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A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Convention

January 24, 2012 by  

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Convention

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, fresh from his win — er, loss — er, tie — with Rick Santorum in Iowa, dropped the proverbial house on the field in his part-time home State of New Hampshire. Following his Granite State triumph, Romney rolled into South Carolina wearing his new title of “presumptive nominee.”

Then, the Romney Express missed the curve and slammed face-first into the wall at full speed. Normally, conservatives would cheer the defeat of the only-marginally-better-than-Barack-Obama Romney. Unfortunately, normal didn’t make the trip to the Palmetto State. Instead of a candidate who can untangle America from the Gordian knots of Obama’s hyper-liberal Administration, South Carolinians handed their delegates to Newt Gingrich. You’ll pardon me if I seem less than enthused.

The news gets worse. Gingrich’s beat down of his rivals touched off a tsunami of second-guessing among the GOP establishment. Now, a party that was ready to hand the crown and scepter to Romney has skipped the off-ramp and accelerated down Unnecessarily Protracted and Bloody Nomination Fight Freeway. With Florida’s cache of delegates looming on the horizon, ex-Sunshine State Governor Jeb Bush has announced that he will reserve his endorsement. Certainly, Bush is as much a bellwether for the neocon wing of the Republican Party as anyone outside a certain Crawford, Texas, ranch. So the Republican candidates will spend months and millions of dollars going toe-to-toe while Obama waits, counting his multimillionaire cronies’ cash and further crushing the Nation’s hopes.

To add insult to injury, Gingrich led a field which included Romney in second and Santorum in third. Congressman Ron Paul, who remains the only candidate unblemished by political gamesmanship, Obamacare-type governmental intrusions, ties with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, million-dollar dances with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae or worse, could manage only a fourth-place showing.

It strikes me that the GOP has forgotten the lesson the voters issued in 2010. Americans did everything short of handing pink slips to the entire Democratic Party. Had Obama faced re-election in November 2010, he would have been back to “community organizing” by January 2011. I am as mystified by the idea of an incremental return to mediocrity as I am by the idea that Obama’s ratings are any higher than those of MSNBC’s nightly freak show. Gingrich, Romney and Santorum to win, place and show in South Carolina? Need I remind anyone of liberty’s lost year of 2008? Should someone drag John McCain back into the ring?

The lone positive postcard from the Palmetto State is the apparent reluctance of Republican voters nationwide to simply hand the Oval Office keys to the latest RINO, to push his way to the front of the herd. Gingrich may have won a resounding victory in South Carolina, but he’s a far cry from the promised land. A Romney victory in Florida might well place Gingrich on the shelf with Rick Perry; crossing his fingers for a Vice Presidential bid. Santorum will run onward, but seems unlikely to visit the winner’s circle again after his did-he-or-didn’t-he win in Iowa. And Paul must wait — perhaps for a brokered convention in Tampa, Fla.

Obama’s tenure has been — to put it gently — an unmitigated disaster. In 2010, America called out for meaningful change, not the bumper-sticker babble that carried Obama to victory in 2008. Should the Republicans force the electorate to choose between the lesser of two evils in 2012, perhaps defeat is what they deserve.

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • http://Personalliberty Tony

    To Everyone:
    This article is right on. As stated yesterday in a post of an article, with these clowns running the GOP circus, you might as well tell Obama, he won and give him the keys to the White House for a second term. Thanks!!

    • Mary777

      Like we told Boehner many many times. Get a backbone and hold the line. Like a soldier in the military does when they are at war. You don’t need a gun but will power, a brain and strong faith in God who created us all to hold the line. Don’t give up ever but stand strong. If you feel you are getting weak join a Grassroots Tea Party group. Not ACORN!! It is there you will get the strength and encouragement to fight the battle and win the war that is being waged by the establishment. Put God first in all things and He will NEVER let you down. Do the same for Him!

      • Andee

        Amen! Boehner even refused to hold Holder accountable for the Fast and Furious debacle and they want a GOP as Presz..well, we have one candidate that will give us a chance at all at retrieving our freedoms from the UN invasion of the USA, the freedom killing Patriot Act, the insane leadership of Janet Napitilano at the egregous and illegal Homeland Security (it needs revamped and thought out in a decent, legal and respectful manner), of course if one is insane you have hallucinations which seems to be what she suffers from and or course the vicious and overstepping TSA…Paul wants these gone, changed or re thought out but the UN and Patriot Act gone..he is right…if we do not get rid of the UN they will continue to embark upon overthrowing of America and if we do not get rid of the Patriot Act, it does not matter how hard we work to get our nation they add to it each and every year, it shuts us down more…we need freedom to return to yesteryears, freedom to make things as right as we can and as quickly as we can for America and the true Americans..not the Muslims that are outside of the norms, not the Latinos that want all for free…that is my take and I am sticking to it..Lord help Americans to awake and truly see the writing on the wall, give them insight and knowledge that they look for the right candiate for the next election…

        • PatR

          Hoo yah!

          • Stephan A

            Instead of all the HOT Air — it is not the President but, the Congress we need to remove. If all the critics think how to run our Nation why is that he/she have not applied for the Presidency?

            We need to cease use/ make payments to: Banks, Untility, Insurance, Reat Estate Institutions and file collectively a suit against all institutions that brought our economy down.

            There is only 1 Democratic Class…for the Rich only and NOT a Socialize System the rich may think otherwise.

      • MacLoklan

        The Tea Party and these so called “Christian” blogs have purchased the whole wagon load of the slickest “snake oil” salesman of this and the last century. The Tea Party (whoever they are) or the self proclaimed leaders of the movement have swallowed his line “hook line and sinker” and the ‘born again” blogs are dancing their bigot dance on Romney’s political grave. All we have left now is God. We need to pray that there are enough independents to swerve this dumb cattle drive away fron the “would be” Adulterer in Chief toward a more constitutional candidate and again away from our CFR Globalist ( not Reagan) “conservative” candidate.

        • Nadzieja Batki

          You are incapable of making distinction betweengroups. Even opposing groups have overlapping values just not the same ways of achieving them.

        • Jim Cumber

          I am thinking that the “Born Again” Bloggers actually WANT us to have no choice but God, not that this is necessarily a BAD thing, but God is NOT “on the ticket!” Unfortunately, we need a HUMAN BEING for whom to vote, NOT THAT EITHER ROMNEY NOR HUNTSMAN were suitable candidates.

