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"A Republic—If You Can Keep It"

June 18, 2010 by  

"A Republic—If You  Can Keep It"

At first I couldn’t believe my eyes.

In fact, I had to look away and blink a couple of times before reading the email again. But it still said the same thing: “Benjamin Franklin said, ‘We have given you a democratic-republic… if you can keep it.”

No, he didn’t!

I had to face the fact: A Straight Talk reader had fallen victim to 100 years of liberal brainwashing. What he said was such a gross perversion of the truth—and the difference is so incredibly important to preserving what liberties we have left—I hope you’ll indulge me in a brief history lesson this week.

If you remember much from your high school history classes about the founding of this country, you know there was a great deal of controversy about what type of government the newly independent states should create.

The first effort, the Articles of Confederation, was generally regarded as a failure. But what should replace them? Each state sent a group of representatives to meet in Philadelphia and hammer out a new agreement. The deliberations of the Constitutional Convention in 1787 were held in strict secrecy. Consequently, anxious citizens gathered outside Independence Hall when the proceedings ended, eager to learn what had been produced behind those closed doors.

As the delegates left the building, a Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have we got?”

With no hesitation, Franklin replied, “A republic, if you can keep it.” Not a democracy, not a democratic republic. But “a republic, if you can keep it.”

Over the past four decades I have recounted this story several hundred times. For many years I traveled the country giving speeches about the threats to this Republic. I always enjoyed the opportunity to talk to high school students when I could wrangle an invitation. When I did, I loved to tell them about the differences between a republic and a democracy.

“A lynch mob is democracy in action,” I would say. “While if you believe someone is innocent until proven guilty, that they deserve their day in court and that a jury of their peers should decide their fate, then you believe in a nation of laws, not just the whims of a mob.”

Another line I used a lot was, “Democracy is five wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for lunch. If you were the sheep, which would you rather live in—a republic or a democracy?”

I told them about the importance of “binding men down with the chains of a Constitution.” That this was the only sure way to protect their freedom. And that anyone who wanted to change this republic into a democracy was an enemy of liberty.

A century or two earlier there would have been no need to give such a talk—and no interest if one did. Back in the 18th and 19th centuries, every American who could read and write (and probably most of those who couldn’t), knew we were a republic. The campaign to brainwash us into believing we were a democracy didn’t begin until 100 years ago. Today, if you take a poll of high school or college students, the overwhelming majority will tell you that we are a democracy.

Please don’t dismiss this as a mere quarrel over semantics. Understanding the difference between the two systems of government is absolutely vital. I am not exaggerating when I tell you that our very liberties depend on getting more Americans to realize the importance of this seemingly arcane dispute.

Our Founding Fathers Feared And Hated Democracy
Most high school students who heard me say such a thing were surprised and shocked. They had been taught that the United States was, and had always been, a democracy. That “majority rule” was the fairest of all possible forms of government.
Who was this guy to tell them they’d been lied to?

So I quoted what some of our founding fathers had to say. I asked if they had heard of The Federalist Papers—the collection of articles written during the debate over ratifying the new constitution.

In Federalist No. 10, James Madison, often referred to as “the father of the Constitution,” had this to say:

“…democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been found incompatible with personal security or the rights of property; and have in general been as short in their lives as they are violent in their deaths.”

Alexander Hamilton concurred. In a speech he gave in June 1788, urging ratification of the Constitution, he thundered:

“The ancient democracies in which the people themselves deliberated never possessed one good feature of government. Their very character was tyranny; their figure deformity.”

Fisher Ames, a member of Congress during the eight years that George Washington was president, wrote an essay called “the Mire of Democracy.” In it, he said that the framers of the Constitution “intended our government should be a republic, which differs more widely from a democracy than a democracy from despotism.”

Yes, our founding fathers were well aware of the differences between a republic and a democracy. They revered the former; but as I said above, they hated and feared the latter.

In view of the founders’ ardent convictions, it is no surprise that you cannot find the word “democracy” anywhere in the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution of the U.S. Indeed, the Constitution not only proclaimed that our Federal government should be a republic; it went further and mandated that “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a republican form of government.”

These principles used to be widely understood and commonly accepted. John Marshall, chief justice of the Supreme Court from 1801 until 1835, said that, “Between a balanced republic and a democracy, the difference is like that between order and chaos.” Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote that “democracy becomes a government of bullies tempered by editors.”

Nor was it only Americans who feared and despised democracy. Lord Acton, the famous Englishman who coined the aphorism that “power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely,” had this to say:

“The one prevailing evil of democracy is the tyranny of the majority, or rather that party, not always the majority, that succeeds, by force or fraud, in carrying elections.”

It was only during the last century that the falsehood about this country being a democracy became widely accepted. Woodrow Wilson declared that we fought World War I “to make the world safe for democracy.” Franklin Roosevelt said that the U.S. “must be the great arsenal of democracy.”

So today, almost every schoolchild in America believes that the U.S. is a democracy. Why did the liberal intelligentsia in this country, supported by their slavish followers in the media and their docile puppets in politics, pull this “bait and switch” on us?

For the answer, let’s turn to another Englishman, Alexander Fraser Tytler, also known as Lord Woodhouselee, who wrote:

“A democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government. It can only exist until the voters discover they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates promising the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship.”

The only part of Mr. Tytler’s warning I’ll dispute is his use of the word “always.” You and I have been given the power to prevent our country’s descent into a democracy. It’s called the ballot box. Let’s hope enough of us use it this coming Nov. 2 to begin the process of taking our country back.

Until next time, keep some powder dry.

—Chip Wood

Chip Wood

is the geopolitical editor of He is the founder of Soundview Publications, in Atlanta, where he was also the host of an award-winning radio talk show for many years. He was the publisher of several bestselling books, including Crisis Investing by Doug Casey, None Dare Call It Conspiracy by Gary Allen and Larry Abraham and The War on Gold by Anthony Sutton. Chip is well known on the investment conference circuit where he has served as Master of Ceremonies for FreedomFest, The New Orleans Investment Conference, Sovereign Society, and The Atlanta Investment Conference.

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  • Anthony

    I’ll say this – it used to be amazing to hear the subtle disparity in the political news when it came on the evening news. The process of “voting” itself could (I think) be called a democratic action. However, that’s the real end of that format, as far as how the Founding Fathers actually framed the Constitution. The reason as the Author (Chip) points out, that the first Articles of Confederation failed so miserably, was that it was FULL OF “democracy” and the types of methods to be used were based on the function of such politic…. full of those types of stipulations.

    I would ask the Author if he would rather align a democracy more closely with an Oligarchy over anything else(?) I ask this question, because that’s exactly what we have in this Country right here, right now. An Oligarchy.

    From -
    ol·i·gar·chy   /ˈɒlɪˌgɑrki/ Show Spelled[ol-i-gahr-kee] Show IPA
    –noun, plural -chies.
    1. a form of government in which all power is vested in a few persons or in a dominant class or clique; government by the few.

    2. a state or organization so ruled.
    3. the persons or class so ruling.
    If you don’t believe my point of view, that’s up to you. But, you should bring evidence to the table to back up your disagreement. Here’s why…..

    Right now, in this Country (and practically all others, as well) there is a Group of ultra-rich, the Super-Billionaires, who have this idea that the rest of the Planet couldn’t properly handle themselves let alone the Planet and the knowledge they are holding for themselves only – they “own” most of everything thru all types of shenanigans, especially from the stance of supporting “fractional banking” like what is used in every Central Bank there is in all but five Countries. (It could actually be only four Countries, by now)

    There are some names for these Groups of the Money’d Elite – but one that has stood out now for six decades (yea, roughly about 60 years or more, since 1954) and their name is The Bilderberg Group. They meet in secret – no real investigative Press are allowed inside whatsoever.

    Oh, there are Publishers of incredibly large Newspapers who are invited in, but NO information about what they discuss or what they are planning is allowed to be known by us. If you remember, Obama’s Press Corps, during the run-up for election, was shanghied by Robert Gibbs, with no Presidential-hopeful on the plane when it took off because Obama (and Hillary) had been ordered to appear at the annual secretive Bilderberg Meeting.

    It is been this Bilderberg Group in coordination with The Council on Foreign Affairs, that has been the real voice on who we are allowed to elect for President… and by that I mean since Eisenhower and especially John F Kennedy, who they thought was their best patsy, ever, and had JFK played along this New World Order would already be in existence – the Sixties were a turbulent decade because this secretive Group “wanted it that way”.

    I can go so far as to say that ALL Presidents save ‘two’ were always Members of the CFR, as well. One was Gerald Ford, with the other being Ronald Reagan. Otherwise, ALL OF THEM have been Members of the CFR and by extrapolation, agreeable to marching orders from The Bilderberg Group.

    You don’t like it….. I don’t care. Dragnet: these are just the facts, ma’am!

    The Bilderberg Group is the Planetary (world-wide) Oligarchy set up by the ultra-rich who are also the people in charge of the Central Banks – remember: he who controls the money……

    The Founding Fathers won the day back in 1787 – or more correctly, the JEFFERSONIANS won the day despite a constant barrage attack from the Hamiltonians who wanted the Nation’s Wealth re-distributed to the few who had anded together for exactly that purpose – and they were (actually) nothing more than Agents for the European Banking Cartel (Cabal?) run the Amschel Mayer Bauer Clan of Bavaria…. rather, Frankfurt, Germany – - AKA: The Rothschilds.

    [this is why I always snicker when I watch the TV Series: 24]

    Even though Thomas Jefferson was actually still in [Paris, France], as the U.S. Ambassador, and this being exactly WHY it was that Alexander Hamilton wanted (needed?) to have the 1st ever Constitutional Convention held in that year (1787)… because Mr. Jefferson WAS stuck in Paris / yea, I know, a run-on sentence / the Patriots that supported the Jeffersonian Republic versus the Hamiltonian Democracy won the day, defeating Alexander Hamilton in his bid to re-create the English “mercantil-ism” that had diseased England giving rise to the british fleeing their own Country for hopes of something better….

    Today, mercantilism is known as: CORPORATISM

    So – while you see the Author giving credit to Alexander Hamilton in this Article…. do not be fooled by the reasons WHY he has inserted that acknowledgement. If (or when) you read The Federalist Papers, every time you see one of those passages attributed to Mr. Hamilton, yuo will find he has written very Jefferson-like in his comments.

    Early on, as I read the book, I fell for the rhetoric from A.H. – I did, I admit it. But, you must then go on to read Hamilton’s writings as the 1st Secretary of the treasury, under George Washington. THERE is where you find the ‘snake in the grass’, the wolf in sheep’s clothing. He may have said one thing in the Federalist Papers, but his intentions as history proves out were anything but Republic, in nature. He would have no real power unless the Constitution became LAW. Therefore, why not support the document that did not agree with his real principles, as given to him by the Rothschild Clan? Remember, Hamilton did not come from Europe, per se’. He came from the West Indies, and grew up somewhat well-to-do, within the aristocracy in that part of the world, and it was the Rothschilds who controlled the West Indies Trading Company, and it was this Company that also dabbled in the transport of heroin around the planet, even back in those early days of our new baby USA. There is a great little video called: The Two Massachusetts on (go look it up and watch)

    I have been researching for some time – and I am about 3/4 of the way thru a Book called: Hamilton’s Curse by Thomas J. DiLorenzo and I recommend this book as one of the quickest Primers you might ever want to get your hands on, when it comes to finding out what really happened back in the late 1700′s and at the birth of our Country.

    I want to thank the Author, Chip Wood, for re-engaging this discussion. It cannot be reviewed often enough. If you look into the reality of what he has written / research the evidence he gives / then you will find, as I have, that Political Parties be damned… this is about those who “control the money” and seriously nothing more than that.

    It isn’t about Democrats nor Republicans. It isn’t about Liberals versus Conservatives. It isn’t about the (false) Left/Right Paradigm.

    It’s about the Money Paradigm.

    And, this is why I grit my teeth and say a prayer for those who post here trying to remain “stuck in the muck” of Bushies verus Clintons or Obamas… because it’s all a waste of effort, a waste of brain power (am I being too generous?).

    It’s about exactly what the Author has initiated as a discussion.

    In a Republic, it is incredibly difficult for an Oligarchy to take over a Country such as what our first Patriots died attempting to create. In a Democracy, a Country becoming an Oligarchy, is like flipping the light-swith in your bathroom and flushing (your freedoms away). Which, by sheer ignorance, laziness, finger-pointing, stupidity,..and most of all FEAR…. is exactly what the majority of this Country’s Voters have done, especially since the Presidency of Woodrow Wilson. Although, many like TJ DiLorenzo, would argue that our most prevalent weapons against the Oligarchy were stripped from us by Abraham Lincoln, during the Civil War. We let the money’d elite get away with taking over our Newspapers, our education system and our form of government.

    During the Wilson Era – we had these items come into being:
    1. The Federal Reserve Act
    2. The 16th Amendment / Income Tax
    3. The 17th Amendment / straight election of Senators

    ALL THREE OF THE ABOVE NEED TO BE REVERSED, or RIPPED UP – doing so is the real first true act(s) of honest patriotism if you ever really want to get back your Republic, for which it stands!

    Do not doubt it

    – try and demand an answer on whether your vote would END THE FED, from the Politician in your States. See what they respond with.

    Thanks, Mr. Chip Wood / keep ‘em coming!

    • Al Sieber

      Good post Anthony, keep up the good work Chip.

    • TIME

      Anthoney, I agree with Al, a really great post!

    • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

      Still in this country the oligarhchy needs the democracy to make it all work for them. A few cannot control America without being able to influence the vote. No one works harder at this than George Soros with his power and his money.

      • Anthony

        Anthony says:

        With the new computerized voting structure – thank you “hanging chads” / don’t you all feel real setup, suddenly / this is exactly where many lightweights in civics blew it / ….the computer-code on these voting machines can be structured in such a way that any and all voting(s) could be arranged to come out 51-49%, and the Winner is who the CFR wanted all along. Bank on this being the premise – until you stop voting for those that are presented to us on a silver platter.

        I work in the IT Field – and the Government has all the secret backdoor information they need to waltz right in to your computers and you would never know it. I’t s apart of the way they LICENSE Operating Systems and Circuit Boards for sale to the Consumer – thou must….. (as it were).

        • kate8

          Anthony, I have NO confidence in the voting system. I believe it is rigged from the outset. One example is how McCain, about the most unpopular R ever to run for the nomination, came from dead-last to winning it. It had to have been pre-planned.

          The globalist power-mongers haven’t come this far only to be stopped by an election. There is no way they’ll allow the outcome to be in our hands.

          • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

            I am not that skeptial. McCain had the Republican establishment working for him. Romney and Huckabee split the conservative vote. It is said 40% of the Republican Party are progressives and that is the percentage of votes McCain got. You should not promote the idea of voter fraud until there is proof. It is destructive to the conservative movement as it is promoting the idea that there is no hope.

          • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

            Kate H says: “The voting system is vulnerable, and is being manipulated.” While the voting system may be vunerable there is no proof it is manipated. It is particually harmful to promote that idea just because you feel coruption is rampant. The left tried to make that claim in Palm Beach County where I am from with Al Gore. The voting system was proven to be honest with just a lot of dumb people who couldn’t push a pin through a piece of cardboard. The left also tried to make that claim with Kerry in 2004. Kerry opening admitted he did not challenge the vote because there was no proof of fraud. While there is corruption in the system there are a lot of people who work for government who try to do the right thing. They should be given credit.

          • Sue C

            Hello Kate8!

            I love it when I meet smart people like yourself, and have the guts to tell it like it is! Thanks for your wonderful comment

        • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

          Anthony slow down a little on reading all the conspiricy books. The problem with going that route is that there is never a solution or hope as it promotes the idea that everything is out of the control of the American people and they have no chance. When I was reading conspiracy books in the early 90s there was not much help or understanding of that issue except maybe the John Birth Society. Now there are many well know people who are fighting back and understand the problem so I assure you we are not finnished yet.

          • kate8

            Bruce, you obviously do not care to dig too deep, and that is your right. But you have no business directing myself, Anthony or anyone to “slow down” on anything.

            Many of us are passionate in our quest for the truth, and we are not about to “slow down”. Forget it.

          • kate8

            JC, Bruce, if people are made aware that the vote can, and is, being tampered with, they can demand a paper back-up and open recounts.

            No one is advocating that we shouldn’t vote. But we need to demand that the integrity of the system be preserved at all costs, or our vote means nothing.

            Those pushing the current agenda will stop at nothing to win. Remember, they are the ones who say “the end justifies the means”.

          • kate8

            So Bruce, you say we shouldn’t point to corruption unless we have proof that will hold up in a court of law? What if no court will even look at evidence? (Case in point: The Birth Certificate). No court, no foul?

            Come on, the corruption is rampant. And if, as many believe, our only recourse is the ballot box, then what happens when that is no longer viable? The voting system is vulnerable, and is being manipulated. So, is that it, then?

            I’m sure our founders could foresee this dilemma. There has to be another avenue, or the game is over.

          • Right Wing

            Bruce it looks like you have taken a (small) beating on your posts but I support your position. Conspiracy is like a cancer to action. It is designed to paralyze readers with a sense that there is a shadowy juggernaut that can not be stopped. I do not accept defeat in my individual responsibility as guardian of freedom and laugh at most speculative information fueling conspiracies. I base my passions on the adage, “don’t believe what you hear and only half of what you see”. What I see is abundant evidence of corruption and a creeping movement to eradicate the liberty visualized by our Constitutional Framers. If anyone suggests “there is nothing you can do about it”, ask yourself if you should be so culpable to accept their conclusion as fact! It is unsettling to my spirit to witness the paralysis of fear as many Americans herd against the fence in the sheeple corral.

            Many will say Americans have passively yielded their liberties and now there is nothing to do except to sit back and enjoy the landing at socialistic tyranny. My answer is that tolerance is a major characteristic of American life as we all engage in the “pursuit”. Tolerance should not be mistaken for surrender and I believe as Thoreau says, “I do not hesitate to say, that those who call themselves Abolitionists should at once effectually withdraw their support, both in person and property, from the government…and not wait till they constitute a majority of one, before they suffer the right to prevail through them. I think that it is enough if they have God on their side, without waiting for that other one. Moreover, any man more right than his neighbors constitutes a majority of one already.” Stand with your neighbors if you are fortunate but know you are not alone if you stand alone. Vivere in libertate aut mori!

          • kate8

            RW, as I stated before, that is exactly the kind of blind thinking people have always engaged in right before they fell to tyrants. The German people did not believe any “conspiracy” was afoot, either. And guess what? The same “conspirators” that were behind Hitler are behind the current movement toward tyranny: The House of Rothschild et al.

            It seems that the “conspiracy theories” bandied about over the decades are now surfacing as reality. If you cannot see this, and do not believe there is a well-organized agenda now in its final stages, then you simply are ignoring the obvious. You are in denial.

            I never said there was “nothing we can do about it”. What I am saying is that we need to forge a new game plan, because if we keep playing by their rules, the game is rigged.

            It’s time to get creative. Time to ask for help from a higher power. It is when things seem the most hopeless that “Divine Providence” steps in.

          • Right Wing

            Kate8, I believe you are a conscious person but I am not sure why you interpret what I wrote as blind thinking? If you did and don’t understand it then perhaps I was not clear enough. Conspiracy theories are “theories”…ie. unproven postulations. They stand an equal chance of being true or false at the start and at best 100% right or wrong. Typically; however, they end up being somewhat a percentage of each. I base my opinions instead on compilations of current and historical events and I will say that I agree corruption is rampant and that there are individuals and organizations whose aim is to degrade our Constitutional liberties. Hamilton warned of the pitfalls facing adoption of the new Constitution but shortly thereafter found himself cast in the ill light he had shed.

            My point is that conspiracy theories can overwhelm the senses and sensibilities of rational people and render them paralyzed with fear of the shadowy menaces at the focus. I simply choose to accept that there are such groups and individuals, but I draw the line at awareness. I try very hard not to get caught up in the unproductive speculations and dark imaginings associated with the unknown.

            To use an analogy: Consider the Wizard of Oz in your kitchen. You hear the news that he is a frightening figure to be respected and feared. Imagine approaching the menacing hologram and booming voice in your own home. You could approach with trepidation and feel powerless to exercise your rights as a home-owner. I would certainly skip this stage, disregard the heresay concerning this fearful figure, and then promptly march down and have stern words with the guy behind the curtain (maybe kick the crap out of him).

            My appeal is to the fearless and conscious people to accept that our “only regret is that we have but one life to give”. I know where I stand and I only hope that there are many more like me. The slow spiral into socialism has approached the narrow vortex and we have little time to spare. My children have even less and history will be lost to them. God be with you, and God help us all.

          • kate8

            RW, many of those “theories” HAVE proven out. All you have to do is keep your eyes and ears open.

            You know the admonition: know your enemy. Believe me, they know us. To be able to recognize evil is not to instill fear and hopelessness, but to enable us to face it squarely, and walk through the fear and come out the other side. Only then, with a calm mind and heart, can we find effective ways of out-maneuvering a threat.

            I have been aware of the warnings for many years, and have been watching them unfold precisely as laid out and predicted. This is not to say that we can’t rise above it. But first, we need enough people who can see into the shadows with courage. We have too many faint-of-heart among us.

            I also am aware that this is, as always, a spiritual struggle for the soul of mankind. I believe that this is where our answers lie.

            I do agree that time is short. That is why risk being ridiculed and marginalized by speaking up. I don’t have all the answers, but I call it as I see it, and listen to others who’ve looked into areas that I have missed.

            This needs to be a collective effort. Nothing is ever completely hopeless. By universal law, evil cannot prevail. But we must also be aware that civilizations rise and fall, come and go, in endless cycles, and we are fools if we fail to recognize our mortality.

          • Right Wing

            Well then it appears to me that we are speaking the same language but may have missed on a few off the details. I agree fully with your view. God bless and endeavor to persevere.

          • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

            To Right Wing:

            We are on the same page. To those that keep themselves busy reading conspiracy books they never offer solutions. Any suggestions offered they claim will never work because of these all powerful ‘Rothchild beings’. Really there is never an end to these theories. They keep going father and father back untill you reach the paramids of Egypt or further and the intermingling of genetic lines with aliens. From that all the blood lines of kings and most presidents have come forth. Most likely millions of words have been written on such things. I have never read anyone mention or talk about any solution. What is particually destructive is promoting the idea that voting in the right persons and giving them your support will never work as the voting is rigged. While a democracy was feared by the founders they also gave us with the Republic the power to speak through our vote. Another power of the people is ‘jury nulification’. We have courts of law where things are still possible. We have a strong patriot friend in Clarence Thomas and his wife. We must promote the idea that no judge can be elected without understanding of original intent and an oath to defend it. Mark Rubio will be a good addition as a Florida senator. How about Demint? Also Michelle B. There are plenty of good people uniting at this time to help.

          • MichelleO

            John Birch not John Birth

        • JC

          Bruce, they’re not “conspiracy” books, they’re history books.
          You should do a little reading yourself.

          Anthony, Hamilton’s Curse is as you say a good primer.
          Another goos book is John V. Denson’s “A Century of War”
          It’s another eye opener.

          Lets’ not leave out “The Creature From Jekyll Island”

          And for a very orderly and somewhat amusing look:
          “The Law” by Frederic Bastiat

          Read all of that and then take a look at what’s going on.

          • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

            Actually I read two of those books twenty years ago so do not think you are on the cutting edge of knowledge. I stand by what I have said. There will always be people who will try to buy a politician. The focus still needs to be on reducing government, reducing taxes, and restricting judges to original intent of the constitution. But by all means if you want to go another route go ahead. I have noticed a few on here that have been critical of Glen Beck. That is just plain stupid. Hr should be given all the support he can get.

          • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

            I might add the reason I made some of those statements is that it is particually harmfull to try to discredit the validity of the vote unless there is valid proof to bring into a court of law. It is also important to maintain pressure on enforcing the imigration laws. These kinds of issues will bring voters out in force. These are tangible things that can bring out people to not only vote out democrats but also remove progressive republicans. If you have anyway of getting rid of Rothschilds or George Soros you let me know. I would be interested then.

          • JC

            For the most part I’m with you Bruce. Right now the vote is the only peaceful means of change we have. But in addition to your recomendations I believe we need to end the Fed. Auditing the Fed might be a good way to expose it for what it really is, but ending it altogether should be the ultimate goal. Anthony is right about the history behind it.

          • Anthony

            I see “Bruce” simply wants myself and many others to simply shut up. He can spout off all he likes, but WE must watch what WE say…. well,….that’s never gonna happen.

            What BRUCE is exhibiting ins ‘blind patriotism’ for the status quo. Fearful people and establishment-crooks always scream ‘conspiracy’ when others are pulling back the curtains on what’s really going on.

            Bruce is more than welcome to bring ‘proof’ that there’s no way the voting booth cannot be corrupted in any fashion, even though we now use computers…. I’ll take an honest look at what he offers..

            Also – NO, Bruce – I will NOT slow down on what I read — you can attempt to anoint yourself as the latest blog-dictator, like all Hamiltonian-wannabees…. but, it’s just you showin others how much you hate others being the center of attention. In fact, the majority of your condescending rhetoric is quite childish.

          • Al B Tross

            Don’t forget Leonard Zinns’ “The Peoples History of the United States”

    • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

      It is true that presidents come and go but the oligarchy always stays firmly in place. Yet it is nice for them to have a friend in Barack Obama who did not spend his formative years growing up in the United States. Redistribution of wealth becomes the commom bond in a democracy. I give you money or a benefit and you give me your vote.

      From Audacity of Hope: ‘I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.’ Barack Obama

      • JC

        Know the enemy Bruce.

    • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

      From Dreams of My Father: ‘It remained necessary to prove which side you were on, to show your loyalty to the black masses, to strike out and name names.’

      From Dreams of My Father: ‘I never emulate white men and brown men whose fates didn’t speak to my own. It was into my father’s image, the black man, son of Africa , that I’d packed all the attributes I sought in myself: the attributes of Martin and Malcolm, DuBois and Mandela.’

      Our problems now are greater than the oligarchy. We have main stream media not vetting a president. We have Ivy League schools that have instituionalized the progressive agenda. To say it is the oligarchy’s fault over simplifies it and removes all responsibility and blame from the American people. “We are our own worst enemy.” Many are just starting to realize that as they are starting to see our demize and speaking out.

      • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

        Oh by the way the father Barack Obama emulated was a self proclaimed communist.

      • Dan Burke

        “Our problems now are greater than the oligarchy. We have main stream media not vetting a president. We have Ivy League schools that have instituionalized the progressive agenda.” If you accept the idea that we have, or are moving into, an oligarchy, then are not the next two sentences actually conditions of the problem and not separate issues onto themselves. For wouldn’t an oligarchy want to have a say in the main stream media and use the media to “vet” the president in a way that pleases the oligarchy? And wouldn’t the oligarchy have an interest in making sure that the education of the youth makes them unable to see the dangers of the oligarchy?

        • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

          What you say is true but an oligarchy can only rule over an uniformed people. We need to realize we gave up our power as sovereigns by not understanding our history and by not making sure our children understood it also. We gave too much power to government to teach a progressive agenda in our school system. So now we have more than an oligarchy to contend with. We have an uneducated public willing to do what ever the oligarchy wants in order to receive a handout, a benefit, or a government job. Obama’s approval ratings are 43% now. They aren’t that high because he is doing a good job.

          • TIME

            All very good post, and this one really hits the nail on the head.

            We do have massive problems dead ahead, the youth of today have been so brain washed they are no differant than the Hitler Youth.

            Just wait until barryO tells them they can’t have that new cell phone, or the wacky new shoes they like or even a car, or sitting on their fat butts eating chips and dips in the ice cold air conditioned home of their mommies, as the cost of oil based products cost 100000 X what they do now!

            Thats when they will get the picture as in they are following a leader who is not the real leader,

            A funny thought when they loose the ability to get on the net too thats really going hurt them, they know little to nothing else.

          • Anthony

            Anthony says:
            The real truth here – is that back in the 1950′s the CFR began “buying up” all of the Media. Go read

            So, this separation of how things work approach is factually silly and nonsensical. There is absolutely NO reason whatsoever that the CFR, Trilateral and Bilderberg would ever want to commit one action alone, all by itself. The obviousness of how it works, is they must keep hammering the masses with multiple events all at the same time to keep everyone off-balance.

            It is happening as we speak. While Barry Soetoro is focusing our attention on the BP OIL SPILL, Hillary Clinton is going around the World signing agreements with Nation after Nation about ARMS CONTROL, and “yes” this is how the Lawyerocracy has figured a way AROUND the Constitution’s 2nd Amendment.

            So, let’s never think my discussion is about oil & water, which never mix.

          • Vicki

            Article VI, paragraph 2 US Constitution.

            “This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in Pursuance thereof; and all Treaties made, or which shall be made, under the Authority of the United States, shall be the supreme Law of the Land; and the Judges in every State shall be bound thereby, any Thing in the Constitution or Laws of any state to the Contrary notwithstanding. ”

            The text clearly specifies an order, Constitution (with all its limits), the laws made by congress in pursuance thereof ( meaning to further the requirements in the Constitution) and all Treaties shall be the supreme law of the land. Thus just as a law that goes against constitutional limits is null and void so any treaty that goes against constitutional limits is null and void.

          • kate8

            Vicki, if no one challenges a law (or treaty), or if no one will hear the challenge, who will hold those in power to account?

            The Constitution is only as good as those sworn to uphold it.

          • kate8

            What possible recourse do we have if those in government refuse to honor the Constitution? Or even consider the will of the People?

            Once they have the elections set up to have a known outcome, they no longer feel accountable to those they are sworn to “represent”. They no longer feel hindered by the laws set in place to limit them.

            We are too outgunned to revolt. They have the ability to simply kill millions of us if we are too much trouble, without even having to get their hands dirty.

            So what now?

          • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

            KateH it is not the time now to show dispair or to give up on the voting process. Many public and private people are just beginning to wake up. We are in an exciting time for forwarding the cause of freedom. Concentrate on limiting government and limiting taxes which give them their power and rob working people of their power. “We have just begun to fight.” “I will never give up the ship.” John Paul Jones

          • kate8

            Rest assured, Bruce, that I am not about to give up.

            I do believe that we need to regroup, and find a way to become a force of power.

          • coal miner

            Bruce D,

            Here is a interesting web site.The brotherhood;

   · Cached page

          • Vicki

            Kate8 writes:
            “What possible recourse do we have if those in government refuse to honor the Constitution? Or even consider the will of the People?”

            Have no fear Kate. We have 4 gifts from our forefathers to open and use. They must be used in order. They are the soap box (what we are doing now for instance.) The ballot box, The Jury box and last the Ammo box.

            The 4th and last box must NOT be opened until all of the first 3 have been taken away.

            At the moment the soap box, ballot box and jury box are all operating within expected parameters. There are of course threats from government against all of them but so far they remain in the hands of the people.

            You write that we are outgunned but forget who holds the guns. A large number of American citizens hold guns. A large number of the armed services hold guns and really do believe in upholding the Constitution.

            Also as Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Afghanistan and even Iraq have taught us even a rag tag collection of rebels can resist the might of the US Armed Service if the local populace is on the side of the rebels.

      • DaveH

        Good Comment, Bruce.

      • Sue C

        Bruce D: You have your experiences with all those terrible issues, and so have I, but I get a headache, with these black, and white issues. I hate racism, and I will plow it/buldoze it, any opportunity I have, because I long to see all human beings free, and united, and sharing each others uniqueness, so that we can all benefit, from each others strong points. What does it profit us, when we practice racism? Maybe, if we received, about $5 billions, in our checking account, it might be a feasible thing, but since that’s not the case, how about handing over the hurts to your Maker, who is colorless, because HE is a Righteous Spirit. He knows how to heal those wounds, and make you whole! He did it for me. THANS BE TO GOD, WHO ALWAYS causes me to TRIUMPH IN CHRIST JESUS! AMEN!

    • hs

      Anthony: If you can write this lengthy background of political history of the USA you are living in a REPUBLIC where LAW & ORDER are still under practice compared to other “democratic nations”. Let’s look at some “democracies” of the XX century: Russia, Cuba, Venezuela…I think I rather live under an “oligarchy” and proof of that is that foreigners leave their “democratic” countries where “people rule” because they still want to live in this “oligarch” country.

      • George E


        If I understand you remarks correctly, I think you’ve got it upside-down. I wouldn’t classify Russia, Cuba, and Venezuela as democracies. They used the democratic process to move to oligarchies, which is what they are now. We definitely shouldn’t desire to follow in their footsteps where individual liberties are limited. We must try to move our country back to a rule-of-law Constitutional Republic if we are going to keep from sliding into a democratically led oligarchy like those countries you mention.

        • George E

          Sorry about mis-spelling. I meant “your” remarks…..

          • hs

            George: I was just being sarcastic because the presidents of those nations claim to have rescued their countries from oligarchy and returned them to democracy. Oliver Stone is so marveled with Hugo Chavez that he even filmed a documentary to express his admiration for this “democratic leader” imagine that!

          • George E


            I see. Sorry about that. Thanks.

          • Anthony

            Anthony says:
            GUYS – everyone has to remember that a Democracy is one thing only….

            And, that’s a style of Government where the Majority (the bully?) wins out over the Minority (those without resource to fight back?) and once this occurs, the Majority tramples the Minority.

          • Vicki

            Mel Gibson’s movie “The Patriot” still has the best quote on this.
            “Would you tell me please… Mr. Howard. Why I should trade 1 tyrant 3000 miles away for 3000 tyrants one mile away”

            The original quote was:
            “Which is better – to be ruled by one tyrant three thousand miles away or by three thousand tyrants one mile away?”. It was made by Boston Loyalist Clergyman Byles Mather

            My parents and grandparents always taught the danger of majority rule and the 2 wolves and a lamb voting to keep me aware of the dangers of “Democracy”

          • JC

            “Democracy is two wolves and lamb voting on what to have for lunch”
            (Jefferson or Washington?)

          • Vicki

            The 2nd Amendment gives the lamb the power to contest that vote :)

    • George E


      As usual, I enjoyed reading your post. Keep up the good work.

    • coal miner

      The Ingenious Internet

      Forms of Government
      It has been suggested that every government which has ever existed has been a prime example of kakistocracy, or the rule of the worst, but this list of 169 different types of leadership suggests that that might be a bit too simplistic. Each of the following words indicates a type of government by a certain kind of person or institution. Everyone seems to want to get in on this rulership gig, from saints and mothers to beggars and prostitutes (hmm …). Etymologically-minded folks should note the difference between the suffix ‘archy’, meaning ‘rulership’, and ‘cracy’, meaning ‘power’, which both come from Greek roots. This fact, of course, should suggest to any reasonable-minded person that the Greek people are inherently more fit to rule than all other groups. At least in my world …

      Word Definition
      acracy government by none; anarchy
      adhocracy government in an unstructured fashion; an unstructured organization
      albocracy government by white people
      anarchy government by none
      androcracy government by men
      anemocracy government by the wind or by whim
      angelocracy government by angels
      antarchy opposition to government; anarchy
      argentocracy government by money
      aristarchy government by the best
      aristocracy government by the nobility
      arithmocracy government by simple majority
      autarchy government by an absolute ruler
      autocracy government by one individual
      barbarocracy government by barbarians
      beerocracy government by brewers or brewing interests
      bestiocracy rule by beasts
      biarchy government by two people; diarchy
      binarchy government by two people; diarchy
      bureaucracy government by civil servants
      cannonarchy government by superior firepower or by cannons
      capelocracy government by shopkeepers
      chiliarchy government by one thousand people
      chirocracy government by physical force
      chromatocracy government by rulers of a particular skin colour
      chrysoaristocracy government by the wealthy; plutocracy
      chrysocracy government by the wealthy; plutocracy
      corpocracy government by corporate bureaucrats
      cosmarchy rulership over the entire world, esp. by the devil
      cottonocracy government by those involved in the cotton trade
      cryptarchy secret rulership
      decadarchy government by ten individuals; decarchy
      decarchy government by ten individuals
      demarchy government by the people; popular government
      democracy government by the people
      demonarchy government by a demon
      demonocracy government by demons or evil forces
      despotocracy government by despots or tyrants
      diabolocracy government by the Devil
      diarchy government by two people
      dinarchy government by two people; diarchy
      dodecarchy government by twelve people
      doulocracy government by slaves
      duarchy government by two people; diarchy
      dulocracy government by slaves; doulocracy
      dyarchy government by two people; diarchy
      ecclesiarchy government by clerics or ecclesiastical authorities
      endarchy centralised government
      ergatocracy government by the workers or the working class
      ethnarchy government over an ethnic group
      ethnocracy government by an ethnic group or race
      exarchy government by bishops
      foolocracy government by fools
      gerontocracy government by the aged
      gunarchy government by women; gynarchy
      gymnasiarchy government over a school or academy
      gynaecocracy government by women; gynarchy
      gynarchy government by women
      gynocracy government by women; gynarchy
      hagiarchy government by saints or holy persons
      hagiocracy government by holy men
      hamarchy government by a cooperative body of parts
      hecatarchy government by one hundred people; hecatontarchy
      hecatontarchy government by one hundred people
      hendecarchy government by eleven people
      heptarchy government by seven people
      heroarchy government by heroes
      hetaerocracy government by paramours
      heterarchy government by a foreign ruler
      hierarchy government by a ranked body; government by priests
      hierocracy government by priests or religious ministers
      hipparchy rule or control of horses
      hoplarchy government by the military
      hyperanarchy condition of extreme anarchy
      hyperarchy excessive government
      iatrarchy government by physicians
      idiocracy personal rule; self-rule
      infantocracy government by an infant
      isocracy equal political power
      jesuitocracy government by Jesuits
      juntocracy government by a junta
      kakistocracy government by the worst
      kleptocracy government by thieves
      kritarchy government by judges
      landocracy government by the propertied class; timocracy
      logocracy government of words
      matriarchy government by women or mothers
      meritocracy government by the meritorious
      merocracy government by a part of the citizenry
      mesocracy government by the middle classes
      metrocracy government by mothers or women; matriarchy
      millionocracy government by millionaires
      millocracy government by mill owners
      mobocracy government by mobs or crowds
      monarchy government by one individual
      moneyocracy government by the monied classes
      monocracy government by one individual
      myriarchy government by ten thousand individuals
      narcokleptocracy government by those who profit from trade in illegal drugs
      navarchy rulership over the seas
      neocracy government by new or inexperienced rulers
      nomocracy government based on legal system; rule of law
      ochlocracy government by mobs
      octarchy government by eight people
      oligarchy government by the few
      paedarchy government by children
      paedocracy government by children; paedarchy
      panarchy universal rule or dominion
      pantarchy government by all the people; world government
      pantisocracy government by all equally
      paparchy government by the pope
      papyrocracy government by newspapers or literature
      parsonarchy government by parsons
      partocracy government by a single unopposed political party
      patriarchy government by men or fathers
      pedantocracy government by pedants or strict rule-bound scholars
      pentarchy government by five individuals
      phallocracy government by men
      philosophocracy government by philosophers
      phylarchy government by a specific class or tribe
      physiocracy government according to natural laws or principles
      pigmentocracy government by those of one skin colour
      plantocracy government by plantation owners
      plousiocracy government by the wealthy; plutocracy
      plutarchy government by the wealthy; plutocracy
      plutocracy government by the wealthy
      polarchy government by many people; polyarchy
      policeocracy government by police
      pollarchy government by the multitude or a mob; ochlocracy
      polyarchy government by many people
      polycracy government by many rulers; polyarchy
      popocracy government by populists
      pornocracy government by harlots
      prophetocracy government by a prophet
      psephocracy government resulting from election by ballot
      ptochocracy government by beggars or paupers; wholesale pauperization
      punditocracy government by political pundits
      quangocracy rule of quasi-autonomous non-governmental organizations
      rotocracy government by those who control rotten boroughs
      septarchy government by seven rulers; heptarchy
      shopocracy government by shopkeepers
      slavocracy government by slave-owners
      snobocracy government by snobs
      sociocracy government by society as a whole
      squarsonocracy government by landholding clergymen
      squatterarchy government by squatters; squattocracy
      squattocracy government by squatters
      squirearchy government by squires
      squirocracy government by squires; squirearchy
      statocracy government by the state alone, without ecclesiastical influence
      stratarchy rulership over an army
      stratocracy military rule or despotism
      strumpetocracy government by strumpets
      synarchy joint sovereignty
      technocracy government by technical experts
      tetradarchy government by four people; tetrarchy
      tetrarchy government by four people
      thalassiarchy sovereignty of the seas; thalassocracy
      thalassocracy sovereignty of the seas
      thearchy rule by a god or gods; body of divine rulers
      theatrocracy goverment by gathered assemblies of citizens
      theocracy government by priests or by religious law
      timarchy government by the propertied class; timocracy
      timocracy government by the propertied class
      triarchy government by three people
      tritarchy government by three people; triarchy
      tritheocracy government by three gods
      whiggarchy government by Whigs
      xenocracy government by a body of foreigners

      I hope you have found this site to be useful. If you have any corrections, additions, or comments, please contact me. Please note that I am not able to respond to all requests. Please consult a major dictionary before e-mailing your query. All material on this page © 2007 Stephen Chrisomalis. Links to this page may be made without permission.

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      • coal miner

        Plutocracy,rule by the wealthy: · Cached page

      • lornaduwn

        I think we currently have a neocracy!

      • bp

        coal miner; we are definitely currently under a foolocracy! :-) thank you for your research. good stuff.

      • Scott Brown

        electronocracy: same phosphordocracy. Rule by those who build or own the electronic voting machines. Electronocracy/phosphordocracy renders all forms of democracy moot, null, void.

        Chip, you say: “The only part of Mr. Tytler’s warning I’ll dispute is his use of the word “always.” You and I have been given the power to prevent our country’s descent into a democracy. It’s called the ballot box.”


        Their are so many ways to rig the vote that the very notion of government by the masses is totally irrelevant, utterly absurd. Any attempt to “fix the voting system” merely results in more ways the system is “fixed,” from the creation of a two-party system and the pre-selection of the candidates, to the actual dumbed-down votes and their questionable count, to the fact that both parties work for the same moneyed international corporate interests. (Ask Jack and Robert Kennedy what happens when you labor under the delusion that U.S. presidents are actually allowed to do more than choose the color of the White House toilet paper or which soup to serve at lunch.)

        The Oligoliath owned it all before each little specimen of Davidocracy, with his/her one voice and one vote, was even a blip on the Social Security ponzi-scheme’s radar.

      • Al B Tross

        and the word idiot,
        from id, or self, and -ote, devoted. It refers to one too devoted to self-interest as not to be engaged in politics, and the needs of society.

      • Jim J

        Coal miner,

        Good job and thanks for the breakdown. It appears that we have devolved as a nation into a xenocracy, (a government by a body of foreigners).

        Although, I am painting with a broad brush here, please consider the following view point in support of a U.S. xenocracy:

        European intrests have never given up on their designs to control these United States of America after the American Revolutionary war period right up to this very day. After the defeat of Europe’s
        forces at Yorktown, another military action was projected against
        the new nation in 1812. Once again the military forces were soundly defeated and dispatched in tatters back to the continent by Andrew
        Jackson at the Battle of New Orleans.

        All military options having failed, what’s to be done? Foreign merchants, bankers, and financiers just keep their eyes steadily on the prize.

        The Constitutional Convention had voted 12 colonies against 1 (Rhode Island) to reject an unbacked paper fiat-currency as the medium of exchange for the United States. Read Elliot’s Debates. Rhode Island voiced european intrests, and represented “the friends of paper”. Rejecting the European, unbacked paper currency model, the Founding Fathers gave the United States a bi-metal (gold and silver) backed hard currency. This means that these states united in convention granted power to Congress to COIN the medium of exchange in gold and silver and to regulate the value thereof. When did the power to coin become the power to print unbacked (worthless) paper? Follow U.S. Supreme court cases during and after the Civil War.

        As president of the United States, Andrew Jackson continued to fight the fight off of the battlefield. His tenacity in office held the bankers’ plans for America at bay for about 40 years, until the U.S.
        civil War– with its exacerbation of clandestine foreign involve-ment. Soon after the U.S. civil war, circa 1880s, the policy of Free Trade was hatched in the Office of British Admiralty, wherein the world was regionalized for the purpose of resource allocation and disribution, thus undermining U.S. Constitutional trade and tariff protections.

        Before the 1900′s, Justice White on the U.S. Supreme Court was a Marxist. He supported the second plank of the Communist Manifesto; and, therefore, he favored the planned and forthcoming graduated
        progressive income tax for America. As the Progressives stepped more in to the center stage of power at the turn of the century, two more wars quickly followed (WW I and WW II). These wars sealed the fate
        of this great nation within the complete amalgamation of a foreign monetary and debt structure.

        Enter the progressive era: Agents of change within the progressive movement clamored for social change, and “the friends of paper” emerged in response cutting their path to victory. They eventually establish their paper currency (unbacked debt instruments as federal reserve notes). This Debt based monetary system that we have today is precisely what our Founding Fathers rejected, 12 against 1, when they established this nation. Eventually, gold was removed altogether from circulation by FDR at the stroke of a pen; say bye bye to our U.S. Constitution. Benito Mussolini reportedly said of FDR: “America has a dictator…” I guess, after all, it does take one to know one.

        Remember when we were told we can have Guns and Butter too? Well, continuing war and give-away social programs financed by an implanted foreign monetary system has driven, and will continue to drive, this
        once great nation further and further into debt. Make no mistake about it, over a short period of time this great nation, once conceived in Heaven-Borne Liberty for its People, has been reduced to a nation of debtors in perpetuity- slaves to new masters and their mantra for the masses: “Tax, Tax, Tax, and Spend, Spend, Spend”… and the masters will just keep printing the paper!!


        That’s us folks.

        Question: Is there an attorney out there who can explain just what the Supremacy Clause (USC) holds when juxtaposed against the 16th Amendment (USC). How does it work? Any test cases? If so, what are the results? Can what’s fundamental to the structure of the Constitution, like Apportionment among the States, be removed.
        Has it been removed? If not, why the Amendment? Hummm…

        Mr. Chip WOOD, that was an excellent aricle on Democracy. That misrepresentation of our form of government has bothered me for quite awhile too. We’re just not getting much representation these days. We probably won’t until We The People wake up and the politicians realize it… Your website is great, with lots of good responses posted.

        Coal Miner, keep on mining. Shucks, just a little more heat and pressure and ya might just find some diamonds…

    • Harinder

      The definitions of democracy can be any depending upon the people who want to define and how this suits them. But The Republic by Pluto gave us the definition and the maladies of so called “democracy” many centuries ago. Just by giving power to vote to elect people who represent (take it as RULE YOU) you does not mean the power lies with the people. Altough, they are made to beleive that you are electing your Government. Let us take an example of the largest democracy in the present world, namely INDIA. To be a candidate for member parliament election a person should have $6 Million and only three percent of Indian population have this kind of money. This kicks out 97% of the population out of the race. Those elected right away start recovering their investment and multiply it through corruption.

      • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

        You are assuming that you as an individual or as part of a group have no power and all is hopeless. That is an assumption falsely made. “Freedom is eternal vigilence”. No one ever wins a war by assigning to their enemy the belief that they have total power to defeat them.

        • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

          This reply was meant for Scott Brown.

    • http://none Alex

      When will you people get off the Tommy Jefferson float? He traded his women with his neighbors!

    • JeffH

      Anthony, I always enjoy your posts.

    • dmp says :

      ANTHONY :




    • bp

      Anthony: Excellent!! Better than any U.S. history class. Thank you both!

    • Another Voice

      Good post and a good article. Our federal republic has managed to survive in spite of the corruption in government. I’m hoping that we’ll continue to oppose corporatism in our government. When all votes in congress are for sale, then the democratic process has little meaning at all.

    • Dan

      This is a great Post!!! For years I have agreed the major direction of the country needed to go is to repeal the 17th amendment, the 16th amendment and elimenate the Centeral Bank. Once the States have control over their Senators, the Federal Government’s finical power is dimished and we are back on the gold standard rather then the fiet that we now have, we will be stronger as a nation, states, communities and as a people. Then our form of government – a Republic Government – will be able to flurish again.

    • Eric

      Anthony, man has been trying to control their fellow man since the beginning of man! I believe there is a new word we should all learn well! The word is GLOBALGARCHY- A FEW GLOBAL ELITIST FAMILIES THAT RULE THE PLANET! The scary part is because of technology these elitist families will control not just a country but the world! I believe there is only one hope for we the people of this world, so we do not become enslaved by these elitists! Here it is! “Wisdom is knowing what to do next;
      virtue is doing it.”

    • Doug Y

      Excellent post… to put a few facts in plain english to support this…

      End the FRAUD, End the FED, then we can fix the rest of this mess…(Yeah, the Federal Reserve isn’t even a part of the US government, it’s a private entity with total control over our monetary policy and has never been audited.) No corruption to see here… Move along folks!!! Tell me? Why can banks borrow at 0% to .25% and then lend the money back to the US government at 3% to 5% interest while the taxpayer gets the bill for the interest? Sounds like fraud to me!! Boycott the big banks, and vote out our worthless congress this fall!!! I’d like a loan at 0%, but I’m not a big bank… If corporations are “people” according to the supreme court, then this is discrimination!!!! Quit pointing your finger across the isle and realize that repubs and dems are BOTH shafting us, and both are leaches sucking the wealth of our country to the now global corporate ruling class hell bent on total control and slavery in the name of greed. Back door BP meeting will allow them to get away with this disaster at the expense of… you guessed it, the American Tax Payer, IE: Slave to the corpocracy. All the ranting and raving by politicians is nothing more than a diversion to keep the campaign contributions coming from BP!!!

      FACT: The companies tainting our foods with genetically modified foods are putting this garbage into your body without proper testing, calling them “GRAS” or “generally recognized as safe” making them totally unregulated by the US FDA.

