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A False Paradigm

July 9, 2012 by  

Hi Bob,

You have a lot of political articles, implying that somehow there are 2 political parties. Do you really believe that?

Ever heard of the Hegelian dialectic? This is the WWE wrestling for the sheeple

Do you really think Romney will be any better?



Dear Robbie,

You write: “You have a lot of political articles, implying that somehow there are 2 political parties. Do you really believe that?” There are two distinct political parties. They exist to create a false paradigm and keep the people in a state of disagreement in order to distract them from what the elites are doing to us.

You write: “Ever heard of the Hegelian dialectic?” Yes.

You write: “Do you really think Romney will be any better?” No.

Best wishes,



Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • 4loveofcountry

    Sorry, Bob, but at least he’s not a communist/marxist/socialist narcissistic egomaniac.

    • Kate8

      4 – Are you sure?

      The PTB selected John McCain and Obama last time, and they chose Romney this time. Just as McCain rose, somehow, to be the nominee when he was dead last in the primaries, Romney rose by the same means. The media just tells us who our choice is, and we go along with it. The same people choose all of them, no matter what we think. This means that they all serve the same masters.

      The best possible chance we have to choose our own leaders is to spread this information. We need to wake up to the fact that the Right/Left are two heads of the same beast, all working toward the same NWO agenda.

      I know it’s hard, but we have to realize that the way we always believed things work is simply not so. Was Bush better than Obama? Or did he pave the way for Obama?

      They are all brothers in the same club. They act like adversaries in front of cameras, but off-camera they laugh at US.

      Wake up, hon. Romney is just another wolf in sheep’s clothing.

      • Wil

        I wonder sometimes,though,why it’s called a ‘new’ world order? As far as I can tell,many of the people behind this were involved with the Soviet Union.They didn’t quit after that union fell.They just went underground and started over here in the US. The only thing new is their attempt to get America out of the way so they can go global this time.

      • Kate8

        Technically, that’s true. They’ve been controlling things for a long time.

        I suppose what is new is that they want an openly “world order”, or world government, with not even the appearance of national sovereignty. And also, there will be no pretense of individual rights.

  • john

    How do you know ? Maybe other Elites are not as proud about it and simply abstain from declaring their greed. Obama’s ego gets in the way of stealth of personal stardom.

  • David Sanders

    The writer of the jibe at you could not be so misinformed as to not recognize the sheer stupidity of his question. Any one of the people who ever ran for any office would be better than Obama.

    • Bobby

      That’s a really, really naive thing to say. If Obama was that bad, they wouldn’t need to make up lies to make him sound worse. It’s possible to disagree with someone’s politics without resorting to outright falsehoods; unless you really can’t find enough to disagree with politically. For most Obama haters, I think that’s the problem.

      • Kate8

        Bobby – The only lies that matter are the ones being told by Obama. Which is everything that comes out when his lips are moving.

        There is not one real or truthful thing about this guy. In fact, there is nothing anyone could make up that could top Obama himself.

  • http://Yahoo Bob

    Gee, who died and became the supreme over seer of what I do and /or not do? I’ve spent my youth serving uncle Sam and I have an opinion and I know, for a fact, that I do not have to ask for permission to express my opinion. Now, the way things are going, it may very well come to that, but let me be perfectly clear, I am endowed with liberties to act as I feel is correct and I am surrounded with our elected political officials that are intellectually bankrupt and I’ll say so here or anywhere else I deem it necessary. I am for anybody but obummer and I would be elated if all the present political leadership would either read up on the Constitution of The U.S. of A.or vacate the seat they now hold. Now , it’s your turn. I’ve read others who have missed the questions due to their feeling that they too have been deserted. I feel that way and I am not happy at what I’m seeing and hearing. I gave a life time to secure my FREEDOM and yours. Rev. Bob Tilley, LTC retired.

