ Act…in addition to his over spending & borrowing to fill in the shortfall. What do you think 0 meant when he said “We are just five days away from the complete transformation of the United States of America!” ??

      I REFUSE to be held captive by the Kabullki Theater the ‘two party’ system has been degenerated into. I don’t know if you are paying attention, but changing an establishment R for an establishment D & vice versa has brought US no + change. BOTH parties are now in the throes of GHWB’s New World Order cabal. Both establishment candidates are also on strings to the NWO. That’s why the RNC gave us John McManchurian last time & two face double tongue Romney this time. I am NOT going to vote for a RINO-CINO NWO yes man.

      The only R candidate not in the RNC establishment box was Ron Paul. You fools let the media trash him with out doing your home work. That stupidity will cost US dearly. Another candidate out side the RNC box is Gary Johnson. So on my early ballot I voted Gary Johnson.

      You can fuss, fume & whine all ya want. But I will NOT be party to the lesser evil that Mitt is supposed to be. If you did any research you would know that indeed, as the lead article says, Mitt & 0 ARE the same.

      Romney exposed

      Fake Conservative Mitt:

      Snakes On A Campaign, M Romney, by Southern Avenger

      Romney & 0bama the same.

      Thank you very much.


      • TexasJake

        SamFox, we appreciate your position, but please follow your own logic.
        “We don’t know if Mitt will slow down what 0 is up to, the collapse of the US monetary system, as described by progressives Cloward & Pivon in a book they wrote. ”
        We do know that Obama will continue with these destructive policies.
        We do know that Johnson cannot defeat Obama or Romney.
        One of these two will win.
        Which would you prefer?
        Given four more years under Obama, it may be impossible for ANYONE to repair the financial and social damage.

    • TML

      Matthew Tomarchio says “For those of you that vote third party or the lesser of two evils, you are damn stupid and selfish. You will put Obama back in office for four more years of hell, unemployement and soaring interest rates. Use your head and vote for what is best for the country and the economy. Romney/Ryan. We need a business man in office this election. The same way we needed a business man in office when Ross Perot was running.”

      Amazing the same fallacious talking point is still being spewed ad nausea.

      Voting for a 3rd party will not put Obama or Romney in office.

      Try to understand the words coming out of my mouth – Correlation does not imply causation

      Voting third party wouldn’t hand the election to Obama if just as many from the other side of the isle votes third party as well… and they would. Why? Because they (like most people with cognitive ability) understand there’s no viable difference between Romney and Obama. And because a third party in this case actually takes many stances that appeal to Democrats, including but not limited to marriage equality, anti-war, ending prohibition, etc… as well as other positions which equally appeal to Republicans. The election in which Ross Perot ran is no indication of what would happen today, and even at that time, blaming Ross Perot as an election spoiler is mere Post Hoc. The Republican candidate that year didn’t get elected simply because we wasn’t not good enough… not because someone ‘stole’ his votes.

      Matthew Tomarchio says “Use your head and vote for what is best for the country and the economy.”

      Indeed… and it sure as heck isn’t Romney or Obama.

      • John Woodbury

        Him oh, wondrous thinking DNC troll did not read those very words higher in the post. Tell me do you paid by the number of us who foolishly vote 3rd party or by the word or by the post?

  • Charles A

    A third party vote is a vote…to guarantee that BO will be re-elected. How is that “a vote for America?” There is not a chance in hell that any third party candidate will ever be elected. Those votes are wasted, thrown away, just to make a stupid statement. Elections aren’t about making personal statements, they are about electing someone who will influence the government. Right now, the choice is between someone who has demonstrated an overwhelming hatred for this country and someone who might work for those of us who have even less power than we had four years ago.

    • TML

      Charles A says “A third party vote is a vote…to guarantee that BO will be re-elected”

      Correlation does not imply causation. Read my post below.

      Charles A says “There is not a chance in hell that any third party candidate will ever be elected. Those votes are wasted, thrown away, just to make a stupid statement.”

      Is not you voting “anyone but Obama” who is trying to make a statement? The rest of us are simply voting for who we think the best candidate for President. You are so blinded by the desire to vote for anyone but Obama, that you are going to waste your vote on someone who isn’t much different especially on some of the most important aspects.

    • Average Joe

      Charles A ,

      Oh ye of limited thought processes, let me attempt to help you out with your dilemma.

      “There is not a chance in hell that any third party candidate will ever be elected. ”

      Says who? Is this written in stone somewhere…or are you just repeating what you’ve heard over the years? Anything is possible…if enough people get behind it…anything.

      “Those votes are wasted, thrown away, just to make a stupid statement.”

      Any vote cast, based on one’s beliefs…is never a wasted vote. To vote for someone that you don’t truly support however….is a wasted vote…because you’ve voted against your own princples. BTW, it isn’t about “making a statement”, it is about being who we claim to be…… not believing one thing…and doing another.

      You folks who whine that a vote for a 3rd party, is a vote for Obama… are not seeing the big picture here……
      You seem to be operating under the assumption (your mistake) that only those of us conservatives that are voting 3rd party…. are voting in this election and that somehow, our votes will steer the election in Obama’s favor.
      You seem to forget the millions of Independent and Democrat voters that are fed up with the business as usual BS in the federal government….who will be casting thier votes for 3rd party candidates al well.
      However, rather than joining in with us to make a change in government…you’ld rather vote for business as usual…..and whine that somehow …we aren’t playing nice by voting our conscience.
      If you vote for a clone…you will get a clone. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether we get Obama or Romney, will will get another 4 years of business as usual…..just what you want…and deserve.
      Maybe someday you folks will evolve beyond your affiction of tunnel vision and see the bigger picture…but will it be too late when that happens? Probably………

      Best Wishes,

    • Jonathan Baker

      @Charles A
      “Those votes are wasted, thrown away, just to make a stupid statement.”

