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A Gift From JPMorgan Chase

August 20, 2012 by  

A Gift From JPMorgan Chase
Buy small amounts of coins and take possession immediately.

From the biggest banker villain in existence comes the gift of a lifetime.

Here is what I mean: JPMorgan Chase has been the chief gold and silver manipulator since the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers in 2008. JPMorgan is a proxy for the U.S. government. The U.S. financial system (now in a state of collapse) cannot afford and will not allow a free market in gold and silver.

It’s all very simple. Government is suppressing gold and silver to blind Americans to their fast-becoming-worthless fiat paper money. Government uses the willing stooge banker JPMorgan as a front in this dirty work at great enrichment to JPMorgan.

Keeping the dollar price of silver down keeps the people blinded and with no alternative to their phony money. Truthfully, rigging the gold and silver market is nothing less than a blind to conceal ongoing theft from the American people.

Specifically, massive printing of money is a giant con game that steals from every person in America and the world who holds U.S. dollars. This is being done without announcement, outside of the law and under many pretenses and names.

The creation of money from nothing is the greatest transfer of wealth in history. It is going on now under our very eyes. It is war between the U.S. government and the American people.

The assets and savings of Americans are being stolen through depreciation of the currency. No politician, save Representative Ron Paul, will even talk about this. Paul knows what the Federal Reserve System is doing.

Now, how is this dirty work a gift to you? The answer is that JPMorgan Chase, along with some other commercial entities, has manipulated the price of silver and gold way below reasonable market value. This simply is a grandiose opportunity to buy for all you people who are late in the accumulation of silver and gold.

It is my hope that by this alert you will get some gold and silver coins before the manipulation ends and prices skyrocket. It will happen soon — this year. It is a gift from Satan, but a gift nevertheless — and a substantial one! This is a historic occasion with a coming explosion in the price of silver and gold.

Take Possession!

Yes, take possession of your gold and silver coins! Trust in government, bureaucrats, politicians, bankers, “safety deposit boxes,” etc. are things of the past.

Regardless of what the crowd does, survival requires and demands that we become very independent and very private. Do not trust anybody with your gold and silver coins. This is your survival, your very existence, at a time when the system and the rule of law are imploding.

The term “segregated accounts” can be gross deception as was proved by the collapse of MF Global. People like Jon Corzine are big-name crooks who can steal billions of dollars and not go to jail.

Americans have never seen times like we live in now.

I am afraid that we have become numb to government and political crime. The U.S. government in a covert and symbiotic relationship with huge banks like JPMorgan Chase is rigging the gold and silver market to suppress the price so that their paper money system can survive a while longer.

Your assets and dollar savings are being ravished 24 hours a day through all manner of chicanery. The people sleep! Folks, it’s gone! It’s all over! It’s time and past time to wake up!

Watch your coin dealer. Do not trust any dealer with the storage of your coins, and be very cautious about advancing large sums up front for large purchases.

We are getting feedback and alarming reports on coin dealers. It is best to deal with small coin-sales people who keep no paper records and who are not intimidated by government requirements for records. Above all, avoid any dealer who wants to report 1099s on your purchases to the government.

This is the time to buy small amounts of coins from dealers and, of course, take possession immediately. Avoid paper trails as much as possible. Events are moving very fast.

Is your coin dealer customer friendly and timely with your order? Does your coin dealer give you quick and straight answers?

Let me tell you something about human nature. There are millions of people who are basically honest and who value their name and reputation. But if these same people go bankrupt and/or get hungry and desperate, they will steal and plunder their fellow man and neighbors.

I don’t care how honest a person is; if he gets desperately hungry or has a personal crisis, his nature can change. People will steal and plunder to survive.

Now, at this time, we no longer recommend any one source for silver and gold purchases. It seems like we have too many complaints and we find that many dealers are not customer-friendly. They take your money and then let you wait, which causes apprehension and loss of credibility.

To repeat, these are the times to be ultra-cautious.

Paper Money?

I have written much about depreciating paper money: a product of politicians and bankers. But there is nothing inherently evil about paper money if disciplined by gold backing and law.

Politicians and bankers love fiat paper money and hate the discipline of gold. Paper money printing presses untied to gold is a system of subtle theft that transfers wealth from citizens to the state.

Dr. Ron Paul wants to stop this 100-year fraud. Dr. Ron Paul is not a politician; he is a statesman of the highest integrity. It’s a shame he’s retiring from Congress and that the Republican Party went to such great lengths to deny him the Presidential nomination. It shows the GOP to be a criminal enterprise on the order of the Mafia.

The idea of a private central bank as an exclusive monopoly is the fifth plank of the Communist Manifesto.

Dr. Ron Paul wants to do away with the Federal Reserve tyranny.


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Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • hipshotpercusion

    Andy Jackson did away with the 1st and 2nd American Central banks and they tried to kill him. Abe Lincoln printed interest free Greenbacks and they killed him. Last but not least, JFK was going to shut down the Fed and printed US notes with no interest and they killed him too. Getting rid of these parasites will be a very difficult process!

    • Robert Smith

      Gold has reached levels where it is valued like a baseball card. It is far beyond its worth as a material in jewlery or electronics. It’s turned into just another way to gamble in the rigged house.

      But it isn’t the only game in town. One can actually WORK and produce something for income rather thn “investing” (gambling).

      That’s the difference between those who earn wealth that Jesus and Ayn Rand tried to point out and the moneychangers that had their tables turned over by Jesus and were called Looters by Ayn Rand.

      I find it amazing how the extreme right has perverted the messages from both of these fine social commentators.


      • DaveH

        You want people to take financial advice from a Progressive, Robert? Are you kidding?
        You obviously don’t know the first thing about the price of Gold, or you would know that Value and Price (in dollars) are two entirely different concepts. The Value of Gold relative to other commodities stays relatively consistent over time, as opposed to the Price of Gold which is entirely dependent on the Value of the Dollar. It is the Dollar which is becoming worth less in relation to other products because the more dollars that are printed the more dollars there are available to chase after the “scarce” commodities, goods, and services. I say “scarce” because if the products weren’t scarce they would be free, like the air we breathe.
        In extreme conditions, we get situations like Zimbabwe, where the Government just keeps creating money, thus flooding the economy with worthless paper money. The people that get the new money first (Government, banks, etc.) can buy the products first, and by the time that money gets to the common citizen, those products have become fewer (more scarce) and thus their prices will have risen.
        I see no signs that our own Government is going to become more moral, more considerate of Mainstream Americans, than the Zimbabwean Government was:

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Robert, it is those very people who worked hard producing something that are now vulnerable to losing everything they worked for. When the government and the bankers are allowed to steal your money without your knowledge and without consequence what can those producers do? It is not the lazy people seeking to gamble that are investing in gold, it is those very people you speak of. If a man has worked hard all of his life and has accumulated any kind of wealth, he now must seek to protect it. There are many things that have value but few that keep value no matter the circumstances. Gold and silver are such. For you to intimate that people who invest in gold are not producers is ridiculous! You speak of Ayn Rand and JESUS as if you knew what they stood for. You’d better do some more reading. You don’t get it yet!

      • John


        Thanks for the common sense comment !

        Deep in the bowels of all of the interest in buying gold and silver are the people who HAVE gold and silver. They are trying to protect their investment and/or make a good return on it. All of the scare tactics are directed at the weak minded. If they convince them that the world is about to come to an end, and that gold will stay valuable AFTER the world comes crashing down, the misled will buy gold, thinking that they have some security.

