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A Foreign Affair

June 7, 2012 by  

A Foreign Affair
Chinese President Hu Jintao (left) and Russian President Vladimir Putin inspect a military honor guard during a welcoming ceremony in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing on Tuesday.

No one can blame you if you have missed reports of some of the more distasteful characters on the geopolitical stage huddling together in some of the darker corners of the globe. After all, President Barack Obama and his Democratic accomplices have swamped the Nation in a socialist tsunami that rivals even the splash made by Ed Schultz when he jumps into the White House pool. And the corporate media would rather cover Big Fat Eddie’s cannonball technique than alert you to the fact that Obama’s domestic incompetence is nothing compared to the mess he’s made abroad.

Putting aside the fact that the man who won a Nobel Prize on spec has infuriated our allies (Mr. President, the Nazis were the bad guys in World War II — not the Poles), Obama is twiddling his thumbs while a couple of the bigger villains on the world stage twirl their mustaches.

Earlier this week, Russian President Vladimir Putin — on a good day, just a Nehru jacket and bowler-hatted henchman away from being the next James Bond film villain — enjoyed some downtime in Beijing. Among those who also made the trip behind the Great Wall was Iranian President and evil oompa loompa Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The neighborhood drunk visited with the neighborhood psycho at the neighborhood bully’s house — what could possibly go wrong? What they discussed is far less important than what Obama and the corporate media are not discussing: Under the direction of our Nobel Laureate President, the United States has gone from hero to just above zero.

Obama has hardly earned his Nobel Prize. Following the guns-blazing diplomatic approach of Presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton (at markedly different targets: Bush aimed for center mass, whereas Clinton tended to shoot at the ground nearby), Obama promised more carrot and less stick in response to what the Democrats assured us all was an American image tarnished by years of American-led warfare.

Instead, the global audience has borne witness to a superpower that has remained just as powerful, but far less super. Under Obama’s leadership, the United States has morphed from the free world’s protective big brother to the crazy uncle seen only on major holidays. While checking off the names on his unbelievably creepy personal kill list, Obama has made time to quietly extend our involvement in the empire’s graveyard of Afghanistan for at least another decade, proving he needs a refresher on not only basic economics, but also history (as if his “Polish death camp” gaffe left any doubt about that).

The U.K. is consumed by inner turmoil, largely born by its Pollyanna-ish approach to violent splinter groups and Islamofascists residing within its own borders. The rest of Europe — trying to right a badly listing regional economy — has essentially told Obama to butt out. Even the French, who normally agree with the biggest army in the room, have told Obama to lose their number.

And now, Russia has returned to the dark side, with Putin openly canoodling with the always-spooky ChiComs and the always-crazy Iranians at the same moment he issues none-too-subtle threats about the fallout from potential U.S. intervention into Syria. The bright spots in this triumvirate’s get-together: Putin and Ahmadinejad can’t imprison or kill as many of their own people while they’re in another country, and Obama won’t have to mouth half-hearted condemnations of such in between campaign fundraising stops.

The Russians have stopped pretending they like us. The Iranians are building nukes, which is the geopolitical equivalent of a methhead getting his mitts on a tank. The Israelis are shaking their fists in response. The rest of the Mideast is wobbling on the edge of an Islamofascist blackout. Europe won’t return our calls. And the ChiComs are as inscrutably sinister as ever — and wealthier by the minute.

Perhaps Obama thought that world peace would magically spring forth in response to his Nobel honor. I suppose no one ever told him that the Nobel just ain’t what it used to be (they gave one to Yasser Arafat, for chrissake). But the world is an angrier place than it has been in decades, and Obama — who has delivered nothing but failure at home — has turned a bad image into an unforgivable one.

–Ben Crystal

Ben Crystal

is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College and has burned the better part of the last two decades getting over the damage done by modern-day higher education. He now lives in Savannah, Ga., where he has hosted an award-winning radio talk show and been featured as a political analyst for television. Currently a principal at Saltymoss Productions—a media company specializing in concept television and campaign production, speechwriting and media strategy—Ben has written numerous articles on the subjects of municipal authoritarianism, the economic fallacy of sin taxes and analyses of congressional abuses of power.

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  • Michael J.

    Hope they were using protection.

