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A Single North America

June 10, 2011 by  

A Single North America

Talk of efforts to create a North American Union has been derided by the elite — politicians, talking heads and the mainstream media — as conspiracy-theory nuttery. But a leaked United States diplomatic cable proves the leaders of the U.S., Canada and Mexico have been working to create a borderless North America, similar to the European Union, since at least 2005.

The cable, leaked by WikiLeaks and reported on by the Canadian National Post, said: “An incremental and pragmatic package of tasks for a new North American Initiative (NAI) will likely gain the most support among Canadian policymakers. The economic payoff of the prospective North American initiative … is available, but its size and timing are unpredictable, so it should not be oversold.”

In the cable, U.S. diplomats focused on a number of key areas to move forward with continental integration, including a possible common currency, labor markets, international trade and the borders of the three countries, according to the article.

Diplomats were negotiating how to handle professional-licensing laws and work-permit systems between the three countries, which would make it easier for people to move from one country to the other.

The Administration of President Barack Obama is currently in discussions with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper about creating the first step of the process by laying the groundwork for a stronger perimeter-security arrangement, intelligence sharing and trade deals, the paper reported.

Globalists pushing for a one-world government are taking an incremental approach to achieve their goal by combining countries into larger entities. They believe this will make it easier to combine larger regions into a single whole later on.

Questions about the possibility of a union of the countries have been met with disdain and denials by Administrations past and present. But these cables prove they were lying while trying to cover up the fact that they were negotiating away America in secret.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • DaveH

    What is with the One World Government types? Many of us can’t even get along with our wives, and they think whole countries are going to get along under one Government? It’s a sure recipe for disaster.

    • ed

      what do you mean get along?? that is the least of it. This means the USA will lose it’s Sovereignty you and I and all the American people will lose our liberties the US constitution will mean nothing.

      • Thor

        Good point, ed. It seems that ‘imaginary’ borders will be retained for one reason–as a line of demarcation for tax purposes and to determine who will pay for everything. It’s a certainty of certainties that the ‘entitlement-seekers’ will collect between the old Canadian and Mexican borders.

        • denniso

          Gee,I’m really scared now! Talks about creating more cooperation among our 3 countries has been going on…better biz and proffessional agreements to help all 3 countries function better in the global society of the 21st century…terrifying!!

          • FreedomFighter

            To do this Union of NA you must give up your personal liberty under the constitution of the United States, no more freedom of speech, loss of gun rights to name a few. Then of course, loss of our own govermental system, replaced by a more globalist minded elite.

            The same people that want to kill off 3/5ths or more of the worlds popultion to create Utopia – for themselves that is.

            You hoping to be 1 of the people in the surviving 2/5ths slave class under the iron rule of the evil elite?

            Laus Deo
            Semper Fi

          • AndyB

            Your post indicates one of two things; either you are intellectually challenged and don’t understand the “loss of sovereignty and constitutionally guaranteed freedoms”, or you are one of the many government paid trolls funded by Soros interests to deflect and disinform. Which applies to you?

          • Patriot Fire Fighter

            “I sure hope your remark is a ‘Facetious One’. Than we all can have a good laugh! – -If not and you think a ‘UnHoly’ union of this kind is good? – - -”Than Your A ‘MORON’!

          • Isaac Davis

            But a Constitution of Government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.
            –John Adams, letter to Abigail Adams, July 17, 1775

            “If you love wealth more than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, depart from us in peace. We ask not your counsel nor your arms. Crouch down and lick the hand that feeds you. May your chains rest lightly upon you and may posterity forget that you were our countrymen.”
            —Samuel Adams

          • JC

            Denniso, stay in your little fantasy world and leave the rest of us alone. You have nothing to add here.

          • Chris P

            Isn’t it treason to dismantle the Constitution? Seems to me this will be the last straw for people who think a civil war is imminent to take action. Who in the @#$% gave Obama and Bush the right to give away our country? Furthermore, do they all expect the American taxpayer to pick up the tab for 3 countries? Since our Justice Department has more corruption than a box of maggots, who will protect and defend the American people and the Constitution? Will our military protect us or them? Just saying….

          • JC

            Chris, no need to “pick up the tab” for Canadians.
            They’re doing better than we are.

          • http://naver samurai

            You must be an ostrich to not see what is going on around you. You are either an anarchist, antagonist, or just totally ignorant of the subject. Are you willing to give up your rights and freedoms for this NAU thing? If you are, you ARE NOT a true American. Just cannon fodder. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • Faye

            You Are stupid & part of the problem!

          • s c

            Yea, d. And all we have to do is surrender our shrinking freedoms and put on our brand new chains (men, women and children). It will be GREAT! What a plan. What a country! What LEADERS!

        • denniso

          The common thread that runs through most of your ‘minds’ is the desire to over react when tossed the smallest morsel of provacative information,true or not. ‘Lose our right to free speech’?? ‘Lose your guns’? ‘Lose our constitutional rights’?? All because we discuss w/ our two neighboring countries issues that affect all here on the continent? We dominate the continent and much of the world…are you people afraid we will lose some of our dominance if we actually cooperate a little? The sky is not falling…

          • Robin from Arcadia, IN

            denniso… You really don’t get it, do you?

          • DaveH

            Oh, he gets it all right. He is feeding at the trough. Morality and Freedom just stand in the way of people like Denniso.
            Denniso will only like us when we learn how to say “yeah sir, Massuh”.

          • JC

            [insulting comment removed]

          • liberty49

            If you had been around in the late 1700′s, we would still be bowing to the Queen!

          • http://naver samurai

            Of course he/she doesn’t. It would mean reading, studying, and having a certain level of intellect to do this. Ooops! I keep forgetting that he/she is an ultra lib! No chance on God’s good earth of that happening. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • BrotherPatriot

            ^^ LoL…JC!!! ^^

          • Jana

            When do you propose we START becoming alarmed? After it has happened, or while we can still let our voices be heard and get this stupid idea stopped?

          • John Woodbury

            ROTFFLMFAO Denniso, how freaking stupid are you; nevermind, I have read your posts.

          • Richard Pawley

            “The sky is not falling…” Maybe not, but 17% of all the illegal aliens coming in from Mexico are also common criminals, having committed over 1,000,000 documented sex crimes in this country as of 2008. I don’t remember if the 12 regular Americans a day that are killed by illegal aliens includes auto accidents of not (I have the impression it does not but don’t remember). The movement towards the one world dictatorship that the bible speaks of cannot be done all at once. It has to be incremental or sleeping Americans would not approve. Feed them bread and circuses was first done by the Romans to cover up their deteriorating currency and country. In fact we seem to copying them in their demise. Perhaps the coming tripling of prices will slow down our own demise as a superpower, but on that I can only hope. Dum spiro spero!

          • denniso

            John Woodbury is so clever,isn’t he? But, thanks for reading my posts,though it’s obvious you read w/ your eyes shut,as well as your mind. Try making a real comment.

      • EddieW

        Ed, I’m sorry to inform you, but the Constitution has been scrapped!! Even Judges are told they no longer need to adhere to it!!
        Only us not on top of the “IN” stuff don’t know it yet!!! Can it be restored? I don’t know!! If a very big IF we get a President who loves the Constitution, it could happen, but I don’t know of any at the moment!! Sarah Palin won’t take orders from CFR very well, and I believe she would be assassinated in less than a year!!

        • DaveH

          Sarah Palin helped the RINO John McCain get re-elected in my state. She lost my respect with that move.

      • Lala72

        Oh god…here we go with the “losing our liberties” nonsense again. My friend, have you looked at what’s happened in the U.S. over the past 10-20 years??? To your “liberties”??? Do you have any idea what’s happening in the U.S economically–and what awaits the U.S. in two years when the dollar is replaced by the yuan as the world’s reserve currency??? My fear wouldn’t be for America; the DC elite are the force PUSHING this union, so they have access to the vast resources in both Canada and Mexico, so as they may save their own irresponsible, over-spent, power-thirsty asses. My fear is for progressive, responsible Canada and emerging market Mexico. Being tied economically and politically to such a has-been, morally-bankrupt, clunker of a nation holds no positives. None.

    • bob wire

      I understand Dave, ~ It’s an ambitious plan and offers much to consider and contemplate.

      While I’m not sure the world is ready for it ~at some point in the future it is inevitable unless we regress back to the Bronze Age.

      Read scifi, ~ futuristic novels, it is there, in the future far,far away. ~ A time when money has little importance and not the motivating force of reason.

      A time and place where common ground is more clear , more pronounced.

      I’ve always considered myself a world citizen ~ and enjoyed my many travels. ~ But today is a more dangerous world then yesterday.

      Lewis & Clark has a set of brass balls if you look at what they did and the time they did it. Marco Polo?, even more some.

      The fear of the unknown beckons to some while putting many a hobbit off their feed bag and makes them sick to consider.

      I’d love to live in the mountains of Central Mexico. It’s cool there , yet tropical.

      • Colleen

        No, I don’t want to “belong” to a one world order crapola! I want to retain our national identity as the USA. If you want to go live in Mexico or Canada, please feel free to go. Give up your US citizenship, I could care less.
        The only thing this would create is another third world country as the dregs of humanity come across our southern borders along with their gangs and drugs. Also, the Islamic extremists will find it a walk in the park to come into our great nation to start blowing up good people from all walks of life! And with NO protection controls??

        • Ret

          The walk in the park started last October:
          President Barrack Hussein Obama is allowing 80,000 Muslims to immigrate next year to the United States. He is doing this by executive order.

          “Obama authorizes additional 80,000 “refugees” to entry country
          By Dr. Paul L. Williams Friday, October 22, 2010
          President Barack Hussein Obama, in a determination letter to Congress, has announced that he will allow an additional 80,000 immigrants – – mostly from Islamic countries – – to resettle in the United States during fiscal year 2011.
          Continue reading on Obama allows 80,000 Muslim immigrants into United States – Phoenix Conservative |

          • eddie47d

            Immigrant status from all countries should be reduced not increased. That is the problem with these wars for they creates humanitarian crises which creates refugees. Some of these people just want to get away from death threats and torture.I can’t blame them but there is a horrible crises in the Congo also. We don’t need a million Congolese knocking on our door either. It’s a problem that will only get worse. With the North American Union;I happen to like our 3 distinct countries and would like it to stay that way.

          • DaveH

            Don’t worry, Eddie. After Obama finishes impoverishing our country, people won’t want to come here anymore.

          • http://naver samurai

            Well said, DaveH. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • eddie47d

            — always the smartalick.

          • professor

            It seems the “plan” of the One World Order is to move populations to countries other than their own, so that no country has its original population, but a conglomerate of people’s from many nations.. There will be no “loyalty or love of country” by these people “settling” their new countries. While Middle Eastern populations and the Mexican population are moved into America, Americans will be moved out to other countries…Soon no country will have a majority of its original population left…Quite a plan and one that will disrupt any allegiance to one’s homeland or laws, i.e., our Constitution…

            Everyone will be a stranger among strangers and in a strange country!
            This creates little chance of revolution or revolt among people that have any hope to resist the Elites that aspire to rule the world for their own benefit. Until they can “eliminate” enough of the world population so that it is easier to control, this plan of moving large groups to countries other than their own makes it easier to control the larger population of the world…especially those that may not be interested in participating in their One World…

          • DaveH

            What bridge are you hiding under today, Eddie?

      • Polski

        hey Bob Wire, you should read 1984.

      • karolyn

        I think you’re right, Bob. Most people want to cling to what is known and are afraid of the unknown.

        • DaveH

          What you and your Liberal cohorts want, Karolyn, is far from “unknown”. It is “unknown” only by people like yourself who refuse to study and think. See my below comment for the “known”.
          It grates on me that a person who must seek make-work from the Government, due to lack of talent, has the gall to condescend those of us who have put in the study time to learn reality.

          • karolyn

            Ah, Dave, Dave, Dave – My problem is I have too much talent and am a recipient of age descrimination in a place where nepotism reigns supreme.

          • DaveH

            Sure, Karolyn, whatever you say. I’d still like to buy that magic mirror that transforms you into Cinderella.
            If you really believe what you say, I might ask “How can that be with all the modern day Government intervention in the workplace?”
            The truth of course is that the effect is the opposite of that which is the intended (or so they say) result of anti-discrimination laws. Employers do their best to NOT hire the protected classes because we are one big liability lawsuit in the making. If Government butted out, employers would much more readily give people a chance to perform because they could easily let you go if you didn’t work out. Now they don’t want to look at anybody marginal because if things don’t work out they can be on the hook for some big time liability costs.
            You deserve your age discrimination. I don’t.
            By the way, Big Government goes hand in hand with nepotism.

          • DaveH

            I know you won’t read this, Karolyn, but I will post it for those who care enough to think:

          • karolyn

            Dave, I really am not a fan of big government. I’m a fan of just enough government – like government the way it was maybe 40 or 50 years ago.

          • denniso

            Karolyn, DaveH and other uninformed extremists constantly throw out meaningless terms and cliches,like ‘big gov’t’. They seldom define the terms or go into detail about what it really means. DaveH,for instance,has lived off of gov’t contracts for his working life and now collects benefits from the gov’t and a gov’t supported pension. Would he give up those gov’t provided benefits because they derive from so called,’big gov’t’?? I doubt it.

            One of the biggest parts of the ‘big gov’t’ is our monstrous military spending…does the rightwing,of which DaveH is a part,ever talk about that? Not usually! Another large part of the budget problem is medicare and medicaid spending,and why is that? Because the entire health care industry is pushing up medical costs way beyond the cost of living…ceo’s making tens of millions and big money flowing throughout most of the system. Does the rightwing,or DaveH complain about that impact on costs to medicare,medicaid,VA? No!

            Big gov’t is a meaningless term unless one makes comparisons to some standard or baseline,but it works well w/ people who don’t pay attention or have the ability to discern details of a problem. The real message behind the ‘big gov’t’ crowd is that they want to return the country to the early 1900′s,when gov’t had little power to make things better for those unable to stand up to corporate power…children,minorities,the poor,handicapped.

          • Vigilant


            “One of the biggest parts of the ‘big gov’t’ is our monstrous military spending…does the rightwing,of which DaveH is a part,ever talk about that? Not usually!”

            Sonny, your brain has been out to lunch most of your life! DaveH has often decried the bloated military budget. Pull your head out of your a$$ and stop spreading lies.

          • DaveH

            You lie, Denniso! Why does that not surprise me?
            It must be nice to be a Liberal and not be constrained by morality. But don’t worry, those who have read enough of your posts know that you don’t have any credibility.

          • DaveH

            And readers, notice how Denniso uses the word “extremist”, the liberal buzz word meant to discredit those people who make them look bad.
            I’m an “extremist” for advocating that people should be able to control their own bodies and property? But Denniso is not an “extremist” for wanting to control other peoples’ bodies and property?
            Give it up, Denniso, the people who read this site are intelligent people who don’t fall for adolescent manipulative techniques. You need to go to DailyKos or some other Liberal site to find the kind that will fall for your manipulation.

          • http://naver samurai

            Actually duhnisso, we spend more on social programs than we do on the military. So shouldn’t we be cutting those back? Couldn’t they be big government also? Is it fair for the average American to work for the first 6 months of the year just to pay for welfare programs and handouts to foreign nationals, never authorized by our Constitution? Need to get your facts straight before you post! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • denniso

            My post was addressed to Karolyn,and I wasn’t including her in w/ DaveH and other extremists.