          BOTH “LDS” candidates (who, by their own Church scriptures…being LDS MYSELF, I KNOW about this…SHOULD have been “IRON ROD CONSTITUTIONALISTS,” but, sadly, are BOTH “RINOs!”), so, with WHOM are we left?

          An LDS “RINO” (ROMNEY), a “washed up old GOP “hack” from the “Progressive” C.F.R. Wing of the Party, who talks out of BOTH SIDES OF HIS FACE and is a GOP Version of Obama (GINGRICH), a NEOCON Senatorial “has been” (Santorum) and the ONLY REAL Constitutionalist of the bunch (Ron Paul).

          Ron Paul is NOT “God”, but he’s the best HUMAN BEING in the current crop of Candidates! I would NOT touch ANY of the other 3 with a Ten-foot Pole, a Six-foot Checz, or an eight-foot Hungarian! If we do NOT get Dr Ron Paul as POTUS, we can kiss the US Constitution and this country, GOOD-BYE!

          Obama (who BRAGGED in his autobiography of having DELIBERATELY chosen ONLY COMMUNIST PROFESSORS to teach him in College, and who is a STEALTH, RADICAL MUSLIM), in a “second term,” he will turn this country into a Muslim-Communist State, abiding by strict Shar-ia Law! If you see NOTHING wrong with Islam, I would only remind you that Allah is a Babylonian “Moon God” and the Islamic “battle cry (since Muhammad led the “sons of Islam” out of the Arabian Desert), is “The Sword or the Qur’an!” There is NO “LIBERTY” in Islam!

    • Michael

      The effects of a presidency run by Obama or Gingrich/Romney is a toss up for more disaster for the Republic. All are big government statists.

      • ChristyK

        I would rather Obama win. Romney & Gingrich would have almost identical policies (although the rhetoric would be different), but if Romney or Gingrich win, liberty and capitalism will get a bad name and our nation may not be salveagable. If Obama wins, it will take this nation down to its knees, but people might realize how terrible his socialistic policies are and return to our founding roots of liberty, personal property, rule of law, and free-markets.

        • Andee

          and God…he is the one that gave us these rights for we were settled under the principles of the Bible……….Amen…Knee Power! Knee Power!

          • MacLoklan

            Wise council Andee. I am not a Romney supporter but he , like you and myself believe that the constitution is a God inspired document. Gingrich is total show and sham, a OWO globalist, hiding behind his smoke and mirrors routine and shouting at the media’s questions “Sylunce! I keeel you!

        • JUKEBOX

          If you want four more years of the great pretender, you should obtain a copy of MEIN KAMPF and read it very soon.

    • Mary

      There is no doubt Defeat is ahead. Ron Paul is to politically incorrect. This country love degenerated liers. None of the candidates will defeat Obama. They are the same monkeys in different tree. We are going to continue getting what we deserve more Obama.

      • PatR

        Who says he’s politically incorrect? His opponents who are for big government and war? The main stream media who work George Soros and Rockefeller who want nothing more than to see us in “camps” and giving up all property rights, not to mention personal rights that he’s fighting for you to get back?

    • Andee

      This is off subject;…heard yesterday that Soros was telling it on the net and other media that Obummer will declare Martial Law 180 days from 23 of January..that means July I believe….research and FYI..

    • Vic Bailey

      A NO VOTE for Ron Paul, IS A VOTE FOR, THAT’S ALL! These Socialist have won. There goes the rest of our Freedoms, Way of Life, Our Guns, Our Sons and Daughters(because they will be fighting in war after war over lies and more lies)!
      The American people have the Strongest Army and Marines in the world, 35 Million hunters, 40 Million gun owners, they have their own guns, ammunition, they DON’T have to be transported, and they have ALREADY taken the OATH to protect America against these kind of BASTARDS! Oh Yea, I don’t want to forget the Ladies, there about 18 Million Ladies packing! They can be activated in minutes, and still we put up with this Worthless Socialist Government. If I were Washington I wouldn’t be wanting to PISS these boys off, I’d be thinking about how to straighten things out!
      So I think it’s time to give The —– in Washington an ULTIMATUM, either straighten the SHIT out or GET OUT! Why have we let it go on this long, the answer is right in OUR HANDS! NOT THEIRS! Semper Fi.

  • Alex

    It “strikes {you} that the GOP has forgotten the lesson the voters issued in 2010″? You’re kidding, right?

    Whichever lesson you speak of holds little weight now. The Teabag Frosh of 2010 have only built the LOWEST rated Congress in its nearly two and one half centuries of existence! That the John Boehner- and Eric Cantor-led Congress and Mitch McConnell-stymied Senate have been working solely to limit Obama to one term has not been lost on the voting members of America’s hurting families.

    All of the GOP’s usual Red-White-and-Boohoohoo grandstanding, especially popular when intensifying our never-ending War of Capital, is looking pretty spooky nowadays. People have grown quite weary, as well as suspect, of the quotidian Fright Wing fear-mongering.

    As I have said many times with my posts here, President Barack Hussein Obama has been a great disappointment to those of us on the Left, even those who are no more Left than simply Liberal Democrats. It is absolute delirium to profess that Obama is Marxist or even mildly Socialist—Obama is a middle-of-the-road American Capitalist. Though I am a VERY far-Left Socialist, I had, unlike any Marxists and most other Socialists, welcomed the Obama victory with a great deal of hope.

    President Obama will, of course, be elected to a second term. The GOP has NO credible candidates and the current in-fighting only highlights their collective incapacity to govern.

    Though Ron Paul makes a great deal of sense on the subject of Cuba, on nearly every other topic he is laughable.

    The only thing Mitt Romney is suited for leading is a hunt for the missing “Golden Leaves”.

    That leaves Newt Gangrene and, well….need I say more? On the absurdly unlikely chance he were elected, do you think he would ask us for an “Open Presidency”, so that he could screw other countries while he is screwing ours?

    I will say this: keep those “Money Bombs” going—if Ron Paul decides to run as a Third Party…er, Third Rail kkkandidate I will sleep much easier….

    • Capitalist at Birth

      You may be ignorant of the facts. A great number of people have been and continue to pull their wealth out of the United States before your fascist minions attempt to steal it. When it is all gone, who’s wealth will you steal?

    • Cliffystones

      “I will sleep much easier….”