      FACT: The agencies responsible for protecting you from these greedy corporate conglomerates are run by the same people who run these companies.

      FACT: The economic policies of this country are decided by former heads of the largest banks in the world who have their own profits as a higher priority than our national security.

      FACT: The Federal Reserve is a PRIVATE company that has never been audited by congress or the GAO. The Federal Reserve is owned by an international cartell of bankers and DOES NOT have the best interest of America in mind.

      FACT: The Federal Reserve sets the entire monetary policy of our country, and is not responsible or required to disclose to the American people what it does with our money, or who it lends it to.

      FACT: Big Agriculture, Big Pharma, Big Oil, and Big Money give huge campaign donations to BOTH the democrats and republicans in order to ensure that no matter who gets elected, the laws are tilted in their favor, at your expense. Something stinks here, and its not just the tar balls washing up on our beaches. Vote for the candidate you have never heard of to end the fraud in government.

      Fraudulent Federal Reserve Act- 1913
      Great Depression, Bankruptcy of America, and New Deal-1933 just 20 years after.

      You were sold into slavery to the Federal Reserve in 1933
      We are nearing the 100th anniversary of the Federal Reserve Act,
      WHAT do you think they have in store for a centennial party?
      WHY people are not PISSED OFF and TAKING ACTION is beyond me.
      Bernanke should be TRIED for TREASON!

      Did I fail to mention that the Federal Reserve Act was RAMMED through on Christmas Eve while most of our congress was not even there to VOTE on it? Only the perpetrators were there to vote because they KNEW that Congress would have had NO PART of their FRAUD which continues to this day. Welcome to the Fascist States of America you slaves!

    • Blyker

      I think it’d be more accurate to say that we live in a Plutocracy (rule by the wealthy, or power provided by wealth). Our president and most of our politicians are just playing a role they’re designed to play. Bush played the village fool, designed to piss off the left… Obama plays Mr. Alot-of-talk-little-action, designed to piss off the right. And as long as we are divided, those behind the scenes can get even more rich without us paying attention to what’s really going on.

    • Peter

      I’m amazed that all the BO bashers here (I’m not a liberal by the way) have failed to see the basic premise of Mr Woods’ post, in that the promotion of ‘democracy’ has been pushed as a liberal agenda, and that democracy is not the true American tradition. Those with such short sight may like to review recent media history to note that one GW Bush, aka ‘the shrub’, was one of the biggest proponents of “saving Iraq for DEMOCRACY”, and “we will not allow evil-doers to destroy our DEMOCRACY”. Face it folks, both sides of the political fence are embroiled in removing your constitutional rights. Liberals more so, but the GOP are not without blame. Please have the courage to open your eyes and minds to the fact ALL those in power have agendas that are not in your interests, and that includes ALL those currently working as opposition to the currently elected members. Sad to say, but it may take a revolution to set things right again. I fear however, that before that happens it will descend into anarchy more than anything else, so you’d better keep your powder dry for that!

    • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

      I don’t hate you Anthony. I do not know what gave you that idea.

      • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

        Anthony says: it’s just you showin others how much you hate others being the center of attention. In fact, the majority of your condescending rhetoric is quite childish.

      • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

        I am trying to make the point that it is a defeatest attitude to assign overwhelming power to your enemy. You should be looking for and exposing their weaknesses. Limiting government, limiting taxes, enforcing immigration laws, balanced budgets, electing people who will audit the Fed, and working toward establishing a law that judges must interpret the constitution with original intent as a requirement to be a judge are a few I can think of. Maybe you can think of more.

        • kate8

          Bruce D. Again, fine in theory. But how’s that been workin’ out so far?

          As long as we continue to play THEIR game by THEIR rules, we’ll keep going in circles.

          • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

            What exactly are your rules Kate8???? Whatever they are they do not seem to include solutions.

          • kate8

            Bruce, this is why I keep saying we need to ORGANIZE, brainstorm, pray. The other side is EXTREMELY well organized. They TRAIN their members on how to speak, to mislead, to distort.

            We have the advantage of good will and truth on our side. We stand for right, liberty, fair play and honesty. But we have been operating on the DEFENSIVE. That gets us nowhere.

            The things you offer, like enforcing immigration laws, limiting government, etc., would be great, but we need a truly representative Congress. We need courts who will uphold the Constitution. WE DON’T HAVE THOSE THINGS. Playing within these boundaries is getting us nothing, and it has been going on for decades.

            We need new, creative ideas. I wish I had answers, but there are much smarter people out there than me who can come up with some. Where there is a will, there is a way.

            Insanity: doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. We need to come up with new ideas, strategies, whatever. People like Michelle Bachmann are great, but we need many more like her.

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          The biggest problem with judges and law is, is that once they have reached a decision on something in a previous case, they are bound by those decisions, and use them all the time, which is absurd. Common sense has been thrown out, and the laws have been prostituted by many defense lawyers and judges, to where it all needs rewrote and redone, in accordance with the constitution. When things happen like a guy robs a church, takes a break on the roof, sits on a skylight and falls through and breaks his back, then is allowed to sue the Church and wins, well, something is drastically wrong with the system. Most of it boils down to lawyers. They could care less about right or wrong. They prostitute the truth, they are allowed to hide facts, and its just all messed up, and needs to be redone. I dont see that happening, and only when Jesus comes again and wrong is made right, there wont be justice delivered from our human courts and judges.

    • Jerry D

      So true, Anthony. I’ve been saying the same thing for years, but people are just now starting to listen at all. There are still not enough who truly believe the truth to make a difference. The end of freedom in America is in sight. The sad truth is that most of the sheep will not realize the difference.

    • David

      Chip is quite wrong. (Irresponsibly so)

      1. When Dr. Franklyn said to that woman outside of Independence Hall, “A Republic, if you can keep it”, he was implying a democratic republic. Otherwise what does the phrase “if you can keep it” mean? It’s obvious to those attempting to be fair that it meant a “government of the people”.

      2. A republic is “a form of government where there is no king, and those holding political power do so, not by birth, but by being elected to office”. Our Founding Fathers were students of the Enlightenment and thereby were rejecting the “Divine Right of Kings”.

      3. Let us remember that the USSR stood for the Union of Soviet Socialist REPUBLICS. But there was nothing democratic about that republic. The word in front of republic is kind of important don’t you think?

      4. We are DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC. We are not a direct democracy such as exited during our formative years. Please consult the Federalist Papers for an explanation as to why. We are a representative or indirect democracy.

      5. There are only three types of government, and each centers around where the power to rule (sovereignty) resides. Here are the three: The power of one (monarchy); the power of the few (aristocracy); and the power of the many (democracy). Each one has a good form and a bad form. It is a good form of government if it is based on rule of law and justice. It is a bad form if it is based on lawlessness and whim. All three forms of government can deteriorate into a bad form.

      6. When monarchy deteriorates, it becomes a dictatorship. When aristocracy (rule by the best) deteriorates it becomes an oligarchy.
      When a democracy deteriorates (yes it can)it becomes a plutocracy (rule by the rich) or mob rule (anarchy).

      7. The Founding Fathers gave us a mixed and balanced form of government which, fundamentally, was designed to check the natural abuse and corruption of power. They institutionalized the three forms of government all at once, and required that each one would need the other two to be able to function. The President is government of the ONE. The Senate is government of the FEW. The House of Representatives is government of the MANY.

      8. A lynch mob is NOT democracy in action, Chip. It is lawlessness and crime. A democracy is based on majority rule grounded in law. It is also based on the democratic value of recognition of minority rights grounded in law.

      9. We are a democracy!

      • coal miner


        You are right.We still live in a democracy.I hope we can keep it.

        Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.
        — Voltaire

    • Karen

      That was great info from Chip and Anthony. I definitely want our Republic back. How can we go about getting rid of the Income Tax and the Federal Reserve. It would also be a great idea to get limitations on the Federal Judges terms in office.

  • Al Sieber

    What happened to the three branches of govt.? it seems we only have one branch now, the executive, where the president rules by fiat.

    • Joe Downey

      Al where were you ftom 2001 to 2009 The use of signing addendums by the former President that is FIAT

      • refuse2lose

        Where are you now that Obama is trying to turn our country into a 3rd world concentration camp? It was illegal for Bush to usurp the Constitution but it’s ok for Barry to do it? Typical liberal lunacy.

        • eddie47d

          What concentration camp?

        • Al Sieber

          refuse2lose, don’t ever call me a liberal, what are you talking about? executive orders have been around since Teddy Roosevelt.

      • Tea Party Tim

        The where were you when ceist to exist in the time that it took to read this post. The where are you now and where will that take you are all that will ultimately matter.

      • Al Sieber

        JoeD, I was fully awake during those year’s, also I meant presidental directives.

      • bp

        Joe, Joe, Joe: Liberal circular thinking is getting so OLD!! It’s 2010.

    • Another Voice

      Our current president is forcing the congress to write the legislation. He is not doing everything by executive order, as Mr. Bush did. However, I noticed that he has not revoked a lot of the executive orders which President Bush executed – and I’m hoping that he does not abuse the power which these order have given him!

      • Anthony

        Anthony says:
        Please, please, please… Let’s not go down this very-forgettable road, okay ??

        Before you espouse such stances, you had better google up ALL of the Executive Orders that OBAMA has signed into LAW since he took Office.

        It will rile you something fierce. Trust me on this…

        ONE OTHER THING – Please advise where it was that Obama reversed any of the decisions implemented by GW Bush….

        So, again I say — Let’s not use this false logic – which is nothing more than (what I call) sophistry.

      • kate8

        AV, not only is Congress NOT writing important legislation (it’s being handed down to them for passage), the aren’t even READING it. What for? They are being told how to vote.

        And if they can’t get enough votes, they’ll simply do it another way. There is an agenda afoot here, and it’s being forced on us by hook or by crook. Congress these days is nothing but part of our now puppet government.

  • Gayle

    The above-referenced link takes you to the Washington Post. Is that what you intended?

  • http://donthaveone Beberoni

    I knew there was something different about Ronald Reagan. No wonder he stood head and shoulders above all others that held the office of President.

    • DaveH

      Ronald Reagan was closer to a Libertarian than any president we have had in the last 100 years. Many of his Libertarian ideas were successfully restrained by his own fellow Republicans, especially Bob Dole who in a later run for president advertised himself as a conservative. Bob was about as conservative as John McCain. It’s amazing to me how these Liberal Republicans try to reinvent themselves as staunch conservatives when they are running for office. Note that I am using the term “conservative” in the sense of being of the same mindset that Founders like Jefferson were, not the term “conservative” that has been co-opted by the right-wingers.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        Running John McCain this last election is why we are in this mess now.It was the biggest mistake the Republican Party ever made. In a time when people are tired of career politicians, and tired of liberals, the Republicans decided to run a 150 year old man that has been a politician for 100 years, and is as liberal as any Republican Ive ever seen. Then they wonder why they lost, and lost what the rest of us got stuck with. Dumb, dumb move.

        • Claire

          Beberoni–I must agree with you. A pitiful choice. There were other Republicans that were better, and yet McCain ended up being the “one.” The GOP shot themselves in the foot. They had a good chance and they threw it away.

          • kate8

            Can you really not see that it was planned that way? Republicans are just as much a part of what is going on as the democrats. If they are not standing up and proclaiming the truth to us, then they are complicit.

            Where were the Republicans when many people were trying to expose Obama for the fraud he is even prior to the election? Where are they now? THEY HAVE ALL BEEN COVERING FOR HIM.

          • George E

            You are all making good points. However, don’t forget the Republican Party chiefs didn’t select John McCain, the voters did. He won because conservatives didn’t rally behind one candidate before McCain had it wrapped up. Unfortunately, the primary process allows a candidate to “win” his party’s candidacy before any of the large states even hold their primaries. I wish all state primaries were held on the same day to avoid this problem.

          • kate8

            George E, as usual, the media were controlling the information. The really good candidates were virtually ignored.

          • DaveH

            The real blame for McCain belongs on the MSM. Before and during the Republican primaries, the MSM was all in favor of John McCain. I could hardly find a channel where his mug wasn’t on the screen. Then after the primaries were over, I could hardly find a channel where his mug was on the screen. From there until the election it was almost all Obama on the screen. The MSM had gotten their way. Their goal was simply to back the most Liberal Republican, in the case that they failed to get their desired candidate (Obama) elected.
            That is the real reason the MSM backs campaign finance laws. If they succeed in stifling campaign funds, who do you think will have the power to elect whomever they want under the guise of Freedom of the Press? Yep, the MSM.
            And the voters go baa, baa, baa.

    • http://naver samurai

      I agree and thank you for reading his book.

  • Sid

    My daughter’s high school government teacher kept calling the US a democracy. Finally after several times she got tired of it and corrected the teacher. The teacher at first argued with her, so she told him to recite the Pledge of Allegiance. “To the Republic”. He said well let’s just call it a Democratic Republic .
    It’s just bothersome to me that our kids are not mislead by educators either knowingly or un-knowingly.

    • Smilee


      James Madison defined republic in terms of representative democracy as opposed to direct democracy. Either way it is still the constitution, that oversees any law and is the supreme law and what ever term you use to describe our government has no real bearing on it as the constitution has the last say on any issue.

      • http://naver samurai

        If this is true, then why are you stupid lib and this administration try so very hard to destroy it? Since this is true, then “Obama” care, cap and trade, etc., are all unconstitutional and should be thrown out.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        If that were true, then how did Obama and his horde go into the back room behind closed doors, and ram rod his socialist health care program down our throats that 70 percent of America didnt want? It was truly un-constitutional, immoral, and unethical to say the least. Not to mention illegal.

  • bbstacker

    To Anthony: The most thought provoking and subsequent learning of any articles’ topic is reading the comments. You address many items that should engage American Citizens, but they get exhausted if it can’t be found with a remote control–in many cases. Nonetheless, you do a fine job of bringing to the frothy top of the mug of our Republic you speak so richly of, and I commend you for your efforts to reinforce what Chip talks about in defining exactly what America is supposed to be to return to her true roots. May God have mercy on our souls in this endeavor.

  • MarStar

    Thanks for both the article and the comment by Anthony. I learned something today that makes sense of all that is going on today in our government. So what can I do? I will vote in November after educating myself about each candidate. An oligarchy is not what we want for this country but it sure looks as if we already have it.

    • William

      not yet marstar. but the way so many IDIOTS are voting it wont be long. the next two elections will be the deciding factor. one can only hope enough intelleget people will go to the pols and rid the country of obama and his cohorts,

      • eddie47d

        So your saying that Chip’s article was about going after Obama and voting for all those “good” Republicans. What is your alternative?

        • Carl

          The alternative, eddie, is to look to the Constitution Party, Libertarian Party, or others for better candidates if the two major parties don’t have candidates appealing to you. Some people either vote the two major parties or just stay home, yet you can go and vote for candidates from another party or write-in someone. I’ve done it and don’t consider it a wasted vote if my candidate didn’t win.

          • DaveH

            That’s right, Carl. A person’s vote is “wasted” when they vote for the lesser of two evils instead of voting for the person that best represents their idea of a good politician.

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            But I must add, whether it be a Republican, a Libertarian, a Constitutionalist, or whomever, anything trumps a democrat. Fact is, the usurper has to go, at all costs.

          • DaveH

            No, Beberoni, “anything” isn’t better. In a sense, the Republicans (excluding Reagan) of late have been worst than Democrats. At least the Democrats come right out and admit that they want a Nanny State. But the Republicans have been building the Government slowly and insidiously in a more undetectable manner.
            Obama has shocked the citizens out of their delirious apathy. I don’t think McCain would have done that. He would have just kept growing the Government until some day we woke up and realized it was just too late to do anything about it.
            The only acceptable candidates are the ones who promise to cut the size of Government dramatically. That includes the Government intrusions on our privacy and rights to a fair trial (Patriot Act), and the War on Drugs where the Government behaves very similarly to the Nazis. I’ve known a lot of drug users, and none of them even came close to scaring me like the Drug Enforcement Officers scare me.

          • George E

            I’d love to see our politicians actually cut government spending instead of just talking about it. Newt Gingrich led the House of Representatives in doing more of this than we’ve seen in the past few generations.

          • George E

            There’s no doubt in my mind that if McCain had been elected our federal government would still grow. However, we wouldn’t be facing out right socialism and total incompetency like we are under Obama. I would much, much have preferred McCain even though he wasn’t my first or even second choice. This nation is now looking into the abyss of disaster. How much worse does it have to get before our people wake up and see the failings of big government? After we get to a certain point, there may not be any way to return to our original form of government. The federal debt is now officially around $13 trillion dollars, but well on the way to being somewhere between $50 – $100 trillion dollars when the baby boomers retire. Compare this to the nation’s entire annual income (GDP – all the money made by every citizen and business in the country) which is only about $13 trillion dollars. We can’t pay the debt that’s already committed and coming in the next 5-10 years. The ONLY answer is that we have to cut federal spending from current levels, and the only way to do that in any meaningful way is to make severe cuts in Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, and national defense, not to mention huge increases in taxes and higher inflation for just about everything that will accompany.

          • DaveH

            So then, George, you prefer the slow death?

          • George E


            I just want to live so I can fight another day. I’m not ready to throw in the towel. I see these socialist as the biggest threat to our country right now, so I’ll vote Republican, Libertarian, or other if that’s the best way to get them out of office. I’ll deal with the differences between all of the right-wing parties after we’ve disposed of the socialists.

          • DaveH

            If the Republicans build the house, they will come (the dictators). If not for the Leviathan Federal Government (which the Republicans helped to build) we would not be so vulnerable right now. We need to start right now to only elect candidates who promise to shrink the Federal Government with the goal to get us back to the intent of the Constitution. We can’t afford any more Government buildup. If we dither, we lose.

          • George E


            I couldn’t agree more. The fastest way to grow the government is to elect more socialists……

          • Kim McGough

            One thing is for sure, if these other parties are to win any time soon, somebody better start promoting them to all of America with all of the facts or America will keep going like it is. And maybe slip some people from these other parties into both the democratic and republican parties, let them act like they are from the preferred party for each district, support them heavily, then let them switch to the libertarian or constitutional party when they get elected, oh well just a thought.

          • DaveH

            There are people promoting them on Fox Business Network. Watch John Stossel or Judge Napolitano.

      • Dave

        Case in point about IDIOTS voting….just look at South Carolina with senate hopeful Alvin Green. Let the vetting begin!!

        • Carl

          Let’s be clear on this issue please. Those were Democrats who did not learn about the candidates before voting. The thought seems to be that if the candidate is a Democrat then he has to be good. That thought process (or lack of thought) seems to dominate in the party and not just in South Carolina.

          • Airangel

            All good comments but I worry about where we are going and if we (those of us who study our candidates) really even have a chance in November.

            I base it on articles like this that “Raggs” posted yesterday

            I also base my concerns on issues like the Drug Cartel seizing 3500 acres of Park Lands in AZ and this administration doing nothing to kick the foreigners off the land as they are illegally trespassing and now American citizens can no longer hike or ATV in this once beautiful part of Arizona State. It belongs to Mexico and it is being kept hush, hush.

            or the fact that this Administration has decided to sue Jan Brewer of AZ after all over this SB1070 bill. They would rather tear down our own sister state at taxpayer expense with the law suit and embrace the criminal country and their criminals

            or the lack or cleaning up the oil spill and managing that disaster…13 countries offered skimmers and aide on day 3 that would have at least contained the damage and still barges are sitting and not working as of this morning – why?

            Why is a supposedly natural born citizen paying millions to seal his “true birth records”? How can this be? How can we even allow someone that is not forthcoming to be President without proof they are even eligible? Men are dieing for a “possible” phony.

            There is so much I don’t understand. I see corruption at every turn. Now another whiner wants the swearing in of office to remove “so help me God”. We have such bigger problems and still trouble makers cry just to be heard.

            I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to grasp the total distruction and chaos and animosity this administration is causing…the question is why?

            Even if Bildeberg and Rothchilds are secretly initializing this chess game – why? the European coutries are goin belly up, Greece is crumbling with European Welfare states following, we have history to teach us for crying out loud, why can’t they learn from past disasters? We know this Socialist form of Government doesn’t work so why? This must be just sick entertainment for the filthy rich, just like when Roman Emperors entertained themselves with Gladiators fighting and dieing for their enjoyment in the arenas. It’s all sick and twisted for the elitists to turn us against each other, playing us like some sick chess game…we all need to unite and turn on them!

          • kate8

            I hear you, Airangel.

            There have been those who wanted to rule the world since the beginning of time. Evil exists for its own sake. To most of us, there is no rhyme or reason for what they are doing. It must be as simple as an unquenchable lust for power.

            We have to remember that no one escapes the laws of kharma. As ye sow so shall ye reap. It will come back on them at some point, and there will be a day of reckoning.

            I also think they use us to further their plans, by keeping us in fear and anxiety. They tell us what they are going to do, and we believe them, and repeat it over and over until it becomes reality.

            What if we refused to believe them? What if we, as a collective, began putting out our own plans for the future? What if we put as much energy into manifesting a beautiful reality as we are now giving to what we DON’T want?

            That is why I keep saying that we must become proactive, instead of staying on the defensive. If we could do that, perhaps God, however we perceive Him, would bring the forces of the Heavens to our aid.

            The PTB are fully aware of these universal principles of creation. They don’t want us to know them, because we would gain in strength. But Love/Life is the glue that holds the universe together in perfect order, and evil causes disruption and destruction. It is up to each of us, as individuals, to BE that which we want to experience. If enough of us do, we may have a chance. I just don’t see any other way.

          • JC

            Angel, a people beaten down by convoluted laws, loss of cultural identity, bi-lingualism, inflation, taxation, war, confusion, hopelessness…and so forth will more readily accept the new form of government here to “rescue” them. The New World Order Elitists have the whole thing orchestrated very well. Next…population control.

          • kate8

            JC, population control is already well underway. Haven’t you noticed the rate at which people are sick and dying?

            Now that Codus Aliamentarius is in place, the UN is going after our food. Congress has been busy passing legislation to limit, and eventually remove, our access to organic produce in favor of toxic and non-nutritive GMO crops, natural supplements and medicines and any other means we have to manage our own health.

            We are being continually and systematically worn down, poisoned, by our air, water, food, and pharmaceuticals. Not to mention the bombardment from “dirty” electricity and inharmonious (to life) frequencies from HAARP.

            Sick people don’t fight back.

          • JC

            In as much as you can grow your own food and patronize farmer’s markets. I do not take Pharmaceuticals at all and I stay as healthy as I acn by eating as few meals as possible from main stream grocery stores. I do stock my freezer with venison every year.
            We’ve lost touch with our medical practitioners and our food supply…”for the good of all”? I don’t think so.

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            Thats exactly how Obama got elected. Nobody knew a thing about him, who is is, where he is from, what he stands for, and we really still dont know. Many on the left voted just because he was a democrat, and 90 percent of the black population voted for him, just for that, because he was black. Still, nobody knew who he was or what he stood for or where he was from or what his plan was.

    • Dave

      All I will say is let’s see what happens. If the tea party people and the like actually influence the next election , or even 2. If a conservative get s elected as the next president, let’s see where we are in 6 years. I’d like to come back here, if this still exists, and see if that really solved everything. I think most of you mean well. I don’t think you’re bad people. I think both sides get caught up in the brainwashing and Chip is really just one more brainwasher. This country has a lot of issues but people are still coming here for the American dream. This country will always be ruled by a small upper class who holds influence through money. I wish that wasn’t the case but it is. They are using your conservative sensabilities to further their own agenda and pay less taxes. Most people here believe the definition of freedom is to let the rich not pay taxes so they can buy things the lower class toils to make for them. What kind of society is that? Are we really free in an economy designed to make luxury goods for an upper class? Doesn’t it make sense that we should at least have everyone contribute an equal percentage of their earnings to keep roads, parks, sewage systems, etc. We have Libertarians up in arms because the president put a moratorium on drilling and the rich business owners can just go make their money somewhere else. They want to be taken advantage of or their precious economy goes away. They want to put at risk. It’s an inheritantly unfair system and we’ll never be able to remove it because it’s run by greed and influencing the “commoners.” Don’t you think the least they can do is help support those that cannot support themselves. I’m not talking about people who choose not to work nad would prefer to live off the government teet. Unfortunately we cannot stop that though because it is also a form of greed. We shouldn’t penalize the truly needy because of it though. Don’t we deserve the chance to live and prosper? I’m not calling for Communism in any way because it just doesn’t work. I am saying that we need a responsible Republic. Not one run on a dictionary definition but one run by the people for the people, at least as much as we can.

      • George E


        I have two comments to your post. First, there is a dark side to capitalism, but there is also a bright side. If we only focus on the dark side, we’ll eventually convince ourselves that capitalism is bad and invented only for the rich. Adam Smith, the father of modern capitalism, wrote about this in his book “Wealth of Nations.” He described it as the “invisible hand” at work. That is, when the rich person acts in their self interest they make money, but they also create opportunities for the poor person to benefit from. In this way, the majority of people actually benefit from the rich over time.

        Secondly, it sounds to me like you really want a Constitutional Republic where people’s rights are protected by the government, not trampled on like we see in many dictatorial oligarchy countries. I also discern that you want a “safety net” provided by the government. We’ve always had one, but in the past it was provided by family, friends, and non-profit organizations, not the federal government. The former method was very efficient in providing support on a personal basis and at minimum cost, but it wasn’t as dependable as many wanted. The latter method (government-provided) is very inefficient (costly) and impersonal, but is large enough to be able to send you a check every month if you qualify. Unfortunately, the latter method is going to break the bank if we don’t find better ways of managing it, and the recently passed heath care reform legislation appears to me to just make the problem worse.

      • DaveH

        First of all, I want to answer your question: “Doesn’t it make sense that we should at least have everyone contribute an equal percentage of their earnings to keep roads, parks, sewage systems, etc?”

        No!. What would make sense would be for everybody to pay an equal ‘amount’ to keep roads, parks, sewage systems, etc. After all, we all supposedly have equal access to those things, don’t we?

        Free Markets (which admittedly are no longer existent) buttered this country’s bread. If somebody does the right things in a Free Market and becomes very rich, I say congratulations. I see a problem only it they can use their riches to deprive us of our free choices. They could only do that with the backing of Government Force. Therefore, it is the Big Government that is the problem. As Government Grows, Corruption Flows.

        The Rich that so many people want to drag down are the providers of productive jobs in this country. Unless they are getting special protections from Big Government, I applaud them. By the way, I just read that Warren Buffett and Bill Gates have gotten together to try and persuade their fellow Ultra-Rich buddies to give the bulk of their wealth to appropriate charities. I applaud them too.

        If we got this country back to Free Markets, then there would be plenty of wealth to help the truly needy through voluntary charity.

        What drives any economy is the productivity of the citizens. The more productive they are, the more goods and services become available. What do you think will make people more productive? I say being able to control their own lives free of Government bullying, and making voluntary choices and voluntary contracts with their fellow citizens is what makes people the most productive.

        The Force of Government drags people down and makes them less productive generally. You can see that in the rankings of the least regulated countries and the most regulated countries:

        • http://LiberttyDigest Bruce D.

          I agree with you Dave H. Reducing the size of government and how much money they can spend is a key issue. The agenda for the left is to villify all corporations in order to discredit the free market. Then government gets the approval to go in and ‘over regulate’ business and ‘private property’ which is fascism. Corporation are set up for tax reasons and to limit liability. They are made up of everyday people with small businesses and big businesses.

          • George E


            While the Democrats are vilifying corporations, they are shaking them down for campaign contributions. Regulations can punish corporations or reward them. It’s obvious how they can punish, but can also be rewarded if the regulations serve to constrain competition. So, in this way, among others, our politicians are playing fast and loose with the power we entrust them with.

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          It is the governments interference of the free market system, that keeps things from being better for all of us. No business forces you to buy their product. If you dont like it, buy from someone else. When the government gets in the way, and gives certain companies billions of dollars, and gets in the way of others trying to make it, that is where the problem is. Government intrusion. Get out of the way and let the free market system work. We are handcuffed in this country by rules and regulations that cost our business millions, that allow foreign business, who dont have to cowtow to these rules, gain the upper hand. Get government out of the way, and things will be better for all of us here.

    • C Patterson

      Those designing the Constitution originally envisioned a multi-party Congressional representation, again to disburse power. The republican form of government is a filtered representation of the people, not a direct democracy, filtered to prevent unfettered majority rule. I agree the emphasis on the term democracy is itself a distraction as used by the spokespersons for the financial elite, and the evolved two party system has become a puppet of the elite who more easily have their way.

      Some out there have researched the coming of the 16th & 17th Amendments together with the Federal Reserve Act and found them never properly constitutional; I want to further check that myself. For example, how can you enact the Federal Reserve Act by congressional vote without states ratification when it controverts the Constitution? And, the Act fundamentally improperly delegates Congress’ primary duty which abdication could not be ratified if the Constitution as a whole is to have any validity.

      The income tax (16th Amendment) has never made sense because it is in direct confrontation with the constitutional direct tax, centers all power in the federal government in derogation of the individual states (today states beg for a share of those taxes coming back as they labor under unfunded, mandated laws that go way beyond the constitution), and only real purpose of the income tax is a smoke screen for the companion Federal Reserve Act – to allow fractional reserve banking and deficit spending, which practices taken to desired effect no longer care about the income tax – Congress being able to spend to infinity without matching amount tax revenues. Thus, all fiscal checks and balances are lost no matter what party controls Congress, the natural tendency being to spend into debt with choices simply being for what purpose.

      In companion, popularly electing state senators (17th Amendment) instead of selection by each state legislature also supported the populist majority takeover – dovetailing with the intent of the income tax and Federal Reserve Act. Has anyone found any valid reason to throw out state legislatures selecting senators under Article I, section 3? The provision being in the very first Article of the Constitution, one would think that fundamentally important and not treated like used bath water, especially in that selection supports the local strength of the states. But we have suffered under 1984 type “doublespeak” long before that book.

      Voting for a party other than the two finger pointer parties may not be throwing votes away, but when a third party develops strength and really threatens The Two, the gloves will come off from the financial elite. Ross Perot is an example I believe; he had developed 20% of the vote at a pivotal point in that election run; and it is clear to me that he was threatened in a way that made him back off like a flipped switch. The evidence? Little – other than his instant departure was wholly contrary to every aspect of his life history and personality to that point.

      The starting point is a grass roots ground swell of taking back Congress so it can begin to separate branches of power again, each one of us acting through Individual spirituality positively practiced – versus dogma-controlled oriented religion whose leaders (Constitutionally) improperly enter the political arena every day by speaking out as religious leaders rather than as individuals. We can accomplish that effort through the internet – however monitored; it is our organizational opportunity. I believe the government has coerced the computer makers to provide government backdoor access to monitor us all – but courage is needed. The internet allows us to organize in less traditional, less bureaucratic ways to preserve freedom, prosperity and caring for neighbors.

      Putting people in Congress who you check out for integrity can only swell the ranks of positive possibilities.

      We must replace what is with what will work, not leaving a vacuum, and allow those with real solutions to be effectively heard. Changing direction soon is imperative; working our way out of this mess will take a long time and constant effort. The financial elite are counting on our sound-bite bombarded culture to cause us to lose interest.

  • john

    Sp why do we insist that the rest of the countries in the world become democracies?

    • Leo

      We need all countries democratic because the global elite needs to efficiently manage them to control the population of the Earth. They are able to control any country by manipulation of its democracy.

      This is also why they need the USA to stop being a real republic.
      Strong constitutional republic USA is the stumbling block for the globalists. This is why they are destroying economic power of the white middle class of the USA. Actually they have finished doing it already. Good job!

  • Dave

    This is what happens with one party rule of. The Dems realize they are going to get crushed this Nov. They are hoping that all this non-sense they are passing will stick…like social security stuck. I like many others will not forget what these people in elective office have done to this country. In November I will make my voice heard.

    • Al Sieber

      In November I’ll make my voice heard too, but is it gonna be, just vote for the lesser of 2-evils? would you just for once like to vote for someone you really liked? Polititions have a way of creating a problem and coming up with a solution. this Nov. is our last shot at taking back our country but, I can’t help but think anything can happen between now and then.

      • Dagney

        Don’t forget the time period between November and when the new Senate & Congress are seated. You will see the lame-duck creeps shove through so much anti-American crap, your head will spin.

      • TIME

        Hey Al, your in AZ right?

        Whats going on with barryo giving a large chunk of AZ back to Mexico.
        I hear that its a very large area that extends from the border way past Tucson to the north and on the west side of Tucson and almost over the the Calie border .

        Any info about whats going on out your way?

        • DaveH

          That would definitely be unconstitutional. Where did you see that, Time?

          • Airangel


            It’s 3500 acres of Park land that used to be for hiking and ATV’s, now they post American Citizens to stay off or get shot…80 miles from Tucons

          • DaveH

            Pardon my language, but that is un-f’n-believable. Here we are wasting our soldiers and resources trying to rebuild countries that will just revert back to barbarism as soon as we leave, but we don’t have the resources to turn back the illegals.

          • Claire

            DaveH–Your words are very true.

          • Airangel

            I know DaveH….My little brother is in Afghan as we speak losing Soldiers in his unit…more in the past two weeks than the year he’s been there and we succumb to these lawbreaking, illegal, drug and human smuggling, raping, murdering b*st*rds and for that ILL behavior, we reward them with Arizona land just because we don’t have the balls to force them off!!!! Now Hillary Clinton tells Equador that the Feds are going to sue AZ on this SB1070 law…I am beyond MAD!

          • DaveH

            I’m sorry to hear that Airangel. I hope all goes well with your brother.

          • bp

            With the news of action by the DOJ against Arizona re:illegal resident aliens (not immigrants)my question is: Why? What is the upside, in their view? Never mind their responsibility to protect our borders, or a State. What is their purpose? Anyone?

          • JC

            Does your brother know about this BS Angel? Tell him.

          • DaveH

            I believe Obama and crew are trying to create a crisis that will lead to him declaring Martial Law. Hopefully, I am wrong, but it sure looks that way.

        • Al Sieber

          Time, just got done working. that would be the Buenos Aires wild life refuge, I think for birds. I worked there in the 1980′s, scary at night. the Mexican drug lords and smugglers took it over and we’re warned to stay out, there’s signs all over the place, and the president does nothing. we’re a occupied state in that area and all along the border. the Fed. Govt. is filing a lawsuit aganist the state of Ariz.

          • kate8

            If our government was serious about the illegal invasion, they’d have sealed the border long ago. As for the occupied land in AZ, they’d send in troops and kick them out. This is absurd.

            Cede a little land here, another bit there, maybe some over here. Pretty soon Mexico has a good foothold on our soil, maybe a war breaks out among the people. Maybe Americans just pack up and leave, and Mexico gets it by default.

            I think things are being set up on many fronts for the declaration of martial law. It’s just a matter of which one comes to a head first.

          • airangel

            JC – believe me I will tell my brother and give him an earful…right now I just pray for his safe exit tomorrow on Father’s Day. It will take him 3 days enroute to get home. His father lives in AZ and I don’t think he’s aware of what’s going on in AZ but if I know him…he will be just as mad. I don’t feel he believes we belong in Afghan..he has not told me because he tries to be strong for his men but I caught him breaking down and crying when he was on leave 6 months ago (he doesn’t know I witnessed it, he has his pride)…he has told me the way these people fight plays with our soldier’s mind…it is a mans inherit wiring to want to protect a child or pregnant woman, so to have to deal with suicide bombers that would send defenseless children and women with bombs strapped to them is mind boggling..they have to get hard to lock the emotions out…but believe me, he will be mad to lose so many in his unit for this so called “legit” president who in my opinion is committing Treason by aiding and giving comfort to the enemy (the Drug Cartel)

            Article III, Section 3 says “Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort…I know other President’s since Reagan have granted Amnesty but I would think if they give them these 3 county’s in AZ (3500 acres) to known enemies murdering American Citizens knowing they are creating “cases of Rebellion or Invasion concerning the Public Safety of Citizens” Section 9 of Constitution.

            Also what about housing and giving comfort to the known terrorists ‘Hamas Palestinians’? Impeach seems to be building against this regime with the Health Care bill, the bribes, etc.

          • JC

            Angel, hopefully your brother will keep fighting the good fight when he gets home. He needs to tell the other troops what is going on too.
            I wish him and everyone there the best and a safe return.
            (I have a brother in law over there too)

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          Obama and the dems dont want to turn them back. They want the hispanic vote, and they are going to get it by siding with them. They turn a blind eye to it, and even chastize Arizona for taking a stand that the federal government has been afraid to take, all in the ways of political correctness. These same stupid gringo’s in power wont feel that way, when the Mexican border starts getting up into Oklahoma and Tennesee and spreading, and all their rights are taken away. Its coming. I guarantee you, they wont be as tolerant of you, and your being to them. Dummies.

    • Dave

      And you’ll vote in Republicans? Good luck with that. It’s funny how they remove services and lower taxes for the wealthy and cause economic mayhem and then the Democrat get called in to fix it. The Democrats make the hard decisions and take a licking for it and the cycle continues. Our biggest problem in this country is the 2 party system.

      • George E

        In recent years, I haven’t seen the Democrats fix anything? Have you?

      • Carl

        If the problem is a two party system, and I agree it is, then why don’t you all vote for Libertarians or Constitutional Party members instead? I voted for a third party presidential candidate in 2008 because I didn’t care for either Obama or McCain. If more people will stop saying it is a wasted vote and just vote for candidates outside the Republican and Democrat parties those candidates can be elected.

        • George E

          When 3rd party candidates can get their poll numbers to competitive levels prior to an election, then voting for them “might” make sense. Otherwise, a vote for them gets you just about the same as not voting or a vote for the winner of the other two parties.

          • DaveH

            Kind of like the question “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”.

            If we don’t start voting for them, then their numbers won’t grow, will they?
            If the last 22 years haven’t been a wake-up call, then I guess we’re doomed.
            I will vote Libertarian until the cows come home (about 20 more years for me). They are the only Party that understands what Government’s role should be. They are the only Party that understands Freedom.
            Watch John Stossel and Judge Napolitano on Fox Business Network to learn more.

          • George E

            I hear you, but if they can’t “poll” well before the election, what’s the use in voting for them in the election? They’ve got to win voters over to their way of thinking before the election. That’s one of the reasons I like the Tea Party. They can support independent candidates if they don’t like the candidates that the R&D parties select.

      • DaveH

        I beg to differ with the statement that the Democrats make the hard decisions. Taking other peoples’ money to distribute to themselves is not a “hard decision”. Buying votes with other peoples money is the “easy” decision. Expecting people to earn their own money is the tough sell.

        • George E

          How right you are. Thanks.

      • Dagney

        Straw man! Straw man! Only the wealthy PAY taxes!!!! Geez where is the critical thinking in this country? You make me ashamed when you spout the “lower taxes for the wealthy” crap. Geez, get a real argument, will you?

        • George E


          Poor people in this country pay a lot of taxes if they drive a car, live in a home, or buy anything. One way or the other, taxes are extracted from everyone, directly or indirectly.

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            But it is true, that the demonized wealthy pay 80 percent or more of the taxes in this country. And I am not one of them, but I have had a few of them give me a job in my lifetime. Never had a poor man give me anything though. And nowadays, the so called poor man, likes me to be taxed more so that he can get everything free, including his health care now. I guess since I work, Im considered the rich guy, and the way the so called poor see it, I should be made to pay so that they can have a free ride. Ive definately got a problem with that.

  • Daniel Ledger

    Amen, and we are still ONE NATION UNDER GOD !!!

    • TGoodreau


      Actually I prefer the original…One Nation, Indivisible…

      Religion divides us! Our constitution unites us!

      • TGoodreau


        “Constitution” should always be capitalized.

        Long live the republic!

        • http://naver samurai

          How can you just forget God? It is the christian aspect of freedom that our founding fathers built this nation, based our laws on the 10 Commandments, and put their christian beliefs into everything dealing with this country. For example, schools are supposed to teach religion and and keep students from praying. Look at the Northwest Ordinance of 1789 to find what I’m saying is true. You can’t be a good American if you are an athiest. Not believing in God is just like ripping out the heart and soul of this nation. Read before you post. For God and country!

          • Smilee

            Who said he forgot GOD? The constitution defines the relationship between government and religion, you have it all wrong in your post.

          • http://naver samurai

            Remember frownlee, it is said one nation, under God for a reason. Stay off of the sites and let the educated ones speak here, moron!

      • George E

        I can’t see how anyone would be offended by the term “under God”, except for atheists, but since they are just a tiny portion of our population, that shouldn’t be an issue, I don’t think.

        • hflashman

          Well George, that depends on whose god you’re talking about doesn’t it? Your god, my god, the neighbor’s god? Or would it be the gods of the guy two blocks over? Gotta be specific if you’re going to try and apply a generalization.

          Jeesh….any sanction by government of any religion gives that speific religion implied State support…and you can ask the Irish what occurs when that comes about.

          • George E

            I don’t buy that argument because the term “God” is pretty generic. Would you feel any better if the term “Supreme being” was substituted? All religions believe in some higher power, I believe, so I don’t see how the use of a term like that would offend anyone other than atheists.

          • http://naver samurai

            So I guess we support Christianity due to Bush passing the Faith Based Initiatives Act? As long as we don’t do like England and have an official religion, or forced to worship in a certain way and time (Like the stupid muslims) we are not violating the separation of church and state. Get off of the kool aid and read the Constitution before you post!

          • George E


            This discussion is getting kind of old, but I’ll try one more time. Endorsement of the word “God” in our government is not an endorsement of any religion since they all, except atheists, believe in a god or a supreme being. Finally, the Constitution does not require separation of church and state. However, it also does not endorse any particular religion. So, the use of generic religious terms like “God” does not indicate that our government is endorsing any particular religion, but is endorsing the concept of a higher being which is endorsed by all religions. If you interpret this term to mean Christian God, then that’s your interpretation, not necessarily everyones.

        • DaveH

          I could care less about the words “under God” as long as the religious people don’t try to force me their religion on me (like the Muslims do).
          Religion is a lot like Liberalism. They are both easy to grasp because they present Hopes and Dreams that we all desire. The Religious Hopes and Dreams are for the after life and the Liberal Hopes and Dreams are for the present life.
          Reality is a lot tougher sell. Getting along with your fellow human beings is reality. I believe that the best pathway to that goal is to get back to voluntary contracts and choices. Neither the left nor the right seems to recognize that these days. We must respect peoples’ right to control their own bodies and their own property. Otherwise we will continue to be in this perpetual battle for control using the Government as our Bully Boys.

        • TGoodreau

          I am not offended, its the principal.
          I’m for government neutrality, which is what our Constitution defines.

          I don’t like making assumptions of how people think, so I’ll ask, are you implying that as long as one believes in some god, that would meet your aproval but somehow an atheist would not?

          For if so, I’ll repeat “religion divides”.

          BTW I consider myself a Deist much like many of the “founding fathers” who had the wisdom to aknowledge that anybody trying to speak for God is probably not worth listening to.

          • http://naver samurai

            Most pf our founding fathers were diests? What kind of lie is that? The only one specifically designated as a diest was Thomas Jefferson, you moron! Give me a list of all of them that were diests and I match your list with those that were Christian. Guaranteed I’ll win.

          • DaveH

            Here is a website that may help this debate:

          • DaveH
          • http://naver samurai

            Thanks Dave! That helped to prove my point.

        • TGoodreau

          Way to go George,
          Thats how you denigrate and marginalize someone with a belief not your own!

          • George E

            Huh? Want to pass that one by me again?

          • TGoodreau

            I was commenting on your previous post about how you stated
            “No one except maybe atheists may be offended” and you continued with “but they are such a small number they shouldn’t matter”

            I may have misquoted your exact words here but the gist is the same,
            did I read that wrong?
            If I were an atheist I would consider you to be marginalizing and denigrating my beliefs or lack thereof, though as I have previously stated I am a Deist.

          • George E


            Sorry, but I read your response in a hurry so I didn’t understand what you were saying. I understand now. Thanks for clarifying.

            I guess this raises an interesting question. Should we not do anything that offends a minority, regardless how small that minority is? In this case, it’s my understanding that atheists represent less than 5% of the American public. So, should we drop the word “God” from our pledge of allegiance and other government documents because it offends 5% of our public? What if dropping this reference offends the other 95% of the public? At what point should the majority not yield to the wishes of the minority? Personally, I’m willing to compromise to try to get along, but there is a limit because I don’t think we should offend the majority to satisfy the minority.

          • http://naver samurai

            Sorry dude, but the ways of deism died out a long time ago. Where have you been? If you are, tell me your definition. Be warned, I have Noah Websters dictionary and some great history books at my fingertips.

          • libertytrain

            George excellent points – when do we decide the majority has lost all its rights in favor of a minuscule minority?

          • George E


            I think it has already happened in many cases. We’ve been trained to be sensitive to the rights and preferences of the minority. Because we’re a compassionate and caring people, we have let these folks convince us that we’re selfish and self-centered if we don’t let the minority rule……so long as it’s a minority they care about. When you back off and look at this, common sense tells me that the majority should attempt to accommodate the minority for harmonys sake, when the minority is at least 20% of the population, but not yield to the minority on issues the majority really cares about. When the minority is less than 10%, they probably ought to be ignored. At that point, it should be up to the minority to accommodate the majority. In the past, I think this was pretty much understood, but in recent times we’re supposed to bend to the will of very small groups like 1) gays who want us to legalize same sex marriage, and 2) atheists who want us to drop all references to God from our government. This is insanity in my opinion.

          • libertytrain

            George – again you are right – it’s been happening steadily since the 60′s and little things like Christmas songs, Christmas in general, the things you mentioned – so much done to cater to a small minority of people rather than the majority of people. Which in effect has caused the majority to lose so many rights -

          • George E


            Yes. It’s one thing for the majority to consider the preferences of the minority and try to accommodate them, but it’s entirely another for the minority to run rough shod over the majority to get what they want. That’s where we are today, unfortunately, and they are using our legal system as their willing accomplice. This won’t have a pretty ending if it isn’t controlled.

      • kate8

        TG, the mention of God is NOT the same as religion. “God” simply acknowleges that we are subject and accountable to a higher, all-knowing, providencial power. Most people still believe in such a power, regardless of how they interpret It.

        If you happen to be atheist, you can just not state the words “under God” if you so choose. It was never intended to force anyone to believe in anything. To those who do, it is a powerful affirmation.

        • kate8

          Besides, if one does not believe there is a higher power, then that means that we are wholly and solely subject to the whims of fallable (and most often greed and power-driven) humans.

          You prefer that idea?

          • DaveH

            I don’t prefer it, I just don’t believe there is a God. I believe that “God” was made in man’s image, probably to use as a tool by leaders to control the masses. While I do believe in most of the morality of religion, I don’t believe that the threat of a higher power is necessary to convince people to be respectful of their fellow human beings.

          • TGoodreau

            I do appreciate your polite position. But aren’t we already subject to all that you’ve stated.

            I consider it an obligation of men and women of courage and honor (not necessarily religious) to step up and oppose those of lesser character and defend the weak etc etc.

            Regrading you previous post, I find your position concerning.
            Doesn’t it say “with liberty and Justice for all”, shall we add at the end, but for any atheists out there just skip the part about God, because we think you shouldn’t be offended.

            I don’t mean to be too sarcastic but its got to be all inclusive, not just for the God believers.

          • kate8

            DaveH, as for myself, I do not consider a higher power “a threat”. I consider it the very source and essence of Life.

          • kate8

            DaveH, I agree that religion was devised as a tool, but to deny that there is something greater than ourselves, of which we are all a part, relegates us to insignificance, and the universe to nothing but a mechanical system of rocks and gasses.

            To anyone who has experienced the touch of the “supernatural”, there is no doubt that there something that is, at once, at one with the physical and also much more than the physical.

            It is true that man has assigned to God certain qualities and certain roles. When we can let go of the “God” created by our limited understanding, something quite beyond that begins to emerge.

            Our founding fathers spoke of Divine Providence many times, and attributed their success to supernatural intervention. Again, today, I just don’t see how we can hope to rise above the mess in which we find ourselves without that same Help from the Unexplainable.

          • http://naver samurai

            Dave and TGoodreau are athiest commie trash that should just be taken out to the curb and disposed of.

          • DaveH

            That’s nice, spoken like a true God-Fearing man. You are giving a bad name to Religious people, Samurai.

      • bp

        TGoodreau; Rewriting the Pledge of Allegiance?! We are one nation UNDER GOD, that is the Christian GOD Jehovah. Love it or leave it!

      • http://GOGGLE vaksal


        • http://GOGGLE vaksal


          • http://naver samurai

            For God and country!

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        But in the end, there is only one God, the Lord Jesus Christ, that all men will bow down to, to give an account of themselves. And He is the only living God. The rest of them all are still in their graves, and if you dig them up, there they still are. Except Him. The only Living One.

    • TGoodreau

      I realize that this string went a bit off topic, so let me try and bring it round full circle.

      A democracy without any Consitutional boundaries, would allow a mojority vote to institutionalize Religious law to be the law of the land. Even if that set of laws is not believed in by a minority (large or small doens’t matter)
      These laws would most certainly discriminate against those minorities, but hey majority rules in a pure democracy right!

      While a Constitutional Republic (At least the US Constitution)
      required to protect certain inalienable rights from being violated. Hence the coined phrase “To protect the minority from the tyranny of the majority” or some such.

      • kate8

        TG, we are now suffering from the “tyranny of minority”.

        Think about it.

        • kate8

          That was supposed to be “tyranny of the minority”.

          On so many levels.