            DaveH worked in aeronautical engineering. Does any private company in that field exist w/o gov’t contracts? Not likely. Yet DaveH condemns those who work for the gov’t,as ‘feeding at the trough’. Such an intellectual term that is. DaveH won’t tell us if he existed and then retired on gov’t contracts,taxpayer money,so we are left to assume that he did. Me? I have never made a living off of gov’t money and have been self employed most of my adult life,creating my own work and income. There is nothing wrong w/ people working for one of the levels of gov’t…teachers,policemen,firefighters,soldiers,laborers,etc,but people like DaveH are hypocrital and stupid when they condemn gov’t workers as ‘feeding at the trough’. Tell that to all the people in the military,Dave.

          • DaveH

            Give it a rest, Denniso. You’re grasping at straws.
            I don’t condemn people who work for the Government, just those like you who vote to take other peoples’ money.
            Denniso told us that he is a contractor. Probably not true, as he probably thought stating that was going to make him look as if he wasn’t partaking of Government largess. But it backfired on him when I pointed out that the housing industry was one of the biggest trough feeders right now. Tripping him up has obviously stuck in his craw.
            Nevertheless, the jig is up, as Denniso has told some outright lies on this page, such as his Communist lie.

          • http://naver samurai

            What do you expect Dave H? A lib wouldn’t know the truth, even if it walked right up to them and smacked them across the head. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • DaveH

            By the way, Duhniso, are you saying that if one worked for the Government, they aren’t allowed to advocate smaller Government without being hypocrites? So, using your twisted logic, a private sector worker would be a hypocrite for advocating Big Government?
            Quite a cozy self-centered world you live in, Duhniso.

          • denniso

            You ever build a house DaveH? Do you know the first thing about construction? Ever dug a footing by hand? Poured and finished concrete? Laid block or done post and beam? Can you use a handsaw and cut a staight line? Do you know the difference between a crosscut and a rip saw? What’s a number 4 rebar? in what increments do you step a footing to take account of a slope? How deep should a waterline be in Minnesota,or Tuscon? How deep do you make a footing and do you measure from the top or the bottom of the conc? What’s the average bending strength of a fir beam? How much ventilation do you need in an attic space and why? Do you allow gas lines under a floor of conc? what about under a wood floor? Why do you need vents for waste lines in a house,and how large does the main vent have to be? How many coats of stucco are traditional and what’s the change in the past 20 yrs? Do you know the R value of a standard 2×6 exterior wall,and can you increase it in a cost effective and functional way? Should you use expansion joints in conc floors,or just allow the cracks to develop? How thick is a standard adobe wall,and how thick should it be to function well for heating and cooling? How long should a roof overhang be at a south facing solar galss wall? Can you build a trombe wall,or do you even know what it is?

            No, you don’t know any of that stuff because you trade stocks for a ‘living’ and have never been a builder.

            When you use the term ‘feeding at the trough’, you are smearing people who work for any level of gov’t. If you don’t feel that way then shut the hell up w/ that childish and subnormal baloney.

        • Isaac Davis

          So you would have been quite happy boarding the trains in Germany that took you to the ovens and gas chambers, I suppose, based on your blind and ignorant comment about the “unknown”. Do you have one functioning brain cell that has ever read, comprehended and embraced the ideas of Liberty and Self-Reliance and living a life unencumbered by a gov’t? How tight are your chains? You are clearly a resident of America, as you have nothing recognizable in your statements that identify you as a citizen. Enjoy your fema experience.

          • TIME

            Great post!

          • denniso

            Who are you talking to? You should know that you need to identify who you are responding to,if not directly under their comment. Best wishes.

          • DaveH

            He did, Duhniso. He was talking to Karolyn. Wow, you’re going full out to make yourself look bad, aren’t you?

      • DaveH

        I am only going to address this one statement of yours “While I’m not sure the world is ready for it ~at some point in the future it is inevitable unless we regress back to the Bronze Age”
        Where do you get that? The evidence is completely contrary to what you’re saying. The countries that have reverted to the “Bronze Age” are those who have foolishly embraced Big Government — Cuba, North Korea, Zimbabwe, to name just a few. It is just “inevitable” if the citizens don’t get their heads out, and start demanding the Freedom that enabled our country to get to where we are now. Ironically the robust economy that sprung from Free Markets also allowed people the luxury of trying the Nanny State approach that has failed miserably throughout history. And now we are in a big mess as a result.
        If you can’t learn from History, you are doomed to repeat it.
        For those who can learn from other countries’ experience, here is a ranking of countries based on how Big their Governments are (Economic Freedom). Note how the countries with the Biggest Governments (the most Regulations) have fared:

        Note also, that we have now fallen below both Denmark and Canada in Economic Freedom. And most people perceive those two to be more Socialistic than we are.

        • JeffH

          Hear Hear!

        • Christin

          Most Politicians have Raped America and Americans to TAKE away their ‘Power’ (“We the People” & Constitution), their hard working entrepreneurial ‘Wealth’ (Tax & Redistribute) and their Rights, Liberties and Freedoms (granted by God and stated in the Constitution) and have enslaved them in an over-regulated Unjust Law System (that even they don’t live by)..

          And still the Wicked Merciless Rulers do treasonous crimes behind our backs while we scream and cry and witness the loss before our very eyes in disbelief…

        • Isaac Davis

          Stee-rike! Great reply!

        • http://naver samurai

          Hooooorrrrraaaaahhhhh! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • Patrick

        Uh, Bob, there’s a reason it’s called “Science Fiction.” Utopian ideals in sci-fi are great, but they usually stem from a very left idealism that is not congruent with the world at large. Simply put: we are not anywhere NEAR ready for this leap. Humanity abroad can be as nearly barbaric as we were when we stepped out of the cave. And, while other innovations in science, technology, medicine, etc., HAVE come to fruition after being presented in fictional stories, those writers only wish that the human condition was so easily to predict. Actually, it is, but in the opposite manner.

        Our bastion of freedom here, stemmed in our constitution and in our sovereignty, is our strength and our unifying power. Remove that, you remove the hope for the world. Chaos, war, poverty, and slavery, all on a global scale, are what you’re asking for with a boarderless, monolithic world. And the left — the radical communists and socialists — all are clambering for this more because they know that the gullible nature of utopia-wishing idealists like you will buy into it lock, stock, and barrel, than they are because they think it will work. Their true goal is power, always has been. When the chaos ensues, they believe they will be the ones you’ll turn to to ease the pain, and thus, they have the power, the money, and the control. However, they’re all playing with absolute fire in siding with terrorists, Muslims, and the true militant believers otherwise, like those in Mexico that want blood for what they still consider us taking their land (the Reconquesta) out there whom all would rather burn them first before burning us all second. Regardless, they will burn us all, if given the change to succeed with the ease of nonsense like this damning, dangerous, and criminal attempt at policy above.

        Wake up and realize this world is not Star Trek and won’t be for centuries, possibly never.

        • bob wire

          The last thing I wish to do ~is sell you something that you do not wish to buy.

          But that you fail to see that far down the road or a need is not my failing.

          SiFi offers us views of the future, while it’s true many scoff at the possibilities much like they scoffed at the automobile, man made ice, flight, space flight, traveling to the moon and beyond or that the world was actually “round”.

          This future world I speak of will not come for you or I, we are not ready but someday barring a disaster of epic portion, it will come.

          Man’s true quest is to leave earth and pillage the stars.

          You can think like a big frog in a small or a small frog in a big pond. That’s a choice, whether you recognize it or not.

          I doubt if many of you have ponder the notion. You do what you do, what you have always done, what Dad did. ~ That’s okay too! There is nothing wrong in being that way. But you shouldn’t be perplexed that everyone doesn’t see and think exactly like you.

          Someday far,far away in the future, there will one world central government, and many states large and small. It’s role and purpose will be dictated by the challenges the world faces and those challenges will be much different the what we face today.

          Until then, ~ enjoy the frontier of today.

          Think of the whale, ~ a earth animal that human kind depends on for it “oil” demands up until the 19th century. How primitive and how far we have came in such a short time.

          We are still primitive, we have to create controlled explosions to move about, to get for one place to another, to do our heavy lifting. ~ Fire and smoke, fuel and flames!

          There is a better way ~ I believe we are maybe 75 years away from a major break through that will change the face of the planet.

          Cold fusion, rail guns, many things will become possible. How would you like to buy transportation that is fueled for the life of the transport?

          How would it be to have On spot sustainable energy sources? You could build and live anywhere in the world and live in comfort.

          To protect yourself and property with an invisible energy shield,

          To grow “meat” ?

          Anyway, no need to worry, It’s not for you or me but for those that follow.

          • karolyn

            Actually, bob, I heard about the experiments to grow meat on NPR! Very strange!

          • DaveH

            You can Hope and Dream all you want, but don’t confuse your Hopes and Dreams with reality. Man has progressed technologically leaps and bounds from that of just 100 years ago. But the human capacity for rationalizing why it’s okay to enslave his fellow human being has not changed a bit. No matter how technologically advanced we become, people will still have the shortcomings that are inherent in our species.
            Technologically advanced cultures have come and gone throughout history. We will not know when ours is one of them until after it has happened.

          • bob wire

            There will come a time for decision.

        • bob wire

          It’s true ! Many will resist as you do now. ~ and many will die.

          Being free is illusion, as long as you crap in the house, use grid power, drive public, highways or use money you are not free. You will always be a slave to some system of dominion.

          We exchange freedom for comfort. ~ But there does come a time to make a decision as Sir. Patrick Henry stood up before the Continental Congress and spoke these words; ” Is life so dear and peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chain of slavery? I know not what others may say but as for me , give me liberty or give me death.”

          So what was Sir Henry so pissed about? Some would tell you it was because England enacted the stamp act, some would say due to taxation without representation. Some because they tax tea!

          But the truth is, these were simply byproducts.

          England demanded her payment is gold! The bank of England wanted control of the money and refused to recognize Continental Script.

          Today, we are slaves to gold and to the men that control gold.

          You will never be free, sorry Charlie!

      • jibbs

        Why don’t you throw yourself on the slave ship now and leave!

        • bob wire

          you can be such a dimwit sometimes, jibbs

          I have left and returned, and before I die, I plan to leave again.

          You stay here and hold your breath and pray for change while you keep doing and thinking the same thing, over and over.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            bob wire,
            I’m sure, if you want to hurry that second leaving along a few years, we could take up a collection for you to leave! One way, of course!!! I know I’d donate twenty to that cause!!!!!

          • http://naver samurai

            I’ll give another $20.00. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • Richard Pawley

        Money is merely the means by which things can be done, good things or bad things. This planet or civilization will not last long enough for money to be eliminated. We may call it credits or International Units or some such, but even the cryptic Book of Revelation speaks of the move away from physical money, i.e. ‘the mark of the Beast’ the micro computer that John, the author of Revelation John saw in his vision as “a mark IN the right hand or forehead” whereas a mark would normally be ON but a microcomputer would be IN.
        This won’t be until after the congress has spent the dollar to it’s death and the world economy is in a shambles and the survivors of WWIII must have something for money. It is also clear that the Super-Progressive who becomes the world leader becomes a dictator when, according to the Bible, he demands to worshipped as God under penalty of death. How long this will all take I do not know, but even the information found in the real BIBLE CODE (not the make-believe Da Vinci Code) by groups like the Isaac Newton Bible Code Research Society indicates that we are now living in what is usually called “the end times”. They may last a long time, we do not know, but according to what is said about them in the Bible, most of what they predict is not good. I’ve heard that over time only 5% of people on earth have ever enjoyed freedom. We have been among that 5% but since it is no longed appreciated and 47% now get something from the government rather than pay into it how long can liberty as we have enjoyed it continue? If it is until we run out of money, that isn’t far off.
        We started life as a Republic but we are rapidly morphing into what has always proven to be a temporary form of government, a Democracy. A spiritual revival such as led up to our own Revolutionary War might change things but we are selling out as cheaply as Esau who sold his birthright for a bowl of porridge. It is not hopeless and we outnumber the George Soros’s of the world but it will be up to us to keep our demise from happening. My advice besides prayer is to get active politically, and since I don’t think we can stop the tripling of prices due to the money congress has already squandered, we need to do this very soon so it doesn’t end up being worse. May God help us and May He bless all who read this.

    • JC

      The design of course is to get us all under one economic umbrella.
      An umbrella controlled by the owners of the Fed and all the other central banks. These are the same people who brought in the entirely dysfuntional European Union and want to do the same thing here.
      In the end the goal is to impoverish and depopulate us.(FEMA Camps?)
      They want us dependant and subservient…enslaved.

      Arm up…the day is coming.

      • DaveH

        “enslaved” might be a blessing compared to what these people suffered at the hands of Big Government:

        • ValDM

          And you don’t think what happened in Ukraine will ever happen here?? Look for it in a community near you very soon. If this truly isn’t on the table, why are we all stockpiling food/ammo?

          • karolyn

            Val said: “And you don’t think what happened in Ukraine will ever happen here??”

            Absolutely not! And that is due to the spirit of the American people. No people in history have had what we have had here in the American Experience. Do you really have so little faith in this country as a whole?

          • JC

            Don’t kid yourself Karolyn.
            Do you know how long we would last without foraging if the power went down or the trains stopped, or the banks closed? Tell you what, we had better have contingency plans in place and the cooperation of enough armed and prepared people to have a fighting chance.

          • DaveH

            Are you really that naive? Or, are you just pulling our chains? Tyranny can happen anywhere. It might even be more likely here, given the fact that so many people believe, as you do, that we are somehow better than the people of any other country on this earth.

          • Kate8

            karolyn – Americans aren’t what they once were. Where we once were a people who strove for excellence in all areas, we now are a dumbed-down lot, with vast numbers dependent on the guv for all their needs.

            Then we have the huge numbers of third-world immigrants, who have no use for Americans nor our ways.

            And, of course, we have foreign countries, like China, buying up large swaths of land for themselves only.

            What the heck to you have going on between those ears, girl? I mean, besides that whooshing sound.

          • Christin

            In addition, Americans are no longer the disciplined, responsible, hard-working folks that we once were…

            It seems many are just trying to get what they can while they can… until there is no more, rather using their Americanism to PRODUCE and PREPARE while helping others and holding law breakers’ feet (in high places) to the fire… less they think they can get away with it.

          • Vigilant


            Those who say “never” are usually the first ones to express surprise when the yoke of tyranny is imposed upon them. Better to say, “hide and watch” than “it will never happen.”

    • Carlucci

      This one world government idea has been going on since time began – you can find it in the Bible. Nimrod (translated to “The Rebel”) was the ruler of Babylon and had grandiose ideas about a one world government way back then. Alexander the Great wanted a one world government. The most recent despots who were proponents of it were Napoleon and Hitler. And now there is the shadow elite government, or the Illuminati, or whatever you choose to call it. Read Revelation in the Bible. One world government is an idea that never works, at least not for long.

      • independant thinker

        According to the Bible we will eventualy have a one world government.

        • GRusling

          Yes, when “Jesus” returns but I haven’t heard of him showing up in the flesh recently!