    • Gary L

      I hope not.LOL

  • Chester

    Putin is being what Putin always was, a dictator, not an elected(Hah!) leader. You complain about people making a mockery of the US constitution, but we have NEVER had any leader come close to doing what Putin has done, serve eight years, lead from behind the scenes for four, then manage to get himself re-elected so he can actually change the rules so he has to resign before another president can be elected. He is one of the old, hard-line members of the original communist party, where the leadership had all the privileges and the people had none.

    • Vigilant

      Mr. Crystal says, “And now, Russia has returned to the dark side…”

      Ben, they never LEFT the dark side.

      • msbets

        You still have to enjoy this guys analyses, gave me a laugh and it’s all so true.

    • rb

      Watch out for Bill Clinton.

    • Eric Jones

      Im going to say this slowly so you can understand. Vladimir Putin was DEMOCRATICILY ELECTED president not ounce not twice but THREE times because…are you ready? he is POPULAR.

  • Tess

    Clever article. It seems the world cannot sink any lower than these leaders crawling around the world on their bellies. How different are we? We in ‘the west’ have thrown away civilization while reaching for the hand of the demonic. No other words can describe how we have legalized the killing of our own preborn citizens. We no longer deserve the peace and harmony of a civilized world where we loved our own species, from the youngest to the oldest, and where we did not threaten their existence. We cared, we loved, we sacrificed and we enjoyed the rewards that followed. Of course we also believed that the human species was made in the likeness and image of God and deserved respect.

    • Randy131

      There are still many good Christian people in the USA that believes as you do, but are under attack by Satan’s dominions, and the results are what you rave against. By just looking at all the Democrats planks of their national platform, how can any reasonable person not see that the Democratic Party has become the Party of Satan. The Christian Democrat has become an oxymoron, for Jesus said in the end times evil will be called good, and good will be called evil, and even the electorate shall be fooled. But don’t condemn all, there are still those who know and can reason, and choose GOD’s way, and they shall prevail.

      • THINK America

        good job, Randy. Americans MUST return to our heritage, the GOD of the Bible.
        We really are dealing with more than just a very self-centered, egotist in thw White House. America needs to pray, especially if or when we turn our back on Israel. It is the only reason that we have any protection at all. ‘Stand for something or Fall for it ALL.’

      • eddie47d

        We have too many Americans who sang Onward Christian Soldiers on their way to do battle in all our foreign aggressions. Maybe that is where Christianity lost it’s mojo and people moved on. Following immoral leaders marching us into immoral wars under the banner of Christ doesn’t give the Right much credibility either. Democrats and Republicans alike use God as their shield (immunity) to forge their wars and people follow like lemmings.

      • Rodhea

        Said eddie47d, as he proudly marched through the gates into hell with his tattered banner unfurled. LOL!

    • Honorary

      Bingo, I can’t say better…

  • Sirian

    Obummer has set the stage for the other actors in his “Dreams of Marxism”. Act One is almost complete and hopefully this will end as just that, a one act play!!! We can write a new script come November – DO IT!!

  • Gary

    Where is Obama, he should have been there enjoying his buddies company…….they are ALL enemies of America and the rest of the “free” world……they want America destroyed and Obama is doing just that as fast as he can……..

  • Karen

    I still think there was graft and corruption in election 2004, otherwise how on God’s green earth did this clown get elected???? God help us!

    • Vigilant

      I think you mean 2008. Had Obama been elected in 2004, we’d all be in FEMA camps living on MREs.

    • JimH

      He came out of Chicago. Of course there was graft and coruption.The Chicago machine will cheat even if they didn’t have to. The Chicago machine did his dirty work for him, while he ran around saying he was just going to run on the issue’s. The people couldn’t see that he was just using his toadies to do the smear campaign, while he preatended to be above it all.
      Then he became senator and the rest is history.

    • Ted Crawford

      The 2004 election was an act of stupidity! We can’t claim ignorance, Bush ’43 ‘ had a track record, even as does Obama now. The 2006 election was another, in a long series, kneejerk attempt to correct the previous stupidity. The 2008 election can only be described as an act of, temporary I hope, insanity!
      The 2010 election seemed to indicate that we were returning to some form of sanity. At least I hope so, many of the polls are troubling! At least Tuesday proved that the good people of Wisconsin have regained theirs. AS for the rest of us,November 6 will tell that tail!

