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A new comedian in the Senate

July 1, 2009 by  

Al Franken became Minnesota’s new Democratic senator yesterday after last November’s extremely close election result, and media sources report that Franken was initially ahead by only 312 votes.

Norm Coleman accepted the state’s Supreme Court’s ruling and conceded defeat after hearing of the 5 – 0 vote for Franken.

Franken appeared on Saturday Night Live between 1975 and 1980 and again from 1985 to 1995. His strong left-wing views are evident in his work, including a book entitled Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot.

His nomination brings the Democratic congressional count to 60, giving them a majority, although some feel that all 60 so-called Democrats are not necessairly as much a threat as the figure indicates.

For example, according to Fox News, Joe Lieberman is known for his moderate views, while Senator Kennedy’s ill health means his is frequently absent and not expected to hold his position for much longer.

Yet, Franken tells the New York Times he does not view himself as the swing senator (lower cap), ready to push over the majority and help avoid fillbusters.

"That’s not how I see it," he told the news provider, stating that he was the second senator from the state of Minnesota, and that’s how he was going to approach his job. ADNFCR-1961-ID-19246506-ADNFCR

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  • http://no Brian Rawls

    This guy is horrible! What does it tell you about the people that put him in office.

    • Dave

      who can be surprised by anything anymore?
      the whole country has been turned upside down–wrong is right, and right is wrong.
      criminals are the good guys, the good guys are the bad guys.
      This country does not even know what extreme trouble it is in!!
      The proof is going to be in the elections in 2010 and if these bums in DC get voted out or voted back in. (that is if we can even trust so called “elections” any longer.

      Your Q Brian is: What does it tell you about the peo that put him in office?
      It tells me they are brainless; cannot think; are worse than sheep being led to slaughter, for at least sheep (albeit at the very end) will get the idea that something is wrong.
      And something is very wrong.

      We have an American soldier either missing or taken by the Taliban yesterday in Afghanistan. Who in this country even KNOWS about this?
      Absolutely Everyone knows all about Michael Jackson over and over again on every tv station in the country, including Fox News who should tone it down and get back to giving us the NEWS!

      Oh well, just a few thoughts.
      happy 4th of July !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • http://no Brian Rawls

        By golly people like him. Lol . He will always be Stewart Smolly. lol

      • http://donthaveone Mark

        Your right Dave, and it is exactly as it says in the Bible that the end times will be like – Right will become wrong and wrong will become right. There will be more earthquakes, fires, tornados, floods and other disasters. Yep, were getting pretty close. And if people are really getting this stupid, I for one am sure glad.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      He sucked as a comedian, and he had experience at that. How is this gig going to work? Im staying out of Minnesota. Must be a lot of crack up there.

      • http://no Brian Rawls

        He came right out of a cartoon box

        • http://donthaveone Mark

          I think in his past life he was known as Alfred E. Neuman, wasnt he?

  • Peter Melville

    Mr. Porno! Wow, this guy Franken is a joke. 20 years ago he wouldn’t have made it to the Congressional restroom! It shows how far America has fallen. The wraps are coming off this adminstration and it is not pretty!

  • Peter Melville

    We are seeing the backside of the mule.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Yes, he is an ass.

  • Katherine Tomsich

    Apparently it is fine to purchase elections now. Forget the rules! With a Prez who rules by decree- what do we expect to happen? Vote these creeps out asap! Well, we can certainly try.

    • Dave

      It must be ok to purchase elections now. The White House was purchased for King Obama by Soros and his cronies. So it should be no surprise that a Senate seat waspurchased, and I doubt this was the first.

  • Winston

    It realy is hard for me to understand all this crap coming form so called leardes , I’m going to get my gun and my bible — and keep my eyes open . I live in calif. and now there also letting the butheads out of the jails— WE ARE on our way to the toilet , and we are getting there fast ( USN–RET ) GOD BLESS AMERICA / SUPPORT OUR MEN AND WOMEN WHO GIVE THERE SERVICE / Thank you Winston

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      With Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein out there, its lucky you even have a state left. Of course its bankrupt and over-run with illegal aliens, but hey, they gotta get voters somewhere.

  • Jean

    Looks like Franken and Ahmadinejab both used Acorn to help them win their elections. It must have been Mickey Mouse’s vote that put Franken over the top What a sad joke this is for American’s who love their country!

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Yeah, and they both dislike Bush and America. Imagine that. And people elected him. Scary stuff.

  • kerijay

    What a joke we all know how he got elected just as Obama did. He was the chosen by the elite just like every presidential race. All the money spent during elections for nothing when the chosen ones are already picked.

    We need ordinary people running this government instead of all the greedy rich that has no common sense and couldn’t survive if they lost their money. Money = Greed in politics.

    If the government was made up of Judge ROY MOORE’S we would have a fantastic country. By the way he’s running for Governor of Alabama please support if you can.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      If I lived in Alabama, I would vote for him. One day a cat like Obama is going to decree that no Christian is allowed to run for office. That day is coming sooner that we all think, especially if people keep putting these godless democrats into office. The devil is screaming with delight at this one.