          When he does, I’ll meekly follow his lead, but not before…

          • http://naver samurai

            Knock off the nonsense. It really shows your ignorance. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • Richard Pawley

            When Jesus returns He will return not as a fleshly man but as a conquering King of Kings, and that will be after the one world government of the world dictator reigns for a few years. He is the one who will make Hitler look like a boy scout by comparison, the one that the Book of Revelation calls the Anti-Christ, the one who “makes a statue come to life” and do his bidding (today we might call it a robot or cybernetic being – John had no frame of reference for that and since it looked like a statue until it was activated, he called it “a statue that comes to life”. This anti-Christ was/is the embodiment of human and godless perfection, and he is also the one who replaces money with a micro-chip or a micro-computer (the Bible calls it a “mark”. That’s what John saw and said in the Bible. Now a Mark would normally be on the hand of forehead but John said that the mark was IN the right hand or IN the forehead, and without it not even a king could buy or sell. Some Christians have speculated that since the Bible says anyone who accepts this “mark” will not be allowed into Heaven that it must be something more than just to do with money, perhaps something that could actually be used to control the population who have this implanted in their being. Let’s hope none of us ever have to be faced with using this.

        • Bob Marshall

          According to the Illuminati the plan for four unions. North American Union. European Union. Asian Union and African Union is underway. What makes Americans think that a group of thirteen families with a net worth of 800 trillion dollars can’t control world events.Little is known of these Families that practice Satism though the ages. Although no one know for sure the estimated net worth of the Rothschild family is 500 trillion dollars alone.Guess who owns most the worlds gold? If you know of the CFR, Trilateral Commision,Bilderberg Group then you know they are all under the control of the Illuminati. The Bilderberg group is so powerful they are meeting today in Switzerland to choose the new head of the IMF. International Monetary Fund.That is power and does affect the citizens of America since America is its biggest contributor.Three billion to bail out Greece and two billion to bail out New Zeland eariler this year. The North American Union will be a reality with no borders between Canada and Mexico.Try to imagine what problems will come with it.The National ID card has been approved by our cowardly congress and signed by Obama, our socialist president.the fourth ammendment no longer applies. Gun control is coming. Loss of our rights and freedom is assured.I am afraid unless this nation wakes up and realizes we can’t have four more years of Obama and his policies we will lose our sovernity as a nation who believes as our forefathers did in the Bill of Rights and our Constitution. Remember, Obama said the Constitution is just a piece of paper and it is outdated and doesn’t apply today.That alone should scare the hell out of Americans.The US has million of citizens but what we really need are millions of Patriots.If this doesn’t make Americans made,What will? If you listen to Alex JOnes you have to keep an open mind and decide for yourself what is real.the internet is our most valuable tool to understanding and making wise decisions.Value each others opinions wheather you agree or not.Please Don’t attack some one for what they believe. Freedom of speech is so dear and precious. Let us use it while we still can. The internet is becoming more and more under governmental control as the days go by.

          • BrotherPatriot

            Very nice post…Mr. Marshall.

            Glad to count you as a brother.

            It’s all so very sad…so very true…and it all ties into the Masonic control that has been established now for so very long.

            Yes…indeed…there are good people who are Masons. But the deepest level of them are not good. Not good at all. They have a secret society within their secret society. It goes much further than that…I’m very sure. It says in their bible…that it’s ok to deceive & lie to lower level masons & the rest of the public.

            That is enough to scare the hell out of me.

            End the secret societies. STand in the light of God and reveal the truth and the truth…will set our world free.

            Live by the moral compass that is within all of us…listen to it. It’s God’s whisper. You know when you do good or wrong…you feel it resonate within your soul.

            True…some have become so numb to it that they listen to it not…but the standard human knows what is right and wrong.

            This government we have…in America…is wrong. They are not serving the people…they think we serve them.

            Let’s fix this, America. Wake up to the truth & do your DAMN research!

            God Bless!

          • JackBSanD

            Well spoken Bob, most people don’t know that the same elite bunch of crooks split up the world into 10 areas. I’m pretty sure this was done in the 70′s? That’s why nothing is being done about a fence along the Mexican border and why millions of illegals are roaming our country unchecked, believe me, NOTHING will be done! If any candidate for the presidency shows an interest in changing these plans they will not be considered, simple as that! The news media are already claiming Romney as the frontrunner, what has he done? Nothing! But he doesn’t upset the cart, so the elite have him picked in case Obama is revealed as an African? Wake up America!

          • WeirdlyCOChick

            Great point about not “attacking those with different viewpoints,” but rather embracing differences in backgrounds, perception and understanding. The ultimate goal is to come up with solutions rather than nitpicking each other, which doesn’t do a whole lot of good. If we just could learn how to communicate better and in an environment (with each other) of “safety,” without having to worry about claims of discrimination, or being thrown under the bus, we’d all be better off! (I believe that’s why so many of us are responding to comments.)

            Bob, your point brings up something “interesting” that I took part of and witnessed in a class of adults, just last week. At one point in the class, we 32 students split off into four separate groups of eight. First, we each (individually) had to read an overhead, and had only 30 seconds to do it. Next, we had to [individually] answer a series of 20 questions relating to that text we had read, and had only 90 seconds to do that. Of course, then, we had to discuss our answers amongst our groups, and come up with each “groups’” answers to each of the same questions.

            My particular group communicated with each other pretty well, and frankly argued about some “facts” we had “interpreted” from the initial reading. Our group answers came down to our discussing each question, listening to each others’ input, and coming up with what we all thought was the best answer [solution] — and keep in mind, our own, individual answers may have been later influenced / changed, based on others’ input. I’ll admit: Mine changed a few times! And, I’ll also admit, there were a couple of times that I definitely changed some others’ initial “perceptions.”

            Just because it was a class, it didn’t seem that our differences and arguments were all that confrontational, simply because we knew were in an “exercise.” (The three requirements for a “Crucial Conversation:” High stakes, high emotions, and difference(s) of opinion.”)

            Okay. There was another group of eight that relied on the “voting” system. They, too, had to figure out which answer to choose, out of True, False, or Unknown, to answer the same 20 questions that my group did. Their methodology was to “pick the majority.” So, if five of the eight in their group thought that the answer to a particular question was “True,” the other three just “had to go along with it,” even if they didn’t agree.

            Hmmmmm. Guess what? (Betcha can….) My group got every answer “correct,” and the other (voting) group missed OVER 40% of the answers. The voting process came down to coming up an answer to each problem (or, in this case, question,) STILL based on each individual’s original thought process, without input from any of the others. The majority ruled!

            It sure pointed out to me that decisions can so easily end up with poor results that benefit only a few corrupt politicians and/or union leaders and/or company leaders, from “mob rule!” “Group think” could easily be thought of as “group STINK.”

            I just thought it was SOOO interesting, since, when it comes down to it, our voting system basically still relies on each individual’s vote, yet most of the libs I talk to claim that I “SHOULDN’T speak up or stand up for freedom, because I upset people by bringing up anything to do with politics, and they don’t want to even think about it or address it.” In actuality, they’re “making me into a villain” in their own minds, because they obviously have better things to do, like watch TV, go to bars, or otherwise be entertained with Facebook or Twitter. If/when I bring up historical facts, they call me names. That’s all the better they can do?! Oh, come on!!! Sounds like a friggin’ excuse to me, to just be lazy and watch “American IDLE.” (Yes, that [misspell] was intentional.)

            What it comes down to is that these folks CAN’T come up with a reasoned, rational argument, without calling “us” names. They’re CHOOSING to remain ignorant, so don’t have to research or use any facts in their arguments. Thus, APATHY and reliance on others [esp. gov’t), rather than self sustenance, is taking over our once-free country. How SHAMEFUL!!!!

            So, we have probably half of this country now saying that people “should” remain silent, or they’ll get “violent,” which doesn’t always mean the physical type of violence. The majority, over half — like 80% — just remaining silent, because they’re afraid of repercussions or retaliation of some sort. The silent types are already “afraid” to even put political signs in their yards, because some punk’s parents might tell their kid(s) to egg or T.P. their house!

            Meanwhile, thanks to our liberal media’s touting that they and we SHOULD “like to teach the world to sing,” 51% may vote for the “wrong” answer (that takes away the freedoms that U.S. Colonists and Veterans fought so hard – and died – for), and the other 49% of us end up STUCK with “THEIR wrong answer!”

            Isn’t it interesting, too, then, that Soros so heavily influences what is reported in the media? No wonder that he wants them to report favored to the left, so that his personal, NWO, agenda can expand. WHY is it that the majority of libs I talk with don’t even know about Petrobras? They don’t even know WHO Soros IS; they’ve NEVER heard of him! WE NEED TO CHANGE THAT!!!!

            Once again, sorry for my rambling. Hope it helped someone….

          • Dan az

            Not so weird chick
            That was the true meaning of liberalism and spot on.I could say more but wont because you pretty well laid it out for all to see.Well done.Thanks!

          • Vigilant


            Your points are well taken, and I have no argument with any of them but one: you are implying something that isn’t true when you say, “WHY is it that the majority of libs I talk with don’t even know about Petrobras?”

            There’s no reason for them to know about Petrobras, as nothing out of order occurred. Please see if you want the lowdown on that deal.

            It was NOT an executive order signed by Obama, it was NOT taxpayer money involved in the loan guarantee, it was solely intended for helping US companies via purchases of goods and services, and Soros divested most if not all of his holdings in Petrobras some time ago.

          • DaveH

            The Export-Import Bank is an agency in the Federal Government. It is in the Executive Branch. The President is the Chief Executive of the US. The President put a moratorium on oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. The President could have easily scuttled the loan to Petrobras, which will be used to buy oil and gas equipment. But he didn’t. Whether the money is used directly for deep-water drilling or not is beside the point, as even if not used directly it does free up Petrobras money to do that same deep-water drilling.

          • Vigilant

            Apples and oranges.

            Obama’s actions re deep water drilling are deplorable. He and his fellow communists/greenies are destroying our economy.

            On the other hand, Ex-Im’s actions are focused on helping the economy, and they are one of the few agencies that are doing just that.

            The mandate of the Ex-Im is to help create jobs by financing US exports. The Ex-Im did just that as a result of the loan.

            From : “In fiscal year 2010, Ex-Im Bank authorized a record high of approximately $24.5 billion in loans, guarantees and insurance, (including $5 billion for small businesses) supporting an estimated 230,000 American jobs at 3,300 American companies.”

            “Potentially, Petrobras $2 billion of purchases financed by Ex-Im Bank will help create and maintain over 16,000 American jobs.”

            $2 billion in loans is only 1.1% of the total Petrobras investment of $175 billion in the project. As stated before, NO US taxpayer money was used to create the loan.

            Bush appointees, not Obama appointees, approved the loan

            In the last 16 years Ex-Im has ADDED $4.9 billion to the treasury as a result of loan fees. The taxpayers have made money, not lost it.

            Why would Obama “scuttle” a loan that helps keep Americans employed? His “hands off” may be the only good thing he’s done as president.

          • Vigilant

            My disdain for Obama is of the highest order, but not to the inordinate extent that I would subscribe to or disseminate disinformation about him. He is, in my mind, the most dangerous president we’ve ever had, and he needs to be voted out in 2012.

            Glenn Beck and Michelle Malkin both screwed up when they started off with this fake Petrobras story, and they should have backtracked when the facts were known. As far as I know, they didn’t.

            Nor would I cut off my nose to spite my face. Coming out against a loan whose benefits accrue almost exclusively to the American worker and taxpayer, simply to (falsely) make Obama look bad, is dirty pool.

            Killing 16,000 jobs in a misguided attempt to discredit Obama indicates a misalignment of priorities.

          • DaveH

            Vigilant, don’t worry, I didn’t expect to change your mind.
            Apples and Oranges, my butt. You call it doing the right thing for one to go against his stated principles? I call it hypocrisy. Notice, I said “stated principles”, because only Obama knows what his Principles really are since his spoken word is not to banked on.
            Your response was expected, Vigilant. Once you get that bone in your bulldog mouth, there isn’t any amount of logic that can pry it loose.

          • Vigilant

            DaveH, I wish you would stop carrying this grudge you’ve got. I’ve laid out facts and figures, and you’ve presented no logic that counters it. The facts are plain: an inaccurate story was circulated about Obama.

            To be truthful, I suspect that Obama wasn’t more than marginally aware of the loan in the first place, so hypocrisy is probably not a factor. And just because something good comes out on agency that happens during his administration, there’s no reason to deny the positive benefits it conferred.

            For the second time, I’ll offer the olive branch. You and I agree on the lion’s share of things, and it’s beneath us both to continue a feud that gets us nowhere.

            You and I are both passionate and stubborn in our beliefs, and that’s one of the things I admire about you. Shall we agree to disagree, and bury the hatchet (and not in each other’s heads)?

          • Vigilant

            …and that’s the second time you’ve ignored a “truce” posting of mine and failed to accept an accommodation. Very well…

    • Old Henry


      They do not care if it is a disaster. They care about THEM being in control.

      • DaveH


    • James A. Olson

      We already have the United Whatever of America. It’s called NAFTA.

      • Vigilant

        With regard to NAFTA, I’m wondering how that squares with the Libertarian Party Platform, as follows:

        “3.4 Free Trade and Migration

        We support the removal of governmental impediments to free trade. Political freedom and escape from tyranny demand that individuals not be unreasonably constrained by government in the crossing of political boundaries. Economic freedom demands the unrestricted movement of human as well as financial capital across national borders. However, we support control over the entry into our country of foreign nationals who pose a credible threat to security, health or property.”

        I’m not being flip or sarcastic, I’m genuinely interested in finding an answer to this. On the surface, the platform would seem to indicate an endorsement of NAFTA. Am I correct or incorrect in this?

        • DaveH

          The concept of Free Trade does not involve Government meddling. NAFTA does. Free Trade administered by Government Panels is an Oxymoron.
          You’ve been around long enough to know that Big Government Leaders love to couch their meddling efforts in rosy phrases.
          If Libertarians ran the Government, there would be no such thing as NAFTA, because our companies would be allowed to trade freely with any country.

          • DaveH

            Here is an article from Mises that goes into greater detail:

          • Vigilant

            Thanks, Dave, that’s an excellent article, and it has opened my eyes. I had never considered the “protectionist” nature of NAFTA, nor even realized that it existed.

    • Hayden
  • Dan az

    The fact is that they are almost done with it and when they do finish there will not be a constitution period.So say good by to your bill of rights and say hello to NWO…..
    I’m sure the lefties and progs will boohoo this yet again but so be it.When clintoon signed the treaty it was to lift the borders and thats why they haven’t wanted to build a fence.Nafta was just the beginning and the rest his history.Check out some of these sites if you have any doubt.
    there are plenty more but I don’t think I can get them all on one post.

  • Dan az
  • JeffH

    The idea of a “North American Union” has been mentioned many times.
    Obviously Obama and Harper are working hand in hand for their handlers to secure this frontier for their “One World Global Government”.

    Here is the text to the document posted by Wikileaks titled:

    • JeffH

      Global Governance – EU President Admits One-World Government is Here – NWO – New World Order

      • JeffH

        Remember that the European Union is already in action.

        The words of JFK…Stop The North American Union Documentary

        • Dan az

          Brother Jeff
          We only need to see what a great job they did with the EU to see our fate.It couldn’t be more clearer than that.

        • Vigilant


          Please go to for thew complete address before the American Newspaper Publishers Association (27 April 1961).

          First of all, some hucksters will try to tell you that it was made just days before he was assassinated. If you look at the date of the address, you’ll see that is not so.

          Second, almost every youtube audio/video has been doctored to leave out certain key parts of Kennedy’s speech, to make it look like it’s a speech warning of secret societies or NWO conspiracy. It was not.

          The complete text of the speech makes it abundantly clear that JFK was talking about the Cold War and the communist threat in the world, and nothing else.

          NWO conspiracy theories may very well have a great deal of substance to them, but JFK’s speech cannot be used to substantiate them.

