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A National Day Of Mourning

January 17, 2013 by  


Hello. I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. Barack Obama’s Inauguration Day is coming up next week. Despite what the Obama-adoring, Kool-Aid drinking liberal mainstream media tell you, Obama’s inauguration is not a celebration. If the media were honest, we’d declare it a “national day of mourning.” Our economy under Obama is in shambles. Things are not getting better; they are getting worse by the day. Now we have four more years of more of the same. Will we survive?

We are already in an Obama Great Depression, and I have the facts to prove it — facts the mainstream media refuse to disclose. I’m about to give them to you. The key to understanding all this is to study the real facts and statistics. You know, the kind not manufactured out of thin air or manipulated by Obama, the government or the media. Facts are facts.

The facts below clearly indicate that the economic collapse is far worse than most Americans understand yet.

Judge for yourselves:

Obama is the biggest spender of any politician in world history.

Not to be outdone, Tim Geithner is the biggest-spending Treasury Secretary in history ($13.6 trillion).

Under Obama, the national debt has increased by 50 percent. Obama is on track to add $12 trillion to the national debt: a staggering three times more than George W. Bush added in his eight years as President:

In only the past 16 months, the Obama Administration added $2.1 trillion to the national debt, which is why we need the debt ceiling raised again.

Under Obama, the national debt now exceeds the entire output of the U.S. economy.

Obama is not only the first President in history to produce four consecutive years of deficits above $1 trillion, but those four years’ worth of deficits are more than produced by all other Presidents in history combined.

The national debt is increasing by a mind-boggling $3 million dollars per minute.

What did we get for all that spending and massive debt?

The U.S. credit rating has been downgraded for the first time in our history. With Obama’s re-election, get ready for more credit downgrades to come.

The net worth of the average American is down a whopping 40 percent.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, household income has fallen for all four years under Obama. It’s down a startling $4,000 per family since Obama became President.

The housing collapse is now deeper than at the peak of the Great Depression.

Unemployment was more than 8 percent for an unimaginable 43 consecutive months. That’s more months of unemployment above the 8 percent level than during all the Presidencies from Harry Truman’s to the younger Bush’s combined.

According to economist John Williams of, if you factored in all of the short-term discouraged workers, all of the long-term discouraged workers and all of those working part-time because they cannot find full-time employment, the real unemployment rate would be more than 20 percent, which is higher than it was for a majority of the years during the Great Depression.

The employment rate under Obama has been less than 59 percent for 39 months in a row. That means less than 59 percent of those capable of working are actually employed. So how can the jobless rate reported by the government (and mainstream media) be improving?

Since Obama has been President, more than 8.5 million Americans have dropped out of the workforce.

The Labor Force Participation Rate among men is the lowest since 1948 (just after World War II). In 1950, 80 percent of all working-age men had a job versus today with only 65 percent working.

The average unemployed worker has been unemployed for 40 weeks. At the peak of the deep recession of the early 1980s, with unemployment close to 11 percent, the average length of unemployment at its highest was only 21 weeks.

If you gathered together all of the unemployed people in America in one place, they would constitute the 68th largest country in the world.

The United States has roughly the same number of jobs today as it had in 2000, but the population is well more than 30 million people larger. To get to a civilian employment-to-population ratio equal to that in 2000, we would have to gain some 18 million jobs.

Back in 1980, fewer than 30 percent of all jobs in the United States were low-income jobs. Today, more than 40 percent of all jobs in the United States are low-income jobs.

Fifty-three percent of all college graduates in America under age 25 are either unemployed or under-employed.

Black unemployment is at 14 percent. When did you hear that trumpeted in the media during the Presidential election? Obama received more than 99 percent of the black female vote, yet his first term produced horrendous damage to African-Americans.

A record 47.7 million Americans are now on food stamps.

Under Obama, we have added more than 16 million Americans to the food stamp rolls. That’s an increase of a stunning 50 percent in just four years.

Under Obama, the growth of Americans on food stamps is 75 times greater than job growth.

Forty years ago, one out of 50 Americans received food stamps. Today, it is one out of 6.5.

Forty-three percent of all immigrants who have been in the United States for 20 years or longer are on welfare.

In 1965, one out of every 50 Americans was on Medicaid. Today, about one out of every six Americans is on Medicaid.

Medicare alone faces an unfunded liability of almost $40 trillion dollars. That’s more than $328,000 per U.S. household.

The number of Americans now on disability (a record 11 million) is larger than the population of New York City, as well as the population of 39 of the 50 States. Since Obama became President, 5.5 million have joined the ranks — most of them after their unemployment benefits ran out. Now they get an income and free healthcare for life.

More than 100 million Americans (almost one out of every three Americans) are getting some form of welfare. That does not include Social Security or Medicare.

About 57 percent of all children in the United States are living in poverty or are defined as low-income.

It is being projected that about 50 percent of all U.S. children will be on food stamps at some point in their lives before they reach the age of 18.

For the first time in history, more than 1 million public school students are homeless.

Total student loan debt is now more than $1 trillion, with defaults at record levels.

According to the Mortgage Bankers Association, in the third quarter of 1980 under the failed Presidency of Jimmy Carter, there were 76,885 delinquent mortgages. Shockingly, in the second quarter of 2012 under Obama, there were 3,107,247 delinquent mortgages.

Obama says real estate is in “recovery.” Yet in one city, in one month, $120 million of commercial real estate went into default. This isn’t an isolated instance; it’s happening across America. The commercial real estate collapse is just starting. Does this sound like a “recovery” to you?

New business start-ups are at the lowest level in 30 years.

In the World Economic Forum’s rank of global competitiveness, the United States has fallen four years in a row under Obama.

The United States also joins Ireland as the only advanced economies in the world to have lost economic freedom the past five years in a row.

The government reports that banks are doing better. Yet Bank of America just reported more than $64 billion worth of delinquent mortgages (more than six months late). None of these have even entered foreclosure yet. That’s more than half of the market cap of BofA.

Obama denies he’s a socialist. He says he merely wants to move America towards the European model of social capitalism. Then you realize Europe is a bankrupt welfare state, with an all-time record 11.8 percent unemployment and 24.4 percent youth unemployment across the Eurozone.

Twenty-six million Europeans are unemployed. Greece and Spain both have more than 26 percent unemployment and more than 50 percent youth unemployment. Something is very wrong.

Well, if the bankruptcy of America is the goal, don’t look now, but it’s happening. Apple, Inc. (the iPhone company) has more cash in the bank than the U.S. government. Maybe the U.S. government should start selling something that people actually want.

But Apple isn’t alone. Twenty-nine different companies have more cash in the bank than the U.S. government.

One of three residents in Obama’s home State of Illinois lives in poverty. Soon that will be you.

We are experiencing unimaginable economic wreckage, crisis and collapse from coast to coast. None of this is a coincidence. This is a cold, calculated plan to collapse the U.S. economy, damage or bankrupt business owners (particularly small business) and destroy capitalism.

And it’s working.

So don’t get out the party hats and balloons too quickly for Obama’s inauguration. Instead, we should all be wearing black… to represent a national day of mourning for America.

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for See you next week. Same time, same place. God Bless America.

Wayne Allyn Root

Wayne Allyn Root is one of America's leading Libertarian-conservative authors. Wayne's new book is The Murder of the Middle Class Wayne is a Capitalist Evangelist, serial entrepreneur, conservative media commentator, and proud champion of the middle class. He is a former Libertarian vice presidential nominee and Fox News regular. Follow Wayne on Twitter and visit Wayne's web site:

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  • Buster the Anatolian

    While it might not be practical for everyone to wear black clothing on inaguration day perhaps they could wear a black ribbon.

    • vicki

      WA Root writes:
      “Under Obama, the national debt now exceeds the entire output of the U.S. economy.”

      There is a name for this condition. Bankrupt.

      • Warrior

        momo posted this link yesterday. If one reviews the “explosion” of welfare spending since LBJ’s “great society” it is “painfully obvious” where this is ALL leading. The “gubmint now spends 1 trillion dollars/yr on welfare programs. We’re past the point of “alarming”, this country is in full “distress”. All gubmint policies adopted in the past 50 years have to be “scrapped”. NONE of THEM ARE WORKING, figuratively AND literally.

        All of what is currently taking place today is eerily similiar to another time in very recent history, the 1930′s. Yes, that great period of the rise of facist dictators.

      • Craig Swift

        Every so called fact is a lie in this article is a disgrace.Actualy Bush spent more taking the US from surplus to record deficits….The so called spending spree never happened under President Obma but I guess when yo are writing a fact free rticle it doesn’t matter…National Day of mourning was when the SC selected Bush in 2000 while he received 500k votes fewer than his opponent. National Day of Mournig would have been a Romney coranation or Ron Paul both now safely on the dust pile of failed Presidentail candidate never to be seen agai…Thank God President Obama won a 2nd term and God Bless him and the entire world..

      • walter agard

        That,s right craig swift, they are blaming OBAMA for something their Buddy BUSH did.What i want to know, if they know so much, why they didn,t they run for president?

      • robb

        Craig…Did you get your latest tax increase from the “saviour” yet? Remember only the rich are getting a tax increase. 2.6% on everyone who gets a pay check. I guess if you work for a living you’re rich. You are obviously not a small business owner struggling to keep the doors open under crushing regulation either. Oh and you can nix the it’s Bush’s fault crap now. This economy belongs to Obama. His model was shoved down the throat of the people of Michigan for eight years. During those years 30% of the population left to find jobs in states where there were jobs to find. We dumped that garbage and are leading the nation in recovery now.

      • eddie47d

        Craig; Yes things are still bad and Obama has to have more accountability for what has happened under his watch. Yet even today so many of them still can’t admit where this crises came from. They are always so dishonest and they say it with a straight face. When he said “the housing collaspe now is deeper than at the peak of the Great Depression”. That was 2006-early 2009 and the housing market is now back up. Has been 4.5% and even higher in Colorado and I do look at the business section to see it is up elsewhere too. Will they ever say that? Hell no! So their dishonesty continues and they stoke the bad news to the point of insanity.

      • Bill Johnson

        he call it a social european move well we fought 1 revolutionary war to change this once and I guess history may just repeat its self in this country after all.

      • Steve E

        The liberal mantra of blaming Bush is out in full force today. And they say that like it is some new revelation that has just come out.

      • eddie47d

        No Steve E the blame everything on Obama force is out today. My apologies for I forgot that is everyday! LOL!

      • Vigilant

        Craig’s says, “Every so called fact is a lie in this article is a disgrace.” I submit that you are the disgrace with such a sweeping statement. Youi contend that:

        Under Obama, the national debt has not increased by 50 percent.

        In only the past 16 months, the Obama Administration did not add $2.1 trillion to the national debt.

        Under Obama, the national debt does not exceed the entire output of the U.S. economy.

        Obama is not the first President in history to produce four consecutive years of deficits above $1 trillion.

        The national debt is not increasing by a mind-boggling $3 million dollars per minute.

        The U.S. credit rating was not downgraded for the first time in our history.

        The net worth of the average American is not down a whopping 40 percent.

        According to the U.S. Census Bureau, household income has not fallen for all four years under Obama.

        Unemployment was not more than 8 percent for an unimaginable 43 consecutive months.

        Obviously, you live in a bubble of denial. Come up with JUST ONE supporting fact to that list above and I’ll become a socialist.

        And eddie, that’s a bit disingenuous of you, isn’t it, to focus on just one item and not take Craig to task for his sweeping prevarication that “Every so called fact is a lie in this article?”

      • rhcrest

        Yes Eddie and it’s “never blame Obama for anything because he is our god and he is never wrong and nothing is ever his fault ” every day in Obot world.

      • Joe Spano

        And so the Root of our problems are the far fetched thoughts of doom & gloom.

        Amazing that the DJIA has increased over 60% since the Great Obama took office as our POTUS in January, 20009……… much for the shambles.

        • Bob Livingston

          Dear Joe Spano,

          You write: “Amazing that the DJIA has increased over 60% since the Great Obama took office as our POTUS in January, 20009……… much for the shambles.” The DJIA is not a measure of wealth. It’s being propped up by massive money printing. If you were intellectually honest you’d realize what a ride you’re being taken for. Obama is owned lock, stock and barrel by the banksters and Fed policies are designed to help them and crush the middle class. Divest yourself from the false paradigm you live in and expand your knowledge. Read more, comment less.

          Here’s a good place for you to start:

          Best wishes,

          • Joe Spano

            Dear Bob,

            We have our investment portfolio with Fidelity. The problem with your references, is that I don’t trust the rhetoric. I am a CPA & MBA from Wharton, I am by far a smart man who has invested wisely and done well. I live in the real current day Bob, we live our lives in 33480. Life is awesome, because of not being hell bent on the DEMS, The GOP, or the Tea Party. I don’t vote for the party, I vote for the candidate that makes sense. And so I have a First Amendment Right and NO I will not comment less as I am in the know. I am not a stupid man who is hung up on rhetoric here on this site. I find it interesting to discuss with people other views….the why, the how, etc….I don’t live in a paradigm. I live my life and we are not the doom & gloom often sited here. Not the haters of our POTUS. You voted, I voted, someone has to win and someone has to lose…and the American Electorate spoke. With Akin & Mourdock how could Romney have won? It was not possible. And his comments about 47% and if he were a Hispanic he might have won. Simply put, he lost the election…..the printing of money is not propping up the DJIA, that is an excuse…..The corp’s are making money. Do you really think the policies of Bush, with no reg’s…….what happened in 2007-2008? Can’t blame Obama! It was the greatest financial collaspe not seen since the Great Depression. So no, I disagree with your rhetoric of blame. Interest rates are at their lowest in years….is this a scam too? Rates are low to spur the economy. It took Clinton 8 years to sort out the mess left by GHW Bush and the prior admonistration of GW Bush did what? Tax cuts for the wealthy, a Payroll Tax Holiday of 2% that cut the amount being w/h for SS….No you are wrong. A war based on lies of WMD and what did C.Rice tell us all. The middleclass is not crushed, the fact is the wealthy like I and as Warren Buffett said, the wealthy need to pay more in taxes. You can’t just cut spending which is needed, without increasing revenue through Tax Increases.

            I appreciate the links, I will read them, but I donot take them seriously. I like unbiased opinions, not biased opinions.

            All the very best,

            Joseph Spano

            PS………..if you are ever in Palm Beach, give us a line….we could meet at Flagers Steakhouse for a great dinner! and Rush L. is usually there.

          • Bob Livingston

            Dear Joe Spano,

            You write: “And so I have a First Amendment Right and NO I will not comment less as I am in the know.” It must be nice to know everything.

            You write: “I find it interesting to discuss with people other views….the why, the how, etc….” No. You find it interesting to hurl invectives and ad hominems. That and your “clever” attempts at getting around the filters is why your comments are moderated.

            You write: “the printing of money is not propping up the DJIA, that is an excuse” Except that you don’t know much of anything.

            You write: “The corp’s are making money.” Yes they are. It’s being printed and shoveled right to them.

            You write: “Do you really think the policies of Bush, with no reg’s…….what happened in 2007-2008?” An incomplete sentence. However, Bush’s money-printing led to the bubble that collapsed in 2007-2008. We are in another bubble now, propping up the market and banksters.

            You write: “Can’t blame Obama! It was the greatest financial collaspe (sic) not seen since the Great Depression.” And Obama has prolonged it and made it deeper.

            You write: “Interest rates are at their lowest in years….is this a scam too?” Yes.

