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A President Or A King?

June 28, 2012 by  

During the Constitutional Convention, there was much discussion about the chief executive, how much power he should have, how long his term should be and whether there should be more than one. In fact, the lack of a chief executive was considered one of the glaring weaknesses of the Articles of Confederation.

Save Alexander Hamilton and James Wilson — who advocated for a strong chief executive similar to a monarch — delegates were most concerned that the executive would turn into a virtual king. During the Philadelphia Convention, Charles Pinckney said he was “for a vigorous executive, but was afraid the executive powers of the existing Congress might extend to peace and war, &c.; which would render the executive a monarchy of the worst kind, to wit, an elective one.”

When Wilson moved that the executive should “consist of a single person,” the Convention was silent. After Benjamin Franklin asked for opinions, John Rutledge said, he was “for vesting the executive power in a single person,” though not for “giving him the power of war and peace.”

George Mason said, “If strong and extensive Powers are vested in the Executive, and that Executive consists of only one Person; the Government will of course degenerate (for I will call it degeneracy) into a Monarchy–a Government so contrary to the Genius of the people that they will reject even the appearance of it…”

What would Mason, Franklin, Rutledge and Pinckney think of the Presidency now? Over the years, the President has usurped more and more authority from Congress, and Congress has ceded its authority willingly. Now the President and the man on the top of the Republican ticket who seeks to replace him both believe the President has the authority to make war without Congressional approval, kill U.S. citizens at his discretion and imprison Americans without charges and hold them indefinitely without trial.

It’s safe to say even Hamilton and Wilson would be mortified by those prospects.

Source: The Founding Father’s Guide To The Constitution, by Brion McClanahan.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • David in MA

    America, as a Constitutional Republic,
    must be re-claimed,
    if not by the ballot,
    then by the bullet!

    Pray for the Oath Keepers,
    Hope for the Lone Wolf.

  • texastwin827

    While I hope that the removal of Obama can be done by vote, I also know that almost everything he does violates the Constitution so there is no reason to believe he will not continue to do so. To be quite honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if he “manufactures” a reason to declare martial law before the elections, as I believe he already knows that he’s not going to have the same support that he did in 2008.

    And before some liberal condemns me as a radical conservative….I am an independent and don’t vote “along party lines”. I voted for him because I didn’t believe in continuing Bush’s policies, via McCain, even though I was a little uneasy about his “Hope & Change” since he never spelled out what his idea of hope & change was.

    There is an old saying that fits Obama perfectly….fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. I will not being making the same mistake, twice. I have no desire to see my country to be turned into an Eurpoean socialist country and, whether any liberal wants to admit it, or not, that’s exactly where he’s attempting to take this country.

    While I am a supporter of Ron Paul, I will once again vote for the “least of two evils”, if I have to, even though I don’t think Romney is much better than Obama.

    If all these recent wars have accomplished nothing, worldwide, they have accomplished one thing, at home. The elite have given us an entire new generation of seasoned, combat veterans….many of whom are more displeased with the direction our country is going, than the average citizen is so if it takes a war to re-establish our Republic, we old folks will not be alone, in doing so.

    • Jimmie Hall

      “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me” I use this same saying earlier this evening, and it was in reference to our current situation with Obama. Even I have to admit, He sure as hell fool the (expletive deleted) out of the American People. People jumped on his band wagon, well, like he was like the messiah or something. Face it, you were (expletive deleted) gullible, you bite hook line and sinker as they say. Now, look at out government, the Executive Branch is a bunch of crooks, The Congress is nothing but a bunch of Corporate lacky”s, And, the Judicial Branch, I think they really showed their true colors just a few days ago. Pardon me, but if you were standing on the outside, looking in, you would have to say it was pretty(expletive deleted). Now, going back to that very first statement. We have let ourselves be (In a polite way) Fooled. But we certainly have also been the other way of spelling that too. And the reason it is so flubbed up, is because we have been so (expletive deleted) gullable, We have been letting our selves be fooled for so (expletive deleted) long, this is exactly what you get. Shame on me.