    • Kate8

      Bob – Yes, to date you still have a right to express your opinion. But, wake up, man. You know the definition of insanity, and that is our playing the game over and over by the rules of the ruling elite, thinking we’ll get someone who’s on our side. It just ain’t gonna happen.

      Nope. We need to stop letting them tell us who we want, and choose someone else. We need to stop complying with all of their idiotic “laws” and tell them to kick rocks. We need to stop letting them set all the rules, which are all rigged against us.

      They control the Right and the Left. It was fun to believe we really had a voice within this system, but it serves nothing (but the elite) to believe this lie.

      Nope. The only real answer to this dilemma is to withdraw all power from this Beast. That means to reject ALL of the choices they put forth for us.

      • Reinhard Srajer

        Are you familiar with Hans Hoppe’s recipe for this withdrawal? If yes, what do you think about it, Kate?

      • Kate8

        Reinhard – No, I’m not familiar with that. But I’d like to hear about it. I’ll check it out.

    • Joyce

      Agree with you Bob, but it seems that the only thing the politicians have looked at the Constitution over the past 10 or 20 administrations was to find another are to destroy, bit by bit. That is why I am stepping outside the box and writing in Dr. Ron Paul in November
      and hoping that enough other patriots are awake enough to join me. If so, we will have regained our vote, if nothing else, because it should be an avalanche, instead of a landslide write in. Thanks for the service you put in Bob. Let’s pray that it wasn’t in vain, because I don’t think you did it for the new world order to take over what you fought to protect.

  • cedarridgefarmsinc

    Willard M Romney is going to give his votes to Obama and when that happens, get ready for the F.E.M.A. Camps because theres one near you and that’s where we are headed very soon. I know all the ‘whinny people on this blog is going to start snoring saying I am crazy. Just pull up a chair and get the marshmallows out, then we can all cry together.

    • Jimmy The Greek

      I have something to ask you , you must live in a state were people have no guns . Just how in hell are they going to get us it go into these so called F.E.M.A. camps ? I live in Texas and i don’t have any one that i know that does not have guns , Even the Felons i know have guns stashed , and as far as other equipment need the bases have that and we have a lot of them in Texas and a lot of people that still can operate seed equipment that were in the service . Think the people can’t do it think again , Look at what is happening it north africa and the middle east . I am a proud Aryan! and not like a bunch of week Khazar’s and well not be lead to the gas chamber with out a fight . And i do believe The people of the black race would not sit by and let that crap go no ether because the ones i know are not sheep ether and well fight . So i guess the zionest of the new world order are going to be in for a big shock when they try that crap in the southern part of this country !

      • beabet

        i sure hope ur right; ; hi o hitler;

      • Kate8

        Hey, Rambo…er, Jimmy. Have you seen these guys on maneuvers? They are all decked out in body armor and carry lots of really BIG guns. They don’t even have to get near you to take you out.

        They have acoustical weapons that will blow up your eardrums and cause so much pain in your head that you will be paralyzed. They have microwave guns that can fry you in your tracks. They have frequency weapons that can stop your organ functions or cause a stroke from a helicopter overhead (or a drone?).

        I hate to burst your bubble, but your little rifle isn’t any match for these guys if they decide to get serious. If they (for whatever reason) want to take you alive, they could do it.

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for owning guns and protecting ourselves. It’s just good to be aware of what we’re really up against when it comes to military weaponry. They have all of the advantages to insure that YOU get taken out without endangering any of them.

      • Wil

        Kate,a good EMP would render those weapons useless. Of course,it would also take out the grid,internet,TV and everything else electrical,but if it really comes down to it…

      • Kate8

        Wil – Very good point, and I suspect it WILL come to that sooner or later.

        Actually, I think that might even be a very good thing. We’d be forced to band together in person, help one another, communicate face to face. We’d relearn the value of friendship, respect, sharing and community.

        Electronics have caused us all to isolate so much, and that, of course, was intended. It makes it easier to conquer us when we don’t congregate and bond, don’t know our neighbors, and don’t have each other’s backs.