      You better get your shut-eye now. The cots in those tents in those Agenda 21 concentration camps don’t have “Sleep Numbers”.

    • Cristi Loken

      Have you forgotten that under the leadership of the Dems and Nancy Pelosi that the numbers were low as well. Don’t you people get it, we are sick of both parties and yes we do want someone that will fight for us, neither party is doing that, all they want on both sides is to control the money and spend it the way they want not to heop us but themselves. Unless something changes we are in big trouble. We are in danger of losing our freedom its already starting to happen. When judges start overruling the people we are in trouble.

    • Jon

      Alex, you’re an idiot, need I say more!

    • Andee

      Tea Party Net is supporting Newt! What does that tell you about them?

      • Jim Cumber

        You should have heard the interview with Newt on WFLA (the “Morning Crew,” Jack Harris and Tedd Webb) in Tampa, FL, yesterday morning: Newt talks out of BOTH sides of his face and is a GOP version of Obama: actually, Newt is a “hard core” GOP “Progressive”, from the CFR / RINO wing of the GOP. The only thing “good” one can say about him is that he is NOT a “stealth Muslim” like Obama. Otherwise, Newt is “Obama” / “Communist” Lite.” With Newt, we kill the country and Constitution more slowly, but we STILL kill them!

        • Dorthy

          Where in the world did you come up with this concluison. I was watching and listing.No where did I here anything like what you said.
          If we lisen to the likes of you we are in big trouble. I and many others think the Demacrats are scared of Newt or Mitt.Thats why they talk them down. We better hope Obama gets beat.Another 4 years of the same we will never recover.

  • Bett

    Get us off this sinking ship, 2002 warnings to congress came true:
    Israel & CIA agree on foreign policy candidate, guess who?

  • Stephan F.

    Points well taken Mr. Crystal.

    Don’t the Gingrich’ supporters realize that by the time their guy gets done fracturing the republican party in his zeal to obtain the nomination, there wont be anyone left to vote for him in the general election? It seems to me we’ll be looking at a slaughter worse than the McCain fiasco.

    • Cristi Loken

      Don’t you Romney supporters get it, that the people don’t want the establishment candidate we are getting sick of the republican establishment picking our candidate for us. That’s how McCain got nominated and lost so badly, the establishment wants you to believe that this is the guy thats the most electible, now don’t get me wrong I’m not bashing capitolism, Im just saying how much does he relate to people like you and me people who have lost their jobs, there homes,are paying 50.00 more a week at the grocery store not to mention gas prices can he or any of them relate I think not.

      • Stephan F.

        Romney supporter? Are you off your rocker, Ms. Loken? (But then again, you do sound like a Gingrich supporter)

        I hope some day you’ll have an epiphany and realize the errors of your ways.

        RON PAUL 2012 !!

        • Dorthy

          Anybody with any sence knows Ron Paul will not be elected. He is to radical.No Foreign policy sence at all.I wish some of the things he does believe in could be as easy as he makes it sound.We need people to get on board with someone that has a chance to beat Obama.

          • http://liberty Tony

            To Dorthy:
            Well Ma’am, Ron Paul has a better chance than those other three turkeys. Since Ron Paul won’t get the nod., the Repubs. will lose big time!! The truth really hurts.

          • Stephan F.

            Ms. Dorthy:

            This may seem new to you (and maybe even “radical”) but equating a meddling foreign policy (sticking our nose in everyone’s business) with national defense is a recipe for disaster. Running around the planet looking for monsters to slay is not my idea of a strong national defense, nor Dr. Paul’s.

            “He is to radical.No Foreign policy sence(sic) at all.”

            So being a strict constitutionalist is too radical for you, huh? No, I’m afraid it’s people who think with such a limited mental paradigm that believe we must always be on the offensive, looking to swat every foreign beehive that would entangle us in endless wars & conflicts to achieve national defense, that’s too radical for my “blood” — which I don’t care to shed in some damn foreign country in the name of saving so-called “democracy”.

            Best Regards

  • http://Hogue/JohnnyLeeClary Dale Hogue

    It strikes me as ironic that a supporter of the worst president in the history of the United States has the gall to describe the GOP candidates in the manner Alex has done in his post. If Alex voted for Barack Hussein Obama in 2008 – which I’m pretty sure he did — and then went completely blind and deaf he would be better informed than he is now concerning what his vote did to the American people and American political traditions. Only a complete nincompoop would post his support for an Islamist Muslim who daily puts his feet up on the White House furniture to show his comtempt for American values and Constitutional history.

    • Alex

      As should have been evident by what I wrote, I am but a mild supporter of Obama, despite the weakness he has shown in the first of his two terms.

      Yes, I did vote for Obama in 2008. To even the dimmest observer, it is very clear that ANY Democrat would have beaten ANY Reich Winger after Bush. ANY Democrat—yes, even Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, or Michael Moore.

      To recap: After IGNORING warnings that Al Qaeda planned to fly passenger aircraft into prominent building, the Bush/Cheney Regime GAVE up on getting Osama bin Laden when he in was in THEIR grasp in Tora Bora. By giving up on bin Laden, Bush was able to direct the collective and feeble American mind off of the people who executed 9/11 and INSTEAD tilt at the windmill that was Saddam Hussein—a secular tyrant who had no allegiance to the religious bin Laden—in a war that had been drawn up LONG BEFORE 9/11. Yes, Bush/Cheney sold you a bill of goods (two wars that were OUT of the budget, to be paid with a balloon payment when the Black man moved into the White Guy’s House) and put the icing on the neo-conartist cakkke by shoving 5000+ of YOUR CHILDREN into a mass grave in Iraq! When Bush hit the road to Crawford America was hemmorhaging 750,000 jobs per MONTH! Like I said, ANY Democrat would have beaten ANY Rethuglikan.

      You imply that Obama is the worst president ever?

      • Jon

        That’s because Osama Bin Laden is a CIA agent used by America to get the NWO in place. First, take away the US individual rights ie Patriot Act, then US sovereignty, and so on. So to start off with that premise just doesn’t fly. That’s why Billy Clinton didn’t take him out either genius. He’s a CIA agent!