  • Sol of Texas

    I am fascinated that the Constitutional Convention did not settle on two Chief Magistrates (as did the Roman Constitution) rather than a single man. Clearly, even that system failed and devolved into an Imperium, but it took over 550 years. We are only 225 years into our Republic and it is in great danger of collapse.

    • Barbara

      You are right on Most countrys do not last this long. Obama is acting like a king instead of a President.The public does not realize what he has taken away from us . Next will be free speach also if you are fat they will start taxing you say no way well we didn’t think he could make this health law a tax but they did. How will any one pay that king of tax they are saying it will be . Go to the polls in November and vote him out

    • TIME

      Dear Sol,

      The Roman Empire didn’t fail nor fail, its just transposed into something oddly differant, yet totaly the same.

      It was called during its first change over; The Holy Roman Empire, then they had to kill off a few problems that being the K.T. who protected the real followers of the ways of the Christ.
      They were called the Cathars, from where the word cathartic comes, the spelling may be off on Cathars.

      After that the Holy Roman Empire became the “Catholic Church,” note the word Catholic means – “UNiversal.”
      Note the One World Government, is also UN-I-versal now see how this comes along. The union of ONE.

      Next we had the split, and where did the Roman Empire go then?

      The “NEW WORLD,” and we have the “New World Order”
      = “The Roman Empire.”

      That equals the United States Inc. Of what is in the CITY STATE of DC, created in 1878; now being The Military arm of the Roman Empire. We even employ the same symbols in our CON Gress that were used in the Roman Senate / CONgress.

      The CITY STATE where the POPE lives thats the HOME of the “Soul” of the Roman Empire.

      But – The Head of the snake lives in the CITY STATE of LONDON, where the Zionest reside who are the leaders of the “New World Order” / yet still only ” the OLD WORLD Order” also known as the “Roman Empire.”

      Strange how all that works, look into it and you will find its really quite the ride.
      What’s even more strange is the Crown of England feel they are the direct BLOOD descendants of David & Solman, by the way note the star of David is really the star of Solman, {as above so will be below.} And thats just the tip of the iceburg. Learn of the Cult of the Sun, and the Cult of the Moon, and understand what it all means and your world will change forever. What was the greatest deception of all TIME, the fact that the Roman Empire is still quite alive and doing quite well!

      Peace and Love

  • Vigilant

    There’s a very good reason that that the duties and responsibilities of the legislative branch comprise both the first and longest article in the Constitution. The Founders felt that the legislative function was the most important feature of the new Republic.

    In a period of time where George Washinbgton could have effectively become a monarch, he heroically relinquished his presidency after two terms, setting a wise precedent until Roosevelt violated it.

    Both congresses and presidents have created the situation we have today. Too often the sitting president unconstitutionally appropriated powers reserved to the Congress, and that body allowed it to happen with nothing more than a whimper. Once the door was opened, presidents began to use executive orders, czars and regulatory agencies to sidestep the Constitutionally established checks and balances. It has now come to a point where the president can merely “announce” that he will selectively enforce federal laws, and the Congress once again just rolls over.

    The collusion was complete when the left-leaning activist majority of the Warren Supreme Court clearly violated the 10th Amendment with the Brown vs. Board of Education decision. This clear disdain for the Constitution now has its proponents in Bader Ginsberg, Kagan, Sotomayor and Breyer, who have the odd notion that they can rewrite law by merely referring to “social justice” or by appealing to international laws that are no part of the Constitution.

    • AZ-Ike

      You are correct, Vigilant. The Legislative Branch was supposed to protect the Rights of the sovereign People and the sovereign States. They have failed, because we have failed by continually electing career politicians who have amassed such power that corruption is the only outcome that could have resulted.
      You can now add Chief Justice Roberts to your list of treasonous Justices . Today we have a clear statement by all three branches of government that ‘consent of the governed’ is no longer an operative principle in America. With SCOTUS’ decision to uphold the individual mandate in Obamacare, the People of America are the enslaved subjects of a despotic ruler and his cadre of elite sycophants.