          • JeffH

            Vigilant, I do understand all of that and RE: JFK’s words…even though not spoken about a mysterious “NWO” conpiracy, do ring well with that conspiracy today. It was the overall message of the video that I had intended. I do stand corrected on the words spoken by JFK though. :)

    • GRusling

      If you read what is encoded into that URL you’ll see the document is from 2005. Both the US and Canada have had elections since then which changed the party in power, with “Liberals” taking over in the US and “Conservatives” taking control in Canada.

      Something tells me this is “old news” and no longer valid for future planning…

      • BrotherPatriot


      • http://naver samurai

        Still the ostrich, eh? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Cawmun Cents

    “They’ll be fighting in the street,with our children at our feet.And the morals that they worshipped will be gone.And the men who strung us on,will sit in judgement of all wrongs. They decide as the shotgun sings it’s song”-Pete Townshend

    • Joey Biden

      Great analogy. Who knows.

  • AndyZ

    We had essentially an open border between the US and Canada until the “Patriot Act” closed it down. Now you need a Passport to get there when in the past you just showed your drivers licence the same was true with all of the British protectorate islands off our coast

  • Tim

    Mexico needs to revert to it’s original status of federal states that was abolished circa a few years before the succession of Texas. Add in the basics of American constitution, enforce and then you may have a mix that will work.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      You can abolish anything you like, but what do you do about the mindset of the population. Can you trust it to behave righteously.

      • DaveH

        You’re right, Nadzieja. Reversing the Propagandized thoughts of millions of people is not going to be easy. Usually that only occurs when people have suffered greatly. Witness the former USSR, which only abandoned Communism after the people had suffered such miserable economies that they were willing to stand unarmed against a very militarized State. And even now, they still haven’t been able to bring themselves to embrace the kind of Economic Freedom that makes for great economies:

        It’s not easy to shake the kind of Government-instilled fears that keep people from embracing Freedom.

  • 2centsworth

    If anyone thinks that this is not true and is conspiracy, then why is Obama and his administration fighting Arizona so hard on their illegal immigration laws? Why are there so many illegal Mexicans in this country, and why are they being allowed to drain the American Welfare, Medicare, Foodstamps, and Education systems? Why do they already have a currency printed up called the Amero, and why do they already have America redivided into what they call “The New States of America, and why are they planning to put a super highway through America from Mexico to Canada? The elitests are just a bunch of deceivers and liars, and they have their plans all drawn up and are moving day by day to make them happen.

    • BKWsr

      actually this highway is being made(funded by US buisneses). It is currently running from the north of Mexico Thru South America. I know this because I have been listening for some time now the propaganda about this highway. It is about half way finished here in Central America. This highway is not fantasy. And our US buisnessmen are funding it.

  • http://PersonalLibertyDigest John R. Larsen

    When you don’t have anything invested in it, it’s easy to give it away! It’s time to stand and actually prepare, “From my cold dead hands”!! I ain’t giving them nothing, but the business end of what I was VERY well trained to use, in the defence of MY country. Thank you to the U.S.M.C. Semper Fidelis!

    • RussD

      I am with you bro
      Semper Fi

  • fozzysmom

    [expletive deleted] !!!! i knew they were idiots but this is beyond too far!! something this drastic would have to be VOTED ON BY ” THE PEOPLE ” OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA !!! AND YOU PEOPLE ARE BIGGER FOOLS THEN THOUGHT OF BEFORE, IF YOU THINK SOMETHING LIKE THIS WOULD BE APPROVED BY THE GREAT PEOPLE OF THIS GREAT NATION !! this one you better be rethinkin’ boys!!!

    • BKWsr

      I agree, It is BS. But our politicians have been working on it for years. Without our approval. Most do not care what we think, Because they know we can’t stop it. Well accually I believe we can, But it will be costly, and will have to be done smartly. Look at all the different law inforcement divisions we have. They bust into peoples homes, and shoot people who are only defending their homes against an armed invasion of their homes with no remorse, and with full immunity. The odds are slowly being stacted in their favor.

      • GRusling

        They certainly have, and the concept has already been defeated. This highway “Will Not Cross Texas” so it can never exist. Our State Constitution has already been amended to never allow it…

    • DaveH

      I’m having a little trouble following the intent of your comment, Mom, so correct me if I’m misinterpreting you.
      I think you’re saying that peoples’ fears of a centralized US/Canada/Mexico are unfounded, because we would all get to vote. But we have The Healthcare Laws now, and most of us didn’t vote for them. The Federal Government took over GM and screwed their bondholders, and that wasn’t lawful. Obama has involved our military in Libya, and that isn’t lawful.
      If I am reading your comment correctly, Mom, don’t kid yourself. The leaders have the physical might to do damn near anything they want now, unless a very large majority of us make the effort to stop them. And so far, that very large majority doesn’t exist, as our Propaganda Schools and the MSM have done a very good job of dumbing down most of our population.

    • Vigilant


      Treaties are signed by the president and ratified by the Senate, no vote by the US electorate is required.

  • Jason

    There has been documents leaked since 1996 about the creation of a N.A.U.and N.F.T.A.. It never was a Conpiracy Theory, just that it couldn’t be believed, it could happen in America. Sure it was called a conspiracy theory, because the main stream media said so since then.

    • Jason

      P.S. This is a product of the United Nations, get it..One World Government under a New Order. It’s time to get the U.N. out of the U.S. before they pull this off. End post script.

  • fozzysmom

    oh yeah…..let canada swap spots with the US and see if they’d still feel the same way. see if they’d agree with their people getting murdered, raped and stollen on a daily bases. with their moneies being drained by the illigals; jobs taken, daily robberies and thefts. you let them see what it REALLY feels like and what it does to a nation, then ask if they still want to something this foolish! you people are doing what’s good for YOU, not what’s good for us REAL PEOPLE,that live in the REAL WORLD and not in some FAIRY TALE BUBBLE!!!! you people don’t have a clue…..because you really don’t even care. that’s been so ovious for quite some time now. good luck with that.

    • JC

      I’m quite sure the people of Canada don’t want this either.
      Problem is, they are about as aware of it as Americans are.

      • DaveH

        On target, JC, as usual.

  • Huffer115

    The ‘One World Order’ is a scheme foisted by Satan himself in the minds of the world leader’s. This is one more step to the ‘end times’. Like communism, it will NOT bring Utopia to the masses as the un-Godly minds believe but will centralize the power for the take over by the anti-Christ.
    “Men,thinking themselves wise,become fool’s!”

    • Angel

      Huffer…I totally agree. It is all in the good book and the stage is being set for His return. I, for one, am ready. Most of my family as well.

      For all who think it is a conspiracy theory…it ceases to ceases to be “theory” if it’s true. It has been publicly talked about since G.H.W. Bush. For those who just don’t believe it…well, all I can say is…you will soon see.

      Why do you think they are doing their very best to bring America down financially. Giving entitlements left and right; bailouts to the rich? With the help of their god Lucifer, they think they will live forever and the fit of the fittest will be here to be their slaves. Look at all the medicinal recalls. They are busted trying to depopulate. They come up with new ways of doing so all the time. By the time it is discovered. How many are dead? They are doing things to make people sterile as well.

      I read the back of the book…I know who wins!

  • Conservative at Birth

    Many have seen this coming for years. It is time to buy and store food, water, firearms, and ammunition. Until the first shot is fired, keep your powder dry. The day is coming, probably not to far in the future.



    • Proud to be a Christian

      Here is the truth. All of us who are lets say in their mid 50′s up have had schooling in History and know the truth. All they have to do is wait because of the dumbing down and it will be very easy that is if they get spending under control because with out doing that, economics will take care of the rest as we will be starving here in the “Land of the Free?”

      • GRusling

        So, the task for those of us over about “50″ is to teach our children and grandchildren real history? I started doing that about 20 years ago and my efforts are now multiplied by my eight children and all my older grandchildren.

        CAUTION! This education will cause problems for your descendents in the public schools of America. Their Teachers REALLY, REALLY don’t like being told they’re wrong about anything…

        • Carlucci

          And that’s when you pull your kids out of the public fool system and home school them so they will learn about what is really going on.

          • DaveH

            Unfortunately, not many people can afford that luxury.

        • Vigilant

          “This education will cause problems for your descendents in the public schools of America. Their Teachers REALLY, REALLY don’t like being told they’re wrong about anything…”

          It’s already causing problems, and has been for years. The revisionist propaganda to which my high schooler was exposed caused him no end of grief when he challenged it. In the universities, your pink professor will mark you down, or you will be shouted down, if you dare to espouse a view even remotely considered to be conservative or libertarian.

          Sadly, even the religious right has entered the fray and done definite harm. Thanks to them, Thomas Jefferson has been removed from history textbooks as a revolutionary thinker.

          To quote from :

          “Cynthia Dunbar, a lawyer from Richmond who is a strict constitutionalist and thinks the nation was founded on Christian beliefs, managed to cut Thomas Jefferson from a list of figures whose writings inspired revolutions in the late 18th century and 19th century, replacing him with St. Thomas Aquinas, John Calvin and William Blackstone. (Jefferson is not well liked among conservatives on the board because he coined the term “separation between church and state.”)”

          Shameful, absolutely shameful.

          I would highly encourage you to read the whole article, as it shows that pressures even from the right are being brought to bear on the teaching of history. What should be characterized as “education” is now just another field for promoting agenda-based views without regard for facts.

    • professor

      After all these posts, people still think that we actually have a “vote” that counts! Congress is nearly defunct and obsolete. At this point, it is about the Executive Orders of one man. And, that one man isn’t about to let himself be voted off his “throne” by what he considers to be a bunch of fat, lazy, stupid Americans that think they still have something to say about what goes on in this country.

      The American people are being ignored and no one cares about what we think or want.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Be that as it may, I am not a Mexican nor am I a Canadian!! I don’t have anything against them but I am A United States Citizen!!!! I have many Mexican friends and I have a few Canadian relatives. My ancestors nor myself fought in the name of Mexico nor Canada, we fought in the name of THE UNITED STATES!!! I REFUSE TO BE A CITIZEN OF EITHER OF THE OTHERS!!!

  • Tammy

    And so we begin down the road to serfdom……Been tried and failed miserably. The utopia does NOT exist. I for one will NOT conform and will rebel at every turn. Who is John Galt???

    • DaveH

      Utopia translates from Greek as “Not a Place”. Fitting, as it exists only in the minds of Hopers and Dreamers.

  • mickey

    I can’t see how the European Union worked out so good. I can’t imagine the dictators of LA wanting obama in charge.

    The NAU and the Amero have been in the works for some time. We just foolishly can’t convince the welfare people they will have to share with all the Southern America’s poor.

    There was a reason obama is in the WH–the only president that is not a natural born citizen. It set the precedent for a foreigner to be head of state.

    Any one still think Michelle is an upright citizen? Any one listen to how much hate she expouses on Youtube?

    Any one still believe the illegals aren’t part of 21st slavery? The buying and selling of humans? We are probably paying that $7000 a head to come here. Just a small window of what will come.

  • James

    It’s time to consider nullification. Just because the government says do this or do that, doesn’t mean they have that constitutional authority. As long as our military forces blindly follow their president’s orders, we are doomed. Our president had no congressional authority to attack Libya, yet our armed forces blindly followed.
    The currency, for the North American Union, will be the Amero.

  • steve in AZ


    I sympathize with your emotions, and stand beside you.

    But the old saying is “To conquer, divide.” I foresee door to door searches and seizures, for the purpose of removing resisters from the fight before it begins, already legalized by the misnamed “Patriot Act”. Resistance will be weak, unorganized,sporadic,and futile, as they single us out and attack. Google search “Guereno,Arizona”. The bad guys have all our data. Who doesn’t carry a cell phone? Everyone who does is capable of being tracked. They know who is most opposed to their plans to de-populate the globe. Kooky conspiracy theory? If you say so, but if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and swims like a duck, it’s most likely a duck.

    As your door is kicked in by jackbooted thugs who had prviously studied the floor plan of your home and have all bases and scenarios foreseen, the firing will be over before you can level your piece.

    The lying government is treasonously bent on our country’s destruction, following unquestioningly the orders of their shadow government puppetmasters.

    Voting? Yes we must, and our last chance may be coming in Nov 2012.But we’re rapidly approaching the point of no return as our “leaders” hold the door open for more aliens to exercise the right to vote which their ancestors never earned for them. Voting Republican to regain control of both houses isn’t the answer, as their remains today little if any difference in the two parties.

    End the Fed, and the phony Wars on Drugs and Poverty.
    Halt ALL Immigration, legal and illegal. (We have reached our limit on the poor,tired and huddled masses.)Rescind the voting rights of all naturalized citizens whose citizenship was received since 1970 (an arbitrary date).
    Abolish the IRS,the FDA,DOE and other federal agencies who issue regulations (edicts) without due process and then proceed to enforce them without regard to due process.
    Try all culpable government officials who are guilty of this treason.

    Hang ‘em high.

    Vote Ron Paul,2012. Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition.

    • http://AOL.COM FRENCHIE


    • Dan az

      Hey steve
      Excellent post, keep up the good work, we need more libertarian’s as your self and others here to spread the word of the only way things can take change.As Frenchie I to am old but have not lost the fight like many others here.But we lack the writing skills to get our points across so keep up the good fight and spread the word.

    • James

      Steve in AZ, Well said. I would say: They are out to destroy the White Christian control of America. Primarily by simply leaving our southern border open. When the Hart-Celler Act of 1965 was passed, Whites were nearly 90% of the population. By 2008, Whites have fallen to 65%. Whites are now less than 50% in five states, and by 2046 they will be less 50% in the whole country. What accellerates it, is that Hispanics average 4 babies per female, Blacks increase more slowly in population, just as do Asians. But whites are decreasing in population. It takes 2.1 births per female to maintain the white population, but now it’s only 1.8 births per female.

      • Dan az

        You left out that the muslims are 8 to 1 and have multiple wives.

        • James

          Good point, we are being invaded and conquered from within, and I believe that 2046 date will be much sooner. When foeigners come here they don’t become like us, they bring their cultures, religions and traditions with them.

  • Patricia

    I AGREE !!! VOTE RON PAUL 2012 !!!

    • BrotherPatriot

      Unfortunately, I have come to the conclusion that Mr. Ron Paul is not what he seems.

      He still is the best choice of Evils out there…for what is presented to the public. However, he is very much connected into the REASON our world is the way that it is.

      Also, to give him the benefit of the doubt…I’ll say that it must not be easy to be a good man in such a sess pool of government criminals. One must survive while striving to make change, yet he has to “jump through the hoops” in order to keep his standing…this is a possibility. That he’s simply trying to survive in such an environment.

      However, that said we also know that our opposition does indeed play BOTH sides of the equation. They are known to infiltrate the opposition and then use that influence to help their own main agenda. In this manner…if their main side loses to the other…they then influence the course that their opposition takes. Then once again, begin attacking from a different angle. The are brilliant and focused on their course. Admirable qualities if they just didn’t work for Lucifer.

      Mr. Ron Paul’s wife is a Rainbow Girl. He is a member of the Texas Masonic Temple. He steps out of limo’s & stand up on podiums giving the masonic hand signal & gives the masonic hand shakes. He blocks talk about 9/11 being a false flag attack & doesn’t believe that explosives were used. True…once again he is trying to survive in the political arena but this makes him complicent in my book. You either speak out the truth or your part of the equation to destroy America. It really is that simple.