  • http://google john p.

    we got the worst people in Washington running our country .our senators
    and a lot of Congress people have been in office to long .they got to go
    your Democrats have turned out to be Dictators . there leader is a Muslem
    not a christian like he says he is . the only time he is a christian is when
    he is running for re-election . this President should step down what has he
    done in the past three years .all his policies have failed and cost the tax payers
    a lot of money .anyone who wood vote for this idiot should be booted out of
    the country .

    • Joel Copeland

      Why write when you can’t spell? Stop making Americans look dumber than the education system has already worked so hard to accomplish.

  • cawmun cents

    The world is at the brink of a (expletive deleted)storm,and what do you want to bet that these guys are playing Twister on the back lot of whatever building they are at?
    Conspiracy is afoot folks.
    Always has been always will be.Hopefully our satellites can pick up the communistications of our enemies,and report back to the collective,just what the samhill is going on.
    Since they have architected the implosion of America from within,they will go have tea together,and laugh about how silly we all are.
    Meanwhile back at the ranch we are on a need to know basis,and are fresh out of need.
    Smacks of coverup doesnt it?
    They are out to get us… to the hills!
    There is nothing new under the sun.-Solomon
    Deal with it folks,our enemies are……enemies!Golly!Is it true Mr. Wizard?
    Yes,Nimbletweak it is true.
    What are we going to do now?
    Same thing we always do Pinky,try to take over the world.

  • Polski

    How can you fault Obama and not fault Dubya/Cheney? They were the ones that started all this.

    Obama is certainly terrible, but Dubya/Cheney were horrible.

    • Steve E

      There we go again with the most popular Democrat default excuse: “Blame Bush”. Try going back to your childhood next and try to figure out why you do that.

      • Jonnie Madigan

        To both Polski and Steve E… You’re both missing the point completely and have been sucked into the ‘sting’; Divide and Conquer. It’s ALL of the Dumicraps and Repugnants. It doesn’t matter who’s there. Nothing till change until we, the American people, clean house in Washington. Maybe the Chicoms have something right; a few years earlier they pumped a pill into the back of the head of a cabinet level minister for taking a $400,000 bribe after a relatively short trial. If they did that in Washington it would be a ghost town. VOTE THE BUMS OUT.

      • http://Yahoo Maynard

        The Bush’s, Papa and Jeb, patted Obama’s wooly head when they came to the White House just after he signed NDAA 2012 which granted the executive the authority to shred our Constitution. Jeb had martial law all ready to go the WEEK BEFORE 9/11. Papa Bush was in a meeting with the Bin Laden family the day of 9/11. He claimed he did not know where he was when JFK was assassinated. Hint it was a major Texas city that starts with the letter “D”. It was just a coincidence that the guy who almost assassinated Reagan was his Texas oil tycoon friend’s son. (Right). Marvin Bush just happened to work for the WTC security right up to 9/11 (right). Jim Pierce, the Bush’s cousin, just luckily moved his business meeting out of the WTC on 9/11. (Right!) The first guy to die from the anthrax letters just happened to have published a photo of Jenna Bush drunk and sitting on another girl’s lap. (right!) The scientist finally scapegoated for the anthrax letters just happened to commit suicide before he was accused, and was cremated without autopsy. (Right!). The White House insiders just happened to begin risky anti-anthrax antibiotics secretly three weeks before the first known threat (Right!)Rudy Giuliani just happened to purchase the building in Boca Raton where the first anthrax letter was sent and had it decontaminated (Right!) Rudy Giuliani also just happened to be warned to get out of Building 7 because “someone told him the towers were going to fall” and just happened to forget to tell the North and South Towers about the warning. (Yeah, right )A plan to attack Afghanistan just happened to be ready to go BEFORE 9/11. (Right!). Halliburton and the Carlyle Group just happened to get no-bid contracts in Iraq with no connection to the fact that the Bush Admistration had big investments in them (RIGHT!) The guy made Executive Director of the 9/11 Commission just happened to be a Bush insider who had co-authored a book with Con-duh-sleezy Rice (Yeah, right!)
        I could go on but the brain dead will not be affected by the facts.
        Elements of both major parties are in cahoots to make money off of war, oil and financial misdeeds of the FED and Wall Street and yet so many Americans think one side is good and the other evil.
        Wake up and smell the smelling salts.

