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A Poor Standard

August 9, 2011 by  

A Poor Standard

I must admit, as appalling as I find most of what the Democrats pass off as political rhetoric, I do enjoy when they start repeating talking points in perfect unison. Granted, the port side of the body politic generally presents an outward face as seamless as Representative Nancy Pelosi post-Botox®, but there are moments when Democratic leaders, mouthpieces and sock puppets in the corporate media literally sound like they are all reading off the same teleprompter.

Witness, if you will, the aftermath of Standard & Poor’s decision to downgrade America’s credit rating from AAA to AA+. Liberals immediately blamed the fiscal fail on the Tea Party in specific and the GOP in general.

President Obama’s lackey David Axelrod told the doddering Bob Schieffer on what’s left of CBS’s venerable Face the Nation: “The fact of the matter is that this is essentially a Tea Party downgrade.”

Axelrod’s sentiments received a resounding echo from his table mate, former Democratic National Committee Chairman, former Vermont Governor and bellowing lunatic Howard Dean: “I think they’ve been smoking some of that tea, not just drinking it.”

Gee thanks, guys. We were all waiting with bated breath for the pronouncements of a White House hack and the ex-Governor of Ben and Jerry’s. As for “smoking it,” perhaps someone at the DNC should tell Governor Dean that he, of all people, should refrain from making “smoking” jokes. We all saw your Iowa meltdown in 2004, Governor Dean. I certainly hope that was drug-induced.

Meanwhile, noted yachtsman and 2004 Presidential loser Senator John Kerry emerged from below to pronounce to the remaining viewers of NBC’s once-relevant Meet the Press: “I believe this is, without question, the Tea Party downgrade.” Thanks for the input, Senator Kerry. I believe you are still the second-most important Senator from Massachusetts.

The reality of the S&P downgrade is that we’re no longer as fiscally respectable as The Netherlands, and are instead relegated to slumming with such reprobates as New Zealand.  According to S&P, our national credit rating dipped because the deficit-reduction plan passed last week didn’t cover enough bases to reassure markets that our fiscal situation was entirely stable. The Democrats — sans President Obama, who was cutting a 50th birthday rug with Al Sharpton — raced out to proffer desperate attempts to shift the blame to someone other than Obama.

However, we can dismiss the Democrats’ wailing for what it is: simple political maneuvering to avoid the electoral disaster that awaits them in 2012. Consider S&P’s logic:

We could lower the long-term rating to ‘AA’ within the next two years if we see that less reduction in spending than agreed to, higher interest rates, or new fiscal pressures during the period result in a higher general government debt trajectory than we currently assume in our base case.

Translation: “Stop spending like you’re auditioning to be Donald Trump’s next ex-wife, or you may have to pawn the title on Air Force One.” Well aware that anything Obama might sign would be as devoid of logic as, well, the scheme Obama signed, S&P responded with deserved skepticism.

While the Democrats were shrieking about conservative intransigence, Senator Lindsay Graham, who is only mildly more conservative than Axelrod, Dean and Obama, actually made a sensible remark: “The Tea Party hasn’t destroyed Washington… Washington was destroyed before the Tea Party got there.” Note to Democrats far and wide: If Lindsay Graham is schooling you on fiscal matters, you’ve been downgraded to remedial-level economics.

The Democrats have always been long on promises and short on plans. Throughout the entire debt-ceiling debate, they deployed defamation, but offered no direction beyond tired class-warfare applause lines. There are some cracks appearing in the liberal wall, however. While the vast majority is holding fast to the “blame the GOP” talking point, one or two liberal lackeys have evidently wandered off the reservation. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner claimed the S&P had “no justifiable rationale” for the downgrade. I suspect Obama and his minions didn’t stop to think that by claiming the S&P’s logic was inherently flawed, Geithner precludes the Democratic argument that the Tea Party is responsible.

Now, in the face of the first credit rating downgrade in American history, the Democrats are blaming both conservatives and S&P for a debtor’s prison they designed and built themselves. Unfortunately, they expect us to serve their sentence for them.

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • Al Sieber

    “Everybody knows the ship is sinking, everybody knows the captain lied”. they can still downgrade us further this month. gold at $1761.

    • TIME


      Ever in your life think you would see $1760.00 per OZ Gold?

      I guess its kinda like when my 1959 les Paul Standard sold for $285K, keeping in mind I bought it in 1966 at a Pawn shop used and worn for $175.00, who would have ever thought it possible.

      • Al Sieber

        TIME, I’ve been dealing with gold since it was $35 a oz., and started mining it when it was $50 a oz in the 1970′s. anything can happen. it shows you people’s distrust in fiat currency, I hope to God people wake up. it could go to $2200 by years end.

        • TIME

          A guy I know quite well who is also in to this venue like yourself said the other day he is 100% sure it will hit that number if not higher within your time line as noted.

          • http://?? Joe H.

            watch silver during that time and a little longer. While there is still a good amount of gold still undiscovered, silver is slowly petering out. It is used in many more venues than gold as well. Percentage wise, silver will outpace gold in the near future.

          • Al Sieber

            You’re right Joe, silver is a sleeper.

        • Angel Wannabe

          Al and Time, I saw that prediction too, Gold possibly $2500 an oz. by December_ Unbelievable!!

          • Al Sieber

            I heard that too Angel, but what will the Fed. Note (Dollar) buy? are we headed to hyperinflation in a year? or more Quantive Easing?, then hyperinflation, then for the 2012 election they’ll bring in a savior who’ll promise to fix things, only it’ll be a great deceiver, anyways it’s a slow torture. I would like to see Ron Paul win.

          • Angel Wannabe

            Al__ whats the dollar worth now, 74 cents?__ I saw it yesterday>

          • Angel Wannabe

            Al, All this propping up of the economy is prolonging the inevitable, man o man, one of these days the supports are gonna break and we they do TSIGHTF!!!

          • independent thinker

            A dollar is a dollar is a dollar as my old economics professor used to say.

            Angel what you have to do is provide a reference point, todays dollar compared to say last years dollar or the dollar 10 years ago etc..

          • DaveH

            Abolish the Federal Reserve!
            Jefferson was right:
            “The central bank is an institution of the most deadly hostility existing against the Principles and form of our Constitution. I am an Enemy to all banks discounting bills or notes for anything but Coin. If the American People allow private banks to control the issuance of their currency, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the People of all their Property until their Children will wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered.”

          • DaveH

            For a real eye-opener go here:

            Then enter $1000, 1800, and 1913

            Then enter $1000, 1913, and 2010

            The Federal Reserve was created in 1913.

          • TIME


            Lets figure if ZINK is what your penny is made from with copper washed finish being 2 Microns thick, and as ZINK holds the least value of any metal as in its value is about .0001 cents, that should be a good guide as to what the REAL value of a dollar is now.
            so for a full 100 pennys worth per dollar that = .10 cents is near the TRUE value of a Dollar but is really far less.

            Keep in mind that one OZ of gold is a {twenty dollar gold piece.}
            So if a $20.00 gold piece is now holding a value of $1760.00, the math is really quite simple.

            Everything is not well in OZZ………

          • Dan az

            Did any of you guys watch (inside job)Now thats a true eye opener.How we got here and who did it and guess who put them all in to higher positions.
            You can get the documentary on netflix.A must see!!!!Instead of all these guys going to prison they get picked by obumer to head up the very mess they all created.I guess he thunk that know one would remember.

          • Angel Wannabe

            Al,Time, Independent Thinker and Dan Az__I just went to the store yesterday, I don’t have to time to type all the items that are over the top high priced^!
            Thank Christ I started stocking up a year ago, as I said above were in for a bumpy ride.
            I don’t pity anyone waiting to see whats gonna happen in the near future, because by then its gonna be too late.

          • andrea francis

            Back in the mid 50s I had a school friend that I was visiting one day. He had 2 old uncles visit ing also. One of them asked me if I would like to see their gold. Of course I said yes, i had never seen gold that wasn’t jewelry. They brought out 4 big fruit jars full of gold nuggets and gold dust.I asked them what it was worth in paper money. They would or could not tell me. Gold mining was how these men made their living, panning for gold in the creeks and rivers of Oregon. I think often of this gold in the fruit jars, and wonder how much it would be worth today.I have no gold, and am doing good to pay all my bills and eat.I am hoping to buy some siver coins soon. My Mom always told me, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer, and this is true. what will the poor do when this economic system crashes, and they cannot afford food and rent, and the nanny government is not there to help them? If anyone has some advice to us poor folk on what we can do to survive the final catastrophe, please give us some advice.

          • TIME


            I have a group of folks we will be taking care of mostly folks with kids. If you have a friend or you yourself have a sam’s club membership go get 50 – 100 pound bags of rice, grow spices in your yard, and as many veggies as you can.
            Buy dryed beans and put them away a bag or two here and there.
            Store up as much water as you can, fire wood, and matches or get survival flints.

            The money will do you little good, food will get you through.
            Try and find others who can get their heads around whats coming and have them work with you in food storage, when the crap its the fan you will have a support group.
            Oh get a bag or two of sand some old cotton tee’s and nylon rope, and a piece of 5″ wide or bigger PVC pipe, a few bottles of Clorox no sented etc. ONE Tsp per gallon of water, the PVC pack with sand and tie the clean old tee shirt on the bottom pour the water in the other end of the tube let it drain into a bucket or pan etc. That way you will have fresh drinking water.

            But bottles of H2 O2 and put them away, for any cuts etc. Buy a good book on whats natural to eat in your area, an SAS survial book will do.

          • Cassandra

            What to do when everything crashes? Why, find out what people want and provide it. Grow food and sell it. Don’t expect the gubmint to be there is all…

          • Al Sieber

            Angel, probably 3- cents since 1913.

        • Mike N.

          Just remember one thing guys. Helo Ben said gold is not money. Only his worthless paper fits that description.

          • JC

            “America is, and always will be a Triple A Nation”
            Barack Insane Obama reacting to S&P’s downgrade.

            The guy is a delusional idiot.
            (Helloooo, Earth to Obama, anybody home?)

      • Mark

        I think that everyone has misinterpreted what Obama said about America “is and always will be a triple A country.” He must have been referring to the fact that his policies have broken the American system and we are waiting on the road for a tow from AAA. Surely he is not so delusional to blame the Tea Party for the credit rating downgrade when that was caused by:

        1. His addition to the debt that put us further in this mess (2.52 trillion in 2009 and 2.3 trillion with the “debt ceiling” bill).

        2. His healthcare law that is stifling hiring because nobody knows how much it will cost to hire a new employee.

        3. His continual threat to tax small business (a.k.a. “the rich” and a.k.a. the source of 64% of all new jobs and a.k.a. the source of 84% of all non-government US jobs) that also stops small business from hiring with money they may have to pay in taxes.

