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A New Paradigm

December 3, 2009 by  

A New Paradigm

I have written lately about the stealth system and law and order in an effort to spark a thought process that goes below the surface, beyond the conventional.

A few understand, but most don’t. It’s obvious from many of the comments posted that people continue to look only for us versus them, Obama versus Bush, Republican versus Democrat.

Facts are dismissed outright if they don’t conform to the reader’s perception, formed through 12 or more years of government-controlled education, years of listening to the government propaganda-spreading media and from toeing the party line.

No legitimate criticism of Obama policies can be made without a Bush derangement syndrome-like “but Bush…” response. No legitimate criticism of Republican ideas can be made without a corresponding “Obama is a non-American socialist because…” response. If this is what you do you are caught in their trap.

The argument is not about Democrat versus Republican. It’s about freedom- and liberty-loving American patriots versus the control-seeking, socialist elected class.

People ask, “They’re spending money like there is no tomorrow. How can they be so dumb?” Or, “They’re passing this bill that can’t be constitutional. Don’t they read the constitution?”

The answers: They aren’t dumb, and they may or may not have read the constitution. But it doesn’t matter. They don’t care what it says.

Their efforts are directed toward total control. They seek your compliance and nothing more. Dissent? Not tolerated.

Consider the response of the elected class to the Taxed Enough Already (TEA) Party protests. They showed their disdain, calling a group of people exercising their right to petition government names like un-American, Nazi or terrorists.

In town hall meetings they tried to show the people they represented who was boss. As Rep. Baron Hill (D-Ind.) told a constituent in explanation for why the congressman’s remarks couldn’t be videotaped, “This is my town hall meeting. Let me repeat that one more time; this is my town hall meeting for you and you’re not going to tell me how to run my congressional office.”


How do they control the people?

By stealing their wealth—A fiat money system, in which dollars can be created by a keystroke on a computer, puts more money in the system thereby making the dollars worth less. This is combined with a system of taxation where they take ever-increasing amounts of money from the highest achievers while exempting a growing number of lower wage earners, all the while convincing an ignorant public it’s done for the public good—or will be saved for retirement (Social Security).

By feeding them propaganda—A complicit state-run media that feeds off the government and willingly passes along government messages in order to remain relevant and to gain access to those in power. An example: ABC will have Oprah Winfrey interview Barack Obama for a Christmas special to be aired Dec. 13. Expect probing questions from Oprah, the Obama sycophant.

By keeping them sick—We don’t have a healthcare system in America, we have a sickness care system. It’s the most sophisticated killing machine that demented minds can create. Modern medicine is now the third largest cause of death. This is a Malthusian dream to reduce the population under the pretense of doctoring for sickness and disease. Modern medicine implies sickness is a drug deficit. Modern medicine pushes harmful vaccines to keep the people sick and provide a sop for big pharmaceuticals. And now it pushes toward a socialized healthcare system of Obamacare. A review of socialized healthcare programs in Canada, the U.K. and Europe reveals Sarah Palin’s “death panels” were no exaggeration: Government bureaucrats in those countries routinely deny healthcare based on abstract determinations of “quality of life,” rather than of medical necessity.

By drawing them into a political party—There’s no difference between the two main parties. Oh, yes, there are differences in the platforms on some issues: abortion, taxation, foreign policy, etc. But those are just clever ploys to draw people in and get them to conform. “I’m a Republican” or “I’m a Democrat” gets people arguing among themselves over minor issues while both parties continue to push toward socialism. Don’t believe it? Think back over the last few years about how government has grown when one party is in power. And look at the legislative process. When one party introduces a bad bill, rather than kill it, the other party tries to amend it. A pig doesn’t become a cow if you glue on a set of horns and udders. Likewise, an amended bad bill remains a bad bill, and the march toward socialism ebbs and flows. Republicans or Democrats—no difference. But you argue amongst yourselves believing there is a difference.

So, again, it’s time for a new paradigm.

Protect yourself against the fiat money system—Gold or silver, and stocks in companies that mine gold and silver, are your protection. Keep your savings in the fiat money system and you might as well be setting your paper dollars on fire one at a time.

Reject the propaganda—Divest yourself of the mainstream media. Understand that what they are feeding, you don’t need. Search out the alternative media. Read books and publications that enlighten and challenge conventional wisdom. Some of them can be found in Personal Liberty Digest under the link: Latest Book Reviews. Others have been mentioned from time to time in my previous writings here and in my newsletter, The Bob Livingston Letter. They include: The Fat Resistance Diet by Dr. Leo Galland; How to Hide Anything by Michael Connor; Trust Us, We’re Experts (about how industry manipulates science and gambles with your future) by Sheldon Rampton and John Stauber; Propaganda by Edward Bernays; Manufacturing Consent by Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomsky; Good-bye Germ Theory by Dr.William P.Trebing; Rethinking Pasteur’s Germ Theory by Nancy Appleton; and The Miracle of Magnesium by Carolyn Dean M.D., N.D. Read with an open mind. Only then will the wisdom sink in. Then, share with others what you’ve learned.

Take charge of your health—True healthcare is in the foods you eat and in understanding that there are alternative treatment options for your ailments. Conventional medicine pushes drugs and the cut-and-burn method to treat disease and cancer. It treats the symptoms but not the cause. True health lies in prevention through diet and treatment through diet and non-conventional means. Reject the move toward socialized medicine. The elected class claims it’s good for you but they have rejected every effort to have them included in the Obamacare system. But you can’t opt out. If you decide it’s not for you then you face a fine and jail term.

Ignore the party line—The parties are only interested in building their power base and collecting your money. They are two heads of the same dragon. The Democrats currently in power push for a take-over of industry, socialized medicine, huge stimulus bills and talk of coming tax increases. Before them, Republicans in power pushed a huge stimulus bill, a huge war bill and power-grabbing anti-liberty legislation in the USA PATRIOT Act. Government grew under Republicans, it’s growing exponentially under Democrats. Don’t believe they’re the same? See: Arlen Specter (Democrat to Republican to Democrat), Joe Leiberman (Democrat to Independent to ?), Dede Scozzafava (Republican to Democrat), Newt Gingrich (Republican who has supported Specter and Scozzafava and sided with Nancy Pelosi in the global warming hoax), George W. Bush (supported Specter, joined with Edward M. Kennedy on No Child Left Behind), John McCain (beyond supporting amnesty to illegals, prohibiting more oil drilling and supportive of cap and tax, who knows from one day to the next where he stands?), Lindsey Graham (supports amnesty, working on cap and tax bill, says Republican Party is not party of Ron Paul).

Overturning years of an entrenched line of thought is difficult, but you now know there is another direction. There is another paradigm.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Ms.Smith

    Kudos! An almost perfect article!

    You did say this: “Facts are dismissed outright if they don’t conform to the reader’s perception, formed through 12 or more years of government-controlled education, years of listening to the government propaganda-spreading media and from toeing the party line.”

    However you forgot to add the compulsory, mandatory, Mis-education/indoctrination in your list. :)


    Bob: You hit the nail on the head and echoed what I’ve been saying
    right along concerning the party in power and their “I don’t care what the public thinks” attitude. But you need to add to your paradigm bullet points one of the main characteristics this administration exhibits….an attempt to repress criticism or opposition with a cult leader exalting the state above individual rights. This is the definition of fascism. This system extols the loss of personal freedoms, individual initiative and independent thinking. This is what we’re seeing happen in this country now…the death of America. It is truly heartbreaking and it makes me weep.

    • denniso

      It’s not a bad article…but, you are only drawing another line,like the kind you are railing against. Your ‘new’ party line,which isn’t ‘new’ at all, is citizens against almost all’s still ‘us versus them’, only drawn w/ a broader brush that leads to fewer distinctions and creates 2 overly simplistic and larger groups…citizens and politicians. You too easily overlook the fact that all societies function essentially the way we currently do for a reason…because it works to a fair degree. Otherwise, many societies would have already found a ‘new paradigm’. Much easier said than done!
      You are right that most of the political class has much in common. The very nature of any system is that the people who rise to the top get rewarded w/ $$ or perks. The most significant thing they have often,though not always,had in common is concern for the country in general. Most politicians recognise that they are part of the leadership trying to keep a society functioning at an acceptable level,something that DOES NOT happen automatically,despite the fantasies of some.
      You are wrong when you say there are not fundamental differences between the parties,despite some similarities. The very continuing existence of the 2 main parties defies that point and would only be correct if you believe that the vast majority of Americans are simply stupid or utterly fooled.The same would hold for most of the rest of the world..almost everyone would be have to be a dunce.
      The 2 parties are only rough approximations of several different political views and general philosphies, but that doesn’t mean they are not valid in those differences. That’s why it’s not uncommon for us to sometimes like some aspects of both parties.,,why we have so called independents. But, issues like preemptive war, women’s control of their bodies,privacy rights,separation of church and state,concern for less fortunate people,degrees of freedom,taxation,guns,civil rights and more, are fundamental to a society and do fall into different groups of people and then into the 2 parties. People are really different and that’s why they wind up in different parties. We have to wonder if this ‘new paradigm’ is just another attempt at a new political party, disguised as something different.

      • Gen. Early

        denniso, By your reply it can be seen which of the two groups you are aligned with. There is individual responsibility and freedom vs. “it takes a village” and government control.95% democrats and 75% republicans are government control elitists.

        • denniso

          Gen…that’s a very simplistic argument. That’s what’s wrong w/ most of the people here..way too simplistic!! Modern life and society are much more complex. I can see why people want things to be black and white and simple, but that’s just not how it is. Freedom vs gov’t?? Repub vs Dem?? Christian vs Muslim?? Too simple!!

          • DaveH

            Your comments are simple. You rarely say anything of substance. Your comments are usually personal attacks or self-aggrandizing. I have seen no evidence for the intelligence that you bestow upon yourself.

          • LocalYokel

            You forgot your solution Denniso. Now the question at hand is this. Are you willing to substantiate your unwritten philosophy with the words of Patric Henry? If not then your words will continue to ring eternally empty. Just keep in mind that you’re not one of a kind but media encouragement may well entrap you in the changes that lie ahead.

    • John

      The grand “Fleecing of America” by our elected representatives (which is an absolute oxymoron) should do more than make you weep…it should get ALL Americans FIRED-UP !! Weeping will not fix the direction we’re all heading…

      I urge you and ALL Americans interested in changing Washington’s take-over of your liberties…email, call and write your representatives and if this proves NOT to work….there’s always civil disobedience to influence change.

