A Gift From JPMorgan Chase


From the biggest banker villain in existence comes the gift of a lifetime.

Here is what I mean: JPMorgan Chase has been the chief gold and silver manipulator since the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers in 2008. JPMorgan is a proxy for the U.S. government. The U.S. financial system (now in a state of collapse) cannot afford and will not allow a free market in gold and silver.

It’s all very simple. Government is suppressing gold and silver to blind Americans to their fast-becoming-worthless fiat paper money. Government uses the willing stooge banker JPMorgan as a front in this dirty work at great enrichment to JPMorgan.

Keeping the dollar price of silver down keeps the people blinded and with no alternative to their phony money. Truthfully, rigging the gold and silver market is nothing less than a blind to conceal ongoing theft from the American people.

Specifically, massive printing of money is a giant con game that steals from every person in America and the world who holds U.S. dollars. This is being done without announcement, outside of the law and under many pretenses and names.

The creation of money from nothing is the greatest transfer of wealth in history. It is going on now under our very eyes. It is war between the U.S. government and the American people.

The assets and savings of Americans are being stolen through depreciation of the currency. No politician, save Representative Ron Paul, will even talk about this. Paul knows what the Federal Reserve System is doing.

Now, how is this dirty work a gift to you? The answer is that JPMorgan Chase, along with some other commercial entities, has manipulated the price of silver and gold way below reasonable market value. This simply is a grandiose opportunity to buy for all you people who are late in the accumulation of silver and gold.

It is my hope that by this alert you will get some gold and silver coins before the manipulation ends and prices skyrocket. It will happen soon — this year. It is a gift from Satan, but a gift nevertheless — and a substantial one! This is a historic occasion with a coming explosion in the price of silver and gold.

Take Possession!

Yes, take possession of your gold and silver coins! Trust in government, bureaucrats, politicians, bankers, “safety deposit boxes,” etc. are things of the past.

Regardless of what the crowd does, survival requires and demands that we become very independent and very private. Do not trust anybody with your gold and silver coins. This is your survival, your very existence, at a time when the system and the rule of law are imploding.

The term “segregated accounts” can be gross deception as was proved by the collapse of MF Global. People like Jon Corzine are big-name crooks who can steal billions of dollars and not go to jail.

Americans have never seen times like we live in now.

I am afraid that we have become numb to government and political crime. The U.S. government in a covert and symbiotic relationship with huge banks like JPMorgan Chase is rigging the gold and silver market to suppress the price so that their paper money system can survive a while longer.

Your assets and dollar savings are being ravished 24 hours a day through all manner of chicanery. The people sleep! Folks, it’s gone! It’s all over! It’s time and past time to wake up!

Watch your coin dealer. Do not trust any dealer with the storage of your coins, and be very cautious about advancing large sums up front for large purchases.

We are getting feedback and alarming reports on coin dealers. It is best to deal with small coin-sales people who keep no paper records and who are not intimidated by government requirements for records. Above all, avoid any dealer who wants to report 1099s on your purchases to the government.

This is the time to buy small amounts of coins from dealers and, of course, take possession immediately. Avoid paper trails as much as possible. Events are moving very fast.

Is your coin dealer customer friendly and timely with your order? Does your coin dealer give you quick and straight answers?

Let me tell you something about human nature. There are millions of people who are basically honest and who value their name and reputation. But if these same people go bankrupt and/or get hungry and desperate, they will steal and plunder their fellow man and neighbors.

I don’t care how honest a person is; if he gets desperately hungry or has a personal crisis, his nature can change. People will steal and plunder to survive.

Now, at this time, we no longer recommend any one source for silver and gold purchases. It seems like we have too many complaints and we find that many dealers are not customer-friendly. They take your money and then let you wait, which causes apprehension and loss of credibility.

To repeat, these are the times to be ultra-cautious.

Paper Money?

I have written much about depreciating paper money: a product of politicians and bankers. But there is nothing inherently evil about paper money if disciplined by gold backing and law.

Politicians and bankers love fiat paper money and hate the discipline of gold. Paper money printing presses untied to gold is a system of subtle theft that transfers wealth from citizens to the state.

Dr. Ron Paul wants to stop this 100-year fraud. Dr. Ron Paul is not a politician; he is a statesman of the highest integrity. It’s a shame he’s retiring from Congress and that the Republican Party went to such great lengths to deny him the Presidential nomination. It shows the GOP to be a criminal enterprise on the order of the Mafia.

The idea of a private central bank as an exclusive monopoly is the fifth plank of the Communist Manifesto.

Dr. Ron Paul wants to do away with the Federal Reserve tyranny.


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