        Just one thing, though. What about all of the below-ground, Tesla-type energy production capabilities the elite possess? There are things like torus energy that are free and unlimited, which have been denied to us but fully developed by the military.

        It could come down to THEM having highly deveolped technologies and US having nothing. That would be a bummer.

        On the other hand, maybe that’s why they’ve stocked the FEMA resorts with guillotines. But then, a simple sword would do, too; although guillotines are really creepy.


    Lets all take notice about the most important issue around the USA and D of C. That subject is MONEY. But wait! Do you and I have MONEY in our possession or do we have fake money? Can you turn your one dollar federal reserve note in for a silver dollar? Of course not because the paper one dollar note as very little value but certainly has NO intrinsic value. Now, lets get down to some serious discussion about Money (what is called money by the current administration, but we or a lot of us know it is not REAL MONEY) and where does the money go. Obama and every congressman and senator believes that every citizen in the USA and D.C have an obligation to pay a federal income tax on income. Obama talks about giving the middle class a tax break but there is no need for that if every American knew the law. The United States Federal Constitution prohibits a direct tax without apportionment which means the present income tax by the IRS is unlawful. The US Supreme Court has ruled what “income” is and it ain’t what you think it is, because the court determined that income is a “gain or profit” from a “federal” corporate activity. As for the “Internal Revenue Code”, it only applies to people employed by the federal government and if they choose (volunteer) to pay a tax on their indirect income activity, they are called “Taxpayers”. Now, all others that are nonfederal entities have no such obligation to the tax laws of the Internal Revenue Code, and if they pay a tax on income that is not paid from a government payroll, they commit perjury, plain and simple.
    My facts of law are as follows: United States Constitution, Article 1, section 2 and section 9 ; Title 26, subtitle C, Chapter 24, Sections 3401(c) and 3402(p).
    If every American in this US of A would take the time to read the Constitution and parts of the Code of Title 26, namely subtitle A, subtitleC, and subtitle F, they could see that their money (federal reserve notes) belong to them and not the IRS. The IRS has NO authority given to them in the Internal Revenue Code of Title 26. Look for yourself and you will not see the words “internal Revenue Service” as having authority to enforce the laws in Title 26 which are reserved to the Secretary. The new so-called health care law will apply to “taxpayers” of the federal government. No one in the private sector that is not engaged in a “trade or business” with the United States Government, can be called a lawful taxpayer. So, this comment should make anyone who reads this to want to stop today from paying unlawful federal income tax on nonfederal income and start enjoying the real fruit of their labor. I would not suggest that people stop from paying in social security tax unless they have the means to set aside a strong payment into a interest bearing savings account. Everyone knows what the federal government has done with social security coming in and they know that the government has given these funds collected to other constituents that never paid a dime into social security. Many believe that there will be no social security money left to pay out to future retirees because the government will run out of funds.
    The simple truth of this money situation is in the people’s power. Starve the government from unlawful collections and see a big change in government. Of course there are more ways than this but this one facts stands out.

    Alvis Jenkins

    • beabet

      thank you

  • michaeljbeglinjr

    Without changing Congress, it does not matter who is President. Americans keep forgetting that the President is the weakest link in our government. He can always be over-ruled. If we don’t change Congress, we are doomed to decay.

  • Scott Todd

    That’s where the TEA party comes in- they want a hostile takeover (HT/ Matt Kibbe) of the Republican Party so there really is a choice again.

  • Jon

    I think Romney will do a better job. But, sadly, that’s not a very high hurdle to get over.

  • dan

    Taking over Congress …that’s the goal of Ron Paul and the Tea-Party revolution….
    we may not get our fair due as president but look how many have been awakened as to how corrupted the old boy network is….and it may be unpalatable to many what Rand has done,but if the deal is to make him VP,then the Patriot movement is just a heartbeat away from the presidency and is the chair of the Senate. Too many armchair patriots are playing checkers instead of chess.


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