        4. His wasting of money on “shovel ready jobs” that did very little but line the pockets of his party. (Odd how he expectes Keynesian economics to work here although it did not work in Italy, Greece, Great Britian, or Spain.)

        5. His Treasury that has caused weakness in our dollar through rampant printing of money by the Fed (refer to articles on Quantitative Easing 1 and 2).

        If he is that delusional, what is next? Will he blame them for the 4 trips to Hawaii, 3 to Vail, junkets to Africa, trips to Spain, and the continual golf outings? Will they be the cause of the environmental disasters on his watch?

  • dbtexas

    Right! Everyone knows that the Tea Party is filled with caring, compassionate individuals, possessing a complete understanding of economics and world politics. We all completely understand that President Obama is absolutely responsible for all the ills of the world and that Republicans and Tea Party members have taken the high road of moral superiority (Representative Nancy Pelosi post-Botox®; Presidential loser Senator John Kerry; President Obama’s lackey; doddering Bob Schieffer; bellowing lunatic Howard Dean). Mr. Crystal, I am curious as to the presenter of this award for your radio show. Evidently right wing shills pat each other on the back frequently. To put it kindly sir, you are a jerk. When you and those of your ilk (both sides) can get past the partisan blathering, then, and only then, can we hope to move forward in our country. However, as long as low minded hacks like you exist, I am not hopeful.

    • http://Personalliberty Tony

      To dbtexas:
      How right you are sir? The Tea Party is nothing but an albatross around the necks of conservatives. They make us look like loonies.
      The sad thing is , it’s because of them that conservatives will lose
      in 2012. Thanks!!

      • eyeswideopen
        • Jana

          That site is a joke. Only a liberal kook (thanks Denniso) would refer to that site.

      • TIME


        If you think that the standard RebO’s are conservatives, I have a bridge to sell you dude.
        The only Differance between the DemO and RebO’s is in name only.

        Man O Man are you sleeping in a deep La La slumber.

      • Captain Mike

        No, they make us look like CONSERVATIVES. If you think that’s LOONY, go join ACORN.

        • http://Personalliberty Tony

          Hey Captain Mike:
          You should listen to Chris Christie , Gov. of New Jersey. He pointed out the fact that the Tea party is destructive and what S+P did was
          simply political. He told it as it is.

          • Kate8

            Tony – “simply political”?

            Right. Code for dirty, wrong, bad for the American people but, in some way, good for the politicians.

          • Jana

            The TEA Party destructive?
            When a group of people get together who are proud of their country? You call that destructive?
            When a group of people get together who honor God?
            You call that destructive?
            When a group of people get together who wants to follow the very Constitution that this country was founded on?
            That is called destructive?

            Yet we have a White House that embraces Communism and Socialism as some of its top advisors.
            We have a pretender, a lowly community organizer who is play acting as a President who has never had the experience of even how to create a job, laying down laws and regualtions so strict that they are job UNfriendly.
            We have a sorry excuse as a President who doesn’t believe in the Constitution and refuses to follow it.
            We have a man in office called President who is ASHAMED OF THE UNITED STATES.

            For some people, there sure is a weird sense of what the word destructive really means.

      • JimRed

        In what universe does wanting a return to fiscal sanity make one look like a loony? TEA Party Patriots want government to return to its Constitutionally authorized duties, and get out of the way to allow our economy to grow. And we want the Congress to obey the law.

        Section 7 of Public Law 95-435 declares, “Beginning with fiscal year 1981, the total budget outlays of the Federal Government shall not exceed its receipts.”

        This has been the law of the land for 30 years. They (and that means BOTH parties) have not obeyed the law as written, and must be made to do so. These few issues are the basis of TEA Party philosophy, but hey, that’s crazy, right?

        • moonbeam

          See, Jimred, people are much more comfortable believing the insane lies they’ve been told for years rather than to believe the logical truth.

          Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and over again expecting a different outcome. This is what people are more comfortable doing as the truth is much more difficult to accept…not used to hearing it, thus it is foreign to them.

          I get utterly embarrassed when Obama speaks. The BS he spews from between his horse teeth and lying lips is nothing short of flabbergasting. The people under his spell just eat it up, while those of us who know better can only just shake our heads in pure disgust.

      • JC

        I see, so “Constitutional Americans” are a bad thing for conservatives?
        Really? Would those be the same conservatives that religiously vote Republican? Because the Republican Party is as bad or worse than the Democrats…ALL (save a few) are corrupt beyond repair.

    • Warrior

      And I hear the Tea Party is also responsible for Europe’s problems. Don’t quit you day job.

      • TIME


        Hey lets not forget that the Tea Party also is the very reason why the Polar Ice Caps melt too!

        Why cars can’t stay on the road when drunk drivers are driving them.

        Why all earth quakes happen!

        Why the sun shines during the day, and then they take away the sun at night just to keep everyone in the dark.

        Lets not forget the TEA PARTY is also 100% Responsible for all the Shark Attacks all over the world.

        Plus a little known fact is that the TEA PARTY also built the GREAT WALL of China!

        The Tea Party is also responsible for WW I & WW II and the Civil War too, oh and also all the wars ever in history!

        Also the one I am really PO~ed about is that the TEA PARTY also made sure that Atlantis was sunk. Now that really sucks!

        Ok so I think we have covered why the TEA PARTY is bad, and MARXIST are GOOD.

        Also Why UP is really DOWN, and why Down is really UP.

        So whats next?

        • eddie47d

          I have never heard the Tea Party blamed for anything that you mentioned so I assume that was a weak attempt at humor??

          • Bob

            It is called sarcasm – way above your intellectual capacity to understand.

          • eddie47d

            Still a weak attempt Bob!What did you learn from it?Are you a better person because of made up (upside down verbiage).It seems to be!

          • DaveH

            What do we learn from your comments, Eddie, besides the fact that you’re a useless Troll?

          • moonbeam

            eddie47d, eddie47d, eddie47d…me thinks thou art waaaay too anal. Relax, have a cold one and loosen up. You were supposed to get a good chuckle out of that.

          • eddie47d

            Too much fiction coming from Time in several of his posts.He can’t differentiate between fact and fantasy.

    • Les

      Trolling for insults? How do we move forward? Tax me at 100%? You think the millionaires in Congress are going to increase taxes on themselves? Your Dems are the some of the richest in that club.

      Barney Frank engineered the banking failure and now pretends he had nothing to do with it. DOJ is still hammering banks to make low interest loans to people that aren’t qualified to get them. The federal government continues to expand at an alarming rate. I guess that is their jobs plan.

      Both parties suck. They are only interested in things that benefit themselves the most. You can wish all you want, but socialism is a complete failure overtime and now we are reaping the rewards of socialism. Labels like “progressive” doesn’t hide the actual socialist agenda.

      You’re on the Titanic and politicians are shuffling the deck chairs while the band plays on. Nothing they do will stop that. We are now in the “Bread & Circuses” part of the Roman Empire. We crave to be entertained to keep from looking at what is causing our country to implode. Look in the mirror, you are part of this delusional thinking.

    • Houndy

      I always find it amazing how the “hackles” come up on the Dems when those of other parties make disparaging comments about those in the Democrat (Socialist) party, but don’t blink an eye or say a word when those same Socialists call Conservatives and Tea Party members Nazis and Terrorists.

    • USAF VET

      Pull your earplugs, and remove your blinders dbtexas. I just can’t believe, after seeing what Obumski and Co. has done to our once great country that people like you still continue to acceept mumbling and bumbling of the leftist mouthpieces. They don’t even want real compromise. It’s like Harry, the rat, Reid said, “They need to compromise pass my legislation”. That isn’t compromise, that lunacy. The Liberals only want Statism which is the same as Communism.

    • Jay

      Dear Reverend dbtexas, it appears that the “fly in your ointment” is, the blame for the current state of affairs is not equally distributed among all party-lines. You also suggest that we should all forget our differences, and join hands. But under what political banner should we all join hands and sing Cumbaya? You didn’t specify. Your defence of your political party-line, albeit admirable, is misplaced, and your rather moronic, and viscous attack on the author, proves, that the left are highly skilled in double-talk, and contradiction! Naturally, but unknowingly, as you seem to lack adequate awareness, you confirm the author’s article. Bravo!

    • R K

      You are absolutely right. Each and every Tea Party backed member of Congress whether in house or senate are nothing but total lunatics fit for nothing but to be placed in mental institution for the rest of their lives.
      These lunatics can not see and understand that (1) Wall street and bankers not only lied but were involved in deep fraud, and should be behind bars instead of getting bonus. (2) Standard and Poor the credit rating agency is even a bigger liar and their opinion is nothing but a piece of dirt. (3) GW Bush who lied to the American people and leading this nation into unlimited warfare and genocidal killing of hundreds of thousands innocent people in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan.
      But this idiot Tea Party bakers will ever realize all these lies? NEVER. They are out to destroy this nation and the rest of the world.

      • s c

        Pull up your pants, RK. We’ve seen way too many exposed rumps on this website. FYI [you can look it up - if you can READ] your “prez” is in bed with Wall Street.
        By the way, booby, if your “prez” is so damned smart or capable (or whatever), WHY CAN”T HE GET US OUT OF AFGHANISTAN? I thought your boy wonder was promising America that’s one of the first things he’d do if he oozed into the W H. Does your false god have a severe MEMORY problem in addition to his many other problems?

        • moonbeam

          That was just another of Obama’s lies. He has no intention of getting out of Afghanistan and never did. It as all just BS rhetoric. In fact, he pledges to forge on.

          Why is it that this horse teeth freak is allowed to continue breaking the promises he made to the American people? He breaks them one right after the other and no one in Washington bats an eye, accept for that one guy who was first to have the solid the brass ones to literally stand up and call him out as a liar. Remember him? (can’t remember his name).

          Where is the outrage? Impeachment and eviction are called for. I mean look, under his watch the US credit rating has been down graded for the first time ever. What more proof do we need that he is a big fat failure? It gets worse from here, folks.

    • Alice

      Hard to believe you are from Texas. I lived there fifteen years and most of the people I met were smart as demonstrated by Texas’ growth while many states are shrinking financially. I am thoroughly versed in economic matters and I can read the report from S&P. Simply put, Congress did not demonstrate a willingness to enact budget reform nor lower spending enough and, therefore, our credit rating suffered. While we, conservatives, prayed, begged and demanded fiscal responsibility, we got lukewarm response at best. There were not enough “Tea Party” conservatives to actually begin to get our financial house in order.

      • eddie47d

        Must have been that Stimulus package that Perry received from Obama that helped Texas get over the hump.

        • Jana

          What happened to all of the other states then, that got the stimulus package?