  • Robert

    The biggest challenge both parties are trying to answer is “How do we disarm the American citizens?” I believe that this is their greatest fear. You can only push a person so far before they begin pushing back. Once there is total disarmament of the American people, none of us will be able to stand up and challenge their incomentencies. I agree with most of this article and it is refreshing to look at our current political environment outside the box. Let’s hope the politicians gun control attempts are DOA, else, we will all be relegated to slavery with politicians and their special interests as our slavemasters.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      They will never disarm the American people. It will never happen. There would be armed revolt first, and many in the military would join the citizenry.

      • USPatriot

        But they will TRY to disarm us, leading unfortunately to bloodshed.

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          You are correct. But in the knowing of that, know also that peace and righteousness is only found through fighting for it.

  • Glen Welch

    This is why I subscribe to the Livingston Letter and why I changed my party affiliation to Conservative. The Republican Party is not conservative but often Neo-Conservative. I would rather be in the right than affiliated with a party that is in the wrong, even if it is successful. I recommend others consider the Conservative Party as well and use it to influence the national condition. Ultimately though, we are all adults and responsible for our own decisions. Thanks for all you do, Bob.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      I would like a responsible and effective third party to rise up. There are rumblings with the Libertarians and Constitution parties, but not much steam or quality individuals yet. So Im stuck choosing the lesser of two evils, the Republicans, who at least stand for a strong America and at least have some morals. They have lost their way starting to “reach” across the aisle as McCain says, which only makes them the democrats fools when they do this, because the dems will never reciprocate and give something back. They are indeed evil suckers who take take take, and only care about themselves and their power. So for now, Im stuck taking the lesser of two evils, as I find the things the democrats do to be immoral, unnerving and downright evil. And I dont like murdering babies like they do either.

      • DaveH

        The Libertarians don’t need to nominate “quality people”, because they don’t want to micromanage every aspect of our lives. There are no quality people in any of the parties (with the possible exception of Ron Paul), just liars. They have to lie to be elected, as nobody is as perfect as the voters want.
        We, as citizens, are going to continue to flounder if we don’t elect people who promise to get government out of our lives.

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          I understand that, but you need some kind of person to connect with. I mean here in Indiana, theyve had guys running on the Libertarian tickets in local elections, going on TV wearing “Lets Smoke It” T-shirts with pot leafs on it, and stuff like that, and really, I dont think thats going to get it done. Thats why I made the statement of needing some quality individuals. And I do believe there are some quality individuals in the Republican Party. I believe Sarah Palin is one. I believe Bobby Jindal is one. I believe Mike Huckabee is one. But I do admit, they are few and far between, as they have lost their way. And as far as the democrats go, Ive looked far and wide, and cant find one with any morals anymore. I thought Evan Bayh was one, but he turned to the dark side the longer he stayed in office. Just another instance of needing new blood. They stay in there too long and they go bad.

      • Dawn

        I do not go for the lesser of two evils anymore. The lesser of two evils is still evil. I am a member and committee person of my local tea party movement and as a mom 9/12 project. Information distribution mostly on the net is our weapon and our rallies. I live in MA one of the most liberal states in America. But we need to try. I now vote for conservative principals and pay no attention to party. Winning with a liberal republican is not a victory. We need to get people thinking about principles not parties. This strategy is not going to work overnight it took years to get to this point and it will take time for real change. If we keep spreading our message and don’t cave to the party system we can make a difference.

      • nick

        Beberoni: I don’t believe in killing babies either, good for you.

  • IrishIan

    This article is exactly what the American people need to hear, and it is a shame that this platform of straight constitutionality is not given a main stream voice. I am a 27 year old white male who works in the construction industry and am part of what I believe to be the majority of Americans who don’t feel like either party gives them a voice. The unfortunate this is that the backbone of America, those people who work hard everyday to support there family and there community are often so busy trying to make it, and make the best choices for those they care about that they can’t take time off to lobby Washington or even local government or else who is going to support the very government that is not looking out for us. I would love to see Washington not being run by lawyers and those whose desire is to work in politics all there life. I would love to see working Americans take control of the country and make choices based on what is right and not what will put money in there pockets. It seems like a pipe dream but surely there is a voice out there for US the silent majority.

  • Michael

    It’s time for a “Revolution”

  • s c

    This article is an excellent article, folks. Speaking as an ex-educator, this article could be used to help compensate for living in a country where politics is a back-stabbing and silent religion. Couple that with an INFERIOR education system, and you get exactly what we’ve had for many years – an imploding nation.
    Progressive ultraliberals, here’s your brain twister for the day. Which is better, a paradigm or one dime? (two being better than one, i. e.). You can call that an obamaism. I survived public education (and re-educated myself). You can do it, too, IF you care about America.
    It is our right and our duty to stamp out ignorance and ideas that are self-destructive (re-education is a great way to do it). This administration personifies ignorance and self-destructive tendencies. This administration is proof that we can do to ourselves what no enemy can. We have the basic road map. It’s called the Constitution. Make it work, or lose it forever.

  • David A. Wissler

    Check out sounds like a great idea to me.

  • Harry Engstrom

    Dear Bob,
    I am new to your site and letter and don’t know what a Conservative is. Since I have always been a Republican and have always voted Republican, I have also always considered the Conservative Party (whatever it is) to be some off based right wing (small) bunch of extremists, who couldn’t possibly consider a moderate view of politics. Maybe I would change my thinking if I knew what the Conservative Party was and where they stand, although I have the idea that you are against both major parties and want everyone to be healthy the natural way. I like what you say and the comments on this site but I didn’t see anything like this when Republicans were in control. Maybe I just wasn’t listening to anything else.

    • s c

      Harry, Livingston can speak for himself. The central requirement for a functional conservative is to THINK and SIFT and SORT. This separates us from criminal politicians and progressives of every ilk, who FEEL their way through life and use political correctness to force others to do their bidding.
      We use the Constitution as the ‘gold standard.’ We have no use for beliefs that are proven failures [socialism, fascism, communism, obamaism, etc.]. We honor ALL of the Constitution. We don’t try to ‘revise’ it because it would be so ‘covenient’ or garner easy votes for bottom-feeders. We love freedom, and we have no use for multi-faced politicians who belong in other countries. We’re CONSERVATIVES, and we’re PROUD of it.

      • denniso

        s c…SO, you ‘don’t want to revise the constitution’? Then you want to get rid of all the ammendments that continued up to recent times? There is no pure ‘constitution’’s very text allows for changes at any time which means that it is malleable and flexible w/ the passing of time. Maybe you want an ammendment to do away w/that part of the constitution??

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          No, its the democrats who have no regards for the constitition. They feel themselves above it, that it doesnt apply to them, and they can pick and choose if it fits they way they feel or not. They have been anti American and anti-Constitution for a long time now. Didnt you know that, or dont you care, or are you just above it all also?

          • USPatriot

            If you will check voting records, you will find both parties are violating constitutional law. We need candidates that will stand on principal. Issues discussed can be dealt with without violating the constitution. In large part, the collapse of this country was in order to change us to a controlled Marxist regime, much like Chavez of Venezuela.

          • DaveH

            There is a party that stands on Principle, the Principle of Freedom – The Libertarian Party.

          • GranAnn

            I love having the internet and that we citizens are given a way to put our frustrations on the table and to strengthen the power of our convictions by knowing we are not alone in what we are feeling. I’m a senior citizen and have never been too politically active except to vote for those who are supposed to represent us and occasionally write a letter to the offending party. But with this government we have now, I knew the first thing I had to do was to study the constitution, so that I could have a base upon which to firm my convictions. What I see is a president who is more interested in cozying up to the enemy, and who is not looking at his roll as a representative of the people, but who is wishing to change America in far more ruinous ways than anyone could comprehend. Many of his actions have been unconstitutional, but you know, I sit here day after day and wonder why there is not one soul in Congress who would dare call for his impeachment or to ask for conviction for treason. When the president, congress, and our military leaders were sworn in, they pledged to defend, protect, and uphold the Constitution. It is very frightening to see holes blown in that sacred document which has kept us a land of freedom for over 200 years. I can see that it is not only our present administration. I can’t call it “democrat” or “republican”. For some it has been their agenda to make changes regardless of what the people think or say. I say God Bless America because we need His blessing if we are to survive the attacks against us.

        • AZ Rifleman

          Fiddle with the foundation and loose the structure…

    • Benjamin Marcoux

      Good Morning Harry,
      It’s good to see many Americans like you are waking up to the Two-Party System,DEMS vs REPUBS and their under—”LYING”–
      abilities to steal from the working class of American tax payers.
      the ole’ man

      • Sue

        The news was just out yesterday that AIG sold two divisions of itself in order to “pay back” the American taxpayers for its bailout.

        And the buyer is ….. the Fed.

        It’s just a shell game.

        They want to be able to say they need another stimulus and that several companies have already paid the first stimulus back, so it’s a good investment, right?

        One of the bills on the table waiting to get through Congress when JFK was assasinated was a bill doing away with the power of the Fed to create money out of thin air…

        I told my husband that we need to hope for the best, but prepare for the worst………….

  • John

    You are ‘right on’ with your assessment of the American people. I meet more and more who know something is wrong, but cannot see what it is. It is so sad when people bury their heads in the sand believing they will pick up where they were next year and go on with their American way of life. So very very sad. Thank you for TRUTH!

  • Glen Welch


    Check out the Conservative Party’s documents at .

  • http://yahoo Tim Griggs

    I agree 1000% Obama Administrative is very smart they are radicals and have been trying this since the 1960′s!! Now they have the power(thanks to some bright voters) they have an agenda and they will succeed this time if people don’t WAKE UP and vote these radical $#%!^& out of office. I’m worried sick that this is our last shot starting 2010 & 2012 to get rid of them, if they stay in power say hello to MEXICO & VENASUALA AT IT’S FINIST

    • denniso

      Tim…what exactly have ‘they been trying to do since the 60′s’??? Maybe trying to form a more perfect union?

      • AZ Rifleman

        Union? I don’t see any union…

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Make that, thanks to uneducated voters.

  • Glen Welch

    Sorry. The correct site is .

  • Jerry Hampton

    I for one, would like to hear your views on: “Overturning years of an entrenched line of thought is difficult, but you now know there is another direction. There is another paradigm.”

    This is the key to the kingdom. We should have a cup of tea!! :-)

  • Greg

    Bob…thanks for callin’ ‘em like you see ‘em. I wish more folks would do that.