      Here is a link to some dug up information on Mr. Paul. I still want to like him but I have come to believe that Mr. Ron Paul is the “Reserve” for the NWO (Masonic) elites that are trying to destroy America.

      You really should take the time to read & watch the videos. Then, cross research the stuff & you may just find yourselves in the same boat I am in.

      I advocate just firing most all of the Government polititions & Congress. Then, appoint people who have a proven track record of being a Constitutionalist and most likely…have given military service to our wonderful country.

      I’m sorry for upsetting those that still believe in Mr. Ron Paul. However…I have been doing ALOT of research into this equation and it seems like he’s a sleeper/reserve/back pocket/golden child for the people who are destroying America. These people are indeed…Masonic. The equation adds up just like a math problem.

      Mr. Ron Paul is a Mason. Whether he admits it or not. Also, his son got caught doing some weird rituals during his college days that involved mock torture of a girl. This smacks of the rituals that he must have seen & most likely was involved in while his father was raising him.

      But it’s all HUSH HUSH. Why? Well, you know why now.

      If you don’t know about the Bohemian Grove…then I suggest you begin to do some research into that element of the Conspiracy Facts. It will raise the hair on your neck…if you believe in God & the positive power that exists…that is.

      God Bless.

      • Bitter Libertarian

        I agree, I too have many of the conclusions you mentioned. All I can say is that what is to come is by divine plan, and God likes a good fight…100-1 odds or more is about his As I stated below…its gonna be interesting the day mankind is given a choice…The Bible accurately predicts it and its security code of 42,000 factors of seven guarantees it.

      • GRusling

        Obviously, you know nothing about the Masonic Organization or you wouldn’t be writing such drivel. You also don’t know much about Ron Paul.

        He can’t win the Presidency, of course, but not due to anything you’ve brought up.

        The Masonic organization was founded by the Stone Masons who built Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem. That’s how old it is and its “origin” is hardly questionable or subversive. People need to stop spouting nonsense and actually read a little history before they repeat foolishness.

        George Washington, by the way, was a Mason. Do you really think “HE” intended to destroy the United States? Gerald Ford was a Mason and Ronald Reagan was an honorary member of the “Imperial Council of the Shrine.” Have you never heard of the “Shriner’s Childrens Hospitals?”

        This is the “Masonic Lodge” you attempt to denigrate. The Bible says “By their fruits they shall be known” and the FRUITS of this organization are very good, and obvious for the entire world to see…

        • BrotherPatriot

          You can keep spouting your drivel…but we see through you now. To much information is out there and it’s adding up.

          In Morals & Dogma, by Albert Pike…he specifically says that it’s ok to lie & decieve lower degree masons and the rest of the world.

          Lies & deceit.

          Yes…we see the secret society within the secret society. The power structure most likely goes down like rings in a tree.

          Yes…we SEE you.

          God Bless.

          • DaveH

            I think it’s a Catholic conspiracy with the Pope in charge that has gotten us to our current position of much less freedom. I’m joking of course.
            Yes, there are liars in the world. No doubt. My brother and sister and ex-wife were all chronic liars. As far as I know, you may be one of them, BrotherPatriot. But I will reserve that judgement until I actually see your actions (which speak much louder than words).
            But if we don’t elect the people who say they advocate what we want, what is left? And, in Ron Paul’s case, he has thirty years of Constitutional adherence in his voting records that anybody can access on the Internet. There is only one way to find out if it’s been a 30-year long Conspiracy. Put him in office and see if he strays from his stated goals of much smaller Government.
            What a joke to think that the PTBs would groom a guy for 30-years to fool us, when we have a man right in front of our faces (too often, I might add) who came out of nowhere and is the biggest threat to our freedom ever.
            And know also, that even if we are so fortunate as to get Ron Paul (or even Gary Johnson) for President, they still can do little without a cooperative Congress.

          • BrotherPatriot

            It’s certainly no joke, DaveH. These people have been working at it FAR longer than just 30 years. Also, it’s a living plan that evolves with our society & the times. However, it’s orginal idea & ROOT’s are…old.

            I often agree with you, Dave and though I may not share all the same conclusions…that’s my right as it is yours to dissagree with me.

            All I’m doing here is voicing my concern about what I have learned about a man I very much wanted to believe was perhaps our best choice. Yes, I want to believe in Mr. Paul also…but…I no longer can due to what I have learned recently and for what I have said written above in earlier statements.

            Masons say they are not a religion…but it most assuradely is. Their God is lucifer the light bringer and this explains to me why the world is the way it is. It’s all in “secrecy” and they have to have it that way or the world would recoil in horror.

            Read the book, “Brotherhood of Darkness” by Dr. Stanley Montieth or watch the link that I have provided elsewhere to “The Calling”.

            God Bless.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Gee Brother,
            My Father was a Mason for over fifty years AND aDEACON in THE FIRST CHURCH OF CHRIST in Adrian Michigan!!! He was very strong in his belief of God and Jesus as his savior! He had made it to 32nd degree Mason. If you believe that he loved Lucifer, then YOU sir are a DROOLING IDIOT!!!

        • Jay

          That is what i call good spinning, GRusling, or you can call it non-sense, either way, its bullsh*t!!!

      • DaveH

        Oh, please. Paul has been voting against Big Government for 30 years. Why do you think he got the name “Dr. NO”? Anybody can look up his voting record right here:
        Does it not occur to you, Brother, that he is a big threat to the establishment, and that there will be dirty tricks against him as a result?
        Does it make sense that a man would go all over the country teaching people to advocate a much smaller government if he didn’t really believe it? Talk about playing with fire!
        Your comment makes me wonder about your credentials, BrotherPatriot, a lot more than I worry about Ron Paul’s.

        • BrotherPatriot

          It’s hard to make sense out of any of this, brother.

          But they are well known now to work both sides of disputes. They load the table and one way or another…they win. With that much money and influence at your disposal…you can’t put to much beyond their ability to manipulate.

          Keep digging…keep researching…and stay in the light of God.

          God Bless.

      • Dan az

        Allot of Freemasons that I know personally are not what you think.My father was one up until he died.Trust me this was a man that gave his all for this country and was a staunch conservative that believed in the constitution and bill of rights.The site you left us was one persons theory that some how Ron Paul was member of a secret organization that worshiped satan and was part of the plan to take this country down.I feel that this is reverse paranoia to try and take him out of the running.If there is a faction inside this organization it was not eparent to my father that belonged to it for 50 yrs.No disrespect but I don’t by into it,maybe you would be better off trying to research it by going to a meeting rather than trying to find some truth in what this guy says.

        • BrotherPatriot

          I appreciate your input, Dan. I also have agreed with much that you have posted in the past & I know you are a good man.

          However, that is just one link that I posted before. Many others from other sources can be found…feel free to look them up. It sucked to have to post the one that I did…because honestly, I wanted to believe in Mr. Ron Paul. However, the biggest turn off about him to me is the disservice he is giving those murdered in the twin towers. It was a false flag attack using nano-thermite. Its impossible for 3 steel building to fall into their own footprint the way they did…with Building 7 not even taking enough damage to collapse. It takes a great deal of time to set the explosives to bring a building down like that. The decision to “pull” it…isn’t good enough for me or others due to the time it takes to properly set the explosives as I just said. It’s a sure sign that explosives were already in place…just like in the main two towers.

          However, all of this is a toxic subject and Mr. Paul is trying to survive in that political environment. But I reiterate what I said before, you either speak out for America or you become part of the equation that is trying to destroy her. It’s past time to be politically correct. Speak the truth or your helping to harm her at this point.

          I very aware that there are good, honest, loyal masons to America that share our dream of what we believe this wonderful country is supposed to be. That said however, I do believe that the deeper levels that you go into that secret fraternity then the more insiduous it becomes. If you know 1/2 of what I do…then you know how the rituals of advancement become more & more bizarre and darker the deeper you advance. All you have to do is alittle digging & research.

          History…humans history…has shown how often power corrupts. Leave something alone long enough to advance and over time…it attracts those who want that power. Like a magnet it draws criminals to it who want to manipulate it all for their own selfish gain & personal ambitions. They may smile…but it’s not from a benevolent position.

          In my humble opinion the Illuminati infiltrated and took over that secret fraternity and now over time has seeped into virtually everything that exists. Hollywood…is comletely saturated and through their movies…they are rewriting history. For example is the History channel…”Where history is being made everyday”…um yeah.

          God Bless.

          • Dan az

            I totally agree with the twin towers point of logic but can you imagine what the press would do to him if he started saying that it was an inside job?He would never make first base and you know it.There are allot of things that I know personally that the Guvmnt had there little hands in and have posted it here,but all it does is make you look like a psycho.Even when Bob L brought up the subject he was discredited,but that facts still remain and we move on.The only thing I see working for us is that we have a man that is willing to take on the feds knowing far to well from history that you don’t screw with the big guy’s.Christ did it and four days later he was hanging from a cross.JFK did it and about two weeks later he was died too.So you have to give him credit for standing on what he believes in with those kind of odds stacked against him.Whether you believe in all of his polices or not can you name one person willing to take on the money changers?So you see I’m sure everyone has a problem with one or the other but I see him as better than just voting for the lesser of two evils.Lets just hope that we can find the light at the end of the tunnel because it sure is dark in here now.Keep up the good fight Brother we think in the same lines and would be honored to have you by my side when the time comes.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        BULL$HIT!!! My daughter is a rainbow girl and had to get an extension to stay in past 20 years old!!! She will be 21 this year and has to quit. now, his wife might be part of the Eastern Star order, check a little closer!!!

    • http://naver samurai

      Paul/Palin Paul/Bachmann 2012! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • DaveH

        I’d go for that, but even better would be Paul/Paul or Paul/Johnson.

        • http://naver samurai

          Good point! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Les

    Steve has said it all. Arm yourselves.

  • DaveH

    And note that CNN is depriving a Libertarian-leaning Gary Johnson from their Republican primary debates. Are they trying to mute the Libertarian message? Probably. You decide:
    They would have probably done the same thing to Ron Paul if his polling numbers weren’t so strong as to make it difficult for them to marginalize him.
    Boycott CNN!
    By the way, thanks to John Stossel, you can watch Gary explain his platform on the John Stossel show on the Fox Business Network this week.

    • denniso

      The only thing libertarian about Johnson is his stance on the stupid drug war. Otherwise he just believes in having essentially no gov’t that does anything at all.
      Why not launch an email campaign aimed at CNN to try and get them to allow Johnson into the debate? What good is a short term boycott going to do?

      • DaveH

        Johnson is very Libertarian in his politics. Here is his platform (not that you care, Denniso):

      • DaveH

        And I wasn’t talking about a short-term Boycott. I quit watching CNN years ago.

  • BrotherPatriot

    Thank you, Mr. Livingston for writing this. It’s important we keep these social degenerates in the spot light & raise the awareness of the masses to who & what these people are & what they are doing.

    Thank you for writing this.

    We have to keep showing the parts of the equation and then show how they add up together to form the international conspiracy that it is.

    This is not a THEORY. It’s a FACT.

    These people pose the greatest threat to America’s & the worlds freedom and liberty. They are the single GREATEST threat to us all. Yet, we just continue to stumble along & let them further intrench themselves into our very soil…w/FEMA camps & foreign soldiers on our soil. They are the cause of the blurring of the borders & talks of the North American Union.

    If there are any, ANY loyal Patriots who work in our Government that visit this site and read what is said here…then I CHARGE you to begin taking the steps necessary to end this charade. Otherwise, you are complicent to the death of our Constitution and the sovereignty of America.

    This indeed is what is happening to America.

    Only an aware public and one motivated to see the end of the lies & deceit from Washington has a chance to put a stop to what is happening. We must rise up in MASS and cast these social degenerates out of our Government. By standing the light of Truth & the light of God can these Patriots be victories.

    Investigate, reveal & proscecute these jerks. Disperse their enormous wealth back into the World to fix the damage that they have done. This CAN be done if we have the WILL to do it. Americans are waking up & when we fully awaken…the world resonates under our combined might.

    God Bless us all.

    P.S. Thank you for writing this, Mr. livingston. (I hear that when you say something three times…it means you mean it.)

  • Jim

    People need to start reading their Bibles. Scripture does tell us that a one world system will be set up. It will not be a good thing. Who would ever believe that the US would be part of it, but it is happening all around us. I believe the only way we give up the soverignty is when Jesus Christ is sitting on the throne in Jerusalem.

    • denniso

      You’re reading myths when you read about one world gov’t in the bible or on this site. How could a single gov’t ever control the entire world when most countries can’t even keep their own gov’ts functioning very well? You’re wasting energy and time even reading or talking about such nonsense.

      • Jason

        It’s called world wide Corporate Fascism. They break countries down and recreate them under corporate rule. Another term the Elitist use is “Order out of Chaos”

        • BrotherPatriot

          Exactly, Jason. Good work on your part.

          People such as Denniso are either terribly ignorant or they are complaicent, even actively working to further the NWO goals.

          Do not doubt it at all…people. This indeed is happening and if you open your eyes you can see it all adding up like a math problem. Break it down & see the components of the equation.

          Open your eyes and WAKE UP!

          God Bless.

          • denniso

            I seriously doubt you know any math….

      • Bitter Libertarian world currency…he who controls the currency, controls the nation, or even the world. Sound too hard to believe? Then I suggest you watch the Money masters Video. Its verifiable History, documented in Books in Libraries. You can also look at how the US Dollar is having an effect on nations around the globe. Just imagine a currency implemented worldwide that was promised to gave stability & equality to all, backed by gold, and lower the prices for food & clothing. You KNOW billions would scream for it! Zombies Love that “equality” crapola…they’d sell their soul (or kidney) for anything to make their lives easier, softer, more enjoyable.

      • JC

        fiat currency [insult removed]. you do not and never will get it…

      • Darfur Deng

        Do you every read what you write?

        If there is just one government then there are no countries, nor governments to fail, merely a single tyrannical state.

        You do know that a sovereign state is in fact deemed a country, right? The United States is a union of 50 sovereign countries with their own distinct governments, constitutions, and borders, working as one(57 if your an Obamnite).

        A North American Union, would obliterate those borders. To do so would dissolve the current Union, and without the preservation of the Union, America would revert back to 50 Sovereign States and any violation of those borders would be by International Law Casus belli, the justification for acts of war.

        There can never be such a Union as long as the American Patriots remain armed. No matter how many Liberal Nazi Obama IDIOTS like yourself exist.

        Now run along before that little yellow bus leaves you behind.

      • Jay

        Are you a Bible scholar professor denniso? I would venture to guess you are not! So then, what was that you said about myths? Its one thing to make an assertion, anyone can, its quite another to prove it. Care to try? No? Scared to try? That’s what I thought!

      • http://naver samurai

        You’ll be surprised what satan can do. If he can take the 10 most powerful countries in the world, unite them under one leader, and attack the rest of the world, just think of what life will be like after a nuclear war and nuclear winter. You won’t want to be alive then. Get off of the Bible and Christian bashing, its hate speech. When will these lib, gay loving, baby killing, marxists learn? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • denniso

          There is no Satan,and the bible was written by many men over many yrs. None of the men was ‘divine’,and the bible is a collection of myths, creation stories and metaphors that are apparently too subtle for most people to get.

          Man controls the world,along w/ nature,which we are in the process of destroying. No gods,angels or devils have any reality,other than in fairy tales,and it is us,all of us who have the fate of the world in our hands,for better or worse. Why do you feel the need to give over control to a god or devil?