    • Airangel

      You should be thanking the Tea Party for bringing discussion and debate to the debt ceiling…if not for them the President would spend us into foreclosure to China…He is only one man and grossly incompetent to lead this country along with the lunacy of his “blame” team…it is THEIR policies and lack of economic “SENSE” that has led us to this point..if not for the new Conservatives on the Government Conservative TEA team, we would be in much worse shape…THANK YOU TEA PARTY FOR CUTTING A FEW OF THE CREDIT CARDS UP! NOW LET’S CUT THE REST TO STOP THE PORK SPENDING AND SPECIAL INTEREST…I swear the libs must be a cult that take little Big Pharma pills that makes them malfunction. They are so out of touch with reality and how to empower people to be their best and independent with a job versus lazy and dependent on Government to throw them scraps all the while thinking those scraps are a good thing…they’ve got half the citizens bamboozled!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      get off the MSMs once in awhile!!! The TEA party only wants for the government what they demand for us! We expect THEM to live within their means and BE ACCOUNTABLE TO WE THE PEOPLE!!!

  • Charles

    From personal, to home, to business, to governments; what is wrong with trying to live within your income? How I wish another Jonah could come and preach to us.

    • eddie47d

      The Tea Party has been hijacked by the far right. I do believe they did have a grand vision of limited government and financial responsibility and probably still do. Yet they can’t grasp the reality that the super wealthy(yup,those who did the hijacking)are running the show and getting wealthier off the deal. Regular folks whom the Tea Party people should represent can see this manipulation and how the middle class is gaining nothing out of that partnership. The Republican Party has long been in bed with the elites and even the Democratic Party seems to be leaning their way. The Tea Party lost it’s uniqueness and are now no different that the major parties. The good news about the economy is that the wealthy are still enjoying the good life. High end department stores sales are doing terriffic and the same in high end car sales. They still don’t have a clue what is really going on in America and they are the ones who influence Congress.

      • Airangel

        Eddie…hard workers will always enjoy the fruits of their labor…they worked hard to get there…What give you or me any right to another’s money? Go make your own! What gives illegals any right to American citizens money?…the brainwashing that anyone should have privy to anyone elses money is ridiculous! IF the Government took 100% of all the rich top payers, it still would only run for about 5 weeks…that’s how bad the spending is and how BIG Government is….without 50% of the people in the United States working and paying for the same roads, medical, education that the other working 50% are paying for, there’s not enough revenue coming in to sustain the population wear and tear on the economy…the tax system is a joke and does need to be reformed to tax everyone at the same percentage of what they earn with no loop needs to be fair and simplified.

        • TIME


          You bring up good points.

          You know there is a simple solution to end all the problems,
          “”TAX the people on Government aid at the standard rate,”” or take away their ability to VOTE until they find a job.

          I know I am being a bad person by saying that, NOT!

          Hey Lets look at matt dayman, an actor who makes good money for his lacking ability at being an actor, but a better mouth piece for Nanowits can not be found – oh I gest sure they can just open the LA LA can of nanowits its full of them.

          As mattie makes about $17 Million per movie, how about this we just start TAXING all these HollOywoodies 99.99% tax on their pay.

          Thats seems fair to me, hell when a total nanowit can be paid $17 Million for 3 months of part time work, yet be taxed at just 43%, thats with out all his Tax loops that just not right.

          So lets bump these special people up to a 99.99% tax rate. That way they can be making as much as everyone else who works full time.

          Anyone ever see the benifits to having a SAG card?
          Ever been to a Special persons home / homes / you know these small places they live in such as the smaller ones at 15,000 sqft ~ 25,000 sqft homes.

          • lkar

            Ver good point TIME. These liberal actors always seem to have an “expert” opinion on business, mother earth, and hapless animals. But never seem to actually prove what their jaws keep flapping about.
            How about Matt Damon take a couple of million, stat a manufacturing business. Make t-shirts or something. I have been to California, I think he could get a great lease on a building, buy some good equipment, and hire a lot of “legal” immigrants (they would be legal because they have the right fake paperwork). Put his money where his mouth is. Then see if he sings the same tune.

            Of course I would love to organize a union in his shop and demand a “fair” share of the pay, good benefits, and a premimum pension plan. Then I would make sure the local EPA, OSHA, and other regulatory board frequent his shop to ensure “compliance”. And then I would make sure that his product is safe for the consumers by demanding sophisticated labeling and packaging (with all materials being from “sustainable” sources). Finally, I would demand he hire more workers to be more “American” and “patriotic”. Yea, that would probably NOT happen.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          you bring up a pet peeve of mine when you mention roads! We have route 2 being reworked right now and the 12 inch thick concrete they poured last year with re-bar and all the bed work they did on it now has 3/4 inch to one inch cracks in it 40 to 50 foot long!! Less than a year old!! I guess nobummer would call it job security, I call it substandard work!! Now just as soon as the road is done, they will be needing tax money to patch it!! PURE CRAPOLA!!!

          • Jay

            Not to mention all the flipping gridlocks it causes!

      • Jay

        High end department stores sales are crapping out, and the same in high end car sales. A big slump overall!

  • Angel Wannabe

    I was ROFLMAO when I heard Axelrod say that S & P was a Tea Party Down grade, talk about trying to create a talking points B4 anyone else does__That’s just laughable!! THE DOWNGRADE HAPPENED ON YOUR WATCH MR, PRESIDENT__Not one of the more optimistic incidents I’d want on my resume’ for a re-election!! It won’t stay out of the history books either!__Yepper really historical!!!
    I’m never suprised at what the left will do or say when they’re base is collapsing. So in esscense the Teaparty was responsible for 634 point slide the DOW took yesterday. Oh, you mean destructive Teaparty!___EGADS!!! You just keep talking your craps there Libs, I’m sure someone, somewhere is buying it!!!!

    • Polski

      Dubya and Cheney put us in this mess. And it’s no surprise that Obama is terrible too. Just remember, candidate #1 is horrible and candidate #2 is terrible. And candidate #3, NONE OF THE ABOVE, is never on the ballot.

      • Angel Wannabe

        Yeah Polski, Dubya and Cheney were the big bad boogy men, (agreed, they weren’t perfect either), then on your side, we have and Clinton and Carter, that’s just hilarious there!! Mr, “I did not have sex with that women” and the “Peanut Picker”!!!….and now we have the “Telepromter and Obamacare Queen” that even tells him when to smile, Barrack Obama. __Again__ thats just laughable!!!

      • RW

        They are in Nevada! NONE OF THE ABOVE

  • eyeswideopen
    • USAF VET

      The thing about the whole situation, eyeswideopen, is that those talking points are true. The present administration thinks they can spend their way out of a recession/depression. FDR thought the same way and failed miserably at it. Obama is a foof who has no idea how to be a president. I used to think that Jimmy, The Wimp, was our worst President, but Obumski has him beat six ways to Sunday.

      • Polski

        NAH!!! No one else is even close. Dubya is by far the worst president. Who would have thought that one person could be that bad?

        • Angel Wannabe

          Polski, the only reason you libs think Bush was SOOOOOO bad is because Obama “the Unknown” HAD to look good, Egads_LOL you libs!!!!

        • USAF VET

          Ha, I’m wondering. Is your name Polski, or Pelosi? Nope, Carter was one of the worst. He actually stated that the only way to stop inflation was to create a recession which is exactly what he and his administration did. Obama came into a recession and look what he has done with it. Has he made any improvements? NO, he’s only made things worse with his failed policies. He said, while he was campaigning for President that we wouldn’t see our “taxes go up one thin dime”. Duhhhh what happened with that lie? No, George W. Bush was not our best President, but he is far and away better that the imcompetent fool that is in there now.

        • Rob

          Polski, you lib fools continue to spew your socialist/marxist crap. Now, that is a sign of intelligence.

      • DaveH
  • s c

    Hmmmm. As I recall, Alinsky’s gift to politics (Herr Obummer) was soooo concerned about the health of ALL Americans that he wasted at least a solid YEAR trying to RAM his healthcare SCAM down our throats. Even a majority in the House AND the Senate wasn’t enough for the apprentice fuhrer to get the crap he wanted.
    The LAST thing the current W H Adolf had on his widdle mind was a PLAN to chart the course of the nation’s ECONOMY and keep the dollar AND our national CREDIT RATING safe. dbt, SHOVE IT.
    Hey, dbt, are you one of those back-stabbing retards who live in a sanctuary city in Texas? How many YEARS has it been since you knew what you were talking about? A college brat on dope makes more sense than you, you Chrissy Matthews WANNABE.
    Before I forget, how much are you being PAID to list your brain-addled %@^* on this website, comrade?

    • eddie47d

      Leave to SC to continue to play the Hitler puke card. You are such a desperate person SC.

      • Bob

        Not desparate, just capable of seeing the many comparisons. Maobama even has his mindless brownshirt stooges such as yourself.

        • Jay

          For sure, eddie is tirelessly, but steadily working his way through the ranks of OB’s communist party! What the poor shlep doesn’t realize is that, by the time he reaches the desired upper levels of the debunked organization, his beloved employer, Adolf, will be out on the curb!

        • eddie47d

          Bob and Jay: The blind leading the blind. Wrecking havoc where ever they speak. Duct tape would be a good start for you two or at least a few minutes in the corner.

          • Jana

            You sure labeled that right. This is exactly what we have now. Blind Obama leading blind lefty libs and they are all falling into the ditch, and trying to take the rest of us with them. The only one wreaking havoc is Obama and his Communist cronies.

            The truth wil set you free.

          • Jay


          • http://?? Joe H.

            Poor mindless eddie!!! He says he babysits his grandkid! My bet is the kid babysits HIM!!!!

          • eddie47d

            Poor Joe and his simpleton comments. Say something important at least once. You might even surprise us in you new found intelligence.

      • DaveH

        If a man is thwarted from a crime, is he NOT then a Criminal?
        Obama has aspirations much like Hitler, or Stalin, or Mao. The difference is that so far we have kept him from fully implementing his plans.
        A logical comparison between Hitler and Obama:

        • Jay

          Awesome article Dave, I bookmarked it, thanks!

        • JeffH

          DaveH, thanks for re-posting the link. Yeah, the comparisons are real and accurate and the sheeple that followed Hitler’s every word and promise are of the same mentality that continue to hold O’man in such high esteem…Hitler did a great job in destroying Germany’s economy with his “visions” of global dominance and Obama has reached new levels, or should I say new lows, with his vision/version of “Hope & Change”. Obama’s economic “holocaust” is just the 21st century upgraded version of Hitler’s…both affected millions.

          • eddie47d

            I’m overjoyed that the Article mentioned Michelle Malkin that explains everything. One more phony made up item for the illogical trash bin. I was alittle surprised that the Libertarian Party put it’s name on the site Dave H. No wonder they can’t make inroads in our political system with that garbage. Sure puts a new perspective on the Reich Wingers and may I ask what kind of “spider” you will be putting on your new flag?