  • Bruce

    Dear Bob, Thanks your 100% on target dude. I try and make note of the facts that this is not a modern thing, this has gone on for many years, and no one wants to know, is that strange no saddly its the Telie thats helped to make the world more stupid, let alone how can any one say its ok to give your kids Drugs to make them better students, did you have drugs pumped into you day after day as a kid.

    Is it not mind numbing how many people think that a disigner Flu, that the flu shot was patented in 2006 is now something new in 2008 – 09, yet people will flock to get a shot, thus transfering a small amount of wealth x what 500 / 800 million people, that adds up to real money fast. Ask why people can’t look up a few facts such as the Baxter Patent on H1 N1 date 2006.
    Why its to boring, after all its so easy to just do what your told. Doctors know best and the Media knows even more! Why listen to anyone who dare say differant.

    Cancer, something people get by eating and drinking the garbage thats sold in stores, advertized on the Telie as {quick and good for you!}
    Let alone the treatments that the main stream uses, my GOD people they are pumping waste materials into you that they can’t get rid of any other way.

    Yes the Telie is a main focal point for 99.9%, why its something that makes your mind NUMB. Sports makes your mind NUMB you become stupid, its a winner take all mind set.
    But “Your” not a winner your a looser if your watching and not doing, you have won nothing, you gain nothing, you only loose.
    Oh wait you bought products that you were told to buy, you are 100 -200 lbs over weight, you can’t be bothered to walk or lift weights, you drive your Phat Truck that gets 8 MPG – folks you all bought into it, so don’t even say “I never did that.”

    I have said it before and will say it again, if your a Rebublican or a Democrat, it makes no differance at all. There are no birds that have only wings, even Darwin knew that.

    Have a Great Christmas, If thats offends anyone, I don’t care get over it. FREEDOM is knowing that you will be offended.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      Amen brother, have a very Merry Christmas, and celebrate Jesus’s birth with honor, as that is what is is about. No political correctness here, thank you very much. I made sure I corrected the Salvation Army bell ringer lady yesterday, as she said “Happy Holidays”, I said, “No, that offends me. Its Merry Christmas”, thank you, and you have a Merry Christmas, put some bills in the kettle and walked away. So Merry Christmas to all.

      • Bruce

        Dear Beberoni,

        Merry Christmas to you, may we all act like our savior wanted us to all year long. It saddens me how many people turn their backs on him.

      • Jana

        I love it. Merry Christmas to you too. I refuse to say the other slogans as they are trying to take Christ out of Christmas.
        I noticed the Obama family went to a Christmas play with Santa Clause as the center theme.

        When my children asked me abut Santa, the reply was, yes sweetie he is real just like Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck and all of the other cartoons. He is a symbol of Christmas to take the theme away from the birth of Jesus.

        • libertytrain

          Jana – remember Santa Claus is just another word for St. Nick – and what a lovely story the story of St. Nick is – speaking of which – St. Nick’s Day is Dec. 6 – he will fill your shoes or socks with goodies on the eve. of the 5th.

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          I got fond memories of Santa Claus growing up, and unlike a lot of Christians, I dont have a problem with him, and I dont look at him as taking the place of Jesus. I made the clear meaning of Christmas being Jesus’s birth to my children growing up, but let them have Santa Claus as this gift giving guy. You see, I could give them presents, just for the gift of giving, and not get recognized for it, and thats a good thing. All to much these days, people need rewarded for doing anything, and they seek recognition for all they do. Somehow weve lost our way. I like the giving anonomously thing. My Father in Heaven will give me my reward, I dont need man to do it. We would do ourselves much better to do more for others, and let someone else be recognized for it. That is why I go on missions in His name, and do free work in His name, and give all credit and honor and glory to Him, to those that I serve. Thats what its about. My reward will come later. Instant gratification is screwing up a lot these days.

          • Jana

            BB, I used to feel the same way till I was teaching a class of Jr. High students. We had a debate on whether our parents lied by telling us there was a Santa clause.(The kids choice as to what the topic was) The kids actually got mad that their parents had lied to them about it.
            I figured different times now, so my husband and I discussed it and we told them what I said above and they have always felt that we did the right thing.
            This is just how I handled it, there is no right or wrong way as each family can make their own traditions.
            You have a very good point.

  • Charles David

    I think that I can agree with all of the concerns and comments above, but I would like for you all to think about something–that is WINNING. Get a mindset that you are going to win, you will not surrender the USA to the socialists. Prepare for armed conflict if it comes. Get a gun and learn how to use it. Join the NRA and support the 2nd Amendment. Stock up on food and water in case of power failures, etc. The Boy Scout motto is “Be Prepared”, and you need to be prepared. Our founding fathers risked everything they owned against the strongest army in the world. Only 12% of the population of the colonies participated. 88% of the population either supported the king or sat on the sidelines. I estimate that at least 40% of our citizens feel as you do. If they all will do their part, at the ballot box, and in conflict if it comes, we cannot lose. I consider the USA and our heritage worth fighting for and dieing for if necessary. don’t even think about losing. Think about winning and what you can do to assure that outcome. You are AMERICANS–act like it.

    • Bruce

      Dear Charles,

      I agree with you about winning at a cause thats worth fighting for, Freedom is such a cause.
      God wanted all men to live in a free world, he however did not mean a free lunch at one hundred million times its cost, and laced with poison.

      We must all strive to insure that our grandchildren live in a Free world. Free from any Government telling you what you can wear, who you can speak with, what job you can do, where you can go, and what you may enjoy. The ONE and only law is, TREAT everyone as you would like to be treated.

      • eyeswideopen

        Bruce, love your sentiments, however, you will not be able to get the Conservatives to stop telling you, what to wear, how to act, what to do with your body, what to read, what to watch on tv/ movies, how to pray, and who to pray too. They want to re-write the Constitution to include religious beliefs and laws. In Texas, there is a group who is revising the Bible, as they think there are too many liberals in the writtings. If we could abide by our Constitution, it would be great, but the Religious Right will not allow that.

        • http://donthaveone Beberoni

          You are so full of hatred. What you say is not true and you know it. Though both sides do wrong things, it is mostly the liberal democrats who infringe on peoples rights, who infringe on the constitution, and who have no morals. Just look at the facts of what they do, its all there. There is right, and there is wrong. The conservatives are head and shoulders above the liberals in doing good and right things. Problem is, the Republicans are supposed to be the conservatives, and they are leaning more and more to the left like your democrats, thus we have a big problem Houston. We need the Libertarians or someone to come recapture the conservative values that made this country great and strong and free and fair. For you to blast conservatives, shows your hatred of America. You need to open your eyes and look around, and see from whom this immorral fabric we are embracing comes from, straight from your democratic party.

        • chuck b


          your kind of thinking is the problem, society can’t survive without rules. you want to allow each and everyone to do their own thing regardless of religion or law. this country was founded on christian principles and regardless of what you liberals think, without these principals we would be nothing more than another 3rd world nation. allowing the liberal democrats (that unfortunately means all democrats)to continue ruling this country will be fatal for our freedom. we should remove all the current politicians from office, set firm term limits and allow only one four year term for congress and one five year term for senator and four years for president. no more retirement other than social security. allow the politicians to convene in washington for one month out of the year to do the federal business otherwise they remain in their home state, this will break up the country club in d.c. shut down all immigration and force those who have come in illegally to return the same way they came. people cry out “we can’t return these people there are too many”, they got here didn’t they! we have to somehow restrict the growth of the islamic religion or any changes will be useless. each election year our voters are swinging more to the socialist and i believe this is because of the increase of minority immigration and illegal voting. we need to form a strong conservative party and dump the republican’s. the democrats have already destroyed their party so they aren’t going to be a threat anymore after obama.

    • denniso

      Charles David…so you want to be prepared for armed conflict??w/ whom? the gov’t,’socialists’,police??? Get real…go to iraq if you want some ‘armed conflict’.

      • denniso, like others here, equate the Am revolution to a possible modern revolution..what a joke. Stick w/ the ballot box…The ‘most powerful army in the world’ back then had muskets and single shot canons. The americans had muskets and single shot canons..rough parity. Can you imagine the difference in ‘arms’ now between citizens and the gov’t or police? Not so equal anymore. Luckily, you and other fools talking armed conflict,don’t get to have f-16′s and helicopter gunships. Give up that childish and ridiculous rant!

  • Terrence Snyder

    One of the best articles I’ve ever read about the sorry state of our political system.

  • Raggs

    Thanks BOB a good article.

    Good thing we have the internet since its the only way to get the correct information these days… Oh but wait obama now controls that too….

    Sad days we live in

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      He should control it shouldnt he, being a democrat, and another democrat, Al Gore invented it? Well, so they say.

  • M

    I see a lot of America-centric thinking here.
    But what I also see is exactly the same thing you are discussing happening in just about every major popuation center.
    I think you have to be careful about language like ‘socialist.’ Sure, I know what you mean, but actually, the most sovereign individual seeks firm social surroundings.
    The type of person to which you allude loves to see pidgeon-holing like this – it gives them still more factions to manipulate.
    Life is not so simple and transparent as to offer us a “if it’s not A, it must be B” set of choices. Who could disagree?
    You can bet that there will be some people in politics and in business who are perfectly on the level with you.
    In fact, I would guess it would be most people. But then there will be the other shades of grey.
    These will be the people who see beyond the false lines drawn in the sand.
    These people know that behind both ‘sides’ of any ‘argument’ – real, or imagined, sits a common power base.
    Why would they stop at the individual U.S., or Europe, or the U.K. – any country? The bigger you are, the more clout you have – anywwhere.
    It’s only a conspiracy, if it turns out to be complete B.S. but even then, given the very nature of human nature, power and media, how would you ever tell?
    A nice article Bob.
    Your world-wide readers are uncomfortable too.