          • http://naver samurai

            Ahhhhh such word play as to insult others and steal their rights. I see we are still throwing our feces and swinging from rubber tires. Read the Bible and you’ll be awakened. Stop the nonsense duhnisso, it really shows you ignorance of our founding and the subject at hand. Why don’t you sit down behind your computer, cross your legs, hold your breath, and pass gas? It’ll be a mind clearing experience for you. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • DaveH

            Speaking of Fairy Tales, Duhniso, how about the Fairy Tales that are promoted by Progressives such as yourself? There is no experiential evidence to back your stated beliefs, but there is lots of experiential evidence to prove Progressivism doesn’t work. Yet you still try to push your Fairy Tales on others.

          • denniso

            Samurai…for any adult,rational,sane and modern human to believe that a single book written by many men over a period of a thousand yrs or so is the spoken word of some god,is to deny that humans have the ability to think at all. Where was the ‘book’ for the million yrs that humans existed before the bible appeared? Where was the loving hand of your god in helping his children face the dire struggles to stay alive and flourish? Where was any information from your god about the trillions of microbes that afflicted humans and their innocent children for thousands of yrs before MAN discovered them and became able to fight the horrible diseases that they caused? Why didn’t your pretend god tell early humans that the universe was mindlessly large and filled w/ other countless other planets that probably habor life? Why didn’t your god tell the religious authorities that Gallileo was correct that the earth goes around the sun and he could be released from arrest? Why not stop the authorities from burning the astromer Bruno at the stake for saying the same ‘crime’?
            The Muslims believe just as fervently in their god as you do are both fanatics and a danger to the human intellect and peace in the world.
            Have a nice day.

      • DaveH

        One world government has been a romantic ideal for ignorant Liberals for decades now. The only way Denniso could not know that is if he has lived in a cave all his life. That’s doubtful, so most likely he’s just a Big Government shill.
        Denniso, you’ve really got to be a lot smarter if you want to influence people on this board. Most likely you’re turning more people away from Liberalism with your inane comments, than you are turning towards.

        • JeffH

          “Denniso, you’ve really got to be a lot smarter if you want to influence people on this board.”

          That is an impossibility! Any opportuities to influence this board was lost years ago when his/her credibility shot down the wastepipe with all of his/her wild and vial rantings, which get worse with every post.

          • http://naver samurai

            Keep up the good fight, fellow patriot! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • sharon

    the communists have been scheming to take down America for some time, and we American must fight these intruders who want to take america away from its people. You can bet Obama is behind this all the way and his commie backers.

    • denniso

      Haven’t you heard? There are no more communists. You sound unglued..

      • JC

        Its a reasonable observation denniso…after all YOU are a communist.

      • Jay

        Haven’t you heard? Critical thinking people are an endangered species!

      • DaveH

        You have succeeded once again in destroying your own credibility, Denniso. As if you had any in the first place:

        • denniso

          Oh gee!! we actually have a few thousand communists in the country! Now I’m really scared! I wonder if you know that we still have a KKK,a militia movement,John Birch wackos,believers in aliens walking the earth…the communist party has even less power than those fools.

          I suppose that you won’t feel safe until every single believer in communism or socialism is dead and buried. You sound as paranoid as some of the really unhinged people here.

          • DaveH

            The point was, Denniso, that your statement was either an outright lie, or your ears are bookends to a vacuum.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Denniso wears ear plugs! If he takes them out, he passes out from lack of air as his head vacummes it all out of the room!!!

      • http://naver samurai

        Let’s see Cuba, China, North Korea, gee, this really sounds like there is no communism. Get your facts straight before you post. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • denniso

          Cuba and North Korea? Boy, now those are some dominant countries in the global arena! China has a command economy using capitalism as the main mechanism for their growth,and they are doing better than we are currently. You people are still clinging to the dead boogyman of communism in order to scare people away from reasonable gov’t programs and policies that help create a better society for all of us.

          • Dan az

            You need to step back from the glue that your huffing.If you really think that anyone here cares what you think you are delusional and have truly lost the raining brain cell that you had when you were born.Nothing we can do for you here,seek out help while you still can dribble out some sort of explanation for your thought process,I’m sure there is a room with you ilk dribbling an foaming at the mouth that would find you entertaining.

          • http://naver samurai

            Get rid of welfare and other entitlement programs (not SS or medicare) and go back to the ways we were founded, then I’ll believe you. Still spreading lib lies, rhetoric, hate, and inuendo are we? When will people like you ever learn? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • denniso

            So Dan says I’ve lost my ‘raining’ brain cell. Who’s lost what?

            Why not get rid of SS and Medicare too? Those are programs that have a socialistic root,just like police,fire and the military. Why not privatize absolutely everything,military included,and dump SS and Medicare. Let’s turn all transportation modes over to corporations…toll roads,no support to airlines or trucking. Why not have private security firms instead of taxpayer paid police depts? Do the same for fire protection.

            If the market and free enterprise is the answer then go all the way w/ it. I imagine you have SS and Medicare?

          • DaveH

            You said “There are no more communists”. We have proved you wrong. And unless you are incredibly ignorant, we have shown you lack honesty.
            And then to add insult to injury (to yourself), you made this statement “China has a command economy using capitalism as the main mechanism for their growth,and they are doing better than we are currently”.
            The average citizen in China earns less than 1/4 of what American citizens earn.
            Here is the truth about China’s economy for those smart enough to know that Denniso has no credibility:

          • denniso

            There are also a few flat earthers around,as there are still some who think Obama wasn’t born in the country. Communism,for all practical purposes,has been dead for a few decades…the fall of the Wall and the Soviet Union was the effective end. So a few countries are still communist, but communism has no sway over most of the globe. Most countries have varying degrees of socialized gov’ts,but very few are actually communist,or even socialist.

          • DaveH

            You just keep digging that hole deeper, don’t you Denniso?
            Whoever is paying you is sure not getting their money’s worth.

          • http://naver samurai

            Wrong answer duhnisso! SS and medicare ARE NOT entitlement programs as you have to pay into them. Entitlement programs are sponsored by the government at the expense of the tax payers. Are you really coherent right now? Are you still being an ostrich with your head buried someplace? Why don’t you quit, while you are so obviously in full retreat and have no chance of turning around and fighting. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • JeffH

            “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”
            Martin Luther King Jr.

        • denniso

          ML King directed that comment at rightwing racists,people more familiar to you than me.

          What most people pay in to SS and Medicare doesn’t come close to what they get out of it,unless they die very young. Taxes make up the difference for the vast majority,which is why we are having budget troubles w/ Medicare especially. One major medical event covered by Medicare more than blows away all the contributions paid in by a person. SS and Medicare are both partly supported by other tax payers.

  • JC in CA

    Bob, really? I just skimmed, yes skimmed, over your article…here’s where it all falls apart….all of those on welfare here in this country will wake up to that ruse to see all the NEW recipients down south suckin’ us further down the drain faster than we already are.

    As daffy duck frequently admits….’I’m a coward, but I’m a GREEEDY little coward’

    I still believe and pray that the U.S. will wake up, and fight the usurpers of our liberties in the end. We all need to stand and kick these Money Changers out of our government. Ron Paul has exposed the lieing crooks on The Hill who they are. The current band of infidels placed there by nefarious people and forces are going to try to hold on to their perceived power.

    Evil never sleeps…let us all spread the word that ending the Fed is paramount to returning to sound fiscal policy. Returning the power to ‘coin money’(not print) to the ‘accountable’ congress and instill limits and regulations ON THE GOVERNMENT.

    Anywho…I also believe we will witness the collapse of the E.U. as the Rothchilds have had their banking roots through out Europe for nearly 400 years…I’ve got my ‘popcorn’ ready for the show.

    Remain ‘well regulated’.

    JC in CA

    • BrotherPatriot

      Please read, “Brotherhood of Darkness”…by Dr. Stanley Montieth.

      It will help awaken any who don’t see the equation for what it really is. Expose the truth into the light of God & it will burn away all the evil that is there. American’s need to expose it all…no matter how much at first it may hurt…in the end…we’ll all still be…OK…as long as we stand in the light of God & allow that to continue to guide our moral compass.

      End the secret societies…they are the cause of our worlds problems. Period. It’s all been a pregenerated, designed to fail society so they can pick up the pieces and control us all under their “light bringer”…Lucifer.

      Sounds crazy…but it’s the simple truth. Indeed…the secret society within the secret society is that way for a reason. Because if the truth came out about who they exactly are…the world would revolt in horror & put down the satanists in a sweeping movement. But…through lies & deciet…they have managed to manipulate themselves down through the centuries into positions of power throughout the world. They train their children to continue the Agenda, send them to Harvord, Stanford, Yale & others…only to then place them into key positions to further their Agenda. They have been at it for years.

      The Rothschild empire got a great kick back in the days of Napolean. At his final battle when it became apparent that Napolean was goin to lose…Rothschild sent messages to Europe on the fastest horses possible. He spread the rumor that Napolean won the war and this caused the Market to crash. He bought everything he could up…pennies on the dollar. Within 24 hours when the truth came…Europe found that they had a new RULER. So…he formed his empire upon lies & deceit…and nothing…NOTHING has changed since.

      Wake up America. Do your research.

      God Bless.

      • DaveH

        End the secret societies? Are you talking about more Government and less Freedom, Patriot? Should we also end secret associations? Why not outlaw secrets altogether? I mean, if you have a secret, you must be up to no good, right?
        When secrets are outlawed, only outlaws will have secrets.
        I’m starting to wonder about your devotion to Freedom, Patriot.

        • BrotherPatriot

          Now your just being silly, DaveH.

          Yes…end the secret societies ability to destroy America by TALKING ABOUT THEM AND EXPOSING THEM OUT INTO THE LIGHT OF DAY. They are not talked about or reported. The Fed is not audited. They are ALL linked together!

          Is that clearer for you?

          I’m for smaller government, fiscal responcibility and free markets. I’m for America to elect statesmen from our military and the public, people who have shown loyalty to the Constitution.

          It’s silly to question me on my loyalty when all I state is support for the Constitution and smaller government. I’m a Veteran and damn glad to have served my country. I just wish the people in our Government felt the same way…it’s obvious by THEIR actions that they don’t.

          Let go your anger of me, DaveH…it serves nothing except our opponents Agenda.

          God Bless.

          • DaveH

            I’m not angry at you Brother. And if you were implying exposure of their plotting without trespassing and without the force of Government involvement, that is fine.
            You didn’t make that clear in your original comment though. There are many good reasons for groups to keep things secret — trade secrets, avoidance of the disruption that is paparazzi, paraphrasing Jack Nicholsen “They can’t handle the truth”, etc. As an example of the last, in fairness I told my siblings that I borrowed money from my mother. It was really none of their business, but I did so because if my mother died before the loan was paid back I intended to make it up to them. All hell broke loose after my mother died as greed got to the siblings and they decided to unilaterally make things “fair”. And their concept of fair is whatever benefits them the most. But it wasn’t their gift to take, it was mine to give. I regret not keeping that a secret now.

          • DaveH

            As a Libertarian, I don’t stress myself over who is Conspiring and who is not, because we want to get Government out of the economy and without the force of Government, they could plot all day long and I could care less. As long as they can’t force me to buy their products, I’m happy.
            Libertarians would eliminate the Federal Reserve. And banks would operate in the Free Markets, so if we didn’t like what they offered we would choose other banks who did please us.
            Government should be involved only if those banks are committing fraud or are somehow (I can’t imagine how) forcing us to do something.

  • MikeG

    My God, that’s all we need, to inherit the crime, corruption, poverty, and problems of Mexico! Oh wait, that’s Washington, DC!!

    • JC in CA

      Hmmm, you are on to something Mike G. ‘The Hill’ will clean up all the competition….hahahahhaa




      I completely agree with you UNITED STATES AMERICAN. I am so tired of illegals coming into our country and wanting us to change to their ways of their homelands. You came here we did not invite you and we do not want your ways of doing things. If you like your ways so much THEN WHY DID YOU COME TO AMERICA?? Go back to your own Country, if it is so much better then OUR WAYS. We already have to many GUTLESS and LAZY AMERICANS living off of the sweat of the Hard Working Americans.

  • Bitter Libertarian

    There will come a day when you have to make a choice…surrender the God (creator) Given Gifts of Freedom, beliefs & Liberty and AGREE to live in a manner that denounces God (creator), or Fight for your beliefs. That moment, I suggest you choose your future wisely because the implications are staggering & eternal.

    No one has the right to deny those gifts, and to think you do is a dangerous game to play.

  • BrotherPatriot

    Since apparently I’m all over this topic…lol…I’ll also post what I believe is a very good visual for those that don’t want to take the time to dig, research & read.

    If you want to know what’s really going on? Watch this video & then spring your research from there.

    God Bless.



  • patriotpartisan

    Those who like the idea of open borders and socialism and global govt should seriously consider living in Europe (EU) and see how one currency, no privacy, no nationalism feels before determining on a half-baked idea how great it would be if America was “one” with all the world… this isn’t some cute John Lennon song about world peace b/c we have no competition; it’s about loss of individual choice and liberty. I for one, along with so many others, want to choose what I do with my life, even if it’s nothing but being a couch-potato, at least it’s my choice.

    • BrotherPatriot


    • Dan az


      (America was “one” with all the world )
      You know I never thought of that way, but I think you said a mouth full.That is got to be what they think!They really cant see beyond their nose.How can we change the thought process that has been burned into their minds from the socialized indoctrination of the schools and media that have taken over society?Utopia will never be what they think it is when the trough’s have dried up and the work force is marching in line to give a days labor for a days worth of food.And they think education is a form of intelligence,I think its an oxymoron like guvmnt intelligence.We have run out of time and I stand with my third box.lock an load.

  • Wildcat from Dallastown, PA

    I was informed of one part of this about two years ago from a source who thru routine work in a specific financial sector. This individual related that our current clown-in-chief and his nefarious administration was focused and extremely busy working on devaluing the American dollar to bring it in line with the Mexican peso (financial parity if you will). Then they plan to dump the dollar and introduce a new currency called the “Amero”. My source had sources in the WH and the Pentagon. They wanted to do this already but thought they couldn’t due to the difference in value of the two currencies and that the American public was not yet aware that changes to our currency “needed” to happen. Since then I read another source’s projection that the dollar was going to be dumped and the new currency would be called the “Bancor”. Yesterday (6/9/2011) afternoon on the Glen Beck program a economist indicated the dollar is losing ground in terms of value and he gave it five months until it collapses. That would be mid-November 2011. Glenn’s projection had the collapse happening in about 12 months. So, there is a reasonable probability that our money will be worthless at some point in time between November 2011 and June 2012. The causes for the collapse per the economist had to due with the explosion of hyperinflation resulting from the FED printing money and dumping in the economy during the various phases of Quantitative Easing or QE1, QE2, QE3 and so forth. They have been as incapable of preventing the natural economic explosion of hyperinflation as the German economists were after WWI when they too printed Reichs Marks to pay their debts (penalties) to France and Great Britian. Eventually the French refused to accept the German fiat money and physically took possesion of hard assets like German companies, factories while the British kept on accepting this worthless paper. Anyway, part of the solution rendered by the economist was to learn a foreign language with Chinese or Spanish as the top two, store up food because we will not be able to support our farmers who grow our food, get hard physical assets [while not said~gold & silver], and get some strong foreign currency. He has already relocated his family to Sinapore and invests in the Chinese stock market. He wouldn’t say which foreign currency but you can search the international currency market to see which currencies are leading the value part and which ones are at the bottom of the heap. Good Hunting!