            You write: “A war based on lies of WMD and what did C.Rice tell us all.” Another incomplete sentence. But I have not supported Bush’s wars. You come here with preconceived notions that are not substantiated. This is not a Republican site. Again… read first, comment second.

            You write: “The middleclass is not crushed,” I’d call 20 percent unemployment and lower standard of living and no return on savings a crushing of the middle class.

            You write: “…wealthy like I and as Warren Buffett said, the wealthy need to pay more in taxes.” Then I encourage you to send an extra check to the IRS. No one is stopping you.

            You write: “You can’t just cut spending which is needed, without increasing revenue through Tax Increases.” That is poppycock.

            You write: “I appreciate the links, I will read them, but I donot take them seriously.” Then do not bother. They are for people who wish to educate themselves.

            You write: “if you are ever in Palm Beach, give us a line….we could meet at Flagers Steakhouse for a great dinner! and Rush L. is usually there.” Thanks for the invite. Are you buying… or is Rush?

            Best wishes,

      • BobJ

        But not true.

      • Jana

        Obama, The KING of blame
        Obama the KING of liars
        Obama the KING of spend

        our great leader Comrade Obama

        • Joe Spano

          Bush bankrupt this country with his tax cuts for the wealthy, A war Based on Lies of WMD and a 2% payroll Tax Holiday.

          Face the truth you commies.

      • Jana

        By the way, the spelling on Comrade does not look correct to me but this is what the spell check kept coming up with.

      • Ron The Marine

        Craig Swift, you are a stupid piece of coal, which makes you and your fellow cool aide drinkers fate a lot easier!!! turn or burn!

        Semper Fi (even to twit FOOLS like you)

      • Dennis48e

        eddie says:

        “Yet even today so many of them still can’t admit where this crises came from.”

        Most if not all of the regular posters recognize where the problems started however unlike most of you obama defenders they also recognize that his policies are NOT improving things.

      • Vigilant

        The history-challenged Joe Spano says, “Amazing that the DJIA has increased over 60% since the Great Obama took office as our POTUS in January, 2009……… much for the shambles.”

        And man, you should’ve seen how great the stock market was doing before October, 1929!

        I really doubt the unemployed are dabbling in the stock market, sonny.

        • Joe Spano

          The unemployed are unemployed because they are not looking for a job. Its not doom & gloom. The fact is the economy is doing better. It took Clinton 8 years to fix the mess left by GHW Bush. It will take Obama 8 years to get it fixed too………and the freakin’ Congress led by the GOP’ers better act………….they did not a thing in the last four years. They sit and agree to disagree with each other. Hey, is it not great to earn $180,000 a year approx in the Congress & Senate? The political system is broke on both sides, its broken. Rather than Bi-partisan politics—its all partisan. We have a house on the Jersey Shore that was destroyed by Super Storm Sandy and what it took more than 70 days for Congress to act!! Pitiful bunch of stupidity. Katrina, Bush had aid to them in 10 days. The NE sends more to DC then we get in return. John B. is just another sock puppy———pathetic.

        • Joe Spano

          The market is not crashing Vigilant……….Our investment portfolio is with Fidelity and we average 6.4% after Fed Taxes. State Taxes are minimal. Whether you are dabbling or not, stop complaining and get a life. We did it, we have worked hard, but of course you nuts listen to Root………..what a wasteland he is. All rhetoric nonsense.

      • Vigilant

        And Spano compounds his ignorance with “Bush bankrupt [sic] this country with his tax cuts for the wealthy, A [sic] war Based [sic] on Lies [sic] of WMD and a 2% payroll Tax Holiday.”

        Defense spending is but 20% of GNP. Social spending is over 65%. And, regardless of Bush’s foolhardy actions, Obama has vastly exacerbated a bad situation instead of ameliorating it.

        THAT’S historical fact, you idiot.

      • eddie47d

        RHCREST: Go back to worshiping Mammon! What part of “Obama has to have more accountability” don’t you understand? Its there in black and white!

      • moonbeam

        Dear Craig,

        I think you would have more credibility if you would at least use spell check. I get it though. Going by your prolific writing style, my guess is you are pretty much under educated, have a free phone, get food stamps, a check or free medical care.

        To eddie47d

        It doesn’t matter now where it started, eddie. BO has perpetrated it for 4 long and arduous years. I would say he owns it by now.

      • Old Henry

        Joe Spano, we do not need higher tax rates for you rich people.

        You want to pay more taxes? GET OUT YOUR CHECK BOOK AND WRITE A BIG ONE! Do it every three months.Assuage your guilt.

        As far aa Buffett, he is a complete PHONY. He says he wants to pay more taxes, but does not send in extra to the IRS. In fact he hires lawyers to fight paying what he does owe. Plus “the rich” have the tax code manipulated so they can get around the “higher tax rates”.

      • Kate8

        Joe Spano – You claim to be a “smart man” and drop lots of names to try to impress us, but you say nothing different from the other paid shills from Trolls R Us.

        As little as I know about economics, I can see that you know even less. We are not stupid here. We know a liberal shill when we see one, and you aren’t fooling anybody.

        What a riot. A clueless liberal claiming to be a successful businessman. LOL.

      • Charles Johnson

        Joe Spano, you sir are an idiot the vast majority of people unemployed in United States are unemployed because they cannot find work not because they do not want it. Those who do not want it are the ones who are on welfare and other forms of government assistance, government assistance like all the money that is being printed and dumped into the banking system so that those who are running the stock market can continue to inflate their stock values.

      • Vigilant

        Laughingly, Spano says, “We have a house on the Jersey Shore that was destroyed by Super Storm Sandy and what it took more than 70 days for Congress to act!!”

        Was the house insured? So typical of the left to think that government’s job is to get people out of difficulties. My, my, 70 days you say? Federal government owes NO ONE such kind of welfare. What a laugh! You are wealthy enough to have an investment portfolio but are greedy enough to keep your investments while expecting taxpayers to cover your losses elsewhere. You’re pitiful, son, pitiful.

        And don’t talk about the need for bipartisanship when you’re obviously a leftie who supports Harry Reid who won’t bring up legislation passed by the House for Senate vote. Seen a budget during the last four years? House passed one every year.

        As for “It will take Obama 8 years to get it fixed too,” what will be your excuses when the nation fails financially, inflation is at 100% per year and unemployment runs at 50%? Let alone a stock market at 50% of current value. You expect the gov’t to make up for your portfolio losses as well? Yeah, Obama will have certainly “fixed” things, won’t he?

    • rhcrest

      I will also be tying a black ribbon to the tree in my front yard and hanging my flag upside down on that day

      • nc

        rhcrest. the fact that you do can openly tie a black ribbon a tree to protest the GOVERNMENT and not go to jail (or a FEMA camp?) is a good sign you are still on the wrong side of history and reality! If you are ever given a mental screening and tell them you believe what Wayne Root says, give you heart to God because your butt will belong to the asylum!

      • rhcrest

        Well it looks like these leftists on this site have their panties in a wad because of my plans. Looks like I touched a nerve! I like it!

      • Karolyn

        I could give a crap if you draped your whole house in black crepe, rh. It just shows ignorance.

      • rhcrest

        And i could give a crap you think Karolyn. My remark was in response to Buster, the original poster. Yes all us people who are not drinking the Obama kool aid are ignorant. Yawn

      • Bill Johnson

        I will ware my black ribbon and tshirt too

      • Steve E

        I’m not going to tie any ribbons around any tree but I certainly will watch this country go bankrupt and laugh.

      • Old Henry


        That is a GREAT idea! I wish I still had my flag pole, or some black ribbon.

        However, in November of 1996 I did fly my flag at half staff for a month. (It should have also been upside down.)

    • Joe Spano

      POTUS Obama is a great POTUS. You all complain, have far fetched ideas that amount to nothing more than a pile of dirt. If you were all that smart, you too would be in DC. Stop belly aching. You all are disrespectful & must be deported.

      • Hedgehog

        Hey Joe Spano, where is the legal mechanism for deporting “born” American citizens? There isn’t one! But under the NDAA they can be arrested and executed without trial. So much for the 1st amendment and the Constitution. To quote Bugs Bunny: “What a maroon.”.

      • Bill Johnson


      • Steve E

        Glad they hurt your commie feelings. Another sub human worshiping the Man..

      • eddie47d

        Hedgehog; Is all your hot air warming up Canada? Now I’ve seen a few right wing groups or individuals who are part of a group execute public officials/citizens in America such as Sovereign Citizens or the Minutemen Defense.We occasionally have government officials killing American citizens too such as Randy Weaver’s wife. We do have to be eternally vigilant against extremists no matter what label they give themselves. Now name one American that you can think of that has been ARRESTED and executed without trial?

      • OneGuess

        Joe Spano, you must be one of the gimme-gimme’s getting free “stuff” from the O if you think Obamao is such a grand POTUS. It won’t last all that long.

      • Butch

        Its nothing short of AMAZING how stupid libtards are. I keep asking my libtard friends “What EXACTLY does Obumma have to do for you to turn on him”? They just look at me w/ blank stares or try to feebly defend him by attacking Bush jr or Robmey. Anyone who STILL believes in the fake game of “Left vs Right” must be a barely functioning retard like Craig “Not so” Swift. Ron Paul’s flushed things more intelligent, honorable and American than yr traitorous carcass. You aren’t worthy to speak his name.

      • Jana

        Joe Spano,

        In a speech at the Philadelphia State House on August 1, 1776, the words of Samuel Adams ring as true today as they did then, “If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen.”

      • moonbeam

        Joe, you are a child. How old are you? About 14? Go away. Your mom is calling you for dinner. Tonight it’s spaghettios. YUM!

      • Mac M

        Woops! Now you did it. For a FACT, part of my history is Native American, there sport. Other parts signed the Declaration and helped write the Constitution. Where did yours come from? Obama and his minions got a raw deal and had 2 trillion debt dropped on them. Can you do the math here from 2 to 16 is one heck of a jump. Especially when you consider it took ALL the presidents before him to get to the 2 part and he has multiplied it by HOW MANY? You want to run your fingers over the keyboard, great. But at least be awake when you do it. As for deportation….. send Obama back to his father’s country Kenya.

        That brings up a couple questions. Where is he going to live after the next 4 years? He obviously don’t like it here. And second, who is he going to blame all the junk that is going on now? He obviously can’t continue to blame Bush he is no longer the “Previous Administration” Face facts, Obama IS the previous Administration. And it really sucked.

        • Motov

          And if you want to get technical the last 2 Bush years were under a democrat controlled congress which Obozo voted for spending,… so in a sense he inherited some of his own mess.

          • Mac M

            I guess it is true what they say. When people live in a pig sty like Kenya, they are not happy until everyone else lives in the sty next to them.

      • http://N/A CintiCB

        Joe, go watch your NBC news. You are their target audience. If you can’t get NBC, any mainstream media will cater to your OBVIOUS intelligence

      • Old Henry

        Yeah Joe Spano, ask Ambassador Steven’s wife about this “great POTUS”.

        He is a treasonous POS, not P O T U S. Also, you cannot be something that you are not legally qualified to be. You claim to be well-educated, but it seems you have an Eddie Haskell personality.

      • Charles Johnson

        Joe most of us are too smart to go to Washington DC.

    • Concerned

      I will have my black on… is a terrible day.

      • Joe Spano

        We will be wearing our Red/White & Blue on the Great Inaugaration Day of POTUS Obama!

        The next move is for strict gun controls…………Mandatory Background Checks for all, Assault Rifle Ban known as the Brady Bill————High Capacity Magazines————-there is not a need for high capacity magazines & assault rifles.

        Or are you all a bunch of insecure cowards?

        How many shills are there in the USA?

      • momo

        Just raise the hammer and sickle and be done with it, comrade.


          I guess you make reference to communism because of the Affordable Health Care Act. Up here in Canada we have had universal health care for decades and just about everyone thinks it is wonderful. We are also a very vibrant and free democratic parliamentary system. When we see the anti health care folks in the U.S. & A. we just shake our heads in amazement. There is no adjective other than “dumb” to describe the opposition to national health insurance. Of course so far President Obama has only been able to introduce a watered down version. It’ll probably take you folks another few decades to get up to speed. Funny yet sad at the same time.

      • phideaux

        “How many shills are there in the USA?”

        Unknown but you admitted yesterday that you are one of them.

      • Vigilant (non US citizen) says: “When we see the anti health care folks in the U.S. & A. we just shake our heads in amazement.”

        “We?” You don’t speak for the Canadians coming in droves to get high qualiry medical care in the US because they can’t get it in a timely fashion north of the border.

        I lived for 19 years in Europe. I’ve seen Eurosocialist style nationalized medicine and it sucks!


          I guess until Obamacare it was you who didn’t see the 40 million Americans who had virtually NO health care at all. Nor would you have seen all of those who went into bankruptcy because of even a simple illness. Our system up here is superb by the way and when I had a hernia operation at a world renound hospital here my roommate was from Kansas and his brothers had had the same procedure here because facilities like ours were not available anywhere near where he lived in the U.S. & A. Very nice guy and a staunch Republican I might add.

      • Smilee

        Vigilant says:
        January 17, 2013 at 11:40 am

        I have many relatives in Canada and I hear the same from them as roggiefine tells you. Canadians do not come down here in droves in fact more from the US go to Canada for uncovered treatments here or for those who have no insurance and have to pay out of pocket because it is much cheaper there than here so they save a lot of money. I also have relatives in both Norway and England and they say the same, they love their health care especially in Norway and it is much cheaper their taxes to cover it and is half what we have had to pay out of pocket and premiums for medical. Our health care is double the cost of these countries. Even Medicare is better now than insurance for the under 65 crowd and I remember when it was the the other way around. My medical costs and premiums went way down when I went on medicare about half of before medicare which proves the government can do better than the private plans but then medicare does not have to make a profit or pay anyone to find the claims that have to be denied for many reasons as they pay all. Obmacare will improve it but still it will cost more than Medicare for the individual.

      • Vigilant

        Smilee, don’t expect anyone to take you seriously after your whopper of an ignorant statement that the original Constitution didn’t legitimize slavery. You have no credibility whatsoever.

        • R. Fine

          Reminds me of when that Idiot Michelle Bachman stated that the Founding Fathers ended slavery. Of course they did not. In fact several of the Founding Fathers were slave OWNERS. Had she not heard of the Civil War? Bachman was always going on and on about the Constitution and yet knows so little about it. In any case luckily none of the GOP clowns got very far but certainly had a lot of us worried – especially when they opened their mouths to say something.

      • Smilee

        Vigilant says:
        January 18, 2013 at 9:17 am

        Smilee, don’t expect anyone to take you seriously after your whopper of an ignorant statement that the original Constitution didn’t legitimize slavery. You have no credibility whatsoever.