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            You are so right. When things are done that a few want, yet 90 percent dont want, then we have a problem. This is what is going on now with all this stupid political correctness and tolerance baloney. Just because a few liberals want to protect terrorists that were caught trying to kill us, they take our tax dollars, give them lawyers, and then prosecute our soldiers who were putting their lives on the line to protect us. This is wrong on so many levels. This liberalism is Anti American, anti-common sense, anti-smart, and just wrong on every level possible. Meanwhile, our enemies laugh at us for being so stupid doing this, and it emboldens them to come after us harder. How did it come to be, that such stupid anti American people were elevated to running things in this country, when they dont give a damn about it? How?

      • George E


        Yes, the minority should be protected against the tyranny of the majority when that occurs. Likewise, the majority should be protected against the tyranny of the minority as well. I feel like we face tyranny from the minority a lot today given our leaning toward political correctness, and deep concern for protecting the rights of the minority.

      • http://naver samurai

        Get off of the liberal crack, it is frying your little brain!

        • George E

          Do you read these posts before making smart ass comments?

          • http://naver samurai

            Do you?

          • Claire

            George E and samurai–Do not be aggravated with each other. We are all in the same mess together. Basically, we all want the same solutions to the problems of America and all Americans. You both are honest and decent Americans. For what it is worth I always make a point to read your posts (both of you) as well as the regulars on this site. I respect the opinions of both of you as well as the regulars. At the risk of sounding sentimental, I will be on this blog a year September 12th and I am grateful to have discussions like we have. I have learned a lot from all of you and I respect that factor.

          • George E

            Claire – thanks for the encouragement.

            Samurai – I’ll apologize for smarting off. However, I don’t like it when people call me a liberal. I’ll stack up my conservative ideals and credentials against anyone’s. It also aggravated me when you called DaveH and TGoodreau “atheist commie trash”. That’s uncalled for on this site. These fellows have been participating in a civilized discussion with me, and I don’t like it when you cast dispersions like that at them. If you can’t tolerate anyone who differs with you on topics like religion, I suggest you find another site where like-minded people participate. As far as I know, this site encourages people with a wide variety of views. If I’m mistaken on that, maybe I should move on.

          • DaveH

            Thank you, George.

  • Peyton Johnston

    Thank you Anthony.You are correct on every point,as far as I can see.There is no difference between Democrats and Republicians,which is why I switched to Independent years ago.They have nearly all Americans believing we are a Democracy,and even most countries.I’am so totally sick of this entire government.Bad times are coming,and everyone should get ready for it.

  • Th3D3adM3ssenGer

    Do you REALLY think you’ve got it all figured out? How can anyone say they truly do? What if we have been collectively decieved and manipulated on a scale so grand it usually, at best, conjures a most intense cognitive dissonance?


    They operate subtly through Machiavelian style tactics, playing both sides of the game in various sociopolitical issues. Left-wing and right wing; it’s like Pepsi and Coke… WHEN YOU DO YOUR RESEARCH, YOU FIND THAT THEY’RE BOTH CONTROLLED BY THE SAME CORPORATE BEAST.

    PLEASE take the time to watch these movies on for free: “EndGame” (there are a few movies with that title, so make sure it’s Alex Jones’ EndGame), “The Obama Deception”, “Terrorstorm”, “Fabled Enemies”, and “Invisible Empire:A New World Order Defined”.
    The key to taking our country and planet back starts with a proper understanding of how the bankster elitist operate behind the scenes. Humanity has been decieved and manipulated for far too long. Remember, sometimes the “Truth is stranger than fiction”. These documentaries will help you BEGIN to understand the depth of lies we have been systematically subjected to in this carefully crafted scientific dictatorship…


  • Pat

    Our political leaders act as if we are a Democracy. If we do not vote them out, they will push us into a Dictatorship soon. If they get in now and in 2012 they will literally shread the Constitution, even more than they have shreaded it figuratively.

    They are attacking all the foundations of our Republic, such as Religion and the Founding Fathers and buying and bribeing everything and everybody. When they have enough of it they will pull the noose tight and we will be giving all to them and they will give nothing to us.

    • Dave

      Can I just ask where in the definition of Republic does it say anything about Religion? Can you PLEASE drop the religion thing. Just because it says Under God does not mean we were meant to be a country based on religion. At the the most we were supposed to have basic religious values which are basic to humanity and to all religions. Though shalt not kill is not a Christian idea. The foudning fathers were religious partly because science hadn’t matured yet and it was a sign of the times. They didn’t intend for the country to be a theocratic Republic.

      • Richard

        Dave – The founding fathers were not religious men. They were Christians. And they were not Christians because science had not matured yet.
        They did not “believe in religion”. They believed in God.
        I’m not asking you to believe in God, but I would like for you to go to a Christian friend and tell him to explain to you the difference between religion and relationship with Christ. Until the day that you understand this very important difference, you will neither understand the founding fathers nor today’s Christians, and I suspect that it is important to you to understand us.

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          Very good post Richard. I as a Christian, can recognize and know for a fact that if our leaders were Christians, we wouldnt have rampant corruption in our government, and we wouldnt have leaders doing for themselves and their pocketbooks, rather they would be doing for others, as Jesus Christ did when He came for us. He didnt come to gain a thing, He came to serve us, and gave up His earthly life for us, and took a beating no one has even taken for all of us. If our leaders embraced Christian principles, of putting others first, giving of yourselves for others, and doing what is right in God’s eyes instead of what is right for their bank accounts, can you imagine what a wonderful place this would be to live? Thats where Im going next, and its called Heaven. On earth, wherever you have large amounts of money, you are going to have large amounts of corruption and people fighting over it, and that is all most of todays politicians are interested in, is fighting over the money and padding their and their friends accounts. Satan is truly laughing with delight, as he has all these lawyers doing his dirty deeds for him. But unless you know Jesus, most dont see the true picture of how it is, and of how it could be. You will have the haters that go back to the dark ages and call that Christians, but that is like calling a person in Germany today a Hitler Nazi. Its not that way.

      • http://naver samurai

        How about you drop the religion thing? It seems that you and TGoodreau are the only ones offended by mentioning God, Jesus, Christianity, you athiest morons! Stop bashing what our founding fathers put into the creating of this country and go to church. Sit down and talk with the pastor, he may just clear out those athiest cobwebs inside your head.

        • Leo

          Founders wanted all religions to be a personal matter because they were educated people and knew that the most oppressive societies were the religious ones. The did not want to live in a theocracy. Christian or Muslim.

          • http://naver samurai

            I’ll agree with you about islam, but christianity isn’t an oppressive religion. Read the Bible to find out. Remember, a nation that goes against the will of God will be punished in some way, shape, or form. Maybe Obama bin Laden is a punishment from God?

  • Dennis

    Great article!!!! We have been brain washed by those in power for way to long. The educators in this country only teach waht the “guvment” will allow them to teach, so we see the power of those that are in charge. Yes America is a republic, and yes I believe this “republic” is under seige by obama and the dems. I really think if we do not regain controll of the “guvment”, then we will go to a dictatorship. I remember one of obam’s people on “Face The Nation” when she made the statement that “his rule will began on 1/20/09″. we can now see the results of that “rule” and if you look past ones nose, see where we are headed in short order.

    • Dave

      Do you really think all of these problems are caused by Obama and Democrats. Obama has had less than 2 years in office. How could he possibly have caused all of these problems you speak of. You are being brainwashed by the right to think all of the problems that our country has are due to one man and one party. Don’t believe the hype. Stop being angry that a black “liberal” was elected. Do you really think there was ANY time in this country that was perfect? Did we really have a “good old days” when America was infalable and id no wrong and was perfect?

      • Da Norseman

        You’ve got to remember that the Dems are controlled by those clowns Pelosi and Reid as well.

        • Claire

          Da Norseman–Pelosi is the president. She is running the show and she acts the part.

          • kate8

            She certainly thinks she is running things. Maybe she is.

            She has also surpassed Hillary as the most detested woman in the country.

          • Claire

            kate8–I have always thought Pelosi was ramrodding things. It is her mannerisms, the way she talks. She really acts like she is the Queen Bee.

          • http://naver samurai

            Just like Hillary did when her husband was president.

          • Claire

            samurai–I agree. Hillary was the president, not Bill. I often thought that when he was in office.

          • kate8

            Bill Clinton could only think with his little brain. He was, and is, a buffoon.

      • DaveH

        Actually, Dave, the Democrats have controlled the Congress for 44 out of the last 66 years. And the Republicans have controlled Congress for only 12 of the last 64 years. Control was split between the two parties for 10 of those 64 years.
        Congress is supposed to be the law making body, albeit the presidents have been usurping an increasing amount of legislative power over the years (unconstitutionally).

        • DaveH

          64 was meant to be changed to 66 in all occurances.

      • bp

        Yes, Dave, the 1950′s! When men were men and women were women, children were taught to respect their parents, and the family was responsible for nurturing children. Those were the good old days!

        • Claire

          bp–I grew up in the 50s. Now that I am older, I often look back and think about how wonderful the family unit was back then. We ate every meal together, and I was taught not to waste food. I was taught to be thankful for what I had and not to envy others that had more in the way of material things. And we were poor, very poor.
          I was taught to be my own person, to have self-control (where did that go, lol) and learn from my mistakes. As a kid I was taught to have respect for others, myself, and the world in general. I was taught to have manners, to respect my elders, never to lie and cheat, and do my homework. I was taught to work hard and I did work hard. Living on a farm I had plenty of chores. I had rules to follow and discipline. I thank God for the Mother I had. I think of her every day.
          I had good teachers back then, the schools I went to taught history like it should be taught. When I graduated from 8th grade, I had to pass a test on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, just as I had to do when I graduated from high school. Then in the 60s and early 70s as I raised my two children, I tried to follow the same examples. I sent my kids to a Lutheran school so that they could be taught history and all the other subjects like I was taught. The public schools at the time scared me. They were not what I approved of.
          I look back and I can see the steady decline of a lot that was good regarding family life. It is a totally different world now.
          The government is out of control and we are paying the piper for the havoc they are wreaking and have been wreaking for years. I hate to see this, it makes me angry. I am concerned for my kids even yet, and my grandchildren.

          • kate8

            Yes, Claire, the corruption of our children has been deliberate.

            I long for the way people used to think, too. The way we held together as families, raised respectful and honorable children. My dad was a good, honest man, and I so looked up to him. His values I carry within me still.

            We were poor, also, but didn’t know we were poor. We had everything we needed. Dad raised most of our food, and what we didn’t have, like a cow for milk, we got from our neighbor.

            You could trust people back then. One’s good name was valued above everything else.

            If we could just get back to a few principles (Ten Commandments?) we could turn this mess around.

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          Before Gloria Steinem came on the scene and gave women a black eye that they continue to wear today.

          • libertytrain

            I wonder if it was all some sort of conspiracy to get all women working, price of oil went up (at this same time frame) causing all services like gas, electric, etc. to rise meaning women had to work and then as they worked, everyone bought more — became a really vicious circle didn’t it. Oh, for the days that haven’t been since about 1967 -

      • JC

        Obama didn’t “cause” the globalist agenda.
        But he is taking it farther, faster than any previous President.
        And why should he care? He’s not even an Amnerican.
        He wants us infidels dead and he’s doing it the best way he
        knows how…

        • JC

          American…yes I can spell it. ;)

          • kate8

            JC, I think that’s pretty much it in a nutshell.

  • James

    As pointed out, above, the Pledge of Allegance states: “…to the flag, and to the Republic for which it stands…” But there are only a few congressmen who refer to our nation as a republic. The basic difference between a democracy and a republic is that a republic is limited to the powers delegated to it in the constitution that created it, while a democracy has whatever power, a majority of the people agree to, or whatever Congress can force upon the people (e.g. Health Care, and, now, the endless war on “terrorism”). It has become painfully obvious that presidential appointees (the neo-con oligarchy) are the actual government in power. It should also be pointed out that there is no constitutional provision for the popular election of the president and vice-president, to go back to the electoral college provision would be a giant step in the right direction.

    • eddie47d

      So you want to deny certain people the right to vote. Been there done that! Giving every elligible American a voice is critical and voting is that important step that binds us in being somewhat equal.

      • George E


        I think we should encourage every citizen to get involved in our political system. However, I don’t think everyone needs to vote, especially if they aren’t informed and won’t take the time and trouble to go vote. We’ve got a problem now with too many people who don’t pay taxes but are getting benefits from the government voting themselves more benefits, while the dwindling numbers of working people who pay for these benefits from current and future taxes continue getting the short end of the deal. This trend has got to be tempered soon, otherwise, our federal debt will completely overwhelm our ability to pay it. We’re just about there now.

      • kate8

        Eddie, sane people do not believe that the uniformed and uneducated, mentally impaired, those of illegal status, the incarcerated or the dead should vote.

        I realize that democrats rely on these votes to stay in power.

        • Airangel

          Kate – nicely put! Short and to the point!

        • DaveH

          If I designed the country, every adult would pay the same taxes. The ones who couldn’t pay due to hardship would be the ones who had to fill out forms explaining why. The rest of us could pay and go.
          Also, those people who couldn’t pay their share would not be able to vote until they did pay their share.
          Excluding ignorant people from voting may sound neat, but who would design the tests? It would be unworkable. In my arrogant opinion, if ignorance was a qualifier, there wouldn’t be many eligible voters.

          • Airangel

            I disagree to a certain extent DaveH…

            I believe in the same percentage say 10%…so if a blue collar worker makes $30,000 per year he pays 10 percent tax, if a CEO makes $300,000 per year, he also pays 10 percent. You can never expect the lower earners to be able to pay the same as executives or millionaires….also, I only think anyone earning a paycheck and paying taxes are allowed to vote on the issues of where the tax dollars are spent…if you don’t contribute to the system, you don’t have a say in how the money is spent…at time of voting be e-verified which can link to employer..

          • kate8

            DaveH, you do have a point. But it is also true that those who don’t pay attention to politics would not bother to vote if it weren’t for “get out the vote” campaigns, as those conducted by ACORN, where they round people up and offer them a carrot to vote as directed.

            Social Services registers voters when they come in to apply for welfare. Mental Health registers voters when they apply for help. These people have no real point of reference for how they vote. They are being manipulated.

            Voting should be left to those who care enough to inform themselves and to get to the polls. They should not be actively recruited, transported, and paid off for their votes.

            This would seem to me just common sense. It would work itself out.

          • George E


            I’m pretty sure Dave would tell you that ideally the government shouldn’t tax anyone more than the amount a poor citizen could afford to pay. Anything more than that is too much.

          • George E

            In the past, citizens who were uninformed generally wouldn’t take the time and effort to go to the polls to vote. That provided a measure of protection that we no longer have since organizations like ACORN can “buy” these uninformed votes for $5 and a free ride to the polls. I don’t think anyone should be allowed to delegate their vote to anyone else like this. In any case, when you get too much of this type activity, elections can be thrown to candidates who may not be deemed by a majority of informed voters to be suitable for the job.

          • DaveH

            Close, George, but the beauty of everybody paying the same would be that with skin in the game, the voters would shrink the size of Government dramatically, so the taxes would go down naturally. As it is now, about half of the voters are voting for programs that they don’t have to pay for. And why not? They have nothing to lose. I probably wouldn’t bother thinking either if it wasn’t going to cost me anything (monetarily or otherwise).
            The irony here is that the people who are the most productive (the reason their pay is higher generally) get punished for that productivity with higher taxes. Talk about killing the Golden Goose.

            Besides that, for me it is a moral issue. They don’t ask you for an income statement at the grocery store before they price the groceries, do they? Why should some people pay more for their government? And on top of that, the people who pay the least, get the most. That is just plain wrong.

          • George E


            I like the way you think.

          • http://donthaveone Beberoni

            I always thought the solution to the tax problem, was close all the loopholes, and make it where if I go and buy an 800.00 fishing boat, I pay 12 to 15 percent tax, whatever they make it. But if John Kerry goes and buys a 4 million dollar yacht, he pays 12 to 15 percent. That would even the playing field. You pay for what you spend. No loopholes, period. That way those loaded with cash, if they chose to live high off the hog and have 3 houses at 4 million each, they can pay the taxes. If I own my one house, I pay the tax. I pay the tax on my CRV, they pay the tax on their Rolls Royce. I find that fair. Nobody is forcing them to buy that 4 million dollar yacht. Its their choice.

        • eddie47d

          Can’t you read elligable voter. So why the goofey tirade?

        • http://naver samurai

          Well said Kate! Keep up the good work and God bless you!

      • James

        Eddie47d, I agree that voting is important, but you missed the point. Read Article II, Section 1, Clause 2 (U.S. Constitution) which provides for the President and Vice-President to be elected by an Electoral College. This was clarified by the Twelfth Amendment (1804) but didn’t change that. Originally, Senators were elected by state legislatures (Art. I, Sec.3, Cl. 1), this was changed by the Seventeenth Amendment (1913) to a popular election.
        Also, the above ‘James’ entry about the sky not falling, is not mine. In my opinion the United States is more vulnerable now than ever.

  • Poorgrandchildren

    Democracy cuts both ways. The not-progressive Regressives are furious that the best organized mob in the Texas branch of our developing de-mob-ocracy is going to force ALL children in socialist (government owned) schools in to use textbooks they don’t like. When they lose, they do not like to be forced to march in lockstep with the winner either, but they asked for it. When they win, they are quite content that the only individual right in democracies is the right to vote.

  • J. Patrick Wills

    It was democracy that fostered slavery, followed by the ‘Klan horror .. then – violent reaction against civil rights. Today? .. continues with ” .. the torch having been passed”, i.e. the Kennedy/Obama (MohamMAD connection)’fix on social issues, that totally ignore our (“We the People”), republic founding (wit the recent congressman/cameraman -’hands-on’ public confrontation!) Let us not repeat history, but rather honor Franklin/founding fathers, by just: ” ..keeping it.”

    • Joe Downey

      Pat see the Maryland State Police are jailing a guy for taking a video of an undercover cop and posting it on teh Internet They call is wiretapping. Guess all those cases they “solve” with Close Curcuit Cameras are illegal wiretapping

    • eddie47d

      The Klan gave power to a few (themselves) to control the voices of many. So your analogy is lost.

  • Conservative at Birth

    So many people in this country have chosen ingorance over knowledge and continue to vote for people who wish to enslave them. I have always considered one of each candidate for public office the lesser of two evils. We need candidates from the grass roots NOW. That is why the rise of common sense female candidates in the Rebublican Party is most encouraging. They are for the most part real everyday people. I certainly pray to God that they win their elections and are not corrupted by the system. A Constitutional Republic demands that it’s citizens be involed in the process. It is our duty and we must remain vigilent in it’s execution. When I was nine years old in the fifty’s, my mother was very involved in the Democrat Party. I argued with the adults during precinct meetings in our basement in Southwest Denver,Colorado, about Social Securtiy and the Socialist nature of the program. Of course I was out numbered and did not possess the vocabulary nor the ability to frame the arguments in an influential manner to influence any of them. I continue to debate any and all political subjects to this day. Unfortunately, most of our fellow citizens believe we live in a Democracy. I carry a pocket Constition/Declaration of Independence with me at all times, and challenge them to find one reference to Democracy. Most of them have never read either. Slowly but surely I am educating those who have an open mind. Maybe this November will be the start of a movement to regain our freedom. Maybe it will be the beginging of the next Revolution.

    • Dave

      Good luck with that. Where does it say in that constitution that a corporation is a person? Isn’t that a basic Republican principle? Sure maybe you can interpret something to that end but that just enforces the notion that the Constitution is open to interpretation. it doesn’t cover everything.

      • George E


        Take a look at this video: It will help you understand where many of us are coming from when we say our govenment is a republic not a democracy. Obviously, we do enjoy some democratic methods, like voting, which I don’t think anyone wants to do away with. However, the Constitution was partially constructed to establish a framework in which the majority had to operate. In a pure democracy there is no such legal framework, so the majority always rules, regardless. That’s what we want to avoid in this country, and I’m sure you agree with that goal.

      • DaveH

        Can a corporation cast a vote? I don’t think so.
        But they are composed of people. They are not just some lifeless entity.

        • eddie47d

          Kind of like Unions-composed of people,not just some lifeless entity.Unions are a part of corporations but unions don’t vote only it’s members do. Unions still have to answer to that corporation (which is fair). The corporations still end up with the power and the Supreme Court enhanced that.

          • George E


            Didn’t the recent Supreme Court ruling just put corporations on the same footing as unions? Why shouldn’t companies not have the same rights as unions?

  • gary

    THis is exactly why I continue to say that we need revolution or war to change the grip that a few have on this country. I do not believe for a minute that voting will save us from doom. I know we will all try to vote out the demons, but I am sure it will fail, because they will rig it that way. We will have on alternative but to take our country back by force. LIKE IT OR NOT. These people in control of the money and the government are not going to give up that easily. Bullets are the only thing that will stop them, and no I am not a radical or some kind of a nut. I have been watching this for years and always ends up the same. SAME [offensive word removed] DIFFERENT DAY. Ya all should wake up and keep a lot of power dry.

    • Leo


      Agree with you on that.

      Only violent destruction of the current imperial system which is masquerading as a democratic republic gives us a chance of starting anew.
      The system is inherently unstable because of the multiracial foundation. It cannot be avoided even if we would want to. But if we think of it we do not want to delay the detraction of the evil empire.

    • MichelleO

      Gary I agree completely, People we do need to arm ourselves and if forced to, fight to the death to take our country back

  • J.Micheal

    Finally, real conversation,being new to this site I wasn’t to impressed,just a bunch of Dem. bashers,first impressions,huh. This is food for the mind. The super-rich are manipulating everything(re: the Medici’s), and now we,ve become a nation controlled by WallStreet. We spin are wheels pointing fingers at each other instead of discussing the real issues. Point for conversation yesterday, Nixon created the E.P.A., the Clean Water Act and the Mammal/Marine Protection Act. Also,was a proponent of quality,affordable healthcare,so, so much for this being caused by Dems. Our political system has been shanghaied by the monied elite. The corporations that where created in this country and on the backs of the American people have bailed out and left us hanging. It’s easier to work in a corrupt country that doesn’t care about it’s people or it’s environment,and I’m not talking about getting your panties in a wad over a fish species or whatever,but people will complain about issues until they,one day happen to need them. Government oversite, once again uncorrupted, is needed to prevent occurances like the oil spill because corporations will cut corners for profit,naturally hoping for the best. Since Nixon,we’ve been told to get off of foreign oil, yet we’re still on it. Innovations have been around for quite some time and have been bought and shelved by the powers that be,GM,Ford,big oil,etc. We’ve been getting screwed and screwing ourselves for some time. Maybe with the truth and conversations like this one started by Chip and Anthony we can get there or get back there,either way we are in a crisis and inane scwabbling won’t cut it. Was going to unsubscribe, now I think I’ll hang around. And just what are they teaching the children in our schools these days? Anyway, Thanks.

    • http://google jamie newman

      I would like to address your last sentence comment, about what are they teaching kids in public schools? I taught public school for (3) MONTHS only! I thought I would have a heart-attack or stroke for sure I was so upset I cried everyday. Reason: They (Gov. thru the un-Constitutional, Dept. of Education) are teaching all children to be ALIKE, learning the same things at same levels, molding SECULAR ROBOTS that will go on to college for more progressive molding from marxist/socialist professors. Not to mention, Bush’s “No Child Left Behind Act” which cripples capacities of good TEACHERS and children alike. AYN Rand’s (sp:) Book “Atlas Shrugged” (witness to Fall of Russia) SAYs that the same things happened there, chilling was when she mentioned that the WORD, ROBOT, in Russian means: FORCED LABOR! Think about that hard. Think about a connection, that Andy Stern UNION BOSS-SEIU / Obama’s standing army = un-Constitutional) said (russian slogan/flag) “Workers Unite” this is straight from Communist Russia. I am telling you the truth, I have experienced this all (teaching to the test) Like someone else commented- follow the money!! Your VOTE does not Count, IT is there only to massage (public) perception. I do not believe America will have a truly Free election in November, especially now that Obama by (Executive Order) has declared WAR on the Gulf Oil Gusher Crises. Also, did anyone note, that at His First!! Address to the nation recently–NO FLAGS-ANYWHERE to be seen??? Read the history on “old glory.” America has always been under the WAR flag. The Gold-Fringed flag means court of admiralty law (on the water) You are guilty until proven innocent! Military law! All roads are military roads—LOOK it UP, PLEASE. Live Free or Die. Child Advocate and Teacher/Activist.

      • Airangel

        I never thought about what he actually said or the meaning of “declaring WAR” on the gulf crisis…the words went right over me since I usually tune his drivel out but good point!

        • DaveH

          I can only watch Urkel for a few minutes at a time. Then I must run to the restroom.

          • eddie47d

            What happened to your high standards? You use to be Mr common sense but lately your more of a clown. Welcome to Saturday Night Live!

          • DaveH

            Sorry Eddie, but I can’t get that image out of my mind whenever Obama speaks.
            Both my ex-wife and my brother are lifelong chronic liars. As a result, I can spot a smooth talker a mile away.

          • http://naver samurai

            Very funny! You suppose that Obama bin Laden said “Did I do that?” whenit came to the oil spill?

    • kate8

      JMichael, I think you fit in nicely here. Welcome aboard. Hope you will stick around.

  • Robert

    When I was going to school the teachers always said we are a democracy, and I thought their right as do everyone else. But as I was reading this article I’m saying the pledge in my head and there it is Republic for which it stands, I never thought about it.
    Thank You

  • philip mccormack

    Ochlocracy-Is mob rule.
    I wish we had a true democracy not a republic. Democracy is not suffrage, it is not majority vote. So what is it? It is Supreme Power Vested in The people, upheld with Common Law Trial by Jury where egregious and unfair laws are eliminated by using the not guilty verdict. If you don’t believe me try getting a trial by jury fora tax case. If you really want to understand democracy go to and you will find that Chip is poorly informed. First define Republic or we are in a house of Babel. Philip

    • Conservative at Birth

      I for one, do not choose to LIVE in a Democracy. And when the mob comes to my door to sieze my assets it will be met with a 12 Gauge shotgun. I will die a free man. Give me Liberty or Give me Death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Leo

      philip mccormack

      You are VERY naive if you think that a democracy can avoid being hijacked by a bunch of smart people sooner or later. This is just a law of nature.

  • gary

    We are in the house screwed. We are also near the end of it all.Two more years and Obama will put the finishing touches on what he has created for us. It aint gonna be pretty.

    • DaveH

      Obama is going down. His own party is slowly turning on him as are the MSM outlets. I praise him for revealing the Democrat agenda in a dramatic way before the citizens have been brainwashed enough to accept his agenda. Thank goodness. A few more decades of slow Government growth would have been more effective for the pro-Big-Government crowd.
      Now that we are awakening, those of us who have children and grandchildren need to get busy and reverse the propaganda educations that they have been receiving from the Public Schools. This is critical in our efforts to regain our Freedom. The Liberals knew that decades ago and have used it to their full advantage. Insist on voucher systems. Get the Government (especially the Federal Government) out of our children’s education.

      • George E

        I’m afraid that Obama can still do a lot of damage to our country by way of executive orders even if he no longer has majorities in the Congress after November.

        • DaveH

          We, the citizens, need to get that Executive Order business under control.
          We need to get our Government back to the concept of Separation of Powers that our Founders intended.

          This is dated, but still valid:

          • George E


  • Richard W. Faith

    Great article; thanks!
    Maybe a small point, but one phrase I try to avoid using is “take back” (our country). I prefer to say, “repossess” our country, because:
    1) It is rightfully ours;
    2) It is being, or God forbid already has been, STOLEN;
    3) We intend to recover possession of it;
    4) “Take back” can carry connotations of “transport backwards in time”, which opens the door to spins and disingenuous criticisms.

  • Dan

    James. I disagree with you. First as far as I know most if not all states use the electoral college to elect the president and second. Here in Illinois ( Obamas home state )in the 2008 election 37% of the people voted against him but 100% of the electoral college voted FOR him. As part of that 37%, where was our representation in that election? In looking at our electors…. I cant remember exactly but 5 or 6 of the 21 had the last name of Daley or Madigan ( AKA leaders of the democratic machine in Illinois )Oddly I have not seen a single word about that from any media source. On the other hand as I recall I think Bush lost the election on popular vote but won the electoral vote.

    • Joe Downey

      The electoral college is a vestiage of our founding fathers. They feared the power of two of the bigger States leke 1970 NY and Mass to dominate the Presidency. If we had a true democracy where one man one vote we would not have had Bush elected in 2000 or 2004. Popular Vote would foster more splinter groups and revive the idea of freedom of speech

      • James

        Joe D. The Electoral College is a requirement of the U.S. Constitution, see just below.

      • kate8

        Oh yeah, Joe, and we would have fared sooooo much better under Gore.

        Excuse me while I take a breath and roll my eyes.

        BTW, Clinton was also elected without the popular vote. It cuts both ways.

    • DaveH

      From Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution:
      “The executive Power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America. He shall hold his Office during the Term of four Years, and, together with the Vice President, chosen for the same Term, be elected, as follows
      Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors, equal to the whole Number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress: but no Senator or Representative, or Person holding an Office of Trust or Profit under the United States, shall be appointed an Elector.”

      The reason for such a rule was to prevent the populous states from running over those that had small populations. Why would any low population state want to join the Union without that rule?

      Note, by the way, the phrase “the executive power shall be in a President”. That is, he is responsible for enforcing the laws, but not making them. Over the decades, the Presidents have been slowly trampling that restriction with their “Executive Orders”.

      It’s high time that we citizens insist our leaders obey the Constitution that they swear to uphold.

      • DaveH
        • Anthony

          No offense, Dave – but I used to be a faithful reader of CATO (think tank) and then about mid-Bush, their Articles stopped being as Citizen/Voter-minded as they once had been. They began to sound like puppet material – like someone was just handing out pamphlets and hardly anyone inside the Institute was reading them.

          It’s your choice – but, if they do not incorporate all facets of a discussion, then they are slaves to some other Agenda – that’s my take on all of it, no matter where it comes from…

          • DaveH

            Cato is definitely not as hard line as Cato is a think tank and I believe they tone it down purposely to try to influence the politicians as much as they can. I, myself, don’t believe in the watered down version of Libertarianism, but I also don’t have very many disciples, lol. Our population has been subjected to decades of public school propaganda and it isn’t easy to get people to think outside the box.

      • eddie47d

        That’s the Ol’ Dave we know.

    • James

      Dan, All states use the electoral college system, they are constitutionally bound to do so. Popular elections of the president and vice-president are a masquerade, if the popular vote differs from the electoral college’s, the electoral college wins. This came dangerously close to being demonstrated in the Bush/Gore election. The Supreme Court intervened and made the two voting systems agree.

  • Richard W. Faith

    Great article; thank you!
    A small point, but I try to avoid the phrase “take back” (the U.S.A.), and instead say, “repossess” (the U.S.A.) because:
    1)”Take back” is vulnerable to misinterpretation as “transport backwards in time”, and so opens the door to mocking and disingenuous criticisms;
    2)”Reposses” puts the emphasis on the fact that our country is being (or God forbid, has already been) STOLEN.
    3) We intend to recover possession of it.

    • Bob Wire

      Well Richard many think that it has been stolen, some claim by politicians, I blame it on greed, where ever you might find it and the effects of greed. ~

      People wanting to secure their futures and status using anything at their disposal to affect that end. A no holds bared “power grab” If it’s at the expense of the common good offers no deterrent, working on the premise that they can is the only validation needs that they “should

      As we now know, fraud has been committed in high place yet there been no laws violated and no criminals to perused.

      This is where Americans has lost control of government. We have Insurance Companies writing Health Care Polices immune to anti-trust laws while paying “out of pocket” completely out of reach for 98% of all Americans. We have Insurance Companies writing policies hardly worth the paper they are written on. Their policy holder might well be admitted and exposed to profession care, but quit easily leave the hospital a broken person, in debit up to their ears.

      The people ~ has been turned into a “Cash Cow” for special interest!

      The higher the demand, the more people, all the better on all levels of supply of special interest.

      • eddie47d


      • DaveH

        Insurance companies are a bad example. I haven’t bought Healthcare Insurance my entire life except for a brief period during my divorce before I realized that it was Unconstitutional for the Divorce Court to order me to buy Healthcare Insurance. It is a bad investment unless you live a reckless lifestyle. But, it is voluntary. They are in the business to make money, not lose it. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Unless, of course, the Federal Government is putting a gun to your head and forcing you to buy it (Unconstitutionally).

        • Airangel

          Here! Here! They’ll fine and arrest us (Legal American Citizens) and make us law abiding citizens into criminals for not buying “disease” insurance but they won’t arrest and fine the Drug Cartel and illegals for trespassing, murdering, raping, assaulting, vandalizing and invading! We are not the terrorist and thieves and criminals, they are!

          • kate8

            Airangel, now you are trying to make sense out of the insane.

          • DaveH

            The problem is that the drug cartels fight back. With the average law-abiding citizen they can be reasonably assured of no resistance.

          • http://naver samurai

            Well said, Airangel. For God and country!

        • Bob Wire

          Insurance companies might well be a bad example for you and your personal experiences. But it hits home hard for many others DaveH.

          As for myself , I’m much like you, uninsured and healthy. My chances of dieing of acquit clean living is great. “Pat Boone Disease” But I’ve seen it ravage family members that came down with the swine flu and a bout with ecoli virus. 45 days in ICU, special beds that rotated like a rotisserie to prevent patients from drowning on their own body fluids costing $5000.00 per day. Hospital bills ranging over a hundred thousand dollars. 187 thousand and 210 the other.

          And after living through this, it’s 8 months to a year of getting back to some kind of normal and attempting to pay for it. Very depressing state of affairs while feeling lucky to be alive.

          I think everyone has to see something like this unfold and live it by the minute to truly appreciate what these people and their love ones must endure and the pressures they are subjected to.

          The good news is ~ in this dark cloud of uncertainly ~ our society does often rise to the occasion, church groups and other interest do step forward and offer some help. You end up grateful and indebted to many.

          It’s at that point and time, you realize we can’t always live and stand alone and thank all the people that rallied to your defense as you lay a helpless piece of meat.

          • DaveH

            I certainly was not saying that people shouldn’t be allowed to buy Insurance. That is a personal choice. Some people are okay with paying more than they might get back for the peace of mind that it gives them. I’m not.
            If not for the fact that so many people are risk-averse, which drives them to seek protection from all future misfortune, there would be a huge increase (I’m talking 2 or 3 times increase) in the wealth of this country. Charities would be flush with money to help those that suffered misfortune through no fault of their own. I’m not just talking about Insurance Companies. I’m talking about the Nanny State in general.

  • RivahMitch


    First, let me say that I appreciate both your and Anthonys’ comments. Both strike me as very much on target. Let me, however, digress briefly on one point in your piece:

    You wrote:

    “While if you believe someone is innocent until proven guilty, that they deserve their day in court and that a jury of their peers should decide their fate, then you believe in a nation of laws, not just the whims of a mob.”

    Actually, what I believe, and what I believe most of the founding fathers believed, is that, government being in the hands of fallible humans, any exercise of government power must have safeguards for its citizens. Someone is NOT actually guilty or innocent based on what a jury or legal process determines but is guilty or innocent based on what they do. Legal guilt or innocence is less correlated with factual guilt or innocence than the government or those in the legal profession would have us believe. However, one key to understanding this issue is that the system was designed to protect individual citizens from the potentially abusive power of the government. Hence, “better a hundred criminals go free than one innocent man be punished”. Hence, OJ walks free though many would not allow him in our homes.

    • DaveH

      I think that Chip was saying the same thing.

  • gary

    I was taught it was a Republic through the grades and in High School we were taught the same thing in Political Science. THat was in the early 60′s and thing were much different then. I think it was big money that had Kennedy shot. I remember that like it was yesterday,so I have a different view on things today. Vote vote vote vote and what happens? It simply continues to get worse until now we literally have an enemy of the state for president. The entire party is really slippery and anything can happen.

    The Repubican party is way better than the Dems, but the Republicans are not a real prize either.

    We need to demolish both parties and have a new government ready to install. That is the only way you will have an America as it was meant to be. Our constitution gives us that right.

    • Airangel

      You may be right Gary…if they corrupt the votes via electronical manipulation…we must request a re-count manually (not even sure that would work) and then last resort – overthrow a deceitful and paid for government…we would have to get our US Military behind us though because they are ready for an uprising of the people….that’s why so many foreign troops are on our soil “for the calling of Martial Law”…they have everything pre-planned…I know many will say they’re just training here and they are but I also believe there is a reason for so many

  • Joe Downey

    The United States is a REPRESENTATIVE REPUBLIC. Res publica latin for Thing of the People. The Congress and the Supreme Court violate it every day when they give RIGHTS to Corporations with none of the responibilites. Case in point is BP. If an individual say had a boat and he failed to keep it maintained, and it blew up. During that exposion it killled 11 People on a Bridge watching it. That man would go to Jail for Manslaughter and he would be sued. Do you think anybody from BP or Transocean will go to jail for those 11 dead on the Horizon NO.
    The USSC screwed it up giving rights to Corporation but no responsibilites

    • DaveH

      Unless it is proven to be purposeful or extremely negligent, nobody should go to jail. A company is just composed of people, and those people on the lower levels don’t always do the bidding of those on top. It may very well be that the accident was a result of negligence on the part of the some of the same people who lost their lives on the platform. There is no greater punishment than that.
      Who knows what really happened? We may never know the truth. I have gotten to the point where I only believe about half of what the Media says, and even less of what the Government says.

  • bp

    Thank you for a great article and putting Ben Franklin’s name to the quote. How prophetic! We currently must keep our Republic from the “democratic” thugs in office who favor mob rule (unions etc).

    • eddie47d

      How about Republican mob rule with their Corporate cronies?

      • George E


        I think if you update your information you’ll discover that “big” business largely supports Democrats because it’s the fastest way to government subsidies and barriers to competition. “Small” businesses are by and large supporters of Republicans because they still believe in smaller government and the power of the market place.

        • eddie47d

          I confess, I was just mocking bp’s comment. Many small businesses don’t stand a chance (as you were saying)Since big business spends so much time feeding at the trough.

          • George E

            Thanks Eddie.

      • DaveH

        Crony Capitalism is indeed wrong. But that would be greatly reduced or even eliminated if we got the Government out of the Marketplace. Put the power back into the hands of the consumers, and leave the enforcement of corporate fraud in the hands of the courts where it belongs.
        The bigger Government gets, the more there is potential for corruption. Just look at Mexico for a great example.

        • Airangel

          DaveH, we HAVE to return power to the private sector…Government is getting to BIG to sustain. Now with the new Green Energy bill and proposals that gas will be at $7 gal…people will be foreclosing on more homes because all the shipping costs will be passed onto the consumer so literally everything you buy will be even higher than now, heating your home will sky rocket, driving to work or anywhere will bankrupt those already barely making it, forced health insurance or fines or jail adds to the pile, and more taxes taken out of our checks to pay for all the hundreds more government jobs to enforce all the new regulations!

          • DaveH

            Whatever happens, it needs to happen fast before the baby-boomer generation is gone. We are the last ones left who remember what
            Freedom is like , and who know that we don’t need Big Government to lead decent lives. After we’re gone, most of the people left will have to overcome at least 12 years of public school propaganda to see the light.

  • Bob Wire

    >>”During the Wilson Era – we had these items come into being:
    1. The Federal Reserve Act
    2. The 16th Amendment / Income Tax
    3. The 17th Amendment / straight election of Senators”<<

    what about the social security act? Does it need to be abolished as well ~ for it reeks of socialism?

    • J Robison

      Agreed Bob, Social Security does “reek of socialism”, but it came about a couple of decades or so later under FDR. These three things the Federal Reserve, the Federal Income Tax and direct election of U.S. Seanators, came about at the time Wilson was president and lead the way for much of what came out of the New Deal and other policies of the thirties that further lead to centralization of power in the U.S. and diminished the power of the states.

    • Tea Party Tim

      In a word, “YES’, social security needs to be done away with. It was never intended to be a government funded retirement program in the first place.

      • weathergirl

        Tim, here’s the rub on the Social Security: what do you do with those in their 60s who have worked uninterrupted, paying taxes straight from the time they were 20. I’m 63, was a nurse (now a medical transcriptionist), have never had a “break in service” of any kind and for 43 years my money for Social Security went into the govt coffers, period. My husband cut out when our daughter was a year old and I raised her on my own (no financial help from him at all), put her through college to become a teacher by working extra. Now, folks may think “hey, you should have been putting money back for your retirement”. That’s a lovely thought, but not realistic in a situation like mine. Any money that I would have put back, the govt was sucking up. Now I’m 3 years away from retirement and that money WAS my savings. What are those in my situation to do?

        I grant that those in their 20′s and 30′s had better understand that SS is going to be bankrupt and they better start socking away their own money — but here’s the rub on that one. Those lucky enough to have a job don’t have the freedom to say “no Uncle Sam, I’ll keep my money and save on my own”. Their money goes in the govt coffers as well!

        Sticky problem, huh?

        • Tea Party Tim

          See my solution in the comment below. By the way I am 48 and willing to fund this plan to pay seniors for what they were promised, even though at the time it was promised I was barely out of diapers. The simple fact of the matter is that the plan is unsustainable and we might as well go ahead and fix the problem instead of a lot of political posturing like has been seen in the Gulf.

          • DaveH

            Not only is it unsustainable (Ponzi Scheme), but it is immoral. We are not talking about a Retirement Plan, we are talking about a Forced Retirement Plan which is being run by a bunch of incompetents. I could have put the $180,000 they stole on my behalf into a simple CD account and by now I would have had over $350,000 in savings. Drawing out $20000/year (SS will only pay me $18,000/year), it would take me well over 18 years to depleat the account. I’m too lazy to figure a more exact time span since the account would be accruing interest over those 18 years. And actually, the savings would have been much greater than that for me, as I am a pretty astute investor.

          • George E


            Don’t forget that the government intended for you to provide for yourself and others who may not be contributing into the fund at all or not contributing as much as you did.

          • weathergirl

            I’ve never in my life been so worried about this country. This govt is getting way too big and messing up everything it touches!!! If there are any Obama fans out there, stop reading now. When his presidency started and I began to wonder “what on God’s earth is up with this!!”, thanks to Glenn Beck, I began to do some homework. If every American who’s fed up and wondering what’s going on in this administration would read “Rules for Radicals”, Saul Alinsky — it’ll begin making all the sense in the world. This is Obama’s Bible and he’s said so. Same for his czars. This man is following the book, “collapse the system until you’re the only one they can run to”. Basically, he’s destroying this country systematically. Don’t listen to what he says or promises. What has he done?? Spend insanely with nothing to show for it (except his backers, they’re well taken care of), no jobs. Look at the overwhelming nanny mentality he’s instilling — “you have a right to a nice home, a good job (which he’s killing at the same time he’s talking them up) a free education, free medical care, free everything!” If he was a proud American he’d be for instilling determination, self-reliance, thrift, motivation and expecting every able-bodied person to get off our dime and become tax-paying citizens. Those 50% of us who have worked hard all our lives to pay for the 50% who won’t — are getting sick of it. God help us if we don’t stand up and say ENOUGH!!!!

        • http://GOGGLE vaksal


          • DaveH

            Please don’t use all uppercase. It’s hard on my eyes.
            I don’t think Tim was talking about taking away your Social Security. The Government should definitely have to give back the money they took.
            What I think Tim wants (and I know that I want) is to stop the Government from taking (stealing) money from people “for their own good” in the future. The Government has no business in protecting people from themselves. It has been shown time after time that when people feel they don’t need to take care of themselves, they will slack off and take the free ride. That is, they won’t educate themselves, find a good job, learn how to manage their money, or any other such thing that in the aggregate builds their and the country’s wealth.
            Besides that, the Government has wasted the social security money that originally was supposed to be in a special protected fund. If any private annuity company operated like that, they would either have thier buns sued off or they would go to jail.

          • airangel

            Good for you Vaksal! It is sad that the up and coming generations are being lied to and brainwashed to believe it’s the baby boomers and retirees that are causing the deficit (maybe somewhate since we were all swallowing Big Pharma candy ads!) and America’s Demise….all they seem to know is the blame game….a lazy mass for sure, that only believe what a celebrity says or what they read from Media Ads that cater to them…they are so dumbed down (not all before I get slammed) but a huge majority coming through public schools…it’s all about I need the next ipod, designer clothes, fastest internet, etc…most couldn’t even find their way through a library…Dewey Decimal? What’s that? *lol

          • Tea Party Tim

            I am one of the baby boomer generation and am not at all suggesting that we abandon the elderly. What I am suggesting is that there be a cut off point of the younger generation that can expect nothing from the system, which is exactly the opposite of what you had believed.

      • Claire

        Tea Party Tim–Tell that to the seniors that are drawing on SS. They paid for it and the government kept stealing it for their political agendas, to pay for their so-called legislation that got America in this mess.

        • Tea Party Tim

          The solution is to have a cut-off age perhaps those 50 or over would stay grandfathered in on the plan. Those younger would have reduced participation in the plan to fund what would be left and the ability to invest the remainder as they see fit.

          Of course the real problem with this plan from the start was that people believed the lies that the government told them. One of the things that changed since it was originally instituted is that people are living longer. At the time that the legislation was written there were very few that would have lived long enough to have collected a nickle.

        • DaveH

          Tim is right. At some time we need to quit throwing good money after bad, and also restore morality to our political system.
          Would anybody voluntarily submit to the government forcibly taking their money away for their own good? And on top of that, it hasn’t even been for their own good, as the Government has wasted the money.

        • kate8

          And now Obama is talking about confiscating people’s personal retirement accounts.

          • George E

            I’m pretty sure that would be the breaking point for most of us.

          • Claire

            kate8–Where on earth did you hear or read this? Did you find it on a website? If so, please post it. I want to know. Thanks.

          • kate8

            Claire, Obama spoke of it numerous times, Congress has been batting it around. If you google “Obama confiscating personal retirement accounts” you’ll get a whole list of articles.

          • DaveH

            I predicted this about 30 years ago and my co-workers thought I was nuts. But you know the saying “what the lord giveth…..”. If you partake in anything with Government strings attached, be wary.

          • Claire

            kate8—One more thing to worry about. Day by day, we are getting closer to total government control. I guess I should be scared, I am in a way, and then in contrast it makes me mad as hell.

          • Claire

            DaveH–Government strings–you are correct. This government is taking us for a ride. A “ride” I want no part of. But what can be done? The November elections are coming up, and I am leery of the entire situation. All along I have been thinking “vote them out” and this should help, but I don’t think it will. Yes, vote them out, but what about the people that are elected. Will they be any better for America or will we continue down this same path that we have been traveling for many years?

          • kate8

            Claire, what they are doing is calculated and deliberate. They are keeping our heads spinning, keeping insane problems and worries coming at us at an ever increasing pace. We are being kept angry and stressed out.

            These elites know what they are doing is insanity. That is the whole purpose – to blow our minds. This is to drive us to the point where we can no longer keep up, and we become hopeless and compliant.

          • DaveH

            No, Kate, I don’t think they are trying to pound us into submission. I just think they doing what leaders do. That is to hang onto their power and money any way they can. It is our task to sort through the muck and stop them.
            Please read this. It is an older edition, but it is free online. If you can get a more current edition from the Library, that would be great:

            If you agree that the Libertarian Principles are the way to go, please at least join up and help us grow our numbers. Even better, “throw away” your vote for a Libertarian. As we get more recognition, our party will grow and eventually achieve the numbers we need to get something done.
            Remember that the Progressives didn’t just start with a bang. They grew their numbers and infiltrated our schools slowly until they reached the numbers they now have.

          • kate8

            DaveH, you’ve got to be kidding. Have you read any of Bernays’ work, or anything about him? Can’t recall his first name, but he was a nephew (or something) of Freud, and studied the human mind (for purposes of marketing and control).

            Confounding the opposition is standard Communist operating procedure. This is not a wild guess on my part.

          • kate8

            Messing with people’s minds is also called “psychological warfare”. It’s standard operating procedure with any military. I’m sure you’ve heard of it.

          • DaveH

            Messing with peoples’ minds can have unintended consequences. If I go to my grave prematurely, then I want at least to know that my early death was based on the truth and not some manipulation-gone-awry on my part. I can’t say there aren’t manipulative people out there, but I will say that if we focus on greatly shrinking the size of Government, their power to manipulate would be greatly diminished.

        • http://GOGGLE vaksal

          to claire,if my memory serves me right,john f kennedy,was the first president to raid the social security fund and at that time was the biggest money making machine in the world,bigger than the largest corperation in the world at that time,u.s.steel,and waste that money they did for every nation that wanted a free hand out,and it is still being done at least 50 billion dollars was given away in the last 10 yrs and it is still going on,it seems ” while the kids starve at home( the american people)the partying parents(the american government,is buying free lunches and dinners and free drinks and every other thing for the whole world,so they can look like big shots,they could fix this thing real fast,if they quit acting like little childern ,spending what is not theirs to give away,to every tom,dick and harry,louie,john,freddie,timmy,sue,floyd,ect,ect,ect,get my drift,cant give the house and money,jobs,our clothes away and food and expect the american voter to be happy with any tax increases period,so smell the stink folks,time to throw out the whole bunch democrats and republicans that caused this mess all of them.

          • Anthony

            Vaksal -
            Please provide linkage or name a book on the topic of John F Kennedy being the “first one” to go and raid Social Security. I’ve heard a lot of stories about JFK, but that one is a first to my ears.

            Again – here’s the link to what JFK died for attempting -
            http://www-joemarquis-com/eo11110.htm/ [change the dashes to dots]

          • Leo


            You are very simplifying the issue of the foreign aid.

            It has nothing to do with charity on part of the establishment but all with bribing the rulers and hijacking the economies and enslaving the population of poor countries. Read ” Confessions of an Economic Hit Man” by John Perkins.

    • JC

      Absolutely YES! Stop taxing me out of existence and I will look after myself, thank you very much.