        It’s a sad state of affairs, but like P.T. Barnum said ‘There’s a sucker born every minute.’

      • Ranchman

        When the fiat, funny money in your pocket turns worthless, you’ll be the first to wish you had bought some gold and silver. When your paper money turns worthless and you’re unable to eat, those of us with foresight to prepare their families will only laugh at you.

        Remember 1776 and Keep Your Powder Dry!

      • DaveH

        Another clueless Progressive speaks.

      • DaveH

        I was referring to John.

      • DaveH

        Gold has been sought after as a medium of exchange (money) for thousands of years. Why would anybody think that would change now?
        For those who, unlike Robert and John, have a thirst for real knowledge:

      • Robert Smith

        From Dave H. “Are you kidding?”

        No, I’m not kidding. America needs and honors those who produce a product and sell it for a fair price. America reviles the money changers who are looting from the middle class.

        I don’t expect someone who supports the 1% to understand the difference.


      • DaveH

        You honor the “Producers”, but yet you want to persuade them not to protect their money from the 1% (the Politically Connected)?
        That makes a lot of sense, Robert. Like what I’ve come to expect from Progressive commenters.
        It’s obvious that you’ve read none of the linked articles, because you just keep spouting the same nonsense time after time.

      • GALT

        Gold wasn’t sought after for ANYTHING until 800-600 B.C. lasting for a period of roughly 1000 years…….and it re-surfaces again in 1400…’s main function was the same on both occasions to fund armies……..since the delayed gratifying possibility of raping, looting, killing and pillaging……..was insufficient motivation where the risk was real, while the reward uncertain.

        It’s function, like economics, is a purely an imaginary one……it has no actual value, or connection to empirical reality…….it is a construction that relies on human perception.
        As a commodity, it has minimal utility…….as a store of value, it has none whatsoever, unless “perceptions” are in agreement and this is fairly shaky ground as a foundation on which to build.

        The willful ignorance regarding the history and reality on this subject can be dispelled by reading the following four works.

        Power, Inc.
        Debt the first 5000 years.
        Extreme Money
        Economics Unmasked

        Finally, the confusion which persists here about this is a comment above which asserts that “producer’s are at risk of losing what their “work” has earned them”………which demonstrates the inherent contradiction of the elements involved…….if in fact, the claimed work actually produced something of value………if one retained the product or traded it for another product…….then the value of this product is preserved. ( by possession and use of same ) Unfortunately………the creation of credit ( which came first ) and then money as a medium of exchange ( and as a commodity ) introduces an artificial valuation of any number of things ( including something that might actually be claimed as productive ) which is reliant on both perception and the promise to continue that perception………

        The power to control this perception……and the idea that such a thing as “wealth” is
        possible……… subject to abuse, manipulation and collapse…….whenever REALITY
        forces the illusionary nature of these “perceptions” to be exposed…….which occurs whenever this system ceases to be viewed as one which results in a common benefit for those subjected to it. ( while force may be ultimately used to attempt to maintain this system………this can not be managed indefinitely, when the “victims” far outnumber the
        “beneficiaries”. History has demonstrated this, time and time again.

        We have been around for 200, 000 years and been flailing away at this exercise for the last 5000 years, give or take ………so it may be time to attempt to construct an intelligent approach to civilization……..rather than continuing to repeat what does NOT WORK,
        regardless of what you choose to call it………you really don’t have all that much time left to begin this process and actually solve this problem………which starts with the understanding that we DO have a problem?

      • DaveH

        Galt says — “Gold wasn’t sought after for ANYTHING until 800-600 B.C.”.
        “Gold has been a valuable and highly sought-after precious metal for coinage, jewelry, and other arts since long before the beginning of recorded history”.
        “Gold artifacts in the Balkans also appear from the 4th millennium BC”.
        “this gold was important in the establishment of what is probably the world’s earliest coinage in Lydia around 610 BC”.
        Let’s see. Gold coinage. 2012 AD – 610 BC = 2622 years.

      • DaveH

        Galt says — “It’s function, like economics, is a purely an imaginary one……it has no actual value”.
        Your comments, Galt, are purely imaginary and they have no value.

      • GALT

        Your insistent willful ignorance is always appreciated DavidH………as well as your FEAR that it will be exposed…..demanding a response from you about things which you do not understand.

        I am well aware of your grasp of economics, capitalism, the constitution and history, most of it held in ignorance and error…….

        You on the other hand, have no comprehension of what I am driving at, because you refuse to avail yourself of the information required to grasp the foundational facts upon which it rests which makes any attempted argument by you a waste of time.

        When you have read the above books, you may attempt to make an intelligent argument, although that will be quite difficult……..but that is your choice.

        Until then you are simply a “parrot” on a subject which has no validity, within which you have chosen a variant which has FAILED time and time again………and like you, has no actual value…….which makes you irrelevant to me………and useless to everyone else.

        Best wishes on your choice of “alternate reality”,

        “To conquer, first DIVIDE! ” ( and then hang separately. )

      • GALT

        P.S. DavidH……..thank for confirming the use of Gold as “money” at 610…….citing it’s use as art and artifacts is a non sequitor………so now you have a fact…….if you want the rest of the story it is waiting for you in Debt the first 5000 years, which is based on archaelogical EVIDENCE…….not some myth imagined by Adam Smith. As I said, whenever you are ready……..or not. Bye now……

      • DaveH

        To the contrary, Galt, it is your ignorance that is exposed whenever I address your nonsensical comments. For you to proclaim that you aren’t ignorant is meaningless, because you are too ignorant to recognize when you’ve been beaten badly, like the punch drunk boxer who doesn’t have the sense to stay down.
        For those who are here to learn something:

      • DaveH

        By the way, Ignoramus (you know who you are), I said “medium of exchange (money)”. That’s what money is — a medium of exchange. It does not need to be in the form of coins. It could be exchanged by weight of some other acceptable measure.
        But, even if coinage had been the criteria, 2622 is “thousands” — 2.622 thousands to be exact.
        Plural — More than one. Duh.

      • GALT

        Gee thanks parrot……….wanna cracker? When have remedied your “ignorance” and actually caught up with REALITY…..get back to me.

      • Kevin Beck

        I think you might want to re-evaluate your position about gold and silver.

        Gold and silver are insurance more than investments. The main purpose of having some is to be able to afford goods and services if a financial collapse happens, not to hold in the hope that they increase in value as measured in fiat dollars.

        Let me put it in the strongest terms I can: Gold and silver are something you purchase to protect yourself. I assume you purchase insurance to protect yourself against financial disaster from the loss of an asset (your house, your car, your ability to work, etc.); you should purchase gold to protect your financial accounts (that are measured in dollars) from rapid devaluation.

        But if you still want to believe that your bank account dollars are going to maintain their value when/if inflation is realized by every American, then keep on whistling past the graveyard of fiat dollars.

      • GALT

        BTW parrot…….all of that is covered in the required reading…..and while you can count,
        the use of “money” which begins in 800 BC…….is not continuous…….and much of what
        happens has nothing to do with europe…..which is irrelevant to the rest of the world until
        the 1500′s…………so once again, all four volumes are required reading for you to even begin to attempt to discuss anything intelligently…….sqawk at the other “parrots”, they are your equals……..since I know you will not do the work, please reserve your willful ignorance for others who share your delusions……

      • GALT

        well Kevin you seemed to have missed the part about “perception” and your insurance requires that someone agrees with you………you have gold, I have useful items which you need……..please explain why I need your gold or silver? See the problem? Read the books……you will understand this better…….