      • 1 Son of Liberty

        I have never heard anyone admit to voting for Obumer. Alex your the one. Did you get a bus ride to and from the polls so you could vote.
        Obumer is by far the worst president ever. Much worse than jimmy Carter. someone would really have to be deranged to vote for Obumer again. The only change seen is that that’s all people have left change in their pockets.
        I guess people that walk around their whole lives with their heads in their arses would vote for Obumer. Especially those that have never been in the military and have no pride in themselves or country.
        I predict Obumers next tactic will be the old sky is falling routine to try to get a second term. News Flash, It wont work!!! Even the democrats are sick of him. 300 rounds of golf and 40 vacations later he really hasn’t done one thing but spend spend spend. This closet smoker has to go along with his loser friends.

      • http://personalliberty Gunslinger

        “The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting an inexperienced man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America . Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama. It is less likely to survive a multitude of Idiots such as those who made him their president.”

        • eddie47d

          If Gingrich or Romney get elected will you be so eager to call those who voted for them “depraved electorates”since you would be getting Bush lite all over again. I see little change in the next 4 years whether Obama,Gingrich or Romney are elected. Some issues like war will increase under any of them and the economy will only slightly improve. If Congress doesn’t step up to the plate it won’t matter who is elected.

        • Jon

          You got that right Gunslinger!!

  • 101stRECON68

    Alex, here’s some advice..Take your communistic dribble to another site or another country. YOU are the true enemy of all freedom lovers in this country hiding behind your leftist vomit. Don’t boast about your communist ideals too loudly sir, or someone might not take too kindly to your mouth

    • Alex

      Is 101st-whatever the guys who jump out of airplanes and kill children or the ones who drop bombs on sleeping babies?

      • libertytrain

        Alex, your lack of intelligence is once again proven.

      • s c

        a, a dab of humility would be nice. Since your memory is defective, you would do well to REMEMBER that YOUR bed pals PREACH the gleeful MURDER of babies. YOU could have been ABORTED.
        Maybe THAT is the answer. Did you KNOW that one of The Anointed Prostie’s czars is in favor of RETROGRADE ABORTIONS? Maybe they’ll get you this time around, comrade. Enjoy, utopian.

  • Alex Frazier

    I was personally disappointed by my state. I voted for Ron Paul. I got my entire family to vote for Ron Paul, including my Democrat parents and my ultra-liberal sister-in-law. I even talked some people from my bowling league to go vote for Ron Paul.

    I don’t personally understand the mentality of people. The people didn’t vote for Newt because he is intelligent, witty, or anything like that. I’m ashamed to say that they voted for Newt because he gave them a feel-good moment by singing the praises of child labor (which people have despised and criticized for decades), and for being nasty to the moderator in the debate.

    No reasonable person can vote Romney, Gingrich, or Santorum if they are aware of the facts of their political histories. To vote for any of them, you have to be either ignorant, stupid, or part of the establishment.

    It troubles me that I’m in a position where so many morons have the ability to affect my life with their awful voting habits.

    • NC

      Alex, I can understand how you are so upset with the voting habits of people who differ from you. It must be pure hell to have to live in the greatest country in the world created by the voting habits of idiots!How stupid of those”morons” to build such a great nation without taking time out to listen to you and your kind!!!!You are a typical conservative who has all the answers to matters that are only problems in your mind!Your ANSWERS” have the approval of 13% of the Republicans and less than that of the general electorate!

      • Alex Frazier

        Hey, I can’t help it if only 13% of the population is at the genius level.

        But that aside, I’m not talking about opinions or intelligence. I’m talking about common sense and facts. The voting public didn’t make our country great. The voting public has put our country on the brink of economic ruin. The voting public has made this country something completely different than what the founders established. And they made it this terrible thing it has become through their ignorance. Not through their difference of opinion with me.

        If you want to talk opinions, personally I’d bar you from voting if I could, because your attitude and the opinions you’ve voiced both tell me that you are one of the idiots that makes my country worse. You are blissfully ignorant of the harm your uneducated point of view causes.

        But again, not everyone can be in the 13%. I guess when it comes to the school of life, you are barely passing with a C-. I hope I never have to see you in politics.

        • NC

          It is exactly the voting public that has made this country great and unique in modern history> It’s the PUBLIC that has maintained a system that has allowed for voting every year in this country for something for a perod of over 230 years. And we did it under one Constitution with a built in system for changes!! Even during a civil war we voted and the results counted every time!
          There is no doubt that we have voted ourselves into weak positions before and are in a weak position now but it’s not the system that is failing the people it is the people failing to work together to help the system!

          What the founding fathers wanted for the country they founded was the ability and desire of the people to handle each new set of problems in a civil manner within a written set of rules and to do it NOT without disagrement but in spite of disagreement.

          • Jon

            If the voting public wasn’t so worried about getting their free breakfast/lunch/dinner and all the other entitlements that the Socialist democrats want to take from us working kind, maybe we could get a fair representation of who deserves to be in power. The ones who are taking from us and giving to them seem to be winning that battle right now. We’re just like the socialist European Union already and things are only gonna get worse before they get better!

          • C.Davis

            You two are arguing over whether Hansel and Gretel were dropping bread crumbs or cracker crumbs. IT’S A FABLE. The voting system the slavemasters have set up is a DISGRACE. Do you ever ask yourself why every single time there is an investigation that”irregularities” are found? And why almost nothing ever happens by way of correction? The fact of the matter is that the republican operatives running things has the poll workers so terrified of losing their tenuous grip on the big government teat that they are willing to disgrace themselves by perverting the voice of the people. Their self respect has long since succumbed due to being attached to the same machine as the ACORN operatives, and illegal aliens who got Obama installed in ’08. Until enough Ron Paul supporters will get out from behind their keyboards and participate in an effort to verify our elections we will continue to see the lie broadcast that Ron Paul supporters are in the minority. There are ways of exposing fraud, and if patriots force themselves into the democratic machinery to a point where the tallying process can be under constant surveillance, the soulless beings who would subvert our democratic process would be less likely to think they could get away with their skullduggery. If you can’t get out and do this, the least you can do is to pray for the souls that would usurp God’s will, and pray, on their behalf that the ballots arguing for their salvation not be lost.

    • Dorthy

      Alex you scare me. You talk like you hate America. You need to wake up.Start thinking with some sence.It is everybodys responsibility to help to get this country fixed. We are so out of controled with spending.Two day I heard on the news it has been 1,000 days sence they have had a budget to operate on in the White House. What does that tell you? Obama does not care or does not stay at the White House long enough to push it.