  • jr bob

    The only way to correct this is another constitution convention. and I know that will never happen. We do not have enough real men left in this country. and with illegals and anti americans in congress it will never happen without a reveloution. show me the men and the revolution and I am there.

    • Anthony


      Folks – I cannot stress enough, just how “dangerous” it is to call for another Constitutional Convention. Once the Convention opens, it is “all’s fair in war” time…. and forget the love part, totally.

      When a Constitutional Convention is held – EVERYTHING’s on the table. There is no Convention for just one item to be dealt with.


      Instead – go the route, which is already available to us – DEMAND your State Congresses begin implementing RECALL to your Senators and Representatives who won’t toe the State Wishes, as it were. THIS USED TO BE A NORMAL STANDARD OPERATING PROCEDURE.

      The 17th Amendment took away our State Right to call back our Senators, as before that, they were “assigned” not voted for in public elections – the Jeffersonians ‘knew’ the corruption available in having open elections for Senators was too great – and it is exactly the trouble we have today — say: HARRY REID


      • JC


      • http://GOGGLE vaksal

        TO:anthony,truthfuly it is something i remembered from many years ago,and the reason was at the time kennedy became president,the russian communist were at our back door(cuba,missles)and money had to be found for americas space program ,to start nasa,well kennedy pushed the buttons to get those funds from the masssive amount of money in the social security fund,because it seemed that since the russian communist were going to take over space at that time,it was a matter of national security and the pentagon and the cia ,pushed hard to get those funds,but kennedy took all the credit for starting the space race,and not far down the road,money was needed to build nuclear subs,admiral rickover,under kennedy the fund was raided again,its just something i remembered,of course maybe i am just getting old,but my childern and longtime friends,say my memory is excellent,anthony its funny but being raised as a farm kid when i was younger,i look at this wonderful place called america and think of the new generation of americans,and how their god given rights to liberty have been usurped by a bunch of theveing crooks in political postions,and think of the way it use to be, the greatess republic created in the history of mankind ,congressional records,archives may be a better source than my memory,i read a lot on this site and post when i have time,i keep busy studying molecular orbitals and atomic orbitals as my hobby,but i must admit i love this site,for i enjoy the fact that there are still a lot of people like myself still out there that believe in our nations well being,far from being rich in money,i was very gifted in being born at a time when this nation was a great republic,and now its being turned into a third world has been nation by a bunch of crooks that have made us the most hated and feared nation in the world ,outside of isreal,why? because the liberal communist that have taken over this nation,want to isolate us from the world,so they can fully seize control of this nation,to use it as their main base of operations worldwide,since the russians kicked them out of russia,they are setting up shop here it seems,and this wonderful place i have called home is at the verge of becoming a colony of the nwo boys and girls,that are pushing to trash our freedoms here by destroying the(U.S.CONSTITUTION AND THE BILL OF RIGHTS)VIA the aclu and aipac this nations public servants now serve them and not the american people,i do not wish this on my grandchildern or my fellow american citizens,and the reason i am saying this is that long ago i read that we the american people must be vigalant against anyone that attacks our basic liberties,and both democrats and republians for the last 24yrs have been buttering their own bread at the cost of every american citizen,rich and poor alike,the only roads left are to throw all these corrupt self serving monkeys out of office or we will cease to be a free nation and will become the slaves in our own house(THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA),anthony i enjoy reading all the great posts on this site,it tells me that the american people have woken up,and their rath will bring these uspers of our freedoms to their doom in that they will pay dearly and never rise to power ever again here in this republic.

  • jr bob

    just remember that when the bigger colaspe comes after the election that a real delema happens. Hitler took advantage of a depression to take power and you know the results of that.

    • DaveH

      I’m not so sure that could happen in our country, given that military people have sworn to uphold the Constitution and given that at least the higher ranking officers tend to heavily identify as Conservative.

      Here is an interesting article on that topic:

      • kate8

        DaveH, the German people (including the Jews) didn’t believe it could happen there, either. Humanity has repeatedly made this mistake. It’s human nature to want to believe that we are okay.

        As far as military, we are now dealing with a new generation who has been indoctrinated into a communist/socialist mindset. They know little or nothing about the Constitution. Many of them believe their duty is to their Commander in Chief, and that the Constitution is just an interesting historical document with little relevance to today.

        Don’t forget the seduction of the thought of having authority and power. And these kids have grown up with gangs and video war games, with no real roots in morality or spirituality. And many of our own troops are foreign. And we’ve all been trained to be compliant to “authority”.

        One military source said that the numbers who would obey theh POTUS vs the Consitution are about 50/50.

        Things just aren’t as simple and cut-and-dried as we’d like to think.

        It CAN happen here.

        • Anthony

          Nice, Kate … a really really good post.

        • DaveH

          I thought I was cynical, lol. Yes, I agree that the odds are stacked against us, but what is the alternative? Do we cower with a gun in the corner and wait for the end? Or do we do everything in our power to wake people to the reality that Big Government is the Problem, Not the Solution?
          I think that, armed with knowledge and truth, we can successfully show the citizens the fallacy of Liberal (Progressive) logic. And really that is our only hope. If you are correct and all those shadow rich people are conspiring against us, then violence is certainly no solution because they can buy a lot more weapons and people than we can, so we really have no choice but to win the minds of the people.

          • kate8

            DaveH, Yes. We must always stand in Truth. That is our biggest asset.

  • Roger Paul

    Interesting article in light of being told by the Bush Administration that we were “making the world safe for democracy”. Indeed our war and occupation of Iraq was justified by the oportunity to “bring democracy” to the country. Seems like both parties can’t get the term straight. Maybe because words change their meanings over time and Democracy has come to mean government by the people.

    I am distressed over the anti-government sentiment that a minority of Americans are trying to foment. I can see nothing good coming of this. Certainly reiventing history or throwing about unfounded charges and out-and-out lies can’t help. The election may have been stolen in 2000, but it certainly was not stolen in 2008 when Obama clearly won by a large majority. I think a lot of Republicans have gotten used to having the country ran by their party and are not acting like angry children who can’t get their way.

    Interesting how after less than 4,000 people died in the 9/11 attacks we passed one of the biggest threats to the constitution – The “Patriot” Act, spent over $1 trillion in wars with Iraq and Afghanistan, killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people, and over 4,000 of our troops, but when it comes to 45,000 Americans dying each year because they lack health insurance $900 billion in 10 years is too expensive.

    BTW, if you look back over all the presidents since Eisenhower, you will see it is the Republican presidents who have rack up almost all the national debt.

    • Richard

      The Federal Government’s job is to protect the citizens. They don’t do that perfectly – from Japanese-American internment camps to Vietnam, to the Patriot Act – it’s not a perfectly done job. But it is their job to do to the best of their ability.
      Health care is the job of the individual states. The Federal Government should be spending it’s time and our money, not on jobs that are not theirs to do. They should be securing our borders and looking for people who would harm Americans – either here or abroad. I fear that if Japan wanted to attack Pearl Harbor today, it would be up to Hawaian fishermen with shotguns to go out to protect their families.
      EVERY JOB not given to the federal government in the constitution belongs to the states. That includes the parts of the so called health care bill that actually address health care.

    • Trevor

      You accuse others of “throwing about unfounded charges and out and out lies…” but do the same yourself. Please document where 45,000 people die each year due to lack of health insurance.
      BTW, Presidents do not rack up the debt. Congress creates all laws and initiates and authorizes the budget and all expenditures. Then check to see what party has controlled Congress most of the time since Eisenhower. What’s good for the goose….

    • DaveH

      Sure, Roger, we should just stick our heads in the sand and let Government take away the rest of our Freedom. Dictators love people like you.
      Note that I do not advocate our country being the World’s Policemen. And I certainly don’t think the Republican Party has been promoting smaller government.
      As far as National Debt goes, it is exploding under Obama, and (correct me if I’m wrong) he is a Democrat.

      • kate8

        As an illegal alien, Obama can’t legitimately belong to any American party.

    • George E


      Respondents have made a lot of good points, so I won’t reiterate any of them. I will say this, however, with regard to budgets. Wars, although terrible and should only be engaged when absolutely necessary, are a temporary expense. Health care and other entitlements are forever. We can eventually recover from the cost of a war, but it’s really hard to sustain the cost of entitlement programs when they get too expensive, like most of ours are today.

    • kate8

      Roger, enough with the stolen election mantra! Bush was not the first to be elected without garnering the popular vote. That is how things are done in America.

      And I guess if you want to count votes that were bought, votes of cartoon characters, the dead and the clueless, then perhaps you could call the 2008 election legit. Ah-hem.

      • kate8

        You want to talk stolen elections? Gore was trying to steal it by cherry-picking democrat districts. Remember the hanging chads? Interpreting the voters intent? What a circus that was.

        And what about how Al Franken stole the Senate seat? Or the governor in-which state was it-Washington? They just keep recounting and “finding” new votes until they win.

        Good grief. And it’s only the dems who do that. At least the R’s have the grace to admit defeat.

      • kate8

        And then, again, you ended up electing a foreign agent, an illegal alien, a usurper. Someone not eligible to serve.

        Way to go.

  • Bob Wire

    This Tea Party, ~ is a party of scorned, jaded, ex lovers that wants a divorce! Feeling lied to, scorned, a victim of the government they once supported. ~~ 43 ( still not wanting to admit it) Reagan their last true love!

    Only a divorce will make all things right! ~ while they haven’t thought much farther then that! Somehow thinking they being truly independent will somehow make all problems go away. ! Willing to carry on alone, let’s just get clear of this mess!

    Ha ha! ~ nice thought ! I wonder how many have been divorced? two times or more? ~` Lacking social skills, tolerance, coping skills? Bypassed Sand Box 101 and went straight to the first grade.

    There some nice county side to enjoy in the nation, we don’t all have to live on top of each other. Spread out, ~ We called it cluster ——– in the infantry. Bunching up, creating a target of opportunity.

    I think it’d be a good thing for people to leave the city and become independent. ~ But if you do live in the city, you need to develop the skills for it just like you would in the woods.

    • http://google jamie newman

      Please, Sir, with all due respect to All military or ie: Ex-military: The TEA Party people are bound together by One Shared, Gigantic fact- We the people of this great nation KNOW what is Right and what is Wrong! AND – There is plenty
      Wrong. Our mission is to educate Americans and expose corruption in leaders. To motivate and activate Americans all over, to Stand-Up for Our Republic and fight back. Would you not agree to this patriotic people’s movement? Frederick Douglass (Black slave,Orator that gave America’s 1st July 4th Independence Day Celebration Speech) also Said to Congress: “YOU have Chairs, WE have PEOPLE!!! May the TEAparty bond live on for the sake of this Republic and Our grandchildren! Teacher/Activist

      • JeffH

        jamie newman, Mr. BW has been indoctrinated by the leftist MSM about the “Tea Party” movement. He has grouped all of the “Tea Party” wannabes into the same group as the one and original grassroots movement known as the Tea Party movement. Most on the left are locked in this mindset. Sad but true!

      • Bob Wire

        And you jamie newman, I thank you, and commend you for all your spirit and all your efforts to effect meaningful change. For it’s much needed at this point in time.

      • weathergirl

        Well said, Jamie!! I’ve lived most of my life, but I stay on top of this for my grandkids. I want more than anything to see them grow up in a free America, an America that doesn’t throw away our security for political correctness, an America who protects it’s citizens and doesn’t feel the need to apologize for it. Thanks to Obama, we look like wimps, we announce “don’t worry, no matter what you do to us, we won’t retaliate”. We once were that shining light on a hill — I pray we can find our way back to it.

        • kate8

          weathergirl, “I’ve lived most of my life”?

          What did you do with the rest of it?

          • kate8

            Just kidding. I couldn’t resist.

  • Larry C.

    A very short history lesson with meaning.

    Democracy, Democrat
    From the Greek words “demos”, meaning people and “kratein”, meaning to rule, or, the rule of the people, or more commonly known as “The Majority Rules”. Democrat, an adherent of democracy, is one who practices social equality.

    Republic, Republican
    From the Greek words “res”, meaning thing, and “publica”, meaning public, or “The Law”, or “The government is limited by law, leaving the people alone”.

    The constitution our forefathers gave us is the Law of a Republic, not the rule of a Democracy. The rights of the government aren’t subject to “The Majority Rules”, but to the “The Law”, the essence of a Republic. The liberals are trying to rewrite the United States Constitution.

    Also note, the word Democracy does not appear in The Declaration Of Independence, The United States Constitution, or in the Constitutions of the 50 states. The founders did everything they could from keeping us from having a Democracy.

    James Madison, known as the Father of the Constitution wrote:
    “…democracies have ever been spectacles of turbulence and contention; have ever been incompatible with personal security or the rights of property, and have in general, been as short in their lives as they have been violent in their deaths.”

    Alexander Hamilton: “We are a Republican Government. Real Liberty is never found in despotism or in the extremes of democracy.”

    Samuel Adams: “Democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself.”

    The founders looked upon democracy with contempt because they knew that the democracies in the early Greek City states produced some the wildest excesses of government imaginable. In every case, they ended up with mob rule, anarchy, and finally tyranny. Sound familiar?

    The essence of Freedom is the proper limitation of government. When government power grows, peoples Freedom recedes. When the Roman people dropped their guard (as we have done) and power seeking politicians began to exceed the powers granted them the laws of the Republic, Rome went from a Republic to a democracy, and finally collapsed. This is exactly what the liberal politicians are doing today.

    Hence, our forefathers gave us the Real JUDGE…The 2nd Amendment, otherwise know as “The Reset Button In The United States Constitution.”

    The liberals are trying to rewrite the United States Constitution and change it from a Republic to a Democracy. I have no intention of allowing that to happen. They are trying in so many ways, with so many lame excuses to confiscate our guns so they accomplish their goal. The 2nd Amendment is in their way, and I intend to help keep that roadblock in place with whatever it takes! Do not, in any way, allow them to diminish or remove the power of the 2nd Amendment, The JUDGE!, or you, your family, and the United States of America will crumble like a piece of burnt toast!

    I think Einstein once said, “the definition of lunacy is doing the same thing over and over again expecting the results to be different.”

    Our Constitution wasn’t set up to work with the Godless.
    “We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled with morality and true religion. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” John Adams

    • eddie47d

      We could also define Republic as the rule over the majority by a few. Many would call that a dictatorship. That’s why we have progressed and need a healthy combination of both a republic and a democracy to keep those checks and balances. Rome was a great empire but it built it’s wealth by exploiting and enslaving people all over their territories. Hundreds and thousands died at their hands and when they collasped as an empire the revenge was swift. Maybe they should have gave their conquered “enemies” alittle Democracy and freedom. Instead all they gave was misery and bitterness so it was bound to fail.

      • Larry C.

        The intended definition of “Republic” in the context of the Constitution is not ruling, but “Rule of Law”, meaning the public (the majority) and the government (the intended minority) must follow the Rule of Law. How do you come to understand ‘Republic as the rule over the majority by a few.’? Read the history on ALL democracy’s, (they all collapsed) and you’ll see why our forefathers steered clear of any form of democracy. Even a ‘little’ democracy can lead to no good!
        The liberals are trying to rewrite the United States Constitution and change it from a Republic “Rule of Law” to a Democracy “Mob Rule”. I have no intention of allowing that to happen. They are trying in so many ways, with so many lame excuses to confiscate our guns so they accomplish their goal. The 2nd Amendment is in their way, and I intend to help keep that roadblock in place with whatever it takes! We must not, in any way, allow them to diminish or remove the power of the United States Constitution, especially that of the 1st Amendment and of the 2nd Amendment, The Real JUDGE!, or you, your family, and the United States of America will crumble like a piece of burnt toast!
        I think Einstein once said, “the definition of lunacy is doing the same thing over and over again expecting the results to be different.”

        • coal miner


          Don’t knock the liberals,you just quoted a liberal.Einstein was a far leftwinger.

        • coal miner


          Einstein was a liberal.

          • Larry C.

            And your point is??? I don’t know if Einstein was a liberal or not, but does ‘Einstein was a liberal.’ change the outcome of his statement???

          • Bob Wire

            Albert Einstein was a “practical man” with an education and an open mind to the physical world around him. I don’t think you could call him either conservative or liberal. He had little time for such notions. He attracted like minds that could “envision”. ~ AS was his first wife but not to be his love. It was the sounding board his first wife offered that made him what he became to be. While she gets no credit. However ~ it’s my understanding Einstein was an admiral man and in the end rewarded her handsomely, but it took many years and many heartaches to endure.

          • Brian Kilcullen

            In reading the preceding blogs I see that too many of us are still missing the true spirit of independence. Knowledge is a powerful and sometimes unmerciful phenomenon. Point being, once we’ve come to the unequivocal knowledge that those in government not only no longer serve our Constitution, but are demeaning and attacking it, then the question that is posed is, to what are we continuing to agree. The word ‘tacit’ derives from the Latin tacitus; or silent consent. No matter how hard or virulently we decry this government, or its followers, to continue to pay them deference and monies (taxes) is to give our silent consent. In the end, it’s the same as agreeing with them. Hence the term I’ve assigned to this nation; “Tacitus Dominatus.”

            I’ve filed my own indictment against unequivocal criminals in this government; only to watch every single agent, special agent, us attorney, judge and politician shield and protect them. Not petty crimes mind you, but felonies of a treasonous nature. Treason which has cost this Nation untold lives. And, as stated on my indictments website (, this I cannot consent to. Not maybe no, or no when it suits me, but hell no.

            To continue to pay them monies and deference is precisely like bending to the will of criminals and paying them monies (ransom) to evade said despots ire.

            This I cannot do. This I will not do. The question that remains is why are you all continuing to consent? Do you think you can appease them with one more dollar? Do you think in the end that you will fair well?

            Brian Kilcullen
            Enemies in War,

          • JC

            There’s nothing wrong with classic “live and let live” liberalism.
            Today’s liberals are nothing more than rabid socialists though so there’s no comparison there.

        • DaveH

          Excellent comments, Larry.

    • http://google jamie newman

      YES! YES! You GOT IT! America has “A Republic Where Nobody Lives” Someone commented earlier, that “all democracies eventually fall to a dictatorship.” Only, if we are disarmed. You are absolutely correct. The 2nd Ammend. MUST Stand in America, or All political freedoms will be lost. I rec. an e-mail yesterday from my TeaParty, and Ron Paul’s Campaign For Liberty group, urging me to contact the NRA, and beg them NOT to compromise or “settle” ($$$$)– with the “Oliarchy”: IT SEEMS that they want NAMES of arms owners! ARE you aware of this?

      • Larry C.

        I am aware of what the NRA was up to. As of Wednesday of this week, I am no longer a NRA member. Their support on this issue was an appalling compromise to one of our most important rights, the 1st Amendment.

      • DaveH

        What they wanted was to force the organizations that run political ads to make their membership lists public. Kind of like taking our ballot secrecy away.

        • Bob Wire

          and for all to know where you stand is a problem?

          • Claire

            Personally, I don’t care if anyone knows where I stand. I speak my mind and my thoughts about issues and if anyone disagrees, so be it. Everyone has this right, it is just up to the person if they want it to be known.

          • DaveH

            You bet it is, Bob. In an ideal world, you would be right. This isn’t an ideal world. There are bullies out there who wouldn’t hesitate to coerce people to vote their way. Why am I thinking Unions?
            Are you aware that the Census Bureau supplied the names and addresses of those Japanese Americans who were unjustly interred during World War II? Precendent. And countries have commonly used gun registration lists to target the owners. Government is Force. They are the last ones who should know who belongs to any Organization (unless they are committing crimes of course).

        • Claire

          We have no privacy now. Get on the Internet, type in your name. You get a bit of information right off, but for a few bucks you can find out if anyone has a criminal record, where they live, address, phone number. It is all out there for anyone that wants to know.

    • Trevor

      Well stated, Larry

    • Anthony

      Larry C -
      Very well said. Maybe some of the others who ‘wish for’ a Democracy, might come back and read your posting … hopefully.

      Note – In the early part of founding our Country – it is written that James Madison and Alexander Hamilton were fairly good friends – but once Hamilton started showing his true colors, especially as the 1st Secreatary of the Treasury, under G. Washington, that;s when Madison had had enough of the nonsense and took more to the Jeffersonian side of the debate.

      The part that riles me is Hamilton’s writings in the Federalist Papers have ended up being nothing more than double-talk as far as Hamilton is concerned. I just wish George Washington would have had more political balls than he actioned his POTUS with. Certainly, he was a great wartime General.. I just don’t know who could have been a better 1st President. I certainly would not have wanted Hamilton as the 1st Pres. He would most likely have written an Executive Order ripping up the Constitution as his first act. His writings as Treasury Secretary are not only scary – they’re fascist.

  • chuck b

    jr bob

    count me in!!

  • Barbara Straub

    I learned more from this page than from most political sites I have been on. Every comment provided well thought out views and knowledge. Would like to know more about the Bilderberg Group. I have never heard of it but sounds ominous.

    • Anthony

      Barbara -

      Go to, or simply go to and search those websites for that name.

  • hflashman

    A republic and a democracy are identical in every aspect except one. In a republic the sovereignty is in each individual person. In a democracy the sovereignty is in the group.

    Just as some here try have ebven today suggested it be forced to allow a certain religious leeway in what government supports/sanctions, it’s convenient for many to use the terms when it fits their viewpoint. As an example…ACLU. My guess is a topic on the ACLU will be greeted by hotility my many writing here today. Yet they practice republican principles…to thwart tryanny of a few over the many and vice versa.

    • chuck b


      to defend the aclu as a defender of the republic is like stalin defending the john birch society. the aclu and splc are the most radical org, in our country and doing everything they can to pervert the republic.

      • hflashman

        Well Chuck…when the ACLU defends the 2nd amendment…or the right of Assembly, or defends the High School students who wore American Flags on Cinco de mayo and were booted from school for it…are you of the same opinion?

        The ACLU takes on controversial “edgy” cases…because our Rights and Freedoms are being nibbled on from the outside. Name a case teh ACLU was involved in…and the principle they were defending is a valuable one which we all should cheer being protected.

        Cite a case you disagree with … go ahead. Not who they defended or what was at stake … but cite the case AND the principle they were defending. Get right down to it…most of those “anti-ACLUers’ are reactionary and don’t take time to think above the superficial knee jerk level…

        • Trevor

          The ACLU attempts to remove any expression of religion from the public place based on a “supposed wall of separation” between church and state in the Constitution. No such constitutional provision exists.

          As many of our Founders emphasized, a Representative Republic requires a moral and virtuous public. Throughout the history of mankind, religion has been the most important source of morality and virtue and should be encouraged, not discouraged as the ACLU attempts to do. There are many common tenets of morality in all religions and they should be taught and encouraged in our society if we want our system of government to work as it was designed to work.

        • DaveH

          Let’s see. There’s the fact that the ACLU pushed hard for school busing. There’s the fact that they actively try to ban any sort of religious symbols or activity in public schools.
          Read the First Amendment. It’s pretty clear:
          “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

          The operative word “Congress”. The operative phrase “or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”.

          • DaveH

            By the way, Flashman, find me anything in the Constitution that says “Separation of Church and State”.

            This coming from an Atheist who believes in Freedom and Limited Government.

          • http://naver samurai

            There is no such thing as a conservative athiest. Many beliefs of atheism and conservativism are very different in many ways. Atheists don’t believe in our aspect of freedom the way our founding fathers set us up. You can disagree with me as much as you want, but you haven’t done anything this whole site except attack anything dealing with God, church, etc. Please post your sources. Anyone can tell you that atheists and the ACLU tend to work hand in hand in these matters. Since you have these unfounded questions, how about these: Why is it that a court building has a copy of the 10 Commandments hanging on the wall, the unholy alliance (ACLU and atheists) always go to a court to have it removed? Why is it that at a high school graduation 99 students wanted to have a prayer and 1 student did not, so which side did the unholy alliance line up on? There are too many examples to state. Answer these questions truthfully, in fact, swear upon the Bible.

          • DaveH

            All religious people are bad. How do I know this? Because radical Islamists are bad. Does that make any sense to you? Of course it doesn’t, because it is illogical. Just as your statements that Atheists can’t be conservative are illogical. The term ‘conservative’ has different meanings to different people, but my meaning of ‘conservative’ is the political system that our Founders had in mind when they created the Constitution. Why do you think the First Amendment was created? They recognized that each individual has his/her own belief system, and as long as those individuals didn’t try to force their particular belief system on others, they should be left alone by Government.
            So actually you would be frowned on by our Forefathers because you are trying to force your belief system on others. You are behaving much like the radical Muslims behave.

            So, let me get this straight. You believe in something that you can’t see, hear, smell, taste, or feel, and you think I am a bad guy for not believing? Get real. If you are a Christian, you are certainly not behaving like Christ wanted his followers to behave.

          • http://naver samurai

            What would an atheist know about God, considering you don’t believe in him. Yes I do get a little PO’d when someone says that God had nothing to do with the founding of this nation, because that is one of the many damning universal lies going around these days. It is true you can’t see, smell, or touch God physically, but by believing in him (Who isn’t seen) is something called faith. If we could see, smell, and touch him there would be no need for faith. Like I said earlier in this post, read the sources I’ve stated and it may open your eyes a great deal. FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! ONE NATION UNDER GOD!

          • DaveH

            It wasn’t I who said the belief in God had nothing to do with the founding of this country. So why are you dissing me?
            Think about this. You made a very nasty comment about me earlier. You maybe even would like to kill those who don’t believe in your God. What if I am right, and you are wrong? After all, as you said, you are taking it on faith. What kind of human being would that make you? Somebody who wants to harm someone else for not believing in something for which there is no hard physical evidence is not my understanding of a God-loving person.

          • http://naver samurai

            Sorry, dude. I believe in conversion and not lethal force. If you want to know my sources, I’ve posted them earlier. Others you should read are Washington’s Farewell Address, The Northwest Ordinace of 1789, etc., it may open your eyes a lot more than they are now. Why do you all want to talk about God not being part of our founding, when the topic is about whether we are a democracy or republic? As the saying goes: “It is the fool who says there is no God, within his own heart.” FOR GOD AND COUNTRY! ONE NATION, UNDER GOD! CERTAIN UNALIENABLE RIGHTS, ENDOWED BY THEIR CREATOR = GOD! Let’s clean house people and get these people, that seek to destroy this country from within, and send them back to the planet they came from. No killing, maiming, etc., just put you back into your place and have this country back to the ways of our christian founding fathers! FOR GOD AND COUNTRY!

          • DaveH

            I repeat, Samurai, I did not say in any comment that the belief in God wasn’t part of our Nation’s founding.

          • libertytrain

            DaveH – been reading and enjoying your writings for months. I have not seen you write anything of the sort either -

        • chuck b


          the aclu and splc are both communist leaning org. they both have endeavored to undermine the christian influence in this country, removing god from our schools, xmas celebrations anything pertaining to “christ”. i have watched their actions throughout the years and sometimes they do defend people who are contrary to their belief, however, this only occasionally and only as a guise to cover for their original intent.

          • airangel

            A little food for thought Chuck b…I know you abbreviated Christmas to xmas as a shortcut because I used to do it too! It was an atheist that came up with that as their way of taking “Christ” out of the meaning of Christmas…I didn’t know that and so ever since, it’s my own little way to ALWAYS type or write Christmas rather than x-mas…its a profound intention.

        • http://naver samurai

          Don’t forget that the founder of the ACLU was an admitted communist and athiest. In his personal memoirs he said “I want to create an institution that will seek to destroy and/or warp the U.S. Constitution.” Do you really think they are on the side of our founding fathers or maybe Bill Ayers’ side?

          • http://GOGGLE vaksal

            samurai,stick by your beliefs in god,george washington beileved in the divine power of the all mighty and said so loud and clear,and that didnt stop him or benjamin franklyn from buliding a republic ,for they were of different faiths,but shared the same belief in god all mighty,its funny but in all of human history not one nation has ever been built by godless people,but many have been destroyed godless people, communist russia murdered 35 million god fearing people and hitler wiped out every person that believed in god in germany, the jewish people,dave h people like you are a great danger to everyone for you believe only in your selfs,with nothing greater than yourselfs,for you have no fear or inkling of a supreme divine power that is greater than you,not that i know you,but history shows that non god believing people dont build societys ,but destroy them. and i fully agree with samurai,we were based on the belief in god this republic and washington said so in his farewell adress.

          • http://naver samurai

            Thank you Vaksal! It is good to see someone else who believe that God was part of our founding.

  • http://REPUBLIC don frazier

    This country used to be a republic. Now it is being taken over by Muslims and Obama is the leader of it.
    Wake up, America. We are fast losing our freedoms, and the Muslims will take over and we will be either
    killed like the jews were during the Holocaust or enslaved. Is this what we want for our children and grandchildren? Stand up against this. We need to rid the country of Obama and his goon-czars while we still can. Remember in November….Vote them out and in 2012 vote him out.

    • Bob Wire

      >>”This country used to be a republic. Now it is being taken over by Muslims and Obama is the leader of it.”<<

      It's statements like this this that make me want to withdraw from any Tea Party movement or offer support.

      Now I know you can't control who shows up or what they might say! As just today a ranking member of the GOP "Barton" wishes to apologize to BP for an Obama administration "roust" for 20 billion. ~ The GOP is in damage control today! As this comment fails to reflect the majority.

      Maybe the Tea Party would be wise to get into some damage control "IF" they wish to attract a majority and affect the change "we all long for"

  • coal miner

    Plutocracy… · Cached page

  • eddie47d

    We now have this talk about democracy because the wealthy (corporations and banks) kept us under their thumb. The majority of Americans got fed up with their shenanigans and clammered for a more equal justice (fairness).When these big businesses price gouged and manipulated their pay checks people woke up and demanded change. Did the Republicans offer change? No! They just entrenched themselves futher into the capitalist straight jacket. Now we have supporters of bigger government who are trying to tie us up in their own straight jacket. We need a strong balance between the two instead of all the extremisms. There is plenty of fraud in the Republican Party so they cheapen the word Republic. I think Chip could have brought that up and maybe it was overlooked. Not everyone wants to take our country back to the Republican Party. The Constitutional Parties are way to extreme so does he want us to lean towards the Libertarian Party? At least we can make that choice in America.

  • jay from Colorado

    After reading the posts in this I have great concern for the future of this great country that we live in.
    I can see that a great deal of you people would like to have a democracy rather than an Federal Republic Or
    a nation of laws. You people don’t want to follow ower
    Constitution, which for quite a while has served us all
    well, and will in to future.
    I read that some of you do not like any one person having more than you do, and you want to blame them for your misfortune, that you most likley caused your self. But that seems to be the American way any more.
    Well I don’t like the way this Nation is heading any more than the next person, but I am not going to blame this on the wealthier folks that create the jobs. Rather I thank God for these people.
    To date the only jobs created by our socialist government is government jobs which will soon be over, and we have to pay for those with our hard earned tax dollars.
    At least G W created real jobs through the tax breaks for the people that truly create jobs.
    Well I am keeping a lot of powder dry, cause we ain’t seen the worst of it yet. Believe me all your gold & cash won’t be worth any thing when it gets bad but if you have food, it will be worth more than life itself.

    • DaveH

      True, Jay, but food spoils, gold doesn’t.

    • Bob Wire

      >>”At least G W created real jobs through the tax breaks for the people that truly create jobs.”<<

      with the greatest respect Sir., that's not exactly so in most cases, granted the military complex enjoyed a Hay Day along with all the supporting complex, but the rest of us had to get "three jobs" ~ paper hat included of course. At the end of 43's tenure, employment was in a "stall" ,spin", crash and burn". And the saddest part is, we haven't came out of this death dive yet! After the fed pumping in X amount of 750 million dollars or was it billion? ~ That just slowed our decent, we are still falling!

      Joining the volunteer armed services became one of our largest employer! ~ and today ~ we wish to bring them home ~ to no jobs!

      The lasting effects of 43's administration are still with us today we grapple with attempting to scaling back the military, out sourcing, trade imbalances, while still spending billions of dollars " American Dollars" leaving this country to purchase foreign crude. Not to mention the nasty mess that's stopped operations in the Gulf while we engaged in "house cleaning" and pray BP finds a solution soon.

      Tax breaks for the wealthy or "anybody" failed to produce the desired effect in any meaningful way. ~ So this has been tried and it didn't work very well.

      But, Jay I understand what you offer, ~ where would we be today without them? Some did well!

      We need these people that did well to step forward today! Where are they?

      We need that private enterprising spirit to step front and center. ~ Where are men and women like Howard Hughes or DoLittle or Mr. Kaiser or Tiller or Truman or Churchill or Eleanor or Earhart or Ford or Colt to step forward.

      Today we do have a few names worthy of mention, Bill Gates and his beloved wife is one worthy of mention. I understand Kevin Costner has weighted in. This "Thad Allen" I hope is a man of substance, Can anyone add to the list?

      I think it's a good thing to dwell on the positive, for there is always bad. Look for the good , like 43 worked to keep us safe and I do believe that. I believe he spent many a sleepless nights, thinking how to secure America from foreign threats. In the "here and now" he did well. I'll not fault him in such regards.

      Today is a new day with new problems while we still carrying the baggage from yesterday.

      We could do this better if we did it together.

      • George E


        Regardless who is President, if you want to stimulate economic growth you need to stimulate the “productive” sector of the economy. The productive sector is the part of the economy that makes things and provides services that other people see as valuable and willing to pay for. Government does not fit into this category, so it’s basically part of the “non-productive” sector. So, how do you stimulate the productive sector to grow? You let them keep more of their money through tax rate cuts, reduce unnecessary regulations and red tape, and simplify regulations that are necessary. You also want to make sure capital is available at competitive rates in addition to the required infrastructure and skilled workforce to support efficient commerce. If you raise tax rates or add additional taxes or regulations to the productive sector, you’ll slow down or stop economic growth. If the government spends more money to stimulate the economy you’ll get a very temporary lift, but nothing permanent will come from it. That’s because the government has to tax, borrow or print the money it spends. Regardless, this is just another way of taxing the productive sector, and will slow down economic growth. So, I’ll let you be the judge as to which administration and Congress does the most to stimulate our economy or slow it down. Regardless how you feel about GWB, I don’t see any way you could believe the current regime is doing anything constructive to stimulate the economy.

        • Anthony

          George -

          I wish it were as straight forward as you make it sound. The problem is, we need Congress to process several actions and some of those would be:

          Eradicate NAFTA and GATT – this should bring Industry back to our shores.

          Eliminate Derivatives – this will at least create the first step to a slight re-birth of confidence in Wall Street.
          You should also eliminate using Housing Mortgages as stock options on Wall Street, as well. Go to and indulge yourself.

          Let Fannie and Freddie, along with AIG … all fail. Period.
          In a properly run economy – nothing is too big to fail
          Either End the Fed, or nationalize it – still deciphering which would be better

          SHOW ME THE LAW – where it says I MUST pay income tax – WHERE IS IT WRITTEN
          The Law only says we must file an income tax form – SHOW ME THE LAW

          • George E


            I was really just simply laying out a set of economic principles to make it easy to digest.

            I’m not sure that I agree with you all of your recommendations. Truthfully, I haven’t really studied each of these issues sufficiently to say that I’m 100% committed any position. However, my impression is that free trade is a good thing for our country, so I’m inclined to support our free trade agreements with other countries. Regarding derivatives, CDSs, it’s my impression that the problem was that bad loans were packaged with good loans and rated like they were good loans. So, if that’s correct, it seems to me the solution would be to 1) not make loans to people who can’t repay them or have too little invested in them making it too easy to walk away from the loan when it becomes upside down, and 2) properly rate the derivatives so buyers really know what the risk is. I don’t really know anything about using house mortgages as stock options, but in general I don’t want to burden the financial industry with regulations if they aren’t really needed. Regarding Freddie, Fannie, and AIG, I certainly agree that the government should get out of these organizations as soon as possible and let them rise or fall on their own merits. Politics has polluted them to the sad shape they’re in today. Regarding the Fed, I’m not really sure what should happen there either, but there probably should be more transparency and oversight, but I don’t know if we’d be any better off to have Congress become responsible for them. It’s hard to find any organization more screwed up than our Congress. I’d like to agree with you regarding the Constitutionality of the income tax, but I’m reminded that it has been challenged several times with the result always the same…..we have to pay.

            It’s my belief that the root cause of our financial meltdown was too much debt (leverage) with insufficient collateral (in all sectors of the economy), and low interest money aggravating the problem. Subprime mortgages was the trigger, but the problem was much more wide spread than that.

            Thanks for your thoughts.

          • Leo

            George E

            First of all we have to return to the honest money foundation. As a coin, gold and silver, not a fiat paper. Without this nothing matters.

  • Anthony S.

    So on point and here is why:
    I pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all.

  • chuck b


    please explain who these wealthy corp. and banks are, typical liberal nonsense. these banks and corp are owned by stockholders and if my memory serves me right they are ordinary citizens. now some like george soros and that ilk may be what you are referring to. are you referring to gen mtrs, lets see didn;t your messiah just give half ownership to the unions, are these the ones that price gouge??
    if i remember right george soros is a democrat and check out some of your democratic congress and senators like pelosi, clintons (small time), rockefeller and you can go on. your full of mis-information

    • eddie47d

      Blame Soros,You often take the easy way out when there are thousands of top dogs out there you could have lit the fire under. Most people I run across who invest do it for fast and easy money. They don’t even think about what the company is really made of. ( I’ve fallen for that many years ago too)Stockholders are not all wise and corporations are not all good “citizens”.

      • DaveH

        And not all Government leaders are good people. In fact, probably very few.

  • John Engelman

    Main Entry: de·moc·ra·cy
    Pronunciation: di-ˈmä-krə-sē
    Function: noun
    Inflected Form(s): plural de·moc·ra·cies
    Etymology: Middle French democratie, from Late Latin democratia, from Greek dēmokratia, from dēmos + -kratia -cracy
    Date: 1576

    1 a : government by the people; especially : rule of the majority b : a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections.


    Main Entry: re·pub·lic
    Pronunciation: ri-ˈpə-blik
    Function: noun
    Etymology: French république, from Middle French republique, from Latin respublica, from res thing, wealth + publica, feminine of publicus public — more at real, public
    Date: 1604

    1 a (1) : a government having a chief of state who is not a monarch and who in modern times is usually a president (2) : a political unit (as a nation) having such a form of government b (1) : a government in which supreme power resides in a body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by elected officers and representatives responsible to them and governing according to law.


    A democracy can be a constitutional monarchy. A republic can be a dictatorship. Nevertheless, there is no distinction between a democracy and a republic. Those who claim that there is think themselves profound, while revealing their foolishness.

    The United States is a representative democracy.

    • Anthony

      Anthony says:

      This is complete sophistry…. Civics obviously wasn’t your best class.

    • DaveH

      The thing is that The Federal Government was never intended to be All Powerful. This country was set up as a collection of States in which certain enumerated powers were given to the Federal Government and all other powers remained in the hands of the States or the People.

      The problem I see with a Democracy is that on issues where the people are pretty evenly divided, the laws are constantly fluctuating depending on who is in power at the time. And if an issue is, for example, promoted by 45% of the population, but rejected by 55%, it is a trivial matter for the Media to swing that 45% to the 51% necessary to achieve their (Media Moguls) desires. Is that what you really want?
      In that kind of system (Democracy), who can make plans? Things would be fluctuating regularly.
      If a moral isn’t accepted by at least 2/3 of the public, then the Government should not be involved. If a large minority of the people don’t agree with a law, then we can expect chaos, as we are seeing currently with the Drug Wars.

      • Bob Wire

        Good Point DaveH! so why doesn’t the state live inside it’s “means” and not depend so heavily on the Fed?

        In one breath Rick Perry is threatening to annex from the union and the next breath wanting the Fed to help with the swine flue! Demanding it!

        Acting all huffy puffy one minute only to realize he’s a ‘church mouse” the next!

        Why does the State Government have to spend every dime they get their hands on?

        If we want the Fed to be thrifty, ~ it needs to start at the bottom!

        These government agencies seem to have no limits ~ nice carpet, 300 dollar chairs! Water coolers that come on automatically! Just bend down for a drink! Commodes that flush automatically, just raise your hine

      • Bob Wire

        Good Point DaveH! so why doesn’t the state live inside it’s “means” and not depend so heavily on the Fed?

        In one breath, Rick Perry is threatening to annex from the union and the next breath wanting the Fed to help with the swine flue! Demanding it!

        Acting all huffy puffy one minute only to realize he’s a ‘church mouse” the next!

        Why does the State Government have to spend every dime they get their hands on?

        If we want the Fed to be thrifty, ~ it needs to start at the bottom! City , county , state.

        These government agencies seem to have no limits ~ nice carpet, 300 dollar chairs! Water coolers that comes on automatically! Just bend down for a drink! Commodes that flush automatically, just raise your hine off the seat for a few seconds! New cars , new trucks!

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m proud of such things in public places, but this annual budget thing is kicking our collective butts. ~ They feel they must spend it all! otherwise next years budget will be smaller.

        Incentive needs to be put in place to encourage government agencies to “be more thrifty” ~ This is not what we’ve got today that I’m aware of.

        We have wino’s or homeless, sleeping in the County Court House stairwell on cold nights and peeing in Heritage Park across the street for christ sakes. It’s on going! been that way for years! This is a city issue or is it county or state?

        What point is there to send money to states that don’t produce or have little to offer and can’t control their spending? Well? they have to comply, comply to all that’s required and expected of them. Much of it being federal.

        We “the people” are getting our collective butts kicked. Government has turned into a predator ~ I hate to see one coming my way.

  • Gerard

    I would like to risk a remark concerning this evaluation of democracy:
    ““The ancient democracies in which the people themselves deliberated never possessed one good feature of government. Their very character was tyranny; their figure deformity.”
    “a democracy always collapses over loose fiscal policy, always followed by a dictatorship”.

    As a Swiss citizen, I have plenty of evidence that a real democracy may work, at least within the direct democracy system, like in Switzerland.

    I understand that there are a few prequisites :
    - extensive regional decentralization of power down to the lowest local level, where each citizen can easily check nearby local elected authorities’compliance;
    - ability for the people to intervene during the mandate of their elected representatives (through people initiated referenda)to change or cancel laws made by these, or to initiate new laws ;
    - a philosophical consensus among citizens (in an homogeneous and educated society), to accept and take on individual responsibility to make laws through referenda following enlightening debates ;
    - a widespread respect of dissenting opinions and of the Constitution which protects all citizens ; the Constitution itself can be changed by the people, provided it is backed by a double majority of the citizens and of the cantons (states) ; the respect of dissenting opinions also extends itself to the will of not trying to impose one’s own ideas to other countries of the world so that these not be tempted to meddle into one’own country ;
    - a right to free speech, and free and efficient public debate.

    This system has worked satisfactorily for quite a long time in Switzerland, without dictatorship !
    The elected representatives here have in fact very little power : power remains at all times in the hands of the people.
    The only weak point may be about free speech which, though better protected than in other countries of Europe, does not benefit from a 1st Amendment type protection ; it somewhat suffers from a recent Westerm world craze to qualify legitimate opinions as hate crimes.

    A lot of prerequisites, I admit!

    • http://google jamie newman

      Well said. FYI*** I have been researching my local county statutes. County commissioned governments Cannot adopt/Ratify FEDERAL statutes. Period – ELECTED County officers MUST Vote to adopt/ratify Any and All local (laws) or statutes in order to be VALID enforceable laws, such as (drivers license laws) Looking at my local statutes reference table, the statues Are listed there, BUT** SOME, very few in fact, have NOT been voted on, adopted or ratified by the local county government…so therefore, they are fraudulent laws!! Check this out, GET involved in your own local government’s pre-meditated enslavement tactics, and The People’s loopholes for fighting tyranny everywhere. This concerns everyone of us. Wake-Up

      • Trevor

        In a very broad sense, a Representative Republic is a democratic form of government because the people elect their representatives at all levels of government, who in turn are empowered by law to make additional laws to further regulate society. Our particular form of republic is a federal system of vertical checks and balances where power is supposed to be decentralized down to the lowest possible levels of societal organization. Except for those places where the people have initiative and referendum powers, all laws are made by the elected representatives, not directly by the people. That’s the difference between a Republic and pure Democracy.

        • Anthony

          Trevor -

          IF they are ‘elected’ representatives… does not that extrapolate into them doing “our” bidding, while they hold office?

          Just hoping you might clarify the focus point of your comment…..

  • Roland N Thompson

    This is so correct. I pledge elegance to the flag of the united states
    of america and to the REPUBLIC for which it stands. One Nation under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

  • An Observer

    Wow. Great stuff, particularly Anthony’s and Larry C’s comments. I am currently reading “Original Intent” by David Barton and recommend it to freedom loving Americans. I also recommend Aaron Russo’s excellent documentary DVD “America: Freedom To Fascism” if you can get a hold of a copy (I found mine on
    I believe we are in deep trouble. I’d like to think that we can save ourselves and our Republic, but it isn’t going to be easy. The opposition has an enormous head start, tremendous resources, and through the tax on wages (income tax) funneled through the Federal Reserve, we are financing their efforts!


    Well said Chip and it’s always nice to read from those who will set the record straight and keep the revisionist at bay. Far to many of our kids these days have a vague notion about the American heritage and most have little to no idea who, what or how to honor those who founded theis Republic. Most have no idea what the difference is between a Republic and a democracy because of the misuse of the two words and the lack of knowledge that accompanies the issue.

    It is very important we are aware of not only our history for it tells us where we have been but informs us on how to stay the course to encourage and give a better future to those yet to come.

  • Brian Kilcullen

    Mr. Wood,
    Excellent article. I have but one point of disagreement though.

    You hinge this history lesson and Nation’s future on the ‘ballot box.’ I would ask you to reconsider. The ballot box is a valid tool by which to exercise some control over government, but only some. I would say, and have (CIVIC MASTURBATION ~ that relying on the ballot box alone is essentially a waste of time. Or worse yet, playing right into the hands of the disingenuous and fraudulent. Until we citizens recognize not just the individuals right to vote, but more significantly, the individuals totalitarian rights period, then we are just wasting time. As waiting 2, 4 or 6 years to rectify what is wrong in the instant is just permitting the frauds in government to have their way; for 2, 4 or worse, 6 more years!

    These States only agreed to unite when the Bill of Rights was amended to it, but yet all too often, we ignore its crucial importance. Its historical wisdom was that without those articulated protections, there existed no lawful means by which to prevent just what we are experiencing. But today we sit about waiting for an election day to roll around to exercise our rights?

    This is precisley the reason we are in the predicament we are today. Free men don’t wait for tomorrow to exercise what is theirs today. To wait one more day, let alone years, is to essentially abandon our rights. And when election day does roll around, we are no longer asserting our individual rights, but trying to take them back; from the frauds and charlatans we permitted to govern us.

    The Grand Jury was provided us as a tool to remove from office those who either out of ignorance or purpose of evasion, those who would violate both our trust and our rights. We need to educate ourselves to the absolute right to prosecute these charlatans in the instant. Not next year. Not next month. Now!

    Free men can’t live under clueless rubes and charlatans and remain free. Period!

    So it’s high-time to utilize OUR Grand Jury as the individual’s protection that it is. Any Grand Juror can investigate and prosecute anyone they see fit. They don’t need an assistant US Attornies permission, or presence for that matter. A Grand Jury foreman can order the assistant US Attorney out of the room and command witnesses and evidence at will. Then, bring prosecution as necessary.

    The long and short of it is, if you’re waiting for ‘election day’ to save your bacon, you’re all ready cooked!

    Brian Kilcullen
    Enemies in War,

  • Tanarus

    Does anyone KNOW what a Republic looks like? We have drifted so far away from it. about 90% of the population dont know what it is.

  • mehoward

    Hey Dave, What do you have against GOD? He made you, are you not satisfied with how you look? Maybe you don’t believe that God made you.
    Maybe you believe that you evolved from a monkey? Either way you are still not satisfied. America for the last 200 years or so has been a
    successful and blessed country, no other country has ever been so powerful. We are having trouble now because the one that is president
    and the ones that hold majority in congress do not trust in God. All the other years we were a country under God that is why we were so successful. Most of us in the United States believe in God. Dave, who do you believe in? mehpensacola,fl

    • DaveH

      Are you talking to me, or the other Dave?

  • lighterknot

    Well we are not a monarchy; and government is a public affair so is socialism but are we a representative democracy as opposed to a direct democracy or is there any democracy at all in classical republicanism? If republicanism is a civic virtue why is it against social liberalism as a safety net dose it want to hand out change to beggars? Would it allow the down and out the unemployed to starve – I hope not. Do we agree to equality under the law or what our pocketbook can buy? Obviously republicanism is elitist and much closer to a monarchy than democracy is to despotism – catering to a class of landowners and merchant or businesses even corporations at the expense of the general public. It would be lord over slave labor – buy votes, bribe, threaten and keep the working class down at all cost. The last two hundred years of USA history proves it.

    I agree with Anthony about the oligarchy there will obviously always be one – don’t blame it on liberalism call it pure unfettered capitalism and don’t call capitalism the FREE market it’s not. If you took democracy out of republicanism what would be left…an oligarchy about the same as the kings court.

  • Marilyn

    The Socialist stopped running for President because the Democrats have the same socialist platform. For that matter, a number of Republicans have the same solialist platform. We are in this mess today because we voters do not check out candidates. Hard core Democrats and Republicans will vote for any jacka__ in their party just because they are labled Democrat or Republican. What a pity.

  • Tanarus

    Figure this one out…
    First we got mad at the republicans & voted for the Democrats…Now were mad at the Democrats, so what do we do? go back to the Republicans!.. Hello??
    Time to think outside the box maybe??

    • Claire

      Tanarus–Good one.