    • Rajkurrun Naga

      All our political, religious and other systems have failed because we tend to wedge people apart and govern through divide and rule. Every group believes it is the best and the others are noughts, infidels and what not. And in this process, the common man is the one who gets trampled from all sides.
      Our political system is made of a ruling and an opposition party. There is endless strife and struggle between the parties and the common man has to bear the brunt of the idiocies of our elected members. Often civil wars and political unrest mars our progress. Look at all the African, Arab, Asian, American and other states. There is constant unrest and associated problems. Politicians consider themselves to be above the rest and do everything for their own betterment. The overspills and remnants of their agenda go to the population. In spite of eras of efforts poverty,famine, and social ills are still rampant.
      It is high time we revise our systems and try to reconcile rather than split our people. I have always believed in a system wherein a five or ten year-plan will have to be prepared by the population’s and technicians’ support and consent. There will be only one party of elected representatives. They will be the best, the cream of what the population wish to send to the parliament. Opposition views and comments can come from any member. The media will be the constant watch and will protect the population from any digression. But politicians will oppose any such system because they will fear the united force of the population. After all their motto will ever be to divide and rule because they will never like to let slip power from their grip.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        It does seem my friend, that those in power, only care exclusively about their power and their general well being, and dont seek to serve the very people that elected them to do just that, serve the people. That is why it is more important than ever, for all of us people, to put our party affiliation aside, and vote for the new guys and get rid of the career incumbants, and send the message that we are the ones in power, not them. Vote them out, get new blood in, and if they fail, in their 4 years or 2 years, vote them out. Soon they will understand, its not a career job anymore, unless they do their job, which is to serve the people.

      • DaveH

        A five or ten year plan? Only one party? Sounds like Communism to me.

        • DaveH

          We can’t even get along with our spouses much of the time, and you think people will ever come together with the best course of action for all citizens? The beauty of Limited Government and Individual Freedom and Individual Responsibility is that people can make their own life choices free of the control of others. If they choose wrong, they pay for it with their own money, not somebody else’s. This is the only way we can achieve a relatively peaceful society because one-size does not fit all.

          • Curtis S

            Hey… are you really DaveH or are you Tiger Woods?

          • eyeswideopen

            Dave, under your form of government are there no term limits? I keep asking what services will you cut?

  • JuliBMe

    Sheesh, you lost me on the section….”By keeping them sick” and beyond. How about a little critical thinking and reality here? How do you explain the HUGE increase in life expectancy in the human race over the last 50 years? By our government drones keeping us all sick? Oh brother!

    I don’t think it’s any more serious than greed and power. Yes, the socialists (Marxists, fascists, Maoists, statists, Liberals…whatever you care to call them) want all our money and hate the freedom we have in this country. Hence all the taxes and all the money wasted on mass transit, gloBULL warming, the lack of resolution of the delta smelt problem in California, the fight against drilling for our own oil, etc. However, while it is true both parties are occupied by human beings who have a mixture of evil, good, make mistakes, or do things right, when Republicans are in power, NO ONE is afraid that we’ll be having “Death Panels” to decide if we’ll get the medical treatment we need in our sunset years. NO ONE is afraid that the whole country will be impoverished while the Republicans are in power. NO ONE is afraid that the Republicans will give away our Sovereignty on a environmental HOAX in the hopes of becoming defacto “Leader of the World”. You really need to inject a dose of reality into your thinking.

    None of this is to say the Republicans are perfect. No human being is. It’s a lot easier to say how to vote on a particular issue when you are outside the corrupt Washington atmosphere. So, it will take some really STRONG Republicans to fight the evil permeating that town.

    To say we need to vote third party will ensure the Socialists win in perpetuity. (Ross Perot anyone?) Why not suggest to the Democrats, the hard core socialists, who are not happy with things taking this country left FAST enough that they start a third party? Because they are smarter than that and know that it will split their votes and their power.

    Most of your advice above in the “new paradigm” contain useful ideas and can’t hurt. Trying to split the Republican party WILL hurt this country and, that advice, I contend people should ignore.

    • Loves God

      Juli, “Any more serious than greed and power”? That’s pretty serious – since it’s the driving force for the mess the world is in right now. Wake up, girl! Or you’ll be blindsided and wonder what the heck happened! This past election was the first time I couldn’t bring myself to vote. I used to vote for the lesser of two evils but this time they were equally as bad. There’s been a movement to destroy the U.S. of A. for a very long time – the main thrust being the One World Order. And that, Juli, has everything to do with greed and power!

      • Rajkurrun Naga

        Only yesterday I was thinking about God and prayer. I realised that God should be fed up with our daily bemoanings and personal demands. Does anyone pray for others’ well-being more than his own? We are by nature so egoistic that we care far more for ourself and our family’s well-being rather than for the good of the others.
        I once had a dream in which I saw God in my family’s midst. Somebody took a snap shot of that rare occasion. When we were looking at the picture everybody seemed to be more concerned with how they were looking.Nobody seemed to care for the presence of God. And I could see God beaming into a smile at Man’s egoistic nature.
        In fact, prayer is not a petition to God but a reminder to the God/ creative force within to help us follow our thoughts and achieve our dreams. Afterall whatever Man has achieved on earth is the result of his constant yearning. There is a God within everyone but we tend to look for Him elsewhere, up in the sky, in pilgrimages, in throes and sufferings etc. our only mistake is that we fail to tune in our system to reach that station. Einstein was so right to advocate Buddha as the greatest of teachers and philisophers.

    • s c

      JuliBMe, we’re not talking about living longer. We’re talking about living better. This is about America, not the world.
      At what price do we live longer? MDs use a formula that says when you’re a senior citizen, you’ll be taking one pill for every ten years of age you are. That’s how you define quality of life? That’s a curse, not quality living.
      You must be young, or it would be obvious that the manipulators who make up the AMA/FDA/Big Pharma cabal value a steady cash flow more than lives. Don’t get sick, or you’ll get a quick lesson in “I
      should have realized.” You can’t say you weren’t warned. And, if you think this bunch of losers in DC will keep you healthy via a 4,000+ page health care reform SCAM, the next 3 years will be a very expensive eduction for you, your family and friends – in many more ways than one.

      • MW

        I’ll agree with you SC! For example, my grandmother lived to be 103.
        However, the last 23 years of her life were anything but quality.
        Over that period of time she suffered from a severe case of arthritis,
        an appendix rupture that nearly killed her at age 83, a bout with shingles, both hips were fractured, gallstones, hearing lost in one ear, urinary tract infections on a regular basis, foot problems, etc.
        A stroke finnally did her in a month after turning 103. You can image the costs involved, the lost time & worry my mother experienced taking care of her during the last years of her life along with numerous other problems. What most people don’t realize is that living
        long does not always equate to living happy & content! It’s wonderful what modern medical science has achieved over the past century but let’s not confuse quantity with quality.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      On that note I agree, that the Republican voters would be for voting out incumbants and trying new blood, to send the message that were not going to take it. But I fear the democrats will continue with the good old boys network, continue to elect their Robert Byrds, and Arlen Specters and John Kerry’s and John Edwards, Pelosi, Reid and the other losers, and still be beholded to special interest groups that are anti American, especially George Soros, who as everyone knows, owns them, and they owe him big huge favors now, to repay the billions he has funded them with. For cryin out loud, he has so much money he bought a Nobel Peace Prize for Obama. But Im afraid as you say, that the Republican party will split, but the dems, just like the unions, will stay together whether right or wrong. They dont care about right or wrong, they blindly follow. But then again, if we Republicans stand strong, vote out the incumbant republicans, vote in the new republicans, and get energized at the poles on election day and get people out to vote, we can have these new republicans also beat out the old democrat incumbants, and kill two birds with one stone. Ill try it.

  • Keith Y.

    Hi Bob,
    Spot on, how ever your leaving out one very important aspect of where were at today & why. As many may know in the mid 70′s Frank Church & the Church Committee prove all the crimes of the CIA such as Mk-Ultra project paperclip, Monarch and 100′s of others. They promised they would stop somewhere around 77 but went behind closed doors & hired private contractors such as Lockheed, IBM, Boeing, Northrup Grumann,Defence contractors ect. Funny thing that right around this time Jose Delgado was perfecting his Stimociever (brain implants for the masses) saying that Man doesn’t have the right to exercise his own mind. But what most people don’t realize is that technology is so advance now that the NSA NSA Signals Intelligence Use of EMF Brain Stimulation

    NSA Signals Intelligence uses EMF Brain Stimulation for Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) and Electronic Brain Link (EBL). EMF Brain Stimulation has been in development since the MKUltra program of the early 1950′s, which included neurological research into “radiation” (non-ionizing EMF) and bioelectric research and development. The resulting secret technology is categorized at the National Security Archives as “Radiation Intelligence,” defined as “information from unintentionally emanated electromagnetic waves in the environment, not including radioactivity or nuclear detonation.” Signals Intelligence implemented and kept this technology secret in the same manner as other electronic warfare programs of the U.S. government. The NSA monitors available information about this technology and withholds scientific research from the public. There are also international intelligence agency agreements to keep this technology secret.

    The NSA has proprietary electronic equipment that analyzes electrical activity in humans from a distance. NSA computer-generated brain mapping can continuously monitor all the electrical activity in the brain continuously. The NSA records and decodes individual brain maps (of hundreds of thousands of persons) for national security purposes. EMF Brain Stimulation is also secretly used by the military for Brain-to-computer link. (In military fighter aircraft, for example.) For electronic surveillance purposes electrical activity in the speech center of the brain can be translated into the subject’s verbal thoughts. RNM can send encoded signals to the brain’s auditory cortex thus allowing audio communication direct to the brain (bypassing the ears). NSA operatives can use this to covertly debilitate subjects by simulating auditory hallucinations characteristic of paranoid schizophrenia.

    This is only a small part of the last 60 years of Mind controll funny that Bush & Cheney were starting there careers in the CIA about this time, connect the dots!

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      And you buy into this? About as effective as when they made LSD thinking it was a mind control drug. I guess they kind of got that wrong also. Im not afraid of it. They can bring it on. It has no hold on me, as Ive got someone bigger than they do watching over me. They cant touch me, so Im not scared.

  • Phil T

    Absolutely right on target. I am no longer a Republican. I am a Conservative. I will no longer vote for an incumbant. All incumbants must be challenged in their primaries in 2010 and, ideally, defeated. The new paradigm does not allow for people to think their representatives and senators are OK and it it the other ones who are the problem. All of them are the problem. We need professional American citizens in office not professional politicians. It is my hope there is a metamorphesis or realignment from R’s and D’s to C’s and S’s – Conservatives and Socialists.

    • Jana

      If we want term limits, we need to start at the state level. Since these Congressmen and women represent the state, that is who would have to set the term limits. If we would each write our Gov. and State Reps. maybe we could get something done.
      It is worth a shot, but since the State Reps don’t have term limits they probably won’t do anything.
      Have I just talked my good idea down all by myself????

  • Benjamin Marcoux


  • Charles David

    Don’t even think about losing, think about WINNING. Our founding fathers put everythin on the line against the strongest military on the planet. Only 12% of the population of the Colonies participated. 88% were either loyalists to the king or sat on the sidelines (let George do it types). Get a gun and learn how to use it. Stock up on food and water in case supplies get cut off. The Boy Scout motto is “Be Prepared” and we need to be prepared.

