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A Day To Read The Declaration

July 4, 2012 by  

A Day To Read The Declaration

It has been 236 years since 56 brave men signed their names to the Declaration of Independence, proclaiming that the 13 original American Colonies were no longer willing to live under tyrannical British rule.

Those men, among them some of the most notable names in American history, risked their own safety and that of their families by signing the document; they were still in the earliest stages of a war against an enemy that outgunned them and was better trained. By signing their names to the very spirit of Patriotism, the men risked being hanged in the event of defeat.

But they were not alone. Thousands of the signers’ fellow countrymen had already denounced loyalty to Britain and taken up arms against the British in the name of American Independence. Seven bloody years after the signing of the Declaration and eight bloody years after the initial shots at Lexington and Concord, a new, free, republican Nation was born.

Those 56 who risked their lives by signing their names to a document that declared in no uncertain terms that they meant to create a better place where freedom reigned supreme would undoubtedly have trouble recognizing their Nation today. Given the state of political discourse and the tendency for bureaucracy to destroy freedom in order to increase centralized power, the Federal government has effectively come to represent everything for which those men claimed disdain in the Declaration.

Only by reading the document can one understand just how the United States is coming full circle back to tyranny.

Take the time this Independence Day to read the Declaration of Independence in its entirety. For a thorough historical background and to better understand the Declaration’s signers, read They Signed for Us which was written by Merle Sinclair and Annabel Douglas McArthur and first published in 1957. If you have a little more time, visit to request a free copy of the Declaration and the Constitution and add your name to the list of Americans who read the founding documents over the holiday. To top it all off, write a letter to your Senators and Representatives to let them know that you agree with the principles your Nation was founded upon, and request that they legislate accordingly.

Only by learning how tyranny was defeated the first time can Americans stop the tyranny that is creeping back into the Land of the Free.

Bob Livingston

is an ultra-conservative American and author of The Bob Livingston Letter™, founded in 1969. Bob has devoted much of his life to research and the quest for truth on a variety of subjects. Bob specializes in health issues such as nutritional supplements and alternatives to drugs, as well as issues of privacy (both personal and financial), asset protection and the preservation of freedom.

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  • Vigilant

    Abraham Lincoln on the Declaration of Independence:

    “All this is not the result of accident. It has a philosophical cause. Without the Constitution and the Union, we could not have attained the result; but even these, are not the primary cause of our great prosperity. There is something back of these, entwining itself more closely about the human heart. That something, is the principle of “Liberty to all” – the principle that clears the path for all – gives hope to all – and, by consequence, enterprize, and industry to all.

    “The expression of that principle, in our Declaration of Independence, was most happy, and fortunate. Without this, as well as with it, we could have declared our independence of Great Britain; but without it, we could not, I think, have secured our free government, and consequent prosperity. No oppressed, people will fight, and endure, as our fathers did, without the promise of something better, than a mere change of masters.

    “The assertion of that principle, at that time, was the word, “fitly spoken” which has proved an “apple of gold” to us. The Union, and the Constitution, are the picture of silver, subsequently framed around it. The picture was made, not to conceal, or destroy the apple; but to adorn, and preserve it. The picture was made for the apple – not the apple for the picture.

    “So let us act, that neither picture, or apple, shall ever be blurred, or bruised or broken.”

    • Ken


      Thanks for sharing Vig and Happy 4th.

      • Vigilant

        Thanks, Ken, and the same wishes to you and all here who cherish our freedoms.

      • GALT

        Yes….even in ignorance…….”Cherish is the word”……. AND i DID so LOVE THE HARMONY…….” But then along comes Mary…..” and that one has a lot more ENERGY!!!!!

    • Nadzieja Batki

      Happy Birthday America, and many more.

    • GALT

      hey, bobby baby…..tell me these things are customers……..

  • momo

    God Bless America!

  • roger gunderson

    Our federal and local governments are slowly chocking freedom from “We the people”. Why is this happening and what can an individual do about it. Writing or emailing to my legislators is the same as sending smoke signals. I can’t figure out why our legislators want to take our freedoms away, because whats it going to benefit them unless they plan on becoming dictator. The rules they make while in office will effect them ,their family,friends, grandchildren etc. The same goes with expanding government. Whats the benefit for them? It just puts more burden on their children and grandchildren with having more taxes to pay to support all of that. Taxes already can’t come in fast enough to satisfy our governments spending so we borrow trillions to keep our already bloated government to make it even a bigger government. Our out of control government is an understatement.