  • Buck

    Yeah ! And there are still a–h–es concerned about the environment , pray tell me what the coming great world war three will do for said environment .

    • http://Yahoo Maynard

      If WWIII eliminates the plague of locusts we call humans, it would help the environment a lot – at least after the radioactivity died down. Since humans do not want to control our violence, destruction,greed, pollution and overpopulation, a nuclear war would be the quickest way to restore Nature’s balance. All you Bible thumpers seem to think wisdom and knowledge stagnated with a band of ethnocentric, immoral Hebrews. Give modern knowledge a chance and we Could restore peace, order, beauty and nature’s balance on the earth. This won’t happen as long as we use thefoolish old testament Bible to justify our ignorant ways.
      At least Christ in the New Testament, if followed, would give humanity a chance: peace, love for our neighbors and our enemies and forgiveness.
      So-calld Christians who are mostly hypocrites would do well to change their ways and truly follow Christ’s teachings.

      • Darl Kretsinger

        Maynard, I’ll say to you the same thing I say to any other Population Control enthusiast. Lead by example, commit suicide. I’ll even loan you my rifle and one slug.

  • TML

    “Earlier this week, Russian President Vladimir Putin — on a good day, just a Nehru jacket and bowler-hatted henchman away from being the next James Bond film villain — enjoyed some downtime in Beijing. Among those who also made the trip behind the Great Wall was Iranian President and evil oompa loompa Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. The neighborhood drunk visited with the neighborhood psycho at the neighborhood bully’s house — what could possibly go wrong?”

    Ben, you actually have the nerve – or stupidity – to rhetorically accuse China of being the neighborhood bully? Surely you cannot be so ignorant as to not know the only neighborhood bully of the world is the United States.

    And last I checked, Ahmadinejad, having distain for the U.S. because of historic interventions in his country, and wanting to keep the U.S. from intervention in Iranian internal affairs… isn’t “evil”. And while not my favorite man, I’ve not seen Putin do anything that I disagree with (not that I keep up with Russian news).

    I see nothing wrong with these three countries having discussions. It’s only matters to imperialist Crusader Christians, and other war supporting hypocrites who are as bad, if not worse, than those who they criticize. Considering your own admissions of the failures of Obama, and the continued wars and imperialistic domination attempts across the world by America… why should these countries not convene?

    Personally I think they are smarter than we, since they are actually talking and doing business, while we do nothing but use the barrel of a gun, threats, force and war.

    The ignorance and hypocrisy of people like you amazes me.

    • Joel Copeland

      TML, you chose to blithely skip over Ben’s aggravation with Obama’s green-lighting another ten years in Afghanistan. Putin and Ahmadinejad are nothing but misunderstood, oft-criticized, and overly-demonized mellow guys? Whoa, I guess it’s true what they say about crack-it is whack! But go ahead and beat on America some more, we need people like you making it all better with ceaseless whining, finger-pointing, and sticking of heads firmly in rectums. Gee, you must be a liberal…

      • TML

        Joel Copeland says, “you chose to blithely skip over Ben’s aggravation with Obama’s green-lighting another ten years in Afghanistan.”

        No, I noticed his hypocrisy and ignorance. In your words, if he’s ‘aggravated’ at the continued war, then how is it that China and the others are the bullies?

        Joel Copeland says, “Putin and Ahmadinejad are nothing but misunderstood, oft-criticized, and overly-demonized mellow guys?”

        Never said that, so try not to over-exaggerate my statements.

        Joel Copeland says, “But go ahead and beat on America some more,”

        I will, as America is no better than Putin or Ahmadinejad, and probably worse as we can see from the constant preemptive wars, bullying the world with military bases all over the world, etc.

        Joel Copeland says, “ we need people like you making it all better with ceaseless whining, finger-pointing, and sticking of heads firmly in rectums.”

        Pointless insults eh? Spoken like a liberal.

        Joel Copeland says, “ Gee, you must be a liberal…”

        Nope… not a liberal. If you’re trying to label me you’re going to have a hard time.