        I challenge you to show where in the original Constitution slavery is legitimized, It says WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES. You are saying black people are not people and that is what the dred scott decision said, that they were not people because they were property so therefore they did not count as people. This was a decision of the court but the constitution does not say it. the court legislated that from the bench. We have many laws and always have had that are enforced but which are not constitutional and there are only two ways to correct this and that is either the court ruling it or a new amendment that makes it clear and that is what the 13th amendment did and that took away any doubt that slavery was legitimate in all states. It was state laws that legitimized slavery by writing these unconstitutional laws not the Constitution and I know you cannot show us where in the Constitution it says black people had to be slaves and not part of we the people and if dred scott had not been legislated from the bench and it had been overturned slavery laws would have been overturned and made illegal in all states then. Culture has often overruled the Constitution in practice but that does not make it constiouional. Prayer in the schools was a case in point for years we did it but it was unconstitutional and that is why the court ruled that. The recent decision on Obama care is another example in that majority opinion it cited Art. I, Sec *, clause 1 which reads Congress shall have the power to lay and collect taxes to provide for the general welfare. This was in the original document in 1789. It does not mandate it do that but gives congress the right to and we still have many far right wingnuts saying it is unconstitutional but the court didn’t and they got it right. Your problem is you do not understand the Constitution, our laws and cultural customs you assume that if it is happening in practice it is then is constitutional and that is simply not true. I see ignorant people like you saying I have no credibility as a compliment because I know you do not know better because of your lack of understanding and your ignorance.

      • Vigilant

        Quotations and citation of credible references. I can sit here until the cows come home citing legitimate sources and the words of the Founders and legal scholars, while you cannot (and never have) furnished EVEN ONE reference to support your idiocy.

        Instead, you have relied on one PBS narrative on the Dred Scott decision that you misinterpreted to your own purpose (and could furnish not even one quotation).

        How does it feel to be a laughing stock? You will find no support whatsoever for your ridiculous contention in any history book, writing of the Founders, volumes of Constitutional scholarship. Hell, even the Blacks know better than you.

        Go ahead, fool, Google it all day long and you’ll find NOTHING to support your contention that slavery was unconstitutional. On the contrary, what will you do after the first thousand Google sources that support my point?

        That question is settled. The only question is: in the lowest quartile of the I.Q. bell curve, are you an idiot, imbecile or cretin?

        P.S. I have more knowledge of the Constitution in my little finger than in your whole waste of cranial space.

        P.P.S. Article IV, Section 2 of the Constitution: “No Person held to Service or Labour in one State, under the Laws thereof, escaping into another, shall, in Consequence of any Law or Regulation therein, be discharged from such Service or Labour, but shall be delivered up on Claim of the Party to whom such Service or Labour may be due.”

        • Smilee

          Interesting that you MUST notm have read the dred scott decision, and you did not respond to the points I made you just ignored them and they are valid and many scholars conclude as I do,. You only note one item and that is not in reference to slavery but has to due with criminals and contracted labor but not forced labor and not slavery as there are due process claims in the Constitution before the government can remove your freedoms from We The People for which the constitution was written and Lincoln reinstated those at Gettsburg in his words “of the people, by the people and for the people” and these were spoken before the thirteenth amendment was ratified. The culture was highly ingrained that slavery existed and also under state laws and state Constitutions but not the US Constitution which you do not understand. the founders you quote are speaking to the practice and culture of the day but when they wrote the Constitution they did not include it. I have never seen or even knew of the PBS documentary my sources are other than that but apparently you think they agreed with me. what does that tell you. I have read and studied the dred scott decision and it does not appear you are familiar with it either, it is wildly accepted today that they got that decision all wrong and had at their disposal and should have overturned slavery as their arguments in favor are based on the fact they did not consider blacks to be people therefore they excluded them from “We the People” for whom the Constitution was written AND IT EXCLUDES NOBODY AND YOU WERE UNABLE TO POINT OUT WHERE AND WHY THEY EXCLUDED BLACKS.. WHY DID YOU NOT ADDRESS THE POINTS I MADE AND TRY TO REFUTE THEM, NO YOU FRAMED MY ARGUMENT DIFFERENT FROM WHAT I SAID AND YOU ADDRESSED THAT NOT ME.

          P.P.S. Article IV, Section 2 of the Constitution: “No Person held to Service or Labour in one State, under the Laws thereof, escaping into another, shall, in Consequence of any Law or Regulation therein, be discharged from such Service or Labour, but shall be delivered up on Claim of the Party to whom such Service or Labour may be due.”

      • Vigilant

        What an absolute idiot.

        Article IV, Section 2 of the Constitution is the very BASIS for the Fugitive Slave Law.

        Are you that totally obtuse as to believe that the Southern states would have ratified the Constitution if they had found ANYTHING outlawing slavery in it? On the contrary, the 3/5 Compromise WAS ALL ABOUT SLAVERY. The provision outlawing the importation of slaves after 1807 MEANS THAT SLAVERY WAS LEGAL.

        “Section 9. The migration or importation of such persons as any of the states now existing shall think proper to admit, shall not be prohibited by the Congress prior to the year one thousand eight hundred and eight, but a tax or duty may be imposed on such importation, not exceeding ten dollars for each person.”

        “The 1807 law ending the importation of slaves did nothing to stop the buying and selling of slaves within the United States. And, of course, the controversy over slavery would continue for decades, and would not be finally resolved until the end of the Civil War and the passage of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution.” (

        Now you’re going to tell me, faced with the facts, that slavery was not Constitutional but the Federal government charged a tax on their importation anyway? You’re not just stupid; you’ve got serious mental problems.

        And that slavery was not Constitutional so that the 13th Amendment was REDUNDANT?

        Seek medical help, little boy.

        ONCE AGAIN, for the umpteenth time, show me ANYTHING in a credible reference WRITTEN BY ANYONE besides yourself, that claims that slavery was illegal in the Constitution. YOU HAVE NEVER DONE IT! You won’t find it, AND YOU HAVE NOTHING TO QUOTE since it doesn’t exist.

        C’mon, sonny boy, man up and furnish JUST ONE quote that supports your position. If you can’t, then don’t obscure the subject with your armchair distractions and sophomoric bullsh*t.

      • Vigilant

        Still searching for a reference? HINT: you won’t find ONE to support your ludicrous contention that slavery was unConstitutional prior to the 13th Amendment. Keep looking, fool!

    • Don

      A majority of the American people wanted this calamity caused by Obama to continue. I wish that the majority wasn’t stupid, but they are. They are only going to wake up when it is too late.

      • Old Henry

        No Don, I do not think they will wake up. They are useful idiots and will be the first to go when their idiocy is no longer needed.

        Can we be sure Soetoro “won” with all the massive voter fraud?

    • GALT

      Hi Wayne, what’s up buddy………GO PATRIOTS!!!!!

      How is your abcdefg scam going, or did you not manage to duplicate Jim Fiest’s

      Question: Did you nominate yourself for the 150 lb. granite star, or did you
      use intermediaries?

      Who paid for the star to be installed? You see while it would appear to be an AWARD
      for those not INFORMED, no one actually gave you anything?

      It is bought and paid for…….and you have to apply to be recognized, and survive
      the rigorous standards exacted to qualify ( $$$$$$$$$$$ ) and then pay for everything else after that ($$$$$$$$$$) how does that constitute an award, or acknowledgement
      for any contribution you have made……….no one gave YOU anything.

      Obama got $1 million tax free. and that was because he offered hope and change.

      Many people claim your president is a con man, which brings up the sharp
      contrast that…….for anyone willing to look…….you ARE a con man.

      You are here for Personal Liberty? To what purpose to “rape, pillage and plunder”
      your fellow man?

      Cui bono?

      • GALT

        P.S. Looks like you have your hands full with Spano.

        I have worked in the same business as Mr Root, briefly…of course it wasn’t his
        business then, it was the man cited, and he is still in business. (Fiest ) ole
        Wayne was just a name……bought by Feist, to scam the suckers…..and make no
        mistake……it is all about finding suckers.

        In any case, i was so intrigued by that Star thing, that I actually followed up
        on it…… get a star, by being someone who qualifies for calling
        attention to Las Vegas, so his qualification in this regard was for two TV
        shows…..self promotional first, Las Vegas second…..and I know this because
        I emailed them and asked……..I can forward it to you if you like.

        Thing is, it is really not an “award”, because you pay the tab for everything, or
        to be precise……

        1.) a name is submitted for consideration based on the criteria cited
        2.) you are notified as to whether of not you do.
        3.) you are then required to pay a 50% deposit toward the costs involved
        currently $20, 000, to cover expenses. ( when wayne did it, it was 15,000 )
        4.) announcements are made, etc. for the ceremony, date, etc. you pay the
        balance and voila, you have a star on Las Vegas Blvd

        So the only remaining questions are, who nominated him…..and was it just him
        or a front for him…….but I am pretty sure he paid for it…….I asked if I could
        view the relevant documents, but this request was ignored.

        Hence the questions here…..

        Now my opinion of ole Wayne as a human being, ranks him slightly below
        “pond scum”…… secret there……

        Your problem ( and mine ) are these self promotional bio’s, which make claims
        or distort them, etc.

        How are these not fair game? You will take note that ole Wayne has
        never responded to anything I have written about him…..or the business
        he engages in…….why do you think that is?

        What’s the mystery here Bob? Are you under some “contractual” obligation
        to those you list as contributor’s or affilliates……….

        Hell, I have a problem with your bio, as you already know……

        In any case, I am making a little bit of progress here, slogging away,
        regarding “our common cause”…….intelligent logical reasoning…..
        and ole Wayne, in the scheme of things, is irrelevant to that task.

        But this “moderation” stuff has got to stop……and from what I can see,
        you seem to be making progress… least in the sense of elevating
        the level of debate…..and your mushrooms are not pleased.

        My gut instinct tells me that you are better than this…….

        Am I wrong?

        • S.C.Murf

          galt sounds to me like you are really jealous of him, get over it, he has a job and you don’t. Get off your fat lazy butt and go find one. And besides that was all yesterday, you are a day late and a dollar short

          up the hill

      • GALT

        Wayne is a small business man who as he stated can not survive a second
        term by Obama, not to mention that he is being “persecuted” by the Obama
        administration because he imagines himself a “threat”…….forgetting the
        obvious reason that the nature of his business would be ripe for scrutiny
        in any environment, so that the IRS took notice isn’t a surprise.

        So what seems to be your problem…….do you object to the TRUTH? Admire
        people who steal from others? Wish you could do it? ( but don’t have what it takes? )

        Or is it just certain thieves and scammers you have an objection to?

    • Old Henry

      Canadians on what went wrong in the U.S.

    • Matrix

      Change the usefull idiots can believe in!

    • Matrix


      You are hilarious! You remind me of the Jews of 1932 Germany that supported Hitler and the Bolsheviks of Russia who supported Stalin.

      Both ended up in the same place Obama plans to plant you!

      Obama has divided America into the bad rich and the heroic poor, just as Hitler divided Germany with his rhetoric on the “wealthy Jew”.

      I would recommend for you to learn a little past history, as we are experiencing an instant-replay and you may be rich today, but one truth you cannot deny is nothing last forever!

      Good luck and enjoy the moment!

    • manuel rosa

      The 7 step solution to all of American’s problems!
      1) First you have ti Kick the devil in the rear and tell him to get the hell out of dodge. (that means, far away from the USA)
      2) Everybody call upon Jesus Christ to be Lord over the USA.
      3) Get Barrack Obama out of office for two reasons. One, he is one of the devil’s leutennants and two, he is to stupid to run the Oval Office.
      4) Treat your brother the way you desire your brother to treat you and when anyone commits murder hang him on a tree and bring all the TV cameras fo film it and show it on the news for at least 30 days.
      5) Those men that can not live without women let them take a good looking woman to wife take care of her and go into her till his heart is content, but he cannot have another woman.
      6) Pass a law that everyone should have a gun for sport but not mandatory
      7) Cut the taxes in half..
      Conlusion: soon and very soon the Government will have more money than they know what to do with. America will florish once again. everyone will be happy. Police can take a well needed vacation, everyone will have enough money.

  • Harold Olsen

    Some people like to celebrate on Inauguration Day. They treat it as a holiday. I don’t even celebrate Inauguration Day for presidents that I like. I sure as hell won’t be celebrating this one. I hate Obama and there has never been a president in my 63 years that I have come close to hating as much as I hate Obama. He’s such a low-life scumbag that he doesn’t even deserve to be called a human being.

    • Warrior

      And maybe you saw the story of pakistan’s supreme court has ordered the arrest of their prime minister on corruption charges. Well, eric holders equivalent, in pakistan, won’t do it because he claims his own investigation is not complete. Do tell, do tell.

      • manuel rosa

        What business does America have to be arresting people in other countries. America can’t even control America anymore.

    • flipped54

      Sounds like the devil has your heart and your mind….you’re 63 years old and only have hate to show for all your years of “wisdom”.

      • eddie47d

        The only way these sites could survive is by stoking the hatred and it continues unabated!

      • Steve E

        Nothing wrong with hating evil.

      • eddie47d

        Then Steve E I will be expecting you to be in the front lines going after all the right wing neo-Nazi groups in America.I want to hear you loudly denounce the Alaska Peacekeepers Militia or the Council of Conservative Citizens. They actively hate and want to do harm in America so is that “evil” to you?

      • Steve E

        eddy, the Alaska Peacekeepers Militia leader tried to kill cops, and for what I know, Doesn’t seem to be a reason to kill a cop that did not do anything to him to deserve that, so I condemn that action. The Council of Conservative Citizens consist of white separatist group, which I condemn also. The Democratic party is racist in the same way also, so there is no difference there. At least those groups have one good virtue that is common that is among some others, and that is that they know government is getting too intrusive.

    • flipped54

      Hate is a heavy burden to carry all those years…..

      • walter agard

        When someone hates, they are blind and can,t see and think,that is why they have such a mess up mind .People like them you cant worry about.They developed a racist temperament.

      • Dianne

        Flipped: You named yourself appropriately. Maybe when you are 63 years old, you will have managed to gain some intelligence. You and all the rest who returned this socialist to power so that he could complete the mission George Soros set up him and continues to finance him until he accomplishes the goal.

      • http://libertydigest Barbara Bingham

        Do you have love in your heart for all men? Do you support all Presidents of the US, even the ones who were not demos? Take Reagan, for instance. He was an ideal president. Calling someone out on who they hate is like throwing the first stone. I’m sure you are not perfect and I do respect your right to free speech. However with PBO, you may not enjoy that right for very long. You are living in a fantasy world. You really need to wake up and smell the dung.

      • JUKEBOX

        Walter, I hate to tell you this, but racists come in all colors: black, brown, white, yellow, and red. A christian is not supposed to hate the man, but you can hate his perverted ideologies. Challenge that!

        • Joe Spano

          Joke Box………can’t wait to be in DC to witness our Great POTUS and his taking of his second term!

    • Bill Johnson

      you are my hero

      • manuel rosa

        lets also hear for Diane

      • manuel rosa

        Walter is tking a nap so I’ll challenge you Mr Jokebox.

        A christian doesn’t have perverted Idioligies

  • Karolyn

    WalMart is hiring 100,000 vets! And they will be carrying more Made In America merchandise, thus creating more jobs!

    • Karolyn

      Just keep beating the drum over, and over, and over, and over again ad infinitum, That really helps. NOT! Gee, where have I heard all this before? Don’t people like Root gett tired of bringing out bad news day after day? What a miserable way to live.

      • Karolyn

        This was not supposed to be a reply to myself but a new post.

      • Karolyn

        This was not supposed to be a reply to myself, but a new post.

      • S.C.Murf

        Karolyn do you always have to tell your self two or three times before it sinks in? I believe in looking at what they are doing not what they are telling me. Right now they are raising taxes on EVERYTHING and saying only the 1% will see it. They are bankrupting us and saying it’s a revenue problem, not a spending problem. They lie, anything for their agenda, they are evil Karolyn please open your eye’s and your mind. You are not God, you are not in control. Control is an allusion big K

        up the hill

      • Joe Spano

        You are absolutely correct Karolyn————these nuts are all doom & gloom. If they don’t like it, leave now. Go to Nigeria.