    • GALT

      What your government has BECOME is just a symptom………THIS IS YOUR PROBLEM!

      “A man must live by his work, and his wages must be at least enough to maintain him.
      They must even on most occasions be somewhat more: otherwise it would be impossible for him to bring up a family and the RACE of such workmen could not last beyond the first generation.”

      Natural law is your self evident, a priori, right to continue to “attempt” to survive and it is UNIVERSAL………and while it does not guarantee that you will be successful, you can
      never be denied access to exercise it. This may not seem like much, but it is the only POWER you have, it is also the fundamental point from which any idea of “morality” must

      I do not expect you to understand or agree with this TRUTH, but this does not change the
      FACT that it is the TRUTH.

      The Law of Nature is in the process of re-asserting itself……it has always been there, but
      homo sapiens….in their “hubris” have always believed they were “exempt from and above
      its RULES”.

      I do not expect you to accept or understand that either…….” The Universe writes no epitaphs.”

      • Vigilant

        “Natural law is your self evident, a priori, right to continue to “attempt” to survive and it is UNIVERSAL………”

        We dispensed with this falsehood some days ago. To refresh your lack of short term memory:

        “The ellipsis-laden GALTY once again attempts (unsuccessfully) to reduce everything to naturalistic and secular principles, with the ludicrous statement that “Natural Law is ‘the unaleinable [sic] right to continue to attempt to survive.’”

        Now you put that statement in quotation marks, so I assume you have a source to which it may be attributed? I didn’t think so.

        The definition is flat wrong, as you’re mixing apples and oranges. You cannot conflate Natural Law with Darwinism or evolution, they are two separate things. Everything that flows from your faulty (and unattributed) premise is incorrect. Even Darwin would not have nonsensically argued that plants and lower animals had a “right” to attempt to survive.

        “It is universal and it applies to every living thing by virtue of the fact that they are living………no creator necessary, just the fact of existance [sic].”

        Wrong again. The “fact of existance [sic]” entails no rights whatsoever for living things other than human beings. Plants and animals have no “right” to survive. They either survive or die through competition, but that is merely a fact of their existence, NOT a right under Natural Law.

        Prior to the appearance of Homo Sapiens upon the earth, there was neither any concept of “rights” nor any exercise of them. Only human beings have the intelligence to apply matters of conscience to the principles of morality and “rights.”

      • GALT

        To claim to have done something seems to be the only thing you can do……your opinion of what natural law IS….is irrelevant, and nature is equally unimpressed which would be quite obvious to anyone actually paying attention……..but you will catch on eventually.

      • GALT

        and you may feel free to quote me as the source.

      • Vigilant

        “To claim to have done something seems to be the only thing you can do……your opinion of what natural law IS….is irrelevant, and nature is equally unimpressed which would be quite obvious to anyone actually paying attention……..but you will catch on eventually.”

        It’s a true joy to see GALTY squirm and wiggle when cornered. He’s been PROVEN wrong, has an ego the size of Jupiter and therefore cannot admit it.

        Somewhere, sometime in life GALTY thought he could equate Natural Law, a legitimate philosophical concept, with the descriptive laws of nature. Hint GALTY: It’s not my “opinion of what natural law IS….,” it’s a centuries-old study in morality and courses of action. It is a PRESCRIPTIVE, not descriptive, utterance of law.

        Your logical empiricism is contrasted with the metaphysics of Natural Law. It was not YOUR warped and confused idea of Natural Law upon which this nation was founded, it was the Enlightenment Philosophy’s iteration of providentially-granted rights. Darwinism, which hadn’t even been proposed as a theory at that time, played no part in the expressions of morality, right and wrong, and government’s charter to secure (protect) the freedoms described by Natural Law.

        To effectively assert that Natural Law entails the merely natural “right to continue to attempt to survive” (a ludicrous statement on its face), you have discarded Jefferson’s oft-expressed highest ideal as a mere fictitious statement. Get this sonny, once and for all: America would have never prospered and succeeded as it did, if its Constitutional government had been based on a “survival of the fittest” tautology.

        Somehow I feel that “you will [NOT] catch on eventually.”

      • Vigilant

        and you may feel free to quote the collected wisdom of the Enlightenment philosophers as the source (though I doubt you’ve ever read them)..

      • GALT

        and when you can demonstrate that it is not TRUE…….until then all those words for NOTHING.