  • Ingrid

    The surge of Gingrich who I have admired for many years til I started feeling “suspicious” about his views way back with global warming, obamacare that he now denies having ever been pro. People don’t be fooled …. he’s as much a “Reagan Conservative” that I’m Einstein … and a flip flop … a Washington Insider for sure … he’s railroading Romney by saying he’s a Mass. Moderate all over the place to suay opinion …. Gingrich is actually a republican (perhaps) “progressive” for sure and having actually met Gov Romney back in 2008 I can assure you he is for real unlike the foany Gingrich….. Americans (I’m one now but only a few years) but with a background of european socialism thus tend to see things for what they are and read between the lines vs view things by what is being told …. and I can smell foanism way from far and Gingrich is not “the real thing” …. I now do for him as much as I do for obama being change the channel when he’s on: he’s self-absorbed (remember when his polls risen how he said he was going to be the “nominee”?) then his polls nose-dive … he only came back by lies … he’s got a lot of baggage ethically (Fannie Mae, suit etc…) and morally and although he said he was not a lobbyist (really?) … he’s for sure in line with a lot of dems views including big gvt …. watch out ppl we’re being set up and how ppl here can change their opinions just to swing the right way …. I was against obama from day one, just looked at him when he thought he wasn’t watched … he looks mean and very revealing on who he really is … I was right on … “hope & change” — how did it work for you so far? as someone famous said “we have no hope (bob hope) and no change left (in our pockets) > remember: “if it is too good to be true it probably is” did fail the test smell …. by a very long shot …. “you are who you surround yourself with” terrorists, communists, socialists etc… didn’t that prove right as well? a friend told me “mistakenly” that he will unite the country” I said “you’re dreaming … it will never happen, they will see to it that all of us pay for what him and wife endured while coming up in the ranks first at city, state and congress level” …. who was right? things aren’t just always what they seem to be … ppl you need to be able to READ between the LINES … and for anyone listening, seeing & thinking it was an obvious conclusion on the disaster we were facing with an obama administration … which it has been … what really stumps me is that there are still ppl not realizing what he has done or is going to do while still in office first term … and if you think it was bad now you haven’t seen anything if he is re-elected …. he will step on the accelerator at 1000 mph …. by pass congress all the way (he’s already doing that blatenly” whether congress is on or on recess, he will be able to appoint more supreme court justices, czars etc… some say “he won’t be re-elected” mark my words “if not he will steel the election” … the story behind Gov Walker is a blueprint of what they intend to do with all republican governors if it works and turn all “BLUE” … being a red state he stripped us from NASA, got the merger approved with Continental to swindle jobs to IL, took oil jobs away …. all to the benefit of blue states … remember Egypt? supported the uprising of the youth … Moubarak wa perhaps bad but he kept the region more or less safe … then they said ” the muslim brotherhood” is a peaceful outfit *(taking over the middle east little by little)…. and now Egypt is turning into a “radical” country with the muslim brotherhood having 75% of their congress …. chaos in the middle east is what soros and his 20 something outfit has started there with several of the surrounding surrounding countries following in Eygpt’s footsteps …. all for the benefit of MUSLIMS and ARABS leaving Israel in the ditch …. and you still have a majority of jews voting for the party least pro-israeli always … see carter and obama big anti-semits …. only Kennedy wasn’t…. WAKE UP PEOPLE BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE…..

    so on ….

    • eddie47d

      Actually the Muslim Brotherhood was only 25% before the uprising and now have increased Slightly. Not even close to 75%.Unfortunately the police/military in Egypt haven’t relinquished their power and have gotten worse. That could bring on a much bigger revolution by the masses.

    • Dorthy

      I think your a Democrat and scared to death he might get elected. He will chew Obama up and spit him out.

  • Wayne Williams

    Its truely amazing how extremists on both the left and right consistantly miss the point. Obama is worse than a socialist. When you compare his rhetoric with that of Hitler, Mussolini and Mao, you find that the only real difference between them is the languages they speak.

    You may have to hold your nose when you go to vote this time; but please use your brain when you do. Obama is carrying on a long tradition of “Crony Capitalism” which was started long before he came to power. He shouldn’t be blamed for it all, but he certainly has managed to exacerbate the problem, and it needs to end here and now.

    That won’t happen if the Republicans are split.

  • Aniko

    How opinionated and “holier than thou” are all Gingrich haters, but fact IS fact: he was able to pull together enough people to oust a 40 year Democrat Party hegemony! He HELPED Clinton win his re-election, and now he WANTS to be at the helm to unite “WE, the people” to try to return us to fiscal and foreign affairs sanity!
    He is a convincing communicator of the Reagan ideology, whom apparently even Democrats quote for his patriotism and love of freedom.
    WE ARE in extremely difficult times both domestically (with multitudes of welfare Communists) and internationally (with Muslim dictators wanting to re-create the Ottoman “caliphate” style world rulership) and we NEED a communicator who LISTENED for years to the yearnings and suggestions of a large number of voluntary people to give him ideas where and how people want to be led.
    If it’s not going to be Newt Gingrich, we ARE going to have four more years of destruction from the “domestic enemies”, namely the ultra liberal, Marxist Democrat Party with their laptop Chihuahuas media, to FORCE us to accept a neo-Socialism/Communism!

    • Alex Frazier

      I don’t hate Gingrich because I think I’m better than him. I hate him because he’s a proven betrayer of the public trust. He’s voted for unConstitutional legislation. That makes him a perjurer. He shouldn’t be running for president. He should be in prison.

      • http://liberty Tony

        To Alex:
        Right on Jack!! Newt Gangrene was, also, forced to resign from congress because of ethic issues. Thus, this going to help Obama get re-elected by a landslide via what the late Lyndon Johnson did to the
        late Goldwater in 1964. Sorry but quite accurate.

  • Old Henry

    “It strikes me that the GOP has forgotten the lesson the voters issued in 2010. Americans did everything short of handing pink slips to the entire Democratic Party.”

    Actually I think it’s more the votrs, not the GOP. The voters, as usual, are not / have not done their homework, paid attention. They continue to get caught up in the moment, aka the rousing dressing-down of the debate moderator and other “glowing” moments Gingrich had in the last two debates.

    The voters are not doing any true thinking about Gingrich’s true beliefs and his past, which points out his true beliefs.

    The GOP voters continue to have the herd mentality and that will not fix what needs fixing.