    I estimate that there are about 40% of the current population that feel as you do. If everyone does their part at the ballot box or in conflict if it comes we can’t lose. I believe that the USA is worth fighting for and dieing for if necessary. We are Americans, let’s act like it.

    • DaveH

      It is my understanding that about 20% of the colonists remained loyal to the crown. About 40% of the colonists were “patriots” (wanting freedom from the crown).

      Do you have a source estimating the percentage of Patriots who actually participated in the battles?

  • Justen

    I know sometimes it feels like you’re only preaching to the choir, or that it’s all falling on deaf ears, but remember – we all used to be statist drones once. Very few people have the privilege of being born into a family that counter-educates them; we all have to figure this stuff out on our own. I try not to get frustrated with the empty-headed ones. Either they’ll come around eventually or they’ll be murdered by their own state (directly with a gun or indirectly through starvation, damaged health, and suicide). Spreading the word is our way of paying forward the gift of knowledge that was given to us, but we have no obligation to help anyone, only the desire.

    • SHARON


  • Kevin

    Roosevelt said in his 1930 Home Rule speech that when nearly all power was centralized in Washington DC, America would have an “Oligarchy masquerading as a Democracy”. Of course, Roosevelt and the Democratic Presidential platform of 1932 called for downsizing the Hoover Administration’s Big Government policies. Roosevelt lied and did a 180, expanding government to “save the economy”, paralleling what Hitler was doing in Germany. Hitler even sent a letter, through our ambassador to Germany, to Roosevelt thanking him for the job he was doing with America. As F.A. Hayek warned in his “Road to Serfdom, socialism, collectivism, and central planning were the common thread between communism, fascism, the New Deal, etc. It doesn’t really matter what you call it, when the central government controls it, it’s totalitarian.

    Our government has been under the Sustainable Development, United Nations Agenda 21 program since 1993, which calls for worldwide population control and reduction. The right and left media are ignoring this. Like the quiet children in the other room, it’s what you don’t hear about that you should worry most about.

    With over 600 pages, “AIDS, the Crime Beyond Belief”, by Don Scott is an excellent book to understand America’s population reduction programs since 1953. Of course, the book covers the development of AIDS by our government, which was working with Rockefeller and other eugenics minded people, such as Kissinger. One AIDS strain was developed in New Orleans, the other in Africa—one strain was put in the Hepititus B shots given to the Gay population in San Francisco (75 percent that took the vaccinations developed AIDs), the other in the Small Pox Vaccinations in Africa—many blacks were forced at gun point to take these vaccinations–8000 blacks a day are dying of AIDs in Africa. If you understand that Myco Plasma is one of the co-factors in AIDS (our government even patented Myco Plasma to control studies on it), and that 30 percent of the black population have it in their bodies (as compared to 2 percent of the white population), then you realize AIDS really was targeted at the black population.

    • denniso

      Kevin…are you people really this clueless??you equate Hitler w/ Roosevelt?? My god fella!!You are in serious need of therapy or drugs. Roosevelt came in after an economic disaster that ocurred,once again, under a repub..he had to fight the very people who allowed it to happen in order to try and salvage capitalism, for those very detractors and the country. He put real people to work and gave hope to the country after 3yrs of Hoover waiting for the ‘free market’ to pull the country out of despair and you history whiz’s want to cast Roosevelt as Hitler. That’s the most idiotic and stupid comparison i’ve ever heard!!!

  • Justen

    @JuliBMe: “Sheesh, you lost me on the section….”By keeping them sick” and beyond. How about a little critical thinking and reality here? How do you explain the HUGE increase in life expectancy in the human race over the last 50 years? By our government drones keeping us all sick? Oh brother!”

    You are the one who needs to do a little critical thinking here, I think. Who has provided the health care innovations that have caused these lifespan extensions? Political elites? Multinational CEOs? No, entrepreneurs, inventors, innovative doctors, scientists. Who has presented constant stumbling blocks, regulatory barriers, and outright bans on this? The doctors? The public? No – the political elites. Who, over 100 years ago, declared a moratorium on lawsuits over pollution and toxic waste, implicitly allowing the poisoning of our land, water, and air? The courts. Who purports to have sole jurisdiction over this problem today? The government. Who fails to do anything about it? again, the government. Who is made sick? You and I.

  • Rajkurrun Naga

    Health should be a question of daily concern. Everybody should be something of a doctor to understand and provide curative measures whenever the system demands it. whenever anything goes wrong, the body sends appropriate signals, but we are so engrossed in enjoying and fulfilling our endless desires that we tend to forget the fundamentals. People believe that by over-feeding their system,they will enjoy better health. They forget that our system has its own limits. By over-stuffing our system, we create problems for the system to get rid of the excess, and we over-exercise to do so- sometimes at our own risk. Being wise and moderate in food intake shields us from unnecessary problems. And this applies to the great majority of people.
    Take care of your body and the body will take care of you. I prefer to eat little rather than to eat so much that my doctor will advise me to do rigorous exercise to use up the excess deposits of fats etc. And our political elites should use the media to propound that knowledge. President Obama has gone a long way to sensitise people on lots of health issues like kitchen garden, physical exercise, keeping slim and trim etc. I believe our elites should continue serving as role models for the population.
    My advice to our ailing population is to love and care for the body and to practise good eating habits.Be happy even in adversity because adversity is there to teach us something we have failed to realise for our betterment.Remember that happiness is felt momentarily and therefore because it is a process, it can be felt every moment of our life even in adversity. Only we have to accept adversity as a precursor to something good.

    • Sue

      While I agree with your points generally, I shake my head at the suggestion that BO is healthy – HE IS A CLOSET SMOKER!!!!!! And what about the media who hardly EVER brings it up? Did you know that Jackie O was also a closet smoker? No, probably not, because, the lame stream media controls what most people DON’T know; if you don’t branch out and read articles like this, you might as well stick your head in the sand. The only reason I know about Jackie O. (and I read alot) is because I saw a vintage book about the Kennedy family in an antique store and couldn’t put it down. It had a picture of her pregnant AND smoking – “everybody used to smoke” as my mother told me – this book was written before the PC police were out.

      I believe that the healthiest thing we can all do for ourselves is to be informed and not be ignorant of the facts. The elites put on a dog and pony show for the lame stream media and many “sheeple” eat it right up. Anyway, you have to educate yourself and read MANY different sources; you must have your own built in filter in your brain to determine what you believe. Discussion is healthy, but actions so that you are prepared are even better.

      • http://donthaveone Beberoni

        I bet he still smokes pot and snorts cocaine also, but the liberal press wouldnt dare report that, but they would if he were a republican. Bet on that.

        • denniso

          Beb…you are like a little kid who has no idea that what she says is patently foolish and pointless and laughable. Grow up, please!!

  • dave

    this is why i’m starting a campaign to call obimbo and his ilk anti-freedom, anti-liberty, anti-constitutionalists to identify them for what they are. in my opinion calling them socialists or communists or fascists or nazis, which they are all that, doesn’t resonate enough with the average american. but calling them anti-constitutional makes them sound exactly what they are, anti-american. will you help support me in this and help it go viral?

    • s c

      Sounds good. Makes sense. Whatever it takes to get people fired up and take off the blinders that keep us enslaved. Consider what you have in mind as an American citizen’s prototype “rule-of-engagement” in dealing with elected trash (yes, I do mean all of Washington).
      RIGHT ON!

  • Eric Seyferth

    You are right, it is NOT a political war. It has been, almost since Abraham Lincoln, and will continue to be a culture war. And not just in this nation but globally. We need to forget to debate specific subjects, which is how we are intentionally side-tracked, and figure out how we are going gain back our true liberty, as defined in our constitution, and become again free Americans.

    • DaveH

      There is only one Political party that I know which supports Limited Constitutional Government, Individual Freedom, and Individual Responsibiliy. That is the Libertarian Party. Their principles are the most consistent of the political parties. Please join and help support them:

  • Jana

    I love this article.
    No matter what we feel it is obvious by continuing the useless banter back and forth, it is not going to change anyone’s mind.
    We each feel we are enlightened to the truth of the whole matter and we aren’t about to budge.

    I like the part esp. where you say,”When one party introduces a bad bill, rather than kill it, the other party tries to amend it. A pig doesn’t become a cow if you glue on a set of horns and udders. Likewise, an amended bad bill remains a bad bill, and the march toward socialism ebbs and flows. Republicans or Democrats—no difference. But you argue amongst yourselves believing there is a difference.

  • Jana

    I have also been an advocate for taking care of my own health. My family and I have been without health insurance far longer than we ever did have coverage.
    We do go to the Dr. and we talked to them about us not having ins. and would they allow us to pay them the amount the insurance would allow. He agreed.
    Being self employed with just the two of us in the business has made it too expensive most of the time and we find that if we put money back for emergencies, that we have come out way ahead. So we did try to be wise in the way we handled things. We have also been very pro-active in our own health care. I have studied a lot about nutrition and health. I also have some great success stories.

    Thank you for trying to wake us up, for this article is full of truths and wisdom.

  • Jana

    The one point that I don’t agree with you on is the Libertarian Party. Ok, I realize there’s no one perfect party.
    My problem with them personally is, and I am taking this from the gentleman that was running for Pres. on the Libertarian Party when I heard him speak in ’04, he gave me the grave impression that if attacked he did not believe in retaliation or standing up to our attackers. He did not believe in war period.
    I am not a war monger, but when a bully attacks we’re not to be fearful and hide or do like the Jews did in Nazi Germany and be meek and mild and hope they will see we’re no danger to them, and maybe and I say a great big maybe, they’ll leave us alone. It doesn’t work that way. If we don’t stand up for our country, then it will be taken over.
    There are many many good points however about the Libertarian Party such as one main point is smaller government.
    However, since this party doesn’t seem to be very big or popular, then would we be wasting our vote by casting it for them? This is a dilemma that must be faced.

    • http://donthaveone Beberoni

      That is why I approve of George W. Bush. After these terrorist punched us in the nose repeatedly during Clintons cigar tour, and he did nothing, the hit one time too many, and Bush took the fight to them, and was kicking their butt until these new guys took over and wavered long enough for these guys to start regrouping. Im glad someone in Washington finally had enough cahoona’s to stand up like a man for a change. God bless him for that.

      • Curtis S

        You’re statements are distorted by hate, are factually incorrect and historically inaccurate. But your spelling is pretty good.