      • http://N/A CintiCB


        Facts are FACTS! If they’re bad, they’re bad. It’s hard to believe that, at one point in time, it was thought that a certain group of ‘people’ were sub-human and unteachable, isn’t it? Try learning something from the following FACT (not ‘hate’-FACT): Your icon was advertising in Mexico for them to come here and get free food, medical care, + housing. Don’t you realize that this will ‘cut’ into the ‘entitled’ peoples handouts-you will, either, lose some of your Welfare or support a bunch of foreigners with your earnings, whichever the case.

        So many blacks see Obama as ‘dey homie’. I highly doubt that these feelings are returned! He referred to his own father as a “house n-gg-r”. How do you think he refers to his fawning voters? Just replace the word house with something like dumb or ghetto. I’m not saying that these are my feelings. I abhor racism or ANY judgement of people that is not based on their actions + their content of character-sound familiar, anybody? If Obama has ‘homies’, they would be ‘bro.s’ more than ‘homies’, as in Muslim Brotherhood-there are even some roaming about the White House. What the hell has this fool done for you, besides getting rid of the ‘work requirement’ for Welfare. He is CONSTANTLY telling blacks (through actions) that they can’t excel on their own. Whitey must be forced to hire them, qualified or not. Apparently, your god doesn’t think you have any worth or value. You must be FORCED on someone. Basically, just a new form of Welfare and small business killing. The business will have to pay your inept a$$ to do nothing and pay another employee to do your job. How can you have ANY pride and be OK with this? I don’t mean the words/phrase ‘black pride’, I mean REAL pride.

      • Karolyn

        Cinti – It amazes me how many people can read minds and just absolutely KNOW how Obama feels about black people. it’s just weird how so many other conservatives have written the just opposite – that he hates white folks. So which is it? According to so many he is responsible for EVERYTHING, hates blacks and hates whites.

    • Warrior

      If you knew anything about the relationship between Walmart and the US gubmint, you may question “why” Walmart made this announcement. It’s obvious you don’t know.

      • Karolyn

        Who FREAKIN’ CARES! Why can’t you people accept good news when it appears? Are you so set in your gloom and doom that you can’t? Are you so happy with seeing your predictions come true that you cannot shae in whatever joys there are? I have never seen more negative people in one place in my life! No wonder the world’s in such a mess!

      • Howard C

        Yeah its great that these veterans are getting low income jobs. I guarentee you everyone of those veterans made more money in the military. I was a navy recruiter and I went to wally world frequently to try and recruit their employees because working at walmart is not a good job.

      • phideaux

        Karolyn we are set in reality not a wishful fantasy world. If you do not recognize and publicise the problems of this country nothing will ever be done about them. You can sit and think your happy thoughts all day and it will do no good for there will always be those who would take advantage of your naivety.

        • Joe Spano

          The blame game——–now its Walmart.

          Who don’t you blame for anything? Or you just blame & complain and wait for your next check to arrive from public assistance.

      • http://N/A CintiCB

        THIS IS TO KAROLYN (sorry Warrior there was no reply button for Karolyn-once again telling people what they mean + think)

        Karolyn dear,

        I don’t read minds. I just watch actions + hypocrisies. I didn’t claim to ‘know’ how he feels, I’m only using common sense (try it some time) and facts, not blind faith groupie beliefs. I did not say that he ‘hates’ anyone. I truly believe that he thinks equally, of both races (except when going for votes-one of the groups does not blindly follow). He + Moochelle are, simply SOOOO above EVERYBODY! I would love to be there when you get the results of your lying, hypocritical, manipulating, college record hiding (he spent millions to hide these) FOREIGN EXCHANGE STUDENT. Hell, you probably (note the word probably-no mind reading here) won’t even realize it or you will just blame it on someone else. OMG, this is like discussing philosophy with a drunk!!!

      • MexicansaysLibtardsRPukes

        Comrade Gringo Joe Spano- You exposed yourself as a welfare leech! While LEGAL Mexicans and other hard working Americans working our butt off, While you sit at home trolling all day living at comfort by the Govt while tax payers pay your leech style! When you made comments of kool aide rot your brain cells, Libtard gringo Regular Americans dont drink Libtard Kool aide! I see kool aide rotted your brain!

    • Dianne

      Karolyn: I see that you are one of Obama’s finest supporters. When the veterans come home, jobs will be very short because of the vast unemployment of the citizens already….there are no jobs, don’t you get it? I’m sure their familes can survive on their Walmart salary of $7.50 an hour and they get at least 32 hours a week. They don’t get 40 because WalMart doesn’t want the burden of paying benefits. That is a true story….we know, we’ve been there. How long would you survive on that. They will be better off to stay in the military if they can. Obama is trying his best to weaken the strength of our military so they won’t be a threat to his agenda. They took an oath to our constitution that the majority of them will honor and uphold!!! I hope you are the first to feel the affects when your President finishes his job here.

      • Johnny

        Dianne, you can’t blame Obama for the weak economy. You can blame republicans who cant even get behind a bill to fix the infrastructure passed because of how bad they want to see him fail. Well, those who elected him know better and dont read the hate spewed out here. I want to know where the paranoia surrounding obama emanates from and this is one of the sources. If all you read is this and watch fox news then yeah, I can see why you would be paranoid. When I hear Obama speak and talk of his ideas, I dont see what you people see. I watched 2016 and it didnt change my opinion either.

      • OneGuess

        Johnny, yes we can…blame Obamao for the economy. Obamao has been blaming the economy on Bush for years…but now it is Obamao’s economy. It won’t work trying to blame others this time. Now you have what you wanted.

      • JUKEBOX

        Our country is suffering under “TERMITE” government. Termites don’t destroy with one big bite, but thousands of small bites.

        • Joe Spano

          Blame the Bush Policies & his tax cuts for the wealthy & that dumb 2% Payroll Tax Holiday.

          You all are drinking the koolaid laced with Obama Love!

      • manuel rosa

        Centi, you trully believe that Obama isn’t racist and you say you don’t have blind faith?
        that is blind faith!!!!!

    • robb

      Hiring more vets at $9 per hour and working them full time….then they don’t have to buy insurance for them under the Obamacare mandate because they already have insurance through the VA. Brilliant business move. Now how about that equal opportunity for employment thing? Oh wait….preferences in hiring have been a standard for decades.

    • Capitalist at Birth

      Unfortunately that is over the next 10 years, not immediately. Just another P.R. by a socialist company.

    • Joe Spano

      Yes Karolyn Walmart gets it! Hire Vets & try to sell more made in America Goods. The people on here are all shills, they are looking to fail with doom.

      • phideaux

        “The people on here are all shills,”

        You should know for yesterday you admitted you are a shill.

        • Joe Spano

          Who cares? Really shill or not——–You Can’t Discuss Any Topic With Anyone That Disagrees With You.

          That is the problem that Congress has————-they can’t agree to disagree.

          Divergent opinions and views are how I succeeded in life at our condo in 33480.

          If you can’t see the light, you will always be in the dark. You must try.

    • manuel rosa

      Karolyn, a man can’t support his family with a Wallmart’s pay check, but I suppose it is better than no pay check til a higher one can be get.

  • mark

    President Obama’s second inauguration – a natonal day of mourning? Oh, please! Conservative and Libertarians lost the election. Get over it. In four more years there will probably be a more conservative president in the White House. The poltical pendulum swings back and forth as always throughout our history. Grow up. I’ve never seen such a collection of sulking crybabies.

    • S.C.Murf

      We all lost mark you just haven’t noticed yet. But don’t worry your day will be here

      up the hill

    • walter agard

      Right on.I have nothing to say on that .

    • Thomas

      America as we know it may be completely unrecognizable in 2016. Who will then care who we “elect” at that point? Revolution 2.0 is on its way, whether we want it or not. There are too many out there who are sick and tired of being “sick and tired”. And elections no longer cut it.

      • eddie47d

        Your oh so telling Thomas! Wink! Wink!

      • mark

        Thomas, so there are only some part of the Constitution that you hold sacred? The Second Amendment, right on, our most important right! But elections? Nah, we don’t need those. They don’t work anymore. Especially when the guy I don’t like wins. Elections should only be held when the guy I don’t like loses.


      Have you ever listened real close to the Democrats? Oh, I forgot, Democrats scream so loud, ala Andrew Cuomo, that you can’t understand them.

    • manuel rosa

      Mr mark liberal
      You realy should be ashamed of yourself, realy, open your eyes!

  • Russell Bennett

    When job numbers come out they give a figure like 150,000. How many of those jobs come from the booming Oil Fields of North Dakota and Texas. Both places have a shortage of workers. The GDP Growth figures are inflated by these two States also.

    • Capitalist at Birth

      On what do you base these assertions?

    • Carlucci

      Compared to the rest of the nation, Texas is doing pretty darn good. Real estate has made a comeback and the job market is growing.

  • Jerry Morgan

    I think I’ll hold off celebrating Obama’s second term in office and save it for the day he‘s out of office ……….. one way or the other.

    • OneGuess

      Now there is a celebration worth waiting for!

    • mark

      Yeah Jerry, “one way or the other.” Like we don’t all know what that means. This is why we may not see a conservative president for many years because all you guys preach is hate, hate, hate. 24-7, 365 days a year. That’s why Obama won. And why future liberal/progressives will probably win as well. When all you have is hate, fear, and calls for violence, the majority of the American people will reject you everytime.

      • JUKEBOX

        Mark, you are probably too young to remember Lyndon Johnson telling his staff that when he got through with the Republicans, blacks would not vote for a Republican for a hundred years. Now that was REAL hate speech.

      • eddie47d

        Apparently Johnson told the truth on that one! Maybe the Conservatives didn’t get the memo and failed to play catch up. .

      • mark

        No, I don’t recall that, Jukebox. And I have read alot about Johnson. It doesn’t make much sense to me because LBJ had the most problems on civil rights with Southern Democrats, members of his own party – not Republicans who had only a tiny presence in the South in those days. Do you have any references to that quote?

        I do know what LBJ said after he pushed through the 1964 Civil Rights Act and the 1965 Voting Rights Act, hugely unpopular among whites in the South especially white Democrats who were the majority there. Don’t forget in the mid-1960s the Democratic Party had a large and strong conservative wing concentrated in the South. Virtually every senator, congressman, and governor there were Democrats in the mid-60s. LBJ said in reference to the Democratic Party “we’ve lost the South for a generation.” But he was wrong, they lost it for 3 generations and counting. See below:

  • Doc Sarvis

    IF Americans had elected Mitt Romney, outside of tax policy and increased benefits for the top 1%, our economic policy would not have been any different.

    • OneGuess

      Maybe you think we don’t get it. Economis POLICY would certainly have been different!

  • MLR

    Pretty much all the things he states that are so bad , can be traced back to the early1970′s When business tax was lowered, working class income tax was raised, upper level management, kept the money to raise their pay, stagnated or lowered working class pay, adjusted for inflation.Started outsourcing jobs, when all these American companies became Multi-National companies.Nixon. In the 1980′s along came bailing out mismanaged companies. Reagan,Greenspan. The 1990′s NAFTA, and ending Glass-Steagall, Clinton. 2000′s more bailing out ” to big to fail” Giving the keys to the treasury to the bankers.Bush. 2010′s more of all of it. Obama. Big Business running Government is the real problem

    • eddie47d

      Thanks for looking a little deeper MLR and seeing the big picture. Like Doc said even if Romney was elected there wouldn’t be much difference. I want to hear more than their constant vendetta against Obama.Libertarians need to be more pragmatic instead of continually chasing their tails.

  • Johnny

    How does one even BEGIN to try and comment on this BS article. It is easy to take one side or the other on any debate and just beat the facts to death. Blame Obama for everything that hashappened when he has a Republican party that is dead set on seeing him fail. If anyone is to blame for the credit downgrade it is the republican party. NEVER has the debt ceiling been a hostage taking opportunity to try and get your way. And now with gun control, he has a republican party that cant do anything. THEY will NEVER propose any legislation that can seriously pass any kind of a smell test or pass with democratic votes. I am not even commenting on what he said because I dont agree with a word of it. Even the prepositions are bad, lol

  • Martin Angell

    This man should be our Speaker of the US House of Representatives

    • Karolyn

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Wow! Whew! Almost had a heart attack I laughed so hard at that one! :-)

  • Barbara

    God help this country with this evil man in charge, along with his muslim brotherhood. Our country is going to hell in a handbag at mach speed.

    • Tommy

      Finally a post i can agree with.

  • Cessna

    Mr.Root I couldn’t agree more!
    With your influence I suggest that every patriot lower his flag to half mast on inauguration day in protest of Obama’s Grab for power and policies !

    • nc

      Cessa, when you have a tax policy like the trickle down that reduces our revenue SOURCE then you fight two wars with a credit card and THEN refuse to pay, it has a term! It’s called a DEADBEAT! THE REPUBLICAN LEAD HOUSE.

      • JUKEBOX

        People are too stupid to realize that Obama policies have added to the cost of every consumer item, and affect 100% of the people, whether they pay income taxes or not. Even when they receive welfare and food stamps, they fail to realize that those monies do not buy as much as they did four years ago. Thanks very much Obama.

        • Joe Spano

          You are sooooooooooooooo wrong…………..stop drinking your koolaid———–it kills any brain cells you may have had.

      • JUKEBOX

        Joe, toking on Obama’s bong is more destructive to your brain cells than KoolAid, and I believe he is sharing his dope stash, just like he did at Columbia. Read his book.

      • Karolyn

        Big Whoop! He smoked pot!

  • robb

    Well Mr. Root I am hoping your current doomsday predictions are as accurate as your election forecasts. Unfortunately we have already seen what Obamas policies will do when they were experimented with in the State of Michigan. After driving 30% of the state’s people out because of no work and sending this state to near bankruptcy they want to try the same policies in Washington. At least people could leave Michigan. Now they’re coming back because the new governor found out how to reduce unemployment by 5% in just two years.

    • robb

      Clarification…..people are coming back to the state of Michigan because there are jobs here. Jobs created by throwing out the gimme gimme policies and making people work for a living. Can’t wait for the new right to work laws to kick in and really bring the economy back.

    • Joe Spano

      Oh yes more doom & gloom———–the auto bailout was the best for Detroit! Romney would have let them go down the tubes, bankruptcy, sold off the assets & pocket the gains. Now that is just so perfect.

      I would follow Warren Buffett and his thoughts on the economy & policies—–like the wealthy need to pay more in taxes/ Mr. Root is the problem & not the solution.

      What are his educational skills?

      • JUKEBOX

        The only advantage the bailout brought forth was that the unions did not have to renegotiate some of their onerous work rules.

        • Joe Spano

          You are wrong………… was not just the unions. Rather than making yourself look stupid, research first!

      • JUKEBOX

        When you call me stupid, you are proving that you might be educated beyond your intelligence level.

  • Rich

    Fly the US flag upside down. The US is in major distress.

    • rhcrest

      That is exactly what i am doing Rich.

  • rhcrest

    Well Wayne I’d say you did an excellent job with this article judging by all the leftists who are quite upset by it.

