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A Dozen Things Non-Ron Paul Voters Are Basically Saying

March 5, 2012 by  

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Michael J.

    Ron Paul’s biggest obstacle is the MSM’s portrayal of him. Strip away the propoganda and the choice is a no brainer. If Reagan could speak out from the grave, he would undoubtably endorse Dr.Paul over the current field of status-quo progressive pretenders.


    Our last and only chance.

    • Vigilant

      A few words to Tom Woods:

      You don’t bring voters over to your cause by calling them stupid. Doesn’t matter how valid your assertions are, the Jimmy Carter “apathy” approach loses voters, it doesn’t add them to your list.

      You ignore the elephant in the room: most conservative-leaning voters have no beef whatsoever with Ron Paul when it comes to domestic and Constitutional issues. Their reservations are based on his foreign policy, specifically Iran. And you save that for last as if it’s an afterthought. It’s not; it’s the MAJOR reason, right or wrong, that will stop people from casting their votes for him.

      Your MSM doublethink is faulty logic. The best interests of the media and the left would be served by touting Ron Paul and skewing the poll figures in his favor at every turn, not marginalizing him. Such a tack would further widen the divide amongst Republicans and Independents, splitting the vote to ensure an Obama victory.

      As I’ve said before, Ron Paul speaks common sense and has the best grasp on Constitutional liberties, but his non-election is virtually guaranteed by public perception that he is a pacifist and appeaser. I would not go that far in my description of him, but the majority of Republican voters would (and that’s supported by the polls cited on this website several times).

    • eric siverson

      Why I’am for and against Ron Paul , Several times in my life I recieved Federal goverenment help , in the form of disaster assistance , even now I’am recieving Social security income that I did not fully fund . unless I consider the exhorbant charges that have been levied on my childran and grand childran . Paul is the only candidate that could balance the budget . I just did not like him just shruging his shoulders when he was forced to answer questions about people dieing in the streets , Paul said the churches can help them . It would indeed be nice if they would . But I have been a member of a mainline long established Christian Church all my life . We have built buildings with forty ft cielings and have a difficult time collecting up enough money to put in the stain glass windows to say nothing about paying the heat bill . All this time people have been starving all over the world , the Church has been either unable or unwilling to prevent all of this . A powerfull goverenment could and does prevent this in the United States . The majority of the people want a saftey net . Even Paul wants a saftey net . But he eliminates the truth on one of our biggest problems by just Shrugging his shoulders . If Paul would answer this question to satisfy most americans , He would be leading in the Polls not taking up last place .

  • cawun cents

    Expect in one hand,spit in the other,see which one has something worthwhile in it first.

    Did you notice that neither put a dollar in your hand,like a good con-job would?
    But that is not politically expedient is it?
    For those who think you have to spend money to save money,I have a Pet Stone for sale.
    Two fine tipped markers one in black,one in red(to simulate the conditions of the market at the time of this writing,we will only use the red one,even though the stock exchange says otherwise)a box full of little plastic rolling eyes,and some Elmers glue,along with a stock of cardbaord for packaging purposes.(stones need a home like everyone else)
    For all that cheapness,we can get a thousand stones and generate monies to the tune of six figures easily(when coupled with marketing stategies involving packaging advertising,presentation)
    Taxes will kill us for the first ten runs,as will the environmental studies on whether stones may cause cancer of some kind.We also have to use demographics to ensure we keep the stones safe from the OWS crowd who like to hurt the little critters by throwing them through storefront windows downtown.For the same reasons we ought not sell them in Palestine or Greece.

    Disclaimer:no stones were hurt in the making of this post,and all characters in this story are fictitious and all resemblence to any real people is merely coincidental,In deference to the Rolling Stones,perhaps arguably the greatest rock band in all of history,we substantiate no
    added obesrvance of ties of use of their good names as a strategy to make profit from said tities,according to and by use of their fame and obvious marketing qualities inherent in the use of their names and titles.All rights reserved.


  • Carol

    I believe people have been voting for Dr. Ron Paul but there’s obviously voter fraud in our ‘FREE’ country. At least everyone I know has voted for Dr. Paul but the establishment is determined that he never becomes President of America. Dr. paul has won in every poll taken and sometimes even doubling Romney and Obama. I believe he won in Iowa but the corrupt governor even stated that Ron Paul would not win an election in his state. That pig of a governor should realize that it’s not his state – it’s the people’s state and the people have every right to vote for the person they want and not have an elected official or the media chose the President. That governor should also be tossed to the curb. There needs to be a re-vote or recount as, for example, every Paul supporter sign a form that’s put on the Internet and compare those votes with the actual votes of Romney or Santorum. He would probably win overwhelmingly, but that would quash the dreams of the thieves who’ve bankrolled America and the world. They’d have to part with their loot and give back to the people they stole from and declare Americans are free and liberated after all. As far as I’m concerned Dr. Paul is already America’s President because he’s clearly won the hearts of millions.

    • Vigilant

      As much as I like Ron Paul, I would never intentionally lie and claim that “Dr. paul has won in every poll taken and sometimes even doubling Romney and Obama.” Another conspiracy theorist.

  • rmd

    YOur lying. ROn Paul is not the only one. Wait yes he is. He’s the only one that will get us nuked.