    • kate8

      Remember the definition of insanity…

      • Claire

        kate8–I know the definition of insanity quite well. It is all around us in the political world. Of the two parties, one is no better than the other. It is time for a change, a good decent honest change. Americans need politicians that they can trust. On a lighter and better note, I hope Jan Brewer runs for the presidency. What are your thoughts on this?

        • DaveH

          Jan Brewer is a Big Government loving RINO! Please.

          • DaveH
          • Claire

            DaveH–Oh great. I did not do my research!! Shame on me. So Brewer endorsed McCain just like Sarah did. Give me a break. That shot my hopes. I was thinking at last here is someone that would possibly be a good candidate for POTUS.
            What is it with these people endorsing McCain? I certainly respect him for his service in the military and all that he endured but he is NOT good for America. Thanks for the info, I appreciate your post.

          • http://naver samurai

            That’s alright Claire. She may have done what I call the good ol boy system. In other words, she put her suupot behind McCain because they are from they same state. So what if Sarah backs her up, so what? Everyone that she supports has either won their election, are currently ahead, or have done things to offset what Obama bin Laden is trying to do. You notice how angry he got when Arizona passed their immigration bill? Dave H is just an atheist and commie that is pulling your strings. He’s been doing this the whole site with people of the christian faith. I know the topic is about our country being a republic, but some people have deviated from that and are trying to hit the point about our country being christian or not. You do a good job Claire, just don’t let the dark side influence you.

          • airangel

            DaveH…I really like Paul Ryan of Wisconsin…he seems really sound to me

          • DaveH

            That’s rich, Samurai. Keep saying things like that and you will land squarely on the “irrelevant” pile on this site. Anybody who has read my comments knows that I am as far away from “commie” as anybody can get. And the religious people know that I stick up for freedom of religion just as does the First Amendment. You, on the other hand, are not acting at all like a Christian. So what are you really? Are you a Muslim?

          • DaveH

            Paul seems like a very nice man whose heart is in the right place. But he definitely isn’t going to be effective in reducing the size of Government. Here is just one issue from his website (education):

            Note that he doesn’t favor getting the Federal Government out of education. This is the very last place we should allow the Federal Government. It is inherent that the Government is going to promote the propagandization of our children to worship Big Government. Once the kids are brainwashed, it is very hard to get them later to see reality.

          • DaveH
          • airangel

            DaveH – I REALLY like Bachman too, I just think sometimes you can’t take every problem on all at once and Ryan was fiscally responsible and had a very solid plan for “truly reducing” our deficit. I do not like a communist country like China holding so much over our head. I also like NJ governor Chris Christie and I of course was for Ron Paul

    • George E

      Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? However, I think Americans who voted for Obama and many of the Democrat Congress men & women thought they were electing a typical center-left group. Instead we got a far-left bunch who want to socialize our country, are spending us into despair, and threatening to take away many more of our remaining liberties. Since this is a center-right country, people want to get back to the center, and they probably think the Republicans, while not their perfect choice, will get us back closer to the center than the Democrats will right now.

      • Bob Wire

        I feel you are making light of the conditions this administration came into office under.

        for whatever reasons you do this, I don’t know. Don’t believe it, don’t accept it, not affected by it, can’t see or feel it?

        Many (undesirable) steps were taken in an attempt to get a head of the curve as we were in an economic free fall. I do believe this.

        Was this free fall created? of course it was. It was planed. There had to be an end. Just as Bernie Madoff knew one day it would all come to a close. So they prepared for a final exit. Hiding the loot and covering track, taking care of loose ends and responsibilities. These things we know, or at least I think that’s the way it happened. They ran a profitable shop for many years and stashing cash.

        Once it was clear Mc Cain might well not carry the day, the big fish pulled their money over night and the little fish followed. The shop door closed! just like that.

        Now you might not see it that way, but I see a major free fall and no bottom in sight. And that was the state of affairs “before” 43 left office.

        And today, Bernie has yet to give up anyone and the records states Mrs Madoff left with only some 150 million as people line up in the courts to get some of it and their property sold.

        AIG has committed no crime yet it clear fraud has been committed, but no one has gone to jail.

        It sounds to me like a well thought out plan and goes a lot deeper then we’ll ever know.

        I think you are right, we thought him center left and I still do. I’ve hated much of what been done to keep the wheels on the wagon.

        You have options, you need to get with him.

        • George E


          I understand the economic situation was very tough when Obama came into office. No one should deny that. Initially, I was a supporter of the TARP bill because I felt the banking system was in dire jeopardy, and if something like that wasn’t done the banking system would fail causing widespread business failures around the world. However, in hindsight the banking system recovered from its critical situation pretty quickly, but the bailouts continued.

          It’s most of the other bailouts that I find offensive. The government should never have bought General Motors or Chrysler. We should have let them go into bankruptcy. The court would have sorted out how they should have been reorganized. That would have been a much more equitable way of “saving” these companies than what was done. It offends me that the government paid over $50 billion dollars for these companies when they were worth about $10 billion dollars, and the taxpayers have to pick up the bill. It offends me that Obama took this action to save the unions, with little regard for the taxpayers, many of whom don’t have the cushy pay or pensions that the unions have provided their members.

          It offends me that Obama felt it necessary to spend over $700 billion of our tax dollars (economic stimulus plan) to bail out the state governments so they wouldn’t have to lay off any of their employees, most of which are SEIU union members whose dues pay millions to his and other Democratic Party politician campaign funds. In the end, the states will still have to cut back their spending (mostly through lay-offs) or increase taxes, and that’s a terrible idea during a recession like we’ve currently got. Again, I’m offended that Obama takes care of his union buddies at the taxpayers’ expense.

          I’m offended that Obama does not lead by example when that would require sacrifice on his part. Many people are out of work due to a poor economy, and now many are very concerned about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Does Obama stop partying or at least stop the photo ops of his partying and playing activities? No. He continues to enjoy the perks of the job that all those worried people are paying for.

          I’m offended that Obama either doesn’t care enough about the oil spill to get directly involved for a month or so after it occurred, or is totally incompetent in leading a recovery effort. He may not be able to stop the spill, but he could rally the best technical minds around the problem, working closely with BP to help find a solution to the problem. He could deploy all available resources to clean up the mess, which is the responsibility of the EPA (an agency in his administration). He could waive some of the environmental and trade/labor regulations like other Presidents have done in other crises so we could utilize ships and equipment from other countries to help with the cleanup, and build berms offshore to stop the oil from getting to the shores. Once again, he has put his relationships with the unions and environmentalist ahead of the interests of our citizens.

          This guy is a disaster, and I haven’t even started to tell you what I think about his policies and efforts with regard to international relations, national and border security, energy, not to mention his Marxist tendencies and associations and partisan approach to handling the job. He is awful!

          • Anthony

            George -

            The Democrats were in charge of Congress for the last two years of GW’s Presidency. It’s Congress who runs the Country, not the POTUS.

            You want to re-state your point, maybe?

          • George E


            Congress was controlled by the Dems during GWB’s last two years in office so he definitely had to negotiate with them. However, Congress owns the budget and spending. The President can make spending and taxing recommendations, but Congress has to agree. What point do you think I ought to restate or change?

          • Bob Wire

            I guess we should ignore all the “bad intel” 43′s administration offered a democratically controlled congress as they made many pivotal decisions to support the Presidents interest shortly after 9-11. After that, it was too late, ANY ONE that objected after that was accused of “not supporting the troops” or being ungodly! I remember it well, the source of several bar fights for me.

            Is that the way it works? we forget?

            Or to mention occasions of skirting Congress or Black Opts or ?

            I agree though , Congress did a poor job.

          • Bob Wire

            Your list too long to get into this morning George, but I think your are glossing over a few things. First, I think you are annoyed and not offended. These is a big difference between the two but the feeling of frustration is much the same.

            Second; It was the first bail-out that was the sham and should have been stopped. This took place under 43′s watch.

            Third; If the states had laid off all these people ( regardless what you wish to label them as “union buddies” or firemen or teachers or whatever) it would created a landslide nation wide that would have been much harder to recover from. You then could have label the administration as being “ineffective” and “insensitive” to matters of state.

            Forth; The President , any President needs to maintain some professional “posture” ~ It like myself having the choice of working residential or commercial accounts.

            Working with Commercial accounts, I work with business people that has the mind for business and control themselves. ~ Residential you are working a wide cross section of people, many full of “drama”,”anger” “disappointment” feeling of being a victim and wanting to dump it all in “YOUR” lap.

            The Gulf oil spill was not a deliberate act or an attack but an accident, made by just a few men pushing the envelop of prudence. All the focus and anger won’t change things or clean anything up. It’s the Presidents position to guide us through this with “clear mind” void of anger.

            Today, we need BP and BP’s corporation “this day” more the ever before, regardless of all that anger that hangs heavy in the air. BP needs to see a honorable way out of this mess as the whole world focus on them.

            It’s managements job on both side to see this as possible and not a hopeless cause.

            Let’s face it, Obama is not you kind of guy. I understand, but he was the better of the two. We could have had Palin taking to BP I suppose, since she’s soo knowledgeable in such matters.

  • coal miner · Cached page

  • Norb Leahy

    We have had a not very good socialist republic with a one party system like Iran, Venezuela or Russia. Somehow, Progressive Demo-publicans from both parties have controlled who we get to choose from, but it hasn’t made much difference until now. We now have a far Left President and Congress and their majority does rule. We need to vote in whatever Republicans we can find to fend off any more assaults from Congress or we will surely get Cap & Trade, Union Card Check and EPA gridlock. We are already facing more Meltdowns from the government spending and debt bubbles.
    The only high spots for us regular folks occurred when business succeeded in creating innovative manufactured devices allowing for electricity, telephones, refrigeration and a host of electrical appliances we got to manufacture. If we fail to return manufacturing to the U.S., we will follow Europe down the drain.

    • Anthony

      Norb -

      All you need do, is look to the CFR [ Council on Foreign Relations ] for who it is that has ‘served’ us nothing but the same dribble when it comes to Presidents, election after election.

      I remind all – every President, save two, have been Members of the CFR since its inception… That’s right ALL but two. And while those two were in Office, they were “surrounded” by CFR peronnel at all times. This is not ‘conspiracy, nor fantasy-scribbling… it is a real fact of life.

      It got worse in 2004, when both CFR members running against each other, we re also related. GW Bush and JF Kerry ARE cousins.

      The two who were NOT members of the CFR are: Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan

  • coal miner

    I believe we are looking to move back to the right by asking for conservatives in all parties to step up to the plate and rid the congress of RINO’s and Deemer libs…..some will consider that iffy also.

  • Frank D. Harrisson

    Independence Day 2010 AD, Tyranny or Liberty
    Frank D. Harrisson
    I was born here in the United States of American in October 1933 AD and lived through the trials and times of the Second World War. Then came the good times of the late 40’s and the 50’s and then came along the Korean Conflict. In those days there was no question about Patriotism, the US Flag, and country. The mores and morality and the respect of law was held close by the citizens and any deviation from these virtues were frowned upon. Then came Viet Nam and our nation lost its way and except for one uplifting bright spot not to long ago we are losing it big time and our US Constitution has been assaulted beyond its recognition as I knew it and had studied it in school. Our history is no longer taught in school. Is there any wonder how we lost our way and adrift? The younger generation does not have a clue to what it takes to have true Liberty, Justice, and the Pursuit of Happiness.
    I am not an attorney although I understand the Constitution of the United States and in my humble opinion possibly more so than most of the lawyers and those who are judges. My ancestors on both sides of my family have been here since 1642 on my mother’s side in Delaware and 1644 AD on my father’s side in Providencetowne (Rode Island) helped write the Constitution and had defended it all enemies since it was adopted by our forefathers in 1776 AD to this very day. As I reflect on up coming Independence Day let me express my thoughts of who we were, where we are, and what we need to bring Common Sense back again as I remember it.
    The US Constitution is our first set of laws and they are irrevocable, cannot be changed or repealed. Said that our President, our Congress, and the Supreme Court is also culpable here have broken their sworn oaths and continue to disobey those laws. We are a nation of laws and peace and liberty is only experienced when every one obeys only the laws that are sanctioned by the US Constitution and those of the Sovereign States and Commonwealths. There does not exist an authority in the US that can force the government to obey those laws. There is no one but us citizens left who have the power to fire everyone of them. I pray that come November 2010 and the next two election cycles we can clean house.
    We are supposed to be a Federal Republic not a Socialist State as we have become. This is anathema against the Constitution and the Republic. We are of Judean/Christian origins and our laws are based on the higher law as is our Constitution. Our forefathers made this very clear through their written letters and sayings. We are an English speaking nation from the beginning; even the Native Americans learned it. Our country is open to immigration of upright people who want to join our Liberties but that is as far as it should go. You do not water down our own country to fit the new comers of what ever persuasion they are. You do not take liberties away from one person or a group of persons of our inherent society because the issue offends someone; tradition and precedence should rule here. They either fit in, learns English, accept and obey our laws, respect our traditions as everyone else who ever immigrated here does or they are gone.
    I feel that the Supreme Court has failed us. Chief Justice John Marshall made it a strong point that the justices should keep a very close watch on the Congress in that they do not write any laws that violate the Constitution of the United States. The Supreme Court is supposed to be the third leg of our government to prevent tyranny. These issues have been going on since 1935 and have gotten worse since then, outlawing the Gold Standard and permitting Federal Notes, The New Deal, The Great Society, and now taking over business’, hospitals, and etc. All of this has become and will become a total failure for the simple reason that you cannot take away one mans earned physical or intellectual property and give it away to a man who did not earn that right. This also has an unfavorable affect on our GDP and Debt. We need a strong Supreme Court that is not afraid to mix words and take action against the US Congress or the President of the United States when they error in their proceedings.
    I hold any judge who thwarts the Constitution and makes judgment to meet a certain personal agenda or legislates from behind the bench in contempt of the US Constitution and that of the citizens of the United States. This is wrong and should never stand. I do not believe that any attorney should be allowed to become a judge fore they do not concentrate on the law; the lawyer who presents the best oratory presentation usually wins the case whether it’s justifiable or not. That to me is wrong. Judgments should be based only on the written law and the Constitution as the final and ultimate law of the land and should be upheld regardless of how a judge or attorney feels is fair; the Constitution is the law and that is the way our forefathers wanted it and it is the way their sons and daughters want it today to include yours truly and many more of like mind.
    Compassion does not exist in the Constitution. For obvious reasons giving extra points and other factors to certain groups so that they can pass a test or examination over and above a group that does not have such advantages is illegal and outright dangerous if it took place for a firefighters examination. It is bad enough to lose a life during a fire incident but it is outright unacceptable to lose that life because of ineptness’ by a firefighter or fire officer who could not pass the examination in his own rite. No, compassion belongs in the religious and relief organizations supported by the voluntary gifts of citizens, the government should have no part in it. Social Engineering does not exist in the Constitution. The US Congress cannot legislate statutes on political correctness without denying someone of his Liberties or rights of which flies in the face of the equal rights clause.
    Another like case happened recently in the mid West. The District Judge ruled that gun trigger lock laws are Constitutional because the Supreme Court did not mention that in their ruling of the Second Amendment. When a villain is in one’s house that has a firearm what good is a gun to the defendant when the trigger is locked and very little time to find the keys. This to me is a violation of the Second Amendment as it takes the right of self defense away. That judge should be disbarred or censored from the bench.

    I do believe that the courts recent stand on the Second Amendment and the First Amendment were in the right direction and it is about time. More has to be done on the Church and State clause, Chief Judge More should have never been forced from the bench. The Ten Commandments should be replaced into the lobby of the courthouse, no question about that. Statues, Crosses, and monuments in public buildings or lands have nothing to do with the Separation of Church and State clause. They do not represent the state in any way of a government sanctioned religious order. If this were not true, Moses would not be perched over the edifice of the court and the Ten Commandments would not be engraved into the doors. Besides I do not see Moses coming down off of his perch to enter the court and to give the justices a lecture on the Ten Commandments. Although I wish that he could because the Constitution was written around the Ten Commandments. Providence was always consulted by our forefathers and authors of the Constitution.
    This bring up the issue that the Supreme Court is to overwhelmed with litigations that they do not have time to follow what is going on in the Congress. It seems to me that if the Supreme Court did keep a close watch on the Congress, the illegitimate laws that violate the Constitution would be nipped in the bud of which in the long run would prevent litigations of all sorts in the first place that sometimes takes years to settle. Taking an early stance on an issue without having to wait until someone suits, the court would get some relief I believe.
    It is a darn shame that a citizen like me that does not have the resources and assets to be able to hire lawyers and pay court costs so that I could address the courts as permitted by the Constitution. The way the court is behind on their schedules I would probably be dead and forgotten before my grievance came up on the docket anyway. Dear Sir we do need to get back to our roots set by our founding fathers. We cannot allow anyone’s Liberty to be trampled upon for the sake of another. One person complained about religious teachings in the public schools, a practice that has been on going for two hundred years, and the court rules in favor of the plaintiff and the bible was removed from all of the schools in the United States? That sir is as wrong as wrong could be. The woman only needed to have her son excluded from class room as many children had done back when I attended school in the 1940’s. The ACLU must have given quite an oratory to win that case. Roe versus Wade is another issue and equally dead wrong decision, the hypothesis about when life begins? That is really off the wall. Why is it permissible to kill a baby in any trimester? All that the mother needed to do if she had been raped or impregnated was to get a D and C procedure before the fetus was formed. Wade’s Liberty was denied of having a child.
    The people better get back to those mores and morals and it is not going to get any better until they do. It is not up to the government to provide this but it is up to the government not to tramp on it either like they have been doing. It should be up to the court to make sure the Congress does not trample on our Liberties. To me the organization of lawyers in the ACLU and their wealthy patrons are in it only for the money and power, they could care less of what our founders have written and professed, to me they are definitely un-American. If I was a justice I would not even give them the time of day.
    What about our sovereignty Sir and Madam? We are being raided from the South and our government does nothing about it? Arizona has taken a stand after being pushed to it because many of their peace officers have been shot and now one of its rancher’s has been killed as well as some Border Patrol Agents. Many folks that live near the border have been raped, robbed of personal goods in their own homes, and their live stock slaughtered. I know that many citizens of Hispanic origins are very upset by this but they have to understand that this is the United States and we can no longer tolerate the lawlessness of the illegals. Arizona in my opinion has the perfect right to enforce her statutes under the Tenth Article of the Constitution.
    Does not the President, all members of Congress, and all appointed Judges swear or affirm that they will defend and protect the Constitution of the United States? What happens once they take office and they violate or distort the Constitution? Nothing seems to happen and it appears that the oath is only a formality without penalty. In like manner when the Congress elects a person to be a justice, that person should be proven that he or she subscribes to and makes judicial rulings that concur with the Constitution of the United States. We do not need judges who invent their own laws or who read into the law language that does not exist in or that warps the Constitution.
    It seems to me in that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court can set the tone and proceedings of the entire court and that a tight adherence to the US Constitution shall rule. Associate Justices would have to decide cases on their merits under the Constitution and not on what they feel is right and just. I copied the Marbury V. Madison Case in 1801 and decided in 1803 that solidifies my reasoning. (See Appendix).
    Dear Citizens, how do you suppose we won our revolution if Providence was not involved? We only had a rag tag army of militiamen made up of farmers and townspeople against a well trained professional army, in fact more than one professional army. The only answer to that is that General Washington relied heavily on Providence to give him the Wisdom and surrounded him with the likes of General Wilhelm von Steuban from Prussia who made soldiers from our farmers, the Marque de Lafayette from France who provided heavy artillery pieces and munitions smuggled onto our shores and a Navy that sealed the outcome of the war at Yorktown, Thomas Paine with his pamphlet on Common Sense that inspired many to support Liberty, and the works of many others all of which gave our men and boys the fortitude, pride, and tenacity to fight it out and win. Providence surely had a hand in our victories as He had during those biblical days.
    “When the government is not afraid of the people, tyranny rises. When the government is afraid of its citizens, liberty is assured.” Jefferson
    Thomas Jefferson pointed out that taking up arms to remove a tyrannical government should be done as a last resort. It should be done through peaceful and lawful means first. However if the election process and balloting has been compromised in any way then stronger measures will have to take place. Thomas Jefferson also stated “The tree of Liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of Tyrants and of Patriots.” At this present time most Patriots are not mad enough yet. This problem is only a year and a half old. It took something like 20 years to get that angry with the British and then it took a British rifle bullet that killed a protester in Boston to light that fuse and then came Lexington and Concord. If things continue as is and Americans get their Ire up I can envision several thousand cars and trucks freezing all traffic on both of the beltways and corridors around DC and causing an embargo of the capitol until surrender I think would be all that would be necessary.
    I could go on and on with this but I think that I got my thoughts down where I think they will express the thoughts and prayers of many of our citizens many of whom are long time Patriots from families that go back five or six generations before our land was a country. For those naturalized citizens who have joined us in recent years who have never experienced true Liberty in the past may get a new insight on our history and form of government. This would be also true for our children who have been denied of learning about our government, history, and the Constitution in our schools.
    May our Lord and Master bless the United States of America.
    God’s speed,
    Cape Fear North Carolina 04 July 2010

    References from Valley Forge Pennsylvania, Supreme Court of the US, Commonwealth of Virginia, and Wikipedia
    Chief Justice of the United States of America John Marshall
    Marbury v. Madison, decided in 1803, ruled for the government (that is, Madison), by deciding a minor law passed by Congress was unconstitutional. Ironically what was unconstitutional was Congress’ granting a certain power to the Supreme Court itself. The case allowed Marshall to proclaim the doctrine of judicial review, which reserves to the Supreme Court final authority to judge whether or not actions of the president or of the Congress are within the powers granted to them by the Constitution. The Constitution itself is the supreme law, and when the Court believes that a specific law or action is in violation of it, the Court must uphold the Constitution and set aside that other law or action.
    The Constitution does not explicitly give judicial review to the Court, and Jefferson was very angry with Marshall’s position, for he wanted the president to decide whether his acts were constitutional or not. Historians mostly agree that the Founding Fathers Constitution did plan for the Supreme Court to have some sort of judicial review; what Marshall did was make operational their goals. Judicial review was not new and Marshall himself mentioned it in the Virginia ratifying convention of 1788. Marshall’s opinion expressed and fixed in the American tradition and legal system a more basic theory, government under law. That is, judicial review means a government in which no person (not even the president) and no institution (not even Congress), nor even a majority of voters, may freely work their will in violation of the written Constitution. Marshall himself never declared another act of Congress or of a president unconstitutional.
    The Marshall court established the principle of judicial review, in which the court ruled that the Supreme Court had the power to declare invalid any act of Congress that was in conflict with the U.S. Constitution. The Marshall court also ruled that state judiciaries could set aside state legislative acts if they conflicted with the federal Constitution and that the U.S. Supreme Court could reverse a decision of a state court. By his opinions, Marshall increased the power of the Supreme Court as a branch of the federal government, emphasized the role of the judiciary in the states, and reinforced the national supremacy of the federal government.

    • eddie47d

      Mostly a good history lesson and a few good warnings. The 10 Commandments are a beautiful document but Activist Judge Moore placed them in the courthouse. He did not put them back for they were never in there. He made his own rules up at the time. As far as trigger locks goes;it was mostly to keep curious children and some adults from getting hurt.I believe the individual homeowner should make that decision for himself and live with the consequences. The same with abortion,let the individual live with the consequences. We certainly don’t need anyone going to prison for getting an abortion.Thus we have Roe vs. Wade. Our prisons are overloaded as it is so thank you very much. You seem to think someone (student) should leave the classroom if they don’t believe in God or if the subject comes up. I go to church on Sundays where the bible is king. I don’t need to force my beliefs about God in a public school. Nobody needs to trample on anyones rights whether you believe in God or not.

    • Trevor

      I agree with much of what you say in principle; however, you incorrectly attribute too much power to the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) based on the Marshall Court and the Marbury decision.

      The Constitution as written and amended enumerates the entire scope of powers of the federal government as granted by We the People and the States when we ratified the Constitution and subsequent amendments.

      You and some judicial scholars apparently interpret SCOTUS decisions, as tantamount to Constitutional Amendments when they declare some power not granted by the Constitution as constitutional. Nowhere does the Constitution give SCOTUS, which is just another branch of the federal government, the power to amend the Constitution or determine the constitutionality of their own laws. Such powers would be a clear conflict of interest and thus are not granted.

      There is only one place the Constitution grants the power of final arbiter of the constitutionality of federal law, and that is in the Bill of Rights. Although now presented as simply the first ten amendments to the Constitution, The Bill of Rights was actually created as a separate document with its own preamble which most people are not aware even exists. The Preamble to the Bill of Rights is pivotal to understanding where the power of final arbiter rests. The Preamble states that the purpose of the Bill of Rights is to “prevent misconstruction or abuse” of the constitutional powers granted to the federal government. The tenth and final item in the Bill of Rights is the capstone of the document and makes it clear that any powers not specifically delegated to the federal government by the Constitution and not denied to the States, are reserved to the States or the people. Thus, the Bill of Rights clearly declares and grants to the States or the people the power to prevent misconstruction or abuse of the Constitution. Nowhere else is this power addressed in the Constitution.

  • jr bob

    lighternot I hate to tell you but when we had a depression poor people helped other people too, but then government violated the constitution and started to dole out money and freebees to the people and found that the poor started voting for handouts and started to give even more in viloalation of the constitution. sorry but roosevelt was wrong and so was congress. that led to the constant problem that we have now. most people will help disadvantaged people and that is good. but when good people see that they are being taken for a ride they will not help lazy people. not so for the government they will give what is not theirs to give to anyone who will keep them in office. that a person is lazy does not give government the right to steal from me and give to them{inclucing illegal alliens }. that is why the federal government was limited. also we are not allowed to send troops to war without a declaration of war. there are many more violations of the constitution but everyone has got lazy and figured it was ok. it is not ok if i violate a law i will be sent to jail but politicians fell they are exempt from laws especially the constitution. they are the rulers. now you know why that pesky 2nd admendment in in there for throwing off a government violating the constitution and the people. our founding fathers made it for the citizins to have guns to do what was needed. it worked well for over 100 years.

  • Rob Alexander

    It doesn’t matter if we have a representative gov’t or a poular vote on everything any more… The problem is the Constitutional boundaries on gov’t power are, for the most part, gone…. The problem is WHAT THEY ARE ALLOWED TO VOTE ON IN THE FIRST PLACE.

    Getting to vote for who will have absolute power over the people does not constitute a free country in any sense of the phrase.

  • jr bob

    frank d harrison I commend your view for I am 99.9% in agreement with you and what i do not agree with is to trivial to mention.I wish we had 200 million people who would agree with us. God bless America/

  • jr bob

    ps. I like you beleive in the constitution,, I was born 10 years later than you. I was schooled as you for I went to a private school.

  • Marie

    SO,what can we do when voting for an independent does not help, because of the “Electoral College”? How does the elecetoral college base their vote on? Do you think they can also be bought by this so called “money elites”? Was that why JFK and his brother Robert were killed, because they did not go along with the “New World Order” the goal of this “elite group”?? You are doing a great job by educating us poor folks who are so disgusted with the media, which I’m sure they also control. God bless USA and the world if these folks truly control everything. Information such as yours, should be in the schools and libraries, to educate the young and the old…..Good work, keep it up. I for one will not miss your website info…

  • Marie

    One more thing, Who gave them the right to give my social security contributions to aliens that never worked here? Social Security benefits for those who worked here and contributed to it is not welfare. We would have done better if we invested that money in our private IRAs or annuity funds. We would have better ROI than the measly amount social security is giving us now that we are retired. Don’t you know that aliens get better SSI than us who worked here for over 30 years? I am a proof of it versus some people I know on public assistance. I paid for everything, while they get free medical, free dental, subsidized housing in beautiful homes. This is not fair for us who worked hard here and paid on taxes and social security. There must be a change. Give us hardworking folks what is due us and get rid of the lazy aliens who never worked here, send them back to their countries to take care of them….I don’t mind the ones that worked and contributed to their SS….

    • Bob Wire

      Good question marie ! Who did that? I’ve got 1.2 million tied up it that fund. I’d settle for a 750 thousand buy out!

      I’d got buy mom and dad new tires a me some pretty teeth!

  • Robert Stevenson

    Most of you are morons drinking the corporate Kool Aid, and the fox news crack. Where was all of this anger when George Bush and the Republican presidents before him was consolidating power and destroying the middle class? When 5 Deferment Dick Chaney (one of the most heinous acts of cowardice- really truly avoiding serving his country and his idiotic alcohol fetal syndrome daughter talking like she actually has credibility is trashing the current present with half truths and out right lies.

    You guys such an

    • chuck b

      r stevenson

      what did bush do that destroyed the economy other than going along with a democratic house and senate?????? it seems to me you are barking at the moon!!

      • Bob Wire

        with lies sir, with lies or bad intell or bad council(whatever you wish to call it) , and it was in for a penny, in for a pound from that moment on.

        • Bob Wire

          and we fought a two front war while offering American’s tax breaks. Never heard of before in history. The AG office was a rubber stamp for the wishes of the administration, the SEC was manned by college children, the MMS was a lap dog to big oil, the CIA and FBI was told they were not to be trusted and HLS was created. The Pentagon top brass was overrules by a soccer coach and headed by a veteran varsity Pep squad leader.

          Care to hear more? ~ I’m sure you heard it before?

          • chuck b

            bob wire

            bush lied? well i guess your democratic buddies in congress also lied, can you prove he lied?? no, i didn’t think so!!
            the attorney gen. a rubber stamp for bush, well, is holder a rubber stamp for your messiah barry?? and he can’t even sign his name!!
            did your messiah replace the heads in mms, no, well, why not?? your assertions about the tax break’s, it worked our economy boomed, record employment until your democratic party took over in 2006. thats when your buddies got greedy and our economy went south.

          • Bob Wire

            You ask a specific question, you got a specific answer.

          • http://naver samurai

            Chuck, you are so right! Many of us just ignore bob wire because he just goes around fishing to see who will take the liberal bait he is casting.

          • Bob Wire

            true, I’ll strip you hook clean and make you feel lucky you still managed to have a fishing pole.

  • kilrntex

    I would still like to know the name of the “Raghead” and his “cell” number who said a couple of years ago that he was going to hit DC and amaze the world. Where’s a lowlife, evil, good for nothing coward when you them to clean up our government? Hell, I guess they are all in the White House now. I suppose they figured it’s better to take over it than to blow it up and they could spread their evil religion the democratic way. We couldn’t see it because our government leaders are about as sorry as the terrorist who want to kill us all. People, we are in for the fight of our lives. I only hope there’s something left in November.

  • coal miner

    Top Ten IQs, · Cached page

  • Delores Smith

    Your article has really enlightened me. I believe that Obama with his majority party is definitely Socialism with Marxism dancing all around them. Obama’s goal is Fascism (over my dead body). If anyone chooses to call it a Democracy, that would be an accurate statement, remembering that Obama’s Democracy is in more than the embryonic stage. Americans, lets take back our Republic on Nov 2, 2010. Thank you, Chip.
    Delores Smith

  • Anthony

    Okay – I got lucky on this Article, myself being who was FIRST to post a comment to this topic. I had barely gotten out of bed, and was only 3 sips into that 1st cup o’ Java… but I gave it a row and am somewhat flattered that so many posted compliments. I’m normally humble to a fault… so let’s leave it as it is.

    Several of you have a misguided idea of what Democracy is – the factual definition along with the factual usage of it.

    I did add comment to several of the postings and I may (in fact) repeat myself as I’m still absorbing the 0ver 200 responses since 6:00 am, this morning.

    TRUTH – democracy is where the MOB RULES, period. This is a culmination of how Webster’s aligns it definition and how the human existence practices this civic art form.

    TRUTH – two things you cannot deny about humans:
    1) They are lazy, for the most part – this is demonstrated on many levels, but human invention ranks right up there at the top – I cite the REMOTE CONTROL to your DIGITAL TV’s as a perfect example.
    2) They are greedy – and this is specifically where just about all of us have allowed our vigilance to take a back seat to trying to out do the Joneses’ and I say everyone reading this KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT I MEAN. How many of you went out immediately and bought a new Blackberry cuz the guy in the next cubicle had one?

    As for what exactly happened to get us to this point – we, the people, ignored the warnings that didn’t suit us (back in the day) and we fell for those who promised us a FREE RIDE.

    As per Thomas J DiLorenzo, Lincoln suspended habeus corpus, where he had no right to do so – this is tantemount to Fascism. And, then, here comes Bush 2 with dual Patriot Acts. The mere names of each Act remind me of the name given to EAST GERMANY or how abuot NORTH KOREA. Obvioulsy the CFR and the Bilderbergers have been having a great laugh on that score. Those stupid masses, look at ‘em suck it right up…. ROFLMAO

    On this website, some time back – there was an Article discussing LINCOLN – anyone remember? I had taken the Author (DiLorenzo) to task saying Jefferson Davis was already President of the South a whole two weeks BEFORE ol’ Abe took the Oath as POTUS — this makes Lincoln as being “on the defensive” and I for one was looking at it from the perspective that without the States being united, then outsiders (the Rothschilds’ emmissaries?) would certainly come in and make sure to keep us from ever being united ever again – so much for the Grand Experiment.

    I was actually pi$$ed at ol’ Tom DiLorenzo – how dare he smear the name of Abraham Lincoln. BUT, as I began to read up (online) and discover my own ignorance, at least about the USA Early Years, I found Thomas was more right than I was and it WOKE ME UP, moreso than anything else I had read from every “conspiracy” website a person could google up.

    I read these other website and keep finding more and more all the time: [this website is cited by Soetoro as why we need cyber-security] [I challenge everyone to stop here daily - catch up, please] [news videos, direct political commentary, very historical] [new to me - but loaded with radio commentary that counts]

    The news and information I gleen here, from Bob Livingston’s website combined with everyone’s comments is about as good as it gets. The only thing I wish, is that more of you would simply take time to stop and google up a more clear way of stating what you post.

    I for one have never heard of nor read, let alone witnessed, any definition of GOD that stated this entity wasn’t all inclusive. Yet some are needing to define it must be a limited entity which suits them, and possibly somehow could never suit someone else…. this is total nonsense. Actual historically living beings, such as Jesus or Mohammed, etc., etc., would be within the realm of such thinking… but the entity of GOD (to me) is to be viewed as asexual and non-confining to, or for, anyone. That’s my right to think of it in that way. What’s more, I’ve heard many a Preacher say as much in Sunday Sermons. Although, one person was fairly close in saying that such a belief system as indeed a part of a not yet enlightened people – those with limited knowledge always have a higher level of fear, and that’s where they need a belief system which may not bear itself out, but requires FAITH to survive as a paradigm. The more knowledgeable (enlightened?) a people become, the more the Paradigm will most likely change.

    For all of you who don’t have the coin, as it were, to go purchase some of the items several have pointed out … I would offer that you can go to yet another website and simply view many of the very informative Documentaries, which were described in this thread. In fact, the Owner to this website, quite often posts his own link right over on Facebook and on INFOWARS, all the time. You go to the link – click on Videos – create a login – and have at it. Simply be careful to let the buffer build up or it freezes up all the time.
    - I’ve also figured out a way to download the documentaries, but I better behave myself on here, or my postings won’t get uploaded or ol’ Bob will ban me.

    Finally – there’s this – from Tom’s book, which I think is a necessary bit of info, we all need to read…. in Chapter 8 —

    “[Alexander] Hamilton was the defender of those who already had land and …wealth. He wanted those men to stay landed and wealthy and knew that laissez-faire would not do the trick. In order to keep the tops at the top, Hamilton proposed taxes, regulation, central banking—big government … Alexander Hamilton, the 1st champion of big business and big government has won.”
    —Timothy P. Carney, The Big Ripoff
    [How Big Business and Big Givernment Steal Your Money]

    If you seriously cannot include “follow the money” as a part of your Sherlock Homes investigations on your own Country and what went wrong…when — then, I doubt anything I post will ever be of real service to you. Possibly, you should just skip on by when you see my name as the Poster.

    I ask all of you – DO YOU HAVE KIDS?

  • Anthony

    Okay – I got lucky on this Article, myself being who was FIRST to post a comment to this topic. I had barely gotten out of bed, and was only 3 sips into that 1st cup o’ Java… but I gave it a row and am somewhat flattered that so many posted compliments. I’m normally humble to a fault… so let’s leave it as it is.

    Several of you have a misguided idea of what Democracy is – the factual definition along with the factual usage of it.

    I did add comment to several of the postings and I may (in fact) repeat myself as I’m still absorbing the 0ver 200 responses since 6:00 am, this morning.

    TRUTH – democracy is where the MOB RULES, period. This is a culmination of how Webster’s aligns it definition and how the human existence practices this civic art form.

    TRUTH – two things you cannot deny about humans:
    1) They are lazy, for the most part – this is demonstrated on many levels, but human invention ranks right up there at the top – I cite the REMOTE CONTROL to your DIGITAL TV’s as a perfect example.
    2) They are greedy – and this is specifically where just about all of us have allowed our vigilance to take a back seat to trying to out do the Joneses’ and I say everyone reading this KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT I MEAN. How many of you went out immediately and bought a new Blackberry cuz the guy in the next cubicle had one?

    As for what exactly happened to get us to this point – we, the people, ignored the warnings that didn’t suit us (back in the day) and we fell for those who promised us a FREE RIDE.

    As per Thomas J DiLorenzo, Lincoln suspended habeus corpus, where he had no right to do so – this is tantemount to Fascism. And, then, here comes Bush 2 with dual Patriot Acts. The mere names of each Act remind me of the name given to EAST GERMANY or how abuot NORTH KOREA. Obvioulsy the CFR and the Bilderbergers have been having a great laugh on that score. Those stupid masses, look at ‘em suck it right up…. ROFLMAO

    On this website, some time back – there was an Article discussing LINCOLN – anyone remember? I had taken the Author (DiLorenzo) to task saying Jefferson Davis was already President of the South a whole two weeks BEFORE ol’ Abe took the Oath as POTUS — this makes Lincoln as being “on the defensive” and I for one was looking at it from the perspective that without the States being united, then outsiders (the Rothschilds’ emmissaries?) would certainly come in and make sure to keep us from ever being united ever again – so much for the Grand Experiment.

    I was actually pi$$ed at ol’ Tom DiLorenzo – how dare he smear the name of Abraham Lincoln. BUT, as I began to read up (online) and discovered my own ignorance, at least about the USA Early Years, I found Thomas was more right than I was and it WOKE ME UP, moreso than anything else I had read from every “conspiracy” website a person could google up.

    • Anthony

      I read these other website and keep finding more and more all the time:
      drudgereport [this website is cited by Soetoro as why we need cyber-security]
      infowars [I challenge everyone to stop here daily - catch up, please]
      larouchepac [news videos, direct political commentary, very historical]
      spitfirelist [new to me - but loaded with radio commentary that counts]

      The news and information I gleen here, from Bob Livingston’s website combined with everyone’s comments is about as good as it gets. The only thing I wish, is that more of you would simply take time to stop and google up a more clear way of stating what you post.

      I for one have never heard of nor read, let alone witnessed, any definition of GOD that stated this entity wasn’t all inclusive. Yet some are needing to define it must be a limited entity which suits them, and possibly somehow could never suit someone else…. this is total nonsense. Actual historically living beings, such as Jesus or Mohammed, etc., etc., would be within the realm of such thinking… but the entity of GOD (to me) is to be viewed as asexual and non-confining to, or for, anyone. That’s my right to think of it in that way. What’s more, I’ve heard many a Preacher say as much in Sunday Sermons. Although, one person was fairly close in saying that such a belief system as indeed a part of a not yet enlightened people – those with limited knowledge always have a higher level of fear, and that’s where they need a belief system which may not bear itself out, but requires FAITH to survive as a paradigm. The more knowledgeable (enlightened?) a people become, the more the Paradigm will most likely change.

      For all of you who don’t have the coin, as it were, to go purchase some of the items several have pointed out … I would offer that you can go to yet another website and simply view many of the very informative Documentaries, which were described in this thread. In fact, the Owner to this website, quite often posts his own link right over on Facebook and on INFOWARS, all the time. You go to the link – click on Videos – create a login – and have at it. Simply be careful to let the buffer build up or it freezes up all the time.

      - I’ve also figured out a way to download the documentaries, but I better behave myself on here, or my postings won’t get uploaded or ol’ Bob will ban me.

      Finally – there’s this – from Tom’s book, which I think is a necessary bit of info, we all need to read…. in Chapter 8 —

      “[Alexander] Hamilton was the defender of those who already had land and …wealth. He wanted those men to stay landed and wealthy and knew that laissez-faire would not do the trick. In order to keep the tops at the top, Hamilton proposed taxes, regulation, central banking—big government … Alexander Hamilton, the 1st champion of big business and big government has won.”
      —Timothy P. Carney, The Big Ripoff
      [How Big Business and Big Givernment Steal Your Money]

      If you seriously cannot include “follow the money” as a part of your Sherlock Homes investigations (at every turn) while rediscovering your own Country and what went wrong…when — then, I doubt anything I post will ever be of real service to you. Possibly, you should just skip on by when you see my name as the Poster.

      I ask all of you – DO YOU HAVE KIDS?

      • Bob Wire

        hmm? Since you put it so well, I shall and thanks for the invite.

  • Al Sieber

    Well, they’re putting armed civilian groups on the border in Ariz. right now. they caught 100 illegals last night most of them armed. it’s about time we really need the help.

    • Anthony

      Thanks for the update, Al. Somehow, I think it’s going to get worse before it gets better. Didn’t someone say POTUS is now suing the AZ Governor?

      • Al Sieber

        The Obama adm. is filing a lawsuit against Az. probably next mo.

  • Gerald L Warnken

    Great Editorial Chip Wood. I just want to ad something to it. Long ago people in America knew the difference between a democracy and a republic. The U.S. War Department which was superseded by the Dept. of defense taught the difference in training manual (No. 2000-25) published on Nov. 30,1928. The manual was ordered destroyed shortly after the “bank holiday” in the thirties by Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Roosevelt was the thirty-second President of the United States. He destroyed it so that he could institute a democracy utilizing social security as a means to make everyone a slave to the Federal Government. The Soldier’s Training Manual used by all men in uniform, gave this definition of democracy:”A government of the masses. Authority derived through mass meeting or any other form of ‘direct’ expression. Results in mobocracy. Attitude toward property is communistic-negating property rights. Attitude toward law is that the will of the majority shall regulate, whether it be based upon deliberation or governed by passion, prejudice, and impulse, without restraint or regard to consequences. “Results in demogogism, license, agitation. discontent, anarchy.”
    It went on to state: that “Our Founding Fathers who wrote the constitution where familiar with the strength and weakness of both autocracy and democracy, with fixed principles definitely in mind, defined a representative republican form of government. They ‘made a very marked distinction between a republic and democracy. They said repeatedly and emphatically that they had founded a republic.’
    Our Founding Fathers gave us a Constitutional Republic. We do elect our officials using democratic processes. A Republic has a three- vote system a democracy has a one-vote system. We as Americans need to take more interest in our government. We were born free but could die as slaves to a democracy because we have lost sight of our basic truths.

  • Guy Shannon

    What the progressive’s democracy has created is a worthles child that will devour the fortunes of the parent, while the parent stands helpless and watches. This is godlessnes in action! It lacks justice. It is Communism, a chaotic dream that can only materialze from opression, and then demise due to its own inability to succede. It is the worship of people as gods. It is the lack of personal responsibility. In fact, such ideas as progressives state as righteous, are the purset demonstration of prejudice against the races and nationalities; in short, providing for those whom they view as helpless souls is proving their assumption that everyone but themselves is incapable of sustaining. These so-called righteous plans start by devouring the lower middleclass to pay; but as the plans continues- unsuccessful – it becomes necessary to climb up the ladder for more wealth until those at the very top are made to be indentured servants, where the democratic military becomes the necessary police force and the days of the Soviet and Nazi are relived. What the proponents of such plans as this fail to remember, is that the leaders of facism, of communism, or totalatarianism, when all is said and done, they find themselves in a grave where not even a dog will vacate its liquid. God is like the sun, while darkness is the absence of the sun, not a force. One should take heed of his own actions and beliefs. This world is but a drop in the ocean of forever. What one commits here cannot be changed there. Hell is feeling the pain there of those whom you have hurt here. It would be prudent to consider this.

  • Trevor

    Trevor says:
    June 18, 2010 at 4:04 pm

    The ACLU attempts to remove any expression of religion from the public place based on a “supposed wall of separation” between church and state in the Constitution. No such constitutional provision exists.

    As many of our Founders emphasized, a Representative Republic requires a moral and virtuous public. Throughout the history of mankind, religion has been the most important source of morality and virtue and should be encouraged, not discouraged as the ACLU attempts to do. There are many common tenets of morality in all religions and they should be taught and encouraged in our society if we want our system of government to work as it was designed to work.

    Trevor says:
    June 18, 2010 at 3:40 pm

    You accuse others of “throwing about unfounded charges and out and out lies…” but do the same yourself. Please document where 45,000 people die each year due to lack of health insurance.
    BTW, Presidents do not rack up the debt. Congress creates all laws and initiates and authorizes the budget and all expenditures. Then check to see what party has controlled Congress most of the time since Eisenhower. What’s good for the goose….

    Trevor says:
    June 18, 2010 at 4:33 pm

    In a very broad sense, a Representative Republic is a democratic form of government because the people elect their representatives at all levels of government, who in turn are empowered by law to make additional laws to further regulate society. Our particular form of republic is a federal system of vertical checks and balances where power is supposed to be decentralized down to the lowest possible levels of societal organization. Except for those places where the people have initiative and referendum powers, all laws are made by the elected representatives, not directly by the people. That’s the difference between a Republic and pure Democracy.

    Trevor says:
    June 18, 2010 at 6:48 pm

    I agree with much of what you say in principle; however, you incorrectly attribute too much power to the Supreme Court (SCOTUS) based on the Marshall Court and the Marbury decision.

    The Constitution as written and amended enumerates the entire scope of powers of the federal government as granted by We the People and the States when we ratified the Constitution and subsequent amendments.

    You and some judicial scholars apparently interpret SCOTUS decisions, as tantamount to Constitutional Amendments when they declare some power not granted by the Constitution as constitutional. Nowhere does the Constitution give SCOTUS, which is just another branch of the federal government, the power to amend the Constitution or determine the constitutionality of their own laws. Such powers would be a clear conflict of interest and thus are not granted.

    There is only one place the Constitution grants the power of final arbiter of the constitutionality of federal law, and that is in the Bill of Rights. Although now presented as simply the first ten amendments to the Constitution, The Bill of Rights was actually created as a separate document with its own preamble which most people are not aware even exists. The Preamble to the Bill of Rights is pivotal to understanding where the power of final arbiter rests. The Preamble states that the purpose of the Bill of Rights is to “prevent misconstruction or abuse” of the constitutional powers granted to the federal government. The tenth and final item in the Bill of Rights is the capstone of the document and makes it clear that any powers not specifically delegated to the federal government by the Constitution and not denied to the States, are reserved to the States or the people. Thus, the Bill of Rights clearly declares and grants to the States or the people the power to prevent misconstruction or abuse of the Constitution. Nowhere else is this power addressed in the Constitution.

  • Bob Wire

    Print Article Print Article View Comments Comments RSS Feed Feed
    45,000 People Die Annually From Lack Of Insurance Study Finds
    Posted by Jane Akre
    Friday, September 18, 2009 11:34 AM EST
    Category: Major Medical
    Tags: Tort Reform, Health Care Reform, Big Insurance, Remote Area Medical, Uninsured, Underinsured

    Uninsured Americans face an increase in the risk of dying by 40 percent, says a new study.

    44,789 Deaths

    – August 2009

    Simply lacking health insurance can raise the risk of dying by 40 percent.

    It may sound obvious that people with health insurance have a better outcome if they are sick, but the new study, published online Wednesday in the American Journal of Public Health (AJPH), says the lack of insurance appeared to be a factor in the 2005 deaths of as many as 45,000 people.

    The participants, 9,000 adults of working age, were all enrolled in the federal Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, reports ABC News. Dr. Andrew Wilper, of the Cambridge Health Alliance conducted the survey.

    Read more:

  • Don

    With also this adoration of a Republic as the best government, keep in mind that USSR is short for the “Union of Soviet Socialist Republics” with each Republic choosing who would be the real Rulers elected to the leadership of the Supreme Soviet Republic. In short, a Republican form of government is no guarantee that the interest of the citizens will be respected, or even considered.

    It all boils down to whether the leaders in any form of government act in ways to serve themselves or the good of all the people.

    Also, when the people aren’t actively involved in keeping track of the government. then the government will go its merry way. That’s why we have the best government money can buy.

  • chuck b

    bob wire

    what are you a shill for the muslim in the white house. now you are trying to tell us 45.000 people die each year because they don’t have health insurance!! tell me where these people are and who refused them medical care. you believe what abc news reports (the biggest propaganda machine in the u.s.) a person would have to be really stupid to think “i don’t have health insurance and this may kill me” get a life!!

    • Bob Wire

      it’s the correct and accepted answer to the question asked by the prior poster asking for proof chuck b. There were many others, all saying much the same thing.

      You are free to disagree. You might even read the link “before” you make an assessment. or not

      • Bob Wire

        and that was a 2005 study ~ my guess, the number larger today.

        • http://naver samurai

          Name your source! Name your source! Name your source you sheep, baaaaa!

          • Bob Wire

            A link was offered, and true, it was reported by ABC ~ but ABC had nothing to do with the study. There were many links! Just pick one that pleases you most.

            Life is a process of learning to ask the right question to the right party.

            Wrong questions to right parties will result in wrong answers.

            Right questions to wrong parties will result in wrong answers.

            Wrong questions to wrong parties will result in wrong answers.

            I had a Realtor girlfriend for 7 years once, ~ She had this thing of asking several different contractors the same question until she got the answer she wanted to hear and used them. Yet more times the not, things worked out poorly and she held contractors in poor regard. I was such a contractor by 7 years end. I put up with it for the tail and great times but that wasn’t enough after 7 years.