    • nc

      rhcrest, you jest, I’m sure!!! Democrats upset with what Root and Crystal write here??NEVER! WE LOVE IT!! ADULT INDEPENDENTS READ THEIR ABSURD S**T AND SAY THAT SIDE IS NOT FOR ME AND VOTE DEMOCRAT. SEE THE OVAL OFFICE AND THE POLLS.
      The rantings of Root, Crystal and others coupled with the incompetence of daddy’s boy bush have handed us two straight Presidential elections! RAVE ON! HERE COMES HILLARY!!

      • rhcrest

        No I am quite serious. What are you all doing on here attacking the posters and Mr. Root if it doesn’t bother you? Of course it does and the more you deny it the more it sounds like it bothers you.

    • eddie47d

      RHCREST; I came here over 3 years ago to be intelligently informed and some days I am and other days I’m sadly disappointed. I totally understand why those on the far right keep getting defeated in elections. Some of the articles are outrageous with more fiction than fact but it does make for a fun day.

      • Tommy

        Unless Obama performs a miracle which i do not see happening, a Republican will win the presidency in 2016 and it matters not who runs. In all my 50 years only once has a party held the presidency longer then 8 years with the exception bieng daddy bush’s 4 years after Reagan. Since then we give the Dems 8 years to mess things up and then we give the Repubs 8 years to mess things up because we really believe the two parties are different when in all actuality they are the same. there are too many uninformed voters out there to change this, so watch and see, a Repub in 2016 for better or worse, and i’m betting for worse.

  • Jason

    I say just boycott the inauguration. Don’t go to Washington DC or watch it on tv. Why waste our time watching something that is not meant for those of us who know the truth. Let the gullible masses have their fun. Slowly it will start to set in that they made a mistake.

    • Joe Spano

      I would not miss this event. We are going———flying up from Palm Beach, FL on our Bombardier Global Express. There is nothing wrong with success & capitalism……… fact its awesome.


      The American people have spoken. Even though the right wing freaks tried to surpress the vote American citizens and patriots stood on long lines to cast their votes. And in a wonderful sweep the President was returned to office.

      • Joe Spano

        Romnesia was the biggest liar & cheater to seek the office of POTUS.

        Romnesia is the wealthy do nothing GOP’er.

        You all complain and do nothing about anything. Go get a life & a job………..Contribute something meaningful instead of your dumb rhetoric on this site. You are a bunch of OWS, cry baby’s who know nothing.

        The Great Obama takes his 2ND Term and we will be there!


      I will be watching professional wrestling, because it is more real and truthful.

      • Joe Spano

        Professional wrestling————-just more fake bullies that are a bunch of girlie guys.

      • JUKEBOX

        Sounds like Obama and his myrmidons. Watch the girly POTUS go up a set of stairs with his limp wrist actions.

    • nc

      Jason. I can hear the crowd roar just as the President finishes his oath! “IT’S NOT LEGAL. JASON IS NOT HERE! WE WANT A “DO OVER”! SOMEBODY FIND MITT! HE’S WORKING THE DESK AT SOME MOTEL!”

  • The Christian American

    The nation can’t mourn because it got what it wanted. Even those who forsook a man of truth for a man that offered different dainties can’t mourn. Did people realize we were the cause of our own problems as drove God out and layed out the red carpet for Satan? Weren’t we striving for the cake and ready to eat it as well? When a people forsake liberty and morality, bondage WILL the void. Always has. Always will. But we can’t look back and have a pity party. We must recognize our own mistakes, repent to God for having done what we have done and change our course to the one the Founders had envisioned for us.

    Our “president” is a product conceived in hell. He intends to make America a communist style Socialist State. I envision him if he achieves getting the power he thrives for making Stalin look like a sunday school teacher. There will be a day of reckoning between the forces of good and the forces of evil in America. Are the forces for good prepared for it? Are we ready to pay price that the signers of the Declaration of Independence did? That’s we are going to have to do.

    As I wrote this, the phone rang. When I answered it, it was a recorded message espousing the virtues of “The greatest president of all times”. Propaganda from the voices of evil. If I got this call, every one in the country got this call. THE BEST DEFENSE IS A STRONG OFFENSE. I don’t care if your white, black, Christian, Jew, Muslim whatever. If your an American, call other Americans and join together and form pockets of resistance. Forget this petty squabbling. We can’t be bickering amonst ourselves when an army is coming down on us that will connsume us all. But don’t forget, Read and believe John 3:16. This world rejected it’s generals General once but they won’t be able to when He comes in all His glory, and that’s not far away.

    • Walter77777

      Christian American: We have differing ideas about the direction USA should take, and I am certain that if Romney had won there would be many liberals who would be upset, but I am no liberal. I am a Radical. I believe that the trends of the past thirty-two years of the Rich becoming richer while the middle class has gotten squeezed with large number dropping down to join the Poor, the Working Class and Ragged Proletariat. This has made the number of the Poor and their Poverty increase.

      It is this increasing gap between the have-lots and he have-nots which destabilizes our society, and if it is not remedied it will result in the overthrow of the Existing Order.

      It is this that makes Obama my opponent while Conservatives are unwitting allies of the Radical Left.

      Toward victory always!


      • The Christian American

        If Romney had won, he had committed himself to Netanyahu to join him in an invasion of Iran. Iran has a pact with Russia that to invade one would be as invading the other. Romney may have been better domestically but a disaster in foreign policy.

      • The Christian American

        Another point. Never in the history of the world, has a three class society functioned without turmoil. They always pulling to a Lord, Serf situation, as we are now.

  • ToughGuy1

    Reading every buddies comments here. Knowing that this next 4 years of Obama (Jr.) will be hell. After he is sworn into his pseudo second term of office. But, I stand to help in impeachment of him, and gaffe Biden. These narscissus idiots, and their Dem. party are a bunch of lying cheats.

    • http://yahoo bob peters

      they are COMMUNISTS… The working class should stand together and refuse to pay taxes..Solidarity is the only way to defeat these bums..The leftists would get the message when there was no money for their welfare checks and cell phones..Judas sold out Jesus for thirty pieces of silver..The leftists sold out their country for free cell phones and a bridge card….

      • eddie47d

        Thanks Bob Peters for proving my point about all the fiction writing that gets posted around here. The Wall Street goons and Corporate shenanigans shafted the Middle Class. Did you forget they ate the whole pie and left our economy with the crumbs Your one sided blindness will surely cause you to walk into the next wall!

  • Johnny


  • vietnamvet1971

    I hope Odumbo has to fight every day for the next 4 years to try and pass any of his Liberal/Commie Crap on us Real Americans, He is a Lame Duck / Turkey with NO power just his EO’s so he may as well Learn now his Crap will come to an end I know all the Cult Followers and Pre- Programmed Robots think he is their “Savior” he means nothing to me.

    • nc

      Vietnam, Obama is not a lame duck President! According to your nuckledragging’ leaders he is not even there! They promised you if you would make your donations they would see that he would be a one term President!!!!! Do the conservatives have a refund policy on donations! Maybe you need to get a good trial lawyer! YOU’VE BEEN HAD!!!!! Have you considered the ACLU???? THEY ARE GOOD!!

  • Kathleen Blanchard

    Sad to say, the people who voted for Mr. Obama do not care about these dire facts. They either have been convinced that he is for “the little guy,’ or they have been given and will continue to receive “gifts” from the government, (i.e., Obama).
    This essay, while factual, will not change the minds of this group of voters who put him in the White House.

    • eddie47d

      During the Great Depression there was a 29% unemployment rate and the banks took the American people for a ride. Today we have a 8% unemployment rate and the banks still are taking us for a ride. The difference is that our economy is better off and the President has one hand tired behind his back. Congress sucks and that is being kind so some of us look at what has been done and what needs to be done. So what I’m saying is that America has survived much worse and its all more about country than Obama.

      • S.C.Murf

        Hey fast eddie how ya doin? I thought the dems were in charge of congress

        up the hill

      • eddie47d

        Right now no one in Congress is in charge of anything. LOL!

    • Johnny

      you mean to tell me, Kathleen, that you are not willing to admit the Bush handed Obama the biggest warmest steaming pile of cra p and Republicans to this day blame Obama for things that happened before he even took office. Your mind cannot even wrap itself around how bad things were when he took office. It is just like Republicans to focus on the unemployment rate and not the job growth. I guess you have forgotten that McConnell said their number 1 priority was for Obama to be a one term preseident. NOT to do anything about jobs or the economy. And since they took over in 2010 this was the least productive congress in history. Maybe they should forfeit their checks for not doing their job.

    • nc

      Kathlene, you speak of “these dire facts” presented by Mr. Root! What happened to the “good facts” presented by Mr. Root? Like Obama would lose in a landslide! Now to the “dire facts” presented by Root an others here? Like there would be no Presidential elections in 2012 because Obama would unconstitutionaly cancel them??? Also he would declare himself a dictator! Another “dire fact”??? What about the FEMA camps full of political prisoners?? That sounded like a “dire fact” that was going to happen! SEEMS YOU DOOMSDAYERS NEED TO RETOOL YOUR “DIRE FACTS” LIST!

      • Joe Spano

        Mr. Root is just another pundit who thinks that his rhetoric is fact———the fact is….it is not factual.


      Obama is as much for the “little” guy as Larry Flynt is for outlawing pornography.

      • eddie47d

        Mitt Romney is as honest as Jesse James. They both robbed businesses because they both knew that is where the money is at.

      • JUKEBOX

        The only difference between a lawyer and a thief is that a lawyer robs at the point of a pen, and a thief robs at the point of a gun.

  • K. Lee

    Ok, seriously, why isn’t he at the presidential debates? All the points he just stated should be addressed directly to Obama for all the world hear. Everyone should be able to hear what Obama has to say against all those issues Root brought to us.

  • Joel P.

    Interesting that among his “facts” he nowhere mentions the things the GOP blocked in Congress. The ratings downgrade, for example, is a direct result of the GOP holding the debt ceiling hostage, although they never said a word the 8 times it was raised under Bush. A duly elected president does not require a day of mourning, unless you are an extremely poor loser.

    • Joe Spano

      Yes the debt ceiling was raised by the Congress during Bush’s term 7 times.

      The people on this site are not rational thinking Americans, rather they are far fetched cavemen.

      • JUKEBOX

        Those 7 times plus all the other times prior to them, back to the establishment of this country, only equaled Obama’s increase in four years. Did you fail math, or do you not let facts stand in the way of truth?

      • manuel rosa

        Joe Spano, watch it budy, are you so damn perfect?

  • http://google Sandra

    Hey Wayne: Good article, true facts. So many people are still asleep, we try to kick them to get a response but they are under the socialist propaganda, go to sleep, big government will take care of all your needs. Moving right along with the globalist agenda of a welfare, police state. Next item on the agenda is to disarm Americans, then just like Nazi’s the government can remove the undesirables without any resistance.

    • eddie47d

      I see your mental steroids have kicked in Sandra.Yes both Democrats and Republicans have come close to wishing a police state on us. Johnson toyed with it and so did Nixon. G Bush/Cheney rapidly excelled the programs and Obama followed through. Conservatives also do it and I would say they demand law and order at a far greater pace than Liberals.

  • Chris Farrell

    Article II and the Second Amendment are in the same Constitution; aren’t they?

    Could the Chief Justice be about to shock the Hell out of the world and rule against Obama as being constitutionally eligible to be president on February 15th?

    Could Chief Justice Roberts have been defensively posturing for the blow-back, “black-lash” if you please, of a decision he may have realized would be necessary to make on Mr. Obama’s purported constitutional eligibility when he ruled so surprisingly on Obamacare?

    Might not the Chief Justice have been intentionally positioning himself and the Supreme Court as apparently not being unfavorably inclined towards Mr. Obama so as to insulate them both from certain to arise liberal charges of racism should a decision need to be rendered by the court on the issue of constitutional eligibility which would pronounce that Mr. Obama is not now and never has been eligible to be president?

    If, after considering the evidence submitted to the Supreme Court in multiple cases which the court has turned down, the Chief Justice found it necessary to consider various paths that the Supreme Court eventually might have to take in defense of the Constitution, could the Chief Justice have strategically planned to first rule in favor of Obamacare—as a tax—knowing that such a ruling would theatrically demonstrate an apparent support for Obama—or, at the very least, demonstrate no antagonism towards the man—while still leaving Obamacare open to state by state dismantling until such time as a ruling on Mr. Obama’s eligibility would remove the law retro-actively as having been passed while Mr. Obama was in the commission of crimes and, most importantly, act as the perfect disclaimer to angry liberal entities which would scream “Racism!”as they rallied liberal-socialist Obama supporters to advance ‘Forward!’ towards anything but “civil” disobedience should the Supreme Court retro-actively abrogate the illegal election of the constitutionally ineligible fraud and forger, Barry Soetoro, a.k.a. Barack ‘King Hussein’ Obama Jr., the ‘Manchurian’ Muslim from Mombasa, a.k.a. Soebarkha, a.k.a. Harrison J. Bounel?

    Could the Chief Justice be about to shock the Hell out of the world and rule against Obama as being constitutionally eligible to be president on February 15th?
    Will the Chief Justice permit the two Supreme Court Justices appointed by Mr. Obama, (or whatever his legal name, the name written on his original long form birth certificate—not to be confused with the electronic file released by the White House in 2011 which has been proven beyond any shadow of a doubt to be a poorly constructed forgery), to participate in hearing the case surrounding the issue of eligibility when their conflict of interest could not be greater? Their very appointments would too necessarily have to also be retro-actively abrogated—effectively annulled—as they were made while Mr. Obama was in the commission of the criminal usurpation of the office of the president of the United States concomitant with the military rank and authority of commander-in-chief.

    Mr. Obama’s criminal usurpation of the presidency is the most horrendous crime committed against the American people and our experiment in ‘government of the People, by the People, and for the People’ in our nation’s history. All those complicit in Mr. Obama’s crimes must be brought to justice if liberty is to be preserved.

    At this point in time, the question of whether or not Mr. Obama’s criminal usurpation of the presidency shall be addressed by the proper authorities is completely in the hands of God and Chief Justice Roberts. In God we trust.

    • rhcrest

      Don’t hold your breath Chris. I used to have high hopes that some person with moral integrity would stand up against this punk but no one has and no one will. And even if they do and they get too close the punk sends his goons after them to either threaten them with their lives or to just off them without any discussion. Only God can save us from this disaster but this country has turned its back on him. I am just waiting for the inevitable at this point which is the complete collapse of the country.

      • mark

        rhcrest, Don’t hold your breath either. The U.S. of A. will be around for hundreds of more years long after we are both gone. I’ve seen this The End of America movie several times. It’s always a false fall. Ain’t gonna happen.

    • eddie47d

      Mitt Romney was just a pretty face who had little moral integrity when it came to toppling companies. He lived in his Monopoly game world to take whatever came his way. The same with most Corporate CEOs who either demanded or took far beyond anything normal. When those on top rig the system to pad their over bloated greed then where is the moral integrity? I know that at least half of Congress has no moral equivalence and that includes Democrats and Republicans.The Billy Graham’s are dying or no longer have the power to coax us back to moral values. Some like Pat Robertson spend too much time dividing us with outrageous statements. When everything become political then true moral integrity is lost.Depending on which side you’re on we have Faith in money guns and government and real morals are kicked to the wayside.


      I wonder if the liberal charges of racism will be against the white or black part of Obama;s geneology. They should be called on this split by someone with some nerve.

      • eddie47d

        Just because you trump up charges of racism against Obama doesn’t mean its true. So why argue with an idiot opinion.