          • JeffH

            Speaking of blind followers and sheeple…look who shows up…as Huell Howser would say…THAT’S AMAZING!

          • DaveH

            You’re such an ignoramus. Who changes your diapers for you?
            From another site:

          • DaveH

            And here’s the actual book, Eddie. Pick up a copy and read it for yourself if you don’t believe Michelle:

          • Jay

            eddie just loves blowing smoke up our arses. eddie must be an arse lover!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Hey kid, wipe eddies chin again, he’s drooling!!!

          • Jay

            Michelle Malkin rocks!!!

          • eddie47d

            Malkin has always been a shameless liar like so many talking heads making big bucks off of peoples ignorance. She has her parade of fools lined up to spread more distortions. Sieg Heil Jay.

          • Jay

            eddie, you’re confused. I was referring to Michelle Malkin, not Michelle Obama!

          • eddie47d

            Your the confused one Jay and the lights are getting dimmer in that noggin.

          • Jay

            eddie, since you’re such a big Michelle Malkin fan I thought you would profit from this little piece by her. No need to thank me, eddie, just enjoy!

            Mr. Green Jobs Boondoggle Rides Again
            by Michelle Malkin
            Creators Syndicate
            Copyright 2011

            Van Jones, President Obama’s disgraced green jobs czar, is back with a radical progressive plan to rescue America … from his old boss.

            The problem, posits Jones, is that his fellow community organizer in the White House hasn’t spent enough, regulated enough or taxed enough to achieve their perverse version of the “American Dream.”

            What the country needs to “get the economy back on track,” according to Jones and his league of leftists, is more government-created make-work. Oh, and a hefty side of Big Labor pork.

            Jones recently teamed up with George Soros-funded retread, Democratic Rep. Jan Schakowsky of Illinois, the AFL-CIO and Service Employees International Union to launch a “Rebuild the Dream” movement. Borrowing a yellowed page from has-been GOP House Speaker Newt Gingrich, Jones and Company this week released their own “contract” to solve the “jobs crisis.” The top two agenda items in this not-so-new contract echo Obama’s longstanding calls for: 1) multibillion-dollar “investments” in America’s infrastructure (see my column last week on the White House’s renewed push for a government-supported infrastructure bank) and 2) “21st-century energy jobs” (which Obama claims he is creating this week by forcing tightened fuel efficiency standards down automakers’ throats).

            The supposedly visionary document is a carbon copy of standard Democratic talking points. It’s the same old, same old with a dash of Jones’ swagger on top for flavor.

            Jones’ Contract for the American Dream laments: “Our workers are sitting idle, while the work of rebuilding America goes undone.” Obama issued the same lament last September: “It doesn’t do anybody any good when so many hardworking Americans have been idled for months, even years, at a time when there is so much of America that needs rebuilding.”

            But the AFL-CIO and SEIU bigwigs to whom both Jones and Obama are beholden stubbornly oppose putting a vast population of hardworking, nonunion Americans back to work. Keep in mind: Through anti-competitive “project labor agreements” enforced by White House executive order, private contractors bidding on public infrastructure projects are required to hand over exclusive bargaining control; to pay inflated, above-market wages and benefits; and to fork over dues money and pension funding to corrupt, cash-starved labor organizations. These PLAs undermine a fair bidding process on projects that locked-out, nonunion laborers are funding with their own tax dollars. And they benefit the privileged few at the expense of the vast majority: In the construction industry, 85 percent of the workforce is nonunion by choice.

            And remember this: While Jones and his union pals talk a lofty game about protecting American workers and creating American jobs, they march in lockstep with the open-borders lobby and promoters of another blanket illegal alien amnesty. The SEIU, one of Jones’ most powerful Contract for the American Dream co-sponsors, continues to push for the DREAM Act illegal alien student bailout, opposes enforcement of employer sanctions and brazenly recruits illegal alien workers/voters to its ranks.

            As for the green jobs racket, gobs of Obama money has already been spent on them — and unemployment has continued to hover near double digits. Jones’ pipe dream jobs would be better dubbed “brown jobs” to reflect the color of the sewer down which untold millions have been flushed in the name of environmental stimulus salvation. There’s also a distinctly blue tint to these supposedly eco-friendly green jobs. Blue, that is, for partisan Democratic agendas and allies. Federal green jobs funds have subsidized, among others, the SEIU’s nationalized health care activists in Maryland, the UAW Labor Employment and Training Corporation, the Blue Green Alliance (a union conglomerate), the 1199 SEIU Family of Funds and a United Steelworkers front group, the Institute for Career Development.

            The Contract for the American Dream is a contract for continued wealth redistribution from taxpayers to Democratic special interests from a failed prophet of green jobs boondogglery. Sound familiar? Van Jones may have left Washington, but his spirit, alas, is alive and well in his mentor’s nightmare policies.

  • bucksnort

    He came and went.But they are gearing up for an election so they cant have him talking right now.To get him to go away they offered him his own media platform.Those same ones at the FCC who wish to emulate Hugo Chavez got him his very own media outlet.And stifled his voice at the same time.Cant have someone telling folks about agendas and such when its election time.They made him pay-per-view instead of primetime.That is how they get us to live within our income.Those who cant afford to hear the truth just wont.Very interesting how the game is being played right now.Out and out innuendo and lies are presented as fact.If somebody speaks up drown him with double speak and send him into obscurity.Kind of Biblical aint it?

  • Capitalist at Birth

    I believe that if we had not increased the debt ceiling, we would have been better off with a shut down of non-essential Government operations for a while, than what we have now. We would not have defaulted on our interest payments, SS/Medicare would continue, Our armed forces would continue to be funded. It would have been the rest that would have been in question. Too bad we will never know.

    • Les

      The millions of “Americans” getting free money for generation after generation would have rioted in the streets. The Fed is not prepared for that. They learned a hard lesson during Katrina that law enforcement becomes nonexistent during a national catastrophic event. So the cash must flow and flow and flow to the “entitled”.

    • Jay

      Rush Limbaught often makes the point that conservatives need to stop arguing with liberals on policy solutions and start questioning the premises that underly their arguments.

      As I look across these blogs, and so many others, I feel awash in class envy and hatred, and within that, an assumption that big government is a good thing for ordinary people.

      Republicans have been such poor stewards of conservatism these last eight years, especially the mute President who just left office, who quite unlike Reagan and even Bush the elder, simply refused to explain conservative principles, challenge his critics — and arguably failed to be a conservative on key issues, like the budget and immigration policy.

      But reading about “taxing the rich” and “closing income gaps” is nothing more than a euphemism for confiscation. And on top of it, cheering on the expansion of the federal government into every corner of our lives — it all seems shocking. What happened to the passion for indvidual freedom? Distrust of government and the centralization of power? These used to be characteristics of liberal as well as conservative thought — they are rooted in the country’s founding and in the thinkers who influenced them, like Rousseau and Burke.

      Now we might as well read the Communist Manifesto as read these blogs… read about the proleteriat rising up to appropriate the means of production… transforming private property into the property of the people… appointing a dictatorship of the proleteriat, with the Party as its vanguard… throwing the jackboot of capitalism onto the ash heap of history!

      Why did so many of us give up on the founding American principles? Why should we accept that people have given up on them? I urge posters on this board to challenge the premises and assumptions behind these malign arguments, and show how market economies really work for everybody when the right balance between state power and individual freedom is struck.

      Krauthammer did a good job of challenging assumptions — Obama’s — in his column today.

      It slipped by everybody, but in his speech to Congress Obama pinned the cause of our economic decline on expensive health care, energy policy, and education policy. Krauthammer paraphrases and replies:

      (Obama says) The “day of reckoning” has now arrived. And because “it is only by understanding how we arrived at this moment that we’ll be able to lift ourselves out of this predicament,” Obama has come to redeem us with his far-seeing program of universal, heavily nationalized health care; a cap-and-trade tax on energy; and a major federalization of education with universal access to college as the goal.

      Amazing. As an explanation of our current economic difficulties, this is total fantasy. As a cure for rapidly growing joblessness, a massive destruction of wealth, a deepening worldwide recession, this is perhaps the greatest non sequitur ever foisted upon the American people.

      In the speech, Obama did not mention as causes the “credit bubble, a housing collapse and a systemic failure of the entire banking system… improvident loans, corrupted bond-ratings agencies, insufficient regulation of new and exotic debt instruments, the easy money policy of Alan Greenspan’s Fed, irresponsible bankers pushing (and then unloading in packaged loan instruments) highly dubious mortgages, greedy house-flippers, deceitful homebuyers.”

      And now, true to Thomas Sowell’s formula in The Vision of the Anointed, we have a crisis, and the anointed have the solution, and anyone who questions his solution is benighted.

      In that book, Sowell questioned many liberal assumptions and shibboleths himself. So rather than argue about with liberals on this blog about the distribution of wealth:

      “To say that ‘wealth in America is so unfairly distributed in America,’ as Ronald Dworkin does, is grossly misleading when most wealth in the United States is not distributed at all. People create it, earn it, save it, and spend it.”

      • JeffH

        Jay, this paragraph in your post is what stood out the most…and you are 100% correct….well said!

        “As I look across these blogs, and so many others, I feel awash in class envy and hatred, and within that, an assumption that big government is a good thing for ordinary people.”

        • Kate8

          JeffH – Yes, and thanks to the liberal posters here, we continually argue the same old, tired, meaningless and distracting talking points.

          It’s all to keep us from coming up with any possible real solutions.

          How I wish we’d stop biting EVERY time the trolls throw out the bait. Then it’s off to another thread being totally controlled by them. And for what? We’ve, yet again, wasted our time restating the obvious while they sit back and smugly get ready to do it again. These dolts have no interest in the truth, or even reason. They are here to distract us with idiocy.

          I almost can’t bear it anymore.

          • Angel Wannabe

            Kate8 and Jeff, sadly that’s why I’m not on here much anymore or any forum, Its like beating your head against the wall. There are those who believe what’s coming and have prepared, and they’re are those who’ll never believe it until it slaps them across the face but will excuse it then too._ Besides that, we moved my Mother-in-law in with us who is 92 and has advanced Alzheimer’s/Dementia.

          • Jay

            Then we should all agree not to respond to any of their posts, however provocative, and ye shall know them by their posts!

          • Jana

            Half of the time I don’t even bother reading certain people’s posts. There are about 5 people I just don’t bother with unless I read somone elses reply and get interested.
            Sometimes the post is so bad you have to reply. Most of the time I just consider the source.

          • JeffH

            Angel Wannabe, Kate8, Jay, Jana…I check things out fairly regularly but, as you can see, post a lot less myself…repeating the same thing over and over again gets pretty monotonous, boring. I do like to take a shot at the dummies from time to time just to expose the hypocrisies and contradictions. Even that gets boring. A little time off now and then is necessary to recharge the ole batteries.
            Hang in there!