    • DaveH

      The Libertarians don’t want to be the World’s Policemen, but I have never heard any of them say we shouldn’t respond to an attack.

      You are wasting your vote if you vote for the lesser of two evils (which is still just evil). Better to vote for a Party that best represents your principles and lose than to throw your weight behind a Party that doesn’t represent your principles. Voting for the lesser of two evils has gotten us only one thing – Bigger Government.

      Here is the Libertarian Party Platform:

  • MIKE

    I think you are close on the income tax situation. The IRS code is littered with special “terms”. Words that have a specific meaning in a specific statute. Take the words “wages”, “employees”, “employer”,”trade or business”. You think they mean one thing ,but they have a very limited specific definition in the IRS code…. if I said the word “apple” means an orange for the purposes of this article, that is what it is. Why is it this way? All this is Lawyer Speak!To trick and obfuscate the truth. They know our dumbed down public can’t possibly understand the IRS code.

    The Constitution gave Congress no right to lay a tax on individuals not in the employ of the Federal State. There is an income tax laid on individuals who are in the employ of the Federal State… Judges, Congressmen, Servicemen, The President, Senators,or any service provided to the Feds.Also,if you accept any Federal Privilege,Health Care,Unemployment Insurance,Social Security,interest from a NA bank account,anything the Feds ‘give’ you, you are liable for the tax.

    That is only the beginning,income tax on a private union state individual,not involved in a federal privilege or a”trade or business” [7701(a)(26)The term “trade or business” includes the performance of the functions of a public office.] is unconstitutional.

    The IRS says it is a ‘voluntary’ tax. Really? Yes, you are volunteered by your Payer. When he thinks that he is an “Employer”[
3401(c) 'employee' For purposes of this chapter, the term “employee” includes an officer, employee, or elected official of the United States, a State, or any political subdivision thereof, or the District of Columbia, or any agency or instrumentality of any one or more of the foregoing. The term “employee” also includes an officer of a corporation.] More than likely your Payer is not unless you actually work for the FEDS in one capacity or another.

    Your Payer ignorantly sends the IRS a W2 on your earnings ,labeling your pay as “wages”(a taxable Pay)thereby labeling you an “Employer” (a taxable privilege). WAKE UP PEOPLE, ALL OF YOUR POLITICIANS KNOW THIS SCAM THAT HAS BEEN PERPETRATED UPON THE AMERICAN PUBLIC FOR DECADES!!

  • MIKE

    Sorry, I meant to put the definition for employer..3121 (d) ‘Employer’ For purposes of this chapter, the term “employer” means the person for whom an individual performs or performed any service, of whatever nature, as the employee of such person, except that—
    (1) if the person for whom the individual performs or performed the services does not have control of the payment of the wages for such services, the term “employer” (except for purposes of subsection (a)) means the person having control of the payment of such wages, and
    (2) in the case of a person paying wages on behalf of a nonresident alien individual, foreign partnership, or foreign corporation, not engaged in trade or business within the United States, the term “employer” (except for purposes of subsection (a)) means such person.

  • Stan B

    Well written Bob,
    Both parties are controlled by the same ‘entity’. (two heads of the same dragon) This ‘entity’ is sometimes called “Corporate Elite” or “Shadow Government” It is a multi-national Banking network. Among its members are leading Politicians, Bankers,Industrialists and CEO’s and they hold key leadership positions in Government, Wall Street and the Military.

    Their long history of developement can be traced as far back as the ROTHSCHILDS Dynasty in Germany. Incidentally, they still call the shots today via The BANK OF ENGLAND, which is a forunner of the FEDERAL RESERVE. The FEDERAL RESERVE was planned, executed and ratified in 1913 (Woodrow Wilson realized his folly too late!) by this same Cartel using the same devious tactics now being implemented to underhandedly pass the Obama-Pelosicare ‘nightmare’ Reform Bill!

    This powerful group are members of the CFR, TRILATERAL COMMISSION, BILDERBERG GROUP, IMF ad infinitum. They are basically, multiple heads of the same evil beast.

    The point that Bob is trying to make is this; It makes no difference which party is playing the part of governing, because they continue to receive their directives (indirectly) from and through the CFR/TRILATERAL COMMISSION….THEY are the REAL government! The entire World Banking system is orchestrated by THEM! Folks, please do not take my word for it…again, DO THE RESEARCH and draw your own conclusions…this is only the tip of the iceberg.

    Interestingly,several (similar) comments of mine were mysteriously deleted from e-mail articles in HUMAN EVENTS, BAY NEWS 9 and the ST. PETERSBURG TIMES…..I wonder why?

    • Bruce

      Dear Stan,

      You been in the books I can tell. Good for you dude, have you read any of David Icke works? Some really good info in them.

  • Rod

    Your right Stan B, They have been at it for a very long time and we,
    the people are the one’s who will pay with our freedom and our lives!
    Obama is nothing more than a low life that has promised to follow their commands. However, he has not delivered the goods and is now in
    trouble with the big guys who are calling the shots. He dithers and
    without a teleprompter to read from, is lost for ACTIONS! His speech
    last night proves he can’t pull the trigger. He has lied so many times, he can’t remember what he said. – - – - Wonder what the troops
    who’s life is on the line are thinking? There is still never been a
    group of criminals who are so evil as the ones in our capital who
    want to rule through Tyranny. We have to fight back by VOTING! VOTING!

  • American Citizen

    As for political correctness, when someone says, “Happy Holidays” to me, I’m going to ask with a questioof surprise in my voice with uplifted eyebrows, “Why, what holiday are we celebrfating?”

    • Jana

      Good for you. I love it. I have just adopted that phrase.

  • American Citizen

    Sorry, it should read, “Why, what holiday are we celebrating?”

    The keys on this keyboard either jump away from my fingers or insert themselves in where not needed.

    • Fed Up Gal in NM

      American Citizen,

      What a great response! Thanks for sharing….can’t wait to try this out!

      You can also bet that most of those “Happy Holiday’ers” sure do take their paid Christmas holiday off…how very accomodating of them!

      Fed Up Gal

      • Curtis S

        Yeah some non-believer friends of mine “have” to take Christmas Holidays because their employers are forced to pay them overtime for working on December 25th. These friends of mine would much rather take a couple of days in September for Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, but they adapt. Why can’t you adapt and wish them “Happy Holidays”? Better yet, find out when the eight days of Channukah are and wish them a “Happy” one. Christmas is a made up holiday anyway, why get so worked up? Christ wasn’t born on December 25th, he was born in the summer. All you guys who are constantly quoting the bible, tell me where it says you gotta decorate a fir tree (lots of pine and spruce in the Holy Land) and celebrate the winter solstice. And show me the bible passage that says you have to be so intolerant of other beliefs that you can only say Merry Christmas?

        • libertytrain

          Curtis, you make some good points – and I do always wish my few Jewish friends, “Happy Hanukkah” – I only have a few because I believe the Jewish population is about 3% of the USA population. It is that other tiny minority of the USA – those who try to decide what is “politically correct” for us that I find useless. And I believe the majority of this Country will (despite the continued attempts to do away with our traditions) be wishing you and everyone a “Merry Christmas” or “Feliz Navidad” -

  • Kerry

    Look, I’ve heard all of this way before George W. and now the Great Usurper (Obama). This article could have come from Senator Humphrey’s days, or from the Nixon era!! Yeah, OK, I’m showing my age, BUT I’m also showing that HISTORY WILL REPEAT if WE don’t do something to oust these A$$HOLES!!!

    What is really needed is not a national party!! WHAT? HOW? WHY?

    Each state needs to have term limits. SIMPLE. You want to be a Senator, you’re only in for 2 terms. You want to be a Representative, you’re only in for 3 terms. OH, and all that money you will be paid, it goes to the state from which you are paid. That’s right! The state will pay you $100,000 per year and any other monies that come your way, MUST be sent to the state. PERIOD!

    When you’ve finished your terms as Representative, you may NOT become a Senator unless 5 years have passed. WHY 5 YEARS?????????????

    So one doesn’t get “entrenched”!! THAT’S WHY!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, and one other thing that MUST be in the rules of being a Representative or Senator…..if you are under investigation or are found guilty of ANY crime (above a simple misdemeanor), you either are on a non-voting furlough (wherein you CANNOT vote for any bills if under investigation) or are OUT if found guilty.

    Keep these rules in place and the PEOPLE will again have control of Congress, rather than the other way around!!!!

  • http://yahyoo Ralph Kautz

    I agree that for the last 35 years the education system has been dumbed down and made a little more than a goverment propaganda mill.When I was in school I was Reqired to learn and discuss The Constiution,The Declaration of Independance,and Lincolns Gettysburg Adress.I was Exposed in Jr High and Senior High to the Writings of Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin,Madison,Monroe,Teddy Roosevelt and the reasons that Jamestown and Plymouth Plantation were formed and established.The powers that be want all Americans to be Drones and follow Orders gratefully.I did not give 26 years of my life in the Military of this Great Country to knuckle under to a Dictator or a bloted politician.God Bless our Troops and God Bless America and Guide her through this time of trial.

    • Fed Up Gal in NM

      Ralph K,

      You said it… perfectly! I have 21 years of military service and feel the same way.

      Fed Up Gal

      • libertytrain

        Fed Up- hope all is well with you and you had a lovely holiday – I’m traveling the country for several day — and it’s a wonderful break -

        • Fed Up Gal in NM

          Hey there Liberty,

          I was wondering what was up with you….was hoping things were going ok. Glad to hear you’re having some R & R time.

          I’m doing good, thanks for asking. Had a little scare with one of my pets over Thanksgiving weekend, but after a visit with our new Vet, lab work and a little “kaching…kaching”….both pets seem to be doing okay…they’re old, so you just never know. Apparently they both have low thyroid levels, so now they’re on meds for a few weeks to see how that works. I don’t like doing the “meds” thing, but with pets it’s hard to know since they can’t tell you what they’re feeling…anyway…this new Vet seems great and actually offered some alternative info for some conditions, but felt for this issue we need to try the meds first…..???? he seems honest and at least was willing to consider alternative stuff (and he charges only the cost of the labwork….instead of adding costs to labs like my previous vet office did….for many years…til I got tired of it. You know, kind of like other peoples’ human kids….our pet kids are an emotional issue when trying to help them medically, so we do what we can do I guess.

          Sorry about getting off the subject here. Just hadn’t heard from you in a while, so thought I’d fill you in. Enjoy the rest of your break…come back rested….and renewed for the continued battle…LoL!