            So just ask you browser the “right” question.

  • Antonio

    Hey Anthony great posts thank you so much. Look if you investigate the fema thing you will find that they have separated the United States up in 10 setions. Well in case you are not aware of this Obama has sigend a new executive order of 2010 I dont have the link because i just copy and paste everything that i find on the web so that i will have when we lose the internet here soon. This order is to appoint 10 governor’s to the 10 “new” states.

    Office of the Press Secretary
    For Immediate Release January 11, 2010
    By the authority vested in me as President by theConstitution and the laws of the United States of America,including section 1822 of the National Defense AuthorizationAct of 2008 (Public Law 110-181), and in order to strengthenfurther the partnership between the Federal Government and Stategovernments to protect our Nation and its people and property,it is hereby ordered as follows:
    Section 1. Council of Governors.
    There is established a Council of Governors (Council).The Council shall consist of 10 State Governors appointed bythe President (Members), of whom no more than five shall be ofthe same political party. The term of service for each Member appointed to serve on the Council shall be 2 years, but a Membermay be reappointed for additional terms.
    The President shall designate two Members, whoshall not be members of the same political party, to serve asCo-Chairs of the Council.
    Sec. 2. Functions. The Council shall meet at the call of the Secretary of Defense or the Co-Chairs of the Council toexchange views, information, or advice with the Secretary ofDefense; the Secretary of Homeland Security; the Assistant tothe President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism; theAssistant to the President for Intergovernmental Affairs andPublic Engagement; the Assistant Secretary of Defense forHomeland Defense and Americas’ Security Affairs; the Commander,United States Northern Command; the Chief, National GuardBureau; the Commandant of the Coast Guard; and other appropriateofficials of the Department of Homeland Security and theDepartment of Defense, and appropriate officials of otherexecutive departments or agencies as may be designated by theSecretary of Defense or the Secretary of Homeland Security.Such views, information, or advice shall concern:
    matters involving the National Guard of the variousStates;
    homeland defense;
    civil support;
    synchronization and integration of State and Federalmilitary activities in the United States; and
    other matters of mutual interest pertaining toNational Guard, homeland defense, and civil support activities.
    Sec. 3. Administration.
    The Secretary of Defense shall designate an ExecutiveDirector to coordinate the work of the Council.
    Members shall serve without compensation for theirwork on the Council. However, Members shall be allowed travelexpenses, including per diem in lieu of subsistence, asauthorized by law.
    Upon the joint request of the Co-Chairs ofthe Council, the Secretary of Defense shall, to theextent permitted by law and subject to the availability ofappropriations, provide the Council with administrative support,assignment or detail of personnel, and information as may benecessary for the performance of the Council’s functions.
    The Council may establish subcommittees of theCouncil. These subcommittees shall consist exclusively ofMembers of the Council and any designated employees of a Memberwith authority to act on the Member’s behalf, as appropriate toaid the Council in carrying out its functions under this order.
    The Council may establish a charter that is consistentwith the terms of this order to refine further its purpose,scope, and objectives and to allocate duties, as appropriate,among members.
    Sec. 4. Definitions. As used in this order:
    the term “State” has the meaning provided inparagraph (15) of section 2 of the Homeland Security Act of 2002(6 U.S.C. 101(15)); and
    the term “Governor” has the meaning provided inparagraph (5) of section 102 of the Robert T. Stafford DisasterRelief and Emergency Assistance Act (42 U.S.C. 5122(5)).
    Sec. 5. General Provisions.
    Nothing in this order shall be construed to impair orotherwise affect:
    the authority granted by law to adepartment, agency, or the head thereof; or
    functions of the Director of the Office of Management and Budget relating to budgetary,administrative, or legislative proposals.
    This order shall be implemented consistentwith applicable law and subject to the availability ofappropriations.
    This order is not intended to, and does not, createany right or benefit, substantive or procedural, enforceable atlaw or in equity by any party against the United States, itsdepartments, agencies, or entities, its officers, employees, oragents, or any other person.
    THE WHITE HOUSE,January 11, 2010.

  • Antonio

    Hey bob wire your post is not true. in case you dont know it is against the ley to refuse people care. that goes for poor people, rich people, insured, uninsured, and even illgals. The 45,000 people that die annually die because there is not anything else a doctor can do for them not because they weren’t treated.

    • Antonio

      i meant “law” where i wrote “ley” jeje

      • Bob Wire

        I understood Antonio, the law. ~

        if you choice to see it in that context, you have a point.

        I’ve found the “law” to be illusive at times myself.

        Much like your “rights” to trial. It may well be a “right” but one you’d rather not experience

        I’ve always questioned how second hand smoke injury was calculated. It seems, brighter minds attempt to figure such things out.

        but it wasn’t actually 45000 but 44798. 202 managed to escape!

        And the truth is, we are all dieing from something, but when?

        One would suppose they use a huge data base to draw tangible information from, put it in a blender add some manure and press puree.

        I think they are considering people that die from treatable illness that wasn’t covered and didn’t go, knowing they had no means to pay until it was too late. In other words , deaths that could have been prevented by people with little recourse except to plead indigent and ask for a helping hand with a progressive illness.

        • George E


          You know, everyone who has health insurance don’t always go for checkups as they should either. Do you think the study took that into effect? In other words, some of the people in their sample might not have been treated for preventable illnesses if they didn’t see the doctor for their checkups, even if they did have health insurance. That could have changed the outcome. Men especially seem to be bad about going to the doctor for routine checkups.

  • Antonio

    Hey Al sieber, good post about the Arizona people on the border. What can i do to offer my assistance to you guy’s down?? Can i bring my Barrett .50 and help out???

    • Antonio

      i meant “there” not “down” jeje

      • rich schultz

        I am reading these comments with interest,The Act Of 1871 created Washington D.C. as a corporation.Congress and and the rest of our Government are now a corporation bringing the U.C.C.code into being.Also the I.R.S.operates under the War Powers ACT put into operation during the Civil War,the 16th Amendment was never properly ratified.It has been documented in the book The Law That Never Was by Bill Bensen and M.J.Red Beckman Volume 1

    • Al Sieber

      A Barrett light 50. would do the job, the ammo’s quite expensive though. what you hear about what’s going on along the border is mostly censored, or played down, it’ 10-15 times worse. they recently found a huge arm’s cache, automatic rifle’s, RPG’s, semi-auto hand gun’s, thousand’s of loaded rifle and pistol clip’s, hand gernade’s etc, etc… it looked like preparation for a invasion. Obama has really pi$$ed the people off around here. he is a traitor to the American people, and his oath of office. don’t be shocked if there’s a all out war here soon. Ariz. is the main smuggling corridor. thank’s for the concern Antonio.

      • airangel

        Al you are right about it being played down…it is also being played down as to how many truly support Arizona and wish our own states would follow suit, then the Feds can come after all of us and they will fail…somehow that is the answer, for all sister states to unite and fight this overinflated anti-american government…the majority of true Patriotic Americans support Arizona and all the unjusts this Regime is doing is not going un-noticed..there were several military on the “newsvine” ready to go to war against the Hispanic invasion or at least run the Durg cartel off…the support is amazing and you certainly don’t hear about it…I figure it is all of our jobs to hit these blogs and educate as many as possible with our volunteer work until November…the “unsung candidates” don’t have the million dollar surplus to campaign so we have to do their campaigning and do whatever we can to get the right people in office.

    • JeffH

      Antonio & Al, I’m not allowed, in California, to posses a Barret 50BMG or any 50 BMG for that matter, but boy, would I like to see what I could hit at 500-1500 yards. That’s if I could see that far…

  • Tanarus

    I seen a protest banner say it all with simplicity… (“What part of ILLEGAL do you not understand?”) Kind of sais it all huh folks?
    If we are not a Nation of laws…why should we pay our taxes…think about it.

  • Neil C. Reinhardt

    Jeeze, WAKE UP!

    The Pledge WAS rewriten by a bunch of SELFISH and INCONSIDERATE Christians AFTER I graduated from High School in 1954!

  • Bob Wire

    >”I had to face the fact: A Straight Talk reader had fallen victim to 100 years of liberal brainwashing. “”The High Tide of Progressivism.

    The high tide of the Progressive Era occurred during the 1910s, as a profusion of interest groups with competing legislative proposals made the decade one of the most turbulent and exciting in U.S. history. Reforms at the federal level included the lowering of tariffs, the introduction of the income tax, passage of antitrust laws and the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, the direct election of senators, federal child-labor laws, and constitutional amendments prohibiting the consumption of alcoholic beverages and extending the vote to women. During the 1910s reformers at the state level enacted workmen’s compensation laws and mothers’ pensions (the first government-funded welfare plans for nonveterans). Seeking to break the power of entrenched political interests, reformers also advocated open primaries; the initiative, the referendum, and the recall; and governmental regulation of gas, water, and electrical utilities. Urban reformers sought to weaken political bosses”<<

    Yea those mean old lying nasty liberals ~ really messed the country up.

  • Brian Kilcullen


    How many times when we were growing up we heard our Moms repeat: “If I told you once, I told you a thousand times…” It was usually shortly thereafter that we received a more hands-on approach to behavior modification; because talk only goes so far.

    I’ve just finished reading an article by Timothy M. Baldwin, addressing the formaldehyde-state of our Constitution today. (“Our Dead Constitution” Dec. 5, 2009) Timothy Baldwin, son of the Constitutionalist Party’s Chuck Baldwin, is an extremely well educated individual for such a young man these days. It’s a true testament to his parents that he is so in tune with not only the dismal condition of our ship-of-state, but from where its problems derive; chiefly the lack of a constitutional, hence accountable government. It is to this crucial matter and Disenfranchised Americans, et al that I direct this blog.

    Having uncovered a criminal racket operating under the guise of federal law-enforcement some years ago, I can attest personally not only to the depraved and criminal nature of this government today, but more pointedly, it’s total lack of representation and accountability. Unable to get the Department of Justice to enforce our laws, I brought a lawful criminal indictment of my own; then served it upon the highest law-enforcement officers and leadership of this nation. Only to watch every single executive officer (including the President), representative and judge (as in Supreme Court) not only turn a blind-eye to these treasonous scum, but shield and protect them to this very day. At all of our expense!

    So I’m not shocked, to put it mildly, when other disenfranchised citizens speak out only to be totally ignored; such as when those thousands, if not hundreds of thousands descended upon this nation’s capitol some months ago only to be referred to as extremists. It’s a tell-tale sign when a group of peaceful Americans assemble in such a civil manner to petition their government and then are branded radicals by the government they petition!

    Through any number of mediums, a great number of us citizens are writing, blogging and decrying our nation’s decline; be it: fiscal irresponsibility and insolvency; ever-bloating government fraud, waste & abuse; ever-expanding government powers, hence dwindling liberties; unlawful, not to mention fabricated wars; or our death march to tyranny. And the end result of such demonstration and outcry has been: Nothing! Nada!

    It’s not as if those in the District of Iniquity (formerly DC) can assert they’ve never heard nor read any of our rhetoric. In spite of my well substantiated indictment, documented in their possession (, there has not been so much as an inquiry made. Other than outright ignoring us or targeting upstanding civic-minded Americans as possible terrorists (Homeland Security’s Lexicon of Non-Islamic Domestic Extremists), these self-appointed demigods in government do absolutely nothing but flaunt their contempt for us.

    It is becoming abundantly clear, that we are at the “If I told you once, I told you a thousand times.” stage of this ordeal. Just like when we were kids and our Moms were screaming themselves horse trying to evoke change, talk only goes so far. You can say it a thousand times. You can say it a thousand different ways. They’re not listening; period!

    This brings us to what I feel is the single most important date in this nation’s future. Yes, I’m talking about November 2, 2010. But no, not for the reason most would think. I’ll explain. Election Day, for those of you who have not taken the time to study and understand the body-politic that was created and left to us by our forefathers, is your one and only venue by which to control your lives. But not only is this grossly flawed, but by design no less.

    Extending as far back as the 19th Century, there is abundant evidence to show that there are those who don’t want us citizens to have control of our own Republic; primarily, because they don’t have faith in our system of government. They don’t believe that people are capable of self determination. Well at least not us common folk anyway. This is fact; unequivocal and verified fact. All you have to do is pick up the Constitution of the United States and read for yourselves what venues, powers and machinations were available to the average citizen when this ship-of-state, the United States of America, first set sail.

    Then and only then will you begin to see the usurpations that have taken place over the past hundred and fifty years or so; deliberate and surreptitious steps which have left us subsequent generations thinking that the only control available to us is the power to vote. To fool the people into thinking that they are not capable, let alone permitted control of their own destiny is one of the greatest frauds in US history; and one of the most prevalent frauds since the beginning of time. Nations have fallen throughout time from such and we are no exception.

    Of course it takes time. You can’t just run in and take someone’s liberties wholesale right out from under them and expect to get very far. So, over time (and generations), you just take a little liberty here and a little liberty there. A slight reinterpretation (aberration) of language and Constitution here; the insertion of a few innocuous statutes there; a couple of ludicrous precedents to fall back on; and poof, just like a magician you’ve made a constitutional clause, if not the entire paragraph disappear. And on and on it goes. Want proof? Very well then, here you are:

    Once upon a time we Americans were afforded the power to bring capital, or otherwise infamous prosecution ourselves. Yes, all by ourselves. Provided us as a safeguard to keep government honest; honestly! The grand jury is no longer ours though. Oh yes, we still serve on it, but primarily due to systemic ignorance on our part today, we leave it to the Department of Justice to decide who committed what crime. Now how’s that for the fox guarding the hen house? (5th Amendment)

    Once upon a time the federal government was mandated to gather and document evidence of a crime (Probable Cause) before being permitted to seize people, homes, businesses, vehicles, papers, laptops, etc. No longer; under the all pervasive Patriot Act they can, without evidence or warrant even, seize properties and persons at will. And do! (4th Amendment)

    Once upon a time, even if the government did have to gather evidence of a crime to obtain a warrant, the accused could demand due-process; their day in court. Not any more. Today, the government decides if and when you get your day in court. (5th & 6th Amendments)

    Once upon a time if the government or its agents deliberately violated any of your inalienable rights, you could take them to civil court and hold them accountable. Fat chance of that today. Trust me, I’ve tried. They’ll protect themselves to the ends of the earth before they permit that; and use your own money and gullibility with which to get away with it. (7th Amendment)

    Once upon a time the government was barred from operating an enterprise; racketeering or otherwise. Under any number of seizure statutes in place today though, they can and do literally run a business. Some even with business names! (i.e. EG&G) All they have to do is find or create a crime for which they have assigned themselves seizure powers and then take the word ‘excessive’ to new heights. What’s that you say? What if there’s no crime? Not to worry, if they can’t find or create one they’ll manufacture a crime in order to get their hands on the loot. See Enemies in War. (8th Amendment)

    Once upon a time the government was enjoined from inflicting cruel and unusual punishment (i.e. Torture). Well thanks to Bush & Co. and the aberrant creation of ‘enemy combatant’ status, now we can torture anyone at will; even ourselves! (8th Amendment)

    Once upon a time we Americans were protected from our government taking our liberties. Today though, they are liberally assigning themselves unlimited powers. The soon to come Health Care Bill should lay to rest any doubts for those of you who think otherwise. (9th Amendment)

    Once upon a time our respective States were sovereign; literally having the power to stand up and tell that District of Iniquity where to get off. Anyone seen that lately? (10th Amendment)

    Once upon a time we Americans could assemble and speak our minds without fear of retribution; but no longer. Today, the FBI and Homeland Security come out and take pictures, compile dossiers, assign arbitrary extremists titles and prepare to exact unilateral powers. (1st Amendment)

    Once upon a time all Americans were free to arm themselves; No, not to go hunting or target shooting, but to defend themselves against all enemies, foreign and domestic. You can pretty much see where that’s going. In most major cities and an ever growing number of States, the ability to bear Arms and protect yourself is vanishing. You’ll have to call one of the police agencies to help you when your Life, Liberty or pursuit of Happiness is threatened. And pray that they get to you before you become a statistic. That is unless it is one of those federal agencies acting as the belligerent. Such as when they come to take your guns! (2nd Amendment)

    And for those of you who see those federal judges coming to the rescue, I’m sorry to inform you that they are no longer the arbiters of our dead Constitution. I mean come on now; what’s the point of defending a dead document? By affording the tyrants and despots all the rights and protections that we are denied, they are now the arbiters of tyranny. How do you think these shysters got appointed to these life-long six-figure-salary retirement-in-perpetuity egotistical-positions in the first place? Yup, by playing Party politics, doing Party favors and helping to protect the Party (Government) when we try to hold them accountable. You know, like when we try to get into our own courts!

    In case you haven’t connected the dots, this is, in great part, how our Constitution died in the first place! With no one in government defending it and us citizens too clueless of our own Rights to assert it, its death was inevitable.

    Unfortunately today, with so many Americans believing that their vote is the sum total of their powers, it’s easy to see how we’ve come to this. What with these self-serving political parties, a contentious misguided press, polarizing special-interests and our fractious ignorant populace to tear us apart and keep us from ever focusing on the true meaning of citizenship and servitude, it’s no wonder we’ve been rendered impotent.

    Think about it. After years and decades of elections have you seen any true change? If you connect the dots from as far back as you can remember through present day you’ll see that irrespective of political party or president there is a distinct and clear trend here; that being, our death march to tyranny.

    Now far be it for me to tell America not to vote come Election Day. Go ahead; exercise your sole remaining power. But I’m here to tell you that the prospects of this singular event bringing about the accountability you seek, is slim to none. Those first Americans, the sovereign citizens of those 13 States, would not even agree to unite these States, until there was written clear and unequivocal language to protect their individual liberties (Bill of Rights). Therefore, how can we expect to keep what few remaining liberties we have left, when we have squandered away virtually all those safeguards designed to protect us?

    So after you’ve exercised your last rights as it were (November 2nd), for the thousandth time, and don’t see the change that you had hoped for, I would strongly urge all Americans to take a more prolific approach to their governance. Keep your monies. Take back your inalienable rights. Make this nation ours again; not theirs. Because in a society such as we live in today, where the law is whatever perversions the elected deem and only we, the electorate, are held accountable, your sole remaining ‘right to vote’ is tantamount to CIVIC MASTURBATION. All you do when you go to the polls, is make yourselves feel good and proliferate nothing; except our ultimate demise as a nation!

    Brian Kilcullen
    Enemies in War,

    • Bob Wire

      WoW! Brian, That was a wonderful, thought provoking piece of work. Finally, someone said it and I got it.

      You are offering government has taken excessive liberties beyond constitutional obligation and justify it’s self at the expense of personal liberties.

      Thus creating it’s own brand of inequity and disparity while forcing our compliance via blind loyalty and illegal renderings of law?

    • Right Wing

      Well said Brian. I support your view 100%. If like many others believe there are more than 100%…I would add an extra 10% for a total of 110% support. You know how a dog will absorb so much water and if you watch closely you can see the signs that he is ready to shake it off? I am hopeful that the current state of affairs trigger a big shake and illicit a massive voter response. I may have fashioned a hopeful scenario in my mind beyond that point but I am also hopeful that meaningful change occurs from there forward. A line from Burgess Meredith in Grumpier Old Men, “you can wish in one hand and crap in the other and see which one fills up first”.

      In either case I know I will not give in to the slow erosion of freedom no matter what the cost. Maybe all I will have at the end is a handful of crap? Oh well, better than living under tyranny.

  • rich schultz

    When you address this nation as a Repulic is spelled the united states of America which are the states united together as a nation,when you address it as THE UNITED STATES IT IS THE COPORATION.It used to read THE CONSTITUTION TO the united states,now it reads THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES.Congress is made up mostly of lawyers.Lawyers and liars start wth the same letter,they generally are one and the same,thats why the Constitution is being trashed.

    • Bob Wire

      excellent point Rich

  • http://GOGGLE vaksal


  • Bob Wire

    Is it noteworthy to consider this 100 year evolution we speak of started when we were a rural nation, we most people still used draft animals to move about the countryside. A time when Ellis Island was very busy as new immigrants pored into the nation and became new Americans. A mid time of the Industrial age when labor had no rights or protection. When sweat shops and the “Company Store” was the norm?

    We may have had constitutional rights but so did everyone else!

    I can’t see an Irishman with a family of 7, telling his boss, I’m not working here, it’s too dangerous. Or hey, I’m breaking off early, my daughter is graduating today.

    Supply and demand and venture capitalism dominated the social scene. As long as labor kept flowing in , labor was cheap. I’ve talked with old coal miners, of their days in the mines (yea there a few) They had horses that lived their whole life in the mine. A good horse considered to be worth more then any man.

    The rural farm a different setting, more independent but still market forces and infrastructure prevailed. It was Mr Peebody’s coal train and cotton that ruled the day. Less you not stand in the way of their Constitutional Rights you’d be squashed like a bug.

    I think some consideration of the setting in 1910 worthy consideration and affords us a view of “Why”! as we Monday morning Quarterback these events.

  • Right Wing

    Great leading post Anthony; however, I feel that you may be a bit overwhelmed by the thought that the United States has become subjugated by a world Apartheid led by wealth? As I began to read your post I found my lips tightening and my head nodding in total agreement. By the end however, I had merged onto a different train of thought…free thought. I, like most who read and post here have enjoyed freedoms that no other part of the world has enjoyed. Freedoms won at the expense of American lives given freely and without reservation. I carry the US Constitution as a reference guide to a free life. While it has been altered and even warped in places…the binding is still the same. It is comprised of the fibers of visionary thought from our founders and mortared with the blood of fallen soldiers from my family and many others like me. We the People have allowed the Republic to wear a different name (democracy), to flirt with different political ideologies and religious backgrounds, and to breach so many containers of logical and rational thought. Some will say it is done…We have lost. The Proud Republic has run its course and now lies like an old dog on its death bed.

    To those fat fleas that think the tail wags the dog; you are my enemy. There are many more of me than you. You can be a blood sucker and live as a parasite on the back of this “democracy”, you can sit in the vultures tree waiting to feed, or you can live in the shadows with all the money and a desire to rule the world; you are not victorious in any circumstance until We the People have taken our last gasp.

    If higher thought and legal means under which this Republic was formed can prevail to eliminate even the most transparent enemy, then I wield my individual support as a sword for the crusade. If basal thought surrounding the roots of the Republic are what lead men to raise up against an enemy to preserve their freedoms then so be it…I will answer the call. If your gut tells you these words are right and you align, then by all means move forward or be trampled. If you oppose these words and face off then prepare yourself. We start in November.

    • JeffH

      Right Wing, very well said and I would proudly walk side by side with your kind to preserve and protect the America I hold so dear to my heart.

      • http://naver samurai

        I’ll join you. Let’s take back America from these leaches that have bee trying to destroy this society.

  • DaveH

    This is what the Liberals are listening to:

    The Executive Branch (The President and staff) is the Enforcement branch of the Government. They are supposed to Enforce the Laws created by the Legislative Branch (Congress). It is not the president’s job to make the laws or judge whether the laws have been broken. The Judicial Branch of Government judges whether or not somebody or some organization has broken the law and applies the appropriate punishment. This is the separation of powers that was to safeguard this country from tyranny.

    It is not the Presidents role to decide if BP is guilty and what their punishment should be. It is the role of the court system.

    The Leaders of our country are not above the law. If we continue to allow this to happen, we are soon going to be subjects, not citizens.

    • DaveH
    • Bob Wire

      Ed Schultz can be a dipwad ~for sure ~ as a very Conservative Democrat , I found Ed, well over the top on this piece. I consider Ed Schultz a Hannity counter zealot.

      Ed won’t get what Ed wants! End of story. I’ve never cared for the man’s program myself, his just a leading to a more refined Chris Mathews that doesn’t care much for character attacks or outlandish “over the top” statements.

      I suppose Ed has his appeal but it’s not shared by all. Okay? It’s not a matter of all Democrats eating his stuff up.

      I hope this too is true with many other commentary figures and political entertainers as well.

      Just voicing something fails to make it fact. I was watching Glen Beck yesterday, For a young man that flunked out Theology , Princeton wasn’t it? He’s got his “professor” act down pat, Black board , visual aids and all. Writing on his board with such confidence and conviction. He reminds me of the TV Preacher, that smoked cigars and collected race horse ~ forget his name, always put on a great show exposing and offering insights to complex biblical issues.

    • Bob Wire

      DaveH, are you wanting to apologize to BP as well?

      I assure you, BP will be granted all rights afford them.

      This willing gesture of 20 billion and 100 thousand will go a long way into their defense and deflect calls of irresponsibility and negligence.

      Consider it what it is ~ “Damage Control”

      There was foolish calls by some for boycotting BP , which is totally absurd at this point. Insane! We want to continue doing business with BP, now more then ever! You serve yourself poorly backing people in corners as Ed Schultz foolishly wanted to see happen.

      Have you ever found yourself “compromised”? Most of us have at one point or other, left wondering how am I going to explain this?!!

      I don’t think this blood stain is coming out! People are going to notice this dead body laying around! Holly Crap! What am I to do, what am I to say?

      When found in such a position, less is always best but never knowingly, deliberately lie!

      That’s where BP is today. I feel for everyone involved, while emotion runs high. But someone must stay above the emotion and deal with the hard facts. This is what the President has attempted to do, as the masses clamor for him to been seen as more engaged and showing some passion and anger toward BP.

      That’s just not called for in this case, we haven’t been bombed or deliberately attacked. It was an accident, the tragedy being only that it could have been avoided.

      • DaveH

        That has nothing to do with my comment, Bob. BP is indeed liable for the accident. But that is for the courts to decide, not Obama. We have courts for a reason, so that people can hear all the evidence before a verdict is issued. People like Obama (extremely partisan) are the reason our Founders established the court procedure to be as robust as it is. And I realize that it could be better, but then we are talking about imperfect human beings. There will always be problems as a result of that fact.

        • Bob Wire

          that’s true Davieh , it’s for the courts to decide. And they shall, so what’s your beef?

          More times then not, final verdicts are decided on the back 9, the court room is the place the verdict delivered.

          Defendants must “always” prepare for their hearing and trial. ~ This preparation can be overwhelming and manifest it’s self in many ways.

          Throw me a bone here, what’s the rub?

          The single most powerful man in the world should not be engaged?

  • chuck b

    so all this talk about our constitution and rights is fine and spoken in eloquent terms, however, just putting it plainly that all can understand, just what in the hell can we do when we vote and expect necessary changes and we get out voted by multitudes of people who don’t have a clue of what they vote for. the president, in this case barry soetoro has become the dictator, he and his cronies in congress have full control of the country and are now the judge and jury.
    we can reference all the laws of the land, if the pres. and congress choose to ignore this and they are doing so and they have control of the vote by sheer numbers and they do. tell me what do we do??

    • DaveH

      If we can’t win the minds of the masses, then there is nothing we can do. We just have to go down with the ship. Sorry, wish I could be more positive.

    • Bob Wire

      Well, you need to feel that your candidate is electable when you chose them to start while. You must keep your eye on the prize. It not always a matter of who you like best.

      The next obstacles is beating other contenders for the parties choice. This is done in many ways , there no end to the enticements to make “other’s” see things your way. Money,favors,promises, one hand washes the other. One of the reasons for spoiler’s ~ They are paid to do so in some cases. It’s high stakes poker.

      The next thing is to get the “message” out, get it early and it’s got to endure the rigors of the election and ring true and clear in the minds of the people. It’s got to “touch” everyone! The platform will make or break you.

      There no such thing as a successful campaign that “not about issues” There no such thing as a successful campaign that claims “I sink less”

      “Country First” sucks ! on many levels. It suggest, it hasn’t been. People don’t like to hear negative notions. Stay positive.

      Understand timing! The right word spoken at the right time is priceless. The right “deed” the right “silence” at the right time is priceless. You can’t say anything you want to anytime you want to.

      McCain was void any sense of timing and stayed in the reaction mode most of his campaign. His last 72 hours being the best, when he quit worrying about Obama and Karl Rove and stood up and delivered the goods from his heart.

      Posture; is everything, maintain posture. The only running the President need to be seen doing is racing up the steps to Air Force One to turn back and wave. Act Presidential, Talk Presidential.

      Management doesn’t run. Everyone else is suppose to run while you maintain composure.

      I was engaged in getting Reagan elected, Clinton elected and would have helped Nixon if I’d had the mind for it at the time but I was young and had women problems and the draft breathing down my neck.

      I’ve seen many a worthy candidate not make the cut. The best man/woman does not always win. You have got to get use to that possibility.

      Notice I said nothing about a war chest ! ~ It’s biggy but if they are really good, it will come “if” good campaign organizational skills are in place

      just my experience in the matter.

      • DaveH

        If we keep voting for middle-of-the-road politicians just because they are ‘electable’, we will continue to get middle-of-the-road government.

        • Bob Wire

          That might well be so Dave, but consider the nature of the game that’s being played out.

          It’s not “Go Fish” but high stakes poker that offers each player to potentially make a good hand out of a “foot” . Position, where you set at the table matters with each hand dealt. You can be in front of the “blind” or behind the blind. You can get a free ride, your can bluff or call a bluff, you can double down, check the power, cut your losses and fold. The nature of the game requires every response to be carefully “metered” allowing your adversary enough latitude for illusion.

          It’s “sales job” in it’s purest form. It’s got to be “sold” and this can’t be done while behaving like you’ve been bitten by a werewolf.

          What I see happening is baby steps of gradual change with occasional huge leaps. The better informed the voters are, the more demanding they are, will render the results you seek as long as this pressure is constant, long and focused.

          When I was a young child my parents took the family to see the Battleship Texas. I was just a small child, and this thing was huge! It was tied up with huge “lines” and floating in the bay. Before we left, I placed my back to one of the wooden “tie downs” and my feet against the hull and pushed as hard as I could (you know how little boys are, I planed to have my way with it!). It took several minutes of me doing this before that huge ship moved. ~ I was amazed with what I had done.
          It was a early lesson of constant pressure and what it can do.

          Aim high, hit low ~ Aim low and you miss. So we should always aim high and give it the best we can muster. If we fall short, it’s no call to give up, stay in the game for the next hand and make your matk on the world.

        • Bob Wire

          That might well be so Dave, but consider the nature of the game that’s being played out.

          It’s not “Go Fish” but high stakes poker that offers each player to potentially make a good hand out of a “foot”. ~ Position, where you set at the table matters with each hand dealt. You can be in front of the “blind” or behind the blind. You can get a free ride, your can bluff or call a bluff, you can double down, check the power, cut your losses and fold. The nature of the game requires every response to be carefully “metered” allowing your adversary enough latitude for illusion.

          It’s “sales job” in it’s purest form. It’s got to be “sold” and this can’t be done while behaving like you’ve been bitten by a werewolf, but someone people can relate to.

          What I see happening is baby steps of gradual change with occasional huge leaps. The better informed the voters are, the more demanding they are, will render the results you seek as long as this pressure is constant, long and focused.

          When I was a young child my parents took the family to see the Battleship Texas. I was just a small child, and this thing was huge! It was tied up with huge “lines” and floating in the bay. Before we left, I placed my back to one of the wooden “tie downs” and my feet against the hull and pushed as hard as I could (you know how little boys are, I planed to have my way with it!). It took several minutes of me doing this before this huge ship moved! ~ I was amazed with what I had done.
          It was a early lesson of constant pressure and what it can do.

          Aim high, hit low ~ Aim low and you miss. So we should always aim high and give it the best we can muster. If we fall short, it’s no call to give up, stay in the game for the next hand and make your mark on the world.

  • FreedomFighter

    ——-we can reference all the laws of the land, if the pres. and congress choose to ignore this and they are doing so and they have control of the vote by sheer numbers and they do. tell me what do we do??———-

    Usually a bloody revolt occurs. Thousands and maybe millions die, and maybe we get it back.


    • DaveH

      Revolutions rarely end in Freedom. Ours was an exception. What our Founders won for us with their blood has been lazily given up by their ancestors.

      • chuck b

        dave h

        “give me liberty or give me death”

        multiculturalism has led us to this end. we have been a christian nation and lest we regain this status all is lost. we either fight for our right to remain free or we lose. people who emigrate to our shores either accept our rules or leave, we do not change our standards to endorse their religion and we do not allow them to challenge our education system to incorporate their religion in our education system and removing ours.

        its time we stand up and say no!! if we have to fight, then lets get with it.

        • Bob Wire

          >>”multiculturalism has led us to this end.”<<

          It has brought us it's own unique set of problems. Diversity can and has been a strength of our nation.

          I believe in break points, ~ you can reach a point of saturation when a good thing no longer viewed as "good". Too much of anything is bad. Even fun!

          I'd like to see the Statue of Liberty placed in the Smithsonian along with the Kitty Hawk and send France two of them while thanking them for all their rich history of support in our struggle for freedom and independence.

          • http://naver samurai

            The definition of the word diversity means disunity. Please think about this.

          • DaveH

            I’m with you on that one, Bob. Without all the different points of view, this country would have lost its freedom long ago. When people get together in large groups, watch out.
            And the “United We Stand” phrase looks good until you start thinking “who do we stand behind?” “who get to have his/her way?”. It’s been my experience that when people use that phrase they mean “Stand my way”.

      • JeffH

        DaveH, off subject…Pelosi has pulled HB 5175 off of the table, seems the liberals and anti-gun supporters have a big problem with the exemption clause in the bill…

        Pelosi pulls DISCLOSE Act
        Following a rebellion by two important factions of rank-and-file House Democrats, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has pulled a campaign-finance bill opposed by a broad coalition of special interest groups, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

        What does this say about leadership in the House? Pelosi should have already known how this would have played with her various factions. Cutting a deal with the NRA, who will spend millions fighting progressives in the midterms, is like deliberately winning a battle in order to lose a war from their perspective. It’s a caucus in disarray, although unfortunately, Pelosi will probably have the DISCLOSE Act back in some form soon enough. The Supreme Court will eventually have to remind Pelosi of the same exact problem it found in the BCRA and explained in detail in its Citizens United ruling.

        Thanks to GregS for the link.

        • DaveH

          The incumbents will use any trick they can to stay in office. Of course, they always sugarcoat their actions with sweet sounding phrases that the average voter isn’t sophisticated enough to see through.

      • Bob Wire

        QUOTATION:Revolution is like Saturn, it devours its own children. ATTRIBUTION:Georg Büchner (1813–1837), German dramatist, revolutionary. Trans. by Gerhard P. Knapp (1995). Danton’s Death, act I (1835).
        In the original German:
        die Revolution ist wie Saturn, sie frißt ihre eignen Kinder.
        The phrase is usually translated using devour.”
        Sir Patrick Henry; Is life so dear and peace so sweet

        as to be purchased at the price of chains of slavery ?

        I know not what others may say, but as for me!

        fighting words.

        As for America being the exception to the post revolution blues, ~ Britain being an ocean away helped, loyalist to the crown were sent packing and too I think maybe the founders while fighting among themselves offered focus, sound ideas, leadership and a far reaching vision. They truly were bright men, scholars of their time as we still ponder them today.

  • hundabuxt

    I am heartened by the comments made by Brian Kilcullen and Right Wing. Brian’s post “Civic Masterbation” was excellent and reading between the lines of Right Wing I suspect we have the same thoughts regarding what’s left of this Republic and how it can be saved. Generally I see a rising tide of empowerment among what used to be called: “The Silent Majority” perhaps best manifested in the Tea Party movement. Lets hope its not too late gentleman. The Power Elite will not give it back without a fight and technology is approaching the point when the old fashioned methods of resistance will be mitigated by electronics and the dumbing down (ignorance) of America accomplished by the Public Education system.

  • Antonio

    Al Sieber, hey it amazes me that you guy’s found weapons. You know i never really thought that i would see or hear of this happening in the USA, really. I have to tell you that i have seen RPG’s in action man they are not toys. My advice to you guy’s down there would be to keep those RPG’s because if you found those there’s more and you might need them one day soon. hey Al, what part of Arizona is this happening?? Give me location and i will come. I have 40 guns 3 of which are barrett’s and i LOVE America and i’m just as pi$$ed as you at all these ungrateful, disrespectful PUNK’s. It’s time we show them what America is all about.

    • Al Sieber

      I didn’t find any weapon’s, the authorities did. I’m in n.w. Ariz. near Kingman. this is s.w. of Tucson, there’s a town on the border called Sasabe, Tucson is about 80 miles n.w., this is a major smuggling corridor, always has been. what has happened is a bunch of civilians got together and decided to help out the sheriff on their own, this just started recently and hit the Phoenix news last night. they said they weren’t looking for any outside help at the moment. the illegal’s come through where I live almost every night, I live out in a very remote area and there’s 4 of us here, we have a small mining operation here. my friend lives out of Sierra Vista about 1200′ from the border, it’s really dangerous there, shootout’s all the time. I finally persuaded him to move where I’am. that won’t until later this year. he’s been threaten numerous times. they don’t tell you anything on MSM they try to hide it. what he’s been told is these are revenge killings for calling the border patrol, and they remember who called that’s why they killed the rancher last March. I didn’t mean to write a screen play, but, I wanted you and other people to know whats going on, it’s a full scale invasion and the Pres. won’t do a thing but challenge our law. thank’s for the concern.

  • airangel

    If the U.S. Senate approves President Obama’s nomination of Elena Kagan for the U.S. Supreme Court, it will be the end of the First Amendment right of free speech and move the United States a giant leap closer to Obama’s goal of making us a socialist nation and becoming America’s first dictator.

    Kagan, has only written nine articles in her career and in those writings, she has made her stance on the restriction of free speech clearly evident. Starting with her 1993 University of Chicago Law Review article, “Regulation of Hate Speech and Pornography After R.A.V,” Kagan wrote, “I take it as a given that we live in a society marred by racial and gender inequality, that certain forms of speech perpetuate and promote this inequality, and that the uncoerced disappearance of such speech would be cause for great elation.”

    Just having such speech disappear is not enough for nominee Kagan. In her 1996 paper, “Private Speech, Public Purpose: The Role of Government Motive in First Amendment Doctrine”, she actually believes that the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution “is best understood and most readily explained as a kind of motive-hunting.” She went on to support the idea that it is acceptable for the government to restrict any form of speech if it is deemed to be offensive to society or to the government.

    In the case of United States v. Stevens, first argued in 2009, the brief, which was signed by Kagan, stated, “Whether a given category of speech enjoys First Amendment protection depends upon a categorical balancing of the value of the speech against its societal costs.”

    Does the First Amendment allow for the freedom or restriction of speech to be determined against societal costs? What it does say is, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances” (emphasis mine). At the time our Founding Fathers wrote the U.S. Constitution and The Bill of Rights, the term ‘abridging’ meant ‘to deprive’ or ‘diminish’. They understood the importance of giving people the right to openly criticize their government, especially when those criticisms were justifiable. Yet, Elena Kagan is determined to redefine ‘abridging’ to mean that those in charge will have the power and legal right to determine what one can say about the government, about sinful lifestyles or anything else that might be deemed offensive by the leadership or the vocal minority.

    Most of you don’t want any more freedoms taken and it is your duty to fight wherever you can at this point..sign petition to stop KAGAN!

  • http://gmail i41

    As long as a bunch of puke minded democrats, keep putting in freaks and fruitcakes, in government agencies, that try and control everything we do, and that aren’t elected by or for anything. The more deteroriation of your and my rights, will disappear and the tighter the control will be. Onumnut wants to destroy and totally control this country like a damn dictator. We have the facts, democrats always have had a socialist bent. Any of you needle headed democrats, want to try and disprove the facts. With Onumnut and his muslim freaks hiding out after being let into this country, you still trust the pedophile worshippers, I sure don’t! The women abusers should all be gathered up and sent to Fairbanks Ak., easier to track and keep an eye on their evil beleifs, and when male abusers get caught beating women, cut the bastards, it settles down boar hogs and mean studs, also their young don’t repeat the same problems.

  • Anthony

    Comment first to Frank D. Harrisson, but mostly for all, as well —

    I thought I was long-winded. I am re-reading your post – copied to notepad on my PC, so as to allow time to do so….

    I would like to offer a stance if I could, Frank.

    While your comments on John Marshall as Chief Justice are, for the most part, accurate – - it’s the reasoning you lend to it that I find slightly distressing.

    Chief Justice John Marshall, as it states in Hamilton’s Curse, was a true confidant of Alexander Hamilton – one could say Hamilton was Marshall’s Mentor. Which means, if Hamilton said the Sun set in the East, then Marshall would repeat that comment whenever the need arose.

    It cannot be left off the table, when we have these discussions about civics – or governmental process(es) – as to what our real guide should be – how we wish to enact governmental rule over ourselves. This is the very crisis point on which everything we do, to ourselves or to each other, will always stand.

    Hamilton always wanted that the Presidency should work as if we had a KING – and that the Presidency be permanent…. for life.
    Hamilton also wanted it that the President should “appoint” the Governors of the States. [would any of you want that?]
    Hamilton spent his life – short as it was – working to re-create the mercantilistic style Country that Britain had maintained for several hundred years – thanks to monarchy rule, this type of format only benefits the few and never the people.
    Hamilton also considered the States to ‘never’ be sovereign.
    Thomas Jefferson is the complete opposite of Alexander Hamilton
    Read above and extrapolate how to understand where Jefferson stood.
    What’s the real difference between the two?
    - Hamilton was for the Federal being the Overlord
    - Jefferson was for Sovereignty of States Rights over the Federal

    NOW, are we seeing specifically HOW we should focus our attitudes?

    You either have your hand out, looking for a free ride from the Federal, or you want the Government to stay out of your lives, unless some maniacal Oppressor floats onto our shores and attempts usurpation of what’s ours…..

    Jeffersonianism – is about politics always being local

    Hamiltonianism – is about the Federal ruling over you, whether you like it or not…. AND, you have nothing to say about it, as corruption has option to rear its presence all the time – in fact, it’s the first rule. [sound familiar?]

    At this moment in our History – BOTH political parties ‘favor’ the opinions and teachings of Hamilton – where powere resides with the Federal and benefits those in office, who currently have no requirement to answer to those who (hmmmmm) voted for them.

    Many of the segments of the Constitution were written in such a way that the Federal was left with a very limited role in Governmental Affairs.. and the majority of control was with the States, which were (at the time) considered Sovereign… and Hamilton found that to be disgusting.

    If you extrapolate politics being local, into how that works with the People implementing the power and not the Federal Government.

    Combine that with the fact that the Constitution also has it set that States will ‘appoint’ their Senators, so those persons would remember who they report to and who will most certainly hold them ‘accountable’ …. the 17th Amendment eliminates this limitation, so that the States no longer have any real power over their Senators…. sound familiar? Which is why I say, we need to delete the 17th Amendment and return power over our Sentors back to their respective States.

    John Marshall’s actions as Chief Justice consitently and constantly ‘enahnced the Federal’ over the States, at almost every turn. It may not read that way or sound that way – but that’s what he agenda was really about. It was never originally intended for Justices of the Supreme Court to be appointed for Life… Marshall is who made that into law, when no such action item was ever included in the Constitution. Think about that for a minute… seriously.

    Many of the current day protocols for how our Country runs, were implemented by Hamilton and Marshall and almost none of it is set in stone in the Constitution – no actual Article. These two men spent their lives subverting the true intent of the Constitution and that’s why all of us had better go get our own copy to carry around with us, so we KNOW specifically what the Founding Fathers actually intended…. not what some Hamiltonian Idolator wants us to thikn they intended.

    Like it or not – this is the more true topic for our times… reading the Constitution and seriously understanding what they intended and then reviewing how others were able to work ‘around’ that document for their own profit margins…. using our Country for their own pocketbooks.

    All of you can talk about that other stuff – but knowing what the Jeffersonians had ‘won the day’ over… is truly where your heads should be.

    • Anthony

      Addendum – OBAMA and the FEDERAL government do not have the right to steal away portions of any State, and give it away … to another Country.

      If this was 1790 – that President would instantly be impeached and tried for treason, as well. Not even Hamilton would be giving away portions of ‘his’ USA, to some other Ruler.

  • lighterknot

    There are some mighty fine comments on this post, such a waste that most of you are so educated, your talking points are well suited for the 1800s. But for NOW the world must be addressed as we are… 7 billion strong; human and dangerous. If we took our country back to true (individual freedom) call it republicanism / democracy we would still need to address the issues of the day.
    1-Autonomous nations scrambling to attain power enough not to be pushed around by elitist nations of the Nuclear Club. Controlling weapons of mass destruction even if it means uniting all nations in some form of government. I expect that is a topic at the Bilderberg Groups conventions; thus the new world order.
    2-Conservation of resources finite and renewable. Built in obsolescence, advertising and waste in general to maintain the extravagance of industrial nations must be controlled…for the sake of all life on this planet.
    3-Global warming; deny it if you must… man made or by natural rhythms it’s happening …and our pollution must be stopped regardless.
    4-The international health crises and that’s just the tip of the iceberg as pollution begins to take its toll. Plastics will likely do for us what lead did to the Romans.
    5-We haven’t even touched on the impact of digital technology – our dependency on it and the fragility of doing so. No one truly knows the extent of its usage.

    Our ship is not the USA anymore it is mother earth and all it’s inhabitance including the food chain all the way to microbes. We will practice our absolute best behavior of honesty, justice and human rights; I would hope our constitution would set the tone for individual freedom as much as possible. I expect it to be a utopian hell not even sure it beats the alternative.

    There’s only one way to go back to your constitutional law. Take back the first right that was taken from us “Dueling” I believe the liars would stop lying… thieves would think twice and the individual would police his own ranks so as to remain an individual. We would need to dispose of almost all weapons that can’t be positively discriminating on an individual basses. Still this would need to be world wide.

    Now why don’t you address the issues and stop denying they exist? This blog is a smoke screen designed to put the GOP fox back in charge of the chicken house.

    • Anthony

      Have to intensely diagree —-

      This Article – and it’s point of view, is directly related to the concepts of what “we, the people” need to fully understand, despite the money’d eliteists working very hard to keep us uneducated in the first place. In my lifetime, television, and the movies, have (after all) been more of a curse, than a blessing. As you say, that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

      Chip Wood is quite righteous in bring this topic to the table – he should bring more of it – many Americans have no concept whatsoever of what it means to actually fight for their rights… nor specifically how to do so, either. Obviously, doing it the wrong way is nothing more than anarchy.

      Your talking points are not to be ignored, either. In fact, I would go one step further and ask HOW WOULD YOU deal with the issues you bring to the table? You try to divert the stream of discussion, scolding us along the way – yet, you offer no options. Why is that?

      There is no righteousness in any discussion when all it says is the writer can see what is wrong – yet cannot name what should be right. Seriously – “I know that’s wrong, but I can’t tell you what would be right” C’mon…. You can do better than that, yes?

      All of what these elite-ists are doing now, is because of the interpretations our fore-fathers allowed to become Law, or simply “the norm” as the decades have flown by.

      [Frank D. Harrisson's diatribe / quite well stated] speaks of the actions of John Marshall and how he (Frank, that is) tends to agree with the decision (outcome?) of Marbury vs Madison. He goes on to discuss the events of the case, as well. You actually have to read it several times and then tear it apart and re-construct it from different angles before you can single out those parts which ultimately begin to do the most damage, or the most good.

      [Frank wrote:] Historians mostly agree that the Founding Fathers Constitution did plan for the Supreme Court to have some sort of judicial review; what Marshall did was make operational their goals.

      Let’s intercede here and remind ourselves that Hamiltonianism is what won the day with the Revolution of 1913, and the creation of the Federal Reserve, Income Tax and public elections of Senators over being appointed by the States. NOW, we really are discussing modern times and how perverted the Constitution has become and ultimately how much loss of State Sovereignty and People’s Rights we seen happen.

      The beginning of the damage to States Rights began with the John Marshall reign over the Supreme Court. There was never any intention of having the FEDERAL overrule the State (remember, little ‘s’ means national) Namilton’s Curse gives a large chapter to the damage done by John Marshall in his agenda follow the opinions and teachings of Hamilton. Power can be quite the aphrodisiac, no?

      I’m not sure if we will ever know whether or not John Marshall was aware of Hamilton being an Agent for the European Central Bank. Whether he knew, or realized that Hamilton was actually taking orders from an outside source. Actually, it doesn’t matter all that much – their philosophies seemed mated and that’s the intended consequence.

      Here’s more info as to why our Politicians seem to think they can do whatever they please –

      The Marshall court also ruled that state judiciaries could set aside state legislative acts if they conflicted with the [federal] Constitution and that the U.S. Supreme Court could reverse a decision of a state court. By his opinions, Marshall increased the power of the Supreme Court as a branch of the federal government, emphasized the role of the judiciary in the states, and reinforced the national supremacy of the federal government.

      Jefferson’s opinion was, and it is (I believe) not specifically stated the Supreme Court has such rights as to countermand a State Court Ruling on its own events and practices. This is the danger of Federalism of State Sovereignty.

      You discuss the Nation’s troubles, but make it sound as if the USA is at fault for the global idiocy? We are not. In fact, I would go so far as to say Europe never really did ‘ape’ the USA all that much in the first place. We pollute our own drinking water supply with flouride, the Europeans stopped doing that about 30 years ago, and I jst read that Hawaii has also stopped putting flouride in their drinking water supply. Europe has outlawed genetically modified foods and it has been outlawed almost right away – only the US keeps this as a standard.

      You also out yourself as for being in favor of the current Party in power – you should go re-inform yourself that the Left/Right Paradigm is as false as it gets.

      Personally, I feel that nuclear power can benefit the planet, as long as it’s fusion and not fission – but the elite see the benefit only for weaponry and many of those, are from your side of our political spectrum(s).