    • metalflyer11

      Do you live in fear!!! Stop drinking the War Kool Aid…….
      Ron Paul 2012

    • NetRanger

      The current administration will get us nuked. Do you really believe poking and proding the Iranians and the Syrians at the same time is a good thing? Who’s next? The Russians and the Chinese? We are screwed if we don’t elect Ron Paul. We will be NUKED if the Neocons keep up the imperialism.

      Stop being the soundbite brainwashed sheople. Click on my name and REALLY READ WHAT RON PAUL STANDS FOR. Its a shocking thing when you actually read something straight from the source. You may realize that Ron Paul is something totally different than what you’ve heard. I know. I’ve experienced it.

      But, unless you want to be a supporter, do not click on my name and read the issues section of his web site. It will suck you in and purge years of brainwashing by the lamestream media.

  • Buck

    Bob Livingston is right on the money , but he is preaching to the choir as I see eye to eye with him and RON PAUL , now , how do we get this message out to the confused and lost public who have been dumbed down by the progressives for the last 50 years ….. RON PAUL for PRESIDENT !!!

    • Christin

      I agree, Buck.

      I have been sending around info on the candidates and stating that:

      Rep Dr.Ron Paul is the only one who will give us the most FREEDOMs of any candidate

      with his strict adherence to the Constitution and Free-Market Capitalism… but replies come back that they like him, but he, “Paul, wants to legalize drugs and they don’t like his foreign policy.”

      I tell them he only wants to give back to the sovereign states their authority by the constitution to make those laws By The People and he believes we should follow the Constitution and have Congress declare war if we need to go and that he does not agree that we should be in multiple wars… and I add why are we fighting with people who have been fighting since Biblical times?

      No, reply back… frustrating. Seems people are only focused on ‘who can beat O’… I think they ALL could win against the impostor, so why not nominate the one WHO WILL GIVE US THE MOST FREEDOMS BACK AS STATED IN THE CONSTITUTION?

      • Christin

        Perfect video and statements, Tom Woods.

  • simian pete

    The vast majority of American voters are just to dumb to vote for Ron Paul.

    What else can I say ? It’s dysgenics – the damage genetically is to much ….

    Mr. Tom Woods – I’m not the sharpest pencil ! You are assuming the voters have smarts … y’know, they are rational enough to make a wise decision…

    The vast majority of people aren’t capable of critical thinking…. many of them are just “willfully ignorant” and won’t/can’t make the effort. For some reason voters avoid being frustrated. If you are going to think and be logical – expect and deal with frustration.
    Embrace frustration .. it’s all part of learning for the mentally challenged …

    Personally, I’ve been hitting the Math books as a hobby. I’m almost 50 – I always “sucked” at Math ….

    Now I’m older – and it can be very frustrating !!!! But I’m learning slowly….. Hopefully before I’m 55 I’ll be into Calculus. It’s great because I can understand Sci/Tech much better … I’m eventually just going to tinker in Electronics when I retire, and want to be ready. So Math is my “hobby” now …

    But most mentally challenged people don’t want to be frustrated by learning/thinking. They prefer a cushy comfort zone. They will spend all their time playing “Farmville” or “Cityville” on FaceBook – just doing the same “reactions” over and over again. They just keep on going to the ballot box and vote for the same “solution” that really is no solution at all ….

    But most retarded people (the majority of American Voters) won’t take the time out to learn or figure out what’s going on. They also won’t follow a political “argument” for a Ron Paul presidency because it frustrates them.

    So Mr. Tom Wood – I present to you a model of the American voter. He/She is a big fat retarded (mentally challenged for you pc folk) individual. An individual – when frustrated – will become very abusive .

    Is it wise to demand that they think ? Especially when they want to do harm to those who make these demands (like you) ?

    Why do you choose to “frustrate them ” ???

  • ryan

    List the ten in a list 1-10.

    • Realist

      Try to remember that most of all of Ron Paul’s followers are NOT going to vote for the warmongers in the republican party. If Barry Seturo wins re-election as a result, oh well!
      Any of the other three candidates will only further the agenda that the corporate puppet masters have paid them to do anyway. So why put in another face in the white house when all they will do is to do the same bidding as Bush and keep us at perpetual war in the middle east and the misery index will remain just as high and the eugenics just march on. Might as well keep the same liberal in the white house as to hire a different one. I’m
      looking forward to getting my free health care and watching the very wealthy being fairly taxed. My suggestion is to vote for a strong democratic congress and senate to weed out the highly lobbied tea partiers that have been corrupted during their tenure. Ever notice the republican heavy hitters mentioning to stop the wars and to cut spending? Nope and they damn sure are gonna cut benefits from social security and military retirement after they convince the public that these are entitlement programs! Do I sound bitter, yeah I am bitter after I have watched the MSM dilute the Paul campaign and try their level best to condition the joe public to eat up the prospect of another war with Iran because they may get a nuke and threaten Israel with it. Israel gives a rat’s a$$ about the USA and they get by with using us to fight their turf wars for them. Go ahead vote for Romney, He was never strong enough to beat McCain the last time with all that money and McCain could not defeat Obama. So, why are you getting sucked in again to vote for the same incompetent DUD? Call us nuts for supporting the only candidate who will do something to save America against all odds with the globalist lobby working to ruin us but you just keep the blinders on. I will never be sucked in again! Never!


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