  • Dana Fiola

    Thanks to the Imperial US Senate where our US Senators think that their children are entitle to their seat if and when they retire, the world suffers. Obama the would be Emperor ( without clothes) try’s to operate in the same manner as a local drug dealer. Obama’s only business experience as noted in his biography was to sell drugs and play a boom box loud enough to disrupt the studies of his fellow students at Harvard. This young genious also made a notable speech at Harvard complaining that the Professors would not take his opinions of “how the legal system should operate seriously”. And the biggest insult of all the professors tell him that he can’t cut it!
    Obama’s ego is such that he failed to make the grade and trys to substitute street corner nonsense for history, science and math. It simply proves that his Harvard accessment was correct. He can’t cut it in the real world. There isn’t anything in that man to ensure that our international competitors, take America seriously!
    Once again Obama whin’s that his lack of real world, knowledge makes the Russian and Chi-com leaders ignore him as irrelevent.
    America elected an illegal immigrant and muslim to our highest office. Now, what did you really expect?
    I personally believe that we have a duty to hound the Federal Government until such time as Obama is prosicuted for fruad and dully imprissioned.. Just a thought.

    • http://Yahoo Maynard

      Ditto for the murderers, robbers, torturers and thieves of the Bush Administration.

  • Wildey

    Years ago I had a boss who had a saying, never step on that dog turd because you never know when it might turn out be your boss. In the WW1, the German papers pictured the English soldiers as buffoons and cowards. Tht English papers by comparison pictured the German soldiers as rapist and murderers. When the Germans went into battle they treated the english the way they had been taught and in many cases were slaughtered. The English fought the Germans like they were saving their women from a gang of rapist and murderers. and fought that way. Guess who won the war? Watch what you say about Putin, Ahmadinejad and Hu Jintao. We’ve sent ourselves into chapter 7 bankruptcy and you might be going to one of them for a job. China’s our largest creditor you know.

  • pepa

    Ben, with your foul mouth, you surpass all you so brilliantly describe! Look in the mirror! Who in the world can like people, or a nation with this grisly, dark mind set! get a life!

  • Da

    Don’t believe the anti-Russian propaganda as i have been to Russia. They have the right to be protective facing a Marxist Nasi Adolf Obama. Obama is the same as “HITLER ” with “NUKES”. As long as the world sees Obama as “HITLER’s” raise of the 4th Riech we are all in danger.

    • http://Yahoo Maynard

      Obama is bad for going along with the Bush agenda. The Bush’s record:: Prescott Bush, banker for the Nazis, Papa Bush leader of assassins, Iran Contra illegal activities, Gulf “incubator babies” false propaganda war, Jeb and G W 9/11 and anthrax letters inside job,WMD’s lie, war profiteers.

  • amagi

    Thank you, Mr. Crystal, for the serious article plus giggle “the neighborhood drunk
    visited with the neighborhood psycho at the neighbohood’s bully’s house..” which
    made me wish Hillary Clinton had been there also so I could read your description of her
    as well.
    This was an excellent inspiration to continue reading Andrew Lobaczhewski’s book
    “Political Ponerology” (from Greek poneros= evil) which Zbigniew Brzezinski blocked
    from being published in the 80′s.

  • old hillbilly

    Here we sit – one finger in one end & the other in the other… waiting for the command to “SWITCH”! Obama’s out bragging and campaigning for president – boasting of creating the most jobs in history, spending less money in history… while the population is broke, homebound because they can’t afford gas, unable to work for life sustinence, wallowing in a snake pit of perverts who have elevated the status of fecalism into that of marriage for the first time since Sodom and Gomorrah!

    And where is Mr. Romney… can’t say anything about vile deception, open lies that are harming citizens and this country? Can’t confront the media & demand truth… as a citizen and possible top leader?

    Good, bad, or otherwise we need truth or we will rot and die! Both parties are fighting over the spoils of our country. One to rule as communist tyrants, and the other as global monopolists… right out of an old James Bond movie. Haven’t you noticed the world goods are produced by Communist China, (manager of resources and labor), and global monopolist corporations (managers of your money, wealth, and technology)! That marriage won’t last! Isn’t it past time to condemn purveyors of deception? There is no honor of office when office holders corrupt it. You remove the trash and clean the floors and ceilings! PATRIOTS DON”T WALLOW IN IT FOR ONE MOMENT!