  • JR

    Hitler called this “anschluss”

  • wisdom

    First, you will never have a one world government due to the different approaches of a woman’s role in society.
    Second, you can maintain “cultural boarders” with each country retaining their heritage and sovereignty.
    Third, opening movement between neighbor’s would provide US cheap Mexican labor that the welfare recipients won’t do. Deprive Democrats the opportunity to legalize millions of democrat voters while saving billions in government give aways to the soon to be new citizens.
    We could cut down the size of our southern border by moving it to the south of Mexico, establish two large military bases on each coast there, which would effectively let US control the Hemisphere. The billion’s spent on drug control would be shifted to the bases saving money. Think about how we could mess with Chavez with a base down there. I wouldn’t worry about losing rights as much as I would about giving the elites the ability to set up some real Darth Vader stuff.

  • chuckb

    hey, why is everyone getting so excited, it works, just ask any californian politician, california has embraced cananda and mexico, we are one. the one problem, we may have to speak spanish. it won’t be long before all our schools will be teaching in spanish. we may all have to learn border lingo inorder to read our voting ballot.

  • Elevenarrows

    We are not going to remain the dominate power in the world if our dollar collapses. Already, other countries including BRIC have been working on dumping our dollar as the reserve currency. And as for better business with Mexico? I have to wonder what business you are in…Mexico is so chaotic that even the police are shot down in the streets like dogs. Child-trafficking is prevalent. The shopping must be lacking because most Mexicans appear to be at my Wal-Mart! Jobs must be bad there because most of the country seems to be working at our local chicken factory…oh, and they brought Tuberculosis with them. Yea! As a small business owner, myself, I cannot see any good coming out of removing our borders. Right now, we at least have some semblance of protection from all the drug cartels…thanks to our Border Patrols…a very thankless job, I might add.

    Steve in AZ, I might consider moving to AZ if I could be your neighbor! The only other person I might want to call neighbor would be Ted Nugent. I don’t agree with everything about him and I don’t know much about you, but I think between the three families, we could hold them off awhile!

    • DaveH

      Mexico’s economy sucks, and they are rife with corruption, for a very simple reason — They have too much Government. And our Liberals want to take us to the same place.

  • John Wilch (‘Nam Vet – ’68-69)

    FOLKS, Those idiots, specially Mr. BHO, would love to see a North American Union with him as the Supreme Ruler (POSSIBLY FOR LIFE). That way they can devalue the currency of each nation, which in turn will make anything and everything you want to buy so costly that you can’t which in turn will cause more people to loose their jobs, which in turn will cause them to go on the dole. Folks, you see what I’m getting at: THEY WANT ABSOLUTE POWER!

    If that doesn’t cause you to think, try this one. If they get their way we’ll will look like the European Union: High unemployment, High cost of Health care because there will be fewer Doctors, High cost of Food because our farmers will be told what to grew by some bureaucrat who thinks he knows how to run a farm, and so forth.

    So, Folks wake up and smell the roses before its too late and some bureaucrat sitting 1000s of miles away is telling you how you can live.

    John Wilch
    TSgt, USAF Ret.

    • DaveH

      I’m awake.
      Both parties’ leadership have been putting the Big Government framework in place for 150 years now. We have only one slim chance and that is for people to learn and understand the simple Freedom-Loving Platform of the Libertarian Party:

  • Jay

    Comes as no surprise. They have been at it for years! Question is, will they succeed?

    The Pope Calls For World Government With Real Teeth

    In his brand new encyclical entitled Caritas in Veritate, or Charity in Truth, Pope Benedict is openly calling for a “true world political authority” with “real teeth”. At a time when many prominent world leaders are publicly calling for a “New World Order”, to have the Roman pontiff openly declare that we all need a world government is more than a little alarming.

    The 144 page encyclical is the result of a 2 year effort by Pope Benedict to bring Catholic social teaching up to date on issues such as economic development, terrorism, sex tourism, population issues, bioethics and the environment.

    In calling for more globalization and a true world government, the Pope chose words that were very direct and to the point:

    “There is a strongly felt need… for a reform of the United Nations Organisation, and likewise of economic institutions and international finance, so that the concept of the family of nations can acquire real teeth… there is urgent need of a true world political authority.”

    Real teeth?

    What would a world government with “real teeth” look like anyway?

    Apparently the Pope feels that the job of such a world political authority would be “to manage the global economy; to revive economies hit by the crisis; to avoid any deterioration of the present crisis and the greater imbalances that would result.”

    To manage the global economy?

    A one world economic system?

    Seriously he can’t be serious.

    But he is.

    Not only is he advocating a one world economic system, but he is advocating a very socialist one. In the encyclical, the Pope wrote that a one world economic system would “open up the unprecedented possibility of large-scale redistribution of wealth on a world-wide scale”.

    A redistribution of wealth?

    Since when did the Pope become a socialist?

    When the Pope puts out an encyclical that openly calls for a one world government and a one world economic system, it just shows all of us how late in the game things really are.

    • DaveH

      The Catholic church has leaned towards Socialism ever since I can remember. I was raised Catholic. Their authoritarian stance is largely the reason I started waking up and left the church.

    • BrotherPatriot

      Nice post, Jay.

      God Bless.

  • Jay

    A wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

    The Fabian Society, Communitarianism and the New World Order

    In 1884 the Fabian Society was formed, chartered by the Crown, with the purpose of ushering in a one world collectivist state through gradualism (versus violent revolution). This would become the basis for what is today called Fabian Socialism.
    Fabians also played a large part in the creation of the League of Nations — the forerunner to the United Nations — and were extremely influential in creating the UN itself.

    “Under Socialism, you would not be allowed to be poor. You would be forcibly fed, clothed, lodged, taught, and employed whether you liked it or not. If it were discovered that you had not character and industry enough to be worth all this trouble, you might possibly be executed in a kindly manner; but whilst you were permitted to live, you would have to live well.” – George Bernard Shaw

    Communitarianism centers around the belief that individualism is to be relinquished for the “greater good” of the state. Such a system would be fascistic at its core and administered through a form of scientific socialism.

    This can be seen especially with the United Nation’s Agenda 21 program, that would set international requirements for how people must live, learn, eat, travel, and communicate. This has nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with control.

    The Science of Mass Manipulation through crisis creation. An Introduction to the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations

    “In our dreams, people yield themselves with perfect docility to our molding hands.” – Fredreick Gates Chairman of the Rockefeller established General Education Board (The World’s Work, August 1912)
    Created at Oxford in 1921 by the Royal Institute for International affairs, with later funding from the Rockefeller Foundation, the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations is the nerve center for the global manipulation of human consciousness. Not long after Tavistock was set up by co-founder John Rawlings Rees and others, it became the core of Britain’s Psychological Warfare Bureau, studying the effects of shell shock on British soldiers. Tavistock also played a crucial role in the creation of the OSS (the precursor to the CIA), under the guidance of Dr. Kurt Lewin, with help from Allen Dulles, the German Nazis and the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff.

    “Research into the use of microwave weapons and their use for mind control began in the 1950s at Tavistock. The UK institute was researching into ways of mind controlling the British population without them knowing.” – im Rifat Microwave Mind Control

    Aside from helping to create the CIA, Tavistock was also the major force behind the formation of NATO and is deeply connected to the Club of Rome.

    The Club of Rome works with Tavistock to create propaganda and crisis in order to manipulate the world’s population in a pre-determined direction, toward a collectivist, one world socialistic dictatorship.

    Today, Tavistock operates through a vast network of think tanks, NGOs, universities and media outlets to influence public opinion, while breaking down the moral fabric that has held the West together using scientifically-crafted techniques of manipulation.

    Tavistock has played an important role in the creation of several institutional centers, including, Stanford Research Institute, The Wharton School at the University of PA & The Sloan School ar MIT.

    Other groups that work closely with Tavistock include…
The Heritage Foundation
The RAND Corporation
The Hudson Institute
Brookings Institution
Institute for Policy Studies
Walden Research.

    • DaveH

      When I used to read a lot about the USSR, one of the common themes was their use of Misinformation to confuse the population. Methinks I’m seeing a lot of that today. Is this the new Liberal tactic to discredit Conservative institutions?
      It seems odd to me that the Heritage Foundation would be pushing us towards Socialism at the same time they put up web pages like this to wake people up to the dangers of Too Much Government:

      Wear your thinking caps, Folks. Don’t let them get away with disparaging good Freedom-loving people and Institutions.

      • DaveH

        What next? Accusing Cato and Mises of fronting for the Socialists?

      • DaveH

        Maybe Bob Livingston and I are secretly Socialists. And we have spent years trying to wake you up to the evils of Big Government just to gain your confidence. Hmmmm.

      • DaveH

        Maybe Obama is a secret Libertarian sent to Washington to destroy peoples’ confidence in Big Government. He sure is doing a bang-up job of that.

        • Dan az

          I came to the same conclusion that there is allot of misinterpretation going on.Jessy Lee comes to mind.Me thinks we are being played!

          • DaveH
          • DaveH

            Anybody who reads that article and doesn’t think Obama is out to squash our Freedom of Speech is just plain living in a fantasy world.

          • Karolyn

            Dave, It’s called “damage control”. I see nothing that will interfere with freedom of speech. He’s just going to address negativities. What’s wrong with having an official response? Personally, I like to hear both sides of any issue.

  • Dennis Oberholtzer

    George Bush II is the one who signed on to this one North America “contract”. A president of the United States does NOT have the power to turn over our country to any other entity. As far as I, as a voter in this great country, believe the U S Constitution does not allow any political person to give away our country, our rights under the original Constitution, or our land, to any other government or political entity. Only by a 2/3rd majority of the people of the United States can a political figure, even if he/she is elected by the people, dictate such an event.
    And since our Congress has had an approval rating of less than 30% for the past several years, WE THE PEOPLE have the legal right under our Constitution to throw out the entire Congress and start over. I suggest that we are near this threshold.

    • BrotherPatriot

      100% agreed!

      Throw them out & let’s start over…voting in those that have a PROVEN record of being a Constitutionalist with NO connections to the NWO people.

      Oh yes…those kind of people do still exist.

      End America’s involvement with the UN, CFR, Trilateral Commission and the Bilderbergs…plus all the REST of the same organizations with the various names attached to them. End the Federal Reserve and their control of the money supply.

      Open your eyes to the truth and wake up America!

      God Bless.

      • ImAnIndependent

        Brother Patriot:
        Wouldn’t that be wonderfull. If we can get Allen West elected president, we might have a shot. Go to

        • DaveH

          He doesn’t even come close to the Principles of Freedom embodied in Ron Paul, who already is running for President.
          Or Gary Johnson, whose platform is being presented on John Stossel’s latest episode (Fox Business Network).
          As long as the voters keep putting in status quo Republicans we are never going to shrink this Government back to the size necessary for prosperity.

  • Dinah Garrison

    Holy cow! I thought these last 2 years had been full of stupidities, but this takes the cake!! As mentioned above, we would basically lose our country as we know it as far as the Constitution is concerned. And hasn’t anyone in the government noticed how well this idea has not worked for the EU? I am totally astonished. Although it rarely happens, I think I am now speechless.

  • Wayne Johnson

    Liberals always do things incrementally, and Conservatives, in a spirit of cooperation, always allow them to do so.

  • Bert Cundle


    • http://naver samurai

      You’re a sick puppy Bert. I think you need to get a hobby and not be on this site so much. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • Bert Cundle

        You are on this site a lot more than I am. NOT MAKING NEAR AS MUCH SENSE…

        • http://naver samurai

          Yeah right! Keep dreaming! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • ImAnIndependent

    Could it be that this is why they won’t close the borders and consistently give most favored status to the Mexicans?

    • Bert Cundle

      The Mexicians are the Knights & Ponds & Bishups, in the Attack With our: Castle, Unprotested, King in Check.

      • Bert Cundle

        Unprotested< "UNPROTECTED!" I typed the "c" the first time, Not the s!

    • Dan az

      Why would they invest in border fences if they are just going to take them down?The new border is going to be set by the UN not by us.check this out.
      They will be getting this through next so it is imperative that we cut the ties with the UN and stop the agenda 21 first and foremost.

      • DaveH

        You’re right. Get US out of the UN!

        • denniso

          That’s why you’re an extremist,spouting such nonsense that plays well w/ the uneducated buffoons. The UN is the only global body that helps on a global scale w/ a variety of needs…hunger,poverty,war,genocide,commerce. Is the UN perfect? Of course not,nothing is,not even Dave. We dominate the UN,as in the runup to the illegal war in Iraq,and get much more out of it than most other countries. Sure, all the rightwing can worry about is money and we pay more in than others,but that isn’t the whole story.
          The UN has no power at all over us,except in the dreams of people like Dave.

          • Jay

            The UN is an evil organization under the control of satan!

          • denniso

            You don’t believe that…if you really do,then you’re certifiably insane. There is no Satan,first of all,it’s a figment of your and your buddies lose minds. Secondly, the UN is simply a group of most of the world’s countries trying to tackle some of the biggest problems.

          • DaveH

            There goes Denniso again with the personal attacks. The acts of a desperate man.
            But please don’t let me chase you away, Denniso. I could try as I might to give Liberals a bad name, but you do the job for me excellently.

          • http://naver samurai

            Duhnisso, knock of the nonsense about there being no satan. Believe me, he’s real alright. It is the fool that says there is no God within his own heart. Second, what exactly has the U.N. acomplished? I see these days they are accomplishing things by having nations bomb Lybia and Yemen for no reason. Geesh, you must have really lost your mind. FOR GOPD AND COUNTRY!

          • JeffH

            “We cannot be saved until we have risen above all our enemies, not the least of which is ignorance.”
            Joseph Smith

          • Cawmun Cents

            Wasnt Joeseph Smith shot to death?

          • denniso

            Calling someone insane when they continually spout nonsense and iodicy is not a personal attack,just the facts. Was Hitler an evil and insane man? Yes! Is that a ‘personal’ attack on Hitler,or the truth?

          • denniso

            Oh Samurai, tell me what the devil looks like…and how is it that ‘he’ is a ‘he’? If your god is all powerful and loves us as his children how is it remotely rational that he would allow the most evil creature to exist and then to be a constant temptation to us little creatures of god? Your nonsense knows no bounds.And,just maybe, your god could be a ‘she’,right?

  • chuckb

    isn’t it strange how the gulf spill triggered all this agenda, isn’t it strange barry shut down all off shore drilling, circumventing a federal judges decision. how convenient. hr #3534 will most likely be pushed through just like the health care. doesn’t it make you wonder where all these conservative republicans are when these bills come up, what did boehner say, it’s too late for the congress to act? why don’t these congressmen notify their constituents of these dangerous bills? where was boehner? playing golf with barry.
    i believe the gulf oil spill was not accidental.

    • DaveH

      This guy shares your concerns, Chuckb:

    • denniso

      Chuckb,you can’t possibly believe that Obama or the administration or environmentalists conspired to blow up the drilling rig,kill 11 men,foul the entire gulf,kill thousands of sea/bird life,hurt Obama’s poll numbers,and all to push a liberal energy policy. Tell me it isn’t true,Chuck,you can’t be that far gone. Best wishes.