    • manuel rosa

      Chris, you should have been a politician

  • Motov

    Just wait until no body wants the once all mighty dollar, I suppose that is also George Bush’s fault too,… And they have succeeded 100 years ago the Feds were created and the power to tax our income happened. Ever since we have been getting shafted deeper and deeper,… now they have us where they want us, fighting amongst ourselves, while the massive beast known as the Government continues to grow at an unbelievable rate.
    Sucking up resources that haven’t been found yet, And OhBozo still wants to spend, spend, and spend? WTF???What is wrong with these people? If individuals did this, they would have been tossed in jail, for fraud, living beyond their means.
    And these are supposed graduates from top rated schools?
    Every thing about these elitists stinks!
    And if we do not wise up and boot this fraud out of office, we pretty much signed our own death warrant.

    Welcome to the USSA land where the opportunities flew away, because it could not survive against it’s own government

  • Jim

    Obama is employing the The “Cloward-Piven Strategy” which seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.

    “There are two ways to ENSLAVE a nation. One is by the sword. The other is BY DEBT.” – John Adams

    • manuel rosa

      Jim, you forgotten worship of Satanism.

      Anybody wanna prove me wrong?

  • http://yahoo Larry

    Despite all the facts, you just have to be a special kind of stupid to continue to make excuses for this president. You people are trying to sell to everyone that obama is just going to start his first term this year. The last 4 years Bush was still president.

  • Louis Lemieux

    Mr. Root,

    It is certainly a day fit for mourning to see someone like you misinforming your readers with so many inaccuracies and mental contortions on the actual overall state of our country.

    For example to come to conclusions comparing the past with the present as if the value of the dollar hasn’t changed at all is dishonest. “Under Obama, the national debt now exceeds the entire output of the U.S. economy.“ If someone earns $50, 000. a year and his total debt is $50,000., it’s far from being the end of the world for him. The Obama administration does have a balanced approach plan for reducing the deficit without hurting the economy if only it can pass the republican controlled House. On CNN lately I was informed that inflation was tamed in 2012, that the economy kept improving last month(December) and Bloomberg just came out with: “Housing Starts in U.S. Jumped in December to Four-Year High.“

    I encouraged readers to get their information from diversified sources, unless they prefer being entranced by Mr. Root!

    • Howard C

      What a load of BS there Louie… Balanced plan into the dirt. They are all in it together in DC. The Federal Reserve OWNS the white house and the Puppet of the US does their bidding or catches a bullet like the one fed to JFK. The Dollar has lost 98% of its value since the signing of the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

      • Louis Lemieux

        Republican Presidential candidate, Ron Paul, in his book, End the Fed, argues that the Fed is a corrupt institution that does more harm to the economy than good. Others argue that the Fed, like central banks around the world, is essential to keeping a country’s currency stable.

        This controversy, much like all political debates, will live on. One thing is certain. The Fed is misunderstood by many, even some of those with financial professions.

        An annual inflation rate of around 2%, the dollar losing some of its value, is good for the economy.

    • Howard C

      If you are getting information from the Communist News Network then you are getting nothing but DISINFORMATION.


      I see that Louis depends on those bastions of conservatism: CNN & Bloomberg.

      • Joe Spano

        Mr. Root is not educated to speak on the topics that he does.

        His rhetoric opinions of I told you so, is all rubbish.

      • eddie47d

        I never watch CNN unless there is some special on but I also stopped watching FOX two years ago when Glenn Beck and all his insanity was endorsed by them. Now there is some major Indoctrination and Disinformation!

  • http://Yahoo Robby

    And at NO time in this article mention the the ILLEGALS living off FREE social benefits. What is the total number and COST to the LEGAL taxpayer. As far as I am concerned, allowing ILLEGALS to enter, live, exist, and mooch off welfare has/is an agenda for BOTH parties. AND the people just sit back and watch.

    • rhcrest

      Robby, you shouldn’t call them illegal aliens! They are undocumented people don’t you know. And we should be happy to take food out of our children’s mouths to give to the human waste invading this country from the third world. And we should smile while the food is taken from our families to give to the third world human excrement. 4 3 2 1 waiting for an Obot to call me a racist. They should ask me if i care.

      • eddie47d

        RHCREST; You don’t have to brag about being a racist for we already knew that!

    • rhcrest


      Thank you so much for not disappointing me! I know i can always count on you nutjobs to pull out the race card. Fact is fact and i really don’t care what you call me. These people coming here are a drain on our society and they are not coming here to be hard working law abiding citizens. They are coming here to live off the American Taxpayer and i am NOT OK with them taking money from my family to pay for this third world vermin.

      • Aaron

        I agree your comment; here, in France we meet the same problem with an important immigration of coloured people good for nothing: they doesn’t respect european people in some areas in differents towns.
        And this situation is increasing since election of Mister Cheese Hollande….

    • manuel rosa

      Yes Robby, might as well put a sign on the mexican border saying. WELLFARE FOR ALL WHOM CROSS THE BORDER. COME AND GET IT!!

      I hope Obama doesn’t see this message, he just might do it.

  • Howard C

    It doesn’t matter whose fault it is that our economy is on its way down the porcelain express… it matters that it is infact on it’s way down the porcelain express. We are all f**ked because of Washington DC. DemaCROOKS and RepubLIARS are both to blame for this Sh**. There is no industry now to bring us back from the coming depression like there was in the 1940′s because our industry has had its spine ripped out and it went to China.

    MOLON LABE – King Leonidas

    • manuel rosa

      Howard, I hope your not right all about it but then, you could be?

  • robert

    how about everyone just wears a black arm band with a little flag on it since obama is killing america


      The citizens of American have spoken. The voted to re-elect the President. This happens every four years and there is always a winner and a loser. If you voted for a loser you still have to accept the decision of the majority. It is the American way.

    • manuel rosa

      Robert I got an Idea like yours with a twist. How about making a shirt with a picture of Obama thrusting a sword through the American flag?


        You guys sound like poor losers.

  • Karolyn

    Look at what states have the most children living in poverty. All RED except for New Mexico!

  • Mary

    OH GREAT, lies and more lies and right wing rhetoric as per usual. Unemployment has steadily gone down regardless of the reasons, the housing market is on the rise, My income has gone up almost every year and I am retired, not living on hand outs.
    When Republicans start screaming about the Dems doing all the spending, it is a joke. Through out most of our history, the Democrats have had to come in and fix the financial mess the Republicans continue to get us in. Sometimes money has to be spent to make money. If the cry babies in the Republican “do nothing” Congress were really serious about cutting out wastful spending they would stop the billions of subsidies to oil companies, foreign countries and corporate welfare to companies who make billions of dollars already. Instead all they can think of is how they can screw poor and middle class americans out of a meager living.
    Thank God, President Obama will get another four years and I, for one, am proud to stand with him as he tries to get this country back on track and make it safer for us all to live in. He certainly has been patient in the passed four years, waiting for Congress to do their job, Since they refuse to act, then it is his duty to do what is in his power, without them. Regan, the beloved President of the right wing, used executive privilege over 380 times while in office. So just stop with this” Obama thinks he is a king” crap or “impeachment” crap.
    I’ve seen it all, as far as politics go, in my 68 years and I can tell BS when I hear it and it is mostly coming from the right. The extremist on that side are all about taking America back 50 yrs ago.
    It will not work so get over losing the election for the 2nd time and work on something constructive that will build up our country – not tear it down. There is a good reason the majority of Americans are not standing with YOU. They do not like your extreme views on most things.
    I am ticked off at the lies some of you continue to tell about the President and anyone or anything you do not agree with. It is enough to just disagree and vote your preference, but to make up lies or take things out of context knowingly, destroys any credibility you may have had.

    • Joe Spano

      You are absolutely correct Mary! The people on this site are like OWS——-they blame Obama, Obama & Obama. Are they all a bunch of racists? Do they dislike our POTUS since he is a black man? All they write are lies about our great POTUS. They are a pitiful & pathetic bunch of so called Americans of doom & gloom!

      • JUKEBOX

        Joe, stop perpertrating that racist statement about him being a “BLACK” man. If you mix a gallon of black with a gallon of white paint, you don’t get two gallons of black paint. Obama is as much WHITE as he is BLACK, even though he wants to fool the people into believing he is black.

        • Joe Spano

          I am color blind.

      • eddie47d

        Jukebox; America is filled with mixed races and cultures so get over it!

      • JUKEBOX

        Joe, you are not only color blind, but just plain blind.

    • http://midcontent ridge runner

      Mary, unemployment going down, made inbetween your ears. The sequestration danger in March, has companies already laying off people, cutting hours back. Also the BS about Wal-Mart giving vets a job, what great line of democrat crap. Check the board of directors, and see how many are former socialist democrat department heads. Hillary Clinton has been on the board when Whorehound was working on socialized medicine. When Willie and the frumpy Grump left the WH with truck loads of stolen property, his former staff moved to board of director seats. About the time bad publicity hit the air waves. Wal-Mart use the socialist/marxist democrat MO, pay the upper screw offs at the top of the heap big raises and benifits, while the minions get welfare wages. If you are 68 years old, either you were a union embracing smuck or you have poor memory. Before the Great Society under Lying Bulls–ting Johnson (another whorehound) inflated the medical costs every year after. From a $4.50 a office visit to $25.00 the next yea, it was the start of socialised medicine, Now the mulsim educated marxist is following the book written by his idiol, Karl Marx. First destroy the economy, disarm citizens , create high unemployment, destroy the monetary value, nationalize companies, inflate government workers numbers, creat food shortages and energy shortages. So far the socialist democrats and their mulsim marxist dictator are batting 1000%.Either you were a early flower power idiot, or you got a hold of some real bad drugs, because of your poor reasoning for voting and praising this congential lying marxist.

  • Mrs. Miriam Sarmiento

    Wayne, unfortunately you are so right. The path is: Indoctrinate the masses. Turn some groups against each other. Indoctrinate the youth. Disarm the cirizens. Lower the defense and the military morale and DESTROY THE ECONOMY! How did this person won? Besides massive fraud like in Venezuela, the uninformed voters, the I do not care voters and the live on handout voters voted for him! Ah! I forgot to mention, the valuable cooperation of some members of the sold out press… “Just like in Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua and any country that the commies get their hands on!U.S.A. has never faced anything like this! but we have been the target for many years. I left my country of birth in 1962, in a plane full of scared but non-communist kids. The day before, I decided to go to the movies. After the film was shown, a voice came, and cities of U.S.A. were shown: New York was under attack… The comentator’s voice said:” YOU ALWAYS HAVE FOUGHT YOUR WARS IN OTHER PEOPLE’S TERRITORY. NOW YOU WILL FEEL WAR IN YOUR OWN”…( This was in February of 1962)God save and protect U.S.A. and our troops, that are in harms way without a good Chief,

  • http://midcontent ridge runner

    Any moron that has ever voted for an idoit with a D by their name, and they get into office, there isn’t a tax, they will not try to impose on everyone to pay. Onumnuts and his marxist loving, book degreed idoits in his administration, whine like a b–ches in heat, about offshore bank account., But all of the anti-USA smucks, have their own off shore accounts and they never declare that. Now that the illegal immigrant loving puke Rep. Mendoza, had a sexual pervert,as well as an illegal alien on his staff. The big story was that our muslim educated and a congental lair in Cheif, along with his domestic terrorists, kept ICE from exposing the breach of protacal by not devulgingtthe facts. The Mexican pervert, must not had to go thru a background security check, that all legal citizens do. College interns that work for any Congressperson sure have to go thru the check. Of course since the muslim trained marxist has been in office, there has been the gathering for sleep over for the pedophile worshipping perverts, several domestic terrorists, and even one of American Most Wanted cop killer. Democrats always embrace any form of taxation, controls on anything, and espically anything that is abhorant behavior. Just read about any of the socialist democrat history it has been, keeping people unde total socialist government mandates of social justice.

    • eddie47d

      Thank you Ridge Runner for exposing YOURSELF in public. Your type keep projecting Conservatives as uncontrollable fruitcakes in need of some real love, err …their medications. Now isn’t it time for you to return to the asylum for bed check? By the way do you by chance have the number to my offshore bank account?

      • MexicansaysLibtardsRPukes

        No eddie47donkey! You exposed yourself as a gringo Libtard fruitcake! I see your meds are wearing off.

  • Kim

    There comes a time when you just have to live your own life. Obama is the president – those of us who didn’t vote for him did not work hard enough, long enough to get the job done. We must double our efforts to make some of the policies being enacted ineffective. There are lots of things to do on inauguration day that do not involve watching, listening to, or taking part in this day’s activities. Wearing black and hanging the flag upside down are not something I want to have other look at me for doing. It does not make a statement to be lauded.
    Work toward improving your life with the resources you have, the people you know, the things you do.
    And, thank you to those that make this sort of forum available.

  • Curious George

    Since the President is prevented by the Constitution from ‘spending,’ and all ‘spending’ bills originate in the House–the REPUBLICAN-led House–why are there not screams and squeals from the Tea Baggers about reining in Speaker Boehner and his minions? Because judging from comments above, those who respond with the most florid, adolescent comments (black & white thinking, name calling, selective use of ‘facts,’ inability to use language beyond a 2d grade reading level, etc.) simply aren’t capable of rational thought.

    • The Christian American

      Did you ever hear of Executive statements? Bush pushed them and the Republicans rejoiced. Obama is only following what Bush did. He is going to rule around the congress and senate, as if they weren’t there. The government running America has zero regard for “Our” Constitution They are one side of the Potomac and the people that finances their actions is on the other. Pay taxe and keep your mouth shut? Your an asset. Don’t pay taxes? Your a liability to their goals.

      • Curious George

        Dear ‘Christian’–
        ‘Your’ does not = ‘You’re.’

      • manuel rosa

        Mr Christian American I believe you are right about the asset and liability.
        in the 70s Portugal (my old country) was going through a similar problem like we now have where a communism socialism wanted to take over and was advancing. The portuguese armed forces worked out a secret plan and surrounded the portuguese white house with tanks and demanded their surrender of be burried in the ruble. you know, they surrendered and no shot was ever fired though the place was surrounded with tanks ready for anything.

      • rhcrest

        I would LOVE to see that happen here! Oh to see the military walk that sorry excuse for a human being out of the WH and load him onto a plane bound for Guatanemo Bay!

  • Terry Bateman

    The Obama administration has agressively sought and acquired many new participants
    in food stamps and other federal government welfare programs. Guilty as charged.
    Stupid as charged. In 2012, the federal government spent $580 billion on income
    security, $361 billion on medicaid for a total of $941 billion, which was 25% of the
    $3.8 trillion it spent in 2012.

    Concerning the economy, the cause of the financial and economic crisis is the
    Community Reinvestment Act which required mortgage lenders to set aside sound
    qualification standards for mortgage applicants in order to sell mortgage loans in
    poor, minority neighborhoods so that poor, minority people would buy homes they
    could not otherwise afford. This law was passed during the Clinton administration.
    The Clinton administration’s hands are all over the mess Obama inherited. The
    economic boom and federal budget surplus of the Clinton administration was
    initiated by the Bush Administration’s budget agreement with congress, which
    raised taxes and balanced any new spending with matching tax increases or
    other spending cuts and by the welfare reform law passed three times by the
    republican congress and finally signed by Clinton on the third pass. The first
    George Bush lost the election to Clinton on account of the budget agreement
    and tax increase which bequeathed to his successor an economic boom and
    a balanced federal budget. Nevertheless, Mr. Clinton managed to make trouble
    for his successor by passing the Community Reinvestment Act, which caused the
    financial crisis of the the second George Bush’s administration.