          Fed Up Gal

          • libertytrain

            Oh, sorry about the pups – that is always difficult to go through – their old age – I’ll catch you when I get back – I cannot for the life of me understand why Denniso and eyes have this need to be on this site? They must not get enough attention on their “own” sites – how funny – how insecure they must be.

          • denniso

            Liberty…it’s pretty simple why I’m on this site. I’m trying to enlighten you and pull you and most of the others out of your dark caves of incestuous thinking(or non thinking). I’m also curious to see(like going to a zoo)how you nonthinkers rant and rage and echo each other and your lover’s pretty amazing and at times even mildly entertaining. I’m so amazed at the crap that is spewed here that I still catch myself wondering if you all are joking,or being facetious,because it’s so hard to believe that some of my fellow Americans appear to be SO clueless and idiotic and paranoid and laughably macho at the same time.

          • Fed Up Gal in NM


            Regarding denniso……I agree with you….it’s really rather sad, isn’t it? Poor denniso…..he must be trying to find friends anywhere he can.

            Fed Up Gaal

          • Fed Up Gal in NM


            Therein lies (no pun intended) the problem…..just like the current administration can’t “enlighten” their way out of a wet paper bag…. Keep your enlightenment all to yourself, thank you!

            Fed Up Gal

      • Jana

        Fed Up Gal, Thank you for serving.

        • Fed Up Gal in NM


          It was my pleasure to serve, and I appreciate your taking the time to offer your thanks…which is really for all those who have served and those who are currently serving. That was a very nice gesture.

          Sorry it took a while for me to respond; it’s been a pretty hectic couple of weeks and I’m still playing catch up…however, when I saw your reply…I could not close out of this site without taking a moment to respond. Thanks again!

          Fed Up Gal

    • Loves God

      Whenever I hear someone say “God Bless America” I cringe – how can God possibly bless America as long as we keep killing our unborn babies!!!! Do you really think God is pleased with the American way of life right now??? With divorce, people cohabitating without marriage, gays demanding their rights-shoving their life style in our face every chance they get, children loosing their viginity at an earlier and earlier age, women and young girls demeaning themselves by wearing immodest fashions – need I say more? We live in an immoral world and you still expect God’s blessing???

  • June Gagnon

    Bob’s articles are always great, whether or not we all agree. He’s simply emphasizing “WAKE UP AMERICA”!! The good news is so many people are waking up and with that we will see an Obamamafia come-down/shake-up like we’ve never seen before. There is an “impeachment” move afoot; I’m all for it. As to who is best qualified to “lead us” (not command us) we need to do a lot more research than was done in 2008.
    Have to admit, I was raised Republican and voted that way for 49 years!! My “grand awakening” occurred in 2006 when the realization dawned that I was so disgusted with both republicans and democrats I had to disassociate; I’m a registered INDEPENDENT and love it. I don’t even hesitate to email Obama, Pelosi, Reid and my own representatives and tell them exactly what I think of them and their ideas. I refuse to be “politically correct”, I’m just plain honest and if no one likes what I have to say, they can leave!

  • Brian O

    In order to put our Country back under the control of the people.
    First we must rid ourselves of the Federal Reserve. Then their muscle men the I.R.S. will no longer be needed.
    Support HR 1207 Audit the Fed. When it is exposed for what it is.
    It will be terminated and rightly so.
    Then the steps needed to right this Country will become clear and obvious.

    • AnhydrousBob

      Amen, Brian, the first step is to undo the FED.

      “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes it’s laws”. —Mayer Amschel Bauer Rothschild

  • Loves God

    The simple answer to all this craziness is to get down on our knees and beg God for His forgiveness and to change our ways by living our lives according to His 10 Commandments. He no more wants these evil men/women in charge of this country of ours any more than we do!!!! Turn to Jesus Christ as your King and put Him in charge of your lives and will be amazed!!

  • AZ Rifleman

    I agree fully with your article but regardless I always run into the same roadblocks and brick walls… recognizing the titaniic and pandemic issues that are happening to our country as it is being run off the rails. In our history and for the most part, up to a year ago, the principles our country was founded upon, the US constitution and bill of rights not only mattered but provided an eternal and solid foundation for which to continue to build upon. Not long ago, dismantelling this essential foundation and destroying these essential blocks would rapidly lead anyone, especially politicians, no matter how elevated they were situated within the structure, to task to account for their wayward behaviors and outlandish methods of “governing” through safeguard systems in the Governmental structure itself. This checks and balance system was capable of striking fear directly to the heart of any malignant movement seeking or opting to operate outside the intended and permissiblem boundries.

    Subsequently there was no room for political correctness especially where we found ourselves confronted by a TERRORIST, A TRAITOR, SOCIALIST OR COMMUNIST, or anyone citizen or politician who promoted anarchy or a determination to cause damage to this country as a whole or its citizens.

    Now, the very pinical of administration with in our country is unified among themselves and as a units have pushed the moral majority away, insulted them, demeaned them and ignored the rule of common sense, all the time smiling and joking as they trample all over the values that made this country great.

    In regard to this we raise our voice. But from their elaborate positions they laugh feeling fully empowere, protected, and untouchable.

    This administration almost daily in one regard or another, one member or another, steps freely outside the laws enacted by our forefathers specifically placed to protect our citizens and society.

    Any other administration acting with such blatent disregard would not only fall continually under the severest scrutiny but would undoubtly experience the greatest admonishion by the system itself. Assuredly there would be agressive movements to remove members from office for various illegal and unethical indescreations and long before this critical hour you would have heard such toothy terms as “Impeachment, Malfeasance, Misfesance, Criminal Fraud, and unethical conduct, ” barked out as household words and headlines splashed across papers and magazines coast to coast.

    But the despite the multitude of transgressions we endure at the hands our “taskmasters”, there has been no mechanism introduced on behalf of this contry and its citizens to “grab the bull by the horns and dip its nose in the dirt” no matter how big and bad he thinks he is.

    Personally, I’m tiresd of getting stomped in the ground and kicked in the face, but for the life of me I just can’t find the oysters on this critter to kick it back.

    • Curtis S

      I’m not sure I agree with everything you said, but I’m a huge fan of the way you said it! Here’s hoping you find those “oysters” with the pointy end of your boot.

  • Stan B

    Hello Bruce,
    I’m not familiar with David Icke, but I will check him out. So many people recommend certain books…finding the time to read is one thing, but finding a book with the kind of substance in it that helps you move forward is another. For example REVOLUTION by Ron PAUL is very informative, but unless you have an understanding of, or are interested in Banking, it can be rather boring. When it comes to looking for specific data in order to substantiate, or re-inforce the information I already have, I do not exercise patience very well.
    This comes from cramming several years of research into 18 months!
    And to Rod,
    I agree with you about Obama, but you have to remember that he was ‘chosen’ by the RULING ELITE (long before the elections) because his character traits were tailored to THEIR agenda. He has been pre-selected, groomed, financed and educated by THEM and he receives his directives from THEM! Some superficial decisions are made with the assistance of his ‘chosen’ motley crew but essentially he is just a well paid ‘puppet’.

    • denniso

      And, the biggest fool of a president(Shrub) we’ve ever had wasn’t ‘preselected’ by the ruling that case,the right wing elite. Bush was and is one of the actual elite,and you fools love the moron and baby killer. Obama came up from more than humble beginnings and is not a member of the elite and you fools hate him…what gives w/ your assinine logic??

      • cr747

        Check out Obamas approval rating. What a laugh.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Fed Up Gal in NM


        Everytime I start to think you might actually have a clue….well…suffice it to say….you start talking (again) and I’m reminded of your misguided belief that anyone who feels Uncle Sam needs to shrink in size and possibly restructure themselves out of business is a right wing elite.

        And………as far as your opinion that Obama came from humble beginnings and is/was exempt from the normal temptations of political life…….hmmmmmm….you are really beyond help…if you think he has not become a major part of the “elite” group you are so willing to trash….if they are from the opposite side of your beliefs.

        It also seems to me that you are confused as to exactly who is and who is not a “baby killer”……since your man could care less about the life of an unborn child.

        I am so sick of those in your camp…..thinking it’s okay for the “denniso’s” of the world to decide what “I” must pay for to support “your” life choices. Do what you want…but don’t expect me to pay for your decisions (mistakes or successes) affecting your life or those in your family you should be looking out for…instead of “taking” from others.

        You know….I served in the military for 21 years…..and I would do it again to protect your right to speak your mind….but now you need to understand that your “individual” rights end where they meet up with “mine”.

        To everyone else reading this….I apologize if my message is not clear. I usually am a little better about formulating my thoughts more coherently, but it’s been a long day and I’m tired now. I would apologize to denniso….but I don’t think he would even get the apology…..too wrapped up in his own anger about conservative folks.

        Fed Up Gal

        • libertytrain

          Fed Up – sounded clear to me – I think you state your opinions very well. And not at all self-righteous or “snotty” like Denniso and Eyes do – even when they are proved incorrect in their comments – But I’m sure you will get some sort of cruel reply from one of them.

          • Fed Up Gal in NM

            Thanks Liberty,

            Yes….I expect there will likely be venomous and insipid attempts at rationalizing their “what’s mine is mine and what’s your’s is mine” philosophy. Oh well…like you allude to before, they seem to have an insecurity about their own personal beliefs….so I think they believe it’s good cover to try and distract those with opposing views by instigating nasty attacks.

            Fed Up Gal

        • cr747

          Fed up, thanks for serving, and may God bless you. I served 22 years, was a fighter pilot in Vietnam. Course I got the old shaft instead of a,”welcome home Vet.” But you know, I would do it again for my Country. I still fly today, but a much larger 747 that I privately own for private use. Don’t worry about negative comments towards you, I get them all the time. Continue to hold your head high and smile, because you accomplished something that they didn’t by serving your country.

          • Fed Up Gal in NM


            Thank you for your very kind comments! I am very proud of my military service and of yours. My military service made me a stronger and more self-reliant person, while also teaching me the value of being a responsible and accountable member of the overall team.

            Others may not understand the emotional connection between service members and between veterans, but it is a unique and very special bond….I believe. I’m very grateful for your service in Viet Nam, during a particularly tumultuous time in our country’s history.

            I lost a cousin (David)in Nam and it still sometimes angers me, but always saddens me that at the age of 18, he joined the Marines and like many others did what he was asked and directed to do for this country and died at age 19 two weeks before he was to come home. His ultimate sacrifice for a bunch of people who could not seem to separate their feelings of anger toward the government (justified or not) from their belligerent assaults on those wearing the uniform, is something I will always be grateful for (his actions, not theirs).