  • Roseanne

    One thing; this guy is the only person up in Washington who ADMITS to being a comedian. I think we have more comedians up there than we have people with good sense..

    • s c

      Don Rickles or Steve Martin would be OK – if we needed comedians in Washington. Rickles and Martin are world-class comedians. Franken is a fourth-rate joke. He couldn’t make it on TV or on the radio. His ‘talent’ in movies is minimal. We need this twit in the Senate like we need Hugo Chavez. Senate leadership is hard to find, and Franken never ‘packed the gear.’ Minnesota
      couldn’t have done any worse if they picked a name out of a phone book. What were they smoking? Franken is living proof that ability has NOTHING to do with getting elected (especially if you hate America).

      • Gretchen

        Boy you have that right. I am from MN and did not vote for this failure of a human being. I give him less than a year to make a fool of himself in the Senate. 2.5 million people in MN did not vote for him. This is what happens when a third party is in play, the conservative vote gets split. Talk about biting your nose off to spite your face. Well the independants in MN can thank themselves for this farse of a man. No one will ever 100% like what any politician does, but I will settle for 85% of the time. Now I have 0% representation in Washington.

      • http://donthaveone Mark

        Nope. Its all about shitting the people into believing your lie. Right Obama, Mr. Change. Anybody seen anychange? Well, other than thousands losing their jobs, and our hard earned tax dollars being given to the UAW and billion dollar car makers? He has stepped back into time, time of raising taxes and losing jobs. The one constant, is that they still sit there and point the finger, instead of taking action.

      • http://donthaveone Mark

        At least Rickles and Martin were funny. This guy sucks as a comedian, and he sucks as a person, and he will suck as a politician, other than mastering the lying part. He is just a piss poor excuse of a human being, thats all.

  • Teresa

    Dear American sisters and brothers,

    I believe there is still time to get back on the right country. I believe people are just scared right now to speak their mind.
    I was a volunteer in Minnesota during the last election. I saw and talked to people just like you and me. I just think we need to get better organized still be quiet. I believe the American people just let celebrity fool them because they did not have healthcare. (This means their money was disappearing.) I believe this has divided people.

    If you want to find out about politics, just keep calm and go talk to the Republican senators in your state. Ask him/her what you can do to help. This next election I believe we can get it back if we just keep out emotions in check. Listen instead of talking. I believe the leaders will emerge. They are out there. Have a great 4th of July.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Im for one, sick of this health care talk. Im 51 and have never wanted for health care. I pay my premiums, and I get the best health care in the world. My parents are in their mid 80′s, and they get what they need. Yes, it could be cheaper, but I tell you what. National Health care will ruin and topple the whole thing. We dont not want it and do not need it. If it is so fricking great, then why do people come from free health care countries , to the United States to pay a doctor for a surgery? If that doesnt tell you the truth about it, nothing will. It is a democrat ploy to try to sucker the people into thinking they are doing a great thing for them, while they are getting rich setting this up in their favor. The people will suffer if this goes through, I guarantee it. Leave our health care system alone, its the finest in the world, bar none. And you damn democrats want to change it. Learn to change your taxing needs if you want to do something constructive. Learn to weed out crooks like Ted Kennedy, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Shummer, John Kerry, John Edwards, Tom Daschle, Barbara Boxer, Joe Biden and Barrack obama and the likes of these. Get rid of these losers, and maybe your party might become a little more believable.

      • http://no Brian Rawls

        This health care will cost America. People are just not aware of whats in store for us all.

        • http://donthaveone Mark

          No, but they will get the American people wanting it because of their proganda machine’s in ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN and MSNBC that refuses for some reason to report the truth about anything, unless it tears down family or faith or country. Evil bastards.

  • lee

    They probably would have done better if they had picked a name out of the phone book.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      I agree. Richard Head would have been better.

  • bigal

    If you research recent cases of obviously fraudulent elections at state and federal levels, the real consistency is not so much that “recounts” and “ballot qualification” issues most often get “resolved” in favor of Democrats, but that they get “resolved” in favor of establishment candidates who favor big government, higher taxes, and less individual freedom. The quantity of elections with such issues is large enough that it is statistically impossible that reach a different conclusion. If you can get past the obliteration of data and history, research the cases involving J. Kennedy, E. Kennedy, T. O’Neill, Sanchez, Bunker, etc. and you will find that the Constitution lost every time.