      • Vigilant

        It has nothing to do with philosophical truth or falsehood. It has everything to do with the fact that you fabricate a definition, even put it in quotation marks and fail to attribute it, because it’s YOUR incorrect definition.

        You somehow think you are the arbiter of truth, while in the same breath dream up faulty definitions in a lame attempt to synonymize “Natural Law” and “survival of the fittest. Your hand is tipped when you can’t even argue my points, so resort to circular arguments that go nowhere.

        Until you provide the source for your faux definition of Natural Law, YOU are the one who suffers the humiliation of being caught in your own web of deception…until then all your words mean NOTHING but obfuscation.

  • GALT

    Which of those 56 brave men signed the Articles of Confederation?

    What is the point of reading something, that no one seems to understand?

    What does unalienable mean? Can not be given up? Can not be taken away?

    Why would “government” be tasked with securing something that was UNALIENABLE
    if it meant either one of the preceding?

    Why would something defined as “natural law” be dependent on how it was perceived
    by a specific subset subject to its rules and consequences?

    If governments derive their “just powers” from the consent of the governed, what would be wrong about the fact that government arranged things so that “consent” was implied, by
    “not objecting”, and that this “objection” was required by LAW? ( before the fact )

    Where are the ( common ) law and equity courts?

    What if the TRUTH is bad for business?

    “Rally round the flag boys, rally once again, shouting the battle cry of FREEDOM?”

    • hpw3506

      You need a get a dictionary

      • GALT

        Why? Which one? What IS a dictionary?

      • GALT

        BTW it doesn’t seem to have been of any use to YOU?

    • Eugene Frana

      GALT; You are exactly RIGHT! It’s too bad millions more people don’t stand up and ask the same questions, instead of putting the words “freedom” & “liberty” on all kinds of business’s that doesn’t mean anything (Freedom Carpet Stores, Freedom Homes, Freedom Gas Stations, etc, etc.), it just keeps people fooled into thinking we have so much freedom.

    • Robert Rashbrooke

      Your “insistence” on raising the philosophical questions underpining our raison d’etre is to be admired, and I am glad that you do not become disheartened and give up in the face of continued ridicule and vituperation by those who are either unable, or unwilling, or too stupid to realise the significance of those questions.

      So many nowadays just spout the dogma of whatever political persuasion they happen to find most accomodative, without looking into the history of that persuasion.

      Historically, America has changed dramatically from the conditions of its beginnings, and no amount of looking at that history through rose colored spectacles will expunge the nasty, deceitful, duplicitous and illegal things that Americans have done to get where they are today.

      To all those who keep harping on about “liberty and personal freedom” please explain HOW those are to be achieved for ALL Americans, including Native Americans whose country has been stolen from them, within the confines of present day America, where all land is owned by SOMEONE, how rules are restricting almost all behaviour needed to progress one’s situation, where vested interests prevent individualistic progress, and the WHOLE picture is totally controlled by a legal and judicial system predicated on lies and falsehoods.

      • Nadzieja Batki

        First of all it is your responsibility to yourself and then to your family to create Liberty for yourselves.
        But it is your phony concern for “all others” of which it is a Collective mob which shows that you are no more than a messiah wannabe who is a mini tyrant.

      • GALT

        ” the unexamined life is not worth living ”

        I wonder if dad would be proud of me……..but then again, I have had many fathers and it is impossible not to have disappointed some of them………

      • GALT

        To…….Nadzieja Batki

        So…….jungle rules?

      • Nadzieja Batki

        GALT, is that what your “home” is, a “jungle” of your own creation.

      • GALT

        That was exciting………w.i. A.L.F……….what is your PROBLEM???????? Mr. Livingston is quite capable of ducking “questions” on his own……..or pretending that he “has no clue” what they mean?

        You getting a piece of the “action”? Too bad………because if your his advisor, you should be FIRED!!!!!!!!

  • dan

    Thomas Jefferson cautioned:

    Yes, we did produce a near perfect Republic, but will they keep it? Or will they in their enjoyment of plenty, lose the memory of their freedom? Material abundance without character is the surest way to destruction. I tremble for my country when I realize that God is just.

    • cawmun cents

      Careful dan,
      You used the awful g-word that some folks just wont understand the pertinence of.-CC

      • GALT

        Such “impertinence”!!!!!!!! That g-word……..btw……you wouldn’t have a definition of the particular g-word you might be referring to? or variant there of?