      Since when was the right to vote about voting for who you think will be the winner? Voting is not the same as placing a bet on the winner of the game in a football pool. If you think it is, then it is you who is making a “stupid statement”. The right to vote is all about voting for the person you think will do the things you feel are the right things to do; you don’t throw away your vote when you do that. Your vote is your chance to put someone in office who shares your beliefs, and, indeed, you throw it away when you don’t.

      That there has never been a third party candidate since 1864 who has won the presidency is sadly true. As the Democrat and Republican parties have become more and more ineffectual in governing our country, it becomes more and more important for a third party to come to the fore to reduce the national debt, make our tax structure more equitable, pull us back from incessent war and get our country on a different track. I’m going to vote for the party that will provide solutions for those problems. And I believe that Gary Johnson will do those things which need to be done to get us on that different track, not Romney, not Obama, not the Republicans, not the Democrats.

      Does anyone on this list think that we really need to spend more on defense than the next thirteen countries combined, including China and Russia?

  • s c

    Sam, your reasoning is akin to a form of utopianism. I despise the system that gives us a ‘lesser of two evils’ format, but we’re stuck with it. I think third-party types will get more done if they concentrate on sending good people to Washington from each state. That is, people who know in advance that they’re traitors if they plan to make Washington a career.
    We owe it to ourselves to make every day a matter of states rights. Don’t people yet know that the White House is FOR SALE every 4 years? Your reasoning is nothing less than a vote for Obummer. HOW can you do RIGHT via doing something that is worse than WRONG?
    Whizzing up a tree will get more done than surrendering to the idea that a so-called moral principle can transcend the obvious.
    Sam, either you are 16 years old, or you are still living in a retirement cave for seasoned citizens. Up the rebels!

    • Goodwater

      “I think third-party types will get more done if they concentrate on sending good people to Washington from each state.”

      Your are right on. This is the strategy I had been telling the Constitution Party to take but they won’t listen.

  • Rocketman

    Suppose I came to you and gave you a choice. You can either die within the next five years by drowning or you can die within the next seven years by burning to death. Those are your choices. You say “But I want to die at age 110 surrounded by my children, grandchildren or great grandchildren.” You don’t have that option. That is what the Republican and Democrat parties are offering you, to pick your poison. Until the majority of the people wake up and realize they don’t care about you, they never have and your a fool if you think that they are ever change you are going to be offered those two choices. I’m voting Libertarian because the next morning after I vote I can look myself in the mirror and know that yesterday I didn’t do anything to help destroy this country….AND YOU CAN’T.

    • Smoovious Laxness

      Another analogy that came to mind… since our recent politicians love to use the car in the ditch metaphor…

      You’re in your car driving down the highway. I’m in mine… (not you specifically, Rocketman… all of the yours that aren’t me, generally)

      We both hear at the same time, an announcement on the radio, that the bridge (USA Fed Gov’t) 2 miles up ahead has collapsed…

      You and your passenger spend the next 2 miles if you should stay running in the passing lane you’re already in (Democrats), or if you should merge over into the travel lane instead (Republicans), since the bridge up ahead is out, and you’re going to drive off of it.

      Neither of you can make up your minds, your constant fighting with each other just keep you arguing over which lane to take, that is all you can focus on.

      Me? I pulled off at the last exit back there (Libertarians), checking my map for a detour to avoid the collapsed bridge and get back to where I’m trying to get to.

      A few minutes later, I hear over the radio about a car that has driven right off of the collapsed bridge. The announcer says that it didn’t even look like they slammed on their brakes.

      None of the alternatives to avoid going off that bridge, occurred to them, as they were unwilling to see past their fight over which lane they should be in while approaching the bridge, they didn’t even think about applying the brakes, incapable of considering any other options besides the ones immediately in front of their car.

      I find my detour, and navigate my way around the collapsed bridge, and the 2 dead idiots inside their still-burning car, and make it home, to my family, telling them, and my neighbors, about the detour I found, so we’re all prepared to avoid the bridge which is going to be unusable for a long long time, since we can’t afford to rebuild it, as our local government is too broke.

      – Smoov

  • T. Jefferson

    This is just another reason why this election is the MOST important election in history. If you want this 1984 type of federal control/abuse of power to continue, by all means vote for obama. If you want a return to a time where it was your God given right to stand up for yourself and your family, vote for Romney. If you vote for a third party, just remember the Ross Perot effect. A vote for a third party is the same as a vote for obama.If you think you are making a statement, remember you are voting for obama. If you are foolish enough to believe that your third party candidate can win, welcome to four more years of obamanation..

    At the very least, with Romney in office, congress will not be afraid to impeach his butt if he does something unconstitutional.

    A vote for any third party candidate is a vote for obama.

    You want to vote third party? I take this time to thank you for re-electing obama.

    • actual socialist

      ” I would rather vote for what i want and not get it then vote for what i dont want and get it ” i dont recall the name of the gentlemen who said it.