          • JeffH

            Jay, me too. It doesn’t take very long to figure which posters to skip over…they become nothing but progressive talking points anyway.

          • eddie47d

            Ditto, Kate,Jay,Jana and Angel. Back at you!Some of your comments belong on the Twilight Zone. LOL

          • Angel Wannabe

            eddie, me thinks your mis-placed eddie, don’t you want Huf ‘n’ Puf :)

          • Jana

            Oh eddie,
            I generally read yours. You are too easy.

          • Jay

            eddie does not play well with others, must be a childhood thing. However, he is a scrappy pit bull, as he never backs down, and gives it as good as he takes. Personally, I kinda admire that, as to everything he says? Well…

          • JeffH

            Jay, come on…”and gives it as good as he takes”? Try a scruffy mutt fighting for his life…he can’t beat you with wit and wisdom so he dazzles you with childish drivel…and you say he ” gives it as good as he takes”? C’mon, I think you’re just having a weak moment???

          • Jay

            Well, he is tenacious Jeff, you gotta give him that much. By “giving as good as he takes”, I meant in the form of intensity, and biting vitriol.

          • JeffH

            Jay :)…a toothless bite at best… :)

          • Jay

            Let’s not forget brainless!

          • eddie47d

            So many compliments I don’t know where to begin!

  • Captain Mike

    The Left is just lobotomizing their useful idiots. Let’s see, the wrangling went on for WEEKS, but the downgrade and market crash didn’t happen until days after the DEAL. Hmmmmm, what caused the downgrade – the wrangling, or the deal? Pretty easy question if you are accustomed to thinking at all.

    • lkar

      It is all about blame, blame, and more blame. Where is your plan Mr. President? Where is your plan Mr. Reid? We can all agree that the Republicans stink in this mess, but they at least put forth a plan (the Ryan budget). It may not be agreeable to all, but they put forth a plan!
      Now the establishment blames the Tea party that is only a small minority of this congress! Wait until the 2012 blood bath, the Tea party will show them how to fix this problem (stop the spending, stop the spending, and stop the spending).

      • Kate8

        Ikar – That’s another thing, isn’t it?

        Liberals are really into blame. Blame, blame, blame, blame and more blame. And for things that are nearly always their doing.

        It’s weird. My liberal friends are the same way about everything. Always need to find someone to blame. This is also the drive behind the legal system: someone has to take the blame.

        Hey. Life happens. We will never move forward as long as we continue to play the blame-game.

        • Jana

          First Obama blamed Bush, then he blamed the Republicans then he blamed Congress, and now he is blaming the TEA Party.
          He needs to go look in the mirror. History will not be kind to Obama.
          Obama the #1 Terrorist! Leader of the terrorist party.

          • Jay

            Watch, next he will be blaming his parents!

  • Raggs

    I’m glad that this will prove oblama to be a one term dictator.

    • Angel Wannabe

      Raggs, I found it quite amusing the Dow plunged while and just after Bam Bam spoke on TV yesterday__co-incidence or not?_I don’t believe in coincidence???!!__The American peoples confidence levels are in the tank and the more Obama talks,the worse it gets!_-If he can’t say something to give the people hope__then keep quiet!!!__Silence is golden!!!

      • Raggs

        I myself have never and will never watch him.. I find that he is a disgusting poor excuse of a man with the mentality of a 3 year old.
        He is a Marxist / Socialist pig… And I believe that America is seeing his true colors, that is why our economy will never grow in the presence of a Socialist… People are not stupid…

        • Angel Wannabe

          RAGGS stocks green right now_BUT ME THINKS WE’RE IN FOR A H*LL-OF-A-ROLLAR COASTER RIDE!!

        • Kate8

          Raggs – Actually, a lot of people ARE stupid. How do you think he got this far?

          I can’t watch him, either. He turns my stomach.

          • Jana

            Same here.

          • Jay


  • Rocky

    Even Russia and China slammed Obama and csars”Obama has no one to blame other than himself and crew with his reckless borrowing and spending.” He doesn’t rate even a good commie.


    How can S&P dare to rate our government when their own house has not been fiscally responsible! They went bankrupt and were implicitly involved in the entire mortgage crisis!!! Pirates and rogues all of them!!! This organization makes my skin crawl and should be put on serious notice for further tanking our country’s economy!!! Wasn’t doing it to us the first time enough??? (mortgage crisis involvement) I say you should not throw stones when you are living in a glass house!!!

    • http://?? Joe H.

      Little hint: Watch India’s rating in the next few weeks.

  • Jay

    The U.S. Energy Information Administration’s natural gas statistics suggest that Obama has set a realistic energy goal. The U.S. is a natural gas producing superpower and the spectacular Devonian black Marcellus shale oil play (in Ohio,Pennsylvania,New York and West Virginia) has up to 262 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in rust belt-high unemployment country. The Marcellus is a field that, thanks to hydro fracking and horizontal drilling, is a multi-TRILLION dollar energy bonanza close by to half the U.S.´s population. The total U.S. potential gas resources of 2,543 trillion cubic feet is even more spectacular in its job creating promise.

    For perspective, each trillion cubic feet of natural gas (which can power vehicles with off the shelf technology) is roughly equivalent to 172 million barrels of crude. Thus at $86/barrel for West Texas Intermediate (September delivery), one trillion cubic feet of natural gas is worth approximately $14.7 billion. Multiply that by 262 (tcf) just from the Marcellus and America’s gas riches rival its debt ceiling increases.

    Obama’s inspiring energy goal and commitment to produce 5 million green jobs behooves him to confer with an energy magnate like T. Boone Pickens and consider his ambitious green energy plan. The NATURAL GAS Act (H.R. 1835 and S. 1408) being promoted by the Pickens’ plan provides incentives to facilitate the transition to natural gas for heavy vehicle fleets and develop fueling infrastructure. Obama endorsed this legislation in March.

    Support has been bi-partisan but Obama needs to give this initiative a full court press. Pickens, alas, a seasoned natural gas leader has not been to the Obama White House for strategy input even once.

    Al Sharpton however, America’s flamboyant racial huckster, is another story. Sharpton has no less than 25 entries on the White House’s visitors log since 2009.

    America´s recent rating downgrade and mass unemployment demand a big dose of “JATO” (jet assisted takeoff) to pick up America’s moribund economy. Though nuclear power beats Pickens’ windmills hands down, his proposal to convert truck fleets to natural gas could lead to trillion dollar economic benefits and jobs.

    Mr. President give Sharpton a permanent rain check and invite Pickens in to help chart America´s energy resurgence!

    To contact your Congressional Representative use this link:

    • eddie47d

      Everyone on this site knows that the Republican Party and the Democrat Party can be reprehensible. We have heard that on numerous occasions and it usually comes down to who is spending the most.The economy is stagnant and few are willing to jump start it out of fear what the other side will do to their political career. Even Bob Livingston has said in one of his separate articles that our infrastructure is in need of fixing. Yet no one does anything. If your roof leaks you try and find the money to fix it or you end up increasing the costs and damages. You also don’t buy a new car if you can’t afford to feed your family. Whether we like it or not taxes need to be raised to cover the cost of repairs to our economy and cuts need to be made to draw down the debt. I believe the failure to act is causing this nation to falter as much as the lack of knowledgeable financial people in Washington and on Wall Street.

      • Bob

        The way to jumpstart the economy is to do away with welfare, slash governemnt employee compensation, do away with EEO and Affirmative Action, deport all illegal aliens, and outlaw unions. This will allow the producers to be rid of the parasites and we will be able to soar like eagles. Of course, that means that the turkeys like you will starve, but that is ok – we are tired of being parasitized by the likes of you.

      • MJ

        Why is the answer to more income always raising taxes? Why must the money spent by the Federal government always be taken from tax payer pockets? Ever heard of oil revenues? Perhaps if the Socialist in Charge stopped giving our money to Brazil and invested it into our oil production, the government would actually get money from selling instead of stealing!

        • eddie47d

          MJ is still playing that trumped up FOX lies about our money going to Brazil. No revenue was lost and it is called doing business to make money. You must really take on loan sharks and banks who rip off the American people. Go get um tiger!That would be more your speed.

          • Jay

            eddie, the bumbling defence attorney for Adolf!

          • eddie47d

            Is that Adolf Coors…drink up!

      • Jay

        What a load of horse manure, eddie! Raise taxes? From where, the rich, the middle-class? You lazy, worthless bum. What will you do when you finish with the fleecing of the middle-class, and all the rich that you, and the leftist psychopaths despise, have been robbed? I know, raise the debt ceiling. You shouldn’t be surprised when your beloved Adolf looses the mid-term elections, but no-doubt you will be. Huh? I don’t don’t get it, how could this have happened?

        • eddie47d

          Psycho Jay and getting weirder by the day! Ever deal with reality Jay? You must sure feel important but I hate to inform you …YOU ARE NOT EVEN CLOSE.

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear eddie47d,

        Ours is not a revenue problem. Ours is a spending problem. Spending needs to be slashed and unConstitutional government agencies need to be eliminated. Cutting the “growth” of spending does not equate to a cut, but that is what the elites consider a spending cut. Congress is unwilling to cut government back to even GWB levels, much less make significant cuts that will scale back the scope of government.

        Best wishes,

      • RW

        I’m sorry, didn’t the Messiah rip us off for $787 Billion a few years for new roads and infrastructure? And then turn around and give it to all of his Union Cronies? Just checking.

        • eddie47d

          I think most of that money went to Corporates,Wall Street,Banks and not as much to the working man. Go blow your snot someplace else.

          • DaveH

            Seek help, you tortured little man.

          • Jana

            eddie always opens his mouth and puts his foot right in it. By now you must have a very clean foot.

          • Jay

            Would you like a little salt with that foot, eddie?

          • http://?? Joe H.

            Naw, he’s got a lot of toe jam to put on it!! Just hope he doesn’t get TOEmain poisioning!!! course after all these times of inserting foot, heel and all, he’s probably immune!!

          • JeffH

            JoeH, as deep as he buries it, I wonder if he could get knee-monia?

          • Jay

            Or strep-throat!

          • http://?? Joe H.

            don’t you mean STEP throat???

          • eddie47d

            Now Now the true Banksters are coming out of the closet like rats searching for dinner. I bet you drink a toast to Corporate greed every night hoping the big one lands your way.