      Whether you like it or not – Global Warming is understood by the MAJORITY of Scientists as being controlled not by us, here on Earth – but more correctly, by the abundance of solar flare activity on our own Sun. Even the History Channel (owned by NBC, btw) has documentaries discussing on a Century-level redress, going back several hundreds of years… with soil evidence typifying how solar flare activity is seen as the cause for droughts and small ice ages of which we have already had several in just the last four thousand years. As I say – Global Warming may seem politically correct to blame man as the root cause, but it is not the factual truth. Your comment is nothing more than blind patriotism for the status quo in correct public speech.

      HOWEVER, I do not deny that we, as the top of the food chain, could be more pro-active when it comes to our own (each of us) personal pollution that we commit on a daily basis. On that score, I totally agree with your stance. If everyone were to seriously do their part – the whole planet would benefit almost overnite.

      As far as the Health Crisis that you cite – the majority of it, is actually right here in just this Country. Whether it be dental decay, or obesity, or other issues – the people in charge are purposely polluting the food we eat and the water we drink. Sure, there are other Countries who have people that are starving – that’s the U.N.’s problem – isn’t that why the USA gives so much of my tax dollars to that entity? I do not favor the U.N. – but, let’s at least put them to work as they should already be doing, and obviously are not. Oh, and AIDS, like it or not, was an American Invention – that part has been factually determined and verified.

      You want people to go back to “dueling”..? I hope that stance doesn’t ever come back to haunt you. You didn’t exactly lay out what the rules might be as they would pertain to this “dueling” —- remember, it was you that said we should (ahem) ‘update our approach to the modern times, since what we have been discussing was 1800-ish.’

      Anyone else?

      • Al Sieber

        Good post Anthony. In a duel, in modern times, I’d use a .357.

  • Anthony

    Seriously, folks – what’s needed here (and it doesn’t matter what Century you come from) is what Thomas J. DiLoerenzo describes in “Hamilton’s Curse” —-

    We have, ever since the earlty twentieth century, been burdened with the highly-centralized governmental power of which Hamilton was the first and greatest champion. Hamilton, of course, is not responsible for every individual action that politicians and bureaucrats have undertaken in the two centuries since his death. But, he (Hamilton) failed to heed the ancient wisdom that monopolistic government would inevitably lead to tyranny, corrruption and foolish if not destructive economic interventionism. That is Hamilton’s Curse.

    The Author is, of course, totally correct in his assessment. Hamilton planted the seeds and other greedy humans jumped on that self-serving bandwagon of using the government position to fill their own private coffers.

    How do we correct this behavior if we don’t fully interpret Jefferson’s opinion on the subject? It is Jeffersonianism that the Constitution is based on. But, we are currently living in Hamilton’s (Federalistic) Republic.

    Remember -
    Hamilton wanted the FEDERAL to RULE
    Jefferson felt the People should legislate

    • Anthony

      Oops – forgot to mention, that Mr. DiLorenzo is also a major in economics, which is what you need to fully interpret how any Country should be run.

      I remember in College Macro-economics Class, the Professor taught that if a Business is breaking even, they should replicate. Think about that for a minute. You’re barely making any money. The Professor’s comment states that even without showing a profit on your efforts, you should replicate. This is the approach demanded in business, by the Central Bank..aka, the Federal Reserve.

      It used to be that a successful business would save their profits if they wanted to expand. And, only do so as long as they could verify (a Reagan word)..verify their ability to deal with any economic crisis that might come along. Along comes the Central Bank of 1913 and suddenly, there are extremely easy loan parameters being offered by a duplicitous banking entity – the very same banking entity that said, give us control of your currency and the run on the bank in 1907 will never happen again. Prior to the Federal Reserve, businesses always minded their pennies and for the most part did not fail as they have been doing in cycles over the last 100 years.

      • Antonio

        Anthony great posts man. How should we get rid of the federal reserve i have always wondered that??? I know it’s unconstitutional and the paper money also, but how do we stop it, if it’s not already too late which i fear?

      • Bob Wire

        >>”I remember in College Macro-economics Class, the Professor taught that if a Business is breaking even, they should replicate. Think about that for a minute. You’re barely making any money. The Professor’s comment states that even without showing a profit on your efforts, you should replicate. This is the approach demanded in business, by the Central Bank..aka, the Federal Reserve.”<<


        Well that won't work well very long, I fear, depending just on your cash flow. Casting an illusion of wealth. This kind of thinking in high places is a frighting thought.

        You can maintain on cash flow, move things about, buy and sale to and from yourself even. But that's a house of card and headed for a stall, spin crash and burn scenario. Leaving you to buying time, staying in the game, looking for a windfall, something to change.

        I had a 12 bay car wash back in 74, we'd been experiencing several years of operating cost increases.

        I finally doubled the price by cutting metered time in half. Being willing to run off 50% of my business, make the same gross profit while using 50% less soap, water and power. It worked.

        But once you get to working with large numbers is where I loose all sense of understand in such matters.

  • Bob Wire

    >>”The Federal Reserve System (also known as the Federal Reserve, and informally as the Fed) is the central banking system of the United States. It was created in 1913 with the enactment of the Federal Reserve Act, and was largely a response to a series of financial panics, particularly a severe panic in 1907. Over time, the roles and responsibilities of the Federal Reserve System have expanded and its structure has evolved. Events such as the Great Depression were major factors leading to changes in the system. Its duties today, according to official Federal Reserve documentation, fall into four general categories:

    1. Conducting the nation’s monetary policy by influencing monetary and credit conditions in the economy in pursuit of maximum employment, stable prices, and moderate long-term interest rates.
    2. Supervising and regulating banking institutions to ensure the safety and soundness of the nation’s banking and financial system, and protect the credit rights of consumers.
    3. Maintaining stability of the financial system and containing systemic risk that may arise in financial markets.
    4. Providing financial services to depository institutions, the U.S. government, and foreign official institutions, including playing a major role in operating the nation’s payments system.

    The Federal Reserve describes its structure as composed of five parts:

    1. The presidentially appointed Board of Governors (or Federal Reserve Board), an independent federal government agency located in Washington, D.C.
    2. The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), composed of the seven members of the Federal Reserve Board and five of the twelve Federal Reserve Bank presidents, which oversees open market operations, the principal tool of U.S. monetary policy.
    3. Twelve regional privately-owned Federal Reserve Banks located in major cities throughout the nation, which divide the nation into twelve Federal Reserve districts. The Federal Reserve Banks act as fiscal agents for the U.S. Treasury, and each has its own nine-member board of directors.
    4. Numerous other private U.S. member banks, which own required amounts of non-transferable stock in their regional Federal Reserve Banks.
    5. Various advisory councils.

    According to the board of governors of the Federal Reserve, “It is not ‘owned’ by anyone and is ‘not a private, profit-making institution’. Instead, it is an independent entity within the government, having both public purposes and private aspects.” In particular, the U.S. Government does not own shares in the Federal Reserve System nor its component banks, but does take 94% of the Federal Reserve System’s profits. The other 6% is paid out to member banks in the form of a dividend on their stock. The government also exercises some control by appointing the Federal Reserve System’s highest-level employees and setting their salaries. The Federal Reserve made a record profit of $45 billion in 2009, nearly all of which was transferred to the U.S. Treasury.”<<

    Hmm? Interesting?

    So we had a patient showing "signs" of an "illness" ~ several years of frequent "panic and strokes".

    A team of doctors is assembled (the fed) to administer care but the patient dies anyway? The failures of Wall Street then becomes the fault of the "fed"?

    I can see that played out.

    First look; it sounds more like just more "deferred responsibility" something we've became quite use too.

    Second look; What a wonderful place for a Fox to hid and guard the hen house.

    Money matters are not my strongest suit and I too am forced to defer thoughtful consideration to brighter minds.

    One thing is certain, these few banks that make up the "Federal Reserve" need to be above reproach and have a very solid track record in banking.

    Where are we at today with such matters of Federal Reserve?

    Since category #1 has been a failure anyway we might wish to measure. Does the "Fed" have to power to serve it's intended purposes? Did it ever have such power.

    Delegating responsibility while not supping the tools or authority is in and of itself a recipe for failure.

    That would require a lot of authority I would think.

    • James

      Bob Wire, the Great Depression didn’t bring about changes in the Federal Reserve system, the Federal Reserve rather brought about the Great Depression. Back then, Americans were hocking everything they owned to invest in the stock market, which was soaring. Interest rates on those loans were lower than the rate the stock market was increasing. Then our Federal Reserve, and its counterpart in London, raised their interest rates, all borrowing, to invest in the stock market stopped, and the market collapsed.

      • DaveH

        There were several contributing factors to the Great Depression, not the least of which was the looming Protectionism and the resultant international trade wars:

        • DaveH

          The Folly of letting Government and politics into the marketplace.

  • Al Sieber

    HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!!!! everyone.

  • Anthony

    Happy Father’s Day to all of you! (thanks, AL SEIBER)


    Bob Wire brings up the next phase of where this discussion should go!

    [ I do wander whether the Writier, Chip Wood, wouldn't be of the mind to extend this Article into several following Articles (numbered in order to each other - ???? ]

    I purposely added the slight discussion about The Federal Reserve, because IN MODERN TIMES it is the true bane of our monetary difficulties in this Country, even moreso than what you are reading about Iceland, Greece, or any other Country on this Planet.

    I will disagree that the FED has a “few” banks under its control – not sure where that end-result-comment came from… but it is missing some very very important information which is incredibly necessary – AND SHOULD NEVER BE EXCLUDED.

    Some time ago – I googled up about Banking, around the World, froma documentary I had watched called FIAT MONEY (I now have that DVD, as well). To be blunt – FIAT MONEY is exactly the same as ‘monopoly money’…

    This is no joke on the discussion. The only difference between monopoly money and our own currency….is that WE’VE AGREED AS A SOCIETY TO ALLOW BARTER & EXCHANGE BASED ON THE PAPER WE USE TODAY.

    If anyone is old enough to remember – our currency used to have a different bit of writing along the bottom of each ‘note’ …. it used to say REDEEMABLE IN GOLD (until FDR, that is, in 1933) – now, it simply says FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE (not based on anything, specifically worthless if the FED chooses to say so, at any moment).

    At this point, I really don’t care to hear the fear-ladened excuse melodrama about this discussion of MONEY as a physical/tangible item. I really don’t. To me, it’s tantamount to carrying the FED’s water and they didn’t even have to ask for your assistance – that’s slavery in my book – a display of “the enjoyment of being a puppet”.

    I do believe you can google up on YouTube, the video fo FIAT MONEY for yourselves. I just did and came up with over 3,000 examples to watch – so, let’s go do our homework before we decry or attempt to dismiss my posting…

    It’s been attributed, here in this Country, to several people as having said this comment – but, I’ve searched further and it was actually said by a Member of the MAYER CLAN in BAVARIA (Frankfurt, Germany). It reads:

    “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.” – spoken by Mayer Amschel Bauer

    Mayer Amschel Bauer subsequently changed his name to: ROTHSCHILD

    [replace the dashes with dots, then hit enter on a separate webpage]

    The above named website – is something I have been trying to disprove for almost a year now. It is becoming practically impossible to do so. IT IS A MUST READ, and make sure to take notes for research later. The other item of note that I am finding impossible to ignore, is how what you read on this website, is also credible evidence as to WHY certain events and actions by our Politicians in this Country did occur and when……..

    You should seriously take time to garner a copy of THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND – I did so on EBAY, by purchasing the audio CD, so I can listen to it constantly on the way to work, whenever. Eventually I will buy the book for my ever-growing collection.

    Aaron Russo also has a documentary out – “From Freedom to Fascism”
    This is another MUST HAVE if you are to find out what we, as a people, can implement in our fight to take back control of our own Country. Aaron Russo is also famous for having made the movie: The Rose. But, this documentary is what he will eventually be remembered for, above all else.

    Back in 1907 – John D Rockefeller, as an Agent of the ROTHSCHILDS, had been working steadily to erradicate certain ‘rules’ in America on a Business level, a corporate level basically, where it used to be a standard that no one would receive the right to create a Corporation unless they could prove that corporation would benefit the American People. In Delaware, Rockefeller finally got their Legislature to allow John D to get around this protocol – and after that happened there, one by one all other States eventually dropped this requirement, as well. I want all of you to think about this particular protocol, long and hard.. and ask yourselves WHY any Legislature would want to ruin their own ability to get re-elected by pulling such a stunt on the Voters.

    The factual history of the creation of THE FED is also of intense disappointment in our electoral system and the corruption of our own Press (circa 1910-13). Remember my comments of the three events of the Revolution of 1913 ?

    -Creation of the Federal Reserve
    -Implementation of the INCOME TAX
    -Subversion of the Constitution with public elections for Senators

    The public, at large, was only told that these actions were necessary for the GENERAL WELFARE of our great nation. Hence my preference to create an Amendment which would diffuse the ability of politicians to hide behind the GENERAL WELFARE CLAUSE in our own Constitution.

    Okay – that’s enough for now…. opinions?

    Mr Chip Wood ? …. any thoughts on my suggestion that we extrapolate this discussion into a string of Articles?

    • Anthony

      Remember – we are extrapolating the words of Benjamin Franklin, as we dig deeper for more answers to our MODERN problems…

      A Republic, IF YOU CAN KEEP IT

    • Al Sieber

      Anthony, I have Aaron Russo’s : America Freedom to Fascism, I purchased it when it first came out, it really opened my eye’s. and I’m well familiar with the website iamthewitness, I’ve done a lot of research on it. you can’t prove it wrong. the thing about it is people think you’re a racist if you believe the information presented there, I think they’re ignorant for not trying to prove it wrong. because if you believe it you’re branded a racist. realzionistnews and jewsforthetruetorah are a few more. check out revelations: 2:9, 3:9 and 18:11. what is Jesus trying to tell us? who’s responsible for the Bolshevik revolution and who was involved? a quote by Ben Franklin, ” I warn you, gentlemen, if you do not exclude the Jews for all time your children will curse you in your graves”. so who really controls everything? why do we have people in the Govt. with duel citizenship? read the quotes by Ariel Sharon and Menachem Begin, both prime ministers of you have any answers? we can even go back to Byzantine Rome, or further.

  • Bob Wire

    Well Hmm? ~~

    yes, yes! Happy Father’s Day to all the proud father’s out there may you see or hear from your child today and you find them in good health and sound footing.

    Anthony, you just keep unfolding mysteries! For me anyway. ~ I “feel late” to the party, never having the mind for it while know down deep knowing I should spent more time dressing for the moment.

    Once “compromised” we tend to accept our position while negotiating with the “powers that be” and the perceived realities “they” paint for us.

    I enlisted in the US Army because that’s what my father did when he was staring at realities “painted before him”. A perceived course of action to a perceived need, while truly giving little thought to the matter on any “higher level” We both served.

    I think,~ maybe not all but most people act and “accept” many things in life in much the same fashion. This could easily create a situation to where a wrong is validated by another wrong, while affording us a comfortable feeling of righteousness.

    I see government as a steering wheel on a car, it is the guide the nation through hazardous and ever changing times. To much “over-steering” right or left, we end up in the ditch, dirty side up.

    That said, I’m very much open to discussion about past or present steering corrections used to direct “our” ship of state. For the road is not now or ever been a straight one.

    Thank you,and Right Wind,Brian and the many others thought provoking posters for sharing such thoughts. I’ve got some research to do on such matters.

    But whatever change is needed to correct our course, the US is a huge ship of state, loaded with 347 million souls and all their “stuff” requiring blue water, demanding plenty of room and time to come about.

    We have life boats and jackets for only a few leaving the rest to drown or feed the sharks.

    • Anthony

      You should see how I feel – with being ‘forced’ into the Military just as I was graduating High School [circa 1972]. Instead of actually being “drafted” into the US Army, I chose the USAF and became a Jet Aircraft Mech (43151C). I was enlisted in April, before I graduated – I wanted to make sure I had at least ‘some’ control over what my military career was about.

      Then, we fast-forward to the here and now – and I read how evidence being released (after 50 years) is proving that the Gulf of Tonkin incident, which stated the Vietnam Conflict, was actually a False Flag Operation run by Robert McNamara behind John F Kennedy’s back.

      In fact, just about every war-time situation we’ve been in, since the creation of the FED, has been instigated by one false flag operation after another BY THE USA and no one else. In the laste 1930′s, we had FDR supplying weapons to Japan’s enemies (while telling Americans we needed to stay out of the War), along with “freezing” Japan’s bank accounts here in the US. Add to that, the fact that FDR also stopped supplying Japan with the oil they needed to just run their own economic needs… “Hey, after so many spits in your face, how often will you just stand there and take it?” Japanese people are no different human beings than any other ethnicity.

      I’ve even read where some support the contention that the minute GW Bush got into Office, a Prospectus was laid on his desk, with marching orders to invade the Middle East, for the purpose of building a pipeline on the eastern side of IRAQ, going straight down to the Gulf, so the powers that be would not have to do business with a Country that DID NOT have a Central Bank …. IRAN.

      I, of course, cannot confirm this particular suspicion…. but, for the Liberals I am quite sure they see the suspicion as credible… and I give no credence to the false left/right paradigm…. so, what is one to think? It does fall into line with other Articles I have read on what are termed as Politically-incorrect webpages, not supported by Mainstream media, where the Money’d Elite (Central Banks around the World) are buying up all of the resources there are, including Fresh Water Lakes all over.

      For these money’d elite to actually start to allow drilling oil in this Country, whether it’s along the coastal regions or the shale oil in the central plains… they would have to shut down the regular folks options to buy into the stock for that oil… and according to StansberryResearch and others (who don’t actually take your money)…the 2nd shoe on our Depression Situation has yet to drop … so, people, watch your money very closely.

      In the end, I made the best of my one tour in the USAF – spent time ona Pilot Training Base and time in NATO/West Germany. made some lifelong friends and moved on. Nixon did do one great thing while in Office – he stopped the Vietnam War… against Democrat objections, to boot.

      • chuck b


        nixon did more the one thing right. he happened to be one of our better presidents until the watergate incident. if nixon had not lied over tv to the nation he would have continued his term. the media was laying in wait for him, he ran for congress on an anti communist platform and the “communist party usa” had him in their gunsights, carl bernstein and woodward of the washington post both of the marxist camp had a vendetta against nixon and when he lied about watergate that was all the democrats and the media needed. “carl bernstein” was the nephew of the rosenbergs who supplied the soviets with the atomic bomb secrets and later executed as spies. sam irvin who chaired the hearings was the “waxman” of that day and just as obnoxious. the watergate hearings were the starting gate for the democratic hanging committees

        • Anthony

          Chuck -

          Nixon reviews are on my list, as I follow the bread crumbs on where certain specific events caused greater damage than others from each President.

          As TJ DiLorenzo has stated in Hamilton’s Curse, there are misguided teachings on many of the Presidents. Abraham Lincoln was always one of my favorite(s), but that was because of the limited attnetion to true civic detail that Public Schools go out of their way to script to the children. When I read that Lincoln suspended habeus corpus, I knew I had been missing much needed important information about events in my own Country.

          Then, you go on to read about the corruption of the CENTRAL BANK, and begin to delve into what a Central Bank actually is… and by extrapolation, what Fractional Banking actually is… THEN, you start to get pi$$ed. Had any of this been taught in our Schools, NO ONE would vote these supporters of such a System into Office at any time.

          Each bit of evidence you find to put the real puzzle back together on ‘how we ended up here’…once again gives you much respect and admiration for Benjamin Franklin …. and now you start to realize how dam(n) serious he was when he said his (now) famous phrase.

          • Bob Wire

            I have always been a Nixon supporter and caught a lot of flack for it over the years. In each man strength lies his weakness, Nixon was no exception. His fall, hurt me too.

            If you bother to consider his many achievement against his failures, I think many people would be greatly surprised.

            Reagan could have never applied the pressure to “Tear down this wall” without Nixon first pulling back the Iron Curtain. The Viet Nam war could have went on another 10 years.

            On the domestic scene, Nixon established a revenue-sharing program that restored a measure of balance to the State-Federal relationship. He set up the Council on Environmental Quality to give recognition to the problems of pollution and consumption. He ended the peace-time draft and helped to restore peace to the nation’s campuses. He cut back on many of the wasteful programs of LBJ’s “Great Society” that had been squandering the taxpayer’s money.

            on & on , the list is long

      • Vicki

        Our forefathers warned us of the real danger of a standing army. I have not looked into the history of it but now that our military is an all volunteer army what else can we call it?

        I suspect the history would be long, fascinating and be a book but it is clear that the intent of the founders was for all able bodied people (Men during their time) were and are to this day members of the militia. The militia was to be trained by the state and or federal government but it was always the intent that they be trained in their communities.

        Somewhere, probably for a perceived “efficiency” the training got moved to more and more centralized locations till for all practical purposes a standing army existed.

        The “selective service” requirements, of course was created by FDR in 1940 and instead of training our militia members at home would take them off to “boot camp” for training (Some would say indoctrination).

        Oh and an interesting point I like to make with liberals who say that arms are only for people in the militia is that we ARE in the militia. (Well not originally cause it was MEN only but we have progressed a ways since then though not always to the good ;) )

        • chuck b


          you should be more worried about the indoctrination in our education system. i found little of that in boot camp other than military nomenclature.

          our own military is of little use at present, they are protecting iraq and afghanistan and allowing to be invaded on the southern border. this is the fault of the commander and chief (in name only)

          • chuck b


            allowing the u.s. (typing error)

        • DaveH

          One of the tactics that the USSR employed was to send soldiers that lived far from the scene of the conflicts so that they were unlikely to feel sympathy for the locals.

          • Al Sieber

            Ancient Rome also.

        • Anthony

          Vicki -

          You are correct – there is no provision in the Constitution, for a Standing Army.

          The reason for this so that in no way shape or form can any Leader of this Country send those very same troops into our Homes to terrorize “we, the people”…

          Over the last ten years, certain adjustments HAVE BEEN MADE which now allow for a President to deploy our own Army against “we, the people”

          THIS IS WHY – I keep questioning AND advising (both) that everyone should pay attention to the Executive Orders being signed by ANY President.

          And, again… I say – what actions committed by GW Bush,… has OBAMA reversed?

          Once again – Franklin’s words haunt me, over and over…..

  • Bob Wire

    Opps! Right Wing ~ forgive my dyslexia, It looks right to me! I tend to not see it until it’s too late, ~ it’s a curse I live with, getting mords wixed, “like and kind are the same” and I’ll never know why.

    • Right Wing

      Bob you are indeed blessed with a different sort of perspective. I appreciate your “uniqueness” as we are all different. I detect a bit of grammatical sarcasm in your retraction and possibly so deserved. All in all I would say you are a pretty fart smeller…oops…smart feller. Good grammar and spelling are sine qua non toward a true understanding of thought processes across the physical and emotionally disconnected medium of written composition…aren’t they? Happy fathers day!

  • Eric S

    Right on Chip!
    Let’s not forget where we owe our gratitude of dept for our Republic and constitution for its guarantees. This would be the (Five Nations now 6) Iroquois “Haudenosaunee”. My source:
    It is unmistakable of the impact these First Nations had on the formation of our constitution and Republic. That is why the Federalist papers failed; they were the ideologies brought from Europe. It was the example of these truly free people that rang louder then “the shot heard around the world” in forming the Republic and US constitution. It is sad what the US has done to them since in a true genocide fashion which still exists today. Reservation is a fancy word for prison camp. End BIA which exists to keep First Nations from economic development and practicing their way of life. If the US government could not honor treaties made with them then how do you expect them to honor the constitution and state rights?
    I hear a lot in some of these comments of Democrats vs. Republicans, so what is wrong with judging and voting for candidates who will adhere to the constitution in matters of governances. Until then all you have the choice of is Demopublicans. If you didn’t take time to vote in the primaries then don’t cry on Election Day. If you didn’t take time to vote in the primaries and Election Day on the local and state level then don’t cry when they are elected on the federal level and are usurping constitutional authority.
    It is high time to take responsibility or embrace mob rule (Democracy). Don’t you think it strange of the constant referring to the US by President Reagan as a Democracy rather then as we truly are a Republic?

    • Anthony

      ERIC brings up a very strong point – when it comes to the human beings who really were “here first”, as the european colonialization began in the late 1600′s….

      I have always felt that the American Indian was constantly mistreated AND shafted by the europeans. That means “us”, folks. Even today, I wonder how many posters right here even know, let alone mingle… with any american indians. I knew several while in the USAF.

      I do question one item in your post, Eric. And, that has to do with your comment on the effort of The Federalist Papers as having failed.

      I’m not so sure I agree with that rather generalized comment, but I will read your link. I have read to many sources who’s opinion I respect and agree with because it’s based on spock logic (and righteousness) and not so odd form of political correctness. And, they all refer back to the writings of Madison, Hamilton and Jay. It’s just too bad that John Jay and Alexander Hamilton had more greed in their hearts than the proper realization of what real freedom meant and actually could do. Then again, maybe they were just indoctrinated fools after all. When you read IAMTHEWITNESS (rothschilds) webpage, you get a real bad feeling about it all.

  • lighterknot

    Well it’s wonderful we are digging up history and not the academic version we got in school. I’m no scholar on it but read most of it maintained only the gesture of what happened. But Woodrow Wilson said it in a statement of regret after signing over the country to the newly created Fed. He also realized the need for the League of Nations that became the UN.
    . .
    Anthony thanks for addressing my little post. But did you have to skirt around the points and twist what I said all out of proportion. For instance “I offered no solution” that’s true if I had one its chance of being recognized would be equivalent to me pissing in the ocean expecting it to turn yellow. I did make some predictions and observations I consider facts…We are going to be a one world government out of necessity to survive and avoid an all out exchange of nuclear weapons, pollution, global disease etc, est. I implied that I’d rather go back to that great concept of individualism and those freedoms offered us by the constitution but that we would need to police our own ranks. And not depend on a bunch of lying lawyers and that the modern world would still have to join us. No way in hell to go back – so this blog is a smoke screen to avoid the issues.

    I’m not a highly educated man but I’ve read a lot of books and I play a decent game of chess. Age is trying to beat me down so I seek out arguments wherever for mental exercise. So it is really frustrating to have ones points of argument distorted.

    By the way; where is JeffH the great distorter of all times… has he became someone else now? I know that his verbal runs would be harder to shut off than the spewing oil pipe in the gulf but I don’t see hem here.

    Happy Fathers Day all you mother lovers.

  • chuck b


    there’s no armed guard on the reservation forcing the people to live there, the same as with most of the homeless you see in the parks. this is a way of life the majority of them have chosen.
    the indian tribes along the eastern part of the u.s. suffered at the hands of the early settlers and they got in a few licks of their own, but all this reiterating of past sins get us nothing and the same applies to the founding fathers, we try to decipher their thought and what we think their intentions were and that really gets us no where.
    we have nothing except the constitution and bill of rights and we have the court to analyze the meaning. so who cares what hamilton may have thought or jefferson it makes no difference now. they gave us the papers and its up to us to either abide by what they have written or the congress to try to amend it.
    our present day problems are more important.

  • Norman

    Kate8 is on a roll here guys. You can’t votem out. It’s rigged. Dems and Reps alike are playing us like a flute. It’s time for Something different………

  • Harry Dingey


    The American people just do not get it and they will not take time to learn the TRUTH.

    Do you know if the USA dropped out of NAFTA and WTO, the USA would automatically gain well over Fifteen MILLION JOBS almost over night? Instead the USA will soon have well over 16% real unemployment rate and rising.

    That is because the USA has the largest International Trade Deficit than any other country in the world. In fact the USA’s Trade Deficit may be even larger than all the other countries combined.

    The very same Guys who are forcing this 16% unemployment on the USA workers are all working in the highest positions of the USA Federal Government and making well over a million dollars a year (or even more) and the USA workers are paying their salary. It just does not seem fair does it?

    But, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) has run the USA Government for almost a hundred years and they think the USA should share their wealth with the rest of the world. Of course “not their wealth your wealth”. That is a fact, so go goggle it for yourself.

    About 100 years ago both the Democratic and Republican Party was bought off and combined into One Secret Party called the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). But, it is even more obvious in the last 20 years.

    I want you to remember just one thing; the whole future of the USA will be secretly determined by the CFR.

    Unless the American People march on Washington and physically take back your government and change all of these stupid laws that have been implemented by the CFR PARTY over the last 100 years America will be internally destroyed.

    It will make no difference which party you vote for or who wins the election you will keep getting the same SECRET PARTY called the CFR. You may think on the face of it that does not sound too bad.

    But, look at what this SECRET GOVERNMENT has done to America in the last 20 years. Everyone keeps saying things are getting better. I promise you there is no way America is going to successfully pull out of this DEPRESSION unless we pull out of NAFTA and WTO soon.

    I worked as a Department Head over an Industrial Engineer Department for 30 years with Rockwell International in Newark, Ohio. I have held many jobs involved in Industrial Manufacturing.
    But, most of my life was spent Purchasing, Tooling and Programming these new Industrial Computerized Production Machines called “Numerical Control Machines”.

    I am telling you this, only so you know that I totally understand what is taking place in America right this minute and it is NOT GOOD. Please read and give it some serious thought of what I am saying and stop listening to all of them CFR Politicians who all have an agenda. My only agenda is to keep America the Greatest Country in the World.

    I just want to sound the alarm and try to save the greatest Country in the World from becoming a Third World Country because presently that is exactly where we are headed.

    The CFR Party was founded by JP MORGAN (Jew), Paul Warburg (Jew), John D. Rockefeller (Jew), three super wealthy Jews back in 1921 with the specific Goal to control the American people by buying control of all means of communication to control and generate public support to advance the CFR Party agenda. With control of the people they could now buy off and elect any or all American Politicians of both parties to carry out their CFR PARTY agenda.

    At this very minute two CFR members Senator Joe Lieberman (Jew) and Senator Jay Rockefeller (Jew) are pushing a Senate Bill that will give the Federal Government “absolute Power” to seize control of world wide web under legislation being pushed by the CFR PARTY Members. The CFR PARTY always gets their way so I will predict the Federal Government will end up totaling controlling the World Wide Web TOO.

    The CFR members are everywhere and make no mistake about it; they TOTALLY control every DECISION make by all the Top American Government Officials including the President.

    Here are some other Zionist Jewish founded organizations:

    • N.O.W. – National Organization of Women
    • NAACP – National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
    • JDL – Jewish Defense League
    • ACLU – American Civil Liberties Union
    • ADL — Anti-Defamation League
    • White European Organizations Penetrated & Compromised
    • Planned Parenthood
    • Jewish League
    • Jewish World Federation
    • B’nai B’rith
    • Jewish Bund
    • Simon Wiesenthal Center
    • American Israeli Political Action Committee
    • World Zionist Organization
    • Nat’l Council of Christians & Jews
    • Usenet

    Any you people think I am an Anti-Semitic? I guest we could say all of these wonderful Organizations was founded by the English, French or German or Italians if that makes you any happier? But, that would be a lie.

    The CFR PARTY is trying to destroy the complete Industrial World with Globalization of Free Trade and they are succeeding. Then the CFR can usher in the “One World Government” to control the whole world by a few of these Super Wealthy Jewish Bankers.

    You ask. How can the CFR Control the World with Free Trade?

    Once all the Industrial Countries has been destroyed and brought to their knees by Globalize Free Trade (you are seeing the results of what I am talking about right now).

    First of all you must understand the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) secretive plan for world Globalization of Free Trade will absolutely not work.

    They are pushing on a string.

    The whole idea of sending all the highest paying Jobs in the top Industrial Countries of the World off shore to China where the Chinese workers are forced to work for Slave labor wages of $2/a day. They can do this, but, at some point in time every nation will end up in a Humongous World Wide Depression.

    Then all the Workers in the Industrial Countries of the World will be either laid-off or working for minimum wage flipping Hamburgers at McDonald.

    I know that sounds great to all of these International Companies of the World.

    But, there is one BIG PROBLEM with this idea.

    The purchasing power of all the workers in the Industrial Countries will have been destroyed and their wages will have decline to a point they will not have enough money to pay for basic necessities.

    There are millions of workers in America who bought their homes for say maybe $125,000 and the Local Banks has maybe +$100,000 Bank Mortgage on these houses.

    Then at some point all of the Industrial workers will start to default on these Home Bank Mortgages because the average American Worker Wages have been declining for the last 20 years.

    The Banks will be forced to foreclose on these millions of workers houses and put them all up for sale. Here you have the start of a huge bank problem. These Houses are now only worth maybe $50,000.

    You can easily see how these Banks are in big, big trouble.

    Then you have a glut of houses FOR SALE and no one has enough money to purchase these houses.

    Then the Prices of these Houses go into a downward spiral, just like now.

    All the Banks start to lose Billions and Billions of Dollars.

    The Slave Labor workers in China will barely make enough to feed their self and can not afford to purchase the very products they are producing.


    The Answer is NO ONE.

    You can easily see the root problem here is all the High Paying Jobs being sent off shore to China where the workers are forced to work for Slave Wages.

    Here is what troubles me the most.

    Obama and all of his CFR cronies are well educated from Harvard University with the best education in the world.

    They either already know what I know and they are trying to totally destroy America or they are too damn stupid to have figured this out yet.

    Either way the American People are in BIG, BIG TROUBLE if these people are allowed to remain in power.

    Make no mistake about it; President Obama and his Wife are both card-carrying members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The CFR is literally a Political Party made up of both Democrats and Republicans who are hell bent on over throwing the American Government from within then implementing their Communistic Globalization plan of total world domination.

    You think all of those Presidential Candidates are real Patriots so you go vote for your Party Candidate every time. Right?

    Have you ever asked yourself?

    Why is it “we elect a President from a different party and he always looks and acts almost identical as the last President”?

    It really makes no difference who you vote for President you will still end up getting the same party and it is called the “CFR PARTY”.

    If you think I am crazy go Goggle it on “”.

    The American people have absolutely nothing to say about it.

    The Presidential Elections have been predetermined by the CFR PARTY since 1921.

    Every Presidential Candidate of both the Democrat and Republican Parties are always all card carrying members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR).

    The “CFR Party” has tons of money so they figured out in 1921, if you want the President of the USA to be a card-carrying member of the “CFR Party”; they simply BUY OFF all the Presidential Candidates of both the Democrat and Republican Parties before the election even starts. The CFR Party System has worked very well for 80 years.

    All of the “top-tier” candidates for president in both parties are the members of a secretive organization called The Council on Foreign Relations. The goals of the CFR are contrary to the laws of America and the American Politicians answer to the Head of the CFR which are 90% JEWS. That is why Israel has so much power in Washington. They have all the money, so they can purchase all the Power.

    Their members are an elite aristocracy that looks at your wealth as their own, your children as their cannon fodder and your lives as their property.

    Please tell me how any American could still vote for someone, knowingly he has a secretive agenda to over-throw your Federal Government from within, Bankrupt your Great Country, send all your children off to fight their stupid wars, abort the American Constitution, send all your high paying jobs off shore to China and then take away all your personal liberties and personal rights?

    I personally think instead of voting for all of these “CFR PARTY” members for President, they should all be charged and prosecuted for Treason in the Peoples Court.

    Whenever you have any group of people who have a secret conspiracy to over throw the American Government from within. How can you call that anything short of TREASON?

    If these candidates were members of the some white supremacy group, or the Communist Party or any other openly disgusting organization they would be derided, ridiculed and run from office. The major News Networks, TV stations, National Newspapers are controlled by the CFR and that is why this story is not being reported in the National Press.

    Yet we have allowed them to infiltrate every aspect of our lives including our government, our schools, and our businesses.

    President John F. Kennedy warned us about the influence and dangers of this and similar organizations. 10 days later, he was shot dead in the streets of Dallas.

    So long as CFR puppets remain in power, the murderers of JFK remain in power.

    We can change that this coming election.

    By just doing a Goggle search on your Candidate’s name with the key letters of “CFR.”. Then read, read and read. If your candidate is a member of the “CFR” then move on to another Candidate.

    Do not vote for any Candidate who is member of the “CFR”.

    Why is every Major Party Candidate a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) an “Organization with a Secret Agenda”?

    Fred Thompson (CFR) Republican.

    Rudy Giuliani (CFR) Republican.

    John McCain (CFR) Republican.
    Mitt Romney (CFR) Republican.

    Jim Gilmore (CFR) Republican.
    Newt Gingrich (CFR) Republican.

    Hillary Clinton (CFR) Democrat.

    Barack Obama (CFR) Democrat.

    John Edwards (CFR) Democrat.

    Joe Biden (CFR) Democrat.

    Chris Dodd (CFR) Democrat.

    Bill Richardson (CFR) Democrat.

    Past Presidents and Vice Presidents were Members of Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) too.

    Barack Obama (CFR) / Joe Biden (CFR) Democrats.

    George W. Bush (CFR) / Dick Cheney (CFR) Republicans.

    Bill Clinton (CFR) / Al Gore (CFR) Democrats.

    George H. Bush (CFR) / Dan Quayle (CFR) Republicans.

    Ronald Reagan (closet CFR) / George H. Bush (CFR) (Reagan was closet CFR) Republicans.

    Jimmy Carter (CFR) / Walter Mondale (CFR) Democrats.

    Gerald Ford (CFR) / Nelson Rockefeller (CFR) Republican.

    Richard Nixon (CFR) / Gerald Ford (CFR) Democrats.

    Lyndon B. Johnson (CFR) / Hubert H. Humphrey (CFR) Democrats.

    JOHN F. KENNEDY (CFR-but drop out) / Lyndon B. Johnson (CFR) Democrats.

    Dwight D. Eisenhower (CFR) / Richard Nixon (CFR) Republicans.

    The only major Presidential Candidate that was not a member of the Council on Foreign Relations was RON PAUL.

    RON PAUL. Who was 100% for the American People and a Real American Patriot and that is why he had a snowball’s chance in hell of winning.

    The American People have absolutely no hope to take back your Country with the Ballot Box.

    Because the entire super wealthy International Bankers always puts the big money behind the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) candidates. Plus they get plenty of help from all the CFR members who control all the Major News Press and TV Networks.

    I personally think America will end up in a Civil War before/after the CFR activates Marshall Law and aborts the American Constitution, personal rights and liberties.

    If you are elected President of America and you are not a member of the CFR. Your name has to be Harry Houdini one of the greatest magician ever lived.

    Patrick J. Buchanan has given speeches at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) on International Fair Trade. That speech was against NAFTA and the WTO. Had PJB been a card-carrying member of the CFR he would not be giving that sermon in the CFR Hall for sure.

    God Please Help the USA.


    • chuck b


      you left out one of the most dangerous, “the southern poverty law center”

    • Anthony

      Harry -

      It is my understanding that you have two errors…..

      You have: Ronald Reagan (closet CFR)
      From what I’ve read, Reagan was NOT a Member of the CFR. He knew who it was that had the reins of the Military Industrial Complex, as warned by Eisenhower, a true Member of the CFR – which he detested anyway as the real truth became evident in his waning 2nd term as POTUS.

      However – Reagan WAS surrounded by a whole host of CFR members, like Rumsfeld, Cheney, Kissinger, Volker .. the List goes on and on. Reagan was seriously more in the dark than I think he ever knew. From the information I’ve read, Reagan’s being shot was a CFR inside plan orchestrated by the Bushes and Rumsfeld, with some help by Kissinger.

      Obviously, if there was real proof, ala Nixon, then the Media would have no choice but to go after it…But, the real background was how anti-communist Ragan was, when everyone around him was the opposite… in this regard, much like Nixon, who was also intensely anti-communist. Still, it is often said the CFR OWNS all of the Media, so who knows what we haven’t been told thru the years.

      The other non-CFR Member is said to be Gerald Ford….
      Other than that, since its creation – all Presidents have been members.

      Yes, Eddie, this includes Obama (especially Barry Soetoro)

    • BrotherPatriot

      Bingo, Harry! You hit it all pretty much on the head. Good post.

      A note for Anthony…Ronald Reagan was a member of the Bohemian Grove. This makes him suspect due to extrapalation…other members of the BHG are the Bush’s and they are connected to the Free Masons and THEY are connected to the Bilderberg/Rothschild Virus…and it goes on and on and on. I peronsally loved Ronald Reagan and a part of me (my innocence) died when I learned he was involved with this cult of devil/demon worshipers. *sigh*

  • Harry Dingey

    Leaked Attendee list of Bilderberg Conference in Spain June 3, 2010

    • USA Altman, Roger C. Chairman, Evercore Partners Inc. USA Arrison, Sonia Author and policy analyst
    • USA Collins, Timothy C. Senior Managing Director and CEO, Ripplewood Holdings, LLC
    • USA Feldstein, Martin S. George F. Baker Professor of Economics, Harvard University
    • USA Ferguson, Niall Laurence A. Tisch Professor of History, Harvard University
    • USA Gates, William H. Co-chair, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Chairman, Microsoft Corporation
    • USA Gordon, Philip H. Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs
    • USA Graham, Donald E. Chairman and CEO, The Washington Post Company
    • USA Holbrooke, Richard C. Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan
    • USA Hormats, Robert D. Under Secretary for Economic, Energy and Agricultural Affairs
    • USA Johnson, James A. Vice Chairman, Perseus, LLC
    • USA Keane, Jack, former vice chief of staff of the US army, on the board of the US defence conglomerate General Dynamics
    • USA Keane, John M. Senior Partner, SCP Partners
    • USA Kissinger, Henry A. Chairman, Kissinger Associates, Inc.
    • USA Kleinfeld, Klaus Chairman and CEO, Alcoa
    • USA Kravis, Henry R. Founding Partner, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co.
    • USA Kravis, Marie-Josée Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute, Inc.
    • INT Kroes, Neelie Commissioner, European Commission
    • USA Lander, Eric S. President and Director, Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT
    • USA Mathews, Jessica T. President, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
    • USA Mundie, Craig J. Chief Research and Strategy Officer, Microsoft Corporation
    • USA Naím, Moisés Editor-in-Chief, Foreign Policy
    • USA Orszag, Peter R. Director, Office of Management and Budget
    • USA Parker, Sean Managing Partner, Founders Fund
    • USA Pearl, Frank H. Chairman and CEO, Perseus, LLC
    • USA Perle, Richard N. Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research
    • USA Rose, Charlie Producer, Rose Communications
    • USA Rubin, Robert E. Co-Chairman, Council on Foreign Relations; Former Secretary of the Treasury
    • USA Schmidt, Eric CEO and Chairman of the Board, Google
    • USA Steinberg, James B. Deputy Secretary of State
    • USA Summers, Lawrence H. Director, National Economic Council
    • USA Thiel, Peter A. President, Clarium Capital Management, LLC
    • USA Varney, Christine A. Assistant Attorney General for Antitrust
    • USA Volcker, Paul A. Chairman, Economic Recovery Advisory Board
    • USA West, F.J. Bing Author
    • USA Wolfensohn, James D. Chairman, Wolfensohn & Company, LLC

    • AUT Bronner, Oscar Publisher and Editor, Der Standard
    • AUT Fischer, Heinz Federal President
    • AUT Scholten, Rudolf Member of the Board of Executive Directors, Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG

    • Belgium
    • BEL Huyghebaert, Jan Chairman of the Board of Directors, KBC Group

    • CANADA
    • CAN Campbell, Gordon Premier of British Columbia
    • CAN Clark, W. Edmund President and CEO, TD Bank Financial Group
    • CAN Mansbridge, Peter Chief Correspondent, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
    • CAN McKenna, Frank Deputy Chair, TD Bank Financial Group
    • CAN Prichard, J. Robert S. President and CEO, Metrolinx
    • CAN Reisman, Heather M. Chair and CEO, Indigo Books & Music Inc.

    • DEU Ackermann, Josef Chairman of the Management Board and the Group Executive Committee, Deutsche Bank AG + non-executive director of Shell
    • DEU Enders, Thomas CEO, Airbus SAS
    • DEU Löscher, Peter Chairman of the Board of Management, Siemens AG
    • DEU Scholz, Olaf Vice Chairman, SPD
    • DEU Zetsche, Dieter Chairman, Daimler AG

    • SPAIN
    • ESP Alierta, César Chairman and CEO, Telefónica
    • ESP Botín, Ana P. Executive Chairman, Banesto
    • ESP Carvajal Urquijo, Jaime Managing Director, Advent International
    • FRA Castries, Henri de Chairman of the Management Board and CEO, AXA
    • ESP Cebrián, Juan Luis CEO, PRISA
    • ESP Cisneros, Gustavo A. Chairman and CEO, Cisneros Group of Companies
    • ESP Entrecanales, José M. Chairman, Acciona
    • ESP León Gross, Bernardino Secretary General, Office of the Prime Minister
    • ESP Nin Génova, Juan María President and CEO, La Caixa
    • ESP Polanco, Ignacio Chairman, Grupo PRISA
    • ESP Rodriguez Inciarte, Matías Executive Vice Chairman, Grupo Santander
    • ESP Spain, H.M. the Queen of
    • ESP Zapatero, José Luis Rodríguez Prime Minister
    • ESP Cebrián Echarri, Juan Luis, CEO and co-founder of El Pais; the CEO of Grupo Prisa; on the board of directors of Le Monde

    • FIN Blåfield, Antti Senior Editorial Writer, Helsingin Sanomat
    • FIN Katainen, Jyrki Minister of Finance
    • FIN Ollila, Jorma Chairman, Royal Dutch Shell plc
    • FIN Wahlroos, Björn Chairman, Sampo plc

    • FRANCE
    • FRA Castries, Henri de Chairman of the Management Board and CEO, AXA
    • FRA Lauvergeon, Anne Chairman of the Executive Board, AREVA
    • FRA Montbrial, Thierry de President, French Institute for International Relations
    • FRA Ramanantsoa, Bernard Dean, HEC Paris Group

    • CHE Vasella, Daniel L. Chairman, Novartis AG
    • CHE Voser, Peter CEO, Royal Dutch Shell plc
    • CHE Waldvogel, Francis A. Chairman, Novartis Venture Fund

    • DNK Eldrup, Anders CEO, DONG Energy
    • DNK Federspiel, Ulrik Vice President Global Affairs, Haldor Topsøe A/S
    • DNK Nyrup Rasmussen, Poul Former Prime Minister

    • GBR Agius, Marcus Chairman, Chairman of Barclays Bank PLC and a senior director on the BBC’s new executive board. Married to Katherine, daughter of Edmund Leopold de Rothschild
    • GBR Kerr, John Member, House of Lords; Deputy Chairman, Royal Dutch Shell plc.
    • GBR Micklethwait, John Editor-in-Chief, The Economist
    • GBR Oldham, John National Clinical Lead for Quality and Productivity
    • GBR Taylor, J. Martin Chairman, Syngenta International AG
    • GBR Williams, Shirley Member, House of Lords

    • GREECE
    • GRC David, George A. Chairman, Coca-Cola H.B.C. S.A.
    • GRC Papaconstantinou, George Minister of Finance
    • GRC Tsoukalis, Loukas President, ELIAMEP

    • INT Almunia, Joaquín Commissioner, European Commission
    • INT Gucht, Karel de Commissioner, European Commission
    • INT Kroes, Neelie Commissioner, European Commission
    • INT Moyo, Dambisa F. Economist and Author
    • INT Sheeran, Josette Executive Director, United Nations World Food Programme
    • INT Solana Madariaga, Javier Former Secretary General, Council of the European Union
    • INT Stigson, Björn President, World Business Council for Sustainable Development
    • INT Tumpel-Gugerell, Gertrude Member of the Executive Board, European Central Bank
    • INT Zoellick, Robert B. President, The World Bank Group

    • IRL Gallagher, Paul Attorney General
    • IRL Sutherland, Peter D. Chairman, Goldman Sachs International

    • ITALY
    • ITA Bernabè, Franco CEO, Telecom Italia S.p.A.
    • ITA Conti, Fulvio CEO and General Manager, Enel SpA
    • ITA Elkann, John Chairman, Fiat S.p.A.
    • ITA Monti, Mario President, Universita Commerciale Luigi Bocconi
    • ITA Padoa-Schioppa, Tommaso Former Minister of Finance; President of Notre Europe
    • ITA Rocca, Gianfelice Chairman, Techint
    • ITA Scaroni, Paolo CEO, Eni S.p.A.

    • NLD Netherlands, H.M. the Queen of the
    • NLD Rinnooy Kan, Alexander H.G. Chairman, Social and Economic Council of the Netherlands (SER)
    • NLD Wellink, Nout President, De Nederlandsche Bank

    • NORWAY
    • NOR Brandtzæg, Svein Richard CEO, Norsk Hydro ASA
    • NOR Magnus, Birger Chairman, Storebrand ASA
    • NOR Myklebust, Egil Former Chairman of the Board of Directors SAS, Norsk Hydro ASA

    • TURKEY
    • TUR Çakir, Ru?en Journalist
    • TUR Gürel, Z. Damla Special Adviser to the President on EU Affairs
    • TUR Koç, Mustafa V. Chairman, Koç Holding A.?.
    • TUR Özilhan, Tuncay Chairman, Anadolu Group
    • TUR Sabanci Dinçer, Suzan Chairman, Akbank

    • PRT Balsemão, Francisco Pinto Chairman and CEO, IMPRESA, S.G.P.S.; Former Prime Minister
    • PRT Rangel, Paulo Member, European Parliament
    • PRT Teixeira dos Santos, Fernando Minister of State and Finance

    • SWEDEN
    • SWE Bäckström, Urban Director General, Confederation of Swedish Enterprise
    • SWE Bildt, Carl Minister of Foreign Affairs
    • SWE Renström, Lars President and CEO, Alfa Laval
    • SWE Wallenberg, Jacob Chairman, Investor AB

    • VEN Cisneros Rendiles, Gustavo A: Venezuelan media mogul – one of the world’s richest men

    • Anthony

      No shock here, Harry – these people are all affiliated with THOSE WHO CONTROL THE MONEY.

      And, if you haven’t been vigilant enough to at least spent some time to have followed the money trail…. then, you’d know this leads us to the richest single Family in the whole world….