  • bigtomcat

    How did Obama win a Nobel Prize? It was “awarded” for the “Peace” catagory, but what did Obama do to get it? Did he resolve the Russo/Japanese conflict? Did he keep Arafat and any Jew from killing each other while being in the same room? What The F*** did Obama DO? I say Obama got it because he is BLACK….PERIOD! Now, all of those brilliant folks out there that were awarded a Nobel Prize for anything….how much value does this accolade have now? After Obama got the invite to pick up his “Award”, I knew that bible prophesy had come true….good will be known as bad, and bad will be known as good, and boy, howdy, we’ve got it full on now!

  • bigtomcat

    I lived in Russia from Nov 2006 til Oct 2008, visited all over that country many other times, I also lived in Latvia for nearly a year in 2003, have been going to many Eastern European countries since 1997, and from all that I can tell, Russia and Belorus are the only former republics that still embrace the Soviet ideal…they just renamed it. They call it capitalism, but they still manage their respecive countries as a Soviet style dictatorship. Sure, markets have relaxed to quasi-Western methods, and travel restrictions are a bit more relaxed than before Gorby, but Russia is still a socialist state, and leaning fascist with every day that passes. Russia still has dreams of world eminance, and they desire to be teh big dogs they once were, so don’t think for a moment that Russia isn’t still a threat. My wife is Russian, and she can tell you a few things about her homeland, things that would make you cringe. She and I have made one important observation though….every person we know from Russia that now has American citizenship is registered as Republican, or they see themselves as conservatives. Not the soviet style conservatives, but the ones that love America, follow the precepts of our founding fathers, and HATE socialism. That should be a clue and a warning to anyone that thinks socialism is harmless or a viable alternative.

  • boyscout

    Dragons and Bears and Sheiks, Oh MY! Good grief, of course O is campaigning – he’s a politician (liar) and that’s what politicians do around election time (especially when they are running scared). DUH! With so many of the world’s economies in the toilet and the dollar about to go kaput, WHAT do you think these greedy ogres were discussing ? Hint: Near East and global crude oil? Afghanistan’s rare earth elements ? Africa’s mineral wealth ? Could it be that their plans for domination evolve around divvying the market resources that others can no longer afford to play with ?
    Yes, the corporations ran away with all the loot etc. etc. etc. but the money bulging in their pockets is dollars and the government is printing more and more for them to whisk away which must do wonders for future negotiations. Just my guess – would greatly appreciate an economist’s (or two) clarification on this.

  • Eric Jones

    DEAR BEN Youve poven two things to me number 1 you are PARINIOD number 2 you are a PARINIOD RACIST the iranins are not sinister as you say they are merely trying to obtain cheap energy for ther country as PERMITTED BY INTERNATIONAL LAW. The russain and chinese goverments by defending iran are DEFENDING international law. But dont worray i have a cure for youre delussions. ELECTRO SHOCK THEREPY.

    • Rodhea

      Dear Eric, You have proven 3 things to me. 1. You either didn’t learn English in school very well or you are one of the races (with your acquired English) that you claim Ben is being racist against. Try learning spelling, punctuation and capitalization. 2. You don’t understand what races are. Iranians, Russians and Chinese are not races. They are nationalities. So I guess that really means Ben is a nationalist. 3. Ask the Japanese and the Russians about that cheap nuclear energy considering the nuclear plant meltdowns both countries had. By-the-way, the Japanese have shut down all their nuclear power plants now. If they couldn’t protect their nuclear plants from meltdown (with all their experience), why would we expect the Iranian novices could, even if that was their true intention.

      • Eric Jones

        I aplogise for any grammer or spelling mistakes i made or will make in the future and by races i meant persians which is the major ethnic group in iran and russias biggest nuclear meltdown was over twenty years ago fyi and russians are largly slavs who have been descriminated against for ceturies and chinese are mostly manderin so i how have i done with races so far.

  • middleman 2012

    If we had listen to Gen.Patton in 1945,we wouldn’t have been dealing with those guys!!!!

  • oldbutnotadumbass 2012

    I Agree 100 per cent!!!


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