      • DaveH

        Here is more proof that Galt has no clue:
        “As far back as 3100 B.C., we have evidence of a gold/silver value ratio in the code of Menes, the founder of the first Egyptian dynasty. In this code it is stated that “one part of gold is equal to two and one half parts of silver in value.” This is our earliest of a value relationship between gold and silver”.
        From Merriam-Webster:
        Money: something generally accepted as a medium of exchange, a measure of value, or a means of payment.
        You picked a fight you can’t win, Galt, even with all your doublespeak.

      • DaveH

        Maybe, Galt, if you had read this book, you could have saved yourself a lot of embarrassment:

      • GALT

        Sorry parrot but required reading is required reading…….when you have done it you will cease embarrassing yourself………and you continue to display the rather common trait here of failing to actually comprehend the meaning of the words you use…….as well as the words you read………your definition of money requires perception…….in all it’s forms…….if common perception is not available or agreed on……then no value exists…….this would be clearly different than other measurements…..weight, length, etc.

        Tracking debt does not require money… can be accomplished by a book entry and WAS until money as coins was required in 800 B.C…….btw it surfaced in three places, Greece, India and China……for the purpose stated ( READ THE BOOK )…….and even as
        this coinage appeared in Greece……..its value was not uniform… that even as gold and silver…’s value was completely arbitrary depending on it’s origin, and as such it had no value at all………in some places.

        Finally, WE are not having an argument, von mises cracker boy, your argument is with the men who wrote those books……..and if you wish to challenge THEM or the evidence presented by them, then you have little choice but to READ the BOOKS…….since it doesn’t appear that your cracker supplier has done the work for you……..they are not free, but since you are voluntarily paying those unconstitutional taxes, fees, fines, etc.
        you can get SOME VALUE for your “tribute”……by using a PUBLIC LIBRARY.

        When you are no longer IGNORANT……you may have a chance at grasping what the actual implications are regarding the facts…..and possibly comprehending the meaning of my posts and their actual intent……….a step toward becoming a P.L.F. and making a useful contribution…….to society.

        “To conquer, first DIVIDE!” ( and then hang separately )

      • Vicki

        So now the drums of gold price collapse are drumming.

        Now what?

      • papajair

        @Vicki, there are no underlying economic fundamentals which will strengthen the dollar. Helicopter Ben will jump through all kinds of hoops with Quantitative Easing (AKA printing money) which may in the short term strengthen the dollar, but will cause the long term results to be even worse.

        I would be suspicious of a coin dealer promoting gold as a bad safe haven at this point. Perhaps they would like to capitalize on that fear to be able to purchase existing coins from private holders at discounted prices.

        I am almost finished reading a book entitled Aftershock and those authors look to the U.S. Government to default on the debt as inflation rises to double-digits among a lot of good, and what appears to be sound information. They say that we are in a dollar bubbble and a government debt bubble and both of those bubbles will probably pop before 2015-2016.

      • Vicki

        GALT writes:
        “I have useful items which you need……..please explain why I need your gold or silver?”

        Joe has useful items YOU need. Joe has no interest in your items nor Kevin’s. Joe does have an interest in gold cause the useful items that Fred the baker makes are of value to Joe.

        You barter your useful items to Kevin for a portion of Kevin’s gold. You then barter (trade) some of the gold you got from Kevin to Joe for the useful items you need.

        Joe runs off to the Bakery and trades some of the gold he got from you for bread from Fred.

        And thus an economy runs more smoothly with a specific (gold) commodity that many / most people want. No one needs money in any form. Money in any form simply improves the efficiency of barter (trade).

        And from Econ 101 there is the formula supply/demand. It affects EVERYTHING. Even what we use for money. This is why by tradition (history) things that are rare but desirable are more often used as money.

        It is also why the ability (usually by government) to cheaply print fiat money ALWAYS leads to run-away inflation. The supply goes up. Way up. Demand for money to make barter easier doesn’t go up. Supply up, Demand same, value of each piece down. This shows up in the increasing prices for items (takes more pieces of money to buy the same item).

      • http://myspace// Bruce

        To Robert Smith, Interesting theory, except what to do with older people who are Disabled or retired and they worked in say the human services field which which pays very little but serves an important function? I speak from experience on both counts. There are always exceptions to every rule otherwise we’d all be living a rigid, stagnant life! I call it change.

    • Vigalanty

      Maby it’s time we did some killing. No trial, no reports to file.

      • Justice1

        Ah vigilant one let’s have three cheers for someone (you) that understands. All these problems stem from a lack of respect for common people. The entire problem with Washington AND our MEDIA that they have become self centered self serving and self righteous, and the only way those type of people can be delt with is by taking their freedoms away, the separation of powers is supposed to allow for this but I don’t see any hearings of substance being conducted only a few scapegoats being harassed. What is left folks is our second amendment rights need to be exercised and then maybe the elitist-minded will once again respect life, sadly every society that has allowed itself to indulge in this level of arrogance has met a dismal fate

    • steve

      since satan was brought in to the article then you should read ezekiel 7;19 . it tells what gold is really worth. that’s in the bible for thou’s of you who don’t know.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Absolutely, steve!!! Money can’t buy you a place in heaven! Those who spend their lives seeking to amass it, those who put money above people, will never be able to save themselves! In order to amass such large sums of money, one must compromise. Many will compromise their values, others will compromise their families and time that could have been spent with their loved ones. On a personal note, we don’t have much money, no silver or gold, but what we DO have is more valuable than anything else! We have an intact family! My husband earned a living but RARELY missed a teacher’s conference, a school program, a football game, a baseball game, a wrestling match, a soccer game, an orchestra conference, a scouting event and NEVER missed a birthday!!! He coached football, baseball and soccer and was a scoutmaster. We have amassed treasures far beyond that of gold and silver! We have our entire family (except one son who lives 8 hours away) get together at least once a week! We have a REAL relationship with each of our children and grandchildren! THOSE are the riches we seek. If the sh*t hits the fan, we will work together to survive or we will all go together! It makes no difference because we will all end up together here or in the afterlife. These things are far more valuable than gold or silver!

      • Ranchman

        @Steve. Ezekiel 7:19 is speaking of the inability of gold & silver to save a man’s soul. This verse speaks to precious metal or wealth of any sort being unable to stay God’s Hand in judgement of you. Stop using Bible verses out of context, Steve. The Bible also speaks of gold & silver as being sound money several times, in both Old & New Testaments.

    • Michael Papich

      The Greenbacks were the forerunners of the Federal Reserve Notes. Lincoln also gave the US the first income tax. He was assassinated because he authorized an attempt to assassinate Jefferson Davis.

      • Read The Book

        Hi Michael. You need to do more reading and research into these matters. The common view and the view taught in schools is not the whole story. When you really have looked at this from all sides, come back again and see if it doesn’t make sense.

      • Ronnie SeCoy

        The British started the CIVIL WAR to protect their monopoly on buying slave made cotton. TEXTILES that were soft, sturdy, ez to wash & could be softened merely by “snapping” them & thus were very valuable before synthetics. Since 1776 they were at war with USA in any way possible.

        They held meetings in Canada & plots against Lincoln were formed before he ever boarded the train East. Repeatedly throughout the Civil War plans to kill him would be drawn up. Lincoln was in fact warring against English provisions delivered to the south & globalist corporations & banks who wanted to regain control of America.

        Prior to WWII these plans continued. 1400 British & Canadian spies were looking all along the Northern border & the eastern seaboard & the Panama Canal.. Churchill had developed a complex plan to attack the USA because he knew the USA was going to be attacked by Japan. The US Atlantic fleet was weak. The British believed they could sink it within 90 days.