      • Charles Johnson

        God is that which existed before time and space and remains out side or ability to quantify.

      • GALT

        Except that I CAN quantify god…..not really a problem…been there, done that….interested? Bob….you want in for a piece?

      • Jay

        You, Galt, a being that had no say in its own creation, can quantify God?

      • GALT

        yup….not too hard either………look for it soon……the title is “The Simplest Explanation for Everything” and it’s a trilogy………you’re not really well read though…..but if you were going to read “something”……this would be IT……..

      • Jay

        Thanks Galt, i’ll check it out.

      • Vigilant

        GALTY says, “Except that I CAN quantify god…..not really a problem…been there, done that…”

        What a megalomaniacal fool he is! It is beyond the power of ALL human disciplines to quantify the metaphysical. Ah, the hubris of the pea brain!

        And here I thought you were a logical positivist. To say “I can quantify God” is a statement that is neither true nor false, it is a statement of NONSENSE. You turn the English language on its head by making the ridiculous claim that a being unquantifiable by definition, can be quantified.

      • Vigilant

        Even if you define God as the totality of everything that is, no mere speck of dust sitting on a speck of dust in the universe could possibly step outside of the very system he is part of, to see the whole. That’s a philosophical concept that’s as old as the hills.

        Unless, that is, you claim to be God, and that would explain a lot of the nonsense you post here. GALTY, there’s a village somewhere looking for an idiot. Suggest you submit your CV.

      • GALT

        Why do you constantly feel the need to demonstrate your ignorance? not ever Vigilant….?

        You can’t deal will the simple self evident truth of what natural law actually is?

        Please save yourself the time of trying to “anticipate” what you could not possibly understand………..

      • Vigilant

        Little lost GALTY says, “You can’t deal will the simple self evident truth of what natural law actually is?”

        You cannot deal with something called widely accepted definitions. Epistemologically and linguistically, you cannot arbitrarily change those accepted definitions to suit your own warped and unimaginative ends. Grab an encyclopedia of philosophy, look up “Natural Law,” and if you don’t come back with your tail between your legs, then you are not a man who can admits he’s wrong, in short, you’re not a man.

  • Agi Groff

    Summary of Events
    The following summary is taken from the formal War Crimes Report filed with the Secretary of Defense..

    ‘…Yet on June 8, 1967, When the Israeli defense forces attacked an American naval vessel –USS Liberty AGTR-5 –that was and always had been in international waters, nothing was said or done by the US government.

    This attack resulted in the deaths of 34 American sailors and the wounding of 171 others. Yet even today the survivors of the attack cannot get their elected officials to investigate the attack. An attack that was deliberate. An attack that violated international law. An attack that violated provisions of the Geneva Convention, in other words war crimes. An attack where provisions of the Uniform Code of Military Justice were violated when American naval aircraft sent to the aid of the USS Liberty were called back not once but twice by someone at the White House.

    Do American lives mean so little to our elected officials that they will use the dead bodies of 18-year old American sailors as stepping stones on their way to office?”

    Statement by survivor Ken Ecker ,
    “…I want no personal recognition, but I will not rest until the 34 brave men that sacrificed their lives are finally given the long overdue honor they so justly deserve. Hopefully with the help of all concerned this long denied justice will be forthcoming” ‘

    This excerpt was lifted from:
    ©Copyright 2007 James M. Ennes, Jr. All Rights Reserved

    For more information please Contact Us

    Today is the perfect day, to remind everyone that vigilance is the price of freedom, and this blemish on the honor of the United States of America has to be remedied. DEMAND that Congress investigate what happened on June 8th 1967.
    but you can petition Congress, demand that they work for us!


    Sign it and put an end to the tale wagging the dog!

    • GALT

      The compensation for being “cannon fodder” now exceeds the average “income” of most
      citizens of the united States……….and includes “all expenses paid”……..

      Prior to 800 BC. the world existed on a credit economy…….but this “system” was not useful
      for the purposes of funding armies for conquest…… “risking one’s life” for “potential reward”…….was not particularly motivating………hence “money”, was required and created
      for this purpose………..

      see Debt: The First 5000 Years.


    Mr. Livingston, two thoughts: 1) ‘writing a letter to my Senator / Representative to let them know that I agree with the principles our Nation was founded upon’, etc sounds good in theory, however the last time I wrote about a concern the response was off topic and delivered by an underling; i.e. never seen by my Senator / Representative. I did get a request for a campaign contribution. 2) If I request the ‘free copy of the Declaration and the Constitution’ will my email address be pawned-off and be deluged with junk mail/offers/contribution requests? Thanks.