      No – it’s not that guy who married Jackie-O

      Anyone wanna guess? They’re only worth more than $2 Trillion

  • Harry Dingey

    I CAN CREATE 15 MILLION JOBS ALMOST OVER NIGHT in America.. If America Pulls out of NAFTA and WTO..

    I will bet anyone one million dollars to a donut that I can create 15 Million JOBS if I was President. America would instantly kick into overdrive and you would see more Jobs created than Americans could fill almost over night.

    The American people have been screwed for the last 80 years and they do not even have a clue of what is happening.

    All the Democrat or the Republican Congress/people and Presidents for the last 80 years in Washington D.C. of both parties do not care about America or the American People.

    Most of the American Politicians have been either been bought off by the wealthy Council on Foreign Relations (CFR PARTY) or they just sit on their A$$ and go along to get along.

    The CFR Party was founded by JP MORGAN , Paul Warburg (Jew), John D. Rockefeller (Jew), three super wealthy CFR members back in 1921 with the specific Goal to control the American people by buying control of all means of communication to control and generate public support to advance the CFR Party agenda. With control of the people they could now buy off and elect these American Politicians of both parties to carry out their CFR PARTY agenda.

    That is exactly why the American Government is shipping all the American Manufacturing Plants off shore to China as fast as they can in the last 16 years. You are watching the largest transfer of wealth is the history of the world (from America to China). The American Federal Government is serving up the USA to China on a silver Platter.

    Then the America workers will all get their wish and they can start competing against the Chinese workers for that $2/day job. Since they all love that International trade so well.

    At some point American workers will be required to compete with the Chinese workers for Slave Labor $2/day jobs. Every American regardless how much money you have will be affected in one way or another because a lowering tide will automatically lower all boats.

    I think we are in the about the 8th inning right now.

    If you think I am wrong I have only two questions for you to think about.

    Why would AMERICA the most Wealthiest, the most Advanced, the most Strongest Country in the entire World, want to enter into NAFTA and the WTO and want to try to compete with third world Countries where the Workers are forced to work for Slave labor wages at $2/day?

    There can only be one out come. All of the American International Manufacturers will be forced to move all of our great Factories and Technology off shore to Communist CHINA.

    The American People has no choice in the matter either the USA pulls out of NAFTA and the WTO or at some point our country will just sink into the Abyss. You absolutely cannot have a complete Economic Recovery without Creating Good High Paying Jobs. Flipping Hamburgers at McDonald’s and working as a store clerk at Wal-mart will not do the trick.

    I heard today on the news that the President Obama is going to share America’s top nuclear secrets with China?

    A country that has no Manufacturing base is called a THIRD WORLD COUNTRY. That is exactly where America is headed.

    Once all the high paying manufacturing jobs are sent off shore to China. Please tell me where the America government will collect tax revenues to support our way of Life?

    The CFR PARTY Global International Trade policy will end up driving America into total Bankruptcy, that is exactly what is happening right now. When the America people finally figure this out what is really happening it will be too late to stop it.

    You want me to tell you why I already know this is the long term Plan.

    If I was The President I would create at least 15 million Jobs in America almost over night.

    Why don’t President Obama create those 15 million JOBS right now as the USA desperately needs additional Jobs?

    My answer is because President Obama is a card-carrying member of the CFR Party and they have a concerted plan to redistribute all the American People’s wealth to all of the Third World Countries.

    It is called enslaving the American workers and the total destruction of America as we know it. If you beat the American Worker down far enough he will be ready to accept anything you offer to feed his family.

    All of you people who have money in the Bank and well fix and you love this International Trade, just wait till you lose everything then tell me about how smart you was.

    Back to my Question:

    How I would create 15 million jobs almost over night?

    There is one thing the America Government has total Control over and that is WHERE and WHO will produce all of the products the American people buy and use on a daily basis.

    I would PULL OUT OF NAFTA and the WTO and close the doors to the American Consumer Market (the biggest consumer market in the world) and I would tell the entire world if they want sell their Products in America they must build their products in America. This is exactly what China does.

    I know all of you American people have been told for 80 years that protectionist will hurt the USA even more because all other countries around the world will stop buying American made products and the USA will lose a lot more American JOBS than they will ever gain.

    That my friend is just not true.

    How can anyone make that statement without at least evaluating the Export and Import numbers?

    Normally that answer is true. But, the American International trade deficit has grown so super huge in the last 16 years (and still growing); that if America just stops exporting anything and just produces the items we use on a daily bases that we are now importing, we can create 15 million additional new jobs almost instantly.

    In fact I do not really care if the rest of the world buys even one penny of American made Products from America. If America just manufactures all of the products we use on a daily bases right here in America, we will create an additional 15 Million Jobs automatically.

    Also, the USA yearly National Budget Deficit will automatically be lowered by $760 Billion because that Trade Deficit Money will not be transfer off shore to China like now. The Federal Government will get a huge boost in Tax Revenues from the 15 million American high paying Jobs.

    The American Government must understand they can not continue to allow sending all the high paying American JOBS off shore to Mexico, India, China and Japan and still have enough JOBS to support the American way of life.


    Right now all of them 15 Million Jobs I am talking about have all been moved off shore to China, Mexico and Japan, Germany, India. They are producing all of those goods and are shipping it back to America to supple our daily needs.

    Then when this very same goods is imported back into the America, the American Government who is broke, must borrow money from China and Japan to buy the very products that should have been produce right here in America in the first place.

    This is Equivalent to our Stupid American Government forcing the American workers to sit on his Hands and then tell China to produce all of the goods America consumes and then when the goods is imported back into America the Federal Government is broke and are forced to borrow money from China and Japan to purchase all of this goods we are using on a daily bases.

    This has got to the most stupid damn bunch in Washington or are they just conspiring to bankrupt and destroy America?

    If you think I am wrong. You can goggle it and check it out for yourself. Then go to “” and do some key word searches and listen to some of the videos and do your own research on the web.

    I CAN CREATE 15 MILLION JOBS ALMOST OVER NIGHT right here in America ! ! !

    Here is my Job creation Computations:

    America Imported in 2006 mainly from China, Mexico, Japan and India well over $760 Billion Dollars more than we exported in 2006.

    The $760 billion dollar import number that I am quoting includes Oil Imports which is something that America cannot change over night therefore must be subtracted out of total import number. The total U.S. crude oil imported during 2006 amounted to: $309.4 billion dollars of crude oil in 2006.

    So, $760 billion minus $309.4 billion = $450.6 billion dollars worth of Manufactured Goods that could have and should have been produced right here in America.

    Based on conventional wisdom in job creation, if you take $450.6 billion dollars worth of imported goods / $30 billion to create one million jobs = 15.02 million jobs would be automatically created almost over night.

    Now because some of you people still do not get it I am going to recalculate the cost of the Trade Deficit in just Jobs.

    So please do not tell me the stock CFR PARTY answer: “YEA, but look at all of the EXPORT JOBS the USA will LOSE.”

    The American people have been BRAIN WASHED by the CFR PARTY into believing in that GLOBALIZATION is in the best interest of USA. I think they are trying to destroy the USA because that will be the final outcome.

    Total USA Imports in 2006:
    $ 2,211.7 billion ——-(This includes Crude Oil)
    $ 309.4 billion less — (Spent on Imported Crude Oil)
    $ 1,902.3 billion / 30 billion=63.41 million jobs from Import. ==================================================

    Total USA Exports in 2006:
    $ 1,451.7 Billion / 30 billion=48.39 million jobs from Export.

    If USA Pulls out of NAFTA and WTO right now:

    USA could possibly lose 48.39 million Jobs from EXPORTS.

    However, I am sure many countries will still export many items from the USA because they will be forced too. That would create even more jobs gained than I have estimated.

    USA would absolutely gain 63.41 million Jobs from IMPORTS.

    So, 63.41 minus 48.39 = 15.02 million NET JOBS GAIN.

    My calculation means an ABSOLUTE 15.02 million Jobs gained if the rest of the world did not buy one penny of USA EXPORTS.

    But, instead the Washington Politicians with all their Infinite Wisdom elected to move all of that manufactured goods off shore to China. Even as America has up-ward of 16% unemployment rate and climbing.

    Then to make things even worse the Federal Government must borrow money from China and Japan to purchase back these very products being produced off shore, then brought back into America and sold into the biggest consumer market in the world. The effect of this maneuver is to drain all the wealth from America and transfer it to China.

    I think we are witnessing the Federal Government in the process of transferring all the America Assets off shore to Communist China on a silver platter.

    The CFR PARTY goal is to turn America into a Communistic “North America Union” state consisting of Mexico, USA and Canada. The CFR are in total control of the American Government and have been for well over 80 years.

    Why would the American Government sit on their A$$ and watch or advocate that all the American Manufacturing Base and high Technology are being shipped off shore to a Communistic Country like China?

    Make no mistake about it China is still a Communistic Country.

    We are handing all of the American Military Defenses and our entire manufacturing base over to China on a silver platter.

    Please tell me; “What the HELL are we going to do if we get into a War with Russia or China”?

    I guess we’ll just concede the War without firing a shot like Poland did to Hitler during World War II. It looks like we would have been much better off too have lost World War II to Hitler, at least we would not be forced to work for $2/day slave labor.

    They must be stopped or one day America will wakeup under total Control of China Government.

    This is so sad because we had it all and our Federal Government just transfers everything we own off shore to China, Mexico and India.

    Have you ever asked yourself?

    Why is it “when we elect a President from a different party and he always looks and acts almost identical as the last President”?

    It really makes no difference who you vote for President as you will still end up getting the same party and it is called the “CFR PARTY”.

    If you think I am crazy go Goggle it on “”. You better start doing your research fast because they are starting to remove or restrict some of these informational internet web sites.

    You can never take back your country with the Ballot Box. I personally think it will require an all out Civil War. At some point the American People will say ENOUGH is ENOUGH and that is when all hell is going to break lose.

    The Presidential Elections have been predetermined by the CFR PARTY since 1921.

    Why is it every Presidential Candidate of both the Democrat and Republican Parties are always all members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) which is controlled by the most wealthiest Jews in the world.

    The “CFR Party” has tons of money so they figured out in 1921, if you want the President of the USA to be a card-carrying member of the “CFR Party”; they simply BUY OFF all the Presidential Candidates of both the Democrat and Republican Parties before the election even starts. The CFR Party System has worked very well for 80 years.

    Where is Joseph McCarthy when you really need him?

    All of these politicians should be tried for treason and every penny of their ill-gotten wealth from lobbyists confiscated and returned back to the U.S. Treasury.

    This has to be a Concerted Conspiracy because most of these politicians hold Major Educational Degrees from some of the best colleges in America.

    I worked as Industrial Engineer working as an Expert in Industrial Relocation, Manufacturing Efficiency & Engineering, Industrial Economy Analysis, etc. for Rockwell International. Most of my adult life was spent studying the very things of which I am posting about. So, please trust me I know exactly what I am talking about because that was my job for 30 years.

    Here is the Main Problem in America.

    The American People keep thinking their Representatives in Washington are looking after your interest and will always solve problems and do whatever is best for America and the American People.


    If you do not listen to me then you are part of the problem too. If you think I am wrong go Goggle it and check it out. Then go to and do key word searches and listen to the videos. Start doing your own research.

    This is about Presidents and Congress of both Democrat and Republican Representatives in Washington who are in the pockets of big money Lobbyist and have turned the operation of running the Federal Government entirely over to the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR PARTY).

    This is also why Israel always gets exactly whatever they want from America. America has been helping Israel in every way possible even to the point of using borrowed money to support them.

    The CFR Party members must lay awake at night trying to think of ways to totally destroy the American Government and the American way of life and render the American people homeless.

    Add an amendment to eliminate all forms of “affirmative action” in every school, college and all other organizations in America.

    Add an amendment to eliminate the American Electoral College System.

    Add an amendment that Federal Elected Offices must have a majority of the total vote to win Office.

    Add an amendment for Term Limits on all Federal Congressional Offices.

    Add an amendment to abolish the Federal Reserve System because the America Treasury should be printing all money under the direction of the American Congress.

    Add an amendment to put America back on the Gold Standard.

    Repeal the State Home Land Security Act.

    Build a Concrete Wall 15 feet high and 3 feet wide on our Southern Border and topped off with razor wire.

    Rescind the Anchor Baby Law back to its original inception.

    Any Illegal Aliens caught on American Soil would be given a mandatory 20 year prison sentence. Then watch them all run south back home.

    Bring home all America Soldiers all over the world and shut down all of the Foreign Military Bases. We are not going to be the policeman to the rest of the world.

    Add an amendment to make Lobbyist Illegal with a Mandatory 20-year prison sentence.

    Appoint Ron Paul as Secretary of Treasury and very close adviser.

    Appoint Lou Dobbs as Secretary of State.

    Then have new 2008 elections all over again for every office in the Federal Government.

    Is there no end to the ruthlessness of the most Super Wealthiest People in the World?

    SO MOTE IT BE. . . . .

    Do you truly want to help straighten out the United States Government now? Then, copy and post this article everyplace on the Internet you can post.

    The American People have a right to know exactly who runs our Federal Government.

    BY: Harry Dingey

    Have a good day my friends.

    • Anthony

      Damn good post …. a bit lengthy … but, damn good!

      The CFR has been the bane of most the damage we’ve witnessed for a long time.
      Before that, it was the same three men named in your posting, that created the Federal Reserve – a communist manifesto MUST HAVE.

      Cudos to you!

  • Harry Dingey

    Question for Harry Dingey:

    You have made your case for what is happening, but not why. Why would the Jewish dominated CFR and Israel want the destruction of the U.S. and transfer of 1st world leadership to China? I don’t doubt that it is happening, but why? What is the grand plan? Oligarchs running the country is nothing new, as we saw in Russia in the 90s. And your prescription for solving the problem, which I totally agree with, must be what Russia is doing now. So where is it coming from? Please articulate.

    BY: j, Sac


    Hello MR. J. Sac..

    What you are asking is a huge question. I will just give you some facts as I know them and you can do your own research.

    This is not about Oligarchs over throwing just America. The Main Objective of the CFR is to control the entire world not just one country. The Oligarchs in the end will be in total control of the entire world. All the people of the world will be slaves working for $2/day if we are lucky.

    I would be much easier to control the world is you break it up into smaller groups like the North American Union, the European Union, the Middle East Union, the Asian Union.

    Then establish a new currency for each union and one new world reserve currency to replace the DOLLAR named the AMERO.

    Once you have all of these unions established and you have gain total political control of each union. Then you just tell your conies in each union to just transfer all of the power to some main body like the United Nations.

    Of course we already know who will control the one main body like the United Nations. The Wealthiest group of people in the world consisting of CFR card-carrying members such as; the INTERNATIONAL BANKSTERS and the INTERNATIONAL MANUFACTURERS GANGSTERS.

    See, when you to take any large problem and break into smaller pieces it becomes a much more simpler problem to solve.

    The United States is the lynch pin of taking control of the Whole World because we are the wealthiest and strongest country in the world.

    Now how would you possibly gain control the USA?

    The CFR have already gained total control of the American Federal Reserve System (America’s Money Supply) back in 1913. Every Chairman of the Federal Reserve and the Secretary of the Treasury has been a Jew and CFR member since its inception in 1913.

    It is a known fact the only way to control any country as militarily strong as the USA is to gain total control of the country from within by buying off most of the politicians.

    Almost every strong country in history that has been destroyed has been brought down from within.

    Once you gain control a country’s money supply and most of the politicians. Then you have to go after the people.

    The best way to control a person is to mentally break them down and then rebuild them again to your liking, just as they do in military basic training. If the person is hungry too, that will make it even easier.

    How do you break down the average American?

    The person’s job is probably one of the most important things you can take away from person because that is how he feeds his family and buys his needs to survive.

    Then we get our politicians to establish NAFTA and the WTO. Now we can send all of the highest paying jobs off shore to the lowest wage country in the world like to Mexico and then later to an even cheaper wage country like CHINA.

    Of course this is no small undertaking so we all know this will take time. But, we also know that in the end we will win the prize which is world domination.

    It is like shooting and injuring an animal then following him until he drops over dead.

    Obama has broken every campaign promise he ever made. Omama and his wife are both card carrying CFR members.

    Having President Obama in charge is tantamount to having the fox in charge of the hen house. Almost every Federal Government Position of importance is now controlled by the CFR-PARTY members thanks to president Bush, Clinton, Bush and now Obama.

    Everyone thinks he is working very, very hard to get America out of this Depression, when in fact he is just digging the hole deeper and deeper in Debt.

    Here is an example: When all the home owners can not pay their mortgages the Banks foreclose and they start losing a money big time. They should have just let the Banks fail and insured all of the bank depositors.

    These Bankers were the same people that got us into this mess and they should all have personally lost everything. But, instead Obana and his CFR cronies jumps in with a 750 billion dollar bailout to save all of his CFR buddies.

    Obama even bailout the banks in the European Union too. The Chairman of Federal Reserve would not even tell congress who got the bailout money. The USA is also on the hook to Bailout the European Union because the USA backs up the WORLD BANK and they going to loan Bailout Money to all of these countries in European Union who are in trouble right now.

    The Republican Senators would not approve the $750 billion bailout, they said that was to much of a bailout. Then the Democrats raised the Bank Account insurance from $100K to $250K Per Bank Account and the total bailout cost to $850 billion. Then all of the Republicans said now that is much better and they approved it.

    The balk of the bailout money went mostly to all of the CFR Buddies on a ratio of 40 to 1. The average American taxpayer got very little of the bailout money. What he got was the BAILOUT BILL that his children and grand children will have to pay if America does survive.

    If you ask me: How I know the American Politicians are not trying to help the American people?

    That is very easy question because if they really did care, they would pull out of NAFTA and the WTO and create an additional 15 million jobs almost overnight right here in America. If you do not believe that, go back and read some of my long posts.

    Obama is not working for America.

    As a card-carrying CFR member, he is obligated to follow the CFR PARTY plan to destroy America. If Obama pulled out of NAFTA and the WTO that would save America for sure.

    Copy and paste and listen to the following. Thanks to LPASS


    How a good day my friend.

    • Al Sieber

      Very excellent post’s Harry, thanks.

    • Anthony

      With Harry’s postings, everyone should google up: Georgia Guidestones

      - read the inscriptions….

  • hundabuxt

    I agree Harry. Excellent post but I suspect you forgot one thing: dumbing down of America with the NEA (National Education Association) seeing to it our graduating prmary students are unprepared for the world if they graduate at all. Our local graduation rate is about 60% here. The illegal drug trade intices and uses ignorant young people to do the grunt work with attractive pay. Don’t be shocked if our so called “leaders” at the federal level are either directly or indirectly associated with the very lucrative drug trade. This is America. Everything is for sale.

  • http://Yahoo Bonnie Fleming

    Hallelujah! I was conservative because my dad was. When we joined the John Birch Society in the early 60′s, my husband became Coordinator for western Oregon and read some 300 – or more – books on the subject of our nation and – through him – I learned that this was created as a Republic. I have watched it go down hill. I didn’t know – but I had a feeling there was something beyond our government that was controlling our destiny. Your article made things crystal clear for me. Every time I get an email about our ‘democracy’ I would fire an email back informing the sender this nation was created as a REPUBLIC. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your article will go to everyone on my email list.

    You sound as if the destruction of America is a done deal. I have more faith in the American people than you apparently do. I think when the chips are down, our enemies will find out they have a tiger by the tail. After all, our forefathers weren’t pansies when it came to creating this REPUBLIC. Our enemies may win momentarily, but they won’t have long to enjoy their victory. I may not live long enough (I’m 81) to see it, but I don’t believe America can be defeated.

  • chuck b


    i never belonged to the birch society, i did have many friends who ere and i deeply respect the knowledge that most of them displayed and certainly agreed with most of their opinions.

  • Liberty or Death

    Excellent article. I would like to add that Thomas Jefferson questioned the benefit of being ruled by a tyrant 3000 miles away or 3000 tyrants a mile away.

  • Fantastic READ, AMEN

    I read Chips article, and it was GREAT. I’m 66 yrs old and I didn’t know until a few years ago, what the difference was between a republic and a democracy. But when I heard that a democracy is when,” a cowboy shoots another cowboy in a saloon and rides out of town, the sheriff gathers a possey and catches him, then takes a majority votes of the possey and then hangs the cowboy, THATS DEMOCRACY. a REPUBLIC is when the same thing happens, but instead of taking a majority vote when you catch the cowboy, the sheriff and the possey, bring the cowboy back to town, gets a judge, has a trial by jury of the cowboys peers and has a trial and must be convicted by 12 jurors by a unanameouse, ( ALL 12 JURORS”). Then the cowboy can appeal to the Supreame Court of the United States for another TRIAL. I think this is correct, or How I understand it. Correct me if I’m wrong? Please excuse the spelling.

  • Anthony

    On another thread – I’ve already posted this – but in the light of Ben Franklin’s very famous statement … it’s worth adding here. Especially since I’ve already posted some information related to the Hamilton’s Curse book —-

    Word is now leaking out, that George Soros (and Obama) shortly before the BP Oil Rig explosion, invest heavily in a Brazilian Oil Company. I’m talking at least $2-billion (by Obama alone)… and much much more than that, by Soros. Days later, the oil rig blows up.

    Who stands to profit? Is it you and me?

    As described in Hamilton’s Curse – many politicians consider being in Office as a way to fill their own coffers as opposed to seriously standing for any real human values that actually are exemplified in the Constitution.

    While Harry is right about the CFR – even if it didn’t exist (whch it hadn’t until the 1920′s) then, we’d still have to worry about the corrupt world bankers influencing our representatives..

    And, this, is where ALL OF US have dropped the vigilence ball.

    Get with your local politics, learn what you can (like a spy) and spread the word, even if only on certain webpages until so many know, that their votes actually begin to amount to something… count for something.

    Politics is Local .. You want real change – get involved.

  • jerryBB

    I have read alot of these coments on what to do about our run away government and it seems to come down to the sane thing. use the carrot&stick method to get their attention . Vote for for the ones that think are what you think is the best.If that doesn’t work then show them the stick(boom stick).I can’t think of a better persusder than have them look down a 12 guage shot gun barrel.A good dose of lead posioning would could and would clean and clear up a lot of things.I was told atale that happened a long time a man that wouldn’t work and support his wife and kids. Allhe wanted to do was stay drunk beat on them. I know a lot of people don’t have much use for what was called the KKK. I was told that they drug him out of his house one night and whiped him with ahand saw and they didn’t have to go back for arefresher course. He got the message good and clear.Maybe if a few of these crooked politicans got that kind of message there might be fewer crooks wanting to be politions.

  • lighterknot

    Ok we’ve taken our nation back – the people have organized and spoke with one voice we have voted out both the republicans and democrats. Let us say Harry Dingey has beat out Anthony by a nose in the race for president.

    Now Mr President would you address these issues.

    1-The Population explosion; We in the US enjoy a life style I doubt we have earned…many third world countries have been exploited to allow us a 3 – 4 bedroom house three cars four TVs a pool and all else that’s needed in our pursuit of happiness. That’s not to mention the devastation this one little country has done to the environment attaining all that wealth. All 7 billion homosapiens on planet earth will aspire to our life style and the earth will not tolerate it. Or would you ignore that Mr. President.

    2-Nuclear proliferation: Autonomous nations scrambling to attain power enough not to be pushed around by elitist nations of the Nuclear Club. And some with greater ambitions such as the imperialist we have become. How do you propose to handle this dilemma?
    How are we to control weapons of mass destruction? Dose it means uniting all nations in some form of government. I expect that is a topic at the Bilderberg Groups conventions; thus the new world order. What form do you propose Mr. President?

    3- Global warming; deny it if you must… man made or by natural rhythms it’s happening it must be dealt with and our pollution must be stopped regardless. It is quite clear that we have poisoned ourselves to the point it might not be reversible or soon will be – if you employ all those folks you promise in your campaign post to keep our reckless lifestyle going how do you plan to control waste from built in obsolescence that now is keeping the economy from total collapse.

    4-The international health crises and that’s just the tip of the iceberg as pollution begins to take its toll. Plastics will likely do for us what lead did to the Romans.

    5-We haven’t even touched on the impact of digital technology – our dependency on it and the fragility of doing so. No one truly knows the extent of its usage or abuse on the World Wide Web.

    Conservatism seems to be the deadwood on the tree of life, which holds fast to form and structure – the shape of the tree. The bone the morrow the heart the platform for new growth; which won’t be much on a full grown tree but vagarious on a young one it doesn’t bend as well to the wind as new growth. Now can we say in general that liberalism is to escape these bonds it is new growth born like blossom or child from the hard structured past to invade the future and become as deadwood. Through the eyes of a child creativity is more naïve and honest for it lives in the now not the past. It is however rooted too and dependent on the past. The wood can’t be separated from the sap and the tree an age old symbol needs a good hug; not a chainsaw.

    It is the ethics, the conscious our awareness that we can change through education – to do so we must accept where we are and what we are doing on a small planet not an isolated country living on selfish dreams.

    Were we to replace the government with a new one the new one would govern much the same… I think we should get serious about saving the tree of life rooted firmly to Mother Earth.

    • Tea Party Tim

      It seems more like we need a President that will have a grip on reality instead of imagined crisis.

      1. Population – We are no where near the point of population that would prohibit the earth from sustaining it.

      2. Nuclear proliferation – Sure we need to maintain constant surveliance on those that would use weapons of mass destruction (whether nuclear or not) and insure that they do not obtain them or have the ability to use them.

      3. Global Warming. – Considering that the earth has been in a cooling trend over at least the past two years, it would seem that the sun warms the earth and there is little that we can do to either encourage or prohibit that.

      4. The international health crisis – We are presently living longer than any time in history over the past 2,000 years and America is leading the way in research and funding for 3rd world countries. Sure, we would like to do more, but even our resources are not unlimited.

      5. Technology is and has been the cornerstone of America. It will continue to be provided that we do not bring government interference to the point that it cripples us.

      Liberals who believe that destroying everything in order to create something new seem to be the dead wood of society. Sighting mother earth as their supreme messiah, instead of the Holy Father God.

  • coal miner

    Coal Miner,

    “The falsification of history has done more to impede human
    development than any one thing known to mankind”
    - Rousseau 1712-1778 -

  • coal miner

    All the supposed abominations, the skeletons and death’s head, the coffins and the mysteries, are mere bogeys for children. But there is one dangerous element and that is the element I have copied from them. They form a sort of priestly nobility. They have developed and esoteric doctrine more merely formulated, but imparted through the symbols and mysteries in degrees of initiation. The hierarchical organization and the initiation through symbolic rites, that is to say, without bothering the brain by working on the imagination through magic and the symbols of a cult, all this has a dangerous element, and the element I have taken over. Don’t you see that our party must be of this character…? An Order, the hierarchial Order of a secular priesthood.”

    -Adolf Hitler praising Freemasonry

  • bedbug

    It is obvious that mankind cannot handle any kind of “power structure” be it religious, political or commercial. Therefore, man needs an “outside” source of government that will care for the needs of each individual. That can only be possible by Jesus Christ and his kingdom government. Otherwise, ur going to have to get a lot of ropes!!

  • Daniel

    I believe we all owe every one of our servicemen a serious apology for our negligence. We have allowed our young men to be placed in harms way while all the time they were believing that they were protecting our way of life and our liberties.

    All the while, we here at home, watched TV, Sports, and relaxed while our politicians quietly robbed them of those liberties they went into the battle fields to protect.

    Our country will no longer be the country we grew up in. We The People have allowed this to happen, and if we don’t do something soon,those young men who have given their lives for our country, will all have died in vain. What a waste.

  • Richard W. Faith

    As soon as electronic petitions calling for Obama’s impeachment hit the Internet, I signed up on one and then started avidly reading the forums. While my perception of what needed to be done hasn’t changed substantially, I’ve learned a lot of what “procedurally” needs to happen. The vital impeachment languishes in limbo because Pelosi holds the keys to the process, and she is either or both of 1) loyal to Obama; 2) controlled by Obama’s handlers. As I see it, the ONLY thing that can bring the impeachment and expulsion of Obama is to first clear the roadway by impeaching and expelling Pelosi, which to many appears hopeless because of the (current) Democrat majority. Ironically, there are many Democrats who would like to expel both Pelosi and Obama, but fear that doing so would hurt the party. I beg to disagree because 1) a Democrat-mandated removal of Pelosi and then Obama would restore some badly-needed moral credibility to the Democrats and 2) the direction Obama has headed us into, against the majority will, fairly assures that our children and grandchildren will never enjoy the opportunities and freedoms we have known.
    Accordingly, these are my action suggestions: 1) deluge every person in the House and every person in the Senate with a roof-collapsing tsunami of regular postal mail demanding the immediate removal of Pelosi from office, and keep it up until there’s no more paper to write it on, or until the desired result is achieved. My bet is that we will succeed, and that it might not even be so tough. With Pelosi and anyone else who succeeds her and is hostile to our cause impeached and removed from office, we can then implement my five-point plan to repossess the U.S.A.:
    1) Impeach Obama and remove him from office, preferably on grounds of the birth issue BECAUSE THAT’S THE ONE PRETEXT THAT PROVIDES THE BEST PATH FOR THE CATEGORICAL ANNULMENT OF EVERYTHING HE HAS SIGNED INTO LAW;
    2) Annul or repeal all legislation, policies, executive orders, doctrines and other documents that bear Obama’s signature (this is easiest if the grounds of successful impeachment are the birth issue, because that alone makes it convincingly arguable that Obama, as an ineligible President, never had the “STANDING” to sign them in the first place;
    3) Restore each and every penny that Obama’s actions caused to change hands to its respective original and rightful owner (this provision is FULLY INTENDED TO INCLUDE ALL OF THE BRIBES AND BAILOUTS);
    4) Prosecute, sentence and penalize each and every person and/or organization that obstructed discovery of Obama’s illicit activities and/or was an accessory to any of those activities;
    5) Amend the Constitution so as to forbid any spouse or ex-spouse of any sitting President or ex-President from running for or serving as President. This provision is intended to protect us from the likes of Hillary or (God forbid!) Michelle.

  • Richard W. Faith

    Sorry, folks! In #2 of my “Five-Point Plan”, I forgot to specifically include “treaties”. If Obama has signed any of these, that’s particularly dangerous. Under even the best of circumstances, treaties tend to have spurious consequences. If I were campaigning to be President, one of my most important campaign promises would be to abstain from signing ANY treaties. It seems to me that in the majority of cases involving treaties, the U.S.A. loses. In the case of an Obama treaty, the loss is virtually guaranteed.

  • Richard W. Faith

    Addendum #2: Append to #4 of the Five-Point Plan: “to the maximum extent permissible under law.”

    Thank you for your indulgence!

  • Christy Mitchell

    -Really odd but I heard President Obama speaking about preservng our democracy two days ago when he accepted General McCrystal’s resignation. I wanted to cringe. Even our supposed super-intelligent President of the United States doesn’t know he is living in a Republic. This was very sad to hear.

  • BrotherPatriot

    There are some amazing posts here with insightful information and facts but I definitely wish to express my thanks and appreciation to Anthony. We all thank you for your effort and information.

    This is a link to a page that I have been compiling information on and writing. Seems my research and opinion are echoed loud and clear here in these comments. I hope my link helps shine the light of truth even further.

    Stand tall and proud, America…we are at war and its from within. Time to bring these villians to justice.

  • animal

    thank you and very impressive faith and dingey . i saw my governor draw a line in the sand tonight on the news . i believe the first shot has been fired in this needed upheaval, it may not have been on the subject you speak of but it was the prelude to to the end we seek

  • Ruben

    Jean-Paul Gagnon, Gaetano Mosca, Bernard Manin, John Keane, and so forth have all written or spoken about the shortcomings of the representative system.

    Also, I’m not sure why so many people are going off about a republic being called a democracy. Yes, they are not synonyms, but you can have a democratic republic. It essentially means a style of government that has a constitution (the republican part) and power that rests with the citizenry (a democratic part) which are designed to check and balance each other with the help of a judiciary. The republic stands to protect people’s rights and the people have the capacity to change those rights should they become outdated. So what’s the big deal? Let’s focus on the actual problems we have with government.

  • Publius

    The Constitution cannot be understood without appreciating what it replaced.

    “A Republic, if you can keep it” — was a warning about Disorder, not Tyrrany. The Constitution was passed to STRENGTHEN the central government, not weaken it. How do we know this:

    1. Why were they in Philadelphia in 1787 (and not 1783 when the Revolution ended)? Because our first try at weak decentralized government (The Articles of Conferderation) was a disaster. The loose confederacy of 13 democracies was, in only 4 short years, quickly spiraling into chaos! States were passing any law they wanted and competing with each other rather than forming a union.
    2. This is also evident from the compromise to add the Bill of Rights. There was, of course, some concern that the central government was being made too strong, and a minority wanted individual rights protected. But implicit in that compromise is the fact that the central thrust of the Constiution (without amendments) was to make a stronger government that could survive the chaos and whims of the electorate.
    3. Anything in the Federalist Papers. The entire purpose was to argue for why this stronger central government was not going to be tyrannical, and was in the nation’s best interest. (i.e. checks and balances argument) It was written to persuade states to Give Up more power to a stronger Federal government, not to persuade people they needed more rights.

    After 200+ years of relative stability, we underappreciate the risks of chaos.

  • Mike

    What does Fraud stand for?


    We need some amendments to fix the breach.

    Congressional Neutrality Amendment – so only congressmen who have not received financial incentives, corporate campaign contributions, promises or kick-backs can vote on a bill or sponsor a bill. This needs to be inforced by the death penalty if you want to prevent what is now happening from happening again.

    No elected or appointed official can be a member of a secret society EVER.

    Private Central Banks are illegal and the federal reserve bank act is repealed along with the debt being repudiated due to fraud. If paper money is to be issued, it must be issued by the government for the needs of the people and NO ONE can claim a profit on its emission. Also just an idea, but if the government charges an interest rate on this currency usage, the interest payment becomes the tax they receive for the expense of running the government. Only a thought.

    Repeal the 14th, 16th and 17th amendments because PEOPLE design governments and not governments re-designing themselves.

    Income Taxation must never be used in any written law. Corporate Profits excise taxation must be substituted where ever income taxation is mentioned so the intent of this type of tax is crystal clear.

    Labor is exempt from any form of federal direct taxation schemes.

    Pass an American Food Purity Amendment guaranteeing ONLY organic foods can be farmed and sold to the public.

    If we do not DEFINE limits of corporate powers in our laws, we will be consumed by them due to the omission of laws from which to prevent them in the first place.

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  • Frank Latimore

    Thank you and very impressive faithfulness. i saw my governor featured tonight on the news. Good work and keep up!

  • Palak

    It’s nice…..;)

  • Harry Dingey

    Here is how to create 13.68 million JOBS in the USA over night..

    Submitted by Harry Dingey on Thu, 03/22/2012 – 23:25. Permalink

    I retired after working thirty years as an Industrial Engineer at Rockwell International in Newark, Ohio.

    So, please trust me, these are Real International Trade numbers to back up everything I am saying.

    Did you know that America can create 13.68 Million good paying Jobs almost overnight by Pulling out of NAFTA and the WTO right now?

    But, most of our American Politicians are in the pocket of the Globalist and they will never let that happen without a bitter fight.

    Here is how to create 13.68 million jobs in the United States almost overnight:

    “Based on the U.S.Department of Commerce estimates that 22,800 jobs are created for every $1 billion in merchandise produced for Import or Export.”

    Go to the following location to check out this statement if you like.


    Total USA Imports in 2011 = $ 1,900 billion.

    $ 1,900 billion X 22,800 = 43.320 million jobs lost to Imports from China, India, Japan & Mexico.


    Total USA Exports in 2011 = $ 1,300 billion.

    $ 1,300 billion X 22,800 = 29.640 million jobs created from Exports.


    If USA Pulls out of NAFTA and the WTO right now here is what the numbers say:

    USA could possibly lose 29.640 million Jobs from EXPORTS.

    However, I am sure many countries will still import some items from the USA because they are not available in other countries. That would of course create even more JOBS gained than I have estimated.

    The USA would absolutely create 43.320 million Jobs by closing the doors to NAFTA and the WTO and producing these items in the USA.

    So, 43.320 minus 29.640 = 13.68 million NET JOBS Absolutely GAINED.

    The Manufacturing JOB LOSS is increasing each and every year. I calculated this JOB LOSS in 2006 at 10 million JOBS LOST in 2006.

    My calculation means an ABSOLUTELY net gain of 13.68 million Jobs gained if the rest of the world did not buy one single penny of USA EXPORTS.

    BY: Harry Dingey

  • Harry Dingey

    How would you like to totally pay off the National Debt without costing the American People one penny?

    How would you like to Abolish the Internal Revenue Service?



    If the money supply goes up you create INFLATION and prices goes up.

    If the money supply goes down you create DEFLATION and prices goes down.

    If the money supply remains CONSTANT. Prices tend to trend lower.

    1) First we Abolish the Federal Reserve established in 1913..

    2) Then we Abolish the Internal Revenue Service established in 1913 along with the Federal Reserve, which serves as the collection arm of the Federal Reserve to pay itself Annual Interest for money we borrowed from ourself.

    3) Then We take “fractional reserve banking system” away from all banks and go back to “100% reserve banking system”.

    4) Presently the Federal Reserve allows all banks to legally print $10 new Dollars for every dollar they hold on deposit (this is really counterfeiting). This increases bank profits and the Money Supply by a factor of tenfold for every new dollar printed by the Treasury Department and also causes Inflation.

    5) This year the Federal Government will borrow and print $1.5 Trillion Dollars.

    Eventually this money ends up deposited in a bank. The Banks just like a magician are allowed to take that $1.5 Trillion Dollars and turn it into $15 Trillion Dollars, this will Increase the Money Supply by total of $15 Trillion Dollars.

    Wait a minute!!! Ain’t that the same amount we need to pay off the entire Federal National Debt?

    We must take “Fractional Reserve Banking System” (this should be called CONTERFITING ) away from the banks and force them to use “100 % Reserve Banking System”.

    Then tell the Treasury Department to print up $15 Trillion Dollars of non-interest bearing Treasury notes (dollars) and buy back all the Interest bearing Bonds (Our Total National Debt).

    This will not increase the Money Supply by even one penny because we will destroy all the interest bearing Bonds we just purchased.

    WOW.. we just paid off the entire $15 trillion dollar National Debt by printing non-bearing interest Treasury notes (dollars) and did not cost the American people one penny.

    We totally eliminated the National Debt, eliminated annual interest payments on the National Debt, eliminated paying Federal Income Taxes and created a positive surplus of $2.6 Trillion dollar in the Social Security trust fund,

    Every time I go through the calculations I think of other benefits.

    Some National Debt Facts:

    • Social Security trust fund is $2.6 trillion in the black (IOU’s).
    • Social Security trust fund in 2010 ran a $68 billion surplus.
    • Only $1.2 trillion is owed to China.
    • $10 trillion is owed to American people.

    When we pay-off the National Debt as I have suggested we automatically create a Positive Social Security Trust Fund of $2.6 trillion dollars that I suggest we separate this Trust Fund from the General Account.

    Presently we are paying about $400 Billion Dollars every year interest on the National Debt (money we borrowed from ourself). But, if interest rates starts going up because of Hyper-Inflation and that’s exactly what the Price of Gold is telling us right now. This interest we are paying on the National Debt could easily grow to an amount larger than the total Federal Gross Income tax receipts.

    This is a very Powerful Monetary Tool and this gives you an idea of how the banks has been given this sweetheart deal by Congress back in 1913 which has allowed the Banks to literally rob the American people out of trillions of dollars. The Federal Reserve has already screwed the American People out of $150 Trillion Dollars since its inception.

    This will force all the American Banks to go back to a Fair Banking System of “one hundred percent reserve banking system”.

    What happens if we do NOTHING?

    The alternative is to let the Federal Reserve continue screwing the American people out of TRILLIONS of DOLLARS year after year?

    Do you understand what is going to happen when the Feds are forced to start increasing the interest rates to stop the coming Hyper-Inflation?

    Back in the 1980s Federal Reserve chairman Paul Volcker was forced to increase Interest rates because of run-away inflation and the Interest rates jump to around 20%. If that was to happen now we could easily see the Annual Interest Charged on our National Debt jump to around $2.8 Trillion Dollars a year. That my friend does not include the projected Annual Budget short fall of another $1.6 Trillion Dollars.

    This is exactly why the Price of Gold has increased from $300/oz. to $1,800/oz., a six fold increase. Gold is trying to tell everyone something but no one is listening as usual?

    We could end up paying more annual interest on the National Debt than the Internal Revenue Service collects in annual gross Income Tax receipts?

    That is called Absolute National Bankruptcy.

    The Federal Drug Administration (FDA) is just another privately owned organization setup by the Rockefeller Family to benefit all the large drug Companies and the Medical establishment. The Pharmaceutical Industry, AMA and FDA are Endangering Your Health for Profits.

    Please copy and post if you like this idea.

    Harry Dingey

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  • Michelle M.

    I read the first part and was disgusted. I didn’t even finish. Franklin did not say “democratic-republic.” He said republic. A democracy is the tyrannical form of a republic. If a republic falls into a democracy it will lead to a direct tyranny unless the people become moral and virtuous again.
    That is all.

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    • Tom Turner

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  • Tom Turner

    “When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic.”.

    Ben takes as his premise that the “republic” he has given that Philadelphia woman included the ability for the majority to vote themselves money. Ben understood that “Republic” and “Democratic” were not mutually exclusive as you seem to insist. In fact the amendment clause of Ben’s Constitution makes it possible for the majority to effect anything they want… even to take away a man’s alcohol.

  • Tom Turner

    If Ben Franklin did indeed say that in 1787 then your understanding of what he meant by “Republic” is wrong. In 1787 the Constitution Ben help craft had NO provisions for the protection of individual liberties. Those did NOT come until 4 years later when the first 10 amendments, the Bill of Rights, were adopted. For Ben the essence of “Republic” did NOT include individual liberties protected by a written Constitution!

    I appreciate your umbrage at those who would revise history. I now expect you to go back and recant what you told all those high school students.

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  • James

    The country has survived 230+ years as a republic with all its faults, some more egregious than others. The sky is not falling. Unfortunately, due in part to the two party system our laws and policies lurch from one extreme to the other. But polls indicate that support for both parties in elections seems to hover between 45 and 55%. I agree that we are currently facing many challenging issues but the sky is not falling any more than it was during previous difficult times (and none were worse than the Bush/Cheney years which set the stage for the current state of affairs).

  • Rich Frank

    Convincing other countries to resort to a democratic government fits right in with the Bilderberg master plan. With the majority of the rest of the world with ‘democratic governments’, it becomes much easier for the Bilderberg group to get the US to fall in line. I am afraid that we have progressed so far along the route to the New World Order that it will take a major rebellion to change course in this country. Even with a major turnover in the elections this fall, it is necessary to do even more in 2012. GOD HELP US !!!

  • Dagney

    You must go back to the Carter and Clinton years to see where the stage was actually set for the current economic crisis began. You know “Community Reinvestment Act”? That crisis began with Carter, put on steriods by Clinton, that enabled the BO regime to “not let a good crisis go to waste”. Bush however, fool that he was, started the redistribution on steroids. However stupid that was, I don’t get the impression it was his intention to set this current regime up pretty for a financial takeover. I think something happened that spooked him. Something happened, and I think the date was September 18, 2008. Anyone else know what I’m referring to? I’ve read somewhere there was some sort of electronic bank run that spooked the administration causing TARP to be born. I imagine Soros was somehow behind it and it set up a beautiful October surprise to ensure the statist was elected. I’d be interested to read what anyone else knows about this? Or, is my recollection completely off-base?

  • Dave

    Does anybody see the irony of electing people to stop a “democracy.” Some of your points are actually true but get lost in your further interpretation. What do you really think the Republicans are going to do? All I ever hear from the right against healthcare reform was “the majority of people don’t want it.” Well that’s BS because the government has to do what’s right for the country with the power given to them by the Constitution. Not through “mob rule.” The majority of the country may not have backed ending slavery but do you really think that shouldn’t have happened?

  • George E

    I think you’re on to something.

  • George E

    Elections do have consequences. That’s why so many people are upset today. They didn’t expect Obama and the Democrats to behave as they are behaving. They expected a liberal government, but not a socialist government. They expected the majority to drive the agenda, but not without some level of bi-partisan support. They didn’t expect the Democrats to push important legislation through without open debate and compromise, without even reading these bills first. They didn’t expect the Democrats to bend (and possibly break) laws and precedence in order to get legislation passed. While a majority of voters (apparently) voted for Obama and the Democrats in Congress, and they do have the power granted them by our Constitution, it is very unlikely that these politicians would get the support of a majority if a vote were taken today. Believing this, would you still think the Democrats should continue pushing unpopular legislation into law so long as they are in office? I don’t.

  • DaveH

    When the States signed on to the Union, the Constitution was the set of rules. The Constitution does not give the Federal Government the power to force a Heathcare system on the member states. If the Federal Government can not obey the rules then the States have every right to quit playing the game.
    In the case of the Healthcare Bill, it doesn’t matter if the citizens overwhelmingly supported it. It would still be Unconstitutional.

  • George E


    I like your argument, so long as the Supreme Court validates what you are saying. I’m not saying that I always agree with Supreme Court rulings, but if they say the health care reform law is constitutional it’ll be practically impossible to successfully argue it is not, I think.

  • http://naver samurai

    100% agree! For God and country!

  • kate8

    DaveH, as I said earlier, and got chastised for, if every branch of government is stacked against the people and chooses to ignore the Constitution, and ignore those who bring challenges on Constitutional basis, what do we do then?

    The Supreme Court has become the last word. The branches were supposed to be equal, but they’ve become, indeed, supreme. And with lifetime appointments, it’s near impossible to change it.

  • DaveH

    If it was that cut and dried, there would be no such thing as 5-4 decisions.

  • George E


    That’s true, but the majority rules.

  • DaveH

    One thing we can do is to not elect people who will allow Judges to be appointed that think the Constitution is a “living document”. That is the concept that supposes Judges ought to be able to interpret the Constitution based on what is best for modern society. If we allow that, there will be chaos. The judges are not elected by the people and they are not appointed to make their own laws (the practical effect of interpreting the Constitution as a “living document”).

  • kate8

    DaveH, that sounds good in theory, but reality being what it is, the game being rigged, WHAT ARE WE TO DO?

    Obama and the rest of the treasonous crowd are doing a lot of damage. They still have time to do a lot more. We can delude ourselves that we can still vote in good people, but is that really true? Who, honestly, is going to stand up to the likes of the Rothschilds and the NWO? They can’t, and survive.

    Increasing numbers of troops are now on US soil. Probably half of our own will side with the PTB. Law enforcement is being trained against the people. They are ready to confiscate firearms. FEMA camps are staffed and ready. They just await the declaration of martial law.

    I hate to sound doom and gloom, but we need to open our eyes and get off this “vote them out of office and all will be restored” idea. We need something much bigger than that. They NWO system is in place, and laws are already on the books to enforce it.


  • DaveH

    Ron Paul does it all the time. It has been my experience having talked politics with a lot of people, that we are getting the Government that most people think they want. As long as people are conditioned to think that the Government is the solution to their problems, then nothing will change. But if the people make the necessary effort to learn that Big Government isn’t the solution and start voting for less of it, then all the spooky rich people aren’t going to be able to stop us.

  • Leo


    Ron Paul is allowed to be there only because he is alone.
    Monarchs often allow presence of one fool or jester at their courts. They make of him a lesson for everybody else and to demonstrate that they allow a dissent.

    Do not be delusional. They rigged the game and we cannot vote corrupt people out.

  • kate8

    Leo, thank you. That was pretty much the point I’ve been trying to make.

    Ron Paul, as good as he looks on the surface, is a Freemason. That makes him part of the “Brotherhood”.

    Plus, they allow “heros of the people” to emerge to give the illusion of promise, and to draw out the opposition. Notice that they never really have enough traction to anything but talk. There just seem to be never enough votes.

  • Leo


    Actually I do not doubt that Ron Paul is 100% sincere.

    The establishment which has managed to turn a constitutional republic into an imperial oligarchy is just using him for its benefit.

    I am quite sure the establishment is placing the people who make contributions to Ron Paul, and similar, on a special list to eliminate or to send to a FEMA camp for reeducational vacation.

    After reading “Civil War II” by Thomas Chittum I have realized that the only hope of a real change is in a racial civil war which will hopefully destroy the establishment.


    “There are, in theory, several scenarios for future of America. They are, in order of possibility of occurrence:

    1. A second Civil War, and subsequent partitioning of America into several new ethnically-based nations.

    2. Complete imperial conversion, and transformation of America into an undemocratic, multiethnic, poverty-stricken, third-world empire.

    3. The peaceful breakup of America into thee or more ethnically-based nations.

    4. America remaining intact by the will of the people, a possibility only if two conditions are met: (A) Reforms are instituted to turn over political power to the people and to permanently stop massive, institutionalized corruption that now permeates every phase of our government. (B) Massive and voluntary assimilation of various tribal groups.

    Unfortunately, the order of desirability of these scenarios is exactly the opposite of their likelihood of occurrence.”

  • Leo

    Ironically it means that the more illegals the better because the sooner we will have the civil war.

  • kate8

    LEO, Ron Paul may well be sincere. Either way, the result is the same.

    I am not ready to give up on our nation. All I’ve been saying is that people need to be able to see what it is we are up against. There is no such thing as a completely hopeless situation.

    The game is rigged to keep us from being able to effectively unite. Although blogs such as this are great for getting the word out, we need to do more than that. We need to organize and go on the offensive. We need to get back into the education system and have an effect on what is being taught. When necessary, we must engage in civil disobedience on a massive scale. But we need the support of one another, because it’s easier to be bold in numbers.

    God be with us.


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