    • http://donthaveone Mark

      Yeah, like Kennedy getting elected by all those votes from dead people in Chicago? How in the hell were those votes allowed to count? How were obama’s votes from all the illegal aliens allowed to be counted? Our voting system needs changed, and badly. How many uneducated 18 year olds voted for him because of the mass propaganda ABC,NBC,CBS,CNN and MSNBC put out on the airwaves, bashing Bush and making Obama walk on water? These kids havent a clue of what the guy stands for or who he is, because us educated folks dont know either, because the guy never stated what his aim was, never divulged a plan, never set forth a course of action, just said that one little word – Change. Thats it – Change. And that got him elected. Un-fricking believable. Now I hope that all the thousands and thousands that are unemployed, can look themselves in the mirror and ask why they pulled that lever. Ted Kennedy and John Kerry get elected by fraud year after year. Dont believe me, go to Massachusetts and ask around. Ive talked to many up there, and not one can stand them, let alone vote for them. So if no one is voting for them, how do they win elections? Well, when the mob runs that state, there is your answer. These guys are crooked as they get.

      • Robin from Indiana

        I agree with everything you said! Our country is in the hands of the wealthy left. We must take back our country! Grab your Bibles and your guns and be prepared. Pray that Sotomayer does not get in! Frankton is one thing, but she is something that we do not need in the Supreme Court. He can be voted out (maybe), but she can’t!

  • http://donthaveone Mark

    You know, I dont care what side of the aisle you choose to sit on, this frickin guy is a joke. What a sad commentary on the state of affairs in the state of Minnesota, that a biggoted woman hating sorry ass comedian gets elected. Unbelievable. I was planning a fishing trip to Minnesota, but after this, un uh, Im staying as far away from that state as possible. If there are that many whack jobs running around, Im staying clear. Are you people stupid, or just uneducated up there? What would compel one to pull the lever for a guy with no morals, no experience, no wit, no intelligence, just boring finger pointing monotany? This guy is a sad sack, and you dummies get what you deserve for putting his sorry ass into office.

  • Paul

    I beleive its time to start doing something about taking our country back. We can sit here on the computer with our confortable arm chair quarter back theories or we can do something. Change takes effort and energy, not just talk! I am from Minnesota and I DID NOT VOTE FOR FRANKIN. But I did vote and did my best with my fellow Monnesotan’s to try and educate those in my community. We have to take responsibility for what has transpired and support the system that our forefathers died for. God Bless America and our troops. (US Army Ret).

    • Marv

      You were out-voted by Acorn and their cohorts. Keep up the good work. (USN Ret.)

  • Dalbeh

    When mindless, radical jerks like Franken are elected to the Senate of the United States you know we are in big trouble. What were the people of Minnesota thinking of when they elected that bum?

  • Marv

    Thanks for the Idiot, Acorn and cronies. Just what we need: another flake voted in by the life challenged, the reality challenged, the drunks and the bribed.

  • James Corbin

    Mark and Dave, you both are so right!!!!!

  • James Corbin

    ;They are all jokes!! I believe the votes were counted by Acorn!

  • Jake Corner

    Obama was right on with his change campaign. He only made ONE spelling mistake!
    He meant CHAINES!!! And he is working hard to snug them around anybodies neck,
    except his cronies who are djumping on the gravy-train. The engineers (CZARS)
    are moving America trough the dead end tunnel of Communisme!
    No pleasant ride for those unbelievers in the CATTLE-CARS!

  • James Corbin

    Dave, You are exactly right—– -The bible is being fulfilled.

  • 13th gen. American

    People called me a” Bushie” I told them I dont agree with everything Bush did but whatever the left wing nut jobs do or say I run in the opposit direction. If that makes me a Bushie then Im OK with that. Its these wackjobs that are so hateful of America and regular people and they are so full of themselves I can not understand for the life of me how people vote for them. There are some hollywood types I dont agree with but at least I dont get sick at the stomach looking at them and they sometimes make a reasionable point. This guy looks like he is trying not to fart all the time and every time he opens his mouth the stupidest shit come out of it. Maybe thats whats funny. As for the people in minnesota I do think their dear people but all that time ice fishing and the cold must have an affect on their thinking. Like “Oh I dont know who to vote for dont cha know. I have a cousin named Al. Nice fella, I guess Ill vote for this one” But then again here in PA people keep voting Dem and it makes no sence either.
    We have the most hunters and they vote for the anti- gun guy. Lots of christian or religious folks and they vote dems, the kill the babys and suck their brains out crowd Go figure. I got lots to answer to God for. Im so not going to have to answer for the sickness and sins of the libs for sure.

  • Jerry Self

    The entire Senate as a collective body would be a major comedy show if it weren’t so serious. Current Senate actions are absurd. There absurdities are only matched by Pelosi’s House, our “movie star heroes”, and the mainstream propaganda media. Intelligent people around the world must be laughing at America as they watch and observe how preposterous those in the limelight in America act today. And, we keep electing these clowns to office, and listen daily to our mainstream media.
    There are a few highly respectable men and women, however, in Washington. We in my area of Alabama are fortunate to have conservative Senators in Richard Shelby and Jeff Sessions, and a respectable Representative in Robert Aderholt. There are a few others like these honorable men who are in office in Washington.

  • Rob Dagdag

    I like doing stand up comedy. Stand up is tough to do, but interesting.


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