  • Billt

    Gingrich did not win South Carolina on issues, he won on emotion from his attack on news media. Emotional feelings is how Obama got elected, people were thinking its time to elect a black man. His speeches played on the emotions of hope and change. It wont fly this time as he has a record to defend.The same for Gingrich. Gingrich says he was responsible for electing GOP house under him, well i find it strange , they threw him out as speaker after and todate his ethics violations are still sealed. People want to see all of his records , the same that they request from Romney. We dont need someone who is a debater, we need a leader who can get jobs and the economy going.

    • Alex Frazier

      I agree Billt. A few clever remarks, and suddenly the people think he’s all that and a bag of chips. Let’s just forget his entire checked political past and all his suspicious dealings … the man has some clever wit and really knows how to put the media in their place.

      It’s sickening.

    • http://liberty Tony

      To BillT.:
      Definitely correct but the scary part is Obama will win big against
      Gangrene. Google and you will see what i mean. Granted, polls are only fads of the moment but if this is any indication then Obama will win in a cake walk against Gangrene or Richie Rich. Thanks and my condolences.

  • donthecanuck

    If America would sit back for a moment, and take the time to actually study each candidate, their records of voting, their true positions and their character, then perhaps a more clear picture can emerge in the voter’s mind.

    There is one specific candidate that is honest and possesses integrity and compassion, as well as guiding himself strictly by the words of the Constitution. How can this be seen as a negative in any way?

    Whether the electorate agrees or not with all his positions, one has to agree that they are in tune with what once made America great. Americans have been exposed to the status quo for enough time to realize that it is not indicative of success that they once had when things were left to the people as opposed to the greedy 535 who have since joined the ranks of corporations to rid America of its middle class and its future.

    What part of “we have to go back to good morals values as well as sound monetary and foreign policy” do Americans not understand?

    It is mindboggling to see the level of support for the status quo when a clear alternative has been present for so many years. Amazing to see how the media can shape and form a populace to continue on a path of continued destruction of its rights and freedoms.

    The power of the media seems absolute. People with tarnished characters are being pushed towards the highest office in the world, while one man of clearly consistent views and fundamentally intact character is being ridiculed.

    The American electorate deserved Barack Obama for its refusal to search for the truth and the substance behind the man, and it will deserve whatever choice it makes this time around, perhaps for the same reasons.

    Americans are in denial and not enough of them have made the time to inform themselves of the lingering consequences of further decline of their empire. Once the bottom will be reached, then perhaps will they seek to find the truth, reverse course and take back their responsibilities as citizens.

    The status quo will not solve the issues. America needs a radical change in direction, back to the values that made it great. Only one voice is speaking the right words, yet too few even make the effort to hear that voice and seek further to understand the fundamentals behind the positions, which are all easily justifiable and can be proven by historic and current events to have merit.

    It is refreshing to see that those who will bear the brunt of these past mistakes will have the power to make a difference in the near future and are now being educated to understand that in the end, FREEDOM is the real fundamental building block of success. If this current electorate will not change the direction of the country, then perhaps the new generation will be sufficiently educated in the value of freedom and liberty may do so in the future, much to their benefit. Let us hope that there is still something worth saving and that they still have the freedom to cast a vote when that day comes.

    Your northern neighbors hope you will be healed soon of this now worldwide disease of large gov’t and excessive spending.

    • C.Davis

      Thank you for your neighborly concern. What you posted is spot on. By the way, did you know that if you can guess his name he has to spin straw into gold for you?

    • thekeytotruth

      Thank you, very well written and sadly so true. But all is not lost. I beleive that we will wake up during this election and put the right man into office. I beleive that Freedom, Liberty and Peace will be restored NOW, not later in 5 years. Newt and Romney will shoot eachother in the foot and their platforms will crumble, leaving only one man standing to go against President Obama. And even he (Obama), won’t have a chance because light ultimately always wins over the dark. And the man that represents the light and our salvation is Dr. Ron Paul. God Bless America!

  • jene

    can you imagine newt as president and his third wife as first lady!!!! what good will she promote??? newt is not president material he is a phony acting like a conservative… wolf in sheep’s clothing…. he thinks by being tough acting and cutting down people like everything brought up about him is true but he can push it off as non truths…wake up people he is a fraud to the republican party… i am for Romney all the way .. family man moral values and a good head on his shoulders…i am not Mormon i am a very conservative person but mitt is the man for this job against Obama…Obama has no credentials and hes had plenty of time to prove himself…his yes we can has turned into i cannot get behind mitt and help our country get their jobs back and homes, he will not be sleeping around like this other pretender…vote mitt vote mitt disappointed in Sarah Palin and thought she believed in morals!!!

  • Motley

    The candidates aren’t the problem, it’s the stupid, selfish, apathetic, sheepy, basically blind mindset of the majority of the American people. The proof is in the numbers already. They don’t want change, they want handouts, freebies, promises made to believe in unicorns and rainbows with the proverbial pot of gold awaiting them. All the work and good deeds of Ron Paul shall go to waste because of the entitlement mindset of the vast majority. If this country crumbles, and it’s already on that road, then we as a people have only ourselves to blame. The proof is in the numbers already.

  • Jon

    I have one elimination criteria I use for all political candidates. Would I invite that person into my home to meet my wife and child? I won’t bother going into more research about ideals, platform, or track record if the candidate does not pass the initial test. Maybe I am being simple, and may ultimately be lonely, but choosing a leader should be about basics first. If we can’t trust someone to behave appropriately with our loved ones, why on earth should we trust them with the welfare of the country/state/city we love?

  • http://personalliberty Dean Brandt

    Anyone can and will beat Obama, unless the economy roars at 5%. And I think anyone will be better then what we have. I like Newt better than Romney but Rick would be best!

    • Wayne Williams

      I’m concerned that you believe “Anyone” can beat Obama. The liberals have a HUGE war chest to draw from. They haven’t had to dip into it yet because the republicans are doing the dirty work for them. But once a republican candidate is chosen, just watch how the dem’s will kick into high gear.
      The republicans had a weak condidate last time and you see what happened. Also, remember Ross Perot? Voting for a third party candidate only strengthens Obama. (Ever heard of ‘divide and conquer’?).

    • Dorthy

      I agree. Newt is the smartest person I have ever heard. When he talks you understand what he said. He has had things in his past he admits,and is not proud of. He tells us he is a different man. He said he ask God to forgive him. I do believe him.I do believe he is doing this because he is so worried about our country. He lives his history,and that is a big part of it.It is hard to stand back and watch what is happening to America.