  • JP Sartre

    A vote for a third party candidate will do just what a vote for Perot did, put a liberal in the Whitehouse. No thanks. Obama has to go!! I’m voting for Romney and so should you unless you want four more years of the current Obamanation

    • Patriot

      I agree, if you vote third party we will end up with Obama in the White House again. No thank you, I will vote for Mitt Romney, I like Paul Ryan he will keep Romney grounded and I sincerely believe that Romney does want to help Americans. The tactic he used in the last debate was not to necessarily agree with President but to disarm the President had he gone out and really expressed his view and nailed the President on Libya he would of been torn to pieces by the media and we know that they then would of spread their propaganda about how he will take us to war, etc. Had he nailed the President on Libya the media would of accused him of accusing the President of a scandal and spreading rumors without all the facts and attacking the President. That would of been a disaster for Governor Romney, he has character, he has humility not arrogant, he has helped people personally without bragging about it those are important traits to have. I think he will be a good leader, we cannot have President Obama again, I as a Catholic will lose my religious freedom and who knows what will be next. Also, I do not want our great country to accumulate more wealth. No more President Obama, I will vote for Romney and Ryan.

      • Patriot

        I think you meant to say debt not wealth.

    • Carolyn

      All you people who are determined to vote for candidates who have no chance of winning are throwing your vote for obama!! Just watch the polls and see the point spreads and know that YOU will be making the difference between an obama win or a Romney win. THESE ARE OUR CHOICES AND YOUR VOTE FOR “OTHER” WILL GET OBAMA ELECTED SO IT WILL BE ON YOUR SHOULDERS!!

      • ericthered69

        OK… you keep saying “A vote for a 3rd party is a vote for Obama, and you say “Not voting in a vote for Obama”… However, my choice was 3rd party or not vote, because I refuse to participate in perpetuating more EVIL and the destruction of MY COUNTRY. I chose to Vote for Gary Johnson. I participated because at the end of the day, when Romney turns out to be almost indistinguishable from Obama… I can say, “DON’T BLAME ME YOU VOTED FOR HIM!!!”

        I will never again vote for the lesser of 2 evils. Period!! And I will not be intimidate or swayed by your ridiculous arguments about what my vote “Really Means” in your flawed logic.

        Good Luck and I hope Romney works out for you. I predict he will win by a large margin because of so much flawed logic and we will continue with the destruction of American and enslavement of the American people.

  • ericthered69

    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
    -Albert Einstein

    The 2 party system is Insanity, voting for the same 2 clowns and expecting a different result each time… Both Parties are destroying America. Expecting a different outcome this time… is INSANE!!!

  • dark angel

    It is an unfortunate but a foregone conclusion that on November 7th we will have either Romney or Obama as president. Evil will once again triumph over good because good continues to be stupid.

    All of you who vote for Obama or Romney are LITERALLY asking/voting/demanding/opting/choosing endless war, crushing deficits, socialized/fascist industries, unregulated banking, the debasing of the currency, further erosion of civil liberties, unguarded borders, and continued illegal alien invasion/amnesty. Because of YOU and not me, we will witness the end of the “illusion” of America. Thank God!

    We’re like a bunch of drug addicts/alcoholics who say “tomorrow” will be the day I quit (the two party system), but not today (insert whatever excuse you want). Soon enough, sobriety will forced upon all of us. What follows is INFINITELY more important than this election.

    Personally, I doubt I’ll vote at all and at best, will vote third party. No amount of wheedling or screaming the sky will fall can alter the fact that…the sky is going to fall. Therefore, if I do opt to vote, it will be to vote my conscience. You may not like it, but I don’t seek your approval, I seek approval from something more divine.

    At the end of the day, I will stand on the side of peace, prosperity, and freedom for all of my countrymen. I can only hope you do the same for me.

    • ericthered69

      Dark Angel: Well said!!!!

    • stopspending

      Voting for someone other than Romney or Obama is not a vote on principle it is a selfish vote. Because your candidate did not make the nomination for either Rep or Dem, you are selfish and unwise to continue to vote for that person. We know that Obama will continue to increase the deficit, expand regulations and welfare recipients, open our borders, and rule with executive order. A vote for Romney is a vote to change these policies. A vote for a third party candidate is a vote to continue the failing policies of the present administration. There is no honor in voting a third party when you know your vote will be wasted. Grow up and get over yourself. Romney and Obama have different plans and policies that are easy to distinguish if you quit stubbornly trying to support someone not accepted by the majority of voters.
      Let us know in four years how that voter for principle worked out for the country.

      • ericthered69

        Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
        -Albert Einstein

        The 2 party system is Insanity, voting for the same 2 clowns and expecting a different result each time… Is Insane!! Both Parties are destroying America. Expecting a different outcome this time… is More than INSANE!!!

      • TML

        Utterly stunning that someone could be so delusional.

      • Brett

        Just so I am straight on this. You are for trillion dollar a year debts, Socialised Medicine, more Freedoms taken away with items like NDAA, and the Patriot Act. Drone killings, and illegal surveillance of all Americans?

        Because this is what you are going to get with either of the two you are thinking about voting for.

        • Smoovious Laxness

          Awww, cut him some slack, Brett…

          He can’t help himself, his psyche is programmed to only consider Democrat/Republican choices…

          It isn’t designed to evaluate the rest of those inputs, or allow for a result outside of the programmed parameters…

          It isn’t his fault…

          – Smoov

    • Doris

      Well, it is going to be one or the other of them as president and Romney has started a business and succeeded at it.Name me ONE thing Obama has done that qualifies him to run the biggest economy in the world. You cannot name ONE. I think the guy that wrote this article is a NUT and should be ashamed for trying to get people to NOT vote at all and that way Obama will be the president again and if he is this country is shot out of the saddle for he believes in the government owning everything and them doling it out to those too lazy to work. Socialism, Communism and Marxism never works. There are two ways to conquer a nation. One is with guns and war and the other is by DEBT. Look how far we are in debt and I believe Romney will get jobs going again.