        It did not happen only because Hitler rose up quicker & more deadly than the English had thought possible. Reality sunk in inside the British Empire that fighting the Nazi’s & the USA would be a two front war they could not win.

        Do not construct a world view based on MOVIES & American media. READ BOOKS.

    • Eric

      “The greatest threat facing America today is the disastrous fiscal policies of our own government, marked by shameless deficit spending and Federal Reserve currency devaluation. It is this one-two punch — Congress spending more than it can tax or borrow, and the Fed printing money to make up the difference — that threatens to impoverish us by further destroying the value of our dollars.”
      – Dr. Ron Paul
      (1935-) American physician, US Congressman (R-TX),

    • SMarche

      Americans buying gold and silver will soon loose it all when the government will confiscate your gold in an emergency like they did last century.

      • Chris

        The government *could* take your gold and silver as they did during the 1933 confiscation. However,to keep in mind,back then ,gold WAS circulating as money that people could save and, this gold the govt knew about. So,the people didn’t want to be lawbreakers willingly surrendered their gold back to the govt.
        Today,knowing exactly how corrupted the govt is, I seriously doubt that many would surrender their PMs to this corrupted govt.
        Besides,the govt cannot take what they don’t know you have.Since gold is no longer a circulating govt controlled money form,the govt is only aware of you having gold if you tell them or your purchases are reported. If you have done your investing the way you should have,quietly,without paper trails,and kept it OUT of banks and other metal holders controls,then the only people who know you have it would be you and your immediate family.
        Lastly. If you simply HAVE to keep your gold in a bank for safe keeping,make sure it’s a river bank.

    • boyscout

      Kill them – metaphorically, of course.

      • macgyver1948

        “I hope we shall crush in its birth the aristocracy of our monied corporations which dare already to challenge our government to a trial by strength, and bid defiance to the laws of our country.” – Thomas Jefferson

        Thomas Jefferson got it right when in 1802 he wrote, “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property—until their children wake up homeless in the continent their fathers conquered.”

        All the perplexities, confusion and distress in America arise not from defects in the Constitution or Confederation, not from a want of honor or virtue so much as from downright ignorance of the nature of coin, credit and circulation.”–John Adams, at the Constitutional Convention (1787)

        For the fun of it:
        “This corruption we speak of comes from corporate greed, regardless of corporate type, supported by the eagerness of many of our politicians, for the purposes of taking corporate money to help support themselves and the Corporations”. Macgyver1948. No, I do not think of myself in the same league as the Founders.

  • Lew

    I like the outlook, enjoy the site and most of the articles. Gold is advertised heavily on conservative talk radio programs. My metals investments have been a disappointment lately but this article left me a little uneasy. Aren’t the gold and silver markets global? In theory one bank should not be able to keep prices low, at least for very long. At another site an analyst blamed depressed gold prices on a stronger dollar and the monsoons in India. Fiat paper money is certainly the last refuge of failed Statists. It sometimes seems like the only thing propping up the dollar is the even worse fiscal madness of some Euro countries. August was supposed to be a bull month for gold. That prediction seems like a bust. Thanks for covering this topic.

    • danny

      Lew, This is close to the dumbest article Bob has ever written. Gold, silver, oil, or any commodity. Is priced by supply and demand. If you can hoard it up long enough you can raise the price. If you have enough to flood the market of demand you can lower the price. Otherwise the market just flows on normal supply and demand. Along with a little HYPE that some folks fall for. Have a blessed day it is on “Jesus”

      • Robert Smith

        danny says: “Otherwise the market just flows on normal supply and demand. ”

        Actually gold and silver aren’t “supply and demand”. They are gambling chips that are influenced not by supply and demand but by hysteria. Note the fluctuations aren’t determined by this many oz. are available at a price because this card or bracelet needs this much to be made. The price is influenced by trouble here or there. It’s particularly noxious to see the price of oil change because of fear, not common sense.


      • DaveH

        Neither one of you, Danny, Robert, knows what you’re talking about.
        Read this and learn something:

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        danny, you say that gold is just another commodity. This is not true. While commodities can and will lose their value at the whim of men, gold will always have value and is not subject to whim. While some may buy and sell gold as a means of increasing dollars of wealth and prices may vary, it always retains its value. Gold maintains its value, dollars vary. If you’re buying gold to get more dollars, you are gambling just as you would with commodities. But if you are buying gold to maintain your wealth, it will always be there. It will always keep its value.

      • Dan Mancuso

        1000 gold coins could buy a house – say 70 years ago. That same 1000 gold coins will buy that same house today. Thae ‘value’ of gold changes very little. Those 1000 gold coins could save yours and your families butt – in the very near future.

      • boyscout

        Please correct me if I have misinterpreted:
        In a disruptive economy the perceived value of gold will hedge inflation. (from Dave H.)
        In a disruptive society, however, ie. starvation, panic, civil unrest, etc., the above mentioned perception deteriorates and survival commodities become ascendent (from Galt)
        What did I miss ?

      • DaveH

        Don’t put words in my mouth, boyscout.

      • Bob

        Dan Mancuso, said “1000 coins could buy a house 70 yrs ago”
        Depends on the coins, 1000 $20 @ $1,600 = 1.6 million, 1000 $2.5 US gold @ $195.00 =$195,000
        In mid 1920s anyone could go to the bank and get gold US coins, 100 $5 gold pieces = $500 and could buy any family car in America.(Most with change back), Today 100 $5 gold pieces @ $400 = $40,000 and will buy most family cars in America. (many with changwe back)
        This is why we buy and hold gold, because the paper becomes worth less and less but the gold holds its value relative to the paper.
        Even Robert Smith should be able to understand this, but as a troll, He will never admit it.

    • DaveH
      • DaveH

        From the report:
        “Bankrupt governments—unable to raise adequate cash to cover obligations—invariably crank up the currency printing presses to do so, creating a hyperinflation. The federal government and Federal Reserve‘s actions in response to, and in conjunction with, the economic and financial crises of 2007, however, accelerated the ultimate process—both in terms of fiscal deterioration and global perception of the issues—moving the outside horizon for hyperinflation from 2018 to 2014. Even so, over the last several years, the government and Fed‘s actions and policies, and economic and financial-market developments have continued to exacerbate the circumstance, such that there is significant chance of the early stages of the hyperinflation breaking at any time. Key to the near-term timing remains a sharp decline in the exchange rate value of the U.S. dollar, with the rest of the world effectively moving to dump the U.S. currency and dollar-denominated paper assets”.

    • cawmun cents

      Why do you think they advertise on conservative shows?
      Because then they can take a conservatives gold.
      Notice that the liberals arent buying gold……what does that tell you?
      It tells me that if you do and you buy lots of it,you will be their fiscal target.
      Get smart and realize your situation,and the desperation of those who wish to have power over you!
      Otherwise you risk gaining much,only to lose much.
      But what do I know?
      Apparently very little……

      • Bob Livingston

        Dear cawmun cents,

        You write: “Notice that the liberals arent (sic) buying gold……what does that tell you?” Liberals are indeed buying gold. What does that tell you?