    • GALT

      Mr. Livingston is conducting a “business”……and he has stated that the purpose of a business is to “make a profit”.

      He has also asked me, What does it cost you to come here?

      So you pose interesting questions……..

      • Jay

        Galt, you simpleton. In your haste to disparage Mr. Livingston’s good character, you exposed your true self. You are weary, stale, flat and unprofitable.You are unreservedly pathetic, starved for attention, and lost in a land that reality forgot.

      • GALT

        Jay, how have I disparaged Mr. Livingston……? By quoting him? By asking a question?

        Just to be clear….my position toward Mr. Livingston is the same as Don Corleone toward
        Salotzo “the turk” in the Godfather………” I don’t care how a man makes a living, you understand…….and since your interests DON”T conflict with mine………”

        My interest is in the TRUTH…….it is up to Mr. Livingston to decide whether our “interests” are in conflict, is it NOT?

      • phideaux

        Jay, Gal T is overly impressed with her typing skills and that leads to her verbosity and tendency to prevaricate.

      • GALT

        w.i. A.L.F.

      • phideaux

        w.i. A.L.F.

        what is Alian Life Form, describes you perfectly gal t, an alian life form.

    • Nadzieja Batki

      From your comment you are in no way interested in getting a free copy of the Declaration of Independence otherwise you would have already requested it. Putting Bob L on the horns of a dilemma sounds intellectual but only proves you are not.

      • GALT

        Yes, I too share your concern for Mr. Livingston’s intellect…….although my questions are a little more basic………

    • GALT

      No dear, I am a P.L.F………or to be more precise an i.e. P.L.F………also since if you are HERE……….and have a brain…….” like a virus”………how could or WOULD you describe
      your self as an “alien”…..?

      • GALT

        sorry that would be “e.i.P.L.F.”……and “INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY”….. you do understand THAT, do you not?

        BTW if I claimed the TRUTH as “intellectual property”, would that matter?

      • phideaux


        gal t finaly admits it she is an “eternialy ignorant Poor Liberal Failure”.

      • speedle

        Galt, man you need to get off that crack . Pretty soon you won’t be able to communicate sensibly enough to order a pizza. You could starve to death right there in your cellar.

      • GALT

        I am so overwhelmed by your…….

      • GALT

        BTW every other living thing is a P.L.F……..except you……

  • peter t . monahan

    Hello ,William Floyd,Button gwenth,Philp Livingston,are my ancestors and Gilbert
    line the Presidents Bush sr. and his son. also,my family arrived on the Half Moon
    Dr.Nick DeWitt was the ships doctor,Hudson was the captain 1609!
    all the best chief

  • Mary-Lee

    I’m living in the Republic of Panama right now because my life is freer and less expensive here than in the USA. That saddens me and it was a very hard decision to make. But I have a tendency to express my opinion which now, in the US, can land me in jail forever.

    As little as a decade ago I had the Constitutional right to express my opinion or video police or walk on an airplane without my 4th amendment rights being violated (no TSA in Panama). Today, we have lost all those rights. Today, instead of celebrating what a ‘great nation we are’ (which we are not anymore, we are more like Panama, a 3rd world country) perhaps we should be planning the next revolution to win back our freedoms that our Founders won for us 236 year ago today, but how?

    I want to live in my country of origin, the USA; I want to die in my country of origin, the USA, but I can’t without fear of reprisal for believing in the Constitution and all the principles that founded this country. This is not a day to celebrate; it is a day to remember how it used to be and decide what we can do to become free again. Any suggestions Mr. Livingston?

  • Agi Groff

    Let us finally declare our independence from the state of Israel!

    • Nadzieja Batki

      If you profess that you are a Christian and then say something this stupid, I doubt that you are a Christian.
      If you a Jew and then say something this stupid, I see you as a self loathing Jew.
      If you are a Moslem and then say something this stupid, I don’t expect anything different to come from you.