  • tncdel

    I have to presume that the author of this BS is either an Obama supporter, or a complete idiot… or think we are complete idiots to not realize that a third party vote will be wasted and, not cast for Romney, will help Obama try usurping our presidency AGAIN.

    Additionally, none of the third party candidates are nearly as good as Romney. Jonson is rated almost as bad as is Obama on immigration. Obama gets an F minus from NumbersUSA, Johnson an F. And although Virgil Goode is rated higher on immigration than even Romney [who is rated a B minus], Goode lacks the credentials Romney has in business and even in executive government that we need to turn around our nation’s failing economy.

    • Smoovious Laxness


      You simply don’t know what you’re talking about…

      – Smoov

      • John Woodbury

        And you do? Why do DNC posters refuse to use their real names? Oh, yes you will need to find a real job in 3 weeks. Good luck on that, btw. Ah in three weeks all you fools will be gone and I can enjoy my PLD again, no matter the outcome. Just remember smoothy useful fools are the first to go.

        • Smoovious Laxness

          I’m hardly a DNC person… and I’ve used the Smoovious identity since 1985.

          It isn’t my problem if you don’t like my use of my online identity. There are more important issues I prefer to focus on.

          – Smoov

    • Don Cartmill

      You are right on target…what a bunch misleading ,nonsenseical “crap”

  • John Woodbury

    Now I know Sam Rolly is a wolf in Sheep’s clothes. As soon as I saw he is “journalist” and English major, I was worried. Now he shows his colors. I am so mad I am spitting blood, every time the stupid media spews DNC talking points. I never thought I would be as mad as I am now. What part of there will not be an America in 4 years do not understand? If America elects President Obama for a second term, he will have all sorts of wiggle room. And the fools who vote any one else but R/R will have hasten the demise of America. My man lost, Ron Paul was the best person to pick to save America, but he did not make it this time. We have a duty to vote to save America, Maybe we will lose, but if we do not try we deserve the commie community organizer and no opportunity to get a real conservative in position to fight with Billery in 4 years(if elections are ever held again). Go right ahead and follow the DNC play book and vote Johnson, but when Obama wins I do not want to hear one peep out of you fools ever again, on how bad Obama is. He is who you are really voting for. Sam, you should be ashamed, encouraging people to vote for Obama, you sir are not a real conservative, you are a wolf in sheep’s clothes.

    • Smoovious Laxness


      So don’t go off on your high horse about who is or isn’t a real conservative when the guy you’re shilling for isn’t even one himself.

      – Smoov

      • John Woodbury

        Once again thanks for the endorsement Smooth. You and the other DNC trolls will be gone very soon. Your boss will fire you when he no longer needs your input here. Enjoy life in Amerika.

      • John Woodbury

        Smooth, thanks also for confirming you are a DNC troll. All liberals/commies when presented with a message that is not attackable do two things. Attack the messenger and shout. Once again enjoy life in Amerika.

      • Average Joe

        John Woodbury,
        After reading a few of your posts, I must ask: Did you learn new words today (DNC troll and DNC rat). and now you must use them in a sentence to get a grade?
        While it is nice that you are improving your vocabulary, it would serve you better to to improve your reasoning abilities (as you seem to be limited in that dept.).
        You sir are a visionary…from your eyeball to the end of your nose….after that, you are hopelessly lost…..
        It could be in your best interest not call someone else a DNC (fill in blank) when you consistantly whine like a progressive with his pecker caught in a bear trap. Grow up…and buy a clue ( just because you out an “R” after your name…doesn’t make you intelligent)….as voting for R&R clearly proves…..
        OK, feel free to whine and cry (it shows your true colors) about my name…. I personally don’t care…it only shows your lack of intelligence and just how petty you are. BTW, I have actually posted my real name here…as well as my address in the past.
        As for you getting back to enjoying “your” PLD…I have been here for at least 3 years…and it’s funny that I don’t recall seeing you around… wouldn’t lie to us would you?
        Stop being a petty, whiny, littleTROLL.

        Best Wishes,

  • GregS

    Sam Rolley = Obama Shill

    I’m voting for Romney/Ryan!

  • Paines Ghost

    If you are starving to death, you would be wise to eat a wholesome food that isn’t exactly what you might have hoped for but that is nutritious enough to keep you alive and get your strength back. The last 50 years have seen dramatic wins on the part of the liberal / socialist agenda. You Paulbots and Libertarians need to think about this. You can AT LEAST give America a meal of wholesome Romney/Ryan, or you can give Obama another four years to seal HIS deal. There is absolutely NO WAY that Gary Johnson or ANYBODY else can get elected this year. Pouting and throwing your vote after a candidate that CANNOT POSSIBLY WIN only takes votes away from candidates that CAN and SHOULD win, that America NEEDS to win.

    In this case VOTING ON PRINCIPLE, if that means voting for anybody OTHER THAN ROMNEY frankly means that you can’t do math, can’t resolve logic, and can’t see the VAST difference between these two men and their philosophies. O wants America to be DOWNSIZED and HUMILIATED for her supposed colonialist past. Romney wants America Strong, FREE, and prosperous. Any vote for ANYBODY ELSE actually detracts from the chance of Romney winning, GIVING the election to Obama and giving Obama your blessing on his plan to destroy the United States

    Those are some FINE PRINCIPLES you have there.