            Thank you again, for taking the time to share your genuine thoughts with me and thank you for your personal contribution to this country! May God bless you and your’s as well.

            Hooah; Airpower / Ooo-rah and Semper Fi (David).

            Fed Up Gal

  • Spencer

    The terms “Liberal” and “Conservative” have been so misued as to be totally confusing today. Based on the comments I’d say almost all of you are “Classical Liberals” like Mr. Jefferson. Pretty good company, huh. I measure all issues by their impact on my freedom. Government can rarely help with any situation. Only citizens can truly help in the vast majority of situations. We need the Government out of the way. I read and hear more people today who understand that than at any other time in my 63 years. There is hope. Keep up the fight and keep the pressure on those jerks in Washington. They may not see the light but they certainly feel the heat.

    • denniso

      Spencer…’gov’t can rarely help’? So, you think we should have a private army? You want to have only toll roads for all transportation? You would prefer no sewage plants,or water treatment plants? You want no VA health system for soldiers? What about airline travel; you must know that all air traffic controllers are federal employees; you surely also know that a major part of airport construction is paid for by gov’t; you also know that w/o gov’t contracts for airplanes, there would likely be no large companies like Boeing to build airliners. I guess you think that all environmental poisons and toxins should be left to private decisions?? You must realize that it was gov’t that pushed and funded high tech crap that now gives you the very computer you’re typing your nonsense on.
      Sure, get gov’t out of the way and see what might actually happen!!

      • DaveH

        Most of the above could be done more efficiently in the private sector. Private armies would indeed be pretty damn scary though.

        • AnhydrousBob

          Military is one place I am reluctant to let go of, but perhaps one day we will be at the place where we can see a private solution working. However, we live under a Constitution that provided for a military so if we could just get back to a constitutional form of government, that would be a great improvement.
          Have you read some of Murray Rothbard? Can’t find any flaws in his reasoning, but I’m not quite ready to get off the fence.

          • denniso

            DaveH…’most of the above could be handled privately’??? You want individuals to decide how much they can pollute and which poisons can be dumped into rivers w/ downstream people drinking from it?? Come on DaveH..NO ONE agrees w/ you on that! You anti gov’t ranters fail to study history very well. The way you want things to be w/ a tiny gov’t w/ little power to curb abuse of citizens or provide for general security, is how it used to be…as population pressures grew and the world became more technical, complicated and dangerous, the majority of ‘the people’ voted over decades to empower a larger and more effective gov’t in rational response to the growing problems..problems that were not and are not manageable by individuals, w/o resorting to violence and resulting in total societal chaos.
            Because we need a larger and more powerful gov’ to cope w/ the modern world doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be careful about what power we do give the gov’t. It has to be a balancing act between freedom and security..I am not happy w/ everything the gov’t can do. I have plenty of complaints, but the solution is not to be reactionary and extremist and gov’t hating to the point where we have a gov’t that can’t do much of anything. Look at all the major economies around the world…they all have large gov’t’s w/ the same sort of power,or more, that we have. Doesn’t that mean anything to you?

          • DaveH

            Yes, Denniso, it means to me that you are giving the usual Double-Speak comment with lots of unsupported statements generated more by what you want to believe than any kind of facts.

          • DaveH

            Yes, I read this online book by Murray:

            I’ve been Libertarian for 30 years.

          • DaveH

            Typical asinine remark from the Liberal Denniso:
            “DaveH…’most of the above could be handled privately’??? You want individuals to decide how much they can pollute and which poisons can be dumped into rivers w/ downstream people drinking from it?? Come on DaveH..NO ONE agrees w/ you on that!”

            Of course no one agrees with me on that, because I didn’t say it.

            Every organization is composed of individuals, even government. Your accusation is fallacious as usual. Another of the Liberal methods – putting words in people’s mouths.

          • AnhydrousBob

            I’ve read that one, too. I go to quite a bit.

            I only wish I had discovered libertarian ideas years ago. They go so well with my own personal philosophy, but I was steeped in liberalism, and when I finally rejected that I bounced over to the other side, conservatism, but was soon disillusioned with that. I kept looking for something that would piece everything together, including my Christianity. I think I’ve found it.
            I never considered libertarianism because Lyndon LaRouche was the LP candidate at one time – I dont know if he was so much of a nutcase as I thought at the time, or if I was just not ready for it then.

      • AnhydrousBob


        You say you’re here to enlighten us. But what you don’t realize, because you are ranting so often and not thinking about what we are saying, that many of us have been where you are in our belief systems. However, over time, we came to understand that those ideas were flawed, dissonant, and unsustainable. We were once where you are, but we continued to progress in our thinking.
        For every argument you have to justify government we know that those arguments are even better arguments to get rid of government.
        For one, you talk of sewage plants begin government run, and later talk about toxins – if you bothered to research instead of rant, you’d know that the largest polluters in the US are the municipal sewage systems. It is a fact that the pollution in this nation that spawned the environmental movements was caused by industries being given permission by governments to pollute. In fact the largest polluters in the world are in places where there is larger government control (China, USSR).
        Now, notice how I didn’t call you names, I just argued with your arguments.

        • denniso

          You’re wrong Bob…I once was a repub,raised in a repub family, bigoted father and all. I read,studied,thought and argued and then saw the light. I became a liberal…which means open to reason, tolerant of fools,favors education and learning, and tries cooperation over confrontation. You’re very wrong on the pollution and sewage/waste issue. I worked in the field, I doubt you did. If not for gov’t at all levels you and the other gov’t haters here would be drinking sewage from upstream effluent dumped in every river/creek/lake in the country. Take some time away from this mostly nonsensical site and really research it. I doubt you will though, it takes a little work.

          • AnhydrousBob

            Thanks for the non ranting reply. I apologize for getting it wrong with your experience. Assumptions are usually wrong. I actually only come to this site every now and then.

            What do you mean by “in the field”, anyway? I’m an engineer by training, but I’ve also been an EMT and a Firefighter, volunteering my time and money to help. I’ve volunteered in slum schools, in food lines, and with Habitat for Humanity. I’ve been to Mexico and Brazil, too. I’ve had my boots on the ground so to speak. Now I’m only saying that to say I have seen things, and wondered how things have gotten the way they are.

            You and I have both crossed over in different directions from “the other side” so to speak. I will accept that you’ve come to your position after some real study, but so have I. In some inexplicable way, we’ve both studied and come to different conclusions, although we could probably find some areas we agree in.

          • DaveH

            Denniso has also said he has a degree in Economics and a degree in Engineering. I wouldn’t put too much faith in his claims.
            As far as being open-minded, his is shut like a steel trap. He’s a typical liberal who confuses Hopes and Dreams with Facts. Have you ever seen him post any links to support his made-up facts?

  • philip


  • Jo Delavan

    Dear Editor, Would you please write something about our Navy SEALs?

    These three Navy SEALs need you support NOW, they go for arraignment on Monday 12/7 (that’s only the start of this unless we can get these charges dismissed.) charged with assault because the most-wanted terrorist they captured complained that he got a fat-lip, Yeah, that’s right, on Pearl Harbor Day, only this time the attacker is their own government! In just 10 days, more than 51,000 people have signed up to support, will you help, too? Sign up and use the link below the photo top left to invite all your friends. Thank You! This YouTube viedo says it better than words…it’s a little graphic so be forwarned.

    Dec 7, 2009
    Today at 12:29am
    In 1941, President Roosevelt said “this day will go down in infamy” and he was right. When Pearl Harbor was attacked, the United States of America went to war against Japan. In 2001, New York, Washington, DC and Pennsylvania were attacked; the United States went to war against terrorists. Today, December 7, 2009, three Navy SEAL’s are entering a different type of battle with terrorists, It’s won’t be on a battlefield in Iraq or Afghanistan, it will be in a United States Navy Court Room. A terrorist who murders and kills for power and control over another human life who cannot defend themselves, doesn’t deserve the right to bring charges against an enemy just because he is captured. This morning, these three Navy SEALs will be defending their honor and integrity against charges leveled against them by a terrorist. As American’s we better pray these Navy SEALs win, because if they lose, we all lose. We lose the war against terrorism. This fight is about more then just about a bloody lip, it’s about manipulation of our way of life and rule of law. A terrorist’s main objective is to undermine our military, by crippling the way they conduct military actions during combat. We can’t allow them to win this battle.

  • one old dog

    It matters not, different viewpoints, only the Freedom to have them, and not forcing people to accept values and rules, that are not allowed in the constitution. and the other documents as put forth by our founders. What makes this country great, is its people, in freedom, not an interpreted one, or ignored one, as put forth by, the elected ones, who would be our Lords. That is why our founders split from England. they wanted the Individual’s to control their destiny, through a true education, not indoctrination, as practiced today, in public schools, who are teaching, to value the persona, not their country! And through Individual striving, with the bare minimum of laws, is to, prevent anarchy. “Those who surrender their rights, for security soon will have neither”.
    Congress lies, while good men die!
    SUPPORT OUR TROOPS, The current government, thinks they are
    expendable. progressive, is anti-constitutional. It is your right, so far, to hold Government accountable, unless we go the way of Venezuela. An elected official, dismisses the peoples rights, and takes over Industry. And private property, etc.
    Defend Freedom, it is the best system for mankind.
    One Old Dog

  • Sally Borghese

    I was very intrigued with your email and site regarding the info and the book offered for “FREE”. I thought it a wonderful way to get someone interested in whatever! BUT – the book is not free, you must join! I do not know what I am joining, therefore, will not join. There are so many people out there offering advice on so much. Had the book indeed been free and the info found contained to be creditable, I would have gladly joined. Now I will never know, but I do study this type of info with many groups across the nation.

  • Botun Nyein

    Everyday we are killed by guns or starvation or without medicines or
    suicide or bad government.

    • Fed Up Gal in NM


      While this is true… is also true that we are also sometimes killed (or killed off) by our own stupidity. Just a thought.

      Fed Up Gal

  • Boo T

    It’s all very clear to me that our government does not give a crap about what we think or want for our country. Neither party really cares about the constitution, I know some say they do, but if they really did we wouldn’t be having this discussion. It’a gone so awry, and desperate times call for desperate measures. Before they try to take our guns, they’ll have to do the “prying them from our cold dead hands” thing and that’s after we’ve unloaded on them with everything we’ve got. All we want is to know that someone in Washington really is looking out for the people, I hate it when I’m Pollyannaish.


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