        Best wishes,

      • cawmun cents

        Perhaps they are among those who intend to eventully intend to call the shots over control the price,Bob?.
        I neither know nor care.I am too poor to play in that world of speculation.But I do know strategy,and what little of it I know,would tell me that these mega rich men dont play the liberal/conservative game that we all take part in.
        Besides,what I made was an observation,not necessarily a statement of fact.If you look at things in a variety of ways,then you will eventually come to the reality of the situation.
        Gold is a game of making the rules is it not?Or is the”Golden Rule”,merely another observation by someone who is short-sighted?I will say that I am not sure of the answer to either question.But I do know that whenever there is a push to do something,that usually,the entities pushing it have good reason to do so.Would’nt you agree with that statement no matter how broadly the details were concerned?
        For that reason alone I would be hesitant to join in,but that is just my own thinking getting in the way of my reasoning.
        So I content myself to watch from the sidelines as the game progresses,and maybe I can learn from my position of observation.
        But even if I dont learn much,I havent lost anything,which might be the wisest course of action anyhow?
        Who can tell?

  • wallace

    I don’t see how a nation can ever go back onto a gold standard when the rest of the world is not on a gold standard. If our or any nation went back to a gold station it’s money would be so valuable you buy any thing at a very low price but how could any other nation not on a gold standard buy any thing from you. when most other nation left the gold standards it must have been inevitablethat we would also.

    • Bucky Badger

      Wallace: The Chinese are buying gold like crazy, do your own due-diligence. All gold mined in China must be sold to the Chinese government, I understand they will have their own gold exchange and we are printing paper like crazy. Obama and Soros want to collapse the dollar and our economy, and Soros and John Paulson have been buying gold etf’s this week. Beware everyone…

      • cawmun cents

        Did you see that the Chinese are burning Japanese flags?
        Of course it was merley a newsflash on Fox a few minutes ago,showing agitated Chinese burning Japanese flags.
        That cannot be a good sign.
        Bolton says that the Chinese Navy hasnt really developed into a force that can cope wih the Japanese Coastguard,as they are euphemistically called.
        Bolton’s words not mine.
        But it would be interesting to see how that kind of conflict could escalate into a world war in a short amount of time.
        Who would we back this time?
        Good question,huh?
        Not that I find that sort of thing palatable,but I think we would come down on the opposite side as last time.I dont think we spent all that time rebuilding Japan after the last conflict,to see them becoming satellites of the Chinese,do you?
        I dont see us letting that happen.
        A conjoined China-Japan would be too strong for anyone to contend with.
        But what do I know?
        Apparently very little……

    • DaveH

      Smart sellers would insist on hard money of some sort, an equivalent exchange, OR forego the sale.

    • DaveH
    • Marten The Canadian Libertarian

      You forgot Mongolia????



    • Robert Smith

      Or if you are worried about the fall of government and cahos maybe hoard something practical. Manufactured bullets come to mind. A bunch of .22 amo is worth way more than a chunk of gold. Does anyone else remember the barrals of survivival supplies in public buildings? They contained everything Uncle Sam thought we would need to survive in those shelters and when the barrel was empty it was turned into a toilet.

      Eventualy thieves got to them. Know what they stole most? Obviously drugs were at the top of the list. Next! Tampons. Who would have thought. But it’s a common product that is used ad had value.


      • Nancy in Nebraska

        Tampons?!? Really?!? Where on earth did you get this information?!? Did you just make that up like you often do?!? Post a link!!! I wanna read it for myself! Forgive me for not believing you!!!

      • robert

        Toilet paper,food,water,shovels are my best investments if the shtf.

      • Nancy in Nebraska

        YUP!!! I guess you DID make it up!!!

  • mart

    The idea of a private central bank as an exclusive monopoly is the fifth plank of the Communist Manifesto.
    This is patently untrue.

    • papajair

      The 5th plank of the Communist Manifesto reads:

      “5.Centralisation of credit in the hands of the State, by means of a national bank with State capital and an exclusive monopoly.”

      I believe that is an adequate description of the Federal Reserve and other foreign central banks.

    • DaveH
    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Jeez, mart?!? With something SO EASY to look up! REALLY?!?

  • xman2012stlouis

    overly simplistic and off the mark…the federal reserve system has helped the country become the world’s economic powerhouse…is a quasi-autonymous central bank with regional influences perfect? no but it sure has beaten the alternatives in other developed nations like great britain, canada, brazil, china, japan and the euro-mess. i’m more concerned about the usa’s leftward turn and the resulting horrors of its high tax rates, burdensome over-regulation of business and the dependency of the nation’s otherwise productive citizenry on government payments of all kinds. these are political trends that smell of lousy fiscal policy, and the fed’s actions have had little to do with promoting them. better to focus on defeating leftist politicians at the polls, and leave monetary policy making to the pros who’ve done a pretty good job with its execution. i agree though that the fed’s mandate ought to be limited to monetary stability, and job creation should be left to traditional forces – capital markets, innovation and the commercial instincts of risk takers. gold and silver have had there day for a while, but the best way to keep 3-5 % of your $ allocated to them are via gld and slv etf’s.

    • papajair

      @xman The Federal Reserve is partnership between the Federal government to grant a monoply to a private banking cartel which controls the value and quantity of the nation’s money supply in the form of Federal Reserve Notes. It levees the most unfair form taxation of all in the hidden form of inflation and does so to alleviate the need of Congress to levee taxes to cover deficit spending and reducing the national debt. It is directly responsible for the devaluation of the U.S dollar for up to 95% of its 1913 value, and feeds the interest payments from the national debt to the banking cartel’s major banks.

      I suggest you read the Create from Jekyll Island to gain a clearer understanding of exactly the nature of the Federal Reserve and to understand that it is patterned after the Bank of England.

    • DaveH

      Xman says — “no but it [Federal Reserve] sure has beaten the alternatives in other developed nations like great britain, canada, brazil, china, japan and the euro-mess.
      Actually, it is very much like the Central Banks in Great Britain and Europe and they work together to cook the books. As suggested, read the Creature from Jekyll Island, or any number of books written by Murray Rothbard, like this one for instance:

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      You said: “the federal reserve has helped the country become the worlds economic powerhouse”. My question to you is, has this deceitful rise to power been worth the ASTOUNDING fall that is coming?!? And what would our country have been like if we had stayed on the gold standard? I think we would have still been an ecomonic powerhouse! Even more so! The federal reserve has brought our downfall! The house of cards is starting to collapse! Illusions are only temporary!

    • Dan Mancuso

      As a Canadian I have to say The Bank of Canada is a central bank, part of the same scam that is the Federal Reserve, part of the same scam that is the IMF, the World Bank, etc. This is the tool of those who really run the world, to actually run it and run it into the ground for their own ends. The wealthy elite always benefit from this scam – the rest of us pay for it. Fiat issue currency is a scam and devalues the ex-world reserve currency (the American dollar) and all other so-called soveriegn nations currency. It is the cause of inflation. As others have suggested, try informing yourself about the truth and read “The Creature from Jekyll Island”. From William of Orange and fractional reserve banking to the devaluation of your dollar, this is an ugly picture. Economics is not so complicated – it’s convoluted so the average Joe doesn’t think he can understand it. Henry Hazlitt wrote a very interesting book called “Economics in One Lesson” Even liberals could understand this lesson.

    • Kevin Beck

      “The Federal Reserve has helped the United States become the world’s economic powerhouse”? That is the stupidest thing I ever heard!!!

      Look back through history. You should note that the previous economic powerhouse was Great Britain; they surrendered the title after World War I. The reason? The nation was economically destitute after financing the costs of the war. The only industrial nation that was unscathed was the United States. It was the rebuilding of Europe that was the economic boom to the United States after World War I, not the Federal Reserve.