    I used to value the opinions expressed by the contributors on this site, but lately there has been way too much of this lunacy. A vote for Johnson, Paul, or anybody but Romney is a childish, spiteful vote. BTW, did you ever bother to check out the FUNDING for Gary Johnson?

    • GregS

      Excellent post, Paines!

  • Eenja

    Can’t agree with you more.

  • A. J.

    I agree that McRomney is not an answer to our voluminous & grave challenges. He is ‘Plan B’ for the American traitors & international manipulators set upon destroying our constitutional republic. I am also a proponent of a 3rd Party.

    This said, at this point in time, this less than desirable alternative to the Lying King is our only chance of dethroning the Lying King. I am a strong advocate of taking a principled stand, but can we chance a 2nd term of the most dangerous threat our country has ever faced?

    I view McRomney akin to the Soviet Russians. We need him to take out Obama; then we marginalize him. It isn’t only McRomney I’m concerned about. Hopefully, his coattails will facilitate the election of true Republicans to the House & Senate. Gary Johnson can’t deliver this needed pull.

    A leading reason a 3rd Party Presidential candidate is doomed is that he lacks downline assistance. January 21st would be a great time to establish a true 3rd Party, complete with the ability to re riot to field a full slate of candidates for 2014 & 2016. If Obama is re-elected, this option will only be a fantasy. Hate blinds committed individuals from acting intelligently. Let’s live to fight another day!


    I suggest you consider the following options:

    If you have nothing then Vote for Obama…because he will take from those that have to give some to you.

    If you have money you have two choices either vote for the Republicans who claim to offer lower taxes but still have to tax you in another way so you dont realise its going cost you money
    OR Vote for OBAMA who is telling you the truth to your face that he going to increase your taxes.

    So who would you vote for…the STRAIGHT SHOOTER TELLING YOU THE WAY IT IS or the guy who is pretending that someone else is going to pay?

    OR you can Vote LIBERTERIAN who are suggesting a different way so everyone rich or poor pays tax and maybe less overall without creating more aggressive wars.

    • Motov

      Obama and the truth should never be used in the same sentence, the man has no clue what the truth is,…. even if it bit his bottom.

  • Teleman

    Every election year I hear the same reasons not to vote third party and the same BS about maybe the next time we can do it but i’ts just too important this year to waste your vote on someone who can’t win. WAKE UP WILL YOU! The reason why the election is ALWAYS CLOSE TO A TIE EVERY YEAR IS TO KEEP THE SHEEP IN LINE. They feed on your fears and make sure you think it’s important to vote one of their bought and paid for candidates in over the other. If one or the other start to pull ahead they pull them back down to keep it close. The only thing that matters to the ruling class is that you NEVER VOTE FOR ANYONE THAT THEY DON’T CONTROL. Think about it for a minute and you will see that I’m right. They have us so whiped up and at each other throats no one can think straight. I don’t care which one of the major party candidates win IT JUST DOESN’T MATTER, what matters is that we take our country back and vote for the candidates who are brave enough to fight back against impossible odds. They are the ones who have earned our vote by speaking the truth.

    • Motov

      If the people realize the two choices are really the same choice hand picked by the elite class, They would conclude to vote for the guy who doesn’t have megabucks to flood the airwaves with mud slinging ads, and vote for the third party candidate.
      We would be on the path to recovery,
      We cannot tax-n-spend ourselves outta this mess, Redistribution of wealth has never worked. “Stimulus” money flops because if printed out of thin air, robs from everybody , due to inflation generated with it. No one is talking about firing useless bureaucrats,
      The Trained Sexual Assaulters (TSA), and any other agency The constitution tells us the federal government should not be meddling in. The federal government is way too big and needs to shrink immediately.

    • Smoovious Laxness

      This country will never be saved through the practice of procrastination.

      Neither will it be saved, through fear and cowardice.

      It is decades-past time for the Democrats and the Republicans to be shown the door, and replaced with fresh ideas. Not the same old repackaged retreads year after year.

      It is long overdue, to elect a new majority. Let the Dems and Reps fight over who gets to be minority leader where they belong.

      – Smoov

  • Barbara J Struble

    I voted principle: I voted Gary Johnson (I am a Ron Paul supporter).

  • ex-wave

    Some people just never learn and they wont listen to the people that have been voting for 40+ years. They think they can buck the system by being different. That is just plain stupid. We are a 2 “main” party nation and only one of the main party contestants will win. A vote for a 3rd party is NO vote at all. You LOOSE your vote. Ross Perot is a prime example, he divided up the Republican Party so bad, Clinton got a second term and that is exactly what is going to happen again.

  • Glen

    Voting AT THIS TIME for anybody but Romney is foolish. Granted he is only somewhat less liberal and less destructive that Obama. However, until a viable alternative is presented, we should at least mitigate the damage. We should support Romney, hold him to the stands he has taken, and start building a viable third party immediately from the grass roots up. That is what Andrew Jackson did and the party he built became the modern Democratic Party. The Conservative Party seems to offer the most reasonable approach including restraint of judicial activism, religious freedom instead of persecution, balanced budgets, reduction of government “services” and if we demand it, even avoidance of foreign wars (as George Washington warned us of). If we throw away our votes this time on someone who won’t/can’t win, we are even worse than the Obama supporters.