      • DaveH

        Yeah, Chuck, tell Duhniso that BP, which has been pushing its Greeness for years, and Obama and crowd who have cooked up the Global Warming Hoax to push their scams, couldn’t possibly consider such a thing as sabotaging a drilling rig to push their agenda. I mean, after all, Obama is just looking out for our best interests, why else would he work behind closed doors to jam an unpopular Health Care Bill down the citizens throats. It’s nice to be loved.
        Duhniso, you are looking less intelligent with every post.

        • denniso

          Intelligence? And you don’t know the difference between advertising/marketing and pr that corporations use for their monetary benefit? I guess you believe all the oil/gas ads running now that show their love for the common man/woman??? Wow!

  • DaveH

    Dirty tricks by the Obama Administration? No, surely not:

  • Paul Chacho Jr.

    Personally, I would like to incorporate Canada into the USA. Then shut out the rest of the world as far as immigration, trade agreements etc. We have our allies. Mostly the British Commonwealth (Western Civilizations). We keep our guns, denniso , and the rest of our traditional Constitutional liberties. Trouble is, Canada would not do it and I do not blame them. Mexico can go to Hell. Many of you sound like conspiracy theorists. Fine. My conspiracy is obama is out to destroy our country. People, get active! Tea Party, conservative Republicans or conservative Democrats. (Are there any left?) Libertarians and Constitutionalists also. We need to restore the original intent of the Constitution. Limited Federal Government. Basically, military, State Department and protect individual rights and commerce. Not regulate! PROTECT! denniso, if you are a progressive, stop screwing up my country. The rest of you, GET BUSY defeating the Socialist/ progressive movement. They are dangerous.

    • denniso

      And you want NO regulation?? That worked really well before the great depression,didn’t it? Do you ever read history? Do you realize there is NO modern,industrial country in the world that does not regulate business? If Greenspan and Bush had regulated the financial markets more heavily before our recent crash,we wouldn’t have had one. Think!!!

      • http://?? Joe H.

        Let’s not forget Freddy and Fannie!! you know, the ones Bawney and Dirty Harry said were “JUST FINE!!”

      • http://naver samurai

        Wasn’t it FDR’s policies that worsened and extended the Great Depression, because all they did was give people money, raise taxes, and created not jobs whatsoever? Got to check your facts before you post. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

        • denniso

          You need to actually read some real history about the depression and FDR. You and the lying rightwing are clueless about what FDR’s programs did in helping real people and the economy recover from the largest crash in the history of your beloved capitalistic system. FDR actually saved it from the ‘threat’ of socialism/communism because so many real people,not the fat cats,saw capitalism as a fatally flawed system that couldn’t or wouldn’t do anything about the disaster so terribly afflicting common/working people.

  • rumwhisp

    It’s pretty clear if this happens then we will all have to learn Spanish. Why? Because I work every day with Mexicans who have lived in the States a decade or more (legal immigrants as well as illegal) who refuse to learn to speak English. And really now days they don’t need to do so. More and more we accommodate and they don’t assimilate. Oh and my grandfather was a legal Mexican immigrant who became an American and became fluent in English within a couple of years here so don’t tell me it can’t be done. It’s just not required anymore!

  • i41

    dennesio, if all marxist/communist dumbocraps are so educated, why is it that every thing do or try to create, to be run by the government. Has never works, never stays in budget, and is only a barrel of s–t and waste. Another area all of you mental book trained bastards believe is that UN can do something except create phony problems and try to destroy the USA all the time. Name one damn thing the niggardly bunch of stone aged pukes can do right or has every done right. Of course it is the theorical “educated morons” of the marxist/communist dumbocrat party that keeps waste our USA taxpayers money by giving it away to any group, who hates and will not support America or Israel. Onumnutts and all democrap party whores think we all should live like the rest of the dictatoral stoneage 6th century countries that females are less than a run over dog.

    • denniso

      You never change! I try to read your comment and am stopped quickly by the rantings w/ terrible grammar and foul words…can’t do it.

      • DaveH

        You’re such a mean hater, Denniso.

      • http://naver samurai

        Looking in the mirror again, eh? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

      • JeffH

        “the rantings”? Familiarity breeds contempt! ROFLMAO!

        denisso, look in the mirror…do you see the familiarity?

        rant –verb (used without object)
        1. to speak or declaim extravagantly or violently; talk in a wild or vehement way; rave: The demagogue ranted for hours.

        –verb (used with object)
        2. to utter or declaim in a ranting manner.

        3. ranting, extravagant, or violent declamation.

        4. a ranting utterance.

        • http://naver samurai

          Good post. Keep up the good fight, fellow patriot! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • DaveH

    For those who would like to immerse themselves in the study of Liberty:

  • chuckb

    denniso, the pipeline on that rig was supposed to have two ram shears at the well head, one a back up in case one malfunctioned. there has never been a report of what happened if they worked or not, the mms agency failed to inspect the rig to ascertain whether the shears had been installed.
    the head of mms agency elizabeth binbaum resigned and barry has conveniently and quietly removed her from all controversy.
    this was mishandled by the agency and they really don’t know for sure if the explosion was accidental or man made. you can blame barry for the stupidity part, mismanagement and poor leadrship, mrs binbaum is obvious. conveniently the platform was destroyed so no evidence of
    foul play could be detected.
    dave h makes a good point about bp and the greenies. have a good night denniso.

    • denniso

      The MMS was stacked w/ industry friendly hacks by Bush,and Obama hadn’t cleaned house when the disaster happened. Bush wanted MMMS to essentially be a rubber stamp for the oil industry,so blame him. No doubt Obama should have dumped the entire agency as soon as he came in,but he hadn’t gotten around to it w/ all the other huge problems,like the imploding economy. Remember the scandals about MMS staff sleeping,literally,w/ industry fat cats? The agency was neutered by Bush and the gulf disaster was the price paid.

      • http://?? Joe H.

        WAAAAAAAAAAAA! Bush done it!!! Bush Bad!!!!

      • http://naver samurai

        Bush, baaaaa! Oil, baaaaa! GOP, baaaaa! Can’t you sheeple come up with some new material? FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Wayne937

    I am reposting this in case some one may have missed it:

    Some people have the vocabulary to sum up things in a way you can understand them. This quote came from the Czech Republic . Someone over there has it figured out. We have a lot of work to do.

    “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America . Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.”

    • DaveH

      Exactly, Wayne. Good quote.
      Imagine the fortitude of those in Czechoslovakia (now the Czech Republic and Slovakia) who suffered under the stupefying control of Communists for 30 years, and still managed to dream the impossible dream and steer their country towards Freedom. While here in the US, we had mostly Freedom up until the last 100 years, and a resulting robust economy, and still we have a large portion of the ignoramuses who embrace Big Government. The world is littered with the economic dead bodies of countries who have succumbed to the Progressives’ Siren Song, and yet our dumbed-down Progressives think that it will be different this time.
      They don’t have experience on their side, and they don’t have logic on their side. All they have is empty promises, and Hopes and Dreams. Sure, if their systems are fully implemented, some of them will be on top, but the vast majority are going to suffer their foolishness.

      • denniso

        So when someone in another country criticizes Obama you like that…when most of the world like and praises Obama you can’t stand it and call them foreigners who know nothing.

        Let me guess…you supported Palin or Trump…talk about fools!

        • JeffH

          “when most of the world like and praises Obama”?

          I suppose you can back that up with something other than you word?

          Wishfull thinking I’s have to say, wishfull thinking…and a crock of bull.

          • denniso

            If a person pays attention to more than just Fox News,she can learn what is going on in the rest of the world. For you myopic and stunted people,the world is hidden behind a black cloud. A pity,to be so blinded by ideology/hate that one can’t even hear/see what is going on in the rest of the civilized world.

        • http://naver samurai

          The only other group of people, outside America that likes him are the Taliban, Al Queda, Hamas, and the Muslim Brotherhood. Sheesh, these are some reputable characters, not. Just people that I say are “in range.” FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • Wayne937

    If you would like to know how much Obummer’s “Cap & Trade” would cost the average household, check out this website: It would cost $3128 dollars more per year.

    Now that you have had the chance to read it, do you still want it to pass????

  • http://charter susan

    if we don’t get rid of all the nuts in washington we will be going to a one world government and the muslim will be running it . lock and load most American’s will go down fighting .

  • i41

    denneniso, spoken like a true libaturd, can not win on facts, don’t know waht you think you know. Everyone of you dorks are so damned stupid, foul words are the only thing left to describe what all of you maggots are, s–t feeding vermin. That pipeline got approval from some worthless smut watching government perverts who were supposed to be being paid to check out the plans. But as most paper shuffling pkes always do, is read the plans and a to damn lazy to really know what they are supposed to check out and approve. It was approved but never visually checked out, just like all democrap created paper shuffling agencies. over loaded with book trained theorist with out a damn clue what they are looking and how to see if it is working. I know when I make a misspelling it is always all the f–king marxist/communists that whine like a b–ch in heat, if a conservative misspells, but by pass the misspelled BS of a dumbocrap.

    • denniso

      And you sound like a total moron…inarticulate,ranting and idiotic…go back to sleep.

      • http://naver samurai

        And you are just a monkey tool. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

  • mary

    It is in 6 pages of NAFTA that have never been submitted to Congress. Yes, it spells the end of what we know if they pull it off. It’s MHO.

  • chuckb

    denniso, cry and bl;ame bush all you want, your messiah appointed elizabeth ninbaun to head the mms.

    Susan Elizabeth “Liz” Birnbaum served as Director of the Minerals Management Service in the United States between July 2009 and May 2010. Birnbaum was in charge of administering “programs that ensure the effective management of renewable energy [...] and traditional energy and mineral resources on the nation’s Outer Continental Shelf, including the environmentally safe exploration, development, and production of oil and natural gas, as well as the collection and distribution of revenues for minerals developed on federal and American Indian lands.”[1]
    need i say more.

    • denniso

      Having a new head of the mms does not turn around overnight the corruption and graft and scandal that existed for most of Bush’s term. Do you deny that was the case under Bush? Everyone knows what he was doing w/the agency,essentially leaving regulation up to the industry by packing the mms w/ hacks and industry buddies. There are hundreds of people in the agency and Obama/Birnbaum hadn’t had time to turn it around in the short time they were in.

      It was/is Bush’s and the Repub’s strategy,deregulate as much as possible and let industry have a free ride. It’s still part of the rightwing platform,after all the evidence that it doesn’t work. They think of events like the gulf disaster and the economic crash as collateral damage that comes w/ their ‘divine’ free market and has to be accepted as such.

  • chuckb

    excuse the error in spelling, should be elizabeth birnbaum

  • chuckb

    denniso, deregulating doesn’t mean dropping safety standards, birbbaun failed to oversee the safety inspections. one contractor requested an inspection of the well head and was refused. the contractor asked to let him and his men leave the rig and was refused, he called and ordered one, he and his men left and eight hours later the rig blew.
    birnbaum never had the rig inspected and she was on the job less than a year. barry and the greenies were anxiously waiting in the wings, this fit right into their agenda. you notice barry made no attempt for the government to interceed until the damage was done. (barry refused to let the coast guard take the precautions they should have) then birnbaum was moved out. we are now witnessing the results of barrys actions, shutting down all drilling in the gulf defying court orders and yet we have people like yourself refusing to see the obvious and trying to blame a past president who has been out of office for two and one half years. you have your head buried in the sand of demo politics. barry not only put the economy in the tank, he’s breaking the back of the country. for one reason, he is by these actions destroying this republic. don’t misunderstand me, barry isn’t intelligent enough to do all these things by himself.

    • denniso

      Chuckb…of course deregulating means dropping safety standards! Who do you think pushed for and enforces safety standards? The gov’t. A good part of all regulations have to do w/ safety for workers or the public. Child labor laws,working w/ dangerous chemicals or in very dangerous jobs,protecting the safety of real people(children,women,men)from pollution and carcinogens,protecting the safety of our savings accounts,safety in automobiles and airplanes,the safety of the financial backbone of the country. If industry took care of the safety of people,workers and the environment we wouldn’t need gov’t regulations…industry doesn’t do it except when forced by the people,the gov’t.

      • chuckb

        denniso, you are probably right in the one sense, however, what happened to the inspections on the bp well? and why wasn’t the safety of the ram shears ascertained. why did barry refuse to allow the coast guard to do what they should have? there is no explanation for the way barry and his cohorts handled that situation, the media gave him a free pass as with everything else he has done. if bush had been president, he would have been run out of office.

  • chuckb

    the contractor had to call shore and order a helicopter, the supervisor on the rig refused the company helicopter.

    • denniso

      However you want to slice it,the companies involved tried to save some money and cut corners…11 men killed,eco systems wrecked,economies ruined,animals killed,ocean tainted for decades.

      Blame the companies not even the lax regulation because it’s their responsibility since it’s their well. It’s why we need stiff regulations for such dangerous work.

  • liz schnepp

    My understanding of the European Union is that the wealthiest country, Germany, is being asked to may for the debts of the PIGS. How can that not happen here?

  • Rigoberto Rojas

    Millennium promise can not be written words alone, but deeds that will end wars, tribulation and bring peace and security.

    “a House has a builder” and Our Earth has a Creator Of order and Peace.

    50GOODONES, but all have been invited for a chance to eternal life, but first prophecy.

    KEEP THE PEACE By Rejecting wicked machinations.
    With God most things can be possible weather permitting. End.

    • denniso

      If our ‘earth has a creator of order and peace’,then why has the world seldom seen order and peace? Believing in myth and superstition does not make things true.

  • gyrene

    Vigilant & Brother Patriot, you are both correct [to a point]. Obummer is definitely the most dangerous prez ever, but that`s the way the Illuminati designed it. They chose him to bring this country to its knees, just as he is doing. The G-men have bookoo papers on all of us, so they know where all the weapons are. Once martial law is called, the local law enforcement will knock on your door about 4AM on a Sunday morning w/ a search warrant to confiscate your weapons & ammo. After you refuse [claiming your constitutional rights], they`ll just retreat & a few minutes later their backup [NATO troops] will begin to take you out— as per an Alex Jones video showing them practicing “peace-keeping” maneuvers in American neighborhoods. They`ll begin taking us out like dogs, one at a time. The neighbors will be told you were dealing drugs, so they will not complain. So much for a chance for revolution! After 2 tours in the `Nam, I swore I`d never fire a weapon in anger again unless it were on American soil in actual defense of my country! They`ll have to blow me away & label me as a disgruntled vet because I will not go to any Fema death camp!! God, I hope I`m wrong, but I don`t believe there will be a 2012 elections. The dollar will crash before then with riots & such all over [the leeches will need their welfare handouts]. So being a “good” prez, he`ll proclaim martial law to “maintain” order. With a perfectly timed “national emergency” he`ll screw us good then. All our Bill Of Rights & Constitution will be history & we`ll never be able to mount any revolt, since they`ll eliminate the ones they figure will be difficult for them. While our troops are conveniently deployed overseas they now have NATO troops on US military bases [they know US troops would never fire on their own citizens]. Why do you think Obummer is not fazed by all the negative crap about him? He knows there will be no election & for all of us who are still alive at that time, he`ll give payback for not being loyal subjects. The bible says he`ll give people an option— accept a tiny capsule injection in your right hand or your forehead [the mark of the beast], or be beheaded. The bible also says everyone taking this mark will be doomed to hell! I wish someone would impeach him, but I guess destiny has to take its course. I hope to God I`m wrong & we can just “kick the can down the road” & let some other generation deal with this [I`m getting too old for this crap]. I was hoping to retire in December & die a peaceful & natural death later on. Wake up America! They`re not going to draw us a picture. Call & write all your congressmen, etc. May God bless us all!


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