      The same pattern occurred 30 years later, after World War II. History doesn’t always repeat, but it surely rhymes.

      Having the United States dollar as the world’s reserve currency made it possible for foreign nations to purchase goods and services from the United States. This was not caused by the Federal Reserve; it was caused by global demand patterns and the fact that only the United States could supply the world with many capital goods and services.

      Ever since Nixon severed the last ties of the dollar to gold in August, 1971, we have been using this reserve currency status as a crutch. The last bastion of world currency status is the petro-dollar. And China is trying to unravel that, because they are accumulating too many dollars, and seeing the prices of goods and services measured in those same dollars, increasing.

      The Federal Reserve…a 100-year record, unblemished with success.

  • http://docithon Livingston Newberg

    This June it was reported that the Federal Reserve and FDIC notified the banks that they could hold GOLD for their required Tier 1 Asset Holding for “0″ risk. They also told the banks that their Tier 1 Asset Holding went from 4% to 6%. Doesn’t this improve the situation and indicate that GOLD is now money?

    • papajair

      Livingston: Title 31 USC Section 5103 reads:

      “United States coins and currency (including Federal reserve notes and circulating notes of Federal reserve banks and national banks) are legal tender for all debts, public charges, taxes, and dues. Foreign gold or silver coins are not legal tender for debts.”

      So you can use gold or silver coins minted in the U.S. as money, but if my understanding you can only use them at the stamped face value of the coin. For example the $20 Gold Eagle is a 1-ounce whose current spot price is approximately $1613.

      • The Christian American

        You got it. Gold hasn’t gone up in price. With inflation/counterfeiting the value of the dollar has gone down, way down.

  • OneDamnAngryAmerican

    Gold is for long term wealth accumulation. There was more silver on the planet in the 1300′s then there is, today. Silver is used in electronics and industry. Why do you think the gold scammers on TV now want your cell-phones? They will melt the gold and silver out, that’s why! Silver will hit $250.00 an ounce, and both gold and silver will always be worth something. If Facebook goes BK, your paper-stocks will be worth nothing (they sell now for about $19.00 and originally for $38); as will also your paper dollars and US Savings Bonds. Buy silver now, and sell when you make 100% profit; or, do as I do, I sell each ounce when I am able to gain 600% from the sale. 100% for the cost and 500% for the profit. I started buying silver at $5 per ounce in the 1980′s, and have about 65 TP of it, now along with some gold and platinum bars and coins. I also haave in excesse of 100 thousand in Swisss Francs and Canadian dollars in my Canadian safety depossit box. Oh, and by the way, Iran has been selling their oil and buying their commodities with Gold. AND, China has been snapping Gold up at any cost. So, do what you want, like voting the commander-in-thief for another 4 year term. I’ll be living in Vancouver on the top of the Trump Tower, in my paid in full penthouse apartmennt! Along with a live-in nurse, because since getting blown up in the Army, I cannot get into the old soldier’s home and not one health insurance ccompany will issue me a long term care policy. Enjoy your obama-screw you health plan. The VA sent me a letter last week telling me that I will now be paying for my VA healthcare with my civilian healthcare policy. They have already been billing me for 10′s of thousandss of dollars at a time, and I am forced to pay the co-pays! BITE ME!

  • OneDamnAngryAmerican

    And, for those who don’t know. My VA doctors are my worker’s comp doctors. I am a Catagory 1 patient, forced to sit in line with other veterans who have never been in combat and who claim poverty by signing their assets over to their children so they can get the freebee’s from the VA. They will also push ahead of any veteran in a wheel chair to get their free cup of coffee and donut, donated to the VA patients by local veterans groups. And, by the way, a message to al VA employees: that coffee ad donut is for the patients, NOT FOR YOU! You f-ing vultures!

    • dan

      I may be a Vet,too,but I wanted you to know how thankful I am for your service and sacrifice….and how outraged I’ve been at the VA. It was much the same when I served.
      Live well (as is possible) for those who didn’t make it…and pace yourself chasing that cute nurse.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Not sure you wanna go to the VA hospital anyway. My Dad went there. They almost killed him twice and succeeded the third time. Just sayin….

    • Sirian

      I understand your anger with the V.A. but if you think it may be bad now, just wait. ObummerCare will make it even worse. I’m rated 100% s.c., but when ObummerCare comes into play – which isn’t all that far off – do not be one bit surprised that the V.A. will start having to serve civilians. Many of the doctors and nurses at my clinic are truly concerned that that is on the not so distant horizon.

      • The Christian American

        Doctors and nurses use to work for the patient. Now they work for the State and will do as the state dictates. This is what happened in Nazi Germany.

  • Liberterian

    It is so sad that we continue to allow politicians of any nature or label to feed us false information and continue the plight as soon as they reach washington. Ron Paul was the right choice but the republican party either didn’t have the guts to run him or are part of the problem instead of the solution. Things can never change if someone isn’t willing to or doesn’t do somthing about it

    • dan

      Ron Paul is STILL the right choice…but we’ll have to see what he thinks after the convention. Until then ,I’m stacking silver at a 50:1 ratio with gold . Constitutionally it
      should be 16:1 but in the REAL world of supply and demand 1:1 . In electronics,you can’t make a decent solder without it. In medicine ,it is invaluable.

      • The Christian American

        When you get right down to it, all we need is a medium of exchange rather than bartering for our needs. It use to be gold and silver. When they started printing certificates and leaving the gold and silver in vaults under their control, that’s when crimes crept in. They printed certificates that did NOT have 100% backing by the commodity they represented. It started small but now?

      • DaveH

        Exactly, CA, and those who want to learn that and more can read this Free book, courtesy of Mises Institute:

    • DaveH

      Once you realize that our Government is just the Biggest Gang in the land (maybe even the world), then everything they do becomes clear. They will say whatever the people want to hear to get re-elected, but in the end the vast majority of them are just looking out from themselves.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      Ron Paul is the right man to run this country, but he is NOT the right man to head the republican party!!! Those snakes and lizards are out to destroy our country. The “elite” CONTROL BOTH parties! They cant control Ron Paul!!!

  • oldbill

    I took delivery from 1998 to 2002 of Gold and Silver Eagles, junk silver, and silver bars. I have enough gold and silver. I’m buying other things now. .223 fired boxer primed brass, .357 fired brass, large and small primers for rifles and pistols, black powder guns (shotguns and hunting rifles and pistols), and stocking up on wheel weights to cast bullets and balls. I have enough food to get me through the next growing season if I ration what I have. I have povidine iodine to purify drinking water until I can get a solar still going. I’m healthy enough to not need any prescription drugs and I have a good inventory of eyeglasses. I don’t have any debt, so I am spending a lot just enjoying life. I want a brain trust full of good memories of these good times, before the darkness falls over the country. When? I have no idea, but the Locomotive America is headed for the bridge crossing the Grand Canyon, and there doesn’t seem to be any track at the edge of the cliff. We should be getting there at the speed we are going, long about January, 2013.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      oldbill, you’re a very fortunate man!!!

  • Jon

    Where possible, you should also get your gold and silver holdings tied to a self-directed roth ira. There are legal ways to do this, but you need the right CPA/lawyer to make it work so you can hold the metal yourself. With the Roth, you pay tax now and not at the expected inflated rates the government will likely add on in the future. If nothing else, O-care will deflate your investment by 6% starting in January 2013.

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  • MrsJesusChrist (@MrsJesusChrist)

    Still blaming what the GOP does on Satan huh? Well Satan works for GoD and She loves Her God given government Job to make sure anyone who sold their souls to the Serpent Spirit of Independence flagpole or Grover Norquist gets thrown into the lake of Fire wearin their Skin; inside out or outside in.