    • Motov

      You will say the same thing on the next election round, as people tend to forget our past mistakes, In 1976 everybody was pissed off at Richard Nixon, so we voted in Jimmy Carter, In 1980 we were sick of Jimmy Carter, hostage thing going on in Iran, TMI accident, Gas crunch, Driving @ 55 mph,…. Carter also added more government by creating The department of energy and the department of education.
      So we elected Ronald Reagan, Who then accelerated our national debt, In ’88 we thought we give “Read my lips” Bush a try, who then broke his promise about raising taxes.
      Then along came Bill, and Hillary Clinton, in 1992, who tried to cram Socialized Medicine down our throats. When that failed, they got NAFTA passed. Then in 2000,.. Bush #2 traded some of our civil rights, for “security”, so now we get sexually assaulted going through airports, and spied upon. Setting the USA up to be a nanny state, Along comes Obama, who shreds more of the Constitution, and now you tell us we must vote in Romney? Who has flipped flopped on many issues,….

      Then you have the gall to say we are fools for voting for a third party after years of proven abuse by BOTH the Democrats and the Republicans.

      If we all get together and voted a third party,.. one that will RESTORE our Constitution,
      Then we can recovery, instead of more lip service that leads us to destruction.

      • Glen

        Yes, you are a fool. You should read the full posting and consider the message and then and only then, respond. The points you make are true. However, my point was that nobody but one of the two frontrunners has a ghost of a chance. You can vote for an obvious loser and then wind up with Obama or you can vote the lesser of two evils by voting Romney. I do not endorse him as ideal. That is why I said we need to start right away building a viable third party just as Andrew Jackson did when he was cheated of the Presidency. His party is still with us whether we like that party or not. I recommend the Conservative Party which we would all do well to consider joining and building. I believe it would offer much to many members of both current major parties. Religious freedom, lower taxes, less government, balanced budgets, repayment of the debt, and less foreign involvement since that approach of the Pax Americana is bankrupted us as it has always bankrupted those who try it – the British, the Russians, the Romans, etc.

        • awkingsley

          But there will never me an effective third party option, if you do not start voting for one now. Your interest in supporting a third party seems to be when everyone else is doing it. The founders of our country didn’t wait for some other guy to give them freedom; they did it themselves. If we refuse to follow the lead of our convictions then all is lost. This isn’t about winning right now; it is about making a significant showing, about gaining enough strength and numbers to make others start moving to the Conservative Right. There is another way of looking at this: If you do not vote for the Conservative Right in this election then why would you ever expect the rest of the Conservative Republicans to move to the right? They are sitting on their political laurels just like you are, saying, “You first!”

        • Motov

          I’m sorry you have decided to play their game, Both candidates are bought and paid for, I also recall some strange upsets like Jesse Ventura becoming a Governor, when everyone like yourself said no way!
          We need to draw the line and let these bastards know we are on to them. Or we can be content calling this place the USSA.

  • gemmom

    Sam Rolley, you are not right in the head. This election is the most important vote in the history of the United States. This election and who wins will determine whether or not we keep the Constitution of the United States or not. Obama and his Democrat Socialists have already stomped all over the Constitution and have already succeeded in destroying some of our livlihood in order to force their agenda. (Look up “The Cloward-Piven Strategy”). Great Britian has already told the world it will fall to an Islamic takeover within the next four years because of its socialized system. Democrats in our country have been trying to make America follow Britian’s example, and force us to have a socialized system. Democrats have a quota to reach of importing 138,000 Muslims per month into our nation (since the Clinton Administration), and put in a Muslim president that is not a natural born citizen. It might not have occurred to you or most of America, but this election does determine whether we stay a free democracy – the only country left in the world with this type of freedom – and people don’t understand that it is about to go bye-bye. Everything our forefather’s worked so hard to give us is being destroyed. The morals and principles we needed to cling to are fading away. Good honorable men who try to stand for the truth are being disrespected, discredited, and made to look bad, while the real bad people are not being held responsible for their actions. This country was founded on Christian morals and principles, and it needs to remain a Christian nation. When you take a look at every Islamic nation in the world, the people are oppressed and do not have the freedoms America has. This is a crucial bit of evidence all people need to think about. Like Newt Gingrich said: “It would be better to vote for anybody except Obama.” He has done his research on what is going on politically, while the nation has not been so informed. The news media do not and will not give any amount of truth or information to the viewers that will give any amount of the smallest evidence that a Muslim takeover is in store for America. 911 was intended to make a statement to America, and Americans need to see the light. Sorry people, but voting for MItt Romney right now is your only hope. At least he will be a good start to getting our Nation back as I have said before and will say it again, he has many good and honorable men and women who are backing him. Obama has surrounded himself with the same people that were in Clinton’s administration. You want to talk about getting more of what was already done before? You really need to think about this more seriously and then ask yourself after you have done a little bit better research which side you are on.