    The point of this reply is that the root cause of our financial crisis and economic
    problems is the federal government messing up the mortgage and housing industry
    and then spending trillions in vain to clean up its own mess. Mr. Obama should
    not be blamed for that. He can be blamed for spending trillions on pushing food
    stamps and welfare instead of on a massive infrastructure investment economic
    stimulus to repair and re-build our highways, roads, bridges, sewers, water pipes,
    electric grid, airports, aviation command and control, ports, railroads, gas and
    oil pipelines, clean coal power plants, nuclear power plants, oil refineries, etc.
    Had he done this, and left health care alone, he probably could have gotten
    a constitutional ammendment passed to enable him and anyone else to seek
    more than two terms as president.

    But he did not do it, so he will be gone in four years.

    • http://midcontent ridge runner

      The massive inter structure projects, even widing a rod takes 4-9 years before bids can be let. Another shovel ready BS line, not real life reality. Of course for every dollar for any project, 52 cents of that dollar is peed away on hearings and worthless studies, and more wasted comment times. Guess what sorry bastards keep making it harder to start any job or project, why it is the socialist democrat party, and now thesame pukes with their agency shlubs, are giving any type of enterprise or size, are getting over 2500 new regulations every month. Think that will keep job creation or economy growing, think it will not.. Again what the public stupid people who voted for the 2nd time around. Too much of book trained morons theorizing!

    • MLR

      The CRA was put in place in 1977, and it had nothing to do with mortgages, it was to force bankers to at least consider giving out loans to their depositers. There were many bankers that would take deposits into accounts, but would deny any loans to those same depositers


        In your country for a number of years more and more wealth has been concentrated in the hands of fewer and fewer people. A mere 19% of the U.S. population owns 89% of all the wealth and the top 1% owns an incredible 35% of all the wealth! That leaves a mere 11% to be divided up by the other 81% of all the people. Of course all people enter life with different ability levels but when so many much share so little is it any wonder that more and more folks are needing social assistance. Now I realize many readers here have no sympathy for those who are unable to “make it” in life but if the mega rich are not willing to help support those who get/have less and less you might as well just shoot them.Anyway, you’ve got the guns don’t you so it all works out well!

      • Terry Bateman

        The CRA was radically modified by the Clinton Administration January 31, 1995 to
        force banks to make $1 trillion in sub-prime loans. The Clinton Administration caused
        the resulting financial and economic crisis. If George Bush had won a second term,
        the economic and financial crisis would never have happened.

        • MLR

          Yeah Clinton screwed it up, but Bush and his gang did away with more regulations, that’s why the vast majority of those sub-prime loans came about in GWB’s second term.

  • Darlene k

    It would be great if people would express their ideas in a more democratic fashion than to resort to extremism, irresponsible statements. Support the democracy in this country by supporting the results of the voting and stop trying to blame the President for the debt. It was the wars that the previous regimes got us into. Stop the wars or make the wealthy pay for the wars!

    • http://midcontent ridge runner

      The democrat fashion, do everything I want and if I don’t get my way I’ll blame George Bush. Socialist democrats on have on idea, social justice, total govenment control, raise taxes on every one plus be a congental lying pukes, claim you are for small people, because they are easy to hose because they have no power or are corrupt enough or are connected to eleit criminals.The only idea any socialist democrat has is to screw someone or everyone and be as abhorant to gain more perverted spportersThe muslim marxist Pres. sure is to blame, since his lachies of the socialist party approve his taxpayers money wasting BS dreams, who else is in charge of the massive growth of government, higher unemployment, the several million dollar person golfing flights or cause the deaths in several Americans, because of laziness, too much stupidity and whimpy spineless attitude. Nobody knows where he was or what he was doing for over 8 hours. As a trained muslim that would be of normal attitude of abusing family members, young boys, or maybe a dog. As for wars we are in several wars now that his lack of action because of diddling around and having no standrads.Since all the multimillionares who mouth off about taxing the rich, did any of the socialist pukes say how much they will pay extra, Onumnutts tax return shows over a million dollar income and that doesn’t count the benifits, which normal people would be taxed for. Dialene you are a definite Kool-Aid sucker.

      • Curious George

        Dear ol’ Ridge Runner: You are such a perfect example of the kind of illiterate, inarticulate, scared (maybe with good reason, I don’t know), cowering flake that gives ‘conservatism’ a bad name. ‘Socialist pukes’? Whatever is an ‘Onumnutts’? Is this really the best you can do, the best showcase for your insight, intellect, ability to form a coherent sentence? Or is being able to spell and construct a grammatic sentence ‘elitist,’ and therefore to be avoided?

      • Daveh234

        He certainly isn’t a “book trained moron” like he degrades in his post.
        Less book learning is really a successful way to get through life…….in the dark!

    • manuel rosa

      robiefine, you can’t just shoot like that. do you know how those people gotten so much?
      investment and reinvestment and paying little to no taxes. Obama had one thing right, mit romney’s secretary pays more taxes than mitt romney.cause mitt will pay what, 15% his secretary probably pays 25 to 30%. and then she has to pay the traveling to work mitt takes the expenses from his office and writes them off. Obam was rigtht on that.

  • chuckb

    darlene, spoken like a true bolshevik sheep. it’s no wonder we have a person such as barry soetoro for president, and no wonder we have the largest amount of people on the dole, unemployment going thru the roof and he’s still printing money.

    the bolsheviks are still longing for the days of fdr, the father of american socialism, they see barry as the black roosevelt and to say it properly, he is, roosevelt never got this country out of the depression, if it wasn’t for ww2, this country may have not survived as it was. roosevelt was a nothing president, something almost as bad as barry, his only success was a few welfare programs. what has barry done in the last four years? absolutely nothing to improve the economy, he slipped in the healthcare bill thru fraudulent action by the senate, i doubt if many of the bolsheviks would have voted for it.,he has destroyed our ability to use our own energy supplies, it looks like he has one goal, destroy the fundamental wealth of this country and bring it back to a socialist, roosevelt type government.
    so instead of wearing a black ribbon on inauguration day, hang him in efffigy

  • Tony Ruiz

    We have no media except luke-warm Fox. We have no unified voice. We are great in number but very weak in cohesiveness. Everything else I’ve seen is milk toast offshoots…they stamp you out for saying ‘darn’…

  • shade

    I’m trying to decide whether to wear a “Black” arm band or a “RED, WHITE, AND BLUE” one. Actually the Black is for the day of mourning, not to support Obama! Then again I am an American so RED WHIT and BLUE is good too!


      You should certainly go for the red, white, and blue because, as you say, you’re an American! And what better way to show your Americanness than by disrespecting your president!

  • http://midcontent ridge runner

    Curios George, glad you admitted that you are a bipedal short tailed idoit monkey strain. When you question what is a Onumnut, why it is a crossbred muslim educated, pedophile worshipping, rug scrubber, that screws up everything he tries, even though he is supposedly a book trained moon that has close and deep ties to terrorists, both domestic and foriegn. If you were able to read books, which may explain your mental defiency to understanding this puke in the WH. His books explain his hate for USA, capitalism, personal freedoms, common people who actually do work to support a literal bastard that want to destroy the USA any way he can. All in his books, he is just following his heros game plan for destroying people and their freedoms and the targetted country. He was a fkg fraud in school, with several SS numbers, country of origins, as well as mean mouthing the USA. I don’t think anyone is afraid of socialist dumbocraps and the muslim marxist leader. Think Onumnutts peed in his wheaties thinking he was going to take private property and guns away. Problably you lap pooches the fawn over this fraud, must not have a mental recall when he was spouting off in his first term of seizing all private property and nationalizing private businesses. Damn more pages out of Karl Marx and Hitler’s play books. Again when a egg sucking socialist can not win with their BS against facts, you always revert to spelling mistakes but you same peebrains have trouble understand truths and facts. So pull on your big boy diapers and admit democrat are socialist/communists by you mindset!

  • Frank

    Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with his policies, it is the finishing touch on that distinctively American process whereby the person elected president of the U.S.A. by a majority of the voters and a majority of the electoral college, is taking office. Do not spend all of your time condemning the majority. Once in awhile just accept that you represent a minority and go with it. It is our American history and our American constitutional process.

  • hk

    Once again wayne allen rootie toot toot can not write an intelligent article or video without writing some type of disparaging comment.. Would like the Personal to limit this wacko writing his foolishness. He is bringing down intelligence with crap, he writes with no proof other then his bias because the GOP can not support a candidate that has some kind of a brain to think logically. GOP you lost 2 times Move on and remove root as a source, he needs serious mental work up, or a lot of shock treatments… Root you really need to retire and not bombard everyone with your insanity.. ITS old and nobody cares..

  • http://none Steve Muguerza

    The American people will continue to see their cost of living to go up and their assets to decline. I have to admit that Americans are so divided that no one listen to reasoning. Obama want to trap the poor in poverty and the well to do continue to give in to his demands. This will not change until the we start enforcing our laws on immigration votes for Obama. And put blacks back to work more votes for Obama due to lack of education and clinging that he is black. Sad but true. Sooner or later the credit card will be declined.

  • http://midcontent ridge runner

    Once again the needed approval of spineless whimps show up. When the socialist democrats get a dose of their dreamed up BS as facts, and their wanted destruction of the USA is forgotten.. I’ll be wearing my Red, White, and Blue on Gun Day. The democrats are always race baiting which has been Oboma’s goal as stated in his domestic terrorist written books point out. The socalled media never allow the facts to be stated, just fluff.

  • Dave67

    Get over it Wayne and fellow conservative nutballs…

    The Deficit is the product of the 2008 recession caused by both parties and 30 years of Reaganomics as is much of the other BS stats that Mr Root trots out.

    The credit rating lowering was the fault of the GOP. S&P even said so in their report which Mr Root did not read.

    Conservatives got spanked in the 2012 election because like the Gun Control measures put out by Obama, people are more interested in common sense and what is best for the country and not the selfish aims of the few loudmouths on the Right.

    Obama is not a great presient, but he is better than ANYONE the looney right “throws up”

  • Motov

    I will celebrate the day OhBozo is impeached, The second term usually means a very rough ride for POTUS,it happened to every president since Truman. We will see OhBozo’s true colors surface even more Then more and more will start to turn on OhBozo, And eventually his lies will come back to haunt him.
    There is an old saying “What goes around,…comes around” The weedy seeds he planted will mar his second term,.

  • Luke S

    The movie 2016 lays out Obama’s world view pretty well. There are quite a few americans who share that view. It is so sad that so many current generation americans have no real knowledge or cherish the freedom we have had in this country.
    Sure the previous government regimes have been bad, but Obama is making things worse at a much more rapid pace than previous. It is all due to a strong desire of his and others to make the U.S. conform to his world view.

  • ron long

    The Republicans are still mourning because they lost the election. Cry Cry pooh pooh.
    The black they want to wear is for themselves. They are really mourning the loss of the nineteenth century mentality and the changing American ethic of the rule of the rich.
    However the majority of the American people are celebrating. Yes that’s right the majority. Obama won the popular vote!!!!!

    • Wheldon Rumproast

      More sour grapes from libertarians and other right wing extremists who want things provided, but do not want to pay for them. Ron Long is correct, GOP are licking their wounds & wondering how to drum up support. Here’s a hint: as long as the GOP continues to pander to the 1%, the corporations, the gunoholic rednecks, the religious zealots, and the racists, those of us who are not those will keep voting Democratic…not because the Dems are so great, but because the Repubs are so bad…

  • Dave67

    BTW Wayne… You don’t speak for America. Just an FYI. The real damage was done to this country during Reagan, Clinton and Bush 2 but I am sure you were too busy chearleading Reagan and Bush 2 to notice that the debt started to explode under Ronnie and Bush 2 used 9/11 to start the Iraq war while doing tax cuts at the same time he continued to deregulate.

    Its so sad that you have such little knowledge of history Mr Root.

  • Elton

    He who toots his own horn as Joe Spano does has nothing better to do. I have learned throughout life that if a man says he is smart he has a lot to learn and has not the ability to do so

  • Cynthia Goodspeed

    i knew this would happen. obama is a liar, cheat, and should be impeached just on the basis of his ignorance of the constition.


      In fact the President is a constitutional expert having studied it at Harvard University after which he went on to teach Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago. These are about the best university credentials one could attain and I couldn’t help but notice that you were unable to even spell the word correctly.

      • LMS

        He is certainly not ignorant of the constitution. He knows well what it stands for and wants to destroy it or at least make it without effect. The U.S. can’t be brought into his view of where we should be as long as there are people who believe its greatness. So many people have drank his kool-aid and are willing to give up our constitutionally granted freedoms to transform us into a Euro welfare state.

  • Adrian Vance

    It is a national day of mourning and the fact that this is the Kardashian Generation. Wait until they have to pay the coming 60% income taxes. Do not doubt it.

    Come see us at The Two Minute Conservative, and when you speak ladies will swoon and liberal gentlemen will weep.

  • Toy

    National Day of mourning was when the SC selected Bush in 2000 while he received 500k votes fewer than his opponent.
    To review hat situation, just one senator had to support the request:
    Not one would stand up.
    Check out the names of those senators!

    • chuckb

      toy, thank god, could you imagine what this country would look like today, al gore as president then barry, i doubt if the u.s. would be standing by now, the bolsheviks have been in charge of the senate since 2007, the house up to 2010, now is there any wonder why we have the deficit and the country up side down. the deficit under reagan was trivial and the so called surplus under clinton was a bolshevik mirage. we have a person acting as a president. a robot who talks, who doesn’t have a clue what’s going on.
      a person that know one has any idea who he really is. protected by a marxist media and supported by un-informed voters, made up of a large percentage of minorities, illegals and die hard bolsheviks.

      • Dave67

        Yeah Chuck,

        We may have had a president that listened to the warnings before 9-11
        We would have had a president that didn’t waste 3T dollars and thousands of lives in Iraq
        We would have had a president that puts competant people in sensitive positions.
        We would not of had a president who’s administration outs a CIA operative
        We would not have been a complete laughing stock in the world
        Our debt would be nowhere near as large.

        We would have missed out on the worst president in the past 150 years.

  • Rebecca

    I will NOT be watching this fiasco and can only pray our great nation survives this chaos. I pray every day for a miracle !

  • Freedom lover

    Last week I was at a local Florida hospital. I had top of the line treatments with top of the line equipments by top of the line and inmaculately clean doctors, nurses, nurse aids and many other very well trained employees, surrounded by a top of the line, incredibly clean atmosphere. In other words, I was given, top of the line care. I observed all of this during my stay and thought that it was evident that this hospital was owned and run by mega money owners who were able to provide this type of treatment to a regular, low middle class citizen like me. I have medical insurance, they did not give it to me for free, but still I feel so priviledged for this type of medical care… “DARN ON THE RICH”…

  • Pistol Packing Santa

    It looks like the left wing-nut trolls are trying to take over this site. HEY LIBERAL TROLLS!!! STEP AWAY FROM THE COMPUTER!!!