    • Nancy in Nebraska

      WOW!! Get some HELP!!! REALLY!!!

  • FreedomFighter

    buy gold and silver now, only if you have your ammo, guns and food, water purification and extended disaster gear…then buy buy buy…

    Most important than anything else, get right with GOD.

    Laus Deo
    Semper Fi

    • Rene’

      AMEN Brother!

  • ALLAN K.

    Wellll ah shucks – while all you know it all’s are arguing and not really doing anything to imprve our nation – it will fall to the Muslims who are going to LET you become one of them and if you don’t then your heads will rollllll. But before you sell your soul just ask you’re self ” where’d my gold go? And did it really matter in the end???? “

  • The Christian American

    I can’t figure it out. There’s two prices on gold and silver. One the commercial price usually priced by the ounce and two, the gold and silver on deposit in federal reserve vaults backing the certificates we use as a medium of exchange called money. We know the gold and silver in the hands of government cannot possibly be used to back all the certificates in circulation. That means the certificates they’re printing are counterfeit. When gold and silver could no longer be used, they used all the wealth of the nation, public and private in the form of Federeal Reserve Notes (FRN’s) to back the dollars they were printing. Now, they used up the wealth of the nation and they’re back to counterfeiting dollars. The latest gimmick has been to getting all the oil producing nations in the middle east to only trade with the counterfeit dollars. Countries like Iran, Iraq, Libya, Syria wouldn’t go along with it. The ones that are have their wealth in dollars and have to play the game.

    J.P. Morgan and their ilk are dealing with counterfeit dollars and getting away with it because we’re letting them. They are taking our wealth and then handing us a Note as if we owed them. As far as gold and silver goes, it’s not going up in price. Todays price reflects the amount of paper dollars in circultation. They call it inflation. I call it counterfeit dollars.

  • david

    If not gold and silver, then what is it? If “it” be the opposite, in the distinguishing parts of the global architecture of wealth, “it” is defined as sustaining one’s survival over government.

  • Dave

    It is likely in a real time of trouble, Guns, Bullets, Food, Water, Seeds and gas will be the most valuable thing a person could have and barter with.

    • cawmun cents

      Conversely,those will all be things which make you a target as well.
      Same with gold.
      If folks see you with the power to barter,they might see you as someone to rob as well.
      Just an observation.But I wouldnt go bartering with folks for awhile after the collapse if I were you.Sure,you may be well armed,and well supplied,but desparate folks will do desparate things in time of upheaval and strife,so be very wise about that which you do.
      And stop boasting about what you know over the internet.It is well monitored and there are hackers galore,working for God knows who.
      Unless like me,you dont care what others think of you,or what they will come to take from you.I have little to take,and even less care of what others think of me.
      Personally I cant wait for the conflict.Not because I dig violence,but because I cant stand those who would persecute or rob me because of my beliefs.
      They(the leftist agitators)are far too bold these days,and have chased good people down into an imaginary hole to hide and wait for the conflict.
      But I will not hide.Let them kill me in front of God and everyone else,as I know they will eventually become bold enough to do,unless they figure out a more subtle way of killing me first.More likely the latter than the former,because they are cowardly like that.
      But I harbor no ill will against them.
      It is what they are born to do.

      • FreedomFighter

        TP or toilet paper will be worth more than gold and silver if SHTF.

        stock up

        Laus Deo
        Semper Fi

  • Mike Slaney

    interesting how that worthless money is tied to gold and silver, it (gold & silver has to be bought with something???) Inflation is killing us softly! I must agree with Dave, Solid commodities(survival commodities) will be the only MONEY/Barter useful in a bankrupt world. Gold and silver might hold up until the food runs sparse or out. As for myself, I’d rather eat oatmeal(no sugar) than gold or silver. Gold and silver only have value that you attribute it, like any other commodity. Modern Americans are stupid, we are told what we need…like lemmings marching into oblivion off the edge of the cliff. The answer is not in man, nor his policies, or politics but in the unchangeable nature of Jesus Christ!

  • 4204life

    Bottom line, the shadowy group behind central banks are fomenting and implementing destruction of the dollar as the world reserve currency. Whatever scheme they cook up to take its place will surely undermine whatever sovereignty and individual rights we have left. Those that have prepared in advance have the best chance to survive. Since I have nothing, my only recourse is to learn more and attain a more self sufficient attitude. I have learned several things from reading Mr. Livingston’s articles. From my point of view, anyone with a financial portfolio, it would behoove you to heed his advice and become vigilant in the current crisis, and unplug from the corporate whore media (P)erception (C)ontrol (P)ukes.

  • Ronnie SeCoy

    As simply put as possible. GOLD & SILVER for over 6,000 years have been chosen by wealthy humans to be the insurance platform for wealth. Two concepts. Metals as INSURANCE & METALS as currency. Pure metal coins are rarely the “accepted” currency of any empire.

    When an “EMPIRE” is very stable, financially sound & not in danger the ratio of silver to gold is approx. 100 to ONE. ONE oz of gold buys 100 oz of silver. At 50 to ONE the common man is investing as “insurance” into silver. WEALTHY ppl drive up Gold. The common ppl drive silver prices.

    Then modern electronics began. Silver is used inside a lot of electronics. This closes the gap with new modern pressures upon the “ratio”. Recently global media let the ppl know famous wealthy investors were buying up BILLIONS in silver to be stored as INSURANCE. Gates to OPRAH it became common knowledge. MORE STRESS.

    A fools investment is hoarding cash, real estate, art, jewels or stocks or JUNK METAL.

    Silver bullion. When the global collapse gets out of control (soon) the RATIO will rapidly close. In roller coaster times it can close to aprrox. 32 to ONE & has briefly a few times recently.

    IN TOTAL EMPIRE COLLAPSE currencies become worthless. Only REAL VALUE can be used in barter. SILVER over takes gold & ratio’s close to even 16 to ONE. When that happens it takes a miracle for the EMPIRE not to 100% end its existence.

    When YOU see $200 silver most likely you will see gold about $3200. FIAT will be falling like lead weights in value against REAL WEALTH.

    In total collapse when one ounce silver bullion rounds will be used as currency to buy food, fuel & medicine etc in the streets the ratio might be very near 1 to ONE. And many nations including the USA will be DEAD. Chaos on earth will rage & billions will be dead also.

    Next time you see an out of work Roman Legion General, ask him. He will teach you cold blooded reality about the rise & fall of empires, civilizations & FAKE MONEY versus SILVER.

    BUY SILVER BULLION ROUNDS not as an investment. AS INSURANCE against deadly times. Don’t panic about roller coaster markets. Do you sell insurance policies? NO!!! Silver is the best insurance a common person can have. EVERY EMPIRE ON EARTH falls. And frequently HUGE wars collapse civilization. Look at the history of the world in just 236 years, the time the infant nation USA has existed. Ask the ROMAN GENERAL if TRILLIONS have been lost & BILLIONS have died?. Many hundreds of local currencies have collapsed as well.

    SILVER & GOLD remain. Buy some silver. Now the fools may rage and yell at me.

  • Ronnie SeCoy

    I also invested in 200 – 12 double roll packages of T paper = enough for the 3 of us until Jesus comes.

  • macgyver1948

    Bob Livingston, it is nice to hear from you… JP Morgan, a name for many of the UN-Wealthy to cringe by.