  • Ann Wilson Kingsley

    Thank you for this article! I was recently banned from 3 web sites, The Patriot Update, The Tea Party Economist, and Vision to America; all 3 Liberty Alliance web sites as it turns out. I was deleted from all 3 newsletter email lists. Apparently, I was banned for saying that a Flip Flopper is a liar by any other name. It is so obvious that the Main Stream Media set Romney up as the winner for 2012. Even though there is a lot of criticism of the MSM where Romney is concerned, the whole election game is a complete set up. It is impossible that unbiased reporters would afford someone who waffles on every issue so much dignity that Romney was never labeled as the liar that he is. It is also very sad that Liberty Alliance turned out to be Pravda, While I am an Evangelical Christian, I am also introspective, and I am so disappointed that Christians are being destroyed by the choices their leaders are endorsing and supporting. Just as Romney, Santorum is greatly at odds with honest life. The fact that Santorum could call Ron Paul a liar (“bearing false witness”) on national television before God and everybody during a debate is proof of why no Lobbyist can win in the general presidential election, due to public perception of Lobbyists as liars. It would be so wonderful if the Republicans would run righteous ethical moral candidates. Their candidates are an acute embarrassment to our country. Since being banned from these 3 web sites, I checked in on the Patriot Update online the other day only to find that they allowed byplay in a Comments Section from 2 homosexuals that discussed a sexual encounter in detail. These web sites are now completely disgusting! Now, I feel honored that I was banned. However, Patriots and Conservatives need a strong warning that these web sites cease to reflect a truly Conservative stance. Were they paid off? If anyone has any information on this situation, I would like to receive some feedback on this issue. What have others experienced on these web sites?

  • Ezra

    Look, you may not like the choice, I may not like the choice, but lets be realistic……..either Obama or Romney will be elected our next President on Nov 6th.
    Get that in your head, either Obama or Romney will be elected our next President on Nov 6th, not anyone else. That’s the choice. That’s it!
    So ask yourself, which one of these two will you help elect? In this very close election a vote for any 3rd party candidate is basically a vote for Obama. Is that REALLY what you want to do to the country? For Gods sake, bite the bullet and vote for Romney.


    I Agree EZRA This is not the time for people to be screaming about a third party,We have just two people to choose from to be the next President!! Don’t screw it up!!We have to get rid of what we have now,thats for sure!!I’m not in love with ROMNEY.,never the less he is a lot better choice fhan what we have!!!O-BOMB-a talks a big talk,but he comes across as sales person trying to sell us a ”dead-Horse”.,or a ”Sinking -Boat”!!!

    • Motov

      You say that every election cycle and the crap just gets deeper. Romney is another Bush, bought and paid for by the same people who own Obama, This is why a 3rd party is the only option to win america back for the people. Hate to say this, thinking Romney is flawed

      • Barry Hackney

        Thanks, Ann & Motov! It is good that a few people are capable of thinking outside of the box they have built for us.
        Keep electing CFR globalists & all you will get is more government, more immigrants & more taxes. Both Bush’s flooded the country with poor third world parasites as badly as Clinton did. Goy George imported hordes of black Muslims from Somalia, many of them criminals, and most too primitive to hold jobs. Flip Romney has stated that he loves immigration & wants more of it, just legal. He will merely give them all green cards or amnesty status so they can more easily take jobs from Americans. Gary Johnson is in bed with the CFR and favors continuing the ravening invasion, also.

  • Haywood Jablomie

    While I am 100% in agreement with most libertarian principles (I am closer to the Constitution Party), the fact is that it is absolutely imperative that we get rid of Barack Obama on Nov. 6. A vote for anyone besides Mitt Romney could mean another four years of the most disastrous president in history.

    What I would love to see is more libertarians in Congress. More Ron and Rand Pauls. THERE is where libertarians have a chance. But, until the public understands more about libertarianism, voting for Gary Johnson, as much as I respect and admire him, is a vote for Barack Obama.

    “Voting your conscience” is fine when the stakes aren’t great. But the stakes are extremely great on Nov. 6. The country simply cannot afford another four years of Obama.

    • Smoovious Laxness

      There is never an election where the stakes aren’t “so great”, by design, and procrastination and cowardice will never, ever, wrest control away from the Dem/Rep duopoly.

      You go ahead and keep playing along with the game they want you to keep playing as you have done for decades now, but if you are serious about putting up a real fight? You’re going to have to draw a line and say “no more”, same as the rest of us.

      We _know_ what we’re fighting against, more than you apparently do.

      – Smoov

  • A CG-QM

    If you think Mitt & B.O. both the same…there is no difference
    then consider this mess:

    Holder in DO Justice
    Geithner in DO Treasury
    Panetta in DO Defense
    Salazar in DO Interior
    Solis in DO Labor
    Sebelius in DO Health & Human Services
    LaHood in Transportation
    Napolitano in Homeland Security
    Shinseki in DO Veterans Affairs
    Duncan in DO Education
    Chu in DO Energy
    Donovan in DO Housing & Urban Development
    Blank in DO Commerce
    Vilsack in DO Agriculture
    Clintion in DO State

    We need new and more honest people in these Departments.
    Change these people with your VOTE in November, too!
    It shouldn’t be hard to get better people than the list above to do our work!!

    • Barry Hackney

      If you think a different team of CFR globalists is better than Obama’s people, go ahead & vote for Romney. If you liked Bush, you will LOVE Romney & his crew of Mossad stooges & 9-11 conspirators from the Bush administration & Carlisle Group. Choose between the Project for a New American Century or Project for for a Socialist African Century. Either way, Lord Rothschild & his globalist friends win & America loses.


    MOtoV-as I’ve stated in my comment,I’m not in love with ROMNEY,however a write in vote for ron paul,or any other third party canidate would be a vote for O-BOMB-a!!But if you don’t mind another 4 years of this guy(Who ever he may be!!)go ahead,vote for a third party!!!I don’t like it too,But I’m certainly not going to give O-BOMB-a another 4 years,That this Nation CAN NOT”AFFORD”!!!!!

  • cepper!

    It would be great if the debates would have the canidates from all the defferant parties ,debate at the same time!!!!It would be nice to see a strong third party,based on the constitution,in this country!!!!


    Until then VOTE ROMNEY 2012!!!!!!!