    The Tea Party, Democrats and Republicans should all take blame for this disaster!!! As long as Congress is controlled by lobbyists bought by big business and the ultra rich our country is doomed. George Soros and his crowd WANT our government to fail and they are doing a good job of making it happen. Our elected officials need to get back their moxy and integrity and throw the bums out of their halls and elections! The party should be over for the rich and big business. THEY NEED TO PAY TAXES AGAIN and all their tax loopholes should be abolished — especially the one that pays them to out source our jobs!!! They just formed a new NAFTA that includes USA, CANADA AND MEXICO. Have they not learned ANYTHING??? WE DON’T NEED TO HELP OTHER COUNTRIES ANYMORE!!! It is time to help USSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. No more NAFTA, tax breaks, tax exemptions!!! Big business is making money off this country and is not sharing the wealth with the very people who pay for their corporate welfare. WAKE UP AMERICA!!! Quit letting them gut our great country~!!!

  • Duif100

    Let me understand why the Teaparty is a terrorist group that holds Obama and the democrats hostage.

    The Teaparty has its views and does not compromise.
    Obama and the Dems have their views and do not compromise.
    Obama is the only one in the room with veto power and threatens to veto what compromises are reached unless he gets his way.

    If both parties do not compromise then why is only one party a terrorist and hostage taker? Since both act the same I would expect both parties to be terrorists and hostage takers.

    One person stands out as the terrorist leader with his veto power and that is Osama. What is he doing when he uses the veto threat? Compromising?

    The Teaparty was doing exactly what they were elected to do. Has now become a crime and act of terrorism to really represent the voters?

    I do not know about you but personally I do not care if I agree with the Teaparty or not, I admire their respect for the voters and their sense of duty and obligation to the voters. That is something new in DC and the established professional career politicians do not know how to handle it. They are scared to death of it.
    It might even open up the closet doors and the skeletons might start falling out.

    Representing the voters has become criminal in DC. That has to be stopped and Obama and the Dems are working hard at it.

  • eddie47d

    Mary;That is so true about those on Wall Street. Their Orwellian world is so different than pretty much everyone else. Why they gave the Mortgage Industry a AAA rating 4 years ago is beyond belief. They couldn’t see or smell the skunks in the closet before they opened the door.Now they might be overreacting in the other direction with the AA+ downgrade and that 2 Trillion error they “didn’t notice ” until after the fact. Personally I believe the USA deserved the new rating because of the reckless spending and lack of accountability in Washington. Yet the Standard and Poor is nothing to brag about and I wonder who is running their show also.

    • Raggs

      ed… when was the last time that you got hired from a poor person? ( that is IF you have ever worked )… You can steal all of the money from the “rich” but what will you do once all of the money is gone and you have no one else to steal from?

      • Angel Wannabe

        Well said Raggs!, Margaret Thatcher said, “The problem with Socialism is, you eventually run out of other peoples money”

      • eddie47d

        There Raggs goes again accusing someone of stealing. I worked 41 years plus 3 years in the Army. Now tell us about your illustrious life Raggs instead of all the crapola in your comments.

        • Jay

          Can you provide proof of your illustrious career, eddie, or should we just take your word for it? As you may be aware, your credibility rating has been downgraded to -1!

          • eddie47d

            Ditto to you Jay. Give us a half a reason to believe your smirky remarks. Tell us about yourself I have 10 seconds!

          • Jay

            We’re all aware of your short attention span eddie!

    • JeffH

      Gotta love the liberal talking points…

      eddie says, “Yet the Standard and Poor is nothing to brag about and I wonder who is running their show also.”

      S&P is nothing to brag about? And you know this how? Perhaps you could share some of your knowledgeable insight into the inner circle of the S & P? I personally haven’t heard any bragging by the S & P but obviously you know more about them than we do…so please share with us eddie, or were you just tossing out talking points.

      • eddie47d

        Apparently Jeff thinks their giving the Mortgage industry a AAA rating while it was imploding is giving sound advice. Maybe Jeff is the one blowing more hot air or trying to play the pit bull again. More like a Chihuahua.

        • http://?? Joe H.

          and yet eddie thought Bawney Fwanks was brilliant when he said the same thing about Fanny and Freddie!!!! POT, KETTLE, BLACK, eddie???

      • JeffH

        Noun 1. stupid person – a person who is not very bright; “The economy, stupid!”
        dolt, dullard, pillock, poor fish, pudden-head, pudding head, stupe, stupid
        berk – a stupid person who is easy to take advantage of
        blockhead, bonehead, dumbass, dunce, dunderhead, —-head, hammerhead, knucklehead, loggerhead, lunkhead, muttonhead, numskull, —-head – a stupid person; these words are used to express a low opinion of someone’s intelligence
        klutz – (Yiddish) a clumsy dolt
        simpleton, simple – a person lacking intelligence or common sense

      • Jay

        And, off course, eddie never stays on topic but answers with a personal attack on Jeff. Classy!

        • JeffH

          Jay, my response to eddie is posted just above yours.

        • eddie47d

          Wake up Jay no topic was changed. Never mind go back to sleep!

  • fedup

    It is truly amazing to me that ANYONE can listen to obummer day in and day out and believe a word he says. Except, of course, for the poor, downtrodden people who need the rich peoples money to survive. Of course those poor people are watching obummer on big screen tvs….

    • Raggs

      I seen a “jiggy” ride that had a flat screen T.V. a $4,000 stereo and $10,000 rim’s with hydraulics…

  • Clare Maher

    Has anyone seen, anywhere, in any media, the following sentence from the S&P’s report?

    “We have changed our assumption on this [AAA rating] because the majority of REPUBLICANS in Congress continue to resist any measure that would raise revenues, a position we believe Congress reinforced by passing the act.”

    It’s right there on Page 4 of the official S&P’s “Research Update” — the actual report on what they did and why – published on August 5th as the explanation for why they believe Congress – and even the Gang of Twelve – will be unable to actually deal with the US debt crisis. (The bullet points at the beginning of the report don’t mention the Republicans or taxes.) A hard-working reporter would have to read to page four of the eight-page report in order to see it.

    The mainstream media, in consistently ignoring that one critical, defining sentence, and is attempting to re-frame the story. We should not let this slip by. We do understand how that negotiating process went down – who engineered and monkey wrenched it, refusing to ever compromise, and who did all the compromising.

    • DaveH

      Ah, yes, the Democratic Compromise.
      Democrats: We want to raise spending $1 Trillion.
      Republicans: No you can’t
      Democrats: Okay, we’ll Compromise. We’ll only raise it $500 Billion.

      Only the most ignorant people can not figure out that we will never get a shrinking in Government size if we keep buying into the Democrats’ “Compromise” scam.

    • concerned grandma

      Paul Ryan’s plan – Cut, Cap and Balance would have saved the down grading. Typical for Harry Reid and the Democrat Senate to not address the issue (much less a budget for 2 years)and then play the ‘blame game’. Their rhetoric ‘talking points’ continue through the sock puppets and liar in chief.

    • Bob Livingston

      Dear Clare Maher,

      When liberty and tyranny compromise, liberty is lost.

      Best wishes,

      • Bert Cundle

        The differance between “Paranoia & Fear” is: Reason!
        Only compromize of “Right” is: What is right for you & Right for me!

    • s c

      CM, thanks for pointing out the pressures progressives must endure every time they rely on America’s whore media [it belongs to YOUR friends, CM, so how can you have a problem?] and proven LOSERS in the W H. Your W H god is destroying the economy, people are lining up and seeing you losers for who you really are, and you find it irritating? BFD.
      Your ancestors probably fought for the British, and this is your way of seeking revenge. Whatever it is, CM, you might seek help for the drugged-up political disease you’ve had for so long. People like you are exactly why conservatives say “friends don’t let friends become progressives.”

  • Baba

    “To Destroy a Society, destroy their money.” Milton Friedman’s book, “Money Mischief”

    You try using your credit card beyond the limit and see what happens.

    It’s too bad we do not have the ability to print our own money as the U.S. Government does. It would amount to “jail time.”— but Obama and his lackies do not go the the plush prison in ILL. They adjust their financial books to reflect a positive amount. Huh? Gives me a headache just thinking about it.

  • DaveH

    The Democrats are correct. The S&P downgrade was not proper.
    Our debt should have been downgraded 2 years ago.

  • Jay

    Most of what we are reading about the S &P decision is both truthful and interesting. None of it, to date, touches on the thing that the Obamites, particularly “The One”, his obnoxious wife and assorted sycophants really care about.

    We can start with what they do not much care about: the country, its traditions, its place in the world, freedoms, and the immense good America has brought to the world. (Views on the messes we perpetuated via Wilson’s war, FDR’s war, and fiat money are for another time. Even given those, our contributions have more than compensated).

    We are in financial trouble largely because of the things we undertook to keep Europe, South America, and parts of Asia free. They drained our will and our treasury while allowing protected nations to develop pernicious social welfare systems. Absent America’s tax dollars and blood, and exceptionalism none of them could have afforded to protect themselves and build socialist welfare states simultaneously. Obviously they required some help after FDR’s war and Wilson’s war but we subsidized them far too long. Our efforts, even those in Southeast Asia, while arguably failures, stemmed the tide of global Communism and drained its resources.

    Many of them should have been avoided as we could not afford them, absent bankrupting our children. It is axiomatic that money wins wars as often as strategy, order of battle, or tactics. As our allies “paid” in lip service, we paid in blood and treasure. Fiat money and seemingly infinite borrowing capacity made that possible. Along with Pyrrhus, we won the battles but lost the war.

    “The One” and his ilk dismiss American exceptionalism and find robust Americanism to be unseemly or jingoistic. It is all about HIM and his quest to bring the US into a socialized world government.

    He and his coterie now know that his re-election is in serious jeopardy. The S &P downgrade threatens that re-election and THAT IS ALL THAT MATTERS. Why worry about our nation’s future, our heirs, or anything else when the emperor’s reign is put in doubt by ungrateful voters? Can’t they see his wonderfulness? Obama is wounded and the jackals are circling, some financed by the loathsome George Soros, who has infinite resource. This portends great danger for Obama and may actually take him down.

    By the time he gives up the ghost or limps to the nomination, however, even a hapless Republican candidate will appear Reaganesqe by comparison. A victory for the conservative cause will be great, but victory for our nation is absolutely necessary for survival.

    After bankrupting the nation, enslaving our heirs, and heaping misery on the most vulnerable, the only saving grace is Obama’s defeat. Hardly worth a celebration, but it is a start thanks to American exceptionalism.

  • Les

    I want 5 weeks off every year at your expense.
    I want free healthcare at your expense.
    I want a free retirement at your expense.
    I want to fly from the District of Corruption to California with my family and friends (Staff) every week at your expense.
    I want free housing, cars, cell phones, food, etc. all at your expense.
    I want this all to increase annually to outpace the rate of inflation.
    I want, I want, I want and you wonder why the country is imploding?????
    Socialism works just fine until you run out of everyone else’s money.

  • 2WarAbnVet

    It takes a large dose of gall for those in power – those responsible for the current disaster – to cast blame on those not in power and not responsible for anything that has occurred.