      • Vigilant

        I agree with you. I wasn’t aware of the decision until I read your posting.

        This is a sad day for the American people, and possibly the death nell for the Constitution.

        Roberts is as evil a traitor as Benedict Arnold, worse in fact because he has helped to destroy individual sovereignty in this nation, perhaps forever. He should be shot at dawn.

  • 45caliber

    About the time Oblama was sworn in Michelle stated that the President was the equal to kings in other countries – and should be treated as such. She (and he) have attempted to do just that ever since.

  • rawise

    now they’re referring to him as emperor!

  • s c

    A prez or a king is much too polite, folks. Throw in fuhrer, emperor, caesar, chairman [as in Mao], dictator or anything else that seems to fit.
    Anybody wanna buy a Justice Roberts T shirt? I have a feeling this item will become very “popular” in the next few days. Call me fickle, but I’m betting that Roberts will find himself the main topic of discussion for a LONG time. I can’t help having the feeling that when GB nominated Roberts for the S C, he (Bush) didn’t take any time to find out if Roberts had any integrity, character or any use for the Constitution. Can I get a ____ _____ on that?

  • Beno

    Obozo, the want to be king, the son of a women who didn’t know who his father was, a so called man who has had sex with other men, a book written by a person with first hand knowledge, 3 dead men from his so called christian church who had sex with him. half white, half black but hates whites. Has two fathers? the one buried in Kenya and satan, both liars from the beginning, thieves and murders, with the ruling today his choosen panel will decide life or death of the elderly, and if a Born Again Believer, your dead but, at least in heaven with the real King.

  • DAK

    No matter what title the leader of our country is called, the fact remains we have what we deserve to have. We vote for known liars, known crooks, known cheats, people who constantly put party ahead of country and make no bones about doing it either before the election or after, yet we vote for them anyway then complain when they bend us over.

    Since 2008, the GOP cry has been to do anything, no matter who suffers, just to defeat Obama in 2012. Well, this is what going to the extreme gets you… more idiots in Congress. With more idiots making our laws and less voters actually listening to the facts before they vote, we get more idiotic laws on the books. While I don’t like Obama’s policies much, I realize the President doesn’t make laws. The House and Senate make laws and the President only has the power to either sign or veto what bills are sent to his desk so I blame the current state of our country not at the Oval Office, but rather at the halls of Congress. As long as we continue to elect liars, thieves and cheats to govern us, why would we expect any thing less than liars, cheats and thieves in office?


    For most of us now, this Fraud in the WH is neither POTUS or a temporary king, he has never been properly vetted, the collective allegations based on researched fact by experts is telling us we have a unknown in the Oval Officew whose credentials are under legal restraint and he has a butt boy in the AG holder the racist obstructing and defying law in order to protect him and move his illegal agenda.
    Soon this butt boy will be held in contempt by a large bipartisan vote in the House for failing to comply with the request of the investigating committee lead by Cong. Issa. I can imagine the consequences of this contempt charge and the implications of defending a now $1.2 T tax increase in a election year after the insistent no new taxes phrase was heard coming from the mouth of the Fraud in the WH is going to be hard to justify by the Deemers in this coming election year.
    I will bet now that the R’s will control both houses and the Exec and we will be having a further look at how the Fraud was allowed office and a repeal pary that will allow this country to recover economically to regain a foot hold on the future….

  • Eric Jones

    All this talk of a “king” is a waste of time. when its time he,ll step down like they all do.

  • JustAnotherJoe10

    Since Obama wants to be a king, and since the spineless, wimpy Congress refuses to do its job in upholding the Constitution, and keeping the presidents powers in check, I think ALL members of Congress, and all nine members of the U.S. Supreme Court, should be fired, with any taxpayer-paid benefits put into the U.S. Treasury. Send ALL of them to the back of the unemployement line, and let ‘em get the taste of what life is REALLY like for too many Americans in this country.


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