    Speaking of gold and sliver… I received your email with the subject line “Could this video cost Obama the election?”. You begin your email with “It doesn’t matter if you’re a Democrat or Republican…

    Pro-Obama or otherwise…

    The video (linked below) will likely evoke a strong reaction, no matter what your opinion is of our sitting President”.

    What does the video have to do with Obama other than he is one of the many who is involved?

    If people watch the video you recommend, and I think many should, the obvious response to your subject line is clearly NO no matter with which side of the aisle they associate.

    As the video shows, Mainz, of different types, has been a great idea for a long time. Obama is enjoying the rewards from it just as many GOP (even TEA), Democratic politicians and regular everyday people are. Everything about it is legal and moral, certainly ethical.

    I do not understand your subject line, at least, as it applies to the video, because it implies something that isn’t. But as presented your subject line is tarnishing the 9th Commandant and if people read your subject line and then listen to your recommended video it quickly becomes obvious. Why might you do that? I believe I know why you do but obviously I could be wrong. :-))).

    Thank you for recommending the video at

  • http://yahoo Glen

    stop calling it federal

    Truly it is the Fraudulent Reserve Bank

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  • Paul Eggert

    Is The J p Morgan Chase Bank connected to the Chase person on the $10,000.00 Dollar Bill? If yes, tellus about it! If no, then who is this Chase Person on the $10,000.00 Dollar Bill?

    • Paul Eggert

      How do I see if anyone commented on my questions on Aug.23rd at 9:24am? I need to know how I can see them as I am new to the computer. Who is the the person on the $10,000.Dollar Bill and is he any relation to the JP Morgan Chase Banking business? How do I find this discussion,is there anyone out there that can answer me?

      • bob

        Salmon P. Chase was featured on the $10,000 bill as well as the $1.00 bill of 1862. The 10 thousand bills were made in 1918 and 1928 thru 1934. Chase was one time Sect. of the treasury.

  • Fedup

    Hey, Galt – you’re verbose arrogance is obnoxious!

  • eric siverson

    Goats beat gold in a real time of crisses . You can milk and eat the goats . But goats are hard to store or run with . Gold if it holds it value can hold a lot of value in a very small package . this is one of the advantages of gold .
    Many things have more value than gold ; such as husbands wives childran and friends Churchs neihbors and even good goverenment and police officers . Apreciate what you have today . don’t be afraid of tomorrow . Your gold may not be able to save you anyway . Although some gold has saved people before , it sure is not fool proof yet is nice to have .

  • http://whatmeworry? strighttothepoint

    All You people should get a copy of “After Shock”,it will answer a hell of a lot of questions,you may have about our future!!!!Everything in life has its place, it just takes good common sense to find out where everything fits.

  • http://whatmeworry? Whatmeworry????

    I agree,”After Shock”,is one hell of a book!!!!!before anyone makes any more comments about gold,and silver,and where its headed in the future,should read “After Shock”first.May GOD Bless you ALL!!!!!

    • papajair

      Just finished “AFTERSHOCK” about a week ago, I too recommend it. I have already moved about 11% of my 401(k) into gold and silver ETFs. I understand that it not the same as taking physical possession of precious metals, but at the present time I don’t want to pay the penalty and taxes on an early withdrawal. I may move some of this out into a Gold IRA in the near future.

  • http://whatmeworry? Iwishedthereweresomeoneelsetovotefor

    Vote “MITT”2012

  • AWKingsley

    Related Post: Let me ask you something, why are the Tea Party, Patriots, and Republicans going after the farmer, the “Little Guy”, all of a sudden? Is this the work of the usual Republican corporatizers who are ready for a corporate “Land Grab”? Farmers are heavily leveraged right now because they are buying their siblings shares of family farms or an uncle’s farm. Why are Republicans going after the farmers, if this isn’t a land grab? Republicans are doing nothing about bailouts; Republliccans are doing nothing about other industry subsidies; Republicans are looking the other direction instead of breaking up the “Too Big to Fail Banks”, in order to save tax payers money. Why this heavy focus on farming all of a sudden? The Middle Class has lost 50 trillion dollars since 1980, but the Republicans are bent on taking out another sector of the Middle Class. Why is this happening? What Socialist or Corporatizer started this rotten game of taking out the farmers, the “Little Guy”, instead of solving all of the other very expensive problems we have with the big corporations first? How about R & D grants to Big Pharma, for all of those expensive medications that do so little to help patients? Why don’t Republicans take on the corporations that are costing this country so many tax dollars?

    Morgan Stanley, and possibly others, have been manipulating in the gold and silver markets for over a year and a half. Our corrupt Federal Government has done nothing to stop the paper trading and resulting market manipulation. If farmers have to face price manipulation with paper trades from the big cereal companies, they will be out of business. But, obviously that is what some corrupt Republican Socialists are after. Again, who started this game? Was it the Heritage Foundation? If so, as usual, the Heritage Foundation is the think tank with a Socialist Globalist New World Order brain, not exactly what Middle Class American’s need.

    Food prices are going up due to inflation (printing too much money), not due to farm price supports. Farm price supports have been in place for over 30 years. Food prices are also going up due to supply and demand. Get it! There is a drought, so less corn is available. Additional related fact, only a small part of the corn is used up in ethanol production, the majority of each kernel of corn is fed to cattle as a byproduct of ethanol production. I’m not a Socialist, but when Republican corporatists go after the “Little Guys”, I see red, and it isn’t Romney Republican red: It is Ron Paul red as a write-in.

  • awkingsley

    Related Post on Commodities: Let me ask you something, why are the Tea Party, Patriots, and Republicans going after the farmer, the “Little Guy”, all of a sudden? Is this the work of the usual Republican corporatizers who are ready for a corporate “Land Grab”? Farmers are heavily leveraged right now because they are buying their siblings shares of family farms or an uncle’s farm. Why are Republicans going after the farmers, if this isn’t a land grab? Republicans are doing nothing about bailouts; Republicans are doing nothing about other industry subsidies; Republicans are looking the other direction instead of breaking up the “Too Big to Fail Banks”, in order to save tax payers money. Why this heavy focus on farming all of a sudden? The Middle Class has lost 50 trillion dollars since 1980, but the Republicans are bent on taking out another sector of the Middle Class. Why is this happening? What Socialist or Corporatizer started this rotten game of taking out the farmers, the “Little Guy”, instead of solving all of the very expensive problems we have with the big corporations first? How about R & D grants to Big Pharma, for all of those expensive medications that do so little to help patients? Why don’t Republicans take on the corporations that are costing this country so many tax dollars?

    J P Morgan Chase, and possibly others, have been manipulating in the gold and silver markets for over a year and a half. Our corrupt Federal Government has done nothing to stop the paper trading and resulting market manipulation. If farmers have to face price manipulation with paper trades from the big cereal companies, they will be out of business. But, obviously that is what some corrupt Republican Socialists are after. Again, who started this game? Was it the Heritage Foundation? If so, as usual, the Heritage Foundation is the think tank with a Socialist Globalist New World Order brain, not exactly what Middle Class American’s need.

    Food prices are going up due to inflation (printing too much money), not due to farm price supports. Farm price supports have been in place for over 30 years. Food prices are also going up due to supply and demand. Get it! There is a drought, so less corn is available. Additional related fact, only a small part of the corn is used up in ethanol production, the majority of each kernel of corn is fed to cattle as a byproduct of ethanol production. I’m not a Socialist, but when Republican corporatists go after the “Little Guys”, I see red, and it isn’t Romney Republican red: It is Ron Paul red as a write-in.


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