  • Skarib

    Conservatives need to go on the offensive against the liberal media. We need to start contacting them and ask them why they lie every time they go on the air [they need to be pestered till they QUIT]. How can they condemn God Fearing People as TERRORISTS? Start with your local newspapers and TV stations. This need to start NOW, the media is out of control, they need to be stopped. This will most likely get me on the terrorist watch list, but someone has to do this.Pass This Along to EVERYONE.

    • concerned grandma

      It is tough breaking through controlled media. Google, multiple news sources, (newspapers, TV, radio, etc.) are controlled by the left fringe element. Try submitting ‘letters to the ed’, opinion pieces, etc. and one sees how few will be accepted, printed or aired. Calling in to local talk radio segments is one of the best ways to be heard.
      The American Majority is a good source for training how to be effective in government although as of yet it is only available in about 20 states. Check out their website and if your state isn’t currently active, contact them.

  • Airangel

    Little Red Hen = Tea Party…Dog,Cat & Duck = Liberals

    Once upon a time, there was a little red hen who lived on a farm. She was friends with a lazy dog, a sleepy cat, and a noisy yellow duck.
    One day the little red hen found some seeds on the ground. The little red hen had an idea. She would plant the seeds.
    The little red hen asked her friends, “Who will help me plant the seeds?”
    “Not I,” barked the lazy dog.
    “Not I,” purred the sleepy cat.
    “Not I,” quacked the noisy yellow duck.
    “Then I will,” said the little red hen. So the little red hen planted the seeds all by herself.
    When the seeds had grown, the little red hen asked her friends, “Who will help me cut the wheat?”
    “Not I,” barked the lazy dog.
    “Not I,” purred the sleepy cat.
    “Not I,” quacked the noisy yellow duck.
    “Then I will,” said the little red hen. So the little red hen cut the wheat all by herself.
    When all the wheat was cut, the little red hen asked her friends, “Who will help me take the wheat to the mill to be ground into flour?”
    “Not I,” barked the lazy dog.
    “Not I,” purred the sleepy cat.
    “Not I,” quacked the noisy yellow duck.
    “Then I will,” said the little red hen. So the little red hen brought the wheat to the mill all by herself, ground the wheat into flour, and carried the heavy sack of flour back to the farm.
    The tired little red hen asked her friends, “Who will help me bake the bread?”
    “Not I,” barked the lazy dog.
    “Not I,” purred the sleepy cat.
    “Not I,” quacked the noisy yellow duck.
    “Then I will,” said the little red hen. So the little red hen baked the bread all by herself.
    When the bread was finished, the tired little red hen asked her friends, “Who will help me eat the bread?”
    “I will,” barked the lazy dog.
    “I will,” purred the sleepy cat.
    “I will,” quacked the noisy yellow duck.
    “No!” said the little red hen. “I will.” And the little red hen ate the bread all by herself.

    Who the H3ll has the right to tax payer money or anyone elses money they worked hard for when they are not willing to share the burden? No to Illegals, No to Laziness, No to moochers…YES to accountability, YES to Responsibility!

    • DaveH

      Then you must vote Libertarian.
      For Individual Liberty, Personal Responsibility, Free Markets, Limited Government, and PEACE!

    • JeffH

      Loved it! :)

  • Terry

    This blame game is only possible because the propagands branch of the dem party, the media/press, only reports what the liberals say, not what is the news.

    In addition this is so Titanic like where the captain of that ship said in so many words. Damn the icebergs, full speed ahead. Now the chorus, led by the blamer in chief, say. Damn the debt, full spending ahead!

    • 45caliber

      I think the real problem with the Dem spending is that they realized that for the first time in a long time, they have a President in place that will sign any spending bill they present him, regardless of how bad it is, as long as they also have his bad ideas in it. So they want to get as much spent as possible on every stupid idea they ever had while they have a chance.

      And they don’t like it when simply and dumb people like the American public tells them they can’t spend it.

  • 45caliber


    “Unfortunately, they expect us to serve their sentence for them.”

    They not only expect us to serve it, they PLANNED for us to serve it for them.

  • Jay

    Perhaps Standard and Poor’s is in cahoots with the politicians whose Fannie/Freddie scam they gave a Triple A rating to. That would explain some of the supposedly neutral comments by S&P that seem to group politicians who want to cut spending into the same gaggle as the liberal politicians who want both to borrow extra money and then to raise taxes for additonal spending money on top of their borrowed money.

    Such faux neutrality doen’t give me great respect for Standard and Poor’s competence. This, by the way, is not shooting the messenger. This is questioning the messenger’s grasp of the situation. Some will say that S&P doesn’t care how the budget is balanced, whether by reduced spending, higher taxes, or a combination of both. For my part, I can’t fathom a sane refereeing body that can’t tell the difference between a helpful behavior and a destructive behavior.

    If your child is addicted to crack cocaine, you don’t call it a balanced discussion when some family members want to dry up the drug supply and others want to bankroll his habit to avoid hurting his feelings.

    If your kid in college runs up huge credit card debt, you don’t pat him on the back and say that you’ve decided to get him a few more credit cards, and, oh by the way, you’re also sending him a larger cash allowance.

    FIRST, you get the problem under control.

    The problem with liberals addicted to spending money is that they’ve spent this nation into the poor house with their spending addiction.

    The solution is NOT to give them more credit cards and extra cash through higher taxes.

    Haven’t they already proven themselves irresponsible? Haven’t they proven themselves addicts…inherently incapable of reform?

    Cut spending. Cut it to the bone. Freeze the budget at the level that existed prior to bailouts, TARPS, stimuli, ObamaCare, and the third war in Libya. After all, why should those special, emergency and future spending measures have any permanent part in America’s ongoing budget?

    Here is a very simple concept: America should not spend more than it takes in. That simple concept is sanity for your family, for your business, for your city, for your state, and…yes…also for your nation.

    Do not, do not, do not for any reason give irresponsible spending addicts more money to spend. Not extra borrowed money. Not extra tax money.
    If you did, that would call your sanity into question, as it has called into question the competence of Standard and Poor’s.

  • Jay

    Hear ye, hear ye!

    Obama Calls for New Stimulus, Increased Spending of at Least $100,000,000,000 a Year
    Posted by Aurelius at 11:52 AM

    Honestly, I don’t know if I can believe how stupid this is. We just went through months of wrangling over cutting spending in order to reduce our debt. In the end, the President signed into law a bill that supposedly cut government spending. One week later, he says “screw it” and has now pushed for more stimulus spending.

    The President has announced that he wants to create an infrastructure bank through Congress and that unemployment benefits should be “enhanced” and extended for another year. In all, the plan would add over $100,000,000,000 in 2012 alone and over ten years would entirely consume the $1 trillion dollars of savings the “debt deal” supposedly cut last week.

    When asked whether this plan would be deficit neutral, the White House didn’t respond. When asked for comment, the Obama Administration refused to reply. Apparently, Mr. Obama planned to announce this abomination and then decided to hide.

    The President stated in his speech, “If Congress fails to extend the payroll-tax cut and the unemployment-insurance benefits that I’ve called for, it could mean 1 million fewer jobs and half a percent less growth. This is something we can do immediately, something we can do as soon as Congress gets back.”

    Understandibly, top-ranking Republicans are not impressed with the President’s plan. “Over the next several months, there will be tremendous pressure on Congress to prove that S&P’s analysis of the inability of the political parties to bridge our differences is wrong,” House Majority Leader Eric Cantor wrote. “In short, there will be pressure to compromise on tax increases. We will be told that there is no other way forward. I respectfully disagree.”

    Addicted to spending

    More from the Washington Times:
    Last week’s debt deal calls for lower projected discretionary spending of $917 billion over the next decade, but in terms of actual dollar-to-dollar cuts, it lowers spending just $7 billion in 2012, and only an additional $3 billion in 2013.

    Many conservative Republicans voted against the deal, arguing those cuts didn’t go deep enough. Liberal Democrats, meanwhile, said it bled domestic priorities too much.

    But that $7 billion in savings pales in comparison with the deficit hole that would be opened if Congress adopts all of Mr. Obama’s new proposals.

    • Raggs

      Yup.. I said this many weeks ago that the code word for “JOBs” is a massive cash flow towards the unions….

      Am I the only one that can see oblama is purposely destroying our economy?

  • Alex

    You know, I’d love to complain about all these things, but I’m frankly running out of steam in the complaint department. Our congress is a joke. We are helpless to do anything about anything unless we take a severe, and possibly rash, step of action. Our nation is filled with morons who are unable to see the big picture. They either don’t see it, or they don’t believe it, or they have been convinced that what they are seeing isn’t what it appears to be.

    I just can’t fight this with complaints anymore. It’s time to start running active campaigns against the senators and house members who are betraying us. If we really want to send a message, we need to vote them all out.

    But of course, that’s just a bunch of hot air as well. Good luck to anyone trying to convince the nation to vote out these incompetent boobs.

    • Raggs

      Alex… I don’t think that any one in congress listens to reason…
      They only listen to their special interest groupies, we the people are not being heard….

  • Airangel

    What’s the point of working? Why pay taxes? 50% don’t…those that make money, reinvest it into America or even pay taxes are scorned, criminalized if we don’t buy into the unfairness and then instead of “Thank You”, we are villified as terrorist human beings for being productive, hard working, tax paying citizens – huh?…YET, if you tresspass into this country illegally, break the law, go out and be promiscuous and have unprotected sex, or threaten white people voting, you are rewarded, given food stamps, a free education, free healthcare, free housing assistance, free legal representation and free birth control pills that I the productive citizen pays for while you the unproductive, criminal, irresponsible person don’t have any accountablity or consequences…so why should the rest of us bother working…lets go broke…let us 50% of what’s left of the workforce go on strike and shut the Government down and then it’s best person for themselves…I mean what’s the point of trying to work 2-3 jobs and being a slave to labor while the other half bleed us dry? I don’t recognize this country anymore…the Evil, the Greed, the laziness, the insanity, the pure lack of decency is apalling! We are not only financially bankrupt but morally bankrupt as well so why bother even trying…as Moses freed the slaves from Pharoh, we are becoming slaves to Government, working harder and harder and earning less and less as taxes are taken out of our checks, then if you do succeed and all your sweat and tears come to fruition…you’ll be villified because you beat the odds…now you’re considered rich and everyone wants a piece of you because they think they’re entitled to your hard earned money so where’s the motivation to pursue success, prosperity, home ownership? What goals or hope are left if it’s all going to be redistributed to those who did NOTHING?

    • moonbeam

      Harsh, but true, and facts are facts. What you posted is the real sho-nuf low down, get down to the nitty gritty of the basic truth. I feel your frustration.