    • Carl Manning

      Amen to that, my friend!!! The Israeli Mossad and the CIA were all behind the 911 false-flag event that has robbed almost all of our liberties. The Israeli Mossad through various Israeli companies can track every phone call and text message in the United States. They know all the dirt on every single Congressman, Senator, President, and government official. They routinely either use this information to blackmail our government or they bribe them with AIPAC money, or they infiltrate the upper echelons of our government just as the Russians have done for years, which is precisely what happened under Bush when 911 took place. We had numerous dual Israeli/US citizens in the upper echelons of our government and all of the MSM. Many of these guys had direct ties to Mossad and ADL/B’nai Brith(Jewish Masons). The right-wing terrorist Likud Party running the State of Israel took over under Menachem Begin around 1978. Menachem Begin was the Chief of the Irgun Israeli terrorist organization that dressed up as Arabs and blew up a hotel killing 91 Arabs, Brits, Americans, and fellow Jews. Most of the Likud Party members today were members of the Irgun or are descendants of members of the Irgun like Bibi Netanyahu and even Rahm Emmanuel, Obama’s former Chief-of-Staff and now illicit Mayor of Chicago. Like the IDF(the Israeli Defense Forces) the Mossad are taught that goyim (Gentiles) are cattle and servants and killing goyim(Gentiles) is justified under the Talmud in the section known as the Halachah. The Likud government running the State of Israel has erected 30-foot concrete walls to isolate Palestinian goyim – Christians and Muslims – from Israelis. This has in most cases led to people being cut off from food supplies, jobs, crops, you name it. The Zionist-controlled MSM who had a direct hand in the hoax of 911 are completely complicit in whitewashing all of this information from the American People. The idiots in the American Church are gullible to buy all of the nonsense they see on tv, completely neglecting the plight of Palestinian Christians.

  • David

    It’s almost time to sign a new National Declaration of Independence, proclaiming that we the people of America will no longer bow too or serve the Federal Gov. There nothing but a bunch of mobsters and thugs. Started with allowing the FED in 1913 then Social Security in 1935 and now Omaba care. The con men promise people things they claim will be in their best interest but it’s really all about enslaving the masses for the benifit of the few. They will stop an nothing and will do anything to further their agenda including false flag events to scare the sheeple into giving up their rights without a wisper.

    • Carl Manning

      The American People need to understand something very politically important. It is absolutely useless to expect their US Congressman or US Senators to listen to them or do anything about the situation. The guys in the District of Criminals are corporate whores and have been heavily blackmailed by the CIA and the Mossad if there are any skeletons in their closets financially, sexually, morally, etc. They must direct their anger now at State government Representatives and Senators and call for Secession (Independence ) from the Federal government immediately. Nullification will not work in the long run against a tyrannical federal government that has essentially now become, all but in name only, a de facto dictatorship. The MSM has brainwashed and propagandized the American People to wrongly look to the District of Criminals for your political solutions. The government in the District of Criminals is in many respects run by 33rd degree Masons(satanists), B’nai Brith Masons, AIPAC, the CFR, the Bilderbergs, the State of Israel, Wall Street, Mossad, and the CIA. It is diabolically evil. Forget about it. It’s an apostate federal government. If the State governments do not get behind the American People and secede, it’s ALL OVER but the crying. All that being said, I have no delusions: State governments are the Minor Leagues for the District of Criminals. This is where your State Congressman or State Senator learns how to be a good little whore and an even better liar. If their ego is big enough and their campaign donors have really big pockets, they eventually go to the Big Leagues in the District of Criminals where they encounter even bigger corporate donors in the biggest crime syndicate on the planet.

  • David

    I wonder what would happen if an online version of Declaration of Independencecould be again signed by tens of millions of Americans to honor those who died giving the freedoms the government has stolen.

  • Benjamin Fox

    Where have all the brave men gone? Haven’t seen many lately, mostly plantation slave of every color. For the dumb, blind and stupid, We were founded a Christian nation, all the 13 colonies say in their Constitutions that those who didn’t believe in the triune God couldn’t represent them, over 90% of the signers we Christians, so all you atheist want to be little gods, sell your snake oil to those who are uneducated and slaves of the plantation with a master who thinks he is messiah and god.

  • Born Here American Citizen

    If Mitt was around then and Britain gave tax breaks to the rich, Mitt would definitely side with them. He would fight against the colonies.

  • Rick

    It’s “We the People”, not “We the angry mob”.

  • Oldbutnotadumbutt@2012

    “Ohello,Anyone Home?”I thought we were suppose to make comments about The Declaration,Instead I ,not only do find people attacking each other,but getting completely off subject!!!!Great going guys!!!!Try to stay on subject!!!!


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