  • chuckb

    dave3 67, typical baloney, setting iraq straight, the bolsheviks went along with that move, most of your favorite ones. i wasn’t pleased with the iraq thing, however, i did stand behind our troops, that’s more than most of you bolsheviks did.

    please tell me who are these competent people that barry has appointed in sensitive positions, eric holder? hillary clinton? geithner, tax cheat
    can you tell me hillary is competent, let’s see, white water, vince foster, fbi gate, missing fbi files, refusing to turn over pertinent accounting papers for over two years, after lying about them missing. we will probably see how her lying will continue for the lies about benghazi
    go back and check out holder when working for willie under janet reno, check out some of his recommended presidential pardons, check out fast and furious, barry protects holder with exucutive privilege. check out his dealings with the petreausmatter,.the guy is crooked. these are only a couple of those sensitive people you speak of and i listed only a few of obvious controversial things these two were mixed up in

    the outed cia agent, what a crock, valerie flame was not engaged in undercover operations so she couldn’t have been outed and in fact she was named by a news person (robert novak) not a bush staff person. this was political savagery by a special prosecutor who knew before the investigation libby was innocent. typical bolshevik action.
    i agree bush threw libby under the bus.

    and guess who is responsible for the huge debt this nation is in, “both parties” the deficit has mushroomed since barry took office due to his incompetence, everything he has done, gm, healthcare, stimulus packages, have all failed and we are approaching another depression, that will be worse than the one in the thirties.
    you didn’t miss out on the worse president in 150 years, he’s sitting in the white house, or on the golf course or playing basketball or on vacation or talking thru the teleprompter (his brains) so see what you didn’t miss.

    • Dave67

      Chuck, you really are a know nothing aren’t you?

      Ok, lets go through it again for your feeble mind.

      What happens to tax reciepts in a recession?

      They go down…

      What happens to spending on unemployment insurance, job training, stimulus etc?

      They go up…

      Couple that with 2 wars, and tax cuts at the same time (boy military families must love knowing that Bush Inc tput the entire burden of these wars directly on their shoulders alone)

      But that is typical conservative non-thinking… Obama is not the huge spender for spending sake you thinnk he is. He tried to lift the country out of this horrible recession in the face of record filibusters and obstruction by the GOP. Harry reid and the GOP need to jump off a cliff.

      The solution to this country’s issues is getting big money out of politics, ending these BS trade agreements that are bad for US workers and ship good paying jobs out of the country, breaking up all the big banks and putting in the proper regulations to prevent the banks and the home building industry from screwing the country like they did.

      But you blame Obama. How typically conservative of you.

      • chuckb

        dave67,i’ll disregard the slander. you bolshevik types have to resort to insults, this shows the lack.

        first off show me where the stimulus helped? the gm bailout only contributed to the auto unions (votes for barry). gm is still in trouble and their debt to the government is still outstanding. our energy prices are out of sight and with the green policy of this administration will remain so. we have more oil reserves than any nation in the world, so does this make sense.
        the unions have forced business out of the country, the demands on business by the unions make it almost impossible to compete, they have destroyed the education system with their protection clause ( tenure) and high teacher salaries and benefits.
        “What happens to tax reciepts in a recession?” it is proven that lowering tax improves employment, at the same time increases revenues.something the liberal mind cannot comprehend.

        the bolsheviks had control of the house and senate,four years by the presidency, six years by the senate, four years by the house and. what happened, they spent the first two years blocking everything bush came up with, bush tried to appease them by going along on some bad legislation and nothing got done. then along came a person, a black man, this ran thrills up an down the legs of the bolsheviks, (quote by chris mathew) nobody knew anything about this guy, no records of anything, they refused to offer anything more than a fraudulent bc. it was obvious from the start this man had an agenda against this country, he denigrated the country every chance he could before the world. he ordered rules of engagement for our troops in combat, causing many unnecessary deaths. he refused to honor the country in normal ritual, his wife, moochella, made some remarks that were not gracious to this nation. to this day no one has seen a record of his education from any of the universities they claim he attended. he shows a bias for the muslim religion and has attributed to the overthrow of eygpt, leading to the establishment of the muslim brotherhood. he insults the israeli’s our only true ally in the middle east.
        if someone criticizes barry, they are called racist, bigots and whatever. what a coverup for a completely incompetent person.if he wasn’t black would you still be such a supporter??

        as for your comment on big bank regulations. i would suggest you ask mr. willie clinton and company about over riding regulations. we have regulations to protect our interest, unless crooked politicians make an end run. remember barney frank and chris dodds

        if you think i support the gop, think again, i support my belief, i believe we have in power one of the most corrupt persons to ever sit in the white house, even more so than willie clinton or johnson. barry is innocent in the fact he doesn’t do all these things by his own, he is used by a marxist faction, he is a mouthpiece.

        typically my own view. very conservative.

      • Dave67


        Were you in this country between 2001-2008? You talk corruption… Obama has nothing on Reagan, Clinton and Bush2.

        Unless you have selective memory, Bush 2 got us into Iraq, nobody else… He is a fellow conservative. Bush 2 also gave us tax cuts while two wars were raging… Nobody else.

        Bush also gave us the Patriot Act, nobody else.

        The economy collapsed in 2008, before Obama was even in the WH. The Dems only had control of congress for 2 years before the economy collapsed and did not pass a single law that was responsible for the 2008 collapse. That credit goes to Reagan, Clinton and their respective Congresses.

        You can go on what you “believe” like most conservatives, the facts simply don’t comport with your beliefs. Sorry.

  • Mary

    Inaguration, just burning tax dollars, instead he should be taking care of the Algeria hostage situation, and find out if any Americans are dead, and where did the ones that escaped are, it’s like the Marine that was jailed in Matamoros Mexico for 4 months Obama never took care of the problem!

  • Buena Vista Boyland

    Instead of mourning for political reasons Americans need to mourn for the ever increasing loss of spiritual values this country was founded on. The children of Israel suffered for generations because they turned their back on God. No amount of weeping and wailing will undo the reality that America is praying the price for doing the same thing. Believers must pray earnestly that God will forgive our nation. Those who fear the worst must thank God for the promise he makes never to forsake those who love him in return. Paul tells us in Romans 8:38-38 “For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present , nor things to come, 39 Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord. Cease mourning and look to a new day with hope and determination that we who love Him must fight mentally and physically, if it’s called for, to rid our country of the enemy within. Remember Romans 8: 31 “If God is for us who can be against us.” And I’m not talking about Allah. I’m talking about the Jehovah the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The God who doesn’t demand that his followers kill Jews and Christians and anyone else who doesn’t worship him and his Prophet above all others.

  • Michel

    Just the other viewpoint of Beyonce’s Hollywood bash: the truth would even hurt my successful black father (if he voted Obama like all the women did.: good thing he’s at retirement age!

  • red rose

    Unfortunately Obama was the better politican and had the media on his side. Through a combination of voter fraud, non-reporting of the Bengazi fiasco, and failure from the Republicans to stand united to defeat the Great Pretender, our nation will be transformed alright. Just like Obama wanted.


      How come the so-called great businessman, leader, and organizer – Mitt – turned out to not be able to organize a grade 3 sock hop? Obama impressively won the election because he and his people had organization, leadership, great policies that were well explained, and a following that was highly motivated. The GOP circus act of clowns and bunglers just did not cut it. Happy inaguration day to one and all!

      • Daniel Vaughn

        Funny, I guess always saw the enormous lies and discusting slams that came out of Obama and Bidens mouths. We should have been blessed with a man who has the knowledge of how to handle Money. Knocking his sucesses is purely ‘stupid’, (notice I didn’t use the word Ignorant). We don’t need any more LAWYERS representing the people, especially a ‘Failed’ lawyer who has no proof that he went to college.


          No proof that he went to college? How dumb is that comment? I guess you think that Columbia University, Harvard University Law School and the University of Chicago accepted him as a student and as a professor with no documentation. Shows how little experience in the education world you have. Did you even get a high school diploma? Too funny.

  • Jan Eric Deen

    How can you continue this blathering unconscious name calling without demonstrating some solution or sanity? I left after the great lie of nine eleven . Keep your minds in cement while making meaningless noises. You can have my social security or whatever illusions are left after the plunder when the wealthy take it all. I only pity the pets that are left homeless from trusting such poor masters.

  • Daniel Vaughn

    Well, I for one, plan on flying my Flag at half mast on Inaugural day. To mourn the nations people who do not know what they did on Election day 2012.


      Poor loser!

  • http://Yahoo Joanne

    It’s not a happy day for most Americans, four more years and heading toward socialism.

    • Ronny D.

      You are right, it’s not a happy day for Logical thinking Americans. We work for a living, we don’t wait on hand outs from the goverment because we’re to lazy to work.Obama = more tax, higher health care cost for less coverage, Gay & lesbian marrages and now pushing gun control which will do absolutely nothing to stop crime in America and probably make it much worse. If Obama and the rest of the liberals had any brains he would push for legislation to get swift and harsh punishment for criminal. That is the ONLY thing that will slow down crime in America.

      • R. Fine

        Seeing as a majority of Americans did, in fact, vote for the President this, then, would be a happy day for the majority. Also many who did not vote for him would still be happy as this day marks the continuity of an almost unique democratic tradition. Those who would not be happy today would be the small number of unpatriotic poor losers who are going to have to suck it up.

    • Aaron

      I agree your comment as I agree Harold Olsen’s comment, if you allow a french citizen to write here.
      You have a witch president and, here in France, we have Mister Cheese Hollande…..I don’t support them and their female….
      Have you some news about the inquiry about his country of birth ?

  • Bert Cundle Sr.

    Oboma followed “BUSH” not Clinton!
    Bush Family through us into enormous debt… G. Bush Is & was a Looser in Bussiness matters! ( FAILURE @ Everything) Like his war against “TERROR”…. We still have terrorist!!! THINK ABOUT WHAT IS CALLED OUR DEBTS!!! Show our debts: TO WHO & WHY & ?$…You can’t, NOR CAN THEY!!!

  • juanita.Case

    Where are the electoral votes

  • bratsos

    Wayne Allyn Root still a loser. Was wrong about who will become president. Wrong about a lot of things, especially being a patriot. Like Bush and the others, Wayne Allyn Root NEVER served in the military. Now that’s serving your country. Not this coward. He’d rather serve special interests, than his fellow countrymen. He should be taken out from the annals of history. He is a disgrace.

  • ibcamn

    so how many less people are going to show up for the day of mourning?is Aretha Franklin gonna be there singing again?is Jammie Fox making an appearance for his best friend this time?well King Obama is letting his Hollywood bunch go this time around,he’s done smoozing with the stars,they serve no purpose now,he don’t need them because he don’t have to impress you all any more!this thin skinned big eared man,is going to let them use themselves by not hanging around them!that’s right,just watch the a-listers(and b-listers)they will fall all over themselves to get his attention because he’s not calling anymore.he’ll tell them he has plans or he’s washing his hair or some stupid thing,just like a dumped friend or bff that he’s tired of,and they will do it all for him!movie stars thrive on attention.stop giving it,and they will create their own attention!and these progressives are banking on it!he must of made a short list this year because he hasn’t been hanging around any of them for a while now,wonder what the excuse was to Clooney!is it a real bible that he used last time?i didn’t see any smoke!maybe just a cover over the Marxist handbook(on how to over thow a country in 10 years or less!ha ha ha…,on a quick note,you think when the Obamas finally get throwen out of the white house,they’ll fumagate?

  • Sue

    Seriously, a day of mourning? What ever happened to repsecting the president? I totalling disliked Bush and what he was doing, but he was my president so I RESPECTED HIM! All you so called wonderful Americans…STOP DISSING THE PRRESIDENT!!

  • Terry Bateman

    To republicans and others in “moarning” today over Mr. Obama’s inauguration:

    The economy was losing over 800,000 jobs a month when Mr. Obama was sworn in
    4 years ago. Now it is gaining 145,000 jobs a month. There are more border patrol
    officers on the mexican border than ever in history, twice as many, in fact, than were
    on duty the first time Mr. Obama was sworn in. No president has made more use of
    unmanned predators to destroy more terrorists than Mr. Obama. The economic crisis
    that threatened the biggest financial concerns in the country is over. Mr. Obama must
    have done some good stuff for all this to happen. Now for the bad stuff:

    We do have a spending problem that Mr.Obama has aggravated with the extra trillion
    bucks he has spent encouraging suckers to get on food stamps and other government

    We do have a health care spending problem that Mr. Obama answers with the
    affordable patient care act. The problem is it may not be the right answer if the
    federal government ends up spending more for additional medicaid participants than
    it saves cutting care for medicare participants and pay for medicare providers. On
    the other hand, it may save social security by the premature deaths of medicare
    participants it causes.

  • http://IE Kathryn Morgan

    True American’s know which is up and down but the ones who voted for another 4 years just don’t get it. This man is out to destroy us, he not only wants us bleeding but he wants us to not have a single breath left to say no you will not do this to this great country.
    I’m ashamed of the people who put him and his czars back in for they have certainly put the sword into America’s heart.
    I don’t know if we will survive this only my God knows what will happen, but if I were you I would be on my knees praying to GOD to either come and take his children home or take this man and all his people to task.
    I for one hope that GOD is listening even thought America has taken GOD OUT OF SCHOOLS,OUT of OUR COURTS, WANT TO TAKE GOD OFF OUR MONEY, and also want us to recognize that there can be a marriage between 2 men or 2 women. It makes me sick to my stomach to see this everywhere I turn ,on TV, in the movies, it is against GOD’S LAW and we will pay for it in the end.
    I’m worried about children that see this kind of dirt and the sex and violence on TV and the movies too what they will want to do and in doing so who they might hurt or kill.
    All of us need to be praying around the clock that GOD WILL ANSWER OUR PRAYERS.

    • R. Fine

      Your last line is the most interesting of all. Seeing as there is such hatred from some Americans for the smart black guy who won the hearts and minds of the majority don’t you think there have already been a multitude of prayers to God? Surely millions have prayed to God especially before the most recent election. Therefore there are some conclusions we can chose from. Firstly it could just be that God is on the President’s side and not yours. After all Obama is still the President and reelected strongly. He’s actually a pretty neat guy and bright and cares for the people as God does. Maybe he prays better than you do. It might also mean that God is being nasty and wants you to pray even harder and will only later answer your prayers. Or it could be that God is simply not interested in politics or American elections at all. He has many countries to look after and perhaps he prefers the British parliamentary system. It might also be that God does not exist. At what point do you say to yourself “hey, this prayer thing is not working”? It could also be that God simply does not like capitalists all that much seeing as he and his Son were socialists. Remember that Jesus cared for the poor and the downtrodden and disdained the money lenders. Jesus preached looking after the sick and the disadvantaged. Jesus pointed out that “the meek shall inherit the earth”. And Jesus tells us “to store your treasures in heaven not on earth for there shall your heart be also”. These are socialist ideals and they are all in the Sermon on the Mount. You should check out the Bible and actually read some of it. Praise god.

  • Tim Kross

    Everything you state sounds factual to me and very frightening to think of where were heading.
    I would have voted for anyone but this president, he is literally out to destroy us it’s plain to see. God Bless America

    • R. Fine

      The majority beg to differ with you. Didn’t you see those election results???

  • nickkin

    Especially to Craig who is deaf, dumb and blind……God has blessed America and put the blessing down the drain…….you should ask allah to bless obama who is a muzzie, not a Christian. If you didn’t make his national mourning day, not to worry…look for a carnival where you will see “slight of hand tricks”, lip-sinc” by hand puppets, and animal dung-throwing by hands, not mouths. Greatest show on Earth. come one come all…..LIBERAL MARXISTS!!


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