      I can’t stand it when I see a grown-ass able-bodied person lying around doing abso-freaking-lutely nothing to better his/her situation and getting a check for it. Or being here illegally with a harem of kids (and another on the way), getting a check, free healthcare and other amenities. Or like the person I know who is here from Jamaica, conveniently “hurt his back” and now gets a monthly check that far exceeds what he put into the system.

      He is not a naturalized citizen and should be encouraged to return to his country and feed off of them. If you are not a US citizen, can not work to earn your keep or otherwise pay your own way here, then you must leave. You will not abuse and drain our system. Come back when you are stable.

      Here’s another one. Anyone coming in here must show proof of health insurance or buy it at the gate. That way if you suddenly need healthcare your health insurance will cover you and NOT the American taxpayer. Anything not covered you WILL pay before leaving. Don’t pay and you will walk the plank.

      Meanwhile I struggle as a US born and bred taxpaying American citizen.

  • JeffH

    Ah yes, this pretty well sums up eddie’s contributions for today…no wonder why nobody believes a word he has say…

    Wake up Jay no topic was changed. Never mind go back to sleep!
    Ditto to you Jay. Give us a half a reason to believe your smirky remarks. Tell us about yourself I have 10 seconds!

    Now Now the true Banksters are coming out of the closet like rats searching for dinner. I bet you drink a toast to Corporate greed every night hoping the big one lands your way.
    Is that Adolf Coors…drink up!

    So many compliments I don’t know where to begin!
    Too much fiction coming from Time in several of his posts.He can’t differentiate between fact and fantasy.

    Bob and Jay: The blind leading the blind. Wrecking havoc where ever they speak. Duct tape would be a good start for you two or at least a few minutes in the corner.

    Poor Joe and his simpleton comments. Say something important at least once. You might even surprise us in you new found intelligence.

    Malkin has always been a shameless liar like so many talking heads making big bucks off of peoples ignorance. She has her parade of fools lined up to spread more distortions. Sieg Heil Jay.

    Ditto, Kate,Jay,Jana and Angel. Back at you!Some of your comments belong on the Twilight Zone.

    Psycho Jay and getting weirder by the day! Ever deal with reality Jay? You must sure feel important but I hate to inform you …YOU ARE NOT EVEN CLOSE.

  • Jay

    Bill Gates is [alledgedly] giving 95% of his wealth for africa but.. get this.. its for vaccinations, and immunization of the children. Looks like it’ll be a good intention, but with disastrous results, considering what we already know is in the vaccinations. sad.

    I wonder if he is diversifying his investments and has bought shares in the pharmaceutical industry so he is just transferring his money into a new business venture whilst “looking” as though he is giving it away.

    • eddie47d

      More shameless assumptions from Jay. Please tell us Jay what is in the vaccinations? Will millions be saved or will, horrors of horrors millions die. I think I know which side you are betting on.

      • Jay

        Microsoft founder, Bill Gates, reputed to be the world’s richest man, is helping to fund the United Nations vaccine programs. Gates, a secular Jew, has said he does not believe in God. He regularly attends former Communist party boss Mikhail Gorbachev’s annual State of the World Forum held at the former Presidio Army base in California

        Gates, whose Microsoft is at the forefront of developing new nanotransistor technology, says he has 24 billion dollars of his own money to give away. A lot of this money is going to go toward the development of new vaccines, which the United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) will administer by injections of the world’s poor.

        Secret Vaccine Ingredient Kills Unborn Babies
        Gates, said to be the richest man on earth, and his wife, Melinda, are also known to support Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion and global depopulation causes. According to reliable sources, some of the new vaccines being developed by the United Nations (WHO) with Gates’ money secretly contain poisonous chemicals—chemicals which act to kill unborn babies inside the mothers’ womb.

        In 1999, the American Life League was horrified to discover that UN vaccines were being used as hidden depopulation “bombs.” The pro-life group went straight to Bill Gates with its discovery and confronted him, as the following news report indicates:

        Gates-Sponsored Vaccine Program a Depopulation Measure?
        Washington, Dec. 14 (—The American Life League, a pro-life organization, confronted software mogul Bill Gates last week, telling him that a World Health Organization (WHO) tetanus vaccination program undertaken with Gates’ sponsorship bears striking resemblance to a similar WHO program which was exposed as a measure to involuntarily sterilize young women in the Philippines. Gates has donated $26 million to a WHO tetanus program in several developing countries.

        In its press release, the American Life League notes that a previous tetanus program, conducted in the Philippines in 1995, aroused suspicion from Catholic health workers since it involved only women in their child-bearing years, an oddity since tetanus effects men and women, old and young alike. An investigation revealed that the women were given the tetanus vaccine combined with a chemical called Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (HCG) to create an anti-pregnancy agent. The BBC, in conjunction with the Philippine Department of Health and the Philippine Medical Association, reported that many Filipino women suffered spontaneous abortions due to the vaccine, which creates an immune response to pregnancy in the mother’s body.

        “The current Gates funded program, involving the WHO in several developing countries, is once again aimed only at women in their child-bearing years. This is the world of population elimination,” said the American Life League. “Most likely, Gates believes his funds are helping sick women and children, but in reality they’re creating unimaginable suffering.”

        • Jay

          The Gates Foundation Agenda

          Bill Gates is hardly a “people person”. He and his Gates Foundation fund everything against humanity you can imagine. From deadly flu shots and possible involuntary airborne flu mists, to dangerous genetically modified foods and animals, including the newly released “modified mosquitoes” in Malaysia, the impact of which is completely unknown.

          He’s even promoting a mega data base tracking the progress of these life-crippling vaccines to further “techno-sterilize” the image of what they’re doing…much like the IBM data cards used in the Nazi work camps. All the while he’s also supporting serious tampering with the environment funding geoengineering techniques including persistent contrails or “chemtrails” as well as “cloud ships” to so-called mitigate the illuminist-inspired false “global warming” threat.

          He and Melinda even announced “vaccines are our favorite” as if it’s a candy shop of goodies to throw at the groveling people of the earth. “Let them eat vaccines…” Surreal but true.

          Gates is the Name, Depopulation their Game

          Anyone connecting the dots can tell this is nothing but pure eugenics at work, a depopulation program of mega proportions, sanitized by the do-gooder image of this enabled former computer geek turned “benevolent benign benefactor” and with a free pass to strongly promote whatever he wants without regard to consequences.

          Not well known is that his father, former head of Planned Parenthood, is the third leg co-chair of this mega-foundation, a foundation that is five times larger than the second place Ford Foundation, along with Bill and his wife Melinda. Think he might have an agenda?

          When you don’t need money, influence and power are the name of the game. And the game is world domination by these same elites. And you’re watching the current popularized front runners of the agenda mind swill we’re expected to swallow.

          • Jay

            The Social Agenda

            This same agenda has vast social as well as scientific applications. While Bill’s credibility is based on the assumption that he’s somehow “scientifically savvy” by an unwary world sucked into this philanthropic con, he’s also into substantially supporting seemingly “social” causes. One of these is gay porn, and gay activism.

            This is from a magazine concerned about the moral decay of America.

            Bill Gates Among Investors with $26 Million Share in Homosexual Activist Publishing Company
            ( -

            The UK Independent revealed today that Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates has acquired a major stake in a homosexual activist publishing company. SEC Filings reveal that Cascade Investment, which invests Gates’ money, is among a group of investors that has bought a $26.2 million share in PlanetOut, a publishing company which runs Out magazine as well as the dating website which is used primarily for sexual “hook-ups” and all-gay RSVP Cruises.

            According to Pink News, the new investors, including Mr Gates, will collectively own a majority of the shares in PlanetOut, likely to total 56.3 per cent of the company.

            Despite Gates’ extensive funding of population control, he had until this point been considered relatively conservative. With this move, however, he has crossed over into areas that are highly controversial even in the mainstream media. The online material put out by the company features hard core homosexual pornography.

            Well what do you know, ol’ Bill doesn’t mind seeing society decay a little further either. Right on the agenda.


  • GregS
  • Jay



    The Planned Parenthood Federation of America
    (PPFA) is a billion dollar a year corporation,
    taking in $1.1 billion in revenues in the fiscal
    year ending 6/30/09.

    – PPFA Annual Report 2008-09
    Your Tax Dollars at Work
    About a third of PPFA’s income is in the form of
    Government Grants and Contracts.

    – PPFA Annual Report 2008-09
    Though it complains about funding cuts,
    government funding for PPFA has increased in
    every fiscal year at least as far back as 1998.
    – PPFA Annual Reports, 1998-2009

    Planned Parenthood reports spending an average
    of $93.9 million in federal funds a year from 2002
    through 2008.

    – GAO report, 5/28/10
    State funding was responsible for 177,404 U.S.
    abortions as recently as 2006. Many of these
    were certainly done at PPFA clinics. The states
    funding the most abortions in 2001 were:

    1. California … 94,602
    2. New York … 34,824
    3. Washington … 15,510
    4. New Jersey …. 9,918
    5. Massachusetts .. 4,800
    – AGI, “Public Funding..,” 1/08



    Visitor logs obtained in February 2010 revealed what pro-life advocates suspected would happen once President Barack Obama took over as presdient. He and his administration have allowed the Planned Parenthood abortion business unfettered access to the White House and top staffers.
    At that time, Richards had visited the White House and spent time with Obama administration officials on four occasions.

    “The logs also showed Richards met privately with Anita Dunn, the then-White House communications director, for almost an hour on October 28, 2009. That’s the day House Democrats unveiled the House version of the pro-abortion health care bill prior to the Stupak amendment that banned abortion funding.”


    Big Bucks Backers
    Major PPFA corporate backers include
    (amounts from tax return):
    J.P. Morgan Chase .. $59,413
    Johnson & Johnson ..$26,200
    Nationwide …………. $12,700
    Prudential Financial…$11,535
    American Express … $11,375
    Amerada Hess ……….. $8,100
    Bank of America ……. $6,185
    – Foundation Watch, August 2006
    Major private contributors to PPFA include
    billionaire financier Warren Buffett and
    Microsoft founder Bill Gates.
    – Associated Press, 6/29/06
    George Soros’ Open Society Institute and the
    David and Lucille Packard Foundation helped fund
    PPFA’s Mifepristone Affiliate Readiness Project,
    training PP staff to use RU486, the Abortion Pill.
    – PPFA Annual Report 2002-03
    Communications giant AT&T and retailer J.C.
    Penney pulled corporate funding for PPFA after
    concerted pro-life opposition.
    Washington Post, 4/5/90
    Fat Paychecks
    Cecile Richards, PPFA’s President since 2006,
    received $384,295 in pay and benefits in 2008
    from PPFA and “related organizations.” Other
    top PPFA officers’ salaries ranged from
    $190,000 to $269,000.
    – PPFA 2008 Tax Return


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