    • Ann Wilson Kingsley

      If we keep voting for either of the major parties, either Republican or Democrat, we haven’t got enough critical mass in a Third Party or parties to make them pay. Only when there are enough numbers outside those 2 parties, which is really only the 1 party system, will we be able to swing them around.

  • Motov

    I fear this will be the end of the USA,….and our last chance for real change.
    whether its Romney at the controls, or Obama

    Welcome to the USSA,…..comrade,….

    It is gonna SUCK to lose our freedoms.

  • Terri Oglesby

    Right now our country is in trouble and we only have 2 candidates.I would vote for anyone to get Obama out of office.We cannot have a president who would watch live as our ambassador and navy seals were murdered.7 hours of torture and 7 hours of the white house and the pentegon watching it live.Has anyone been keeping up with the news on this? One of our murdered navy seals ask white house to go and help ambassador and Obama said stand down.5 of our navy saels went aganst orders.The president denied them help 3 times.We cannot have a president like Obama who is a radical muslium who hates us and our country.If he is reelected we will lose our freedom.We have to vote for Romney to get Obama out of office.Obama wll destroy us.If you watched the 3rd presidental debate then you had to see the evil in Obama.He is cold as a dead fish.Check out The Blaze on dish net work channel 212.This is where the real truth lies.Glenn Beck .He is not a politican nor is he a democrat or republican.He is a great christian. Just check it out.The Blaze …Glenn Beck radio.

    • SamFox

      Terri, Glenn is a Mormon, not a Christian.

      If you do a search on Why Mormons Are Not True Christians or differences Between The Bible And Mormonism you will know why I say that.

      Don’t get me wrong, I watched Beck faithfully when he was at Fox. He put meat on a lot of ‘conspiracy bones’ I already had sketchy knowledge of.

      All I am doing is correcting a false assumption.



  • Terri Oglesby

    Blaze tv…cspan2….Or channel 212 dishnet work.

    • Terri Oglesby

      You can catch Glenn Beck on The Blaze at 5pm and 9pm every day.cspan2 or channel 212 on dish network…

  • Now and Then

    I Can’t understand why any one would want to vote for OBAMA!!Maybe I’ll ask someone(Like MADONNA???)

    • Joann Flanagan

      Well aybe they figure a million shrieking lady gaga fans can’t be wrong!
      Joann Flanagan

  • Brandon

    I like how Republicans take issue and call out Democrats and Obama on deficit spending but I hate how most Republicans were silent on W’s (at the time) record deficits and really hate how they become irate when anyone points out that Romney’s proposed deficits are just as bad as Obama’s. Apparently huge deficits are “wonderful” when your gang does it but are “horrible” when the other gang does it.

  • Brandon

    Conservaties are rightfully concerned about Obama’s anti-second amendment views but become irate if anyone mentions Romney’s anti-second amendment credentials and refusal to respond to the National Gun Owner’s survey on second amendment rights. Just as Obama was the right guy to make the Dems love bombing middle eastern countries and the Patriot Act, Romney is the right guy to make the Reps love gun control and government run healthcare.

  • GregS

    As long as articles keep being written, which advocate voting for a third-party candidate or not voting at all, I will keep posting the following realities:

    Reality #1: A third party candidate will NOT win in November, no matter how much anyone would wish this to happen. IT JUST WON’T HAPPEN.

    Reality #2: If Obama gets re-elected for another term, the damage that will be done will be irreversible, regardless of who succedes him in 2016: ObamaTAXCare will NEVER be repealed, because Obama will ensure that it will have established its roots in 2014 as a PERMANENT ENTITLEMENT.

    All potential third-party voters should keep these two realities in mind when “voting their conscience.”

    NO ONE, not even third-party candidates, will be able to fix the damage that Obama has created, if he is re-elected for another term in office, in which case the so-called “principled stand,” which the all-or-nothing third-party purists will have taken in November, will be all for naught.

    • SamFox

      Greg, and as long as we vote for the establishment candidate from either ‘party’ we will keep having this conversation.

      We need a change & we need to start it now. I am not so sure we can take over the R ‘party’ anyway. It’s been very corrupted. Both ‘parties’ & their NWO owners/handlers will fight to keep the R ‘party’ under ‘liberal’ ‘progressive’ control, just the D ‘party’.

      It’s like the continual raising of the debt ceiling. We keep hearing “Wait till next time! We won’t’ raise it next time.” & next time never comes. Did we no have this discussion last election? So why wait any longer?

      As soon as the election is over I am sending my R voter ID card to the RNC with a letter telling them where to stick it. I am sick of their lies, deceit & the way they slander & distort Ron Paul’s platform & his stances & trash ANY other R who tries to steer us back to the US Constitution.

      I got my early ballot & voted for Gary Johnson. I WILL NOT! vote for any more evil, greater OR lesser.

      If we don’t start a change NOW, when will we? We been having this talk for decades!

      Thanks. Not trying to trash or dis ya boss. Just tired of the status quo winning all the time because of the fear they like to manipulate US with.


  • munza

    I can’t see how any reasonable person can find fault with the above analysis. There is no daylight between these two candidates. Interestingly enough progressive and libertarians share many of the same positions, on the military, civil liberties, corporate media, Israel etc.etc.

    • Joann Flanagan

      Are you for religious persecution?
      Then vote for Obama since he wants to start one under the aegus of her grey emminence Katheleen Sebellious.
      On the other hand if you endorse the Ist Amendment and disapprove of religious persecution vote for Romeny since he isn’t interested in starting a religious persecution.
      Joann Flanagan


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