  • jopa

    When the topic on Terry Shaivo came up I was truly surprised that Ron Paul was in favor of “Death Panels”. He said it would be the smart thing to do if everyone had made choices for end of life matters such as living wills and DNR requests.I guess he loses everyone’s vote now on this site.

  • SM

    As a columnist, you have the same problem as the Main Stream Media. You can only see as far as your own opinion and biases. If you could open your eyes and see past the end of your nose, you would see a vast number of conservative voters who will not vote for Romney. In our book a Romney in the office of president would be no better than getting a second term obama. He is arrogant, narcissistic, and thinks that he knows better what “We The People” need than we do.

    With Newt at least he will listen to what the people are saying and although maybe only marginally better on some issues and much better on other issues than Romney, he is still based on the Constitution in his beliefs and principles.

    Bottom line is that I will vote for Newt if that is who is on the ticket in November. If it is Romney I will vote for the third party, who ever that is because win or lose Romney will be the same as a win by obama.

    • Dorthy

      You said that right. I will vote for Newt. 4 other people in this house will to.

  • http://none R Paul or status quo

    donthecanuck, our great neighbor from the north, can see America’s plight more clearly than the people who have the chance to vote. It is truly disgusting that an election of this importance, is going more the way of some STUPID reality show. TV off. Go to RON PAUL’S website and learn. Very simple, a 5′th grader can do it. It’s about the liberty our Constitution provides us with, not what you are propagandized with from the soundbytes of television. TURN IT OFF

  • jene

    why would you vote for newt???? he is not who you think he is…even his own people were to boot him out of the government….he resigned to save face.. but its still part of him and his shenanigans…i am appalled so many people are for him and his lifestyle and doings…mitt has good character and his a humble moral person…if newt gets the nomination America will deserve what it gets!!!!!!!

  • Dorthy

    Sounds like your not lisening. He told in the debates what happened. All you here is the Demorats side.

    • jene

      genrich told what he wanted us to believe in the debate… you need to read… Newt Gingrich’s Skeleton Closet online government is just one of his problems … a really corrupt man!!!

  • http://delilah Pamela

    How did we get where we are? What is happening? In 2008 we had Huckabee and Guiliani seeking the nomination for the republication party and then somehow from nowhere comes McCain and he wins. Are the cards stacked against the American people? Are we being duped? Who is the no good ratb*** doing this us? Fast forward 2012 and we have Romney(he can’t win he’s just like Obama same policies, same person. Well he can win but he’ll just continue Obama’s policies)Santorum(he’s a great conservative, but he can’t win)Ron Paul(he has grand ideas regarding domestic policies, but a wacko on foreign)Newt Gingrich now there’s a man with great original ideas. This is a man who will win and I can’t wait to see him up against Obama. He will make a fool of Obama, BUT, he’s not going to win because some ratb*** has the cards stacked against us. You’ll see. If somehow Romney doesn’t win they’ll pull someone out of nowhere and this person will win and America will continue down the same path because that’s the way some Ratb*** NWO globalists wants it.

    • C.Davis

      Pamela, as long as you fail to do due diligence in choosing whom to vote for, you will continually be led around by the nose by those you trust to tell you the truth.
      The nice man on TV in the nice suit is LYING TO YOU.
      When I see someone parroting talking points about Dr. Paul I know they have not done due diligence, they are just assuming that the monsters who look so nice on TV are helping them decide, and teaching them how to appear to be informed.
      So the next time you take to your keyboard, you might want to omit code words like “kook” or “loony” or “Kooky” because after a thoughtful person sees that they are no longer considering what you are saying, but they are thinking they can move on to the next post since they have heard all the disparaging parroting enough already, and they already know that Dr. Paul is of impeccable character and qualification to be president

      • http://delilah Pamela

        C Davis. You can’t possibly think tht Dr. Paul can win. He’s a good person, but come on, his ideas of foreign policies are a bit off the wall. I don’t necessarily agree with foreign policies right now, but Dr Paul will not make them better.

        • C.Davis

          Pamela, I am convinced that he WILL win. I’ve been studying this situation for quite some time and since I sold my tv I haven’t had the dubious benefit of the mind warping technologies of the lamestream media, as the majority of Americans have.
          I do know that back in ’03 millions of Americans got out of their comfort zones and protested the imminent invasion of Iraq. I am convinced that Obama’s promises to immediately stop the wars were why he won so easily. Since it’s become apparent that once again we fell for the new boss, same as the old boss through election year rhetoric not based on reality, The hordes of independents are going to be looking for another way of putting an end to the butchery now associated with our country. They will not abandon Obama to swing over to Gingrich. Or Romney. Or Santorum. they all are proclaiming their eagerness to begin piling up more brown bodies. When they once again vote for the execreble Obama any of the other three will not win the election. Ron Paul would draw away those sane Americans who are too smart to blindly fall in behind a candidate solely on basis of party, and have a sincere desire for peace and the restoration of the constitution.Besides they would probably feel more inclined to give Obama the benefit of the doubt when he points that, “well I did draw down the troop strength in Iraq.” Also they would be disinclined to jump ship for a republican who would essentially be no different than the man they already voted for once,no need to admit their error. As a side note, Gingrich and Santorum are not even qualified to be on the ballot in some 17 states, accounting for approximately 1/3 of the delegates so neither of them are mathematically capable of capturing the nomination except through some pretty unorthodox shenanigans at the convention. That leaves Willard Romney and Ron Paul, who are both on the ballot in all 50 states. The grinch and his pet attack dog, santo, are only hanging around to spoil Christmas for America by drawing votes away from Ron Paul or as some pipe dream shot at some kind of highly unlikely escapades at the convention. Since atleast 75% of the republican electorate have consistently voted against Willard, he must, without the chance of attracting the independents and disgruntled democrats be considered to be a weak candidate who would not win the presidency. Now if you can point out the flaw in my reasoning I would be happy to entertain your thoughts.

  • Ann

    There has been ample evidence now to show questionable goings on in the Iowa, NH and SC vote tabulations. Dead people supposedly voting. People being able to register at the poll (as many different polls as they want) without proof of Identification. Lights going off in one precinct after the ballots were gathered BEFORE they got counted. Un-biased polls showed Ron Paul ahead by leaps and bounds out in front of the wanna-be’s who can’t hold a candle to Ron Paul. None of these States can be trusted because of the way they run their voting system. It is fraud waiting to happen and did happen. Now they are all questionable. The big question to ask is, “Will we the people speak out in large enough numbers to make a difference.” If Ron Paul does not get the nomination, nothing else matters. We will continue in a downhill slide because all the rest are no better than what is sitting in the power seat of the world. God help us and please wake the blind up so they can recognize how important this matter is. There will not be another chance like this one to break free of the frauds who have held us captive for far too long.

    • jene

      well iowa is a joke when it comes to voting…8 precincts never counted, said they cannot recount a caucus, well they did and wow found more votes!!!! what about the 8 precincts that still have not been counted will they reveal that when it becomes a necessity if they want another winner at another time… guess i am embarrassed i live in iowa!!!!!

  • loriwy

    Isn’t it funny. This came from Glenn Becks “Blaze” website. He’s totally against Gingrich also. He says if he wins that he’ll do a right in. That this is not a right left issue. But a PROGRESSIVE issue. But the only one that wasn’t fact checked was RP. He stated the truth on Gingrichs resignation. He resigned because he didn’t have the votes to win as speaker from the other republicans. RP’s foriegn policy follows the Constitution. He stated that if Congress declares war,He will take the troops to war. But, we will go to win! Then come home. No nation building of mosques, roads etc. Thats what I want for my country and troops.

  • http://deleted Claire

    I want to see the Ethics Committee Report on why Newt was ousted as Speaker of the House.

  • Jacksonian Libertarian

    The Not-Romney vote (75% of primary voters) is settling on Gingrich, and for good reasons. Romney’s political achievements are identical to Obama’s and so he would be unable to make a case to the American people for voting for him. Gingrich’s political achievements on the other hand are Took Congress after 40 years, Reformed the Welfare Entitlement, Cut Spending, Cut Taxes, and BALANCED the BUDGET. Gingrich also expresses conservatism brilliantly, terrifies the Establishment, and has withstood a hurricane of negative attack ads and MSM surprise attacks. Gingrich is a Fighter who when knocked down gets back up and fights even harder, and that’s what the TEA Party is looking for, someone up for a long knock down drag out fight.

  • David Burla

    “The Eleventh Day Of September” (Ver. 4)

    Americans will always remember,
    The eleventh day of September,
    When devils ordered airliners,
    To fly into the twin towers.

    Gold and Silver was the reason,
    The Banksters did the treason,
    They cared not who they killed,
    As long as Satan’s deed was fulfilled.

    God says vengeance is mine my son,
    Day of judgment will surely come,
    Especially those killing innocent ones,
    On September eleven, two thousand and one.

    Poem 4, Version 4

  • David Burla


    Blame the Banksters and Senate Institution,
    For Fragmenting American Constitution,
    The Sheeple glued to TV’s and Entertainment,
    Allowed NDAA signing “Indefinite Detainment”.

    Dr. Ron Paul would restore the Constitution,
    He believes Liberty and Justice is the Solution,
    And by removing the Senate House Prostitution,
    Would stop today’s Tyranical Pollution.

    Please Vote Ron Paul to WIN the race,
    So Government Demons have a red face,
    This can happen if you get off your chair,
    And going to the polls to show you care!

    Poem 1, Version 7

  • David Burla


    American people question and wonder,
    Why America lost it’s “Financial Thunder”,
    Why jobless lines are reaching the sky,
    Why Corporations legally cheat and lie.

    People are suffering and people are dying,
    The medical system cares not of your crying,
    With the cost of living and taxes so high,
    It makes you think and it makes you sigh.

    Those behind the corruption and the crap,
    Need to be arrested and given the strap!,
    Problems need correction sooner than later,
    Or be doomed to serve a “Fascist Dictator”.

    Blame Banksters, Politicians and Corporations,
    For planning a “New World Order” Domination,
    They plan to make the stock markets crash,
    For they are “EVIL DOERS” with “MEGA CASH”.

    They will break your “Will” to make you ill,
    And care not for Liberty or “Free Will”,
    They create tyranny by signing new laws,
    Like beastly animals with “Killer Claws”.

    They want to control you and own your land,
    They plan to put a “Implant” in your hand,
    You won’t be able to buy, sell or trade,
    Without the “Mark of the Beast” to prove you paid.

    They treat your water with Industrial Waste Fluoride,
    To make you have cancer, disease and be a schizoid,
    Monsanto genetically modified Nature’s perfect seeds,
    To “Depopulate” the world with “Slow Kill” food and feeds.

    People can’t afford Quality American Products,
    Do to high taxes imposed by it’s fascist government,
    So Corporations pay offshore to build them to “spec”,
    Which closes our factories and creates unemployment.

    Those Demons are trashing America’s Constitution,
    Forcing tyrannical laws and hurting “Our Great Nation”,
    Like “Indefinite Detainment” signed on New Years Eve,
    Verified broken Oaths and “Sheeple” are naive.

    Ron Paul for President would be the “First Choice”,
    To restore the Constitution and lower your voice,
    And to make the economy work smooth and sensibly,
    Would provide peace, happiness and no more tyranny.

    Government must turn their “EVIL SHIP” around and do a 180,
    Otherwise they’re heading for a hot place known as HADES,
    You too can make a change by getting off your chair,
    And Voting for Ron Paul to show you really care!

    Poem 3, Ver 3
    Jan 23, 2012

    • C.Davis

      Good job! Thanks for your effort. It struck me in ’08 that our hero inspired so many artists, poets, and musicians. I mean which other candidates had songs recorded in support of their candidacy? One of the best songs I remember can be found at:

  • Tom W.

    My letter to Bill O’Reilly 1/24/12:

    • Tom W.

      I would vote for Barack, who at least claims to be a real Christian, than to vote for a man who follows a cult whose founder claimed that he found the lost Urim and Thummim of biblical antiquity while digging post holes on the family farm in upstate New York! I will guarantee you William, as sure as you’re a closet Lady Gaga groupie, that if Mitt wins the GOP nomination the network airwaves will be filled with expose’s on the Mormons and their beliefs! Our beloved POTUS will play the faith card on Mitt in a Manchurian moment!!! Probably even tying his family tree to Warren Jeffs somehow! What do you think about that Bret?!
      Keep your eyes on the skies, Jesus is coming! He loves y’all and so do I!!!


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